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Birthing the Divine Warrior

Canada’s Forecast

Television and The Hive Mind

Chemtrail Consequences

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Birthing the Divine Warrior by Julian Rose


hese are testing times. There is little doubt that the malevolent forces currently holding sway over our world are doing their damnedest to keep the lid on the rising tide of consciousness which will ultimately depose them. The effect is tangible; as though a block is attempting to be placed on incoming energies that nourish the awakening process. As though such energies are being sucked out of the very air we breathe – leaving a kind of vacuum and that feeling one gets just

before a thunderstorm when the atmospheric pressure draws back prior to unleashing its pent up energies. Disoriented and strangely ‘up against it’. We may even experience the sense of loss of contact with the flow of higher guidance, moments of lethargy as well as mental disequilibrium. Hold hard my friends. Draw in and earth your internal energies. Ride out the storm. It was never going to be easy. Yes, here we are in the run up to those much anticipated dates of the winter solstice 2012 – and instead of being lifted aloft by higher vibrations – we may instead be feeling grounded, sore and glad enough to gain an occasional glimpse of the light!

From now on, our true strength will come from engagement with, and the ultimate defeat of, all that which, and those who, try to block the flowering of the Divine Truth which each of us holds within - and whose time has now come.

Yet within the great game of Cosmic Lila that is the adventure called Life – what we are going through is a twenty first century manifestation of the ‘rights of passage’ of the warriors of old. The vortex we are now entering is forcing us to strip away the last vestiges of our worldly baggage that cannot be carried on our backs through this great metamorphosis that we are to undergo. The healing and transformation process which is now upon us will not compromise its powers or soften its strength. No, we should be glad of this – even as the pain hits home. What we are being hit by is a combination of ‘man made’ consciousness suppressors and the curative fire of higher energies – and probably in approximately equal amounts. Who ever said it was going to be a pleasurable rise into the gently setting sun? In the vortex between two great spans of time is where we are privileged to now be travelling. And all the while this vortex is pulling into itself the manifest events of our past history and crunching them into an ever expanding present, composed of both past and future. Yes, we are on the inward moving outer spiral of a veritable ‘black hole’. This great whirlpool is sucking and concentrating all of earthly history into a spiralling hour glass, and we, my friends, are going with it. For we too are cosmic entities that cannot be separated from the forces of the universal forces from which we are formed. But what we can separate ourselves from is the foolish fixation upon an identity that is not ours. That is a false vessel sailing on a sea of phony propaganda, illusion and lies … and it is that vessel which is now about to hit the rocks and disintegrate into a thousand fragments, each of which will shout-out to be saved! Don’t go to their rescue, brothers and sisters. Let them go. They are the useless detritus of our tainted past and are blockages to our present right of passage.

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“Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.” - Dale Turner Over the past decade, independent testing of Chemtrails around the country has shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fibreglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mould spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibres.

by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri


or decades, we have known that heavy metals and chemicals can cause grave physical harm. Going back to Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring,” we have known and been amply warned of the serious consequences of using or being exposed to these poisons in our daily activities. Thousands of these are well-documented carcinogens. Building on Carson’s ground-breaking research, we also know that certain kinds of chemicals can and do disrupt human [and other animals’] entire immune systems. Going back 30 years, researchers were investigating what became known as endocrine [hormone] disrupting chemicals and how they were affecting frogs [who sometimes had five legs or hermaphroditic characteristics], other aquatic animals, and mammals. These animals were the proverbial canaries


o C l i a r t m e

in the coal mine. In another pioneering book, “Our Stolen Future,” authors Dr. Theo Colburn, Dianne Dumanoski, and John Peterson Myers clearly demonstrate that 1 + 1 hormonedisrupting chemicals did not equal 2. Rather, in a nightmare of mathematical proportions, these poisons acted synergistically; and

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1+1 could equal up to 1,600 times the original dose. We are also exposed to more than 100,000 chemicals regularly. Most of them have never been tested for human safety. So, almost nothing has been done to reduce human exposure to a myriad of hazardous chemicals. In fact, over the past decade, the Bush administration dismantled many environmental laws in existence for 30 years, to let corporations off the proverbial hook. [Just look at what’s unfolding in the Gulf with the BP oil spill.] Although this information, on the dangers of hormone disruption, is now more widely available on Internet sites, it still is not well known by the average person who gets news mostly from mainstream media. Most of these highly toxic chemicals are invisible; and, therefore, are easily off our collective radar. With the high stress level created by the deliberately

that have poisoned our entire food chain and, thus, our own supposed “health.” We are at the very top of this wrecked food chain. Now, however, there is another far more insidious layer of toxicity that is not being addressed at all in any mainstream, corporate-controlled news, and it is affecting our very survival. It is, however, being addressed more and more by independent researchers who have supporting evidence to back up their Internet reports. For more than a decade, first the United States and then Canada’s citizens have been subjected to a 24/7/365 day aerosol assault over our heads made of a toxic

s e c n e u q nse

orchestrated financial crisis –where millions have lost their jobs and homes– a degraded/collapsing environment or serious health problems are not priorities –especially, if very little is reported in mainstream news. This disaster scenario is part of the larger picture of what Naomi Klein writes about in her book “The Shock Doctrine.” We have so many major crises, one after another, that it is hard just to keep up with one’s daily routine –let alone have time to read and consider the toxicological health ramifications of massive amounts of thousands of heavy metals and chemicals

brew of poisonous heavy metals, chemicals, and other dangerous ingredients. None of this was reported by any mainstream media. The US Department of Defence [DOD] and military have been systematically blanketing all our skies with what are known as Chemtrails (also known as Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering). These differ vastly from the usual plane contrails that evaporate rather quickly in the sky. Chemtrails do not dissipate. Rather, planes (fitted with special nozzles) release aerosols “lines” in the sky that do not evaporate. Multiple planes are deployed, flying parallel (or often “checkerboard” patterns) overhead; and soon the sky is blanketed with many greyish-white lines [miles and miles long, although this is changing]. At first, these lines are thin; but soon they expand and, in a short time, merge

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You Can Always Get Whatever You Want Excerpt from The Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont


t is a spiritual law that the desire to do necessarily implies the ability to do. You have all read of “Aladdin’s Lamp,” which accomplished such wonderful things. This, of course, is only a fairy story, but it illustrates the fact that man has within him the power, if he is able to use it, to gratify his every wish. If you are unable to satisfy your deepest longings it is time you learned how to use your God-given powers. You will soon be conscious that you have latent powers within capable, when once developed, of revealing to you priceless knowledge and unlimited possibilities of success. Man should have plenty of everything and not merely substance to live on as so many have. All natural desires can be realized. It would be wrong for the Infinite to create wants that could not be supplied. Man’s very soul is in his power to think, and it,

therefore, is the essence of all created things. Every instinct of man leads to thought, and in every thought there is great possibility because true thought development, when allied to those mysterious powers which perhaps transcend it, has been the cause of all the world’s true progress. In the silence we become conscious of “that something” which transcends thought and which uses thought as a medium for expression. Many have glimpses of “that something,” but few ever reach the state where the mind is steady enough to fathom these depths. Silent, concentrated thought is more potent than spoken words, for speech distracts from the focusing power of the mind by drawing more and more attention to the without. Man must learn more and more to depend on himself; to seek more for the Infinite within. It is from this source alone that he ever gains the power to solve his practical difficulties. No one should give up when there is always the resources of Infinity. The cause of failure is that men search in the wrong direction for success, because they are not conscious of their real powers that when used are capable of guiding them. The Infinite within is foreign to those persons who go through life without developing their spiritual powers. But the Infinite helps only he who helps himself. There is no such thing as a Special “Providence.” Man will not receive help from the Infinite except to the extent that he believes and hopes and prays for help from this great source. Concentrate on What You Want and Get It. The weakling is controlled by conditions. The strong man controls conditions. You can be either the conqueror or the conquered. By the law of concentration you can achieve your heart’s desire. This law is so powerful that that which at first seems impossible becomes attainable. By this law what you at first see as a dream becomes a reality.  Remember that the first step in concentration is to form a Mental Image of what you wish to accomplish. This image becomes a thought-seed that attracts thoughts of a similar nature. Around this thought, when it is once planted in the imagination or creative region of the mind, you group or build associated thoughts which continue to grow as long as your desire is keen

enough to compel close concentration. Form the habit of thinking of something you wish to accomplish for five minutes each day. Shut every other thought out of consciousness. Be confident that you will succeed; make up your mind that all obstacles that are in your way will be overcome and you can rise above any environment. You do this by utilizing the natural laws of the thought world which are all powerful. A great aid in the development of concentration is to write out your thoughts on that which lies nearest your heart and to continue, little by little, to add to it until you have as nearly as possible exhausted the subject. You will find that each day as you focus your forces on this thought at the center of the stream of consciousness, new plans, ideas and methods will flash into your mind. There is a law of attraction that will help you accomplish your purpose. An advertiser, for instance, gets to thinking along a certain line. He has formed his own ideas, but he wants to know what others think. He starts out to seek ideas and he soon finds plenty of books, plans, designs, etc., on the subject, although when he started he was not aware of their existence. The same thing is true in all lines. We can attract those things that will help us. Very often we seem to receive help in a miraculous way. It may be slow in coming, but once the silent unseen forces are put into operation, they will bring results so long as we do our part. They are ever present and ready to aid those who care to use them. By forming a strong mental image of your desire, you plant the thought-seed which begins working in your interest and, in time, that desire, if in harmony with your higher nature, will materialize. It may seem that it would be unnecessary to caution you to concentrate only upon achievement that will be good for you and work no harm to another, but there are many who forget others and their rights, in their anxiety to achieve success. All good things are possible for you to have, but only as you bring your forces into harmony with that law that requires that we mete out justice to fellow travelers as we journey along life’s road. So first think over

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Beautiful World


by Fredalupe!

’ve recently gone to the southern hemisphere for a spell: just to see, just to feel. There is an astounding beauty to the natural world here, despite the pollution that seems to come with the artificially instituted poverty so prevalent in these perfect climates. The sky is still free, although I attest to having spent so long under alien skies that I have trouble not seeing boogie-men lurking about up there. Exotic birds sing. There is an easy joy and simple understanding here that life is to be lived, joyfully and together. Of course many here as elsewhere are definitely preoccupied with survival, yet I can literally hear children singing behind the walls, amusing themselves without digital assistance, others playing games in the streets, all the while the trees lining those same streets are fit to bursting out of their cement casings. The Sun blazes its generous warmth for all. And this is from a busy city during a break in the rains. I’m actually happier then I’ve been in a place that is so far removed from the world I knew that I can barely remember it at all. Here the sky is very blue. The clouds are real. Beez hum. Horses run free. The people are splendid, earthen, gentle, wise. The land sings, vibrates, welcomes. Before my very eyes more dreams have come true in the last week then have for me in decades. I’m not sure what to say to anyone reading this. No one can live another’s life, everyplace is sacred, and often a complete change is called for. I really feel that we, as a collective, have come about as far as we can down the road of abject homicidal stupidity. And we needn’t allow more. Much like the parasitical infestation that is their highest achievement, the insane control system of coercion and fraud, those manning the machine in every capacity, serves us as all an abject lesson in evolution. I include them in my contextual field of awareness. I was once as they are still. For them far worse is to come and they sense it: they live in fear, terrible and abysmal, and so call out to it, so far removed from Source and Truth and Love in and of which we are all One. They are that part of us which has turned away from the empathic vibration of Unity Consciousness to experience total separation, total selfishness, total fear. I remember. It wasn’t that long ago. I had my reasons and went through my pains. I have my scars. I am not surprised at the antics, the depravity, the dark glee at the suffering and loathing of others. I don’t find it that difficult to imagine just how far some go in their insanity, their endless loneliness, their endless desperation for a fix that doesn’t exist. It fills the air. It litters the streets, poisons the waters and befouls the air. Desperation. Predatorial desperation. Trying to think our thoughts, make our moves. In the North, acid rains fall, working stiffs walking undead, forever shuffling towards the taxes due on their enslavement. My heart tears up because I’m alive, awake. At times I feel as much as my love can encompass, including everyone I can imagine. I often wished that all The New Agora shared about the goings on of the day weren’t true as well, but look around: what do you see? It seems to me, and it’s this point that helps carry me through the darkest of times, particularly the ones of my own making of which there have been more than a few, is that we really are here to offer, manifest, share, represent and embody that which we would most love to be, see and change and offer one another. I know that’s a slogan heavy sentence, but it does boil down to one becoming a fully participant, dynamically activated player in this glorious game called life to which we’ve All been invited. As I am walking under a beautifully blue sky, complete with gorgeous clouds, heaven’s own wafting by, my heart occasionally aches with all that’s happening elsewhere, from whence I’ve come, specifically from where you are reading these very words. I understand that we’ve had to come, collectively, as far as we could on this spectrum, in the ‘wrong’ direction, so to speak, whereas intelligence and awareness of Truth and dark shadow play are concerned. We’ve done this together to really appreciate what’s to come: our reunion with Ourselves in the grandest sense of the word. I know that all the pain, the horror, the sheer ugliness of evil seemingly rampant everywhere one looks is a necessary outing and expression of that which Love is not. And I understand I asked for all this, to witness, to experience, to savour even down to the bone. I’ve played my part in this life, I am in truth still playing, yet I’ve come to that place within myself to know that I’m done with living by any authority other than my own: I am my own author after all. This story is mine. I accept this joyous responsibility. I know that these ‘editorials’ I write often spiral around the same ideas, topics, warnings and encouragements. Freedom’s the point of my life. Time to live that truth as well as I can. So for now I’ve had enough of the bad news, the signs and portents of the end, of doom. I’ve had my fill of placing my attention on the antics of destruction that those creatures who once thrived, so like crazed maggots feeding on their own corpses, if that were possible, and who now so desperately foment all the madness and strife they can muster for fear and the starving certainty that their day is done and that ours is come. Placing my attention on Omnifying and Mysterizing this wonder in which we live seems an impeccable use of energy to me. So be of good cheer! Why not assume the responsibility of your own existence and Elect to Govern Yourself? Why not be the author of your own experience? Create your life as you would love to live it. Dare to wade through the chaos of change to get to the other side of yourself, which is mystery. And then join the two in a perfect dance of forgiveness and loving manifestation centered in Spirit. That’s a homecoming! What music! Worth the difficult journey, and that’s saying everything. I wish I could give more than words. I wish I could share with you my sincere feeling and intuition that everything’s going to be all right, and that though change is a’ coming, and we better hold on to our hats for the ride, in the end it’ll be mirificent, and we’re gonna love it!

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Canada’s Forecast

An Interview With

Gerald Celente

Interview by James Macdonald

lies, doing it all together one way or another; everyone doing their part to make it more difficult for the Iranians. And what has really been missed is that the US, Europe and NATO have already declared war on Iran. The Rial has dropped 60% in the last week and a half. It`s an economic war. Suppose somebody closed off Canada, so you couldn’t sell anything and you couldn’t buy anything, and your loonie devalued to nothing so everything coming in is unaffordable. How would you feel about it? Particularly when you didn’t do anything to anybody. So Canada is just one of the minions against Iran.

JM: Last week Stephen Harper was awarded the world statesman award from Henry Kissinger. With our leadership role against Iran do you think Canada is in greater danger from terrorism or a potential false flag incident?

Visit Gerald Celente’s website at: Watch the video of the interview at: Filmed by Dom Pol Foreword: Gerald Celente spoke to an audience of roughly 2000 at this year`s SEED event. After his impassioned speech, the prolonged and enthusiastic standing ovation seemed to catch him off guard, yet he bounced back to the forefront of the stage to recognize the crowd. He has evolved from being a mainstream seersayer, being courted by all major media at the beginning of each year (A regular on Good Morning America and the front page of USA Today), to now manifesting into a globally recognized leader of the “Truth as Authority” movement. Celente hammers away at the players of the “New Banking Order” with cutting edge wit and Brooklyn sass. He laments in his presentation about the lack of what he calls ``class`` in today’s society and ``walks the walk`` in this regard. He’s seen and heard by millions every week with his regular appearances on such shows as Coast to Coast AM radio, which alone has 5-6 million listeners every night. Alex Jones, of Infowars fame, whose site gets fifteen million visitors each week, recently proclaimed Celente as “everybody’s favourite guest…including my mother`s”. He also appears frequently on Jeff Rense’s popular radio show. The alternative media’s viewing numbers are catching up to mainstream media and Celente is riding the new media wave like nobody else. Interview by James Macdonald (JM) with guest Gerald Celente (GC) _____________________________ JM: As the Global economy continues its downward trajectory, how will it specifically affect Canada? GC: The Equation is quite simple. If Europeans and American’s don’t buy Chinese products, China doesn’t manufacture, nor does Indonesia or Vietnam. There is a terrible slowdown going on in Europe and it’s only going to get worse, and that is not even coming from people like me, who already know how bad it will get, but from the IMF. When you put the austerity measures on top of that, it can only make things even harder for regular folks. How are you going to grow an economy by taxing people more and cutting jobs and taking income away from them? These measures can only make things even more difficult. The US and Europe are the 1st and 2nd largest importers of Chinese goods, and their import numbers are down significantly. China’s exports are down and their imports are down as well. If Europe and the US aren’t buying Chinese goods, China’s imports of Canadian natural resources are going to go down significantly. The Australian government is saying that the commodities bubble has burst. The natural resource level is the last to get hit, but it will get hit. JM: In September Canada kicked out Iranian diplomats and closed its Iranian embassy. As the only country to do so, do you see Canada taking a leadership role in escalating pressure on Iran to stop developing its nuclear power? GC: I see Canada, just like the rest of the NATO countries and US al-

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GC: Of course it is. You can’t attack other countries and expect them not to fight back. Look what’s going on with Libya and the US, with the Benghazi incident. First of all I’m offended by it, in the sense that they kill an ambassador and it’s a big deal, again they’re thinking they(politicians and such) are better than us. But how about all the soldiers getting slaughtered, how about Tammy White who gets a bullet in her brain by a sniper in Afghanistan, or Jose Rodriguez gets his legs blown off by a road side bomb, or Todd Jones getting killed by a rocket propelled grenade from an Afghan soldier? How come there wasn’t a big deal about that? How come there wasn’t enough security? How come the secretary of state doesn’t show up for any of their funerals? How come the media doesn’t cover them? Why? Because they all consider themselves better than everyone else; than the rest who seem expendable. Henry Kissinger giving an award to Stephen Harper? The Jack the Ripper Award? JM: What separates Trends Research from other trends forecasters, enabling it to make such accurate predictions? GC: A number of reasons. One, we have no agenda. We give the diagnosis whether you like it or not, and we are beholden to no one. And two, a big part of it, our methodology. We look at so many different fields, since all things are connected, and we keep making the connections. Whereas an economist usually works for a university or a firm, and are beholden to those institutions, so they are only looking at a limited basket of statistics while the world is a lot bigger than that. So they don’t have all the pieces to put together, they are looking one dimensionally. Each discipline only looks at their discipline of interest. I’ll never forget: I was doing a trends forecast for a major Swiss company, and I was teaching them how to go through magazines and newspapers, in the days before the internet, to find trends and information. It was going nowhere so we took a break. I was cornered by a guy in the bathroom, and he said, “If the bosses catch us reading at work like this they’ll think we are goofing off, we just really want to look at youth trends, isn’t there any way we can just look at that?” I said of course not, if you want to learn how to play the piano you have to practice. They look at reading and learning as though you are goofing off, so they fall into a narrow box. And that is what makes us so different…I dedicate my life to reading everything. JM: In October 2010, you predicted revolts across Europe in response to austerity measures. In North America the biggest demonstrations and protests were related to the Occupy movement. As Occupy has failed to gain any lasting traction, or effect meaningful systematic change, do you see another movement coalescing in North America similar to those in Europe? GC: I would have thought that the Occupy movements in North America and the rest of the world would have gone a lot further. I was taken aback by their lack of momentum. They came out of nothing and grew so quickly that I thought they were going to continue to extend. It’s hard to say, but I do know there is something different going on in America than Europe. When you go back to the great Depression you used to see all those bread lines. You don’t see those bread lines anymore. Now you have food stamps and 47 million people on them. So it quiets the people down by not making such a bad picture. The other thing about Europe is that the cities are tight and the people live closer together. The US population is much more spread out, so you don’t have that coalescing force. So I don’t see another movement happening quickly. JM: What would need to be done to organize a credible opposition that stands a chance of gaining power and effecting change? What are the main issues that will galvanize the movement? And what organizations might possibly lead the charge?

GC: I see no organization leading the charge, as I said today, I only bring it back to the human spirit. I’ve been at this for 32 years. Any new organization that really starts to build will become corrupt like the others, and in many different ways they become everything they hated. That’s why I believe the way out, the galvanizing movement, is to stay home and don’t vote. And I believe that if 40% of the population, or less, turns out to vote we can call it an invalid election and demand a new system. Having worked in politics I just don’t see institutions or organizations developing the future in a new way because by their nature they are corrupt. That’s why I believe in Direct Democracy. If it is good for the Swiss it can be good enough for us. They haven’t fought in a war since 1847. They like money a lot. The food is really good. It’s really nice to visit, the banking is national, and they all have guns so no one is getting shot. JM: Could the BRIC nations; Brazil, Russia, India, and China form a currency backed by gold that would challenge the Euro and Dollar as they decline? GC: I agree that something like that could happen, but something else could happen. There could be a basket of currencies that include the Euro, Yuan, Yen, Dollar, Ruble and Rupee, with gold as the foundation under all of them. There are so many factors affecting the outcome, but I think that is the most beneficial because it`s in the best interest for world trade to have stabilized currency. But it wont work because the US is currently instigating a war between Japan and China and increasing its forces in the Pacific and Asian region. Taking actions like that will undermine any possibility of including the US in any kind of currency basket that includes the other major economic powers. JM: Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau compared Canada and the US to the flea and the elephant, and that Canada just rides the elephant. As Canada has one of the best central banking systems are we going to fare better than anyone else? GC: I think Canada will fare better for a variety of reasons: Population being one of them, with only 30 million people. You have property bubbles however that are going to burst, but the banking system, such as it is, is in much better shape than the rest of them. You have more opportunities to be more self sustaining just by the very nature of the people and the demographics. I don’t think it’s going to be as bad here as a lot of other places. JM: Considering current trends and historic cycles, where will humanity be at the end of the century? GC: As I said it’s either going to evolve or dissolve. Nobody knows but I will say this: If we go to war against Iran it’s the start of World War Three. They say the Generals keep fighting the last wars. So as you go through history: In World War One they began fighting on horseback, for World War Two they still thought they were fighting trench warfare and then airplanes came into the picture. If there is a war against Iran today it will be the most hellish situation humanity has ever faced. It’ll be wars with weapons of mass destruction, and suitcase sized nuclear weapons. If Israel attacks Iran, with the Middle East already exploding, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan, and of course all the destabilization in all the other ``stans`` as well…such as Kazakhstan and Lebanon…you’re going to have the whole region at war instantly, and it won`t stay contained. In one of my books, “Trends 2000”, which I wrote after the breakup of the Soviet Union, it details the weapons of mass destruction and suitcase sized nuclear weapons that were flying into the back market. They were emptying out the joint. That stuff is still around, and all the new developments since then. So you want to poison a water reservoir? You want to set of a dirty bomb somewhere in a metropolitan center? Won’t it be beautiful in a city like Vancouver with a suitcase sized nuke going off? Do you think there will be any recovery from that? It’ll be hell. In this last trends journal we did a lot about the Iran-Israel conflict’s influence in the United States election. Now could you imagine any other foreign power going in and trying to dictate the election? So what we did with the Iranian and Israeli situation was to make the point that when Netanyahu was drawing that red line across that cartoon bomb, he should have been put in a straight jacket and dragged off. What kind of imbecile rants like that, comparing Iran to Al Qaeda? It’s unprecedented to see a grown man like that acting like a lunatic. Not a word from the presstitute media either. Yet, before Ahmadinejad spoke, the head of the UN warned him to stay in line and keep the vitriol down. They started a war against Iraq for weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist using phony bits of Intel through stuck-up, no-cojones

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Finance Swiss Study Shows 147 Technocratic “Super Entities” Rule the World


he Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich released a study entitled “The Network of Global Corporate Control” that proves a small consortiums of corporations – mainly banks – run the world. A mere 147 corporations which form a “super entity” have control 40% of the world’s wealth; which is the real economy. These mega-corporations are at the center of the global economy. However as the connections to the controlling groups are networked throughout the world, they become the catalyst for global financial collapse.

21 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is About To Go To A Whole New Level


he global debt crisis has reached a dangerous new phase. Unfortunately, most Americans are not taking notice of it yet because most of the action is taking place overseas, and because U.S. financial markets are riding high. But just because the global economic crisis is unfolding at the pace of a “slow-motion train wreck” right now does not mean that it isn’t incredibly dangerous. The following are 21 signs that the global economic crisis is about to go to a whole new level... archives/21-signs-that-the-global-economic-crisis-is-about-to-go-to-a-whole-new-level

National Bank of Canada Foreclosing Americans’ Homes Over Credit Card Debt


he National Bank of Canada is attempting to foreclose upon hundreds of American families’ homes in California over old credit card debts, according to a published report.Bay Citizen reporter Rick Jurgens writes that the bank’s debt collection unit, Credigy Receivables, began filing foreclosure lawsuits recently that take advantage of a loophole in California’s laws that lets them go directly for a debtor’s home even if that property was not offered as collateral for a loan.

Geo-Politics Reality is Manufactured for the Masses


n major media, there is always a potential Threat Level. Reporters feel it. Editors who assign reporters stories feel it. Even CEOs can feel it. It happens when a story is about to break through containment and show the public that a cherished belief or institution is as phony as a three dollar bill. Bells start ringing. Red flags go up. Time to pull back. Time to lie. Time to pretend there is nothing to see. If not, jobs will be on the line. Heads will roll. reality-is-manufactured-for-the-masses/

Brazilian Tribe Threatens Mass Suicide Over Stolen Land


n indigenous tribe is threatening to commit a mass suicide over their stolen land. According to the Daily Mail ” Judge Henrique Bonachela upheld a petition made by the ranch’s owner to have the tribe evicted from the land. He decreed a fine of £150 for every day the tribe remains on the land, on the banks of Brazil’s Joguico River.

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Chemtrails, “The Spraying of Poison over Sweden”: Politician Ignites Controversial Debate


he leader of the environmental party in Katrineholm, Pernilla Hagberg, reacted to a photo published in the newspaper Katrineholm Kuriren, picturing exhaust fumes or condense – according to the picture’s title. In her opinion viruses and heavy metals are being sprayed to control the weather.

Canadian Government Knew of Geo-Engineering Plans


n American businessman conducted a massive ocean fertilization test, dumping around 100 tonnes of iron sulphate off Canada’s coast, it has emerged the Canadian government may have known about the geoengineering scheme and not stopped it. The chief executive of the company responsible for spawning the artificial 10,000 square kilometre plankton bloom in the Pacific Ocean has implicated several Canadian departments, but government officials are remaining silent about the nature of their involvement. In an interview with Canadian radio, John Disney said: “I’ve been in touch with many departments within the federal ministry. All I’m saying is that everyone from the Canadian Revenue Agency down to the National Research Council and Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada – these people, they’ve all known about this.”

h t t p : / / w w w. g u a r d i a n . c o . u k / e n v i r o n ment/2012/oct/17/canada-geoengineeringpacific?intcmp=122

Amnesty International is US State Department Propaganda


n its most recent 2012 annual report, Amnesty reiterates one of the biggest lies it routinely tells: “Amnesty International is funded mainly by its membership and public donations. No funds are sought or accepted from governments for investigating and campaigning against human rights abuses. Amnesty International is independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion.” This is categorically false. Amnesty international is indeed funded and run by not only governments, but also immense corporate-financier interests, and is not only absolutely entwined with political ideology and economic interests, it is an essential tool used for perpetuating just such interests.

Canada-EU Trade Agreement Replicates ACTA’s Notorious Copyright Provisions


he shadow of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is back in Europe. It is disguised as CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union. A comparison of the leaked draft Canada-EU agreement shows the treaty includes a number of the same controversial provisions, specifically concerning criminal enforcement, private enforcement by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and harsh damages

Health Political and Corporate Elite Shun GM Food on Their Own Plates


he presidential family demands organic food in their kitchen, yet behind closed doors, shake hands with the biotech industry. China’s top brass is fed by an exclusive, gated organic garden while the rest of the population consumes GM food, steroid contaminated meat and dairy laced with melamine. food_global_elite_organic_gardens.html

Flu Shots Triple Hospitalization Rates in Children


n a study to determine if flu vaccines reduced hospitalizations in all children. Children were evaluated at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota from six months to 18 years of age, all of whom had prior laboratory-confirmed influenza. It was found that vaccinated children had three times the risk of hospitalization compared to unvaccinated children along with a significantly higher risk for hospitalized-vaccinated asthmatics.

Mercury-Packed CFL Bulbs Now Found to Fry Your Skin


recent study published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology debunks yet another lie of the biotechnology industry concerning genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). According to an analysis conducted by researchers from the University of Sherbrooke Hospital Centre in Quebec, Canada, 100 percent of pregnant women and their unborn babies tested positive for GMO toxins in their blood, proving that transgenic materials are not effectively broken down and eliminated during digestion as we have all been told. toxins_pregnant_women.html#ixzz28tRWDbtT


ollowing a study in Europe examining the effects of CFL bulbs on the skin, researchers from Stony Brook University in New York conducted a similar study to examine the bulbs’ impact on human skin cells. For the study, the researchers purchased CFL bulb from various locations, and then measured the amount of UV radiation emissions. What they found in every single one of the bulbs studied was “significant levels of UVC and UVA” which was a result of cracks that were present in the coating on the bulbs. After studying the effects of these emissions on human skin cells, they discovered that healthy skin cells experienced the same damage you would find with ultraviolet radiation.

GMO Toxins Found in Nearly All Pregnant Women, Unborn Babies

Doctors and Farmers Find that Eliminating GMOs Prevents Disease


h t t p : / / w w w. n a t u r a l n e w s . c o m / 0 3 7 5 0 4 _ flu_shots_hospitalization_government. html#ixzz2AjfqpQMJ

Radiation Alert: Common Household Items We All Use Found to be Contaminated

rescription medications have become the leading cause of illness, disability, and death. These deaths are not only from accidental overdoses, but from the side effects and also from mixing with other prescription drugs. “Most drugs approved by the FDA are undertested for adverse drug reactions, yet offer few new benefits. Drugs cause more than 2.2 million hospitalizations and 110,000 hospital-based deaths a year. Serious drug reactions at home or in nursing homes would significantly raise the total.” (


study by the Journal for Environmental Science and Technology details how dangerous radiation from Fukushima contacted the United States, especially in California “with the greatest exposure in central and southern California”. Recently kitchenware shipped to a port in Canada from India was found to be contaminated with radiation common for use in the medical field.

Science & Tech GM Trees – A Fast Growing Field But With Little Information or Regulation


Ultra-Efficient LED Puts Out More Power Than is Pumped In


lobally some 21 countries are working on GM trees, most notably China, who is growing GM poplars, for reasons that include more timber wood with less lignin which can be processed more easily, and pest resistance. Isis Alvarez, from the Global Forest Coalition, cautions that lack of information and lack of strong regulatory frameworks has been causing the GM trees industry to “escalate without any consideration to the environmental or social impacts, and with little or no oversight or monitoring from governments”.

IT physicists have been testing a light-emitting diode that has an electrical efficiency of more than 100 percent. You may ask, “Wouldn’t that mean it breaks the first law of thermodynamics?” The answer, happily, is no. The LED produces 69 picowatts of light using 30 picowatts of power, giving it an efficiency of 230 percent. That means it operates above “unity efficiency” -- putting it into a category normally occupied by perpetual motion machines. gm-trees-a-fast-growing-field-but-with-littleinformation-or-regulation-says-report/

Scientists Conclude Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious Beings


ichael Mountain published a summary of a recent meeting held in Cambridge, England at which “Science leaders have reached a critical consensus: Humans are not the only conscious beings; other animals, specifically mammals and birds, are indeed conscious, too.” At this gathering, called The Francis Crick Memorial Conference, a number of scientists presented evidence that led to this self-obvious conclusion. It’s difficult to believe that those who have shared their homes with companion animals didn’t already know this. php?id=21213

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Massive Beef Recall by Dylan Charles


t the end of September, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a massive recall of beef packaged for consumption in Canada and the United States over fears that ‘a combination of several ‘deficiencies” at the XL Foods plant in British Columbia may have created conditions favorable for an E.Coli outbreak. E.Coli is a pathogenic strain of animal fecal bacteria that can cause severe food poisoning and even death to humans. So far, at least 10 confirmed cases of E. Coli poisoning in Alberta have put consumers on edge, but it does not appear that consumer demand has been affected. Originally, the outbreak affected over 30 US states and included some 890,000 pounds of meat bound for retail chains including Wal-Mart and Safeway. However, since then the recall has been expanded four times to a whopping 150 million pounds of beef products already on store shelves from coast to coast in Canada and the US: The overall list, which also includes beef sold in the U.S., is so long that the CFIA recommends consumers ask grocers or stores directly if the beef product for sale came from XL Foods. As of Tuesday, 1.5 million pounds of beef has been recalled from major retailers like Walmart, Safeway, Save-on-Foods, Metro, Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore. [NationalPost]

Further Validation of the Need for Small Farms and Local Agriculture

If a only a few slaughterhouses can cause an outbreak of deadly bacteria that spans coast to coast, potentially sickening people all over North America, while causing the destruction of so much food and the waste of the resources spent to produce and ship it, then is this type of food system serving our best interests? Rather than ask these larger questions, officials and industry leaders are, of course, assuring the meat consuming public that all measures are being taken to insure the safety of meat, while politicians are already finger pointing and blaming each other for lapses in quality protections and a slow response to the outbreak. When framed this way, it appears the government believes this to be more about how many tax dollars can be spent to oversee a tenured meatpacking industry: “Mr. Speaker, I can assure you the minister of agriculture is working very hard, working sincerely to ensure that this issue is dealt with appropriately including ensuring we have more food inspectors, more meat inspectors,” said Defence Minister Peter MacKay, who spoke for Ritz in the House of Commons on Monday. MacKay said the Conservative government has increased the number of food inspectors by 700 since they came into power, and that new legislation aimed at helping the CFIA respond quickly to food safety issues has been steadfastly opposed by Mulcair and the NDP. “We’ve increased the CFIA’s budget by $156-million during the time in government,” he said. “So, Mr. Speaker, there is more front-line workers, more safety for Canadians.” [NationalPost] Of course there were already government inspectors work-

ing at the plant responsible for the outbreak, proving that government oversight is a false sense of security: Forty CFIA inspectors and six veterinarians work full-time at the XL plant, the agency said. [NationalPost] Given that the FDA and the USDA continue to make it difficult for local farms and homesteaders to produce and share their own homegrown meats and products locally, it should be clear that the government and meat industry have neither the intention, nor the capacity to address the fundamental flaws in a corporate/ government owned and operated food system. Furthermore, there is no discussion of an alternative to this system. Local food co-ops, small lot organic farms, and a variety of local farm producers is the antithesis of the factory farm, yet these activities are becoming increasingly outlawed as the North American police state comes of age. Why are these timeless activities being outlawed while the infrastructure and political roots of a ginormous factory food system are becoming further entrenched? Coming at a time when high fuel prices and drought are causing rising food prices, a meat recall this widespread is also more evidence that our food system is unstable and ripe for widespread disruption. Therefore, having a family or personal food security plan in place, with storable meals on hand, is a smart thing to do now, before a larger crisis occurs. And, while a vegetarian diet may not be suitable for everyone, the myth about vegetarians not getting enough protein has already been busted, so at least experimenting with a vegetarian diet, or reducing some dependence on meat, is another smart and enlightening thing to do to cushion against a food system so vulnerable to contamination, waste and corruption.

Secrets of Longevity by Lisa Garber


t’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet can help us achieve longevity, but the overall lifestyles of the region’s populace shouldn’t escape our attention. Tucked away in the Aegean Sea is a small, rocky island called Ikaria, where residents on average reach the age of 90. Here are a few island secrets of longevity researchers have picked up after years of studying the dreamy getaway.

1. Drink Herbal Tea ~ The Ikarians love it. Many teas

found on the island are mildly diuretic and help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of dementia. A few diuretic herbs are yarrow, dandelion, stinging nettle, and green tea. The health benefits of green tea are amazing, so this may be your first choice.

2. Take a Nap ~ Like typical islanders, Ikarians don’t both-

er getting up—or opening up shop—earlier than they feel like it. Something as simple as an afternoon siesta can reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems including heart attack, and it can help you feel more energized and well-rested in the afternoon.

3. Eat fresh Vegetables ~ Among the obvious secrets of

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From the Greek island of Ikaria longevity, consuming vegetables is key, whether they be full vegetables or the more healthful microgreens. Ikaria boasts over 150 varieties of greens. Much of what the islanders eat, in fact, they grow themselves. As with the typical Mediterranean diet, this means very little meat and sugar and lots of vegetables, beans, and antioxidant-rich extra virgin olive oil.

4. Drink Goat’s Milk ~ Unlike cow’s milk,

goat’s milk is easier to digest and contains tryptophan, an amino acid that reduces stress. Goat cheese also contains vitamin D, although there’s plenty of that from the sunshine on this dreamy island.

5. Walk it Off ~ When you live in a mountainous region

like Ikaria, you walk—uphill—a lot. Besides, the islanders are rarely in a hurry to meet anyone, so when they agree to catch up over tea, they take a long, leisurely stroll to do so.

6. Dip into a Hot Spring ~ Radium is a nasty word in America, but the Ikarians have sworn by radium-rich hot springs since the 4th century. Reduction in joint pain, stress, and skin irritation are often cited as benefits.

7. Just Dance ~ Rather than chugging flavorless beer and going broke paying for sugar-laden mix drinks, Ikarians drink and eat in moderation, focusing on letting go of (what few) cares they have and simply enjoying each other’s company. This leads us to their final piece of advice… 8. Relax ~ Reducing stress is slowly becoming more well known among the secrets of longevity and good health. Stress can greatly increase your risk of numerous diseases as well as dangerous behavior. Ask Ikarians what time it is. They probably won’t know—or care. It’s difficult to approach most work days with an Ikarian attitude, but learning basic stress reduction techniques can add years to your life. These can include exercise, meditation, yoga, tapping, or taking a fifteen-minute break to drink a sip of herbal tea.

Reasons We Don’t Need GM Foods


enetically modified (GM) foods are often promoted as a way to feed the world. But this is little short of a confidence trick. Far from needing more GM foods, there are urgent reasons why we need to ban them altogether.

1. GM foods won’t solve the food crisis. A 2008 World

Bank report concluded that increased biofuel production is the major cause of the increase in food prices. Biofuels are crops grown for fuel rather than food. GM giant Monsanto has been at the heart of the lobbying for biofuels — while profiting enormously from the resulting food crisis and using it as a PR opportunity to promote GM foods! “The climate crisis was used to boost biofuels, helping to create the food crisis; and now the food crisis is being used to revive the fortunes of the GM industry.” - Daniel Howden, Africa correspondent, The Independent (UK). “The cynic in me thinks that they’re just using the current food crisis and the fuel crisis as a springboard to push GM crops back on to the public agenda. I understand why they’re doing it, but the danger is that if they’re making these claims about GM crops solving the problem of drought or feeding the world, that’s bullshit.” - Prof Denis Murphy, head of biotechnology, University of Glamorgan, Wales.

2. GM crops do not increase yield potential.

Despite the promises, GM has not increased the yield potential of any commercialised crops. In fact, studies show that the most widely grown GM crop, GM soya, has suffered reduced yields. A report that analyzed nearly two decades worth of peer reviewed research on the yield of the primary GM food/feed crops, soybeans and corn (maize), reveals that despite 20 years of research and 13 years of commercialization, genetic engineering has failed to significantly increase US crop yields. The author, former US EPA and US FDA biotech specialist Dr Gurian-Sherman, concludes that when it comes to yield, “Traditional breeding outperforms genetic engineering hands down.” “Let’s be clear. As of this year [2008], there are no commercialized GM crops that inherently increase yield. Similarly, there are no GM crops on the market that were engineered to resist drought, reduce fertilizer pollution or save soil. Not one.” - Dr Doug Gurian-Sherman.

3. GM crops increase pesticide use.

US government data shows that in the US, GM crops have produced an overall increase, not decrease, in pesticide use compared to conventional crops. “The promise was that you could use less chemicals and produce a greater yield. But let me tell you none of this is true.” - Bill Christison, President of the US National Family Farm Coalition.

4. There are better ways to feed the world.

A major UN/World Bank-sponsored report compiled by 400 scientists and endorsed by 58 countries concluded that GM crops have little to offer global agriculture and the challenges of poverty, hunger, and climate change, because better alternatives are available. In particular, the report championed “agroecological” farming as the sustainable way forward for developing countries.

5. Other farm technologies are more successful.

Integrated Pest Management and other innovative low-input or organic methods of controlling pests and boosting yields have prov-

en highly effective, particularly in the developing world. Other plant breeding technologies, such as Marker Assisted Selection (non-GM genetic mapping), are widely expected to boost global agricultural productivity more effectively and safely than GM. “The quiet revolution is happening in gene mapping, helping us understand crops better. That is up and running and could have a far greater impact on agriculture [than GM].” - Prof John Snape, head of the department of crop genetics, John Innes Centre.

6. GM foods have not been shown to be safe to eat.

Genetic modification is a crude and imprecise way of incorporating foreign genetic material (e.g. from viruses, bacteria) into crops, with unpredictable consequences. The resulting GM foods have undergone little rigorous and no long-term safety testing. However, animal feeding tests have shown that GM foods have toxic effects, including abnormal changes in organs, immune system disturbances, accelerated aging, and changes in gene expression. Very few studies have been published on the direct effects on humans of eating a GM food. One such study found unexpected effects on gut bacteria, but was never followed up. It is claimed that Americans have eaten GM foods for years with no ill effects. But these foods are unlabeled in the US and no one has monitored the consequences. With other novel foods like trans fats, it has taken decades to realize that they have caused millions of premature deaths. “We are confronted with the most powerful technology the world has ever known, and it is being rapidly deployed with almost no thought whatsoever to its consequences.” - Dr Suzanne Wuerthele, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) toxicologist.

7. GM foods are hidden in animal feed.

present time there is a massive disconnect between the sometimes lofty rhetoric from those championing biotechnology as the proven path toward global food security and what is actually happening on farms in the US that have grown dependent on GM seeds and are now dealing with the consequences.”

9. GM and non-GM cannot co-exist.

GM contamination of conventional and organic food is increasing. An unapproved GM rice that was grown for only one year in field trials was found to have extensively contaminated the US rice supply and seed stocks. In Canada, the organic oilseed rape industry has been destroyed by contamination from GM rape. In Spain, a study found that GM maize “has caused a drastic reduction in organic cultivations of this grain and is making their coexistence practically impossible”. The time has come to choose between a GM-based, or a nonGM-based, world food supply. “If some people are allowed to choose to grow, sell and consume GM foods, soon nobody will be able to choose food, or a biosphere, free of GM. It’s a one way choice, like the introduction of rabbits or cane toads to Australia; once it’s made, it can’t be reversed.” - Roger Levett, specialist in sustainable development.

10. We can’t trust GM companies.

The big biotech firms pushing their GM foods have a terrible history of toxic contamination and public deception. GM is attractive to them because it gives them patents that allow monopoly control over the world’s food supply. They have taken to harassing and intimidating farmers for the “crime” of saving patented seed or “stealing” patented genes — even if those genes got into the farmer’s fields through accidental contamination by wind or insects. “Farmers are being sued for having GMOs on their property that they did not buy, do not want, will not use and cannot sell.” - Tom Wiley, North Dakota farmer.`

As a spokesperson for Asgrow, a subsidiary of Monsanto, said, “If you put a label on genetically engineered food, you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.”[18] The GM industry has got around the problem of consumer rejection of GM foods by hiding them in animal feed. Meat, eggs and dairy products from animals raised on the millions of tons of GM feed imported into Europe do not have to be labelled. Some studies show that contrary to GM and food industry claims, animals raised on GM feed ARE different from those raised on non-GM feed. Other studies show that if GM crops are fed to animals, GM material can appear in the A recently concluded study was done on land owned by Iowa State Uniresulting products and affect the versity called the Marsden Farm. On 22 acres of it, beginning in 2003, animals’ health. So eating these researchers set up three plots: one replicated the typical Midwestern “stealth GMOs” may affect the cycle of planting corn one year and then soybeans the next, along with health of consumers.

8. GM crops are a longterm economic disaster. A 2009 report showed that GM seed prices in America have increased dramatically, compared to non-GM and organic seeds, cutting average farm incomes for US farmers growing GM crops. The report concluded, “At the

its routine mix of chemicals. On another, they planted a three-year cycle that included oats; the third plot added a four-year cycle and alfalfa. The longer rotations also integrated the raising of livestock, whose manure was used as fertilizer. The results were stunning: The longer rotations produced better yields of both corn and soy, reduced the need for nitrogen fertilizer and herbicides by up to 88 percent, reduced the amounts of toxins in groundwater 200-fold and didn’t reduce profits by a single cent.

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DNA : T he Super-Data Papyrus for Biologically Induced Enlightenment by Christina Sarich


f the entire world’s information, (about 4.8 zettabytes in computer nerd speak) could be stored on 4 grams of DNA, and Harvard researchers have already sequenced about 70 billion copies of an HTML book onto small bits of DNA, what possibilities does this suggest about our species’ past and future spiritual evolution? We already know, too, that our biological make-up is nearly the equivalent of stardust, comprised of the same essential elements. The late Carl Sagan pointed out that we, like stars, are composed of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Join with this information, that over a decade ago, Russian scientist, Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered another fascinating quality of DNA: It absorbs light photons from its surrounding environment, and causes the photons to spiral through the molecular structure of a form, giving it its shape in material reality. With the help of another scientist, Vladimir Poponin, they found you could use DNA to essentially reprogram the human form (or any other comprised of DNA) as a bio-computer. Furthermore, linguists have discovered that our DNA has the same semantics and syntax of languages as diverse as English and Chinese, Russian, Andangme, and Hawaiian. Similar, in that, like language, regardless of geography or structure, certain phrases or words are used more commonly than others, and occur with a certain statistical frequency that is similar no matter what mother tongue you study. DNA has the same statistical frequency as far as use of ‘letters, phrases and words.’

A central lesson of science is that to understand complex issues (or even simple ones), we must try to free our minds of dogma and to guarantee the freedom to publish, to contradict, and to experiment. Arguments from authority are unacceptable. — - Carl Sagan If our DNA is a language, it must have a message to convey. The fact that ‘junk’ DNA has only recently been studied, and

heretofore been ignored as irrelevant to our biological functioning is quite laughable. Would a programmer write billions of lines of code for no reason at all? The answer is uncovered in recent research that shows, within ‘junk’ DNA there are codes to turn certain genes ‘on’ or ‘off’. It makes one wonder what these binary markers could do, if given the right interpretation and subsequent message. It may in fact, be the mutation, of these genes, for lack of a better phrase, which allows us to evolve spiritually. Some are even calling our DNA, an antenna to God. If we are made of star dust and our DNA has embedded within it, a ‘code’ to allow us to project into the Universe, a message of some sort, what is the message itself? It seems we were given a pretty concrete self-referencing system to figure out how to discover ourselves through ourselves, right down to our elements and into our molecular form, and back out into the farthest reaches of the Universe. “What is remarkable is that there are no traces of evolution from simple to sophisticated, and the same is true of mathematics, medicine, astronomy and architecture and of Egypt’s amazingly rich and convoluted religio-mythological system (even the central content of such refined works as the Book of the Dead existed right at the start of the dynastic period). The majority of Egyptologists will not consider the implications of Egypt’s early sophistication. These implications are startling, according to a number of more daring thinkers. John Anthony West, an expert on the early dynastic period, asks: How does a complex civilization spring full-blown into being? Look at a 1905 automobile and compare it to a modern one. There is no mistaking the process of `development’. But in Egypt there are no parallels. Everything is right there at the start. The answer to the mystery is of course obvious but, because it is repellent to the prevailing cast of modern thinking, it is seldom considered. Egyptian civilization was not a `development’, it was a legacy.” - Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization Dr. Leonard Horowitz has shown that DNA’s coiled design and vibrating action is ‘electrogenetic’ and allows not only physical evolution, but spiritual evolution as well. In fact our DNA is programmed to lead to a spiritual renaissance. According to Horowitz research, “Life’s genomes are empowered by waves and particles of energized sound and light which, more

than chemicals or drugs, switch genes “on” or “off.” Likewise, genetic inheritance is energetically transmitted “bioacoustically and electromagnetically” through special water molecules that form the electrogenetic matrix of the “Sacred Spiral.” These hydroelectric geometric structures—most shaped like pyramids, hexagons, and pentagons—direct physical as well as spiritual development.” People like Graham Hancock, go a step further, and suggest that people all over the world experience the same exact things in altered consciousness. We have a collective consciousness way beyond what Freud and Jung may have intuited. Our consciousness is, in fact, able to enter parallel dimensions when we activate our DNA. While some use plant-based elements like Ayahuasca, to turn the binary switch ‘on’ so that they can perceive “God,” there may be other means to translate the language of our DNA. Even Francis Crick, the father of DNA, admitted before his death that he was under the influence of LSD when he realized the double-helix shape of our genetic building blocks, and it is a common assumption now that an intelligent being imprinted a ‘code’ to awaken our civilization to alternate realities which can only be accessed when those binary switches are activated, be it through an LSD trip, meditation, mantra repetition (bio-acoustics!) or some other means. Mainstream science has reluctantly shared our collective intelligence, our collective promise for a differently shaped reality. However, like the secret code of our DNA, it may be just a matter of deciphering the clues that are embedded already. When Harvard starts publishing papers on the storage capacity of DNA, and any half-awake individual joins the proverbial dots, we can start to see the grand design behind the machine. The gears are shifting, and OZ is just behind the curtain, ready to reveal his true nature to us all. DNA may just provide the biological dial-in to quantum jump into spiritual awareness – the super-data encoded papyrus giving clues to the truth of our being. _______________________________ Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World.

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Why in the World Are They Spraying ? F

ilmmaker Michael Murphy has taken the chemtrail issue to the forefront with his powerful new film, Why in the World Are They Spraying Us? Risking life and limb to do so, please take the time to watch the film and or support his work. Please check out Michael’s website Michael Murphy also appears in the new film releasing this winter SHADE the Motion Picture — An Ambellas & Bermas Film. embedded&list=UUM_6k2iOLsBbcMN_xgtIYYQ Further Reading:

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5 Ways to Detox Fluoride luoride is a highly toxic substance. Consider, for

Fexample, the poison warning that the FDA now re-

quires on all fluoride toothpastes sold in the U.S. or the tens of millions of people throughout China and India who now suffer serious crippling bone diseases from drinking water with elevated levels of fluoride. As with any kind of detox, use caution and go at the by Lisa Garber pace that feels good for you and your body. In addition to detoxing the fluoride out, you can also limit the amount of fluoride coming in by investing in a water system that filters out fluoride, such as a reverse osmosis water system. As you incorporate any fluoride treatment and the fluoride leaves your system, you’ll experience overall health improvements, and you’ll never look at the faucet the same way again. 1. Iodine ~ While too much iodine is linked to hypothyroidism, so is too little. The good thing about iodine is that it increases urine irrigation of sodium fluoride as calcium fluoride. Although it does take some calcium with it (calling for an adjustment in diet or calcium supplementation), iodine and lecithin both remove fluoride from the body. 2. Tamarind ~ Though originally from Africa, tamarind is a staple in Ayurvedic medicine that can be made into a tea or tincture that pushes fluoride out in urine. 3. Liver Cleanse ~ Because the liver is responsible for clearing toxins out of the body, it makes sense to go through a liver cleanse to detox from fluoride. You can do a standard cleanse at home over a week or so; just be sure to undergo a safe and trustworthy cleanse per instructions. If the cleanse is absolutely not for you (although you can read up on 5 reasons you should do it today), you can cleanse your liver daily with these liver cleansing foods (available at Cleansing the liver is essential for fluoride treatment. 4. Boron ~ The next time you’re shopping for laundry detergent, scoop up a box of Borax, which contains boron. Pour 1/32 of a teaspoon (up to ¼ teaspoon) into a liter of distilled water and sip it throughout the day. (Yes, this is safe.) Not only will the box last forever, you can use it to do some eco-friendly cleaning around the house, too. 5. Dry Saunas ~ Intense but safe sweating from heat as well as exercise brings out sodium fluoride from fatty tissues. Just be sure to keep hydrating—with distilled water—and to protect your kidneys with chickweed tea.

Sources of Fluoride Dental Products: Many dental products now contain fluoride, including over 95%

of toothpaste. Studies show that a significant number of children swallow more fluoride from toothpaste alone than is recommended as a total daily ingestion.

Processed Beverages & Foods: Even if you don’t live in a community that adds fluoride to its water supply, you will still be exposed to fluoridated drinking water. This is because once fluoride is added en masse to water it winds in almost all processed beverages and foods. In the U.S., studies have shown that sodas, juices, sports drinks, beers, and many other processed foods, including infant foods, now have elevated fluoride levels. Pesticides: Due its toxicity, fluoride is used in some pesticides to kill insects and other pests. As a result of fluoride pesticide use, some food products–particularly grape products, dried fruit, dried beans, cocoa powder, and walnuts–have high levels of fluoride. Read more. Tea Drinks: Tea plants absorb fluoride from the soil. As a result, tea leaves–particularly old tea leaves–contain high levels of fluoride. Brewed black tea averages about 3 to 4 parts ppm fluoride, while commercial iced tea drinks contain between 1 and 4 ppm. As a result of these elevated levels, numerous studies have linked excessive tea consumption to a bone disease (skeletal fluorosis) caused by too much fluoride intake. Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals: Many pharmaceuticals are fluorinated, meaning they contain a carbon-fluorine bond. fluorine.” Although the carbon-fluoride bond in most drugs is strong enough to resist breaking down into fluoride within the body, this is not always the case as research has found that some fluorinated drugs, including cipro, do break down into fluoride and can thus be a major source of fluoride exposure for some individuals. Mechanically Deboned Meat: Foods made with mechanically separated meat (e.g., chicken fingers, nuggets, etc), contain elevated levels of fluoride due to the contamination from bone particles that occurs during the mechanical deboning processed. Mechanically processed chicken meats have the highest levels, with chicken sticks containing an average of 3.6 ppm. Read more Teflon Pans: Cooking food, or boiling water, in teflon pans may increase the fluoride content of food. In one study, it was found that boiling water in a teflon pan for just 15 minutes added an additional 2 ppm of fluoride to the water, thus bringing the final concentration to 3 ppm. Read more (Full & Parkins 1975). Workplace Exposure: Fluoride is a common air contaminant in industrial workplaces. As a result, workers in many heavy industries — including the aluminum, fertilizer, iron, oil refining, semi-conductor, and steel industries — can be routinely exposed to high levels of fluoride exposure. In addition to being a significant risk factor for respiratory disease; airborne fluorides can be a huge daily source fluoride intake.

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ixty-four years ago this month, six million Americans became unwitby Mack White ting subjects in an experiment in psychological warfare. It was the night before Halloween, 1938. At 8 p.m. CST, the Mercury Radio on the Air began broadcasting Orson Welles’ radio adaptation of H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. As is now well known, the story was presented as if it were breaking news, with bulletins so realistic that an estimated one million people believed the world was actually under attack by Martians. Of that number, thousands succumbed to outright panic, not waiting to hear Welles’ explanation at the end of the program that it had all been a Halloween prank, but fleeing into the night to escape the alien invaders. Later, psychologist Hadley Cantril conducted a study of the effects of the broadcast and published his findings in a book, The Invasion from Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic. This study explored the power of broadcast media, particularly as it relates to the suggestibility of human beings under the influence of fear. Cantril was affiliated with Princeton University’s Radio Research Project, which was funded in 1937 by the Rockefeller Foundation. Also affiliated with the Project was Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member and Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) executive Frank Stanton, whose network had broadcast the program. Stanton would later go on to head the news division of CBS, and in time would become president of the network, as well as chairman of the board of the RAND Corporation, the influential think tank which has done groundbreaking research on, among other things, mass brainwashing. Two years later, with Rockefeller Foundation money, Cantril established the Office of Public Opinion Research (OPOR), also at Princeton. Among the studies conducted by the OPOR was an analysis of the effectiveness of “psycho-political operations” (propaganda, in plain English) of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Then, during World War II, Cantril and Rockefeller money assisted CFR member and CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow in setting up the Princeton Listening Center, the purpose of which was to study Nazi radio propaganda with the object of applying Nazi techniques to OSS propaganda. Out of this project came a new government agency, the Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service (FBIS). The FBIS eventually became the United States Information Agency (USIA), which is the propaganda arm of the National Security Council. Thus, by the end of the 1940s, the basic research had been done and the propaganda apparatus of the national security state had been set up--just in time for the Dawn of Television . Experiments conducted by researcher Herbert Krugman reveal that, when a person watches television, brain activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is the seat of logical thought. Here, information is broken down into its component parts and critically analyzed. The right brain, however, treats incoming data uncritically, processing information in wholes, leading to emotional, rather than logical, responses. The shift from left to right brain activity also causes the release of endorphins, the body’s own natural opiates, thus it is possible to become physically addicted to watching television, a hypothesis borne out by numerous studies which have shown that very few people are able to kick the television habit. This numbing of the brain’s cognitive function is compounded by another shift which occurs in the brain when we watch television. Activity in the higher brain regions (such as the neo-cortex) is diminished, while activity in the lower brain regions (such as the limbic system) increases. The latter, commonly referred to as the reptile brain, is associated with more primitive mental functions, such as the “fight or flight” response. The reptile brain is unable to distinguish between reality and the simulated reality of television. To the reptile brain, if it looks real, it is real. Thus, though we know on a conscious level it is “only a film,” on a conscious level we do not--the heart beats faster, for instance, while we watch a suspenseful scene. Similarly, we know the commercial is trying to manipulate us, but on an unconscious level the commercial nonetheless succeeds in, say, making us feel inadequate until we buy whatever thing is being advertised--and the effect is all the more powerful because it is unconscious, operating on the deepest level of human response. The reptile brain makes it possible for us to survive as biological beings, but it also leaves us vulnerable to the manipulations of television programmers. It is not just commercials that manipulate us. On television news as well, image and sound are as carefully selected and edited to influence human thought and behaviour as in any commercial. The news anchors and reporters themselves are chosen for their physical attractiveness, a factor numerous psychological studies have shown contributes to our perception of a person’s trustworthiness. Under

Page 14

these conditions the viewer easily forgets (if indeed the viewer ever knew in the first place) that the world view presented on the evening news is a contrivance of the network owners, such as General Electric (NBC) and Westinghouse (CBS), both major defence contractors. By moulding our perception of the world, they mould our opinions. This distortion of reality is determined as much by what is left out of the evening news as what is included, as a glance at Project Censored’s yearly list of top 25 censored news stories will reveal. If it’s not on television, it never happened. Out of sight, out of mind. Under the guise of journalistic objectivity, news programs subtly play on our emotions, chiefly fear. Network news divisions, for instance, frequently congratulate themselves on the great service they provide humanity by bringing such spectacles as the September 11 terror attacks into our living rooms. We have heard this falsehood so often, we have come to accept it as selfevident truth. However, the motivation for live coverage of traumatic news events is not altruistic, but rather to be found in the central focus of Cantril’s War of the Worlds research; the manipulation of the public through fear. There is another way in which we are manipulated by television news. Human beings are prone to model the behaviours they see around them, and avoid those which might invite ridicule or censure, and in the hypnotic state induced by television, this effect is particularly pronounced. For instance, a lift of the eyebrow from Peter Jennings tells us precisely what he is thinking and by extension what we should think. In this way, opinions not sanctioned by the corporate media can be made to seem disreputable, while sanctioned opinions are made to seem the very essence of civilized thought. And should your thinking stray into unsanctioned territory despite the trusted anchor’s example, a poll can be produced which shows that most persons do not think that way; and you don’t want to be different do you? Thus, the mental wanderer is brought back into the fold. This process is also at work in programs ostensibly produced for entertainment. The “logic” works like this: Archie Bunker is an idiot, Archie Bunker is against gun control, therefore idiots are against gun control. Never mind the complexities of the issue. Never mind the fact that the true purpose of the Second Amendment is not to protect the rights of deer hunters, but to protect the citizenry against a tyrannical government (an argument you will never hear voiced on any television program). Monkey see, monkey do; or in this case, monkey not do. Notice too, the way in which television programs depict conspiracy researchers or anti-New World Order activists. On situation comedies, they are buffoons. On dramatic programs, they are dangerous fanatics. This imprints on the mind of the viewer the attitude that questioning the official line or holding “anti-government” opinions is crazy, therefore not to be emulated. Another way in which entertainment programs mould opinion can be found in the occasional television movie, which “sensitively” deals with some “social” issue. A bad behaviour is spotlighted, “hate” crimes for instance; in such a way that it appears to be a far more rampant problem than it may actually be, so terrible in fact that the “only” cure for it is more laws and government “protection.” Never mind that laws may already exist to cover these crimes, the law against murder for instance. Once we have seen the well-publicized murder of the young gay man Matthew Shepherd dramatized in not one, but two, television movies in all its heartrending horror, nothing will do but we pass a law making the very thought behind the crime illegal.

People will also model behaviours from popular entertainment which are not only dangerous to their health and could land them in jail, but also contribute to social chaos. While this may seem to be simply a matter of the producers giving the audience what it wants, or the artist holding a mirror up to society, it is in fact intended to influence behaviour. Consider the way many films glorify drug abuse. When a popular star playing a sympathetic character in a mainstream R-rated film uses hard drugs with no apparent health or legal consequences (John Travolta’s use of heroin in Pulp Fiction, for instance--an Rrated film produced for theatrical release, which now has found a permanent home on television, via cable and video players), a certain percentage of people, particularly the impressionable young, will perceive hard drug use as the epitome of anti-Establishment cool and will model that behaviour, contributing to an increase in drug abuse. And who benefits?

Television and As has been well documented by Gary Webb in his awardwinning series for the San Jose Mercury New, former Los Angeles narcotics detective Michael Ruppert, and many other researchers and whistleblowers; the CIA is the main purveyor of hard drugs in this country. The CIA also has its hand in the “prison-industrial complex.” Wackenhut Corporation, the largest owner of private prisons, has on its board of directors many former CIA employees, and is very likely a CIA front. Thus, films which glorify drug abuse may be seen as recruitment ads for the slave labor-based private prison system. Also, the social chaos and inflated crime rate which result from the contrived drug problem contributes to the demand from a frightened society for more prisons, more laws, and the further erosion of civil liberties. This effect is further heightened by television news segments and documentaries which focus on drug

abuse and other crimes, thus giving the public the misperception that crime is even higher than it really is. There is another socially debilitating process at work in what passes for entertainment on television these days. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in adult subject matter on programs presented during family viewing hours. For instance, it is common for today’s prime-time situation comedies to make jokes about such matters as masturbation (Seinfeld once devoted an entire episode to the topic), or for daytime talk shows such as Jerry Springer’s to showcase such topics as bestiality. Even worse are the “reality” programs currently in vogue. Each new offering in this genre seems to hit a new low. MTV, for instance, recently subjected a couple to a Candid Camera-style prank in which, after winning a trip to Las Vegas, they entered their hotel room to find an actor made up as a mutilated corpse in the bathtub. Naturally, they were traumatized by the experience and sued the network. Or, consider a new

with the advent of cable and more channels, the population pie began to be sliced into finer pieces or “niche markets.” This development has often been described as representing a growing diversity of choices, but in reality it is a fine-tuning of the process of mass manipulation, a honing-in on particular segments of the population, not only to sell them specifically targeted consumer products but to influence their thinking in ways advantageous to the globalist agenda. One of these “target audiences” is that portion of the population which, after years of blatant government cover-up in areas such as UFOs and the assassination of John F. Kennedy, maintains a cynicism toward the official line, despite the best efforts of television programmers to depict conspiracy research in a negative light. How to reach this vast, disenfranchised target audience and co-opt their thinking? One way is to put documentaries before them which mix of fact with disinformation, thereby confusing them. Another is to take the X Files approach. The heroes of X Files are investigators in a fictitious paranormal department of the FBI whose adventures sometimes take them into parapolitical territory. On the surface this sounds good. However, whatever good X Files might accomplish by touching on such matters as MK-ULTRA or the JFK assassination is cancelled out by associating them with bug-eyed aliens and ghosts. Also, on X Files, the truth is always depicted as “out there” somewhere in the stars, or some other dimension, never in brainwashing centres such as the RAND Corporation or its London counterpart, the Tavistock Institute. This has the effect of obscuring the truth, making it seem impossibly out of reach, and associating reasonable lines of political inquiry with the fantastic and other-worldly. Not that there is no connection between the parapolitical and the paranormal. There is undoubtedly a cover-up at work with regard to UFOs, but if we accept uncritically the notion that UFOs are anything other than terrestrial in origin, we are falling headfirst into a carefully-set trap. To its credit, X Files has dealt with the idea that extraterrestrials might be a clever hoax by the government, but never decisively. The labyrinthine plots of the show somehow manage to leave the viewer wondering if perhaps the hoax idea is itself a hoax put out there to cover up the existence of extraterrestrials. This is hardly helpful to a true understanding of UFOs and associated phenomena, such as alien abductions and cattle mutilations. Extraterrestrials have been a staple of popular entertainment since The War of the Worlds (both the novel and its radio adaptation). They have been depicted as invaders and benefactors, but rarely have they been unequivocally depicted as a hoax. There was an episode of Outer Limits which depicted a group of scientists staging a mock alien invasion to frighten the world’s population into uniting as one, but, again, such examples are rare. Even in UFO documentaries on the Discovery Channel, the possibility of a terrestrial origin for the phenomenon is conspicuous by its lack of mention. UFO researcher Jacques Vallee, the real-life model for the French scientist in Stephen Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, attempted to interest Spielberg in a terrestrial explanation for the phenomenon. In an interview on, Vallee said, “I argued with him that the subject was even more interesting if it wasn’t extraterrestrials. If it was real, physical, but not ET. So he said, ‘You’re probably right, but that’s not what the public is expecting; this is Hollywood and I want to give people something that’s close to what they expect.’” How convenient that what Spielberg says the people expect is

The Hive Mind show on British television in which contestants compete to see who can infect each other with the most diseases--venereal diseases included. It would appear, at the very least, that these programs serve as a shill operation to strengthen the argument for censorship. There may also be an even darker motive. These programs contribute to the general coarsening of society we see all around us; the decline in manners and common human decency and the acceptance of cruelty for its own sake as a legitimate form of entertainment. Ultimately, this has the effect of debasing human beings into savages, and brutes; the better to herd them into global slavery. For the first decade or so after the Dawn of Television there were only a handful of channels in each market, one for each of the three major networks and maybe one or two independents. Later,

also what the Pentagon wants them to believe. In Messengers of Deception, Vallee tracks the history of a wartime British Intelligence unit devoted to psychological operations. Code-named (interestingly) the “Martians,” it specialized in manufacturing and distributing false intelligence to confuse the enemy. Among its activities were the creation of phantom armies with inflatable tanks, simulations of the sounds of military ships maneuvering in the fog, and forged letters to lovers from phantom soldiers attached to phantom regiments. Vallee suggests that deception operations of this kind may have extended beyond World War II, and that much of the “evidence” for “flying saucers” is no more real than the inflatable tanks of World War II. He writes: “The close association of many UFO sightings with advanced military hardware test sites like the New Mexico proving grounds, missile silos of the northern plains, naval construction sites like the major nuclear facility at Pascagoula and the bizarre love affairs ... between contactee groups, occult sects, and extremist political factions, are utterly clear signals that we must exercise extreme caution.” Many people find it fantastic that the government would perpetrate such a hoax, while at the same time having no difficulty entertaining the notion that extraterrestrials are regularly traveling light years to this planet to kidnap people out of their beds and subject them to anal probes. The military routinely puts out disinformation to obscure its activities, and this has certainly been the case with UFOs. Consider Paul Bennewitz, the UFO enthusiast who began studying strange lights that would appear nightly over the Manzano Test Range outside Albuquerque. When the Air Force learned about his study, ufologist William Moore (by his own admission) was recruited to feed him forged military documents describing a threat from extraterrestrials. The effect was to confuse Bennewitz, making him paranoid enough to be hospitalized and discredit his research. Evidently, those strange lights belonged to the Air Force, which does not like outsiders inquiring into its affairs. What the Air Force did to Bennewitz, it also does on a mass scale; and popular entertainment has been complicit in this process. Whether or not the filmmakers themselves are consciously aware of this agenda does not matter. The notion that extraterrestrials might visit this planet is so much a part of popular culture and modern mythology that it hardly needs assistance from the military to propagate itself. It has the effect not only of obscuring what is really going on at research facilities such as Area 51, but of tainting UFO research in general as “kooky”, and does the job so thoroughly that one need only say “UFO” in the same breath with “JFK” to discredit research in that area as well. It also may, in the end, serve the same purpose as depicted in that Outer Limits episode, to unite the world’s population against a perceived common threat, thus offering the pretext for one-world government. The following quotes demonstrate that the idea has at least occurred to world leaders: “In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” - President Ronald Reagan, speaking in 1987 to the United Nations. “The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.” - General Douglas MacArthur, 1955 “Some one remarked that the best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose.” - John Dewey, Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University, speaking at a conference sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1917 And where was this “alien threat” motif given birth? Again, we find the answer in popular entertainment, and again the earliest source is The War of the Worlds, both Wells’ and Welles’ versions. Perhaps it is no coincidence that H. G. Wells was a founding member of the Round Table, the think tank that gave birth to the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) and its American cousin, the CFR. Perhaps Wells intentionally introduced the motif as a meme which might prove useful later in establishing the “world social democracy” he described in his 1939 book The New World Order. Perhaps too, another purpose of the Orson Welles broadcast was to test of the public’s willingness to believe in extraterrestrials. At any rate, it proved a popular motif, and paved the way for countless movies and television programs to come, and has often proven a handy device for promoting the New World Order. Whether the extraterrestrials are invaders or, in films like The Day the Earth Stood Still, benefactors who have come to Earth to warn us to mend our ways and unite as one or be blown to bits.

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10 signs that you are fully awake


sn’t it obvious that there is a significant global awakening happening? Just as the Mayans predicted so many years ago, the apocalypse would become apparent in 2012. But many misinterpret the apocalypse to be the end of the world, when in fact it actually means an “un-covering, a revelation of something hidden.” As many continue to argue the accuracy of the Mayan calendar, it can no longer be argued that a great many people are finally becoming aware of what has been hidden from them for so long. Of course this awakening is not an overnight process. It takes time to peel away the many layers of lies to get to the core of the ultimate truths. It would be beyond pretentious for us to claim to know all of the secrets of the universe. We don’t. Everyday we are humbled by what we don’t yet know. However, it is becoming clearer by the day what isn’t true. And by that measure alone, it is possible to determine if you’re one of the people beginning to wake up. Here are ten signs you may be fully awake:


You know there’s no meaningful difference between major political parties (Democrats and Republicans): It’s so easy to get caught up the left-right debate and believe there’s a difference between the two major political parties. However, debate is one thing, while actions are another. By their deeds you shall know them, and it is indisputable that there is no significant difference between political parties when it comes to action on the most important issues. Even hardened ideologues like John Cusack are beginning to wake up.


You understand that the Federal Reserve, or international central banking more broadly, is the engine of our economic problems: Debt slavery is the totalitarian force that threatens all of humanity, not some temporary political puppet or some greedy Wall Street trader. When a small group of people have the ability to create wealth out of nothing and charge interest on it, they have the ability to enslave the planet to their ownership despite what type of government a country claims to have.


You know that preemptive war is never necessary: When we realize that self-defense is the only acceptable form of violence, then we become awakened human beings. To suggest war because someone is different from you, or they may pose a threat in the future is simply ludicrous. And when did the idea of bombing civilians become humanitarian? No one wants war except for the immoral creeps that benefit from it.


You know that you’re being systematically poisoned, how, by whom, and why: Admittedly, there’s a lot to learn in terms of how we are secretly being poisoned. But the fact remains that we are being systematically poisoned, and it is likely for the deliberate purpose of dumbing us down and, ultimately, culling the population. Who could believe anyone is so evil to do that to innocent people, you may ask. Well, once you begin to seek the answer to that question, you’re one step closer to enlightenment.


You understand that government can never legislate morality, nor should they: When you realize the role of government is only to protect your liberty and work for the well being of the citizens, you’re awakened. There should be one simple law regulating morality: Do no harm. Thus, it’s impossible for the government to enforce morality with guns, cages, and taxes because those clearly cause severe harm to your liberty and our well-being.


You know that the mainstream media is wholly owned and manipulated by the ruling elite: A dwindling number of people still actually believe what they hear coming from the establishment media as if it’s gospel, even when they already accept that they are bought and paid for by the elite controllers. Yet, recognizing that they are nothing more than a propaganda machine and a form of mind control are the first steps in being able to critically think beyond the scientific messaging they broadcast.


You know that your neighbors are not your enemy even if you have fierce ideological disagreements: This is perhaps the most difficult thing to overcome in the awakening process. But it’s vital to understand that your neighbors have been in-

doctrinated and hypnotized like the rest of the us, until someone helps shine a light on inconsistencies in our thoughts and beliefs. Most of their ideas are not their own. They are suffering just like the rest of us. It’s okay to condemn their actions if they’re harmful, but those who are awake will not give up on spreading information that can enlighten those who might still be in the dark. None of us were born “awake” and all of us can learn even more.


You know that the endgame is one-world control of planet Earth: Once you understand that the endgame for the ruling elite is to have complete control of all vital facets of society through a global government, one-world currency, international armed forces, and so on, it is simple to see through the lies and propaganda surrounding even the most confusing world events. You will never go back to sleep when you fully accept this reality.


You recognize that there are esoteric powers manipulating our physical world: Whether you’re a religious or spiritual person, scientific or just plain curious, there are many theories about an invisible force at play in all of this. Obviously it’s impossible to prove exactly what it is. You may not want to believe it, but the ruling elite takes their occult rituals deadly serious. And they likely know something we don’t. Just by keeping an open mind about this possibility, you’ll forever keep an open mind about the things we can actually see, hear, taste and touch. Current science has shown that we can only “see” what the visible light spectrum reveals, which amounts to the tiniest fraction of all that can theoretically be seen within the full spectrum of energy. Part of any awakening is realizing that there is much more that is possible than impossible.


The power to change the world rests with you and you alone: For too long people have believed themselves to be weak, or relied on others to change the world for them. You’ll know that you’re fully awake when you realize that you have infinite power to change the world by simply living the change you want to see. First, you have to identify the principles that you believe in and then go out and live by them. If just a small minority took steps to do this, it would shake the establishment to its core. What kind of world do you want to live in?

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Become a Virtuoso: Start With Non-Conformity by Christina Sarich

Don’t Be Normal and Overcome a Great Challenge


re you willing to spend 14,500 hours at something, anything, to master it? Apparently, that is what it takes to become a virtuoso. While there are exceptions to this rule, it seems that it takes an exceptionally large amount of focus and dedication to become a virtuoso or a genius. Is it possible, however, that the process of mastery could be accelerated? Can we use unconventional tools to surpass mundane levels of skill? Are there secrets to going above the bar without frying our minds or suffering emotional or psychological burn out? Franz Listz was playing the piano at the age of five. Yo-Yo Ma started playing the violin and viola at a very young age before he switched to the cello. The world-renown tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, started singing at a local church at the age of nine. Einstein apparently did not start reading until the age of nine, and spoke much later than most children, but when he did, he spoke in full sentences. Apparently it takes time for the mind to process creative ideas, and it can do so more easily without the interference of speech. Is it possible that each of these examples of virtuosity developed mental prowess

Inherit Good Genes Consider as a premise, too, that according to recent news in several scientific journals, even our emotions are passed down through the generations, based on the vibratory rate of our parents. In order to ‘match’ their frequency, we adjusted our own in order to be accepted and loved. If they were angry and closed-off, then we probably shut down our full compassionate expression in order to match the same emotional state of our primary caregivers. We know that intuition and genius, technical or artistic talent, can be passed from one generation to another, so the first short-cut to becoming a virtuoso is in having parents with certain proclivities or a multi-generational head-start in a particular field. Since we can’t all choose our parents (though some will argue we did choose them before we got here, but we shall leave this undebated for the sake of this topic’s discussion), there have to be other sure-fire ways to promote excellence in a human being without having to spend seven hours a day, for an entire lifetime, at becoming a master in one or multiple areas.

Change Your Genetic IQ with Meditation In recent studies, meditation has been proven to increase IQ. Part of the way it does this is by creating greater focus. If you can have fine-tuned focus while you are studying a particular topic, be it a challenging musical phrase or a complex scientific hypothesis, you are much more likely to arrive at an a-ha moment than if your focus is scattered. This does not come without a caveat, though, because what truly creates a quantum leap in human intelligence is loose-focus. It can be likened to a state of doing without doing. All great masters, whether painters or biologists, track-and-field stars or basketball players, have described a state of trance-like aptitude when they are doing something they love but still feel slightly challenged by it – enough so that they can continue doing it without boredom, or without too much frustration because it is overly challenging.

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has done extensive study of both human happiness and performance, especially creativity. In his book, Flow, he discusses the importance of creative choice, stating:

“Repression is not the way to virtue. When people restrain themselves out of fear, their lives are by necessity diminished. Only through freely chosen discipline can life be enjoyed and still kept within the bounds of reason.” - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi The ‘struggling artist’ is a fallacy, in fact. If you look at how artists were treated in the Renaissance, they were not marginalized and ignored, but treated as an integral part of society. He also showed, in quite profound ways, through using examples of athletes, musicians, poets, scientists and others, who are considered masters in their respective fields, that people achieve flow by being ab-normal. In his work, Csikszentmihaly found people of great creativity come from two types of families. On the one hand they overcame a very difficult child-hood, and in the other extreme, they were children of parents who were either intellectuals or open-minded, supportive individuals who promoted their children’s interest in a particular field. What was in common of the over 20 different Noble Prize winners he interviewed, is that none of them had a ‘normal’ childhood. They were either encouraged by incredibly creative, intelligent parents to explore those aspects of themselves, or they had to overcome a huge amount of emotional or psychological trauma in order to break through personal boundaries to develop their gifts. John-Paul Sarte, for example, had to overcome his father’s death at the tender age of two.

“I’m going to smile, and my smile will sink down into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become.” - John Paul Sarte – No Exit Once You Overcome Hell, Embrace Heaven Another commonality of great virtuosity is the relative peace in which adepts create their master works. Rumi composed over 30,000 verses of ecstatic love poetry because he was completely, and utterly blissed out. He couldn’t help but write. Pablo Picasso was not only one of the most prolific painters of his time, but he constantly pushed the edge of artistic expression by retooling his own style repeatedly. He went from a Blue Period to Rose, African to Cubism, and on to Realism and Surrealism the way some people change shoes. Though he is known for having mental problems, and suffering from depression, he clearly was in his joy when he painted. He was a pacifist and wanted only peace. His greatest misery was in not experiencing that on the planet while he was on it. His great work, Guernica, was an inspired call to that peace he so longed for. Likewise, Japanese inventor Shunpei Yamazaki holds over 2800 patents in the areas of solid-state physics and computer science. This is clearly an area of intellectual passion for Yamazaki. He cannot stop inventing things.

Make Space All true virtuosos make space for their love and passion to blossom. They listen to uplifting music, which creates a heartspace for creative flow. They spend time with friends or walk in the outdoors. They let their busy minds rest. Basketball great, Michael Jordan said, “ I take my whole mind away from the game itself,” in order to prepare for the game. He also said he listened to music and used humor to lighten his mood, making jokes with friends and making it a point to laugh.

Stand in Your Own Power There are still other ways to quantum leap into mastery, including using intuitive, rather than linear thinking, and raising your personal vibration so that your auric field interacts with other’s on levels they don’t even consciously understand. When you do this, you know what they are thinking and feeling and can interact with them with that knowledge. Many skilled businessmen and women and world leaders do this with remarkable acumen. They insinuate their own personal power into a room before they even walk into it, so that people are more likely to listen to their message. In summary, you can spend the requisite 14,500 hours at something to master it, or you can boost yourself into expert status with more unconventional tools. In the times we face, we need more masters of the human heart, scientists and inventors who are willing to stand against the status quo, and musicians and artists who inspire by being in the flow. Virtuosity is a birthright we all should enjoy, not just the few who were born into a privileged class.

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His message reaches far and wide as he addresses youth in the schools and speaks to receptive groups of all types...He has also written 8 books that delightfully capture the essence of his inspiring thoughts on the world. I treasure the Reflections books I have of Brock’s. I lend them out and buy others to give away as gifts. They are loving little books full of hope and gems of kindness....small books, like pocket treasures, that I love to read in quiet moments with a cup of my favourite tea in a sunny corner of the room or under an apple tree in the soft grass. Simple illustrations and words that open up vast vistas within us. Some of his Reflections series are now available as ebooks.

Photo: Ken Stewart


long time ago, in the tender years during high school, Brock and I exchanged a kindness one early evening in the form of a math tutorial. I was a shy, quiet, sweet and serious student. Brock, on the other hand, was a fun, outgoing, friendly, funny, popular guy who excelled in sports. I am sure half the girls in the school had a secret (or not so secret) crush on Brock. How surprised I was one afternoon when Brock sidled up and asked me to help him with his math after school. “Me....he asked ME?” With nervous excitement I walked the four blocks down the steep hill to Brock’s house with my math notes. Though at the time we didn’t think of this encounter as a kindness, I have never forgotten that exchange....some math help in exchange for making me feel a full foot taller. Now, years later (years that have slipped into decades) Brock and I again cross paths to converse on the topic of “kindness”. Brock is the metaphor for kindness. He has devoted his energy for many years to promoting a kinder world. Brock’s journey began in 1970. Reaching a low point in his life and questioning his desire to remain rooted in this life, he chose to take a different way out....using his affinity for athletics, he packed a small bag and jumped on his bike and headed south. He peddled and peddled through all sorts of challenges....gripping storms, intense heat and relentless hills.... During this 10,000 mile journey through the United States, Canada and Mexico, the dark cloud Brock was carrying gradually lifted and was replaced with an understanding that the world was in need of kindness...a lot more kindness. Brock took to the road twice more in 2000 and 2009; again covering the Americas on his bicycle. He engaged with all those who would listen, gave talks in schools and spoke of the healing power of kindness and the growing problem of bullying and environmental assault. He was received with enthusiasm by many as he laid out options for a new and kinder world.

Beyond the books, his message has taken to the musical stage. After co-founding the Kindness Foundation of Canada in 1998, Brock decided to reach the world through music and this year we are looking forward with great anticipation to the 12th annual World Kindness Concert to be held in Vancouver at the Centre for Performing Arts on Friday, November 16th. This world class concert features a cast of reknown performers... vocalists and musicians dedicated to the message of kindness, compassion, love and peace. From the young Cole Armour, who is capturing hearts with every performance, to Valdy who has entertained us for over 30 years....with so many other talents..... Juno award winner Shari Ulrich...Bill Henderson of Chilliwack fame....Bobby Bruce (Nearly Neil) …..the rich voice of Leora Cashe...and soulful voice of Michael Vincent.....and so many others. For a full list of the talent please check out: Let this concert fill the air with the strong and powerful message of kindness. The money raised at this concert (the hard working organizers are aiming for $50,000 or more) will be used to fund the many programs of The Kindness Foundation. One of the programs is Kindness ROCKS, with educational musical productions aimed at our youth. Brock believes in reaching the young people and showing them the way through kindness and not bullying. For 2013 the intention is to present nine Kindness Rocks shows throughout the Lower Mainland. Educational programs are designed to reach all ages of youth and promote positive action towards the self, others and the planet. Other programs that provide youth a healthy framework to grow in are: Roots of Empathy and Kindness Heals. These messages are applicable to all of us in every stage of life. In these challenging times where discouraging news seems our steady diet, we need to tip the scale in favour of positive energies. We need to be examples of kindness each and every day. We need to open up to compassion and caring. Brock has been such a powerful voice and leader in this cause. He is still the charismatic person that I remember from years ago...his smile is just as wide, but there is a softness there that comes with age and understanding, a sparkle in his eyes from knowing the way....from walking the walk and reaching out to the world that it might sit up and listen and find the courage to turn to one another in kindness. His message is clear and simple. Kindness is not complicated or time consuming.... it is a smile or compliment that can make a difference. It is a way of life that benefits the giver as well as the receiver. It is the nourishment that human kind can offer to our lovely planet and all those who dwell here. I am honoured to know Brock and be a fellow traveller on the road to kindness. We kindly thank you, Brock, for sharing your light.

“I’ll never find out what I can do, unless I do all I can to find out”

- Brock Tully, From Reflections for Someone Special


Photo: Ken Stewar


For more information on Brock Tully and the Kindness Foundation of Canada and how you can help the cause: visit,

Interview by Glennis Talyor Bsc

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Forbidden Education by Luis Miranda


f you often wonder what the traditional educational system did do for you, let me say that you are asking the wrong question. How about asking what did the traditional educational system prevent me from doing? or What did the traditional educational system prevent me from becoming? The current educational system was invented and imposed on society since the times of the industrial revolution, following the model created in Prussia. The main goal of that educational system was to deplete human minds and to simply prepare people to become effective factory workers who completed tasks in the most expeditious way possible without costing much to the land or factory owner. It was designed in a way that prepared people to be obedient servants; and it still does so today. The school system is considered by teachers, academics and students an obsolete and outdated method of instruction, but what many of those teachers, academics or students don’t know or recognize, is that such characteristics were purposely embedded into the educational system. Obsolescence and ineffectiveness are not consequences of an outdated educational system, but fundamental parts of a control scheme that meant to turn people into dumbed down,

obedient cows who could be milked throughout their whole lives for the fruits of their labor. This fact is documented by Charlotte Iserbyt in her book Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. All traditional public and private schools functioning under government-created policy are designed to teach people how to repeat concepts and ideas born in government which are not only useless, but are also not prepared by actual teachers. The film College Conspiracy does a great job exposing the negative results of the current educational system because it explains how it directly affects the lives of millions of people who are born into a defective form of education. However, a new documentary called Educación Prohibida — Forbidden Education — takes an even deeper look at the roots of the current educational system and provides a historical perspective on how the government-sponsored method of ‘educating’ us has been destroying minds for hundreds of years. The film is narrated in Spanish but it also provides English and Portuguese subtitles. Please follow the link, watch it, and pass it to as many people as possible.

Co-ops Employing More People than Corporations A

by J.G. Vibes

s I have been covering in my shows and articles over the past few months, the economic and societal changes that are taking place all over the globe are much less of a collapse, as is often described, and more of a transition. It is true that an old way of life and all of its trappings are disintegrating into obsolescence, but this is only the beginning of the story. There have been a few who have pointed this out, but until now our assertions have been based purely on speculation from researching history and wishful thinking. Not to discount the importance of historical knowledge, but it was difficult to find signs that could be pointed out to show where exactly this transition may be leading. However, in the past year, and especially in recent months, information has been emerging that is at least starting to show what the path looks like. As I have expressed in many previous articles on Spain’s time banks and decentralized currencies in Greece, in some of the areas that are getting hit the hardest, there has been a natural ability for people to devise ways to replace the collapsing system with a more user friendly alternative. All over the world people are facing challenges, and it is these unfortunate challenges which ultimately become learning experiences and opportunities to solve problems more efficiently. Luckily, it does seem that people really do have the emotional maturity and genuine knowledge to use the best of our technology and resources in order to overcome these obstacles. The path that I alluded to before, the path out of this economic mess that has been created by governments and central bankers lies in the informal economy and the mutual aid groups that people are developing to distribute labor. These groups were one of the most popular ways that people ensured the welfare of their families and neighbors before the government created programs to make everyone depend on them for help. Years later we can see the results of this approach, as these programs are in total disarray because their purpose was never actually to help people, and those involved have no real incentive to make these programs productive because they aren’t even a part of the community that depends on them. This is what makes mutual aid groups different; first off these are all programs which are joined by choice and funded voluntarily, and also they allow people to directly interact with whoever they are helping and with whoever is helping them. These programs are highly efficient and realistic even in today’s world. Many of the speakers at the world famous TED Talks have caught on to this trend and have began discussing these issues. In fact there is even a whole series of TED Talks that are now dealing with the informal economy. Meanwhile, mutual aid groups, also known as co-ops now employ more people worldwide than corporations. This is partly because many of the jobs at the corporations have either dried up or are too low paying, and partly because the co-ops are more practical in these difficult times. The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) estimates that the top 300 co-ops in the world account for over $1 trillion in economic activity annually, and there are now actually over 800 million people being employed by co-ops, and that’s just on the record. Business and labor Co-ops don’t just benefit the people who work and invest in them, but also greatly benefit the communities that they are established in by offering quality goods or services at fair prices. In addition to the competing currencies that Greece has been experimenting with during their Euro financial crisis, people have also been developing natural food co-ops which allow customers to overstep the middleman and buy directly from the suppliers. This leaves both the farmer and average person with more extra cash, and this actually even re-


sults in a higher quality of food, because with the extra money most farmers have been investing in organic crops, as opposed to GMO’s. As the paradigm that we have been trapped under for generations begins to fall we will be left with two choices; to work together and create a new paradigm based on peace and voluntary interactions or to listen to the politicians who got us into this mess and follow them off into oblivion. If the events playing out before us in the informal economies of the world are any indication of the future, there is surely much hope left for humanity.

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Chemtrail Consequences Continued from page 2

together. Our once-blue sky has vanished and has been replaced by a greyish-white toxic haze that blots out and greatly diminishes our usual sunshine. Military and commercial planes are involved in more than 60 secret operations. Last year, when I flew across the country, I saw a United Airlines jet (flying below us at about 37,000 feet) spraying a black aerosol that went for miles and miles across the sky. This clandestine program now includes aerosol-spraying planes in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand [all NATO countries]. Hundreds (if not thousands) of people have called and written their public officials to get answers. Replies from US and Canadian officials are not forthcoming; or, if they do reply, queries are dismissed. This remains an ongoing, deliberate cover-up. No one is held accountable, while we continued to be poisoned daily. This is not the first time, however, that citizens are being used as experimental laboratory test subjects. The US government and its military have a very long and sordid history of using us, without informed consent, in this illegal manner. As Carole Pellatt notes: The U.S. military has been spraying chemical and biological weapons in open air testing over civilian populations since the 1940’s. They are called “vulnerability tests”. This is not a controversial statement. The military has admitted to this practice on many occasions and there’s plenty of documentation from the government to corroborate it. There is also documentation of intentional, experimental releases of radiation on civilian populations. Unfortunately, this information tends to surface long after it could have saved lives, or eased the suffering of victims. Over the past decade, independent testing of Chemtrails around the country has shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, nano aluminumcoated fibreglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mould spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibres. Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic. Barium is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function. Independent researchers and labs continue to show off-the-scale levels of these poisons. A few “anonymous” officials have acknowledged this on-going aerosol spraying. Numerous tests have been done to verify that these poisons are off the scale in their toxicity. They are documented in our water, in our soil, and in our air. For more than 10 years, researcher Clifford Carnicom has been valiantly and systematically reporting on the various detrimental aspects of these aerosols –and what they are doing to our entire environment, as well as our blood. Various “sky watch” groups also have been carefully documenting and diligently reporting about these daily assaults. With all these poisons surrounding our every breath, it is not surprising to see a dramatic increase in illnesses. There are numerous reports of the increase in cardiac deaths and upper respiratory illnesses (asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and often multiple chronic illnesses). Chemtrails toxicity has already dramatically affected our deteriorating “collective health.” The significant increase in heart disease and various upper respiratory illnesses has been linked to a vast increase in “particulate matter” in our air. This can be seen by some revealing statistics: 1. Coronary heart disease is now the leading cause of death in the US. According to the CDC, in 2006, 631,636 died of heart disease. This means 1 out of every 5 Americans are affected. In Canada, every seven minutes someone dies of heart disease. 2. Asthma and upper respiratory illnesses. Between 100-150 million people suffer from asthma worldwide. In the US, 16.4 mil-

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lion adults have asthma and 7 million children have it. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema: 9.8 million Americans were diagnosed with chronic bronchitis this past year; for emphysema the figure is 3.8 million. Total: 37 million Americans afflicted. In Canada, 2.4 million have been diagnosed with asthma. 3. Particulate matter in air pollution. Particulate matter [PM] consists of tiny particles 10 microns or less. [1 micron is about 1/70 the thickness of a single human hair.] These particles can lodge in the deepest part of your lungs; and over a period of time, they can damage lung function. This kind of pollution, that we breathe daily, can and does cause various upper respiratory illnesses, coronary heart disease, and premature aging and death. Particulate matter can also exacerbate any existing illness. Unanswered questions: Does hazardous particulate matter act in synergistic ways in human bodies (as do endocrine disrupting chemicals)? How does PM affect millions who already have multiple chronic illnesses?

Brain Injury Even with the increases in preventable illnesses, the issue that has not been linked or addressed –with what Clifford Carnicom rightly calls “aerosol crimes”– is the deterioration of cognitive function. Our immune system is already under siege daily; and this has resulted in millions (possibly billions) of people with not just one illness, but often multiple ones. The skin, the largest organ in our body, is a permeable membrane. This means that invisible toxins in our air, including Chemtrails and other highly dangerous chemicals, go right into our skin. Poisoned rainwater (or snow touching our skin) does the same thing. When the air we

breathe is filled with a dangerous assortment of toxins, with each breath we take, these poisons assault our entire immune system. These poisons also affect our brain and, thus, our cognitive function. Aluminum is a major component in these aerosols. Although it is our planet’s most abundant metal, our body has no biological need for it. Pesticide Action Network North America [PANNA] lists it as “toxic to humans, including carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and acute toxicity.” Yet, aluminum is commonly used [this is a very short list] in vaccines, deodorants and antiperspirants, over-the-counter medications, soft drink and beer cans [aluminum leeches from the cans], baking powder, cake mixes, processed cheeses, and other food products and additives. Over years, aluminum accumulates in the brain, tissues, and to a lesser amount the bones. It causes brain degeneration, dysfunction and damage –due to the blockage and reduced blood flow and oxygen of brain arteries. The brain shrinks, as brain cells die. This causes dementia. Symptoms include: emotional outbursts, paranoia, forgetfulness and memory loss, speech incoherence, irritability, diminished alertness, changes in personality, and poor/bad judgment. All these are on the rise, as more than 4-million Americans are afflicted. Brain deterioration and dementia take decades to cause serious and visible harm. Eventually, however, dementia is fatal. “Alzheimer’s” is now being used incorrectly as a catch-all term for all kinds of dementia. Just a few days ago, the front page of the New York Times had a headline: “More with Dementia Wander from Home.” People afflicted with, what the Times terms “Alzheimer’s” were interviewed. Call 778.835.7667 One person mentioned he “has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.”

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This is patently wrong. Alzheimer’s dementia can only be accurately diagnosed after death when a post-mortem can be done. However, heavy metals poisoning can be diagnosed through lab testing; but this is rarely done in basic check-ups. What is not addressed in this increase in dementia is the more than 10 years of breathing Chemtrails with nano aluminum-coated fibreglass. Billions of tons have been sprayed on us. With all these sources of aluminum added to the air we breathe with each breath, the cumulative toxicity is very high. Even in daily events, it is obvious –to anyone who is paying attention– that many people are behaving oddly. While it may be considered “anecdotal” reporting, there are millions of people whose behaviour is strange. There have been numerous times in just the past year when I have asked someone a question and received an answer that is totally unrelated. There have been more and more uncontrolled outbursts in public areas: someone “snaps” for no apparent reason. Violence levels are up. Look at all the shootings on school campuses. There are more unexplained auto accidents that never should have happened. In just one day a few weeks ago, I witnessed three traffic accidents that need not have happened. The news is full of these stories. Add to this already highly toxic body burden is the US military’s use of aluminum in its aerosols. It is used because of its electrical conductivity, durability, and light weight. The US Air Force reported in 1997 that it released “2 million, 6-7 ounce bundles of CHAFF.” These are laid by military aircraft form 15-50 miles in length. Another unanswered question: Why is the USAF not releasing up-to-date figures? A 2002 report notes that: “over the last 25 years, the US Navy [has released from planes] several hundred thousand pounds of aluminized chaff during flight operations over a training area on the Chesapeake Bay.” If the Navy used hundreds of thousands of pounds in just this small area of the US, what could be extrapolated for the release of possibly billions of tons of nano aluminum by all the military divisions throughout the US and Canada more recently than 2002? CHAFF is being stored that has lead in it. Has that been released, without our knowledge, and added to these aerosols? What enormous, yet invisible, harm has that created for all of us? Dr. Hildegarde Staninger reported last year that “exposure to aerial emissions of nano composite materials resulted in cholinesterase inhibition.” The human body has three kinds of cholinesterase: for the brain, for plasma (manufactured by the liver), and red blood cells. Some pesticides and nerve gases (such as VX, an organophosphate) inhibit cholinesterase. The chronic inhibition of this enzyme (that normally circulates in red blood cells), caused by the spraying of these Chemtrails aerosols [for weather modification, but also used for mosquito and other insect eradication], causes chronic poisoning. This exposure causes severe neurological disorders, including paralysis in humans. In a ground-breaking 2003 online essay, Dr. Kaye Kilburn, asks: “Why is Chemical Brain Injury Ignored?” His article lists 13 concealed factors that affect our willingness to believe that dangerous chemicals do affect the brain. They include: 1. “It’s all in your head” [meaning real symptoms are ignored by allopathic medicine]. 2. Resistance to vulnerability [individuals, and society collectively, cannot believe the brain is at risk]. 3. The acceptance of mind-altering prescription drugs [such as Paxil] that can and do affect the brain [millions are on anti-depressants –what long-term damage does that also do to cognitive thinking?]. 4. Chemical brain injury is considered not to be “an imminent threat.” 5. Competition from other serious threats [causing indifference or denial] 6. Delay in acknowledging health risks. 7. Economic interests [delaying tactics by big corporations are well known –delay continues profits and ignores taking responsibility –We are all expendable for corporate profits]. 8. The field of neurology has been slow to consider causes [how many independent researchers are left who do not have any ties to the pharmaceutical/chemical companies?]. In all these valuable reasons for not addressing this human crisis, the one that Dr. Kilburn has not addressed directly is the chronic assault of breathing/absorbing these now billions of tons of hazardous aerosolized chemicals and heavy metals over more than a decade without our informed consent. When one does not look for or address primary causes, then other issues can be blamed. This, on top of a government’s silence or refusal to respond and the corporate media’s complicity, make for an extremely dangerous combination that puts us all at grave and daily risk. As brain function is diminished, and other things are blamed for it, any population is easier “to control.” Dr. Kiburn’s research clearly shows that chemicals do affect and seriously harm the brain [and, thereby, cognitive function].

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The 18 Most Suppressed Inventions Ever


ere is a list of 18 inspiring inventions that never had the chance …


Perhaps the most notorious suppressed invention is the General Motors EV1, subject of the 2006 documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? The EV1 was the world’s first mass-produced electric car, with 800 of them up for lease from GM in the late ’90s. GM ended the EV1 line in 1999, stating that consumers weren’t happy with the limited driving range of the car’s batteries, making it unprofitable to continue production. Many skeptics, however, believe GM killed the EV1 under pressure from oil companies, who stand to lose the most if highefficiency vehicles conquer the market. It didn’t help that GM hunted down and destroyed every last EV1, ensuring the technology would die out. THE DEATH OF THE AMERICAN STREETCAR In 1921, if the streetcar industry wasn’t actually naming streetcars Desire, it was certainly desiring more streetcars. They netted $1 billion, causing General Motors to hemorrhage $65 million in the face of a thriving industry. GM retaliated by buying and closing hundreds of independent railway companies, boosting the market for gas-guzzling GM buses and cars. While a recent urban movement to rescue mass transit has been underway, it is unlikely we’ll ever see streetcars return to their former glory. THE 99-MPG CAR  The holy grail of automotive technology is the 99-mpg car. Although the technology has been available for years, auto makers have deliberately withheld it from the U.S. market. In 2000, the New York Times reported a little-known fact, at least to most: A diesel-powered dynamo called the Volkswagen Lupo had driven around the world averaging higher than 99 mpg. The Lupo was sold in Europe from 1998 to 2005 but, once again, auto makers prevented it from coming to market; they claimed Americans had no interest in small, fuel-efficient cars. FREE ENERGY Nikola Tesla was more than just the inspiration for a hair metal

band, he was also an undisputed genius. In 1899, he figured out a way to bypass fossil-fuel-burning power plants and power lines, proving that “free energy” could be harnessed using ionization in the upper atmosphere to produce electrical vibrations. J.P. Morgan, who had been funding Tesla’s research, had a bit of buyer’s remorse when he realized that free energy for all wasn’t as profitable as, say, actually charging people for every watt of energy use. Morgan then drove another nail in free energy’s coffin by chasing away other investors, ensuring Tesla’s dream would die. MIRACLE CANCER CURE  In 2001, Nova-Scotian Rick Simpson discovered that a cancerous spot on his skin disappeared within a few days of applying an essential oil made from marijuana. Since then, Simpson and others have treated thousands of cancer patients with incredible success. Researchers in Spain have confirmed that THC, an active compound in marijuana, kills brain-tumour cells in human subjects and shows promise with breast, pancreatic and liver tumours. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, however, classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, meaning that it has no accepted medical use, unlike Schedule II drugs, like cocaine and methamphetamine, which may provide medical benefits. What a buzz-kill. WATER-POWERED VEHICLES  Despite how silly it sounds, water-fuelled vehicles do exist. The most famous is Stan Meyer’s dune buggy, which achieved 100 miles per gallon and might have become more commonplace had Meyer not succumbed to a suspicious brain aneurysm at 57. Insiders have loudly claimed that Meyer was poisoned after he refused to sell his patents or end his research. Fearing a conspiracy, his partners have all but gone underground (or should we say underwater?) and taken his famed water-powered dune buggy with them. We just hope someone finally brings back the amphibious car. CHRONOVISOR  What if you had a device that could see into the future and revisit the past? And what if you didn’t need Christopher Lloyd to help you? Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti, an Italian priest, claimed in the 1960s to have invented what he called a Chronovisor, something that allowed him to witness Christ’s crucifixion. The device supposedly enabled viewers to watch any event in human history by tuning in to remnant vibrations that are caused by every action. (His team of researchers and builders included Enrico Fermi, who also worked on the first atomic bomb). On his deathbed, Fermi admitted that he had faked viewings of ancient Greece and Christ’s demise, but insisted the Chronovisor, which had by then vanished, still worked. Unsurprisingly, conspiracy theorists say the Vatican is now the likely owner of the original Chronovisor.


 American inventor Royal Rife (his real name), in 1934, cured 14 “terminal” cancer patients and hundreds of animal cancers by aiming his “beam ray” at what he called the “cancer virus.” So why isn’t the Rife Ray in use today?A 1986 book, The

Cancer Cure That Worked, Fifty Years of Suppression, by Barry Lynes and John Crane, revived the Rife device affair. The book, written in a style typical of conspiratorial theorists, cites names, dates, events and places, giving the appearance of authenticity to a mixture of historical documents and speculations selectively spun into a web far too complex to permit verification by any thing short of a army of investigators with unlimited resources. The authors claim that Rife successfully demonstrated his device’s cancer curing ability in 1934, but that “all reports describing the cure were censored by the head of the AMA from the major medical journals.” A 1953 U.S. Senate special investigation concluded that Fishbein and the AMA had conspired with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to suppress various alternative cancer treatments that conflicted with the AMA’s pre-determined view that “radium, x-ray therapy and surgery are the only recognized treatments for cancer.” CLOUDBUSTER

 In 1953, a drought threatened Maine’s blueberry crop, and several farmers offered to pay Reich if he could make it rain. The weather bureau had reportedly forecast no rain for several days when Reich began the experiment at 10 a.m. on July 6, 1953. The Bangor Daily News reported on July 24: Dr. Reich and three assistants set up their “rain-making” device off the shore of Grand Lake. The device, a set of hollow tubes, suspended over a small cylinder, connected by a cable, conducted a “drawing” operation for about an hour and ten minutes. According to a reliable source in Ellsworth the following climatic changes took place in that city on the night of July 6 and the early morning of July 7: “Rain began to fall shortly after ten o’clock Monday evening, first as a drizzle and then by midnight as a gentle, steady rain. Rain continued throughout the night, and a rainfall of 0.24 inches was recorded in Ellsworth the following morning.” A puzzled witness to the “rain-making” process said: “The queerest looking clouds you ever saw began to form soon after they got the thing rolling.” And later the same witness said the scientists were able to change the course of the wind by manipulation of the device. The blueberry crop survived, the farmers declared themselves satisfied, and Reich received his fee.

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Birthing the Divine Warrior Continued from page 2

They want to keep you in your ‘comfort zone’ by sucking on your pranic corpuscles and enforcing upon you the illusion that, by sticking with status quo, you are ‘free’. Yes, free to choose a Big Mac or a Burger King, A Coke or a Fanta, an Apple or an IBM, a Ford or a Chevrolet. They want to convince you that what they stand for is ‘the real life’ and anything else is a dangerous and uncharted ocean upon which you should never be so foolish as to attempt to set sail. Ah, but you and I have already set sail on that ocean and there is no turning back. We are sailing together on this ocean at this very moment and we are sailing straight into that great swirling vortex which strips and transforms our every cell into a crystalline diamond, thus laying bare the cosmic soul which is our essence. How can it not be painful? How can we not meet the oncoming waves head-on? Yet a voice is telling us that the pain is transitional and unavoidable. It is karmic pain. It is the macrocosmic pain of the microcosmic pain every woman passes through when giving birth. But now it is you who are giving birth, you are giving birth to the child of innocence that you are and to the Warrior you are to become! The pain is relative to the degree to which we progressed down the ‘wrong path’ and acquired the burdensome baggage of our engagement with consumerism, vanity, arrogance, ambition and plain laziness. All that stuff isn’t going to survive the inexorable centrifugal and centripetal forces into whose midst we are entering. So those who don’t want to part with their baggage will go down with it still strapped to their backs and will thereby become devoid of all natural buoyancy necessary to move beyond third density entrapment. Lighten the load now, drop off the useless paraphernalia, work on the emotional clearing; shed the old skin; relight the sun at the solar plexus; open the compassionate heart to the forces of Love and the neo cortex to the crown of golden light that it is. Then, when you are not looking, the Divine Surfboard will be slotted gently under your feet – a balancing pole placed smoothly into your hands and a loving Angelic arm slipped gently around your waist. Then, lo and behold, the black hole is black no more!

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It is seen for what it truly is: a giant alchemical cosmic cleanser. Wow, going into that? Yes, and into that ultimate cleansing energy that boils our beings down to the absolutely essential essence of “I am”. Only that remains as we surf on through the wormhole, guided by the Angel whose arm is gently and lovingly looped around our waist. Ah yes, my friends, laugh! Laugh joyously! Laugh at the absurdly wonderful drama that is Life and soar where you will on this great and mysterious cosmic journey which is your birthright. But understand that Ecstasy is the currency of Love and the fuel of Passion, and that these are Divine Assets. Divine Assets that will evaporate away at a moments notice if not immediately invested into the hands-on transformation of the mundane, politically, financially, ecologically and spiritually flawed world which we struggle to move through each day of our lives. That is the first and foremost investment which we must make if we wish to tread the road to a higher consciousness. We are quite simply impelled to offer back to our Creator the fruits of that Godly potential which the Supreme Consciousness invested in us. We are here to realize those fruits. The investment of them into doing all we can to reclaim the sanctity of our precious planet is the most crucial input we can make in this life-time. Let no aware individual deny that it is his or her role to make such an investment the centerpiece of their lives. To be effective in this mission, we must recognise that our entry into the cleansing vortex is enabling us to be re-birthed as the Divine Warriors which our planet is so urgently calling out for. Our field of engagement is planet Earth. Our antagonists are the oppressors of the Divine Spirit. They still hold sway on this planet. If we want to get to the Garden of Eden, we are going to have to be party to the eviction of those who are illegally occupying it. That is the prerequisite for enabling our planet to throw- off that which prevents its evolution – and our evolution - into fourth, fifth and sixth density consciousness. We cannot get there without it. It cannot get there without us. We are organizing ourselves as the Activists of the New Resistance for exactly this purpose and we cannot rest until our task is achieved. We will not loose the Angelic arm that holds us lovingly around the waist so long as we are fully engaged in this supremely creative task. But turn away and allow ourselves to

imagine that someone else will intervene on our behalf – and even the memory of the proceeding ecstasy will soon turn to ashes. So, warmly embrace the role of the Divine Warrior that you are. Man and woman. We are entering into the supreme engagement together. The ultimate battle is to be fought on a unified front – and as you know – you are guided in the strategy to be deployed. And as you know, the first battle is with yourself. And as you know, one of the biggest battles is to rid yourself of fear. Or at least, to be able to ‘set fear aside’. And do not let the ghoulish entities deployed by the occult engineers stand in your way either. They are just malevolent masks that hide an empty soul. Yes, dear friends, we are going forward together, no matter where we reside geographically in relation to each other. We are inexorably moving together, and in so doing are building the ultimate ‘resistance’ and we will not be easily deflected in our goal. When we are called upon to fight, we will fight, in defence of Truth. When we are called upon to refuse to comply with the stultifying laws of man, we will refuse to comply with such laws. When we feel called upon to pray, we will pray. When we feel called upon to meditate, we will meditate: all out of commitment of a greater Truth being manifest on planet Earth. We are well into the vortex of ‘no way back’. Yet our passage through this vortex leads us home. Funny, eh? Home is where we come from and where we are going to. Our right of passage is everything that lies in between, and our journey is both outward and inward, simultaneously. Always both - and that is a clue to the great paradox of Life. We are as trees. We grow from seed, both putting down roots and growing upward at the same time. So when in doubt – be a tree! Be the tree you are and grow down and up from the central plexus of your being. Bring Earth and Spirit into oneness. From now on, our true strength will come from engagement with, and the ultimate defeat of, all that which, and those who, try to block the flowering of the Divine Truth which each of us holds within - and whose time has now come. ______________________________ Julian is a British pioneer organic farmer, writer and activist. He is currently president of the ‘International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside’ which is leading the fight against GMO in Poland. He is author of “Changing Course for Life - Local Solutions to Global Problems”

by Tierre Joline Taylor

es, I am a lady, and ladies, politely speaking, usually follow. Most of the time. At least that’s how things start out. When I first discovered Tango I quickly fell in love with the dramatically placed footsteps and the subtle communication that takes place between dancers. Tango is a partners dance which means that you have a leader and a follower, and I felt completely at home being in the role of the follower. It feels so natural and allows me to feel that I am in an ultimately feminine mode of expression that is very exciting for me. As the follower, my job is to meditate on the leader’s core and then surrender myself to the steps that he leads me through. The feminine offers the masculine opportunity to shine in his traditional role, fulfilling her own by doing so. Yin and Yang complementing one another in their eternal dance. After becoming quite comfortable in the follower’s role I was given the opportunity to take a beginner’s class again, but this time in the role of the leader. What a shift that was for me! Not just a mental challenge, but a physical one as well. The role reversal demanded something completely different from me, and I needed to change tracts in my consciousness to accom-

modate this newly accepted position. In the first class I found everything extremely difficult and I was exhausted by the end of it. Now with this reversal of roles I was not only concerned with my own footing but my partner’s too. I kept asking myself ‘am I communicating effectively with my dance partner’? ‘Am I clear in my indications and directions?’ ‘Do they feel the movements from my core?’ I know from being in the follower’s position that you require things to be as clear as possible. Muddled signals makes for a tricky dance. As the classes progressed and my comfort grew I began to experience a feeling of empowerment when I took my partner’s hand in mine. Each time I stepped into the lead role I seemed to be working a muscle that was weak and abandoned but one that was now being awakened through exercise. In my everyday life I am always making decisions and choosing directions for myself, but somehow taking the lead for me is a different experience. Somehow, this experience with leading in dance sparked a new feeling for me, one that is hard to describe but nonetheless spoke to me quite strongly. Having enjoyed it so much I then started to look for it in my everyday experiences. Was I seeing it or experiencing it in other areas of my life, or was it simply an unclaimed potential that woke up in Tango’s embrace? Was there really so much more to me then I had previously believed? What a thrilling find! And how exciting to discover a facet of myself of which I was previously unaware. Of course, I now have the question of how to integrate and weave my new relationship with leading into my everyday world to answer. Is there an area in my life that I can take by the hand to consciously and with intent lead into a dance of my own choosing? What a wonderful thing to learn that not only is there an immense amount of exploration and discovery that can be done in our concrete physical reality, but also in the landscape of our inner world. Life really is a dance.


We so often live our lives in familiar habitual patterns; and yet by stepping out of our self assigned roles we open the door to experiencing ourselves in a completely different fashion. And it’s so refreshing! Giving oneself the opportunity to grow is simply awesome. Encouraging and sharing the growth we would love to see in the world through that example is doubly so. We also have the power to keep ourselves in a checkmate situation where our world is so tightly woven that there is no room for movement. This situation can be safe, familiar and comfortable, but severely limiting. Sometimes we are just so busy ‘functioning’ in the world that it takes being thrown into a challenging and foreign role to wake us up with the need to access feelings that lie undiscovered and waiting just beneath the surface. I have Tango to thank for doing just that! By switching roles and playing it differently for a change I offered myself the gift of taking my own lead in life, and that’s my kind of dance. So give yourself a whirl sometime! The music’s always playing and your partner’s always there.

“I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.” - Frances Willard

Hive Mind

Continued from page 15 We see the globalist agenda at work in Star Trek and its spinoffs as well. Over the years, many a television viewer’s mind has been imprinted with the idea that centralized government is the solution for our problems. Never mind the complexities of the issue; never mind the fact that, in the real world, centralization of power leads to tyranny. The reptile brain, hypnotized by the flickering television screen, has seen Captain Kirk and his culturally diverse crew demonstrate time and again that the United Federation of Planets is a good thing. Therefore, it must be so. It remains to be seen whether the Masters of Deception will, like those scientists in The Outer Limits, stage an invasion from space with anti-gravity machines and holograms. If they do, it will surely be broadcast on television, so that anyone out of range of that light show in the sky, will be able to see it, and all with eyes to see will believe. It will be War of the Worlds on a grand scale. Jack Kerouac once noted, while walking down a residential street at night, glancing into living rooms lit by the grey glare of television sets, that we have become a world of people “thinking the same thoughts at the same time.” Every day, millions upon millions of human beings sit down at the same time to watch the same football game, the same miniseries, the same newscast. And where might all this shared experience and uniformity of thought be taking us? A recent report co-sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Commerce Department calls for a broadbased research program to find ways to use nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive sciences; to achieve telepathy, machine-to-human communication, amplified sensory experience, enhanced intellectual capacity, and mass participation in a “hive mind.” Quoting the report: “With knowledge no longer encapsulated in individuals, the distinction between individuals and the entirety of humanity would blur. Think Vulcan mind-meld. We would perhaps become more of a hive mind; an enormous, single, intelligent entity.” There is no doubt that we have been brought closer to the “hive mind” by the mass media. For, what is the shared experience of television but a type of “Vulcan mind-meld”? (Note the terminology borrowed from Star Trek, no doubt to make the concept more familiar and palatable. If Spock does it, it must be okay.) This government report would have us believe that the hive mind will be for our good, a wonderful leap in evolution. It is

nothing of the kind. For one thing, if the government is behind it, you may rest assured it is not for our good. For another, common sense should tell us that blurring the line “between individuals and the entirety of humanity” means mass conformity, the death of human individuality. Make no mistake about it, if humanity is to become a hive, there will be at the centre of that hive a Queen Bee, whom all the lesser “insects” will serve. This is not evolution, this is devolution. Worse, it is the ultimate slavery, the slavery of the mind. And it is a horror first unleashed in 1938 when one million people responded as one, as a hive, to Orson Welles’ Halloween prank. In a sense, those people who fled the Martians that night were right to be afraid. They were indeed under attack. But they were wrong about who was attacking them. It was something far worse than Martians. Had they only known the true nature of the danger facing them, perhaps they would have gone to the nearest radio station with torches in hand like the villagers in those old Frankenstein movies and burned it to the ground, or at least commandeered the new technology and turned it towards another use; the liberation of humanity, instead of its enslavement.

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18 Suppressed Inventions

 Cold fusion isn’t the only technology to get buried by hot-headed scientists. When two physicists who were working on the decades-long Tokamak Hot Fusion project at Los Alamos Laboratory stumbled across a cheaper, safer method of creating energy from colliding atoms, they were allegedly forced to repudiate their own discoveries or be fired; the lab feared losing the torrent of government money for Tokamak. In retaliation, the lead researchers created the Focus Fusion Society, which raises private money to fund their research outside of government interference.

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Lutec 1000 A number of over-unity generators, which produce more energy than they take to run, have surfaced in the past century. Ironically, they have been more trouble than they were worth. In nearly all cases, a supposedly working prototype has been unable to make it to commercial production as a result of various corporate or government forces working against the technology. Recently, the Lutec 1000, an “electricity amplifier,” has been making steady progress toward a final commercial version. Will consumers soon be able to buy it, or will it too be suppressed? COLD FUSION  Billions of dollars have been spent researching how to create energy using controlled “hot fusion,” a risky and unpredictable line of experimentation. Meanwhile, garage scientists and a fringe group of university researchers have been getting closer to harnessing the power of “cold fusion,” which is much more stable and controllable, but far less supported by government and foundation money. In 1989, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced that they had made a breakthrough and had observed cold fusion in a glass jar on their lab bench. To say the reaction they received was chilly would be an understatement. CBS’s 60 Minutes described how the resulting backlash from the well-funded hot-fusion crowd sent the researchers underground and overseas, where within a few years their funding dried up, forcing them to drop their pursuit of clean energy. HOT FUSION

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics

MAGNETOFUNK AND HIMMELKOMPASS  Nazi scientists spent much of World War II hidden in a covert military base somewhere in the arctic, creating the Magnetofunk. This alleged invention was designed to deflect the compasses of Allied aircraft that might be searching for Point 103, as the base was known. The aircraft pilots would think they were flying in a straight line, but would gradually curve around Point 103 without ever knowing they were deceived. The Himmelkompass allowed German navigators to orient themselves to the position of the sun, rather than magnetic forces, so they could find Point 103 despite the effects of the Magnetofunk. According to Wilhelm Landig, a former SS officer, these two devices were closely guarded secrets of the Third Reich. So closely guarded were they that neither device apparently survived the collapse of Hitler’s Germany, although the real tragedy is that no one has ever named their band Magnetofunk. 


flounder. StimTech sued, alleging that Johnson & Johnson purposely stifled the TENS technology to protect sales of its flagship drug, Tylenol. Johnson & Johnson responded that the device never performed as well as was claimed and that it was not profitable. StimTech’s founders won $170 Million, although the ruling was appealed and overturned on a technicality. The court’s finding that the corporation suppressed the TENS device was never overturned. THE PHOEBUS CARTEL  Phillips, GE and Osram engaged in a conspiracy from 1924 to 1939 with the goal of controlling the fledgling light-bulb industry, according to a report published in Time magazine six years later. The alleged cartel set prices and suppressed competing technologies that would have produced longer-lasting and more efficient light bulbs. By the time the cabal dissolved, the industry-standard incandescent bulb was established as the dominant source of artificial light across Europe and North America. Not until the late 1990s did compact fluorescent bulbs begin to edge into the worldwide lighting market as an alternative. THE CORAL CASTLE How did Ed Leedskalnin build the massive Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, out of giant chunks of coral weighing up to 30 tons each with no heavy equipment and no outside help? Theories abound, including anti-gravity devices, magnetic resonance and alien technology, but the answer may never be known. Leedskalnin died in 1951 without any written plans or clues as to his techniques. The centrepiece of the castle, which is now a museum open to the public, is a nine-ton gate that used to move with light pressure from one finger. After the gate’s bearings wore out in the 1980s, a crew of five took more than two weeks to fix it, although they never did get it to work as effortlessly as Leedskalnin’s original masterpiece. HEMP BIO-FUEL

In the 1960s, the Liggett & Myers tobacco company created a product called the XA, a cigarette in which most of the stick’s carcinogens had been eliminated. Dr. James Mold, Liggett’s Research Director, reported in court documents in the case of “The City and County of San Francisco vs. Phillip Morris, Inc.,” that Phillip Morris threatened to “clobber” Liggett if they did not adhere to an industry agreement never to reveal information about the negative health effects of smoking. By advertising a “safer” alternative, they would be admitting the dangers of tobacco use. The lawsuit was dismissed on a technicality and Phillip Morris never addressed the accusations. Despite their own scientists’ publication of research that showed less cancer in mice exposed to smoke from the XA, Liggett & Myers issued a press released denying evidence of cancer in humans as a result of tobacco use, and the XA never saw the light of day. TENS The Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device was created to alleviate pain impulses from the body without the use of drugs. In 1974, Johnson & Johnson bought StimTech, one of the first companies to sell the machine, and proceeded to starve the TENS division of money, causing it to


The father of our country, George Washington, who is rumoured to have said “I cannot tell a lie,” was a proud supporter of the hemp seed. Of course, the only thing more suppressed in this country than an honest politician is hemp, which is often mistaken for marijuana and therefore unfairly maligned. Governmental roadblocks, meanwhile, prevent hemp from becoming the leader in extracting ethanol, allowing environmentally damaging sources like corn to take over the ethanol industry. Despite the fact that it requires fewer chemicals, less water and less processing to do the same job, hemp has never caught on. Experts also lay the blame at the feet of (who else?) Presidential candidates, who kiss up to Iowa corn growers for votes.

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Chemicals –especially a daily onslaught of toxic chemicals over many years– can damage our ability to think clearly. Even if we find this hard to believe, the evidence is there. Dr. Kilburn has expanded this essay into the first book to research this: “Chemical Brain Injury” (published in 1998). Dr. Kilburn notes: The brain’s preservation represents the only possibility of survival for mankind. To find in many parts of the country and in many individual patients that its function is eroded seriously by chemicals, chemicals that have been introduced into the environment basically in the last 50 years, is bad news indeed. It seems almost unbelievable that millions/billions of people could look up at the sky and not notice the dramatic changes that have occurred from what it was, for instance, in the mid-1990s. Then our sky was a gorgeous, deep blue. Clouds were a beautiful assortment of shapes. The sun was glorious. But people under 30, may not have a real sense of recollection about looking up every day and seeing this panoramic magnificence. Most of them are too busy texting or chatting on their cell phones. There are other issues to consider, as well: People are in their own comfort zones; and denial is a very powerful human emotion. In the hustle and bustle (now quite out of hand, for reflective time), how many people look up at the sky? It also takes huge courage, a very deep, internal willingness to examine politically motivated corporate controlled media spin, and search for the real answers. Humans like their regular routines. To re-examine what we think we know, based on new evidence, takes a willingness to think outside the proverbial box; to want to find out the truth –not the pervasive Orwellian doublespeak that pervades our society. If everything in our daily routine belies what is truly going on, it requires fortitude to explore the unknown –to question the litany. Another courageous person is Dr. R. Michael Castle who continues to address the Chemtrails toxicity issue. He is a noted polymer chemist who has been interviewed frequently and has written articles about the extreme hazards of Chemtrails. Dr. Castle has also written a ground-breaking document, the Universal Atmospheric Preservation Act [UAPA]. This document has been in Congress since 2008; but is tied up in committee. The only way to have this vital piece of legislation passed is to have real congressional representatives actually representing us (instead of the corporate lobbyists). See: Given these issues, since our collapsing society has so many different levels of deceit –the financial debacle, the lies and deceit of government and the Federal Reserve blaming people for the housing/mortgage nightmare, the emerging police state, the disasters that envelope our fragile environment– it becomes increasingly difficult just to maintain a daily routine and survive the economic depression and its daily fallout. Mainstream media does its supporting role and deceives us. Millions, like the proverbial lemmings, hasten to join the group demise. There are countless historical instances of this collective insanity. We Homo sapiens [sic, wise men?] have never learned the lessons of 5,000 years of history. This is because each new generation of corrupt political leaders (often tied historically to previous ones) never has the real interest of their constituents as a basic part of their political practice. Further, there is no Precautionary Principle in place. It’s not the way the political game of deception works. Precaution is not part of an equation that is broken from the beginning. Humans are gullible and want to believe the Orwellian deceptions. To add to this already heavy burden, to ask uninformed, although supposedly “well educated” [What does that actually mean, given that much of our higher education has omitted much of what Prof. Peter Dale Scott calls “deep political events” that never get into our history books?] people to reconsider what they think they know about what is really going on –this takes enormous internal strength. It requires profound courage. The basis of this “courage” actually means creating new synaptical pathways in the brain. Without them, we feel scared, nervous…because those new synapses have not yet been created. It takes repeated effort, and, thus, an emerging sense of ease, to create these new synapses. If, however, millions of people are already on prescription pharmaceuticals to “calm them down” [long term, what is this doing to their ability to think clearly?] and, in addition, are breathing poisoned air rife with mind-distorting chemicals, then how clearly (if at all) is anyone able to think? How can anyone feel well and safe, if the very air we breathe is deliberately poisoned and is affecting our ability to think cogently? It is already evident that no one in any official capacity is willing to tell the truth. It is like Diogenes, the ancient Greek, searching for a truthful individual. No one seems to have the desire, or courage, or authority to stop this massive poisoning, because it is the secret plan of the elite insiders to deliberate destroy everything we once knew. Our BASIC human rights, constitutional and international laws are mere paper. These rights and laws have all been torn asunder by those in charge. It has been done by stealth. We must organize peacefully. PEACEFULLY is the operative word. If these many-pronged aerosol attacks by military and commercial planes can spray these horrific toxins on us, year after year with impunity –against all laws– then it is absolutely imperative that we organize peacefully. As Peter Dale Scott notes in Jason Bermas’ new DVD “Invisible Empire”: we must use the Internet and our peaceful intellectual powers to come together and shut this nightmare down. It is possible to do this.

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Freedom For Families

to even find ways to get the food we want. For example, we are fans of raw milk. Dairy is a controversial health topic, but we tend to agree with the Weston A Price camp and want the good stuff. If you haven’t been following the raw milk news, you might not know that it’s very challenging to find a farmer willing to share milk with you. Your options are to own your own dairy animal, drive to WA and pick up your milk, or find a sympathetic farmer willing to take a risk and allow you to buy milk or a share in their herd. Even with a cow share program, where you own part of the herd and are entitled to the milk, you risk the Health Authority sticking their nose in and causing trouble for the farmer. Thanks to the farmer’s markets, social networking, craigslist, and, we are able to find the best food for the best prices. We found the best deal on pastured eggs by posting a wanted ad, we found our holiday turkey on facebook, and we buy our bulk dry goods in a co-op with friends. Not only am I getting what I want for the price I need, but I’m making great connections with other people. I’m learning that when it comes to finding our food it helps to look at the big picture, and the long term. When we buy in bulk, it costs a lot up front

but it gives us security, knowing that we are set for a while and can stay ahead of unforeseen circumstances. We can even buy eggs in bulk since they last so long - good quality eggs can last months, so it doesn’t hurt to keep 2-3 weeks worth at a time in the cupboard, rotating them after my weekly pickup. What I really wanted to share this month is that even on a budget, there are ways to find connections and get ahold of the organic food you need. We make use of all the resources we have, searching out new sources for co-ops and finding small farmers or hobby gardeners to buy or trade with. There is unpicked fruit just waiting to be found.

To the beginner in this line of thought some of the things stated in this book may sound strange, even absurd, but, instead of condemning them, give them a trial. You will find they will work out. The inventor has to work out his idea mentally before he produces it materially. The architect first sees the mental picture of the house he is to plan and from this works out the one we see. Every object, every enterprise, must first be mentally created. I know a man that started in business with thirteen cents and not a dollar’s worth of credit. In ten years he has built up a large and profitable business. He attributes his success to two things—belief that he would succeed and hard work. There were times when it did not look like he could weather the storm. He was being pressed by his creditors who considered him bankrupt. They would have taken fifty cents on the dollar for his notes and considered themselves lucky. But by keeping up a bold front he

got an extension of time when needed. When absolutely necessary for him to raise a certain sum at a certain time he always did it. When he had heavy bills to meet he would make up his mind that certain people that owed him would pay by a certain date and they always did. Sometimes he would not receive their check until the last mail of the day of the extension, and I have known him to send out a check with the prospect of receiving a check from one of his customers the following day. He would have no reason other than his belief in the power of affecting the mind of another by concentration of thought for expecting that check, but rarely has he been disappointed. Just put forth the necessary concentrated effort and you will be wonderfully helped from sources unknown to you. Remember the mystical words of Jesus, the Master: “Whatsoever thing ye desire when ye pray, pray as if ye had already received and ye shall have.”

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Powel, presented to the world at the UN. That’s how easy it starts. You can have clowns take the world to war and everybody bows and scrapes.

GC: You can’t. You can only do what you can do, and keep doing enough of that. You’re going to lose them, they don’t count anyway. They’re going to drink phosphorescent slurpees if you market it right. You don’t need them. They’re only going to follow. And guess what? They’ll follow ``good`` just like they’ll follow ``bad``. That’s my belief.

My definition of hell is taking that last breath of life, knowing you lied to yourself, that you’re not the person you said you were. I don’t want to go out like that. And I think the future is with the young people who have it in their soul, who have the energy, the brains, and know what is going on… on a lot of different levels. So I’m really encouraged by them. The collective consciousness changes when the individual conscious changes. When you really know that you are doing the best you can really do…to do the best you really can…you keep going to the higher levels within yourself and don’t settle for mediocrity. It’s time for new thinking, new directions, and a new ``New Age``...not of airbrushed unicorns know.



umpkins, parsnips and pie, oh my! When harvest time rolls around and I am planning my Thanksgiving menu, I’m glad to be living in southern BC. The mild climate works for the fruits and veggies, wild berries and mushrooms, and free range turkey. Like many of the Agora readers, food sovereignty is a focus for our family. With lots of mouths to feed, and growing little people to keep healthy, it’s a challenge to make our food budget stretch to afford what we need. Not only are finances an issue, but sometimes it’s a struggle

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the thing wanted and if it would be good for you to have; say, “I want to do this; I am going to work to secure it. The way will be open for me.” If you fully grasp mentally the thought of success and hold it in mind each day, you gradually make a pattern or mold which in time will materialize. But by all means keep free from doubt and fear, the destructive forces. Never allow these to become associated with your thoughts. At last you will create the desired conditions and receive help in many unlooked-for ways that will lift you out of the undesired environment. Life will then seem very different to you, for you will have found happiness through awakening within yourself the power to become the master of circumstances instead of their slave.

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JM: Iran is a very young country with 65% of the population under 33. GC: These are the Persians, they fought the Iraqis for 8 years, and they lost 1 million people, and didn’t give an inch of ground. A war started by Jimmy Carter, the wonderful liberal and carried through by Reagan. The wonderful picture of Donald Rumsfeld, who should be brought up on war criminal charges, putting golden spurs on Saddam Hussein to fight the war. You have insane people running the planet and people are following them. And that is what is troubling me the most. How did the Germans let a two bit freak like Hitler destroy their country? And you have them over here too. They’re everywhere and the people bow to this power. They way they do it is all by show. They have the red carpets with the paparazzi, and the media, and the motorcades. They have people waiving and saluting. It’s all show to make you think their mother is better than yours. JM: How can you influence people who have become robots and

JM: What do the youth of today, that have the balls, have to do? GC: You know, my biggest fan base is the youth. They’re a lot of young people that want to do things to change the world. It doesn’t take a lot. I call it the 20% solution. You look at the few people who are directing the course for the worst, and you only need that many who are working for the good. We don’t even need 20%, probably only 5% who are dedicated and working as hard as those currently running things. As I mentioned, they set this up to make you think they are better than you are. If Clinton can, if Bush can, if Obama can, if Romney can, then you can and I can…unless you think their mother is better than yours. Speaking only for myself, they are not superior to me, and to keep it polite, let’s just say we are equal. When people get that, and stop looking up to these people and thinking they are wiser and better than they are, that could be the change, and the change is only going to come from the youth. My generation is spent. They just don’t have it.

______________________________ Mr. Celente was interviewed live while he visited Vancouver and spoke at The SEED Event, Saturday, October 13 at the PNE Forum. The SEED Event’s next event date is Saturday, April 20, 2013 in Calgary at the BMO Centre and again in Vancouver November 2013. Sign up for SEED updates and news at For information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please call Diana Zoppa 778-628-2770

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