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How to Empower Yourself and Re-Discover Freedom! by Isabelle Beenen


he definition of the word ‘power’ have been fooled.” Bottom line: those who wish to according to Oxford Dictionary is “…the capacity or ability to direct or impose dependence on others, are attempting influence the behavior of others or the course of to control or bamboozle them. And where is events. Political or social authority or control, the good in that? Before your mind jumps to the programmed ‘it’s for our own good, it’s for especially that exercised by a government.” The 48 Laws of Power is a very popular book our own protection, it’s for national security’, that was written by author Robert Green. On a please let me re-quote Mr. Green on Law street side note, besides being popular among 11: ”People usually depend on you whenever corporate executives and the general public, this they feel that you can secure them. Thus, particular book is popular amongst current street impress others that you are the only one to hustlers. It is incredibly educational to read and secure them and there are no substitutes.” provides a unique perspective and ‘ingredient’ See where I’m going with this?… You might list of the laws of ‘power’ as implemented by the as well replace the politically correct word most ‘powerful’ (and ill-meaning) people of our ‘impress’ with ‘bamboozle.’ How do you plant the seed of dependency time throughout our most recent history. If you don’t have the time to read it, I believe that the on the sovereign independent individual, 11th law of power sums it all up. It is the most state, nation or republic? Well, here are a few crucial to understand in order to get your mind examples: If you can create a relationship to comprehend why ‘power’ or ‘authority’ as we of dependency between the mass public and know it today, is a crumbling illusion we naively social assistance, by out-sourcing jobs and bought into. This is good news everybody, keep deflating the economy, then it suffices to point out that the authority of said ‘assistance’ people reading and I will explain why! The 11th Law of Power is “Learn to keep are depending on, holds the power. As long as people dependent on you.” ”What makes you you keep deflating the economy, then you hold powerful is not your skill nor force but your the power. It’s pretty common knowledge that ability to create a relationship of dependence. the big families that run the banks that own/ People cannot get rid of you when they need hold ‘power’ over our current economy, need you. When people extremely depend on you, to keep the people in a suppressed economic even though they are on the higher position, you state in order to ‘hold’ their power. Also, you hold the power over all of them. People usually could manufacture false flag ‘terror’ events, to depend on you whenever they feel that you can drag the ignorant into lower vibrations of fear secure them. Thus, impress others that you are and hate and then continually perpetuate those the only one to secure them and there are no lower vibrations through tools like media, the substitutes.” Mark Twain once said: “It is easier conventional food and water supply, religious belief12:36 systems, education programs, wars toAgoraPublication_AD.qxp:Layout fool people than to convince them that1 they 2/7/13 PMmass Page 1

in the name of peace, get the picture. When you empower an individual with the true knowledge about how our projected reality here on Earth in the 3rd dimension works, you turn that magic ‘switch’ on in their mind that you made them forget was there to begin with. They start to remember who they are and how thrilling this whole experience here was meant to be. The problem thus far today is that the true knowledge about how this reality manifests through the power of one’s mind individually and hence collectively has been watered down and tainted. The mainstream version of reality we have been collectively swallowing, was duped to begin with. The current ‘official’ bamboozled version offers an unhealthy sad reality with mixed results. Its not your fault! Your focus, perception and beliefs were hijacked by the few who understood the nature of this reality, and impressed ignorantly upon you since your birth through different sophisticated tools such as the mis-use of media. ‘They,’ the past elite, mistakenly believed that you should not think for yourself! Why? Because when you choose to choose your thoughts, you just flipped the ‘power’ script which was an illusion to begin with. The perceived power dissolves and ceases to ‘manifest’ or exist. The deck of cards comes falling down almost instantly!  Now the disclaimer is that once you understand that our thoughts create reality,

you’ve got to exercise individual responsibly and start monitoring your thoughts in order to manifest the change that you wish to experience in this world. If you do not, you will simply continue to get what you’ve always gotten. You’ll drive yourself insane doing the same thing over and over hoping you’ll get different results. How’s

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at the point of no return Julian Rose | Activist Post The wrong people are in charge . . . that’s pretty obvious. But what is not so obvious is how they got there. And once having found an open gate, why have we left them to graze the best pastures while we grovel around in the barren fallow?

A very strange phenomenon... This World is run by those of whom the great majority have absolutely no qualifications to be at the helm of anything – not even a small rowing boat. Yet, somehow or other, there they are perched in their palaces, surveying their empires while simultaneously engaging in the systematic degradation of planet Earth. Doesn’t matter whether they are generals, headmasters, corporate executives, CEOs of banks, media moguls, ministers or prime ministers or just about any big bosses – they have the distinction of all acting in unison. While, by contrast, the great majority of intelligent and ablebodied citizens of this planet, only manage to act - or react - in sporadic and discordant bursts; if at all. The current controlling masters - and it hasn’t changed much over many centuries - have a commonality of intent: to extract the last ounces of profit and prestige from any and all assets and opportunities that fall into their grasp. Yet even that isn’t enough for some of them. Profits get a bit boring when they come in the tens of millions year after year and one has occupied the prime suite at Claridges for the past six months. No, there always needs to be just one more thing

that can be ‘owned’ and brought under control, so as to satisfy the false aggrandizement that is part and parcel of an endless and ultimately fruitless attempt to become omnipotent and untouchable by ordinary mortals.

The question is what? Will a critical mass of the 99% finally act to bring back some genuine self autonomy through wresting control from the 1%?

Such is the aphrodisiac called ‘power’.

Or will the 1% finally complete their annihilation job, trashing our planetary assets and crushing our human propensities once and of all? That is the question.

Time and again, those who suffer most from a sense of being inwardly dispossessed are the very ones to seek, as compensation, the maximum level of outer possessiveness. And this is the mechanism whereby the wrong people get to be in charge. Ironically, many who do not suffer such delusional power urges, are quite happy to just tick along fulfilling their aspirations and daily needs as best they can. Yet in doing so, they unwittingly allow the megalomaniacs a direct route to the seats of power. Those who are secure enough in themselves to take a responsible attitude towards the life around them, seldom come forward to take-on positions of authority and civil responsibility. Their preference is to leave it to others – and in too many cases these ‘others’ often harbour barely disguised ulterior motives. Yet we look on, aghast, as our world is torn apart by duelling crooks and madmen, each more desperate than the other for the top job in the race for planetary ecocide. Each more desperate

But none of us are free to sit back and play at second guessing the outcome. We are all in there. We are part of the pack. Our every move, whether we see it or not, is either promoting or resisting the despot’s master plan. There is no such thing as being ‘in between’ in this game. The fence you once sat on is broken. The wires are hanging limp. There is no no-man’s-land left to hide in.

than the other to fill any power vacuum that might emerge. Each more desperate than the other to hold a cosh over the disinterested daily workers who struggle on, trying not to notice how bad it’s got.... Where do you belong in this mad scrum? The wrong people are in charge and the right people don’t want to bother themselves unduly to do anything about it. That just about sums-up the dire state of our post industrial ‘civilization’. Something has to give...

At some point soon, those who are fit to lead must take over from those who are unfit. It may be a bloodless coup – or it may be a bloody insurrection. One way or another, the shift has to happen. Forget about Divine intervention. There will be no Divine intervention unless and until there is a very visible human determination already out of the starting blocks and heading for the finishing line. Only then is it possible that higher energies will join the race to bring justice back to this battered World. We are approaching the point of no return. If we don’t respond to the myriad calls for help that

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That Awe Full Spectacle. by Fredalupe! Repeating oneself is no picnic for a lover of novelty, but when the sky is falling, the oceans bubbling, and lunatics are having their way with the children, finding new ways to warn folks of the dangers is less important then just getting the message across. If it wasn’t in our power to change reality I wouldn’t bother. Whether or not one chooses out of ignorance or wisdom, or whatever, the choice, hand in hand with the responsibility, is ours. Let’s open our eyes to the awful spectacle, folks, and, once and for all get over how we just can’t believe how anyone of us could perpetrate such evil when even a cursory look around at the structures imprisoning human consciousness amply demonstrates the reality of that fear based intent for all to see. Let’s realize that our earliest suspicions about the dubious quality of all the information we’ve been entrained to believe were more then warranted. Sinister someones have in fact been very busy pulling the wool over us all; their wildly successful program of deception, distortion and destruction is going on at full speed. The incontrovertible proof of this conspiracy of homicidal selfishness is literally everywhere, covering the skies and the minds of this world, presently peopled by an unconscious humanity shuffling its way towards total consumption. Let’s accept the truths our senses are informing us with: i.e. something really stinks about humanity, and then let’s move on, if we can. This plastic wifi radiated gmoed place is the pits: check. Human Beings are being demonically expired into participating in animating an antilife system of artificiality, of cancerous corruption, conned into creating a literal hell on earth: check. We’ve been warned about this for millennia: check. This is what happens when we deny our own divinity and everyone and everything else’s: check. Believing we can give up our responsibilities and not suffer terribly from that disempowering fiction has now been proven beyond a shadow of a conscious thought to be not true at all: check. It’s up to us (as in it’s our responsibility) to transform our situation, this reality, our lives, our destinies, on and on: check. We are where we are together right now in this time of alarming consequence to grow the fuck up and fix our shit. I can’t say it plainer than that, and to be perfectly honest: it ain’t news. Heck, as far as I’m concerned most if not all the news is just plain dumb. You know the stuff I mean: political, financial, racial, economic religious crap, all the stuff filling every moment of mainstream consciousness. Even watching the evil garbage consciousness motivating and manipulating such stupidity gets old real fast. How many ways can you describe shite without feeling that maybe you’re wasting your time? Don’t step in it, don’t eat it, don’t worship it, don’t put it in charge of your affairs, your world, and don’t call it roses. The really scary ‘news’ such as chemtrails, and Fukushima, the pacific and north west irradiation, wars aplenty, insane governments, global repression, geoengineering, and on and on again, all the stuff

that gets real heavy real fast, at times becoming so emotionally paralyzing and toxic that it’s easy to understand why so many choose to turn away from that awful, awful spectacle, that’s the stuff I find difficult to put into perspective in the sense of being able to digest and in some way personally transform. Sharing info is fine and a necessary component for change to occur in the present, but there comes a time for more, in other words: action. Jesus had it right with the moneylenders. It’s as simple as that. Love your neighbour too. But maybe bring a lash to a temple infested by parasites and get them the hell out. We are the Temple, sacred as can be. I feel this similar outrage when I speak to the willful blindness I meet in others. Serves me right for meeting them there I suppose. Then I recall times spent with some truly hurt folks, some so fragile it was like handling bags of broken glass just being close to them. Meaning well but being unable to communicate that in any way was a difficult experience to be part of. Some days it’s me feeling all fragile with sharp painful edges, and at those times that’s what I can’t help but communicate to others either, just like those hurt folks. Heavens. Well, at least empathy is easy these days. Being a filter is a dirty business by definition. Overwhelming one’s senses with information of the kinds so prevalent today whereas the folly of this failed paradigm is, so far, difficult to avoid, and this is probably so for a reason. The outrageous insults to the natural world, our true existence, perpetrated on a daily basis in the name of insanity itself: illusory profits in exchange for the destruction of Life, continue seemingly unabated. Those same ‘crimes’ amply demonstrate that Humanity is being controlled by a parasitical consciousness that obviously has something other then our best interest in mind. What else can explain such mad behaviour and obedient compliance with one’s own certain doom then a parasitical infestation that has fooled its host completely into believing itself to be free of diabolical influence? You’ve got to work pretty hard and pretty stupid to so obviously destroy what is there to be enjoyed by all in ways as yet undiscovered, and yet be able to convince yourself that that destruction is somehow an equitable exchange for the blind abstraction called profit. In fact it still doesn’t make any reasonable sense to trade away everyone’s tomorrows for an indulgence today. We do buy into this con which invests us in a way that keeps us buying into and feeding a cycle of disempowerment right into the grave of the murdered self. Honestly, I’ve found it hard not to trample others at times with truth because of the urgency of the moment called Now. Now is when change comes, but the moment, that square centimeter of chance, must be seized with

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by Michael Forrester

War is the epitome of a selfish and power hungry mentality that destroys the true spirit of humanity. University of Pennsylvania biologists offer a mathematically based explanation for why cooperation, forgiveness, altruism and generosity succeed in the long-term benefit of populations where selfish and disharmonious intentions fail. Their work builds upon the seminal findings of economist John Nash, who advanced the ‘Field of Game Theory’ in the 1950’s, as well as those of computational biologist William Press and physicistmathematician Freeman Dyson, who last year identified a new class of strategies for succeeding in the ‘Classical Game Theory’ match-up known as the “Prisoner’s Dilemma.” Postdoctoral researcher Alexander J. Stewart and associate professor Joshua B. Plotkin, both of Penn’s Department of Biology in the School of Arts and Sciences, examined the outcome of the Prisoner’s Dilemma as played repeatedly by a large, evolving population of players. While other researchers have previously suggested that cooperative strategies can be successful in such a scenario, Stewart and Plotkin offer mathematical proof that the only strategies that succeed in the long term are generous ones. They report their findings in a recent issue of PNAS. Dr. David De Cremer of Maastricht University in the Netherlands and New York University in New York previously found that leaders can inspire cooperation in group members if they simply treat everyone fairly, and give group members a voice in decision making. “These types of leader characteristics are able to influence people’s motives in such a way that they no longer care only about their self-interests, but also the goals of the group and the organization,” a transition that is crucial to the success of the entire group, de Cremer stated.




strategies because the score of one player is related linearly to the other. What’s more, they focused on a subset of zero determinant approaches they deemed to be extortion strategies. If a player employed an extortion strategy against an unwitting opponent, that player could force the opponent into receiving a lower score or payoff. Stewart and Plotkin became intrigued with this finding, and last year wrote a commentary in PNAS about the Press and Dyson work. They began to explore a different approach to the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Instead of a head-to-head competition, they envisioned a population of players matching up against one another, as might occur in a human or animal society in nature. The most successful players would get to “reproduce” more, passing on their strategies to the next generation of players. It quickly became clear to the Penn biologists that extortion strategies wouldn’t do well if played within a large, evolving population because an extortion strategy doesn’t succeed if played against itself. “The fact that there are extortion strategies immediately suggests that, at the other end of the scale, there might also be generous strategies,” Stewart said. “You might think being generous would be a stupid thing to do, and it is if there are only two players in the game, but, if there are many players and they all play generously, they all benefit from each other’s generosity.” In generous strategies, which are essentially the opposite of extortion strategies, players tend to cooperate with their opponents, but, if they don’t, they suffer more than their opponents do over the long term. “Forgiveness” is also a feature of these strategies. A player who encounters a defector may punish the defector a bit but after a time may cooperate with the defector again.

SELFISH STRATEGIES NEVER SUCCEED IN BENEFITING LONGTERM POPULATIONS Stewart noticed the first of these generous approaches among the zero determinant strategies that Press and Dyson had defined. After simulating how some generous strategies would fare in an evolving population, he and Plotkin crafted a mathematical proof showing that, not only can generous strategies succeed in the evolutionary version of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, in fact these are the only approaches that resist defectors over the long term. “Our paper shows that no selfish strategies will succeed in evolution,” Plotkin said. “The only strategies that are evolutionarily robust are generous ones.” The discovery, while abstract, helps explain the presence of generosity in nature, an inclination that can sometimes seem counter to the Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest. A leader who uses his or her personality to instill people with a personal motivation to cooperate can be more successful than one who relies on so-called “extrinsic” motivations, such as denying them a promotion or raise if they don’t work for the group. In these situations, they are just motivated to get around all these negative things and once the penalties are lifted for not cooperating, people are often no longer inspired to do so. “When people act generously they feel it is almost instinctual, and indeed a large literature in evolutionary psychology shows that people derive happiness from being generous,” Plotkin said. “It’s not just in humans. Of course social insects behave this way, but even bacteria and viruses share gene

“Ever since Darwin,” Plotkin said, “biologists have been puzzled about why there is so much apparent cooperation, and even flat-out generosity and altruism, in nature. The literature on game theory has worked to explain why generosity arises. Our paper provides such an explanation for why we see so much generosity in front of us.” “Last year, William Press and I proposed the ‘extortion strategy’ in the game of Prisoner’s Dilemma, enabling Earthing Products offer a convenient way to stay in contact with one player to maintain a dominant the earth while working, relaxing, and sleeping indoors. position over the other,” said Dyson, who is retired as a professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, N.J. “One year later, Stewart and Plotkin turned our strategy upside down and showed that it enables one player to coax the other gently toward collaboration. They understood our strategy better than we did. They reached by rigorous mathematics the happy conclusion that, in a game between ruthless antagonists, generosity wins.” The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a way of studying how individuals choose whether or not to cooperate. In the game, if both players cooperate, they both receive a payoff. If one cooperates and the other does not, the cooperating player receives the smallest possible payoff, and the defecting player the largest. If both players do not cooperate, they receive a payoff, but it is less than what they would gain if both had cooperated. In other words, it pays to cooperate, but it can pay even more to be selfish. In the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma, two players repeatedly face off against one another and can employ different strategies to beat their opponent. In 2012, Press and Dyson “shocked the world of game theory,” Plotkin said, by identifying a group of strategies for playing this version of the game. They called this class of approaches “zero determinant”



products and behave in ways that can’t be described as anything but generous.”

PREVIOUS COOPERATIVE EXPERIENCE IS KEY A study by researchers at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad de Zaragoza has determined that when deciding whether to cooperate with others, people do not act thinking of their own reward, as had been previously believed, but rather individuals are more influenced by their own mood at the time and by the number of individuals with whom they have cooperated before. After analyzing the information, the main conclusion drawn by the researchers is that in a situation where cooperating with others is beneficial, the way the individuals involved are organized into one social structure or another is irrelevant. A first analysis contradicts what many researchers have held based on theoretical studies. “A population that encourages cooperation does well,” Stewart said. “To maintain cooperation over the long term, it is best to be generous.” Ruling out that network organization influences in the cooperation of people, and having discovered that what is important is reciprocity, that is, cooperating according to cooperation received, will radically change the focus of a significant number of researchers who are developing theories on the emergence of cooperation among individuals.

ARTICLE SOURCES ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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Technocracy is failed mind control Whether we know it or not, like it or not, want it or not, we are engaged in a struggle, and that struggle concerns the human spirit---understanding it, experiencing it, defending it against attacks. The spirit isn’t some vague ghost or apparition. It’s front and center, even in this blind world. It animates action. It has great power. It defies reduction. The spirit proliferates thought and vision. It doesn’t settle for simplistic harmonies that short-circuit its inventions. It isn’t a happy-happy rainbow. It isn’t a child’s fairy tale. In articles about my collection, The Matrix Revealed, I’ve stressed, over and over, that human thought originates in a non-material sphere. A sphere outside conventional energy and space and time. That means the brain isn’t thinking. It’s performing calculations directed by ideas that are far more than chemical/ biological reflexes. Technocracy and its utopian fantasies provide a perfect negative example. Addled researchers look forward to the day when your brain, connected to a massive computer that is “a super brain,” will have instant access to so much information it will ascend to a new level of knowledge and power...and then Greater Reality will emerge. But on what assumptions is this fantasy based? First, you can “download” information from the super brain. You can perceive it all and somehow incorporate it. Translation: the super brain will impose itself on you. This is called mind control, plain and simple. You’ll be able to “think with the super brain,” which directs your thought patterns and your conclusions. Again, mind control. The super brain is like a very, very wise parent who gives you “best information and best conclusions.” You will obey, because the parent is right, correct, and is looking out for your best interests. As if that isn’t enough, you’ll also be able “gain new insights,” because your brain and the super brain (computer) are in sync. But none of this really involves active thought, because what the two brains are doing is automatic. So insights, whatever they may consist of, are programmed into you. If that sounds like freedom, Pavlov was Thomas Paine. Brain activity on any level, whether biological or chemical or machine, isn’t about freedom. It’s about carrying out directives that originate in free choice. Actual thought is based in freedom. You think, which is to say, you

make inquiries and decisions and conclusions outside the automatic venue of chemical and biological activity. You do that. You aren’t your brain. If you were your brain, freedom wouldn’t exist and we could all pack it up and go home and forget about life and the future. Therefore, no super brain computer is going to supply you with freedom. It’s going to enforce automatic reflexes based on somebody’s algorithms. How did we get into this mess? The answer is simple. We forgot about what freedom is. For decades, we’ve taken it for granted. We’ve overlooked the study of freedom and its implications. If you develop a vision about the future you want, that thought is taking place in a sphere outside the automatic chemical/ biological reflexes and processes of the brain. That’s you thinking, freely. Technocracy is all about “best answer.” It’s a fairy tale in which all humans go along with a master plan. And as for the nuts and you really believe that if you have access to a program that teaches a foreign language, you’ll instantly be able to speak in that language? If the super brain gives you a onesecond blast of information about automotive repair, do you really think you’ll be able to open the hood of your car and fix it? Do you really believe you’ll be able to plug into a reservoir of data about playing the piano and immediately sit down and roll out Chopin and Beethoven? Take chess. We’ve already seen that big computers can defeat human chess champions. Does that mean you can plug into the computer’s programs and become Bobby Fisher? Having access and actually doing something with that access are two very different things. Doing something means you are making choices and decisions, freely. It doesn’t mean you’re submitting to a mechanical pattern. Technocracy is the latest piece of insanity derived from the notion that you can have everything you want handed to you on a silver platter. I have news. At bottom, people don’t want that silver platter. They want the fruits of their own efforts. They want the joy that comes from those efforts and freely made choices. Technocracy is the latest effort to

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Help Yourself Headlines Finance Is The China Bank Run Beginning? Farmers Co-Op Unable To Pay Depositors



C h i n a ’ s CNR reports, depositors in some of Ya n c h e n g City’s largest farmers’ co-operative mutual fund societies (“banks”) have been unable to withdraw “hundreds of millions” in deposits in the last few weeks. “Everyone wants to borrow and no one wants to save,” warned one ‘salesperson’, “and loan repayments are difficult to recover.” There is “no money” and the doors are locked.

The Global Richest 1% Have 65 Times the Wealth of the Bottom 50% Combined!

20 Early Warning Signs That We Are Approaching A Global Economic Meltdown

id you know that the 85 richest people in the world have about as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the entire global population does? In other words, 85 extremely wealthy individuals have about as much wealth as the poorest 3,500,000,000 do. This shocking statistic comes from a new report on global poverty by Oxfam. And actually Oxfam’s report probably significantly underestimates the true scope of the problem, because Oxfam relies on publicly reported numbers. At the very top of the food chain, the global elite are masters at hiding their wealth. In fact, as I have written about previously, the global elite have approximately 32 trillion dollars (that we know about) stashed in offshore banks around the world. That would be about enough to pay off the entire U.S. national debt and buy every good and service produced in the United States for an entire year.

ave you been paying attention to what has been happening in Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey and China? If you are like most Americans, you have not been. Most Americans don’t seem to really care too much about what is happening in the rest of the world, but they should. In major cities all over the globe right now, there is looting, violence, shortages of basic supplies, and runs on the banks. We are not at a “global crisis” stage yet, but things are getting worse with each passing day. For a while, I have felt that 2014 would turn out to be a major “turning point” for the global economy, and so far that is exactly what it is turning out to be. The following are 20 early warning signs that we are rapidly approaching a global economic meltdown.

A World Run by Monsters, Pimps and Prostitutes

The People of Gaza Suffer Genocide Under the Israeli-Egyptian Siege



Geo-Politics Tar Sands, Natural Gas Fracking, Pipelines: The Fossil Fuel Wars in British Columbia and Canada


rom a distance, this world is a beautiful place. The closer you look though, the uglier it gets. I still remember watching documentaries as a kid showing in gruesome detail how predatory animals kill, rip and swallow their prey. We live in a world run by monsters, pimps and prostitutes. They try very hard to hide their pathological lack of empathy, but the fact remains that they are just a bunch of mild-mannered mass-murderers and soft-spoken psychopaths. Who cares whether their condition is caused by nature or nurture?!


he population of British Columbia has risen four times since the original Trans Mountain pipeline was built in the 1950s. The new line will cross busy urban areas, seven provincial parks and 13 park reserves, including 500 rivers and streams. It will require expanded bulk-oil storage on the Vancouver harbourfront and increased berths for the estimated 35 tankers per month that will transport the line’s diluted bitumen to overseas markets. The evidence is overwhelming of the need to replace the madcap, limitless-growth capitalist order with a rational, planned society that can make a rapid transition to a new economy cognizant of the Earth’s ecological health.

Al Gore Could Become World’s First Carbon Billionaire


Is Government Aid a Giant Money-Laundering Scheme?


he people of Gaza are being crushed under the Israeli blockade which severely restricts essential supplies coming into the strip. Israel refuses to allow building materials into Gaza, meaning that people left homeless by successive Israeli military attacks cannot rebuild their homes. The number of food insecure people has risen dramatically from 44 % in 2011 to 57% in 2012. The UN has been forced to halt building work on all but one of its 20 projects in Gaza due to the Israeli government’s ban on building materials. The UN building projects include 12 schools and a health centre. This has thrown over 5,000 Palestinians out of work.

Obama Admin Allowing China To Suck Water Out Of The Great Lakes

ast year Mr Gore’s venture capital firm loaned a small California firm $75m to develop energysaving technology. The company, Silver Spring Networks, produces hardware and software to make the electricity grid more efficient. The deal appeared to pay off in a big way last week, when the Energy Department announced $3.4 billion in smart grid grants, the New York Times reports. Of the total, more than $560 million went to utilities with which Silver Spring has contracts.

emember something called the War on Poverty? The Great Society? President Lyndon Johnson declared it and announced it in 1965. Since then, the federal government and state governments have poured staggering amounts of dollars into the program. How many dollars? Does anyone know? In his 1992 book, Paved With Good Intentions, Jared Taylor puts the figure (1965-1992) at $2.5 trillion. Yet, by 1992 (and to an even greater degree since then), poverty had accelerated in America. Had gotten much, much worse. So the logical question was and is: where did all that money go? This question doesn’t call for a general answer; it cries out for a compete and detailed and scathing investigation.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers reported earlier this year that Lake Huron and Lake Michigan have achieved their lowest water levels since records for such information began being kept back in 1918. In spite of the record low levels, the Obama administration has still given the go-ahead to export water from the lakes to China for commercial sale, to the tune of between half a million and nearly two million dollars a day in profits. Nestle corporation, a Swiss company, is also sold water from the Great Lakes.


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Health Seed Diversity has Collapsed More Than 12-fold Since Early 1900s

What Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), and Extremely Low-Frequency (ELF) : What are the Health Impacts?


articularly now that wireless communications are so closely integrated into our daily lives, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us. Our cities, especially the larger ones, are perpetually shrouded in an invisible electrosmog, a ‘sea’ of EMFs through which we swim every day. But does this momentous development in civilisation come with health effects – and if so, can we do anything to reduce them?


rom the looks of an average produce section in a typical American supermarket, it might seem like modern society has access to basically every major type of fruit, vegetable and herb one could want. But a survey conducted by the U.S. National Seed Storage Laboratory back in 1983 found that the diversity of our food supply has been progressively shrinking since 1903 when a previous seed stock inventory was taken, with fewer than one-twelfth the number of unique crop varieties available today compared to 100 years ago.

Amish Girl Forced Into Experimental Chemotherapy Is Taken Out of U.S. and Recovers with Natural Treatment


arly in October 2013, the entire nation heard about how Sarah Hershberger, a 10-year old Ohio Amish girl with leukemia (now recovered), was being forced into a two-year unproven experimental chemotherapy study by Akron Children’s Hospital (ACH). Parents reported this week the child is fully recovered through natural treatments. It was just learned the parents, Andy and Anna Hershberger, took their significantly recovered daughter out of the United States before the court ruled that a hospital-affiliated, attorney-nurse, Maria Schimer, was made the medical guardian to make sure Sarah will get her treatments. Sarah is completely recovered, as of October 23, according to Andy.

hy are huge numbers of dead birds dropping dead and washing up along the coastlines of Alaska? It is being reported that many of the carcasses of the dead birds are “broken open and bleeding”. And of course it isn’t just birds that are dying, something is causing mass death events among various populations of fish as well. In addition, it has been reported that large numbers of polar bears, seals and walruses in Alaska are being affected by hair loss and “oozing sores”. So precisely what is causing all of this? Could Fukushima be responsible? Authorities are claiming that all of this is being caused by “disease” or “harsh weather”, but are they actually telling us the truth? Evaluate the evidence that I have shared below and decide for yourself…


The Case Against Corporate Media and Big Pharma Science Grows Stronger


n a recent anti-supplement propaganda article by NPR entitled “The Case Against Multi-Vitamins Grows Stronger,” the notorious “news” agency lavishly reported the alleged findings of “experts” proving that “vitamin supplements don’t help most people and can actually cause diseases that people are taking them to prevent, like cancer.” Immediately, the entire mainstream media machine jumped into action promoting the statements of the “experts” and claiming that the case is now closed regarding the effectiveness and safety of nutritional supplements. Typically, Big Pharma mouthpieces such as NBC and CBS followed suit in repeating the same talking points.

Science & Tech Thorium-Fueled Automobile Engine Needs Refueling Once a Century


300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia


Why Robot Sex Could be the Future of Life on Earth


aser Power S y s t e m s (LPS) from Connecticut, USA, is developing a new method of automotive propulsion with one of the most dense materials known in nature: thorium. Because thorium is so dense it has the potential to produce tremendous amounts of heat. The company has been experimenting with small bits of thorium, creating a laser that heats water, produces steam and powers a mini turbine.

xperts say a gear rail appears to be manufactured and not the result of natural forces. According to Yulia Zamanskaya, when a resident of Vladivostok was lighting the fire during a cold winter evening, he found a rail-shaped metal detail which was pressed in one of the pieces of coal that the man used to heat his home. After the metal object was studied by the leading experts the man was shocked to learn about the assumed age of his discovery. The metal detail was supposedly 300 million years old and yet the scientists suggest that it was not created by nature but was rather manufactured by someone.

y exploring and learning about human evolution, intelligent machines will come to the conclusion that sex is the best way for them to evolve. Rather than self-replicating, like amoebas, they may opt to simulate sexual reproduction with two, or indeed innumerable, sexes. Nanotechnologists, like Eric Drexler, see the future of intelligent machines at the level of molecules: tiny robots that evolve and – like in Lem’s novel – come together to form intelligent superorganisms. Perhaps the future of artificial intelligence will be both silicon- and carbon-based: digital brains directing complex molecular structures to copulate at the nanometre level and reproduce.




You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why genetically modified foods are dangerous, but if you look closely, you may just find the name of one listed among the names of more than 800 scientists from around the globe who have joined forces in an open letter to all world governments, outlining their detailed concerns over the alarming potential threat of biotech’s unauthorized, worldwide GM foods experiment. In a country whose government and media appear only too eager to conjure up fear of “bioterrorism” and “biological weapons,” it’s shocking (albeit obviously deliberate) to what extent the GMO issue remains omitted from mainstream discussion. Consider that the message from these scientists seems to be that the whole planet is already under attack by the persistent and largely unchecked, reckless behavior of greedy, unruly U.S. corporations – corporations whose activities appear to be sponsored by the federal government. And whether you know it yet or not, your body is the battleground. The letter, as posted by the Institute of Science in Society ( list.php), is a collective call for the immediate suspension of any and all releases of GM crops and products into the environment for at least five years, in order to allow for more thorough testing. The scientists further demand that all patents on life-forms and living processes


– including seeds, cell lines and genes – be revoked and banned “for a comprehensive public inquiry into the future of agriculture and food security for all.” Life is a discovery, they say, not an innovation, and patents on life-forms and living processes “sanction biopiracy of indigenous knowledge and genetic resources, violate basic human rights and dignity, compromise healthcare, impede medical and scientific research and are against the welfare of animals.” Furthermore, they argue that GM crops provide no identifiable benefits either to farmers or consumers; instead, they offer only very significant risks to all living things.


Any consumption of GMO products is basically a smorgasbord of disaster, say these global scientists. In their thorough and fully cited open letter, they take biotechnology to task – making clear, undeniable connections

between GM food crops and other products (like milk from cows injected with genetically modified Bovine Growth Hormone) and health problems for mammals in general. At the same time the GM crops themselves actually contribute to lower yields, increased use of herbicides/insecticides, unpredictable performance, poor economic returns, and a progressive monopoly on food by big corporations, they also encourage herbicidetolerant weeds and pesticide-resistant superbugs, making their purported goal of “feeding the world” appear just as it is – clearly out of the reach of biotech industry. Scientists propose, instead, that these large food corporations are actually more the cause of world hunger currently, than they are the solution to it. “It is on account of increasing corporate monopoly operating under the globalised economy that the poor are getting poorer and hungrier,” scientists say. “Family farmers

around the world have been driven to destitution and suicide… Mergers and acquisitions are continuing.” Seed patent policies currently in place at biotech companies prevent farmers from saving and replanting seeds, an activity the scientists acknowledge, is one enjoyed even by third world farmers. As promised; however, it only gets worse. Scientists agree that GMOs actually harm the delicate biodiversity necessary to the balance and maintenance of life on this planet. GM products, they say, “decimate wild plant species indiscriminately,” cause birth defects in mammals, kill insects essential to pollination like bees, lacewings, monarch butterflies, and pose other very serious threats related to horizontal gene transfer – for example, the “spread of antibiotic resistance marker genes that would render infectious diseases untreatable, the generation of new viruses and bacteria that cause diseases, and harmful mutations which may lead to cancer.” Multiple hazards to both animal and human health have already been identified by sources around the world, resulting either in bans on GM products or the adoption of strict labeling laws by many countries. Here in the U.S.; however, secret memoranda from inside the FDA have revealed its history of disregarding the warnings of its own scientists. Still, with a separate but similar mass appeal to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2009 failing to make a rippled, lasting impact, one can only hope that eventually the science on GMOs – and the growing number of people who know about it – will simply be too loud to ignore.

{ Sources} for this article include:

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The modern age of industrial agriculture and manufacturing has dumped heavy metals, carcinogens, plastics, and pesticides into the environment at alarming rates. These toxins are showing up in most human tissue cells today. One distinct chemical may be trapping these toxins in human cells, limiting the human body’s ability to detoxify its own cells. In a new peer reviewed study, this sinister chemical, glyphosate, has been proven to inhibit the human cell’s ability to detoxify altogether. Glyphosate, found in Monsanto’s Roundup, is being deemed by publishers of the new study “one of the most dangerous chemicals” being unleashed into the environment today. Download the PDF of the study here:

How glyphosate destroys human cells Glyphosate, most commonly found in conventional sugar, corn, soy and wheat products, throws off the cytochrome P450 gene pathway, inhibiting enzyme production in the body. CYP enzymes play a crucial role in detoxifying xenobiotics, which include drugs, carcinogens, and pesticides. By inhibiting this natural detoxification process, glyphosate systematically enhances the damaging effects of other environmental toxins that get in the body. This, in turn, disrupts homeostasis, increases inflammation, and leads to a slow deconstruction of the cellular system. Toxins build up in the gut over time and break down through the intestinal walls, infiltrating blood, and ultimately passing through the brain/blood barrier, damaging

neurological function. Important CYP enzymes that are affected include aromatase, the enzyme that converts androgen into estrogen, 21-Hydroxylase, which creates stress hormone cortisol, and aldosterone, which regulates blood pressure.

Getting to the gut Even as evidence mounts, Monsanto asserts that glyphosate is not harmful to humans, citing that its mechanism of action in plants (the disruption of the shikimate pathway), is not present in humans. This is not true. The shikimate pathway, which is involved in the synthesis of the essential aromatic amino acids phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan, is present in human gut bacteria, which has a direct relationship with the human body, aiding in digestion, synthesizing vitamins, detoxifying carcinogens, and participating in immune system function. By inhibiting the body’s gut flora from performing its essential function in the human body, glyphosate heightens many health issues facing the Western world today. These conditions include inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn’s disease, obesity, and even dementia and depression. Also, by restricting gut bacteria from absorbing nutrients, glyphosate voids the body of essential life-giving vitamins.

Depletion of serum tryptophan and its link to obesity Glysophate’s damaging effects on gut bacteria lead to depleted sulfate supplies in the gut, resulting

by: Lance Johnson

in inflammatory bowel disease. As more chemicals are absorbed from the environment, alterations in body chemistry actively promote weight gain by blocking nutrient absorption. By effecting CYP enzymes in the liver, obesity incidence is compounded, impairing the body’s ability to detoxify synthetics chemicals. Since serotonin is derived from tryptophan and acts an appetite suppressant, the depletion of tryptophan encourages overeating in the brain, leading to obesity.

In need of urgent, massive awakening Authors of the new review point out that “glyphosate is likely to be pervasive in our food supply and may be the most biologically disruptive chemical in our environment.” Monsanto is already lashing back at these claims, calling this peer reviewed study, “bad science” and “another bogus study.” What Monsanto fails to is mention that most of the studies on glyphosate’s “safety” are conducted by Monsanto themselves, which is bias to the core. The authors of this new study instead call out for more independent research to be done to validate their findings. They are concerned with glyphosate’s inhibition of the cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes in the body, which are hindering the body’s natural detoxification ability. There is certainly a need for more empowering education on chemicals like glyphosate. There needs to be a kind of public mass awakening that correlates Monsanto’s Roundup with skull and crossbones. If anything, Americans (and the rest of us! ed.) have the right to know how their food was produced, engineered, and poisoned, and everyone should pitch in and stop using toxic glyphosate-laced Roundup at all costs.


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HOW TO HEAL CAVITIES NATURALLY The world is slowly waking up to the fact that, when you give the body what it needs, it can heal things we previously thought were impossible. A fine example of what is often deemed as an incurable health problem is dental cavities, but extensive research is now becoming more public about the true nature of tooth decay and the fact that there are proven remedies that can remedy it.

THE LIES PERPETRATED ABOUT TOOTH DECAY According to the American Dental Association, the reason we have tooth decay is as follows: “[Tooth decay] occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches) such as milk, pop, raisins, cakes or candy are frequently left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in

the mouth thrive on these foods, producing acids as a result. Over a period of time, these acids destroy tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay.” There are a few problems with this theory, including: • Groups of indigenous people who had fermentable carbohydrates stuck on their teeth all the time that did not brush or floss were mostly or completely free of tooth decay. • Bacteria do not consume processed sugar or flour because of the lack of nutrients in them. • Foods that bacteria like to eat, such as milk, vegetables, meat, fish and fruit, are not commonly implicated in causes of tooth decay. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE >

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< FROM PREVIOUS PAGE So if the modern explanation of tooth decay is not accurate, what is actually the cause of tooth decay? What actually causes tooth decay Tooth decay, as researched by Dr. Weston Price and other dental pioneers, boiled down to three factors: • Not enough minerals in the diet. • Not enough fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) in the diet. • Nutrients not being readily bioavailable, and your intestinal system not properly absorbing them.The presence of phytic acid largely influences this factor. Over a period of time, if your diet lacks vitamins and minerals from a poor diet and/ or contains high levels of phytates (from grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes), the blood chemistry and the ratio of calcium and phosphorous become out of balance, which results in minerals being pulled from bones, causing tooth and bone loss. So, the long-standing belief that sugar causes tooth decay is true, but as a result of it depleting nutrients from the body, not because bacteria eat it and produce acid that ruins your teeth. THE FOOD REMEDIES THAT CAN HEAL CAVITIES AND TOOTH DECAY

In order to restore the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in our blood, and to enable minerals to bond to our teeth, it is

Page 12

not enough to just avoid eating too many sweet or processed foods. We must also eat health-building foods, containing copious amounts of minerals and vitamins that will build a glassy hard tooth structure. Foods to focus on are: • Coconut oil, grass-fed organic dairy (especially butter), grass-fed meats, seafood and bone broths. • Organic cooked vegetables (soups with bone broth are ideal). • Organ and gland meats, like liver. Limit foods that are high in phytic acid, like grains, beans, nuts and seeds, as well as limiting processed food intake full of processed flours and sugars that upset blood sugar balance. Supplements to consider are: • Fermented cod liver oil – very high in fat soluble vitamins A, D and K. • Magnesium – required to use calcium and phosphorous effectively. • Gelatin – if you don’t have time to make bone broth, this is a good alternative and is great for gums and digestion. Now go get your pearly white smile back. SOURCES FOR THIS ARTICLE INCLUDE:



One of the most common ailments you can experience is headaches. 90% of the population will get them at one point or another, and what I wouldn’t give to be the other 10%. Unfortunately with myriad causes of head pain, it’s bound to happen eventually. After all, changes in the weather aren’t always easy to avoid. Personally mine originate from lack of sleep and work stress, both of which I’m continually trying to avoid. Well, a while back, one of those days caught up with me. A kind coworker of mine noticed my discomfort and asked if he could try something he learned while growing up in India. While he didn’t call it ‘acupressure’ the explanation of the technique seemed similar to something I had read about before and made me curious to learn more. Acupressure is an alternative medicine approach developed in Tibet before acupuncture came to be. To keep it as basic as possible, the idea is this.You can affect the flow of energy and chemistry in your body by applying pressure at specific areas of your body. Call them meridians or pressure points or whatever you like. I try not to be skeptical of any approach until I’ve listened to others’ experiences and tried it for myself. Well, being at work, I didn’t have time to do any reading so I just let him give it a shot. He simply took the end of a pen and pressed (quite firmly actually, ow) at a spot on my thumb.And wouldn’t you know it? Headache gone. In seconds. I can’t speak for anyone else but this has become my default method whenever I feel a little head pain coming on. It doesn’t always work though, so I thought I would pull together a few different methods to give myself a broader approach to fixing the ol’ noggin.


1 • The inside of your eyebrows, just above the bridge of your nose. Application of pressure to this point - directly over the facial sinuses - can lead to some relief with headaches. Ever notice how your hands naturally gravitate to this area when you have pain?

2 • The temples - These areas seem to hold a lot of the muscle stress from the rest of the scalp. Just my personal observation. And gently massaging both temples with your thumbs or fingers can help relieve some of that built-up tension.

3 • The base of the skull. Again, here we have some of the primary muscles for the head and neck. Tilt your head back and press upwards in a circular motion.

4 • Between the thumb and index finger. There is a pressure point located in this meaty part of the hand. Firmly pinch the area between the thumb and forefinger with the ... well, the other thumb and forefinger, and give it a good massage.

5 • This last one might be a little harder to do at work. Start between your big toe and second toe. On the top of your foot come back about one inch and press down. So, next time you feel that ache behind your eyes, or anywhere else, try and remember some of these methods and deal with your pain a natural way before it gets too bad. Hopefully they will work for you. Jonathan Parker is an EMT-Paramedic and Preparedness Instructor with a love for emergency medicine, self-sufficiency and homesteading. His goal is to empower people towards a natural and sustainable lifestyle. SEE MORE AT:

GENES ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, karen foster prevent disease, waking times

IT’S THE FOOD GENIUS Two-thirds of disease would vanish if society could revert to the way it did certain things just 100 years ago. The emphasis on faulty genes is misplaced and a misguided attempt to cast blame on a culture that has lost its way in terms of survival. Genes are not the problem since their products are largely dependent on lifestyle choices. Our quality of food, activity levels and family structure is essentially killing this generation of human beings. Our food supply has been completely adulterated over the past few decades alone, more drastically than during any other time in history. Although our genes have hardly changed, our culture has been transformed almost beyond recognition during the past ten thousand years, especially in the last century. We have strayed so far from our ancestral diets and lifestyles that the human metabolism has been unable to adapt and modern diseases have flourished. Food is the raw material for our cells and even our very thoughts could not have arisen without these building blocks. Food even controls the very expression of our genes. We are connected to our food and where it comes from in ways that we have not yet fathomed. The ‘prophylactic’ removal of body parts due to what is considered faulty genes is a disturbingly popular trend, and despite the lack of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of this approach, it is increasingly being celebrated in the mainstream media and medical establishments as a reasonable choice. But genes are not the problem… it’s the food! Ancient peoples and even isolated hunter-gatherer cultures that still exist today ate wild, fresh foods in their natural state with minimal processing and certainly without synthetic chemicals. Their lifestyles were also very different from ours. They cooperated as family units to source and prepare food and with that came a level of activity that does not exist today. They did not suffer the same rates of degenerative diseases that plague modern society. The majority of food we spend our money on is packaged, processed, sweetened, chemically-altered and genetically modified foods. It may resemble food, but it certainly is not real food. It is virtually devoid of nutrients. Food manufacturers oftentimes must add vitamins and minerals that have been lost during the processing

back into the food. Enriched flour is really just refined flour that has had a few nutrients re-added to it, but not enough to make any food made from this nutritionally worthy. Enriched vitamins and minerals are artificial and unrecognizable by the body as nutrients that can be assimilated. These synthetic vitamins and minerals, usually isolated from their natural forms, act more like anti-nutrients than nutrients in these foods, adding to the body’s chemical burden. Modern methods of food preparation and processing have effectively depleted many nutrients and co-factors necessary for the absorption and utilization of foods that in order for the body to process these modern foods, it must use its own store of nutrients. When talking about our food system, we are referring to everything from the farm to the plate–food production, harvesting, processing, marketing and distribution. Industrialization describes the increasing tendency of economists, policymakers and agribusiness companies to treat farms as rural factories, with offfarm inputs (energy, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seed) marshaled in the service of producing caloric energy (feed corn and starches, soybeans and refined flour). Industrialization also describes a system in which economic return is paramount–more important than concern for the public’s health, the potential health effects of pesticide exposure, the long-term resilience of the land where crops are grown, and the methods by which food is processed and delivered.

Canada’s Health Magazine for Pets

Most of the calories we consume come from the added fats, sugars and refined grains commonly found in highly processed foods and junk foods. These specific types of calories have overwhelmingly come from genetically modified sources including corn (corn starches, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, feed corn fed to livestock), soybeans (soy proteins, vegetable oils, salad oils, partially hydrogenated oils, and fryer oils in fast-food restaurants) and wheat (refined flour) which has been defined as the perfect chronic poison by experts. These three crops account for the vast majority of crop acreage planted in the United States. Factory farms and monoculture are responsible for most of the food that makes it to your plate. Consider factory farms — the animals from these operations are given massive doses of drugs not only to stave off disease in such conditions but to increase their growth as well. They are fed unnatural diets and have little or no access to their natural environment leaving them prone to disease and suffering. Their meat is unhealthy and should not even be considered fit for human consumption. Agriculture has been around for thousands of years, but the way it exists now is a far cry from what has existed before this modern age. Intensive farming and monoculture has left our soil depleted resulting in poor quality plant foods, which then affect the nutrient composition of animal foods. Also, with today’s technology, we are able to manipulate the genes of plants and animals, something that nowhere near re-


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> CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE sembles selective breeding techniques used by our ancestors. The hallmark of any system is that–for better or for worse–it functions as a complex whole, making it impossible to easily divorce one part from another. The plethora of problems in and related to our food system do not exist in isolation. They are intimately connected. Put another way, the healthfulness of our food, the health of the natural world (the soil, water, bacteria and genetic resources that gives rise to it), and the health of our patients cannot be considered apart from one another.

More than 60% of disease would vanish if we would start focusing on food as our medicine. We don’t have to live in a medicated world, but we certainly choose to even though there are natural counterparts to almost every prescribed drug in the world. At one time, it was thought that cancer was a “disease of civilization,” belonging to much the same causal domain as “neurasthenia” and diabetes, the former a nervous weakness believed to be brought about by the stress of modern life and the latter a condition produced by bad diet and indolence. It turns out all may be true since our food convenience is at the root of our health woes.


Learning First Aid can be as simple as...


But we cannot place all the blame on food manufacturers because we play a part in the food system. We demand convenience and cheaper foods and that’s what we got. We must examine the cultural and socio-economic factors that spurred the demand for convenience foods. For example, considering the busy lives most people have nowadays, it often becomes difficult to prepare homemade meals for the family (much less yourself) every breakfast, lunch and dinner. It ultimately boils down to our priorities. If we place high priority on our health and understand that what we eat determines and shapes not just our physical characteristics but also our personalities as well, we’d all take what we eat much more seriously. We have an abundance of food that is easily accessible at any time of the day whereas our ancestors did not have this luxury. They hunted and gathered their food and farmed later on, allowing nature to do most of the work but they also expended a certain amount of energy in food preparation. The family meal may be more important than ever and mothers play a critical role. Re-

searchers speculate that maternal attitudes towards the importance of family meals may reflect a broader respect for good nutrition. This might extend to practices such as keeping healthy foods in the house or limiting the amount of times their children can eat “junk food.” People who are more concerned about family meals are also more concerned about nutrition. We have lost the family connection and it all starts there. A higher incidence of family meals is associated with a better nutrient intake and healthier meals. If we want to reverse the disease trend and stimulate a health trend, we must transform the food supply to one that relies on fresh nutrient dense foods free from chemical alteration, from start to finish, and place a greater emphasis on family which fosters a dependence on health rather than sickness.

self that you’re not half-asleep, dreaming of a better life. Your anxieties and fears are factual ones, justified by the state of the economy or a dismal work environment. For all intents and purposes, you are angry, anxious, or run-down—but you have good reason to be, right? Not so. No matter your external circumstance or condition, a state of deep inner peace and joy is your birthright, available for the taking. There are ways to determine if you fall into the category of those who are asleep or those who are awake. Take a step back from your current scenario to consider if you’re stumbling through the dark in circles, bumping up against the same doorways and walls, or fumbling with the light switch, hand poised above the circuit, waiting for a guiding force to seal the deal. Ask yourself the following questions: Is stress a familiar word in your vocabulary? Does the saying “to each one his own” or “look out for number one” resonate with you or reflect your world view? Do you feel tired upon waking? Do you look forward to going to bed at night? Physically, are your muscles stiff? Is your breathing shallow or restricted? Do you suffer from chronic back pain or experience headaches often? Do you get a sense that “life has worn you down” and that these issues and concerns are just “part of getting old?” Are you reading this magazine because an upbeat friend force-fed it to you, or have you sought out this kind of conversation?

Deep Sleep

About the Author Karen Foster is a holistic nutritionist, avid blogger, with five kids and an active lifestyle that keeps her in pursuit of the healthiest path towards a life of balance.

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Who’s Driving this Bus?

HOW TO CONTROL YOUR MIND By: Eryn Kirkwood The concept of taking control of the mind in order to lead a better life is not new. For thousands of years, Eastern traditions have explored the onerous consequence of allowing our minds (driven by the five senses) to rule our thinking. The Baghavad Gita, one of the greatest Indian texts on spirituality, uses the metaphor of a charioteer and his horses to explore the human condition. Just as horses must be trained to obey the orders of their driver, so too must our five senses be trained to support our greater good.

Unnecessary Angst At one time or another, everyone has experienced the consequences of a racing mind, lying in bed awake, staring at the ceiling, wondering what will become of the future, the marriage, the mortgage, the kids. The angst and anxiety borne of mere figments of a so-called overactive imagination are astounding. How much of your day is spent worrying about circumstances and events that likely will never materialize? Or perhaps the mind is caught reminiscing about events from twenty years ago, or reliving conversations from just hours ago: a brief word in private with the boss or a lengthy conversation with your spouse. Like a broken record, the mind re-

Page 14 plays stories and plot lines, themes, characters, and events over and over again. It’s enough to drive a person crazy! Thus it’s easy to see how the simple analogy of a charioteer and his five unruly horses came to be. Like the proverbial bull in a china closet, the untamed senses wreak havoc on one’s tranquil state of mind. The result is our natural state of being—one of deep inner peace and contentment— gets lost in the realm of “that would be nice, a state worthy of striving for”; that is, it’s unfamiliar to the average person. We have become oblivious to our ultimate reality as deeply contented spiritual beings. We are, in every sense of the word, sleepwalking. The ancient shamans, yogis, and mystics were aware of the suffering induced by the unawakened mind. Yogis described the world of maya (in English, illusion) and determined that reality was something that must be accessed from within. The sciences of meditation and yoga were developed specifically as a means to reconnect with our fully realized and enlightened self. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost that heart-centered connection.

Symptoms of Isolation As you read this, you may be telling your-

If you answered yes to all of these questions, chances are you’re in a deep and dreamless sleep. Your day-to-day routine consists of fulfilling these mandates, ensuring your individual security (and that of your family’s), and enduring the humdrum of each day. Life feels heavy, like trudging through mud.

Light Slumber If you’ve answered yes to most of these questions, but one or two caused you to pause and reflect, if you believe that “things always work out” or that “there’s no point in worrying today about something that could happen tomorrow”— your slumber is periodically stirred.

Sleepwalking If you skipped the self-reflective questions because you’re highly invested in this material world, or because technological advances and a fast and furious pace of life motivate you, you’re probably sleepwalking. Infinite awareness is awake within you, but you don’t often seek its guidance. Life seems easier as a dissatisfied member of the status quo.

Awake If you answered “no” to the above questions and the negativity doesn’t resonate with you, it’s likely you are wide awake. In the awakened state, there is a part of you

known as “the witness”; it is the awakened aspect of your being, the element that watches the sleeping self struggle through the petty dramas of life. When we are in tune with the witness, our pressing challenges are irrelevant against the grand scope of the universe. When we are operating from our less-enlightened mind, petty problems are huge hurdles. It is your choice to operate in the world from the perspective of the enlightened witness, or the sleeping self.

The primary means to gain access to this awakened, and infinitely blissful, self is by detaching from the busy-ness of life and settling into the peace and calm of just “being.” Our innate wisdom, the voice of intuition, is soft. It has been silenced for years, suppressed and ignored to the louder rants of capitalism. Our intuition will always be there, but after decades of alienation, some effort is required to reestablish the connection. That’s our responsibility.

You Can Change Your Mind

Knock Knock!

The fact that you are reading this article shows that your mind is willing to receive the suggestions being presented— namely, there is another way—means that you’ve awakened from the slumber of the masses. The pace of life today is fast, faster than ever before. With the rise of technology and the Internet, the transmission of knowledge and communication is light years beyond its predecessor. The time that was once available for taking a step back to breathe is now filled with ring tones, app notifiers, and calendar reminders. Mobiles and tablets, talking computers and talking heads have replaced our intuition. There’s no time to stop and smell the roses. Every action becomes the means to an end. The only thing that truly exists is right here in this moment, and this moment, and now this moment . . . the only reality we have is “the now.” And because our minds live ceaselessly in anticipation of the future or in the redundancy of a biased past, life slips by without us ever having really lived it.

It is time to wake up. The world needs enlightened beings. Toss aside the cloak of fear you’ve been wearing and the mask you’ve worn to “fit in” and “go with the grain.” Seek silence and stillness through meditation or by spending time in nature. Establish a relationship with your body that goes beyond noticing bothersome aches and pains. Try yoga, chi gong, or tai chi. Renounce processed foods and fill your body with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that it needs to thrive! When talking to a friend, your mother, or the neighbourhood grocer, look them straight in the eyes and peer into the depths of their soul. Remember that she, just like you, is here for the blink of an eye, and limited time remains in which to maximize your potential. Be the light of inspiration to others who remain in the darkness of deep sleep. Be an example of what is possible when you awaken your true state of being. Seek silence, explore laughter, enjoy friendship, make love. For this is truly living.


Magic Mushrooms Indeed, travelling the path less taken requires courage, tenacity, and determination. Everything in modern society goes against the very concept of intuition or inner wisdom. While a spark of hope is all that is needed to start waking up, commitment and due diligence are also required to steadily navigate the path. Alongside the philosophy of spirituality and enlightenment, the ancients and shamans revered the healing capacity of nature. An understanding of and relationship with the native land and surrounding animals were integral components of the developing mind, body, and spirit. By establishing a connection with our proximal environment, we can see the interconnectedness of all living creatures, the fallacy of separation, and the cosmic state of unity. Serving homage to the profound wisdom and experiential knowledge of traditional holistic practitioners, a product line of medicinal mushrooms emerged to support the transition to awakened living.

Red Reishi Red Reishi enhances immune system function and provides adrenal support. This enables you to ditch the fight-orflight mentality and operate from a place of well-being. Stressed as a state of mind will banish from your vocabulary.

Lion’s Mane Lion’s Mane enhances memory and

Recognize Kindness, Appreciate supports the sharp cognitive functions inKindness, Share Kindness trinsic to your higher state of awareness. It clears the muddy waters of the mind,

so that decisions are made with the guidance of your inner voice. As the jumble of thoughts clear, your intuition will percolate to the surface.


Cordyceps balances energy, promotes restful sleep, and enhances libido. It brings newfound vigour and vitality to daily living—not only will you awaken bright-eyed and refreshed, but you’ll be excited to take on the day.

Chaga Chaga mushrooms were traditionally used as a tonic to prevent disease, infection, and lethargy. Chronic colds, overbearing viruses, and other irritating conditions (experienced seasonally by most) are a rare occurrence when taking this supplement. Jason Watkin, CEO of Purica, a Canadian firm dedicated to creating all-natural, wholesome products designed to help people find ease and alleviate suffering, states: “Together with an awakening mind, enlivened spirit, and physical health and well-being, your life will take on new meaning. An unmistakable glow will permeate your entire being as though you have discovered the secret to abundant living. And indeed you have: wake up and assume accountability for your life.” Accept the invitation to maximize your potential and follow through with the support of ancient wisdom. There’s no time to waste. Abundant joy is yours for the taking. The time is now.

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Little Sweeties the Golden Age

Now What?

What do you do after you wake up and you become aware that at least some of the most-alarming conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy facts? Protest? Write letters to government officials trying to convince them to grow up? Fight the system? Get your guns and shoot the baddies? Turn your back on everything, buy gold, retreat into the hills and hunker down? Maybe some of my readers are familiar with the old board game, “Sorry”. As long as we react to whatever is being put out there in the world by the “elites”, then we are choosing to play another sad game of “Sorry” in the 3-D world with these imbeciles. So if the current game of “Sorry” continues, we can expect economic catastrophes, wars, environmental ruination, species extinction, food manipulation, forced deadly vaccinations, manufactured diseases, terrorist events, etc. Unfortunately for humanity, the “elites” don’t play fair, the game is stacked against us, and they cheat (NSA spying anyone? And what about drones?) to try to ensure that humanity will lose every single time. I recommend that rather than continue playing this iteration of “Sorry” that we clear the board of playing pieces, toss away the board, and start playing a much higher energy game that the “elites” cannot even begin to play until they clean up their hearts and act appropriately. And I’m going to expound on exactly how to do this further on down this article.

Your Mind Most people remain asleep as they’ve been so thoroughly programmed and indoctrinated. I was talking to my brother recently and asked him if he was concerned about GMOs in the food. He replied that they’ve probably been putting GMOs in food for years so it wasn’t important, and what was he going to do about it anyway? Now I love my brother, but that’s thinking like a sheep. He was unaware and probably would not like to learn that GMOs have been shown to cause sterility in two to three generations, nor would he want to know that GMOs are linked to significant health problems. In like fashion sheeple (people who act like sheep) rationalize that there is no reason to get worked up about the NSA spying on everyone, because they’ve been doing it for years and it hasn’t made much difference in their own life, so who cares what the NSA does?

Author Mark Further

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People like these feel powerless and don’t use their minds. I hope that you are different - I hope that you want to change the world and are looking for ways to do just that. But you’re going to have to start using YOUR mind. Don Juan (via Carlos Castaneda) said that most people have never used their minds. STOP! Ponder that for a few seconds - Is it possible that in your entire life up to this point you have NEVER used your mind? It is possible that you have identified so completely with the reactive foreign installation that is endlessly chattering gibberish in your head that you don’t even know what you really think or who you really are? The foreign installation that sits somewhere between your ears - is a reactive, judgmental, eternally dissatisfied, creepy entity. The good news is that that entity is definitely not you. But you have to disown it and disconnect! It’s easy to know when the foreign installation is talking - it’s loud, it’s damning, it’s self-righteous, it’s fearful, and it’s always running telling you how bad other people were to you, or how bad you are. How many times have you found yourself ruminating about something lousy that occurred 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years ago? That is the foreign installation at work - because it is designed to keep you in constant turmoil. Every single hostile and damaging thought that you have had is not yours. I know that’s radical but take it from me - These thoughts are from the foreign installation. People who have traversed the gap and have met themselves are by nature quiet, contemplative, creative, kind, sweet, understanding, helpful, and nice. And another thing - all these self-realized people are unique - maybe even delightfully weird. Your real mind speaks in quiet whispers often with deep thoughts or questions wondering about some aspect of nature or reality. Your real mind comes alive in peak experiences when the chattering stops, but since your real mind has never been used, it often remains quiet at those times. Reject the false, chattering, foreign installation and embrace your real mind. This is usually easiest to achieve with quiet and calm practices after you have completely forgiven everyone who has ever hurt you, and yourself for hurting others. Completely forgiven them - as in no anger or blame at all.

None. Nada. Zilch.

It’s a path, and for some it may be more difficult than others. But it’s definitely a path worth traveling and completing. Work at understanding that everyone, including those that may have hurt you - We were all born into a sewer of emotions and energetic excrement that polluted us so thoroughly that confusion, perversion and insanity became the norm for human life on this planet. When you forgive others, and more importantly - yourself, then huge swaths of energy and knowledge become available. If you have severe challenges with forgiveness, then seek professional counselling to help you grieve and let go. Life is not about what happened to you or what you did back then - it’s about the choices you make now, and as you proceed forward. One of the important reasons for forgiveness is that until you forgive, you are liable to seek some sort of revenge or punishment. And this characteristic is the opposite of a realized person. I can’t think of any one action more important for most of us than to achieve peace with regard to our entire past. You’ll know you have forgiven your past when you honestly wish all those “horrible” people of your past well, with a quick and safe trip through their karmic lessons.

The New Human The following are some of the delightful characteristics of the man and woman of the New Age. The more completely your life reflects these ideals, the more power and the more influence you will have in the upcoming world: 1) Confident in your status as God’s beloved offspring 2) Pure in your open heart with corresponding harmonious actions 3) Harmless to all and encouraging of life 4) Naturally uplifting to all you meet 5) Fully connected to your innocence 6) Totally aligned with Positivity and Goodness 7) Judgement-less (Not a word, but not surprisingly there is no word that is the antonym of the tendency to label and judge others.) 8) Peaceful and aligned with birth and creativity. 9) Harbour a burning desire to co-create magnificence with the Loving Universe

Now examining those qualities honestly and looking at ourselves and our lives on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest level) most of us would be 1’s, 2’s with maybe a few 3’s. Still, these qualities are what we can aspire to manifest in our lives through various practices and focused efforts. And, there are definite benefits to doing so.

The Little Goodies and the Microbial Net Let’s get down to the details. How are we going to affect change on this planet, get rid of all the horrors, and manifest paradise? My previous blog introduced the concept of Remote Transformation (RT) as a tool to physically change objects using our focused minds. Now we’ll learn another powerful tool in our arsenal to manifest paradise on Earth. Microbes are everywhere - countless trillions of microbes are in your body, in the water, in the air, under the ground. Microbes are the most ancient life on our planet and are so small that millions can fit through the eye of a needle. There are many trillions of microbes in your body. You are actually more microbes than you are “human”. Masaru Emoto, in a brilliant demonstration which you can do yourself, took two containers of cooked rice. One of the containers was labeled with the words, “Thank you” and the other container with “You Idiot”. He would then repeat this phrase to each container of rice every day and thirty days later the differences were astounding. The container with rice that was thanked was healthy and lightly fermented while the other container with the cursed rice was visibly rotting away.

with them sometimes. People pay hardly any attention to them, but they always try to do good for everyone. When Man is joyful - they feel good too from the joyful energy; when Man is angry or hurts something living - a lot of them perish. Others rush in to replace them. But sometimes the others don’t manage to replace the ones that have died - and Man’s body becomes ill.” “But you are here Dashenka. And the projectiles are far away in various countries, hidden underground. How is it possible for - well, those ‘little ones’ of yours in other lands - to find out so quickly about what you desire?” “You see, they tell everything to each other very fast along a chain, a lot faster than the electrons that run in your computer.” And that last sentence introduces us to the Microbial Net. This net of microbes spans the globe and is in everything underground, on the ground and above ground. And these microbes are easily controllable by those people with pure childlike qualities described above for the New Humans. Now perhaps we can understand more deeply the ancient exhortation to become as children. Because if we become as children then we gain access to the power to use microbes to create heaven on Earth.

An Experience in Chemtrail Clearing

horizon where there were still a few clouds. A half hour after that the sky was clear from horizon to horizon. Then because I was curious, I checked the weather report where I wasn’t surprised to read the “prediction” that we would have a cloudy night that night. I chuckled. Well, we would have had a hazy and cloudy night, but I and the little sweeties - the microbes - cleared the sky. In summary by using your inherent powers chemtrails can become a thing of the past. You can even introduce your children to the world of microbes and the Microbial Net and ask them to help you clear the skies.

The Future is Now In this blog post we have detailed above a demonstration, a teaching story, and an experience using microbes to affect physical reality. Microbes will quickly respond to a fully-realized Man’s love in a decisive manner, and will not respond to hate or fear, preferring death instead. These little creatures are good and a tool for goodness. They will always respond to the highest, most loving thoughts and direction. The “Darkness” cannot command the microbes.

If enough people can realize their loving gifts and step into their natural power as New Humans, then wars will end and paradise will flourish on our planet. When I finally put this together, I noticed that Everything is in our hands. You won’t need to worry while it had been a brilliant and gorgeous sunny about nuclear weapons - just command the microbes day that chemtrails were currently being laid pretty to destroy them. You won’t need to worry about tear heavily across the sky and a large portion of the gas or bullets or anything - just have the microbes sky had now become obscured with a grey haze. destroy them. You don’t have to worry about I decided to sit outside on the deck and focus drones or nanobots or enhanced robot soldiers or my attention on the chemtrails, commanding the HAARP or any other technological weapon, hazard microbes (I called them my little sweeties) to eat or nightmare - just lovingly command the microbes What caused this effect was the microbes. the chemtrails up. Realizing that my powers were to eat the weapons and they will rush to do your The microbes obeyed the commands of the people limited I intently focused for a good twenty minutes, bidding. conducting the test - eradicating the rice that they and I swear during that time the chemtrails reduced hated and maintaining the container that was in size at least 40% and the sky started to clear. Note that there are vistas we haven’t discussed bestowed with human love. I felt that the microbes ran on love, so I beamed today - like using microbes to extend your lifespan more of my love and appreciation into the sky as or restore your health and vitality back to that time Surprisingly, this is what microbes do - they I focused on how beautiful it would be to have a when you were much younger. I would encourage naturally obey the commands of people. And the clear blue sky and starry night. Another chemtrail everyone to utilize their creative imaginations and more aware, tuned in and loving the person is, the was then laid and so I focused on that chemtrail, discern amazing ways that you can use the power of faster and more powerfully the microbes will obey and it almost immediately began to dissipate. After microbes and the Microbial Net to better life for you their commands. Here is a portion of Chapter 9 of some time, I went inside. and all of us here on Earth. the book entitled, “Who Are We” by Vladimir Megre - a little 5-year-old girl is talking to her father about When I returned a short time later I noted Commanding microbes and using the Microbial how she destroyed some missiles: with dismay that although some of the sky was Net are just one of many amazing powers coming beginning to clear, two more massive chemtrails, our way. I hope you embrace the challenge, open “Eaten up? What’s been eaten up?” side by side, were being laid where much of the your heart, heal yourself from the past, and step “Those square projectiles. They’re almost clearing had occurred. Obviously, the “Darkness” up to the plate as a fully-empowered New Human all eaten up. As soon as they realized I couldn’t was determined. So I focused my attention on confident and determined to use your amazing stand those projectiles, they got into action and the two new large chemtrails, commanding the powers to create paradise on our beautiful planet. began to eat them up very fast.” microbes to clear the sky so we could have a “Who are they?” beautiful clear night, and after a few minutes the “You know, the ‘little ones’. They are new chemtrails shortened and began to dissipate. everywhere around us and inside us. They I went back inside. are good. Kostia calls them bacteria, or microorganisms, but I’ve got my own name for them, When I checked a half hour later what remained a better name - I call them my ‘little ones’, my of the chemtrails had been pushed way over to the ‘goodies’. They like that name better. I play

Long Live the Good!


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Quantum Physics Has Confirmed It the universe is com prised of information

HERE IS WHAT IT MEANS As quantum physics can now confirm, the universe we live in is not made up of solid objects but of energy and information. This discovery holds vast implications for understanding the nature of our world and in understanding the true source of vibrant health. It also means that it is possible to encapsulate all the concepts discussed in the world of holistic natural health into a single unified theory. UNIVERSAL LAW: THE TRUE SOURCE OF HEALTH OR DISEASE Since we reside in the universe, it is dictated that we are subject to universal and natural laws. That being said, in an information universe made up of energy, health or disease can only come from one place. That place is from information. The concept goes like this: When the cells in our bodies are aligned with pure, healthy sources of information, we are healthy. Likewise when we are exposed to distorted information fields, we can experience ill-health if we don’t remove the source of the distorted information.

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our system, it creates distortion in the normal operations of our bodies and will cause illhealth.

So what are some examples of pure information fields and distorted information fields, you ask? Well, some examples of pure information is eating pure, natural, uncooked organic food and pure filtered water. Putting that type of fuel into our bodies injects pure energy spin and leads to vibrant health. Some examples of distorted information are junk food and the electro-magnetic fields generated by wireless networks and cell phone towers. Junk food laced with GMOs has a negative information energy spin which will eventually cause illhealth if we continue to consume it, while EMF radiation is a source of negative and distorted information which disrupts the body’s energy field and which over time will rob us of vibrant health if the source of the distorted energy is not removed. Pathogens are another source of distorted, disharmonious information. If harmful bacteria or a virus becomes lodged in

ENCAPSULATING ALL HEALTHRELATED INFORMATION INTO A SINGLE CONCEPT As you can probably tell by now, this information has fundamental implications in the arena of natural health. What it means is that essentially, all information, articles and suggestions we read about natural health are directing us to fill our lives and bodies with clean, healthy sources of information while avoiding and reducing sources of distorted information. This is the unified key to the source of all health and healing as well as the source of all ill-health and disease. If we use our logic and intuition, it becomes relatively easy to deduce whether a food, energy field or environment is filled with pure spin energy or distorted energy. Then we can consciously make the choice whether or not to interact with said information source.

Zach C Miller This enables us to powerfully take control of our health’s destinies and, by extension, our lives; something that all health-conscious individuals are directly or indirectly seeking. SOURCES FOR THIS ARTICLE INCLUDE: • • • ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Zach C. Miller was raised from an early age to believe in the power and value of healthyconscious living. He later found in himself a talent for writing, and it only made sense to put two & two together! He has written and published articles about health & wellness and other topics on and here on NaturalNews. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science. LEARN MORE:

Locals Supporting Locals Locals Supporting Locals (LSL) is a platform for connecting to each other locally, giving voice to farmers, citizens, and businesses and taking action to ensure local values and directions come from locals. We need to come together and discuss the issues that affect us and form truly local solutions to the challenges. We are a collective group of like-minded people who believe in supporting local, fertile farms and vineyards along with our many locally owned restaurants and stores. Local is more than just where you live, it is also about how you support your community and how we support each other. This is a time when we are losing our small ethical farmers and Mom and Pop shops, when our freedoms and independence are being eroded, and these losses reduce our quality and way of life. Currently LSL focuses on protection of our local food supply from GMOs, stopping the expansion of Smart Meters, and how we protect ourselves locally in the threat of economic instability. We want to openly discuss how to protect our community from perhaps the biggest threat yet, and that is UN Agenda 21 and their disingenuous greenwashing vehicles in the forms of “Transition Town” and ICLEI, as well as other entities spouting “sustainability” but which are in reality, a thinly veiled vehicle for further control and exploitation of our personal and collective resources by big government and multi-national corporations. Their values may be in conflict with our values.

LSL supports true sustainability within our communities of our own design using our own solutions from the grassroots up, and not from the top down. As a way of funding our mission, LSL produces a calendar featuring local farmers. In this way, we get to know each other. We know who is growing healthy non-gmo food locally, who the businesses are that philosophically support this movement, and as purchasers of the calendar, the businesses offer us a nice incentive through the coupons they’ve provided for the calendar. For businesses it is advertising with a purpose, and for consumers, a way to support Locals Supporting Locals in their mission work and one small step in supporting each other. The life of a community is the people, farmers and businesses. Together we can make a difference. Local community networking is our passion and our goal is to continue to strengthen our network that reconnects us in our local communities, and provides a framework that can be used across our province and country to do the same thing. In communities everywhere in Canada, LSL wants people to remember what local really means. We are the change that we want to see. It starts right here right now. To learn how to start an LSL chapter in your area or purchase a calendar, contact Kevin Proteau at 250-770-9789 or kevinproteau.

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Christina Sarich |

“Nonsense wakes up the brain cells. And it helps develop a sense of humor, which is awfully important in this day and age. Humor has a tremendous place in this sordid world. It’s more than just a matter of laughing. If you can see things out of whack, then you can see how things can be in whack.” ~ Dr. Seuss This science of mirth is no laughing matter, but it is wonderfully amusing. We’ve studied laughter, it is its own science called gelotology. Laughter helps us socially, mentally and physically. It has evolved for good reason. Here’s why: Laughter as a Survival Instinct “It’s time to take humor seriously, and seriousness humorously.” SWAMI BEYONDANANDA The philosopher John Morreall believes that people first laughed as a sign of relief after they were exposed to danger and then shared a collective sigh as that danger passed. Some researchers are trying to figure out if primates did their own form of stand-up. This subject has been scrutinized for centuries, with people trying to figure out just what makes something funny, and how the tickled fancy supports human beings in their evolutionary process. Many say it is an instinctual survival tool, and not the cursory response to a razor sharp wit. Surely, if children can deliver peels of laughter after hearing a soldier in worn-torn Afghanistan pass gas, it must serve some greater purpose. “Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost 5,000 dollars. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollars, we wouldn’t have any innocent bystanders.” ~ Chris Rock, comedian “I wanna live. I don’t wanna die. That’s the whole meaning of life: not dying! I figured that shit out by myself in the third grade. ~ George Carlin, comedian “A sense of humor – is a needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips

is a sign that a person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.” ~ Hugh Sidey, journalist

LAUGHTER AS A COMMUNITY BUILDER Laughter is the way we bond with one another. Laughter is contagious, and so are the bonds that are formed among people who laugh. We usually feel closer to those we’ve shared a laugh or two with. It doesn’t even need to be expressed verbally. Charlie Chaplin made a whole career out of making people laugh with just his expressions. Surely the audiences who watched his black and white films felt closer to one another. “I’ve always though that a big laugh is a really loud noise from the soul saying, ain’t that the truth!” ~ Quincy Jones, musician LAUGHTER CURES THE SICK When we feel a heart-felt chuckle, it can cure a panoply of ills. Laughter lowers cortisol levels (which are linked to all sorts of stressrelated diseases including heart disease and high blood pressure.) Getting the giggles also increases the antibodies in your blood, which boosts the immune system so we can more easily evade bacteria, viruses and parasites. In a recent study, laughter was found to boost the immune system by as much as 40 percent! In the study women watched funny films in one group and dull boring films in another. When the films were completed, researchers took samples of the women’s killer cells, our natural disease fighting cells, and mixed them with cancer cells to see what would happen. The women who had laughed out loud in the films had much healthier immune systems, capable of even destroying cancer cells, than the women who had watched some boring tourism films. Now that’s a powerful way to keep people from being sick without spending trillions in health care costs. Instead

Help us help West African villagers project. Proceeds from these products helps us toward Helping children attend schoolEnabling woman to start businesses in West Africa , Senegal & Guinea

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Available at: Alive Health Centres, Choices Market, Donald's Market, Genesis Nutrition, Finlandia, Gaia Garden, Nature's Prime, Edible Island Whole Foods of pumping violence and anger into our media channels, how about a little more hilarity? Laughter also makes us more physically beautiful as it brings increased blood flow to the skin through increased aerobic activity in the lungs and heart. Laughter even lessens depression. “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” ~ Audrey Hepburn, actress LAUGHTER KEEPS US GOING Maybe the ridiculous or the nonsensical seem to have no place, with the endless photographs being circulated on Pinterest and Youtube of kittens and bonobo monkeys, or the late night comedians keeping our insomniac brains in a state of elevated hilarity, or the

best friend who tells us a good joke when we are feeling a little down, but laughter keeps us going. It supports our mental and physical health and allows this mundane and chaotic world to keep turning. “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” ~ Robert Frost, author ABOUT THE AUTHOR Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

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michael forrester prevent disease waking times

Researchers Finally Show How Mindfulness and Your Thoughts Can Induce Specific Molecular Changes To Your Genes

With evidence growing that training the mind or inducing specific modes of consciousness can have beneficial health effects, scientists have sought to understand how these practices physically affect the body. A new study by researchers in Wisconsin, Spain, and France reports the first evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a period of intensive mindfulness practice. The study investigated the effects of a day of intensive mindfulness practice in a group of experienced meditators, compared to a group of untrained control subjects who engaged in quiet non-meditative activities.

After eight hours of mindfulness practice, the meditators showed a range of genetic and molecular differences, including altered levels of gene-regulating machinery and reduced levels of pro-inflammatory genes, which in turn correlated with faster physical recovery from a stressful situation. “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first paper that shows rapid alterations in gene expression within subjects associated with mindfulness meditation practice,” says study author Richard J. Davidson, founder of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds and the William James and Vilas Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at

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the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Most interestingly, the changes were observed in genes that are the current targets of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs,” says Perla Kaliman, first author of the article and a researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona, Spain (IIBB-CSIC-IDIBAPS), where the molecular analyses were conducted. The study was published in the Journal Psychoneuroendocrinology. Mindfulness-based trainings have shown beneficial effects on inflammatory disorders in prior clinical studies and are endorsed by the American Heart Association as a preventative intervention. The new results provide a possible biological mechanism for therapeutic effects. GENE ACTIVITY CAN CHANGE ACCORDING TO PERCEPTION According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, gene activity can change on a daily basis. If the perception in your mind is reflected in the chemistry of your body, and if your nervous system reads and interprets the environment and then controls the blood’s chemistry, then you can literally change the fate of your cells by altering your thoughts. In fact, Dr. Lipton’s research illustrates that by changing your perception, your mind can alter the activity of your genes and create over thirty thousand variations of products from each gene. He gives more detail by saying that the gene programs are contained within the nucleus of the cell, and you can rewrite those genetic programs through changing your blood chemistry. In the simplest terms, this means that we need to change the way we think if we are to heal cancer. “The function of the mind is to create coherence between our beliefs and the reality we experience,” Dr. Lipton said. “What that means is that your mind will adjust the body’s biology and behavior to fit with your beliefs. If you’ve been told you’ll die in six months and your mind believes it, you most likely will die in six months. That’s called the nocebo effect, the result of a negative thought, which is the opposite of the placebo effect, where healing is mediated by a positive thought.” That dynamic points to a three-party system: there’s the part of you that swears it doesn’t want to die (the conscious mind), trumped by the part that believes you will (the doctor’s prognosis mediated by the subconscious mind), which then throws into gear the chemical reaction (mediated by the brain’s chemistry) to make sure the body conforms to the dominant belief.

(Neuroscience has recognized that the subconscious controls 95 percent of our lives.) Now what about the part that doesn’t want to die–the conscious mind? Isn’t it impacting the body’s chemistry as well? Dr. Lipton said that it comes down to how the subconscious mind, which contains our deepest beliefs, has been programmed. It is these beliefs that ultimately cast the deciding vote. “It’s a complex situation,” said Dr. Lipton. People have been programmed to believe that they’re victims and that they have no control. We’re programmed from the start with our mother and father’s beliefs. So, for instance, when we got sick, we were told by our parents that we had to go to the doctor because the doctor is the authority concerning our health. We all got the message throughout childhood that doctors were the authority on health and that we were victims of bodily forces beyond our ability to control. The joke, however, is that people often get better while on the way to the doctor. That’s when the innate ability for self-healing kicks in, another example of the placebo effect. MINDFULNESS PRACTICE SPECIFICALLY AFFECTS REGULATORY PATHWAYS The results of Davidson’s study show a down-regulation of genes that have been implicated in inflammation. The affected genes include the pro-inflammatory genes RIPK2 and COX2 as well as several histone deacetylase (HDAC) genes, which regulate the activity of other genes epigenetically by removing a type of chemical tag. What’s more, the extent to which some of those genes were downregulated was associated with faster cortisol recovery to a social stress test involving an impromptu speech and tasks requiring mental calculations performed in front of an audience and video camera. Biologists have suspected for years that some kind of epigenetic inheritance occurs at the cellular level. The different kinds of cells in our bodies provide an example. Skin cells and brain cells have different forms and functions, despite having exactly the same DNA. There must be mechanisms–other than DNA–that make sure skin cells stay skin cells when they divide. Perhaps surprisingly, the researchers say, there was no difference in the tested genes between the two groups of people at the start of the study. The observed effects were seen only in the meditators following mindfulness practice. In addition, several other DNA-modifying genes showed no differences between groups, suggesting that the mindfulness practice specifically affected certain regulatory pathways. The key result is that meditators experienced genetic changes following mindfulness practice that were not seen in the non-meditating group after other quiet activities — an outcome providing proof of principle that mindfulness practice can lead to epigenetic alterations of the genome. Previous studies in rodents and in people have shown dynamic epigenetic responses to physical stimuli such as stress, diet, or exercise within just a few hours. “Our genes are quite dynamic in their expression and these results suggest that the calmness of our mind can actually have a potential influence on their expression,” Davidson says. “The regulation of HDACs and inflammatory pathways may represent some of the mechanisms underlying the therapeutic potential of mindfulness-based interventions,” Kaliman says. “Our findings set the foundation for future studies to further assess meditation strategies for the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions.” continued on page 30



So far homeschooling is legal in all 50 (American) states. Some states require no monitoring, some moderate oversight, and a few require close supervision by testing. Here’s a color-coded-by-state map that indicates those different levels of acceptance (http://www.hslda. org/laws/). While the public education system has rapidly worsened, homeschooling support and educational tools have increased and improved. REASONS FOR HOME SCHOOLING (1) Public or private school group rote learning doesn’t inspire creative, free, or critical thinking. If large classes have to be on the same page, literally, those who learn faster are held back by those who are slower. Rote memorization does not lead to true understanding. (2) The public educational system is a tool for socializing and indoctrinating kids into whatever the currently accepted standards of behavior are. Lately, those standards have begun to approach depravity at their worst or condition everyone lockstep into “politically correct” ideals at their best. (3) Even well-intentioned teachers are fettered with administrative tasks, required texts, and overcrowded classrooms. Home schooling eliminates those issues. You can determine children’s actual educational interests and let them focus on them at their pace, whether fast or slow, to truly learn and master their interests. Nothing motivates deeper understanding at a faster-than-”normal” pace than self-motivated strong interest or enthusiasm. Interrupting that interest frequently only because a bell rings requiring one to move into a totally uninspiring subject is frustrating. (4) Home schooling can help you protect your children from required vaccinations and enforced psychotropic “medications”. There are many concerns of how children cope with the drudgery of forced institutional education by resorting to illegal drugs or prescription drugs obtained illegally. But greater dangers are institutionally enforced vaccinations with vast adverse side effect potentials and no health benefits. Then there is the risk of mandatory harmful pharmaceuticals to “socialize” children that are too frisky or too bored to focus. (5) It takes too many years for most institutionally schooled kids to learn reading and writing skills, basic grammar, and math. It should

take only a few months to learn each of these basic items for most. Today, too many high school graduates are lacking in those basic literacy skills For example, institutionally schooled children are usually not disciplined with using a dictionary for words not understood or misunderstood when understanding what they read gets foggy. Once a foundation of basic literacy is established, real learning of vital subjects can proceed. (6) Robert Kennedy Jr. once quipped, “Americans are over entertained and under informed.” You can help switch that around by exposing your children to texts and videos that are not allowed throughout all the grades of public education. How much about the real banking system is taught in high school? When are kids even instructed about checks and credit cards? What about real history and critical social commentary? What about natural health information that’s not publicized by mainstream media? Exposing your kids to those “outside” text commentaries and video documentaries will deepen awareness and understanding for you, the teacher, as well. Your role would be to encourage a desire for your child to learn more on his or her own.

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(7) A vastly superior educational approach, the Montessori method, was available but ignored. It provided a platform of flexibility that accommodated individual needs. It wasn’t suitable for centralized social engineering. Small private Montessori schools are scattered about, but they require parental deep pockets. Instead, the educational system decision to ensure social engineering took hold. John Taylor Gatto, author of Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling and Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling ended his blistering analytical indictment of the educational system with his acceptance speech for the 1990 NYC Teacher of the Year award with: “Experts in education have never been right, their “solutions” are expensive, self-serving, and always involve further centralization. Enough. Time for a return to democracy, individuality, and family. I’ve said my piece. Thank you.” (complete speech text below)

FARABLOC Testimonials “I received my Farabloc blanket yesterday and slept with it last night. I cannot believe the difference in my muscles as I woke up this morning without all the aches and pains I normally experience after working hard in the garden all day. My right arm usually aches for days after working in the garden and this morning it never even hurt. I can truly say that this technology really does work! It’s more like a sheet than a blanket and is light as a feather…I love it! Thank God for Farabloc…I have a new lease on life and will be telling all my friends about it!” - Valerie Jolie

Even if you can only contribute a portion of your time for home schooling, it would be time well spent for you and your family.




“I purchased Farabloc to treat phantom limb pains which had been causing me severe pain for 18 years and have been very happy with the improvement in the quality of my life.” Ian Begshaw, S. AUSTRALIA A RT I C L E

John Gatto speech text:

The homeschooling beginner’s bible:

by: PF Louis

More reasons for homeschooling with explanations:

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radicals circulate in our body looking for electrons in order to be complete, and once they do, they are “neutralized” and no longer contribute to inflammation in the body. Ober finally received support in 2004, after many years of personal research, when the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine published one of his studies. The results showed that “earthing during your sleep resynchronizes cortisol secretion more in alignment with its natural, normal rhythm.” This research has provided us with a whole new way to appreciate the earth.

Conditions improved with earthing


The Ultimate Healing Technique? by Derek Henry

The amount of barriers to healing is a long and sordid list, with a dirty food, water and air supply sitting at the top. Combine that with a poor relationship with the sun and the earth, and true healing becomes very difficult. However, if we can reignite our connection with the earth, we may find healing becomes a lot easier.

This connection is made between the electrical frequencies of the human body and that of the earth, which can be achieved directly (e.g., barefoot in grass or on a beach) or by proxy through grounding technology.

What is earthing?

Clinton Ober, a recognized pioneer in the concept of earthing, knew that the earth’s surface is made up of negatively charged ions, which contain extra electrons. These electrons have the ability to reduce positive charges, like those of free radicals. Free

Earthing, also known as grounding, is based on research showing that having a connection to the earth’s electrical energy promotes physical well-being.

The pioneer and the science

The key factor that seems to be linked with earthing is the reduction of inflammation. Since there are over 80 chronic diseases associated with inflammation, including cancer and type 2 diabetes, earthing could be one of the greatest “rediscoveries” of our time. Studies have indicated several benefits to your health while earthing, including: • Improved sleep • Decreased pain and inflammation • Enhanced immune system • Reduced anxiety and stress • Improved gastrointestinal symptoms • Improved cardiovascular function • Improved energy levels • Improved hormonal cycles • More dramatic healing for sports injuries • Reduced jet lag An impressive list for simply getting back in touch with the ground.

How we got disconnected and how we can hook back up

We have insulated ourselves from the earth primarily through shoes with rubber or plastic soles. This daily practice with little to no reprieve has consistently unplugged us from the healing negative charge of the earth. The most effective way to get grounded again is to get your bare feet in the grass (slightly wet is best), dirt, sand or salt water for 20-30 minutes a day (gardening with bare hands will also provide a connection). If you live close to water, walking in close vicinity to it will improve the experience. If these are not reasonable options for you, then consider grounding technology like earthing sheets, mats, car seat covers and sandals which will essentially do the same thing. Keep in mind that concrete is a good conductor as well, as long as it is not sealed or painted, but materials like asphalt and wood will not allow electrons to pass through so are not suitable for grounding (which makes barefoot travel in the house typically useless). Also, the higher up you are in a building, the more removed you are from the surface of the earth, which has additional negative implications. So get back in touch with the earth. I encourage you to hit the ground running.

Sources for this article include: Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, and Martin Zucker

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How to naturally remove radioactive particles from your body in 5-7 hours By Gavin Bragg Fukushima may soon become the greatest environmental disaster site the world has ever seen. If the more than 1300 fuel rods from the badly damaged reactor 4 fuel pool, that is perched 100 feet in the air, are not brought to the ground with absolute precision it could spew out the radiation equivalent of more than 15,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs. The pool rests on a badly damaged building that could easily come down in the next earthquake, if not on its own.[1] Spent fuel must be kept under water because each rod is coated with zirconium alloy, which will spontaneously ignite if exposed to air. Zirconium has long been used in flash bulbs for cameras, and burns with an extremely bright hot flame. “According to Arnie Gundersen, a nuclear engineer with forty years in an industry for which he once manufactured fuel rods, the ones in the Unit 4 core are bent, damaged and embrittled to the point of crumbling. Cameras have shown troubling quantities of debris in the fuel pool, which itself is damaged. The engineering and scientific barriers to emptying the Unit Four fuel pool are unique and daunting, says Gundersen. But it must be done to 100% perfection. Should the attempt fail, the rods could be exposed to air and catch fire, releasing horrific quantities of radiation into the atmosphere. The pool could come crashing to the ground, dumping the rods together into a pile that could fission and possibly explode. The resulting radioactive cloud would threaten the health and safety of us all.”[1] - Harvey Wasserman, senior advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service According to long-time expert and former Department of Energy official Robert Alvarez, there is more than 85 times as much radioactive cesium on site as was released at Chernobyl.[1] With Cesium-137 the main issue is that it is mistaken for potassium by living organisms, and absorbed into almost all tissues emitting gamma and beta radiation. Although it is removed by the body fairly quickly, the damage to cells and to DNA can be devastating.[2] Of much greater concern is strontium-90, as described by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “Strontium-90 is chemically similar to calcium, and tends to deposit in bone and blood-forming tissue (bone marrow). Thus, strontium-90 is referred to as a “bone seeker.” Internal exposure to Sr-90 is linked to bone cancer, cancer of the soft tissue near the bone, and leukemia.”[3] Not to mention the genetic mutations that can occur as a result of radiation exposure. “Teratogenic mutations result from the exposure of fetuses (unborn children) to radiation. They can include smaller head or brain size, poorly formed

eyes, abnormally slow growth, and mental retardation. Studies indicate that fetuses are most sensitive between about eight to fifteen weeks after conception. They remain somewhat less sensitive between six and twenty-five weeks old.” [4] We can still see the devastating long term effects from Chernobyl. The facts below are taken from the Chernobyl Children’s Project International document. CHERNOBYL: THE FACTS Here are some facts you need to know, almost 20 years after the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine.[5] Thyroid Cancer: The World Health Organisation predicts 50,000 children will develop the disease in their lifetime. “Throughout Belarus, the incidence of this rare disease in 1990 was 30 times higher than in the years before the accident.” Leukemia: In the Gomel region of Belarus, incidences of leukemia have increased 50% in children and adults since the disaster. Other Diseases in Children: In addition to thyroid cancer and leukemia, UNICEF reports that between 1990 and 1994, nervous system disorders increased by 43%; cardiovascular diseases by 43%; bone and muscle disorders by 62%; and diabetes by 28%. Other Cancers: Swiss Medical Weekly published findings showing a 40% increase in all kinds of

cancers in Belarus between 1990 and 2000. Some tumor specialists fear that a variety of new cancers may emerge 20-30 years after the disaster. Cases of breast cancer doubled between 1988 and 1999. Birth Defects: Maternal exposure to radiation can cause severe organ and brain damage in an unborn child. Five years after the disaster, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health reported three times the normal rate of deformities and developmental abnormalities in newborn children, as well as an increased number of miscarriages, premature births, and stillbirths. Cardiac Abnormalities: Heart disease in Belarus has quadrupled since the accident, caused by the accumulation of radioactive cesium in the cardiac muscle. Doctors report a high incidence of multiple defects of the heart – a condition coined “Chernobyl Heart.” REMOVING RADIATION IN 5-7 HOURS In today’s nuclear world, detoxing radioactive materials from the body is vital to our ongoing good health. And zeolites are extremely effective at absorbing radioactive material. Zeolite was used at the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident. During the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in 1986, 500,000 tons of zeolite was dumped on and around the site to absorb the radioactive metals. It was also given to cattle to stop the radioactive particles ending up in milk supplies.

In Bulgaria, zeolite pills and cookies were prepared for human consumption to counteract Chernobyl fallout. [6] At the Hanford Nuclear Facility in Richland, Washington, strontium-90 and cesium-137 have been removed from radioactive waste solutions by passing them through tanks packed with the natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite.[7] The addition of clinoptilolite to soils contaminated with Strontium-90 markedly reduced the strontium uptake by plants, and the presence of clinoptilolite inhibited the uptake of Cesium in contaminated Bikini Atoll soils.[6] Natural Clinoptilolite is the safest and most commonly used form of zeolite for health and healing, as it has the unique ability to absorb and remove large amounts of heavy metals, volatile organics and radioactive particles with no side effects. It does this without removing the needed metals and minerals like iron or calcium, which is just astounding. Clinoptilolite Zeolite has a net negative charge as well as a unique cage like structure that captures the small highly charged toxins like mercury or strontium-90 and can quickly remove them from the body. Once heavy metals have been captured by the negative charge of the zeolite, they are effectively neutralized and can be removed from the body without damaging the surrounding tissue. The best

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how to empower yourself and re-discover freedom! continued from page 2 that working for us so far? Enough said. If a thought doesn’t serve you, discard it and replace it with a better one that is in line with love which is the highest and most powerful vibration. You know the saying “with great power comes great responsibility”? Well I agree, and I foresee no danger whatsoever in empowering the people with this responsibility. The only true power is the power of love, as corny as that may sound. Why? Because we all know deep down, and we are all remembering, that infinite love and respect is the only truth, that we are all connected and that every thought and every action we take affects the whole. ”Do to others as you would have them do to you” Luke 6:31 NIV. If you ‘get’ that and implement being the change in your own life simply, then you already ‘get’ that you don’t even need to worry about what the rotten apples are doing. ‘They’ are trying to divide, destroy and push forth an even crappier reality. Some of us have already tuned out of it, and the most of us are tuning out of it on an incremental basis. We’ve had enough, the gig is up, and it’s time to move up! ‘They’ are just self-destructing really. No need to get angry or yell or protest violently, that’s their game. If you respond to bullshit with the same level of consciousness that created it, then you’ve lost because you are contributing to its perpetuation. I’m reminded of something I read by Steve Harvey: ”don’t hate the player, CHANGE the game.” Agreed Mister Harvey, and I’ll add onto that: To change the game (the reality), tune into a higher frequency. The truth is already out, and needs no defense. When we fully remember and comprehend the power of our mind, our life experience here on Earth ‘changes’ drastically. Dare I say that this new earth frequency is already here, and has always been here. I have begun to attune myself to it and now that I’m remembering, consequently my quality of life is improving drastically. I know in my heart that we are all attuning into this higher frequency of consciousness that is based in love and respect. The only reason we are still ‘seeing’ and ‘experiencing’ suffering is because we are still tuned into it on some level. The static of this lower frequency is still interfering into our expanding consciousness. We are elevating to this higher energetic frequency (that has always been available to us), and once this wave of ascension washes away our limiting beliefs, well buckle in and enjoy the ride! Don’t believe me? Watch a beautiful documentary called Craigslist Joe and you will begin to understand that once you surrender and let go of any belief or emotion based in fear, the universe takes care of everybody! And I trust that everybody here only wants love and respect at the basis of all our other wants, and so it shall be! They, the few rotten apples, who suppressed this amazing exciting powerful truth from us, only did so out of a negative intention based in lower frequencies of greed, hate, control and fear. Love is the highest frequency so ‘they’ cannot exist or operate in this higher frequency because they are not a match to it energetically. That’s it, that’s all, simple. That’s why when you begin to upgrade your mind-frequency, all the bullshit in your life effortlessly disappears. And when you keep at it and learn to maintain that higher frequency through persistent practice, you no longer manifest any ‘bad’ in your life. In fact, any situation that manifests that you may have in the past perceived to be a problem (like a flat tire), you now perceive as a catalyst of opportunity, a step, that is just bringing you closer to your ultimate goal. So get your mind right and the rest will follow. When you set the truth free, you EMPOWER the people. As a result, they remember to look within and be dependent on themselves through their inner guidance system which functions like a compass, the directions being your emotions. Feels good? Keep going that way. Feels bad? Re-evaluate, exercise discernment, choose new thought, new direction. Think about the word ‘independent’ for a minute. It implies to look within. Focus

Page 24

on love and abundance and freedom, and hold it the best you can until it becomes automatic. Accordingly, you pull in the corresponding frequencies and hence you manifest people, circumstances and events that pull in those higher frequencies you are focused on. It works the opposite way as well. And there-in lies the, oh so scary, ‘oh my gosh what will happen if we let go of the leash’, consequence for the few ‘elite’ in empowering the people. The invisible chains of dependency that said authority of power tied to your neck to begin with, just ‘disappear’ because freedom of mind knows no chains. The individual, and hence the collective, no longer mentally consent to tune into the lower frequencies (beliefs, thoughts) of fear based in suppression. The bullshit disappears quite simply because the vibrations just don’t match anymore so they cannot be pulled in to manifest. The pyramid falls apart because the suppressed base where the oppression was concentrated FLIPS the script, flips the pyramid, and ascends into a higher level of consciousness and a new reality. Think about how mistakenly inverted the world is today: Doctor’s destroy health, the judicial system destroys freedom and the government destroys knowledge/information, in a nutshell. It’s all backwards. IT’S TIME FOR US ALL TO WAKE UP and FLIP THE SCRIPT. It doesn’t require any physical effort or money or time, it’s a shift in awareness, that’s it. Fear is no longer a frequency the awakened conscious individual tunes into because he or she understands the gift and responsibility of thought, and when the momentum of that truth reaches the point where it affects the majority of the collective consciousness as a whole, those past suppressed beliefs systems will cease to manifest in this reality. This is where our world is going! I think this is so cool! Now, in my opinion, the only reason we are still seeing this plethora of world wide negative events and ‘in your face’ ridiculousness is, 1) to awaken the last of us who are still mentally stuck in the past control structure through shock therapy. Because, some of us are so desensitized that this particular intensity in duality is needed to snap us out of the trancelike thinking and state of ‘powerlessness’ that they are stuck in. And 2) Because the past fear based control structure was already aware of the current awakening in consciousness that is unfolding and this is its last ditch desperate attempt to hang onto the past power infrastructure which the people are tuning out of. As long as we remember that our power lies in the broadcasting ability of the mind through the thoughts and beliefs we consciously and subconsciously entertain and choose, we are free! There is a great book called the 50th Law that Curtis Jackson wrote with Robert Green. I loved it, and I would definitely recommend it. The 50th law of power is the law of fearlessness. Courage is about taking action despite the presence of fear. And when you begin do that consistently, you eliminate fear. When you eliminate fear, you reset your creative power and you begin to align with higher frequencies. To wrap this up, allow me to share some very profound lyrics written by Tupac Shakur in the song “Changes”: We gotta make a change… It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes. Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live and let’s change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do what we gotta do, to survive. I say, that once we get our mind right and master the basics, we will thrive! It is that simple. ISABELLE BEENEN: Earth Citizen, Independent Writer, Intuitive Energy Work. For Bookings or inquiries email

“Love the show, love the samples. Absolutely fantast ic. Educational and entertainin g!”

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Helping you find balance. Need help finding balance in your life? Look no further than the upcoming Wellness Show. There will be cutting-edge presentations on today’s most pressing health and wellness issues. Some of Canada’s top chefs and cookbook authors will host healthy cooking demonstrations. Fitness gurus will show us the latest trends on getting fit, staying well and more than 250 exhibitors will be displaying products and information related to traditional, complementary, alternative and spiritual health, fitness, nutrition, and recreation.

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by JoyCamp (funny!)


Technocracy is failed mind control explain “the genius mystery.” It offers the lunatic notion that genius is a mere program that can be loaded into a brain. That’s called a metaphor, but it’s being taken seriously as a literal explanation. Talent, achievement, and creative imagination are far more interesting and marvelous than programs. They originate in non-material spaces where the individual invents thought and energy. The Matrix is the sum total of efforts to deny and bury that fact. This is why I do the work I do. Back in the late 1980s, when I met a brilliant hypnotherapist named Jack True, I changed my focus. Jack told me a simple thing: “I stopped doing hypnosis because I realized new

patients who were walking into my office were already hypnotized.” He didn’t mean they were in a zombie-like trance. He meant that their ceaseless activity covered a core place in their consciousness that was asleep. In this core, people are submitting to a program about how to perceive reality. This complex program is devised to hide their basic nonmaterial power to change reality, to invent new reality on a radical scale. Because that is how the projection of mass reality is achieved: by spreading amnesia about the capacity of every individual human to create without limit. Technocracy is a mirror of that amnesia.

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Technocracy is a surrender to that amnesia. It’s a blockbuster movie loaded with special effects that hide its paucity of real ideas. It’s lack of free thought parading as advanced thinking. It’s simplistic plot operating like junk food---pleasant impact followed by vacuum and blank stare. “Before you can figure out all the lies, we’ll have you trapped in a new system.” That’s the challenge hurled at us. How we respond will decide the future of life on planet Earth. Our response depends on our understanding and conviction about what we are. Free and intensely creative beings, or sub-machines connected to the Big Machine.

JON RAPPOPORT The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at q

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at the point of no return continued from page 3 are echoing around this World at an ever increased velocity each day, then we will be condemning ourselves – and those who call upon us – to being forever stranded upon a desolate and barren shore. That help starts with helping each other to break free from our learned and self-induced state of fear and pacifism. A combination that pretty much guarantees an unwillingness to act. An unwillingness to act even when presented with the choice of participating in a mass genocide or opposing it. I use the word ‘pacifism’ here to convey a ‘state of withdrawal’ in face of the need to act. I do not refer to the choice, which everybody has, to refrain from violence. These are two very different conditions. In this context, taking the decision not to act with violence - is an action. Taking no decision, but simply retreating into a shell - is not. This unwillingness to act is giving voice to the notion that ‘no action’ is the spiritual choice of the knowing. That to retire into a cul-de-sac of meditation and inward-looking self examination can ‘change the world’ by dint of a shifted value focus, can serve to hermetically seal the self away from the trials and tribulations of the outer world and thereby help avoid any confrontation with that which demands a full and spontaneous response. Confrontation, in this view, is a negative, reactionary manifestation that undermines ‘peace’ and the supposed tranquility of a chimeric world which takes over from rational observations and becomes the new reality. A ‘virtual reality’. This is a deeply flawed and dangerous ethos. For it splits in half that which is whole and sets the two halves in opposition to each other. We are ‘of nature’ not above or outside it. We go forth and we return. That is the Tao. Universal forces all dance to this tune. Breath, ocean waves, cycles of birth and death, growth and decay, all is in motion and at rest, all the time. There is no contradiction. Outward action and inward contemplation are two halves of one whole. They are synonymous. One should move

between the two constantly and joyously. “When injustice become law, resistance becomes duty” Well, injustice has become law - yet resistance remains doggedly muted and the search for an escape route remains the preferred option. Cultivate spirit, wisdom and deep awareness – yes. Yet not as an alternative to toppling our oppressors from their corporate thrones, but as part of it. Don’t be fooled. There is a war on. We are all called to the front. Just as the white corpuscles of our bodies are fighting off attempts by the pathogens to take hold – all the time. We should be doing the same – all the time. Everyday we should be conjuring-up and putting into affect actions to end the draconian government/corporate dictatorship that continues to herd great swathes of humanity ever faster towards a sheer and genocidal cliff. We can have no ‘peace’ until the criminals at the master control consulate are ejected from their padded leather chairs and are forced to confront the true price of their obscene power games. Peace - and enlightenment, at the individual level, is only possible if we are engaged in this battle. The battle to rid both ourselves and this planet of that which seeks to dominate and destroy the true well-spring of life. The road to victory also requires the wise and aware to form a council of responsible oversight to step-in to the void once the despots are dethroned. That is an essential ingredient of any uprising determined to manifest genuine justice. The lessons of history teach that fickle rebellion simply replaces one bunch of power predators with another. That is no longer an option; we are now at the point of no return. This time we have to get it right. FOOTNOTE: some may see this as being at odds with my essay “Reverse Engineering the Illuminati Mind Set”(see www. I don’t believe it is. The action I speak of here does not eclipse the need to draw deeply upon compassion. However, to exercise compassion one needs to be in a position of strength, not slavery. Related: • How THEY Got Control Julian is a committed international activist, writer, farmer and actor. He is an early pioneer of UK organic farming methods and is currently involved in the front line of efforts to keep Poland free from genetically modified organisms. His latest book “In Defence of Life – a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom” is available at Amazon or can be requested on www.

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Image by Lucinda Horan


by Zen Gardner


ne of the most crippling methodologies of the controlling forces is locking humanity into cleverly devised contexts where the power of Now loses its importance. If we see social and economic events, not as urgent issues to be aware of and consciously dealt with, but rather filed away from action as either seemingly unimportant or simply inevitable trends that are impossible to change, we will not be motivated to even awaken, never mind take action of any sort. Their false paradigm becomes an end in itself to which we resign ourselves. “It’s useless to even try..” becomes the motto. It’s really the same assumptive programming we see everywhere, from what’s taught as truth in education and media, to what’s important in the daily news ..and especially regarding what is totally ignored. Humanity’s sense of historical and social perspective is carefully programmed and their activation buttons are put on permanent snooze. Wars and major incidents such as JFK’s assassination or the 9/11 ritual all become frozen in official rhetoric long enough for the potential effects of the real Truth to wear off as society falls firmly into the constructed social narrative, in spite of some protest. Once solidified it gets policed by the political correctness watchdogs and society’s own fears of seeing outside their own fearful paradigm. Apply this across the board regarding anything that is officially taught or endorsed. System information today is not empowering. It is dependency and futility affirming, perfectly exemplified by the dog and pony political treadmill show. Not only are people kept busy making fruitless efforts in a deliberately vampiric system, but that same sense of futility is again learned and reinforced as a staple and norm of socialized life. “That’s just the way it is – always has been, always will be..” as if it’s some deep wise proverb instead of the induced cowardly duck-and-run from real accountability that it truly is.

PUTTING EVERYTHING OFF FROM NOW What’s important to remember is how they’ve shifted the playing field, and will continue to do so. The entire framework for judgement and understanding in their contrived world is completely out of kilter. That’s why we experience that sense of spiritual slippage, like our internal processing gears are off or the clutch is going out when we try to grasp this information we’re being blasted with. This type of objectified distancing is exactly how to disempower, demoralize and subtly coerce humanity into a sense of futility and compliant behavior in just one misleading and belittling attitude. A presupposed historical or social context. How we frame what we think we believe is symptomatic of their control system. It’s the same distancing they do with socalled historical “giants” and “heroes”. “None of us could ever attain to such stature. These were extraordinary men in extraordinary times!” What a bunch of hokum. Each of us is magnificence awaiting manifestation. It only remains to throw a few simple activation switches and off we go. The confusion, historical distancing and over exaltation of those who actually did anything, real or fictional, is to set them apart from us, and most of all us from simple activation as if it’s unattainable by the “common” person.

The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth Chief Seattle

SAINTS AND PLANNED INSIGNIFICANCE The best time to stop something is before it begins. This is especially so with cultural, social or even spiritual changes. This is why controlled opposition is so effective. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it, which oppressive regimes have done for millennia. That, and set the bar so high to be a world changer no one can attain to. So no one even dares to try. Religions do this systematically with their exalted icons. “I cannot attain to such sainthood, so in obeisance I bow to those who have.” One of the most disempowering strategies of all time. Hence untouchable mythically proportioned heroes, gods and goddesses coming to the rescue, immaculate conceptions of supernatural beings, and belief systems and psychological cure-alls galore. Get a grip. It’s up to us. Not some ethereal cereal mush that seems like food at the right time. Please, humanity, let’s think for ourselves! Maybe then the divine will reach out to meet us.

“LARGER THAN LIFE” It’s very clever to paint world changers, again real or fictional, as “exceptional” people. “This is not the rule. Besides, look, they were martyred for their beliefs.” That will tend to put a damper on others emulating them. Disempowerment is the name of their game. We are the overwhelming majority. To keep the populace stupefied, distracted and confused only works to the advantage of the oppressors. From bread and circus to sophisticated pharmaceuticals, nanowarfare, electro-magnetics and mind games, it all works in the same direction.

CONTROL. Orwell said it quite aptly, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” That’s as profound as it gets. Our current and future paradigms are carved out by those who control us. What does that mean to us? Our entire outlook is carefully hemmed in within certain constraints that seek to paralyze and entrain the current populace. No-win political battles, token democracies, pointless socio-economic

games played with the lives of living men and women. All for our dis-animation, our induced sense of futility in the face of whatever befalls us. And it’s all built on a narrative. The one told by them. THE POWER OF NOW – WHY SHAMANIC CULTURES ARE BEING ELIMINATED True history in any form is a living one. It’s inclusive and spiritually malleable as things come into focus. In the false historical construct trends have supposedly happened for clearly delineated reasons. All their imposed, contrived and containing explanations. However, in the true spiritual flow the real nature of humanity and its growth and development are another story. Native cultures of our planet have a grasp of the true nature of things. Humanity goes through changes, granted, but the true anchor is still the same. Our connectivity to everything – the earth, the planets, the stars and all of visible and invisible creation. That very anchor is the bane of the Controllers’ existence that they want to eliminate. Instead, the culturally imposed mindset is one dependent on what many call the matrix. It’s a matrix of deceit, bolstered by its own self importance and most of all the participation of the entranced. But nonetheless, it is a completely artificial construct. The elimination of native cultures began centuries ago. The threat they present is this very wisdom – connectivity – and an unknown quality of today called responsibility. To ourselves, our children and our planet. This was thrown overboard a long, long time ago.

handed. “That was back then. This is a different time.” Oh really? Says who? Is there a prescription we’re to follow, thwarters of human initiative? What conditions are correct in order to play in this game? And why do we need your permission or direction? That’s exactly how they want us to think… like total dependents. That’s all that matters to them. However righteous the cause we may champion, when we play by their rules they win. When we let them describe the problem, lead the way out, set the parameters we’re to behave within, we’ve lost. We’re inside the matrix no matter how inspired we may feel about ourselves. This is where the rubber of real awakening meets the road. Just as a true awakening is anything but comforting, so realizing the futility of our previous lives and our, in fact, participation with the enemy does not provide a sense of comfort. Until we make the change. When we acknowledge the truth and re-set our sights and compasses we are already living in the now. Their whole ploy is a delay game. To keep us from being fully in the now – the consciously awake and aware and honest now.

EPILOGUE The time to wake up is now. Always now. Refuse the false narrative of delay, walking sleep and distraction. Now says “go for it”. Follow the Truth. It’s our time to assert. Their answers are pure fabricated bullshit. Plain and simple. Love, Zen ZenGardner,com

“THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW” Here’s another fat excuse we’ve been

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michael forrester prevent disease waking times

Researchers Finally Show How Mindfulness and Your Thoughts Can Induce Specific Molecular Changes To Your Genes

continued from page 20 SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS ARE KEY Too many positive thinkers know that thinking good thoughts–and reciting affirmations for hours on end–doesn’t always bring about the results that feel-good books promise. Dr. Lipton didn’t argue this point, because positive thoughts come from the conscious mind, while contradictory negative thoughts are usually programmed in the more powerful subconscious mind. “The major problem is that people are aware of their conscious beliefs and behaviors, but not of subconscious beliefs and behaviors. Most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is that the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs.

“Your subconscious beliefs are working either for you or against you, but the truth is that you are not controlling your life, because your subconscious mind supersedes all conscious control. So when you are trying to heal from a conscious level–citing affirmations and telling yourself you’re healthy–there may be an invisible subconscious program that’s sabotaging you.” The power of the subconscious mind is elegantly revealed in people expressing multiple personalities. While occupying the mind-set of one personality, the individual may be severely allergic to strawberries. Then, in experiencing the mind-set of another personality, he or she eats them without consequence. The new science of epigenetics promises that every person on the planet has the opportunity to become who they really are, complete with unimaginable power and the ability to operate from, and go for, the highest possibilities, including healing our bodies and our culture and living in peace.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States. SOURCES: • • •

“Searching for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty.” - Madame de Stael

New Agora Fan Mail

“I love you guys! While waiting in a huge queue to eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver, I picked up your magazine and haven’t put it down since I’ve come back to Lethbridge. “ - S.C

e, The new magazin r u yo g Hi there! in tt d work in ge all your har see! article Thanks for ere for all to ill Thomas’ th W t ed u h o s , li ra b The New u pu New Ago recommend iate that yo ec to pr re ap u s y ll e ia I espec . I will mak d Chemtrails on Wi-Fi an ss. “I fell in love with yo I come acro ur publication Agora to all this spring. I fo un d co pies on , Hornby Islan d.`` - C.C Best wishes . ir la Una St.C irector Society Executive D Technology e af S r fo Citizens

``Love the truths in your Paper``. - Baba

“When I discovered your May issue I was absolutely thrilled to be able to get some badly needed truthful information. I hope more people will discover your fantastic and powerful paper.” - G.F.

``Your paper is changing lives, don`t stop.`` - August.

That Awe Full Spectacle. continued from page 5 a vigour and gusto, an alacrity of awareness powered by the excitement of life itself. Neither apathy nor willful blindness nor any tactics born of Fear can win one’s freedom, nor one’s joy, nor inspire another’s. Luckily there is a plethora of useful and important information on how best to care for oneself and others, for this world and the all of us here together. I’m overjoyed by all the wonderful people rising to the challenges we face and am happy to participate in our collective evolution. But I’d be lying if I said it was, so far, anything but excruciatingly difficult in my experience. I suppose that without the context of its opposite being present it would be impossible to appreciate the natural flow of Life as much. So here we are. We’re all we’ve got, but there’s obviously more to the show than we know about yet. Behooves us to look around, inside and out, to share what we find and what we’ve got, to recognize how wonderfully interwoven this mysterious place is, and to stop mucking about with crazy intent that isn’t in harmony with all that mirificent beauty. That’s our tone too by the way. Causing wonder is where it’s at. We have so much to add it’s ridiculous. Just imagine the heights we might reach were we free. I doubt it would take too much to have us all agree on one point: we don’t know it all and there’s a lot more to discover, about ourselves and all these worlds around and inside us and so on into infinity. There’s a fractal truth to the ‘So above So below’ that echoes in our actions, inactions, agreements, consensus, laws, religions and other ligatures; to whom, or what, we channel our attentions, our worship, our devotion, our energy, our selves. So we’ve looked around and recognized this gloss of folly for what it is, a simple coating, abrasive and acidic though it is, fast hardening, becoming heavier over the years when left to accumulate. This stagnant sediment can be gotten rid of through a steady diet of nourishing truth followed by a impeccable course of the energizing actualization of one’s own manifest destiny. C’mon! We can intend better, for ourselves and one another. Cooperation is evolution in operation. Human beings excel at co-operation because it is intelligence in action and that

is their very nature, and God’s gift to everything, so to speak. Source. Inspiration. Love. Words are swell but feelings are more accurate and entirely more direct and personal. As I understand it that may be the point: one’s own relationship with the Infinite, I mean. It’s great having company and seeing so much more reflected in another, there’s the infinite again shining bright, but then in our quiet moments alone, there we are: The All of Us. There’s the good news. Imagine what we have still to share of the unknown together, the unexplored. What a mystery! There’s really nowhere to go but up from this point. Just imagine what we might manifest from generations of happiness and intelligent loving cooperation…boggles the mind. Maybe that’s what stars really are, giant endless parties of joy reaching out and into the heavens, lighting the place up for all to see, a spectacle filled with awe for all. Or is the present alternative really to your liking? No force can keep the All of Us down forever. Our natural medium is limitless freedom and endless possibility, so imagine! We’ve imagined ourselves here so why not now Imagine our selves free!

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PA S T L I F E R EG R E S S I O N T H ER A P Y Regression therapy is the mental act of going back to an earlier time in order to retrieve memories that may still be negatively influencing a person’s present life. Hypnosis allows the mind to short-circuit conscious barriers to tap into this represesed information; eliciting the memories of long-forgotten traumas that are disrupting their current lives. Call for a free consultation.

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“The moment we choose to love we begin to move against domination, against oppression. The moment we choose to love we begin to move towards freedom, to act in ways that liberate ourselves and others. That action is the testimony of love as the practice of freedom.” - Bell Hooks

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How to naturally remove radioactive particles from your body in 5-7 hours

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part is that it can do this in 5-7 hours. Clinoptilolite is incredibly fast acting and is removed from the body in under 7 hours. NCD2 (Natural Cellular Defence) clinoptilolite zeolite is absorbed almost immediately into the blood and travels throughout the body absorbing toxins like a magnet. NCD2 is able to do this as the zeolite is properly micronized giving it the largest surface area possible. Zeolites are natures detoxifiers and absorb lots of heavy metals and volatile organics while in the ground. Biochemist Rik Deitsch and his team spent 7 years developing NCD, and coming up with their proprietary activation process that removes these toxins, so the cage is clean and has the highest charge possible. In turn this gives NCD the ability to absorb a much greater amount of toxic material. During this time Rik and his team found that if the zeolite was in a colloidal suspension (suspended in water) the absorption rate to the blood was much higher. They found NCD to be up to 20 times more effective at absorbing toxins than zeolite powder. Not all the zeolite in NCD will be absorbed into the blood. Some stays in the gut cleaning out toxic material before it can be absorbed. WANT MORE INFORMATION? 3rd party data and studies on NCD. • CHLOROPHYLL: THE RADIATION PROTECTOR In his book Conscious Eating, Dr. Gabriel Cousens states: “Foods containing chlorophyll have long been known to protect against radiation. Generally speaking, any green foods have chlorophyll. From 1959 to 1961, the Chief of the U.S. Army Nutrition Branch in Chicago found that high-chlorophyll foods reduced the effects of radiation on guinea pigs by 50 percent. This includes all chlorophyll foods: cabbage, leafy green vegetables such as kale, spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, as well as any sprouts.”[8] There was also a pilot study conducted by Dr Cousens, to remove the toxins from prospective mothers in order to help bring forth non-toxic babies. He used high dose NCD Zeolite in conjunction with green vegetable juice fasting and the results were just fascinating. It showed the removal of 88% of over 800 toxins measured in only 1 week, and for those that continued for another week there was 100% toxin removal. Depleted Uranium testing and removal was also part of the study. “18 people were tested for depleted uranium (DU), a very serious worldwide radioactive contamination resulting from the use of DU armaments, especially used in Iraq.

Sixteen of the 18 people tested initially had DU in at least the liver, the breast, or the brain, and 13 of the 18 people had started with it in all three organs, the liver, the breast, and the brain. In one week on this protocol, all the people became DUfree except for one person, who still had DU in the liver.” ~ Dr Gabriel Cousens[9]

our bodies and environment when things go wrong, we must learn from our mistakes. We must stop and listen to our ancestors and learn from what mother earth is telling us. For what befalls the earth befalls the children of earth.

Radiation toxicity is fast becoming one of the most pressing issues throughout the modern world. We need to take charge and assist our bodies in protection and removal of these horrific substances, and introduce chlorophyll rich foods in massive doses, not just for radiation protection but for overall health and nutrition.

(1) Humankind’s Most Dangerous Moment: Fukushima Fuel Pool at Unit 4. “This is an Issue of Human Survival.” By Harvey Wasserman Global Research, September 20, 2013 •

Zeolites have been used throughout Asia for over 800 years for health and healing, and will play a key role both in the cleanup of radioactive substances at Fukushima and in the clean-out of the humans and animals effected by its radiation. Taken in conjunction with a green diet, this is also your best way to naturally protect yourself from the extraordinary damage radiation can have on the human body. But more importantly, it is time for renewable nontoxic energy implementation. Rather than simply learning to detoxify radioactive substances from


(2) No Name or Date Given • (3) Environmental Protection Agency, Strontium, April 2012 • http://1.usa. gov/1hgpkck (4) Environmental Protection Agency, Radiation Health Effects August 7 2012 • (5) Chernobyl: The Facts What You Need to Know Almost 20 Years After the Disaster, No Date Given • (6) La roca magica: Uses of natural zeolites in agriculture and industry, Frederick A. Mumpton, March 30 1999 •

(7) Zeolites, Peter B. Leavens, No Date Given • (8) Dr Gabriel Cousens, Conscious Eating, North Atlantic Books, 2000 (9) Pure Liquid Zeolite, Natural Cellular Defense removes heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals from body – study, No date given. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gavin Bragg is a freelance author, adventurer, amateur archaeologist and long-time Wake Up World colleague. In late 2007, Gavin’s partner (and WuW guest author) Ashley Peters was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Western doctors described her condition as ”terminal” and told her to say her good-bye’s. But Gavin and Ashley “turned East” for their answers to cancer, and discovered the healing properties of a mineral compound, zeolite. Much to the confusion of Western doctors, Ashley treated herself with zeolite and has been clear of cancer for 5 years. Given purpose by this second chance, Gavin and Ashley have now become distributors for NCD2 Pure Liquid Zeolite…. the product that saved Ashley’s life. Gavin and Ashley are on a mission to spread the word about natural treatments, and hope that naturally healing ”alternative” treatments like zeolite will soon replace the dangerous, ineffective pharmaceuticals that flood the so-called “health care” industry.

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Changing your mind The ancients pointed to higher awareness using many names – enlightenment, moksha, bodhi, kensho, satori, kevala jnana are but a few.

difficulty, where we experience joy and where our mind is clear. But most of us have lost the understanding and appreciation of the true holistic way and we live detached from nature and this greater way of being.

In our modern world, we live so deeply in a limited mindset and it is the source of so many people not being happy, healthy and living a life of ease. In this limited mindset we are consumed with irritation, worry, aggression, and fear – these are habitual unhelpful patterns of conditioned reactivity.

For thousands of years, mushrooms have been used to bring a change in perspective and a change in awareness, and have brought people closer to an understanding of their authentic selves. In this state, we know what is true and real, and happiness, wellness and ease become our norm.

Stress is the name we use for the condition that envelops all the symptoms of the limited mindset. Stress is energy draining and takes us away from our true inspired selves.

Changing the way your mind works is the first step to recovering your true personal power and ease. We call this Changing Your Mind. We invite you to take a small step in the direction of finding the greater you. For one week, try this simple program, and when you’re done, please share with us how you feel (

On some level we know that our natural state is one without stress, where we can endure the rapid pace of life without

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Breathe in a relaxed deep way as much as possible Spend 5 minutes alone in silence Wear a smile inside your mind Smile to everyone you meet Think of one thing that you feel grateful for today Try Purica Mushrooms

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