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Logline Cash Camry is a show modeled after Cash Cab but marketed towards millennial viewers and shown on Youtube. Rather than a fancy new cab with high tech gizmos that picks up strangers on the streets of NYC; Cash Camry will consist of a slightly busted 2003 Camry that picks up bands and social media influencers then tests their knowledge of the world on the spot. Winners will receive up to $9 USD.

Synopsis Each show will consist of two, 2.5 minute Cash Camry Games. Cash Camry’s driver, and host will be dressed like David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider (red turtle neck, black jacket, big hair). Soundboard will be filled with obnoxious and appropriate sounds, all will be low quality. “Show me the money”, “You’re Fired”, “I’ll be back”, “Luke I Am Your Father”, “I’m the party pooper”, gigantic fart noises, explosions, whistling bombs, the Inception Sound, bigger and better farts, and much more will be on the soundboard for side splitting comedic effect. Influencers or band members will enter the Cash Camry expecting a normal interview. Once they sit down and the Cash Camry is moving, the host will turn on a low quality disco ball and the “Knight Rider” theme indicating that the game has begun. Host will announce that they’ve entered The Cash Camry and will ask them if they’d like to play. Whatever the influencer says, the game will continue. The host will explain the rules of the game. 1. They will be asked a series of questions, each worth $1. If the influencer answers correctly, they will be asked another question. Once they reach $9 the Cash Camry will take them to their destination and give them $9 cash when they arrive. If Cash Camry is running low on funds, it will give the winner a slip of paper that says ‘CC owes u $9’. 2. During the game if the contestant is stumped they will have 3 life lines. 1. Ask the silent driver. 2. Call some dude (phone number provided by host) 3. Pull over and yell at someone out the window. 3. Contestants may only use each life line once throughout the game. 4. Questions will vary from historical knowledge, astro physics, the occult, personal knowledge, and what the Cash Camry staff wants to order at In and Out that day. 5. Occasionally contestants will get asked a special “would you rather” question. Normally there would be no right or wrong answer to a would you rather question but as this is the Cash Camry, there is a right or wrong answer. 6. If the contestants lose early, they will have the option to “double or nothing”. If they win the doubler nothing, whatever they’ve currently won will be doubled. If they lose, they owe the Cash Camry money.


Characters 1. Host: Cash Camry’s host will be international youtube sensation, Danny Carissimi. Known by many bands as a tour manager and music journalist, Cash Camry will challenge him to stump his cars famous cargo. He will sit in the passenger seat of the Cash Camry and command an unplugged microphone and a fully stocked miniature soundboard. He will have 9 carefully planned questions on cue cards. 2. Driver: The driver will be a mostly silent individual that Danny occasionally yells at. Driver can only talk if the contestant asks them a question. Cash Camry’s driver will have no name, only a number, and that number will always be, number 2. 3. 1 - 3 members of an indie band, or a youtube personality. They will be stuffed into the back of the Cash Camry and forced to put their knowledge on the line.

Team Host, Writer, Producer - Danny Carissimi Driver - TBD Executive Producer - Jerry Soer Executive Producer - Justin Katerberg Editor - TBD VFX - TBD

Contact Jerry Soer - Justin Katerberg -


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