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n NHS asks 10-year-olds if they are ‘Comfortable in their Gender’ In School Survey

T n World Bank’s Corrupt Companies

en-year-old children are being asked by the NHS whether they are “comfortable in their gender” in official health surveys being completed in schools, it has emerged. The form given to children in year six to complete asks: “Do you feel the same inside as the gender you were born with? (feeling male or female)”. Youngsters are also asked to tick a box to confirm their true gender, with options including “boy”, “girl” and “other”.

Blacklist Dominated By Canada


anada has the dubious honour of being home to the largest number of firms on a World Bank blacklist of corrupt companies.But virtually all of that can be attributed to one Canadian company -- SNC Lavalin, the construction and engineering giant whose name is becoming a paragon of Canadian corruption.

n How ADHD Became a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry


DHD diagnosis have been on the rise in the last decade, putting it second only to asthma as the most common childhood diagnosis. For many of the 11 percent of kids in America with an ADHD diagnosis, the answer has been to throw pills at the problem. But is it effective? One study that followed students for more than 3 years didn’t find any increase in performance or improved grades.


n Arizona Citizens Tracked In Facial Recognition Database In First Step For REAL ID Implementation


rizona citizens are now in a government database that uses facial recognition technology to track them simply for getting a driver’s license. This allows federal and local law enforcement to use the “perpetual lineup” of suspects not accused of a crime to see if someone is wanted for a crime, Arizona Capitol Times reported.

n “Smart” Meters: Recalls, Replacements, Fires, Explosions, Measurement Errors, Privacy Concerns, Cybersecurity Risks, and Sick People

T n Climate Change Activists Used ‘Arbitrary’ Adjustments to Exaggerate Sea Level Rise, Scientists Claim


arlier this year, climate-change activists claimed that there had been a dramatic increase in the sea level in the Indian Ocean. But a new study suggests that this may not be the case, and that the activists’ interpretation of data may have been based on ‘arbitrary’ adjustments. Researchers have now reinterpreted the data, and claim that the Indian Ocean in fact has seen a steady, gentle rise in sea level.

n Big Pharma’s Control Over The News


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I almost never thought I’d see the day when a Big Pharma founder and owner was finally arrested for running a criminal drug cartel, but that day has arrived. “Federal authorities arrested the billionaire founder and owner of Insys Therapeutics Thursday on charges of bribing doctors and pain clinics into prescribing the company’s fentanyl product to their patients,” reports

In 2011, Consumers Digest predicted that “Smart” Meters “represents little more than a boondoggle that is being foisted on consumers by the politically influential companies”: So it’s not all that surprising that so far – hundreds of thousands of “Smart” Meters have been recalled and/or replaced throughout North America due to various reasons including fires, explosions, general failure, and measurement errors. There are utility companies who are already making plans to replace hundreds of thousands more.

Health n Mainstream Media Now Urging Parents To Give 3-Year-Old Kids Dangerous Drugs For Depression


ig Pharma’s subtle propaganda comes in many forms. Those tuning in to mainstream media programs will be subjected to nightly advertisements, many of which feature highly addictive and dangerous antidepressants. But a recent news story warning that 3-year-olds could be suffering from depression and should be evaluated by doctors shows that the industry will stop at nothing until all Americans are on drugs.

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New Agora January 2018