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PHONE (850) 939-2787

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Exalted Ruler Est. Leading Knight Est. Loyal Knight Est. Lecturing Knight Esquire Chaplain Inner Guard Tiler Secretary Treasurer 3-Year Trustee 2-Year Trustee 1-Year Trustee

Toby Griner Tom Stevens Brian Feehan Lyle Cater Allen VanDyk Robin Stevens Jesse Brosig Patrick Schulte Kathy Schulte Walter Zilka Donald E Helms Clarke Duarte Benjamin R Gray


Activities Committee

Linda Griner

Special Community Projects Community Activities Public Relations Youth Activities Hoop Shoot Drug Awareness PER Association Youth Activities

Lyle Cater Ray Yantch Ray Yantch Rick Mase Unfilled Rick Rheaume Allen VanDyk Rick Mase

Fraternal Committee Americanism Elks National Foundation Flag Day Elks Memorial Day Government Relations Membership & Lapsation Indoctrination/Orientation Investigation Veterans Service Lodge Activities Standing Relief Youth Camp Alt to Grand Lodge

Hans Offenborn Dan Hargraves Allen VanDyk Tom Stevens Jim Fix Tom Stevens Sherill Donaldson Allen VanDyk Kris Kane Linda Griner Board of Directors

Rick Mase Bill White

Auditing and Accounting Auditing Chairperson Auditor Auditor Auditor

Rick Mase Jesse Brosig Judy Christensen Connie Mussari

STATE ASSOCIATION COMMITTES Elks Training Harry Anna Trust Inter-Lodge Visitation Lodge Reporter Officers Attendance Membership & Lapsation Charity Committee

Rick Mase Hans Offenborn Kathy Schulte Kathy Schulte Kathy Schulte Kathy Schulte Rick Mase

SPECIAL COMMITTEES Bulletin ’THE LOG’ Bingo Golf Tournament Web Master

Ray Yantch Patty Quinn Donald Simmons Dan Hargraves

OTHER COMMITTEES Presiding Justice Mediator Lodge Advisor

Tim Mead Rick Mase Frank Hayes

Toby Griner Elks ER message July 2012 The membership has voted for me to vote to approve the proposed shortened versions of the membership meeting opening, closing, and initiation ritual ceremonies at the National Convention in July. If approved for use, these shorter rituals will greatly reduce our membership meeting times. Kris Kane organized our Flag display at the veterans Memorial ceremony at Navarre Park. Our flag bearers were, Ken Brown, Lyle Cater, Ray Yantch, Clark Duarte, Charlie Mussari, and myself. Connie Mussari and Linda Griner placed our wreath at the impressive ceremony conducted by the American Legion and the VFW. Afterwards, Charlie and Connie Murassi repaired and refurbished our eight flags to be ready for next year. Great job to all! Our Bulletin editor Ray Yantch has received praise from Frank Hayes, our District Leader, for his work on the Log. Congratulations on a great job, Ray, and we should all watch for Ray’s innovative “Log Jogger” reminders of events. Thanks to Bill Adair for a donation of an Elk sculpture for our Lodge. He and Rick Rheaume installed the sculpture on the front exterior wall of the Lodge. Check out this impressive and eye-catching art work! Bill Adair is planning for a October Fest for Sept-Oct. If you would like to volunteer for this event, contact Bill or me. He needs planning ideas and participation for the event to be a successful fund raiser for the lodge. So far, we have had difficulty finding a suitable band, so if you have ideas let one of us know. Our event and activity plans always provide something for everyone, so consult the Log calendar for events, come out, meet other Elks, and enjoy your lodge. As always, I cordially invite all Elks and their guests to visit and support our lodge and Club. Fraternally, Toby Griner,, 939-3058

Welcome New Members Name Bruce Birdwell


BINGO! We can use your help!

Thank you. Patty

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Membership Applications


Benjamin Stermole Amy Bridge Jeff Vaughn Delores Smith (Dee Dee) Jim Crowder William Spain


Robin Stevens Ray Yantch Pat and Kathy Schulte Tobie Griner Linda Griner & Reggie Queenan Reggie Queenan


Occupation Military Physician Patient Coordinator Customs Officer Reinstate Ft. Walton Beach Reinstate Pascagoula MS

Bulletin Boosters 2 Reginald Queenan 6 Terry F Clark 7 Robert J O’Donnell

20 Katherine M Schulte 23 Thomas M Zima 26 Walter Zilka

9 James R McNulty 10 Paul W Miller 11 Betty Bendus 11 Robert M Szarek 13 Brian Feehan 18 Toby A Griner 20 Morris Green

27 Robert A Haney 28 Benjamin R Gray 29 Francis M Marshall 30 Sarah Cater 30 Harry G Daub 31 Rebecca W Murphy

Calvin Christensen 01/13 Judith Christensen 01/13 Russ Wilby 03/13 Vera Jordan 5/13 Dan Hargraves 10/12 Jim & Betty White 9/12 Walter & Kathryn Zilka 9/12

Ewin Marris 7/12 Hello Fellow Elk’s, This article is questions I have to ask all our members and members from other lodges. In the past several months we have been working hard putting on event after event, such as great cooking competitions, outstanding charity meal events, fashion shows and bar specials. With all the events going on, why is it the same people showing up and none of our other 155 members. Is it because you are not getting “The Log” or you have too much going on, are these events don’t interest you? I am asking for your help so please contact me at or preferably stop by the lodge and let us know in person and share your ideas. A good time to do this is Tuesday July 5th 2012 at 6:00pm at our activity meeting. Ray Yantch Editor “The Log”

Ben & Peggy Gray 6/13 Jim and Gloria Fix 11/12 Linda & Toby Griner 7/13 Judy Robinson 7/13 Your Name here for $10 per year. Help defray the

Secretary’s Corner Do you have any family or friends that wish to be reinstated as an Elk? Well, now is a great time to contact them and tell them the normal reinstatement fee of $50 is just ONE DOLLAR from June 1 until July 30th [See Article X, Section 4. BY-LAWS and Rules of Order]. Of course, reinstated members will still have to pay their dues, but starting June 1st the prorated amount for the 2012 – 2013 dues is just $64. We have some great events planned for the rest of year, so it is the best time to rejoin the HolleyNavarre Elks Lodge. Just ask a Bartender for an application, complete it and submit it with your one dollar and the process begins!

July 2012

Bulletin Articles are due by the 15th of the month.








1 Flag Day Ceremony

2 PER Meeting 6:00pm


4 Be Safe

5 Activity Meeting 6:00pm



Pensacola Elk’s


Ladies Night 5pm to 9pm


9 Ladies Night 5pm to 9pm Indoctrination


Bingo every Friday at 6:00pm 10 Monthly Membership Meeting 7:00pm Queen of Hearts Drawing

16 BOD 6:00pm 17 BOG 7:00pm


11 Pot Luck Dinner 6:00pm



Bingo every Friday at 6:00pm

Blue Angels Practice Show

Blue Angels Practice Show



Elk Riders Meeting 6:30pm


23 Ladies 24 Queen of Hearts Night 5pm to Drawing 9pm

25 Steak Dinner 6:00pm


14 Blue Angels Show

21 Hawaiian Luau with

Bingo every Friday at 6:00pm

Queen of Hearts Drawing






Bingo every Friday at 6:00pm

30 Ladies 31Queen of Hearts Night 5pm to Drawing is 9pm held Every Tuesday

Our Charities NEED your Help!

Elks Care-Elks Share

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Sickness and Distress

Lodge Activities


Our Prayers go out for Lisa Turners who sister Judy Meggs lost here battle with cancer. We also need to keep Gary Forester in our prayers for a speedy recovery.

Lodge Events July 5 (Thursday) 6:00pm will be our activity meeting. I would like to get the rest of the year planned so we can focus on the events and make them better. Everyone is invited to this planning meeting. Remember it is your lodge and we need your input. July 11 (Wednesday) 6:00pm is a pot Luck dinner, so bring a dish to share. There is no charge for this event for members or guests. Come out and enjoy. The Blue Angels are coming home, so let’s celebrate. Make a blue dish, wear your best blues. July 21 (Saturday) is a Hawaiian Luau. Pull out your Hawaiian shirts and skirts, and let’s have a party. Food served at 6PM. Cost is $10.00 per person. Entertainment will be provided. July 25 (Wednesday) 6:00pm is a steak dinner with baked potato, salad, and roll. Cost is $12.00 per person. Tickets will be sold at the bar. Get your tickets early so Charlie & Connie will know how many steaks to purchase. Linda Griner, Activity Committee Chairperson From Activity Chairperson Another month has come and gone with many fun events. Thanks to everyone that helped with the events. We have another month of great events planned for July. We will be doing a pot luck dinner this month so plan on making your dish and enjoy other dishes from other members. There is no charge for this event. Watch for the Hawaiian Luau coming up on the 21st with entertainment. This should be a great event. We will also have a steak night with Charlie & Connie Mussari. They did a steak night not long ago. If you were there, you know how great this event was. I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy your fellow Elks and get to know our new members. All Elks including Elks from other lodges are invited and welcomed. Activities are in need of everyone coming out to support and help with events. Remember it takes all of us working together to have a successful year. Help us grow this year by inviting your friends and family to join our Elk family. Linda, Activity Committee Chairperson

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Lodge Functions


We as Elk’s want to express our deepest and heart felt thanks to Bill Adair for his hard work, vision, and artistic talents that created this beautiful work of bronze art. The beauty of this sculpture is only exceeded by Bills generosity and dedication of helping show our members we are a proud lodge and a show place for our community.

In April of this year Bill Adair at a special presentation presented the Lodge this one of a kind picture of an Elk in morning sunshine. This beautiful work of art is located at the entry way of our lodge and is hung there with great pride. To see more of his fantastic art work check him out on Facebook or come to the lodge and thank him personally.

Kris Kane hard work paid off, by rounding up our fellow lodge members that participated in a heart moving and pride swelling Memorial Day service that really shows off how much the Elk’s care about our service men, women and community.

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Let’s get the word out about our great lodge!


DON’T FORGET “THE FOOD SHELF” Buckets are located at the Elk’s Lodge entrance Try to bring a can of food etc. Each time you come to the Lodge Navarre Families really need our help

In 2007 the Florida State Elks Association began serving our deployed military families With financial assistance. The distribution of funds are limited to assisting all Florida active duty military personnel, military reservists, Coast Guard, National Guard and their dependents when they have been called to service due to the current crisis in Afghanistan or Iraq or in the case of any future conflict or in the case of a major disaster in our State. Wounded veterans in the above named conflicts, family members of a military member killed in action or as a result of deployment will be eligible for assistance. Personnel returning from deployments are also eligible for financial assistance for delinquent accounts due to their deployment. Military members called to active duty to cover a stateside position of a deployed person will qualify as “deployed” for the purposes of this policy. Any active duty member stationed in Florida with his/her dependents qualifies as a Florida resident. Funds for these vital purposes come from the picnics and events that Districts and Lodges across the state conduct. The AOH also accepts donations from Elks and non-Elks throughout the year. All funds collected are sent to Florida Elks Charities and are tax deductible. Since 2007, the Florida Army of Hope has distributed over $170,000 to families of deployed and returning military members. The help you give through the Florida Army of Hope allows the military member to safely concentrate on his duties without worrying about his family at home.



We receive many thank you notes and letters from families. The following is an email that was sent recently: Your Army of Hope has been a lifesaver for all local base members and veterans alike. You have helped our sister services and have been the only responsive organization I know I can count on. I don’t have to tell you, emergency funding sources such as Army of Hope are very limited, hard to find and usually short lived. The safety net they provide is invaluable and incalculable to the military members and the families you have supported. The Army of Hope has saved veterans and their families from eviction and homelessness, reunited parents with their loved one at bedside, relived pain and suffering of a combat injured Airman. The negative impact of losing the Army of Hope would be felt immediately. Simply put, there is no other local benevolent fund that provides significant and positive financial and quality of life improvement outcomes, in a timely manner such as the Army of Hope for our OEF/OIF service members and veterans in the local area.” Through your support you have made a difference and are very much appreciated by those we serve. Thank you for your past generosity and God Bless and protect our brave men and women in our Armed Forces!

Veterans Services Committee Meeting The Holley-Navarre Veterans Services Committee will meet on Tuesday, 10 July, at 6:30 PM (1830 for the military folks) prior to the regularly scheduled Lodge meeting at 7 PM. Weather and temperature permitting, we’ll gather on the Lodge back porch. A few people have already volunteered to join this committee, but we could use a few more. See you on the 10th!

Army of Hope Picnic Mark your calendars for 25 August 2012! The Army of Hope picnic will be held on 25 August from 1200 noon until at the Fort Walton Beach Lodge #1795. Cost is $10 per person; $7 for children 12 and under; free to all active duty military and their families. Begun by the Grand Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks, the Army of Hope Project is a way of showing our support and appreciation of the military member with benefits going to the members of the Armed Forces of the United States and their families during the IraqAfghanistan War. Funds for these vital purposes come from the picnics and events that Districts and Lodges across the state conduct. The AOH also accepts donations from Elks and non-Elks throughout the year. All funds collected are sent to Florida Elks Charities and are tax deductible.

Army of Hope Donation Pig Our lodge Board of Governors has authorized temporary use of the two purple bar piggy banks as “donation pigs” to help raise funds for the Elks Army of Hope project. Please consider “feeding the pigs” with your spare change or dollar bills for this very worthwhile cause.

Kris Kane Chairperson, Lodge 2787 Veterans Services Committee

July 2012, 'The LOG'  

Monthly, Newsletter

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