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How do humans use natural resources? Natural resources are what power this earth. Without natural resources, our world would cease to exist. Natural resources are resources that are completely made by nature. Some natural resources take over 300 million years to be made! Some natural resources, such as coal and oil, are non-renewable and will run out some day. Other natural resources, such as solar and wind energy, are renewable and won’t run out. Humans use natural resources to run everyday life, such as running our cars with petrol, which is made with oil. 2

Fast oil facts! Oil was formed 300 million years ago. Oil comes from underground areas known as reservoirs. Oil makes petrol. Oil has been used for 5,000 years. The US consumes the most barrels per day. Oil supplies 34% of the worlds energy needs. Oil cost upwards of $100 per barrel. The US imports more then double 2nd placed china. The biggest oil producer is Saudi Arabia. 3

How is oil distributed? Oil is distributed unevenly, for example the top oil importer, America, also makes the third most out of any country in the world. Top importing countries (BBL/Day) USA Imports- 10,270,000 2China Imports- 5,080,000 3Japan Imports– 4,394,000 4- India Imports- 3,060,000 4Germany Imports- 2,671,000 1-


Many of the top oil exporters, are in the Middle East. Over 66% of the world’s oil is in the Middle East. Top exporting countires (BBL/Day) 1- Saudi Arabia Exports- 7,635,000 2- Russia Exports- 5,010,000 3- Iran Exports- 2,523,000 4- UAB Exports- 2,395,000 5- Norway Exports- 2,184,000


How does the distribution of oil impact communities? The distribution of oil can impact massively on communities. Take petrol, for example. Since petrol is made from oil, if there is less oil, there is less petrol and prices go up. This can have a massive impact on communities worldwide 6

What are our rights and responsibilities to share finite resources with other humans? Our rights are, if you find oil on your land, you can drill and export it, and make a profit. But our responsibilities are to not ruin the land and the environment, and the surrounding communities. 7

Natural resources have a huge impact on on our earth. Whether it’s powering our cars, making our clothes, or powering our houses, natural resources run the earth.


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