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Advertisers use different advertising and persuasive techniques to help show their products in a positive light to wide range of audiences. For example in the “Guinness evolution” at the start of the advert there is a close up of one of the men’s face drinking the Guinness, This is used to show that the advertised drink is enjoyable. A *Instead of saying a technique say 'one of the several technique's used in the advert is ' persuasive technique the advert uses to sell is conformity, at the start of the ad there are three men who appear to be friends are drinking the same drink in a pub this gives us the idea that Guinness is a good drink to be social with and can be drunk with friends. Another technique used in the advert is humour and humour is used two * Instead you should said 'Humour is used numerous times to illustrate'times in the advert. The first time*Doesn't make sense is at the start of the advert when the first shot shows three men standing at the bar drinking, this could link to the classic start up to a joke “three men walk into a bar”. The second time is when the men turn from regular people into cavemen, then in to different animals walking along branches and flying. Humour(spelling) is used because the target audience may find it funny when they see the two scenes. Because the advert is a high budget advert a wide range of camera shots are used. For example the advert uses an *A ELS to show ...'extreme long shot; this type of shot was used in intent to show the ever changing surroundings in the advert. Also it at the end of the advert it uses two different types of shots. A mid shot and a longshot(spelling mistake) . The two type's of shots show the drink advertised zoomed in on. This is used to show what the advert has advertised. Also in the advert the continuity has to be intact, this is done by the clothing matching the setting. For example in the pub the men are wearing modern clothing whereas in one of the scenes the men are shown wearing clothes from medieval times. Also in the advert two different types of sounds are used. Diagetic and non-diagetic.(spelling) For example a non diagetic (spelling) sound is used. This sound used was “background music” during the actions of the advert. The background music is added on to make sure the advert is not quiet* Need to go into more detail and to make it more interesting. The difference between high and low budget adverts is that a high budget advert will have a higher quality of advert. An example of a low budget advert is the Doritos “tribal” advert. For example on*Doesn't make Sense of the techniques this advert uses is humour. The advert uses humour twice*Uses Humour numerous times to illusrate , once when the chips move out of the bag and start to dance around a pot of salsa, and when at the end of the advert the man opens the pot of salsa and finds a chip, pulls a weird face then eats it. This is done to make it funny to the audience, and to make it more memorable to the audience. The target audience for this

advert would be for people who like Doritos and have eaten them before. Also the certain type of advert could make it more memorable, therefore people may buy them more. Even though the advert is low budget it still uses a range of different shots. For example, in the advert when the chips start to move a slight* long shot is used most of the time. This only changes when the chip jumps into the dip, for this a close up shot is used, and also the advert also uses a close up shot too show the facial expressions of the man eating the Doritos, this is done too show that Doritos are enjoyable to eat. The advert also uses non-diagetic (spelling)sound, this* sound is when the tribal sound beat when the chips move and when you heard the man making sounds of enjoyment* when he eats the chips. the mise en scene for the advert is set in someone’s living room as they leave the room, then come back to start to eat the bag of Doritos and the advert uses stop motion animation unlike many other adverts. Another example of an advert of a high budget underlined is the Honda ‘hate something’ adverts. This advert would be aimed at “Reformers” as the advert is telling people that they should help to start looking after the planet they live in and to stop pollution and polluting the planet. And they can start to help the planet by buying the car; this is also an example of another persuasive technique, nostalgiaspeech marks*. Another persuasive strategy used in the Honda advert is humour, by watching the barely running and old engines being destroyed by all the different animals is supposed to be funny to watch and makes people remember the product and too try and make more money from sales, and the animals destroying the tired and old engines also links back to the reformers idea of trying to help the planet. . *Another persuasive strategy used is maternal and paternal love as people do not want their children to grow up in a world full of pollution and living on an unhealthy planet. The advert uses both diegetic and non diegetic sounds, there is a joyful and happy song playing in the background throughout and the diegetic sounds are animals noises. The advert is an animation and is full of bright colours(spelling) to try and draws are attention Another advert which uses different techniques is the cresta capitals advert. The advert uses the persuasive strategy humour(spelling) as a technique. In the advert the bear goes crazy and this could come across of being funny and this is done too make the advert more memorable as well. The advert uses the persuasive technique of gluttony because the drink is something people would want but they do not need, it also covers greed because some people might want to drink it every day. The only props that have been used in this advert are

sunglasses and a bottle. The sunglasses are used to go with the voice and show the bear as someone who is cool. This advert is aimed at people who have drunk cresta before and also trying to gain more buyers by making a more memorable advert. The sound in the adverts is all diegetic these sounds are sound effects and weird cartoon sounds. There is a range of shots used also. An example of this is there is a close up on the polar bear after he drinks the drink. The reason this is used to show off the bear’s facial expression after drinking. Also In the advert there is an extreme close up on the blackcurrant flavoured bottle. There is also an extreme medium shot on the polar bear when you can see his whole body except below the knees. Another advert that could be compared is the Iceland Christmas advert. One advertising technique used in the advert is celebrity endourecement.(spelling) In the advert the actors are Kerry Katona,Coleen Nolan and Jason Donovan. The two female actors in the advert are famously known as mums, also Kerry Katona is famously a single mum. This can link too Iceland as their slogan “that’s why mums go to Iceland” this advert would be aimed at S.O.C either C or D class standered (spelling)of people as the advert is advertising very cheap priced. In the advert diagetic and non-diagetic(spelling) sound is used in the advert. The diagetic sound used is the actors talking in a “sing-along” way through out advert whereas the non-diagetic(spelling) sound used is children laughing and playing outside and the background sounds of the party. The advert is a high budget one and therefore will used a variety of shots but the most common shot used is the close up, this is most used when the food is shown and to show people trying to grab the food. The target audience for the advert is families as it advertises how to have higher class food on a working class budget.  

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