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If our documentary was shown on TV, it would be an , TV, that looks deeper all the problems with Fashion, and in the end is it worth it. The documentary series would last half an hour at a time, and would most likely be shown on either ITV or Channel 5, around the timeslot of 811PM. The reason for it being shown on this late would be that the main focus of our documentary is how people, ''need' these expensive pieces, of clothing and how it is made, with clothing shops and brand's relying on sweatshops in order to get clothing at a cheap price and sell it. However I don't think that it would gain a lot of viewers, as it is a subject that has been covered many times, before and this mean's that our audience's would be a strict audience type. A TV show documentary series that is currently running is BBC One's Africa. Which is proving to be quite popular as the episode that aired on the 16th of January earned 7.97 million viewers. Which proves that a documentary series can be popular, the only problem being that Africa is a observational documentary, whereas ours we intend for it to be‌There is also the problem that their project clearly has a bigger budget. They are many example's of other documentaries that revolve around fashion and sweatshops, yet a majority of them don't prove to be to popular as not all audience's would be interested in this mixture as we are covering actually fashion prices and the problems with them. While we are also covering how peoples clothing is made in sweatshops. This mixture wouldn't general appeal to the audience of that watches these kinds of documentaries, as it is two very different kinds of audience's. As documentaries like One Born Every Minute, which was shown on the 16th of Jan, earned 2.96 million viewers which is a good viewing figure considering that Channel 4 gets 7.1% of the share in the rating's, whereas a channel like BBC 1, has a share of 21.1 of the viewership meaning they will have to aim their content specifically tailored for the audience as since the BBC, have a higher figure rate then ITV, C4 & C5 combined. However this is till a concern for our documentary as it suggests that there won't be a big market for it. However this proves that different kinds of documentaries can gain high viewing figure's, with the likes of Africa, One Born Every Minute, C4's What Happens in Kavos, which had 1.89 million viewers for the episode that aired on the 21st of Jan. While another Documentary gained high ratings for ITV's The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile, which was shown at 11:10 PM and not only won its slot. but also became the highest rated show for the broadcaster in that timeslot so far this year. As according to the overnight data, the figures represent 21.1 per cent of the overall audience viewership. This mean's we hope to be shown during a prime time slot on a channel like C4, or channel 5, as our documentary doesn't have the appeal that

would be seen in other documentaries about fashion. With viewer's of these two channel's being what we are aiming for.  

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