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ABSTRACT This is a P6 assignment for Business Communication addressing the operational issues in relation to the use of business information.

Daniel Sidbury


P6 Explain the operational issues in relation to the use of business information. Organisations such as Ferrari have to store and manage countless pieces of information, with some being far more important than others. Two fundamental Issues are: 1. The organisation receives the information it requires 2. The appropriate members of staff receives the information To make sure that information is managed appropriately, a number of policies and procedures have to be put in place.

Security of Information: Ferrari considers their customers privacy to be of utmost importance and takes its responsibilities regarding the security of their personal information very seriously. Ferrari protects online personal information as follows: • Ferrari will not disclose customer information to outside parties without their permission. • Ferrari will not sell, trade, or disclose to third parties, any personal information derived from customer activities on any Ferrari online service without their permission. • When Ferrari uses other agents, contractors or companies to perform services on its behalf, Ferrari will use reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the company protects customer personal information in a manner consistent with our own Ferrari Privacy Policy.

Ferrari will collect and use customer information only for specific purposes. Ferrari will collect and use personal information: • To create and inform customers of products and services that better meet their needs. • For billing purposes. • To anticipate and/or resolve problems with customer service.

Health and Safety, This policy establishes and communicates the Ferrari’s policy concerning the protection of safety and health of the company’s employees and other persons affected by the company’s business activities. Ferrari’s health and safety standards are to:    

  

Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions Record and report performance Complete risk assessments and introduce appropriate controls to reduce risk to as low as is reasonably achievable Provide information, instruction, training and supervision to enable employees and others to perform their responsibilities safely and efficiently Consult and involve employees at all level of the business Provide adequate and appropriate resources including where necessary specialist advice Review the policy and companies performance and identify areas for setting continual improvement objectives.

Ferrari’s computer health and safety regulations: Most computer health and safety concerns involve bad ergonomics. Problems like repetitive strain injury (RSI), aches, pains and numbness can be caused by poor-quality keyboards and mice or badly adjusted chairs. Some people find looking at monitors and displays for long periods can cause eye-strain or headaches too. However, there are other issues to be aware of. As with all electrical equipment, computers can be dangerous when used incorrectly or if turned on with the case open. Trailing cables can also be hazardous. Ferrari addresses these issues by installing and maintaining computer hardware to avoid physical risks. For example, your staff should be careful when running cabling above a suspended ceiling or placing network equipment into confined spaces. Ferrari make sure that their staff uses good computer health and safety will ensure the well-being of everyone in the business when they use IT. Ferrari always aim to minimise risks, but there are specific legal requirements too.

Business Continuance Plans, Ferrari have a department of risk management who’s job is to expect and plan for the unexpected. In order to maintain the safety of the employees and customers, and ensure the viability of the business, Ferrari need to prepare for unforeseen disasters. These risks may include criminal activity, natural disasters or terrorist acts. Any one of these threats could be serious enough to devastate the business, but if Ferrari have readiness plans in place they can work to minimize their impact.

Organisational Policies, Ferrari have policies related to the use of information systems, such as: Keeping customer information confidential, correcting incorrect data, create information and services for customers, to name a few. It is very important for Ferrari to make shore that their staff is well informed and understand the company’s organisational policies. Costs, Ferrari manage the costs of their future projects, with the objective in mind of the benefits exceeding the costs. This is key to any successful business Ferrari address two issues regarding cost, which are: - Additional resources required form a computer/technological point of view, such as:  New computer equipment and installation  User testing and training  Additional IT resources to run the systems - Cost of development:  The original cost of purchasing or developing the new systems  Cost of future developments

Increasing Sophistication, Ferrari invest a lot of money into technological development, not only for their cars, but for their IT/software department so that their employees are working with modern up to date state of the art equipment. As a result, Ferrari need highly trained personnel in order to operate the new equipment. If there are any problems they might have to be addressed by both business and development experts.

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