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Self-Mastery & Sovereignty

Reclaiming the Mind and Healing the Negative Ego By Justin Deschamps


HE MIND IS OFTEN spoken of as the source of our emotional problems. If we could only “get out of the head and into the heart”—as some say—we might be better off. But I think the mind’s ability to be programmed by our actions, which includes free-will choices of a metaphysical nature, is very important to consider. For when we, the programmer, fail to gain control of the programs accumulated by the mind, we become victims of its disorganized condition, often a product of social programming from unacknowledged forces in society and culture.

The Birth of the Negative Ego (Egoism)

We spend most of our lives allowing our minds to run wild, filling them with distractions and subtle programming from media entertainments. And from this disempowered infantile state, we might blame the mind itself as the source of all our troubles. Some think that the ego is a demon or dark version of ourselves hidden within and that if

we could only destroy it completely, we would be enlightened. But the ego also appears to be that localized point of identity, which allows the infinite higher self to take form, molded by our choices and the mind’s awesome power to direct consciousness energy. Yet, if we never gain mastery of the mind it will become our greatest enemy, making us feel pain, limitation, and suffering at seemingly every turn. The negative ego is born when we fail to nurture changes in identity that are unavoidable as one gains experience. When a part of the self seeks to stay rigid and fixed, when it rejects change and growth, then trappings of egocentric consciousness overwhelm the evolving soul. Furthermore, culture and society are filled with egocentric philosophies and belief systems that lead many to think identifying with the ego is not only required but essential to one’s survival. Those who allow life to change them for the better are often rejected by their fellows lost in the pits of egoism. When we don’t know who we really

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are, the mind seeks to hold onto the past, creating misery and a co-dependent need for justification from others. Most of us suffer from some form of egoism because trauma creates an awareness of the self that acts in a protective, fearful way. Whole portions of the population that have almost no selfknowledge; and therefore, are co-dependent on other people suffering from negativeego to feel safe and secure. In short, the misery of egoism loves company—those who dare to know thyself are doomed to be abandoned by the throngs of empty souls who know nothing but false identity.

The Mind is a Tool that Becomes a Weapon in the Wrong Hands The mind is an incredible tool; and like all tools, if they are not used wisely, they become weapons of destruction. The mind is creative and dynamic by nature, it is that thing that allows our consciousness to organize and integrate the past with the present, creating a venue to contemplate possible futures. In this sense, the ego described by many as evil or destructive is only a product of our lack of mindmastery. Reclaiming dominion over one’s consciousness is the solution that will end the hardships of a life suffered through unconsciousness. In doing so, one transforms the ego into a tool for expressing higher consciousness. But this state of spiritual maturity cannot come about through rejection of the mind in favor of emotions or what some call the heart. It was this separation of the mind from the heart that arguably caused the negative ego to flourish, and suffering to go unhealed. The mind and heart are polarizations of a dynamic system of unified consciousness that must become one again through our careful efforts.

Programming and the Organizing/Healing Power of the Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is where the present and the past merge, where what is unknown becomes known. It is here where our free will has the greatest power to reorganize the subconscious, known to us as habits and destructive instincts that were installed over a lifetime of poorly contemplated choices. Every time we take an action that is not in alignment with a high and holistic

Please see MASTERY, page 21

Free Your Mind From Negative Self Talk Meditation for a Positive Mind

By Susan L. Magine


F YOU COULD LISTEN to the thoughts of others, what would you hear? My guess is that if you listened, even for a small while, to just about anyone, you would hear endless thoughts of worry, negativity and loads of self-criticism. Why do I think this? Because this is what is going on, most of the time, in my own head. And also because I have noticed that whenever I talk to other people, usually one of the first things out of their mouths fall into one of these categories. None of us are strangers to doubt, fear, or pessimism. When the mind is in a negative state it can launch an endless litany of insults and animosity at us, all in vicious defense of our supposed worthlessness. It’s the reason we often look in the mirror with an agenda, searching only to see what we do not like, while blotting out the rest. It may tell us that we are no good, that other people are better, that we will never be like those other people. It can say that we are doomed to fail, so we might as well not even begin. And on and on it goes, until the negativity grinds itself a deep trench within our minds, causing it to be the most traveled route for thought to take. Negative self-talk is an epidemic, and one we need to heal. For if we can learn to be kind to ourselves, surely we will find it easier to be kind to each other.

How to Stop your Negative Self-talk

In the quest to quiet your negative thoughts, your first instinct might be to combat them with their positive counterparts. However, you’ll soon notice that your thoughts and words are too contrived, too earnest, and not at all sincere. You can’t force yourself into optimism. Attempting to do so will require far more stamina than most could endure. Besides, you can only fool yourself for so long. You might also try to stop the thoughts altogether, and it may work – but only as long as you can keep your guard up. Fighting them will eventually turn into a cantankerous battle: you vs. yourself. The problem quickly becomes obvious as the conundrum presents itself, for when you fight yourself you both win and lose, essentially getting nowhere. And, as the negative mind would say, you are still a loser. But you can’t give in to the negativity. The damage negative self-talk inflicts on your well-being may be hard to measure, but it’s not hard to spot. At the very least, it can stop you from reaching for your personal goals, and at worst it can cause you to spiral into a cycle of depression and possible self-hatred. Yet as damaging as negative thoughts can be, all they really are is a bad behavior that has formed itself into a pattern … which is actually good news. Why? Because patterns can be broken, and new ones can be formed. It may take effort, it may take courage, but it can be done.

Accept It and Move On

Signs you are in a negative mind state

It is possible to be in a negative thought pattern without realizing it. If you can categorize your thoughts in any one of the following ways – you are in a negative mind state: l Feeling sorry for yourself l Thoughts of unworthiness l Complaining l Criticism l Expecting the worse l Victim mentality l Resentment l Worry l Blame l Hopelessness l Irritation l Anger l Fear

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Change inevitably requires some degree of understanding. To swap your negative self-talk for a more supportive conversation, it’s important to differentiate between the mind’s logical and emotional dialogue. The thoughts that are logical, such as “don’t jump off the cliff”, are there to protect you, so you must listen to those. But the thoughts that are purely emotional, with no basis in fact, such as “you aren’t good enough”, are the ones that lead you astray. Acknowledge them, accept them, but don’t let them stop your progress, or scare you into inaction, claim your happiness. Think of the negative self-talk as a crying baby; you probably don’t like to hear it, but at the same time you can accept it because you know it’s what babies do. The negative mind behaves the same way – it’s always going to be there, making noise when it wants to, and although you can’t stop it, what you can do is acknowledge it, appease it if need be, and then simply tune out of it and move on.

Change Your Negative Self-talk To help you groove some new channels

Please see FREE YOUR MIND, page 21

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Publisher’s Corner By Lorenzo


ONCE READ A STORY of a music band member who laughed at being labelled an overnight success. He said “sure after many, many years of hard work, suddenly we’ve been noticed, but nobody has seen the deep commitment and struggle that went into getting us here’’. Well, here at the New Agora, had you been a fly on our walls you would have seen the constant effort, flavoured with years of struggle, both personal and in business, that has slowly lead to the current edition you’re holding today. Perhaps more on our ‘early years’ will be shared later, but for now I am happy to say that seven years later, we are really only beginning to see the success we always knew was possible. At this point we must thank all of those who have helped get us to where we are today. We are growing this month, both in page-count and in our readership base. We’re extending widely across BC, while reaching out nationally and internationally with our unique print publication. First and foremost we are a full colour, monthly print publication, and we see now that the best way to continue serving our many readers is to incorporate all those amazing in-depth and out-there stories, articles and information, into our current model of print, well-supported by our website and social network. Our plans of offering a digital-only subscription-based sister paper will simply have to wait for our present expansion to reach its zenith. This month we’ve brought on-board many a great talent and energies to help us expand fully into the daily increase in demand for what we do so well…sharing information through which our readers might help free themselves in all the ways they so choose. Keep an eye on these pages for a regular column from David Whitehead of The Truth Warrior and Unslaved ( and And a big welcome to Haley Nagasaki, our in-house journalist and Jr. Editor, who has finally made the leap in joining us on a full-time basis, spearheading our social media, web-exclusive content, and soonto-be-launched online store. If you haven’t already, please bookmark us at for the purposes of being notified when we post something new. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram. If you’re more into the personal, face-to-face old school stuff, you can meet us and our team at the upcoming Vancouver Health Show and Intuitive Arts Festival, in Victoria both November 4th and 5th, The Lift Cannabis Expo, January 12-14th, and the Victoria Health Show, January 27th and 28th, 2018. Many of our current participators will be joining us there such as Bud’s Pure Naturals, Nelson Naturals, Biosa Inc., Cannalife Botanicals, Marphyl and others sure to come. So if you feel inspired to share with us in person or online, we encourage you to do so; and please continue your part in supporting our lovely advertisers and participators, as they assist us with their truly helpful products, information, and services: without them, and your participation, there would be no New Agora. Finally, as the Holiday Season is now upon us, don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly print publication delivered directly to your door, or the door of yours truly. After all, we are an Agora, and we love to see our family grow and do well. A big thanks to all who have helped us get to where we are today. Your contribution has helped pave the way for much more greatness to come. All the best for all the rest, Lorenzo

Raven Magic

By Fredalupe!


Give me knowledge, so I may have kindness for all. — Plains Indian

IMAGINE MANY OF US feel affinities and even kinship towards living creatures beyond the usual human assortment of nuts in a box. I imagine were it not for that other company many of us would feel even more alone and stranded in this world of the ‘mad thinking ape’. That is not to say that I ascribe any particular import or veracity to Darwin’s so called theory of evolution. Perhaps a slight retraction there as it is an important facet, to my eye, of the mirror bubble of self-reflection humanity has presently accepted as a cornerstone of the overriding paradigm caging their consciousness.

Warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another life. The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others. His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity. ~ Sitting Bull [c. 1831-1890] Hunkpapa Lakota

Man’s law changes with his understanding of man. Only the laws of the Spirit remain always the same — Crow

The choice is ours: to fly or crawl, magic or that other thing; to dare to see the wonder of it all with a child’s eyes, or it is back to the slaughterhouse of awareness to feed the machine. Harsh words this Raven crows, though sweet in comparison to the sorrow that follows its unheeded warning.

The programmed popularity and globally consumed assumption of our descent from the trees and other knuckle dragging propositions forwarded by highly questionable sources, endlessly parroted by the puppets of the day, stands starkly highlighted in contrast to other possibilities awaiting our attention and discovery. Cui bono, one rightly asks. Who benefits or profits? And quite frankly: who cares?

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.” ~ Voltaire Wednesday’s child, runes in hand, thought, mind and memory seeking truth on darkly feathered paths, Odin’s got nothing on me. Trickster, messenger of the unknown, not only of this earth. Sky-Walker; World-Bridger, linking the realms, communicator of communion with Great Spirit; Vessel of prophecy given to a Seer on the Warrior’s Path, the Shaman’s Flight. Once white, bringing fire to mankind, lighting darkness, now black, sacrificing form for substance for the good of all.

You already possess everything necessary to become great. ~ Native American Proverb, Crow Perhaps it makes life smoother to take another’s word for everything, whom and what one is, for where one comes and why as well, perhaps not. One thing is certain for me at least: I ain’t taking anyone’s word for anything beyond the story of their own life and experience, and even then I do it with a grain or two of salt firmly in hand. “God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh.” ~ Voltaire With having been lied to about everything under and above the Sun since arriving here, combined with the deeply suspicious serial repetition of a square-box, grey toned, cosmically accidental and unloving machine reality from every orifice of the culture of the day, I have difficulty imagining the truth of it all being anything but other than what I’ve been told is so. And quite frankly I can come up with something better than that, in fact something far more glorious than that proposition is already in effect and in place everywhere one cares to see. “Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows.” Native American Proverb I believe it was Lord Byron who said “Who loves,

By David Whitehead


HAT IS THE Truth Warrior Philosophy? In our present time, it is imperative that we constantly re-assess what we think we know about the world and ourselves. This is the warrior’s way. The chaos of our times demands strong selves with a clear sense of self-identity, confidence and value. It is a dangerous time to not know who we are or not to trust ourselves. I feel this warrior philosophy can provide some of the solutions to the problems we all individually face today. 
“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.” - Carlos Castaneda The Warrior philosophy is as old as the human race itself. It has been known and expressed through a variety of forms and practices by virtually all cultures and races throughout history. Page 5

demoniacal boredom of belief in mundanity! They lie. We exist in endless awesome mystery, filled to the brim with wonder and a multiplicity of awarenesses. Anything less is just that, is beneath us, and is most certainly and verifiably an untruth that retards our freedom and gives birth to every manner of evil.

Ravens at Yakun Point by Thomas Arnatt raves.” And a ravening I go, ferociously curious and with an extreme hunger driving my hunt for power, the power of self-knowledge, ready to take as my spoil that which has been kept from me, that which is is my birthright. A dramatic business to be sure, one romantically drawn by many a culture and myth, freed by art and them that embody the courage to articulate and wield that most potent of magics… It does not require many words to speak the truth. ~Chief Joseph Nez Perce And here lies the crux of it, have you but the heart to feel and the imagination with which to fly. X marks the spot and a cross will do in a pinch, whereas roads and paths are concerned. Beware for much of the trail has been purposely obscured and confused by those that take sustenance from our awareness. The only thing necessary for tranquility in the world Is that every child grows up happy. ~Chief Dan George Yet we fly high and to our eye the path is straight and true, while our shadow opponents wallow and writhe in their darkness and dust. Enough with the bottom feeding

“When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home!” ~Chief Aupumut Mohican, 1725 I’m enjoying this journey we’re sharing, this song you’ve come to hear, to sing; this Path illuminated by our very human effort to reach heights previously unknown. Life, we live together, we share with ALL others; the very air we breath always in communion with the green world, as we breathe in they breath out, as we breath out they breath that in, each for the other, a tapestry of beauty, a circle of power, a love tangible in its life giving effect, in its perfectly interwoven balance, perfect and divine. It remains to us the joy and responsibility of gratitude in action. Our part is a glorious one, our play pure delight and sheer awe, on this Journey into Mystery itself and the thunderous discovery that this too we are. “I don’t know where I am going, but I am on my way.” ~ Voltaire With all the Love in my heart, Fredalupe

Truth Warrior The Warrior is both a symbolic archetype and also a practical element of any given society, and both of these elements have been deeply embedded in our oldest myths, legends, philosophies and religions. Faint remnants of this once great body of knowledge and wisdom can be found today in some modern Martial Art systems, and even in many of the various films and books on the subject. It should be pointed out that it has also grown and evolved in many ways. However, it has also devolved in other ways, as much of it has been left out, misrepresented, and misunderstood. Historically, when one compares the various writings and oral traditions related to the function and philosophy of the warrior in any given society or culture, many parallels can be discovered. The story of the Warrior is twofold. It is a story of heroes, and equally of tyrants. One side is a story of those striving to perfect

methods of achieving self mastery and preserving peace and harmony in the world, and for others, a story of violence, subjugation, empire expansion, and totalitarian conquest. The story we have been told, and the overall perspective we have today of what the Warrior is has been mostly focused on the latter. The history of the Warrior was mainly handed down to us by the various empires and elite classes that dominated in their day. The true and complete version has mostly been forgotten. It is thanks to those brave ones throughout history who have carefully preserved this body of knowledge that we are able to piece this together, to learn from the past, and to re-awaken the true spirit of the warrior in our modern time where it most desperately needs to return. “This wisdom does not belong to any one culture or religion, nor does it come only from the West or the East. Rather, it

is a tradition of human warriorship that has existed in many cultures at many times throughout history.” - Chögyam Trungpa Every great civilization has a great warrior tradition and accompanying warrior myths. The Warrior spirit is an element within us all. It is a link to our ancestors who had to survive harsh conditions that are hard for us to even imagine such as foreign invasions, war, and disease to name a few. The will to live, to be free, to protect our loved ones and ourselves, is a profound part of all of us. The archetype of the warrior is in essence the most courageous and powerful version of ourselves. The issues we experience individually, that we see taking over the lives of those around us, do not need to take such complete control over our lives. Issues like depression, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, obesity, degenerative disease, chronic illness etc. can all be dealt with and prevented with this valuable knowledge. My goal with this work is to help revive what has been lost in the Warrior tradition,

Please see TRUTH WARRIOR, page 11

By Paul A. Philips

7 Ways EMF Technology Seriously Threatens


ECENTLY, OVER 180 MEDICS and scientists sent a document to the European Union appealing for the suspension of the new 5G EMF technology planned to roll out. Essentially, the 11-page document warns that EMF technology is a serious environmental hazard, harmful to life and that the new 5G EMF technology has not been properly tested for safety and has been blindly approved without health evaluation. The medics and scientists call for a proper health evaluation, and, while being carried out, a suspension of 5G. However, the unconditional push for EMF technology continues. The push involves a number of individuals, particularly those in high places, biased and blinded by money or the want for control, only seeing the EMF technology’s advantages. Flawed ideology and insanity ensues… In reflection of this, if allowed to continue uncontested, here are 7 ways by which EMF technology seriously threatens not just the health and life of humans, but also endangers the existence of nonhuman populations through upsetting the delicate balance of life. Remember, without nature’s delicate and intricate balance we will cease to exist.

1. Invisible nature of EMFs

Because of the invisible ubiquitous nature of EMF exposure, unable to see its effects, it has been met with relatively little protest from the people. Further, as with smoking, we have seen many cases of cover-up and denial of the evidence linking EMFs to disease such as cancer. It doesn’t help that there are long latency periods before any noticeable harm kicks in. Electrosensitivity – the reactions to EMF signals – are many, making it difficult for doctors to diagnose, as symptoms are so diverse.

2. Cell phone usage and cancer A number of us know that the mainstream media has been covering up the fact that there is a link between frequent long-term cell phone usage and cancer. The mainstream media doesn’t want to expose their major sponsors the cell phone industry on this matter. Then there are the cell phone industry’s sponsored research establishments, deliberately designed to whitewash the industry with biased, false scientific claims that there is no link to cancer. Thus, both the mainstream media and the cell phone industry have done very little to protect its users. The same applies

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Entire Populations to users of other wireless applications in conjunction with the antennas or cell masts all operating on the harmful EM frequencies in the network.

Cancer link

A substance called melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland located at the base of the brain. Melatonin is an extremely powerful antioxidant. As with all anti-oxidants is has the effect of mopping up potential cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Thus, it plays a major role in cell repair, body rejuvenation and disease prevention. Melatonin is produced during sleep and herein lays the problem: Night time and sleep serve as a signal for the pineal gland to produce melatonin, but EMFs suppress the production. The pineal gland can’t tell the difference between natural light and EMF waves. Bathing in a sea of ubiquitous EMF waves, with the pineal gland unable to detect night time leads to a lack of melatonin production and immunological protection. In the long run this may lead to diseases such as cancer.

3. Other Diseases

Not just cancer, the melatonin deficiency may lead to other serious illnesses such as heart disease. Indeed, we need to understand this and take the necessary precautions. For example, at least keep your wireless applications at a distance from your body during sleep. (More on illnesses through EMFs and precautions to follow).

4. Schumann resonance and circadian rhythms

The Schumann resonance frequency (7.83Hz) has been described as the Earth’s universal magnetic pulse. An experiment by Professor R.Wever showed that when subjects were kept underground and isolated from the Schumann resonance frequency, after a while they developed a whole range of nervous, hormonal and behavioral problems. What’s this got to do with EMFs? –

EMFs and the related wireless technology interfere with the Schumann resonance and the body’s natural circadian rhythm. When coming out of the underground, receiving the Schumann resonance again, the subjects became well. In humans, brain alpha waves are virtually identical to the Schumann resonance, needed for healthy function. EMF pollution also interferes with the circadian rhythms of plants and animals.

5. Bee colony collapse disorder

As well as humans, animals and insects are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. Besides pesticides, it has been said that another major explanation for the large drop in bee populations in many countries is that the EMF technology interferes with the bees’ own sensory electromagnetic frequencies used in its navigational system. This has been proven experimentally by Dr John Kuhn. He found that when cell phones were placed at hives, far fewer bees returned than normal over recorded time intervals. Placing a cell phone at one of the hives had the effect of NO returning bees. The bees could not navigate their way back to the hives due the cell phone’s interference with their navigational system. Roughly 70% of the world’s crops are pollinated by bees. Consider the dire consequences of EMF pollution on the bee population if this insect is not around to play its vital role in pollination, affecting the food chain and seriously upsetting the balance of nature.

6. Cryptochromes

Not just bees, but in animals, EMFs disrupt navigational ability by affecting cryptochrome cells present in the eye. The cryptochrome cells give insects and animals the ability to physically see changing energy waves located for flight guidance. For example, the lowest intensity of EMFs can disrupt the cryptochrome cells in birds and their ability for flight guidance during migration. Butterflies have this

biological compass and their navigational system is also affected by the EMFs. Consequently, the bird, bee, butterfly and other insect populations have declined.

7. Lack of acknowledgement to hypersensitivity

The harmful effects of EMF technology are compounded by a lack of acknowledgement, funding and research by independent scientists not having industry ties. The WHO (Word Health Organization), as with other agencies, acknowledges the dangers such as the potential carcinogenic effects, but more research is desperately needed on electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The results from this research can be used to not only expose the industry related biased science, moneyed selfinterests and unethical, immoral, reckless disregard for health, but also to establish the vital and necessary precautions needed.


Once again, as with so many things we are facing in this end-game scenario, one positive action we can all take is to stop cooperating. Refuse to have a ‘smart meter’ (dumb meter) installed, stop using the EMF applications. At least don’t give these applications to your children. The new 5G, if allowed to roll out, is a health crisis waiting to happen and the harmful ubiquitous EM frequencies produced will be everywhere. Get campaigning in any way you can to raise public awareness so that something can be done… Do it not just for the future of your family, friends and yourself, but for the life of entire non-human populations, before it’s too late. This must-see video reiterates this piece and much more. You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site New Paradigm.


Things You’re Not Supposed to Know

“The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.” ~Noam Chomsky

Editor’s note: hopefully it’s obvious that what goes for the ‘States’ goes for us Canucks, or will eventually. By Gary ‘Z’ McGee


IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT: “Nothing is so well calculated to produce a death-like torpor in the country as an extended system of taxation and a great national debt.”~William Cobbett

This is because money is created out of debt in a one-to-one increase in public debt. The (American) national debt is $20 Trillion. That means the (roughly) 234 million US Americans would have to pay approximately $62,000 each to pay it off. This includes babies, children, poor people, and homeless people. There are even those who claim that it’s mathematically impossible to pay off the debt. And almost every country is in debt to every other country. It’s the height of insanity. As former Governor of the Federal Reserve Marriner Eccles said, “If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.”


THERE IS NO UNDERLYING THING BACKING MONEY (IT’S ALL AN ILLUSION): “Federal Reserve notes are not redeemable in gold, silver or any other commodity, and receive no backing by anything. The notes have no value for themselves.” ~The Treasury All money is fiat money. A dollar bill is a dollar bill because everyone agrees it’s a dollar bill. The dollar bill is not lawful money, but rather “legal tender.” Money used to be backed by a “gold standard” –which meant the government had $100 worth of gold in a vault from which they made a $100 bill that went out into the market (though even gold only has value because we’ve all agreed since time immemorial that it’s valuable). However, they moved away from gold years ago, so now we must take the government’s word for it that the note is worth $100. The bill itself is just an IOU note, made from thin air, based on debt, and laundered by the government.

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Even the debt issue discussed in the first bullet is based on nothing, and is nothing more than a financial concept financiers agree on. The debt isn’t actually there. But since we all just go along with it, it affects us through inflation, and devaluation, and the sky-isfalling knee-jerk reactions to money meaning something only because we give it meaning. Money is little more than a cartoon in the brain that we’re addicted to watching.


HOW TO LIVE OFF THE GRID: “Live simply so that others may simply live.” ~Gandhi

You’re not “supposed” to know how to live off the grid, because then you can’t be controlled by the government. The more self-sufficient you are, the less money the corporations can make off you. The more rain water you catch, the less you’ll need to pay the water companies. The more windmills you build and solar panels you erect, the less you’ll need to pay the electric companies. The more composting toilets you install, the less you’ll have to pay plumbing companies. The more gardening you do, the less you’ll have to pay someone else for your food. In short: the more independent you become, the less codependent you will be on the state. And the state doesn’t like that, because they like your money way more than they like your freedom.


PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE: “Armaments, universal debt and planned obsolescence –those are the three pillars of Western prosperity.” ~Aldous Huxley

Speaking of making money off you, planned obsolescence is a way for companies to keep making money off you by capitalizing on your consumerist tendencies. Let’s face it, we’re a nation of consumers with Big Macs for brains and iPhones for hearts. We need our fix and we need it fast, and we are willing to fill all the landfills in the world, and then some, to get it. Planned obsolescence is designed into a product to encourage the consumer to buy the next upgrade. Everything from toasters to automobiles, microwaves to cell phones are prone to planned obsolescence by greedy companies that know you will come back for

Please see 10 THINGS, page 25

Finance n How the Billionaires Become Billionaires


ontrary to the propaganda pushed by the business press, between 67% and 72% percent of corporations had zero tax liabilities after credits and exemptions … while their workers and employees paid between 25 – 30% in taxes. The rate for the minority of corporations, which paid any tax, was 14%. According to the US Internal Revenue Service, billionaire tax evasion amounts to $458 billion dollars in lost public revenues every year – almost a trillion dollars every two years by this conservative estimate.

n Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling

Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For


n rural Mecosta County, Mich., sits a near-windowless facility with a footprint about the size of Buckingham Palace. It’s just one of Nestlé’s roughly 100 bottled water factories in 34 countries around the world. Inside, workers wear hairnets, hard hats, goggles, gloves, and earplugs. Ten production lines snake through the space, funneling local spring water into 8-ounce to 2.5-gallon containers; most of the lines run 24/7, each pumping out 500 to 1,200 bottles per minute.


n Fracking And The Manipulation Of Our Water Supplies


n visiting supermarkets you see them stacked, row after row, brand name upon brand name we’re spoilt for choices… but it can indeed be quite costly when added up after a while… It’s better to choose the glass option as opposed to plastic which leaches out toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A which could affect health when taken frequently and long-term … I’m talking about bottled water supplies, which leads to my question, why should we have to buy bottled drinking water?

n Totalitarian Collectivism


hat more time-honored practice in the long history of state sponsored servitude than the institutionalization of prisoners? Incarceration for offenses against government laws is a cornerstone for power and survivability of any regime. Prisons may have been hellholes over the centuries, but seldom has the internment of convicted lawbreakers been a growth industry for private profit. It almost makes one wonder exactly who are the crooks. While most hard-pressed citizens want a safe and secure society, few ever give even a passing thought to the insatiable corporatist criminalization of the criminal justice system.

Deforestation impacts climate more than fossil fuel use


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urbing the use of fossil fuels is often singled out as the best way to tackle climate change, but a new study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters shows that the problem of deforestation should not be overlooked as it contributes far more to climate change than once believed. The new paper, which is titled, “Are the Impacts of Land Use on Warming Underestimated in Climate Policy?” illustrates the dramatic impact that deforestation has on climate change.

n Facespook! Social media giant becomes arm of US intel


acebook, the world’s top social media platform, is reportedly seeking to hire hundreds of employees with US national security clearance licenses. Purportedly with the aim of weeding out “fake news” and “foreign meddling” in elections. If that plan, reported by Bloomberg, sounds sinister, that’s because it is. For what it means is that people who share the same worldview as US intelligence agencies, the agencies who formulate classified information, will have a direct bearing on what millions of consumers on Facebook are permitted to access.

Health n Study says there’s no link between cholesterol and heart disease


ontroversial report claims there’s no link between ‘bad cholesterol’ and heart disease,” the Daily Mail reports, while The Times states: “Bad cholesterol ‘helps you live longer’,”. The headlines are based on a new review which aimed to gather evidence from previous observational studies on whether LDL cholesterol (so-called “bad cholesterol”) was linked with mortality in older adults aged over 60. The conventional view is that having high LDL cholesterol levels increases your risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease.

n Five countries have banned glyphosate in the wake of recent lawsuits


he Flemish government has joined the number of countries banning glyphosate, as reported by the Baum Hedlund. The prohibition on the use of glyphosate is not new in the country as the Belgian cities of Brussels and Wallonia have already issued their own laws regarding the individual use of the chemical. In addition to Belgium, four more countries have banned glyphosate for this year.

n Wi-Fi Devices Increase Mercury Release From Dental Amalgams


new study published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology entitled, “Effect of radiofrequency radiation from Wi-Fi devices on mercury release from amalgam restorations,” reveals that our now ubiquitous exposure to Wi-Fi radiation may be amplifying the toxicity of dental amalgams and other forms of mercury exposure to the human body. Brazilian researchers, in what appears to be the first study of its kind, looked specifically at the potential for Wi-Fi signals to increase the release of mercury from dental amalgams, which are composed of approximately 50% elemental mercury.

n Flu Vaccines In Pregnancy And Childhood: What You Need To Know


he Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns pregnant women and young children not to eat fish containing high levels of methylmercury. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends pregnant women and infants get influenza vaccines, many of which contain ethylmercury from the preservative thimerosal. Receiving them may result in mercury exposures exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended maximum levels.

Science, Tech & Beyond n Anti-establishment genius inventing DIY pharmaceutical desktop factory so citizens can bypass Big Pharma price gouging


ould you be willing to take some risks to save yourself thousands of dollars a year on pricey medications? Michael Laufer, a genius who studied particle physics as an undergrad and who speaks 18 or 19 languages, believes that there are thousands of people out there whose financial situation makes them desperate enough to do just that. Stat News recently reported that Laufer, a fixture in the biohacker movement, has started publishing DIY manuals for those who have no other alternative but to make their own medications at home.

n Chemists Find A Way To Quickly Remove BPA From Water


You may recognize the term BPA, as “BPA-free” labels can be found all over water bottles nowadays, and that’s because when consumers found out about the hazardous risks associated with this chemical, they started to protest its inclusion in plastics.BPA can be found in practically anything that’s plastic, from food containers to water bottles to eyeglasses. Even our groundwater has been contaminated by BPA because we use so much of it, and so it can seep in through industrial waste streams, landfill runoff, etc.r.

n HUMANITY ALERT: Sperm count plunges 59% due to mass chemical feminization of men


A rigorous new study conducted at the The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and published in the science journal Human Reproduction Update finds that human sperm production has declined 59.3% from 1973 to 2011, trending toward a collapse of human population. Via Science Daily: The researchers found …a 59.3 percent decline in total sperm count, among men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand who were not selected based on their fertility status. These findings strongly suggest a significant decline in male reproductive health that has serious implications beyond fertility and reproduction, given recent evidence linking poor semen quality with higher risk of hospitalization and death. Page 9

n Robocops Are Coming To London


ll of Elon Musk’s worst fears are slowly becoming reality. The Telegraph reports that robocop-type policing techniques are set to replace beat cops within a decade as the use of artificial intelligence becomes more widespread in investigating crimes. Thames Valley Police said AI computers – which mimic humans by making decisions themselves – could be used to answer 999 calls, detect crimes and identify offenders.

Navigating an Expansive Range of CBD Products

By Cara Long


ITH A GROWING popularity and demand for CBD (Cannabidiol) products in the Medical Marijuana industry, and a landscape full of new ideas and technology, it can be challenging to choose the right product for your individual needs. Although considering the source of your medicine is always a great place to start. Within the vast array of products available, from infused beverages and tinctures, to capsules and topicals, the labeling may not always be clear as to what form of CBD a product contains. CBD comes in several derivatives and mediums. In hemp oil, there are two main types of CBD formulas available today: full spectrum and isolate. As producers and consumers we are faced with a choice between using products made from CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD. So what exactly is the difference between the two? When CBD is referred to as full spectrum or whole plant CBD, it means that the CBD contains all other cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant including CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), to name a few. Full Spectrum CBD also contains trace amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), but in very low concentrations (up to .3%), resulting in very minimal psychoactive

effects. CBD Isolate, on the contrary, is simply purified CBD that has been extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant and isolated from the other cannabinoids. As patients observe how CBD alleviates symptoms, we are able to start understanding the availability of great healing potential. When introduced into our body, CBD interacts with important receptors throughout the Central Nervous System. These receptors are found in almost every part of the body and essentially regulate our well-being. Some of these receptors include the Serotonin receptor (regulating mood), the Adenosine receptor (regulating how we respond to stress), and the Vanilloid receptor (which helps to regulate pain). The regulation of these receptors is vital to our health.


Turpene-infused Tincture. Full Plant Tincture. Healing Salve. Pet Tincture. Pet Salve. Research shows that CBD products may: Quiet Anxiety Fight Diabetes Boost Immunity

Stop the Growth of Cancer Cells

Soothe Inflammation

Reduce Migraines and Convulsions

Come see us at the Vancouver Health Show (Booth #95, Vancouver Convention Centre) and the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (Buchanan Building, UBC), both happening Nov. 4th and 5th. Page 10

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It was previously believed that CBD in its isolated form was more potent and concentrated than full spectrum. In 2015, a study was done from the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem. In the study, researchers administered full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate in efforts to compare their effectiveness. The study found that the whole plant extract, which contained a large percentage of CBD but also contained traces of the other cannabinoids, proved far more effective than CBDisolate in alleviating inflammation and pain sensation. The study demonstrated that a whole plant extract, containing the entire range of cannabinoids present in raw cannabis would continue to provide relief for inflammation as the dose is increased. When supplied as an isolated cannabinoid extract, CBD on its own yielded a bell-curve of effectiveness, which is not desirable for medical treatments seeking effective relief that corresponds with the dosage. Also known as the “entourage effect”. This study is important because it confirms the importance of cannabis as both a medication and a natural plant. Many pharmaceutical companies have been trying

to create synthetic derivatives of the different cannabinoids, but it turns out that the entirety of the raw cannabis plant is more beneficial than a single isolated cannabinoid. The results of this study are extremely promising for the future of cannabis science and medicine. While Full Spectrum CBD has shown to be more effective than CBD Isolate, and can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments, it does not entirely discredit the effectiveness of the CBD Isolate. There may be situations when CBD Isolate would be preferred over Full Spectrum CBD. For example, you may not necessarily need the full capabilities of Full Spectrum CBD, or perhaps you aren’t legally allowed to use THC. It is also important to note that in some patients other cannabinoids may cause negative reactions when isolated CBD might not. In conclusion it is always important to do your own research, know your source, start with small doses, and in my opinion always consult a medical practitioner before trying any version of CBD. Cara Long is the creator of Cannalife Botanicals, a Squamish-based product line of premium cannabis infusions and topicals. Inspired by nature’s healing potential, she is passionate about the study of herbal alchemy and remedies. She is a supporter of whole plant synergies and healing traditions. When not creating her next formula, Cara can be found with her daughter, adventuring in the local mountains or in her garden.

Truth Warrior From page 5

to update it, and to assist in activating and strengthening this aspect of consciousness regardless if one practices the physical arts or not. In our present society, there is more emphasis on being externally rather than internally directed; in following along rather than leading the way; in perceiving oneself as ‘less than’ rather than perfect as is; in living an inauthentic life rather than a truly real, fulfilling and authentic life. As a result of this conditioning, our overall awareness of self and the world is mostly illusory, and this is contributing greatly to both the internal and external devastation we see around us. Our natural curiosity and spontaneity has been virtually erased. So has our connection to what is true and real. It takes a lot of courage today to go against the grain, to not be mindlessly absorbed into the collective, to walk one’s own path and follow one’s own innate intelligence and intuition, and to be truly self-made. The warrior philosophy at its best helps connect you to the truth about who you are. We do this in physical martial art training daily when we work on perfecting our technique and understanding, and hence - our overall efficiency. This is a great practical and healthy way of perfecting one’s character. This is also the heart of the true scientific method and it needs to be applied on all levels regardless of how painstaking it may appear to be. Many have actually spoken of martial arts as a “science”. But they often forget that it is not just a science of how to be efficient in killing or physical combat. No doubt, it is a science of the body, but the main focus is an artistic approach to the mind and spirit as well.

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I prefer to call it a scientific art. This approach is geared towards holistic thinking, activating the whole of your being in both a scientific and logical sense, and simultaneously in an artistic and creative sense. 
“Art is the way to the absolute and to the essence of human life. The aim of art is not the one-sided promotion of spirit, soul and senses, but the opening of all human capacities – thought, feeling, will – to the life rhythm of the world of nature. So will the voiceless voice be heard and the self be brought into harmony with it.” – Bruce Lee You can only succeed in perfecting this scientific art if you have a strong desire to face the truth in your life: Facing one’s faults by voluntarily admitting to them in order to accept the failure and grow from the experience. In my opinion this is what makes this scientific art form so applicable to all three aspects of mind, body and spirit. When studying and practicing martial art philosophy in its truest sense, one discovers that it is a process of refinement and growth,

that will eventually lead to solutionoriented thinking, something which is desperately needed today. One gradually changes from being a victim into a victor in life. It takes a great deal of inner strength to go against the grain, to challenge the status quo, to stand when no one else will or can do so, to protect one’s inherent natural rights and freedoms, and to protect others as well. This is how one becomes more courageous in developing a code of honour and truth to live by. “Budo is not a means of felling the opponent by force or by lethal weapons. Neither is it intended to lead the world to destruction by arms and other illegitimate means. True Budo calls for bringing the inner energy of the universe in order, protecting the peace of the world, and also preserving, everything in nature in its right form.” - Morihei Ueshiba I encourage you to go on the journey of true growth; to develop a health plan for yourself; to follow your intuition and to look deeply into what is happening in the world around you, and also what is happening in your own inner world. A fully aware and empowered individual is the greatest threat to any lie, and is unstoppable on the path towards whatever worthy goal you choose to achieve. The lie will try to tell you that you are not good enough to do this or that, that you cannot possibly achieve your dreams, and that you should blindly follow what others are doing or telling you to do. Only you know what is best for you, and you will need to fortify your mind with a healthy way of thinking in order to combat that lie. It is time we wake up and remember who

we are; to warrior up and to overcome these challenges on a daily, moment by moment basis. I wish you the best on your path, wherever it may lead. David Whitehead Born in Calgary Alberta, and currently residing in BC. Canada, David is a full time Martial Arts instructor and entrepreneur, as well as a passionate and dedicated coach in the holistic health and wellness field. He is also an independent truth-seeker and researcher, and runs his own radio show called ‘Truth Warrior’ which is centered around his own personal quest to seek out the answers to many of the challenging questions of our time. He gives in depth presentations on his unique perspective on the warrior philosophy and its many modern day applications, and also teaches professional martial art seminars locally and around the world. David’s interests include martial art philosophy, health sciences, consciousness studies, comparative mythology and religion, geo-politics, the environment, ancient civilizations, the paranormal, and more. He also has a YouTube channel with a variety of artistic and informative videos, video blogs, and interviews with various researchers and alternative thinkers from around the world. The basis of David’s work is founded on a sincere pursuit of truth wherever it might lead, with an emphasis on facing and conquering the fear and ignorance that often get in the way of our peak physical, mental and spiritual development. ‘’I am honored to be a contributor to The New Agora, and plan on bringing regular content to you.’’ To learn more about my work, or to tune in to my podcast visit: https:// You may also find me on









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Marijuana: The Future of PTSD Treatment?

By: Ali Le Vere, B.S., B.S.

months after trauma (12). Because triggering stimuli may elicit fear-based re-experiencing of trauma in PTSD sufferers, cannabis may be of therapeutic value, since the endocannabinoid system modulates extinction of aversive memories (13).

Scientific studies support the use of marijuana to address symptoms of PTSD, including anxiety, depression, flashbacks, nightmares, psychosis, and pain.

PTSD: An Invisible Epidemic Although quintessentially attributed to soldiers in combat, one out of ten men and nearly one out of five women is afflicted by posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (1). However, in certain vulnerable cohorts, such as low-income and inner-city populations as well as the armed forces, nearly forty percent of individuals are affected (1). This under-recognized and often stigmatized invisible illness, which often culminates in suicidal depression, is the fourth most common psychiatric disorder (1). The high rates of PTSD among civilian populations are unsurprising in light of findings that one out of ten children in high-income countries are subject to psychological abuse or neglect (2). Further, one in four girls and one in six boys is the victim of sexual abuse, and one in five women are raped at some point in their lives (3, 4). Other adverse child experiences (ACEs), such as parental divorce, economic hardship, witnessing domestic violence, or the incarceration of a parent or guardian are also contributory factors, since nearly half of U.S. children have experienced at least one ACE, which are predictive of adverse health outcomes (5). Traumatic brain injury, which is common in the armed forces, is also correlated with PTSD (6, 7, 8). From a symptomatic perspective, PTSD represents the development of signature emotional and behavioral features, such as flashbacks, nightmares, avoidance, and reactive-externalizing following exposure to traumatic events (9). As defined in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), PTSD is characterized by heightened reactivity and aberrant arousal patterns, which leads to sleep disruption, irritability, and concentration difficulties (10). PTSD is also often accompanied by anhedonia, or reduced ability to experience pleasure, alongside negative cognition, constricted affect, and feelings of detachment and dissatisfaction known as dissociative and dysphoric states, respectively (10). Although exposure to traumatic events is prevalent, risk of PTSD increases in a monotonic, dose-response fashion with respect to frequency, severity, and duration of exposure to traumatic episodes (11). Rather than being correlated with one particular trauma, PTSD can represent the culmination of multiple exposures to temporally disparate traumatic events of varying magnitudes. One fourth of cases are delayed-onset PTSD, where symptom expression occurs six or more

The Endocannabinoid System Heralds Medicinal Applications of Marijuana Decades ago, the mammalian endocannabinoid system was discovered, a lipid-signaling regulatory system that influences executive functions such as cognition and memory, social behavior, mood, and pain (14, 15). CB1 cannabinoid receptors, which are expressed heterogeneously in the central and peripheral nervous systems, are localized in brain regions that supervise higher executive and motor functions as well as nociception, or the perception of pain (16, 17). CB2 cannabinoid receptors, in contrast, are particularly concentrated in non-neuronal tissues such as immune cells, where they suppress pain transmission and elicit immunosuppressive effects (16, 17). Although primarily activated by endogenous arachidonic acid-derived ligands, arachidonylethanolamide (anandamide) and 2-arachidonyl glycerol (2-AG), components of marijuana such as ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) can also stimulate CBD receptors (17). CBD exerts nonpsychotropic effects because it acts as an agonist at CB2 receptors, whereas the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC, invokes activity at both CB1 and CB2 receptors (17). Whereas strains such as Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis contain higher levels of CBD relative to THC, Cannabis indica tends towards high THC and variable CBD content (18).

Therapeutic Efficacy of Marijuana Use in PTSD Symptoms Although promising for a myriad of disorders, from chronic pain to epilepsy to

autoimmune disease, the efficacy of cannabis for PTSD remains under-publicized. Cannabis is a promising therapy for PTSD, since aberrant neurobiological processes at the root of PTSD symptoms are regulated by the endocannabinoid system (9). Prospective, placebo-controlled trials of marijuana use in PTSD have not been performed; however, psychometric data collected from evaluations of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program patients revealed that cannabis produced a 75% reduction in PTSD symptoms (19).

Nightmares In an open label clinical trial, administration of an endocannabinoid receptor agonist, nabilone, led to either cessation of nightmares or significant reduction in nightmare intensity in 72% of patients with PTSD who did not respond to conventional pharmacotherapy (20). Improvements in sleep quality and timing also occurred with cannabinoid treatment, as did decreased incidence of night sweats and daytime flashbacks (20). Significant reductions in irritability, anger, and aggressive behavior, which can accompany flashbacks, are also reported with cannabinoid treatment (9).

Psychotic Disorders PTSD with comorbid psychosis may represent a subtype of the disorder, as 30 to 40 percent of combat veterans with PTSD experience auditory or visual hallucinations (21). Other psychotic characteristics that may accompany this distinct PTSD subtype are delusional or paranoid thinking (22). However, psychotic depression, personality disorders, substance-induced psychosis, or schizophrenia can also be comorbid, or co-occur, with PTSD (21). Despite allegations that cannabis exacerbates psychosis, THC agonists have been illustrated to improve treatmentrefractory schizophrenia and reduce core psychotic symptoms (23). Also, reductions in both negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia which are resistant to traditional antipsychotics have been reported by medical

cannabis patients (23). Schizophrenia patients with a history of marijuana use were found to have superior neuropsychological functioning compared to non-users (24). Similarly, first-episode psychosis (FEP) patients with a history of cannabis use exhibited superior performance on tests of visual and working memory as well as executive function, and displayed only selective neuropsychological impairments compared to generalized deficits in non-using controls (24). However, due to the potential for paradoxical psychiatric side effects with THC intoxication, principally anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, dysphoria, and depressed mood to occur, caution may be warranted with regard to dosing, especially in PTSD patients with a history of substance abuse (25). This problem may be mitigated with the inclusion of cannabis containing higher CBD relative to THC, which may prevent presentation with these adverse side effects (26).

Anxiety and Depression Depression, a common PTSD comorbidity, is correlated with changes in the endocannabinoid system, such as alterations in the levels of CB1 receptors and ligands (27). Prolonging half-life of endogenous cannabinoids, or the amount of time they are available to circulate and stimulate cannabinoid receptors before enzymes degrade and recycle them, has been shown to produce potent antidepressant effects (28). Along similar lines, anxiety, which plays a prominent role in PTSD, has been demonstrated to be suppressed by cannabinoid-induced stimulation of receptors in the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex (29). In addition, blockade of cannabinoid degradation, which effectively extends the duration of their action, enhances firing activity of serotonergic and noradrenergic neurons in the dorsal raphe nucleus and nucleus locus coeruleus, respectively, which are intimately tied to mood regulation (28). Although both the efficacy of pharmaceutical antidepressants and the veracity of the neurotransmitter deficiency hypothesis of depression have been critiqued, one potential mechanism whereby desipramine, and possibly other antidepressants function, may be through upregulation of the endocannabinoid system (30). Tricyclic antidepressants have been illustrated to significantly increase density of CB1 receptors in the hypothalamus and hippocampus, which has the effect of increasing cannabinoid signaling (30). Researchers speculate that this upregulation of cannabinoid receptor activation may,

Please see PTSD, page 20

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By Makia Freeman

Should You


HERE ARE MANY, many good reasons to never take a vaccine. Whether you want to protect yourself against hidden carcinogenic ingredients, disallow toxic adjuvants into your body, defend your immune system against a chemical onslaught or refuse to be part of any sinister schemes of a sterilization-depopulation agenda, this information is vitally important. More and more, we are learning the truth about vaccines, what they are really composed of and what they really do to the human body – and the more we learn about them, the more we see just how dangerous and harmful they are. Whatever they may have been or could be, as it stands, they are a weapon of medical destruction that makes billions of dollars for the Rockefeller Medicine Big Pharma cartel. Here is my list of the top 10 reasons for an ordinary person to never take a vaccine, unless they were in a life-threatening situation where somehow the benefit outweighed the risk.

Reason #1 to Never Take a Vaccine: Toxic Ingredients – Formaldehyde, MSG, Antibiotics, GMOs, Polysorbate, Mercury, Squalene and More

It’s still hard to believe in this day and age that vaccines are being touted as “medicine” while being composed of such a veritable concoction of chemicals. There are still several vaccines that contain highly toxic mercury (thimerosal) and squalene. However, even if you avoid those vaccines, you are still likely to get hit with the standard ingredients, which are hardly less toxic: formaldehyde (a preservative and a foul-smelling chemical categorized as a class 1 definite carcinogen by the IARC), MSG (a proven excito-toxin), antibiotics, GMOs and polysorbate. See my article Toxic Vaccine Adjuvants & Ingredients: The Top 10 for a fuller analysis of these and other vaccine ingredients.

Reason #2 to Never Take a Vaccine: Toxic Adjuvants – Aluminum

Aluminum (or aluminium in British English) is added to most vaccines. It is rare to find a vaccine that does NOT contain aluminum or some kind of aluminum product such as aluminum salts (aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate and aluminum potassium sulfate). In this respect, it is defined as an adjuvant since it ramps up and augments the body’s immune response to the vaccine. Unfortunately, aluminum is also ramps up your chances of getting muscle weakness, osteoporosis, anemia, impaired immunity, seizures, dementia and cancer. The CDC, intertwined with Big Pharma and a staunch defender of vaccines, tries to defend the fact that aluminum is present in vaccines by claiming that aluminum is an abundant Earth element and is present in the air, water and

Vaccinate? The Top 10 Reasons to Never Take a Vaccine food. This is technically true but an attempt at fooling you, since it all depends on what form the aluminum is in. Zeolite is a wondrous natural supplement that is basically composed of aluminum and silicon, bound tightly together in an alumino-silicate crystalline structure. The aluminum in zeolite enters and exits your body without remaining there. However, aluminum from other sources such as vaccines does get deposited in your body and leads to neurotoxicity.

Reason #3 to Never Take a Vaccine: Hidden Ingredients – Immunity-Destroying Nagalese

Nagalese sprung into the headlines of Natural Health and Alternative Media websites in 2015 during the spate of dead holistic doctors who were (almost certainly) taken out. The story of nagalese is closely connected to that of GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor), which is a molecule that numerous holistic doctors were investigating and beginning to use as a treatment for various diseases. GcMAF becomes the GC protein after it combines with vitamin D, and has the potential to be a universal cure for cancer, as well as to reverse autism, HIV, liver/kidney disease and diabetes. Some of the holistic doctors who were killed for their research into GcMAF were having an incredible 85% efficacy rate with it – a number so high it is almost unheard of. Nagalese is an enzyme that prevents GcMAF from forming the GC protein, thus compromising the entire immune system. As Natural News reported in 2015: “… Dr. Bradstreet and his colleagues discovered is that the immune system is being compromised by a compound called “nagalase.” Nagalase is an enzyme/protein that’s made by cancer cells and viruses causing immunodeficiency syndromes and has also been linked to autism as well as a “host of other problems,” Dr. Broer explains. “What ends up happening is when the GC protein cannot be converted to McGAF, the entire immune system is compromised.” Some of the doctors who wound up dead or missing believed that the nagalase protein/enzyme was being introduced intentionally into the body either virally or directly through vaccines. “This is such incredibly damning information to the entire medical profession

and the immunological profession and those folks that [sic] are producing immunizations, that apparently they didn’t want these guys around,” Dr. Broer said. “I’m not saying what happened to these guys, I’m just saying they’re not on this planet anymore.” … Nagalase is like a stealth bomber, the nagalase enzyme synthesized in or released from cancer cells or a virus particle pinpoints the GcMAF protein facilities on the surface of your T and B lymphocytes and simply wipes them out with an incredibly precise bomb. How precise? Nagalase locates and attacks one specific two-electron bond located only at the 420th amino acid position … like selectively taking out a park bench in a major city from 6,000 miles away. More astonishingly, if that is possible, nagalase never misses its target, so there is no collateral damage. Dr. Bradstreet and his colleagues also learned that the nagalase protein was not present in children at birth but was somehow introduced into autistic children, they felt, during the immunization process.” So nagalese interferes with GcMAF, somehow gets into the body of autistic children even though it wasn’t there at birth and can cripple the immune system. The jury is still out as to whether vaccines are the source of it.

In the Congressional papers The Executive Reorganization and Government Research of the Committee on Government Operations United States Senate, Ninety-Second Congress, Second Session [1972] it states on page 500 (according to VacTruth): “The next and only serious vaccine crisis that has occurred since the polio episode was the realization in mid-1961 that a monkey virus later shown to cause tumors in hamsters was contaminating both polio and adenovirus vaccines. The virus, known as SV40, was entering the vaccines and, just as in the polio case were surviving the formalin treatment. There were several states by which the full extent of the SV40 problem became known. First was the discovery in 1959-1960 by a DBS scientist, once again Bernice Eddy, that an unknown agent in the monkey kidney cells used to produce polio and adenovirus vaccines would cause tumors when the cells were injected into hamsters.”

Reason #4 to Never Take a Vaccine: Injection of Human and Animal Cells

Vaccines use animal DNA to grow and culture the bacterium or virus being vaccinated against. Today’s vaccines have been made from a variety of animal cells, including but not limited to DNA from birds (chicken cells are very common), cows, pigs, dogs, monkeys, worms and other insects. This in and of itself is a red flag, since the injection of foreign DNA into the bloodstream can lead to all sorts of problems and trigger all sorts of allergies. See my earlier article Vaccine Animal Cells: Bird, Pig, Cow, Dog, Monkey, Mouse, Worm & Insect DNA Used in Vaccines for more information. What we do know for sure – since it’s a historical fact – is that vaccines in the 1950s were contaminated with SV 40 (SV-40 or Simian Virus 40). We were alerted to the SV40 cause of cancer thanks to Dr. Bernice Eddy.

Reason #5 to Never Take a Vaccine: Blood Sludge, Hypoxia, Ischemia and Localized “Strokes” in Your Body

Dr. Andrew Moulden was a knowledgeable doctor who died mysteriously in 2013 aged 49. He had done extensive research on the subject of vaccine damage and vaccine injuries. He wrote on the topic as well as producing a DVD series entitled Tolerance Lost, where he explains in great detail (with numerous examples) exactly how vaccines are

Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano

Page 14

Viral shedding explains why groups of vaccinated people contract the disease they are supposedly vaccinated against, while the unvaccinated remain unaffected. destroying our health. Specifically, he reveals how vaccines enter the bloodstream and cause blood sludge. This is due to aluminum, which is present is in basically all vaccines. When used in water treatment plants, aluminum causes particles to flocculate (come together) and sludge to the bottom of tanks or containers. Your blood is around 92% water. The vaccines have the same effect on your blood. Dr. Moulden also highlights the mechanism by which vaccines cause you to have a localized “stroke” in any part of your body, meaning an area where blood and oxygen cannot go. Essentially, vaccines cause an artificial hyperstimulation of your body’s non-specific immune system. The injection of foreign substances causes many white blood cells to roll along blood vessel walls. Since there are too many of these white blood cells, it impairs blood flow. This leads to either hypoxia (inadequate oxygen supply) and/or ischemia (reduction of blood supply to tissues, causing a limitation of oxygen and glucose). On a cellular level, when you take a vaccine, you also suffer from a perivascular “attack” by white blood cells along the outside walls of micro vessels, which causes capillaries to become blocked and plugged. The damaged microvessels close in order to prevent bleeding into tissue (hemorrhagic transformation). This renders some tissue areas without blood supply or oxygen. Tragically, many children (and adults) have telltale signs of vaccine damage with droopy eyes and mouths. Dr. Moulden writes: “The measurement system I have created is based on the 12 cranial nerves and the clinical skills doctors are supposed to use to assess brain function and integrity. I have called the measurement system the 12 “Eye” M.A.S.S. Anoxia Measures (12-IMAM). M.A.S.S. is an acronym for many chronic illnesses and diseases that impair blood flow “Moulden Anoxia Spectrum Syndromes.” One-size-fits-all global vaccination schemes have created M.A.S.S. disorders on MASS scales. MASS disorders, from infectious diseases to vaccinations, have a common sequence of injuries which includes impaired blood flow, oxygenation, blood carrying capacity, and non-specific immune hyperstimulation.

Page 15

In essence, we are creating disease and chronic illness by an over-zealous activation of a natural set of healing mechanisms in human physiology – a component phase of the MASS physiological response. … Serial (repeat) vaccinations aggravate the core problems. Once the blood vessels are damaged, to a critical point, the pathological process can take on a self-perpetuating life of its own, from infants to teenagers to adults, to companion pets alike. Four features of the 12-IMAM measurement system that you can now see, include the eye turning in, the eye turning out, the smile becoming asymmetrical [one side of mouth will droop, while opposite side will not], and the eye blinks coming out of sync. These are strokes, from ischemia, throughout the brain and body, for all. Repeat vaccination is the primary culprit …”

Reason #6 to Never Take a Vaccine: The Herd Immunity Myth Busted

If you think that you are doing yourself and your community a favor by getting vaccinated, think again. The idea of herd immunity is a pseudo-scientific myth. Herd immunity is based on numerous assumptions which don’t hold their weight under a closer scrutiny. The first assumption of vaccine efficacy. If vaccines are truly effective at protecting you against a disease, why worry that if those around you get that disease? If you’re protected, you’re protected, right? The second assumption of supposed lifelong immunity. If herd immunity is really so important to protect a community, that would presuppose that the vaccinated could fight off the disease – whenever it struck. But what happens after 5 years go by after you get your shot? 10 years? 20? 30? The very existence of booster shots shows that vaccine-induced immunity wears off after time. The third assumption is that the vaccinated cannot transmit the disease. However, as reported by Mercola in 2013, a FDA study concluded that those vaccinated against pertussis or whopping cough could still carry and transmit the disease, even if they got no symptoms. They’re called an asymptomatic carrier. Lastly, it’s important to make the distinction between of acquired immunity (i.e. vaccine-induced immunity) vs. natural immunity. There is a world of difference

between artificial vaccine-induced immunity and naturally acquired immunity, which is attained through contracting and successfully fighting off a disease. The human immune system is vastly more complex and sophisticated than we understand, and is made up of specific and non-specific parts.

them in your body fluids – your saliva, urine, and stool. Vaccine-strain viruses like disease viruses or infections can be found also sometimes in tears and vomit. This is true for the Ebola virus as well. Whether you have the viral infection or you get the live attenuated vaccine, you shed live virus in your body fluids and you are able to transmit the virus to other people who come in contact with your body fluids [my emphasis]. I think this is a very important thing for people to understand.”

Reason #8 to Never Take a Vaccine: Possible Side Effects of Paralysis and Death

A vaccine does not closely resemble natural immunity in many ways, including only engendering a specific response, having a completely different point of entry, not conferring lifelong immunity, etc. Immunity is far more mysterious than just a measure of antibody titers. (titer: the quantity of a substance required to react with or to correspond to a given amount of another substance. Ed.)

Reason #7 to Never Take a Vaccine: Viral Shedding

As mentioned above, viral shedding is a big but unspoken-about problem with vaccines. It explains why groups of vaccinated people contract the disease they are supposedly vaccinated against, while the unvaccinated remain unaffected. Viral vaccines are vaccines containing live viruses, even if they are weak or attenuated strains. These live viruses shed for varying amounts of time in the body fluids of a vaccinated individual – and can be transmitted to others. You can absolutely catch the virus (or bacterium) from someone who has just been vaccinated against that disease. Not only that, but viral shedding from vaccines is leading to viral and bacterial mutations, helping to create a phenomenon of new and dangerous strains of disease which can evade treatment by becoming accustomed to whatever drugs get thrown at them. I quoted Barbara Loe-Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) in this article: “The live polio vaccine, the Sabin vaccine, which followed the inactivated Salk vaccine, was given orally [and] contains live attenuated polioviruses. Those polioviruses, when you take that [live] vaccine, you shed

People have suffered horrendous side effects from vaccines, including but not limited to allergic reactions, nerve disorders, autism, partial or full paralysis (e.g. Desiree Jennings who got Guillain-Barré Syndrome from the flu shot) and even death. This is provable fact. Have you thought your decision through? Have you fully weighed the risks and the benefits?

Reason #9 to Never Take a Vaccine: Insufficient Legal Recourse

Big Pharma has long overtaken the FDA and CDC. It has twisted the arm of the US Government. It has managed to get Congress to grant it sweeping legal immunity from ever being brought before a real court to face its victims. Instead, we have a special court set up outside of the bounds of constitutional courts to hear cases. If Big Pharma’s vaccines are so safe and effective (cue the mantra), why does Big Pharma require such legal protection? Why would you put yourself in such a position when you willingly accept to get injected? If you could choose it, would you willingly put yourself at a massive legal disadvantage in any other sphere of your life?

Reason #10 to Never Take a Vaccine: The Vaccine-SterilizationDepopulation Connection Lastly, consider this: vaccines have been used as delivery systems for sterilizing agents. Not all vaccines are used for this purpose, however the fact that some have – usually against women from poorer countries such as the Phillippines and Kenya – cements the connection between vaccines, depopulation and eugenics. Remember that Bill Gates himself, point man for the NWO agenda, has slipped up and admitted there is a vaccine-depopulation link on at least 2 occasions:

Please see VACCINE, page 20

By Niels Wandler


IFE ON EARTH would cease to exist without the microorganisms that live within and on us. We provide them with good food and a home and in return they keep us healthy: this intimate dialogue has evolved over millions of years, without which life would perish. Yet oddly enough, we seemingly invest more attention to the possibility of microorganisms (life) on other planets than we do to the microbes sustaining life here on Earth. We shift our attention to the health of these microbes only when our health is threatened, often due to neglect, which has both a profound and dangerous effect on our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our environment. Some of the prime functions of microorganisms are to break down food for nourishment, stimulate the immune system, and maintain the health of our organs while keeping pathogens at bay. Innumerable factors however, can interfere with their work. Some of which include: pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, processed foods, prolonged stress, lack of exercise, infection, radiation, and other environmental pollution. Yet we do not suffer from these afflictions alone, all living organism in our environment are also at risk. Humans are the major source of harm to the subtle balance of our inner ecosystems. In our “war on bacteria”, we believe that keeping ourselves clean and healthy means the assassination of bacteria. In fact, we are battling the very thing that keeps us alive. The result is an overgrowth of pathogenic microorganisms, and antibiotic-resistant super bugs, in both our interior body and the

Page 16

Probiotics Today exterior environment. Contrary to decades past, modern food is now too depleted, and no longer contains enough probiotics to maintain good health. To ensure that the colon and digestive tract continue the proper conversion of food to energy while keeping our organs healthy and our immune system strong, we must buy them off the shelf. Recognizing that no living being is exempt of this fundamental necessity, the market for probiotics has grown into a billion dollar industry.

So, what is a “Probiotic”?

According to the World Health Organization, the definition of probiotics is “live microorganisms, when administered in adequate amounts, confer health benefits in the host”. While the beneficial effects of taking probiotics is widely known, the scientific community appears to have neglected them because it tends to favour simple cause-effect situations, and pharmaceutical companies focus on symptom relief products. The natural benefits of microbial consortiums therefore have been gravely undervalued. When probiotics are taken, they are supposed to interact collectively and intelligently with the host’s unique physiology. Yet this is a complex issue as there are several ways to ingest

probiotics. For example, taking them in the form of a pill, powder, or capsule is much different than allowing them to ferment. When crafting a fermented tonic using a multi probiotic consortium, the tonic metabolizes a particular carbohydrate source, and creates a wonderful array of beneficial bioactive metabolites, cofactors, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, hormones, antimicrobial/ antibiotics, amino acids, etc. If they were to function solely in the gut, this degree of productivity would not be achieved; hence the magic that is fermentation. Fermentation allows the microbes to work with each other in synergistic ways that magnifies their individual benefits, and enables a beneficial ecosystem to flourish in the colon. This system is subtly interconnected with the specific needs of that particular body; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It has been repeatedly proven that the metabolites of one bacterium stimulates and feeds another, and so on. The microbes living in homeostasis within the fermentation solution evolve into a potent tonic full of nutritive properties.

What Constitutes a “Good Quality” Probiotic?

According to the Japanese professor Higa (EM Research Organization), there are

several factors in need of consideration when choosing a probiotic. First off, the probiotic bacteria must survive the journey through the stomach, into the gut and intestines, in excellent working condition; they must not be destroyed by stomach acid. They must be able to reproduce in the hostile environment, demonstrate self-correcting properties enabling them to work effectively, and they must be able to overcome pathogenic microorganisms to ensure that the natural order, balance, and function of the gut are re-established. In order to do this, a “good quality” probiotic must be free from detrimental or self-defeating aspects, and infused with anti-oxidative qualities. Unfortunately, many commercial probiotics lack aspects of these necessary qualities. Yet certain probiotics do satisfy the aforementioned parameters for superior quality. Some have proven to be clinically safe and physiologically effective, even when introduced to a severely distressed gut and irritated skin surface overrun by microbial pathogens (bacterial overgrowth) and their toxic by-products. Probiotics that combine a blend of herbs and organic Molasses, triple-fermented with a selection of lactic acid bacteria and yeast organisms, have demonstrated these excellent physiological qualities. The addition of beneficial organic herbs to the fermentation broth increases the potency of its probiotics. Such herbs have been used for millions of years by hunter-gatherer civilizations and wild animals as well. The herbs were either eaten as sustenance, or used for their medicinal purposes by infusing the intestinal flora with beneficial substances stimulating proper digestive function. In conclusion, a “good quality” probiotic is less about the number of beneficial microbes in the product, also referred to as CFU, and more about the number of benefits it provides, simultaneously.

By Anthony Peake


OR CENTURIES it has been recorded that under certain circumstances human consciousness can leave the body and travel both within the external world and to other locations of existence. This process has been known by many names but in recent years all variations of these “journeys” have been grouped under the generic, and “catch-all” term of “Out of Body Experiences” or the OBE. Of course such a concept is totally impossible within the modern paradigm of science. Consciousness is an epiphenomenon of the brain and as such cannot exist in any location outside of the brain. Indeed even if consciousness could travel to locations outside of the confines of the skull a further question has to be asked; without sensory organs such as the eyes and the ears how can a disincarnate consciousness receive information from the external world? I have proposed a radical new hypothesis that allows modern science to accommodate the OBE within its present model and that the experience is neither subjective nor objective but a mixture of the two. What needs to change is our understanding of the actual nature of what we term “eternal, consensual, reality”. This new model contains three crucial elements; The Zero Point Field / Zero Point Energy, Bose-Einstein Condensates and the Pineal Gland. What links them is a central Theosophical concept; the “Book of Life” otherwise known as the “Akashic Record”.

The Potential of the Zero-Point Field

The term “akasha” is a Sanskrit expression that means “sky” or “aether”. This mystical substance is everywhere and within it is recorded every action, emotion, thought, feeling and experience of every living being.

Page 17

The Physics of Consciousness The Zero-Point Field, Pineal Gland and Out-of-Body Experience

It is like a huge database that contains a record of everything. Mystics have long suggested that this information can be accessed in certain states of raised consciousness and the data can be downloaded for future use. According to philosopher-scientist Ervin Laszlo the Akashic Record is a known scientific phenomenon, but is known by quantum physicists by another term. This term is the Zero Point Field or ZPF. ZPF is a consequence of something long known to particle physicists, called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. It states that if we know the position of a subatomic particle we cannot know its speed, and if we know its speed we cannot know its momentum. If a particle were at rest we would know both. As such particles can never be at rest,

not even at absolute zero, the coldest state known to science. This is minus 273.15 degrees Celsius. This is three degrees above the temperature of the vacuum of space. Why this is of significance is that there should be no energy at absolute zero but there is. Lots of it. All space is filled with this quantum vacuum energy. It fills everything and in doing so changes what we think is a vacuum into a space absolutely full to the brim with energy, technically known as a “Plenum”. This has interesting parallels with ancient Chinese philosophy that suggested that there is no such thing as empty space. For philosophers such as Chang Tsai the bedrock of reality is the ch’i. Ch’i translates as ‘gas’ or ‘ether’ and is a tenuous and non-perceptible form of matter that is present throughout space and can condense into solid material objects.

The idea that matter somehow condenses out of the ch’i is amazingly prescient because there is a process that echoes perfectly this most ancient of ideas. This fascinating new form of matter is called Bose-Einstein Condensation and just like Chang Tsai suggests this is where the ch’i is seen to form a condensation out of the vacuum. It should come as no surprise to theosophists that this new form of matter was first predicted by Indian physicist Satyendra Nath Bose, a scientist brought up within the Eastern rather than the Western philosophical tradition. In a paper that he sent to Albert Einstein in 1924 he described how it may be the case that if particles were cooled to a few degrees above absolute zero they may change from being a single particle to a collection of particles that act as if they were one. Such a bizarre idea was proved when the first Bose-Einstein condensate was created in 1995 at the University of Colorado. Many years before, in 1938, a similar phenomenon was observed when a substance called helium 4 was found to have absolutely no viscosity. This meant that it could flow with absolutely no loss of energy. In principle what is happening is that all the particles within the condensate have become one, a single particle spread out in space and time. These condensates pull their energy directly out of the ZPF in the form of Zero Point Energy. Indeed many of us use a Bose Einstein condensate when we listen to music using a CD player. The information from the disc is read using a laser beam and a laser beam is technically coherent light – a beam in which all the light particles (photons) are all sharing a single “coherent” state. But there is another application of laser technology that has direct reference to the workings of the human brain, the hologram.

Please see CONSCIOUSNESS, page 26

We have entered a period where a uni-polar world is no longer possible – the age of empires is at an end. By Dennis Kingsley


F OUR OBSERVED UNIVERSE is indeed a projection – of ‘in-formed’ – from an underlying conscious matrix (as suggested by the hologram theory), then we would expect the universe to manifest a marked degree of order. That is, there would be evidence that the universe we inhabit is not the end result of a random assembly of forces. In fact, cutting edge science has now shown that our universe is remarkably coherent. This coherence, which statistically is far beyond randomness [i], reveals that coherence is the dominant driver (“attractor”) in the universe. From quantum behaviour – the smallest observable entities – to atoms, complex molecules, and living organisms, coherence appears to be an underlying purpose. There are, it seems, coherent relationships between events from one end of the universe to the other. The universe may not be a fully coherent system, yet coherence appears to be an innate universal orientation. This non-random nature of the universe suggests order above chance. Such order has now been scientifically measured in two principle forms: the numerical parameters of the universe, and the alignment (or fine-tuning) of its physical constants. In terms of the universe’s numerical parameters there are a number of ‘coincidences.’ One of the earliest to be discovered (by Arthur Eddington and Paul Dirac in the 1930s) was the ratio of the electric force to the gravitational force, which is approximately 1040. Similarly, the ratio of the observable size of the universe to the size of elementary particles is likewise about 1040. There are also other numerical alignments, such as the ratio of elementary particles to the Planck-length (which is 1020) and the number of nucleons in the universe [ii]. Likewise, the physical processes that underlie our universe appear to be incredibly

Page 18


fine-tuned. It is not possible within the scope of this article to list all the staggeringly precise universal constants that ‘just happened’ to occur in order for life as we know it to arise in the universe. One example concerns the expansion rate of the early universe. If the expansion rate had been one-billionth less than it was, then the universe would have re-collapsed almost immediately. Similarly, if the expansion rate had been one-billionth more, it would have flown apart so fast that matter would not have been able to form. Another precise fine-tuning exists between the strength of the electromagnetic

field relative to the gravitational field. If the difference had been other than it is, stable stars like our own sun would not have formed. Thus, the evolution of life on planets would not have been possible according to known laws. Yet another example is the difference between the mass of the neutron and the proton. If the mass of the neutron were not precisely twice the mass of the electron then no substantial chemical reactions could take place. Our universe has a stable configuration, in terms of matter, precisely because the electric charges of electrons and protons have an accurate balance. In other words, our

universe is incredibly fine-tuned beyond any possibility of chance. It could be said that we exist in a ‘just-right’ universe. According to the calculations of mathematical physicist Roger Penrose, the probability of coming across such a universe, fine-tuned to life, by random selection is 1 in 1010123. Physicist Bernard Haisch has wryly noted that there is a greater probability than this: that our universe is teeming with intelligent life! There are no other words for it – our universe is spectacularly coherent beyond our comprehension. And this drive toward emergent coherence also pervades our biological evolution. According to Laszlo, this trend is reflected throughout life on planet Earth. The intricate elements and processes that make up what we call life all exhibit forms of entanglement that, according to quantum science, show remarkable coherence. Physicists Eric Cornell, Wolfgang Ketterle, and Carl E. Wieman demonstrated that complex molecules, cells, and even living organisms exhibit quantum-type processes (and received the 1995 Nobel Prize for their discovery). What this tells us is that complex organisms could not have evolved on this planet without some form of quantum coherence. The human body is one example, where each cell produces 10,000 bioelectro-chemical reactions every second, and there exists a constant flux of inter-reactions and processes connecting molecules, cells, organs, and fluids, throughout the brain, body and nervous system. Recent findings in biophysics have demonstrated that a form of quantum coherence operates within living biological systems through what is known as biological excitations and biophoton emission. What this means is that metabolic energy is stored as a form of electromechanical and electromagnetic excitations. Further, a quantum-level correlation in organisms

Please see COHERENT COSMOS, page 19

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Coherent Cosmos From page 18

is neither limited to the organisms themselves but also operates among organisms. That is, a complex ecology of organisms exists on this planet that is ‘fine-tuned’ via coherent fields establishing a biosphere that is interactive and participatory. Life on this planet is a dance of coherence between organisms and their environment. Physical, chemical, and biological coherence leads ultimately to a degree of perception/ comprehension regarding types of relations and interconnectivity (Laszlo uses the term ‘prehension,’ which he borrows from Alfred North Whitehead). What this implies is an element of conscious interconnectivity between the various sub-parts of any system. That is, as parts of a given system become more complex and interdependent, there arises a greater degree of ‘emergent perception’ regarding the relations of interconnectivity. In other words, coherence becomes a conscious purpose. As coherence is the dominant driver/attractor in physical, chemical, and biological (species) development, so may it be an expression of social development. Hence, a society may display chaotic, random, and disruptive behaviour, and yet be governed at an innate and essential level by remarkable coherence. This may, in fact, be a necessity and fundamental prerequisite for not only sustaining life, but for its future development. The implications here are that social and cultural disequilibrium (including disruptions, chaotic events, and anomalies) may function as ‘tuning adjustments’ required for developmental potentials in the social environment. This perspective positions social disruptors (‘chaotic disruptors’) as mechanisms for adjusting to potentials that allow for greater degrees of coherence. Stated plainly, social disruption and

Page 19

chaotic events could be viewed as physical occurrences that assist in the drive toward greater coherence in the social realm. The universal trend toward coherence exists in the physical universe – in its laws and processes (chemical and physical) – as well as in and amongst living organisms (the biological realm). This trend, it appears, is toward more sensitive and stable coherence, as well as a drive toward emergent conscious interconnectivity. Behind this phenomenon, it has been hypothesized, exists a cosmic matrix of conscious intelligence. Upon this planet the ultimate physical manifestation of coherence may very well be social order at a planetary scale – a planetary civilization. Could this be the arena where immanent universal order meets with a transcendent emergent consciousness?

Social Coherence on a Planetary Scale

A grand sweep of history will show the rise and fall of countless civilizations, empires, and cultural manifestations. From another viewpoint it will also show a marked shift in the perceptive traits of human consciousness. How we see the world, and our place in it, has influenced how we participate in the world around us. And until very recently the consensus has been to view the world as exterior to us – separate and fragmented. Previous empires sought to conquer and control; and to create, as far as was possible, their idea of a uni-polar world. Yet no empire ever truly succeeded in this endeavour. Previous city-states, societies, civilizations, and empires have represented the emergence of groupings (‘systems’) seeking greater stability and out-reach – in a word, coherence. This fundamental need for coherence and stability that came with complex groupings was often critically centred on resources. The overshoot of a society/social system in

the face of dwindling resources often resulted in sudden collapse[iii]. As in the physical, chemical, and biological examples mentioned previously, the dominant attractor is coherence. The drive toward achieving greater levels of coherence – especially amongst increasingly complex systems – appears to be a universal trend. According to this hypothesis, by applying the coherent attractor to social systems then the ultimate scale-up on this planet would be a planetary civilization. Are we currently on the cusp of a developmental impulse toward a planetary civilization? Is this the purpose/drive behind the coherent order underlying existence in our spacetime? We have entered a period where a uni-polar world is no longer possible – the age of empires is at an end. Our present multi-polar world reflects a level of deep interconnectivity between the dominant, and also not-so-dominant, nations, states, and regional blocks. Paradoxically, however, this early stage of global interconnectivity and interdependence is creating conflict amongst the major players – the very opposite of what we would expect to see in a drive toward coherence. So, where is the underlying coherence behind this display of social disruption? In recent years we have witnessed the rise of an empathic consciousness amongst the diverse peoples of the world [iv]. A major catalyst behind this emergence has been our global technologies of communication. As was previously noted, a developing degree of ‘perception’ of the interconnection between parts of a whole serves as both an expression of coherence as well as a driver toward further coherence. The World Wide Web – our global Internet – represents an exterior form of this underlying need for manifesting interconnectivity. Earlier commentary on the rise of global interconnectivity discussed this in terms of a ‘Global Brain.’[v] We know from recent neuroscience that the mind operates throughout the

human body, and is largely centred in the human heart. The concept of the human brain and its functioning is increasingly referred to as an extended mind. Our technologies of connection and communication serve as the tangible expression of our species extended mind, and as such function as channels for our conscious communication. The post-industrial world is establishing a global environment where unprecedented information flows, through distributed (and wireless) networks, are allowing for new levels of connection, collaboration, consciousness, and compassion. We have become increasingly conscious of our inherent interconnectivity upon a social/ physical level, as well as upon a virtual/digital and nonlocal one. Moreover, as the older borders and boundaries (both real and invented) separating us on this planet further dissolve, we find that there is greater unity within our diversity than we realized – and our social fears dissolve too. And how we see the world also influences how we interpret our received consciousness. It is likely that the current drive toward social coherence on planet Earth will first emerge through the individual consciousnesses of us, the people. From the Internet to smart phones, from social media and video sharing, from blogging to vlogging – we are connected, passionate (and with compassion), and striving to collaborate like never before in our history as a species. And much of this shift is taking place under the radar of the mainstream status quo. The fundamental universal drive toward greater coherence may very well be manifesting through a marked shift in human consciousness that is increasingly being played out on a global field.

Bibliography and notes found at:



“… if we do a really great job on new vaccines … we could lower that (i.e. population growth) perhaps by 10-15% …” “… the benefits (of vaccines) are there in terms of reducing sickness, reducing population growth …” In 2015, a Catholic priest whistleblower in Kenya exposed that vaccines were tools to conduct sterilization programs. This priest discovered that a tetanus vaccination program (sponsored by the WHO and UNICEF) contained vaccines laced with HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a hormone that the human embryo produces after conception to enable it to be implanted in the womb. However, when the body takes in HCG via a tetanus vaccine, it treats the HCG as an antigen (a foreign substance) and makes antibodies to the HCG. Those antibodies cause the woman’s body to reject future embryos, effectively sterilizing her.

in fact, be responsible for the ability of pharmaceutical antidepressants to inhibit stress-induced activation of the hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis (9). Because antidepressant medications are associated with a host of adverse side effects, modulating the endocannabinoid system through the use of the whole plant, which in turn modifies the hormonal stress axis in a way similar to habituation, may be a preferable treatment avenue (9).

From page 15

From page 13

Final Thoughts A quote widely attributed to James Shannon, former director of the NIH, is that “the only safe vaccine is one never taken.” Mahatma Gandhi said that “vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time.” Although Big Pharma and its medical mouthpieces love to repeat the mantra that vaccines are “safe and effective”, the evidence shows they are neither, but rather experimental tools whose effects can be devastating: procurement of the disease itself (that is supposedly being vaccinated against), sterilization, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), paralysis, cancer and death. You may want to think twice – or better yet, at least 10 times – before taking that shot. ***** Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at (FaceBook here), writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance. Sources found online at: http://freedom-articles.

Pain Not only is pain a common comorbidity in PTSD, but interventions targeted at reducing pain decrease likelihood of PTSD (31). Cannabis is a promising botanical agent for pain relief, as oral cannabinoids outperform placebo and elicit analgesic effects equivalent to 60 mg of codeine at a dose of 10 mg THC (32). Randomized clinical trials conducted in patients with neuropathic pain secondary to HIV, complex regional pain syndrome, traumatic focal nerve or spinal cord injury, or peripheral neuropathy reveal that cannabis reduces pain intensity up to twice as much as placebo (33, 34, 35). Not only did many more individuals in the cannabis group experience at least a 30% reduction of pain intensity, which is the percentage decrease correlated with improved quality of life, but the number needed-to-treat (NNT) for this 30% reduction was 3.5-4.5, rivaling that of conventional non-opioid analgesics (36). The benefits of cannabis for pain are also highlighted by research demonstrated that cannabinoids improve multiple sclerosis (MS)-related pain, tremor, and spasticity (37, 38). In fact, 90% of MS patients exhibited improvements in these symptoms in one survey (39).

Safety Profile of Cannabis Versus Standards of Care for PTSD Drug cocktails with a litany of adverse effects, including antipsychotics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, antihypertensives, benzodiazepines, sedatives, and hypnotics are often employed to treat PTSD. For instance, antipsychotics, which are resorted to when PTSD is refractory to antidepressants, are associated with metabolic derangements and extrapyramidal side effects such as “acute dyskinesias and dystonic reactions, tar dive dyskinesia, Parkinsonism, akinesia, akathisia, and neuroleptic malignant syndrome” (40, p. 62). Dependencyproducing opioids, drugs of abuse which may be used for comorbid pain, may not only produce sedation and gastrointestinal dysfunction, but can also result in severe gastrointestinal, autonomic, and psychiatric consequences upon discontinuation (36). Medical marijuana, however, has

the potential to replace this dangerous polypharmacy, as it simultaneously addresses all three clusters of PTSD symptoms with few clinically relevant side effects (9). In stark comparison with conventional pharmacological agents, there has not been a single recorded incidence of fatal overdose with cannabis (36). Cannabis has also not been demonstrated to elicit significant drugdrug interactions via its metabolism by the cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme systems, although it may produce additive effects when combined with pharmacological anticholinergics and central nervous system depressants (36). In juxtaposition to its pharmaceutical counterparts, cannabis is non-toxic and tolerance to its minimal side effects, which are more common in naive users, usually develops within two to twelve days (41). Because clinical trials are short-term, however, conclusions regarding tolerance accruing to its analgesic effects, requirements for dose escalation, or maintenance of therapeutic gains remains unresolved (36). Although Grant and colleagues (2012) notes that smoking cannabis is a mechanism of rapid delivery and predictable titration, tinctures, sprays, teas, oils, lozenges, and baked goods may represent the most benign modes of administration (36). Long-term inhalation of cannabis is not associated with increased risk of respiratory or aerodigestive tract cancers; however, a meta-analysis of nineteen studies found that smoking marijuana was associated with premalignant changes in the lung, including “increased tar exposure, alveolar macrophage tumoricidal dysfunction, increased oxidative stress, and bronchial mucosal histopathologic abnormalities compared with tobacco smokers or nonsmoking control” (42 p. 1359; 43). While case studies of long-term, heavy use reported mild alterations in pulmonary function, a longitudinal study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) concluded that, “Occasional and low cumulative marijuana use,” of up to one joint a day for seven years, “…was not associated with adverse effects on pulmonary function” (44, p. 173). Due to its hemodynamic effects, such as supine hypertension, postural hypotension, and dosedependent tachycardia, marijuana may also elevate risk of myocardial infarction in the hour after smoking in individuals with preexisting cardiac disease (45). Although slight impairments in learning and forgetting are observed in chronic users, no major residual effects in other neurocognitive domains were ascertained in a meta-analysis examining effects of cannabinoids on the central nervous system (46). The authors conclude that the therapeutic value of cannabinoids may outweigh any neurocognitive drawbacks, given the small effect sizes of these findings (46). A Message to Health Care Providers and

Legislators: Patients Deserve a Choice Due to its historical affiliation with social activism and counterculture, alongside unwarranted federal policies demonizing cannabis as a gateway drug and agent of moral depravity, the medicinal use of cannabis has remained a source of political contention. However, given that the cardinal tenet of the Hippocratic oath is to “do no harm,” physicians should re-evaluate the iatrogenic standards of care they are employing and explore cannabis as a viable and safe alternative. According to the conclusions of researchers half a decade ago, “Based on evidence currently available, the Schedule I classification is not tenable; it is not accurate that cannabis has no medical value or that information on safety is lacking” (36). For true informed consent, the risks and benefits of conventional pharmaceutical treatment algorithms should be compared alongside that of cannabinoids, and patients in concert with their medical practitioner should be given the medical autonomy to choose. A systematic review funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Health Administration found “insufficient evidence to draw conclusions about benefits and harms” with regard to cannabis use in PTSD (47). However, according to the aforementioned evidence, Krumm (2016) affirms that, “Cannabis is effective in treating PTSD, even when there are other co-occurring psychiatric and/or medical disorders…Rather than targeting neurotransmitter systems and their agonists, cannabinoids target the underlying neurobiological processes that lead to imbalances in these neurotransmitter systems, helping to return them to a state of homeostasis” (9). Thus, given the abundance of scientific literature elucidating the medicinal value of the plant, it should be offered as a legal, first-line and adjunctive therapy in PTSD. References find online at marijuana-future-ptsd-treatment Ali Le Vere holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Human Biology and Psychology, minors in Health Promotion and in Bioethics, Humanities, and Society, and is a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine candidate. Having contended with chronic illness, her mission is to educate the public about the transformative potential of therapeutic nutrition and to disseminate information on evidence-based, empirically rooted holistic healing modalities. Read more at @empoweredautoimmune on Instagram and at Sciencebased natural remedies for autoimmune disease, dysautonomia, Lyme disease, and other chronic, inflammatory illnesses. Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

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ideal, we install a new program in the subconscious that will likely cause frustration later in life. But all programs can be re-written, just like all contracts can be renegotiated— only through the power of the conscious mind. Therefore, there are two primary ways to regain power over the mind and ego, first by always seeking to make choices that are in alignment with the higher self’s ideals— which requires using one’s imagination to explore what that ideal actually is. If we seek to be unconditionally loving, then we can imagine scenarios where we give that noble vision expression—reprogramming the subconscious. This process allows us to let go of our materialistic shallow value system that is normally a product of unconsciousness to make contact with spiritual values that are soul-healing and empowering by nature. It has been said that the spirit is a perfect, eternal and everywhere present reality, therefore an ideal that reflects spiritual values is beneficial for all beings over a long enough course. Hence, unselfish love and service to others are spiritual values that all beings tend to benefit from—unless their minds are distorted by the negative ego. Second, we can review the past to forgive and accept ourselves and others, making the unconscious conscious. This is essential so as to allow the conscious mind the space to reorganize programs hidden behind a veil of unconsciousness—for only light can dispel darkness. If we are not careful, what we fear and try to hide from will continue to control us behind a veil of unknowingness.

Meditation and Mindfulness

The article Free Your Mind from Negative Self-talk: Meditation for a Positive Mind offers techniques for reclaiming sovereignty over one’s mind-space by using meditation practices. These techniques are holistic tools for

entraining consciousness with structures that allow one to gain more control by becoming conscious of the unconscious aspects of our being—such as the body and the biological functions that we rarely pay attention to. By allowing our conscious awareness to flood the body and mind during meditation, free will can act with greater precision and holistic integration so as to restore alignment with the higher self— our holistic transcendent nature. All seasons have their moments of action and stillness; as such, meditation provides a way for the overly performance-centric habits of modern life to be balanced. Without taking time to pause and reflect on our experiences, they settle into the subconscious mind as programs we have no control over. Meditation is a technique for allowing the organizing healing power of the conscious mind to take root in the tree of our beingness, sharpening our focus and enriching our experiences.

sickness are boredom, uncontrollable negative emotions (bi-polar disorder), addictions to food, sex, drugs, thrill-seeking, and closemindedness—to name a few. Thus, by using techniques of selfmastery and mindfulness, the troubles of the negative ego and the selfish separate self can be dealt with and eventually the products of an immature consciousness (suffering and disempowerment) can be transcended. When one finally starts to gain control over

The Soul Sickness of the Unconscious Self

What we fail to make conscious in life (those things we are unconscious of) control us as impulses, habits and what has been called negative self-talk. Many in the modern world are unconscious of their spiritual nature (the higher self) and as such, have low self-esteem and lack confidence—a kind of pandemic soul sickness that leads to most of the hardships on Earth. This condition of spiritual unconsciousness makes us more easily controllable by culture and society that seeks to suppress the higher self’s sovereign nature in favor of an ego that is co-dependent with a sick and diseased society. The symptoms of soul-

their consciousness, the temptations of the negative ego and addictions of all kinds will be overcome, and life’s challenges are embraced as opportunities for soul growth instead of insurmountable obstacles.

The Fruits of a Mastered Mind and Consciousness

When one’s mind has been properly tuned by the higher self’s ever-spiritualizing nature, life ceases to be experienced as endless victimization and becomes a joy of blissful self-discovery, filled with ever-increasing

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into your mind for positivity to flow, it’s important to couple your mental efforts with some physical action. This will help train your mind from dual angles, both mentally and physically. Meditation can do this for you, as it is the best practice to bring tranquility to the mind. The following meditation works on the heart center, opening your energies to the experience of the positive self, while bringing mental balance to the psyche. Practice this one daily, and watch your negative self-talk turn into a whisper.

Meditation to Stop the Negative Self-talk

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Posture: Sit with an erect spine. Keep the first two fingers straight. Curl the ring finger and little finger into each palm. Bend the thumbs over top of them to lock them into place. Bring the arms close so the elbows are by the sides, and the hands are by the shoulders with the two fingers of each hand pointing straight up. Bring the forearms and hands forward to an angle of 30 degrees from the vertical. Press the shoulders and elbows back firmly but comfortably. The palms face forward. EYES AND MENTAL FOCUS: Close the eyelids. Roll the eyes up gently and concentrate at the brow point, the Third Eye area at the top of the nose where the eyebrows would meet. BREATH: Create a steady, slow, deep and complete breath.

purpose and focus. But in our world of people sick from disillusionment with life and materialistic vision, the pitfalls of slavery and victimization can be overcome through self-mastery. A mind that is mastered from within is governed by the spiritual self, which is implicitly sovereign and can easily discern fact from fiction. And once that inner state of holistic mastery has been achieved, we are no longer deceived by enslavers and those who want us to be pawns of destruction. In short, the solution to all our personal and earthly problems starts from within. When we seek to reclaim our sovereignty by mastering our own consciousness, we become an agent of truth, freedom, and justice for all, pouring out love and enlightenment with ever-increasing precision and accuracy. And the trail we blaze forward stands as a beacon of hope for all others who may not have even considered such a state of being was within their grasp. On a world filled with people sick from the negative ego, sometimes called Wetiko, the path of self-mastery and sovereignty can be a lonely one. But eventually, the crucible of striving for internal peace produces an enlightened soul that is immune to the shallowness of separation identity (negativeego). And in time, those bright lights find others on the path and The Great Work of uplifting our brothers and sisters out of the pits of darkness can begin.

Self Mastery and Sovereignty: Reclaiming the Mind and Healing the Negative Ego:

MANTRA: Mentally pulse rhythmically from the brow point out to Infinity the sounds: Sa ta na ma (Sa is Infinity. Ta is Life. Na is Death. Ma is Rebirth/transformation. This describes the cycle of life. The entire mantra means, “I meditate on Truth, Truth that I am.”) TIME: Try it for 40 days. During that time eat lightly and speak only truth directly from your heart. Practice for 11 to 62 minutes. TO END: Inhale deeply and exhale three times. Then open and close the fists several times. Relax. (Author is a KRI/RYT (Kundalini Research Institute, Registered Yoga Teacher). Meditation is a KRI teaching, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.) SOURCE: kundalini-yoga/meditation/featuredmeditations/meditation-positive-mind Image source Tanya Shatseva Satori by Bill Brouard Negative self talk quote Read more at: https:// | Susan L. Magine is a writer, clairvoyant healer, medium and Kundalini yoga instructor. She specializes in helping others heal through awareness and conscious energy movement. She is the author and creator of the metaphysical blog, Mechanics of Being. Read more at: https:// life/free-mind-negative-selftalk-meditation-positive-mind |

By Aletheia Luna


O MANY OF us carry repressed and trapped emotions within multiple areas of our bodies, without even knowing it. In fact, we can go years, even decades, completely oblivious to the blocked energy our muscles are holding on to. This repressed energy is responsible for countless ailments and chronic health conditions that cause us great suffering. The fact is that your body doesn’t forget. Your body is the most honest and obvious way to access trapped feelings and even traumatic memories. No matter how much you try to ignore, intellectualize or suppress how you feel, your body knows the truth. If you are struggling with chronic tension in your neck, shoulders, back, thighs, legs, or any other area of your body, this article may help you get to the root of your pain, once and for all.


According to various studies and papers, we develop chronic muscle tension as a result of four different causes. The first cause is social conditioning. Social conditioning starts in early childhood and is reinforced throughout the rest of our lives by our parents, friends, teachers, family members, and society at large. A lot of the muscle tension that we develop is the result of unspoken social beliefs that we were taught to adopt as a way of being “acceptable” or likable. For example, many of us were taught that “only babies cry,” so as children, we learned to suppress our tears and sadness in order to “not be a baby.” Many of us were also taught that expressing anger is a “bad” thing as we were punished as children for expressing it. This form of conditioning is strengthened throughout adulthood, particularly in our workplaces where expressing anger is seen as “unprofessional” and potentially dangerous to our job security. The second cause of muscle tension is trauma. Traumatic experiences can range from being spanked as a child all the way to extreme violence. Trauma may have been deliberately inflicted on us (e.g. rape or physical assault) or accidental (e.g. a car crash). When these traumatic experiences aren’t consciously dealt with, they can result in chronic fear, stress, and even occurrences of PTSD. This chronic anxiety, anger, and grief tends to get stored within the body resulting in muscle tension which contributes to numerous other illnesses such as fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, mental illnesses, and even cancer. The third cause of muscle tension is psychological tension. Psychological tension is any form of anxiety, frustration, sadness or anger that we develop as a result of our perceptions. For example, we may develop psychological tension as a result of our thoughts regarding our coworker (e.g. they’re lazy) or of us being stuck in traffic (“this shouldn’t happen). Our automatic tendency to attach to these thoughts and take them seriously is what causes us psychological tension. The more negative, fearful or fault-finding our perspective is, the more tension we tend to store in our muscles. The final cause of muscle tension is environmental stressors and habits. For example, our sedentary lifestyles (working at a desk all day) tend to exacerbate our physical pain because we Page 22

9 TYPES OF MUSCLE TENSION CAUSED BY TRAPPED EMOTIONS Your Body is a Map And Storage House Of Every Experience You Have Ever Had aren’t giving our muscles a chance to expel the tension. Other habits such as poor posture, lack of sleep, drug use, unhealthy eating, and environmental pollution tend to increase the likelihood of us developing chronic muscle tension.


The field of psychosomatic medicine has conducted numerous studies through the years exploring the mind’s effect on the body, and vice versa. In terms of muscle tension caused by mental and emotional factors, we tend to experience many health issues: n Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, SAD) n Joint pain and increase chance of injury n Dysmenorrhea (menstruation problems) n Insomnia n Skin problems (acne, psoriasis) n Asthma and hay fever n Headaches and migraines n Palpitations and chest pain n Nausea n Fibromyalgia n Irritable Bowel Syndrome n GI issues (diarrhea, bloating, constipation, cysts) n Hypertension/High blood pressure n Sexual dysfunction (premature ejaculation, painful sex) n Increased tendency towards addictive behavior This list is by no means complete, and there are many other consequences out there of muscle tension


According to a study conducted in 2012, 25.3 million Americans (11.2%) suffer from chronic pain every day and 17.6% suffer from severe levels of pain. This single study reveals a grim reality: so many of us are suffering from muscle tension on a daily basis. Surely there must be a better way to live. As a person who has struggled with chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years, I was lucky to discover the source of my pain thanks to a healing method known as “floating.” Thanks to my experience in a float tank (also known as a sensory deprivation tank or isolation tank) I was able to discover that my muscle tension was intimately linked to old memories and repressed emotions. Lying in the dark, with no sound or sensory input on top of 800 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts, I gradually started feeling my muscles unwind. As each muscle group relaxed and spasmed, thoughts and emotions fired through my head. For

example, as my spine let go into the water, I could feel grief pour through me and memories from childhood run through my mind. I could feel my upper thighs release their contraction as anxiety and loneliness bubbled up through me. I could feel the fear and burden be released from my shoulders and neck area. Although everyone is different and there are no (known) absolute places in the body where outright emotions are stored, there are certain places that tend to accumulate specific types of emotions. Below, I want to share with you nine of the most common types of muscle pain and what underlying emotions are connected to them. 1. SHOULDER TENSION = BURDENS AND RESPONSIBILITIES When we feel weighed down by the stress of life, we tend to accumulate these feelings within our shoulders. Ever heard the expression “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders”? Shoulder tension seems to be intimately linked to social and emotional responsibilities, including unconsciously carrying the burden of other people’s pain. As such, many empaths, healers, and caretakers struggle with chronic shoulder muscle tension. 2. NECK TENSION = FEAR AND REPRESSED SELF-EXPRESSION Neck tension is often connected to throat chakra issues such as the inability to communicate clearly or be your authentic self around others. Fear and anxiety are also frequently stored in this area, particularly as a physical response to danger (as the neck is a vulnerable area) or strange environments. Neck muscle tension is also related to trust issues. 3. UPPER BACK = GRIEF, SORROW, AND SADNESS Unexpressed and unreleased sadness tends to build up within the upper back region. As this area is close to the heart, it is also where emotions connected to heartbreak and loss are stored. For instance, if you carry around grief regarding a loved one or your family at large, you will likely feel tense in this area. 4. MIDDLE BACK = INSECURITY AND POWERLESSNESS Healing traditions such as reflexology link middle back pain to feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and insecurity. If you’re feeling unsupported by other people or life, you probably carry tension here. 5. LOWER BACK = GUILT, SHAME, AND UNWORTHINESS Lower back issues often correlate with feelings of low self-worth and lack of selfacceptance. Feelings such as guilt, shame, and even sexual inadequacy or trauma can be stored here as well. 6. STOMACH = INABILITY TO

PROCESS EMOTIONS The expression “I can’t stomach it” appropriately describes stomach muscle tension. If your stomach feels stiff or sore, you might struggle to process both negative (and even positive) emotions. 7. INNER THIGHS = FEAR OF VULNERABILITY Are you nervous and untrusting around other people? If you struggle with social anxiety, you might also have inner thigh pain. Because our legs are biologically programmed to run when we first spot danger, fear towards others is often stored here. 8. OUTER THIGHS = FRUSTRATION AND IMPATIENCE How fast do you live life? The more quickly and mindlessly you live, the more likely you have frustrated and impatient energy stored in your outer thigh muscles. Our jobs and personal lives can also contribute greatly to muscle tension in this area. 9. BUTTOCKS = ANGER AND RAGE How often do you have to deal with people who are a “pain in the bum”? Anger and suppressed rage are often stored in the buttocks. Pay attention next time you feel your head boil: is your but tensing up as well?


Now you may be wondering how to release the muscle tension you have. Here are some tips: n Allow yourself to “feel it to heal it.” One of the easiest ways to let go of muscle tension is to actively feel and let go of emotions when they come. Of course, this is not always possible, so at the end of every day, make sure you allow yourself the space to feel the emotions you’ve had through the day. Feeling these emotions might involve crying, punching or screaming into a pillow, or any other form of catharsis. n Adopt an attitude of nonjudgment. When we judge our emotions as something “bad” or “wrong,” we actually deepen our suffering and solidify the tension within our muscles. Instead, simply realize that an emotion is an emotion. It doesn’t need to mean anything about you unless you let it. n Journal about how you feel. Let all of your emotions out in a journal, completely unfiltered. This is a very healing practice if done regularly. n Be gentle with yourself. Muscle tension tends to add to our negative inner voices, which cause us even more tension. To break this cycle of the body feeding the mind and the mind feeding the body, be kind towards yourself. Treat yourself as you would a child or best friend. This practice is a simple but profound way to relax. n Stretch your muscles. Do simple stretches or try yoga to relax your muscles. Even just five minutes a day is beneficial. n Breathe deeply. Shallow breathing causes a restriction in air, blood flow, toxin removal, and increased anxiety. Deep breathing stimulates the vagus nerve, which calms the mind. n Try floating. Unless you can afford to go into outer space or an antigravity chamber, floating is the only opportunity there is on this planet to experience total weightlessness. “Sensory Deprivation Tanks” may sound daunting, but actually they’re immensely healing

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skydancer TANTRA MASSAGE by James

By Thais Gibson


ESEARCH SHOWS THAT when we are living in alignment with what truly inspires us, we are more likely to be productive, fulfilled, driven, intelligent, and creative. In other words, we are most likely to succeed. And when you really think about it, what is success anyways? Society might define success in terms of money and possessions, but does any of that matter if you aren’t truly fulfilled? True success is something that should instead be associated with the level of fulfillment being experienced by each individual in his or her personal and professional lives. Here is some information about what happens to your brain and body when you are pursuing what does or does not inspire you.

Living in Your Values

Behavioral development expert Dr. John DeMartini recently discovered that we all have a unique set of values that plays a major role in governing our behavior and perception of self. He concluded that all of our positive and negative emotions are a feedback system for whether we are living in or out of our values system. Our values are the things that truly matter to us in life. DeMartini determined that when we are living out of alignment with our values, we are more likely to manifest addictive behaviour, self-sabotage, and procrastination in our lives. When we are living within our values, we experience better memory retention, focus, and productivity. There is also a part of the brain known as the reticular-activating system that is constantly filtering out information according to our hierarchy of values. Let’s take the example of a husband and wife walking down the street. If the man has a high value on relationships and the woman has a high value on animals, the man will notice the couple holding hands and the woman will notice the person walking a dog. Our brain is constantly working for our system of values!


Creative magic happens when you’ve created cognitive resonance between the conscious and subconscious mind. This resonance also plays a role in being in a flow-state. When you are living out of Page 23

your values, you are inevitably in cognitive dissonance because your conscious and subconscious mind is out of alignment. Creativity plays a huge role in success. It is responsible for sparking new ideas, inventions, and determining innovative solutions to problems. It allows us to think beyond traditional boundaries and pioneer new territory. Dr. Kahn at the University of Arizona (2012) found that we are more likely to be creative when we have an open mind and are experiencing a positive mood. By pursuing what inspires us, we are more likely to experience both of these things.

Inspiration vs. Desperation

Dr. DeMartini also discusses the two main forces motivating people in his seminar The Breakthrough Experience. He says we are continuously motivated by either inspiration or desperation. The source of desperation is fearbased thinking, and individuals motivated by desperation are in a constant state of seeking pleasure over pain. They are more likely to be on an emotional roller coaster and to give up in the face of challenge. The sources of inspiration are love and authenticity. From a place of inspiration, “we are more likely to embrace both pain and pleasure in the pursuit of our purpose.” (Dr. DeMartini) We see the bigger picture, and are better able to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of our vision.

approach-oriented behavior over avoidance techniques when they were participating in a task that they were inspired by. In other words, we are more likely to tackle circumstances head-on when we are interested in what we are doing. We are also more likely to replace fear of the unknown with curiosity, enabling our learning process and advancement.

Neurochemical Response and our Body

Our mind and body are extremely interconnected. When we are taking part in activities or learning that we believe supports our values, our brains produce higher levels of serotonin and dopamine. These neurochemicals are more concentrated in our brain and physiology

What Happens To Your

Brain & Body When You Do What

Inspires You

Approach-Oriented vs. Avoidant Behavior

When we are truly inspired by the pursuit of our goals, our perception changes. We are less likely to see setbacks as failures because we are too busy seeing them as opportunities for growth. This plays an important role in removing limiting beliefs that are programmed in the subconscious mind. In addition to this, a laboratory study conducted by researchers Schnelle, Brandstatter, and Knopfel (2010) showed that participants were more likely to exhibit

when we are taking part in inspired action. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter involved in movement, memory, pleasurable reward, and motivation. Serotonin is involved in well-being, appetite regulation, and the transmission of nerve impulse. When we are involved in activities or work that we perceive as a threat to our values, we produce higher levels of cortisol and substance P. Substance P is the biochemical involved in the transmission of pain information, while cortisol is most commonly known as the neurochemical related to stress. Over time, we are either energized or depleted by the types of neurochemicals being produced in our brain and transmitted throughout our body.

Your Self-Worth

When you are aligned and authentic, your self-worth naturally increases because you have accepted your uniqueness and the things that you value. You are more likely to believe in yourself, be calm under pressure, and share your

604.339.9250 opinion when you are aligned. When you are living out of your values, you are communicating to your subconscious that you are unworthy of owning who you are. The negative feelings that accompany low self-worth are simply feedback for you, telling you to stop disowning what’s important to you. Personal fulfillment is largely associated with our ability to set and achieve intrinsic goals. And if you can’t be fulfilled, does meeting societal standards of success really matter anyway?

Remember: Change Doesn’t Necessarily Happen Overnight Remember that establishing effective change takes time. Despite how much the information above might resonate with you, creating a smooth transition takes consistency, patience, and perseverance. Proper action steps are also required to bring your dreams to life. 1. Define your goals! If money was of no value, what would you spend the rest of your life doing? You can always find a way to monetize your dreams when you are living authentically. 2. Do your research and make a plan. What steps do you need to take? How much money do you need to save? How much extra time do you need to put into this each week? If it truly matters to you, you will go for it, and you will experience the rewards accordingly. Creating a timeline is also beneficial. 3. Tie your current job into your values. Rather than creating resistance towards what is currently supporting you, work to see how it is benefitting your long-term plan. By shifting your perception and seeing the benefits in your current job, you minimize resistance and will have more energy, resources, and productivity to move effectively towards your goals. Perhaps you have to put an extra ten hours of work into each week to manifest your desires. But doing your life’s work will provide you with more meaning and substance in your life. Taking action steps towards creating a life by design will energize, not deplete you. In the words of Maya Angelou, don’t forget that sometimes you have to “do what you have to until you can do what you want to!”

Astrology & Related Practices

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10 Things

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.” — Voltaire

From page 7

more no matter how many times your thingsthings-things fall apart.


CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE: “The State is nothing more nor less than a bandit gang writ large. ~Ludwig Von Mises

As if police brutality, extortion, and overreach of power weren’t enough, unscrupulous police officials have been manipulating the deeply flawed federal and state civil asset forfeiture laws that give them permission to seize, keep, or sell any property allegedly involved in a crime. The key word is “allegedly.” Because most of the time property is taken without anyone even being charged with a crime. That’s crazy! Originally meant to be used on largescale criminal organizations, it is now used almost entirely on individuals, ruining people’s lives over petty “crimes.” More and more police departments are using forfeiture to benefit their bottom lines. It’s less about fighting crime and more about profit. John Oliver did an excellent piece on the matter that gets right at the heart of the issue. ( watch?v=3kEpZWGgJks)


THE US IMPRISONS MORE OF ITS POPULATION THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY (AND PROFITS OFF IT): “Some may say that jailing people over their debts makes poverty into a crime. Well if that’s true, maybe we should just cut out the middleman and put all poor people in jail. Of course, this will require new prison facilities, which we can build using people who can’t pay their prison fees. Not as workers, as the bricks.” ~Stephen Colbert Living in what is widely considered the “land of the free,” this one should come as a body blow to anybody who truly believes in freedom. The total prison population has grown by 500 percent over the last 30 years. 500! The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, yet we have almost 20 percent of the world’s total prison population. Even though crime is at a historic low.

The icing on this shit-cake is the deplorable fact that big corporations are making a killing off the prison system. Equal parts extortion and slavery, for-profit prisons do nothing in the way of rehabilitation and therapy, and everything in the way of profit and criminal relapse.


FORCED TAXATION IS THEFT: “Since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others.” ~Edward Abbey

When taxation is forced, one cannot say they live in a free country. When taxation is not optional, the country forcing the tax is not free. Bottom line. If one does not pay their taxes, in such a country, they are threatened with violence or prison if they don’t pay. That is point-blank extortion. And since it is being done by an authoritarian government, it is naked tyranny. If one feels like paying taxes, then they should feel free to pay. That’s fair, because that’s voluntary. But if the state is using its monopoly on violence to get money out of you, that is not fair, that is extortion. It really is that simple. If freedom is primary then voluntarism is paramount. The use of state services built off taxes is an entirely different matter with entirely different solutions, and is an irrelevant red herring to the issue at hand.


YOU’RE NOT “ALLOWED” TO BE STATELESS, BUT YOU CAN BE: “A man without a government is like a fish without a bicycle.” ~Alvaro Koplovich

Statelessness is an alien concept in our world, even though it can be extended to all living beings “in principle” and “in theory,” at its irreducible bedrock truth, it is exceptionally difficult to be sovereign and stateless. This is because the entire world is plagued with the disease of statism. It is so second nature to our existence that we never question it. We might as well be fish questioning water. But we are not fish. We are human beings with the ability for deep logic, higher reasoning, and basic common sense. That is, unless we are

Tension From page 22

and calming. People with claustrophobia frequently have no issues with floating. Some of the main benefits include reaching deep states of peace and bliss, muscle relaxation, enhanced magnesium, better sleep, improved skin, mental clarity, and improved focus. To get the most out of floating, try a minimum of three sessions. n Get a massage. Seek out a licensed massage therapist to reduce your muscle tension. Alternatively, use something like the Acuball to give yourself a deep tissue massage (the Acuball is what I use). n Meditate. Meditation is a great way to become

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being oppressed into blind servitude and myopic subordination and we are unwilling to question things… And here we are. Similar to living off the grid, you’re not supposed to know this one because then the corrupt nation states of the world would have less control over you. And, don’t be fooled, it’s all about control, as Mike Gogulski found out firsthand. Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros on becoming a stateless person (Though these two gents seem to be enjoying it). Especially because we are social creatures and most of the other social creatures in our world are conditioned statists. As Nietzsche famously said, “State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies; and this lie slips from its mouth: ‘I, the state, am the people.’”


THE POLICE ARE NOT LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO PROTECT YOU: “There’s no weakness as great as false strength.” ~Stefan Molyneux

Most people falsely and ignorantly assume that it is the sworn duty of the police to protect and to serve. But it is actually the exception, not the rule. A cop protecting and serving is doing so in a humane capacity and not because he/she is obligated to do so. They just happen to be acting humanely while wearing a badge. The reality is that power tends to corrupt. This applies especially to police. And especiallyespecially to police that are trained to be offense-minded, oppressive, extorting, overreaching, and violent enforcers of a statist agenda. The solution is not more ill-trained offense-minded police with too much power, but more well-trained defense-minded police with just enough power (a power with builtin checks and balances in place to prevent power from corrupting). In short: a complete eradication of the Thin Blue Line.



more present and conscious of muscle tension as it arises. n Art therapy. Express how you feel through painting, drawing, sculpting or any other method of self-expression. nnn I hope this article has better helped you to understand your own muscle tension. Please remember that muscle tension has many causes, and emotions aren’t just the only cause. Also, the list presented in this article isn’t definitive or set in stone. Every person varies meaning that it’s important that you actively explore what emotions are linked to your muscle tension yourself. For example, tension in your shoulders might mean sadness for you personally,

have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” ~Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice In our world, money is power. Money concentrated in the hands of a few, means power concentrated in the hands of a few. And since power tends to corrupt if it goes unchecked, the people must be free to check it, lest tyranny prevail. But because of an overreaching militarized police force, the people are not free to check it. And here we are, slipping into tyranny. If we lived within a horizontal democracy, we would have a better chance at being free. No masters, no rulers, and hence, no chance for power to become concentrated in the hands of a few. Easier said than done, sure, but nothing worth doing was ever easy. As it stands, it is impossible to live freely within an oligarchic plutocracy. The plutocrats will simply continue buying up power by creating oppressive laws and “legal” extortion rackets that keep the people without wealth and power in a permanent state of poverty and powerlessness. Add to that the use of lobbyists and a fiat currency based on debt, and you have a nation of hoodwinked debt slaves under the delusion that they live in a free democratic republic. To follow this article’s many excellent links in support of it’s message please go to: http://www.wakingtimes. com/2017/10/10/10-things-youre-notsupposed-know/

About the Author

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world. This article (10 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know) was originally created and published by The Mind Unleashed and is reprinted here with permission.

whereas this article says it’s generally linked to feeling burdened. So it’s important that you explore your muscle tension for yourself. For supporting links please go to: tgQ7Gu


Aletheia Luna is an influential spiritual writer whose work has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. After escaping the religious sect she was raised in, Luna experienced a profound existential crisis that led to her spiritual awakening. As a mystic and spiritual mentor, Luna’s mission is to help others become conscious of their entrapment and find joy, empowerment, and liberation in any circumstance.

Consciousness From page 17

Holograms are three dimensional images created by using lasers to “photograph” an object and then reproducing the subsequent image by illuminating it with another set of lasers. This is again an application of coherent light in which a seemingly solid image can be reproduced from stored information. In 1986 two Japanese researchers, Isuki Hirano and Atsushi Hirai, suggested that coherent light is generated in vast quantities by tiny structures found deep within the neurons of the brain. These structures, known as microtubules, are so small that it is possible that the energy they use to generate the coherent light is Zero Point Energy drawn directly from the ZPF. In other words they draw energy from what Blavatsky called the “Akashic Record” and what Chang Tsai knew as the Ch’i.

The Akasha-Pineal Connection

If this is correct then the human brain has direct access to the Akashic Field and the virtually limitless information that it contains. It will be recalled that the Akasha can be described as a huge digital database that stores the records of everything that has happened, and will happen, in the universe. In fact, if modern quantum physics is correct, then there are trillions of universes containing billions of copies of every human

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being that has ever lived and ever will live. Each one of these consciousnesses will download their life experiences into the Akasha via their microtubules and similarly they can upload limitless data from the Akasha using the same process.

If Hirano and Hirai are correct then the Akashic data can be reassembled using the laser-like coherent light to create seemingly three-dimensional holographic images of the stored information. This would create in the mind of the experiencer a three dimensional version of the recording that would be totally life-like in every way. It would be like the illusionary world of the Matrix movies. It would be indistinguishable from the “real” thing. I use the speech marks because such a model suggests that the “reality” we take for granted that is external to our bodies and supplied to us by our senses may not be as “real”

as we believe. Indeed modern neurology tells us that what we take to be external reality is a construct of the brain modeled out of the electro-chemical information supplied to it from our senses. I call this internally generated model of reality the Bohmian IMAX or BIMAX. I call it Bohmian in honour of the late, and great, Professor David Bohm who first suggested the holographic nature of perception. The IMAX reference is to convey the “virtual-reality” feel of the BIMAX. The question is: is there a portal within the brain whereby the riches of the Akasha can be accessed? I believe there is, and I suggest that this portal may be the most mysterious and enigmatic structure in the brain: the pineal gland. If my hypothesis is correct then the OOB can be explained as simply consciousness experiencing the external world from internally generated information. The person feels that they are outside of their body when in fact they are experiencing the hidden realities contained within the ZPF. These experiences may be generated spontaneously, during sleep or borderline sleep states, during times of great stress or during a Near-Death Experience. The place that is reconstructed from the ZPF could be a version of the location the person’s body is – by this I mean that it is an exact copy – or it could be another place altogether. This location can be perceived as somewhere else on Earth or a

totally alien environment. This can be used to explain why any attempts to prove that people are actually out of their body during such experiences have seemingly failed. It is simply because they think that they are perceiving this reality whereas they are in a facsimile that is almost, but not quite the same. That is why they accurately report some things but then miss other, much more obvious things or, indeed, report seeing things that are not there. However it must be stressed that although I use the term facsimile I do not mean that it is an hallucination. The facsimile is just as real as the world of the external experimenter/observer – it is just that the experiencer is directly accessing the Akasha.

The Next Steps of Exploration

Is the Akasha the universe we encounter in dreams, in past-life regressions, outof-the body experiences and Near-Death Experiences? If so, it suggests that bodily death may not be the end of consciousness or the personality because consciousness exists within a field of information that is found within the quantum world itself. Of course this model is totally hypothetical at the moment. However over the next few months I plan to test out this hypothesis with some of the world’s leading authorities on consciousness, the zero-point field and the out-of-body experience. We have but taken the first few steps along a very intriguing journey into the centre of what it is to be a sentient being in a seemingly indifferent universe. Where the journey will take us I have no idea… But I am really looking forward to the adventure. For links: http://www.

Culture Is Not Your Friend

By Linda George


ULTURE IS NOT your friend – said Terence McKenna. He was right of course. Our culture is not our friend. Our culture is the canvas on which we find ourselves trying to paint the picture of who we are. Some seed of awareness within knows we are here to create and to express ourselves. We feel right with the world when we are able to bring who we are to what we do. Yet, for many of us, it is an overwhelming struggle, to be simply, who we are. Our culture, our society, far from supporting us seems to actively thwart us in our striving to follow the path with heart. We may give up the fight and join the non-thinking majority, who cannot see beyond the weekend. They might complain about the state of the world, but tacitly accept it, in their compliance. If we follow this path, there is never any peace. Those of us whose heart path lies in the ‘shadow professions’ are more at risk than most – as our culture de-friends free thinkers and opponents of the status quo. Anything in the shadows is a challenge to the ‘system’ that holds the status quo together by withholding and controlling information not supportive of its agenda. There is a certain ‘protection’ given in the highly subjective art world, as intent is so often veiled. But dare, if your world-view is not aligned with the system’s, to express your thoughts in words or actions, and see how quickly you are marginalized. Whether it be in challenging the ‘official story’ of history that we are told in school, or the stories of world events reported in the mainstream media, or the fabricated stories repeated by the accepted medical, educational and law enforcement authorities. In short, we live in a culture of lies. Challenge the lies and see how unfriendly your culture becomes. The canvas we are trying to paint the picture of our lives upon is tattered and torn. Astrology is a shadow profession. Those of us drawn to this ancient, artful knowledge system may come to the conclusion my first teacher did – after three decades of working with astrology. He said : “I feel I’ve been imprisoned for 30 years for a crime I didn’t commit.” Such is the nature of our culture. Ostracized, alienated, belittled, defriended. For what? For trying to understand the ways of the universe, the nature of reality, the meaning of life. For trying to help others understand themselves and their place in the cosmos, with a view to living happier, more fulfilling, peaceful and healthy lives. So much easier to paint a pretty picture – or to get an office job. But to our nature we must be true. Most forms of alternative healing are marginalized in our culture for exactly the same reason. The system that rules does not want us to heal ourselves. It does not want us to know the truth about who we are. It does not want us to teach others the truth about who we are. It teaches, rather, half-truths and lies, and rewards well those who practice the Page 27

profession of its lie-telling. Challenge the system by sharing the truth and you may find yourself imprisoned – if not literally, then metaphorically. It isn’t easy to keep the faith in your chosen path, your path with heart, if it lies in the shadows – or more simply, outside of mainstream. It becomes a form of soul abuse to live each day in a place and time where wisdom and freedom of thought are cut down by the ruthless machine that is our culture. But stay on the heart path we must. The soul will prevail. The system will not. When we leave this world, all we will take is our love and our knowledge of truth – this will live on in the heart seed and continue with us into subsequent lives, as well as live on in the hearts and minds of those we have loved and of those who have loved us. This is the truth we must align ourselves with. Everything else in our culture, in the world around us, is finite and will fall away in its own time. Acknowledge then, and celebrate, the passions of your shadow – whatever they are. True power lives in the shadow – the secret, invisible, un-manifest world. This is the birth place of everything in the visible world. Those in control don’t want you to know this – so they squash and suppress anything remotely esoteric, while secretly using its energy and power for themselves. Quietly nurture your heart path then, and keep your allegiance to it. You are not imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit. The prison is outside. It is in the false structures and authorities of maya – the illusionary world we call the real one. Ultimately, truth will prevail and the prison will fall. In the meantime, we watch the game, maintain our integrity and take heart – meaning, have courage. We can negate the soul abuse inflicted by our culture by staying true to ourselves – whatever it takes. And remember, we are never alone – there are many of us, flying beneath the radar, living the truth of our shadow world – and we are the whispering winds of change, we are the force that will topple our insipid, shallow, untenable culture. And perhaps, hopefully, one day, culture will again, be our friend. For informative and supportive links please go to: www.wakingtimes. com/2013/09/25/culture-friend/

About the Author

Linda George is a writer, yogi, and evolutionary astrologer living in New Zealand. She has been deeply involved in astrology, alternative health, spirituality and metaphysics for 35 years. Author of two books on consciousness and astrology – both finalists in the Ashton Wylie Mind/Body/Spirit book awards, she is committed to joining with others in ‘spreading the word’ in these waking times. Please join us. Her blog is www.acosmicride. This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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