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ME UNDIES BRIEFS - JOHNATHAN HAM (BUTT DOUBLE) 1 INT. Studio - Day Video opens with a MeUndies Briefs logo behind a black background. I want some sort of sonic branding. Maybe the sound of a tape being rewound, something quick. A good looking man in his 20s is seen sitting in a chair at a busy studio. This is filmed like the beginning of Zoolander. Inspiration will also be drawn from The MTV Sketch "Tom Crooze". 90's Techno is playing. JOHNATHAN HAMM Hey my name is Johnathan Hamm. I'm the world's most famous butt double, and I use MeUndies. Cut to a fast paced video shoot. Johnathan is in MeUndies posing. His dialogue turns to voice over. 90's house music is playing. JOHNATHAN HAMM De Niro, Pacino, Fishburn, Winslet, you name it, I've doubled it. Cut back to video shoot. A montage of celebrities talking about Hamm starts. JOHNATHAN HAMM It's not just about having a great ass. It's about becoming that ass. It's technique. Cut back Hamm on set getting direction from Steven Spielberg. SPIELBERG What's to say that's not already been said? He's a genius. More shots of Hamm posing. WHOOPI GOLDBERG He changed the game. Once he was on the scene, everyone wanted their butt doubled by Hamm. Hamm is still in the shoot wearing sweat bands, shoes and MeUndies. A giant fan is blowing on him. MARK WAHLBERG I don't wanna say that I owe my entire career to the Hammster,

butt... (smiles to self) he's done unbelievable things for me. Cut to Hamm in the video shoot doing the windmill in MeUndies. WIZ KHALIFA I started rapping because of this dude. Cut to Hamm on the street blowing fire. The crowd goes insane. MARTIN SCORCESE Truthfully, he wrote The Departed. Cut to B roll of Hamm on set laughing with Shia Labeouf as a PA is measuring his butt. Zoom in on butt wearing MeUndies. HENRY ROLLINS Punk rock isn't necessarily about being in a band. It's an attitude. Hamm's got it man. Cut to Hamm dressed like he's in Oasis spitting at a Camera as he's leaving an exclusive dinner spot in LA. He has on no pants. Cops start to drag him off. Camera is filmed papparazi style. JOHNATHAN HAMM (V.O) I'm Johnathan Hamm. I'm a father. I'm a son. I'm misunderstood. I'm a mess. I'm a butt double. I wear MeUndies. MeUndies Logo Appears. Sonic branding plays.

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