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Positively Thriving Through the

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ave you ever watched something happening in slow motion? You can quite clearly see the end result, but nevertheless, you can t quite believe in your mind what your eyes are seeing. Like when the twin towers ‘collapsed’. The demolition was happening there right in front of you, but you had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t just dreaming. I feel exactly that way about modern society right now. The collapse is already happening, but in slow motion, so you can’t quite believe the entirety of it. What will it look like as the ‘buildings’ topple? More importantly, how can we not only survive the shift, but positively thrive in it?

Collapse of Civilization

Slow motion free fall Have you seen the film “Collapse” yet? It’s a grounded, real and at times very emotive interview with the late whistle-blower Michael C Rupert. I believe everybody on the planet should watch it (I’ve included it below). You hear the calling of a soul, put here for a purpose. Never so clearly have I witnessed a man express so eloquently, the destiny that drew him here. He sums up so marvelously the reason why society is going to collapse. Let me correct myself: why it is already collapsing, just that it’s in slow motion, and not everyone has yet pinched themselves out of the dream that prevents them seeing the reality of it. Society is built on the foundation of ‘infinite growth’, the need to continuously expand in order to service a surging ocean of debt. It depends on the ever-burgeoning exploitation of natural resources. Which is why governments and corporations are more concerned with the last pockets of oil under the pole, rather than the ice on top of it. It’s why they’re stripping the tar from the sand,

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and fracking the earth into oblivion. Therein lies the problem. That’s why society is already in a state of slow motion free fall. Because we live on a planet of finite resources, and the two ends no longer meet. We’ve built foundations on sand and now the tide is fast flowing in. Nevertheless, I am an optimist. Where others might slip into fear, I see the light shining through the shadows. There’s a way to survive what is to come. No, there’s a way to positively thrive in it!

Thriving the meltdown You first have to accept what you see.

That’s a challenge in itself. Watch the film, especially towards the end, because it’s fascinating. The interviewer suggests all manner of information can be presented to support the view you want to put across (like the ‘debate’ on global warming for example). And he’s right. But that’s not what Michael is about and neither am I. For me, and for others I work with, the debate is not necessary – such intellectual pontification is a pointless waste of time. We’ve already seen the towers collapsing. I can feel the energies of higher benevolence instigating the collapse mechanism. The earth needs to be saved from the wanton, consumeristic destruction. The debate – if ever there was one – is over. And until you can see through the veil, there’s nowhere to begin. So my first suggestion – assuming you feel any resonance with me – is to work to see past the

veil into what is surely now taking place: collapse of the civilization we currently depend upon. When this lands for you, you’ll realize like the Hopi Elders, that the only way to prosper through this collapse, is by spiritual means. This will be a ‘war’ of the spiritual through the material. Not fighting. Rather, breaking through the sense of physical disempowerment into the liberation of the spirit; the expression of the boundless, unlimited you, and watching this miraculous nature shine out into the world. Trusting that your every step will be supported. Not in the way your ego might want. It won’t deliver the physical outcome you desire. It’ll deliver much more than that: as the old skin peels off, a metamorphosis into an interconnected, interdimensional way of being – The rise of the Divine Human. But yes, at this time we are physical beings too. And we’ll need a platform from which to unveil our divine being at the heart of every man, woman and child. Just as the drag-

See “THRIVING” on page 29

We are the Becoming Aware of Itself Jocelyn Mercado “Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” – Alan Watts

gratitude to Nature, to the Universe, and to Mother Earth that gave them life. And so, they created rituals involving singing, dancing, lighting fires, and different types of prayer. These activities raised the vibration of the Earth and all life. Their actions, carried out with great love and gratitude in their hearts, reinforced and strengthened the forces of nature all around them. In turn, the Earth and the Universe protected and supported the humans, sharing with them the great abundance of existence.

“You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle.” – Eckhart Tolle

“It is commonly known by indigenous people that high-frequency vibrations activate consciousness, nourish what is hungry or weak, heal what is sick, and invite in the most luminous forces of Nature.” – Arkan Lushwala

Our Responsibility Since Creation

Some cultures also reflected this responsibility in their buildings. The ancient Egyptians built massive pyramids, the construction of which was virtually impossible based on the technology of their time. These buildings were aligned with the constellations and named after the shining light of the sun. Lushwala theorizes that the humans who designed the Egyptian pyramids as well as the ancient temples in Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, and other places were creating “sacred mirrors to produce and freely share highfrequency vibrations.”


ncient wisdom holds that humans were created to be the caretakers of the Earth. We were placed here on this planet in order to care for its plants and animals, to protect its natural beauty, to show respect and gratitude for all the abundance that the Earth gives us every day. Scientists are discovering now that everything in the Universe vibrates at one frequency or another. That includes human beings. Think of your heartbeat, your breathing, your cycles of waking and sleeping. These are vibrations. All things vibrate differently, so we may not be able to sense the vibrations of a rock or a tree as easily as we can feel the natural rhythms of other creatures similar to us: The heartbeat of a dog, the pace of a galloping horse, the buzz of a bee. Ancient wisdom, and many indigenous people today, bear witness to the fact that even inanimate objects have vibrational energy. Even modern scientific findings, such as superstring theory, support the idea that vibrations are at the core of all existence. The vibrations are there, but in modern culture we are not taught to hone the senses that can detect this type of energy, and so for most of us it goes unnoticed. But if we stop and think for a minute, we can begin to recognize the ebb and flow of the natural world all around us. Flowers that open and close, cycles of birth and death, the tides, the migration of birds, weather patterns cycling from sun to rain and back to sun, the seasons, the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, even the expansion and contraction of the universe—all of these are vibrations, on smaller or larger scales. Arkan Lushwala, in his book The Time of the Black Jaguar, states: “ “[Humankind was created] with the mission to care for the rest of Creation through the power of their heart and their capacity to produce refined vibrations. … Keeping this memory alive in their heart and signing it back to all that lives became their gift, their mission, and the foundation of a beautiful way of life.” Humans were given the responsibility of all the vibrations on Earth. It was our honor and task to literally keep the Universe humming with its essential life force.

How Our Ancestors Cared f or the Universe Ancient humans felt (and many indigenous people today feel) a burning responsibility to show their respect, honor, and

True Hope The Aftermath of the Sentence: Appealing Precedent

By Haley Nagasaki The New Agora


rom June 24th to July 14th, for twenty long days, David Stephan was incarcerated in a windowless isolation cell at the Lethbridge Correctional Centre in Alberta. Meanwhile Collet Stephan was sentenced to three months of house arrest. Initially the court had sentenced David to four months in prison, but was released last month on bail due to the appeal of their conviction. The Stephans expressed to me that while the appeal would set them back more than $100,000, it was the only possible avenue which aligned with their inherent morality. Otherwise it would imply that they met their guilty verdict with acceptance. This, of course, is not the case. I called David last month to touch base with him, and caught him on his speakerphone in the car; Collet and their three boys were there as well. I was overjoyed to hear that the five of them had been brought back together again. Collet’s sentence had also been suspended until the appeal, which will occur in approximately one and a half, to two years time. While they await the appeal process, their parole officer has extended certain conditions to their bail. Among them is the condition whereby the Stephans must seek immediate

“They built a world on Earth which was like a mirror where the cosmic dance could reflect itself and resonate, and where all beings could receive the nourishment of this vibration.” – Arkan Lushwala And so, we know from the wisdom of these people who lived thousands of years ago, that we as human beings on Earth, share an intrinsic responsibility to protect and care for the land.

We Are Failing as Caretakers But today, due to a global economy driven by wealth and greed, humans are destroying the environment and with it the natural balance of give-and-take between man and nature. Generally, worldwide, we are taking from the Earth far more than we are giving back to Her through respect and love. At the same time, the indigenous cultures of the world—the groups who hold the ancient wisdom and in many cases still practice the ancient healing rituals that are so desperately needed—are disappearing. For example, National Geographic states that 20% of the Amazon rainforest has been cleared in the past 40 years, and another 20% could be lost over the next 20 years. The areas that are being cleared include the ancestral territory of many indigenous tribes that depend entirely on the surrounding environment for their food, water, medicines, and general health and well-being. As these people are increasingly threatened, their populations decline and their traditions become diluted as they are exposed to the modern world. Their young people may trade in the traditional language, songs, and prayers for a modern education and the ability to speak Spanish or English. And as the older generations

See “AWARE” on page 29

medical attention for their children should they become ill. The decision to appeal reflects the Stephans’ concern for the future: for those people who might be facing similar allegations. They are appealing so this “precedent can be overturned’, says David. While David was still in prison however, the Crown, acting upon the media’s influence, appealed the sentence on the premise that it “was not harsh enough”. During the trial, mainstream media concocted a malevolent approach whereby David appeared responsible for his son’s death, and worse still, saying that he showed no remorse in the matter. The severity of these allegations is what kept David in isolation while in prison for fear of being harmed by the inmates. Since his release, David and his family have reflected upon the (in) justice system prevalent in our country. The Stephans, backed by thousands of supporters, watch as the Crown and opposition shift their stance as their accusations are continually debunked. It is a frightful realization where the evidence suggests that much of the case has been falsified with intent. The undeniable truth however, is and will always be, that David and Collet Stephan are two loving people, pigeonholed by a twisted legal system and undeserving of a criminal record.

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OBSERVATIONS AND OPINIONS 5 Astonishing Reasons to Stop Using Plastic

Haley Nagasaki

From Wonder to Tyranny and Back Again in Three Easy Steps

by Fredalupe! “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned. “

ing feeling that most of the human folks sharing this world would say the reverse is true for them: they prefer the imagined security of unquestionable answers ‘handed’ to them by their ‘betters’, and the constructed, contrived and terribly convincing con they’ve bought into with the

— Richard Feynman


s I see it this quotation does an excellent job of illustrating both extremes of the human condition as we find it currently. Certainly it’s a bit of a reduction of the situation but that’s how the best sauces are made after all. Perhaps that same technique will be effective in this stew of awareness I’m presenting for your delectation. And, thanks to the nature of duality itself the statement above does serve us well whereas contrast, comparison, and hopefully, perceptual cognition are concerned. I would also rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned. I’m quite comfortable with mystery and have been ever since I realized that not only was I surrounded by it, but was also made of the same stuff. Wondrous stuff really. I highly recommend to one and all the pleasurable and exciting exercise of truly allowing this endless mystery, from whence we come and of which we are made, to do the verifying for you. Some participation may be required. I do of course enjoy writing and communicating but nothing can compare to the awesome realization everyone can come to on their own through their relationship with that very mystery, and, in a sense, the mirror it holds for us all about our own deepest nature. What a relief indeed it is to finally drop the lie and accept one’s own mirificence. That’s the heart of their scam, you know: they’ve convinced the human imagination, the human dream if you will, that we’re just a bunch of meat puppets, consumers consuming, and, of course, in turn being consumed, which is only fair after all. Humbuggery, I say. Fun word. Scrooge’s story comes easily to mind. The word itself seems to come from the 18th century, originally meaning ‘hoax, trickery and deceiver’. Humbug: deceptive or false talk or behavior, hypocrisy, fraud, sham, etc. Bit more meaning there as well, particularly at the end, bit rude mind you; appropriate for our purposes here: illustrative of the human condition without resorting to metaphorical expletives. Yet those same expletives, though costly in elegance, do work well whereas dramatically underlining one’s point and adding a touch of colourful humour to an otherwise suffering subject matter. And here’s the rub: I get the sneak-

another by it’s measure, to inculcate it in the next generation ad nauseam, to struggle mightily for our place atop that ridiculous pyramid. And in the end we die, never having been free.

“… most of our energy goes into upholding our importance… if we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us. One, we would free our energy from trying to maintain the illusory idea of our grandeur; and two we would provide ourselves with enough energy to ... catch a glimpse of the actual grandeur of the universe.” — Carlos Castaneda

energy of their lives. What a clever selfperpetuating tyranny of ignorance! And to think that the simple freedom of being able to ask questions is enough to fill their pants with the fearful reality of their hard fought and hard won perspective. Oh, certainly many would cluckcluck their disagreement with that hard truth, yet I beg to differ. Actually, I don’t beg and differing comes naturally, thank goodness. My point being that all it takes is a quick and indeed honest look around at this ‘civilization’ to see the truth of which I speak. Facing mystery, wonder, the unknown, takes courage. Facing one’s own doubly so. Imagine exploring that terrain. Imagine embodying it! Perhaps it’s the conditioning most of us are forced to endure. Perhaps it’s simply easier to believe what we are told is so rather than to actually dare to question what we’ve been led to perceive as authority itself. Poo-poo on authority I say. Bunch of clowns in funny costumes neither impresses me nor inspires me with anything but laughter. I’ve actually been allergic to the whole presumed affair since arriving, and personally drove my father quite mad with my endless, endless questions. Why, being my favorite of them. In fact I attribute my continual questing and evolution to that very practice. Why? Why is it so? Why is humanity so cowed, so domesticated, so neutered and fixed away from the potential of it’s own magical heritage? How does this happen? The why is simple: keeps who’s doing it fed. The how? Well, it’s all self-importance you see. We are taught to respect and respond to it, to acquire it for ourselves, to trade in it, to mate through and because of it, to judge one

There’s a cure for this disease of the mind, body and spirit. And it too is all around us, within us even. There’s really no getting away from truth, no escape but a momentary one that quickly fades like the mirage that it is, leaving one with only a terrible thirst, seemingly unquenchable, and the awful certainty that there must be more to it than we were led to believe.

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” — Socrates

The cure my friends and family is as straightforward as the path set before us seems not to be.

“A path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you . . . Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question . . . Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t it is of no use.” — Carlos Castaneda Simple, eh? Walk a Path with Heart. We know that we are on that path because we are greeted by Joy. Nice, direct and natural. And who knows what we might discover with such direction and intent? Sounds more intriguing than the alternative, I say. So, we are born from Wonder (1), we are molded by Tyranny (2), only to use

that very tyranny as a springboard back into wonder again (3). Of course, only after losing our self-importance. What an amazing mystery we are! In keeping with the theme, allow me to introduce a little more joy for you, as my colleague Haley Nagasaki presents her informative column titled:

Haley’s Comment


reetings New Agora Readers! It is with great joy that I welcome you to my latest contribution: my column, within which I aspire to share with you a subjective approach to the modern experience of a young woman in Vancouver. I’d like to thank the Editor, Fredalupe! Thank you for sharing space with me, and for driving forth this conscious endeavor each month in such a selfless and loving fashion. Thank you to Lorenzo, our Publisher and man of action, without whom none of this would be possible. I am proud to stand alongside these two powerful men, as representative and monthly contributor, to the intent they’ve cultivated and rendered into an excitingly daring print publication. I’ve been given certain liberties with this wonderful tool, to embark upon my own investigative journeys, speaking to and for those whose messages I personally believe in. The New Agora is a key to numerous conferences and cultural events, which I’ve enjoyed exploring and will continue to frequent, led by my passion for the arts and my inherent curiosity as a writer. In the short while since I’ve joined the agora, my life has seen exponential growth. I’d like to extend my gratitude to the Stephan family, and to their natural health company TrueHope, which has spurred an evolution in my cognitive abilities through access to their prized EMP product (EmpowerPlus). To James Bell, an incredibly gifted intuitive healer and one of our loyal contributors. I look forward to my next session with you, James, and to our blossoming friendship based on mutual trust and well-being. Thank you to Selena Wong and the Flower of Life Compassion Club Society for sharing with our team your potent medicine and visions for the future. Last month, Fredalupe and I attended the Cannabis Hemp Conference where I met with Selena in person for the first time. Be sure to check out my second interview with Selena, published in this month’s edition. July was a wonderful month brimming with new opportunity and, of course, great fun! The New Agora was granted media access to the annual Vancouver Folk Festival, and for that I would like to thank Gwen Kallio. I was

See “HALEY’S COMMENT” on page 25 Page 5

By Laura Halliday

often contains some levels of arsenic from the surrounding soil, but filtration is believed to keep it within safe levels. Over exposure to any arsenic no matter what its source has been linked to a variety of health concerns, including cancer. etoxification is big news these days. From special drinks to diet programs, there are now ways to rid your body of a host of different toxins. Toxins can come from a variety of sources and understanding what you’re most vulnerable to and what the effects can be can help you identify toxins which may be affecting you and devise a plan to deal with them once and for all. Heavy metals have been getting plenty of attention as we learn more about how and where our food comes from. The fact is that we’ve been exposed to these metals for years and we’re just now understanding how farreaching their effects can be.


What Are Heavy Metals? As its name implies, heavy metals are literally metal elements that build up in our surrounding environment. There was a time when we looked at heavy metal contamination only in relation to workplace exposure, such as men and women who were exposed to metal or arsenic as a part of their job. But today we know that heavy metal exposure can touch almost anyone’s life.

How Do Heavy Metals Build Up in Your Body? For the general public, lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic are the main areas of concern when it comes to heavy metal exposure and toxicity. All of these metals have been studied and researched by scores of researchers over the years. We have been using heavy metals for generations and while our understanding of their effects has grown, our dependence on them has only diminished by a small amount. Lead exposure usually happens due to air pollution and some food exposure. Pollution from gasoline engines contains some

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How Can These Metals Affect Your Mental and Physical Health?

Free Your Mind by Detoxing from Heavy Metals lead particles that can affect people who live in urban areas, especially children. Children are particularly susceptible to this kind of exposure because of their permeable blood– brain barrier. This is why so many families choose to move away from the city once their children are born, though pollution can occur anywhere. Food sources for lead exposure come from food containers as opposed to the food itself. Glazed containers often contain traces of lead and this can be leached into the food itself. Cadmium compounds are found in their highest concentration in cigarette smoke, making smokers and people who live or work alongside them one of the groups most likely to struggle with this form of heavy metal toxicity. Cadmium is also used in rechargeable batteries, which has become an area of concern as more and more people turn to

rechargeable batteries as a way to help the environment. When most people think about exposure to mercury they think of old school thermometers and cavity fillings. Thermometers that use mercury are now a thing of the past and today dentists use different compounds to create fillings for cavities. But our exposure to mercury is more likely to occur when we eat fish that have been contaminated through living in polluted water. Tuna, swordfish and shark are all notorious for having high levels of mercury. So much so, in fact, that pregnant women are warned to exclude them entirely from their diet until their baby is born. Exposure to arsenic happens through exposure from both food and water. Rice is the biggest food item that contains arsenic as the grain soaks up nutrients and toxins from the soil as it grows. Drinking water also

The physical and mental effects of these heavy metals have been studied and continue to be a source of research today. While researchers and clinicians are still working toward a better understanding of these metals, we know that exposure to heavy metals can contribute to general feelings of fatigue, mental fogginess and even serious medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity can range from the mildly annoying to the downright serious. Some of the symptoms worth looking at in connection to heavy metal exposure include: n Nausea or vomiting even though you don’t feel ill n Increased sweating n Chronic headaches n Respiratory problems n Muddled thinking n Difficulty with communication (struggling to find the right word) n Chronic fatigue n Digestive concerns n Depression n Reproductive problems (primarily for women – this includes irregular periods, miscarriages, infertility and premature birth)

Heavy Metal Detox – What You Need to Know With metals being implicated in so many health problems, detoxification has been

See “DETOX” on page 28

olon cancer: it’s one of the most

More On Coconut Oil Lauric acid, the colon cancer killing property within coconut oil, is typically found in breast-milk as well. It’s a medium-chain fatty acid which supports the immune system and has plenty of antimicrobial properties. Some people consider raw, organic, virgin coconut oil to be a superfood that can help heal cancer and other disease, and studies like the one above support that assertion. According to the American Society for Nutrition, clinical studies have also shown that the fats found within coconut oil (MCFAs) “may be useful in treating and preventing diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, virusrelated diseases (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes, etc.), gallbladder disease, Chrohn’s disease, and cancer.” Coconut oil has even been shown to decrease the side effects of chemotherapy and improve the quality of life for cancer patients. The point is that there are too many potential health and healing properties associated with virgin coconut oil to count, and further research would be, inarguably, beneficial. If you are interested in learning more about it we encourage you to further your research. For starters, you can check out this article by “The 50 Latest Coconut Oil Benefits, Backed By Science.” (http:// There are so many potential cancer healing foods and plants out there, it’s literally overwhelming, and at the same time heartbreaking that pharmaceutical companies do not use their funds to encourage more research, or acknowledge the research that has already been done. As it stands now, 25 percent of the active ingredients in cancer drugs are found only in the Amazon, despite the fact that only 10 percent of its plants have been studied for their medicinal properties. According to studies published in Life Sciences, Cancer Letters and Anticancer Drugs, artemesinin, a derivative of the wormwood plant commonly used in Chinese medicine, can kill off cancer cells and do it at a rate of 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell. More recently, bitter melon juice was shown to kill pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and in mice in a study done by the University of Colorado. Considering the results were seen in both in vitro and in vivo tests, the effectiveness of bitter melon juice in treating pancreatic cancer, and potentially other cancers, at a clinical level, are clearly promising.

l Extracts • Artisan rba He e H rba id l Te u Liq as •

s • Single H e Blend r b s& od Sp rfo i pe c es Su •

common cancers among both men and women, and although a number of natural remedies have been linked to the prevention of this disease, government health authorities are quick to mention that not enough research has been done to warrant prescribing them. This is a common theme when it comes to using food as medicine and the science behind it. It’s unfortunate that science today is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, and that most of the research received by physicians in the Western world comes directly from pharmaceutical companies. “The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.” — Arnold Seymour Relman (1923-2014), Harvard Professor of Medicine and Former Editor-in-Chief of the New England Medical Journal This, however, does not mean that other research, published in reputable peer-reviewed journals, is not being conducted, or is not significant. A great example comes from a study that shows there is an active anti-cancer component in coconut oil that constitutes 50 percent of its makeup. It’s called lauric acid, and in a study published in the journal Cancer Research, researchers at the University of Adelaide discovered this component completely exterminated more than 90 percent of colon cancer cells after just two days of treatment in a colon cancer cell line (CRC) in vitro. The study also reports/cites studies that postulate and indeed support the position that lauric acid can induce cancer cell death both in vitro and in vivo. For this study, the researchers used the rat small intestinal cell line as a model of normal intestinal epithelial cells, which again, “demonstrated that lauric acid induced considerable cell death.” Although there is still much to learn, there is obviously some potential here ( That being said, as reported by the United Nations University, experiments are being conducted with animals to find out how coconut oil can guard against cancer and have already yielded some interesting results. You can read more about that here. What’s the difference between in vivo and in vitro studies? For in vitro studies, researchers conduct experiments using cells in a petrie dish, or perform a procedure in a controlled environment outside of a living organism. So, when we are talking about coconut oil and cancer, the study has not been performed in vivo, where researchers will perform experiments on whole, living organism as opposed to a partial or dead organism. Animal studies and clinical trials are two forms of in vivo research. Unfortunately, clinical trials are highly expensive, making studying the beneficial effects of lauric acid on cancer difficult for researchers who lack proper access to funding. Despite the fact that multiple studies stress the need for more rigorous research, there is simply no money available. Why is this? It’s because medical research is funded by pharmaceutical companies, and pharmaceutical grade products, like drugs, are what they test in human and animal clinical trials. Things

found in nature cannot be patented. Drugs can. It is therefore not in the best interests of a pharmaceutical company to fund this type of research, even though it is clearly in the best interests of the rest of the population. Below is a clip of Dr. Peter Rost, a former vice president of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Pfizer. In it he explains the monetary issue… https://youtu. be/TrCizlAOBAo


Salves • Ra Oils & wC ed ho s u f co n I l la a te b r e

By Amy Goodrich

Join the Herbal Revolution!

shrooms • Sea Veg eta l Mu na b l ici e s• ed H M

Look What Coconut Oil Did to Colon Cancer Cells In Just Two Days

Artisan Herbal Tea Blends

Extracted Mushroom Powders


Here is a clip of a molecular biologist explaining how THC completely kills cancer cells The list goes on and on, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar studies that urge further examination into these potentials.

102-2435 Mansfield Drive, Courtenay, BC • 1.844.871.4054 Page 7

Help Yourself Headlines Finance Ireland Jails 3 Top Bankers over 2008 Collapse — the Opposite of the US


udge Martin Nolan of Ireland convicted three top bankers in late July for their role in the 2008 financial crisis. They are among the first in the world to be sent to prison for their involvement in the global meltdown eight years ago. They received sentences ranging between two-and-a-half to three-anda-half years.

Mainstream Media Finally Admits Mass Banker ‘Suicides’ Were Likely a Vast Criminal Conspiracy


n 2015 there was a popular “conspiracy theory” floating around the internet after a rash of mysterious “suicides” by high profile banking professions. What once looked like wild speculation is now beginning to resemble a vast criminal conspiracy connected to the Libor, interest-rigging scandal. Over forty international bankers allegedly killed themselves over a two-year period in the wake of a major international scandal that implicated financial firms across the globe.

Geo-Politics Radioactive Soil To Be Used In Base Layer For New Roads


he Environment Ministry recently drew up a basic plan to use soil contaminated with radioactive substances from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant to build roads. Under the basic plan, tainted soil with relatively low radioactive cesium concentrations of up to 5,000 to 8,000 becquerels per kilogram will be used to form the base layer of roads.

All Of A Sudden, Fish Are Dying By The Millions All Over The Planet


hy are millions upon millions of dead sea creatures suddenly washing up on beaches all over the world? It is certainly not unusual for fish and other inhabitants of our oceans to die. This happens all the time. But over the past month we have seen a series of extremely alarming mass death incidents all over the planet.

3 Current Phenomena Exposing 1984 as an Instruction Manual for The State


ssessing current conditions in the United States, it would be next to impossible not to grasp innumerable parallels to George Orwell’s dystopic portent, 1984. Though other fictional dystopias could similarly elicit comparisons to the dark turn taken by American empire, aspects of 1984’s creepy authoritarian nightmare ring all-too-true.

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Don’t Say Meltdown: Japan’s Coverup and US’ ‘Radioactive Russian Roulette’


apan finds itself in the midst of a fresh scandal, as the president of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has publicly admitted that the company staged a cover-up during the disastrous Fukushima nuclear meltdown in March of 2011. Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear spoke with Kevin Kamps, from Beyond Nuclear, about the coverup and its possible implications for the US. .

Family of autism specialist Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet says forensic evidence points to murder


early one year has passed since Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, a renowned physician known for his skepticism of immunizations (particularly the MMR vaccine) and his progressive autism research was found dead, floating in a North Carolina river with a single gunshot wound. Leading up to his death, Bradstreet was working with a highly controversial molecule that occurs naturally within the human body and is believed to be capable of treating and reversing autism..

Pokémon Go, the CIA, “Totalitarianism” and the Future of Surveillance


f anyone doubted that a percentage of the global population are akin to zombies, the incidents following the release of Pokémon Go have surely convinced you. Despite the game only being released in early July, we have already seen a man driving into a tree and a women getting locked in a graveyard whilst chasing these furry little creatures.

Health Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Used as a Stabilizer in Vaccines


hen you think of monosodium glutamate (MSG), what is the first thing that comes to mind? More than likely it is Chinese cuisine, however, this same ingredient is also found in several other food products we use everyday. Almost all processed foods on the grocery store shelves ranging from soups to crackers to meats contain MSG to enhance their flavor. MSG is also an ingredient in vaccines.

How Walnuts Alter Your Gut Microbiome For The Best


ating walnuts may change gut bacteria in a way that suppresses colon cancer, researchers led by UConn Health report in the journal Cancer Prevention Research. A team of researchers from UConn Health and The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine found that mice that ate 7-10.5 percent of their total calories as walnuts developed fewer colon cancers.

Woman gives birth in rainforest stream to avoid unnatural hospital setting


woman living in Australia was so determined to avoid spending time in the hospital, that she actually gave birth in a rainforest stream. When she was pregnant with her fourth child at age 39, doctors told Simone Thurber that her pregnancy would be high-risk. She says she decided to follow her gut and shun the unwelcoming hospital environment in favor of giving birth the way women have for thousands of years – outside in nature.s.

How The Dairy Industry Tricked Humans Into Believing They Need Milk


espite the fact that one can get their daily recommendation of calcium, potassium, and protein from fruits and vegetables, the dairy industry has spent billions of dollars to convince consumers otherwise Got Milk? We sure hope not. Despite being a somewhat tasty addition to coffee, tea, and delectable treats, the ingredient – when pasteurized – is highly toxic to the human body.”

How Safe is an Airport Full Body Scanner?


tep onto the body scanner platform and place your hands in the air; it’s for your safety and security.” If you’ve traveled through a U.S. airport within the past few years, you’ve probably had a government screener say something along these lines. Every day travelers are herded through the checkpoint corrals into one of these anti-terrorism full body scanners.

Invisible Microparticles in Food Can Deliver Vaccines, Drugs


technology exists to embed tiny invisible particles in food products, and these particles can deliver nutrients and drugs and vaccines. Apparently, the technology has existed for at least 10 years. Yet, as Baker states, when have you seen a food label that mentions such particles? Are we to assume the technology hasn’t yet been applied? Is it operating at a stealth level.

Science, Tech & Beyond How Blockchain Technology Will Change Your Life


magine an enormous digital record. Anyone with internet access can look at the information within: it is open for all to see. Nobody is in charge of this record. It is not maintained by a person, a company or a government department, but by 8,000-9,000 computers at different locations around the world in a distributed network. Participation is quite voluntary.

Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing

Shatter all expectations Communications and consulting services for the cannabis industry.


team of scientists at the Boston Children’s Hospital have invented what is being considered one the greatest medical breakthroughs in recent years. They have designed a microparticle that can be injected into a person’s bloodstream that can quickly oxygenate their blood. This will even work if the ability to breathe has been restricted, or even cut off entirely. Page 9

Cannabidiol (CBD): The Cat’s Out of the Bag with This Cure-All “‘Relax, Eat, Sleep, Forget And Protect’ Might Be Some Of The Messages That Are Produced By The Actions Of Endocannabinoids, Alone Or In Combination With Other Mediators …”

By Makia Freeman


he truth about Cannabidiol (CBD) and the cannabis plant in general can no longer be suppressed – and the exciting thing is that we are just at the beginning. We are literally just at the start on the long road of cannabis knowledge, which will take us to a deeper understanding of this astonishing plant, its varied uses and its manifold medical benefits. We still don’t even know how many cannabinoids (natural chemical compounds endemic to the cannabis plant) it contains – over the years the number has been revised in various places from 66 to 85 to 113+. We certainly don’t know the full range of effects of these cannabinoids, nor do we understand the synergistic way they work together, which is of the utmost importance. However, we do know enough to say that one of the foremost cannabinoids is cannabidiol or CBD, and we do know that it has incredible potential for healing a wide range of diseases, including diabetes, insomnia, anxiety, depression, migraines, asthma, scar tissue, Crohn’s, epilepsy, seizures, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer. Ironically, the whole propaganda campaign of “reefer madness” that tried to demonize marijuana in the 1930s-1950s insinuated that pot caused schizophrenia, and while THC can have some mildly negative psychoactive effects when smoked, it may turn out that CBD-rich cannabis oil cures schizophrenia, not causes it. This demonization campaign, as usual, was led by the Rockefellers and other rich NWO families

who were scared that cannabis would destroy their monopolies, such as the Western medical drug industry. Clearly, the tides of cannabis perception are turning, and many people have overcome the stigma to explore the vast nutritional and medicinal benefits of cannabis. This article focuses on the healing potential of the preeminent cannabinoid, CBD.

Guess Where Else Cannabinoids are Found? Before we break down the phenomenal effects of CBD, here is a mind-blowing fact. Cannabinoids aren’t just found in the cannabis plant. They’re also found somewhere closer to home: you! That’s right: the human body itself has an entire system that utilizes cannabinoids. It is known as the endocannabinoid system (“endo” is from a Greek

word meaning “within”). In this way, we can distinguish among endocannabinoids (those produced by the human body), phytocannabinoids (those produced by the cannabis plant) and synthetic cannabinoids (the approximately 17 synthetic versions produced by the pharmaceutical cartel). Synthetic cannabinoids, by the way, are Big Pharma’s way of trying to pirate and cash in on Nature by modifying or isolating a natural chemical or compound, making it slightly different to its natural state, getting a patent, then marketing it as a drug with a governmentally enforced monopoly. Some synthetic cannabinoids (such as K2, spice, marinol, etc.) have been taken off the market due to their dangerous nature, but after all, they are part of the Big Pharma business plan, and the greater New World Order synthetic agenda, so what do you expect?

The cannabinoid receptors (CB1, CB2, etc.), endocannabinoids and the related enzymes all make up the endocannabinoid system – and it’s not just some insignificant little system in the body. Evidence shows it to be essential in most if not all physiological systems, responsible for numerous processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, memory and immunity (yes, the endocannabinoid system influences the immune system too). The Italian researcher, Vincenzo Di Marzo, summed it up well in his 1998 study Endocannabinoids: endogenous cannabinoid receptor ligands with neuromodulatory action:

The Endocannabinoid System

See “CURE-ALL” on page 13

How CBD Works CBD is a miracle compound. Unlike THC, it does not bind to the body’s cannabinoid receptors (CB1 or CB2), so it is not psychoactive and does not produce the high effect. Cannabidiol works through a number of complex mechanisms. Preclinical studies indicate that cannabidiol has the following list of extensive healing properties. The first 5 items on the list below all pertain to cannabidiol’s capacity as

cannalife Cannabis Alchemy for healing the mind, body and spirit A delicious line of topicals, medicinals and body products created to soothe and heal you naturally, using the power of Cannabis.

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Sharing with the Flower of Life

By Haley Nagasaki The New Agora


s a dispensary whose products have helped enrich my life, I was thrilled to speak with Selena Wong and members of her expanding Flower of Life team this past spring. I was introduced to Carolyn Corrigal who has taken on the diverse and rewarding role of administrative support, joining the Flower of Life Compassion Club Society in the time since I last spoke with Selena. Permaculturist Sarah Bradshaw has also joined the team as the resident herbalist and main medicine worker, using her many years of cannabis cultivation expertise to establish herself as master formulator. Selena has begun apprenticing under Sarah’s wealth of knowledge, bringing forth the creation of new products together. The ladies shared with me the enticing stories and unique blends behind each of the products they have recently launched; among them, the prized Opal Lotion, which elicits ancient references of frankincense, myrrh, and lavender. Selena described the properties of these products as a “symphony for the senses”, using harmonizing aromatherapy to balance the scents with a “bass note, middle note, and high note”. The Opal name reflects the biblical tale of the journey to Bethlehem. Sarah shared with me how the opal, upon contact with other stones in a bag, took on the properties of a ruby, a sapphire and a pearl. The Opal was then the most beautiful and valuable of all, synergistically paralleling

Apothecary News and the Cannabis Hemp Conference the medicinal lotion’s divine quality. With Sarah’s guidance, the team has also formulated other lotions and salves, such as the luxurious frankincense and myrrh infused ‘North Star’ salve, the lavender infused ‘Soothe’, a lemon-grass infusion called ‘Energy’, and a peppermint infusion for arthritic pain called ‘Restore’. The apothecary’s latest line of tinctures, lotions, and salves were on display last month at the Cannabis Hemp Conference in Vancouver. The Flower of Life booth made a stunning appearance as a reflection of the intent and artistry woven into each of their products. Selena and Sarah also made an important contribution to the Panel for Growing as the ladies discussed their respective practices. Selena shared the spiritual side of connectivity with the plants, while Sarah addressed the biological controls of growing, as well as disease and pest management. Sarah’s methods included using cinnamon oil in the soil as a deterrent for mite eggs. She expressed the usefulness of companion plants, such as basil and other “tender herbs”, to detect early warning signs of insect interference. During the panel Selena shared that it was her “sacred rela-

tionship with plant medicine” that encouraged her to found the Flower of Life dispensary, in response to an undeniable calling. Selena also described how, similar to quality, safety is imperative to the operation, where “chemicals, pesticides, and radiated medicine” do not meet the high standard they’ve created for themselves and for their clients. Selena described the business model under which the dispensary

operates as “Kaizen”, the Japanese philosophy of consistent amelioration in every facet of life. Certainly this model is reflected in the Flower of Life’s superior products, and in Selena Wong’s genuine and loving nature. Events such as the Cannabis Hemp Conference are crucial for Selena and her team as well as other grassroots dispensaries and participants, as it is an opportunity to join in an essential dialogue. Especially now during a time when pharmaceutical companies dominate the decision-making areas surrounding substance regulation, and the clear legalization of cannabis looms in the not-so-distant future. There exists a legal grey-zone whereby the entire industry is “patient centric”, and thousands of people depend upon dispensaries like the Flower of Life to treat innumerable debilitating, or lifethreatening illnesses. As governments scramble to impose regulations over cannabis consumption, dispensaries, active for over twenty years now, are outraged by their total exclusion from the conversation. Sarah looks ahead to shifting paradigms, as this disregard for growers is a

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Tobacco is Legal but Cannabis Actually Heals and Prevents Lung Cancer Alex Pietrowski, Staff


annabis kills cancer. However, decades of negative propaganda against this plant medicine still influences the way many people look at it, and it’s often compared to tobacco when considering its effect on human health. There is no doubt tobacco causes lung cancer, as well as many other chronic and deadly illness, yet it is still available everywhere while people are being locked up for using a plant that heals. Contrary to our previous understanding, it turns out that cannabis can stop and even prevent lung cancer,

according to scientists from the American Association of or Cancer Research. In 2007 the association produced a report demonstrating that the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, Delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), “cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread.” “In the present study, the researchers first demonstrated that two different lung cancer cell lines as well as patient lung tumor samples express CB1 and CB2, and that nontoxic doses of THC inhibited growth and spread in the cell lines. “When the cells are pretreated with THC, they have

less EGFR stimulated invasion as measured by various invitro assays,” Preet said.” (source: This is worth repeating: cannabis can stop lung cancer. Furthermore, Dr. Donald Tashkin, professor emeritus of medicine at UCLA, points out that while tar from cannabis smoke has a higher concentration of cancer-causing materials than tobacco smoke, there seems to be no correlation between inhalation of cannabis smoke into the lungs and the development of lung cancer, which is the opposite for tobacco. “Although the researchers do not know why THC inhibits tumor growth, they say the substance could be activating molecules that arrest the cell cycle. They speculate that THC may also interfere with angiogenesis and vascularization, which promotes cancer growth.” (source: http://bit. ly/2aMqL8U) Another important finding regarding the effect of cannabis on pulmonary health is that there appears to be no causal link between smoking cannabis and the onset of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a “collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstrucContrary to our tive airways disease.” COPD is the most common cause previous of death from tobacco understanding, smoke. “Through my studies, we failed to find any posiit turns out that tive association.” Instead, “the association would be cannabis can negative, between lung cancer and the use of maristop and even juana. The likelihood is, that despite the fact that prevent lung marijuana smoke contains carcinogens, we don’t see cancer the same heightened risks of cancers that we see in tobacco.” (source: Interesting indeed, and perplexing enough to warrant a closer look at the positive effects of other ingredients in cannabis smoke, namely cannibidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound known to have many health benefits. ”The beauty of this study is that we are showing that a substance of abuse, if used prudently, may offer a new road to therapy against lung cancer,” said Anju Preet, Ph.D., a researcher in the Division of Experimental Medicine.” (source:

Final Thoughts Decades of pulmonary research is in: pot decreases the risk of lung cancer and does not cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and, it is an effective treatment for many types of cancer, including lung cancer. Without question, tobacco smoking is dangerous to lung health and can cause cancer, yet cannabis remains stigmatized by public perception and the law.

Watch what happens when non-toxic THC cells are introduced in this video of cancer cells being attacked and consumed About the Author Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for and Offgrid Outpost, a provider of storable food and emergency kits. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

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Your top source for cannabis industry news and expert opinion!

Cure-All from page 10

an anti-carcinogenic agent: n Anti-Proliferative: CBD stops cancer cells proliferating or reproducing. Many of its effects listed below stem from its ability to activate PPAR receptors. As the article How CBD Works states, “CBD also exerts an anti-cancer effect by activating PPARs [peroxisome proliferator activated receptors] that are situated on the surface of the cell’s nucleus. Activation of the receptor known as PPAR-gamma has an anti-proliferative effect as well as an ability to induce tumor regression in human lung cancer cell lines.” n Anti-Angiogenic: As the quote above also reveals, cannabidiol can stop cancer cells in another way, by preventing malignant tumors from forming the blood vessels they need to grow. The process of blood vessel creation is called angiogenesis, and since cannabidiol halts this, it is deemed antiangiogenic. n Anti-Mitogenic: There is a 3rd way cannabidiol prevents cancer. It hinders or stops cell division (mitogenesis). One of the hallmarks of cancer is its unbridled growth, and amazingly, CBD actually stops the cancer spreading out of control by preventing the cancer cell from dividing and reproducing, and thus is deemed anti-mitogenic. n Anti-Metastatic: Metastasis is the process by which a cancer can spread around the body, especially to other organs that have no direct contact with it. Cannabidiol prevents cancer from spreading to other organs, so it is called anti-metastatic. n Pro-Apoptotic: Apoptosis is the medical word for programmed cell death. It’s an important part of every healthy and functional cell that it contains a program for

apoptosis, so it can commit suicide or let itself die if it is compromised. Cancer cells characteristically do not undergo apoptosis, however cannabidiol is pro-apoptotic and actually induces cancer cells to die. Incredible! n Anti-Psychotic: In addition to showing impressive potential for curing cancer, cannabidiol also exhibits anti-psychotic properties, which means it could help heal a whole host of mental illnesses. As the aforementioned article How CBD Works states: “CBD’s enzymemediated activation of the PPAR-alpha receptor may have antipsychotic effects. Polymorphisms or mutations in the gene encoding PPAR-alpha can result in deficient PPAR-alpha signaling, which has been linked to schizophrenia. PPAR-alpha activation is both anti-inflammatory and can decrease dopamine release, thereby minimizing schizophrenic symptoms.” n Neuro-Protective: Neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s) are another set of horrible diseases which are claiming the lives or more and more people. Fortunately, CBD shows potential for healing these too. Again, the issue comes back to the PPAR-activation (same

article): “PPAR-gamma activation degrades amyloid-beta plaque, a key molecule linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. This is one of the reasons why cannabidiol, a PPAR-gamma agonist, may be a useful remedy for Alzheimer’s patients. As an aside, PPAR receptors also regulate genes that are involved in energy homeostasis, lipid uptake, insulin sensitivity, and other metabolic functions. Diabetics, accordingly, may benefit from a CBD-rich treatment regimen.” n Anti-Inflammatory: Inflammatory diseases are another massive set of diseases that

haunt the populations in developed countries, especially the US. Many nutritional experts and doctors have highlighted the strong connection between inflammation and disease. As Dr. Mark Hyman writes: “Inflammation is a “hot” topic in medicine. It appears connected to almost every known chronic disease — from heart disease to cancer, diabetes to obesity, autism to dementia, and even depression. Other inflammatory diseases such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, and autoimmune disease are increasing at dramatic rates …”

According to various studies cited by Medical Marijuana Inc, cannabidiol stops inflammation in various ways: “[Cannabidiol decreases] the production and release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and decrease the activation of the lps-induced stat1 transcription factor, a key factor in some of the pro-inflammatory process. Cbd, however, also reduces the activity of the nf-kappab pathway, a primary pathway regulating pro-inflammatory genes, and upregulates the activation of the stat3 transcription factor, which induces A closeup view anti-inflammatory of the cannabis events (kozela, et plant, which al., 2010).” naturally produces n Analgesic: cannabidiol or Analgesic means CBD. pain-relieving. CBD is analgesic and is thus indicated for those suffering from inflammatory disease or conditions with chronic pain. n Anti-Convulsant: CBD has become famous for its ability to stop seizures and treat diseases such as epilepsy. The overwhelming consensus of case studies, surveys and pre-clinical animal studies shows that cannabidiol is a powerful anti-convulsant. For a sampling of the studies done on this, see here and here. n Pro-Anxiolytic: Finally, CBD also helps calms the nerves and reduce or eliminate anxiety, and thus is anti-anxiety or medically speaking pro-anxiolytic. The reason why CBD has this effect is probably due to its activation of the adenosine receptor. Adenosine receptors play major roles in brain and cardiovascular function (regulating oxygen intake and blood flow), as well as having anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body, which ties

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By Daniel Barker

Enough plastic is discarded each year to circle the Earth four times, and the average American throws away nearly 200 pounds of plastic each year.


here are plenty of good reasons to stop using plastic containers, ranging from health and environmental concerns, to simple practicality in the kitchen. Considering the facts, there’s really no good reason to continue buying products packed or bottled in plastic, or to use plastic containers for food storage at home – except when there are no other options available. Here are the top five facts regarding plastic versus glass:

Kicking the plastic habit

Fact #1: The environmental impact of

plastic is enormous – Enough plastic is discarded each year to circle the Earth four times, and the average American throws away nearly 200 pounds of plastic each year. Billions of pounds of plastic are polluting our oceans and threatening marine life, killing 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals annually. Fifty percent of plastic containers are used once and then thrown away.

Fact #2: Plastics are a threat to human health – Chemicals leached from plastic containers enter our bodies and can lead to serious health issues. Many of the substances used to make plastic are carcinogens, while others cause hormonal imbalances, birth defects and developmental problems. Plastics often contain lead, cadmium and mercury, which can be absorbed by the food or drinks they are used to contain – and subsequently end up in our bodies. Fact #3: Glass is better for the environment – Glass containers can be used many times and can be recycled to make new containers. Plastic containers are “down-cycled” instead. In other words, when you throw away a plastic bottle it will be turned into other products (if it manages to get recycled at all). Every time you buy a plastic water bottle, it is made from “new” plastic.

Five astonishing facts That will make you want to

Stop using plastic containers for good Fact #4: Glass is more practical in the kitchen – One of the best things about glass containers is that they can be used for storage, cooking and serving. The same glass food container can be used from the refrigerator to the oven to the dining table. Glass containers can be used over and over again, and can be repurposed for other uses. If you buy a glass bottle containing pasta sauce or juice, for instance, it

can be washed and used for storing other foods once its contents are consumed.

Fact #5: Glass does not absorb smells or colors – Plastic containers not only leach dangerous chemicals into food, but they also absorb smells and can become discolored. Glass containers, on the other hand, do not have this problem. Glass containers are more aesthetically pleasing as well.

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to avoid all plastic packaging, but it’s relatively easy to significantly reduce the amount of plastic bags, bottles and containers you buy or use. Many products, such as bottled water for example, are available in glass containers as well as plastic. If you buy your food fresh from local sources – which you should do anyway – you can often avoid any packaging at all. A number of foods are also available in bulk form, meaning that you can use your own recyclable containers to carry and store them. It’s easy to bring your own bags for shopping so that you don’t have to use more plastic bags every time you go to the supermarket. Reducing your “plastic footprint” isn’t difficult at all once you begin to become aware and start looking for alternatives. In fact, you may be amazed at how much plastic packaging you can actually avoid using once you begin changing your habits. Many of the things plastics are used for are completely unnecessary, so why not do yourself and the environment a big favor and start kicking your plastic addiction today? Sources:;;;;

Organic Naturally

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By S. D. Wells


othing’s more true than the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Not only does that ounce of prevention save you the nightmare of being sick, probably missing work and most likely accumulating medical bills, but also that same “ounce” of prevention may only literally weigh an ounce and cost less than 15 bucks. In America, people have been brainwashed by the medical industrial complex into believing that food can’t prevent or cure anything, but just the opposite is true. In fact, there’s a natural cure for every health ill under the sun, and the secret “recipe” involves taking a couple of 5 dollar bills out of your purse or wallet, buying the item, opening the package and putting the remedy in your mouth. It’s a super simple process that seems too easy, and that’s exactly why so many people fail to have the faith required to actually walk the walk, so they won’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars at doctor’s offices and hospitals – those dreadful places where health problems often get much, much worse. The best advice in the world is free, so get ready to get smart and stay healthy. Here are the top 10 most inexpensive food (and supplement) items that can prevent and usually heal nearly every disease and disorder known to mankind:


Oil of oregano (most popular in capsules or tincture form): Nature’s most reliable antibiotic (also anti-fungal and antibacterial) kills pollen allergies fast, helps with sinus problems and respiratory infections, and can defend against those “throwing up” viruses kids bring home from school. How? One of the active agents in oregano, rosmarinic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that supports

Top 10 inexpensive food items that can

PREVENT nearly every disease and disorder known to mankind immune power. One supplement helping of oil of oregano gives you the antioxidant punch of eating 42 apples! Oregano oil also has antiinflammatory properties, because it contains beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP), which can be beneficial for people suffering from osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis and metabolic syndrome. So much for those expensive prescriptions! Ask your Naturopath.


Licorice root (often sold in supplement capsule form): This natural remedy has a wonderful list of benefits, and may be the most often overlooked of all natural remedies. Got asthma, canker sores, coughs, or emphysema? Check out licorice root. Got heartburn, fungal infections or liver troubles? What about a sore throat, arthritis, or yeast infections? The glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root even helps with nervousness, anxiety and depression, by encouraging proper functioning of the adrenal glands.


Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil: The oil from these seeds is amazing at promoting heart health and preventing heart disease and strokes, thanks to its three-toone ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It also nourishes hair, skin and nails. It can be used topically or mixed in your smoothies. It’s got a nutty flavor that’s rich in DHA

(docosahexaenoic acid), which is amazing for cognitive function and eye health. Talk about Alzheimer’s prevention! Plus, hemp seed oil is mercury free, unlike many fish oils.


Coconut oil: Ever heard of oil pulling? Dentists won’t mention it, unless they’re holistic, because you won’t be suffering any more cavities. Just swish a tablespoon of coconut oil around in your mouth for 10 minutes after brushing and flossing, and wave bye-bye to those cavities. Amazing for brain health and skin health, and even great for cooking, coconut oil is another great source of omega 3s and a defender against Alzheimer’s and cancer. Trader Joe’s brand tastes amazing and is quite inexpensive.


Aloe: Looking to fix constipation, heartburn or stomach aches? Want to regulate blood sugar, detoxify the colon, lose weight, burn more calories, improve circulation, strengthen immunity, regulate blood pressure and reduce inflammation, all in one fell swoop? Get out a couple of 5 dollar bills and hit the health food store, or just buy an aloe plant and keep it growing while you use the juice!


Lemon juice: Want a daily superfood tonic that contains cancer-fighting compounds and is super cheap?

Combine lemon juice and baking soda with filtered water. Raise that body pH with a natural remedy that outperforms chemo drugs!


Kombucha: Oh yes! “The immortal health elixir” of the ancient Chinese has been a health anecdote for more than two millennia. Made from a fermented sweet tea, this fizzy symbiotic colony of good bacteria will forever replace that soda!


Ginger: Ginger root’s benefits are too long to list; you could write an encyclopedia. Start off by fighting cancer, helping with IBS, protecting against Alzheimer’s and reducing fat accumulation.


Turmeric: The “Queen of Spices” has properties that are antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic and anti-inflammatory. If every oncologist in America would simply prescribe turmeric instead of chemo drugs, we would see a massive decline in cancer deaths.


Chia seeds: Two tablespoons a day gives you 7 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 205 mg of calcium and 5 grams of omega 3s. Wow! Organic is key because it does NOT contain pesticides or toxic herbicides! Remember to always first look for organic versions of these food items to be sure that they don’t contain pesticides. Also, you can rely on the Health Ranger to inspect foods, superfoods and supplements for heavy metal toxins that even the “organic” label doesn’t verify. Check out Mike Adams’ new book available for pre-sale now, Food Forensics, that examines multiple genres of nature’s best remedies, and shows you exactly how to distinguish the cleanest supplements and foods on earth. Sources for this article online. Learn more:

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Eco-Consciousness and the Power of

Green Anarchy

“For thousands of years we’ve been ruled by kings and emperors… ideological demagogues like Hitler, Mao and Stalin… lately by bureaucratic elites, financial engineers and omnipotent corporations… now we’re going to start calling the shots from below.”


By Gary ‘Z’ McGee


ike Pavlov’s dogs salivating at the sound of a dinner bell, we keep going through the motions of being contained and domesticated humans within an unhealthy and unsustainable system while the world falls apart around us. We’re conditioned and controlled, habituated and hardened, terrorized and tyrannized. And the craziest thing is that we allow it to happen, unaware of our true power. Subconsciously we give into our indoctrination, just trying to get through the day. We call it “being civilized.” We call it “modern.” We call it “normal.” We call it “being responsible.” We call it “being well adjusted,” conveniently forgetting the words of Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” The question becomes: how do we inform a sick society to the level of its sickness, when it subconsciously denies the red pill of truth while comfortably swallowing the blue pill of deception? In short: how do we triumph over cognitive dissonance? How do we empower others? Wisdom just goes in one ear and out the other. Humor brings a temporary hiatus, but ultimately falls flat against practicality. Non-violent revolution is too scary and the majority of people are too cowardly to act. As H. L. Mencken surmised, “The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear – fear of the

Page 16

unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants above everything else is safety.” Indeed. So what should we do? By far the most effective method of getting others to take notice of their unhealthy, unsustainable ways is to live and lead by strong and healthy example. Those of us who are aware of the sickness of society must unapologetically step up and reveal our own updated, healthy, sustainable lifestyles, and then hope that people take notice. We can’t control people (that’s tyranny), but we can control how we act toward people by not trying to control them with our power but rather trying to empower them instead (that’s liberty). So what does an updated, healthy, and progressively sustainable lifestyle look like? It is interdependent rather than merely codependent. It is eco-centric rather than egocentric. It is eco-spiritual rather than merely ego-religious. And it practices Green anarchy rather than allowing a so-called authority to make the rules and do what it wills to the people and to the environment. Let’s break it down.

Interdependence Over Codependence “It’s only possible to see people when one is able to see the world as others see it.”

— Robert Anton Wilson

As a culture, we are excessively emotional and psychologically reliant on a failed state that vainly sets itself apart from the greater cosmos. The greatest failure of our time is a depressed and dejected codependence. We’ve become an abstraction of an abstraction, en masse. Caught up like rats in a ‘Skinner box’ cogging away at the unsustainable clockwork of a failed experiment. A precious few of us have gained the independent courage to strike out against our inner-codependence, but the greater majority is still fully reliant on an unhealthy Goliath state to provide for them. But independence is not enough. In fact, too much of it can lead to rampant narcissism and greedy “me-me-me!” type thinking. Sure, it’s far superior to being a codependent cog blindly milling away in the clockwork, but it’s vastly inferior to being an interdependent force of nature to be reckoned with. And then there’s morality to consider. Un-reconciled codependence tends to become immoral because mass indifference leads to an unhealthy and unsustainable social dynamic such as the system we have in place today. Unchecked independence tends to become immoral because greed and a competition-firstcooperation-second mindset leads to an unhealthy and unsustainable social dynamic such as the system we have in place today. Authentic interdependence hits the Goldilocks sweet spot by keeping the blind

comfort-junky rule-followers in line while also keeping the greedy one-upmanship of overreaching power-mongers in check.

Eco-centric Over Ego-Centric “How are you going to teach logic in a world where everybody talks about the sun setting, when it’s really the horizon rising.”

— Cal Craig

Our current existential crisis is inexorably linked to our current ecological crisis. Everything is connected (actually). The problem is we’re psychologically dissociated from this understanding (perceptually). This is due in large part to a profoundly egocentric cultural conditioning that teaches narcissistic individualism over self-actualized selflessness. Instead of teaching self-love, it teaches self-importance. Instead of ecocentric interconnection with a vital cosmos, it teaches egocentric disconnection between human nature and Mother Nature. Instead of Self-as-world and World-as-self, it teaches self-against-self at the expense of Self. Here’s the thing: We would not have an environmental pollution problem if we didn’t

We would not have an environmental pollution problem if we didn’t first have a psychological pollution problem. Our psychological pollution problem is a rampant psychosocial dissociation between nature and the human soul.

first have a psychological pollution problem. Our psychological pollution problem is a rampant psychosocial dissociation between nature and the human soul. This must be rectified first. We cannot fix the symptoms without first healing the disease. If we heal the disease, we fix the symptoms. If we heal the psychological pollution, we fix the environmental pollution. And it begins with turning an egocentric perspective into an ecocentric one.

Eco-Spiritual Over Ego-Religious “As the traveler who has lost his way, throws his reins on his horse’s neck, and trusts to the instinct of the animal to find his road, so must we do with the divine animal who carries us through this world”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve written exhaustively on this subject. Here: Spirituality Vs. Dogmatic Religiosity (; here: The Decimation of Church and State (http://; here: Cracking the Cosmic Egg (; and here: 7

Important Differences Between Religion and Spirituality (, to name but a few. Our ego attachment with outdated religious concepts has been destroying the world (both human and nonhuman) for thousands of years. It’s high time we got off the dead horse of religion. It’s high time we stopped beating it to no end. Doing so just exacerbates violence. As Blaise Pascale said, “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.” Why is this? It’s simple: certainty. When we’re “certain” about something then we put all their eggs into that basket, to the extent that it becomes a part of our ego. Problems arise when someone comes along and reveals that basket to be a folly. Cognitive dissonance sets in and suddenly the “certain” person isn’t so certain and they defend their precious certainty. Such defense inevitably spills over into violence. Psychology 101. The main thing to gather from this concept of eco-spirituality over ego-religiosity is the vital importance of wresting the dictates of spirituality from both the rigid ego as well as from dogmatic religions so that violence becomes less likely. Personalizing spirituality while also integrating interdependently, is vital to human flourishing. Especially since our flourishing depends upon the world flourishing in turn. As it stands, our incessant ecological belligerence and immoderate overindulgence is destroying the fundamental flourishing of the world, and then we have the audacity to wonder why we (as a species) cannot flourish in a healthy way (that is, in accordance with a greater cosmos that makes or breaks us). In short: we must make Nature our church, and Love our religion spirituality.

Green Anarchy Over the State “Anarchism is founded on the

observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others.”

— Edward Abbey

What makes the State wrong (unhealthy) exactly? The simple answer is: concentrated power. Most of us understand that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely (Lord Acton).” We understand this on an intellectual level, but then we fail to fully rationalize it on a psychosocial level. But it affects us all (Mother Nature included). Civics affects us all, especially the understanding (or lack thereof) of power. As Malcom Gladwell intuited, “There comes a point where the bestintentioned application of power and authority begins to backfire.” Power is directly proportional to wealth. In our age “wealth” happens to be an abstraction of an abstraction that we call money. It’s an abstraction of an abstraction precisely because it is an agreed upon illusion of wealth that is based upon a secondary agreed upon illusion of debt. Problems arise when this abstraction of an abstraction grows perpetually and then doesn’t balance out with a finite planet with finite resources. Our shit (both literally and figuratively) begins piling up too fast for the planet to absorb it. And here we are: an overreaching man-machine of a culture chewing up resources with reckless ecocidal abandon and then shitting it out with ignorant and wasteful indifference. Now enter green anarchy. Green anarchy transforms egocentric individuals (the State) into eco-centric and interdependent forces of nature. How? By utilizing the power of our independence for a natural cosmic order rather than against it (interdependence). By personifying Nature itself through our own eco-conscious presence. Green anarchy is

self-mastery in the face of masters, self-rule in the face of rulers, and self-empowerment in the face of those who seek power over others; all while embracing healthy, sustainable, moderate, and balanced values against the unhealthy, unsustainable, immoderate, and unbalanced State. It’s a pissed-off David strategizing ecoconsciously and improving his eco-moral aim against an immoral Goliath State. Green anarchy is a verdant fist crushing the glass house of an unhealthy culture, revealing that nature and the human soul have always been connected. We’ve just forgotten about it due to rampant nature deprivation and the egocentric dissociation of church and state. Green anarchy gets power over power by shattering the illusion of tyrannical power with the hard-earned truth of authentic power: discovering a balance between nature and the human soul. It doesn’t seek power; it empowers. And thereby gains prestige. As Chief Red Eagle stated, “Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful you are.” The Green anarchist is in love with freedom, and so empowers others to be free.

About the Author Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world. This article (Eco-Consciousness and the Power of Green Anarchy) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is printed here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Gary ‘Z’ McGee and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this statement of copyright.

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By Therese Wade

Your Cells are Listening “Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.”


hese transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body. When this perspective was introduced to me, I was suffering from a severe chronic pain disorder. I suddenly imagined incorporating this concept into my meditation routine. I thought, can my body hear me… can I talk to it to gain its cooperation in healing this condition?

The Path to Freedom That night, after reaching a state of deep calm through meditation, I inwardly engaged my body in a heartfelt conversation, with hope, but having no idea what to expect. After about one hour of this focused communication, something amazing happened. My tissues began to respond. Connective tissue pulled and stretched apart layers of scar tissue. Nerves fired and my calf muscles began to perform flexion and extension exercises independently of my conscious control. As this response continued, one of my calf muscles that had become paralyzed by the neuropathic condition — diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy — came back to life as electric-like jolts shot through the area. My heart pounded as I realized

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How to Heal Yourself by Talking to your Body that the path to my freedom from this condition had finally begun. Nerves fired and my calf muscles began to perform flexion and extension exercises independently of my conscious control.

Guidelines for Dynamic Healing With a background in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, I knew too well how prevalent chronic pain is in this country and I wondered what the implications of this phenomenon could mean to so many others who were

suffering. As I continued to make progress with my condition, I organized my approach into a system that I could teach to clients and shifted my professional focus to hypnotherapy. When instructing my clients, I explain that a regular meditation practice is necessary to train the brain to enter alpha and theta brain wave states. While in these states, communication between the conscious mind and the physical body is dramatically enhanced. A regular meditation practice is

necessary to train the brain. I have found that when communicating, there are three key steps to gaining the cooperation of the body: n Approach your body with genuine compassion, understanding that it is made up of conscious cells who experience emotions. n Build trust by engaging your body in mental conversations about your desire for the two of you to cooperate and overcome the ailment. n Allow changes in the conversation by using different thoughts and words that elicit spontaneous elevated emotions. n From my experience, the above guidelines are necessary to achieve dynamic healing responses in the body. The above guidelines are necessary to achieve dynamic healing responses in the body.

The Force of human Intention I recently came across a very similar set of factors that were discovered by researcher Cleve Backster, who spent 36 years studying biocommunication in plant, animal and human cells. He referred to these factors as real intent, attunement, and spontaneity.[1] Backster, formerly an interrogation specialist for the CIA, wrote about the defining moment which led him to his real work in this world, in his book Primary Perception.[2] This moment occurred one February morning in 1966 when he decided to monitor the Dracaena plant in his lab utilizing polygraph equipment. Researcher Cleve Backstair spent

See “HEAL YOURSELF” on page 30

By Zen Gardner


he following principles emerged from several years’ work with social change leaders in the Satyana Institute’s Leading with Spirit program. We offer these not as definitive truths, but rather as key learnings and guidelines that, taken together, comprise a useful framework for “spiritual activism.”


Transformation of motivation from anger/fear/despair to compassion/ love/purpose. This is a vital challenge for today’s social change movement. This is not to deny the noble emotion of appropriate anger or outrage in the face of social injustice. Rather, this entails a crucial shift from fighting against evil to working for love, and the long-term results are very different, even if the outer activities appear virtually identical. Action follows Being, as the Sufi saying goes. Thus “a positive future cannot emerge from the mind of anger and despair” (Dalai Lama).


Non-attachment to outcome. This is difficult to put into practice, yet to the extent that we are attached to the results of our work, we rise and fall with our successes and failures—a sure path to burnout. Hold a clear intention, and let go of the outcome—recognizing that a larger wisdom is always operating. As Gandhi said, “the victory is in the doing,” not the results. Also, remain flexible in the face of changing circumstances.


Integrity is your protection. If your work has integrity, this will tend to protect you from negative energy and circumstances. You can often sidestep negative energy from others by becoming

13 Principles of Spiritual Activism

“transparent” to it, allowing it to pass through you with no adverse effect upon you. This is a consciousness practice that might be called “psychic aikido.”


Integrity in means and ends. Integrity in means cultivates integrity in the fruit of one’s work. A noble goal cannot be achieved utilizing ignoble means.


Don’t demonize your adversaries. It makes them more defensive and less receptive to your views. People respond to arrogance with their own arrogance, creating rigid polarization. Be a perpetual learner, and constantly challenge your own views.


You are unique. Find and fulfill your true calling. “It is better to tread your own path, however humbly, than that of another, however successfully.” (Bhagavad Gita)


Love thy enemy. Or at least, have compassion for them. This is a vital challenge for our times. This does not mean indulging falsehood or corruption. It means moving from “us/them” thinking to “we” consciousness, from separation to cooperation, recognizing that we human beings are ultimately far more alike than we are different. This is challenging in situations with people whose views are radically opposed to yours. Be hard on the issues, soft

on the people.


Your work is for the world, not for you. In doing service work, you are working for others. The full harvest of your work may not take place in your lifetime, yet your efforts now are making possible a better life for future generations. Let your fulfillment come in gratitude for being called to do this work, and from doing it with as much compassion, authenticity, fortitude, and forgiveness as you can muster.


Selfless service is a myth. In serving others, we serve our true selves. “It is in giving that we receive.” We are sustained by those we serve, just as we are blessed when we forgive others. As Gandhi says, the practice of satyagraha (“clinging to truth”) confers a “matchless and universal power” upon those who practice it. Service work is enlightened self-interest, because it cultivates an expanded sense of self that includes all others.


Do not insulate yourself from the pain of the world. Shielding yourself from it prevents transformation. Let your heart feel the pain, and learn to move in the world with it. As Gibran says, “Your pain is the medicine by which the physician within heals thyself.” When we open ourselves to the pain of the world, we become the medicine that heals the world. This is what Gandhi un-

derstood so deeply in his principles of ahimsa and satyagraha. A heart in pain becomes an open heart, and genuine transformation begins.


What you attend to, you become. Your essence is pliable, and ultimately you become that which you most deeply focus your attention upon. You reap what you sow, so choose your actions carefully. If you constantly engage in battles, you become embattled yourself. If you constantly give love, you become love itself.


Rely on faith, and let go of having to figure it all out. There are larger ‘divine’ forces at work that we can trust completely without knowing their precise workings or agendas. Faith means trusting the unknown, and offering yourself as a vehicle for the intrinsic benevolence of the cosmos. “The first step to wisdom is silence. The second is listening.” If you genuinely ask inwardly and listen for guidance, and then follow it carefully—you are working in accord with these larger forces, and you become the instrument for their music.


Love creates the form. Not the other way around. The heart crosses the abyss that the mind creates, and operates at depths unknown to the mind. Don’t get trapped by “pessimism concerning human nature that is not balanced by an optimism concerning divine nature, or you will overlook the cure of grace.” (Martin Luther King) Let your heart’s love infuse your work and you cannot fail, though your dreams may manifest in ways different from what you imagine. This list has been republished from the Satyana Institute custom created hats Page 19

Farbloc-Blocking Pain: The Full Story By Glennis Taylor


ver my many years in the natural health field, there have been multitudes of people that have come to me with chronic pain issues seeking relief from constant and often unremitting pain. Finding effective natural means to alleviate pain is a challenge. When I found out about a fabric that people can wear or sleep on that has been shown to reduce pain, my interest was triggered. Farabloc Development Corporation has created the fabric Farabloc, approved by Health Canada, and is sold in a variety of formats depending on the application. Based on the Faraday Cage, which blocks the electromagnetic field, and research done by Frieder Kempe from Bavaria, Farabloc has been tested and written up in many scientific journals as very effective for pain relief and wound healing. It involves a new and innovative health

technology that blocks high EMF’s, but allows low EMF’s to penetrate the body. Metal fibres are finely woven into the polyamid material that repel the higher frequency EMF’s, but not the lower healing frequencies. As an engineer, Frieder Kempe noted that his father’s phantom limb pain increased significantly during periods of low atmospheric pressure. With low atmospheric pressure, the electromagnetic field increases in intensity. This seems to be a key factor in pain management. Armed with this scientific information and with much research and experimentation, a durable linen-like fabric was manufactured that protects the body from the high EMF’s that increase pain levels in connective tissue. Farabloc has undergone numerous studies and tests and has shown consistency over and over in its ability to reduce pain, and also reduce woundhealing time by about one third. Its applications are far reaching: including phantom limb

pain, burns, post operative wound healing, diabetic wound healing, menopause symptoms, athletic injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis related pain and many more health issues. In talking to Dr. Don Nixdorf, VP of Farabloc Development Corporation, who has been involved with the research on Farabloc for over 10 years, the results of patients using this lightweight Farabloc material are nothing short of miraculous in many cases. The cells of the body work with electromagnetic fields as receptors and transmitters and respond to the different frequencies in various ways. When we can block the harmful frequencies that are all around us in the environment and continue to let in the lower frequencies of the electromagnetic field, we accelerate the body’s ability to heal. Farabloc does just that. It can help with soft tissue pain in both smooth muscle and skeletal muscle, as well as skin and organs and most of the body with the exception of bone, hair, nerves and eyes. It increases circulation and the blood vessels’ ability to carry oxygen and other nutrients to affected areas, thus it is advantageous to use where circulation and vascular function is poor as in cases of diabetes or with the elderly. Dr. Nixdorf was explaining the new research taking place with afflictions such as Raynaud’s disease, which can be serious with its restricted circulation to the fingers. Farabloc is used successfully in clinical settings as well as in home use. It can be worn as gloves, socks, jackets, body wraps and blankets of different sizes. For maximum effect, it is best worn close to the skin. It can be placed over cotton or linen clothing, incorporated into

clothing such as lining gloves etc. or fitted into prosthesis. With phantom limb pain, the stump is particularly vulnerable to the effects of higher frequency EMF’s, which produces the pain. If the stump is covered with this material, it is protected and the pain is controlled. Farabloc is very effective as a blanket that is placed underneath the bottom sheet on a bed. The effects here are accumulative as the body is exposed to it over a longer period of time during sleep and consistently every night. The material is completely washable and hung to dry and can be cut to size and garments may also be custom ordered. Hot flashes may be quenched within days while sleeping on a Farabloc blanket. It is a cost effective one-time buy in most cases. When we examine the cost of health care, especially as the population ages, there could be tremendous savings in our health care expenditures if we could speed up surgical recovery by that one third. Not only would we save money on the decreased length of hospital stays, but also if the wound heals faster, the complications from infections, which are so common now in hospitals, could also be effectively reduced. It seems such a promising answer to many common health complaints where pain, injury and surgery are involved. As more people and medical professionals become aware of this easy and effective means of treating challenging pain issues and its growing body of researched healing applications, we will be able to help alleviate the unnecessary suffering of so many people.

100 + Scientists Are Now Petitioning The UN

This Is What WIFI, Cell Phones, iPads & More Are Doing Your Child’s Brain This article only represents a very small fraction of the research regarding the dangers associated with these devices. We encourage you to further your own research, and just wanted to provide a base to let you know that it’s something more of us need to pay attention to.


id you know that a child’s brain absorbs much more radiation than that of an adult? Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D., from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Colombia University, has joined a group of scientists from around the world who are making an international appeal to the United Nations regarding the dangers associated with the use of various electromagnetic emitting devices, like cells phones and WiFi. Watch this video of him outlining the various dangers associated with these devices. Multiple studies have revealed that cell phone radiation can cause cancer. Did you know that The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radio frequency fields (including those from cell phones) as a possible carcinogen in 2011? (source) The dangers of cell phone use gained a lot of mainstream credibility in 2011 when the World Health Organization (WHO) admit-

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ted that cell phone radiation may cause cancer. The statement was based off of a cumulative decision made by a team of 31 scientists, from 14 different countries, after reviewing evidence that suggested this to be the case. You can read more about that HERE. It’s pretty startling news, especially given the fact that a child’s brain absorbs much more radiation than that of an adult. The video link below is of Dr. Devra Davis, one of the most well-respected and credentialed researchers on the dangers of cellphones, among a number of other things. … [A] cellphone is a two-way microwave radio,’ Dr. Davis pointed out.“Industry has fought successfully to use the phrase ‘radiofrequency energy’ instead of microwave radiation. Because they know radiofrequency energy sounds fine. We listen to music with radios. Everybody needs more energy. What could be better than that? But radiofrequency energy is another word for microwave radiation. If people understood that they were holding a two-way microwave-

See “WIFI” on page 21

WIFI from page 20

radiating device next to their brain or next to their reproductive organs, they might think differently about it. ( The first cell phone generation is now growing up, so if you are a parent, hopefully this gives you something to think about. HERE is a great interview she did with Dr. Mercola that is worth checking out as well.

Things You Can Do To Limit Your Exposure & Why You Shouldn’t Worry Worrying is pointless, and solves nothing. That being said, coming across such information can be scary, and that’s the last reaction you should have; after all, our thoughts feelings and emotions alone have shown to have a significant effect on our biology, and letting go of fear could possibly be the first step in helping you limit the effect that EMFs could be having on your body. That being said, here are some others measures you can take: As Dr. Mercola points out, until the industry starts taking this matter seriously, the responsibility to keep children safe falls on the parents. To minimize the risk to your brain, and that of your child, pay heed to the following advice: n Don’t let your child use a cell phone. Barring a life-threatening emergency, children should not use a cell phone, or a wireless device of any type. Children are far more vulnerable to cell phone radiation than adults, because of their thinner skull bones. n Keep your cell phone use to a minimum. Turn your cell phone off more often. Reserve it for emergencies or important matters. As long as your cell phone is on, it emits radiation intermittently, even when you are not actually making a call. Use a landline at home and at work. n Reduce or eliminate your use of other wireless devices. Just as with cell phones, it is important to ask yourself whether or not you really need to use them every single time. If you must use a portable home phone, use the older kind that operates at 900 MHz. They are no safer during calls, but at least some of them do not broadcast constantly even when no call is being made. You can measure your exposure from your cordless phone is to measure with an electrosmog meter, and it must be one that goes up to the frequency of your portable phone. As many portable phones are 5.8 Gigahertz, we recommend you look for RF meters that go up to 8 Gigahertz. You can find RF meters at Even without an RF meter, you can be fairly certain your portable phone is problematic if the technology is labeled DECT, or digitally enhanced cordless technology. Alternatively, you can be very careful with the base station placement as that causes the bulk of the problem since it transmits signals 24/7, even when you aren’t talking. “If you can keep the base station at least three rooms away from where you spend most of your time, and especially your bedroom, they may not be as damaging to your health. Ideally it would be helpful to turn off or disconnect your base station every night before you go to bed.” – Dr Mercola n Limit cell phone use to areas with excellent reception. The weaker the reception, the more power your phone must use to transmit, and the more power it uses, the more radiation

it emits, and the deeper the dangerous radio waves penetrate into your body. Ideally, you should only use your phone with full bars and good reception. n Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body, and do not sleep with it under your pillow or near your head. Ideally, put it in your purse or carrying bag. Placing a cell phone in your bra or in a shirt pocket over your heart is asking for trouble, as is placing it in a man’s pocket if he seeks to preserve his fertility. The most dangerous place to be, in terms of radiation exposure, is within about six inches of the emitting antenna. You do not want any part of your body within that area while the phone is on. n Don’t assume one cell phone is safer than another. There’s no such thing as a “safe” cell phone. n Respect others; many are highly sensitive to EMF. Some people who have become sensitive can feel the effects of others’ cell phones in the same room, even when it is on but not being used. If you are in a meeting, on public transportation, in a courtroom or other public places, such as a doctor’s office, keep your cell phone turned off out of consideration for the “secondhand radiation” effects. Children are also more vulnerable, so please avoid using your cell phone near children. n Use a well-shielded wired headset: Wired headsets will certainly allow you to keep the cell phone farther away from your body. However, if a wired headset is not well shielded — and most of them are not — the wire itself can act as an antenna attracting and transmitting radiation directly to your brain. So make sure the wire used to transmit the signal to your ear is shielded. One of the best kinds of headsets uses a combination of shielded wire and air-tube. These operate like a stethoscope, transmitting the sound to your head as an actual sound wave; although there are wires that still must be shielded, there is no wire that goes all the way up to your head.

Tips for Avoiding Dirty Electricity Risks Additional options to minimize your risks from dirty electricity, compiled by Paula Owens, M.S. for the Ahwatukee Foothill News, include:13 n “Avoid using laptop computers on your lap. n Switch out compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs for incandescent light bulbs. n Consider replacing Wi-Fi routers with Ethernet cables. n Avoid electric waterbeds, blankets and heating pads. n Remove electrical devices from your sleeping area. If you must use an electric alarm clock, keep it at least five inches from your body when sleeping. Or, opt for a batteryoperated clock.

n Move power strips at least three inches away from your feet. n Switch to flat-screen TVs and computer monitors as these emit less EMFs than the older styles. n If you live in close vicinity to or underneath electrical wires, power lines or cell phone towers, you may want to consider moving. n Stand three to four feet away from

microwave ovens when in use [or stop using them altogether]. n Consider shielding devices to reduce EMFs from cell phones, cordless phones and landline speaker phones. n Ask your electric utility provider to remove wireless smart meters and replace them with a wired smart meter. n Walk barefoot on the sand, grass or dirt. This common practice known as earthing or grounding allows the healing negative ions from the ground to flow into our body and have been shown to reduce stress hormones and inflammation. Use 100 percent beeswax candles and Himalayan salt lamps in your home and office to absorb EMFs from the air. Salt lamps serve as natural room ionizers, emitting negative ions into the environment that effectively bind with all the excess positive ions, reducing EMFs, killing bacteria and purifying the air.”

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Green Cross Society of BC -2145 Kingsway and 4296 Main St. Softy`s Shoes and Comfort - 215 Main St. (Penticton) Parthenon - 3080 W. Broadway Hamburger Mary`s -1202 Davie St. Finlandia Pharmacy and Health Center 1111 W. Broadway The Wilder Snail -799 Keefer St. Ambrosia’s Health Food Store - Sunshine Coast Coco et Olive Fine Foods - 3707 Main St. Organic Acres - 3603 Main St. Choices - 2626 W. 16th, 1202 Richards St., 57th Ave , Kelowna and Whiterock 3248 King George Blvd Elvis Fine Jewellery - Main Street Osoyoos Breka Bakery -812 Bute (By Robson) Juliet`s Café and Catering - 1905 Cornwall Ave. Pacific Institute of Reflexology -535 W. 10th St. Banyen Books - 3608 W. 4th Planet Veg - 1941 Cornwall Ave Ingredients-2031 Store St. (Victoria) Mother Nature’s Market-240 Cook St. (Victoria) Sweet Cherubim - 1105 Commercial Dr. Serendipity`s Backyard - #120-12031 1st Ave. (Richmond) Organic Lives - 451 Granville St. (Chopra Yoga Center) East is East Restaurants - 3243 W. Broadway Cotton Mouth Smoke Shop -1120 Davie St. Tanglewood Books -2306 W. Broadway East West Supermarket - 4169 Main St. Salty Tongue - 212 Carrall St. Kerrisdale Library - 2112 W. 42nd Ave. Kitsilano Library - 2425 MacDonald St. West Van. and Edgemont Libraries Café Deux Soleil -2068 Commercial Dr.

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It’s What You Do With It It is not what happens to each of us that determines how much we enjoy life, but rather our reaction to what happens. Though we may have no choice in the unexpected events that happen to us, we most certainly have choice in how we interpret what happens, and in what we choose to do about it. We can always choose to be either a victim or a creator. This key choice makes all the difference in how much joy we experience in life. Neither does what we own play a major role in how much we enjoy life. One person with all the money and possessions in the world may have a miserable life, while another in the lowest income bracket may absolutely love their life. It is what we do with what we own that affects our level of satisfaction and joy in life. It’s not what you possess or what happens to you in life that matters, but rather what you do with it. Each of us is faced with challenges every day of our lives. And with each challenge, we make choices in how we react. By choosing to become more conscious of how we react to challenges, we can shift our actions towards creating what we really want in our lives. Rather than following habitual, reactive patterns that cause us to behave like victims, we can recognize and transform old habits to create the life we really want. Yet to do this, we must first find the courage to look at some of the disempowering, often unconscious patterns that cause us to play the victim role, and then choose instead to empower the creator in ourselves.

Transform Yourself From Victim to Creator You are given many opportunities in life to choose to be a victim or to be a creator. When you choose to be a victim, the world is a cold and harsh place. ‘They’ did things to you that caused all of your pain and suffering. ‘They’ are wrong and bad, and life is rotten as long as ‘they’ are around. ‘They’ might be one or more individuals in your family or community. It might be the terrible politicians or your boss or the evil cabal of the power elite that rules the world. Or you may blame yourself for all your problems, thus internalizing your victimization. The essence of it is that victims feel a need to blame someone for all their problems, whether it is themselves or others, because that someone is ruining their lives and world. And the truth is your life is likely to stay that way as long as you feel a need to blame and make yourself or others wrong. Those who choose to be creators look at life quite differently. They know there are powerful individuals and groups who might like to control their lives, but they don’t let this get in the way. They know they have their weaknesses, yet they don’t blame themselves when they fail. Creators feel no need to blame anyone, as they know that whatever happens, they have choice in the matter. When Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. were put behind bars, they used that opportunity to meditate and pray, to write letters and books, and to inspire their communities to stand up and make a difference in the world. They prayed not only for themselves and their supporters, but even for those

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Victim or Creator?

Inspiring Ideas to Bring More Joy and Meaning to Life who jailed them and despised their work. They were unstoppable, powerful creators who continued to have joy and meaning in their lives until the day they died. Victims relish in anger, revenge, guilt, and other emotions and behaviours that cause others – and even themselves – to feel like victims, too. Creators consciously choose love, inspiration, empowerment, and other qualities which inspire not only themselves, but also inspire all around them to continually create the lives and world they want to live in. Victims and creators live in the same physical world and deal with many of the same physical realities, yet their experience of life is worlds apart. From the perspective of enjoyment of life, they hardly live in the same world. Yet whether they know it or not, both victim and creator always have choice in each moment to determine the direction of their lives through what they choose to do with what they are given. In reality, all of us play the victim and all of us play the creator at various points in our lives. Yet few people realize just how much choice we have in which role we play at any given time. One person, on losing a job or a special relationship, may feel as if it is the end of the world and sink into terrible suffering for months, years, or even a lifetime. Another with the same experience may choose to first experience the grief, yet then accept the loss and in a relatively short amount of time move on to be a powerful creative force in their life. In every moment and every circumstance, we can choose to play an active role in creating our own destiny.

transform your life. None of us is perfect. We all have made and will continue to make mistakes and bad choices in our lives. When we fail, there is no need to blame ourselves or anyone else. We can choose to simply accept that we didn’t do what we had intended and then work to understand why, so that we might do better the next time. Notice when you find yourself blaming yourself or others. Then stop for a moment. Take a look inside and ask: is it really empowering you to place blame, even if you believe it is very

well deserved? Is this really how you want to live, or is there something better and more fulfilling? For those who blame themselves more than others, consider exploring how this serves you. Some are drawn to abusive relationships or habits as a way of unconsciously punishing themselves. Many times deep, unconscious processes are behind this behaviour which can be uncovered by setting a strong intention to understand the root causes, and by holding to a deep intention to transform the places which keep you from being a powerful creator. Shifting from victim to creator does not mean shifting the blame from yourself to others, but it may mean getting out of

See “CREATE” on page 23

New Location 2055 Clark Dr

2055 Clark Drive

Choosing to Create a Life Filled With Joy and Meaning By choosing to see and inspire the creator not only in yourself, but in all you meet, you can create powerful transformation in your life and world. If you have spent a lot of time in victim mode, it may not be easy to make the shift, but it is entirely possible. By exploring your core challenges and working to transform them, and by choosing to stop the need to place blame and instead take responsibility for how you interpret your life, you can make the shift. There will most certainly be times where you slip back into old patterns. But by continually reminding yourself of your intention to be a creator, you can

By choosing to see and inspire the creator not only in yourself, but in all you meet, you can create powerful transformation in your life and world.

2055 Clark Dive, Vancouver BC

Life Lies

Our Whole Based on By Frank M. Wanderer


ruth is an objective fact, whereas a lie is always something that has to be fabricated. A masterfully created lie is, however, very similar to the truth, so such a lie can be extremely dangerous. Lies, taken as truth, will lull us into a false sense of security, into a dream. Once we have believed that we know the truth, we no longer look for it, and we will not long for it any more. The masters of fabricating lies exploit that very psychological reaction. Let us see who they are and why they keep producing their misleading lies relentlessly. Day by day, we hear from the media, what a lot of lies there are in the world. Politicians lie to us, bankers, business people and our acquaintances do the same. Even we lie to others, when we find it necessary. Where and what are the roots of all those lies? A thorough and detailed analysis will yield a surprising result: we will find that all those different lies have only one single root, and that is found in our selves. That is nothing but the separate little self, the Ego. The Ego is responsible for all the lies in the world; the Ego is the greatest master of fabricating lies. The Ego itself is the product of a masterfully constructed lie, as it is in fact a non-existent thing, which is given a pseudo-existence under certain circumstances. The circumstances exert their influence on us through our parents and other people important to us. They are the people who created the Ego in us, when they told us in our childhood who we were and what are names were. The lies, naturally, did not begin there,

Create from page 22

abusive relationships or habits so that you can then move with greater awareness and commitment to create positive transforma-

since we needed an Ego to survive and collect experience in the world. The lies began when our parents made us believe that we were identical with that Ego, we were nothing but a restricted, separate existence. That was the first lie, and the others were nicely added like new and new layers over the years. With the effective help of other people we fabricated a lie about the world, and another one about reveals their real nature. We all must face realour own mission in it. Naturally, we were not ity one day. In order to postpone that moment, aware that these were lies, as we took them as we rapidly replace our old and failed lies with truth, and we honestly believed in them. new ones. We are doing that because we are By believing in, and identifying with, afraid of the idea of giving up our existence as our lies, we have invested so much energy a separate self, we fear facing the unknown. into these lies over the years that even when But now the time has come for us to someone attempts to question their truth, we abandon all lies, and jump head first into the are scared to death. We believe that unknown. Let us imagine for a moment that all we know what the thoughts evapoWhen we are able to break free world is like around rate from our us and how it works. head, and we no from the spell of our thoughts, we We can clearly see longer have any are surprised to realize that our that it does not work concepts, ideas, perfectly, and we image that we created about our etc. there. Our believe that if we lies are wrapped self will also disappear with our try really hard, we in thoughts, and thoughts. We are then unable to are able to change they carry the it, to improve it. answer the question, ”Who are we?” false stamp of With such thoughts truth. The loss we want to create of thoughts will scare us so badly because the dream world, a comfortable dream for us all. The dream is supposed to give us peace of mind, to convince giving us a false sense of security, will also disappear with them. us that other people appreciate us, and what When we are able to break free from we do is correct and desirable. the spell of our thoughts, we are surprised to Lies are, however, only lies and they realize that our image that we created about might give us peace of mind for a shorter or our self will also disappear with our thoughts. longer period, but in the end they will only We are then unable to answer the question, bring us disappointment. That is exactly what tion in your own life and in those around you. At times in this process, you will look back and realize that you let yourself be the victim again. Even when you fail at making the shift from victim to creator, you can be gentle with yourself. Judging

and blaming yourself is just as disempowering as directing it towards others. You can accept and forgive yourself for not following your intention, and then do your best to learn from what happened. And there may even be times when, for whatever reason, you feel a need to play the role of victim for a while. If so, get into it and play the role fully. But remember while doing so that you are choosing this, and that you can just as easily choose to be a creator again as soon as you are ready. There’s a time and place for everything. One common trap, which easily pulls people into victim mode, is attachment. When we are strongly attached to anything, the possibility of suffering and loss is magnified. When the victim loses something to which they are attached, they easily become depressed or angry and blame others or themselves for what happened. When creators realize they had attachment to something lost, they welcome the transformative power of letting go and work to understand and then release the attachment. One of their key life intentions is to experience each precious moment of life to its fullest, without the need for the security provided by attachment. They know that even the most difficult experiences can be powerful teachers for us if we allow them to. By accepting the past and allowing the future to be a great, unknown, infinite potential, creators trust that their dance with each sacred moment of life

”Who are we?” If we find an answer somewhere inside us, we are still the captives of our thoughts, the thoughts have not entirely disappeared from our head yet. But once our selfimage has evaporated, we may no longer think of ourselves as fathers or mothers, Catholics or Muslims, good or bad. The disappearance of thoughts leaves a gateway open for us towards experiencing real truth. Together with the thoughts, the Ego, the self also disappears, and the truth of ‘I am’ shines out bright. That is the true fact that we have dressed up into the rags of ”I am this or that” over the years. Since our environment has concentrated all their attention on that garment, we wanted to make it more and more sumptuous and beautiful. We were so successful in that work that finally we completely identified with that clothing, and the basic fact of existence sunk into oblivion for us. In our days, however, the time has finally come to shed our garment of thoughts, and find our real Self in the naked truth of existence. From the book: Frank M. Wanderer: The Chant of the Heart: Enjoy the Nectar of Being Read more articles from Frank M. Wanderer: http://powerofconsciousness.blogspot. hu/p/articles.html

For an excellent, inspiring 15-minute video with a similar message: ~~~~~~ For an empowering essay on transforming your core life challenges: ~~~~~~ For a highly inspiring online lesson bringing this all home:

is a gift. They know that in the long run, every experience can bring more meaning and deeper connection. They understand that storms are a natural part of life that can bring the rain needed for emotional and spiritual growth. Creators also know that by choosing to nurture and inspire all around them to shift from victim to creator, life becomes better not only for themselves, but for all whose lives they touch. You can have a fuller, richer life right now by setting a clear intention to transform the victim within, and by inviting and welcoming into your life the powerful creator that you are.

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Dealing with the

By Heather Plett

This is what the self-help books might be missing


ear. It shows up in nearly every coaching conversation I have. Sometimes it’s bold and in-your-face and can’t be denied, and sometimes it’s sneaky and disguised as anger or laziness and has to be coaxed out into the light. Fear fills a lot of pages in self-help books. Everyone’s trying to master it. Some tell you to befriend it, others tell you ignore it, and still others tell you to stare it in the face. Do an image search of fear quotes and you’ll find endless memes about how you can conquer, befriend, embrace, or ignore fear. Or, if you’d rather, you can dance with it, kick it to the curb, or pray it out of existence. The problem with much of what is written about fear in self-help books is that it is oversimplified. Diminish fear into only one dimension and it’s easier to give you a memeworthy quote about it.

Some tell you to befriend it, others tell you ignore it, and still others tell you to stare it in the face. But fear is a multi-dimensional creature that requires a multi-dimensional response. It can’t be contained to a simple meme or a singular response. Diminishing the complexity of fear can have devastating results for those who read self-help books. Sometimes clients come to me even more beaten down than they were before they read the books. Now, not only do they still have the fear, they have accompanying shame that they weren’t able to address their fears the way the self-help books told them to. There are at least four kinds of fear that I have encountered in many conversations and much research. I suspect it’s even more complex, but this is at least a start in understanding it.

Four Kinds of Fear in order to avoid injury or harm. It’s the kind of fear that makes sure we don’t climb into the lion’s cage at the zoo, and it’s the quick-reaction fear that tells us to swerve out of the way when a car is headed straight at us. It’s also the fear that nudges us out of bad relationships or bad business deals. This fear serves as a valuable protector and shouldn’t just be “kicked to the curb.”

Ego fear This is the kind of fear whose job is to keep our fragile egos safe at all costs. It’s the fear that tells us to stay small, to not ask for too much, to avoid shaming ourselves. It’s also the fear that tells us to protect ourselves from people who don’t look like us or who don’t share our belief systems. Sadly, it’s the kind of fear that seems to be making far too many political decisions these days. This is the most slippery of the fears. It’s hard to pin down and it’s got a million ways to lie to us. It’s the kind of fear that many of the self-help books are talking about when they tell us to befriend our fear or let it take the passenger seat in the car. This fear needs to be examined and deconstructed so that it doesn’t control us.

Warning Fear This is the legitimate fear that shows up to tell us that a course correction is necessary

Flower of Life from page 11

reoccurring theme with all farmers, in food and medicine alike. Those who work directly with the plants, says Sarah, are “over-controlled and cut out of the profit zone”. Selena and her team intend to take back some of this control by standing up for their right to grow natural organic food and medicine, cannabis falling into both of these categories. Sarah aspires to help the apothecary evolve in the direction of a “super health food company”, shedding the stigma associated with drug labeling. A restoration of balance is required in order for the marijuana plant to be relieved of

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Trauma has a way of embedding fear so deeply into our bodies that we can barely understand it.

Here’s a place to start…

An honest inquiry can help you discern whether the fear is rational or irrational.

Trauma has a way of embedding fear so deeply into our bodies that we can barely understand it or control it, let alone conquer it with a few tips from a self-help book. Trauma changes us so fundamentally that it’s been known to alter not only our DNA, but also the DNA we pass down to our children. Some of our trauma fear has, unbeknownst to us, been inherited from generations before us.

Consider whether you need outside help addressing the fear. If you can’t understand or Be quiet. Unless the fear demands an address the fear by doing the above-mentioned instantaneous response (ie. swerving out of the practices, it may be time to seek professional path of a car), give yourself a time-out when help. If the fear seems irrational and easily fear shows up and be quiet with it. Go out into triggered, look for a therapist with expertise nature or sit on a meditation cushion and let in trauma. I would especially recommend your fear know that you are willing to listen. someone who takes a wholistic, body-centred Noise and/or the wrong person’s advice can inapproach and who understands that trauma tensify the fears, so find a place to be quiet and can’t simply be treated with talk-therapy. honest with yourself. Be alone or with someone If it doesn’t seem to be trauma-related but who knows how to hold space for you. is instead connected to some old stories you’ve Pay attention to your body. Where are you been telling yourself, coaching might help, but be feeling the fear in your body? What is your discerning about who you choose for a coach. SomeThe problem with much of what one who glosses over the complexity of fear will not is written about fear in self-help be the right person. There is nothing books is that it is oversimplified. wrong with turning to self-help books (I’ve Diminish fear into only one read quite a few myself), but if you find that those dimension and it’s easier to give books make you feel about yourself you a meme-worthy quote about it. worse instead of better, they might not be the right body asking of you? What do you need to do to books for you. You have the right to toss them in the recycling bin, even if everyone else in your be kind to your body in that moment of intensity? When I feel fear in the pit of my stomach, social media feed seems to be eating them up. Seek out what’s best for you and do the for example, I like to place my hands gently work that heals you and makes you stronger. over my belly and hold the fear like I would a

prejudice and to continue assuming its responsibility for enhancing quality of life within our communities. Sarah’s extensive background in farming and food security enabled her to bring forth biodynamic growing practices at the dispensary to ensure quality, and consistently potent organic medicine. The key is to keep these operations from going industrial. Monocultures, by definition, depend upon the interference of chemical pesticides, which now threaten the entire industry through encroaching government regulations. Instead, the Flower of Life team works with naturally occurring life-force energies, such as moon cycles and other astrological influences to maximize the cultivation

of their plants. The majority of the apothecary’s cannabis strains are proudly thoroughbred, meaning the seeds have developed under three generations of harmonic biodynamic growth cycles. In conjunction with the many rhythms of the natural world within which the apothecary thrives, are the constant changes led by Selena and her team. September will bring a new line of CBD products, superior in quality and reduced in price, enhancing both their effectiveness and accessibility. The team is also focusing on increasing their line of medicinal edibles and health food products that have already been well received by their members. Selena describes how preventative medicine is

Warning Fear makes sure we don’t climb into the lion’s cage at the zoo.

Invitational Fear Sometimes, what feels like fear, is actually a message from our bodies that we are on the right track, that we are about to step into something important and life-changing. It’s an invitation rather than a warning. I often refer to this kind of fear as “the trembling” because, for me, it’s often accompanied by a physical vibration in my body. This is the kind of fear we befriend, because it leads us into our right work, art, relationships, etc..

Trauma Fear Fear is a multi-dimensional creature that requires a multi-dimensional response.

Trauma fears are often irrational and can flare up at the slightest trigger, causing a fight, flight, or freeze reaction that nobody who’s witnessing it can understand. To treat this kind of fear with a simple self-help book approach is to do an egregious disservice to the person who’s suffered from the trauma. That’s like giving an aspirin to a cancer patient and telling them to go home and think good thoughts. Instead, you need to seek out the right expert who can provide support, tools, body exercises, etc. to help you understand and cope with the long-term impact of the trauma. So… how can you tell which kind of fear is showing up for you? There is no simple answer to that. Instead, there’s a life-long practice of mindfulness, discernment, and experimentation.

frightened child. Your body often understands things your brain doesn’t know how to process, so you need to learn to pay attention. You may want to explore body-related practices such as yoga, reiki, or something more specifically related to trauma, such as TRE. Be alone or with someone who knows how to hold space for you. Be alone or with someone who knows how to hold space for you. Ask what the fear is trying to protect you from. An honest inquiry can help you discern whether the fear is rational or irrational, a warning or an invitation. This is something I often do in my journal, by starting with a few prompts such as “I feel fear about… This fear is trying to protect me from…” Keep writing until the fears beneath the surface start to tell you their truth. Ask whether you can and/or should survive whatever your fear is trying to protect you from. If it’s a warning fear, then just because you CAN survive it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Act accordingly. If it’s an ego fear, then what it’s trying to protect you from is probably worth surviving because it will mean you’ll move into greater freedom and/or authenticity. Again, act accordingly.

the solution to illness, as, of course, “prevention is the cure”. Cannabis plays an essential role in our collective healing practices, as there is much to learn from this magnificent plant. The Flower of Life Compassion Club Society is building a community whose intention is to help heal the wounds of a destructive society, while avoiding the bureaucratic brutalization prevalent in our social structures. After all, “you can’t change the whole world”, says Selena, “but you can change yours”. Thank you Selena Wong and team, for extending your compassion and sharing your many gifts to better the lives of those around you, one world at a time.

By Design By IAM SAUMS

“Nothing is ever as it seems.” Soul Sacrifice


ife as we live it is an elaborate illusion devised by the few for the devout acquiescence of the many. Most, if not all of us, don’t want to truly live. We just act like we do. We exist in a vacuum of being, conditioned to fear life as much or more than death. The synthetic comfort of the common median separates us from the power of our choice, focus, purpose and destiny. We allow “life” to tear our heart out of our chest while our spirit languishes in the purgatory of our reluctance and the custody of our self-righteousness. We wager our present moments for the promise of our future to escape the torment of our past. Smoke and Mirrors Nothing we experience in the three dimensional domain is real. The authoritarian imposition of reality we are programed to accept and adopt or our staunch belief in it does not make it genuine. It is a contemporary fairy tale controlled and manipulated to amuse, bewilder, distract, distort, entertain, and ultimately imprison us. It is a colossal, elegant complex network of stimuli strategically timed and articulated to evoke emotional, mental and instinctual reactions. We measure our lives not by our actions, creations or intentions, yet by our responses to totalitarian motivations in the global laboratory of society.

On Purpose There never were, are or ever will be accidents in reality; only circumstances and occurrences that string us along enough to ensure our engagement, investment and participation. Where once we sustained social pandemonium with our attention, intelligence and money, now we intravenously enable it with our emotion, energy and soul. We are desperately and hopelessly addicted to the casual rush of our inherently unique drama, lifestyle, opinion, perception and significance. This is the formula that keeps us attached, engrossed and obsessed with the perpetual illusion of ordinary life.

The Human Schism Our learned fanaticism with all people and things shiny and bright has become a common psychosis of devotion and vicarious existence. We are mere shadows of the human beings we were destined to be. Before we have the opportunity to identify, develop and experience our personal power and purpose, it is slowly siphoned away from us by a myriad of energetic, social, institutional and professional entities. Our lives were taken from us long before they even began, replaced with the American Dream of “someday, some one, someplace, somehow…” It is a fantasy that isolates us from everything from the universe

to ourselves.

Spinning Wheel All that we sense in the three-dimensional reality is an inversion of perception. Common sense, reason, belief, history, intelligence and meaning in society has been exploited and transposed into a deception of experience. Reality has been spun and projected millions of times and ways over the course of human existence. It is as mutable as public opinion, yet always intended for one sole purpose: to blind the human race from its oblivious enablement and involvement in a relentlessly secret and insidious agenda. For multi-national corporate, executive and financial organizations to accomplish a silent global takeover in the name of elitist conquest.

All the World’s a ... Our involvement in society is a performance. When we are young, we are graded

Human control begins and ends in the complexity of the ego. Our programming in this world is inevitable. It is only a question of the degree of our indoctrination. by a system of standardized examinations. It is not to determine our potential from our intelligence and proficiency, but to prepare us for a lifetime of servitude. We are institutionalized to be left-brain dominant drones to best serve the mental matrix. (Please see my article “The Heart of It All.”) As we mature, our grading system is measured in monetary and status criteria as well as our rate of conformity. We are puppets upon the stage of reality. We perform our part on the bottom of the pyramid never realizing if we walked away, the system of enslavement would fall.

The Grand Illusion Reality is not life and life is not reality. These are two very distinct experiences. Yet, they have been collapsed into one for the purpose of generating a more convenient and lucrative mainframe of human existence for the handful of organizations by whom it is controlled. Everything in our experience of reality is altered and manipulated to further the agenda of the few at the cost of the many. The world we see and accept as real is the dark side of the proverbial mirror of life; it is not the truth that has become the greatest threat to humanity, it is reality.

Business as Usual Reality is a 24-hour business. It is always open and selling illusion at a tantalizing price most can’t afford. Reality is not bought and sold by us. We become indebted to it with our apathy, compliance, indifference and resignation. We willingly hand over our

creativity, intention, love, passion, personal power and trust multiple times a day every day of our lives. This is our true currency we exchange for artificial belonging, comfort, meaning and security. Human reality is enabled with the investment of our attention, energy, fear and obedience. The business of reality is to charm us with an illusion of life to restrict us from our truth.

Remote Control Every aspect of reality is controlled and manipulated. Our air, water and food are riddled with chemicals to contaminate us and suppress our consciousness. News networks use fear as a weapon to modify public perception. Social media and the sports and entertainment industries are designed to distract us from and desensitize us to the atrocities, inequalities and tragedies their sponsors commit every day in their quest for profit. Weather patterns are engineered to produce massive storms with an alarming frequency of devastation. Scientists are now discovering that reality is a holographic projection from a distant, unknown origin in the universe.

The Architects There has always been a veiled network of elitist individuals whom have held sovereignty over the world for centuries. They have hindered the progression of the automotive, energy, health, medical and technological industries all for the sake of reaping high yields from low investments for global domination. They invented and manipulate the financial marketplace to ensnare their consumers into the slavery of debt. Yet their most devious practice is preying upon human emotion and thought with fear using the media, politics, sports, religion and war to enslave the human race into two-dimensional reality.

Hacking the Ego Human control begins and ends in the complexity of the ego. Our programming in this world is inevitable. It is only a question of the degree of our indoctrination. All of us have lived through years of imposed, intense conditioning. As human doings we are defined by the boundaries, circumstances, environments, ethics, laws and standards set by the authoritarian organizations our egos enable. Our false personality receives and sends distorted energetic frequencies to disrupt our intuitive and emotional potential. We are first slaves to our own design well before we become victims to the villains of the world.

Courting Consciousness The acceptance and application of our consciousness is critical to the transformation of our present experience. There is no place for apathy, cynicism, deception, fear, greed and self-righteousness in our enlightenment. We either allow ourselves to be crippled by the iniquities of our human design or we choose to transcend them and express our true power. It is up to each and every one of us to become the manifestation of our truth, love, purpose and destiny. We are the emanation of all creation. We are the personification of all possibility. Each one of us is the only solution we will ever need. “I never knew who I could become until I freed myself from who I am.”

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introduced to many new and influential artists from across the globe, and had the pleasure of speaking with Mandolin Orange, a vibrant folk and bluegrass acoustic duo from North Carolina. Partners Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin shared with me a bit about their musical background. Having released a total of four albums since 2010, and with a new one on the way, the couple spends much of their time now touring North America. This being my first experience at Folk Fest, I was utterly delighted by the sensational expression of artistic talent, and the all-encompassing friendly atmosphere. I’d like to take a moment to remark upon one artist in particular who I’d never before heard until Friday night of the festival. All the way from Nouveau Brunswick, une artiste Acadienne qui ma laisser complètement bouche bée. From Rosaireville, New Brunswick, Acadian musician Lisa LeBlanc took the main stage by complete surprise. As a selfproclaimed “Trash Folk” artist, Lisa’s style is entirely unique. This banjoplaying, head-banging, Motörheadsinging ball of energy, bared her edge to a crowd of five thousand, in such a powerful way that I was left with no other choice but to follow her performances around the festival that weekend, and even to Victoria two days later for an exclusive interview. Watch out for full in-depth online coverage of my experience at the festival, as well as interviews with these two up-and-coming bands. It seems that with The New Agora, there are no limits. The more we are able to drum up in our hearts and minds, the bigger and grander the whole affair becomes. This month I look forward to another great event in the Cowichan Valley, where our team has media passes to the Legends Valley Music Festival. In addition, I will also be writing a series of product reviews for our readers from businesses whose contributions I believe hold great significance. Among them is Foxy Cloth, a small company promoting reusable feminine hygiene products in Vancouver. This last weekend in July, Fredalupe, Kelci Stene our newest representative, and I will pack our bags for a weekend event at Vancouver Island’s O.U.R. Ecovillage, presented by Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. Guest speaker and well-known health advocate David Wolfe will share with us his many natural healing practices during this intimate weekend. Where we’ll end up next is still somewhat of a mystery, and for that I couldn’t be more excited. I invite you to write me at haley@, and I look forward to sharing with you again next month! — Haley Nagasaki

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My Deprogramming

By Larken Rose


was raised in a conservative home, in a conservative town, with some libertarian leanings. I grew up thinking the good old U.S. of A. was the land of the free and the home of the brave, and that “our” Constitution made us fundamentally different from every other country. I was a big proponent of “limited government”--meaning police and military, and not much else. Back then I considered myself quite adept at explaining and arguing why collectivism and communism are immoral and irrational, and why “government” should have only a very limited role in “society.” Since almost everyone was more pro-”government” than I was, I was almost always arguing AGAINST “government” doing this or that. I had little practice in rationally justifying “government” doing what I DID want it to do. But there was a problem. My arguments for why “government” should NOT be taking care of the poor, controlling education, running the health care system, and so on, applied equally well to the things I thought “government” SHOULD be doing. For example, if individual liberty was the moral and practical choice when it came to food production, why was it not the moral and practical choice when it came to protection and defense? If a welfare state forcibly robbing people in the name of fighting poverty was immoral and counter-productive, why was forcibly robbing people in the name of protecting them from thieves and invaders any better? Arguing “it’s for your own good,” or “it’s necessary,” or “the collective need justifies it,” made me sound exactly like the communists I routinely railed against. And saying “The Constitution says so” was a complete cop-out, as if my philosophical position didn’t need a rational basis as long as it matched what a sacred piece of paper said. I’ve enjoyed arguing for as long as I can remember. And whenever one engages in intellectual battle, the chinks in his armor will

always be his OWN inconsistencies. I had made a hobby out of aiming for the giant holes of inconsistency in the “armor” of collectivist ideas (socialism, communism, democracy, etc.). And I wanted my own philosophical armor to be invincible. To put it another way, because I considered THE TRUTH to be what matters above all, and because the truth can’t be inconsistent with itself, I wanted to make sure there were no contradictions or inconsistencies in my own belief system, and in what I was advocating. So I spent lots of time looking at my own philosophical “armor,” and saw that it had some gaping holes in it--in other words, I saw that my philosophy CONTRADICTED ITSELF. And that wasn’t okay with me. So I set out to remove those inconsistencies, no matter what. If my reverence for the Constitution got in the way of being principled and philosophically consistent, then the Constitution had to go. If “limited government” didn’t fit with a coherent, rational, consistent set of principles, then it had to go, too. In short, I had to back up, past all of the “civics” stuff we were all taught, and start from scratch. What I found was very freeing, and very disturbing. I found that the entire mythology about “government,” “authority” and “law” was nonsensical garbage. Despite the fact that the mythology was being repeated just about everywhere, by just about everybody, it made no sense at all, for a dozen different reasons. I should mention that a lot of this examination and reconsidering was the result of my wife and I throwing ideas at each other. She’s another one of those wacky people who want to know the truth--whatever it is--and who don’t want to believe in lies and contradictions. Having both been “limited government” believers, over time we basically “corrupted” each other into becoming anarchists, eventually giving up the mythology of “government” entirely. (Don’t talk or think too much, or the same thing might happen to you!) Now, most of the anarchists I know gave up statism because they decided that, as a practical matter, a completely free society

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touted as a virtual panacea. But the truth is that not all detox options are right for all people. As with any form of personal improvement, these detoxes should be researched carefully and then considered against any present health concerns. Detoxification products are well worth researching but for those who want to begin right away, there are some completely natural and preventative steps we can take. These options address not only ways to avoid heavy metal exposure, over time they can also begin to clean the body out and work as a slower, natural form of detoxification. Go Organic – Eating organic foods will help you to avoid the heavy metals that can occur as a result of pesticide use.

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would work better than any “government”controlled society, and that “government” is not really necessary. But I arrived at anarchism/voluntaryism by a different route: I figured out, via simple logic, that “government” is impossible. I don’t mean that GOOD “government” is impossible (though it is); I mean that the entire concept of “government” is a self-contradictory myth. There’s no such thing, and can be no such thing. There can NEVER be a legitimate ruling class, so arguing about WHAT KIND of ruling class we should have, or what it should do, was a completely pointless discussion. If “government” isn’t real, debating what it should be like is silly. Of course, the gang of mercenaries is very real, as are the politicians, but it is the supposed LEGITIMACY of their rule that makes them “government,” and makes their commands “law,” and makes disobedience to such commands “crime,” and so on. Without the RIGHT to do what they do--without the moral right to rule--the gang ceases to be “government,” and becomes organized crime. By trying to reconcile contradictions in my own political beliefs, I proved to myself that “government” can NEVER be legitimate. It can never have “authority.” However necessary it supposedly is, and however noble the stated goal might be, I eventually realized that it is utterly impossible for anyone to acquire the right to rule others, even in a limited, “constitutional” way. There are several ways to prove this, and each of them is astonishingly simple. For example, if a person cannot delegate a right he doesn’t have, then it is impossible for those in “government” to have any rights that I do not personally have. (Where and how would they have acquired such super-human rights?) Furthermore, unless human beings can actually ALTER morality by mere decree, then all “legislation” is pointless and illegitimate. If one accepts the principle of non-aggression, then “government” is logically impossible, because a “government” without the right to tax, regulate, or legislate (which are all

Eat Clean – Forget the processed foods and go back to whole foods options. That means no more refined sugar, skipping the drive-thru at lunch and opting for dinners made at home. Raw for Life – Experts recommend making roughly one-third of your diet raw. If this seems like a lot, it’s worth exploring the new options available through raw recipes. With raw and paleo diets so popular there are now recipes for everything from raw vegetable noodles to use in place of traditional pasta to raw versions of cheesecakes. These simple guidelines are easy to incorporate into any diet and they can improve a person’s overall health while laying a foundation to detoxify and cleanse the body of all kinds of toxins – including heavy metals. As we gain a better understanding of how heavy metals affect us both mentally and physically, we also gain a sense of urgency when it comes to detoxification. By taking simple

threats of aggression) is no “government” at all. And just as no one can have the right to rule me, I can never have any obligation to obey anyone’s command over my own “conscience,” which rules out any possibility of any outside “authority.” In short, I came to the conclusion that “government” is one big lie. It is a mythical, super-human deity which people hope will save them from reality. It is a superstition no more rational than the belief in Santa Claus, and infinitely more destructive. “Anarchy,” meaning a lack of “government,” isn’t just what SHOULD be; it is what is, and what has always been. And by hallucinating an “authority” and a “government” that is not there, human beings have created an incomprehensible level of violence and oppression, covering the earth and stretching back to the beginning of recorded history. So now I spend much of my time trying to persuade others to give up the cult of statism. I do not advocate abolishing “government” any more than I advocate abolishing Santa Claus. I just want people to stop letting their perceptions and actions be so profoundly warped and perverted by something that DOES NOT EXIST, and never did. That is why I refer to the belief in “government” and “authority” as “The Most Dangerous Superstition.” If people could give up that superstition, even if they did not otherwise become any more wise or compassionate, the state of society would drastically improve. I don’t pretend to have the ability to make anyone more virtuous, but by pointing out to them the contradictions in their own belief systems--the very same contradictions I struggled with for years--I hope to help some of them reclaim ownership of themselves, so they can start thinking and acting as rational, sentient beings, instead of as the well-trained livestock of malicious masters. First published in Issue 152 of The Voluntaryist

About the author Larken Rose is author of The Most Dangerous Superstition (2011). Available from Iron Web Press, Box 653, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 or from $ 12 + shipping. See excerpt printed in this issue.

steps towards healthier eating and using detox products wisely, we can help to improve our health and protect our brains for years to come.

About the Author Laura Halliday has been coaching couples to a better, more holistic, natural and guilt-free sex life for three years. She currently resides in Seattle where she continues to read and write about psychology, emotional and physical health and relationships. Please visit her website. This article (Free Your Mind by Detoxing from Heavy Metals) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Laura Halliday and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.



onfly stands on the leaf, peels off the old skin and unfolds its wings in the sunlight before taking flight, so we’ll need a stable background to help people learn to fly.

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What does that mean exactly? It means we have to bring as swift an end to the system as possible. It’s gobbling up precious resources and energy, ridiculously wasting them on idle rubbish, mindless entertainment and hopeless addiction. We have to wean ourselves off this crutch through noncompliance with the corporations that would try to bolster it – those that would like to keep mankind dwelling in the murky depths of the pond, rather than flying liberated above it.

Discovering how less is more We have to spend our time and money wisely now: to invest in ourselves and our future (especially since paper money will lose its value); to gather together the resources and communities that can help one another out as society steadily pulls itself apart. Even if you continue to work in the matrix, you can still prepare. And don’t worry, you have time, if you begin now. Society will not collapse in one fell swoop. It will be a steady degradation. It’s happening now. It’s just that most haven’t clicked yet as to what’s going on. So you’ve got time to gather together, share ideas, support and suggestions about what might work best. You can start growing your own food


“Collapse,” with Michael C. Ruppert (full movie)

and collect a reserve of essentials to tide you through difficult times. That’s the inspirational idea behind Transition Towns, which have been springing up and thriving all around the world for several years now. It’s about supporting local skills, already developing the web of a local support and resource mechanism. Even if it’s just a micro community of a few neighbours and friends, it will make all the difference as the globalized structure fractures. In the film below, Michael shares a poignant and prophetic example of the fate of two countries – North Korea and Cuba – that both suffered through the collapse of the iron curtain: affected because they were both dependent on Soviet oil, just as the civilized world is right now. The North Korean approach was to centralize resource, for government to control everything, like the collectivized food supply and nationalized energy. Communism? It sounds suspiciously like the leading western ‘democracies’ to me. And what was the result? Starvation on a massive scale. Cuba on the other hand encouraged people to come together in local communities, to grow their own food in their own back gardens, thus consuming a fraction of the energy. They no longer have the paraphernalia of modern society – a blessing – and the people positively thrived by needing less, discovering that less is more.

die off, worlds of ancient knowledge are being lost or abandoned. What happens as these important rituals are lost? What is the effect on the Universe when fewer and fewer people are left who know the ancient ways of singing and dancing to honour the ground that we walk upon and the animals and plants that provide our nourishment? Is that shift at the core of what is happening to the Earth now? Arkan says that “When forgetting to nourish the forms of life that nourish us, everything beings to decay and lose its radiance. Humankind has consumed millions of tons of resources taken from the planet during the last decades … There isn’t any consistent practice or tradition used for compensating the Earth for all that is taken from Her.” What can we do to reconnect with the Earth and restore the brilliant vibration of all life, to give strength back to our world when people have already taken so much? For if we can find a way to give back to the Earth, then She will most certainly have more abundance to share with us, and humans can live in increased prosperity (richness of mind, body, and heart) instead of being caught up in endless war, greed, and fear as much of the world is today.

work that we are facing at this time of evolution is for our species to make the transition from being a destructive presence on the planet to a mutually enhancing human-earth relationship. … To really engage with the questions of creating a mutually-enhancing human-earth relationship, it is going to require tremendous boldness, tremendous brashness, tremendous commitment to get at the core of what needs to be engaged with.” Worldwide today, groups advocating for transformational social change are already impacting our world in significant ways. Movements such as Buen Vivir and Deep Ecology are calling for a change from the current paradigm to one of respect for nature; a shift away from consumption and consumerism and toward a more holistic view of humans’ place on the Earth. What role will you play? What talents, knowledge, and deep heartfelt passion for your cause, will you bring forward to make our world more thriving, just, and sustainable? Pachamama Alliance’s online course, Awakening the Dreamer, explores the immense possibility of living at this moment in time for bringing forth a mutually enhancing human-Earth relationship. Discover your role in creating a new future in this self-guided, free online course. In closing, consider this poem from the Teton Sioux people, which beautifully expresses their ancient relationship with the land.

Our Responsibility Today

Love of the Land

Evolutionary Activism is a rising movement based on the idea that we, as humans, are aware of evolution and our place in the circle of life. We are the universe becoming aware of itself. Ancient wisdom tells us that we were meant to be caretakers of the Earth, and so our consciousness points us toward an extraordinary responsibility to create a better world for all beings. Bill Twist, co-founder and Executive Director of the Pachamama Alliance, referencing the late ecotheologian Thomas Berry states: “Thomas Berry says that the great

The old people came literally to love the soil, and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of being close to a mothering power. It was good for the skin to touch the earth, and the old people liked to remove their moccasins and walk with bare feet on the sacred earth. Their tipis were built upon the earth and their altars were made of earth. The birds that flew in the air came to rest upon the earth, and it was the final abiding place of all things that lived and grew. The soul was soothing, strengthening, cleansing, and healing. This is why

from page 3

The universe is a flowing ocean of energy. Humanity – spurred by an Interdimensional Intervention – has built a dam and tried to contain it in some eddy current. And we’ve turned a blind eye as the realigning energy of higher dimensional forces and devic consciousness now comes in to break apart the false reality fabric over time. This shift and cleansing process that is beginning will be unlike any other to have taken place on earth. Why? Because Gaia has released her karma. She needed the control mechanism too, in order to experience being fully accepting and forgiving of those that would disrespect her. But she’s processed that constriction now and needs it no longer. Thus the ‘matrix’ no longer

has a foundation. It will be peeled off over time. There will be no place for the old human consciousness, which will be shed with the skin too. Instead, will incarnate the new human consciousness – Divinicus Cometh – to thrive through this cleansing process that has now begun. The renewed human spirit is meant to ride this realigning wave, rather than try to manipulate it. Because anything that tries to control something else, ultimately ends up controlling only itself. So we need to learn to ride the wave of the soul once more. To listen to it and above all, feel it coursing through our veins, respond to its direction. We need to master the inner alchemy of change. There are two streams of consciousness within you. Which do you identify with: the sense of separation, the fear and contraction? Or do you penetrate that, soften through it and flow with your eternal spirit? Right now too many are still caught ‘rabbit like’ in the car headlamps as the slow motion tsunami approaches them. Hoping, pretending, that they’re just in a dream and when they wake up, all will be okay, the car won’t really be careering towards them. But by then, it’s too late. I urge you then to watch the film, pinch yourself awake, but then let the soul inspire you to make new choices in this new multidimensional landscape. And if you can’t yet clearly hear the soul and follow its guidance through every choice, then I would suggest that’s the best place to begin. Here’s the documentary and afterwards, if you’d like help with the soul guidance part, feel free to get in touch. From my heart to yours Open (on behalf of Openhand)

the old Indian still sits upon the earth instead of propping himself up and away from its life-giving forces. For him, to sit or lie upon the ground is to be able to think more deeply and to feel more keenly.

He can see more clearly into the mysteries of life and come closer in kinship to other lives about him. – Chief Luther Standing Bear, Teton Sioux, Born 1868

Some will say we can use unlimited supplies of ‘free energy’. Whilst we may benefit from new technologies that could come through, what we have to realize is how hopelessly dependent the current system is on oil. How will all those fossil fuel engines be replaced? Where will the resources come from to build the new machines, gadgets and widgets? Whatever technology we discover to tide us through, it is my strong assertion that we need to get used to consuming less, using wisely the resources we currently have… Even if you new the world were to end tomorrow, would you plant that apple tree today? Would you live wisely, with compassion and a soft footprint on the earth? It is these souls that will ascend through the collapse of the old world. This is the new consciousness that will thrive as the old is peeled away.

Pinch yourself awake

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Cure-All from page 13

in with CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells For those wanting a little more information on how cannabis kills cancer cells, I recommend watching a few of these short videos. The 1st video shows how and why cannabis cures cancer. The 2nd video is an interview with a man called Dennis Hill, a survivor of stage IV prostate cancer. Dennis reveals how our bodies make cancer cells all the time, but our immune system (which includes the endocannabinoid system) can normally handle them. However, when the immune system is compromised, it gets behind on killing cancer cells. Cancer cells have distorted or damaged DNA. Luckily, when a cell turns cancerous, the number of cannabinoid receptors in the cell increases. The body uses its endocannabinoid anandamide to stimulate the production of ceramide, which kills cancer cell mitochondria, starving the cancer cell. The ceramide is intelligently guided; it somehow “knows” to kill damaged cells only and leave the healthy ones intact, much like the way vitamin B17, amygdala or laetrile works to selectively target cancer cells too.

The Future of CBD Oil: Made Without Solvents Rick Simpson, the Canadian hero who made CBD-rich cannabis oil, gave it away for free and healed many people, came up with a form of CBD oil where he used a solvent to extract it. However, there are now many companies who are producing high-quality CBD oil from non-GMO, non-pesticided hemp, which they then decarboxylate (turn the acidic forms of the cannabinoids into the non-acidic forms, i.e. turn CBDa into CBD and

THCa into THC, etc.). I believe in the future, due to the unstoppable momentum of cannabis oil, medical marijuana will become completely decriminalized and legalized, and people all over will have access to high therapeutic grade CBD oil which contains no THC or psychoactive agents. Conclusion: Let’s Explore the Many Uses of Cannabis and CBD Oil There are no coincidences in our world – only Sources magic, mystery, synchronicity, conspiracy and connection of which we are often unaware. The sheer fact that our body has its own endocannabinoid system, parallel to the phytocan nabinoid system of the cannabis plant, is a fact of key significance and beyond mere coincidence. Call it what you want – cannabis, hemp, marijuana, pot, weed, ganja or kush – this plant has massive potential as a first-class healer extraordinaire. It’s time for all of us around the world to study and use this plant for the bounty of benefits it offers, including making paper, textiles, cloth, rope, oil and fuel, as well as for its nutritional benefits (hemp seed, hemp seed oil) and medical benefits (CBD oil). It has already saved people’s lives. Imagine what else it can do …

About the author Makia Freeman is the editor of alterna-

The plant reacted to the idea of being burnt.

Heal Yourself from page 18

36 years studying biocommunication in plant, animal and human cells He attached the electrodes to a leaf and began to think about ways that he might induce a surge in electrical activity in the plant. In humans this surge in electrical activity is associated with intense emotions. He suddenly imagined burning the electroded leaf. The same instant this idea entered his mind, the polygraph pen shot to the top of the chart showing an extreme reaction on the part of the plant. Amazed, he walked to his secretary’s desk to retrieve a set of matches while pondering the possibility that this plant was somehow detecting the force of human intention. The plant reacted to the idea of being burnt.

Can Plants become Attuned to their Primary Care Takers? When he returned with the matches, the plant was still showing the same high level reaction which would interfere with tracking additional changes on the chart. Backster decided to “remove the threat” by returning the matches to the desk. At this point, the chart displayed a downward trend as the plant apparently began to calm down.[3] When Backster attempted to repeat the same results by pretending that he was going to burn the plant, there was no reaction. The plant seemed to sense the difference between real and artificial intent. He eventually discovered that plants become attuned to their primary care takers, responding to both their positive and negative emotions and to their return after being away for a time.[4] Chart findings also showed that plants prioritize the emotions of their primary care takers over the emotions of others nearby. Plants prioritize the emotions of their primary care takers over the emotions of others.

Signs of Consciousness Backster later expanded his research to include testing human cells for signs of consciousness. He collected white blood cells from human donors, electroded them in a test tube and then recorded the cells’ reactions as the donors experienced different emotional states. He found that spontaneous emotions were necessary in order to elicit an electrical reaction in the cells. For instance, if a donor forced herself to feel an emotion, the cells would not respond. However, when she received a distressing phone call from her daughter, the cells reacted significantly.[5] He noted that distance seemed to

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be irrelevant in these experiments. For example, a donor left his electroded cells behind in the lab, then kept a detailed log of any stressful emotions experienced on his trip home to another state, such as missing a turn on the freeway, standing in a long line at the airport, and the take-off of his plane. Later, his logged incidents compared with the chart recording showed strong correlations between the timing of the stressful events and the electrical reactions in his cells. The chart became quiet again when he arrived home and went to sleep. [6] Spontaneous emotions were necessary in order to elicit an electrical reaction in the cells.

Raw Creative Healing Ability These experiments were conducted while using equipment that screened out electromagnetic radiation — the usual energies used for information transmission. The cells behaved as if the screens weren’t there, suggesting that this communication is carried by a field still unidentified by conventional science.[7] Some scientists believe that the further development of quantum physics may help guide us to understand this field that communicates emotional intent between living things.[8] Quantum Entanglement is a process where two particles of matter which have interacted with each other, still behave as if they are connected after being separated by many miles. When an energetic change is made to the properties (position, momentum and rotational spin) of one of the particles, the properties of the other distant particle will change at the same instant. Quantum Entanglement is a process where two particles of matter that have interacted with each other, still behave as if they are connected after being separated. This scientific phenomenon and the research of Cleve Backster, point to the Eastern concept of oneness — the view that all of nature is interdependent. Ancient cultures understood this interconnection as a living universal energy field that sustains life while guiding the evolution of consciousness throughout the universe. The meditation techniques involved in my practice bring the mind into attunement with this field. Energy from this field is then focused into a physical healing event through clear intention — delivered by means of a conversation that evokes spontaneous emotions — and attunes the physical body to the conscious mind. This method which I call Antara (Sanskrit for within), enables one to experience the raw creative healing ability generated by an alliance of the mind and body with this living universal energy field.

HUMALIFE Take Your Power Heal Your Cells Phone 250-495-2356 Find them online or at these locations Vancouver: at Genesis Nutrition Main St, Davie St, W. Broadway Victoria: Life Styles Market, 2950 Douglas St. Osoyoos: Bonnie Doon Health Food Store Oliver: Stone Owl Earthworks & Reiki Clinic- 9948-350 Avenue

SEPT 17-18 , 2016

Fulvic Acid has been discovered to be

one of the most important natural miracles related to life itself. • Powerful anti-oxidant • Anti-aging and rejuvenating • Bio-remediates heavy metals • Removes radiation from your body • Repairs DNA • Powerful natural electrolyte • Increases bio availability • Alkalizes and detoxifies blood • Regenerates and hydrates cells

$15 $20

One ticket provides entry on both days.

With federal legalization on the horizon, Canada is poised to be the global leader in cannabis production. Join over 150 exhibitors and presenters from across North America and Europe to learn about new products and new opportunities.

by Melissa la Flamme

know compassion for self, others, earth. To live and love — on fire, fully alive, juiced, and ready to serve. Being authentic and soul-centered costs you your ticket to ride from the collective mainstream to the illusion of safety and security. It opens the door to your bloody and glistening, broken-whole heart — reveals to you the honey of this wildly delicious, messy life. Leaves you, and those you touch, feeling radically free. Without choice now. Solid and light. Authenticity strips away all that is not real. All that is not made from love, to love. All that is of enriched soul and inspired Spirit remains. There is no living a soulcentered life without being authentic, without mustering the courage to do the excavating in the dark: the Shadow work.


hen you live from your intuitive core, your belly, your heart, and let your soul lead and spirit guide you, your words and actions will be naturally subversive. You will go to your edge. You will soften. Become wildly tender. Question is, will you wholly inhabit your own revolution? In beauty? This inner revolution is a perpetual ceremony of the heart. It’s what you are for. When you are real, cooked down to essence, rather than half-baked to get approval, to look good, the projections from others may fly, seek you out and try to stick to you. Don’t let them. Instead, let your authenticity support you in carrying on wholehearted, vulnerable conversation to resolve whatever arises. It is hard work. Uncomfortable. Deeply human. Can be harrowing. And often downright delicious. Intimate. Naked. Courageous work marked by your solid presence. Here. Now. I’d rather be whole than good, C.G. Jung said. And by whole, he meant real, messy, ensouled, deeply human, heart broken open with compassion — flowing first to ourselves, to resource and prepare to let it flow widely to others. Being too comfortable, amenable, and pliable to the point of contorting yourself, is a ticket to selling your soul right up the river. Don’t buy it. When you live from your own knowing-ness, from your gut and your wildly rooted intelligence, you feel alive. Genuinely, madly, creatively alive. Being real — true to your Self, your soul — is gritty. And grit causes friction, makes fire to clear the way for living a revolutionary act. This act is marked by action that the earth and the soul of the world are crying out for. And the cry is going to get louder, more pain-filled, and grievous, before enough souls answer wholeheartedly. When you get real, it is actually not about you. Your individual program is only the ground from which you step. From which you step and choose whether you will make this life of yours a walk of grit and beauty, or one of accommodation to the forces that insist you do it their way, be well-behaved, produce, consume, make nice, and as the poet Mary Oliver says, “… breathing just a little, and calling it a life.” Thing is, we’re not talking a selfimprovement project; that’s only the gateway. We are being used. By Spirit. One way or the other: we go consciously or we are abducted — individually and collectively, now. So it’s a great time to dive in. When we realize we have no choice but to offer ourselves up — like a sacrifice — to the mystery of Great Spirit’s guidance, this guidance insists on shaping us as a soulcentered contributor. And we’re in it! Soul’s got us. And Spirit carries us along. We’re goners to those egoic, mechanistic, competitive ways — the ways that have undone the earth and so many souls who walk the earth, swim her waters, send roots down into her and watch from the skies. To inhabit your own core, your vital, knowing center and a soul-centered way of being, you need to do the inner excavation. What we call, in Jungian psychology-speak, Shadow work, and in shamanic-speak, Underworld soul work, including egodismemberment work to heal old wounds and retrieve parts of your soul you had otherwise disowned or split off. We need these pieces of our souls, as well as aspects of our bodies, and our connection with Spirit, and with the earth, along with the other-than-human ones and wild intelligent forms of life — to feel deliciously alive, ready to roll, to serve this crying earth, and love ’em up.

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Abrasives and Solvents artwork: Jamie Lopez

This is real adult work, asking everything of you. It will alter your world completely, but before that happens, you’ll be met with severing old ways, dismemberment, metaphoric death, dreams, visions — both lovely and horrifically heart-pounding, yummy, gut-wrenching, Beauty, raging tears, sweet snot, broken-open heart, blue-shimmering darkness, warm, comforting light. Rebirth. Love. Hope. A deep sense of connection with it all. And a palpable knowing of what you are for. So it’s a slow dive, a conscious descent into the depths of your soul, the dark ground of your being and your dreams: the Underworld of your psyche. This is vital work — no way around it — to discover what you’ve tucked away in the archetypal Shadow of your own psyche. If you’re lucky, you will unearth what you had, otherwise disowned to adapt to the egoic, mechanistic, competitive, earth-ravaging ways of modern Western culture. And most often, these pieces of your otherwise whole psyche that you had disowned are what makes you utterly You. Beautifully. Creatively. Wildly alive. Authentically so. You. And you are needed here. Your essential soul’s powers — what you were born with before you lost track of them, and they of you — are to be found there, in that excavation into your dark depths, awaiting you to carry them home, like mama leopard carries her kitties. With a fierce tenderness, knowing that all life — yours, your beloved’s, the earth’s, humans’ and other-than-humans’ — is at stake. The world needs you to be fully alive. Real. The world needs you to find, bring home and embody your soul’s gifts and healing powers. It’s messy work. It’s what we are for. When you are transparent, you will stand out as you are truly seen. When you are transparent, others can see through you into you, as your heart and true essence shines. You are clear, direct and kind. You are not an enigma; you don’t leave people scratching their heads wondering what you just said and did. You do not hide. You are honest to the bone. You are courage enfleshed. When you are congruent, you are wholistically aligned. What you think, say, feel in your heart, feel in your body, and the actions you take, line up to support and reflect each

other. You know it in your body, often in your gut, when you put your attention there. Congruent authenticity happens in the guts and bowels of your life. Being authentic is the grunt-work of the soul, of any deeply human, spiritual path. Being half here, half there, halfhearted, faking it to look good, strategizing to make things easier for your self — that’s the common way of the unconscious clotted middle, driven by our egoic, addicted culture. It’s a way that lacks wholeheartedness. Lacks real courage to let the heart break. Shatter. Broken wholly and holy open to finally

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.” ~ C.G. Jung What will you do? Melissa La Flamme is a visionary artisan of cultural evolution. As an author, poet, Jungian & shamanic psychotherapist and troublemaker, she kindles soul’s smoldering longing for everything real. She helps hack and track the smell of our longing to fully inhabit our life. She shows us how to enact our own prison break, from the inner and outer lockdowns we have unknowingly built. Melissa teaches the soul’s clandestine trade. The trade of the code-breaker of our one authentic life. The way of the Holy Hacker of our soul. The one writhing alive in our glistening, raving heart, vulnerable, ravished, undone and messy in a world where anything but is the safe way to belong. Visit her at her website, and on Facebook.

Zen Gardner’s “You Are the Awakening” is a revolutionary handbook for anyone on the path of awakening, and a wonderful tool to be shared with those just embarking or considering embarking on the journey. Almost 500 pages with nearly 100 articles compiled over 9 years of work, this book is considered a must by many of the alternative world’s luminaries. Go to ZenGardner. com and click on the banner at the top to order and see reviews for yourself. You truly are the awakening! If not you, who else? Much Love, Zen