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Holley-Navarre Elks Lodge Prospective Officers Guide 

There are 13 officers in our lodge – 10 elected and three appointed. Officers elected for oneyear terms are the Exalted Ruler, Leading Knight, Loyal Knight, Lecturing Knight, Secretary, Treasurer and Tiler. The 3 Trustees serve three-year terms with one term expiring each year to allow for some continuity on the board. Officers appointed each year by the Exalted Ruler are Esquire, Inner Guard, and Chaplain. We also have a lodge advisor, appointed by the District Leader

The Exalted Ruler (ER) is the Chief Executive Officer of the Lodge. She/he presides during all meetings of the Lodge, appoints committee chairpersons, and appoints the Esquire, Inner Guard, Chaplain, Mediator, and Presiding Justice. She/he administers the affairs of the Lodge and provides leadership to meet Lodge goals. The ER administers all phases of Lodge activities, including Lodge functions and club operations. If all possible, she/he also attends all Lodge, district, State, and National Meetings, to include District Deputy Clinics and Visitations.

Knights (Leading, Loyal, Lecturing) assists the ER in the affairs of the Lodge, provide assistance in filling Committee Chairs, and promote membership. They preside over meetings in the absence of the ER in order of rank, unless a PER has been appointed. The Leading Knight, second behind the ER, if possible attends all Lodge, district, State, and National Meetings, to include District Deputy Clinics and Visitations.

The Secretary is the administrator of the Lodge; Otherwise known as the Chief Operations Officer. The Secretary is the hub of the Lodge. Among the duties of the Secretary are: Keep accurate minutes of all meetings, maintain accounts between Lodge and members, Receive all monies due the Lodge and turn over to Treasurer, Inform applicants of status of membership, Prepare annual report just to name a few. A full description in section 12.050 of the Annotated Statutes (Go to If all possible, She/he also attends all Lodge, district, State, and National Meetings, to include District Deputy Clinics and Visitations.

The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Lodge. She/he receives all monies from the Lodge Secretary, pays all approved bills, maintain an accurate record of receipts and disbursements, Act as treasurer of ALL committees and signs all checks

Board of Trustees (Directors): The responsibilities of the Board and its members are set forth in Sections 12.070 and 16.050 of the Laws of the Order. Three trustee members may serve as established in the Lodge By‑Laws. A Chairman of the Board is established the first meeting of the board in the beginning of the Elk Year.

The Tiler shall be stationed at the outer door of the Lodge at all meetings and permit no person to enter without previous announcement through the Inner Guard, and permission of the Exalted Ruler. He shall require all Members to show their membership cards, and require visiting Members to register in the book kept for that purpose. He shall remain at his station until the close of all meetings. He shall assume charge of all jewels, regalia and other like Lodge property and see that they are in proper condition for all meetings of the Lodge. He shall furnish all necessary paraphernalia by order of the presiding Officer, have charge of the keys to Lodge doors, and see that all Lodge property is safely stored before leaving the Lodge room.

The Esquire appointed by the ER shall organize the Lodge, prepare candidates for initiation, examine and introduce visiting Members, superintend the ballots, transmit official messages as directed by the Exalted Ruler, and in all public displays shall officiate as Marshal. He shall perform other duties as may be required by the Laws of the Order, or the By-Laws of the Lodge.

The Inner Guard appointed by the ERshall guard carefully, at all times, the inner door of the Lodge; to permit no Member to enter until he/she has given the alarm correctly, except upon direction of the Exalted Ruler; to permit no Member to retire from the Lodge room until he/she has received permission from the Exalted Ruler.

The Chaplain appointed by the ER is charged with reciting all prayers as described in the Ritual of the Local Lodges during all meetings, memorial services, funerals, and special functions. She/he also recites the Benedictions and Invocation at all Clinics and visitations; and any other duties as required by the Exalted Ruler.

There are only two paid positions: Secretary and Treasurer. Their salaries are set by the lodge by-laws which are revised every five years.

We have 23 meetings per year on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month: two per month from January through June, September Through November; and one per month in July, August, and December (Second Tuesday). When a meeting night falls on a holiday, we are excused (with written permission, by what is known as “dispensation” from the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler. Also Board of Directors and Governing body meetings are once per month.

In addition, lodge officers are required to attend their installation (usually in late March), the Mother’s Day ceremony (second Sunday in May), Flag Day observance (the closest weekend to June 14) and Elks Memorial Day (first Sunday in December).

Lodge officers are also expected to attend the funerals of our departed members. If they occur during the day, we can usually find enough retirees to perform the ceremony.

You are responsible for purchasing your own blue blazer and gray slacks or skirt for meetings with Initiations and special events. These do not have to be “top of the line” clothes. Retiring officers have donated or sold their meeting attire to newcomers. The lodge pays for the neckties, which are usually acquired through the Florida State Elks Association by the Lodge Secretary.

There are 4 NW district meetings held each year. The ER, Chairman to the Board of Directors (BOD), Leading Knight, and Secretary are required to attend three, unless excused by the DDGER

Prior to the beginning of the Elk Year, a Lodge Officer Training session takes place during a two day period in March at the Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando. This training is extremely helpful and is highly encouraged. All Officers and Members and their guests are invited to attend.

Finally, your service to our lodge is greatly appreciated, and clearly shows that you have earned the respect and confidence of your lodge members. And remember, without Lodge Officers, there is no Lodge. “Elks Care and Elks Share”.

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Officers guide lodge 2787