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Curriculum Vitae Illustrated by Danny Michael 07812 374265 58 Bradstow Way, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1AJ

Foreword I am a third-year graphic design student with a passion for imagination and creation. I create illustrated story books, conceptual maps and unique typefaces, as well as designing logotypes, branding and layout for books and magazines. I believe the key to communication lies in both language and image, and place equal importance on each. I always have a pen or a mouse in my hand and a new project brewing in my mind. I am competent with Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. I am confident, literate, independent and innovative. At work and university I have repeatedly been chosen for leadership roles, and am equally comfortable working alone.


Once Upon A Time Born on 4th June 1978 in Canterbury, my childhood was spent paddling in rivers pretending to be a mermaid who was scared of the sea, creating miniature worlds in the garden and constructing models from scraps of paper and wood. As I grew, my passion for creation and imagination grew with me.



BA (Hons) Graphic Design » First (Predicted) Canterbury Christ Church University, 2011 – 20­14 Certificate in Humanities Open University, 2006 Btec Diploma: Foundation in Art and Design » Merit Kent Institute of Art and Design, 1996 – 1997 A-Levels » Art (A) Art History (B) English Lit (D) Clarendon House Grammar, 1994 – 1996 GCSEs » Eight A*-C (including Maths and English) Clarendon House Grammar, 1989 – 1994


Working as a Mosaicist Between 1997-1999 I worked as an assistant to mosaicist Martin Cheek. I helped in designing, executing and installing small and large-scale mosaics. I led a team responsible for producing and installing Mela – Festival, an 11' x 5' mosaic artwork for the MOMA Wales based on a painting by Balraj Khanna. I assisted on a mosaic publication, designing and producing several original mosaic projects for the content of the book. Plus, I assisted on weekend courses teaching mosaics for beginners.


Sculptor’s Assistant Between 2006-2011 I worked as an assistant to sculptor Ann Carrington, producing artworks in a variety of materials such as buttons, pins, tyres and soft toys. I made digital mock-ups of sculptures to secure commissions, including an artwork for the Queen’s barge for the Jubilee Pageant. I sculpted shells in clay, which were then cast in bronze to create the Shell Lady on Margate’s Harbour Arm. I also helped create a magnetised metallic artwork for a hotel in Manhattan. This involved creating the image, working out the logistics of construction and considering the maintenance of the final piece.


INTERNSHiP & AMSTERDAM In 2013 I was selected to undertake a paid university research internship with designer, cartographer and lecturer Kate McLean. The eight-week project was to produce a Smell Map of Amsterdam, design a prototype of a book of the Smell Notes of Paris and to establish a methodology that could be applied to future projects. This required a blend of analytic, language and design skills.


My research involved cataloguing, verifying and analysing data of city smells, with a view to using the results to create Smell Maps. I had to detect patterns and connections relating to ‘narratives’ and ‘nostalgia’ and come up with an innovative and effective way to communicate the results. The internship also involved planning and undertaking a trip to Amsterdam to verify the smells recorded.


Life Beyond The Mac Art and design are my life, so spare time usually involves doing something creative. Away from the computer, I flit between reading classic and trashy horror novels and attempting, unsuccessfully, to write my own. I also knit, sew, and re-upholster, often creating fantastical creatures who vie for a part in my latest story. I enjoy inventing original games and adding ridiculous rules to existing ones. When walking on the beach, I like to collect gnarled stones to bring home and draw, imagining each to be a universe in its own right.


Current Projects I have written a poem, To Dance, and am now creating illustrations to bring it alive. As part of this project I am making a large, interactive music box decorated with illustrations in the style of a puppet theatre. Inside the music box sits the star of my poem – a puppet I have made. I am also creating a children’s book of the poem that folds out to become a miniature version of the music box so children can recreate the magic of the original at home. I am designing a miniature toy version of my puppet to be sold with the book. Pictured right, an illustration from my book using the puppet I have made


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