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Thomas Tallis School – BTEC Programmes Observation Record Form Learner:

Danny O’Connor  


BTEC National  Diploma  in  Creative  Media   Production  (TV  &  Film)


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Communication Skills  for  Creative  Media   Production  

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Description of activity undertaken (please be as specific as possible) The student completed a period of research on their chosen brand/product including basic history, prior advertising, SWOT analysis, place in market and target audience; participated in several ideas creation workshops; developed a range of advertising ideas, and used the material and knowledge gained to develop a presentation pitch for a TV Commercial production. In pairs students then peer reviewed their presentations and agreed next steps for improvements.

Assessment criteria (to which the activity provides evidence)

P2, M2, D2, P3, M3, D3, P4, M4, D4, P5, M5, D5

How the activity meets the requirements of the assessment and grading criteria (please explain how the learner met the criteria and the qualitative aspects of their performance)

Danny spoke with a good pace and an engaging tone throughout his presentation. He provided a brief history of his brand/product Lucozade Sport and made good use of his research to cover all the necessary material using the appropriate advertising and audience vocabulary. However his chosen structure wasn’t totally effective. He made excellent use of cue cards to be able to address his audience fluently and confidently and chose an ambitious but professional piece of online software to deliver his multimedia presentation pitch (Prezi), facilitating appropriate transitions and fluidity of presentation via preloaded embedded AV and relevant text, image combinations. His presentation was clearly proof read using spell and grammar check appropriately. Grade awarded: M2, M3, M4, M5 Assessor’s name:

Tom DW

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Learner’s name:

Danny O’Connor

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Danny o’connor


May 2012

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unit 2  

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