Researching New Media

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Researching new media Danilo A. Arao Department of Journalism College of Mass Communication UP Diliman

What’s “new” in new media?     

Convergence Connectivity Interactivity Functionality Technology

RESULT – accessibility and availability of information to new media users

However, in a developing country… 

Level-headed perspective on new media, particularly Internet access “New” does NOT replace the “old” “New” does NOT mean the “best”

Tip 1: Know the “terrain”

Fact facts

Tip 2: Know what interests you 

Cyberspace (e.g., blogs, social networking sites, websites) Hardware (e.g., gadgets) Software (e.g., OS, apps) 

Proprietary and open source

Tip 2 (continued) 

Ethics in new media 

Burning issues   

Plagiarism Cyber-bullying (e.g., #AMALAYER) Cybercrime Law (RA 10175)

Online journalism 

Burning issues  

Citizen journalism Convergence of print and broadcast

Tip 3: Know where to get data  

Go beyond Google and Wikipedia Visit offices (e.g., libraries) to conduct data gathering Conduct interviews with sources, especially experts

In other words, get PRIMARY sources of information

To summarize… 

Know the “terrain” 

Know what interests you 

Be aware of important information on new media Focus on your preferred topic

Know where to get data 

Data gathering should be done “online” and “offline”

Thank you!