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ME UNDIES BRIEFS: MICHAEL B JORDAN LOCKER ROOM Original - MeUndies Briefs appears before a black background. There's a bit of static like it's a 90s commercial. Interior Locker Room - Day Five men are standing in an active locker room wearing tighty whities and talking. Michael B. Jordan walks in dressed like a 90s Michael Jordan, pleated khakis and all. Michael B. Jordan sits down and slowly takes out a red pair of MeUndies. The guys look at each other in amazement. Camera cuts to next day. Same locker room. Michael B. Jordan walks in. The same guys are wearing red MeUndies. The look at Michael B. Jordan in anticipation. He pulls out a polka dotted pair of MeUndies. All the men in red underwear look let down. Michael B. Jordan smirks at the camera. Cut to shot of Michael B. Jordan walking out of locker room with his gym bag over his shoulder. He stops and looks at the camera. MICHAEL B. JORDAN Hey, at least they're wearing MeUndies. Cut to MeUndies Briefs logo.

Meundies briefs mj locker room  
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