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By Bernie Suarez


he experience of humanity is driven and defined by our own consciousness, which is a product of our sophisticated brain functions. We are consciousness in every way shape and form. Control of this miracle of consciousness is sought by a few individuals who are actually suffering from a mental (disconnect) disorder. What psychiatrists sometimes refer to as the psychopathic mind. Unfortunately, one of the characteristics of being a psychopath is that the individual exhibiting the psychopathic behavior has little to no insight into their own actions. In this example, we can say that the “consciousness” is missing from the equation. This insight to one’s own behavior is also a reference for distinguishing who might be considered “normal” and who might be considered schizophrenic “impaired” or “abnormal” This might lend perspective as to why groups of people (as opposed to individuals), such as governments and corporations, are capable of acting and speaking as a group in ways that are destructive to consciousness and mental and spiritual expansion of our species. Ironically, when an individual acts the same way, he may be considered impaired; but groups, however, will get a pass thus allowing (immune) group entities to implement such damage on the species. One could measure this phenomenon scientifically by documenting physiological body changes that occur when humans are exposed to images or ideas that reflect “non-consciousness” related items (images

Humanity in an all-out effort to save itself from


of war, government oppression) versus measurable body changes seen when exposed to consciousness related items (love, compassion, human rights issues, etc). Basic vital signs such as heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure, also brain wave spikes readings, magnetic or tomography images are all factors and signs that might be measured to compare the human physiological responses to the concepts of non-consciousness-related reality versus consciousness and higher purpose. Government would have us think that it is protecting humanity from itself. This non-conscious force we call government gets its life-force from an artificial set of rules called the legal system which non-

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conscious government would have you think is the script that your reality is not only based on but controlled entirely by. This is like someone walking into a room and notifying everyone in the room that their consciousness and state of awareness of existence doesn’t exist any more. What? You can take someone’s money and belongings, and even forcefully do harm to them and imprison them, but how can you steal someone’s consciousness? Government’s answer to this? By eliminating it or ignoring its existence. This is one of the prime realities about the concept of government and any group efforts that robs the individual human being of his/her natural state of conscious equilibrium. This is a crime like any other

crime, being committed on that individual human being. This can only be appreciated from the standpoint of third party looking down on the species as a whole. When you consider it in this context it is then easy to appreciate this reality. It then becomes easy to see how non-conscious government concepts act as a cancer to the species. With humanity now swimming in knowledge about itself thanks to technology and the Internet – knowledge which can no longer be ignored – we are only now beginning to see the early results of what happens when truth, awareness and consciousness is triggered by a massive pulse of lies which jolts the consciousness of the species.

Edward Bernays (propaganda) Effect Now Backfiring? With the current global awakening now accelerating at speeds that must not be pleasing to the globalist gangsters, it is reasonable to reflect back on the concept of propaganda, groupthink and group manipulation for the purposes of a certain agenda. I would like to suggest that it is possible that the global awakening we are seeing may partially and indirectly have been contributed to by Edward Bernays himself. After all, it was Bernays who admitted openly how these mass mind control techniques were A: Real; B: They worked; C: They worked on the masses because they worked on the individual in a perceived group setting. Bernays showed

See ‘Humanity’ on page 10



By Marco Torres


ptometrists just like much of the medical community are fixated on short-term solutions which don’t address the root cause of problems. Few optometrists will admit and the greatest majority are unaware that glasses and contacts are almost guaranteed to destroy your eyesight over time. Unfortunately, they’re not trained on natural and preventative solutions that improve vision in the long-term because they simply do not understand the way the eye works. Contrary to popular belief, your vision doesn’t have to decline over time. With regular exercise of the muscles that control your eye movements and visual acuity, you can reduce eyestrain and maintain or even improve your vision without any destructive correctional conventions such as laser surgery, glasses or contact lenses.

 Practically everyone these days suffers from some form of refractive error. Yet we are told that for these ills, which are not only so inconvenient, but often so distressing and dangerous, there is not only no cure, and no palliatives except those optic crutches known as eyeglasses or contacts, but, under modern conditions of life, practically no prevention. 

Few if any optometrists even understand the role of nutrition of even breast milk in eye development. Breast-fed children are significantly more likely to do well in measures of stereoscopic vision than are those who received formula during in infancy. With one accord ophthalmologists tell us that the visual organ of man was never intended for the uses to which it is now put. Eons before there were any schools or printing presses, electric lights or moving pictures, its evolution was complete. In those days it served the needs of the human animal perfectly. Man was a hunter, a herdsman, a farmer, a fighter. He needed, we are told, mainly distant vision; and since the eye at rest is adjusted for distant vision, sight is supposed to have been ordinarily as passive as the perception of sound, requiring no muscular action whatever. Near vision, it is assumed, was the exception, necessitating a muscular adjustment of such short duration that

it was accomplished without placing any appreciable burden upon the mechanism of accommodation.

While primitive man appears to have suffered little from defects of vision, it is safe to say that of persons over twenty-one living under civilized conditions nine out of every ten have imperfect sight, and as the age increases the proportion increases, until at forty it is almost impossible to find a person free from visual defects. Voluminous statistics are available to prove these assertions.

Roughly 2.5 billion people have perfect 20/20 vision. For the other two-thirds, more than 80% of vision problems worldwide are preventable and even curable. In developed nations, more than 90% of aging related deterioration of vision before the age of 50 is due to diet and the daily use of corrective lenses. Meaning the more people lack nutrition and the more frequent the use of glasses or contact lenses, the worse vision will become impaired.

of refraction. One cannot see through them unless one produces the degree of refractive error which they are designed to correct. But refractive errors, in the eye which is left to itself, are never constant. If one secures good vision by the aid of concave, or convex, or astigmatic lenses, therefore, it means that one is maintaining constantly a degree of refractive error which otherwise

would not be maintained constantly. It is only to be expected that this should make the condition worse, and it is a matter of common experience that it does. After people once begin to wear glasses their strength, in most cases, has to be steadily increased in order to maintain the degree of visual acuity secured by the aid of the first pair. Persons with presbyopia who put

See ‘Vision’ on page 14

After people once begin to wear glasses their strength, in most cases, has to be steadily increased in order to maintain the degree of visual acuity secured by the aid of the first pair

5 Ways Corrective Lenses Break Down Your Eyesight


Corrective Lenses Don’t Correct, They Distort.


fact that glasses or contact lenses cannot improve sight to normal can be very simply demonstrated by looking at any color through a strong convex or concave glass. It will be noted that the color is always less intense than when seen with the naked eye; and since the perception of form depends upon the perception of color, it follows that both color and form must be less distinctly seen with glasses than without them. Even plane glass lowers the vision both for color and form, as everyone knows who has ever looked out of a window. Women who wear glasses for minor defects of vision often observe that they are made more or less color-blind by them, and in a shop one may note that they remove them when they want to match samples. If the sight is seriously defective, the color may be seen better with glasses than without them.


Corrective Lenses Injure The Eye. That glasses or

contact lenses must injure the eye is evident through the principal

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Seizing Control of Our Destinies


by Julian Rose

n 1381, at a time of great repression for the British agricultural work force,an extraordinary people’s revolutionary named Wat Tyler sprang to his feet and announced “England should be a nation of self governing communities” to which he added “ No lord shall exercise lordship over the people, and, as we are oppressed by so vast a hoard of bishops and clerks, the property of the holy church should be taken and divided.” His colleague, the priest John Ball, spoke out with equal fervour “The lords’ claims to be more lords than we are rests solely on their power to force us to labour that they may spend.” A great surge of support for these proclamations swept through the farming communities of South East England, quickly spreading further North. The farmers took up arms – whatever appropriate implements they could find in the farmyard – and set out on their mission to free themselves from the wicked landlords and clerks, who between them were taxing the life out of the farming communities throughout the land, destroying the livelyhoods of thousands of countryside families. Many a pernicious bureaucrat was confronted by this motley army, with the brave farmer, Wat Tyler, proudly riding at it’s head – and many a selfish landlord was forced to concede his greedy rental regime and bow to the demands of the British peasants. And yes, blood was shed in the struggle to gain respect for basic human rights. A great quest for liberation, justice and equality blazed amongst the downtrodden land-workers and villagers of fourteenth century England during those famous months of The Peasant’s Revolt. Only an act of royal treachery finally stopped this revolution from fully undermining the corrupted power of the State and the intransigence of King Richard II. Why do I tell this story? Because more than six hundred years after this peasant uprising shook the nation, we have come full circle. Once again the call is going out for peoples and regions under the hand of oppressive, dictatorial regimes, to cecede from the nation state and become ‘self governing communities’. Wat Tyler’s heroic stand echoes down the ages and nourishes the cause of non-compliance and community actions that stand up against the ever more insidious tentacles of centralised power. Right now there are one hundred and fifty communities in the United States redefining their right to self govern and pushing forward their programmes for localised renewable energy and ecological food security. Not only this, they are also rewriting the laws that govern their communities and declaring citizens’ charters – banning GMO’s and initiating local seed saving actions. They are also declaring the right to clean water and

The time has come for all awakening individuals to hone a definite life strategy. A strategy that puts us in the driver’s seat and empowers us to set a new course – one imbued with creative inventiveness, courage and mutual support.

“The Protestor - Street Art,” by Alex Proimos

are making ‘fracking’ a criminal offence. In the process, through collective acts of civil disobedience, they are stripping the corporate world of its powers. These communities are able to show how the notion that corporations have some form of sovereign power – is a facade – how it is people who hold sovereign power, as Wat Tyler made plain all those years ago. And it is people who must again exercise that power. All over the World such stirrings are gaining momentum. Actions to reclaim powers usurped by that toxic cocktail of government and corporate collusion, are breaking out. If such stands are being taken in the US heartlands of corporate and government connivance – then it proves that the will of the people is more powerful than the will of the heirarchical cabal whose ambition it is to control all aspects of our lives. We should draw strong inspiration from these game changing actions – and increase our own determination to go in

the same direction. The time has come for all awakening individuals to hone a definite life strategy. A strategy that puts us in the driver’s seat and empowers us to set a new course – one imbued with creative inventiveness, courage and mutual support. We have arrived here because of the accumulated evidence which overwhelmingly proves that the status quo is a fraud – designed to strip us of our powers of judgement and the determination to act on that judgement. There is no time for further deliberation of the pros and cons of this or that political polemic. It’s all a miasma. A massive sham. A sham which we continue to uphold as long as we go on playing along with its sense of self importance; giving it a status it does not actually possess, and then sheltering under its poisoned wing. Everyday that goes by without putting into place a strategy to step out of this

straight-jacket – is a day wasted – a sacrificial offering to to all that is sucking the life out of humanity. Self government starts by taking control of the self. By shaking off the doubts about one’s capabilities and taking specific steps to enhance one’s powers: spiritually, mentally and physically. We need to be aware that there is no predestined design for this life that will fatalistically play itself out while we bury our heads in the sand. Yet we are indoctrinated to believe that there is some kind of inevitability to the way the world lurches from crisis to crisis, war to war. That suits the cabal very well – because it is their war game that is being enacted on planet Earth – and the more people that see that war game as somehow ‘inevitable’ – the longer will it go on desecrating the fabric of life. Just now, many are falling into the trap of declaring that we are inevitably heading for a Third World War. But in so doing they are merely fulfilling the ambitions of those craven agents of death whose game design includes that scenario. Our role is not to prophecy, but to change the goal posts so as to ensure that such horrors never take place. That is the meaning of ‘seizing control of our destiny’. If, in spite of our efforts, such a war breaks out, it is simply because there is insufficient energy focussed on the true path of life. Insufficient self discipline to steer against the tide of doom. But every person who gives in to a sense of doom when confronted by the machinations of the war machine has failed to grasp the powers with which they are endowed. Powers to change themselves as well as the assumed course of events. Forging a path of truth where presently are deserts of desolation. Wat Tyler, and his gallant peasant followers, did not stand back and allow repression to rule. Nor should we. He proclaimed that no heirarchical figure should rule over and repress the people. So should we. He called instead for England to become a nation of self governing communities. So should we – in whatever Country we reside. Because this is surely the only practical antidote to the super centralisation of our lives and absolute rule by the despotic fiefdoms of the 21st century. Self governing communities turn out to be our most instinctual socio economic model of survival and create the right setting for a fertile organic expansion of the spiritual and artistic path. Because to be ‘spiritually aware’ ‘self governing’ and a ‘caring community’ is fundamental to the growth of responsible and cohesive shared living. See “Destiny” on page 22 Page 5

‘Wake Up the World to VT’ Launches Now! By Stew Webb


atriots around the world are asked to join our new efforts called “Project Wake Up the World” which officially kicked off on July 20th, 2014. This project involves a global effort to push all the truth to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. To do this, we’re giving everybody the power to do more damage to the lies of the mainstream media by learning some powerful techniques we’ve proven on the battlefield over the last 4 years. In a nutshell, we’re going to unify most of the alternative media by showing them what they don’t know yet and reach every patriot possible with the things they will never learn on the fake news. We’re going to do it just like they did during the American Revolution by word of mouth! But in this case, we’re going to use the Internet and asymmetrical warfare to destroy the lies of the mainstream media and the disgusting censorship of

the alternative media through a mass assault of truth by thousands of patriots working together with a common goal! VT is now the number one news organization in the United States and it has done this mainly because they are putting out all the ugly truth and holding nothing back! They have the best writers in the world because they have REAL Intel sources and care deeply about this country. Many of the people behind VT have been illegally put in prison at some time in their lives to shut them up because they literally know where the “bodies” are buried! VT doesn’t censor anything and it’s an all volunteer effort of patriots and our veterans that are sick of the lies. They have massive respect around the world for their reports but if you have only listened to the ‘gatekeepers’ then you never even knew their name or read one of their stories! The days of VT and their HUGE stories being kept in the dark corner by gatekeepers are now over! “Project Wake Up The World” is launching now and we’re going to

Spreading VT stories is just like throwing water on the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. It melts them every time! Page 6

make sure that every patriot, every state Congressman, every Mayor, every Governor, every police chief, every sheriff, every city councilman and even every dog catcher knows about VT and the criminals they are exposing on a daily basis!

Begin “Project Wake up the World” Today! “Project Wake Up the World” is really pretty simple. This operation is about patriots worldwide unifying around VT and committing to 20

simple actions every day that only take about 20 minutes or less to accomplish. These simple actions by thousands of patriots already monitoring VT on a daily basis will push this train of truth down the tracks at turbo speed and just maybe might prevent world war 3 and also put some bad guys in prison! As an extra bonus this project will literally be kryptonite to the bad guys that hate the truth coming out of VT! Spreading VT stories is just like


-----> throwing water on the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. It melts them every time! The most important part of the plan is for everybody to commit to reaching at least 20 new people every day. We’ve created a detailed battle plan in a free ebook called “How To Spread 1,000 Times More Truth” that we want everybody to read. It’s a very short and sweet read but it will take you to Jedi level in no time! You can find out how to get this ebook by LIKING the “Veterans Today Truth Warriors” page on Facebook and reading the first post here: VeteransTodayTruthWarriors The revolutionary war was won by handing out pamphlets that told the truth. Today, VeteransToday. com provides all their stories (pamphlets) and you just get it into new people’s hands every day! Don’t just post to the same old friends on Facebook because that doesn’t reach new people you don’t know. Your friends on facebook have already heard from you and are either awake or they might never wake up! I’ll teach you how to make new friends on facebook every day so you’re always reaching somebody new in the free book too. Some of you might choose to hit the wall of every one of your facebook friends by posting to 100 friends a day. This is actually more worthwhile than simply posting to your own wall because Facebook doesn’t let all your friends see all your posts anymore. Some of you might use Twitter to find new people. Some of you might commit to sending 20 emails out a day to your various local and state officials. Some of you might concentrate on reaching more veterans by reaching out to Veterans organizations on facebook or on websites. Some of you might choose to go find email addresses for Sheriffs, firemen or other local people we need on our team. All of this is covered in the book. Don’t worry about the federal level, 95% of them are crooks! There are a LOT of patriots in the local and state level that are great people that just haven’t learned to turn off the fake news yet. Remember, we were once all asleep and believed in their fairy tales too! We want to quickly wake up a majority in the major branches of city, county and state governments so they can join our efforts and we can expose what a total hoax our “media” has become. We can turn many of these people to the good side of the force and we will! They will tell others too!

Contacting Public Servants through Emails and Web Forms Many times you can quickly find

We’re going to use the Internet and |asymmetrical warfare to destroy the lies of the mainstream media and the disgusting censorship of thealternative media through a mass assault of truth by thousands of patriots working together with a common goal! email addresses listed right on the websites for your public servant by doing some simple Google searching. For example if you search Google for “Santa Barbara City Council” you’ll find this page: www. council/ Look at the page and you’ll see a “Contact” page and all their email addresses are right there. With about one or two minutes of work you can email all 7 of them by cutting and pasting a email that said something like this. Sample email for public servants or you can modify for friends and family Subject: Very Important Information Thank you for your service to our community! As you know America is in trouble from many areas and one of them is false reporting on the mainstream news. I wanted you to be aware of VeteransToday who are our Vets and patriots at US Intelligence and the DoD putting out all the truth at

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Humanity From page 2

us that humans responded to clever timing, images and messages that appealed to our subconscious urges, imagination and thoughts. Can it be that we are seeing the culmination of many of these factors backfiring against the original CIA/U.S./ NWO plans? They hoped to continue to fool everyone with their propaganda. They planned and executed false flag operations and reinforced them with their planned propaganda, precisely timed talking points, images and sensationalism. But did they ever consider that the propaganda effect would actually wear out after so many decades of continued obvious lies and hypocrisy? Perhaps they did, and perhaps that is why there is so much talk about depopulation as seen in their own Georgia Guidestones. Perhaps the talk by Zbigniew Brzezinski about how much “easier” it is to kill a million people than control them is an admission that they know humanity will factually wake up as a whole and thus a last resort for the psychopath globalists before they must face their doom. I believe this is all the end result of hundreds of years of propaganda now fully exposed due to the information age. One thing I’ll say about Bernays is that he never hid what he was doing. He told you straight forward what he was doing, even writing several books about it. The global political events we are seeing exposed in real-time are a first of its kind. Because of all the released information and knowledge, and because of the Internet, we can track globalist mafia crimes in realtime in a rather exciting way which has led to the alternative or “New Media.” What started off as a truth movement with many little cousin movements all around the world has morphed into one big freedom and consciousness movement. Thankfully, many of the lines that separated us have blurred as humans recognize that they need to come together more than anything else. Humanity is responding to this nonconsciousness force we call government, by coming together and slowly ignoring our political, religious and philosophical differences and instead focusing on the common enemy which is now emerging as the forces that represent non-consciousness that we call governmental control systems. This is at the root of all of our struggles. We hear TV pundits tell us that humans

You can take someone’s money and belongings, and even forcefully do harm to them and imprison them, but how can you steal someone’s consciousness? Government’s answer to this? By eliminating it or ignoring its existence. must be controlled by a federal and global unchallenged government. Many of the script-reading advocates for the big government top-down control system just happen to have significant voices in the mainstream media. No one at mainstream media dare stands for freedom and individual sovereignty. Anyone who does ends up getting fired or being asked to quit. Hollywood TV shows as well as the educational system are all supporting the paradigm of big government. Obama’s primary message to Americans seems to be about not listening to those (lunatics? radicals?) that stand for individual freedoms. Obama may actually be the only U.S. president warning America not of tyranny and the need to stand for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but instead he’s warning his sheep to beware of those warning of tyranny. One of the things the globalists have accomplished is they’ve made it easy to identify those who are with us and those who are not. Given the current global awakening in light of all the information and spiraling propaganda mentioned above, we can now simplify the battlefield in such a way that it is easy to identify the enemies of freedom. We can now ask anyone the simple question: Power to the state or power to the people, which one do you choose? Will you side with those that demand freedom and sovereignty from government or will you side with those that feel the people are the property and responsibility of big government, and those who rebel are terrorists? The state or the individual? Choose one and take sides now. We know where NBC stands, and CNN and all the left-wing Obama supporters. Despite their attempts to sound proAmerica, we know where Fox News and the Republicans stand also. When measured with this simple question of State versus Individual it is easy to see that both Democrats and Republicans are exactly the same. They are both controlled by criminal

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elements in the .1 percent class who want their one world government. It is then easy to see how the human element of humanity that is living and breathing, is now fully awakening to this non-consciousness element we’ve been calling government. Now we can observe how humanity will deal with this force that has cycled its way into an over-sized oppressive control mechanism. Humanity is now realizing that freedom is more a realization than anything else. Yes, realizing something is an expression of consciousness and learning or integration of knowledge and the awareness of this newly acquired knowledge. With humanity now realizing that government is a useless obstacle in the way of human thriving and freedom, I expect we will witness phenomenal things in the coming months and years. I see humanity now actually slowly but surely pulling together in an all-out effort to save itself from government. I never thought of this concept myself until recently and I don’t see any other way to articulate it. This is where we are. We are now seeing the expression of this reality in many freedom lovers world wide. This was essentially the very same spirit behind the founding of America. This was the spirit behind the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the primary meme of those initial years when America was founded. It doesn’t mean that the founding fathers were saints or any of that, it means that the spirit of freedom that drove them to do what they did is back, in fact this modern-day rekindling of freedom is and will be much more intense than what the founding fathers imagined. Humanity is now realizing it didn’t finish the job. There is already a track record for getting this freedom thing done, and this track record is serving as a precious guideline for those of us who are new at this. Let freedom ring, and I look forward to witnessing the end result of this focused

effort now closing in on government. No, no one was injured in the writing of this article. Not a shot fired. Consciousness knows no violence, and the desire to thrive and be free is a realization. This battle is strictly mental warfare (as Bernays would have told you) and the transition from rooting for big government to control the people, to empathizing with your own species and connecting with other humans in a conscious way to exercise and celebrate your individual freedom from government is seamless. Awakening from the matrix cannot be measured with blood, bullets, drones or violence. It (the individual’s awakening) can only be delayed with fear – external, engineered, artificial, governmentcrafted fear. This awakening is being triggered by the realization that the fear of tyranny is much greater than any artificial fears the government can come up with. The human awakening has thus triggered a long-awaited re-prioritizing of fear within the species, which is rendering the globalists primary weapon of mass deception obsolete. To think, we need only overcome their engineered fears to render the concept of overcontrolling big government obsolete. Once we reach this point (and we are very close) we can then focus more on officially implementing all the solutions to the new world order at a mass scale. Till then, mass knowledge of solutions are now spreading globally as part of the awakening despite the fact that many of the solutions are still being contained by government using fear and intimidation. The day is soon coming when these barriers of fear will dwindle as more and more people resort to being the change they want to see in the world. It’s already happening and it’s a wonderful thing to see. __________________ Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Committing to Authenticity By Iam Saums


alse Personality:
An oppression has grown stronger with the passage of each generation in human existence. It has claimed not just the health, well-being, sense of belonging, consciousness, purpose and destiny of its victims, yet also their very lives. A tyrant so clever and efficient it need not exert any of its own effort or energy to fulfill upon its devious plan. It simply relies on the apathy, denial, unconsciousness, self-righteousness and cognitive dissonance of its subject. What is spawned from this malevolent blend of selfoblivion is what every human being possesses, the false personality. The false personality is a vortex that consumes anything that does not enable or supplement its control and manipulation over a human being. The most dangerous element of the false personality is that it remains virtually unknown and impervious to its unconscious and distracted host. It is analogous to cancer clusters growing in the human body, undetected until the tumors have established residency in

the organs or tissues of the unsuspected. And when it has been discovered, the first obstacle to overcome is the greatest: the denial of its very existence. The human race exists almost solely from false personality. Its mission is to keep us preoccupied from our true selves with our own indifference, confusion, drama, and feelings of failure. As our human conditions amass, we eventually begin to sacrifice our personal power both unconsciously and unconditionally. We are become hopeless, anxious and disempowered, fatalities of our own circumstances, environments and lives. The false personality survives mostly on reaction. It is astonishing to discover how much of our society is reactive in nature. It would seem that there are very few genuine actions expressed in our common reality. If “cause” is the requirement of our freedom, “effect” in our society is in great supply. The human race is constantly responding to stimuli being broadcasted from an authoritarian structure based on belief, intelligence, entertainment and a hierarchical class rule. Yet, it is certainly not the external impulses that influence us the most. It is our false personality that renders us prisoners to our selves.

Our false personality is sustained by our desire, our self-gratification, our uncertainty, our upsets, competitiveness, envy and ill will. It thrives on our unwillingness to transform and our inclinations toward control and manipulation. We tend to put more stock into the disempowerment of others, and ourselves, believing this is our “real” power rather than accepting the truth of ourselves. We are our own inspiration. rue Personality:
 The first step in reclaiming our personal power and shifting toward our true personality is in the realization that we ALL have a false one. In order for us to transcend its intricate matrix, we need to become our own observer. Only then may we behold the great degree of influence and impact our false personality imposes upon us. We must step outside of our beliefs, perceptions, expectations and entitlements to awaken and sustain our connection with our true personality. Our true personality is who we were before we were taught, conditioned and assimilated into the common reality of contemporary society. It is our inherent virtue we tend to hide, inhibit or diminish. It is the part of our selves that most of us have surrendered to our adulthood. The qualities of ourselves we free when we are at our most genuine and vulnerable. It is the intuitive wisdom of ourselves we experience when we need to remember who we were before our conversion into society. Our true personality is our innocence, kindness, acceptance, potential, inspiration and universal need to relate and belong. The false personality is dense in energetic quality, immutable and fixed. The true personality transcends the very nature and existence of reality. Its mere presence transforms the realism and dynamic of the environment in which it inhabits. Its expression is engaging, intimidating, exhilarating and revolutionary. Our true personality thrives upon the potential to explore, discover and express higher levels of consciousness and infinite energy. It is the emblem of eternal creativity and possibility. When we are living from our true personality, our false personality ceases to exist. A gateway to higher realms of being is opened. Our true personality is the key to the greatest expression of our being in this reality, our authenticity. uthenticity:
It may be challenging to draw distinctions between our “true personality” and our “authenticity.” After all, they seem to be the same thing, yet they are not. Our true personality is a facet of our existence as a human being. Our authenticity is how we express and share our true personality with society. Authenticity is not just a choice; it is an expression, a way of being. It begins and ends with fulfilling upon what we say we are going to do and who we are being while we are in action. It is our integrity, our commitment and all for which we stand in our lives. That which inspires us sources our energy, our focus, our intention and leads to the fulfillment of our destiny. Our authenticity is not just a measurement of our accomplishments or even our beingness. It is the expression of our willingness and dedication to transform not just our own lives, yet the lives of others. It isn’t about succeeding and surviving; it is about thriving and empowering


others to flourish as well. It is the philosophy that when one person creates powerful insights for themselves, the community to whom they belong stands to benefit. How can we discover and experience this quality of realization if it is not a shared endeavor? Authenticity is lived for the advantage of the many at the cost of the false personality. Being authentic is the greatest work to which we will ever commit. We can never be authentic with others until we are first authentic with ourselves. Being authentic with ourselves is choosing to accept our self for who we are and who we aren’t. If our consciousness relates us with our true personality, then authenticity unites us with our soul. When we choose to free ourselves from our false personality by being authentic, we are making an investment in the vision of who we truly are. We are living it as only we are meant, to the best of our possibility. Authenticity is the cornerstone of transforming ourselves and ultimately

the world. When we commit to living an authentic life, we are devoting ourselves to making a difference. We are the source of our creative expression, benevolence, relatedness and love. This is the truest realization of life. “Living in a way, now, moment to moment, that makes a difference to life. We discover that as human beings we can live in a possibility instead of in what we have inherited, that instead of just being a human being because we were born that way, we can declare the possibility of being for human beings. This is the work of transformation: bringing forth a breakthrough in the possibility of being human. What we create together is a relationship in which our work can show up as making a difference in people’s lives. I welcome the unprecedented opportunity for us to work globally on that which concerns us all as human beings.” – Werner Erhard


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The Seven Pillars

of the Matri

Robert Bonomo

Contributor, “No one is more of a slave than he who thinks himself free without being so.”
 ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


ontemporary baptized, corporatized and sanitized man rarely has the occasion to question his identity, and when he does a typical response might be, “I am product manager for a large retail chain, married to Betty, father of Johnny, a Democrat, Steelers fan and a Lutheran.” His answers imply not only his beliefs but the many responsibilities, rules and restrictions he is subjected to. Few if any of these were ever negotiated — they were imposed on him yet he still considers himself free. But is free the right adjective for him, or would modern domesticated simian be more apt? He has been told what to do, believe, think and feel since he can remember. A very clever rancher has bred billions of these creatures around the globe and created the most profitable livestock imaginable. They work for him, fight for him, die for him, believe his wildest tales, laugh at his jokes and rarely get out of line. When domesticated man does break one of the rules there are armies, jailers, psychiatrists and bureaucrats prepared to kill, incarcerate, drug or hound the transgressor into submission. One of the most fascinating aspects of domesticated man’s predicament is that he never looks at the cattle, sheep and pigs who wind up on his plate and make the very simple deduction that he is just a talking version of them, corralled and shepherded through his entire life. How is this accomplished? Only animals that live in hierarchical groups can be dominated by man. The trick is to fool the animal into believing that the leader of the pack or herd is the person who is domesticating them. Once this is accomplished the animal is under full control of its homosapien master. The domesticated man is no different, originally organized in groups with a clear hierarchy and maximum size of 150 — it was easy to replace the leader of these smaller groups with one overarching figure such as God, King, President, CEO etc. The methodology for creating this exceptionally loyal and obedient modern breed, homo domesticus, can be described as having seven pillars from which an immense matrix captures the talking simians and their conscious minds and hooks them into a complex mesh from which few ever escape. The system is so advanced that those who do untangle themselves and cut their way out of the net are immediately branded as mentally ill, anti-social, or simply losers who can’t accept the ‘complexity of modern life’, i.e. conspiracy nuts.

“Delusion Dwellers”

Laurie Lipton, 2010 Plato described this brilliantly in his Allegory of the Cave, where people only see man made shadows of objects, institutions, Gods and ideas: “— Behold! human beings living in an underground cave ... here they have been from their childhood ... necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them. Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance ... the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets ... and they see only their own shadows,

Page 12

Image modified from or the shadows of one another, which the fire throws on the opposite wall ...” It began with the word, which forever changed the ability of men to manipulate each other. Before language, every sensation was directly felt through the senses without the filter of words. But somewhere around 50,000 years ago language began to replace reality and the first pieces of code were put in place for the creation of the Matrix. As soon as the words began to flow the world was split, and from that fracturing was born man’s angst and slavery. The words separated us from who we really were, creating the first screen onto which the images from Plato’s cave were cast. Gurdjieff said it well, “Identifying is the chief obstacle to self-remembering. A man who identifies with anything is unable to remember himself.” It’s no accident that in Hesiod’s ages of man the Golden Age knew no agriculture, which

appeared in the Silver age, and by the time we reach the Bronze age the dominant theme is toil and strife. The two key elements to the enslavement of man were clearly language and agriculture. In the hunter gatherer society, taking out the boss was no more complicated than landing a well placed fastball to the head. Only since the advent of farming was the possibility of creating full time enforcers and propagandists made possible, and hence enslavement inevitable. The search for enlightenment rarely if ever bears fruits in those temples of words, our schools and universities. Almost all traditions point to isolation and silence as the only paths to awakening; they are the true antidotes to modern slavery. As Aristotle wrote, “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.” So from the institution from which we are mercilessly bombarded with words and enslaved to time, we begin our descent through the seven

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layers of the Matrix.

Education There are things we are born able to do like eating, laughing and crying and others we pick up without much of an effort such as walking, speaking and fighting, but without strict institutional education there is no way that we can ever become a functioning member of the Matrix. We must be indoctrinated, sent to Matrix boot camp, which of course is school. How else could you take a hunter and turn him into a corporate slave, submissive to clocks, countless


The Seven Pillars of the Matri bosses, monotony and uniformity? Children naturally know who they are, they have no existential angst, but schools immediately begin driving home the point of schedules, rules, lists and grades which inevitably lead the students to the concept of who they aren’t. We drill the little ones until they learn to count money, tell time, measure progress, stand in line, keep silent and endure submission. They learn they aren’t free and they are separated from everyone else and the world itself by a myriad of divides, names and languages. It can’t be stressed enough how much education is simply inculcating people with the clock and the idea of a forced identity. What child when she first goes to school isn’t taken back to hear herself referred to by her full name? It’s not as if language itself isn’t sufficiently abstract- nothing must be left without a category. Suzy can’t just be Suzy — ­ she is a citizen of a country and a state, a member of a religion and a product of a civilization, many of which have flags, mascots, armies, uniforms, currencies and languages. Once all the mascots, tag lines and corporate creeds are learned, then history can begin to be taught. The great epic myths invented and conveniently woven into the archetypes which have come down through the ages cement this matrix into the child’s mind. Even the language that she speaks without effort must be deconstructed for her. An apple will never again be just an apple- it will become a noun, a subject, or an object. Nothing will be left untouched, all must be ripped apart and explained back to the child in Matrixese. We are taught almost nothing useful during the twelve or so years that we are institutionalized and conditioned for slavery- not how to cook, farm, hunt, build, gather, laugh or play. We are only taught how to live by a clock and conform to institutionalized behaviours that make for solid careers as slave-ocrats.

Government In the countries that claim to be democratic the concept of a government created to serve the people is often espoused. Government, and the laws they create and enforce are institutionalized social control for the benefit of those who have seized power. This has always been the case and always will be. In the pre-democratic era it was much clearer to recognize who had power, but the genius of massive democratic states are

the layers upon layers of corporatocracy and special interests which so brilliantly conceal the identify of those who really manage the massive apparatus of control. The functions of the state are so well ensconced in dogmatic versions of history taught in schools that almost no one questions why we need anything beyond the bare essentials of government to maintain order in the postindustrial age. The history classes never point the finger at the governments themselves as the

the USPS, the FDA, or the CIA? Does loving one’s country mean one should love the IRS and the NSA? Should we feel differently about someone if they are from Vancouver instead of Seattle? Loving a state is the same as loving a corporation, except with the corporations there is still no stigma attached to not showing overt sentimental devotion to their brands and fortunately, at least for the moment, we are not obligated at birth to pay them for a lifetime of services, most of which we neither need nor

with the onset of language, and by the time cities and standing armies arrived he was in need of a reconnection, and thus we get our faith based religions. Faith in the religious experiences of sages, or as William James put it, faith in someone else’s ability to connect. Of course the liturgies of our mainstream religions offer some solace and connection, but in general they simply provide the glue for the Matrix. A brief perusal of the news will clearly show that their ‘God’ seems most comfortable amidst the killing fields.

We must be indoctrinated, sent to Matrix boot camp, which of course is school.

How else could you take a hunter and turn him into a corporate slave, submissive to clocks, countless bosses, monotony and uniformity? propagators and instigators of war, genocide, starvation and corruption. In Hollywood’s version of history, the one most people absorb, ‘good’ governments are always portrayed as fighting ‘bad’ ones. We have yet to see a film where all the people on both sides simply disengage from their governments and ignore the calls to violence. The state apparatus is based on law, which is a contract between the people and an organism created to administer common necessities- an exchange of sovereignty between the people and the state. This sounds reasonable, but when one looks at the mass slaughters of the 20th century, almost without exception, the perpetrators are the states themselves. The loss of human freedom is the only birthright offered to the citizens of the modern nation. There is never a choice. It is spun as a freedom and a privilege when it is in fact indentured servitude to the state apparatus and the corporatocracy that controls it.

Patriotism Patriotism is pure abstraction, a completely artificial mechanism of social control. People are taught to value their compatriots above and beyond those of their own ethnic background, race or religion. The organic bonds are to be shed in favour of the great corporate state. From infancy children are indoctrinated like Pavlov’s dogs to worship the paraphernalia of the state and see it as a mystical demigod. What is a country? Using the United States as example, what actually is this entity? Is it

want. Flags, the Hollywood version of history and presidential worship are drilled into us to maintain the illusion of the ‘other’ and force the ‘foreigner/ terrorist/extremist’ to wear the stigma of our projections. The archaic tribal energy that united small bands and helped them to fend off wild beasts and hungry hoards has been converted into a magic wand for the masters of the matrix. Flags are waved, and we respond like hungry Labradors jumping at a juicy prime rib swinging before our noses. Sentimental statist propaganda is simply the mouthguard used to soften the jolt of our collective electroshock therapy.

If we focus on the Abrahamic religions, we have a god much like the state, one who needs to be loved. He is also jealous of the other supposedly non-existent gods and is as sociopathic as the governments who adore him. He wipes out his enemies with floods and angels of death just as the governments who pander to him annihilate us with cultural revolutions, atom bombs, television and napalm. Their anthem is, “Love your country, it’s flag, its history, and the God who created it all”- an ethos force fed to each new generation.


The sad thing about circus is that it’s generally not even entertaining. The slaves are told it’s time for some fun and they move in hordes to fill stadiums, clubs, cinemas or simply to stare into their electrical devices believing that they are are being entertained by vulgar propaganda. As long as homo domesticus goes into the appropriate corral, jumps when she is told to and agrees wholeheartedly that she is having fun, than she is a good slave worthy of her two days off a week and fifteen days vacation at the designated farm where she is milked of any excess gold she might have accumulated during the year. Once she is too old to work and put to pasture, holes are strategically placed in her vicinity so she and her husband can spend their last few dollars trying to get a small white ball into them. On a daily basis, after the caffeinated maximum effort has been squeezed out of her, she is placed in front of a screen, given the Matrix approved beverage (alcohol), and reindoctrinated for several hours before starting the whole cycle over again. God forbid anyone ever took a hallucinogen and had an original thought. We are, thankfully, protected from any substances that might actually wake us up and are encouraged stick to the booze. The matrix loves coffee in the morning, alcohol in the evening and never an authentic thought in between. On a more primal level we are entranced with the contours of the perfect body and dream of ‘perfect love’, where our days will be filled with soft caresses, sweet words and Hollywood drama. This is maybe the most sublime of the Matrix’s snares, as Venus’s charms can be so convincing one willingly abandons all for her devious promise. Romantic love is dangled like bait, selling us down the path of sentimentally coated lies and mindless consumerism.

As powerful as the patriotic sects are, there has always been a need for something higher. Religion comes from the Latin ‘re-ligare’ and it means to reconnect. But reconnect to what? (other sources state that the meaning of the word religion is : to tie back. Ed.) The question before all religions is, what have we been disconnected from? The indoctrination and alienation of becoming a card carrying slave has a cost; the level of abstraction and the disconnect from any semblance of humanity converts people into nihilistic robots. No amount of patriotic fervour can replace having a soul. The flags and history lessons can only give a momentary reprieve to the emptiness of the Matrix and that’s why the priests are needed. The original spiritual connection man had with the universe began to dissolve into duality


Money Please see ‘Matrix’ on page 15 Page 13

Vision From page 3

on glasses because they cannot read fine print too often find that after they have worn them for a time they cannot, without their aid, read the larger print that was perfectly plain to them before. A person with myopia of 20/70 who puts on glasses giving him a vision of 20/20 may find that in a week’s time his unaided vision has declined to 20/200, and we have the testimony of Dr. Sidler-Huguenin, of Zurich that of the thousands of myopes treated by him the majority grew steadily worse, in spite of all the skill he could apply to the fitting of glasses for them. When people break their glasses and go without them for a week or two, they frequently observe that their sight has improved. As a matter of fact the sight always improves, to a greater or less degree, when glasses are discarded, although the fact may not always be noted.


Corrective Lenses Condition The Eyes To Fail

That the human eye resents glasses is a fact which no one would attempt to deny. Every oculist knows that patients have to “get used” to them, and that sometimes they never succeed in doing so. Patients with high degrees of myopia and hypermetropia have great difficulty in accustoming themselves to the full correction, and often are never able to do so. The strong concave glasses required by myopes of high degree make all objects seem much smaller than they really are, while convex glasses enlarge them. These are unpleasantnesses that cannot be overcome. Patients with high degrees of astigmatism suffer some very disagreeable sensations when they first put on glasses, for which reason they are warned by one of the “Conservation of Vision” leaflets published by the Council on Health and Public Instruction of the American Medical Association to “get used to them at home before venturing where a misstep might cause a serious accident.” Usually these difficulties are overcome, but often they are not, and it sometimes happens that those who get on fairly well with their glasses in the daytime never succeeded in getting used to them at night.


Blink Frequent and gentle blinking is essential to maintaining healthy eyes and optimal vision because it allows your eyelids to keep your eyes coated with three beneficial layers of tears: that it is theoretically possible to look through them at any angle, but practically they seldom accomplish the desired result.

Page 14

What follows are several simple eye exercises that you can do on a regular basis to keep your eyes and vision as healthy as possible: Look as far to your right as possible for 3-5 seconds, then as far to your left as possible for 3-5 seconds. Rest

Your eyes are designed to move regularly. Frequent movement of your eyes is what promotes optimal blood flow and nerve tone to your eyes and the six muscles that control your eye movements.


Corrective Lenses Do for a few seconds, then repeat this sequence several times. 
 Not Address Acuity Look as far up as possible for 3-5 Improvement seconds, then look as far down as

It is important to note the absence of statistical correlation between refractive changes and acuity improvements, which implies that other factors besides refractive changes contributed to the observed acuity improvements. Is it not only the sharpness of the retinal focus within the eye that improves acuity. Acuity improvement is a process involving several possible physiological and cerebral mechanisms. The most striking changes occur in visual acuity. Physiological changes are largely responsible for much of these improvements and these can never be addressed by corrective lenses and hence does not address the problem. Although optometrists use refraction measurements, they do not provide enough information about whether the reductions in refractive error are due to axial, corneal, or lenticular changes.

All Corrective Lenses Contract The Field of Vision How To Keep Your Eyes All glasses contract the field of Naturally Healthy

vision to a greater or less degree. Even with very weak glasses patients are unable to see distinctly unless they look through the center of the lenses, with the frames at right angles to the line of vision; and not only is their vision lowered if they fail to do this, but annoying nervous symptoms, such as dizziness and headache, are sometimes produced. Therefore they are unable to turn their eyes freely in different directions. It is true that glasses are now ground in such a way

wear eyeglasses or contacts, following the guidance provided in this book may actually help you do away with your prescription eye wear or at the very least, help prevent deterioration of your visual acuity as you age. Beyond doing the exercises described above on a regular basis, another way to reduce eyestrain and promote your best vision is to use your fingers to apply gentle pressure to three acupressure points that can help promote healthy blood flow to your eyes and the muscles that surround your eyes.

Perhaps the single greatest reason why people in today’s society suffer from chronic eyestrain and deteriorating vision is the amount of time that is spent staring at computer monitors and television screens. Your eyes are designed to move regularly. Frequent movement of your eyes is what promotes optimal blood flow and nerve tone to your eyes and the six muscles that control your eye movements.

possible for 3-5 seconds. Rest for a few seconds, then repeat this sequence several times. 
 Slowly roll your eyes in a circle, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Rest for a few seconds, then repeat this sequence several times. Be sure to roll slowly - it should take at least 3 seconds for you to roll your eyes in a full circle. 
 Hold a pen in front of you, about an arm’s length away. Focus your vision on the tip of your pen for 3-5 seconds, then shift the focus of your vision to an object that is farther away for 3-5 seconds. The greater the distance between your pen and the distant object, the better. If you are indoors, look out a window to find a distant object to focus your vision on. Repeat this sequence of going back and forth between your pen and a distant object several times. 
Just for interest’s sake, this exercise is used by some professional baseball players to optimize visual acuity, which is essential for the hand-eye coordination that is needed to play pro ball. Please note that all of these exercises should be done with your eyes, not your head and neck. With this in mind, keep your head and neck still while you take your eyes through the movements described above. Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight - Naturally! is an outstanding book that offers a comprehensive array of exercises and information that can help you support your vision. And if you

Keep Blinking
 Frequent and gentle blinking is essential to maintaining healthy eyes and optimal vision because it allows your eyelids to keep your eyes coated with three beneficial layers of tears: The first layer of tears lies right up against the whites of your eyes, and provides an even coat of protein-rich moisture for the second layer to adhere to. The middle watery layer helps to wash away foreign debris. It also nourishes the cornea of your eyes with minerals, a variety of proteins, and moisture. The third outer layer of tears is somewhat oily. It serves to prevent the middle watery layer from evaporating quickly, and provides needed lubrication between your eyes and your eyelids. If your eyes are not regularly coated with the three layers of tears described above, they will be deprived of ongoing nourishment and cleansing, and they will be unnecessarily strained. One of the reasons why many of us don’t blink as often as we should is that we don’t see frequent blinking in mainstream media. Actors and anchor-people are typically trained to blink as infrequently as possible, so when we take in most forms of media, our subconscious minds learn that it isn’t normal to blink frequently. To optimally support your eyes and vision, it’s best to blink softly every two to four seconds, which translates to about fifteen to thirty blinks per minute. By consciously making an effort to softly blink at this rate, over time, your body will turn your conscious efforts into a subconscious habit. If you’re thinking that such frequent blinking will make reading a book or viewing a movie uncomfortable, give it a try and you’ll see right away that it doesn’t take away from these experiences at all. Here are some notes on blinking to promote optimal eye health and vision: A soft and natural blink should occur like the light flap of the wings of a butterfly - this is a good image to visualize as you make an effort to blink softly every two to four seconds. You should blink regularly during all activities, including reading, working on the computer, and viewing a TV program or film. Contact lenses can discourage frequent blinking because the back side of your

See ‘Vision’ on page 21

Top 5 Ways to Practice

Non-Conformity in the Matrix Sigmund Fraud

Monetary Non-conformity


he human mind is easily programmed, and human behavior is largely autonomous once the sub-conscious has a suggestion of what to do. By default, people seem inclined to conform to the ideas, environment and behaviors around them, at least as a means of survival and of fitting in. Unless an individual takes charge of their own mind and their own behavior, most people are content to follow along with what other people are doing, even if that means doing something self-destructive. As we grow, we learn how to play and interact with others, and we learn how others react to us. We begin to develop an understanding of which behavior is acceptable and which is not, and if we are paying attention, we realize that there is a subtle system of rewards and punishments involved in social interaction. Adherence to this system is what keeps society together, and depending on what rewards and punishments appeal to us, we choose which ideas and behaviors to conform to and comply with. As a result, different societal roles become open to us. The new rebel then, the new hero, is someone, anyone, who combats the staleness of a decaying society by looking at the areas in our lives most in need of repair and then, deliberately, does not do what the conformist majority is doing. This is the thoughtful person who applies the knowledge and information we have available today in the pursuit of living in creative ways that defy the herd and defend life and liberty. In no particular order, here are the top five ways to practice non-conformity in the world that we have created for ourselves – the matrix of self-destruction.

The human race is enslaved to a corrupt and inflationary monetary system. To act as a balance to this, any opportunity to conduct life without using the dollar and the credit system is a stunning act of non-conformity. By practicing trade, barter and local exchange, and using alternative currencies whenever possible, a practical statement is made in support of an alternative to central bank tyranny and manipulation. Most important, however, is the simple decision to spend less overall and live without consumer debt.

lifestyle is an important act of disobedience to the norm.

Health Rebel The truth about the condition of American (and Canadian) health is ugly, and clearly something is wrong with the conformist ideas of diet and health. From horse meat, to highfructose corn syrup, to GMOs, the conformist diet is deathly harmful to our well-being. To continue on with this unhealthy lifestyle is self-destructive, and to buck this trend simply means to take care of yourself properly, as we all should be doing anyways. Taking care of the body is easy and enjoyable, and each

educational resources via the Internet, almost anyone can educate themselves in almost any field, and so the re-education of the individual is an act of great non-conformity.

Experience-Based Spirituality

step towards health brings with it a renewed outlook on life. Taking control of one’s diet, finding some enjoyable type of exercise, and being courageous enough to try out alternative, non-pharmaceutical modalities of healing when possible, are, oddly enough, all one has to do in order to stand out as a health non-conformist.

The nature of personal spirituality itself is evolving in these transformative times as people have access to a vast assortment of ideas, philosophies, wisdom traditions, substances, and dogmas. The non-conformist of today explores practices and ideas that work best to induce direct experience, following intuition to develop a connection to the sacred part of humanity, which is so routinely trampled in our hectic world. Finding inner peace through whichever religion or philosophy you choose is critical to creating a world free from toxic effects of collective fear. There is a war being waged against the conscience and consciousness of the average person, and seeking direct, personal spiritual experience and connection to the great mystery is the way to prevail. The normal, conformist modality of human behavior seems to be contributing to and exacerbating the problems of this world, rather than helping to eradicate them or working to alleviate suffering. To assist in the collective shift toward a means of living and being that sustains life rather than ensures self-destruction is as easy as practicing nonconformity whenever possible.


About the Author

The quality of the future can be seen in the quality of our youth, and the current models of building quality people seem to be falling short. Trying out new modalities of education for our children is an inspiring way to work towards a better vision for the future. Green schooling, homeschooling and even un-schooling children offer hope for something different from the next generation. With access to unlimited

Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he pursues the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.

As they created larger and larger communities, they replaced the direct spiritual experience of the shaman with priestly religion. Drum beats and sweat were exchanged for digitized, corporatized noise. Local tales got replaced by Hollywood blockbusters, critical thinking with academic dogma. If money is the shackles of the matrix, culture is its operating system. Filtered, centralized, incredibly manipulative, it glues all their myths together into one massive narrative of social control from which only the bravest of souls ever try to escape. It’s relatively simple to see the manipulation when one looks at patriotism, religion or money. But when taken as a whole, our culture seems as natural and timeless as the air we breathe, so intertwined with our self conception it is often hard to see where we individually finish and our culture begins.

with protecting us from truths that might endanger our security; and it does so by perpetuating our collective illusions on a much deeper level than individual scholars are aware of.” Whoever discovered water, it certainly wasn’t a fish. To leave the ‘water’, or Plato’s cave takes courage and the knowledge that there is something beyond the web of control. Over 2,300 hundred years ago Plato described the process of leaving the Matrix in the Allegory of the Cave as a slow, excruciating process akin to walking out onto a sunny beach after spending years in a basement watching Kabuki. How can this awakening be explained? How do you describe the feeling of swimming in the ocean at dusk to someone who as never even seen water? You can’t, but what you can do is crack open a window for them and if enough windows are opened, the illusion begins to lose its lustre.

The new rebel then, the new hero, is someone, anyone, who combats the staleness of a decaying society by looking at the areas in our lives most in need of repair and then, deliberately, does not do what the conformist majority is doing.


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Money is their most brilliant accomplishment. Billions of people spend most of their waking lives either acquiring it or spending it without ever understanding what it actually is. In this hologram of a world, the only thing one can do without money is breath. For almost every other human activity they want currency, from eating and drinking to clothing oneself and finding a partner. Religion came from innate spirituality and patriotism from the tribe, but money they invented themselves- the most fantastic and effective of all their tools of domestication. They have convinced the slaves that money actually has some intrinsic value, since at some point in the past it actually did. Once they were finally able to disconnect money completely from anything other than their computers, they finally took complete control, locked the last gate and electrified all the fences. They ingeniously print it up out of the nothing and loan it with interest in order for 18-year-olds to spend four years drinking and memorizing propaganda as they begin a financial indebtedness that will

Shun the Materialistic and the Entertainment Driven Lifestyle The consumption of consumer goods in our world has grown to dangerous proportions, and no matter your political bent, you can’t deny the existence of the plastic ocean gaining mass in the Pacific. To be realistic about one’s true needs and to consume less “stuff” makes one stand out as a non-conformist in today’s culture. Much of this consumerism is part of a lifestyle of entertainment that we have developed in recent decades. We seem to value being entertained more than anything else, and we will do anything, and incur any debt, in order to get that which entertains and distracts us. Choosing a non-consumeristic, non-entertainment driven

most likely never end. By the time the typical American is thirty the debt is mounted so high that they abandon any hope of ever being free of it and embrace their mortgages (death contract. Ed.), credit cards, student loans and car loans as gifts from a sugar daddy. What they rarely asks themselves is why they must work to make money while banks can simply create it with a few key strokes. If they printed out notes on their HP’s and loaned them with interest to their neighbours, they would wind up in a penitentiary, but not our friends on Wall Street- they do just that and wind up pulling the strings in the White House. The genius of the money scam is how obvious it is. When people are told that banks create money out of nothing and are paid interest for it the good folks are left incredulous. “It can’t be that simple!” And therein lies the rub- no one wants to believe that they have been enslaved so easily .

Culture “Culture is the effort to hold back the mystery, and replace it with a mythology.”
– Terence McKenna As Terence loved to say, “Culture is not your friend.” It exists as a buffer to authentic experience.

Escaping the Grip of Control Some might ask why this all-pervasive network of control isn’t talked about or discussed by our ‘great minds’. Pre-Socratic scholar Peter Kingsley explains it well: “Everything becomes clear once we accept the fact that scholarship as a whole is not concerned with finding, or even looking for, the truth. That’s just a decorative appearance. It’s simply concerned

About the Author Robert Bonomo is a blogger, novelist and esotericist. Download his latest novel, Your Love Incomplete, for free at Bonomo_Book.

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Transcending the Parasitic Fear Agenda Consciousness

by Zen Gardner

It may seem to be a lot to do but ultimately getting fully conscious will transcend anyone outside of this entire realm of their matrix to where it all becomes very simple.


veryone experiences fear. It’s a jarring emotion that gets amplified by the reptilian fight or flight side of our human make up. The problem comes when the prompt is deliberately manufactured and therefore non-authentic, which is why the manipulators use it so frequently and to such an extent. Fear interferes with conscious awareness, clear thinking, true knowing and in turn conscious behaviour and makes for a highly manipulable state of being. It’s not only toxic and debilitating, but fear is contagious as well as addicting. This lower level vibration of fear has many esoteric derivations and origins. Whether people are aware of the underlying spiritual nature of our Universe or not, it is profoundly real. Where we get these fear impulses is a subject unto itself that anyone on the path of truth comes upon, but we each experience these influences. One of the most profound realizations that comes from understanding fear, besides its use as a social engineering tool, is that fear is an intrinsic energy source for parasitic controllers and entities, both human and non-human. Understanding the archontic agenda as revealed by the Gnostics is essential for grasping the bigger picture. They feed off of our energy. That realization is a powerful motivator to not give it to them. Fearing their machinations is falling into a voluntary slave mentality and literally a form of worship. It’s time to fearlessly stand up straight and tall and starve this parasitic beast of our energy.

fear of not having enough, whether it’s money, food, protection, safety or even love. Scarcity is a very powerful tool and being used as a global weapon against humanity on a massive scale. Food and water shortages are being engineered worldwide, while the economic flow of financial resources are similarly being dried up. These are very real attacks upon humanity as are the other crippling programs such as tainted and genetically altered food, geoengineering, electrosmogging our planet, and the ongoing drug wars on the world’s populations by mind and body altering pharmaceuticals. It may not seem to be such a nice place to live right now, but we’re here, and for a The Fear Syndrome – Separating purpose. Clearly it’s not a time to fear, but it is a time to take action to both expose Real and Unreal Threats these programs as well as mitigate their Society is built on fear, primarily a effects upon as many as possible through


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What If? Don’t Worry, Be Conscious

information sharing, practical measures and other proactive means. We need to separate real threats from imagined ones, including the realm of psycho-spiritual attacks and influences. Those are only as real as we allow them to manifest. We do this two ways. We might straight up succumb to the lies these influences always transmit, which only brings on more spiritual and physical servitude and power to these would-be controllers. That, or we can simply be fascinated by these dark energies and thus empowering them through our attention and therefore intention. The world’s fascination for horror and vampire films as well as gratuitous violence via “action” movies, television and murderous video games exemplifies this. The now known widespread phenomena of satanic ritual sacrifice and abuse and the elite culture of pedophilia are very clear evidence of how these entities operate. They are fundamentally vampiric, and all of this social engineering is to generate more energy for them to feed on. Turn it off at the source – you. With that will come cutting off the TV and other channels of transmission which in turn will help identify other levels of this program, including EMF mind control technology. The ultimate level it needs to be monitored is ultimately the spiritual source, which amply this vibration and direct these programs into unawakened minds straight into the traps being used on the material level.

Fear can manifest in a host of ways. Worry is one of the most subtle. Most don’t attach worry to outright fear, they think it’s just a mild concern. Fear is too strong of a word in their minds, which is actually a form of denial and very dangerous. Worries lead to unconscious thoughts and actions. Now if it’s a genuine concern that’s one thing, and needs to be handled, but these wrongly minimized worries are dangerous and need to be either let go of, or taken care of. Worry is sometimes brought on by ourselves by not acting on what we know we should be doing, or not doing. However, most worries are completely futile distractions and a total drain. As Mark Twain famously said; “I’ve had many worries in my life, most of which never happened.” These worries can hang around our heads and hearts like cling-ons just waiting for opportunities to collect or amplify a negative vibration. They’re sometimes not easy to deal with if they require some personal resolution regarding something specific we’re avoiding or feel we’re not prepared to deal with. We’re each learning to avoid, overcome and transcend induced fear, and it’s all well within anyone’s grasp. The elites and those fully entrenched in and using this parasitic control system live in constant worry and fear, and they should. Not only are they foisting it on others and hence bathed in it, but the very real ultimate outcome of their demise and facing the consequences of their actions looms over them like a dark spectre. Why else do they feel the need for bodyguards, armed motorcades and heavily fortified dwellings? All of those with hoarded riches, as well as power, are continually afraid they’re going to lose it. See ‘Transcend’ on page 19

Do You Know These 6 Facts About Laundry Detergent? detergents, and some of the health complaints (digestive distress, breathing difficulties, and lesions) result in ER visits.

by Dr . Edward F. Group


oing the laundry is a simple, straightforward task for most people. However, have you actually thought about the chemicals contained in most laundry detergents? Most of this stuff doesn’t wash out in the rinse and can be absorbed into your body through your skin. Knowing what we are putting on our clothes, and in our body, can be incredibly important for protecting our health. Detergents, for example, contain chemicals that can contribute to skin irritation. Not only that, many commercial detergents may mimic hormones and disrupt endocrine function, a problem that influences reproduction, mood, and metabolism.

The Dangers of Laundry Detergent The following 6 facts about laundry detergent may help you become more aware of the many hazardous ingredients contained in these cleaning agents. These facts may also give you some insight into better options for you and your family.

1. Surfactants Cause Skin Irritation If you take a close look at the warning label on your favorite laundry detergent, you’ll notice that it urges you to avoid direct skin contact. Detergents work by removing oils from clothes, and that includes the natural oils produced by your own skin. Among other uses, our natural oils are necessary for protection against microbes. Surfactants are the main agents that strip away oils, an action that can seriously irritate the skin and aggravate skin issues. Rashes are common when the skin comes in direct contact with detergents, and some sensitive individuals may break out after wearing clothes that have been washed with conventional surfactant-containing detergents. Respiratory problems may also result from regular exposure to these chemicals.

Finding an Alternative

“Well, these clothes are really dirty, better add extra detergent for good measure.” Have you ever said that? Don’t. If you put too much detergent into the wash, residue will remain on your clothes. This residue is what leads to skin irritation, rashes, endocrine disruption, and possible respiratory distress.

Walking around in dirty clothes is obviously not an option, but that doesn’t mean a toxic, commercial detergent is the only way. There are gentle products, like Branch Basics, that don’t contain all the harsh toxins yet are fantastic for your clothes. What do you use to clean your clothes? Have you, or someone you know, had outbreaks or reactions to harsh detergents? Please leave a comment and share your experience! — Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

6. Laundry Detergent Allergies are on the Rise

About the author

5. You Only Need a Little

The stronger the detergent, the harsher the ingredients tend to be. This can create problems for people with sensitive skin or chemical sensitivity. Allergies to products containing harsh chemical ingredients are on the rise, and more and more people are turning to gentler, natural alternatives. Eco-friendly companies are slowly making their way into the detergent market, offering health-conscious users with hypoallergenic, chemical-free options. Not only are natural detergents safer in regards to allergies and skin, they may also be safer for the environment.

Dr. Edward F. Group founded Global Healing Center in 1998 and is currently the Chief Executive Officer. Heading up the research and development team, Dr. Group assumes a handson approach in producing new and advanced degenerative disease products and information. Dr. Group has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world. He no longer sees patients but solely concentrates on spreading the word of health and wellness to the global community. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center, Inc. has earned recognition as one of the largest alternative, natural and organic health resources on the internet.

New Location 2055 Clark Dr

2. Many are Endocrine Disruptors In today’s world where toxins run wild and the use of man-made chemicals affect practically every area of life, it’s no wonder that we’re witnessing a surge of hormone-related issues plaguing both women and men. Researchers have found that detergents can disrupt endocrine function and interfere with hormone balance. Many chemicals in common household cleaning products act as xenoestrogens, or synthetic estrogens, which increase the amount of estrogen-like activity in the human body. This can negatively affect fertility in males and increase breast cancer risk in females. Hormone imbalance also contributes to an extensive range of problems including heart disease, depression, and mental impairment.

3. They’re Bad for the Environment

Most detergents run into the water supply and have been shown to interfere with aquatic life.

After the final rinse, that stuff goes down the drain… into the environment. The effect of laundry detergent on the environment is undeniable, and it’s only within the last few years that we are seeing the toll it’s taking on animal and plant life. Most detergents run into the water supply and have been shown to interfere with aquatic life. This stuff is not natural and many plants and animals cannot process the chemicals contained in these products. Producing and distributing laundry detergent already carries a heavy carbon footprint. Sodium triphosphate, which is around 50% of detergent in weight, can make its way into the water and interfere with sea life development. In fact, phosphates that make their way into the water can increase the growth of toxinproducing algae which can kill plants, fish, dolphins, and other sea creatures.

2055 Clark Drive

4. Laundry Pods – A Higher Health Risk for Children As a result of consumer demand for easy, concentrated forms of laundry detergent, laundry pods have been flooding the market in droves. Convenient? Yes, but they also result in more problems for children than their less-concentrated powder and liquid forms. According to a recent study, children ingest these pods at a higher rate than powdered

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Go Out and PLAY 6 Great Reasons to Exercise Outside

By Deane Alban


OMETIMES WE NEED to be reminded to connect with the Earth, with something as simple as riding a bike, planting a tree, or enjoying a picnic. It’s not only healthy for us but it’s healthy for the planet too. Getting regular exercise is one of the best things you can do to boost your health and brain function, but exercising outdoors provides many additional benefits. So in the spirit of celebrating and appreciating this amazing planet we call home, I’m going to recommend you do at least some of your exercise outside, if you can possibly swing it. Go out and play!

6 Great Reasons to Exercise Outdoors Stress Reduction

Exercising outside reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol more effectively than performing a similar activity inside. Neuroscientists are discovering immersion in nature is a key to optimal health and brain function. Your Brain On Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Your Health, Happiness and Vitality is a wonderful book that explores how our brains are inextricably linked to the natural world, and how we can benefit from enhancing that connection. One surprising way spending time in nature is healing for us is the smell of the woods. Aromatic plants releases phytoncides, chemicals that make a forest smell so good. These substances have been found to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and boost your immune system. The Japanese engage in Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” — an elegant way to describe spending time in the woods for therapeutic benefits.

Vitamin D Production

Vitamin D is actually a hormone, not a vitamin, that our skin produces when exposed to sunlight. But between spending most of our time inside, wearing sunscreen, and living in northern latitudes, few people in North America and Europe get the sun exposure they need to produce adequate vitamin D. Give your body a chance to manufacture this essential nutrient by exercising outdoors in the sun at least some of the time. There’s no perfect amount of

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sunlight for everybody; it depends on your skin color, your latitude, time of year, and more. But generally 20 minutes of exposure to a large area of your body (like arms or legs) a few times a week will largely meet your needs.

Better Sleep

Most of us are exposed to way too much artificial light at night and too little natural sunlight during the day. This unnatural pattern of light exposure contributes to short-term memory loss, inability to concentrate, mood swings, irritability, depression, as well as insomnia. Exercising outdoors, especially in the morning, can reset your circadian rhythm, helping you to sleep better at night.

Better Workouts

Outdoor exercise is always more challenging physically and mentally than the indoor version. Bike outside and you’ll contend with wind, hills, potholes, and traffic whereas riding on an exercise bike is so boring you can do it with your eyes closed. Jogging on the beach will use more muscles in many different ways than jogging on your treadmill. Studies found that people who exercise outdoors complete an extra 30 minutes activity per week. The majority of subjects also said they were more likely to stick with the outdoor activity in the future. Fun might have something to do with it!…

More Fun! You might guess that most people would find walking outside more enjoyable than walking on a treadmill, and science backs that up. Numerous studies have shown that test subjects who exercise outside report enjoying it more while other research shows (not surprisingly) that positive mental states encourage health and longevity.

Better Brain

The positive effects shown in these studies went way beyond what

might be expected. Studies found that outdoor groups scored significantly higher on measures of vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure, and self-esteem and lower on tension, depression, and fatigue after walking outside. Memory performance and attention spans improved by 20% after people spent an hour interacting with nature. The scope of benefits is tremendous! Thousands of tired, nerveshaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity; and that mountain parks and reservations are useful … as fountains of life ~ American Naturalist, John Muir.

Go Out and Play!

Here are some simple ways to get outside more.

5,000 Steps?

I’m a huge fan of walking. It’s the

only exercise I’ve done consistently

over the years. Taking 10,000 steps per day is the gold standard of walking goals. While walking around your house and job, count/ estimate your steps (or you can buy a pedometer cheap). And try to take at least half of your steps outside. Better yet, besides setting out to take a walk for exercise, try incorporating outside walking into your lifestyle. Take a walk on your lunch break. Look for errands you can accomplish on foot such as going to the bank, library, or stores. Or make a trip into nature a regular experience.

Move Your Exercise Equipment

Who says your exercise equipment has to stay inside!? You can easily use your yoga mat, foam roller, weights, or resistance bands outside. If you have a covered porch or deck you can even consider moving serious pieces of exercise equipment, like your rowing machine or treadmill, outside for at least part of the year. Even setting up your exercise area by a window or patio door can give you some of the benefits of being outside — a view, sunlight, and fresh air if you open the window. You may find you look forward to exercising more if you aren’t stuck in the basement or in a corner of a room.

Just Hangin’

Not all outdoor activities have to be strenuous to contribute to your

See ‘Play’ on page 19


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Why? Because they will lose it all, and pay a lot of other overdue karmic bills at the same time. The Illusory Fear of Death

Another aspect is how we all rehearse what we would do in different situations. Is it worry? I think it’s only natural to our human condition to a large extent but it can be dangerous. How will we handle facing very serious health issues, or the death of a family member or our closest loved ones, or even our own “death” and transition to the next world? It’s only a problem if we dwell on these thoughts or we come from a standpoint of fear. It’s not fear unless we haven’t transcended those issues consciously. When we come to realize what we essentially are, fear of death loses its grip. That wondrous realization of our inherent freedom and eternal nature and the reality of infinite possibility is much of what empowers this magnificent awakening humanity is undergoing. When we come to realize what we essentially are, fear of death loses its grip. Death worship has become a societal meme. You can see it in the news, art and the entertainment industry. The truth is this has been embedded into the human fabric from our engineered inception. Just look at the world’s religions, all fixated on death. This in turn imposes not just hierarchical dependence, but shifts the focus from being here to preparing for some sort of afterlife, crippling the ability to live here fully in the moment or respond consciously to the world around us. Death fixation is an extremely strong fear-based tool of disempowerment. We can’t give our energy away, nor can they compel us to. It’s all a bluff, no matter what rages about us. Kitty recently succinctly commented, “We can’t die. We are eternal and just passing through. The fear of death is the greatest of all the control systems,


from page 18 outdoor time. Some gentle activities you can add to your routine are bird watching, metal detecting, geocaching, walk your dog, playing frisbee, or nature photography. Anything that gets you outside and moving is all good!

Therapy in the Garden

Gardening may be the best outdoor activity of all. It is a winning

combination of physical and mental activity along with creativity and mindfulness.

it is this fear that stops us living fully and joyfully and holds us back. Once we realize this there will be nothing to control, we can be fully human and totally divine just as we are meant to be.” Perfect. Transcending is Practical

Awakening to the realm of full on conscious awareness is the key to transcending these lower level vibrational influences. They then become increasingly evident for what they are and we can deal with them intelligently from an enlightened standpoint. When these negative vibrations arise you can then tell them apart from a real threat that needs immediate action. When we see an influence is invading our minds or simply pestering us we can either simply shun the vibration, or take spiritual action to repel such an attack if need be. But don’t give them your energy via fear, fascination and undue attention. These outside attacks do happen. And we’ll see more of this as these last throes of the dark agenda do their best to subvert humanity into a subservient, subjugated and suppressed state. They can come as panic attacks as some are experiencing, or a sense of dread and feeling trapped. Some can come across outright spooky is you’re sensitive or have the qualities of an Simply being in a garden can be therapeutic. Studies found that people in their 60’s and 70’s who gardened regularly had a significantly lower risk of dementia than non-gardeners. And if you are growing edibles, you have the added satisfaction of eating healthy produce you’ve grown yourself. Many residential homes for people with dementia have gardens on their grounds designed so that residents can walk through them without getting lost. The sights, smells, and sounds of the garden are said to stimulate cognition, promote relaxation and reduce stress. It’s been noted that when mental health patients are exposed to gardens,

empath or psychic, as many of us do. Again, these are nothing to fear. They cannot touch you, only induce fear if you let them. Some can be directly addressed and told where to go, or you may have tapped into other spiritual technologies or even outside help of some sort which is available. But ultimately it is our individual stand and remaining consciously fearless that takes care of everything. Whatever the source, they are all based on fear, and ensuing servitude if we comply.

simplified and dead husk in its wake. This released energy is food for the temporal and spiritual parasites and the reason their ugly forces are exerted on humanity, and the living earth. You can feel it during violent events, strong expressions of fear and hate, and even at sports venues. The energy released and dissipated is being absorbed by the parasitic forces. Fossil fuels, atomic energy and weapons of war are all entropic. So is the electromagnetic warfare and geoengineering madness being waged on our planet. All to release energy and create a homogenous, disempowered and easily controlled environment for the parasitic few, both here and in other dimensions. Fear and hate are two of their main tools to cause this same entropic effect on our spirits and society, and are mainstays to creating the negative herd mentality of the worst and most debilitating sort. Keep the Peace – Not the Fear

Hate is akin to fear. Hate is that extreme directed backlash in reaction to an influence someone perceives to be a direct threat to them in some way. The extreme manifestations are ever present, from the Zionist genocide in Gaza and on-going Ukrainian massacre, to the hate propaganda being continually ginned by the corporate, agenda-driven media. On a personal level it’s a reptilian brain reaction/protection mechanism and one of the most corrosive and destructive emotions. And they prey on this element. Both fear and hate are entropic – they break down the beautiful complexity of the natural flow and structure of life in order to release the energy within, leaving a used up, over-

We’re each learning to avoid, overcome and transcend induced fear, and it’s all well within anyone’s grasp. Peace is precious and our inherent right. No matter what the conditions. While the media floods the airwaves with fear in all forms and our very culture is saturated with it along with the accompanying violence and death, our spiritual home is a place of peace. And love. We need to see through the media storm and all the accompanying garbage they’re emanating, and avoid getting contaminated by it. It’s spiritual fly paper and one thing can easily lead to another if we get on the wrong track or vibration, taking in useless, toxic information or seemingly innocuous so-called entertainment. They’ve loaded it all up with hitchhiking energies so we need to be extra vigilant. Stay free and keep the peace that comes from consciously aware knowing. A secure confidence in the rightness of all things essential. That’s where our hearts need to be centred. Especially in these troublesome times. For ourselves, our loved ones, and all of humanity.

their symptoms of anxiety, agitation, aggression, and social withdrawal are decreased tremendously, reducing the ‘need’ for antipsychotic drugs. I’m definitely an outdoor gal. My idea of a good day is one that’s largely been spent outside. Besides my daily walk or bike ride, I strive to get extra outdoor time by eating, reading, taking phone calls, doing yoga, and meditating outside whenever possible. What are some of your favorite outside activities?

degree in biology and has taught and written on a wide variety of natural health topics for over 20 years. Her current focus is helping people overcome brain fog, “senior moments”, and other signs of mental decline now, and preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia in the future. The human brain is designed to last a lifetime, but modern life takes a greater toll on the brain than most people realize. Deane teaches the best ways to keep your brain healthy and stay mentally sharp for life at her website,

Fear and Hate – Both Negative and Entropic

About the author:

Deane Alban holds a bachelor’s

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How to Enslave People With By Charles Eisenstein


press the lever, be it the drug lever or the consumerism lever or the pornography lever or the gambling lever or the overeating e it drugs, alcohol, porn, overeating or whatever lever. We respond with a million palliatives your personal addiction, put an abuser in a to circumstances in which real human needs playground and see what happens. for intimacy, connection, community, beauty, You’ve probably heard about those addiction fulfillment, and meaning go mostly unmet. studies with caged lab rats, in which the rats compulsively Granted, these cages depend in large part on our press the heroin dispensing lever again and again, even to own individual acquiescence, but this doesn’t the point of choosing it over food and starving themselves mean that a single moment of illumination or to death. These studies seemed to imply some pretty a lifetime of effort can liberate us fully. The disheartening things about human nature. Our basic biology habits of confinement are deeply programmed. is not to be trusted; the seeking of pleasure leads to disaster; Nor can we escape by destroying our jailers: one must therefore overcome biological desires through unlike in the rat experiments, and contrary to reason, education, and the inculcation of morals; those conspiracy theories, our elites are just as much whose willpower or morals are weak must be controlled and prisoner as the rest of us. Empty and addictive corrected. compensations for their unmet needs seduce The rat addiction studies also seem to validate the main them into doing their part to maintain the features of the War on Drugs. First is interdiction: prevent status quo. the rats from getting a taste of drugs to begin with. Second The cages suffer no easy escape. is “education” – conditioning the rats into not pressing Confinement is not incidental to modern the lever in the first place. Third is punishment: make the society, but woven deeply into its systems, its consequences of taking drugs so scary and unpleasant that ideologies, and our own selves. At bottom are the rats will overcome their desire to press the lever. You the deep narratives of separation, domination, see, some rats just have a stronger moral fiber than others. and control. And now, as we approach a great For those with a strong moral fiber, education suffices. The turning, a shift in consciousness, we sense weak ones need to be deterred with punishments. Are we like rats in cages? Are we that these narratives are unraveling, even as All of these features of the drug war are forms of control, their outward expressions – the surveillance putting human beings into and therefore sit comfortably within the broader narrative of state, the walls and the fences, the ecological technological civilization: the domination of nature, the rising devastation – reach unprecedented extremes. intolerable conditions and then above the primitive state, conquering animal desire with the Yet their ideological core is beginning to punishing them for their efforts to hollow out; their foundation is cracking. I think mind and the base impulses with morality, and so forth. That is, perhaps, why Bruce Alexander’s devastating challenge to that the lifting (still by no means assured) of alleviate the anguish? the caged rat experiments was ignored and suppressed for the War on Drugs is an early signal that these so many years. It wasn’t only the drug war that his studies superstructures are beginning to crack too. called into question, but also deeper paradigms about human from thousands of miles away. A cynic might say that the end of the drug nature and our relationship to the world. n Move life – especially children’s lives – indoors. Let war would signal no such thing: that drugs make life in a Alexander found that when you take rats out of tiny as many sounds as possible be manufactured sounds, and as cage more tolerable and absorb energy that might otherwise separate cages and put them in a spacious “rat park” with many sights be virtual sights. go toward social change. The opiate of the masses, in other ample exercise, food, and social interaction, they no longer n Destroy community bonds by casting people into a words, is opiates! The cynic dismisses cannabis legalization choose drugs; indeed, already-addicted rats will wean society of strangers, in which you don’t rely on and needn’t in particular as a small, barely significant counter-eddy in themselves off drugs after they are transferred from cages even know by name the people living around you. an onrushing tide of imperialism and ecocide, an innocuous to the rat park. n Create constant survival anxiety by making survival victory that does nothing to slow the onward march of The implication is that drug addiction is not a moral failing depend on money, and then making money artificially capitalism. or physiological malfunction, but an adaptive response to scarce. Administer a money system in which there is always This view is mistaken. Generally speaking, drugs do not circumstances. It would be the height of cruelty to put rats in more debt than there is money. make us into more effective cage-dwellers: better workers cages and then, when they start using drugs, to punish them for n Divide the world up into property, and confine people and consumers. The most notable exception is caffeine – it. That would be like suppressing the symptoms of a disease to spaces that they own or pay to occupy. significantly, virtually unregulated – which helps people while maintaining the necessary conditions for the disease n Replace the infinite variety of the natural and artisanal wake up to a schedule they don’t want to live and focus on itself. Alexander’s studies, if not a contributing factor in the world, where every object is unique, with the sameness of tasks they don’t care about. (I’m not saying that’s all caffeine drug war’s slow unraveling, are certainly aligned with it in commodity goods. does, and in no way do I want to demean sacred plants like metaphor. n Reduce the intimate realm of social interaction to tea and coffee, which are among the only herbal infusions Are we like rats in cages? Are we putting human beings the nuclear family and put that family in a box. Destroy or decoctions still taken in modern society.) Another partial into intolerable conditions and then punishing them for their the tribe, the village, the clan, and the extended family as a exception is alcohol, which as a stress reliever indeed makes efforts to alleviate the anguish? If so, then the War on Drugs functioning social unit. life in our society more bearable. Certain other drugs – is based on false premises and can never succeed. And if we n Make children stay indoors in age-segregated stimulants and opiates – also may serve these functions, but are like caged rats, then what is the nature of these cages, classrooms in a competitive environment where they are are ultimately so debilitating that the guardians of capitalism and what would a society look like that was a “rat park” for conditioned to perform tasks that they don’t really care about recognize them as a threat. human beings? Yet other drugs, such as cannabis and the psychedelics, can or want to do, for the sake of external rewards. Here are some ways to put a human being in a cage: directly induce nonconformity, weaken consumer values, n Destroy the local stories and relationships that n Remove as much as possible all opportunities for build identity, and replace them with celebrity news, sports and make the prescribed normal life seem less tolerable, not meaningful self-expression and service. Instead, coerce team identification, brand identification, and world views more. Consider for example the kind of behavior associated people into dead-end labor just to pay the bills and service imposed by authority. with marijuana smoking. The stoner is not on time for the debts. Seduce others into living off such labor of others. n Delegitimize or illegalize folk knowledge of how to work. He sits around in the grass playing his guitar. He is n Cut people off from nature and from place. At most heal and care for one another, and replace it with the paradigm not competitive. This is not to say that pot smokers don’t let nature be a spectacle or venue for recreation, but remove of the “patient” dependent on medical authorities for health. contribute to society; some of the wealthiest Information any real intimacy with the land. Source food and medicine It is no wonder that people in our society compulsively See ‘Addiction’ on page 21 Page 20



From page 20

Age entrepreneurs are reputedly smokers. In general though, the reputation of cannabis and the psychedelics to be disruptive of the established order is not without foundation. The halting but substantial steps in several states and countries toward cannabis legalization is significant for several reasons beyond the wellknown benefits regarding crime, imprisonment, medicine, and industrial hemp. First, it implies a release of the mentality of control: interdiction, punishment, and psychological conditioning. Second, as I just discussed, the object of control – cannabis – is corrosive to the cages we have lived in. Third, it is part of a deep shift in consciousness away from separation and toward compassion. The mentality of control is predicated on the question of whom or what is to be controlled. Drug War thinking blamed the individual drug user for making poor moral choices, a view grounded in the theory that social psychologists call dispositionism – that human beings make free-willed choices based on a stable character and preferences. While dispositionism acknowledges the influence of environment, it says essentially


From page 14 eyelids is not designed to rub over an artificial surface. This is one of several good reasons why contact lenses should be avoided whenever possible. Some yoga and meditation instructors suggest doing exercises that involve fixating your vision on one object such as the flame of a candle - and doing your best not to blink. Frequent blinking while doing this type of exercise doesn’t take away from the ability to experience inner stillness.

More Visual Training The following techniques, then, are based on these premises: First, that the art of seeing-like other fundamental skills such as talking, walking, and using one’s hands-is acquired. Second, this skill is normally learned through unconscious self-instruction in childhood. Third, for many of us in today’s pressure-packed world, the only way to keep perfect sight is to practice techniques of conscious eye relaxation. Finally, if the exercises are performed correctly for a sufficient length of time-in conjunction with a proper diet and a physical conditioning program-eyesight will show permanent improvement. (The corollary to this is that the stronger the lenses you wear now-and the longer the time that you’ve worn them-the more time and effort you’ll have to put forth to achieve better vision.) It’s best to “palm” while sitting or lying on the floor, with your elbows propped on a cushioned surface. Close your eyes and then cover them with the palms of your hands, crossing the fingers of one hand over those of the other on your forehead. Don’t, however, apply any pressure on the lids with your palms. Ideally, you’ll “see” a field of intense blackness, which

that people make good choices because they are good people, bad choices because they are bad people. Deterrence, education, and interdiction spring naturally from that philosophy, as does our criminal justice system at large. Judgment and paternalism, inherent in the whole concept of “corrections,” are built into it, because it says, “If I were in your situation, I would have done differently than you.” In other words, it is an assertion of separation: I am different from (and if you are a drug addict, better than) you. Note as well that the same belief motivates the War on Terror and, well, the war on pretty much anything. But there is a competing philosophy called situationism that says that people make choices from the totality of their situation, internal and external. In other words, if I were in your situation, including your entire life history, I would do as you do. It is a statement of nonseparation, of compassion. It understands, as Bruce Alexander shows us, that self-destructive or antisocial behavior is a response to circumstances and not a dispositional weakness or moral failing. Situationism motivates healing rather than war, because it seeks to understand and redress the circumstances that give rise to terrorism, drug addiction, germs, weeds, greed, evil, or any other

symptom we go to war against. Instead of punishing drug use, it asks, From what circumstances does it spring? Instead of eradicating weeds with pesticides, it asks, What conditions of soil or agronomy are causing them to grow? Instead of applying extreme antiseptic hygiene and broadspectrum antibiotics, it asks, What “climate of the body” has made it a salubrious environment for germs? That is not to say we never should use antibiotics or lock up a violent criminal who is harming others. But we cannot then say, “Problem solved! Evil has been conquered.” Here we see how drug legalization is consistent with the reversal of a millennialong paradigm I call the War on Evil. As old as civilization itself, it was originally associated with the conquest of chaos and the taming of the wild. Through history, it came to incinerate whole populations and nearly the planet itself. Now, perhaps, we are entering a gentler era. It is fitting that something from nature, a plant, should be a hinge for such a turning. The growing movement to end the drug war might reflect a paradigm shift away from judgment, blame, war, and control towards compassion and healing. Cannabis is a natural starting point, because its widespread

use makes the caricature of the morally weak abuser insupportable. “If I were in the totality of your circumstances, I would smoke too – in fact I have!” Marijuana has long been vilified as a “gateway drug,” the argument being that even if it isn’t so dangerous itself, it ushers a person into the culture and habits of drug use. That canard is easily debunked, but perhaps marijuana is a gateway of another sort – a gateway to broader drug decriminalization, and beyond that, toward a compassionate and humble justice system not based on punishment. More broadly still, it may offer us a gateway away from machine values toward organic values, a symbiotic world, an ecological world, and not an arena of separate and competing others against whom one must protect oneself, conquer, and control. Perhaps the conservatives were right. Perhaps drug legalization would mean the end of society as we have known it.

indicates a state of perfect relaxation. If instead you witness illusions of light, bright color, or patches of gray, you’re tense to some degree. However, don’t concentrate on trying to “see” blackness, as the effort itself will produce strain. Rather, passively visualize a pleasant memory-one that helps ease your mind-while keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed. The more frequent and lengthy the periods of palming, the more likely you are to school your eyes to reduce muscle tension, with subsequent benefit to your sight.

Pinhole Glasses
Pinhole glasses, also known as stenopeic glasses, are eyeglasses with a series of pinhole-sized perforations filling an opaque sheet of plastic in place of each lens. Similar to the workings of a pinhole camera, each perforation allows only a very narrow beam of light to enter the eye which reduces the size of the circle of confusion on the retina and increases depth of field. In eyes with refractive error, the result is claimed to be a clearer image.

Unlike conventional prescription glasses, pinhole glasses produce an image without the pincushion effect around the edges (which makes straight lines appear curved).

After prolonged use, the plastic grating should become easy to ignore. With certain eye exercises such as those below, pinhole glasses can permanently improve eyesight. Skeptics argue that no scientific evidence has been found to support them. Due to a lack of formal clinical studies to substantiate this type of claim by companies selling pinhole glasses, this type of claim is no longer allowed to be made in the United States under the terms of a legal settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, however empirical evidence suggests they do work.

 This wholebody exercise improves vision, relieves fatigue and stress, and increases the mobility of the eyes. Stand looking

straight ahead, with your feet positioned about 12 inches apart. Now, rotate your body-head, trunk, and all-to the left, throwing your weight onto your left foot while you allow your right heel to rise from the floor. Keep your shoulders and neck straight. When you swing to the opposite side, shifting your weight to your other foot, your eyes will cover a 180 degree arc. Absolutely no attempt should be made to focus your sight on anything. Just maintain an attitude of passive relaxation, making about 30 of these “arcs” per minute. You should do this exercise twice daily, completing the swing from side to side 100 times. By doing your swings right before bedtime, you’ll prevent eyestrain from occurring during sleep.

Although there’s no scientific evidence available to prove that sunning helps vision, many people who have tried it testify to its benefits, particularly those whose eyes have become oversensitive to light.

All sunning should be done with the eyes closed. Sit or stand in the sunlight, face relaxed, and let the rays of the sun penetrate and ease the tension in your eyelids. This is a good way to start off the day, and even a few minutes will help. To avoid possible strain on your eyes, rotate your head slightly from side to side or move it as if you were using your nose to draw a circle around the sun . . . breathe deeply and don’t squint.

Central Fixation Central fixation refers to the fact that-since the central portion of the retina is the point of most acute vision-the eye sees only one small part of any object sharply, with all the other areas being slightly blurred. When you look at a thing, your eye shifts very rapidly over it to achieve the illusion of clearly seeing the entire object at once. To demonstrate this fact, look at an object, focusing on its topmost part. Without actually moving your focus downward, try to “see” the bottom of the object. You’ll find that

its lower details don’t appear to be sharp.

A problem-free eye shifts quite rapidly and unconsciously while it is observing. People with imperfect vision often try to see a large part of the visual field at once, all areas equally well simultaneously, without moving their eyes. This puts considerable strain on the eye . . . and also on the brain, the organ that actually has to integrate what you see.

To correct this tendency, it’s important to develop your central fixation by teaching your eyes that it’s “acceptable” to see only one point clearly at a time. The orbs must learn to move and refocus rapidly, rather than straining to see an entire object at one sighting. You can do this by studying an eye chart, training yourself to look at the top of a letter on the chart while “accepting” an unfocused image of its bottom (and vice versa). When you can accomplish this easily, your eyes will be relaxed, and your vision will be improved.

Most of us rely on our vision to supply 80% to 90% of the information we process about the world. Our sight affects the way that we think and, in addition, the way we think affects our sight. (If you don’t believe the latter statement, just remember that you actually see the world upside down...but your mind “inverts” the images so that they make sense!) Taking good care of this dominant sense organ, then, is obviously important. Will a regimen of eye-training exercises help you do that...and even improve defective vision? There’s only one way to answer that question for yourself.

About the Author Charles Eisenstein is the author of Sacred Economics among several other books.

Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy.

Page 21

What they won’t tell you:


is a full-spectrum medicine that can heal cancer

“Those that have attempted to convince the world that the Sun, the Earth’s primary source of energy and life causes cancer, have done so with malicious intent to deceive the masses into retreating from the one thing that can prevent disease.” — Dave Mihalovic, Naturopathic Doctor and writer.

By Paul Fassa


ruth is, we’ve been systematically lied to about the sun and skin cancer for years. This video presentation www. explains fully. How many know that there is no definitive proof that the sun alone causes skin cancer?

Can the sun cure cancer? In the book The Healing Sun, author Dr. Richard Hobday documents a wide array of studies which show that the sun protects against cancer of the breast, colon, ovaries and prostate. It can also prevent diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and high blood pressure, osteoporosis, psoriasis and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Then there’s the case of Dr. Harland G. Call, who was diagnosed with skin cancer and was advised by a surgeon to have it removed. Instead, he decided to sunbath the cancerous area. After a short period of continuous sunbathing, the skin cancer was completely gone. He returned to his MD for a confirmation, and his doctor confirmed that the skin cancer had disappeared and no surgery was required. According to Dr. Bernarr Zovluck, “Cancer is helped by sunbathing, writes Dr. Zane R. Kime. Kime writes that those who get more sunlight have less cancer. Sunbathing heals


From page 5

Everything else that poses as a solution is already shot full of holes. Humanity is an extended family. But as in the present tragedy which is Jewv-Arab, Israel-v-Palestine, this truth has been riven with lies and ripped apart by ulterior motives. Modern ‘democracies’ are are now simply a perpetually repeating expression of this divide and conquer holocast. It is impossible to become awake and then continue to put both feet back into such a deeply compromised and incongruous system as we have today. Page 22

dollar toxic sunscreen industry are making hay with this hoax. True believers are left scratching their heads in bewilderment as statistics reveal that the dreaded malignant melanoma skin cancer is on the rise.

The sun doctor Dr. Auguste Rollier opened the first European “Sun Clinic” in 1903 at Leysin, Switzerland. He also wrote a very influential book: Heliotherapy. He was considered the most famous heliotherapist in the world. At his peak, he operated 36 clinics. Dr. Rollier espoused that the sun was an unsurpassed broadspectrum medicine. He healed his patients using a wholesome diet combined with the power of the sun. By 1933, there were over 165 different diseases successfully treated with heliotherapy including tuberculosis, wounds, rickets and A wide array of studies show that the sun protects against cancer of much more. Dr. Rollier’s death in the breast, colon, ovaries and prostate. 1954 marked the end of sun therapy not because it was ineffective, but cancer by building up the immune getting into your skin. Sunscreen because it had been replaced by system and increasing the oxygen is important, but you should also Big Pharma’s “miracle drugs.” in the tissues.” wear the right clothing and shield Still, we’re bombarded almost yourself as much as possible from About the author: daily with dire “warnings” from direct sun exposure.” Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning Is Dr. Ashinoff advocating a reputable “authorities” admonishing others about the current corruption us, for our own good of course, to vampire’s lifestyle? The reality is that the vast majority of people, of food and medicine and guiding avoid the sun at all costs. including doctors, have been duped them towards direction for better Epidemic levels of sun phobia into believing the myth that the sun health with no restrictions on is toxic, carcinogenic and a deadly health freedom. For example, Dr. Robin Ashinoff, health hazard. You can check out his many chief of dermatological and cosmetic That’s why most people non-compromising cutting surgery at Hackensack University slavishly and lavishly slather toxic non-fluff articles at Medical Center advised: “Wearing sunscreens on their skin whenever edge, w w w . n a t u r a l n e w s . c o m / sunscreen and then deliberately they anticipate direct contact with Author712.html going out in the sun is almost the sun’s rays. But in fact, most And you can visit his blog at as [bad] as going out with no conventional sunscreens are sunscreen at all.” causing biohazards. She continued, “You don’t get Meanwhile, the multi-billion-dollar burned, but the UV rays are still cancer industry and the billion-

Therefore we must change the script. Everyone who follows my writings and the parallel concerns of others who contribute to this site, should already be concentrating themselves on the process of building – or contributing to the building of – self governing communities. Increasingly freed from dependence on the fallen model. As the foundations of the status quo continue to crack apart, so do the seemingly reliable sources of life dependencies to which we are accustomed also go with them. There is no more time to sit on fences. They are themselves rotting away underneath us and will soon turn to dust. We who have become ‘aware’ – are

the leaders of the age. We must live up to this reality. We know that the status quo is beyond redemption. So we must take this knowledge to be the signal to build that which will redeem our collective Human status; which will carry us through the apocalypse. We know what the ingredients are that will make our arks self sustaining. We know what we need in order to come alive again. Now we must put them all together – for that is where they belong. If we are to overcome that which oppresses us we must unite our creative powers and imaginations in common affirmation of the life force with which we are each endowed.

The quest for liberation, justice and basic equality so nobly fought for by Wat Tyler and the peasant’s revolt six hundred year’s ago is now our revolution.

Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist and author. He is president of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. His widely acclaimed book “In Defence of Life” is published by Earth Books and available on general retail and on Julian’s website:

Is Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation Part of a Larger Scheme? By Ross Andersen

DC, ND, DO(MP) copyright 2014


he two big questions are: how has big telecom become the largest industry on the planet and why are government safety standards so out of touch with scientific reality? The answers are actually quite simple. The industry and our governments are in collusion to get everybody wireless for all their communications and entertainment and beyond. Industry benefits from government regulations, or lack thereof, and the government benefits on a financial level from the proliferation of the wireless technology industry. They are in bed together and have been since the inception of this technology. For decades it has been known by our governments and the scientific community that this technology has damaging effects on human health. Wireless homo-sapiens are presently the largest radiation experiment that mankind has ever undertaken. The challenge with this experiment is that the results will likely be disastrous and ultimately lead to massive health decline and economic downfall. As with most forms of radiation, the ultimate results may not be seen for many years or generations to come. We are currently only seeing the tip of the iceberg as neurological diseases, cancers and certain tumours have increased tenfold or more over the last 20 years. We have a whole generation of young men who are carrying radiation emitting devices in the front pocket of their pants in close proximity to their reproductive organs. A whole new industry called Fertility Medicine has emerged partly due to the challenges that young men are facing with their ability to reproduce. Women are also affected, as are the unborn children that are exposed to constant radio-frequency radiation while they are growing and developing inside the womb. Drinking and smoking are forbidden for pregnant women in this day and age. Why is it that they are allowed incredible exposure levels of RF and electro-magnetic radiation that causes so much damage? As one looks at the long-term implications of the current situation one cannot help but wonder why the precautionary principle has not been invoked as it regards radio-frequency pollution. The precautionary principle has evolved from the ancient medical principle of “first, do no harm” to apply

to institutions and institutional decisionmaking processes rather than to individuals. The precautionary principle denotes a duty to prevent harm, when it is within our power to do so, even when all the evidence is not in. Only a few countries and small groups of people are invoking this principle in actuality. It appears that as with tobacco, greed is ruling the day when it comes to big telecom. Is it possible that we are sacrificing our future for the greed of that industry and to feed the addiction of most of the public for their gadgets and conveniences? In a hundred and fifty years those of us left alive will likely look back in amazement and wonder at “what the bleep were we thinking?” There is one other possibility that seriously needs to be considered. Is it possible that the proliferation of radiofrequency technology and the damage that it causes are part of an purposeful intention to reduce the level of human health and even perhaps shorten the lives of a large segment of the world’s population? Most people would find this question impossible to consider, however when one looks back in history one finds numerous examples of diabolical acts committed against our populations by the very governments that are supposed to protect us. All one has to do is to read about the United Nations Agenda 21 to understand that this is a distinct possibility ( content/documents/Agenda21.pdf). It seems obvious that our governments and the telecom industry are not going to protect us. It is up to each individual to protect themselves, their family, friends and communities. Education is the first step to understanding the threats we are facing. The Internet offers huge amounts of valuable, verifiable information and is a wonderful place to start. There are numerous, highly credible books written by authoritative scientists on the topic that should be considered an essential part of the educational process. These resources will give you the tools necessary to take effective measures to reduce exposure and limit the liability from EMF – RF: the plague the 21st century.

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Dr. Ross Andersen operates Unplugged Health Solutions in Kelowna BC. He has been working in the EMF-RF protection field for twenty-five years and has helped hundreds escape EMF – RF radiation. Page 23

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