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MeUndies: XMAS

Me Undies: Briefs MeUndies Briefs are a series of 2 minute commercials. The goal is to release the funniest 2 minute underwear commercials of all time, once a week till Christmas. Many of them will have an early 90s aesthetic. One or two will be more modern looking and our version of the famous Dollar Shave Club Commercial. Something that is legitimately funny, slightly racy, but ultimately cool enough to show parents. These will be released once a week until Christmas. If people respond to them we continue making them. Videos should be short, visual, and Facebook / Youtube focused.

Commercial Ideas (Just a Few) 1. Michael Jordan Hanes Spoof A series of short commercials that shot for shot recreate the best Michael Jordan Hanes commercials, except we use Michael B. Jordan. A. Michael Jordan takes out red underwear at gym. A bunch of dudes in tightie whities see him and are jealous. The next day they are all wearing them. MJ pulls our a different pair. Clip. B. Two women or two men dressed in early 90s clothing play a game of “Boxers or Briefs” on a bench. MBJ walks by. “They’re Me Undies, we’ll leave it at that.” Clip C. Spoof Michael Jordan talking about his Red Hanes with his father. Clip

2. Butt Doublez A. A series of commercials about the worlds greatest butt double, Johnathan Hamm. These clips involve celebrities talking about his brilliance. Interviews. Shots of photo shoots. Think Zealander / The MTV clip with Tom Crooze. This could also include sketches about his ruthless butt double agent @ “Double or Nothing Talent”. Like an Ari Gold but for people that do butt double work. Obviously his clients can’t work without MeUndies. 3. Queer

Eye for the Straight Guy but the only advice ever given is to wear MeUndies

4. A Zales type commercial where the reveal is that the couple isn’t shopping for a ring, they’re shopping for MeUndies. 5. A Risky Business spoof but when the dude puts on MeUndies he does the windmill. 6. One modern looking, sharply written, Dollar Shave style commercial.


MeUndies Briefs: Aesthetic Except for a few, Briefs will be made to look like they are early to mid 90s commercials. A lot of bands are doing this already with their music videos. Part of the PR of this is that we get people to write about how funny and or cool it is that we are making 90s commercials. I believe we should try and hire a small team of people. One camera operator. One editor that have made stu like this in the past. These should be fun, short, cheap and easy to shoot.

Examples Neon Indian - Annie Public Access TV - On Location Tim and Eric - Lightbulbs Dollar Shave Club

Team Creative Producer - Danny Carissimi Writer - Chase Williamson Editor - TBD Camera Operator - TBD Preferably we hire someone like Tim and Eric for one since talent was in the brief. Other than that we keep it small and bring in local young comedians to help punch of scripts, or submit spec scripts.


MeUndies: Hunky Calendars We bring back and dominate Hunky Calendars once and for all.

1. comMANdo MeUndies begins a yearly series of the hottest soldiers in the world wearing MeUndies. We can do one compilation and then country specific. Israel, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Mexico. You name it.

2. Shapes and Sizes A series of Calendars celebrating plus sized male and female models. The idea is that they own it.

3. Soccer Star A$$ Many of us watch the world cup for the butts. Let’s get them in some god damn MeUndies that are team and country specific.


MeUndies: SnapChat Get 2 know ME A short Snapchat segment where we take influencers and have them start talking about what they like on Snapchat. Could be food, dinosaurs, whatever. Then as they’re talking about it, we hand them a pair of MeUndies that has what they liked all over it. Like if they say tigers or something, we give them one with tigers. But we have them talk of the SC video then redirect them to our Briefs page to watch the rest. The joke is in the fact that as they’re talking about it we give them a hyper specific pair of underwear. Clearly it’s pre planned but the joke will be in the execution.

These are just a few ideas. Many more to come!


MeUndies: XMAS

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