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Evaluation of advertisement questionnaire results

Main results *In my results it shows that 90%of people enjoyed watching my advert *70%of people said that my commercial was produced to a professional advert and could be shown on TV *80%of people said the product advertised was clearly shown

*40%of people said that the length of the advert were to long

-The most common age answered on the questionnaire was 30+ with 50% This can link to my target audience as I targeted my advert to a younger audience, for example between the age 19-29. -I could have made sure I asked more people within this age bracket in order to get a better idea of what my age bracket thought of the advert.

-The most common factor was to exercise twice a week with 50%of the results. -Another factor I could have contributed to was to ask more people who usually exercise, as they will know the effect of drinking lucozade during exercise. Another thing I could have done on my questionnaire is too add the option of “none� as some people may not exercise at all.

-The product placement was mostly a success as 80%of people said they could understand what product was being advertised. -But 20%said they could not tell, this may be because that a close up on the product was not used until the end of the advert just before the logo came on. -A way to improve this would be to check shots while shooting to see the product is shown correctly

-The majority liked the soundtrack used with 70%liking it. But with 30%not liking it there is room for improvement. -I chose this song in order to have a fast paced song, but their was a slow build up in the song which could be why some audience did’t enjoy it. -A way to improve the soundtrack could be to look at past adverts in more depth too see what types of soundtracks were used

-These results show that my advert could be improved as 50%said it was either too short or too long. - The advert may be too long as a certain deadline of time length on the advertisement had to be met -The advert may be too short as in the editing process, footage used In the first edit would have been cut, leading to a shorter advert.

-A way to improve would be to have got an audiences opinion on the first edit about the length, and then make changes in final edit.

-This shows that the majority of my audience thought that the advert was produced to a professional standard with 70% -But 30%thought that the advert was not produced to a professional standard. One reason for this was that some shots were completed in near darkness.

-A way to improve this would be that not too shot footage outside without any artificial lighting, this would mean not relaying on colour correction.

-This shows that the major majority of my audience thought my advert was enjoyable with 90%of the audience thinking this.

-But a small majority said it was not enjoyable with 10%of the audience thinking this.

-One reason given for it being enjoyable is that the storyline was clear and easy to understand -One reason for it not being enjoyable is that the build-up in the advert storyline was slow and the viewer lost interest.


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