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I believe that my ident idea will meet the brief in a variety of ways, for example it will hope to show the school itself and TallisTV in a positive light, because of the actor not being able to take thier eyes off it, also I believe it will show the creative side of Tallis by showing it has its own tv channel and programming. It will also show the school itself in a positive light by showing the new school building, which can advertise to the parents of students who are at Tallis, I also believe by using slight humour, by the actor just avoiding people and objects while watching it, it can appeal to students too. The ident will start off with a close of up an iPad which someone is holding, it presses on a app which loads up TallisTV, this will be shown with no sound. The next shot will see the actor walking into the school all the time while watching TallisTV on the iPad, sound used will be a small sound from the iPad of TallisTV but also a backing/soundtrack will be used. The next shot will show the actor still watching the iPad and nearly walking into someone, but while still watching the screen he turns 360 degrees while walking to avoid the other person, the soundtrack and sound from iPad will continue through this. We then see the actor move onto the roof while still watching the screen, while the soundtrack and sound from iPad is still playing. The camera then slowly zooms upwards to a very shot up from the roof, like as before that a camera is zoomed in from very far away, they'll be a bleeping sound while the camera zooms. Then the screen fades to white and shows the TallisTV logo. This ident will be created by using live action footage which will be edited by using Final Cut Pro, also Final Cut Pro is what I will be using in order to add Any audio that will be used in the ident. The zooming out section of the ident will be done by using google earth. And the logo being shown at the end of the ident will be done by making a project on after effects. Â

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