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How to Effectively Strengthen Your Mobile Phone's Signal

It's very frustrating to be dealing with cell phone receptions problems, especially if today is your birthday and you have a lot of people that want to call you and wish you happy birthday. On the other hand, you may also live in a location that is very far away from a cell phone broadcasting tower and in this case, it's natural that sooner or later you will experience certain problems. The good news is that you can easily strengthen the signal of your phone and below we are going to see how.

Use a signal booster

One of the best ways for you to improve your mobile phone's signal is to purchase a mobile phone booster. There are many service networks and types of phones that need compatible hardware in order to accentuate your service. Because of that, all you need to do is make sure you get in touch with your service provider and see if they have a special service boosting option that you could take advantage of. If they don't have one, then you will just need to go on the internet and buy a signal booster antenna.

These will be attached permanently to your device and improve its signal. When you unbox the freshly purchased signal booster, it should include mounting brackets, an antenna, a power supply and a coaxial to USB connector. If you cannot install one on your own, then just let a professional service handle this, such as Direct Cellular for example.

Mount the signal booster

If you want to mount the signal booster on your own, then you will need to use the mounting brackets in order to have the antenna secured in an area where you have good reception. The booster's antenna should be ideally placed near a window and at least three feet away from any metallic object. Lastly, the antenna needs to be as vertical as possible when attaching it.

Next, you need to consider plugging in the power supply cord into the base unit and then into the wall outlet. You need to double check the instructions because you want to be certain there are no other necessary steps you need to take for installing your mobile phone booster. After the installation has been completed, check the number of signal bars you get on your mobile phone. You should notice an improvement.

With that being said, not everyone will know what antenna to buy, where from and how to install it and if that is your case, then just get in touch with a specialized mobile phone service like the one at and they'll help you out with this.

How to effectively strengthen your mobile phone  
How to effectively strengthen your mobile phone