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Page LODGE 2 OFFICERS 2013-2014 Exalted Ruler Est. Leading Knight Est. Loyal Knight Est. Lecturing Knight Secretary Treasurer Esquire Chaplain Inner Guard Tiler 3-Year Trustee 2-Year Trustee 1-Year Trustee

Tom Stevens Toby Griner Brian Feehan Lyle Cater Lou DiNicolantonio Kathy Schulte Allen VanDyk Robin Stevens Charlie Mussari Patrick Schulte Richard Hahn Donald E Helms Linda Griner

Appointed Positions Presiding Justice Mediator Lodge Advisor

Steve Guttman Bill White Jim White

Statutory – Grand Lodge Committees Auditing & Accounting Chairman Auditor Auditor

Ben Gray Kris Kane Walter Zilka

Activities Chairwoman

Robin Stevens

Community Projects Public Relations Hoop Shoot Drug Awareness PER Association Youth Activities

Ben Gray Ray Yantch Tom Stevens Rick Rheaume Allen VanDyk Lynn Glossop

Fraternal Chairman Americanism Elks National Foundation Flag Day Mother’s Day Memorial Day Membership & Lapsation Indoctrination/Orientation Investigation Lodge Activities Standing Relief Veterans Service Alternate to Grand Lodge

Government Relations Chairman Member 1 Member 2

Toby Griner

Hans Offenborn Linda Griner Allen VanDyk Tom Stevens Toby Griner Toby Griner Doug Garner Allen VanDyk Robin Stevens Top 6 Officers

Kris Kane Allen VanDyk

Jim Fix Ben Gray Paul Turner

STATE ASSOCIATION COMMITTES Elks Training Harry Anna Trust Inter-Lodge Visitation Lodge Reporter Officers Attendance Membership & Lapsation Charity Committee Youth Camp

Tom Stevens Hans Offenborn Lou DiNicolantonio Ray Yantch Lou DiNicolantonio Lou DiNicolantonio Tom Stevens Lynn Glossop

Special Lodge Committees Bulletin ’THE LOG’ Bingo Entertainment Web Master

Ray Yantch Patty Quinn Vacant Dan Hargraves

Lodge Major Projects Golf Tournament Food for the Hungry

Donald Simmons Lyle Cater

Tom Stevens


Fellow Members, September is now upon us. What usually comes to mind is Labor Day; an extra day off, camping, grilling out, kids going back to school, and of course, Football. But, I also think about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Can you remember where you were on that infamous day? I certainly can, and remember just about every detail that I experienced. And I’m sure the rest of you can as well. The President asks Americans to fly their flags at half-staff, and observe a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 A.M. (Eastern Daylight Time), the time the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Let us all reflect on that day, and memorialize those 2977 Souls who lost their lives, and not forget the Men and Women in uniform called to battle, the months and years to follow. If you haven’t been around the Lodge lately, you’ve missed some pretty cool events. The Wine Tasting, ran by Pat and Kathy Schulte was a huge success; with Dean Trosper providing the wine and lending his expertise. Thanks Dean, and great job! Our Wednesday night dinners, ran by Robin Stevens have been a proven success as well; such as the Italian dinner, Taco night, and the always big hit, our Pot Luck Dinners. And don’t forget; our Thursday Night Lodge Dart League will start back up the first Thursday of September at 6pm. If interested in joining the fun, just show up at the Lodge and Rick Hahn will gladly sign you up. August 10th, the Lodge hosted the Semi-Annual DD Clinic for our newly installed Northwest District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler (DDGER), Kevin Clemons. Over 50 members from throughout the district attended, to include our Northwest District Vice President, Rick Lemke and several District and State Dignitaries. The purpose of the Clinic is to further educate the members of Elkdom, report on District Committees, upcoming events, and expectations from our DDGER. On that same day, the Lodge participated at the “Back to School Bash”, hosted by the Navarre United Methodist Church. Lou and Gail DiNicolantonio coordinated the event, and Bill White delivered the District Drug Awareness Trailer. Toby and Linda Griner, and Robin and I also participated in this event. Over 500 Children came to the event and participated in numerous activities, collected school clothes, and supplies; while we passed out numerous Drug Awareness packages. The event was successful and we were happy to be involved in the Community. Our next District event is the DD Visitation at the Lodge on September 24th, during a meeting night. The DDGER and NW VP will inspect the Lodge, following we’ll be holding a regular meeting at 6pm, followed by dinner in the Lodge room at 7pm. All members are welcome to attend the meeting, and members and guests are welcome to attend the complimentary dinner. Come on out and enjoy the fellowship of Elks, and a great meal. Remember to check the calendar for monthly events. Take Care and see

you around the Lodge, Tom Stevens, Exalted Ruler

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9/02 William Clarkson

9/17 Marvin Pittman

Bulletin Boosters

9/06 Bruce Quinn

9/18 Verina Glossop

Calvin Christensen 02/14

9/08 Leo Allen Sr.

9/18 Thomas Thorpe

9/10 Kevin Peck

9/19 Brend Appelt

Judith Christensen 02/14

9/10 Joseph Spohn

9/20 Richard Mase

Dan Hargraves 12/13

9/13 Joseph Palio Jr.

9/24 Larry Seale

9/14 Frank Valensi

9/26 Joanna Morris

9/16 Michael McDonald “Elks Know” 9.Yes or No. Can a Lodge prohibit or prevent a member from filling a complaint against another member? Ref. Chapter 8, Sec 8.030, opinion 02, Page 57

Ray Yantch 01/14 Jim & Gloria Fix 02/14 Franklin Alvarado 02/14 Ewin F. Marris 05/14


10. If a complaint goes before a Subordinate Forum, who is responsible for prosecuting the case? The Leading Knight The Chairman of the Trustees. The Chairman of the House Committee. The Loyal Knight. The Esquire. Ref. Chapter 8, Sec. 8.090, Page 64

Ed Bartee 06/14 Verz Jordan 05/14 Steve Owens 07/14


11. Yes or No. Can a member be charged with “Conduct Unbecoming an Elk” outside the Lodge? Ref. Chap. IX, Sec. 9.070, Opinion 01 Page 84 and 85 ANSWER:

Yes or No. Can any member get a copy of the Lodge Membership list? Ref. Chap. 12, Sec 12.050, Opinion 3, Page 106

Your Name here for $10 per year. Help defray the cost of the bulletin.


12.When can a Lodge pay recurring bills after approval by the Board of Directors or Trustees without obtaining Lodge approval? Ref. Chap. 12, Sec. 12.060, Page 107. ANSWER:

13. Yes or No. Can the Board of Directors or Trustees incur an expense against the Lodge without approval from the Lodge if the expense is in the budget? Ref. Chap. 12 Sec. 12.070, Decision 03, Page 111 and Manual for Board of Directors Dated 2011. Page 3. ANSWER:

14. Yes or No. Is there a legal definition of a valid excuse for an officer missing a meeting? Ref. Chap. 12, Sec. 12.140, Opinion 02. ANSWER:

Answers to previous Months questions 1. The Constitution, Statutes and Ritual, 2. No, 3. True, 4. In the Lodge Room, 5.

Yes, 6. Yes, 7. B, 8. Yes

(850) 936-5227

September 2013 Sun



2 Labor 3Activity Day




Planning Meeting 6:00PM PER Meeting

10 Membership Meeting 7:00PM


16 Club

17 BOG/



4Warrington 5Dart DD Visit 5:00PM







Shrimp Boil And Music 3:00PM

ENF Dinner 6:00PM

Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM

18Casserole 19Dart





6:00pm Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM

24 Holley- 25

26 Taco

Navarre DD Visit

Night 6:00PM Linda

27 Bill

Membership Meeting at 6:00PM



Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM


open and Happy Hour 6:00PM Pricing begins




Caller Tom

BOD Meeting Night 6:00PM Night




Queen of Hearts every Wednesday


Bulletin Articles are due by the 15th of this month.

Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM Queen of Hearts every Wednesday

Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM

28 Oktoberfest 5:00PM

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Lodge Activities


Tuesday, September 3rd @ 6:00pm: Activities Meeting – Come join in on the fun with Robin Stevens, our Activities Chairperson and committee members, planning future Lodge Events. Thursday, September 5th @ 6:00pm: Dart League Begins – Our Thursday Night Inter Lodge Co-ed Dart League is back. Come out and show off your aiming skills, and have a great time to boot. The Dart League is open to all Members and Guests. Wednesday September 11th @ 6:00pm: ENF Dinner – Linda Griner, our ENF Chairperson will be providing a Chicken Fettuccini Dinner with Salad and Bread. This will be a great event, with all proceeds from the Dinner going to the Elks National Foundation (ENF). A basket of cheer, with great spirits and gifts will also be raffled off. Come on out and support Linda, and the Lodges goal of $4.60 per Capita (member), and to be #1 in the state for ENF Donations; thereby meeting eligibility to receive grants to support our community! Saturday, September 14th @ 3:00pm: Shrimp Boil – The Lodge PER Association will be hosting a Shrimp boil with all the fixings to include shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn. There will also be entertainment by Jimmy Dale Peacock. A great time will be had by all. Cost per person is $10.00 per person. Stop by the lounge to get your tickets no later than September 12th for a good head count. See y’all there! Wednesday, September 18th @ 6:00pm: Casserole Night – This is another popular dinner event. If you’ve never been to a Casserole Night, you don’t want to miss it this time. Casseroles from traditional to original will be featured. Everyone is welcome to show off their favorite dish. Cost is $7.00 per person. Yum! Tuesday, September 24th @ 5:00pm: DD Visitation – This year, we will be hosting our NW DDGER and NWD VP on a meeting night. Social Hour starts at 5:00 pm, the General Membership Meeting at 6:00pm, and Dinner at 7:00 pm. Come on out and enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of Elks and Guests alike, and enjoy a great complimentary dinner. Thursday, September 26th @ 6:00pm: Taco Night – $1.00 tacos and $3.00 taco salads will be served along with all the fixings. Saturday, September 28th @ 5:00pm: OKTOBERFEST – The Lodge is getting a head start on this great time experience. German beer, food, music, and dancing will highlight this fun and popular event. Bill Adair and Rick Rheame will be hosting, as you eat, drink, and dance your way to an awesome time. So Guys, come out in your best lederhosen, and Ladies your best German Dress. Prost! Every Friday Night: Bingo starts at 6:00pm, with a maximum payout of $250.00 and a winner take all game. Burgers and Hotdogs will be served as well. Cooks are always needed, so break out your tongs and apron. You can sign up to cook as you walk in the lounge on the wall to the right. Remember, Every Wednesday at 7pm is Queen of Hearts Night! Come on out and try and find that evasive Queen and win the Jackpot. Lots of Fun! Activity Chairperson, Robin Stevens Past Events I would like to thank everyone who helped with all of the activities and dinners we had in the month of August, especially recognizing Dean Trosper for supplying the wine, and participating in our Wine Tasting. I would also like to thank Pat and Kathy Schulte for hosting the event. Also, thanks to those of you participating in the planning of events. I couldn’t do it without you! Robin Stevens

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Elks Activities


It is my sad duty to announce, one of our members, Billy Tyree has passed through to the "Annals of Memory". Billy Tyree was a member of our Lodge for 2 years and was 58 years of age. He was a Carpenter by trade and is survived by his wife, Tina. Shrimp Boil – September 14th starting at 2:00PM The Lodge PER Association will be hosting a Shrimp boil with all the fixings to include shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn. There will also be entertainment by Jimmy Dale Peacock. This will be one great event and you know fun will be had by all. Cost per person is $10.00 and that is one heck of a value for such good food and great friends. Stop by the lounge to get your tickets now so we can get an accurate count by September 12th for a good head count. See y’all there! The ENF Goes Back to School Grab your backpack and your textbooks because school is back in session! Starting September 1, high school seniors are able to apply for Elks National Foundation scholarships. These scholarships offer students financial assistance throughout college, the chance to reach their goals at their dream schools, and the opportunity to connect to Elks communities on and off campus. In 2014, 500 Most Valuable Student scholarships of up to $50,000 will be awarded to high school seniors based on scholarship, leadership and financial need. Legacy Awards are $4,000 scholarships available to children and grandchildren of Elks in good standing. In 2014, the ENF will award Legacy Awards to 250 high school seniors. Heading back to school is exciting for 2013 Most Valuable Student scholar Riley Clafton, sponsored by Reno, Nev., Lodge No. 597. She looks forward to joining volunteer groups and connecting with other Elks scholars at the University of Miami. “My MVS scholarship has helped to fulfill my goal of going to the University of Miami,” says Riley. “It will continue to help me as I earn my degree and plan my future.” The Elks National Foundation provides $3.74 million in college scholarships each year. For more information about our scholarship programs, for ways Lodges can get involved with Elks scholars, and for MVS and Legacy Awards applications, visit ENF Chairperson Linda Griner October is ENF Month There is much to celebrate this October as Lodges across Florida show their support of the Elks National Foundation by holding special events to recognize ENF donors and program accomplishments, raise funds, and create excitement about the ENF. The ENF has contributed more than $324.6 million toward Elks' charitable projects nationwide. These funds enable programs that support youth, honor veterans, and meet needs in areas where Elks live and work. The programs continue to grow each year, allowing Elks to do even more to build stronger communities. This year, the ENF has appropriated a record $8.5 million in Elks communities through Community Investments Program grants for Elks Lodges. This includes doubling of the Beacon Grants to $2,000 available to every Lodge for an ongoing, Elks-driven, charitable project. Community Investments Program grants which also include Gratitude, Promise and Impact grants, offer your Lodge an opportunity to serve your community in ways that will raise the Lodge’s profile, energize the membership, encourage former members to return to the fold, and gain the notice of people who want to be part of an organization that’s doing great things.


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I also want to make sure everyone buy’s a chance to win this fabulous package of cheer basket. It contains a centennial collectable Elks bottle which has never been open. There are Elks etched wine glasses and a assortment of wines, whiskey, chocolates, and to many other things to list here. Buy tickets at the bar today and helps us reach our ENF goal. Meeting our goals means grants to our lodge for our projects. The cost of the tickets are 3 for a $1.00, 20 for $5.00 and 50 for $10.00 and that is a heck of a deal so but a lot. All proceeds go to Elks National Foundation. Elks Lodge Celebrates Red Ribbon Week The Holley-Navarre #2787 Elks Lodge will be celebrating National Red Ribbon Week starting October 20 through the 26th. Holley-Navarre Lodge #2787 urges all citizens to join with the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks in taking a stand against drugs. Red Ribbon Week is the Nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention program and is celebrated annually the last week of October. By wearing red ribbons and participating in community anti-drug events, young people pledge to live a drug-free lifestyle and pay tribute to DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. Special Agent Camarena was an 11 year DEA veteran on the trail of the country’s biggest marijuana and cocaine traffickers. In 1985, he was extremely close to unlocking a multi-billion dollar drug pipeline. On February 7, 1985, he was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by Mexican drug traffickers. His tragic death opened the eyes of many Americans to the international scope of the drug trade. Shortly after Kiki’s death, Congressman Duncan Hunter and Kiki’s high school friend, Henry Lozano, launched “Camarena Clubs” in Kiki’s hometown of Calexico, California. Hundreds of club members pledged to lead drug-free lives to honor the sacrifice made by Kiki Camarena. These pledges were delivered to First Lady Nancy Reagan at a national conference of parents combating youth drug use. In 1988, the National Family Partnership coordinated the first National Red Ribbon Week, with President and Mrs. Reagan serving as honorary chairpersons. I know I mention this a lot in all my “Log Joggers” about all the good food, great friends, and all round good times as can be attest too in these photos. So if you have the time please come out and support your Lodge. I also want to wish Russell Wilby a safe journey back to Pennsylvania and let him know we will all miss him at the Lodge.

The Board of Directors revised the yearly Club and Lodge budgets based on 1st quarter income and expense results. The new budget proposals have been posted on the Lodge bulletin board for member inspection. The members will vote on the proposed changes at the September 10th membership meeting Toby Griner Chairman, Board of Directors

Elk’s Caring, Elk’s Sharing and Elk’s Having Fun!

Kathy Schulte celebrated a milestone birthday in true Elks fashion with one heck of a great party. There where many fantastic entertainers that show up to celebrate her special day. The celebrity guest where Tina Turner, Garth Brooks, and a few more fun characters. Thank you Kathy and Pat for such a fun evening. The Holley-Navarre Elks Lodge 2787 was extremely delighted this year to partner with the Navarre United Methodist Church to host the Back to School Bash for students in South Santa Rosa County. The purpose of the event was to provide school supplies and services to the elementary students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade in Navarre. The event took place on Saturday, August 10th, from 5:00 -8:00 PM. In addition to providing much-needed supplies and clothing, our Elks Lodge also provided specific information to the children about our Drug Awareness Program. The Elks NW District Drug Awareness trailer was positioned on the Church grounds and the children were each given a Drug Awareness bag containing coloring books, pencils, bookmarks, backpack tags, and brochures that discussed the effects that drugs and alcohol could have on them. Over 80 bags were distributed and the responses from parents and children were extremely positive. The Navarre United Methodist Church was very grateful for our support and has asked us to partner with them in the future on events similar to this. Thanks to Gail DiNicolantonio, who organized and spearheaded the partnership with the Church, Bill White, who secured the trailer and set it up, and to Tom and Robin Stevens, Toby and Linda Griner, and Lou DiNicolantonio, who supported the event at the trailer that day. Tom and Robin are pictured here on the left, and Toby and Linda are pictured in the Drug Awareness Trailer.

Starting September 16th the Lodge is opened and Happy Hour is Back from 2pm to 5pm. All alcoholic drinks .25 off.

In all my “Log Joggers” I always mention the good food, great time, and fantastic friends we have at our great Lodge and the photos below just show a portion of the good food, some really excellent wines, and a delightful evening. If you have a chance to come out to the Lodge for any of many events you will be presently surprise about the good time you will have.

September 2013 log  

Holley-Navarre Elks Lodge #2787 Monthly News Letter

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