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Exalted Ruler Est. Leading Knight Est. Loyal Knight Est. Lecturing Knight Esquire Chaplain Inner Guard Tiler Secretary Treasurer 3-Year Trustee 2-Year Trustee 1-Year Trustee

Toby Griner Tom Stevens Brian Feehan Lyle Cater Allen VanDyk Robin Stevens Charlie Mussari Patrick Schulte Kathy Schulte Walter Zilka Donald E Helms Clarke Duarte Benjamin R Gray

Holley-Navarre committee appointments 2012-2013 GRAND LODGE COMMITTEES

Activities Committee

Linda Griner

Special Community Projects Community Activities Public Relations Youth Activities Hoop Shoot Drug Awareness PER Association Youth Activities

Lyle Cater Ray Yantch Ray Yantch Rick Mase Unfilled Rick Rheaume Allen VanDyk Rick Mase

Fraternal Committee Americanism Elks National Foundation Flag Day Elks Memorial Day Membership & Lapsation Indoctrination/Orientation Investigation Veterans Service Lodge Activities Standing Relief Youth Camp Alternate to Grand Lodge

Tom Stevens

Unfilled Dan Hargraves Allen VanDyk Tom Stevens Tom Stevens Sherill Donaldson Allen VanDyk Kris Kane Linda Griner Board of Directors

Rick Mase Bill White

Government Relations Committee Member 1 Member 2

Auditing & Accounting Auditor Auditor

Jim Fix Unfilled Unfilled

Rick Mase Judy Christensen Connie Mussari

STATE ASSOCIATION COMMITTES Elks Training Harry Anna Trust Inter-Lodge Visitation Lodge Reporter Officers Attendance Membership & Lapsation Charity Committee

Rick Mase Unfilled Kathy Schulte Kathy Schulte Kathy Schulte Kathy Schulte Rick Mase

SPECIAL COMMITTEES Bulletin ’THE LOG’ Bingo Golf Tournament Web Master

Ray Yantch Patty Quinn Donald Simmons Dan Hargraves

OTHER COMMITTEES Presiding Justice Mediator Lodge Advisor

Tim Meade Rick Mase Jim White

Toby Griner Our Lodge made nominations for new officer on the first meeting of February conducted by PERs Allen VanDyk and Bill White as the designated “PER night” meeting. Several members were nominated to fill positions, and as the only one nominated, they were elected. All elected take office on 1st April. Tom Stevens is our elected Exalted Ruler for next year nominated by Toby Griner. Other officers elected were: • Leading Knight – Toby Griner nominated by Tom Stevens • Loyal Knight – Brian Feehan nominated by Allen VanDyk • Lecturing Knight – Lyle Cater nominated by Toby Griner • Secretary – Louis Dinicolantonio nominated by Kathy Schulte • Treasurer – Katherine Schulte nominated by Linda Griner • Tiler – Patrick Schulte nominated by Don Helms Clark Duarte nominated Bruce Quinn and Ben Gray nominated Richard Hahn for 3-year Trustee. This election is at the last meeting in February. Clarke Duarte will continue as the 1-year Trustee and Don Helms will continue as our 2-year Trustee as only the previous 1-year trustee position was up for election. Congratulations to our Elks National Foundation Chairman Dan Hargraves. He has exceeded our ENF per capita aided by donations of over $1000 from his Pie-in-the-face contest, which has been tremendously successful. We now have about $7.00 per capita (and growing), which is double the suggested GL per capita rate. As a result of his work and donations by members, the Lodge is eligible for a $2000 Gratuity award to be used for charitable purposes. The Secretary sent dues notices on Jan 19th and Feb 8th. Members who pay before March 1st get a free drink coupon. I encourage you to pay your dues and participate in another Elk year of work and play that helps children, veterans, the needy, the hungry, and many other community charitable contributions. We are not all work, our Club and Lodge provides a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for fun and activities. Bill Adair was selected as the Citizen of the year for his work for and within the lodge and for the positive benefits of his community promotion of the Lodge. The PER association selected Kathy Schulte (Secretary) as Officer of the year. An anonymous 3-member committee selected Linda Griner (activities Chairperson) as Elk of the year. Congratulations also to all of our officers and committee chairs, your work has greatly enhanced our Lodge and contributed mightily to its success. Toby Griner

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03/01 Powell Bedgood

03/15 Alden Peters

03/03 Perry Kirsch

03/15 Ray Yantch

03/03 Vickie Morgan

03/16 Benjamin Stermole

03/04 Joe Serrano

03/17 Juanita Garrett

03/04 William Ward

03/17 Arthur Kent

03/07 Pearl Baker

03/19 Richard Hahn

03/08 Benford Larson

03/19 Marie Jordan

03/12 Charlotte Cantrell

03/19 James Muir

03/13 Cecilia Essary

03/24 Rita Rader

03/15 Gary Forester

03/26 Carol Henry

Bulletin Boosters Calvin Christensen 02/14 Judith Christensen 02/14 Russ Wilby 03/13 Vera Jordan 5/13 Ben & Peggy Gray 6/13 Linda & Toby Griner 7/13

If you have paid your 2013-2014 dues and did not request that your membership card be mailed, then your card and Early Bird free drink certificate are behind the bar. Please remember to ask the bartender for your card and certificate. Free Drink Certificates expire April 1st, so please pick them up and use them before that date. Also, for those that have not paid their 2013-2014 dues, you only have until March 1st to get the Early Bird Free Drink Certificate.

Judy Robinson 7/13

The Board has approved the use of drink tokens in the Club. Members can now purchase a drink for guests and members and the bartender will provide a token if the drink is not wanted at the time of purchase. This is great for our members and guests who can take the tokens home to use at a later date. Tokens should not be used to purchase drinks for a bartender. While it is a thoughtful idea for members to want to purchase a drink for their bartenders, our bartenders work at the Club because they need the income. Tipping bartenders can never be required at an Elks Lodge. However, it is important to remember that our drink prices are significantly lower than most other bars and restaurants and our bartenders are paid a small salary, which is often under the Federal minimum wage level. They need tip income to make a decent wage. If you are not receiving good service at the club, please let the bar manager or one of the officers know so that this can be addressed. Under tipping a bartender for poor service will not correct the problem. At most bars and restaurants, bartenders are tipped 20% on their bar tab or a minimum of a dollar or more each time the bartender serves a round of drinks. Example: Bar tab of $15, the recommended tip is $3. A round of two drinks or two beers with no tab, the recommended tip is a dollar. [Note: Bartenders report their tips to the Lodge, who adds that income to the salary paid by to them by the Lodge. If a bartender’s tips plus salary do not meet Federal minimum wage, the Lodge must make up the difference by paying them a higher hourly salary.]

Franklin Alvarado 02/14

Katherine Schulte, Secretary

Dan Hargraves 12/13 Ray Yantch 01/14 James Fix 02/14

Your Name here for $10 per year. Help defray the cost of the bulletin.

(850) 936-5227

March 2013 Sun





Queen of Hearts is every Wednesday


PER Meeting





Activity Meeting 6:30PM

Membership Meeting 7:00 PM



Pot Luck Dinner 6:00PM

Corned beef and Cabbage 6:00PM



Bulletin Articles are due by the 15th of this month. Fri

Darts every Thursday 6:00PM




Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM Butter Fly House Luncheon 12:00 Noon


Darts every Thursday 6:00PM



Lodge Spring Cleaning 9:00AM


Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM



Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM



Easter Sunday




BOG meeting 6:00PM BOD meeting 7:00PM


Installation of Officers 6:00PM Membership Meeting 7:00PM


Queen of Hearts

20 Darts every 21



Thursday Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM

Ham Dinner 6:00PM


Darts every Thursday 6:00PM


29 Bingo Every Friday 6:00PM

30 Children’s Easter Egg Hunt 2:00PM

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Lodge Activities


Upcoming March Activity Events th

Wednesday March 6 : Pot Luck Dinner. Bring a dish to share. No Charge. Saturday March 9th cleanup: Spring is in the air, and the time for cleaning the Lodge will be at 9 AM. We need cleaning crews for the out side grounds, back sheds to be organized and cleaned. Inside the lodge, the paper product closet needs to be organized and also the kitchen utensils. We will needs a cleaning crew for lounge floor. The Ice machine room needs cleaning. Everyone please make an effort to come out and clean our club. Hot dogs will be provided.

Wednesday March 13th: St. Patrick Day Corned Beef and Cabbage, $7.00 per person. Wednesday March 27th: We will have a ham dinner with sides, $7.00 per person. Saturday March 30th : Children’s Easter egg hunt at 2 PM. This is going to be a major event focusing on our local children in need. We will be having a Ham Shoot (Same as Turkey Shoot) along with the classic Easter Egg Hunt. We will provide hot dogs and all the fixings. If anyone has any left over plastic eggs, candy or egg stuffers feel free to bring them by. Activity Chairperson Linda Past Events February was a very busy month with Mardi Gras and plenty of Cajun food. We gathered on the beach along with the Navarre Beach Yacht Club to watch the parade. There was so much food! Thanks to everyone that brought a dish. The Valentines dinner and dance was well attended. Everyone enjoyed the music by Steve Hall. Most everyone stayed and danced to midnight. Thanks to the decorating committee and thanks to Kathy for organizing the decorating. The decorations really put us in the mood to party. Thanks to Dan Hargraves for the Pie-in-the-Face entertainment to promote and raise money for the ENF charity fund. Activity Chairperson Linda Griner Richard Hahn has started a fun filled dart group that meets at the Lodge every Thursday starting at 6:00PM if you would like to come out and enjoy the fun everyone is welcome and from what I see it is hilarious fun and comradeship. If you aren’t committed to something else on Thursday join your fellow Elks for a great evening. They installed a second dart board for twice the fun. For more information you can contact Rick at: Richard Hahn []

Did you know that the Lodge gets free advertising in the Navarre Press? The Press will give the Lodge an advertising credit in the amount of half of the subscription cost to help us advertise special events in their newspaper. All you have to do is tell the Navarre Press that you want the Holley-Navarre Elks Lodge to be the recipient of the advertising credits when you renew or start a subscription to the Press. Or you can go their website where there is an individual subscription site for our Lodge. The link is The more members that subscribe to the Navarre Press, the more advertising credits we can build.

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Elks Activities


Mark Your Calendars! FSEA Annual Meeting and State Convention May 23-25, 2013 107th Annual Florida State Elks Association State Convention at Disney's beautiful Coronado Springs Resort. More information is available on the FSEA website at: State Softball Tournament The Annual Florida Elks State Softball Tournament will be held April 26 - 28, 2013 in Deland, Florida. This is the 20th year of the tournament and we want to make this one bigger and better than the previous nineteen. To date, this tournament has donated $134,628 to the Florida Elks Youth Camp. More information is available on the FSEA website at: State Golf Tournament The Florida State Elks Association is pleased to present the 33rd Annual Florida Elks State Golf Tournament to be held on Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7th 2013 at Spring Lake Golf Resort in Sebring. The tournament is open to all Elks and their guests. Ladies are also encouraged to participate. The tournament format will be a four person scramble. (Single entries will be paired). More information is available on the FSEA website at: Camper and Military Applications Now Available Online The Florida Elks Youth Camp typically runs six sessions from mid-June through July each year. The camp is open for Elk-sponsored boys and girls ages 9-13. Military Week is a special week of Summer Camp that will run from July 28 through August 3, 2013. The week is dedicated to helping children of military personnel, children of National Guard or reserve units and children of those who have made the supreme sacrifice serving our country. The age for this special week of camp is 9-16. If you are interested in sending a child to the camp, please download and complete an application at the FSEA website: Stronger Communities in 2013-14 This just in! At its meeting in San Antonio on February 13, 2013, the ENF Board of Trustees approved appropriations and distributions for the 2013-14 fiscal year totaling a record $26 million, an increase of 10 percent over the current year. This increase in distributions means the ENF will do more to help Elks build stronger communities. Here are two breaking updates to 2013-14 ENF programs. Stronger Beacon Grants Lodges have become beacons of hope for their communities by using the new Community Investments Program Beacon Grants to start ongoing, Elks-led, community projects. To help Lodges lead their communities in service, the ENF is doubling the 2013-14 Beacon Grant amount to $2,000. With twice as many funds, Lodges will be able to do twice as much to meet local needs. “Lodges that pair a Beacon Grant with the Gratitude Grant will have access to $4,000 that they can use to address a community need that they identify,” adds ENF Director Jim O’Kelley. “That’s exciting. We believe that Lodges can help themselves in addition to the community by engaging their membership and other people in meaningful service.” Stronger Scholarships In addition, in 2014, the ENF will increase funding for the Most Valuable Student scholarship program for the first time in six years. The contest will now feature 20 top awards—10 for males, 10 for females—of at least $20,000. The 20 top finalists will participate in a Leadership Weekend in Chicago during which they’ll interview with the national judges. These finalists will be vying for two first-place awards of $50,000; two second-place awards of $40,000; and two third-place awards of $30,000. The remaining 480 runners-up will receive fifth-place scholarships of $4,000. “By doing more for our scholars today, we are better preparing them to give back tomorrow,” says ENF Assistant Director Debbie Doles. “Today’s Elks scholars are tomorrow’s Elks. The more they get out of their scholarships—personally and monetarily—the more likely they will be to join the Elks after they turn 21.” Want More? With these new initiatives in place, there are even more opportunities to build stronger communities in the upcoming fiscal year. Click here for the complete list of 2013-14 grants and appropriations.

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Sickness and Distress


Chris Christiansen recovering from broken leg. PER Rick Mase hospitalized for internal bleeding and recovering in a Pensacola Rehab Center. Robin Steven’s father is still ill. GRANTS – Holley-Navarre Grants Sought - $3000 Approved! The Lodge qualified for a $1000 grant from the Florida State Elks Association’s Harry Anna Trust Fund because of our charitable giving this year. An application was made and the funds have been received. This grant will be utilized to pay the $1625 payment the Lodge must make to fund our portion of the bus to transport the children to the Youth Camp this summer. Thanks to our member’s contributions, our Lodge exceeded its per capita for ENF and qualified to apply for a Gratitude Grant of $2000. The Board approved an application to seek the grant for the Lodge’s Major Project of Feeding the Hungry thru the Billory Bread of Life Church. The grant was approved. The funds must be used by July 31, 2013 for this project. Lyle Cater will head this project. The Lodge also qualified for a Beacon Grant of $1000. The Board approved an application to seek the grant for the Lodge’s Annual Easter Party, which will include underprivileged and handicap children. The grant was approved. Next year, the Beacon Grant will be up to $2000 and Lodges that pay their Grand Lodge per capita fees will qualify to apply for this grant. For more information on grants, see the Grand Lodge and Florida Elks websites. Katherine Schulte, Secretary, Holley-Navarre Elks Lodge. Navarre’s Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler Tobie Griner awarded some of our members this year Certificates of Appreciation starting from left to right Bill Adair citizen of the year for all his hard work and donation of his time and talent, Jim White for his constant vigilance and guidance in lodge matters and keeping us on the right path of Elkdom, Tom Stevens for his great work in surpassing our membership goals, Patty Quinn for her hard work in keeping bingo going strong and making it a profitable endeavor for our lodge, Ray Yantch for creating a outstanding Lodge newsletter, Ben Grey for his hard work managing and making sure the Lodge and Club are run according to the bylaws and laws, and Walter Zilka for his hours of work getting our books in order so the Lodge utilized ever penny to it maxim.

Elk’s Caring, Elk’s Sharing and Elk’s Having Fun! 1. We collected over 300 lbs of food for the "Food for the Hungry" program. 2. We collected $143.00 in cash from contributions. 3. Sarah, along with Connie and Charlie Mussari assisted in providing dinner for over 60 participants. 4. Deserts were provided by Connie Mussari and Kay Zilka 5. The food was provided by Paco Campos and the Cater's 6. On behalf of the Billory Bread Of Life food shelf we would like to thank all the providers and the attendees for the tremendous support we received on this important night.

This years record breaking membership drive was topped off with a fantastic Meet and Greet with great food provided by Tom Stevens, Linda Griner and a host of others. It is great seeing all the new faces and hope this great momentum carries on for the years to come. With a new year starting lets all get out and recruit new members so next years meet and great will be larger than ever.

If you haven’t been to the Lodge in a while you may want to start coming out to some of our many social gatherings. On Saturday February 16th we had a Valentine party and hosted close to 70 people for a fine dining experience of steak and chicken. We had a great musical experience with Steve Hall and danced the night away. For some fun and charity we had a contest raising money for the Harry Anna Trust with a pie in the face event. Members would donate money and vote on who should be honored with a pie in the face. After a close race between our Exalted Ruler Tobie Griner and Dan Hargraves Dan won out by a narrow margin and was awarded with a pie in the face from lucky drawing winner Kathy Schulte after which a robust bidding war on who would receive the honor of the second pie. The fierce bidding ended with Allen VanDyke winning the honors of recipient of a pie in the face.

March 'The LOG' 2013  

2013 March 'The LOG'

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