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Stopping the Banks

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Cold Fusion Is Here 1 MW E-CAT Test Successful by Sterling D. Allan, with Hank Mills


he past year has been a mixture of both excitement and vexing anticipation for those following the saga of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology. At the beginning of this year, it was announced that a one megawatt E-Cat plant would be built, tested, and sold to a customer. On October 28th of 2011, the completed one megawatt plant was successfully tested, and the first ever sale of a commercial cold fusion power system was made. This means that cold fusion is no longer a theory that can be irrationally dismissed by skeptical naysayers, but a real world technology that in short order will spark a new industrial and technological revolution. For those who are not familiar with Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology, his cold fusion reactors utilize tiny amounts of nickel, hydrogen, and a proprietary catalyst to produce copious amounts of energy -- in the form of heat. A reactor with an internal volume smaller than a D-Cell battery, can produce a maximum of ten kilowatts (kilowatts, not watts) of output. Such a reactor can continually operate for over six months without any additional nickel or catalyst being added to the system.

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Our Environment Under Attack by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones


he fact that the planet is being bombarded with chemicals from high-altitude spraying as part of numerous geoengineering programs being conducted by U.S. government agencies and universities that have been approved with no oversight whatsoever can no longer be denied. The re-classification of global warming, a highly contentious and often scientifically fraudulent pseudo-science, as a “national security threat” has been exploited by governments as an excuse to play God, green lighting secret experiments on a massive scale that carry innumerable dangers to humans and their environment. However, now that increasing awareness of geoen-

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gineering as a result of the chemtrails phenomenon has propagated widely, authorities are slowly being forced to disclose certain aspects of the program. We are now not far away from full disclosure of the true extent of geoengineering experimentation. Scientists now admit that vapor trails from aeroplanes are creating “artificial clouds” that block out the sun. This is no longer a matter of debate. The chemtrail “conspiracy theorists” were proven correct. Reading University’s Professor Keith Shine told the Daily Mail last year that the clouds “formed by aircraft fumes could linger ‘for hours’, depriving those areas under busy flight paths, such as London and the Home

Counties, of summer sunshine.” “Experts have warned that, as a result, the amount of sunlight hitting the ground could be reduced by as much as ten per cent. Professor Shine added: “Over the busiest areas in London and the South of England, this high-level cloud could cover the sky, turning bright sunshine into hazy conditions for the entire area. I expect the effects will get worse as the volume of air traffic increases.” The report also makes reference to a 2009 Met Office study which found that high-level winds did not disperse contrails that later formed into clouds which covered an astonishing 20,000 miles.

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Remembering What Cannot Be


Animal Companions Ignore the Advertising: Ingredients Matter!


Book Review A Course in Happiness





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y now, gentle reader, you’ve surely seen the heading that accompanies The New Agora banner. The bold and challenging statement “Elect to Govern Yourself”. Alongside of it reads “Leading The Print media Evolution”. By the later we are underlining the simple fact that while most media has been compromised by the kinds of powers that do not have everyone’s best interest at heart, we at the NewAgora are making a bridge from those that do to those that will it to be so. By the first we offer a surprisingly simple and powerfully effective truth that not only brings to light exactly what ails the present state of humanity, but also what heals that most sorry condition. When asked what on earth we are talking about I usually prefer to leave it to the reader themselves to figure it out, trusting in that reader, their understanding, their intelligence, their courage of spirit, their innate desire to be free, to lead them to their own potent conclusions. In this day and age that’s a pretty tall order. Often times, the conversation that ensues following the question of what it means to elect to govern oneself usually, but not always, goes along certain common lines: the fear of a world without the imposed force of an outside ‘government’, and the fear of not continuing to pay into that same, so often proven, criminal ‘government’. Personally, I find the very idea of being governed (ruled, steered) insulting. Make no mistake, what governments are about is control. Control, control, control, and unless you enjoy living life with a collar around your neck chained to someone else’s ideas and beliefs, regardless of their merit or worth, regardless of your conscious consent or agreement, regardless of your intelligence or maturity, regardless of your feelings or humanity, regardless of theirs, you are putting someone else above you on a pedestal made of your own submission. This makes you a slave. A willing, compliant, obedient slave. All the pontificating and justifying and crying about the wolves in the night doesn’t detract from the simple proof mocking you before your very eyes for all to sees without a shadow of a doubt : such a system, based neither on love nor justice nor natural law simply does not work. Corruption is everywhere, everywhere! Government as we now know it is nothing more than a legalized mafia, with the threat of violence it’s only so called power. Those same wolves, of whom we are warned and supposedly protected from, are actually running the show, and they are gleefully feasting on the lives of our children, our brothers, our sisters, our fathers and mothers. Those same predators have convinced their prey (that’s us) that they know best; and with dumbstruck nodding of our heads, with our signing on the dotted line without reading the fine print, we have placed our fates into their taloned bloody hands. Legal and by the book, by hook and by crook, they’ve ‘governed’ us right into a hell of our own making, a prison cell of our own shaping. We’ve been bought and sold for so long we’ve even adopted their way of thinking, of consuming our own Mother after raping her for all she’s worth. We’ve given our consent to be fleeced, our agreement to be led to the slaughter. All the while they ridicule us in our gullible stupidity, in our pathetic quivering folly. Buyer beware we are told. Buyer beware. Truer words not often spoken. Let’s face it: humanity is infested with a parasitical form of ‘life’. It is everywhere in our so called culture. It is in fact that very same culture of which we speak. Our obsessions prove it. Our habits prove it. Our ‘government’ proves it. Our insanity, everyone out for themselves mentality, proves it. Our desperate, selfish, separate, lives prove it. Our diseases, our cancers, our disbelief, proves it. Humanity, true, loving, creative, abundant, each one gloriously different from the next, proves something else entirely. We, the truth of our hearts, put the lie to our present reality. We are in truth a loving people. We are in truth antithetical to war, famine, greed and all the rest of that long exhausting list of so called ‘human frailties’ we have been conditioned to believe is our true heritage; that very list is the same one that coincidentally we need to be guarded from by the strong arm of ‘government’ and it’s attendant thuggery called police. It’s true that in this present day many of us have been infected with the same psychopathy prevalent in the ruling class, be it through the social programming of every media and scholastic institution that they fund or outrightly own, or their manipulation of resources that keeps opportunity scarce, or just them making evil fashionable. It’s also true that the decades of genetic interference that the human family has endured through the fouling of our waters, air, and food stocks, alongside of the ever present pollution of every facet of our life here on earth, has seemingly stacked the deck in favour of our imminent extinction, or at the very least of our lobotomized compliance with our so called ‘masters’ designs. And yet here we still are, speaking with one another, joining together with Truth as our guide in this New Agora we are building together, an agora constructed of awareness, unafraid of the incredible challenge of opening our eyes to see through the lies, the masks, the veils covering our greatness. This is the perfect time to rise up of our knees, and become the hero unchained, together invincible. This is the perfect scene for our entry into the play set before us since birth, unafraid and eager to wield change as the instrument of our own deliverance, to accept the power and responsibility of electing to govern ourselves into a world of freedom and joy. This is the perfect moment for you to be; to smile that special smile reserved for the righteous, knowing that our happy destiny is unavoidable, and that all this, all these years of unimaginable suffering and terrifying toil have brought us all together, no longer separate and alone, together with a unity of purpose. Your happiness is my own, I am you and you are me, and I will not rest until we are all free.

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The Universal Corporation Marketing Reality

by Sonia Barret


he strategic marketing of reality serves as the model from which marketing concepts, network marketing, the stock market, sales strategies and our corporate, government and political structure is derived. As is often said “as above so below” this applies in all facets of movement on the physical plane. Reality as collectively perceived is marketed to our psyche, and projected through neural simulation. The Hierarchical Structure Many Levels of Creators There is no doubt a hierarchical system is in place. A few of these levels are the gravitationally bound humans, the transforming human, beings unrestricted by the physics of the third dimension, overseers of humanity in the third dimension, masters of time, creators of worlds/galaxies, those beyond the confines of thought or definition. It is important to keep in mind that there is a progressive structure in place operating in layers above this familiar concept of reality I am referring to that of the gravitationally bound human. Each descending level is governed by the preceding level yet all levels are ultimately impacting the other. We have bought into a concept and signed a contract with the experience. Religious and spiritual organizations are the best at marketing and recruiting new buyers; new customers. If we are able to examine reality as projected or as accepted we can begin to see a dynamic corporatized system. Corporation - Definition: “As to define a corporation in business language, it is a body with its own lawful characters distinct from its stockholders or owners. Due to this instance, the law provides it with its own legal rights and responsibilities. A corporation then has the right to charge and be charged in court. It may retain properties and assets separate from its members. It may also recruit employees who can help in operating the business. More so, a corporation may engage in contracts and agreements with other entities. And, it may set and implement its own by-laws that will regulate and control its internal dealings.” In this reference I am not speaking of the lower level 3D corporate structure driven by commerce. However commerce serves as a tool of control as we are navigated through this timeshare marketing experience. Our experience on earth as we know earth to

be is very much like buying timeshare in a virtual world. The marketing of reality is as relentless as McDonalds marketing strategies. McDonalds realizes that in order to keep their current customers and continue to recruit new ones they can never take a break from running commercials. It is important that McDonalds logo remains an imprint in all its new and old cult members/customers. All organizations are held together by the same model; a hierarchical system which of course spells out rank, importance, seniority, power status, or authority. Our position on the game board of earth’s (earth as more commonly experienced) reality is taking place based on this hierarchical system, however illusionary. The focus point of the marketing of reality from its limiting approach, serves to ensure the sale of externalizing concepts to participants.

The business of reality when summed up is equivalent to the business model of our world. In the business of reality the commercial mode of exchange is spiritual currency. We are spending our energy; our life force as allotted in the illusion of a finite existence.

It is clear that in all structures (as woven into our psyche) someone at the top must always rule those at the bottom or those on the next level down. So is it coincidence that we operate our world in this manner? It’s been driven home into our minds, our cells and our DNA that someone must always rule. Such a structure defines the corporatizing concept, from slaves to the slave owner, and above the owner is the marketing team, the go betweens, and above them is the generator of the idea or concept builder.

This idea has been driven home so strongly that we are completely convinced that we cannot rule ourselves. At this stage of the game self rulership is not for everyone yet on a profound level of existence we have given permission for this experience. This article is about an examination of the game experience from those angles where we have been shut out, or from which we have shut ourselves out. There is no doubt a multileveled game is at work. To understand it from its scientific movements by exploring its illusory subatomic components and beyond is to see only the technology of the fabrication of existence/reality etc. In other words to view it only from the level of the mechanical movement of energy will alter or limit more in depth insight into that which moves the wheel. Yes, we know that it is consciousness but there is still a degree of clarity that is untapped in regards to consciousness. We are consciousness systems: this is still not the core essence of who were are. The mechanism of consciousness serves to allow the nothingness to investigate all that it could potentially be otherwise; nothingness need not discover itself. It could not play with itself. It is the sound of one hand clapping. (This was discussed in the three part workshop Hacking the Mind and Breaking Reality Codes) Again, will we ever get to the core of who we are? The only time that we do is when we are “nothing”. So the intricate layering of existence in its corporate game format and its hierarchical systems work in unison with the unending big bang and the contracting and releasing process which turns the wheel of possibilities in that which we call our universe and beyond that; all computerized systems within systems. In any game there must be an objective, the origin of that objective has to be initiated by a creator. Those concepts are born from the mind of the imaginer. The creator of the game knows much more about the possibilities and potentials of the game, although not yet experienced, so the best way to bring the game to life is to incorporate players. Players are positioned according to the extent of their knowledge of the game, some watch and learn, some monitor the game, and some incorporate strategies to establish more complexity or

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Duncan, BC

Want To Defeat The Banks? Stop Participating In The System!

by Brandon Smith


n Franz Kafka’s most popular work “The Trial”, his characters relate a short parable which has fascinated and confused curious readers for generations. That parable is entitled “Before The Law”, and its message has been interpreted, reinterpreted, and agonized over by the labyrinthine contrariness of academia, producing numerous conflicting views: Existentialists, of course, automatically jump to the conclusion that “Before The Law” is a message of the absurd nature of man’s search for reason and structure in a universe of random coincidence. That “the law”, as it were, is a superficial concept that humanity uses to make life more bearable. That we seek to create artificial social constructs in order to keep ourselves afloat in a sea of chaos. This is partly true. The law is, indeed, an abstraction conjured by men. However, the source of the most fundamental laws, being inherent conscience, is far from abstract. In fact, it is one of the few aspects of our existence that is undeniably tangible and universal. It is proof that all is NOT random, and that there is a meaning and a purpose to what we do here and now. I see “The Trial” and “Before The Law” not as treatise on the futility of man’s search for justice, but as a warning on the foolishness of man’s dependency on systems not rooted in conscience. That is to say, we have a tendency to linger about idly while others make our decisions for us. We expect the system we live in to provide answers, to provide nurturing, to provide fairness, and to provide change where necessary. This expectation is a dangerous one. Most social and political systems today are designed around collectivist methodologies. Their primary tool is centralization of power, and the removal of choice from the public consciousness. We are made to believe that the establishment is necessary for our survival, and that to abandon it would mean certain destruction. We are taught that the individual is subservient and inconsequential in the face of the state. This is simply not so. Like the traveler in “Before The Law”, we have been defeated by our own expectations of how the law (or justice) works. We sit and wait for permission, when we should be charging through the gates and taking what is rightfully ours. Even amidst recent and increasingly prevalent protest actions on the part of Occupy Wall Street groups, there are still some within these movements who believe the answer to fighting back against the corruption of banking cartels and puppet politicians is to hand even MORE power over to the state, and to collectivize our culture still further. The ignorance of this mentality is no less than astonishing. The only practical strategy for combating the tyranny of centralized systems has been and always will be decentralization. Individuals must stop relying on the rules of a rigged game to see them through to the truth. This means that while mass protests are certainly a powerful tactic for voicing concerns on an international stage, they accomplish little to nothing in the way of meaningful change in the long run unless they are backed by individual actions to break away from dependency upon a poisoned political and economic framework. The common assumption amongst Americans is that nothing can be done without mass action resulting in “compromise” from leadership. That the healing of our cultural dynamic is a “top down” process. That one person alone has little at his disposal for bettering the world. In fact, it is always self aware and self sustaining individuals who build better societies, not angry mobs without understanding or direction. Individuals blaze the path that the rest of the world eventually follows, and they do this through one very simple and effective act; walking away. By walking away from the corrupt system, and building our own, we make the establishment obsolete. This philosophy could be summed up as follows: Provide for yourself and others those necessities which the corrupt system cannot or will not, and the masses (even if they are unaware) will naturally gravitate towards this new and better way. Offer freedom where there was once restriction, and you put the controlling establishment on guard. Eventually, they will either have to conform to you, attack you, or fade away completely. In each case, you win. Even in the event of attack, the system is forced to expose its tyranny and its true colors openly, making your cause stronger. The obvious question now is; how can each one of us use this strategy in our daily lives? Here are just a few easy applications: 1) Focus On The Federal Reserve If you as an activist or the movement you support are not fully aware of the private Federal Reserve Bank and its primary role in the destruction of our economy, our currency, and our political dynamic, then your protests are a waste of time, and your movement will end in failure. Uneducated mass actions are easily manipulated, and can even end up serving the purposes of those oligarchs they seek to dethrone. G. Edward Griffin’s full analysis on the history of the Federal Reserve “The Creature From Jekyll Island” and similar materials should be handed to every OWS protester before it is too late. 2) Take Back Your Savings Do you have a bank account with one of the so called “too big to fails”? Is the culmination of your savings currently in the hands of financial monstrosities like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, etc? Well, take your money back! This has been done by a few protestors and the response from banks has been outlandishly oppressive, including new guidelines attempting to obstruct customer access to savings, and even calling the police! This tells me that they are afraid. Afraid of Americans catching wind of the idea that the money they place in the accounts of bad banks is still theirs to do with as they will. If you don’t like how these institutions operate, don’t let them have your money. It’s as simple as that. Not only is this an act of defiance that truly hurts the banking system, it also protects your hard earned wealth (at least initially) from the inevitable collapse of these fiscally insolvent blood leaching leviathans (watch Bank of America closely, folks!). 3) Use Alternative Currencies After you take your savings away from the banks, you still aren’t quite free of their influence. You are now holding fiat dollars, which the Federal Reserve, the foundation of all banking fraud, is currently devaluing. The idea of walking away from the dollar sounds ridiculous or even frightening to those trapped in the centralization mindset, but it is a highly effective method for combating the system itself. The dollar is a sham, and has been since its future was handed over to the Fed in 1913. Alternatives exist, and they must be utilized. Communities across the country use various scripts as a means to diminish reli-

ance on the dollar, but ultimately, the best currencies are those that cannot be created out of thin air unhindered. This means gold and silver. Central banking proponents have been railing against even the concept of a return to gold and silver currencies for years, and the Department Of Justice has labeled the use of such alternatives in place of dollars as a form of “domestic terrorism”. This should tell you, quite clearly, that they are deathly afraid of activists organizing to drop the dollar to pursue metals. If the system is willing to use the law as a weapon to keep us from having sound money, then we should be rubbing their nose in it daily by trading without dollars. They should be forced to react, and in the process, forced to expose their true intentions for our economic futures. 4) Build Barter Networks If a bunch of people can band together to huddle in parks with signs for weeks in cities across the nation, then they can band together to trade goods and services outside the establishment system as well. Barter networks grow spontaneously out of economic collapse regardless of what any group decides to do, but generally, they appear AFTER the worst has happened. Wouldn’t it be wiser to organize such markets now, before a full collapse takes place? By preempting disaster with a backup or failsafe free market barter economy in each town and city, we insulate ourselves from the effects of the crisis, and, we cut loose from our dependency on the controlled mainstream economy. Localized trade makes it possible to walk away from corporate chains and maintain the circulation of wealth within a community, while countering the increasingly higher taxes caused by austerity and inflation that we are likely to see in this country very soon. It really is a no-brainer. 5) Grow A Garden I don’t know how to say this nicely; don’t be a jackass, learn to grow your own food. Don’t expect that our economy will continue to sustain you. Actually, you should have every expectation that it won’t! If every Wall Street or Fed protester had their own garden patch and some stored goods, we would all be much safer. Food dependence is the worst kind. It has been used by governments and despots for centuries to cull the masses and dissuade dissent. Sharecropping should be common in every community. Neighborhood gardens should be standard. Every household should have a year’s worth of food. Period. Imagine that you lose your job and every cent you have tomorrow. Imagine that mom and dad are broke and have no money to lend you. Imagine that food stamps are a thing of the past because the national debt has become so exponential that entitlement programs have been erased. Now, how do you live from day to day? Where do you get the nutrition required for you to continue holding up that sign or shouting that slogan? Think about it... 6) Start A Micro-Industry If the U.S. economy is ever going to get on its feet again, it will be because average Americans bring it back through local industry. This means ending our community addictions to corporately produced goods and returning to specialized trade skills. It means coalitions of local farm-

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ccording to the mass media fog machine, the following phenomena are really not worth reporting. In fact, by their omission they literally do not fully exist in people’s minds but are just slight vague ephemeral illusions dancing on the fringe of their consciousness. As many people say to this day, “If 9/11 was an inside job the media would have been all over it.” Conditioning complete. Here They Come...Just 7 Of The Herd for Starters 1. Fukushima Is Irradiating the Planet Estimated to have already far surpassed Chernobyl in dangerous radioactive emissions that are not abating in the least and expected to get worse, we hear nothing about this in the mainstream news. In fact, the level of denial is outright Orwellian. Here’s a perfect example in recent news: Nuke agency reports unusual radiation in Europe: VIENNA (AP) — Very low levels of radiation, which are higher than normal but don’t seem to pose a health hazard, are being registered in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Friday. The agency said the cause was not known but was not the result of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster,

hearing about the victims. It’s even easier when the victims all have Muslim-ish names and live in the parts of the Muslim world we’ve been taught to view as a cauldron of sub-human demons. That’s why it’s periodically worth highlighting the actual impact of those drones and the actual people they kill. 3. Geoengineering and Weather Wars The amount of documentation and evidence supporting the existence of these ongoing programs is staggering, yet never a word in the mainstream press. All you hear about is more hype regarding “climate change problems” and the scientific community’s “concern” and ideas for “mitigating this problem”, where they slowly introduce weather mod “ideas” that are actually black ops programs already under way for years. That the UN had to pass a treaty to NOT use weather weapons as far back as 1977 says it all. Where do you think they are with that technology now, 34 years later? Wikepedia: Weather control, particularly hostile weather warfare, was addressed by the “United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention[19] on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques” was adopted. The Convention was: Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977; Entered into force October 5, 1978; Ratification

fable rivals a Disney production. He comes in on a hope and change anti-war ticket and what does he do? The same as the rest of them and no one seems to notice! He escalates America’s illegal wars and wins the Nobel Peace Prize. He promises transparency and we know less about the government’s goings on than ever. And he has devolved the US government into a de facto fascist dictatorship with his use of Czar appointments, executive orders and arbitrary war forays without Congressional approval. And he’s President of the United States! Not only that, he has presided (as figurehead) over the worst downturn in American history and is now running for re-election based on his amazing record of accomplishments! “No elephant here. He’s hope and change! More smoke up my butt please...” 5. Universal Sickcare This is business as usual for the Powers That Be (PTB) but it’s still a giant stomping elephant in every room of the house. When organic food and supplements are on the verge of being banned, growing your own food regulated and hindered, and the Federal Drug Administration approves poisonous toxins in your food and water and the genetic

by Zen Gardner

7 Elephants Now Thrashing Your Living Room which spread radiation across the globe in March. Go ahead and rub your eyes, but you actually just read that. In fact in Japan the denial is so great that people are moving BACK to Fukushima and eating the contaminated food while children play in its highly toxic playgrounds. All part of the same message; “The elephant doesn’t exist.” 2. Illegal Drone Attacks are Terrorizing Innocent Populations The human toll of the US drone campaign: The principal reason so little attention is paid to the constant victims of American violence in the Muslim world is because the U.S. Government refuses to disclose anything about these attacks and media outlets virtually never report on those victims (MSNBC demoted and then fired its then-rising-star Ashleigh Banfield when she returned from Iraq and pointed out that fact in an April, 2003 speech denouncing the “one-sided” coverage of American wars: meaning, the invisibility in U.S. media of America’s civilian victims). It’s easy to cheer for a leader who regularly extinguishes the lives of innocent men, women, teenagers and young children when you can remain blissfully free of

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by U.S. President December 13, 1979; U.S. ratification deposited at New York January 17, 1980. With earthquakes and storm systems demonstrably proven to be manipulated or outright caused by powerful EMF manipulation and our skies constantly streaked with a chemical haze emitted by 1000’s of planes worldwide one might think there would be cause for alarm and a little public education. “Nope, no elephant here....cuz we don’t even talk about it.” 4. The Obama Hoax Now this one you may think is obvious but it’s a doozy. Here’s a guy who came out of nowhere and they can’t even find anyone who knew him where he claimed to go to college. He produces no paperwork on his nationality, education or health records, has multiple social security numbers and whose only credentials are a book by himself about himself! ..and of which he is very likely not even the author! And the contents of the book? How much is true and how much is just made up and cleverly packaged? At least with a food package you get a contents list. This

modification of living organisms that we consume but have no right to know which ones they are...we have a problem. When our children are being drugged and vaccinated, and given a steady diet of junk food laden with MSG, aspartame, wood pulp and genetically modified high fructose corn syrup, just to name a few of their poisons...we have a problem. When doctors won’t treat unvaccinated patients, chemotherapy becomes mandatory and natural and homeopathic treatments are illegal...we have a problem. It’s not a healthcare system. It’s sick, and promotes sickness. Hey, don’t believe me? Follow the money. Cui bono? 6. Media Magic Madness That they can get away with camouflaging and ignoring and getting the public to ignore major issues such as these is akin to magic or sorcery. They do this by, amongst other things, introducing subconscious rules and guidelines as to what we should consider truth or not. And one of the rules is, “if we the media mogul mouthpieces don’t talk about it, it might as well not exist because we don’t consider it important”.

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Nuclear Nightmare Dr. Mark Sircus


Officially Declared Nuclear Nightmare

t is now being said that the amount of radioactive cesium that has leaked from a tsunami-hit nuclear plant is about equal to 186 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II, Japan’s nuclear agency said Friday the 26th. That’s like dropping one nuclear weapon a day since the beginning of this disaster and this is what they have been calling safe, no problem, don’t worry about it, go home and go to sleep. Dr. Chris Busby tells us in that he himself went to Japan with very sophisticated equipment and found areas in Tokyo that were 1,000 times higher than the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. The report said the damaged plant has released 15,000 tera becquerels of cesium-137, which lingers for decades and could cause cancer, compared with the 89 tera becquerels released by the U.S. uranium bomb. Now tell me who in their right mind would be comfortable being downwind of that? The answer to that one is very tragic and sad—millions are too comfortable and many more millions are simply unaware because they are not being told by their governments or the mainstream press. But today that finally changes! A person can still squirm around this one with all their rationalizations but you can now count them—each nuclear explosion worth of radiation being pumped into the environment day after day after day. The National Institute for Environmental Studies said its simulation of aerial flow, diffusion and deposition of the two isotopes released from the tsunami-hit plant showed their impact reached most of Japan’s eastern half, ranging from Iwate in the north to Tokyo and central prefecture (state) of Shizuoka. Both Iwate and Shizuoka are more than 180 miles (300 kilometers) away from the plant.

nuclear plant could remain uninhabitable for decades,” Reuters reported, when in reality it will be thousands of years at best. A brutal way of saying this is that the nuclear lobby is, all by itself, proving to be the undoing of the human race. But the British are still going to sing hail to the queen and the royal family, who are deeply wed to the uranium industry. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex “is still leaking low levels of radiation,” when it is still leaking high levels of radiation. “It could take more than 20 years before residents could safely return to areas with current radiation readings of 200 millisieverts per year, and a decade for areas at 100 millisieverts per year.” Someone is having a nuclear wet dream with these assumptions. Too many have swallowed hook, line and sinker the “safe, low-level, no harm, nothing to worry about” pronouncements in the press, so much so that they actually believe it. Humanity is stuck with Fukushima and all by itself it will badly pollute the north and, perhaps after some time, the south of our world as well.

Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan has announced his resignation. Mr. Kan has been criticized for failing to show leadership after the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and ensuing nuclear crisis. The 64 year-old’s resignation had been widely expected, and comes amid tumbling public support. Kan is responsible more than anyone else for the government’s actions. As the disaster continues to unfold through the months and years to come it would not surprise me if Kan is shamed to the point of being invited to commit ritual suicide in Japanese fashion for his betrayal of the Japanese people. Early on in the disaster, Toshiso Kosako, a Tokyo University professor, became senior nuclear adviser to Kan, then quickly resigned saying the government had ignored his advice and failed to follow the law, and had only taken ad hoc measures to contain the crisis at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. The Japanese government has yet to grasp the severity of the contamination within Japan, and therefore has not developed a coherent plan to protect its people from harm. Some say that without a cohesive plan, the radioactivity will continue to spread throughout Japan and around the globe further, but then again we might have to face the reality that there is nothing governments and industry can do now to mitigate the disaster.

Are People Dying Already?

Tokyo is Finished Time is running out for the 35 million people in the Tokyo metropolitan area and, in fact, in a year or two all of northern Japan will become quite uninhabitable for there is no way for them to stop the process once the fissioning materials work their way down into the earth and the water table below, which they have already done. (See my recent essay “The China Syndrome”.) As radiation levels rise, some sanity has surfaced in Japan as the government lowered back down the radiation exposure limits for children to below one millisievert per year while at school. Following the accident, in a move that prompted outrage, Japan raised the exposure limit for both adults and children from one to 20 millisieverts per year, matching the maximum exposure level for nuclear industry workers in many countries. Parents in Fukushima have since been calling on the government to lower limits at school, claiming that children face a higher risk from radiation-linked cancers and other diseases than adults, which of course is absolutely true. Radiation experts agree that children are at greatest risk from cancers and genetic defects because they are still growing, are more prone to thyroid cancers, and because they will have more time to develop health defects. The news services continue to misrepresent the situation. “Areas surrounding Japan’s crippled Fukushima

Governments Do Not Serve the People

Newly released neutron data from three University of California San Diego scientists confirms Fairewinds’ April analysis that the disaster continues to contaminate the surrounding environment and upper atmosphere with large doses of radioactivity. In a new revelation, the NRC claims that the plutonium found more than one mile off site actually came from inside the nuclear reactors! If such a statement were true, it indicates that the nuclear power plant containments failed and were breached with debris landing far from the power plants themselves. The bad idea of burning the radioactive materials (building materials, trees, lawn grass, rice straw) by the Japanese government will cause radioactive cesium to spread even further into areas within Japan that have been previously clean and across the Pacific Ocean to North America. Until very recently we in the West were considered barbarians by the Japanese. Perhaps when they burn these materials, knowing where some of that radiation is going, they are thinking of the old days. The real point here is that we are in trouble—serious trouble and we have not even begun to deal with this in our minds or hearts. We let the politicians lead us and now we see how high the price for that will go.

I have already reported on increasing death rates for children under one year of age both on the east and west coasts of America and in western Canada. Some authorities have been bragging and waggling about the lack of deaths from this overblown disaster. But anyone who believes the authorities about anything these days needs to have their head examined. A Japanese medical doctor recently sent me a translation of a blog in Japanese that talked about someone who lost three of his colleagues in two days. His translation stated that, “They were all involved in moving cars out of the evacuated areas early on at the request of evacuated families before the area became restricted. They were 32, 34, and 44, and first two died on August 9 and the third on August 10, all of heart attacks. (Not sure if it was really heart attacks or arrhythmia, since there was no autopsy done and the bodies were cremated.) There has been a middle-aged woman who was involved in a pet rescue, and she died of acute leukemia about a week after diagnosis in early August. She went to Fukushima at least once to pick up her relative’s dog that had been rescued, and she has a lot of family from Fukushima, so she might have been exposed to radioactive particles carried by those who had been exposed. She also seemed like the type of person who did not have good health to begin with.” It is like vaccine deaths—so many of the suddeninfant and shaken-baby deaths can be blamed on anything but the real cause, which stems from the totally obnoxious toxins in vaccines. With the multiple vaccines given to children today, for them it’s like stepping into a boxing ring and having a hailstorm of punches delivered to their vulnerable young bodies. (Heavens! What a world! editor’s note)

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Our Environment Under Attack Continued from page 2

Of course, only the completely naive would suggest that there is no connection between chemtrails that block out the sun, a phenomenon that has been ongoing for over a decade, and open calls on behalf of scientists to ‘reduce global warming’ by injecting the atmosphere with aerosols. Mainstream science and academia has gone from dismissing chemtrails as a fantasy of paranoid conspiracy theorists to now accepting that they exist but claiming that they are natural and not artificially induced, despite numerous patents and scientific proposals that focus around using man-made dispersal of aerosols to alter the atmosphere. The proposal to disperse sulphur dioxide in an attempt

to reflect sunlight was discussed in a September 2008 London Guardian article entitled, Geoengineering: The radical ideas to combat global warming, in which Ken Caldeira, a leading climate scientist based at the Carnegie Institution in Stanford, California, promoted the idea of injecting the atmosphere with aerosols. “One approach is to insert “scatterers” into the stratosphere,” states the article. “Caldeira cites an idea to deploy jumbo jets into the upper atmosphere and deposit clouds of tiny particles there, such as sulphur dioxide. Dispersing around 1m tonnes of sulphur dioxide per year across 10m square kilometers of the atmosphere would be enough to reflect away sufficient amounts of sunlight.” Experiments similar to Caldeira’s proposal are already being carried out by U.S. government -backed scientists, such as those at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Savannah River National Laboratory in Aiken,

S.C, who in 2009 began conducting studies which involved shooting huge amounts of particulate matter, in this case “porous-walled glass microspheres,” into the stratosphere. The project is closely tied to an idea by Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen, who “proposed sending aircraft 747s to dump huge quantities of sulfur particles into the far-reaches of the stratosphere to cool down the atmosphere.” In 2008, scientist Tim Flannery also warned that “mankind might need to pump sulphur into the atmosphere to survive,” adding that, “gas sulphur could be inserted into the earth’s stratosphere to keep out the sun’s rays and slow global warming, a process called global dimming.” Such programs merely scratch the surface of what is likely to be a gargantuan and overarching black-budget funded project to geoengineer the planet, with little or no care for the unknown environmental consequences this could engender. Given that sulphur emissions cause ‘global dimming’, is it any wonder that the emergence of the chemtrails phenomenon coincided with an average 22% drop in sunlight reaching the earth’s surface? What is known about what happens when the environment is loaded with sulphur dioxide is bad enough, since the compound is the main component of acid rain, which according to the EPA “Causes acidification of lakes and streams and contributes to the damage of trees at high elevations (for example, red spruce trees above 2,000 feet) and many sensitive forest soils. In addition, acid rain accelerates the decay of building materials and paints, including irreplaceable buildings, statues, and sculptures that are part of our nation’s cultural heritage.” The health effects of bombarding the skies with sulphur dioxide alone are enough to raise serious questions about whether such programs should even be allowed to proceed. The following health effects are linked with exposure to sulphur. - Neurological effects and behavioral changes - Disturbance of blood circulation

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Book Review: A Course in Happiness by Lorenzo Malowane


e all wish for happiness! Ask anyone want they want in life, though it may mean different things to different people, most will say they want to be happy. Personally, I have yet to find any shortcuts to a good life. I’ve had to make almost super-heroic efforts in the exploration and understanding of my own existence. My happiness came to me through seeing how my choices and actions lead to my happiness, and how, at times, they didn’t.

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Frank Ra`s Book ‘A Course in Happiness’ is a great starting place to begin your exploration of this often elusive feeling. No spoon-fed trite solutions here, but rather an exercise book which asks the reader to take some time to discover who they are, and how to work towards being happy. I can`t think of a better gift to give oneself. And our lovely Agora readers can get this one for half-price. In my humble opinion being happy is where it’s at and Frank Ra`s book is a great place to begin, or continue, your own happy journey.

Gaddafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar by Alex Newman


t remains unclear exactly why or how the Gaddafi regime went from “a model” and an “important ally” to the next target for regime change in a period of just a few years. But after claims of “genocide” as the justification for NATO intervention were disputed by experts, several other theories have been floated. Oil, of course, has been mentioned frequently — Libya is Africa‘s largest oil producer. But one possible reason in particular for Gaddafi’s fall from grace has gained significant traction among analysts and segments of the nonWestern media: central banking and the global monetary system. According to more than a few observers, Gaddafi’s plan to quit selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars — demanding payment instead in gold-backed “dinars” (a single African currency made from gold) — was the real cause. The regime, sitting on massive amounts of gold, estimated at close to 150 tons, was also pushing other African and Middle Eastern governments to follow suit. And it literally had the potential to bring down the dollar and the world monetary system by extension, according to analysts. French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly went so far as to call Libya a “threat” to the financial security of the world. The “Insiders” were apparently panicking over Gaddafi’s plan. “Any move such as that would certainly not be welcomed by the power elite today, who are responsible for controlling the world’s central banks,” noted financial analyst Anthony Wile, editor of the free market-oriented Daily Bell, in an interview with RT. “So yes, that would certainly be something that would cause his immediate dismissal and the need for other reasons to be brought forward [for] removing him from power.” According to Wile, Gaddafi’s plan would have strengthened the whole continent of Africa in the eyes of economists backing sound money — not to mention investors. But it would have been especially devastating for the U.S. economy, the American dollar, and particularly the elite in charge of the system. “The central banking Ponzi scheme requires an everincreasing base of demand and the immediate silencing of those who would threaten its existence,” Wile noted in a piece entitled “Gaddafi Planned Gold Dinar, Now Under Attack” earlier this year. “Perhaps that is what the hurry [was] in removing Gaddafi in particular and those who might have been sympathetic to his monetary idea.” Investor newsletters and commentaries have been buzzing for months with speculation about the link between Gaddafi’s gold dinar and the NATO-backed overthrow of the Libyan regime. Conservative analysts pounced on the potential relationship, too. “In 2009 — in his capacity as head of the African Union — Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi had proposed that the economically crippled continent adopt the ‘Gold Dinar,’” noted Ilana Mercer in an August opinion piece for WorldNetDaily. “I do not know if Col. Gaddafi continued to agitate for ditching the dollar and adopting the Gold Dinar — or if the Agitator from Chicago got wind of Gaddafi’s (uncharacteristic) sanity about things monetary.” But if Arab and African nations had begun adopting a gold-backed currency, it would have had major repercussions for debt-laden Western governments that would be far more significant than the purported “democratic” uprisings sweeping the region this year. And it would have spelled big trouble for the elite who benefit from “freshly counterfeited funny-money,” Mercer pointed out. “Had Gaddafi sparked a gold-driven monetary revolution, he would have done well for his own people, and for the world at large,” she concluded. “A Gaddafi-driven gold revolution would have, however, imperiled the positions

of central bankers and their political and media power-brokers.” Adding credence to the theory about why Gaddafi had to be overthrown, as The New American reported in March, was the rebels’ odd decision to create a central bank to replace Gaddafi’s state-owned monetary authority. The decision was broadcast to the world in the early weeks of the conflict. In a statement describing a March 19 meeting, the rebel council announced, among other things, the creation of a new oil company. And more importantly: “Designation of the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and appointment of a Governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.” The creation of a new central bank, even more so than the new national oil regime, left analysts scratching their heads. “I have never before heard of a central bank being created in just a matter of weeks out of a popular uprising,” noted Robert Wenzel in an analysis for the Economic Policy Journal. “This suggests we have a bit more than a rag tag bunch of rebels running around and that there are some pretty sophisticated influences,” he added. Wenzel also noted that the uprising looked like a “major oil and money play, with the true disaffected rebels being used as puppets and cover” while the transfer of control over money and oil supplies takes place. Other analysts, even in the mainstream press, were equally shocked. “Is this the first time a revolutionary group has created a central bank while it is still in the midst of fighting the entrenched political power?” wondered CNBC senior editor John Carney. “It certainly seems to indicate how extraordinarily powerful central bankers have become in our era.” Similar scenarios involving the global monetary system — based on the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency, backed by the fact that oil is traded in American money — have also been associated with other targets of the U.S. government. Some analysts even say a pattern is developing.

Iran, for example, is one of the few nations left in the world with a state-owned central bank. And Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein, once armed by the U.S. government to make war on Iran, was threatening to start selling oil in currencies other than the dollar just prior to the Bush administration’s “regime change” mission. While most of the establishment press in America has been silent on the issue of Gaddafi’s gold dinar scheme, in Russia, China, and the global alternative media, the theory has exploded in popularity. Whether salvaging central banking and the corrupt global monetary system were truly among the reasons for Gaddafi’s overthrow, however, may never be known for certain — at least not publicly.

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We've all heard that annoying saying "Well, at least you have your health! The thing is they're right. Take all the stuff a person can accumulate in a life, in fact put anything next to it and still doesn't compare with simply being healthy. It's not too far a stretch to say that if there was one wish a person could make for the whole world, one wish that could cover all the bases, it would be to wish the all of everything good health.

Fluoride: Calcifier of the Soul by Sayer Ji


The Discovery

this gland; moreover it is situated in the most suitable possible place for this purpose, in the middle of all the concavities; and it is supported and surrounded by the little branches of the carotid arteries which bring the spirits into the brain.” (4) Decartes was one of the few philosophers who was experienced in vivisection and anatomy, and who rightly pointed out the unique nature of the pineal gland’s location in the brain and blood supply. The “third eye” is also a well known symbol in Eastern literature, and may be concretely grounded in the anatomical structure and function of the pineal gland.

esearch published in 2001 showed that fluoride (F) deposits in the pineal gland with age and is associated with enhanced gland calcification. Eleven aged cadavers were dissected and their pineal glands assayed: “There was a positive correlation between pineal F and pineal Ca (r = 0.73, p<0.02) but no correlation between pineal F and bone F. By old age, the pineal gland has readily accumulated F and its F/Ca ratio is higher than bone.” (1) What Is The Pineal Gland? The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain, and is sometimes called the “third eye” as it is a light sensitive, centrally-located organ with cellular features resembling the human retina. One article describes the role of the pineal gland in more technical terms here: “The role of the nonvisual photoreception is to synchronize periodic functions of living organisms to the environmental light periods in order to help survival of various species in different biotopes” (2) The pineal gland is best known for its role in producing the hormone melatonin from serotonin (triggered by the absence of light) and affects wake/sleep patterns and seasonal/circadian rhythms. Like a tiny pea-sized pine cone it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres and is a unique brain structure insofar as it is not protected by the blood-brain-barrier. This may also explain why it is uniquely sensitive to calcification via fluoride exposure. More Than An Endocrine Gland Technically the mammalian pineal gland is neural tissue, and the cells within the pineal gland - the pinealocytes - have characteristics that resemble the photoreceptor cells in the retina. This has given rise to the opinion that it should be reclassified:

Calcium Stones In the Brain Pineal gland calcifications upon dissection resemble gravel, and are composed of calcite (calcium carbonate) and/ or calcium hydroxylapatite, the latter of which is not unlike dentin or bone. (5) “In our opinion, the main trend of today’s literature on pineal functions--only considering the organ as a common endocrine gland--deviates from this structural and histochemical basis.” (3) The pineal gland has been a subject of much interest since ancient times. Galen described it in the 3rd century, and the philosopher René Decartes (1596-1650) identified the pineal gland as the “seat of the soul.” His explanation for this conclusion is quite interesting: “My view is that this gland is the principal seat of the soul, and the place in which all our thoughts are formed. The reason I believe this is that I cannot find any part of the brain, except this, which is not double. Since we see only one thing with two eyes, and hear only one voice with two ears, and in short have never more than one thought at a time, it must necessarily be the case that the impressions which enter by the two eyes or by the two ears, and so on, unite with each other in some part of the body before being considered by the soul. Now it is impossible to find any such place in the whole head except


n their own words: “THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.” We wholeheartedly recommend this work for everyone interested in understanding what’s going on and what we can do to save ourselves. - Everyone at The New Agora. Page 12

Pineal gland calcification is associated with a number of diseases in the medical literature: Alzheimer Disease Bipolar Disease Circadian Dysregulation Hormone Imbalances: Low Melatonin Insomnia Low Back Pain Parkinson Disease Schizophrenia Sleep Disorders Stroke Fluoride As A “Therapeutic” Neurotoxin? Now that it has been established that fluoride (F) exposure contributes to the calcification of the pineal gland, the question remains: what are the subjective affects of these tissue changes to those who undergo them? Prozac may represent an archetypal example of how

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Start Your Day the Alkaline Way


ow many times do I find myself racing out the door with my “to-do” list clutched in one hand? If my day flows smoothly, at the end of the day I will tick off with tired satisfaction many of the listed items demanding action. Once again, I remind myself that I should slow down, squeeze some meditation time into my day, breathe, smell the fading roses and pay more attention to what I put into my body as I crumple up another protein bar wrapper. All the demands that we put on ourselves in this time of endless motion results in stress. The headaches and tense shoulders we recognize. Stress induces further changes that often go unrecognized. One of these changes is the shift in our pH levels. We slip out of the optimum slightly alkaline levels, making ourselves more vulnerable to many chronic diseases and conditions, including osteoporosis and cancer. We can help avoid many states of ill health by altering the pH levels in the blood and tissues and restoring homeostasis. We recall that the pH scale is a measure of acid and alkaline levels. Neutral on the scale is 7 and below that is acidic and above is alkaline. Our optimum reading for health is around 7.4, though it will vary during the day. You may test your pH and the reading may be 6.4. You might think ….”that’s not so bad... a little acidic”. What you may not realize is that 6.4 is TEN times more acidic than 7.4. Ten times....yikes! What can you do to change this situation? There are some easy things that help. Doing deep breathing, making dietary changes, and maybe not quite so easy; casting out negative thoughts and feelings. Negative mental chatter increases acidity levels in the body. Add more greens and minerals, reducing many of the typical North American dietary staples such as meat, grains....yes, including our old standby....the sandwich.

by Glennis Taylor BSc Recently I had an opportunity to chat with a lovely lady that walks the talk and has made awareness of pH a priority. Cindy Levington is such an inspiration. Her belief is “get alkaline, get well.” The change to a more alkaline state has changed the life of many. Cindy and her husband Phil wish to help people live long pain free and drug free lives. They promote healthy organic and alkaline diets. Ten years ago, Cindy and Phil left the hum of the city and landed in a sanctuary near Savona BC. On five acres of land amid the dry rolling hills of southern BC, Suede Hills Organic Farm was established. The name Suede Hills was inspired by the look of the wheat coloured nearby hills, a textured blend of sagebrush and tumbleweed that has the soft appearance of suede. Here the couple began by growing an acre of alfalfa. Later the crops included the addition of stevia plants and olive trees as well as garlic and an assortment of mints. All the plants are hand harvested and naturally dried in a greenhouse. Cindy says the plants are “flipped and fluffed” as they dry. They work with the environment, allowing self seeding as much as possible. Recycling where they can, the stripped stems of the alfalfa are used to fertilize the olive grove. All the work is hand done by Cindy and Phil and some dedicated helpers. In the dry terrain of the Suede Hills a certain species of olive trees grows naturally. After researching the many healing qualities of the olive leaf, they began harvesting the grey green leaves. At first making tea and then grinding the leaves to maximize the healing properties. For hundreds of years the leaves have been used to support the immune system; killing bacteria, virus, fungus and yeast. The healing properties of this ancient tree evolved for self preservation, withstanding the harsh heat of the sun for sometimes a century or more. The leaf also has vasodilating properties which aid in the regulation of high blood

pressure. These stately trees grace the landscape of the farm providing both healing and welcome shade. The acres of hardy alfalfa sink their roots deep into the sandy mineral rich soil, tapping into the minerals that lie well below the surface and drawing the minerals up into the stem and leaves of the plant. The leaves become a rich source of minerals so welcomed by our mineral hungry bodies. Minerals must be present for us to utilize the vitamins we ingest. Its high mineral content makes alfalfa a very alkalizing food. The alfalfa fields sway in the warm breeze ripening into a rich healing and nourishing food. Cindy has so many stories of people who thank her for this green powder that cleanses and detoxes, restoring health and allowing the body to return to its alkaline state. As the Farm developed and expanded, Cindy was inspired to plant stevia. From the original 400 plants, they now grow and harvest 20,000 stevia plants. Hand harvested, dried and unprocessed, the organic green stevia powder is a concentrated sweetener used by many as a sugar substitute. It doesn’t have the often unpleasant bitter aftertaste so common to processed stevia. All these organic power foods are now shipped throughout the world. Cindy indicated they have faithful customers from as far away as New Zealand, Ireland and Turkey. Committed to their vegan raw food diet and their healthy lifestyle, Cindy and Phil endeavour to spread the word and encourage us to see and feel the difference by choosing foods that nourish body and mind, keeping us happy, healthy and alkaline. I thank them for their part in honouring our environment and sharing their organic products. Inspired, I have added alfalfa to my morning protein shake and smile when I see my “green moustache” in the mirror after breakfast, reminding me to start my day the alkaline way!

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Continued from previous page fluoride affects the personality/soul. This drug (chemical name fluoxetine) is approximately 30% fluoride by weight and marketed as an “antidepressant,” even while a major side effect of its use and/or withdrawal is suicidal depression. Modern psychiatry often treats depressive disorders - the “dark night of the soul” - as an organic disorder of the brain, targeting serotonin re-uptake by any chemical means necessary. Fluoride and fluoxetine, in fact, may accomplish their intended “therapeutic effects” by poisoning the pineal gland. Animal studies confirm that when mice have their pineal glands removed they no longer respond to fluoxetine. (6) Perhaps the primary reason why Prozac causes a favorable reaction in those who are treated (poisoned) with it, is that it disassociates that person from the psychospiritual conflicts that they must normally suppress in order to maintain the appearance of sanity and functionality in society, i.e. it is control and not health that is the goal of such “treatment.”

If Prozac and other sources of fluoride in our environment deposits within the pineal gland, accelerating the transformation of functional pineal tissue into calcification, is it possible that it works by dehumanizing and flattening the affect of those who are under its influence? How Do We Prevent Pineal Gland Calcification? Eliminating exposure to fluoride is the #1 priority. We can start by being careful about surreptitious forms of fluoride in Teflon, foods and beverages produced with municipal water, tap water, infant formula, fluoride containing drugs like Prozac, toothpaste, etc. We have collected a number of studies from the US National Library of Medicine on natural substances which mitigate fluoride toxicity here (7). We also have a section on our database dedicated to finding substances which prevent or reverse other forms of pathological calcification which may have relevance for pineal gland calcification here (8). Lastly, there is research on the potential value of magnesium and

phytate in reducing pineal gland calcification which can be viewed here (9). References 1. 2. 3. 4. note-Descartes_and_the_Pineal_Gland-24 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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Soul-Full Food

Oh, how we all love to eat and drink! Fruit, fish, meat and vegetables, bread, rice, soup and stews; fresh food, hot food and cold food too, all to nourish body and soul. If there is one kind of sustenance a conscious person seeks out it’s the healthy stuff. Wholesome food to feed inspiration and to nourish the energy for fun and creativity. Children delight in desserts, adults adore long dinners over well prepared dishes often complimented with various drinks from around the world. In our new section, Soul-Full Food, The New Agora invites you to adventure with us as we explore a world of healthy food and drink. Whether grown or harvested in the wild, made quickly, or with the long loving care that made most of our mothers forever famous, come share in the cuisine of love.

TAKE ACTION Stop GM Contamination N

ovember 1, 2011: The Canadian Government is proposing to allow contamination of our food supply with genetically engineered foods that have not been approved for safe eating in Canada. Agriculture Canada has organized “stakeholder” consultations on what it calls “Low Level Presence” and has opened a comment period until November 25. The Canadian government wants to allow a percent, 0.1% or higher, of our food to be contaminated with genetically modified (GM) foods that have not been approved by Health Canada for safe human consumption. The GM foods will have been approved for safety in at least one other country but not yet evaluated as safe by our own regulators. The federal government calls this “Low Level Presence” or LLP and argues that this “low level” of contamination from unapproved GM foods is not harmful.

LLP is unacceptable and unjustifiable LLP is trade policy at the expense of public health. The goal of LLP is to facilitate the free flow of goods into Canada, without the restriction of safety assessment. LLP overthrows public health policy. LLP rejects Canada’s “science-based” regulation of GMOs because LLP assumes that GM foods are safe before evaluating the available data. LLP makes safety regulation irrelevant. LLP establishes an exception to the (already highly criticized and woefully inadequate) process whereby government regulators review scientific data to determine human health safety. The introduction of LLP will further undermine our international reputation for food safety as well as the confidence of Canadians in our food system. If LLP is introduced, it will be clear that the Canadian Government has no interest in protecting the health and safety of Canadians.

What is “Low Level Presence”? “Low Level Presence” (LLP) is the proposal to allow our food to be contaminated by a percent of genetically engineered foods that have not been approved for safe eating by Health Canada, but that have been approved for human consumption in at least one other country. LLP would


change Canada’s existing “zero-tolerance” policy for such contamination. LLP is different from “adventitious presence” which is the industry term for contamination of our food by experimental GM crops and animals that have not been approved anywhere in the world.

Which other countries have LLP? Canada would be the first country in the world to adopt LLP for GM foods. Every country has “zero-tolerance” for contamination by GM foods that they have not approved as safe. In July 2011, the European Union allowed up to 0.1 percent of animal feed could be contaminated by GM grains that are not approved in the EU

What is the Canadian government’s rationale for LLP? The grain industry operating in Canada wants other countries to establish LLP so that exports from Canada that are contaminated by GM foods are not rejected: “In the industry’s view, Canada could serve as a model to influence countries with trade-restrictive LLP policies by adopting alternative domestic LLP policy approaches.” (Agriculture Canada Power Point on LLP) Agriculture Canada also says that, “The potential for low-level presence to enter Canada is expected to increase in the future.” As yet, no GM foods have been approved anywhere in the world that are not already approved in the US or Canada.

Background: Human Health Risks We do not know what, if any, impacts eating genetically engineered foods will have on our health. There are many indications that we do not know enough to be integrating GE foods into our diets. Additionally, there is no mandatory labelling of GE ingredients in Canada and there is no post-market surveillance to help us determine if there are already impacts. In the interests of public health, the precautionary principle needs to be applied in relation to introducing GE foods. “We are performing a massive experiment. The results will only be known after millions of people have

been exposed to (these foods) for decades…Any politician or scientist who tells you these products are safe is either very stupid or lying. The hazards of these foods are uncertain. In view of our enormous ignorance, the premature application of biotechnology is downright dangerous.” - David Suzuki quoted in The Globe and Mail, October 20, 1999. GE foods are approved for human consumption based on industry-produced science that is not peer-reviewed and cannot be accessed by the public or independent scientists. Peer review is the process whereby independent scientists assess the work of others – it is a fundamental and defining practice of science. As the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel on the Future of Food Biotechnology states, “peer review and independent corroboration of research findings are axioms of the scientific method, and part of the very meaning of the objectivity and neutrality of science.” (p. 214 ) Without peer review, the data used to approve products cannot be assumed to be good science, or indeed “science” at all. There is only one independent human health safety assessment of a GM food (a potato that is not on the market) that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. This is the study by Arpad Pusztai of the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen that was eventually published in The Lancet. In 1998, Pusztai found that the genetically engineered potatoes he was testing severely damaged the immune system and organs of rats, showing these potatoes were significantly different from non-GE potatoes and indicating that they may be toxic. After being interviewed on British television saying that it was “very, very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs” he was suspended and was silenced with a lawsuit. There are many scenarios for risks to human health given the lack of certainty involved in the science of genetic engineering. Genetic engineers continually encounter unintended side effects -- plants create toxins, react to weather differently, contain too much or too little nutrients, become diseased or malfunction and die.

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The Health Benefits of Chocolate By Mike Barrett


hocolate has taken a lot of heat for being an unhealthy snack, but is it really that bad for you? If we are talking about very popular candy bars like Reese’s or Kit Kats, then yes, chocolate is not healthy. But chocolate closer to its natural form, without the added harmful ingredients, actually is pact full of health benefits. What really separates a diabetes-inducing chocolate snack from a healthful handful of chocolatey goodness is the cocoa content. The higher the cocoa content, the healthier the chocolate is. Chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70 percent is the right kind of chocolate. The benefits of chocolate are quite astounding. One would never think chocolate can be so healthy while living in our current culture. The truth is, if the chocolate contains a high cocoa content and is not tampered with by having harmful ingredients added to it, it can be a completely guilt-free snack. Here are some health benefits of chocolate. 1. High in Antioxidants – The cocoa in chocolate contain flavanols, a type of flavonoid. Flavanoids act as antioxidants and also help against free radical damage. 2. Cancer Fighting – Inhibits cell division and reduces inflammation. 3. Longevity Benefits – Multiple studies have shown that chocolate helps for a longer, disease free life. The world’s longest living women who lived to age 122, was thought to have lived for so long due to her heavy consumption of dark chocolate – 2.5 pounds each week. 4. Lowers Blood Pressure 5. Stimulates endorphin production 6. Chocolate contains serotonin, a natural compound which helps with depression 7. Chocolate contains magnesium, vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E.

Dear Doc, I understand that the amino acid L-tryptophan has re-entered the marketplace, is it now classified as being safe? Why was it removed for sale, didn’t people die from taking it? Sandy A, BC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Sandy, Let me clarify the problem from the very beginning. The Tryptophan Controversy In 1989, there was a fatal outbreak of eosinophilia myalgia syndrome (EMS). EMS is a rare autoimmune disease that causes fever, numbness, and rashes; it also affects the muscles, arms and legs. In severe cases, EMS can cause death. This outbreak of EMS was traced back to contamination from a new tryptophan processing method that one Japanese manufacturer had implemented. (Life Choice was and is not associated with this manufacturer.) In years prior, tryptophan users never reported any EMS-related symptoms; only those who were unfortunate enough to receive the “bad batch” from 1989 reported health issues. Several of those who developed EMS from the contaminated tryptophan sued the Japanese manufacturer; in fact, some even attempted to further their cause by claiming that their illness and pain continued on after the symptoms were gone. This uproar resulted in a FDA mandate banning the sale of tryptophan in the US. The media, of course, published the “health risks” of tryptophan, as well, which only fueled the fires of panic. How the Evidence Stacks Up As Braverman points out in his book, The Healing Nutrients Within, many of those who complained of persisting EMS issues were not screened for muscle-aching disorders, and may have had pre-existing health conditions that affected how their bodies metabolized tryptophan in the first place. Research in recent years has revealed several disorders related to “defective tryptophan metabolism and elevated tryptophan blood levels.” (Braverman, p. 54) Yet, no patients with these conditions were diagnosed with EMS, which means that tryptophan alone could not have caused it. In addition, the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition studied amino acid supplementation and concluded that it is safe. Where Tryptophan Stands Today In the US, as of 1996, tryptophan can be obtained via prescription. In Canada, Health Canada has granted an EN number (159012) to Life Choice’s LTryptophan. Right now, our brand is the only licensed tryptophan in the country, which means that you can buy with confidence. Our products are safe and effective. Medicinal Claims Tryptophan is best-known as a natural relaxer. It helps improve sleep patterns, and aids the body in the metabolization of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Some Food Sources of Tryptophan Food sources of tryptophan include: almonds, anchovies (salted), avocados, cheese, chicken, chocolate, cottage cheese, duck, egg, granola, lunch meat, oatmeal, pork, sausage, turkey, wheat germ, whole milk, wild game, and yogurt. In Summary The bad reputation given to tryptophan in 1989 was undue. The fault was not in the supplement, but in the poor choice of processing. Once again, health professionals are slowly appreciating the benefits of tryptophan supplementation. Life Choice’s brand of tryptophan has been licensed by Health Canada, and is therefore safe for both retailer and consumer. Tryptophan improves sleep patterns and can be found in foods like turkey. This is why all too often, a post-Thanksgiving-dinner nap sounds especially appealing! At Life Choice, we believe in the power of tryptophan, and hope our product will make you a believer, too!

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We know it when we see it and yet it’s different for everyone, Style is individuality’s signature, one of the spices of life. Beauty surround us and is our natural state nourishing us through and through. Well worth the cultivation, the appreciation, the celebration.

Thoughts On Personal Style by Tierre Taylor


ecently I had a co-worker announce the number of sleeps until Christmas. All those around me, including myself, let out a gasp of surprise and shock as we realized the holiday season will soon be upon us. Everyone of course approaches this time of year a little differently. There are the family traditions that we uphold through sentimentality, and the new ones we create to keep the spirit of the season alive. Then there are the gifts. I do love to share with family and friends my appreciation for enhancing life so fully and beautifully, but there is definitely an art to gift giving. It’s a balance to know and understand someone else’s taste and to give something that is valuable to them without cluttering up their world with useless stuff that they then feel guilty over having to let go.

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For more than 24 years Westminster House has helped hundreds of women find a new way of life, free from active addiction. Westminster House is one of the few residential recovery centres available to women in British Columbia.Donate today and help a woman like Laura re-claim her life and a drug free existence. Join us in our shared belief that treatment works!

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My style of gift giving for this year is to choose that which will be useful and beautiful, and that will also support people that I believe need a whole lot more appreciation - Artists! As I see it, it is a way to give in many directions at once and to support greater consciousness on the planet. For each person I have found an artist, ceramic, fibre, jewelry, etc, whom I would love to support and whose work amazes me. This way I keep things local, I help support people that give so much to our culture, receiving something unique in return. There are a ton of craft fairs and shops that carry local artist’s work, there are studios, galleries, even on our city streets, so I encourage you to support those that enhance our life with such colour, texture, and vibrant creativity. Enhance the beauty of the world through ART!

Universal Corporation Continued from page 6

challenges in the game. As players become engrossed in the game their focus becomes locked into maneuvering through their position in the game. Although they may have started out with an awareness that the overall objective is to ascend to levels of full awareness of the game, whereby establishing him/herself as a game creator, a conscious game creator, this is soon forgotten. We must keep in mind that full awareness of the game in this context is simply the achievement of mastery over matter. This is something that we do not emphasize as we are programmed to accept that it is only for those we regard as chosen or powerful beings. Not so! To master death is to master matter. It is the reason for this quietly kept secret; if not for it we would join the ranks of great cosmic magicians. This biblical reference from the book of Corinthians is significant “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” We all know that there is much coded information in the bible. Another important reference “Ye are gods” Psalm 82:6. Players are distracted Alchemists. So here we can begin to see the manner in which the configuration of the game becomes a giant corporate structure. As the game branched off into the imagined and the unimagined forming various levels, each level developed its own uniqueness, although still a component of the overall game. The game became a winding staircase of levels of achievements spiraling upwards; a staircase of unfolding knowledge leading to the originator of the game. These concepts can be seen in all organizational structures. It is the reason competition is such an essential component in our experience. Competition drives us to the prize whatever the prize may be to us in that moment. These ball games, teams and fans are a great example of our delight in the game experience. An entire team is owned by someone, but each owned player has agreed to this, they have signed a contract for the payoff, for the promised or agreed on compensation, or the player has the option of being an independent player, making his/her own choices yet still limited by boundaries. The overall game experience forms the invisible corporation, structured uniquely to fulfill an agenda; from the gaseous laws of this environment to these physical bodies designed suitably for the agenda. The system however branches off into subdivisions to accommodate the various stages of progression of the expanding reality; the players/characters/employees/ rulers and subjects within it. All throughout history stories are recorded or passed down of various enlightened beings coming at the end and at the beginning of new cycles. So what’s going on here…well were they just making this up? No, as I pointed out previously there is a system in place, there are stages to this game with subdivisions and beings/players positioned in these various stages as part of the navigation system of the game. The planets and various star systems in place are all part of a rotational mechanism which supports the agenda of the larger game; after all, these systems are created by creators who are on the level of being aware creators. Such components as angels, guides, archangels are part of the management simulation program routed through the nervous system. They are in place to support the awakening, or hypnotized/sleeping, player

making his/her way through the game or up the ladder of knowledge. There is a point of play where they are no longer an essential component, but you decide when they are no longer necessary to your game experience. We begin to realize that we have been a franchise of the greater model of reality; the hologram from which we have built our own holographic franchise. A franchise is recognized by its logos, symbols, practices and modeled concept. What is franchising? Franchising is the practice of using another firm’s successful business model. The word ‘franchise’ is of anglo-french derivation - from francmeaning free, and is used both as a noun and as a (transitive) verb.[1][2] For the franchisor, the franchise is an alternative to building ‘chain stores’ to distribute goods and avoid investment and liability over a chain. The franchisor’s success is the success of the franchisees. The franchisee is said to have a greater incentive than a direct employee because he or she has a direct stake in the business. However, it must be noted that, except in the US, and now in China (2007) where there are explicit Federal (and in the US, State) laws covering franchise, most of the world recognizes ‘franchise’ but rarely makes legal provisions for it. Only France

pated rescue implied by the management simulation/ program. In an excerpt from my book The Holographic Canvas, “The power of ever expanding knowledge is profound as it generates spiritual fire in the human brain, stimulating the production of dormant chemicals within the limbic system. The Limbic system-also known to the Taoist as crystal palace- includes: the Pineal gland, Hypothalamus, Pituitary and the Thalamus. This area of the brain plays a key role in storage of memories of our life experiences and also maintains chemical balance. As we reunite with this understanding we will begin to release the programming associated with aging as the brain is introduced to a continuous resurgence of energy. Knowledge of such magnitude will take us beyond the sustenance required by a mortal existence. Time and space, as we know it, becomes almost obsolete as we discover the infiniteness of mind”, this clearly examines the mechanisms responsible for accessing other states of consciousness, or better yet the board room, or various levels of stored knowledge fundamental in returning to full awareness of the game. In an interview with Frank Joseph, Author of Opening the Ark of the Covenant, he talked about the effect of the electrical discharge from the Ark on the hippocampus in the brain. His research indicated that the impact on the hippocampus from the negative ions from the Ark (the sacred stone/crystal within the Ark) allowed for altered states of consciousness. In these altered states of consciousness the individual had the experience of being in the presence of godly beings. Of course this was seen as an enlightening experience for the individual. The beings seen and the experience had directly correlate and reflect the deity worshipped in the individual’s spiritual practice. Notice that we all must be part of a ritual of worship; you must belong to a “fate”; you must have a belief system in place, generally you are born into one although you may convert to another later on in your life. What is also interesting to note is that although one may not actively practice, when one is asked about their religious club the response might be things like “well I was raised catholic”, or “well, I am catholic”, or “I was raised Christian” or a number of other responses. My point is not to criticize but to point out the spiritual categorization that we are conditioned into So getting back to the altered states experienced under the influence of the Ark, because our desire is so strong to be next to god, or to experience these encoded concepts of what god is, very little questioning is asked by most. This kind of altered experience then supports one’s religious belief. Worship of course becomes even more heightened towards those beings as one has experienced proof of one’s god’s existence. Let’s examine the modern equivalence. This can be seen with the rise of channeling as the audience is magnetized towards the experience of communicating with one who is evidently occupying an altered state; another realm let’s say. Again I am not judging the experience as all experiences are valid otherwise we would not have them. Another interesting experience with the Ark was that any nation possessing the Ark (the stone/crystal) historically has experienced a Golden Age as progress and an enlightened sense of being flourished over the land in every way imaginable. However a side effect

Photo credit: Chuck LaChance and Brazil have significant Disclosure laws but Brazil regulates franchises more closely. Where there is no specific law, franchise is considered a distribution system, whose laws apply, with the trademark (of the franchise system) covered by specific covenants. Once we become aware of this course of movement we begin stirring to understand more about our storylines and the imbalances in one’s experience. Imbalance in no way implies that your experiences are right or wrong, good or bad, but simply questioned experiences by you. Understanding that the management program is written into our neural system or nervous system more easily explains why we readily fall in line with the search for a savior or some sort of managing force. Now, for many it is very hard to imagine a perception no longer based on a management team, after all this acceptance is as essential as breathing air for most of us. A side effect of the management simulation/ program is the subservience and surrender and the relinquishment of power. Yet our need for support and rescue is understandable. Between the complexities and the challenges endured in human experience, combined with our lack of memory, one is forced to embrace the antici-

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Our Environment Under Attack Continued from page 10

- Heart damage - Effects on eyes and eyesight - Reproductive failure - Damage to immune systems - Stomach and gastrointestinal disorder - Damage to liver and kidney functions - Hearing defects - Disturbance of the hormonal metabolism - Dermatological effects - Suffocation and lung embolism According to the LennTech website, “Laboratory tests with test animals have indicated that sulfur can cause serious vascular damage in veins of the brains, the heart and the kidneys. These tests have also indicated that certain forms of sulfur can cause foetal damage and congenital effects. Mothers can even carry sulfur poisoning over to their children through mother milk. Finally, sulfur can damage the internal enzyme systems of animals.” Even pro-geoengineering scientist Mark Watson, admits that injecting sulphur into the atmosphere could lead to “acid rain, ozone depletion or weather pattern disruption.” Rutgers University meteorologist Alan Robock also, “created computer simulations indicating that sulfate clouds could potentially weaken the Asian and African summer monsoons, reducing rain that irrigates the food crops of billions of people.” “Imagine if we triggered a drought and famine while trying to cool the planet,” Robock told a geoengineering conference last year. The Canadabased Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC) has called for such experiments to be shut down. “This experiment is only phase one of a much bigger plan that could have devastating consequences, including large changes in weather patterns such as deadly droughts,” the group said in a written statement. Fred Singer, president of the Science Environmental Policy Project and a skeptic of man-made global warming theories, warns that the consequences of tinkering with the planet’s delicate eco-system could have far-reaching dangers. “If you do this on a continuous basis, you would depress the ozone layer and cause all kinds of other problems that people would rather avoid,” said Singer. Even Greenpeace’s chief UK scientist – a staunch advocate of the man-made global warming explanation – Doug Parr – has slammed attempts to geoengineer the planet as “outlandish” and “dangerous”. Stephen Schneider of Stanford University, who proposed a bizarre plan to send spaceships into the upper atmosphere that would be used to block out the Sun, admits that geoengineering could cause “conflicts between nations if geoengineering projects go wrong.” As we have repeatedly highlighted, numerous univer-

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sities and government agencies have been conducting studies in the field of geoengineering for years. Discussion of geoengineering technology is often framed as a future consideration, yet governments are already conducting such programs at an advanced stage. The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program was created in 1989 with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and is sponsored by the DOE’s Office of Science and managed by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research. One of ARM’s programs, entitled Indirect and SemiDirect Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC), is aimed at measuring “cloud simulations” and “aerosol retrievals”. Another program under the Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Science Program is directed towards, “developing comprehensive understanding of the atmospheric processes that control the transport, transformation, and fate of energy related trace chemicals and particulate matter.” The DOE website states that, “The current focus of the program is aerosol radiative forcing of climate: aerosol formation and evolution and aerosol properties that affect direct and indirect influences on climate and climate change.”

U.S. government scientists are already bombarding the skies with the acid-rain causing pollutant sulphur dioxide in an attempt to fight global warming by “geoengineering” the planet, despite the fact that injecting aerosols into the upper atmosphere carries with it a host of both known and unknown dangers. In addition, the Obama administration’s interest in exploring “geoengineering” mirrors recent publications penned by the elite Council On Foreign Relations. In a document entitled Geoengineering: Workshop on Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering, the CFR proposes different methods of “reflecting sunlight back into space,” which include adding “small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere,” adding “more clouds in the lower part of the atmosphere,” and placing “various kinds of reflecting objects in space either near the earth or at a stable location between the earth and the sun.” The proposals in the CFR document match exactly the atmospheric effects observed in the aftermath of chemtrail spraying. A report issued last year by the UK government also calls for the UN to exclusively regulate world wide geo-

engineering of the planet in order to stave off man made global warming. Of course, killing millions of people in the third world through unintended consequences of geoengineering is probably seen as a price worth paying for the likes of John P. Holdren, White House science czar and strong geoengineering proponent, given that he and other luminaries in the global warming movement want to see global population drastically reduced by means of a “planetary regime” carrying out forced sterilization and other draconian population control measures. It is now overwhelmingly obvious that geoengineering projects involving spraying chemicals at high altitudes are already underway through chemtrails. In 2008, a KSLA news investigation found that a substance that fell to earth from a high altitude chemtrail contained high levels of Barium (6.8 ppm) and Lead (8.2 ppm) as well as trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver. Of these, all but one are metals, some are toxic while several are rarely or never found in nature. The newscast focuses on Barium, which its research shows is a “hallmark of chemtrails.” KSLA found Barium levels in its samples at 6.8 ppm or “more than six times the toxic level set by the EPA.” The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality confirmed that the high levels of Barium were “very unusual,” but commented that “proving the source was a whole other matter” in its discussion with KSLA. KSLA also asked Mark Ryan, Director of the Poison Control Center, about the effects of Barium on the human body. Ryan commented that “short term exposure can lead to anything from stomach to chest pains and that long term exposure causes blood pressure problems.” The Poison Control Center further reported that long-term exposure, as with any harmful substance, would contribute to weakening the immune system, which many speculate is the purpose of such man-made chemical trails. Indeed, barium oxide has cropped up repeatedly as a contaminant from suspected geoengineering experimentation. Geoengineering programs conducted by politicallydriven scientists who have proven adept at covering up and ignoring contradictory evidence in the global warming debate should not be empowered with the authority and funding to conduct such dangerous tests without a major public debate about the potential consequences. The fact that individuals who embrace the dogma of global warming, alarmism which has already killed more people than man-made climate change in the third world through starvation linked to food price hikes caused by biofuel production, are now preparing to launch programs with government approval that could drastically alter weather patterns and cause droughts, is frightening. More sober minds in the scientific community need to become far more public in their opposition to geoengineering to prevent a very real form of man-made climate change that could irrevocably damage our planet for decades to come.

Cold Fusion is Here Continued from page 2

Hydrogen will be consumed by the system and must be replenished, but at a very slow rate (potentially far less than a gram a day). To activate or “turn on” a reactor, a combination of heat (from electrical resistors) and hydrogen pressure must be utilized. Once the reactor core has been filled with pressurized hydrogen, the resistors are turned on. The power to these resistors is gradually increased, until the temperature inside of the reactor is high enough that nuclear reactions start to take place. At this point, a decision can be made to allow the reactor to operate with a constant input from the resistors, or to turn off the resistors and allow the system to “self sustain.” If the operator desires the system to self sustain, the resistors are turned off, and a radio frequency generator is activated. This radio frequency generator (that consumes around 50-100 watts) somehow stabilizes the rate of nuclear reactions that are taking place. There are additional important features of the E-Cat technology that should be noted: •

• •

The fuels (nickel and hydrogen) and the proprietary catalyst used by the E-Cat are cheap. The fuel cost for an E-Cat is almost zero for all practical purposes. The fuels and catalyst used in the reactor core of an E-Cat are very abundant in the Earth’s crust, and are commonly available. Due the fact that only tiny quantities are consumed, there is no chance of the Earth running out of these elements. The technology utilizes no radioactive materials, unlike conventional fission based reactors -- that use uranium or plutonium. No nuclear waste is produced by an E-Cat system. This is a vitally important feature of the technology, due the fact huge quantities of hazardous waste is produced by conventional fission based nuclear power plants. Minimal radiation is emitted from the reactor core. The little radiation that is generated can be easily shielded with a couple centimeters of lead. Zero radiation is emitted to the environment outside of the system.

The E-Cat represents a technological breakthrough that could provide cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly power to our entire world. Once fully proliferated around the world, it could bring about an end to the use of fossil fuels, and conventional nuclear fuels. The first step towards such a cold fusion era was for the first one

Defeating the Banks Continued from page 7

ers, craftsmen, and micro-industries providing goods and services with a city or county based market focus. Large manufacturers and business chains relying on the model of globalization will have absolutely no ability to rebuild main street commerce, even if they wanted to, because their methods depend upon constant outsourcing and downsizing for survival. Private tradesmen will be the only people capable of filling the dark void these corporations leave behind. 7) Start An Activist Group The establishment HATES when you do this. The spontaneous organizing of groups outside government or corporate purview has generated notoriously absurd responses from authorities, including accusations of “extremism”, infiltration, and wrongful arrest. If this sounds frightening, then I suggest you get over it quickly, because this is going to be the norm for many years to come. The evils of the world are not undone by apathetic naysayers anymore than they are undone by mindless mobs. Without the coordinated actions of aware individuals with a common focus, nothing is going to change. This group could be something a simple as a local barter network or a political discussion forum, or, a complex

megawatt plant to be tested and sold. This test and sale was successfully made on October 28, 2011.

The Results The results of this test were clear and obvious. A vast amount of excess energy -- apparently from a cold fusion reaction -- was produced. At approximately 10:30, AM the test began. At this time, Jim Rodney Design Concept the resistors used to heat the reactor cores in each module, were switched on. Also, the the five and a half hours, when there was virtually no inpumps, fans, sensors, controls, and computer equipment put power. At times, it even increased slightly! There is were all turned on, and active. no possible way, according to the basic laws of physics, The input power to the resistors (which consumed that a system could continually output such a quantity the lions share of power during this time period), was of heat with no input. Unless of course, there is a truly 10 kilowatts, to begin with. The input power was slowly novel, nuclear process taking place inside of the reactor increased, until the output temperature was 99 C. At that cores, producing massive quantities of heat. moment, the input energy was increased to maximum, There is actually no sign that the reaction was fading until the water began to vaporize. To begin self sustain or decreasing in intensity after five and a half hours of mode, the resistors were turned off completely, and one self sustaining operation. If the decision had been made or more radio frequency generators (used to stabilize (which probably was not made due to a lack of time), it and/or enhance the reactions) were turned on. Despite could very well have operated for many additional hours the fact the radio frequency generators did consume elec- in self sustain mode. tricity, the amount of power they consumed was miniscule -- around 50-100 watts. A New Cold Fusion Era During self sustain mode, the actual input power The E-Cat Era has begun, due to the successful test contributing to heat production can be considered as nearly zero. Electrical power was used to keep the pumps, and sale of the one megawatt plant. Already, Rossi has control systems, sensors, and fans running. However, the declared he has found a customer for the second one fans only helped dissipate the heat (steam) coming from megawatt plant that will be ready in three months. This the output, and the mechanical action of the pumps customer is said to be located in the USA, and will not would have contributed almost nothing to the produc- be as secretive as the first customer. Rossi will be traveling back to the USA in the near tion of heat. The actual amount of power used to support all these systems during self sustain mode was 66 future to setup manufacturing of additional units. He expects to be able to produce between 30 and 100, one (sixty six) kilowatt hours. Self sustain mode continued for approximately 5.5 megawatt plants the first year. At first the price will be (five and one half) hours, beginning at around 12:30 $2,000 per kilowatt of capacity, but with mass producpm. During this time period, 2,635.033 (two thousand tion and economy of scale kicking in, the price will evensix hundred and thirty five) kilowatt hours of output - tually go down to as low as $100 per kilowatt installed. I would suggest that any company that is interested in the form of heat - was produced. In other words, an average constant production of 479 kilowatts for five in purchasing a plant contact Rossi as soon as possible. It and a half hours. This is a huge amount of power, and seems the line at the checkout register is forming. What the fact that it was produced with virtually zero input will be interesting is to see how long the mainstream power validates the E-Cat technology beyond any rea- media and mainstream scientific community will be able to ignore the growing number of satisfied customers. sonable doubt, whatsoever. They need to accept the truth -- cold fusion is here, What is also very significant, is that the temperature of the output did not decrease over the course of and its name is the E-Cat!

national organization geared towards tangible political action. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s based on the promotion of Constitutional freedoms, and its leadership is decentralized. Just make it happen… At bottom, if we want to fight back against a system we cannot take back through traditional means, then we must learn to walk away. If the system feeds us, clothes us, and shelters us at will, then ordinary protest is pointless. Our tender parts are in a rusty vice on the autocratic workbench and until we pull them out, no amount of screaming and pounding will improve our situation. Independence is won through the constant striving for self responsibility. Freedom is won through a position of personal strength, not weakness and self-enslavement. Numbers alone do not make a movement, and the elites we currently work to supplant are not going to flinch at a few random protests. In all likelihood they will welcome these actions as a useful distraction. Tyrants don’t fear the torches and pitchforks anymore. What they do fear is balanced insight, self reliance, and exceptional force of will. A handful of men with these attributes are far more dangerous to a corrupt system than thousands of citizens driven only by insatiable anger. To overcome oppression, we must first overcome ourselves. The ability to step outside the paradigm, the ability to act without permission, and charge the gates without apprehension, is the key to toppling totalitarian systems and exposing the great lie of our age; that we cannot exist without the cage we were born into.

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Universal Corporation Continued from page 17

of having the Ark removed was a debilitating collapse of that nation. They were more severely crippled than before they had the Ark. Individuals in possession of the Ark experienced much the same thing or an increase in a thirst for power. Technology like this is without a doubt a real setup in the game. Although according to Frank Joseph research has not yet pinned down the creator of the Ark. The concept of this un-datable mechanism no doubt descended from higher levels of the game. The power of the Ark is still woven into our world today. The stage one human in this limiting leg of the game: the worker, is responding as required in this level of the system. Just as long as the worker/player continues to hang on to promises of a promotion to higher enlightenment in heaven, one’s franchise/hologram will continue to model the limiting franchise purchased. But the journey to enlightenment is a game and sometimes the overdose of seriousness becomes the pitfall as views become one dimensional. It’s the peripheral vision that is powerful, it’s the shadows caught out of the corner of the eye…now there is magic there, for much of what is caught by direct visual experience is limiting and pre-programmed. Remember that our contact with the physical world is based on our library of familiarities and acceptabilities in the brain, and those familiarities are supported by our belief systems and perceptions. The business of reality when summed up is equivalent to the business model of our world. In the business of reality the commercial mode of exchange is spiritual currency. We are spending our energy; our life force as allotted in the illusion of a finite existence. We operate from an illusory space of spending time; time is the means of calculating or measuring spiritual currency: your life force, or so we are lead to believe in the game. In our world of commerce currency is based on instruments designated/agreed upon as the mode of exchange. The science of currency/commerce ideally requires such instruments of exchange to be backed by a natural/tangible substance such as gold or silver. When we allow ourselves to see beyond the accepted norm we see clues are all around us. When we speak about god (and this includes those who consider themselves aware) we do so with a sense of externalization; acknowledged as a force outside and separate from us. I have witnessed this despite religious/spiritual beliefs. This is a programming/conditioning that is deeply embedded in most everyone. We want to meet god and do his will, this is what is said by many, but whose will and which god? The fact is that there is a god/creator for this and all other worlds. So our desire to connect with a force seen as separate is not completely without merit. These are highly aware beings! This realization is significant in becoming aware of the human potential to rise or to return to such levels of being a “conscious creator”. This is what is possible for each of us! If we are at all serious about a deep stimulation of memory we must be willing to examine our spiritual belief systems beyond the euphoric comfort zone. A franchise owner can someday choose to create his/her own company completely unrelated to the franchise previously owned. However the skills learned from operating the franchise has prepared one to build a magnificent empire; a world of unique ideas inspired by the highs and lows of the previous experiences. In one’s new world/empire one will incorporate workers/characters/ franchisees/players/ a team of upper and lower management to fulfill that which has been imagined, and so the cycle repeats itself as we hit the agenda point of the game/corporation/business. Technology is the medium of conversion of substance (energy let’s say) into formation. It is the mechanism of creating on all levels. Technology redefines itself according to the level or realm of creative capability. All creators operate through inner technology regardless of one’s level of awareness. There are some

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base principles in manifesting ideas and concepts from the depth of the imagination. Even in creating one’s own enslavement. So the levels of technology understood in our realm are a stepping stone to more advanced levels of a greater technology in use by beings who have governed this enterprise of earth. We hear of corporate take over’s and we have also heard many stories of the scuffle for the control of earth by external forces. Is it any different? No. It takes me back to my article ‘Who is in charge of the Humans?’ Our entire universe is a giant enterprise run by a multileveled hierarchical governing systems. As I have said in other articles this entire process is a virtual program. At heightened levels the technology changes to functions and possibilities generated by inner technology of advanced gods/administrators/ board members. We can also identify them as high ranking cosmic scientists. Now let’s put things in perspective, comparatively in observation, of our scientific community on this level of the game: can you see the parallel…as above so below. We are attempting to remember and to replicate the very system that we have been playing in, or perhaps appear to be trapped in (in terms of being trapped this depends on your perspective of course). On this level of the game it’s as if we are building a time machine from scrap metal or from materials accessible on this realm, however on other levels their technology requires no materials to be gathered only the actions of mere thought. Such beings are the forces that we pay homage to, the forces that we worship. To put things further in perspective, let’s compare our position to a third or fourth world country measured against a first world system. Let us keep in mind that every country is a business, every city, every town, all run and owned by governing systems. Although at the core of it all the people are generally the rightful owners, the people most often give away their rights to others whom they believe to be more capable of making decisions on their behalf, and almost always the people (the real owners) are made the workers. The entire world is a giant corporation with a handful of ruling forces who answer to these hierarchical systems previously mentioned. This becomes significant in viewing the deceptions imposed in the area of spirituality. Spirituality is corporatized and only a select few are deemed privy to selected levels of knowledge. When we sell out, or when we bargain with our personal evolution that which we have bargained with, or sold out to, holds all the cards. It might be quite a few life times before one wises up to the boundaries and the manipulation written into the signed contract. But as always I must say that time is an illusion so nothing has been lost, no one is running out of time, this is all part of the mechanism that keeps the wheel turning and the universal corporation going. The beauty lies in the awakening to the agenda and in remembering profound levels of capabilities and pos-

sibilities in human expansion. When we can recognize the boundaries and the limitations gated around our perceptions only then will the veil thin away into non-existence, at least in this realm of the game experience. When we are no longer afraid to live a life without the mindset of subservience only then are we ready to assume the power that lies within us waiting ever so patiently to be unleashed. This kind of power is for everyone but at different stages of expansion. Therefore it is not for everyone to experience complete disclosure or awakening on the level of the experience just as we are all on different levels of awareness. Evolution is personal and we must realize that who you are and your desire for deep evolution is not contingent on the whole world shifting. However your personal transformation will create a world within which you can and will continue your progression. You don’t have to beg the world to change, you are the only one that needs to change; change your perception and your relationship with the world will also change. This vast business you operate in will adjust, adapt and reform according to your new perception of reality. The universal hierarchy at every level has its own dilemmas that it must contend with so perhaps in realizing this we can set aside our ideology of perfection. All beings are in constant evolution; this game is about endlessly creating, and with creating comes endless progression. Perhaps we should redefine the idea of creating as all potentials exist in the ocean of possibilities. We cast images or bring into form models of all such potentials and possibilities. With such awareness it is clear that we endlessly rediscover the fullness of who and what we are in those moments where we pulse into nothingness, no particle, no wave just abundant nothingness, and when the pulse reappears we return to the game. This article is meant to stimulate more thought and if otherwise interpreted then it has still stimulated more thought. In the end the shape of your reality is truly in your hands!

Ignore the Glitzy Advertising... and Read the List of Ingredients by Dakota Bawden-Totte, BA, Dip. Ed. SFU


e are a ‘rush-around’ culture these days. There are a myriad of ‘conveniences’ and ‘short cut’s wanting to ‘save’ us time. But when it comes to our food, we try to eat healthfully, knowing that ‘we are what we eat’. For the most part we bypass the junk foods, and fast-food stores that beckon to us. However, if what we put into our bodies is so key, then why are many of us still feeding convenience and junk foods, bagged, dehydrated fast food pellets, to our pets every day? Since when did ingredients such as corn, potato, wheat, and other grain-carb combinations become part of the carnivore’s (your dog and cat) diet? Mother Nature designed them to eat raw, not cooked foods. Consider the following: The dog and wolf are officially designated as the same species: CANIS LUPUS. And cats make up the family Fedlidae, of the order Carnivora. What that means is that dogs and cats have no ability to predigest grains or carbohydrates; they lack amylase in their mouths. They are designed by Mother Nature to digest raw meat, bone, and organs, not cooked grain/carbohydrate based foods. The dog and cat’s stomach acidity is less than or equal to pH 1: which is perfect for digesting raw meat/bone, and ‘killing’ any potentially harmful bacteria; while humans are pH 7.5 - much more alkaline. My suggestion? Ignore all the ‘glitzy’ ads and pictures on the outside of the fancy package, and take a few moments to read the list of ingredients. I did. As a result of doing so I’ve been feeding a ‘species appropriate’ (raw prey) diet to my dogs for over 17 years now. The benefits are amazing! My dogs now have fresher breath, cleaner teeth, LESS poop!, No fleas, no itches, no (doggie) odour.

And more. It could change your pets’ lives - for the better. There is an abundance of evidence that your carnivore companion is designed to eat a raw diet. For more info about switching your pet’s food, check out your nearest raw food store for pets, or, check out Trust Mother Nature; she won’t let you down. Your pet will LOVE you for it. Dakota Bawden-Totte, is a dog trainer and writer/lecturer on the benefits of the raw diet for over 17 years. She is the co-founder of True Carnivores – the first raw-foodonly store for cats and dogs in Vancouver. The caretaker of two beloved raw-fed dogs, ages 14 and 17, and a cranky cat who lived until 21 years of age because of the raw diet, Dakota continues to educate pet owners through seminars, radio shows, articles and most recently her book: The Real Poop on Pet Food: True Confessions of a Raw Feeder.

Remembering What Cannot Be by Kevin Annett


s a boy in Winnipeg, it was a day when I could show off in my boy scout uniform for all the girls, and we got the day off from school; so it was indeed a memorable time. But exactly what and who I was to remember on November 11 never was clear to me, even when it was carefully explained by parents and teachers. For I was never there in the carnage at the Somme, or Normandy, or Vimy Ridge, although my grand-dad was, and my unknown, martyred Uncle Bob who gave up his life jacket for a fellow torpedoed sailor, and who died for his act. Yet still, I was to feel something for at least the soldiers who never returned home, men who meant nothing to me, even when they were my own kin. And so our annual Remembrance Day service was for me the same kind of showy pretense that I received every Sunday in church, where I was to mourn the tortured Jesus and rejoice in his victory over the grave, even when I never knew the guy. And yet over time, I sensed some deeper wisdom in the pretense. For we do carry a collective memory of our dead, greater than any one of us; and from our earliest times, we have honored our fallen simply by recalling them, and keeping alive that which neither blade nor bullet can destroy. That said, it was all still hearsay to my pre-pubescent self. Every November 11, I was expected to believe the stories of my elders, and share their grief, and memories. And with the absolute blessing of our local clergyman at Westworth United Church, who always held his own Memorial Day service, I was also to know without a doubt that the slaughter had all been very necessary.

I believed it. Like most other boys, I looked forward to each November 11. For how easily was I caught up in the thrill of the bagpipes and the drums, and entranced by the brotherhood of belonging displayed by all the aging, uniformed veterans who still stood so firm, together, in a devotion that none of us ever knew in our crowded, daily lives. I was being recruited, even then, but into what and by whom I still did not know. “I’m just glad you’ll never have to go away to a war” my mother would say to me, like clockwork, at the end of every November 11 as she tucked me into bed. I always felt so let down by her words, and by her ignorance of what was stirring within me. At six years old, and at twelve, I dreamt of battle, I played war, I organized all the local kids, girls included, into squads and recon units that probed the local neighborhood for shelter, and the right terrain for battle. I always stood poised on the edge, holding myself in readiness for an engagement that everything in me strained towards as if my very soul depended on it, which as it turns out, it did. And yet never did I know why I was so. During our summer trips to my grandparent’s place in Edmonton, I’d sit at the kitchen table and listen again and again to Grandpa Ross’s tales from the World War 1 battlefront. Gramp would speak of trench raids against the Germans, of the long, cold nights and all the lice, but also of his first Christmas eve in Belgium in 1915, when he and the enemy met beyond the wire and shared songs, and cheap booze, and promised not to be the first ones to resume the shooting. The camaraderie with the krauts must have worked, Grandpa used to chortle to me from behind his pipe, for two years later at Vimy Ridge, a German soldier saved his life

during battle, enduring capture by the Canadians to carry in Grandpa’s wounded and unconscious self to his own lines, and safety – and allowing me to be born. I always cried when Grandpa told that story, just like I did when our family spoke so reverentially of young Uncle Bob and his self-sacrifice for a stranger. And it was to that innocent place in my own heart that I always went during every Remembrance Day service, recalling that which I could not possibly have known, if memory was simply an individual thing: that the highest calling of the warrior is not conquest, but sacrifice; not assault, but heroism and integrity. I have been blessed throughout my days to have never been relinquished by that knowledge, and to allow it to take me to the graves of many innocents who have been slaughtered in domestic wars, and find there a remembrance of these unknown ones who must be remembered. The unhealable pain of any war, and why there never are victors, is that the first casualty is always our own innocence and best hopes. And that realization struck me with a vengeance last month when I stood for the first time over the mass grave of children at a place paid for by us, run by us, and hidden by us. Veterans can rarely return to the battlefields they survived, and where their own hopes, and buddies, lie buried. Nor have the survivors of the longest war in human history – the one we have waged against indigenous peoples – easily come to those graves where more than 50,000 of their little relatives lie. For we, who put them there, have not yet remembered our own story, and honor, and thus we have not the courage, yet, to stand there with them. It will come, one day, but only when we truly remember that which cannot be, and yet which must be; and somehow, in the remembering, change.

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Josh del Sol


hat a world we live in - with SO many corporate and government scandals of corruption, it’s hard to know where is the next fire that we, the people, the responsible humans, need to put out. Oh, the messes that we clean up on behalf of the pocket-lined 1%. But, duty calls. Hot on the heels of awareness generated through the “Occupy” movement, the next major issue on BC’s plate is the banning of BC Hydro’s “smart meters”. I call upon all BC residents to first get aware of this critical issue - which affects us ALL - then resound a unified NO to smart meters and put committed action behind the words. Many of us know about the absurd costs and privacy issues associated with this program. But in this writer’s opinion, even more important is to become aware of the real, serious health risks that smart meters pose - both physical and mental. Already both in BC and elsewhere, there have been thousands of cases of illness, insomnia, headaches and other general malaise as a result of smart

meters being installed in the vicinity of humans. (And multiple reports of plant life dying around installations as well -are rosebushes subject to the placebo effect?) In many cases, those illness-inflicted people had no idea that the meters were installed -- it was only after they traced back the installation date, and correlated it to when their health crisis started, that the cause of illness became evident: smart meter radiation. At a time when cancer and other major illnesses are on the rise, and the root cause of diseases (natural doctors say diet and pH balance) is yet to be recognized by the mainstream money grab..err.. “health research” organizations, the last thing we need is more radiation, which has been scientifically demonstrated to stress biological cells and limit their oxygenation, which in turn has been shown to create illness-causing acidity in the body. BC Hydro is flat-out lying about the level of microwave emissions that each smart meter (and each collector) emits. If you do a YouTube search for “smart meters radiation”, you will see actual footage taken by those who have the proper digital equipment to read the EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation. Each smart meter actually emits much more radiation than a cell-phone tower. And, it is bursting for very long periods of time -- also contrary to BC Hydro’s propaganda. Existing research has already proven that a moderately long cell-phone call can be very damaging to biological cells, and that this can add up to a real danger... far more than the swaths of our “bought-and-paidfor” research will allow the public to see. Just ask Dr. George Carlo, who was hired by the telecommunications industry to do research on the issue. When Dr. Carlo couldn’t be swayed by the soulless execs to not publish his findings (that wireless radiation is a serious biological health concern), they fired him, scuttled the research and attempted to blacklist him and his name from the scientific community. CBC recently polled website viewers on this issue, and their result is that 73% of respondent Canadians are “very concerned” about the health effects of an increasingly wireless society. There is good reason Canadians are waking up to this issue, instead of

by Michael Leung


hat business do you want in your neighbourhood? This Space is a business project that is giving people a chance to decide that very question in Vancouver’s Chinatown/Strathcona area. Over the next few months, This Space will continue to ask questions on how to start the business at 243 Union Street. In September, people voted for Local Service, over the Restaurant and Retail categories. Poll #2 is currently open, asking people what exact Local Service business they want: (A) local foods grocery, (B) fresh bread, or (C) mixed-use activities? Future polls will have the public help decide store design, staff hiring, etc.

Page 22

buying into the constant lies and manipulation that microwaves are healthy as chicken soup. For starters, earlier this year the WHO officially classified electromagnetic radiation (i.e. anything wireless) as a possible carcinogen. Don’t let the word “possible” fool you... in a world where governments are increasingly controlled by corporate interests, this was a big step toward truth. So, just to come back to the issue here, “non-governmental” testing equipment visually demonstrates radiation of more than 200,000 microwatts/m2 -- per smart meter. (A rooftop cell-phone tower showed 30,000 microwatts/ m2.) In many cases, there are planned to be not just one, but literally walls of 20, 30 or more of these things packed together in residential buildings -- each one categorized as a radio station -- with the bedrooms of our mothers, kids, and friends just a few feet away on the other side of that wall. And the intense, bursting characteristic of the emissions have been biologically shown to be even more damaging. It is no wonder why some have already been forced to flee their homes entirely, due solely to their smart meter installation. In addition to vast health-related concerns, is the privacy issue which I will not get into here - but which is a very real concern to all Canadians who value freedom (or what’s left of it). Suffice it to say... for sale: whatever information they can collect on you. And finally, the ridiculous expenditure of $1B for this terrible nefariousness should be reason alone to scrap smart meters instantaneously. BC Hydro does not even expect to break even: 20 years down the road -- they still only expect to recover $700 million of the ridiculous expense (even according to their own propaganda). It also needs to become common knowledge that the mayors and councillors of BC collectively voted several weeks ago to issue a moratorium against the installation of smart meters. The public, and our elected municipal leaders, clearly do NOT want smart meters, and we’ve voiced this strongly and clearly. That same day, BC Energy minister Rich Coleman went on record saying that he does not care about the will of the mayors, councillors and all British Columbians whatsoever. That he, in collusion with BC Hydro and whatever hidden hand is at play, is committed that all British Columbians will suffer him ramming these things down our collective throat. Democracy has clearly left this building. Time of us to wake up and demand differently. Let us also remember: former premier Gordon Campbell specifically exempted BC Hydro’s $1B “eff-you-tothe-BC-people” (aka smart meters) from requiring ANY public review or input whatsoever. And WE are left with the bill? WE are left to pay with our health and, in some cases, even lives? And WE should be willing to give up personal freedoms and rights, apparently protected by existing privacy legislation? This is not acceptable, none of it. It is high time British Columbians stand up en masse, and say NO to this corpocratic nonsense. Privacy and financial issues aside (but by no means insignificant) -- the health, mental and physical well-being, and in some cases the very lives of British Columbians are literally dependent on our coming together and demanding a permanent ban on the abyssspawned “smart meters”. If you are reading this message: speak up, the people of your province need you. Josh Michnik and Michael Leung believe that letting people decide what they need will build a business that is a better fit for the neighbourhood, thereby increasing community support for it. The business will also draw on local resources where possible and provide a portion of the profits to community projects. The objective is to be a valuable business for the neighbourhood. They hope to have a business up-and-running by early next year. You can follow the entire start-up process and vote online at, or drop by 243 Union Street to have a chat and vote by physical ballot.

7 Elephants

Continued from page 8 Truth erased by omission and supplanted with a false narrative. The perfect example again is 9/11. There’s not an iota of the official story that is provable except that things blew up, while the anomalies in what transpired that day are myriad. And is this even debatable? No. In fact even challenging the official story has become tantamount to heresy. After all, rule #1 is to NEVER point out an elephant. Elephants simply do not exist. That kerosene can’t melt steel? Sorry, never heard that on TV. That an Arab passport flutters supernaturally in perfect condition from this horrific exploding plane hitting and supposedly melting an entire building? Wow, what luck! And the pancake theory? Anyone see any pancaked floors? “Oh well, I’m sure they were there cuz they told us that’s how it happened, move along.” And to this day mention building 7 and you’ll be shocked how many people never even heard of it. Why? The old news blackout trick. Do the same with Oklahoma what was on the news the first day and notice how you never ever heard again about “the other bombs” they found that day that were sophisticated military grade munitions. The reporters said these were crucial evidence and were going to help identify the culprits. Gone. Erased by omission from the public mind. Virtually the “lone gunman” story once again. JFK redux. How convenient. Besides the lies and political side show, when the populace is bombarded with shallow roll models, decadent athletes and rock stars, degrading sexual deviancy and an endless stream of horrific violent images via TV, movies, computer games and even actual war...we have a problem. 7. Marginalization Of Extra “Ordinary” Phenomena What UFOs? 10’s of thousands of sightings doesn’t apparently mean squat if “official sources” don’t acknowl-

edge their existence. A secret space program and mega militarization of space? “C’mon, they couldn’t hide something like that! And underground bases? That would be such a story the media would never ignore and surely someone would have spoken up about them.” Mind control? “Now who would do that to you but a demonic Asian in a POW camp? Get over it. It’s not possible any more. I’m a free entity, there’s no way they could pull that off. Pass the cool aid, honey, I’m thirsty..” Funny, they talk about the technological capability to do things like these, and put out scores of movies on these subjects, but in order to apply it to your reality they’ve positioned themselves as the final authority on every subject. For example, that the wicked PTBs may be targeting the general population with mind control techniques, never mind manipulating thousands of actual Manchurian candidates around the world would seem crazy to most. Yet they know advertising works on this very basis. But again, that’s been cleverly camouflaged, excused and justified as “free enterprise”. Clever little bastards, aren’t they? “And now those wackos are talking about secret societies, ritual child abuse and pedophilia amongst the elites? All that stuff’s nonsense. Why the news man would laugh at all that, honey. I could tell by the smirk on his face not to believe all that stuff in that interview...” And consciousness and extra-dimensional realities? That’s relegated to “scientists” to package up and serve in some remote non-applicable sanitized fashion. Otherwise, you talk about that stuff and you’re a new age paranoid conspiracy nut job. Again, the false choice technique...neither option they give you is the Truth. Conclusion These are just 7 of these things. There is an entire herd of elephants running around the whole human household with more roaming through each day! The extent to which humanity is being massively manipulated can be overwhelming at first, but it’s actually quite liberating

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once you get through most of the maze and start to “get it”. But this is real education. The other is predominantly programming your mind to accept a predetermined version of reality that they would like you to have. Solution: Pull the Plug It’s clear the so-called government and it’s plethora of bloated agencies are not there to help you, but to manage, seduce, suppress, subjugate and control you. Yet they convince you otherwise to keep you dependent and upside down and backwards while telling you everything’s on the up and up. Their fundamental technique is trauma-based mind control and cognitive dissonance. Keep affronting your senses with violent images and then reversing your sense of right and wrong and telling you white is black and black is white long enough and you’ll finally give in. The only place to turn is OFF. Turn it all off. Get your real life back. Read, play, love those around you, laugh, visit inspiring and revelatory alternative internet sites while they’re still available. Spend time in nature. Just get away from televisions and any form of mass media. Have you noticed how TVs are constantly playing in just about every lobby, restaurant, lounge, terminal etc., and people leave them on at home just for companionship? Big Brother wants your attention. Don’t give it to him. And be careful as to what music you listen to. I cringe when I see young people with their earbuds in and a strange stare on their faces or slumped over in obvious depression. I can only imagine what rubbish their subjecting themselves to thinking it’s cool or OK cuz it’s some famous group or something iTunes is pushing. Music is programming, either good or bad. Skepticism Is Good Their pollution has become so pervasive it’s hard to trust anything any more. Don’t worry, that’s a healthy attitude. Stay takes some doing and undoing, but it’s what life is all about. And help others do the same. Conscious awareness is a thrill worth detaching for!

Resting easy, made simple.

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L-Tryptophan + B6 A true multitasker, L-Tryptophan helps you get a good night's sleep, combat depression, and more! • Alleviates stress • Reduces risk of heart attack • Acts as an appetite suppressant • Helps lessen hyperactivity • Licensed Exemption Number (EN) product

LIFE CHOICE™ L-Tryptophan

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