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1:mid shot. Actor walks towards the Camera. 0.02 2: OTS. actor walks towards the gym and shuts the door 0.04 3: Close up. Close up of gym equipment with the actor He's feet in and starts moving 0.04 4: Mid shot Shows the actor starting to work out. 0.05 5:close up. Shows a bottle of water and a hand reaching out for it 0.03 6:Close up Shows the actor drinking from the bottle while continuing to exercise. 0.02 7: Mid shot Close up on weights as they start to be lifted 0.03 8:Mid shot Shows the actor exercising with weights and starts to struggle 0.04 9:close up. Shows water bottle as it is picked up. 0.01 10:Mid shot shows the actor on the bench drinking from the bottle 0.02 11:Mid shot. Shows the actor exercising with press ups. 0.04 12:close up. Shows the actor tiring out and falls back. 0.03 13:Low angle. Shows the actor lying on the floor with a lucozade in reach 0.03 14:Close up Close up on the lucozade bottle with a hand reaching for it 0.03

15: close up Close up on the actor drinking the lucozade and sitting up 0.05 16:Mid shot. Shows the actor doing press ups without difficulty 0.05 17:close up Actor drinks more lucozade. 0.02 18: mid shot. Shows the actor doing pull ups with weights with ease 0.04 19:close up. Actor drinks more lucozade 0.02 20: mid shot. shows the actor punching fast into an punchbag, camera follows the actor 0.05 21: OTS. Shows the actor walking out of the gym throwing the lucozade bottle behind him 0.04 22;close up: close up on the thrown bottle which shows lucozade bottle too the camera. 0.03  

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