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Designing A Homemade Bobblehead Many of us know what bobbleheads are and if you want to make one that resembles you, then you should know that this can be done easily in just a few steps. With no further ado, below we're going to focus on the steps you need to take in order to do this.

Mark a spot You need to make sure that you mark a sport on the floor and then mark another one ten feet away in front of the first one and a third on ten feet behind the initial spot. Next, your bobble head buddy needs to hold a pose while standing on the middle spot. From the 2nd and third spots you should take a complete body photo. After that, you should make a 6'' print of each picture. The head print needs to be twice as large.

Cutting Now it's time for cutting around the body. When cutting the neck, you should do it in such a way that the neck won't show. Be sure you also cut two inches of twenty gauge wire and then in order to form coils, you'll have to proceed with wrapping it around a pencil. The end coils need to be bent perpendicular to the ones in the middle. On the inside of the head picture you'll need to place a coil, while the rest of them will face down. When that’s done, you need to apply a good amount of hot glue. Then, be sure you press a penny over the wire.

The body The body is very important and you need to make sure that once your bobblehead is complete, it can be used without it breaking. Making custom bobbleheads may sound difficult, but you just need to make sure that you always know what you're doing if you want to get the best results. For instance, the glue needs to be high quality and depending on your skills, you may want to go for glue that cures fast.

Materials you can use In terms of materials, you can choose to make your bobblehead from resin, plastic, wood, metal or anything else you want. In general though, they are made of plastic, but if you want to craft a special one, then going for wood may be a good idea.

Making your own bobblehead is quite simple when you know how to do it, so be sure you follow these tips wisely. Good luck with designing it.

Designing a homemade bobblehead  
Designing a homemade bobblehead