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Health, Beauty, Style. What’s not to love? Although many do, it’s still hard to live without them for very long. This living world we inhabit embodies beauty itself. Good health is as natural and abundant as the air we breathe is full of energy and possibility. Style…well, that’s where individuality comes in the picture; it’s that special ingredient unique to each one of us. The cultivation of character and joy expressed through style is a particular bloom. The flowering of our beauty as simple as a smile, an open heart, a shared laugh. What marvellous health offered through the elegance of creation! How fortunate to share in this perfection of design, this pageant unending: electric in health, infinite in beauty, omnific in style.

Thoughts On Personal Style by Tierre Taylor


hen we hear the words fashion or style, what comes to mind? How do you personally relate to the clothes that you wear? Do they provide a strictly utilitarian function, or do they represent something more? Everyone has their own way of relating to the way we clothe our bodies and that’s what makes it all so interesting. Upon waking up, as we prepare for the day, one thing we do religiously is choose an outfit to wear. Maybe taking into account the activities in front of us, and then picking something appropriate for the occasion, the weather, and how we are feeling about ourselves in that moment. When we step out the door to greet the world what story are we sharing with the people we pass by? And ultimately, how does this personal presentation make us feel? In this day and age basically you see it all. A full spectrum of ensembles parading through the streets. There are no set rules, except perhaps in the workplace, but off hours a person can wear anything! And I mean anything! This can be both fun and sometimes a little scary. But ultimately the colours we choose, the fabrics, the styles that we put together are a statement about our-

selves even if we aren’t aware of it completely. We can dress to fit in, we can dress to stand out, we can think it’s not important, we can place too much emphasis on appearance, and on and on it goes. I invite you is to take a deeper look at what you feel comfortable in and why. By finding out why we choose what we do, we give ourselves the power to make appropriate adjustments so that more of us can shine through. Plus there is always the added bonus of delighting people with your beautiful self. For myself, how I dress has always been an exciting way to be expressive and to display some creativity. I see the body as a canvas that I get to dress with colour, texture, and shape. I can feel my mood shift as I put on something a little glamourous, or get comfortable in some relaxed-wear. I know we have many beliefs, both personal and societal about clothing, fashion, and style that can overshadow our own personal flare and that takes the emphasis away from simple self exploration. My encouragement for you is to ‘Show your best self! We the People love it!’

Manifesto for Dietary Supplements 1.

2. Dear CHFA: We in the industry have inadvertently been giving our power to Health Canada, by what may be called “the sanction of the victim”. Every time we apply for an NPN, refute any of the NHPD’s decisions, question a particular aspect of a regulation, or ask for special consideration for a particular product, we are playing into Health Canada’s hands. We are delivering to them the message that yes, we agree that Health Canada has the right to regulate our industry. The truth is they do not. The NHP Regulations are ultra vires, and no one is under any legal obligation to obey them. This is a case of the “emperor has no clothes”, if ever there was one. Attached and below is a copy of the “Manifesto for Dietary Supplements” which details the many ways in which Health Canada is operating outside the law. As law abiding citizens it is our right and our duty not to comply with unlawful regulations that are destroying our businesses and depriving consumers of safe alternatives to prescription drugs. What the DSPU is advocating is “peaceful non-compliance”. Please circulate this Manifesto to everyone you feel may be interested in restoring health freedom to Canadians. Yours most sincerely, Robert K. Jefferson Dietary Supplement Protective Union 1 Yonge St. (Ste. 1801), Toronto, ON M5E 1W7 Fax: 416-369-0515

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Millions of Canadians rely on Dietary Supplements to maintain and improve their health, as well as to prevent and help overcome significant health challenges. Dietary Supplements are food extracts/concentrates in convenient tablet, capsule, powder or liquid form. Examples include vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids, glandulars, and herbs/spices. Dietary Supplements are foods. A food is a food, regardless of the form in which it is consumed, and regardless of the purpose for which it is consumed. Dietary Supplements are safe. Not one has ever died from consuming Dietary Supplements, nor has there ever been a single case of permanent harm caused by these innocuous substances. Dietary Supplements are safer than everyday foods. People die from food poisoning or from anaphylactic shock from eating peanuts. Zero fatalities caused by Dietary Supplements. Under the guise of keeping the public safe, Health Canada has unlawfully restricted over 40,000 safe Dietary Supplements from the market. Aided by the RCMP with guns drawn, Health Canada has raided suppliers of safe Dietary Supplements. These raids violate the Bill of Rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, have destroyed businesses and livelihoods, and have deprived consumers of the benefits of products that were unlawfully seized. Health Canada has lost court cases over its heavy handed regulation of Dietary Supple-






14. 15.

ments and yet continues to over-regulate the industry in spite of these court rulings. The Constitution Act, 1867 gives the federal government policing powers over crime but not over products, as such. This Act makes also makes health the exclusive domain of the provinces. Thus, the regulation of Dietary Supplements by Health Canada is unlawful. The Food and Drugs Act empowers Health Canada to take police action only against products that are either adulterated or fraudulently promoted. Health Canada has zero jurisdiction over Dietary Supplements, as such. None of the Natural Health Product Regulations have ever been sanctioned by Parliament. These regulations are merely bureaucratic dictates that are ultra vires, beyond the law. Thus, the licensing of Dietary Supplements is unlawful. By restricting some products and label claims for others, Health Canada attempts to limit the purposes for which Dietary Supplements may be used. Such restrictions are in violation of The Constitution Act, 1867. Health Canada does not have a licence to practise medicine. Health Canada restricts true health claims of which it does not approve. This is an act of censorship, in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Health Canada is a rogue bureaucracy that holds itself above the law and is answerable to no one. We are law-abiding citizens who choose not to comply with the unlawful licensing of Dietary Supplements, nor with any other unlawful directives from Health Canada.

The New Agora October 2011  

The 2011 October New Agora

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