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s many of our regular readers may know The Agora has been in print for almost two years now. In that time, we have been offering a wide variety of news and various perspectives often garnered from internet sources. While we continue to enjoy expanding people’s access to worthwhile, and at times ground-breaking information, we are also intending to broadening our focus towards the gathering and dissemination of exclusive news and personal views not found elsewhere. Beginning in October with our first ‘new’ issue we are proud to be offering exclusive interviews and stories brought to you by reporters and reliable sources gained firsthand rather than virtually. All of us here working with ‘The New Agora’ intend to live up to the responsibilities inherent in the work of truth tellers and truth showers. Our hearts are demanding that we offer a larger perspective on what’s happening in the world, unbiased yet participant, balanced and personal, truthful and loving. Some stories need to see the light of day. Truth must be told. Long ago the printed page served just such a purpose. In this day of mass media controlled awareness it remains a vital, although rarified, outlet for the voice of the People that is demanding to be heard. As more and more of us are waking up to our creative potential we are doing so with the feeling of encouraging true change in our hearts, rather than simply repeating that which has gone before. In that spirit we are opening the door to

offering the kind of information that will allow for a wider, more holistic and complete, sense of our world and our Selves. Conscious cooperative creation is the solution to many of the challenges before us. Cooperation is the antidote to the disease called ‘Corporation’ currently afflicting humanity with its paradigm of homicidal selfishness. Information without perspective tends to get lost. It is too easy to become overloaded with everything that gets thrown at us on a daily basis. Too easy to become confused with all the seemingly contradictory points literally aimed at us from questionable sources that obviously don’t have our best interest at heart. Beware the Pornographers of Fear. Why we are who we are is surely more important than why something is the way it appears to be. Knowledge begins with the self, as the true power for change and transformation is within each and every one of us. After all, what good is fuel without knowing how to drive? In the same vein: what good is the ‘fuel’ of new information without knowing where to go with it? Understanding what it is that drives us on a internal level and towards every level to which we aspire is a worthwhile goal. We’ve all been ‘taught’ in one way or another how to be alive. Our beliefs and perspectives did not arrive out of or into a vacuum. We all became who we think we are through a process. That process is essential to understand if we are ever to create true transformations for ourselves and for our World. Nothing

less than an evolution in consciousness can save us from the all too common Fear that continues to prey upon our global community and all the life therein. The good news is that fear is actually quite weak, and certainly not as unconquerably strong as it has deceived us to believe. Once we become aware of its machinations, and more importantly, the challenging, yet oftentimes simple solutions available to each and every one of us, we can then continue to move towards fulfilling the dreams of our hearts, unfettered and free, together in Love with Life. We invite you to help us open the blinders that have kept us all from seeing just how magnificent and powerful we really are. We invite you to share your stories, your courage in action. We invite you to be brave and daring, to be truthful and caring, about the world in which we live, play, love and create together. We invite you to explore with us the possibilities of a truly open and public place of assembly, one where we have it in our power to remake how we relate to one another, how we do business together, how we can serve the All of Us leaving no one behind or without. Tell the world where you stand. Support this New Agora. Advertise with us if you feel we are on the same page. Most importantly: express yourself, your real self, your true Self. Why else be here now? Please join us on this journey of discovery and wonder. Thank you for your company.

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In This Issue Cover Feature Changing Education Paradigms What Are Your Kids Doing After School? 9 The Gap Year Takes Off in Canada 9 SelfDesign - A Better Way to Learn 10 Why Self Design Works 11 Education or Social Engineering? 11 The Coming Melt-Down in Higher Education 12 Info Graphic: Home schooling by the Numbers 13

Special 9/11 After a Decade: Have We Learned Anything? 7

Local TedXkids@BC - Empowered Kids, Our Leaders of Tomorrow 5 Solution: A Vancouver Credit Union and Economics R’Evolution 5

World Atlantic Council: Is Libya a “Global Con”? 14 Ending the Terror, Not Modifying it 17

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Letter from the Editor: A Moment’s Truth


by Frederic (Fredalupe) Kugelmann

he way I like to write is fairly straight forward from my perspective. I often wait to the last minute and then just jump right in. Usually the result is a kind of alchemy: a distilled expression of the many elements from all the various sources in which my awareness has been immersed throughout the week, month, years really. Presto-bango it all bubbles up in a froth of language that passes through this filter called experience. Inspiration fills my sail, the discipline of clarity keeps me on course, always leaving room for a stroke or three of fun, colourful prose, something I liken to filling my sight with the exotic plumage of distant imagined lands. Often I start without a clear idea of where I am heading, but an implicit trust in my process unerringly serves my progress, as does a genuine joy of language, the energy of it’s expressive focus, and the honest pleasure of a fulfilling task. For me writing is a journey of surprise and discovery. This month The Agora has decided to use education as it’s launching point. Traditionally I’d offer a quick definition of the term using it to find some truth hidden from first glance or cursory examination, certainly digging around at the very root of the word, eventually counterposing whatever treasures are found with the long held beliefs, personal and societal, of the world at large of which I am a card carrying member. Following that I see myself offering an intensely honest and hopefully rousing example of my own emergence out of the septic morass of popular consciousness, and into a glorious flight through an abstract realm I name Freedom. To educate, to lead out. That’s my preferred meaning of the word. How I hated my own experience of education at the time. I hated homework, school, the teachers, the subjects, the very buildings themselves, the submissions, the rote, the standardization, the grey prison walls of mediocrity encasing my world. The children, my brothers and sisters, my fellow inmates: I loved. Not always, nor at all times, and not for long, mind you. For me the process of education was a nightmarish scenario more akin to a brainwashing and reprogramming than an experience having anything to do with the joy of learning I actually first embodied. Soul stripping, life destroying, passion quenching, that was my experience of being put through the modern school system. To top it all of I actually went to a ‘good’ school, a private one, paid for through a kind of scholarship for which I was eligible. I was surrounded by the children of the socalled elite. I was privy to the fast track of ‘success’ by not only an education geared towards entry into the finest of universities, but also through the cultivation of future lucrative contacts engendered by growing up alongside of the very people soon to inhabit the higher strata of society. This was even spelled out to me in exact terms by a kind and genuine teacher whilst trying to shake me out of my own self destructive rebellion. He also came from humble beginnings. He also was aware of the very great socio-economic distance between myself and those around me. He saw with clearer eyes then mine the very real opportunity present for my ‘advancement’ in this predatorial reality. His attempt to reach me succeeded although not in the way he perhaps intended. Nevertheless, I believe I do his kindness honour, and am forever grateful to him for having schooled me on the truth behind the facade. Even one moment’s truth can illuminate a lifetime of education. Now I don’t want to leave you with the impression that after that one moment all was well and good, no way. It took me years and years of effort to rid myself of the self loathing, death wishing, hate ridden, creature I had been ‘educated’ into becoming. In short, I was for the most part an evil zombie until my twenty first year, the traditional age of the full embodiment of the soul, I hear. Sparing the details we’re all no doubt familiar with having shared the experience of being processed through the same machine, suffice it to say: I survived. The journey that followed of claiming my selfhood, my personal sovereignty, has taken me to where I am now, to who I am now choosing to be, rather than remaining some product of reactive agents, or another tooled ver-

sion of another cog for the same Machine we call Society, or another human resource or cell mate of the global prison farm that exists on one level of this multidimensional experience in which we are barely aware of participating. The day I was presented with the predatorial reality behind modern day human civilization I was also presented with a choice. It seemed at first that there were only two: to join it and get right in there tooth and claw, or not to do so at my own peril. My inability to go back to pretending that this wasn’t so was the real gift, though I did try for years to do just that unsuccessfully. Once a trick is shown to be a trick the suspension of disbelief is no longer part of a magical act: it becomes something else entirely. What I eventually realized, after much digestion and assumption of personal responsibility, is that a third option, or choice, is present, a third point beyond yes or no, white or black, right or wrong, duality, polarity and so on. I could choose to suspend my judgement and see through the boundaries set before me and thereby become free of the limitations and definitions themselves. By allowing the opposition of either point, to be or not to be, to cancel one another out I might discover whatever truth remained. In this example: being and not being cancel one another in their opposition. What remains is the immortal truth of the Soul. In other words: Presented with a preditorial description of life here on earth, one that I had neither the desire nor the heart to believe or participate in, the alternative choice was to hide from or in some way deny this now fairly obvious fact. However this tact only makes one more vulnerable to said predation, an easy mark for predators that just won’t go away no matter how long we keep our eyes shut. On one side fight, on the other flight. No stomach to fight, no heart to hide. I didn’t have the heart to become a predator, and I didn’t have the stomach to live a lie. What’s the third point here? What’s the truth remaining beyond these impossible choices? Don’t fight. Don’t run…what’s left? Play your own game. Question everything. Take nothing for granted. Does this work with real world problems facing each and everyone of us? Try it and find out for yourself. Why obey? Why comply? The proper use of energy is often determined by what one doesn’t do. After all, why support a system that is so obviously determined to keep us in chains while eating us alive? Is there really no alternative to this imagined system of scarcity and lack? How can that be? One look at the heavens demonstrates the endlessness of where we actually live. Why believe that reality is limited by us, our conceptions, or our ideologies? Finding out for ourselves where our real limits begin is where the fun begins too. I can even say that overall my true education was a success, specifically whereas my own evolution is concerned. I didn’t land here from some far away place with answers from the stars. I’m not anyone’s leader or messiah, chosen of virgin birth to point out the promised land. I’m not channeling any disembodied busybodies. I’m not some revolutionary activist, nihilist, or anarchist. I’ve simply decided not to accept any limiting labels or foisted identities, easy semiotic signifiers, nationalism, communism any ism at all, cliques and groups in general give me the willies. I question everything and everyone and take nothing at face value. I verify all that I can for myself. I’ve paid my dues, so to speak. I’ve studied the world, and not just the one created by men either, though it’s good to keep a sharp eye on those rascals. I’ve also played and experimented with other worlds of possibilities beyond the lexicon of human language and tradition. I’ve witnessed awesome and at times terrible Truths lurking beyond the periphery of sanctioned human consciousness. I’ve even done it sober and in full awareness. I’ve seen marvels, natural and otherwise, and witnessed horrors beyond the heart’s imaginings and wonders that defy description. I’ve literally stepped out of this fabricated reality never to fully return. And if I can do it so can you. After all it’s not only endless mystery out there, but in here as well. As I see it we’re all being left with a very clear and potent truth, one that even if only perceived for a moment can illuminate a lifetime of education. F.

Empowered Kids, Our Leaders of Tomorrow This is why we are asking kids to be our partners. To be


EDxKids@BC is a platform for facilitating opportunities to empower kids and support authentic learning. Some of British Columbia’s most awe-inspiring kids will share their experiences and inspire others to follow their dreams, right here in Vancouver BC on September 17, 2011. The vision of TEDxKids@BC is to visualize a world in which the kids have been invited to explore their passions. A world in which they’ve been granted the right to influence decisions impacting their lives. A world in which they stand up with adults as equals and use their creativity and skills to make a brighter future for us all! In this kid-empowered world we are committed to making TEDxKids@BC an example of the power behind our next leaders of tomorrow. We know that no matter how much light we shine on our speakers, and their stories of this brave world, we want to do more than just talk.

an important part of the making of TEDxKids@BC! This is why on September 17th, kids to PLAY, BUILD, LEARN and REACH with us. Our speakers are AMAZING! From extremely talented performers, to socially responsible entrepreneurs dedicated to improving their global community. We even have kids who have joined our team to create this event together with us! We are all here to have fun and learn together — how great it would be to use the organization of the event as an opportunity to do exactly that! Do you want to participate in our TEDxKids@BC event this September but you: • are not going to be in Vancouver on September 17, 2011? • don’t have a ticket to TEDxKids@BC? • don’t have a driver’s licence or car to get you there, even if you did have a ticket? • are not old enough to drive or take public transit by yourself yet? NO PROBLEM!

The TEDxKids@BC team understands that not everyone who wants to come to our event will be able to make it. But we’re not giving up on having you involved that easily. Which is why we will be live-streaming our TEDxKids@BC event directly from this page so that you can watch and be involved online from ANYWHERE in the WORLD! How cool is that?! Enjoy speakers, performers, TED movies, audience animation - Feel the experience! The true value of TEDxKids@BC is in the ability to inspire people and connect communities with the idea of a world in which kids are given access to enough of it. We want to run with that value while creating the event itself! To register and organize your own live viewing party, and receive technical support visit us at our LIVE stream link via our website - We’d love to hear from you before and during our event. Please follow us on Twitter at @tedxkidsbc and visit our facebook page and become part of our kid empowered movement. See you all September 17th 2011!

“Hope has two beautiful daughters: Courage and Anger. Anger at the way things are and courage to make them the way they ought to be.” -Augustine of Hippo

Solution: A Vancouver Credit Union & Economics R’evolution by Greg Dean


ritique, complain, critique, complain. We seem to thrive on it. Many people can soapbox a litany of the problems we face as a society and a planet. But understanding yet another instance of corruption, oppression, or pollution won’t help the planet escape these systemic patterns. Instead of getting bogged down with negativity and arm-chair analysis, let’s move on to action with well-vetted solutions! After my stint as a blockade tactician where we had significant successes in stopping the World Trade Organization: mining and forestry companies from powerful countries that purposefully exploit others in bilateral trade deals that in effect destroy the subsistence industries of those same targeted ‘foreign’ others. Our small blockade crew’s limited protection of some watersheds resulted in the mindless-market shifting it’s extraction to another part of those very watersheds. All that effort resulted in no more than a drop in the leaky bucket. For all we had done to stop something, we hadn’t created an alternative that could capitalize on our win, and thereby keeping our momentum from falling right back into the automated stupidity of this plutocratically structured system, where the already powerful and wealthy get first, second and third grabs at more wealth and more power. “You could stack up all the materials on ‘understanding’ the problems to the moon and back a few times over, but on coherent systemic alternatives, the materials might not even come up to your eyes” - Michael Albert, Chomsky’s protégé, paraphrased from a May 8th, 2007 lecture at the Harvard Book Co-op). Thankfully Albert also pointed us towards a sound methodology for socio-economic decision making. Not an end-state-utopia vision of what an ideal economy looks like or should be, but a WAY in which a given group of stake holders can determine their needs and dreams together, according to their situation, in relation to the rest of the world. He gave us a system which requires us to be good to each other, a system in which corruption and gaming theories get automatically boxed out by the interlocking mechanisms of the methodology. This great hope is known as ParEcon or participatory economics. It is what took me from being a ‘wildly successful’, but still

hopeless activist, out of the kind of despair and cynicism that almost turned me away from reality. ParEcon is the only hope this kid, who had fully studied from Marx to Hayek by adulthood (some people are raised on Christ, I was raised on social change) has yet come across. To my eye nothing else rationally solves the basic problems of economic decision making and efficient production that lead to the empowering of a dominant class. There are lots of insights and patches for the constant leaks of this old bucket of a broken ‘system’ of ours, but no methods which are complete, do-it-all models except for ParEcon of which I am aware. Michael Albert, an MIT physicist and Chomsky’s long-time cohort, offers us a rational and coherent model just waiting to be born beyond the theoretical, yet to exist anywhere else. That last sentence ends with a pretty stark statement: the only complete, moral economic method ever devised, doesn’t actually exist anywhere in the world. This editorial is really an invitation for us all to help change that. There is a credit union in Vancouver where we only need a handful of votes to be able to direct substantial loan funds toward growing a ParEcon system through a Federation of Participatory Co-ops (an evolution of the co-operative incorporation model). Whenever reasonably possible, these participatory co-ops would only do business with each other, and when they find there are goods and services which are still being obtained from the capitalist economy, the Federation finds workers in those industries and the credit union finances them to start up new participatory co-ops. The co-ops use ParEcon methodology, including popular economic planning via workers’ and consumers’ councils. Consumers are loyal patrons of the federation because they get a real say and share in the profits, designs, distribution, and so on, of their goods and services. Not only that, but Federation workers will absolutely want to spend their remuneration from their participatory co-ops at other federation co-ops because the proportion of their pay packet that they spend within Federation gets them paid out in equity and bonds which greatly reduce their income taxes. So this would be a closed loop - a positive, empower-

ing, community-building, culture. Right now people want jobs as cultural creatives or in cool non-profits where, if there’s still a hypocritical hierarchy, at least they can be proud to tell their friends what they do and have something interesting to talk about. Federation will have a good pick of the skilled labour force because most will really want to work in these participatory co-ops, where there is no coordinator class, remuneration is truly equitable (based on effort and sacrifice), and ‘sustainable’ is a meaningfully-determined practice, not a marketing ploy that hides corporate interests. ParEcon eliminates ‘bosses’ or what is called the ‘coordinator class’ and instead has community meetings where the people who are affected by the issue on the table have a real say in the decisionmaking processes. Perhaps the most realistic and powerful course of change available to us at this time is to work within the commercialism of the present system to realize a new kind of commercial and cultural society, much like merging from a (soon outgrown) hard outer shell into our our self determined state of being, unfettered and free. ParEcon is a deeply unique methodology that makes society intelligent: from micro to macro and back, one that can’t be problematized in the ways applicable to this current and flawed world system of consumptive suicide. We invite you to explore with us this very real and totally active approach towards creating self sustaining change based on intelligence and true equity. By all means do your homework, study the ideas put forth by ParEcon, think it through, come join us in our twice a month visioning brunches at Mt. Pleasant Community Centre (the first and last Saturdays of every month at 12 noon). In the immediate now: you are ‘officially’ invited to sign up at the credit union (Kingsway and Broadway) and to vote for participatory candidates who will turn tens of millions of dollars towards creating the spaces (commercial space which can then be leveraged into a balanced agora of shared cultural, political and kinship places of assembly) for The People to create together, become and practice a new kind of society, a true community, one that has the best interest of all at heart.

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9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything? by Dr Paul Craig Roberts


n a few days it will be the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001. How well has the US government’s official account of the event held up over the decade? Not very well. The chairman, vice chairman, and senior legal counsel of the 9/11 Commission wrote books partially disassociating themselves from the commission’s report. They said that the Bush administration put obstacles in their path, that information was withheld from them, that President Bush agreed to testify only if he was chaperoned by Vice President Cheney and neither were put under oath, that Pentagon and FAA officials lied to the commission and that the commission considered referring the false testimony for investigation for obstruction of justice. In their book, the chairman and vice chairman, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, wrote that the 9/11 Commission was “set up to fail.” Senior counsel John Farmer, Jr., wrote that the US government made “a decision not to tell the truth about what happened,” and that the NORAD “tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public.” Kean said, “We to this day don’t know why NORAD told us what they told us, it was just so far from the truth.” Most of the questions from the 9/11 families were not answered. Important witnesses were not called. The commission only heard from those who supported the government’s account. The commission was a controlled political operation, not an investigation of events and evidence. Its membership consisted of former politicians. No knowledgeable experts were appointed to the commission. One member of the 9/11 Commission, former Senator Max Cleland, responded to the constraints placed on the commission by the White House: “If this decision stands, I, as a member of the commission, cannot look any American in the eye, especially family members of victims, and say the commission had full access. This investigation is now compromised.” Cleland resigned rather than have his integrity compromised. To be clear, neither Cleland nor members of the commission suggested that 9/11 was an inside job to advance a war agenda. Nevertheless, neither Congress nor the media wondered, at least not out loud, why President Bush was unwilling to appear before the commission under oath or without Cheney, why Pentagon and FAA officials lied to the commission or, if the officials did not lie, why the commission believed they lied, or why the White House resisted for so long any kind of commission being formed, even one under its control. One would think that if a handful of Arabs managed to outwit not merely the CIA and FBI but all 16 US intelligence agencies, all intelligence agencies of our allies including Mossad, the National Security Council, the

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State Department, NORAD, airport security four times on one morning, air traffic control, etc., the President, Congress, and the media would be demanding to know how such an improbable event could occur. Instead, the White House put up a wall of resistance to finding out, and Congress and the media showed little interest. During the decade that has passed, numerous 9/11 Truth organizations have formed. There are Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Remember Building, and a New York group which includes 9/11 families. These groups call for a real investigation. David Ray Griffen has written 10 carefully researched books documenting problems in the government’s account. Scientists have pointed out that the government has no explanation for the molten steel. NIST has been forced to admit that WTC 7 was in free fall for part of its descent, and a scientific team led by a professor of nano-chemistry at the University of Copenhagen has reported finding nano-thermite in the dust from the buildings. Larry Silverstein, who had the lease on the World Trade Center buildings, said in a PBS broadcast that the decision was made “to pull” Building 7 late in the afternoon of 9/11. Chief fire marshals have said that no forensic investigation was made of the buildings’ destruction and that the absence of investigation was a violation of law. Some efforts have been made to explain away some of the evidence that is contrary to the official account, but most of the contrary evidence is simply ignored. The fact remains that the skepticism of a large number of knowledgeable experts has had no effect on the government’s position other than a member of the Obama administration suggesting that the government infiltrate the 9/11 truth organizations in order to discredit them. The practice has been to brand experts not convinced by the government’s case “conspiracy theorists.” But of course the government’s own theory is a conspiracy theory, an even less likely one once a person realizes its full implication of intelligence and operational failures. The implied failures are extraordinarily large, yet no one was ever held accountable. Moreover, what do 1,500 architects and engineers have to gain from being ridiculed as conspiracy theorists? They certainly will never receive another government contract, and many surely lost business as a result of their “anti-American” stance. Their competitors must have made hay out of their “unpatriotic doubts.” Indeed, my reward for reporting on how matters stand a decade after the event will be mail telling me that as I hate America so much I should move to Cuba. Scientists have even less incentive to express any doubts, which probably explains why there are not 1,500 Physicists for 9/11 Truth. Few physicists have careers independent of government grants or contracts. It was a high school physics teacher who forced NIST to abandon its account of Building 7’s demise. Physicist Stephen Jones, who first reported finding evidence of explosives, had his tenure bought out by BYU, which no doubt found itself under government pressure. We can explain away contrary evidence as coincidences and mistakes and conclude that only the govern-

ment got it all correct, the same government that got everything else wrong. In fact, the government has not explained anything. The NIST report is merely a simulation of what might have caused the towers to fail if NIST’s assumptions programed into the computer model are correct. But NIST supplies no evidence that its assumptions are correct. Building 7 was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report, and many Americans are still unaware that three buildings came down on 9/11. Let me be clear about my point. I am not saying that some black op group in the neoconservative Bush administration blew up the buildings in order to advance the neoconservative agenda of war in the Middle East. If there is evidence of a coverup, it could be the government covering up its incompetence and not its complicity in the event. Even if there were definite proof of government complicity, it is uncertain that Americans could accept it. Architects, engineers, and scientists live in a fact-based community, but for most people facts are no match for emotions. My point is how uninquisitive the executive branch including the security agencies, Congress, the media, and much of the population are about the defining event of our time. There is no doubt that 9/11 is the determinant event. It has led to a decade of ever expanding wars, to the shredding of the Constitution, and to a police state. On August 22, Justin Raimondo reported that he and his website,, are being monitored by the FBI’s Electronic Communication Analysis Unit to determine if Antiwar. com is “a threat to National Security” working “on behalf of a foreign power.” Francis A. Boyle, an internationally known professor and attorney of international law, has reported that when he refused a joint FBI-CIA request to violate the attorney/ client privilege and become an informant on his ArabAmerican clients, he was placed on the US government’s terrorist watch list. Boyle has been critical of the US government’s approach to the Muslim world, but Raimondo has never raised, nor permitted any contributor to raise, any suspicion about US government complicity in 9/11. Raimondo merely opposes war, and that is enough for the FBI to conclude that he needs watching as a possible threat to national security. The US government’s account of 9/11 is the foundation of the open-ended wars that are exhausting America’s resources and destroying its reputation, and it is the foundation of the domestic police state that ultimately will shut down all opposition to the wars. Americans are bound to the story of the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attack, because it is what justifies the slaughter of civilian populations in several Muslim countries, and it justifies a domestic police state as the only means of securing safety from terrorists, who already have morphed into “domestic extremists” such as environmentalists, animal rights groups, and antiwar activists. Today Americans are unsafe, not because of terrorists and domestic extremists, but because they have lost their civil liberties and have no protection from unaccountable government power. One would think that how this came about would be worthy of public debate and congressional hearings. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reaganomics and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. He is a columnist and was previously an editor for the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.

Daily vitamins supplements are necessary protectors; they can be specifically targeted to areas of concern. The liver, thyroid, adrenals, and thymus can be stimulated with supplements such as Thyroid Support, P5P, colloidal silver, bioflavonoids, Ester-C, B-complex, amino acids, and herbal and homeopathic remedies. Chemical pollutants will not go away anytime soon as long as we continue to financially support the polluters. We vote every time we make a purchase. We all have voices and choices, and we need to use them both every day. Knowing the issues and making informed decisions is our responsibility. If we insist, with our purchasing power, on safe, nutritious food, using safe, proven chemicals, the industry will respond. The power for change has always been in the hands of the public; what you do with your vote will shape the future. Best of health, Dr. Eldon Dahl Dear Doctor Dahl, What advice can you give regarding the chemical attacks we encounter daily? Do you think they are within range and the news is just fear mongering, or should we be concerned? If we are being overloaded, what can we do to combat the damage and lessen the damaging effects? Marcy B. Victoria, BC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Marcy, Thank you for your timely question regarding chemical attacks. We have all become toxic from continuing daily attacks. Each year in the U.S., approximately 12 trillion kilograms of chemicals are produced or imported, with little research on or accountability for how they affect our health and well-being. Did you know that many areas of the world, including Canada, are still being exposed to radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan? And we are exposed to excessive radiation from various other sources, without government oversight or public notice. The public needs to begin asking our elected officials some serious questions about why this is happening and why the public isn’t being informed. The makers of cellphones, airport security screening devices, microwave appliances, and much more need to be accountable for the safety of their products. Even cleaning our clothes can be a source of toxins: Fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and laundry detergents contain hazardous chemicals, including two known to be carcinogenic—acetaldehyde and benzene. And the real kicker? Manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients in laundry products, which also can contain fragrances with unknown ingredients. The chemicals in these products affect not only personal health but also public and environmental health; they enter the atmosphere and are flushed down the drain, finding their way into rivers and lakes.

Legacy pollution is a term used to describe chemicals that remain in the environment long after they were produced. For example, lead and arsenic were outlawed in paint and gasoline in the 80s, but they still contaminate our urban soil, affecting children and animals. Chemical exposure early in life may alter the development of breast tissue and increase the risk of breast cancer and lactation problems later in life. Scientists know these risks and urge federal officials to test industrial chemicals and pesticides to identify the ones that may disrupt breast development. Why isn’t the government acting on this, especially since breast cancer is the leading form of cancer in women? One solution, on a local level, would be to plant a vegetable garden. Urban farming has become a hugely popular alternative to the heavily contaminated commercial food crops; backyard gardening is exploding. Some municipalities embrace urban agriculture, whereas others ban it, regarding it as a threat to the food industry. The nerve of the public trying to grow healthful food! How could they be so inconsiderate towards the protected interests of the big chemical companies? Many government officials, backed by food-industry lobbyists, want to protect the interests of industrial agriculture, where crops are sprayed with numerous chemicals. This contamination of our food can cause high blood pressure and damage the brain, nervous system, kidneys, thyroid, and blood. Awareness and questioning are necessary, and the public needs disclosure about the chemicals used in agriculture and other industries in order to defend themselves. Our first defence is in our food. Support local organic farmers and eat locally grown, fresh foods—locals supporting locals. Preserve fresh food for winter use. One of the best ways to maintain vitamin potency is by dehydration, the second best is freezing. Reading labels is critical; if the label doesn’t fully disclose ingredients, they may be hiding something. When in doubt, choose an alternative. More and more people are buying organic food and earth-friendly household products. The Inside Story

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“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” - John F. Kennedy Page 7

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What Are Your Kids Doing After School?


hat are your kids doing after school? Should you encourage them to go overseas to study? Whether your son or daughter is studying Business, Fashion Design, Medicine, or Hospitality Management, a study abroad program can be of immense benefit and help them gain skills they can’t get at home: better crosscultural communication, a competitive advantage when pursuing higher education or career opportunities, and exposure to new global perspectives and ideas, all while earning an international degree. According to the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE)’s World of Learning: Canadian Post-Secondary Students and the Study Abroad Experience report, 90% of the general public believes that study abroad is a valuable experience. According to the same survey, 91% of employers were also on board and identified an extensive list of benefits, including a better understanding of cultural differences inside and outside the workplace, more world experience which makes for an easier adaptation to unfamiliar environments and enhanced life skills. Students graduating in the 21st century need international skills to succeed in today’s global economy and many believe that studying abroad should be an expectation. Komail Naqvi, currently studying at UBC and a truly international student, says “Studying and living in Pakistan, Canada, China and now Europe has allowed me to pocket different lenses from which to view the world and experience the cultures within it.” Komail’s also a professional free-lance photographer, hence the analogy. “Developing business and personal networking relationships with people from all nationalities imaginable are things I would never have achieved had I not travelled and studied abroad. The world has everything to offer and more, if you only reach out for it”.

“What about security?”, “I can’t afford it”, “What if my daughter decides to stay overseas?” Like most parents, you probably have some reservations about sending your child (now grown up) away. Let’s address the cost issue as there is a misconception that studying abroad is expensive, which doesn’t have to be the case. University fees vary greatly depending on the country and the program, and various academic and athletic scholarships are available, especially in the US and England. In a few countries, Finland for example, programs are in English and Bachelor’s, Doctoral and some Master’s programs are free of charge to international students. In Norway,

one of the reasons that almost a third of Canadians studying Medicine are studying outside of Canada – with the Caribbean as the number one choice and Ireland in second place. “I would recommend studying abroad as it opens your eyes to new cultures and also forces you to give up some of your innate stereotypes that you may have about people and other cultures. I think it also makes you much more independent and forces you to break away from being a creature of habit and returning home anytime school gets tough”, says Glen Wiggins, who completed a Biology degree and a Master’s program in the USA. Glen is currently Senior Hydrographic Surveyor at the Port of Hull in the UK. The trend towards the ‘internationalization’ of education in Canada continues in an upward spiral. As the next generation realizes the importance of becoming ‘global citizens’, education providers, parents, employers and the community as a whole are behind them. Do your research, check out the options and don’t miss the opportunity to meet directly with universities from many different countries at the Fall Study and Go Abroad Fair. Check the website for information on when the fair comes to a city near you.

as well, generally degrees are free. You will still need to pay for accommodation and books – but if your son or daughter decides not to study at the local university you will be paying that in any case. Among the reasons cited by students for wanting to study overseas are the greater variety of programs available overseas and the difficulty in getting into their chosen programs in Canada. Some programs in Canada, like Medicine for example, are notoriously difficult to get into (30% acceptance rate for first time applicants) especially in BC and Ontario, and many students are not willing to put their lives on hold to keep trying. This is Vancouver Fall Study and Go Abroad Fair Tuesday, October 4th, Vancouver Convention Centre from 1pm to 6pm. Free seminars are offered throughout the day beginning at 12 noon with guest speaker JeanMarc Hachey, author of The BIG Guide to Living and Working Overseas.

“An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t.” - Anatole France

The Gap Year takes off in Canada …


hile the gap year or “year out” has been a common and popular rite of passage in Australia and many countries in Europe for decades, traditionally North American students have ridden the academic conveyor belt all the way from preschool to university without a break. Now the tides are changing and many soon-to-be high school graduates are saying they’re burnt out, and need more time before deciding what they want to take at university. Instead of packing for their freshman year, they are now booking their flights to go volunteering in Africa, or work on a yacht in the Caribbean. North America is starting to catch on to the “gap year” syndrome, and for good reason. Amid concerns about drop-out rates, researchers now say that students who go straight to university often find themselves in a program that doesn’t interest them, and are more likely to change programs, thus prolonging their degree and increasing their debt level, and they are more likely to quit. Experts now say that going straight to university is short-sighted and a year out is the way to go!

Taking a gap year has never been easier! Many universities are now willing to defer start dates for a year – York University is embracing this gap year phenomenon with its Bridging the Gap program and “celebrates” a student’s choice to take a year off to gain work experience, do community service or go on an international exchange and will reserve the student’s admission spot for up to a year provided he or she is accepted into the program. Harvard University, one of the top universities in the world, has always been ahead of its time and for the past 40 years has proposed that students take a year out in its letter of admission. Is there a downside to taking a gap year? Not really, according to a 2008 Statistics Canada report published jointly with Canadian Policy Research Networks. The report found that students who delay postsecondary education don’t face a disadvantage in the labour market later on – as long as they actually complete their program once started. In fact, a Canadian Council of Learning study found that students who took a gap year were eight per

cent more likely to be employed. Understandably, many parents are a little nervous that their kid will be side-tracked and destined to remain degree-less forever. However, even though there are no formal studies on the number of gap year students who do make their way to university, admissions staff say that only a few drop off the radar. On the contrary, a year out can make kids more focused, better prepared for university life and more likely to complete their university degree. After all, it’s not getting into university that counts – it’s getting the degree at the end of the line! “To gap or not to gap... that is the question.” Students who have taken the year out, universities, and the latest statistics are saying “Yes, go for it!” Although it may be a daunting prospect for parents and kids to divert from the “safe” bound-for-university-after-high-school route, the rewards and benefits are well worth stepping out of that comfort zone. To find out about gap year options, check out or the Study and Go Abroad Fairs.

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hen Brent Cameron, founder and Executive Director of the SelfDesign Learning Foundation, and his six-year old daughter, Ilana, began the ‘Wondertree’ experiment in 1983, he didn’t know that his work would lead to a total shift in how we think about learning and how learning is supported and accomplished. For more than 25 years, the Wondertree Foundation (now renamed the SelfDesign Learning Foundation) has nurtured over 5,000 children to become compassionate, self-aware, self-directed young adults who, in this time of great change, are focused on making their communities and the world a bet-

Our Story ter place. Where the conventional school system fails our children and families, SelfDesign offers breakthroughs in self-awareness and world-and-communityawareness. The focus of SelfDesign is the self-creation of one’s integral self as an optimum human being. A child’s right to control her own mind and thought process is a guiding principle of SelfDesign. SelfDesign moves from a teacher-centric system to a learner-centric system that places the talents, gifts, and interests of learners at the center. The SelfDesign learning process is a naturally iterative one that

involves goal setting, planning, action, reflection, and goal adjustments. Our learning system includes the powerful Observing for Learning process, SelfDesign Learning Plans, Learning Outcomes Tracking, Personal Learning Portfolios, and subject expert mentors. SelfDesign mindmaps and learning plans act as snap-shots of the learner’s interests and abilities that, over time, become a rich artifact of individual development. SelfDesign learners observe the process of learning at a deep level and are empowered to learn how to learn.

Declaration of Learner’s Rights and Responsibilities The following document was written by a group of 6 young people between the ages of 15 and 17 and was presented at a Rights of the Child Conference in Victoria, BC and to the Minister of Education in June 1995. It was again presented to the UN Conference Habitat II in Istanbul Turkey in 1996. It is the frontispiece to a federally commissioned document written on SelfDesign High (previously Virtual High) – Learning a Living. It has also been published internationally by UNESCO and many organizations in countries around the world have asked permission to share it with their communities.

Declaration of Learner’s Rights and Responsibilities 1. As a learner I have the right to allow my own experience and enthusiasm to guide my learning. 2. As a learner I have the right to choose and direct the nature and conditions of my learning experience. As a learner I am responsible for the results I create. 3. As a learner I have the right to perfect the skills to be a conscious, self confident and resourceful individual. 4. As a learner I have the right to be held in respect. It is my responsibility to hold others in respect. 5. As a learner I have the right to a nurturing and supportive family and community. My family and community have the right and responsibility to be my primary resource. 6. As a learner I have the right and responsibility to enter into relationships based on mutual choice, collaborative effort, challenge and mutual gain. 7. As a learner I have the right to be exposed to a diverse array of ideas, experiences, environments, and possibilities. This exposure is the responsibility of myself, my parents and my mentors.

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8. As a learner I have the right to evaluate my learning according to my own sensibilities. I have the right to request and the responsibility to include the evaluations of my mentors. 9. As a learner I have the right to co-create decisions that involve and concern me. 10. As a learner I have the right and responsibility to openly consider and respect the ideas of others, whether or not I accept these ideas. 11. As a learner I have the right to enter a learning organization which offers, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical support, and operates in an open and inclusive manner. 12. As a learner I have the right of equal access to resources, information and funding. © 2011 All Rights Reserved SelfDesign Learning Foundation

Back row, left to right – Sarah Partridge, Serena Staples, (two conference participants), Kaan Muncaster, Ilana Cameron, Greg Dean, (conference participant) front row left to right – Jesse Blum, and Brent Cameron (conference participant).

Why SelfDesign Works for Us by Dan Merchant


or the first four years of my daughter’s life, I’ve watched her interact with the world in amazing ways and have had the security of knowing that she is always being taken care of by her family. Our family chooses to have mom home with the children as we believe that the best way for children to grow up is surrounded by those who they trust most. As my daughter approached the age of 5 we had to decide the best way to satisfy the governments desire to keep tabs on her educational development. We looked at the options and found that Self Design(SD) stood above the rest. It was flexible and allowed my daughter to be home with mom and her siblings, but also provided excellent support networks. The foremost being the other families in the SD community, people like us that want to be more involved in their child’s development. In my area there are many other self design families, and a few times a week outings and learning circles are held, where the children and parents gather to socialize, do projects, and learn together. Another critical aspect of SD is the dynamic between the Learning Consultant(LC), children, and parents. The LC facilitates the learning process, offers insights and suggests ways to direct the children’s interests. Through weekly Observations for Learning, we as parents had to be engaged in my daughters learning and record the things we noticed about her development in a multitude of areas. If made us more aware of her needs, skills and interests. My daughter is now turning 6 years old (Happy Birthday Cora!) and after one year of SD, we are back for our second and looking forward to it!

Education or Social Engineering? by O. Jerome (Jed) Brown


o you not know? Have you not heard? There is a paradigm shift going on in our schools. Even if people have heard about the shift in paradigms, it would seem that very few understand what it is -- or what it means-- or why it has so many parents and teachers upset. Yet, this very paradigm shift has caused more divisiveness and derision in education than has been seen since the Scopes Monkey Trials. Battle lines have been drawn and reason has disintegrated to argument and name calling. It is time to put away the labels of liberal and conservative, of change agent and critics of change. These labels do nothing but polarize society with the Marxist Dialectic so that people can be easily manipulated to accept some predetermined consensus. As the lives of children are at stake, there is no time for such stupidity. We must come to an understanding of the paradigm shift of educational restructuring, so that we might reason together for the good of society – for the good of education – for the good of children. The discussion must begin with the word “paradigm.” What is a paradigm? If we are shifting paradigms, then there must be a traditional one, and yet another one being proposed. What are they? How do they differ? If people are to support one over the other, what is the result that can be expected of each paradigm in terms of what is best for children and society. Let us begin. As it is used in education, the word “paradigm” comes from the language of science. A paradigm is a basic conceptual structure, a structure built with ideas or concepts. Therefore, according to the sciences of education, an edu-

cation paradigm is a description of haw and education system should be built, based on ideas or concepts about what education should be how it should be practiced. In other words, a paradigm for education describes someone’s ideas about the purpose of schooling and how schooling should be a structured for the best benefit of children and society. The current paradigm shift radically restructures our schools, based on a whole new set of ideas that actually change the purpose of education. By way of explanation, it may be helpful to think in terms of the physical structure of a building. Depending on the size and purpose of a proposed building, an architect must decide what its structural elements should be – will it be a wood-frame structure one built with steel posts and girders? Just like different physical structures are built with different materials and methods, different kinds of educational systems are build with different ideas and purposes. The paradigm shift is the demolition of traditional education and the construction of a completely different system. The traditional paradigm for education is the DISCIPLINED KNOWLEDGE Paradigm. Since the time of Aristotle, the purpose of education has been the training of the mind through the acquisition and the application of knowledge. Thus, traditionally, schools have been structured to discipline the minds of students through the effective and efficient instruction of the knowledge considered imperative for each student to understand, manage, and expand his world. Therefore, knowledge is the focus of the traditional paradigm. Knowledge is disciplined, ie. organized in major

fields of study like Science, Mathematics, and Language. Thus, these major fields are called disciplines. Beyond a general overview of the knowledge contained therein, each discipline is further organized into subject divisions. The discipline of Science includes subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; the disciplines of Mathematics is divided into subjects like Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Each subject contains a specified terminology, along with facts, theories, and principles arranged in an orderly fashion. It is this ordered subject content that forms the foundation of the traditional paradigm. The DISCIPLINED KNOWLEDGE Paradigm is therefore knowledge-based and subject-driven. With the traditional paradigm, teaching is the instruction of the disciplines and their applications; learning is the acquisition of knowledge and the training of the mind. It is through the organized study of knowledge and its applications, under the direction of a teacher, that the student acquires not only a reasonable knowledge of the world, but also a trained, or disciplined, mind that is capable of both independent thinking throughout life. Thus, the result of an education within the traditional DISCIPLINED KNOWLEDGE Paradigm is indeed a well-educated person. The new paradigm, that of educational restructuring, is LIFE-LONG EDUCATION. The Life-Long Education Paradigm was designed under the direction of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) by psychologists and sociologists rather than traditional educators. The paradigm is predominantly based upon the theories of Behavioral Psychology. (cont’d on pg.13)

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The Coming Melt-Down in Higher Education (As Seen By a Marketer)

by Seth Godin


or 400 years, higher education in the US has been on a roll. From Harvard asking Galileo to be a guest professor in the 1600s to millions tuning in to watch a team of unpaid athletes play another team of unpaid athletes in some college sporting event, the amount of time and money and prestige in the college world has been climbing. I’m afraid that’s about to crash and burn. Here’s how I’m looking at it. 1. Most colleges are organized to give an average education to average students. Pick up any college brochure or catalog. Delete the brand names and the map. Can you tell which school it is? While there are outliers (like St. Johns, Deep Springs or Full Sail) most schools aren’t really outliers. They are mass marketers. Stop for a second and consider the impact of that choice. By emphasizing mass and sameness and rankings, colleges have changed their mission. This works great in an industrial economy where we can’t churn out standardized students fast enough and where the demand is huge because the premium earned by a college grad dwarfs the cost. But... 2. College has gotten expensive far faster than wages have gone up. As a result, there are millions of people in very serious debt, debt so big it might take decades to repay.

Word gets around. Won’t get fooled again... This leads to a crop of potential college students that can (and will) no longer just blindly go to the ‘best’ school they get in to. 3. The definition of ‘best’ is under siege. Why do colleges send millions (!) of undifferentiated pieces of junk mail to high school students now? We will waive the admission fee! We have a one page application! Apply! This is some of the most amateur and bland direct mail I’ve ever seen. Why do it? Biggest reason: So the schools can reject more applicants. The more applicants they reject, the higher they rank in US News and other rankings. And thus the rush to game the rankings continues, which is a sign that the marketers in question (the colleges) are getting desperate for more than their fair share. Why bother making your education more useful if you can more easily make it appear to be more useful?

4. The correlation between a typical college degree and success is suspect. College wasn’t originally designed to merely be a continuation of high school (but with more binge drinking). In many places, though, that’s what it has become. The data I’m seeing shows that a degree (from one of those famous schools, with or without a football team) doesn’t translate into significantly better career opportunities, a better job or more happiness than a degree from a cheaper institution. 5. Accreditation isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. A lot of these ills are the result of uniform accreditation programs that have pushed high-cost, low-reward policies on institutions and rewarded schools that churn out young wanna-be professors instead of experiences that turn out leaders and problem-solvers. Just as we’re watching the disintegration of oldschool marketers with mass market products, I think we’re about to see significant cracks in old-school schools with mass market degrees. Back before the digital revolution, access to information was an issue. The size of the library mattered. One reason to go to college was to get access. Today, that access is worth a lot less. The valuable things people take away from college are interactions with great minds (usually professors who actually teach and actually care) and non-class activities that shape them as people. The question I’d ask: is the money that mass-marketing colleges are spending on marketing themselves and scaling themselves well spent? Are they organizing for changing lives or for ranking high? Does NYU have to get so much bigger? Why? The solutions are obvious... there are tons of ways to get a cheap, liberal education, one that exposes you to the world, permits you to have significant interactions with people who matter and to learn to make a difference. Most of these ways, though, aren’t heavily marketed nor do they involve going to a traditionsteeped two-hundred-year old institution with a wrestling team. Things like gap years, research internships and entrepreneurial or social ventures after high school are opening doors for students who are eager to discover the new. The only people who haven’t gotten the memo are anxious helicopter parents, mass marketing colleges and traditional employers. And all three are waking up and facing new circumstances.

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(cont’d from on pg.11) With the behaviorist orientation, the Life-Long Education Paradigm changes not only the purpose of education but also the consequent structure of schooling. Two assumptions of Behavioral Psychology join to form the cornerstone of the Life-long Education Paradigm by redefining learning. First, it is assumed that the actual mental process of learning (thinking) cannot be objectively observed and measured. Second, it is assumed that only by observing a change in behavior can learning be said to have occurred. Thus, learning, with the Life-long Education Paradigm, is defined as a change in behavior rather than the acquisition of knowledge. A third belief of Behavioral Psychology completes the foundation of the Life-long Education Paradigm. To the behaviorist, the ultimate purposes of Psychology are the prediction and control of human behavior. Added to the redefinition above, that learning equals changing of behavior, these purposes totally alter the definition of education. Given the Life-long Education Paradigm, education becomes the process of predicting and controlling human behavior through a system that is role-based and behavior-driven rather than knowledge-based and subject-driven. In the role-based behavior-driven system, not only does learning become the changing of behavior, but teaching becomes the facilitation of behavior change through behavioral conditioning techniques. No longer based on knowledge, the result of the Life-long Education Paradigm is an ignorant person with a pre-determined set of behavior patterns who can be easily manipulated and controlled. Given the new psychological definition of learning and purpose of education, the Life-long Education Paradigm radically changes the structure of the schooling system. With this paradigm, schooling is no longer just for those currently considered of school age, ie., children and adolescents, it is indeed a “cradle-to-grave” process, a process that actually begins in the womb and ends only in death. Consequently, the name Life-long Education is quite apropos. The paradigm establishes a formal process for controlling a person’s behavior throughout life. If the object of education becomes the controlling of behavior rather than the acquisition of knowledge, then that control must begin as early as possible – before unacceptable behavior patterns can develop. Using the idea that children are “at risk,” the Life-long Education Paradigm establishes a behavioral control mechanism at birth. Although other countries are actually establishing Infant Care Centers (government-controlled day care), legislatures across the United States are enacting programs like Parents as Teachers (PAT) to control the behavioral development of infants. Many of these programs begin before the birth of the child. (These programs are the beginning of mandated parent participation.) It is important to remember the Behavioral Psychology definition of learning when confronted with the phrase “ready to learn.” To secure the proper behavioral characteristics, the Life-long Education Paradigm requires children to be moved from the home as early as possible. Therefore, the formal conditioning process begins in the Head Start/ preschool programs of age 3. The prediction and control of behavior is continued through the school years with surveys, programs, and Outcome-based Education, none of which have anything to do with the acquisition of knowledge. To negate any improper influence of the home environment, programs like the Utah Family Plan, designed by the Knowledge Network, establish controls beyond the school doors. Beyond the behavioral conditioning carried out during infancy, childhood and adolescence, the Life-long Education Paradigm makes provision for the reinforcement of conditioned behaviors throughout life. The paradigm calls for formal curricula for adults to be delivered through adult education centers. In the United States those required reeducation programs will be carried out through existing community colleges. These formal curricula will extend even into the advanced years of life to ensure that the elderly do no become, as one UNESCO document puts it, “culturally obsolete.” Knowledge-based and subject-driven or role-based and behavior-driven – education or social engineering -DISCIPLINED KNOWLEDGE or LIFE-LONG EDUCATION PARADIGM which is best for children and society? The choice is yours.

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Atlantic Council: Is Libya a “Global Con?” by Tony Cartalucci First, a Conflict of Interest The Atlantic Council claims to be a “preeminent, non partisan institution devoted to promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security.” It is partnered with NATO and sponsored financially by some of Wall Street and London’s largest, most powerful corporate-financier interests. These include many of the big oil interests poised to reap a whirlwind of profits over NATO-backed regime change in Libya, namely BP, Chevron, Exxon, and Shell. It also includes defense contractors already enriched by the protracted bloodshed in Northern Africa including Raytheon, BAE, SAAB Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman. Additionally, the world’s largest banks and equity firms sponsor Atlantic Council, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, the Blackstone Group, Citigroup, and Credit Suisse Bank. There is also a tremendous amount of foundation support, each with a nefarious back-story worthy of their own thorough examination, including the Carnegie Corporation of New York , the Ford Foundation, and billionaire bankster George Soros’ Open Society Institute. But perhaps most alarming is the Council’s sponsorship by a large representation from “reputable” news and media agencies, including Thomson Reuters, News Desk Media, Bloomberg (which includes BusinessWeek), and Google. Such an elaborate, full-spectrum conflict of interest should be alarming to even the most adamant supporters of the current NATO operation in Libya. We see all of the mechanics necessary to generate the justification for regime change through media, public, and political channels, the military might to carry out the war, and the corporate-financier organizations to fully manipulate and exploit the freshly installed regime, all integrated into a single organization. Without a doubt, the Atlantic Council has pledged unwavering support for the NATO operation, with the post, “Well Done, NATO!” perhaps the most ob-

vious indication that not only is the Council amidst an immense conflict of interest but committing a full range of improprieties stemming from it. Before moving on, it is important to understand just how illegitimate NATO is by examining the Atlantic Council partnered with it, and how the Council is tying together corporate-financier interests and NATO’s military power to sell, execute, and profit from regime change in Libya. As pointed out by Color Revolutions & Geopolitics in their recent article “The Devil Writes a Handbook: “The Responsibility to Protect” (2002),” the humanitarian aspects of the Libyan operation were merely a marketing ploy for yet another poisoned agenda stemming from Wall Street and London’s financial institutions.

A Global Con? The above mentioned Atlantic Council recently penned an article titled “Global Con?” within which senior globalist scribe Arnaud de Borchgrave assaults our sensibility by proposing the following question, “Were the United States, France, Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates -- the NATO-led coalition that set out to overthrow Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s regime -- snookered by al-Qaida?” De Borchgrave concludes that it is a preposterous scenario and indeed he is correct, though not for the reasons he proposes. De Borchgrave begins by mentioning notorious Neo-Conservative James Woolsey, who in the 1990’s was the director of the CIA and was approached by Libya’s Moammar Qaddafi for assistance against terrorists emanating from Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi. Benghazi, of course, is now the current epicenter of the NATO-backed rebellion. Ironically, Woolsey, who de Borchgrave claims is one of the leaders of a campaign “to expose a clandestine Islamist plot to bring Shariah law to America,” is also one of the chief proponents of NATO’s handing of Libya over to these very “Islamist” terrorists today. Woolsey was

one of the signatories of an “open letter to House Republicans” imploring Congress to ignore anti-war sentiments amongst their constituents and to do “more to help the Libyan opposition,” which the letter insists “deserves our support.” The letter also advised Congress not to be “held hostage” by the UNSC resolution authorizing the military intervention in the first place, undermining the “international rule of law” the US was supposedly enforcing. The Atlantic Council piece then goes on to look at recent, damning evidence publicized by Asia Times reporter Pepe Escobar, proving that not only NATO’s earlier claimed “flickers of Al Qaeda” in Libya are indeed raging fires, but that NATO was well aware of the terroristic nature of the rebels long before even the official start of the unrest in February, 2011. The article goes into this evidence in depth and concludes by saying it is “a harumscarum scenario of NATO snookered by al-Qaida affiliates that can only please China.” Atlantic Council author de Borchgrave fails entirely to provide any additional insight into Escobar’s report - however as we are about to see, if anything Escobar’s statements are understated and NATO members have been intentionally nurturing Al Qaeda in Libya for nearly 30 years.

A Global Con Indeed For nearly three decades, US and British intelligence agencies have supported terrorist organizations within Libya to wage war against Qaddafi’s government. In an August 3, 1981 Newsweek article titled, “A Plan to Overthrow Kaddafi,” it was stated that: “The details of the plan were sketchy, but it seemed

“Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.” - Plato

171 Jubilee Street

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Duncan, BC

to be a classic CIA destabilization campaign. One element was a “disinformation” program designed to embarrass Kaddafi and his government. Another was the creation of a “counter government” to challenge his claim to national leadership. A third — potentially the most risky — was an escalating paramilitary campaign, probably by disaffected Libyan nationals, to blow up bridges, conduct small-scale guerrilla operations and demonstrate that Kaddafi was opposed by an indigenous political force.” Further evidence from around this period of time comes to us from the US Library of Congress where the plan apparently went operational and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) trained and supported Libyan terrorists just before they attempted to assassinate Qaddafi in 1984. Then called the “Libyan National Salvation Front” (NFSL), a forerunner of the current “National Conference of Libyan Opposition (NCLO), it would grow over the years and make multiple armed attempts to seize Libya from Qaddafi with CIA and MI6 assistance. Many of these militants would later form the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Afghanistan, also with CIA assistance under the auspices of Osama Bin Laden and what would eventually become Al Qaeda. LIFG fighters then returned to Libya and continued fighting against Qaddafi. At the outbreak of war between the US and Afghanistan, and then later with Iraq, many LIFG fighters would once again go abroad, this time to face US, not Soviet troops. Many of these fighters are now back in Libya, after killing US and British troops, under NATO air cover being handed piecemeal an entire nation. West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center has published two reports now detailing just how entirely Libya’s eastern region is saturated with Al Qaeda linked terrorists, concluding that it is one of the most highly concentrated recruiting grounds for the terror organization anywhere in the world, including Saudi Arabia. One of these reports was published in 2007 - long before the current NATO operation, giving policy makers

plenty of warning of just who they would be eventually handing the nation over to in 2011. For anyone, especially NATO or the US military to feign ignorance as to the constitution of Libya’s rebel fighters is especially insulting since their entire existence is owed to 30 years of material support from Western intelligence agencies and now overt military support. Out of absolute folly, Qaddafi had invited the CIA and MI6 into Libya to help sweep up the remnants of LIFG after 2001. This was under the misguided impression that Al Qaeda constituted a common enemy between his regime and Western governments. It appears that instead of helping Qaddafi fight these terrorists, they instead rearmed them, reorganized them, provided them with freshly trained recruits and sent them back into battle against Qaddafi, culminating in what we are now being told is an “indigenous uprising” by the “people” of Libya. As the depravity and duplicity of both NATO forces, overtly linked to Wall Street and London corporate-financier interests as illustrated via the Atlantic Council, and their terrorist proxies become more apparent throughout Libya, and now creeping over the Algerian border to breath new life into another notorious Al Qaeda-linked organization, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), NATO and the vast media empire supporting its agenda are seeking any and all diversions from their crumbling narrative. Lately accusations have been leveled against China for allegedly attempting to arm Qaddafi’s forces after NATO operations began in March, 2011. While the West claims this is a “violation” of their self-contrived UN mandate prohibiting the arming of belligerents in the Libyan conflict, NATO members, most notably France and Qatar, have been openly supplying weapons to Libyan rebels in direct violation of this very mandate themselves. US and UK press agencies are also attempting to muddle the debate by reintroducing the fact that the

CIA and MI6 were working with Qaddafi against terrorists, now disingenuously labeled as “dissidents.” We have even been treated to UK Prime Minister David Cameron promising a full inquiry after arch-Al Qaeda LIFG commander Abdulhakim al-Hasadi aka Balhaj demanded an apology from Western security forces for torturing him after being captured while fighting US troops in Central Asia. It should be noted that these “dissidents” are in fact LIFG fighters, listed by both the US State Department and the UK Home Office as a terrorist organization and it is therefore illegal to provide them any material support at all, let alone air cover, weapons, billions of dollars in aid, and diplomatic recognition. Indeed, the Libyan conflict is a “global con.” Contra to Atlantic Council member Arnaud de Borchgrave’s suggestion that somehow the West was “snookered” by Al Qaeda, it is NATO and its Wall Street/London big oil, military industrial, and banking interests “snookering” the world into believing a noble military intervention is underway in Libya. Indeed, the global con is that under the thin and perpetually peeling veneer of humanitarian concern, lies a vicious looting spree by violent, internationally recognized terroristic mercenaries on the ground supported by the Fortune 500’s military might via NATO. In addition to the windfall of profits to be made in Libya, it is specifically noted by another global corporatefinancier nexus, the Brookings Institution, that the battle for Libya is being waged in order to establish the primacy of “international law” over that of the nation-state. Clearly by “international law,” Brookings means the dictates proposed by think-tanks like itself or the Atlantic Council, rubber stamped by the UN and pursued by an alliance driven by Wall Street and London interests. To portray a bid for global empire as a progressive humanitarian mission to alleviate unrest they themselves created over the course of decades, is indeed a “global con.”

“Did you ever think that making a speech on economics is a lot like pissing down your leg? It seems hot to you, but it never does to anyone else.” - Lyndon B. Johnson

Mistakes by Garth Turner


was reminded this week of why people fail. They don’t mean to, of course, and most think they’re doing everything possible not to. But they just can’t help it. It’s in the genes.

Here are five flaws that make us horrible investors. We believe headlines

Big mistake. There’s no longer any really objective MSM left in the country. Journalists with condos and GICs accentuate the risks of equity investing, cast successful CEOs as latent criminals and foment a trust-nobody approach when it comes to personal finance. City page editors allow media releases from real estate boards to run verbatim with a byline on them. LePage and Re/Max handouts are published as news without research or a countervailing opinion. Market advances are on page 23. Market drops are front page. A declining, emaciated, desperate and dying medium is the last place to turn for informed opinion.

We sell things that decline.

Misinformed, worried people always make the same mistake. They see an asset lose value, and start to fret. If it loses more, they toss at night. A further decline, they panic and bail. They take a theoretical drubbing and turn it real, making paper into money. As on March 9th, 2009, when stock markets hit their bottom in the great financial crash.

That day came the greatest gush of selling, as small retail investors bailed out of stocks and mutual funds which would climb 55% in the next year. That’s how we knew it was the bottom.

We want things that rise

Human nature. If it goes up, we want it. Just as we fear losing assets will hit zero, so we believe ascending ones will achieve eternal growth. It’s why we couldn’t get enough of Nortel, profitless dotcoms or dodgy Bre-X. Lately it’s why we’re horny for real estate and precious metals – why we make the classic boner of jumping in at the top of markets, when every shred of logic tells us they’ll decline. Like your Dutch ancestor said in 1619 looking at a bitchin’ tulip bulb – what’s to worry, Hans? It’s different this time.

We misinterpret risk.

To some people risk means missing opportunities. To most people it means the potential for loss. So risk aversion takes on Biblical status, even as millions walk directly into it. In our society, for example, buying preferred shares in the bank is considered riskier than giving the same bank your money, even when you’re penalized for doing so. Buying a house with 95% leverage is considered safe, even when a hike in rates or a drop in the

market can wipe you out. In our fear, we’ve defined risk as losing money. But the greatest risk, bar none, is running out of it. Too many long-lived women will learn this.

We fail to trust

The ubiquity of financial news has created the feeling that anyone can be fully informed. This is exactly what a lot of market professionals hope for. It’s how they score. They trade in fear and greed, evident to anyone who takes a tour of the thousands of sites pumping silver or apocalyptic newsletters. Everywhere we turn today, we’re being told there is but one bullet to protect you. It might be a SFH in Kits, a garage full of metal or a junior uranium stock going mythical. Complex times bring simple solutions. In finance, as in politics, it’s usually fatal. Large parts of my day are spent trying to help people overcome the above. Now you know why I’m like this.

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We’re All Greece -And on Fire by Karl Denninger consumer level have been “repaired” is a bald lie, repeated nearly daily in the media, in an No, that’s not a stock. It’s the CDS (Credit Default Swap) outrageous and puerile attempt to goad both spreads on the PIIGS (composite), and went up an asconsumers and businesses into taking ecotounding 60% in one day. nomically unsound steps. This strategy of lie, lie and then lie some more has failed. The only actual fix is to truthfully de-lever. This t’s over folks, despite the protests of BNP, which means not supporting the bankrupt, other than shepherdreacted in predictable fashion to a WSJ “opinion ing them through the courthouse door where their bankpiece” this morning: ruptcy proceedings are heard. It may mean some sort of “We can no longer borrow dollars. U.S. money-market expedited process for bankruptcy, which I’ve advocated funds are not lending to us anymore,” a bank executive for for quite a long while. BNP Paribas, who declines to be named, told me last week. We need to remove one half of the total credit market “Since we don’t have access to dollars anymore, we’re cre- debt in the system in the United States alone. There are ating a market in euros. This is a first. . . . We hope it will only two ways to do it - default and/or pay it down, or work, otherwise the downward spiral will be hell. We will grow fast enough without taking on any more credit that no longer be trusted at all and no one will lend to us any- the percentage of GDP represented by debt declines. more.” The latter is not going to happen because the entire The bank denied it, of course, and the source “de- last 30 years of our so-called “growth” was a Ponzi built clines” to be named. upon more and more debt everywhere. Yes, during ClinSo what’s the truth? ton, yes, during Bush (pick a Bush), yes, during Reagan. It’s simple: We’re all Greece. This is the truth whether you wish to hear it or not. There’s no material hiring going on in the US, nor will Whether you wish to face it or not. And until we as a there be. Not because business wouldn’t like to hire, but nation and the world as a whole stop playing pyramid because there’s no organic demand with which to require games with debt there will be no actual and functional the hiring to take place. As a former CEO I can tell you that recovery. hiring is a dispassionate decision: You hire staff to produce We used currencies, offshoring and other means of the goods or services you sell - and for no other reason. market manipulation to cover up that which could not The Government took upon itself to create false economic demand after 2008 through deficit spending. Private business knows this cannot continue forever, or you get Greece. It’s not really very complicated; try using your credit card to maintain a $173,000 lifestyle when you only make $100,000 and see for how long you’re able to do it. That’s what our Government has sequentially done for three years running from 2008-2011. Every businessperson with an IQ larger than their shoe size knows that this path forward will - because it mathematically must fail. They were willing to accept a short-term incidence of this back in 2008, because that’s exactly what they believed it would be - a very short-term phenomena. But now, in 2011, it’s clear that it isn’t a short-term work on a sustainable forward basis. We built the pyraphenomena. And as a consequence there is no hiring going mid ever-higher, driving asset prices to the moon, and yet on, because this Ponzi must end, and when it does these none of these “asset price” gains were real and underbusiness owners know the outcome will be horrific. They pinned by actual returned cash earnings. do not intend to get caught not under the falling knife, but The check is on the table folks. Europe was just as under the falling grand piano. profligate as we were, and their banks were just as imThe President and the Republican candidates can mature in their “analysis” before buying up debt - that is, claim to have “plans” or want “stimulus” or whatever. The lending people money who had no prayer in hell of ever fact is that none of this will work. It will not work because paying it back. the claims of “de-leveraging” and “balance sheet repair by This is the same game that was run in the 1980s, the consumers and households” is a lie. 1990s with the Internet bubble, and then in the housing De-leveraging and balance sheet repair? Where? To- bubble in the 2000s. tal consumer and mortgage indebtedness is only back to In the 1990s when I ran MCSNet the claim of “trees 2007 levels (when we hit the wall and we had a much- grow to the moon” was predicated on the Internet doulower unemployment rate.) bling in size every three months. This was true for about The often-repeated claim that balance sheets at the a six month period immediately following the introduc-


Page 16

tion of Windows 95, which was the singular event that brought Internet access to the mass-market. From that point onward it was a knowing and intentional lie. Yes, penetration continued to grow and yes, the network continued to expand, but the explosive doubling pattern happened on the original “uptake” and then ended. It had to, because if it had not every bacterium on the planet would have had internet access within a bit more than a decade. This, again, is mathematics. There were literally thousands if not tens of thousands of people who had access to the core routing tables and data flow rates that knew the claims being made were lies, myself among them. Sure, as the type of data being moved went from plain text (Gopher and embryonic HTTP) to images to sound-and-graphics and then full-motion video the data requirements continued to grow but the fanciful claims of doubling every three months simply couldn’t have gone on for more than a couple of years because the following is what would have happened: 2 4 8 16 < End of first year 256 < End of second year 4,096 < End of third year (!) 65,536 < End of fourth year (!) 4,294,967,296 < End of eighth year (!!!!!) Incidentally, that last figure is approximately (within one additional three-month period) the number of people on the planet. This is the problem with exponential (compound) growth. It’s inherently a pyramid scheme and inherently must, at some point, end. It must end because eventually you run out of ability to sustain it - you run out of suckers and the pyramid collapses. This always happens because it mathematically must happen. When debt grows faster than output on a compound basis the two curves inevitably run away from one another and must always result in a collapse. This is not a political issue, it is not a left or right issue, it is a function of simple mathematics. Those who were IPOing these businesses in the 1990s and who were building and selling houses into the ramp in the 2000s were simply believing that they would unload the bag on you before the leverage pyramid in that particular part of the economy fell over. That’s all the last thirty years was folks, and now we’re desperately scrambling on a global basis to find just one more sucker. To obtain just one more hit off the crack pipe. To stave off death just one more day and draw one more breath. Can we pull that off? Maybe, for today. Maybe, for tomorrow. But on a forward, sustainable basis? There the math is clear and so is the answer: NO.

Ending the Terror, not Modifying it A Post-script and Update from Kevin Annett on the Eve of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) by Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice

“How do we put these churches on trial? And make sure they never harm our children again?” The aboriginal man who asked me this last year answered his own question a moment later:

In short, like at the Nuremberg Trials after World War Two, we are compelled to create a new moral and legal framework in order to uproot the crimes of our own culture. We believe that these means are the only long term safeguards against such predatory and unrepentant institutions. We must stop forever, and not simply reprimand, those who threaten our children and our liberties, by actually disestablishing and banishing such criminals and their organizations from our communities. The need to rely on these methods to create our own system of justice has been confirmed by the attacks made against our work and our organizers in the past year from those whom we are exposing for their continued trafficking and murder of innocent children.

of the victims, and not the perpetrators. We will commence this new campaign on Sunday, September 18, when our Proclamation of Banishment will be publicly read and posted on Roman Catholic church buildings around the world, and will be followed by direct actions of Eviction and Reclamation. We invite all people to join us in this sacred purpose of defending the innocent and ensuring the well being of future generations. But we urge you to do so not simply in the defensive manner of protest and exposure, but offensively, by transforming our communities and nations from the bottom up through the expulsion from our midst of corrupt and murderous institutions. I look forward to meeting you all and working with you in the coming months.

“My people used to banish criminals like that from their villages, forever.”


his man is a survivor of torture and saw little friends murdered by priests who were never named or arrested. He has been at my side for years now, picketing and occupying Catholic churches across Canada to demand justice for the living and the dead. His words are part of a debate that has occupied our Tribunal for some months now, and which resulted in the Proclamation of our Elders that precedes this. Our Tribunal into Crimes against Humanity has been over two years in preparation. I’m now delighted to announce its formal inauguration across Europe and North America. But our ITCCS has changed and expanded beyond our original vision, from an investigative body into a movement that seeks to permanently end the reign of terror of church corporations. The ITCCS has been working on the ground in five countries – Canada, the USA, Australia, Ireland and England – to gather the evidence and the witnesses to a massive, global criminal conspiracy directed primarily against children, but aimed as well at indigenous nations and the sovereign rights of all people. This accumulated evidence now includes conclusive forensic proof that children died violently and from exposure to diseases at Catholic and Protestant Indian schools across Canada, as the result of deliberate actions and policies by both the church and state whose purpose was racial and ethnic extermination. We have been naïve to think that crimes of such enormity can be confronted within existing legal and political systems in the western world, since that same world originated the crimes. Not only do the churches and governments behind the torture, trafficking and killing of children consider themselves blameless, but they command enormous resources, and they enjoy the willing collaboration of many of their victims, as well as state-funded aboriginal politicians, judges and policemen who are themselves implicated in these crimes. This fact, and bitter experience, shows that we are marginalized from the start if we rely on the status quo for justice. That leaves us only two weapons that we can depend on: direct action and our own system of justice. The first means is simple: we will not allow the churches that harmed and continue to harm children to operate any longer in our communities. The second means requires that we establish genuinely independent common law courts outside the jurisdiction of so-called Admiralty, Crown and Canon law. Our own courts will grant victims the power to name, arrest, try and indict, and then sentence, those persons and organizations responsible for their suffering.

During 2011, leading up to the planned opening of the ITCCS forum in London on September 15, key leaders of the Tribunal, including myself, were subjected to imprisonment, deportation, smears and other “dirty tricks” by the governments of Canada and England, and saw many of our best supporters intimidated into silence. Our arranged London venue was nullified, key funders were compelled to sever their ties with the ITCCS, and formerly supportive media networks suddenly and without explanation withdrew their offers to broadcast our forums and our evidence. Even more seriously: important eyewitnesses to Crimes against Humanity in Canada who were to speak at our Tribunal died suddenly after receiving death threats from the police, including Indian residential school survivors Johnny Dawson, William Combes, and Chief Louis Daniels. And yet these attacks are proof of the impact we have had, and our growing support around the world, including from governments of various nations in Europe. Beginning in the spring of 2010, we enjoyed mass exposure on European television networks and in print media, and we met with and received the endorsement of our Tribunal from politicians of the European Union and the Italian Chamber of Deputies. These facts have forced us to recognize that to really sustain our work, we need to broaden the scope of our appeal and campaign to reach and unite all people who are committed to a long term political and spiritual alternative to the church-state system responsible for genocide and crimes against children. This alone can establish the sovereignty and the political power to ensure justice and recovery on the terms

Some Ways to Be Involved in our Campaign 1. Participate in ITCCS public forums and direct actions in your community. 2. Our Banishment Proclamation will be delivered to the guilty churches commencing Sunday, September 18 at 11 am at the main Roman Catholic cathedrals in Vancouver, Dublin and London, and outside your own local Catholic church. Please attend and participate in the follow up direct actions of Eviction and Reclamation, and organize your own. 3. Join our Common Law Action Network (CLAN) to assist in the practical establishment of our alternative legal system. 4. Bring Kevin Annett to speak in your community. Contact him through this email or at 1-386-323-5774 (USA) 5. Learn more about our campaign and the evidence of these crimes at: Kevin can be reached at hiddenfromhistory1@gmail. com or - and phone messages can be left for him at 1-386-323-5774 (USA).

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