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A Time For Letting Go

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Honey Bees:

Wi-Fi, Chemtrails And You

Canaries in the Coal Mine?

The Metabolic Power of Pleasure


n the course of facilitating classes and workshops for thousands of people throughout Asia, Europe and the United States, I have been asked one question more than any other: “How does the oneness of creation – the singular nature of being – directly impact my life?” This is my response to all of us who have ever wondered, “Why is the nature of the universe important to me?” This article will explicate some of the implications of the unified nature of the universe. Understanding these implications and how they affect our everyday lives can make a difference for each of us. Humans have been aware of the unified nature of all being since our earliest days on earth. The people who settled in the Indus Valley of northwestern India about 6,000 years ago developed this awareness into a system of organized thought. Beginning as oral teachings, their wisdom was ultimately written in the Vedic Sanskrit language. These documents are the Vedas and Upanishads. They are the oldest known Sanskrit literature and represent some of the oldest sacred texts of any culture. Veda means knowledge. This knowledge is said to have been directly revealed or “heard” and is distinguished from other early Vedic and Hindu scripture which is known as “remembered.” These teachings emphasize the singular, unified nature of the universe, stating that we all are one. Vedic Rishis said his wisdom lives within all of us and can be known instantly and intuitively through the practice of yoga and meditation. “The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightning and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.” -Upanishads

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The Implications of UNIVERSAL ONENESS

A mystic is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “A person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.” After experiencing “unity with the absolute” mystics of all cultures and religious backgrounds describe all of creation as a unified whole that exists within each of us. Through physical world experimentation quantum physicists have also come to know the unified nature of the universe. “Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.” - Erwin Schrödinger “Quantum theory thus…shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. As we penetrate into matter, nature does not show us any isolated “building blocks,” but rather appears as a complicated web of relations between the various parts of the whole.” - Fritjof Capra This unified oneness goes beyond the notion of a web of interconnected things or oneness of physical matter; it is indeed experienced and best described as thought. “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.” - Sir James Jeans

by James C. Wilhelm

This thought essence is a single living awareness that always has been and always will be. Many mystics describe this eternal singular consciousness as love. This single unified essence of being is who we are. There is nothing else. When we come to understand this innate universal quality of oneness, the next question we are likely to ask is, “So what? How does my realization or understanding of my oneness with everyone and everything that exists impact my life and my actions in the world?”

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by Becky Mundt


ecent reports of mass bee deaths at single locations have raised alarm among environmentalists, entomologist and concerned citizens around the world. The June 17th Wilsonville Oregon incident resulted in over 50,000 dead bumble bees, honey bees and other pollinators. The bees literally dropped dead while feeding on the blooms of flowering Linden trees in a Target parking lot, after the pesticide “Safari” was sprayed on the blooming trees. This catastrophic event was a grim reminder of the devastating consequences of the use of deadly poisons by humans in their attempts to control nature. Then, on June 26th, it was reported in Ontario’s Canada Post that local beekeeper David Schuit had lost nearly 40 million bees at his family’s bee yard and hives in Elmwood, Ontario. A local organic farmer and apiarist, Schuit raises and breeds buckfast honeybees for pollination and honey production. This was the second year a massive sudden death of his bees had occurred;

Are Honey Bees Our Proverbial Canaries in the Coal Mine both times within weeks of the planting of chemically treated seed corn crops in his region. Shortly after the first incident in 2012 an article in the Toronto Sun quoted, Schuit describing the condition of the bees: “It killed the queens, it killed my drones, it killed my worker bees,” Schuit said. “The workers, when they’re exposed to this chemical, it paralyzes the bees. They’re still living but they’re dying, and they’re in agony. The legs kicking, the tongue sticking out. Even the stinger sticks out and venom drops out. They just can’t control their bodies.” This disturbing description of bees dying has been observed around the world from France to the U.S. Over the last decade beekeepers have faced accelerated losses of their bees in the wake of the expanding of the use and popularity of the class of pesticides introduced in the 1990′s known as neonicotinoids. These pesticides, which manufacturers continue to claim are ‘not the culprit’ in the massive bee die offs, have now been linked to additional, even more serious effects from

the Netherlands to California and throughout Canada and the Midwest United States. The evidence is in and it’s far more condemning than anyone had imagined. Studies around the world have clear and distinct findings directly linking the persistent presence of neonicotinoids to serious environmental consequences. It turns out the bees are not the only ones in serious trouble. A report published in January of 2013 issued by the American Bird Conservancy chronicles massive bird die offs in North America over the last decade, as well as a long list of failures in the permitting processes of these toxins. Co-authored by internationally renowned bird toxicologist Pierre Mineau and Cynthia Palmer, the Editor in Chief of the news service ‘Environmental Health News’, the report details specific findings of the toxicity of these chemicals to fish, invertebrates and birds. Here are just a few of the findings from the report: • A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird.” • “Even a tiny grain of wheat or canola treated with the oldest neonicotinoid, Imidacloprid, can poison a bird. • As little as 1/10th of a corn seed per day during egg-laying season is all that is needed to affect reproduction with any of the neonicotinoids registered to date.


The report, which addresses the issue of neonicotinoids in aquatic environments and their effects on bird species, notes in its synopsis: “This report reviews the effects on avian species and concludes that neonicotinoids are lethal to birds as well as to the aquatic systems on which they depend.” In the alarming, specific and highly detailed report, the authors chronicle a complete failure on the part of the U.S. EPA to accurately or effectively assess the risks of these new chemicals. Providing evidence that not only did the EPA fail in their regulation and safety analysis of the chemicals, they also ignored their own scientists’ recommendations, and continued to allow expansion of the approved uses and production of these chemicals. Chemicals which were originally approved for specific applications in agriculture have now expanded to become retail products available to homeowners and lay-persons across the U.S. and around the world. In its condemnation of this regulatory failure, the report cites two scientific studies documenting severely declining bird populations in North America:

“The North American regulatory system needs to act rather than continue to ignore evidence of widespread environmental damage. There is evidence that US regulators waited far

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Honey-Bees Continued from page 3 too long to impose needed restrictions on the toxic insecticides responsible for millions of bird deaths per year (Mineau 2004) and that this is one of the more plausible reasons for the decline of grassland/farmland birds in North America (Mineau and Whiteside, 2013).” The American Bird Conservancy report comes two years after Dutch toxicologist Dr. Henk Tennekes published the findings of his studies chronicling the long term persistent and lethal effects of Imidacloprid to insects and birds in the Netherlands. A systemic and persistent neonicotinoid, Imidacloprid has been found by Dr. Tennekes to build up in waterways and natural aquatic environments, to persist in those areas and to spread throughout natural habitats connected by waterways. According to his studies, all of the waterways of the Netherlands are now contaminated and the cumulative effects of this long term toxicity are decimating bird populations. It is persistent, cumulative and lethal in these environments over time resulting in mass die offs within these eco-systems. The Rachel Carson Council review of Dr. Tennekes’ book, A Disaster in the Making states: “Dr. Tennekes’ findings indicate that Imidacloprid (and possibly other neonicotinoid-type insecticides) can bind irreversibly to critical receptors in an insect’s nervous system. If these receptors are permanently blocked, the insecticide would not follow a typical dose-response curve. He provides evidence that long term low-level Imidacloprid exposure can lead to neurological problems and eventual death of insects.” He has also found that this persistence has led to a drastic reduction of insect biomass in the Netherlands, affecting the food chain. Clearly, the toxic effects of the chemicals on birds are a major issue and must be addressed. However, this new development of massive losses of native insect populations in the estuaries and waterways where all other creatures depend on them as a food source is a frightening result never before contemplated. It is not hard to imagine then that any chemical which is introduced to an environment and becomes persistent in that environment, with lethal doses accumulating over time in insects, invertebrates, fish and birds, could also be responsible for the massive deaths of honey bees and other bee populations. In fact, European studies have come to the conclusion that these chemicals impact the honeybees’ ability to forage and survive. A Purdue University study published in the journal PLoS One in January of 2012 directly linked honeybee deaths to seed insecticide exposure: “Analyses of bees found dead in and around hives from several apiaries over two years in Indiana showed the presence of neonicotinoid insecticides, which are commonly used to coat corn and soybean seeds before planting. The research showed that those insecticides were present at high concentrations in waste talc that is exhausted from farm machinery during planting. The insecticides clothianiodin and thiamethoxam were also consistently found at low levels in soil – up to two years after treated seed was planted – on nearby dandelion flowers and in corn pollen gathered by the bees.” Because these chemicals bind to receptors in the nervous systems of insects, birds and mammals, and because the manufacturers and scientists developing these chemicals were convinced that they could actually map them and ‘match them’ to specific insects, there has been a great expansion in their production. In light of the current evidence, and massive environmental impact being seen as a result of their use, the questions now become, “How quickly can we assess what we have unleashed upon the earth, and can we undo the damage it has already caused? And, how can we prevent the damage it is continuing to cause and save these natural regions, watersheds and

environments?” The answers are not easily found when most of the world has not yet even admitted there is a problem, and the people in control are profiting so vastly from the production and application of these toxins that they are not interested in the deadly consequences of their products. But it gets worse. Another recent study conducted by Japanese researchers sought to “determine the effects of two distinct neonicotinoids, Acetamiprid (ACE) and Imidacloprid (IMI) on specific receptor sites, (nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs)) in mammalians”. The study was designed to shed light on the effects of these systemic toxins on mammals, as their impact on insects is established, “but the question of their effects on mammals has never been studied”. This statement alone should raise major alarm. When combined with the knowledge that neonicotinoid insecticides are now the most widely used chemicals in the world for insect control, and have moved from fields and farms into homes and gardens across the U.S. it becomes more than frightening. The findings: The study is the first to show that “ACE, IMI, and nicotine exert similar excitatory effects on mammalian nAChRs at concentrations greater than 1 µM. Therefore, the neonicotinoids may adversely affect human health, especially the developing brain.” So it looks as though these chemicals are not quite as species specific, or safe, as we were led to believe. The method of action of neonicotinoids causes disruption of the communication transmission between neurons. Massive short term, or cumulative lower level long term exposure appears to cause a permanent blocking of the neuron receptors to acetylcholine. This means the function of the transmission and reception is tricked into a permanent ‘on’ signal. The description by David Schuit of the condition of his dying bees correlates with such a situation. The nervous system is unable to ‘shut off’ the signaling leading to a kind of massive seizuring, paralysis and death. To contemplate such a horrific result in insects is unpleasant at best. To consider the potential that this condition can be spread inter-species to invertebrates, fish and birds is worse. The idea that this can also occur in mammals and that the toxins are now prevalent throughout many regions of the world is almost unthinkable. In Belgium, a review of research conducted from 1985 to 2011 from Belgium’s Catholic University of Louvain determined that Parkinson’s disease was linked to occupational exposure to pesticides in farmworkers. While these chemicals are not all identical, and their actions may vary; the clear indications are that long term exposure, whether by insects, amphibians, birds or people can be lethal. Suddenly these neonicotinoids don’t sound like “the safest insecticides in the world,” as they were touted to be over two decades ago when they were introduced. The pattern of discovering, by way of terrible consequences, the true lethal nature of chemical toxic insecticides and pesticides is not new. After being promoted as the greatest safest new weapon in the war on bugs, the chemicals have turned out to be what they started as: poisons. Perhaps it is time for us to wake up and realize that using the services of those companies who excelled at chemical weaponry and warfare to provide the tools for raising our food is just a bad idea. It is time to stop trying to solve our problems by poisoning the earth. Hopefully, it is not too late to make that choice. _______________ Becky Mundt is an author (101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide), researcher and writer living on a small farm in Oregon. She has done research in more subjects than she can even remember, for many different organizations. Her passions include alternative approaches to health, organic garden and farming practices, sustainable and low impact living practices and the people she loves and their lives and interests.

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Government Against



It Gets Worse in the Late Stages by Paul Rosenberg


ll governments – communist, capitalist, fascist, monarchist, theocratic, whatever – survive on the skim. They take money from productive people, by force or threat of force. However prettiedup or justified this fact may be, it remains the central fact of rulership. It’s a simple but disturbing truth: A latestage state’s modus operandi must always be “government against the people” – an MO that is inherently predatory. And it’s not because the participants are all sociopaths (though many are). At most times, governments try very hard to skim quietly, as with payroll taxes, where the producer’s money is taken away before he or she ever holds it in their hands. That’s also why tariffs were a traditional tax – the average person never saw it, and didn’t feel violated. But when governments are massively overextended, they lose the luxury of the quiet skim and become more aggressive. This is simply what happens in long-established, monopolistic institutions, like governments. They spend wildly to make themselves look good, then find they need more money. Not willing to cut their spending, they have two choices: 1.


Debasement of the currency, which they always do first. But this trick never works for very long, since people do engage their minds when conducting commerce and adjust their prices to counteract the debasement. Squeeze the producers dry, any way they can. The Problem


matter how much prestige was attached. People adapted to avoid taxes, and Rome passed new laws in response. (This helped create the serfdom of the middle ages.) People ran away to the Germanic and Frankish areas that surrounded Rome. To illustrate that fact, here’s a quote from a man named Salvian the Presbyter, from about 440 AD:

us many options – late stage mega-institutions will behave like late-stage mega-institutions. And in the short term, the “Government against the People” philosophy is not going to disappear. In fact, it’s likely to get much worse. Our choice is to get out of the way, or not.

“Thus, far and wide, they migrate either to the Goths or to the Bagaudae, or to other barbarians everywhere in power; This one shows the Roman debasement, which involved yet they do not repent mixing cheap metals (such as lead) into their silver coins: of having migrated. They prefer to live as freemen under an outward form of captivity, than as captives under the appearance of liberty. Therefore, the name of Roman citizens, at one time not only greatly valued, but dearly bought, is now repudiated and fled from, and it is almost considered not only base, but Now look at this one, showing the debasement of the dollar, even deserving of which involved the creation of debt-based currency: abhorrence.”

Just about every time some trouble-maker like myself wants to question the practice of taxation, someone will ask: But aren’t taxes the price of civilization? This is how people hope to get rid of us with a single shot. Usually, they do it in some sort of cocktail-party setting, where they can throw out their line, then move away before a proper response is made. (And while the other “right-thinking” folks nearby scowl properly.) Conversation over – they win. Except, of course, that the slogan is ridiculous: People pay taxes in non-civilized places too! Any time anyone can make himself boss, he takes a cut of everything he can. And there’s a name for that – taxes! Let me throw out another question: Is the United States ten times more civilized than it was a hundred years ago? Have the crime rates really fallen by 90 percent? Well, we’re paying about ten times as much in taxes – shouldn’t they? Here’s an even better example: Communist China had an effective tax rate that approached 100% under Mao. Were they the most civilized society that ever existed? Indeed, I could pull out the old history book and find plenty of other great examples where the level of taxation and the level of civilization had absolutely no correlation to each other. Let’s get this straight: Rulers tax as much and as often as they can. And this statement is confirmed by every single page of the history of the world. The mark of a civilized society is that it can restrain rulers and their take of production. Taxes are not the price of civilization. They are the price we pay for our unwillingness to control government.

The Philosophy of “Government Against the People” at Work Our Western civilization is at a late stage, just like Rome in the 5th century, or Greece in the 3rd and 4th centuries BC, or like the Egyptians and Sumerians before them. The same basic suite of problems engulfs them all at these stages, but we will use Rome as an example since that is the closest to us in both time and temperament. Take a look at the two graphs below.



You may wonder why the governments don’t just cut their spending. That would seem an obvious choice. But they can’t cut spending without tarnishing their image as the mighty protector and the great fount of human compassion. People pay taxes willingly because of this high and mighty image; lose the image and you lose tax compliance. Think about it: the governments of the West portray themselves as the saviours of the weak, the healers of the sick, and the fixers of every problem. But if they stop paying off the poor, there will be riots, and the producers will get hurt. No longer being protected, they may no longer consent to having their money taken away from them day by day. Governments function on legitimacy more than force. If they lose their legitimacy, they are done. Therefore they cannot cut spending.

These are essentially the same chart, showing the same phenomenon. What came next for Rome was the abuse of the producers. Rome taxed in very different ways than modern governments, so I won’t take pages to describe it all, but I will give you a few highlights: 1. The local elites who were charged with collecting taxes couldn’t keep up with Rome’s demands and started running away. Rome couldn’t find anyone willing to accept these very high positions, no

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ear might not help.)

I could go on at length, but I think you get the picture. There were taxes on income, taxes on sales, arbitrary taxes, farm taxes, plain confiscations, and so on. If you had a friend close to the emperor, you had a chance to be ignored, but if not, you were mercilessly bled dry. (And even a friend with the emperor’s

Your Choices Now I think it’s quite clear that we’re in the same civilizational stage as late Rome. What happens to us won’t be identical, but it will be similar. The one great advantage we have now is information. If we pay attention we are able to see what is happening before it hits. We can also adapt to avoid most of the consequences. We may not like it that we have to adapt repetitively, but history doesn’t give

Are Taxes the Price of Civilization?

A Time For Letting Go by Zen Gardner


think one of the keys to understanding everything going on is letting go. The very process of our minds to which we subject the reality around us is limiting. We habitually use this linear reasoning process trying to sort everything out by previous understanding and knowledge, consciously and subconsciously classifying and sorting information into little bins and folders in an attempt to accumulate enough evidence towards some level of knowledge and understanding. We ideally should be experientially based and transcend our limited minds, going by heart and raw contact with a greater reality. But the world we live in doesn’t work that way. Call it the matrix, the grid, the collective ego, the illusory maya, an accumulated social construct or a manipulated hologram. Whichever, how we process information here is extremely important, especially in this day and age.  Why Things Stick The goo that collects on our spiritual windshield is not the problem. It’s the windshield. We shouldn’t need one, we shouldn’t have one, and what is projecting and producing this protective windshield is the source problem. Call it ego or some kind of artificial sense of self, it’s a lie, a mistake, an aberration from true reality brought on by the nature of this limited dimension we’re inhabiting. It thinks it has something to protect: all of which is a false, created construct. There has been a lot of intellectual wrangling about whether the ego is beneficial and essential or not. Without it, it’s argued, we couldn’t survive. Of course they’d say that. What do you expect someone who’s attached to ego to say? That’s like asking a Zionist if we even need Israel. We’d all be better off without it, it’s not necessary, in fact it’s hazardous to everyone’s health and well-being and has been nothing but a parasitic cancer on the earth. But what will the Zionist say? He’d go bat-shit and sic the authorities on you, if not kill you himself. Ah, the lovely, protective ego. Of course we all come equipped with this muscle called the egoic self. Some spend their lives strengthening, polishing and exerting these things over others like blind race car drivers plowing down the highways of life destroying everything in their paths. Even those who think they have the game down and play it just right for “success” to either gain power and self aggrandizement, or those fighting for personal fear-based security, this false projection of who we think we are is a fabricated lie. A blinding virus nourished and protected by its carrier. Sure, it’s real unto itself, just as anyone can create words and make a sentence, or make their body do this or that, or build a life of accumulated knowledge and experience. But what is it in comparison with real Truth beyond this illusory self-reinforcing veil?  Who’s Your Helmsman? Who or what is steering this thing called our life? Is it all ultimately reflexive and reactive, either to our current surroundings and input or that of previous knowledge and experience or some combination thereof? Or is there something else at play, a higher consciousness that gets buried under the rubble of ego and all it has created to assert and protect itself? When we find that out we’re home free. The real us is our eternal spirit connected to everything. It is not separate from anything,

which is what the illusion of this world is all about. Separation, competition, survival. But even in spite of the self-serving survival instinct that comes with our corporal experience called our bodies and minds, there is love. Spirit emerges via the human heart, expressed in deeds of kindness and unselfish caring for others. Totally contrary to ego. Of course certain forms of love also stoke and strengthen the ego game. But in spite of the separation ego reinforces, love comes through. It’s learning to detach from the limiting egoic world and letting its mechanisms dissolve that releases more and more of that underlying, all permeating Love.  The Importance of Letting Go The times we’re living in are extreme. Every age throughout history has its own challenges, but the current information explosion we’re experiencing and the draconian control mechanism attempting to crush an awakening humanity is a lot to take on board. So it must be handled wisely. The wisest thing anyone can do with all this is to let it go. And to do that we have to relax the egoic mindset and turn off its reactive nature and our attachments to any beliefs or coveted non-conscious perspectives we’ve accumulated. We have to learn to let things pass and not try to understand everything so hard. To handle what’s coming down the pile we’ll need to learn to relax and observe. As the Buddhist expression goes, you can’t step in the same stream twice. The water has moved on. Let things move on. Trying to grasp the full nature of what we’re experiencing in this world today is like trying to set up camp in a hurricane. Just let it blow and step back and enjoy the ride. As far as understanding everything? We have no idea what’s really going on compared to the true reality of things. There are going to be a lot of surprises, big ones, so the less attached we are to our current understanding the better. Just as we can see the issues the unawakened are having and going to have as things unravel, we need to similarly see ourselves in our own new paradigms and realize we can’t get set in our ways either in an accelerated state of rising consciousness while dwelling in a society that is unraveling Besides, until we’re in that point of conscious awareness, any understanding or action based on that previous limited understanding is only going to reinforce the old system, no matter how reformed, it will just be another unconscious mind construct.  W e Become What W e Think

a valuable tool to help precipitate this current awakening. The power of these realizations is that they become our guideposts. What we think will become our reality as we make decisions and judgements. So the more conscious, awake and aware one becomes the more their life will be a manifestation of the conscious, loving world we’re bringing into existence. We’re literally channeling a conscious existence and lifestyle and changing the course of humanity in each of our personal realms and that of those we influence, directly and indirectly. To operate from any lesser level of understanding will have negligible benefits and cause way more problems. Paradoxically all this new information leads to more detachment from what we’re finding out is going on around us, as we realize our essential nature and let go of our old ways and detach from this world system. And responding to conscious awareness by taking responsible action provides a great wrecking crew for the ego. We can’t be the old, dead self when we’re busy being conscious. Awareness breeds activism and your world changes completely. Learn we must, but in the words of Lao Tzu, “To attain knowledge, add things every day; to attain wisdom, subtract things every day.” 

Epilogue This outside information we’re processing can be empowering or toxic. Our perspective and how we process information makes the difference. Learning to let things pass, or if we hold them for awhile to then let them go, is imperative. The world of the matrix is in the midst of manufacturing and disseminating a mega shitstorm, trying to confuse, intimidate and distract humanity with anything it can. Rather than trying to catch and analyze every bit of crap they’re throwing at us, step aside. The crap they fling doesn’t have to stick to anyone. Just don’t be in the way of it. Our minds are like virtual window screens – if they’re tense and cluttered with stuff that’s chattering amongst itself then the less conscious we are as more stuff sticks to it. That’s when confusion and darkness set in and humanity becomes prone to manipulation. To the contrary, when we’re not cluttered or clinging to whatever we’re attached to, the more the light gets through. The less there is of us in this equation, including a cluttered mind or muscular ego, the better. Light shines through openings, not closures. Wanna be a good pupil of life? Then dilate. Let’s get out of the way so the light can shine through.

I’m not saying here to not think or analyze. I’m saying to not get attached to just the information, our hard set conclusions or even ways of thinking. Nothing is as it appears and in these rapidly morphing times illusions can compound quickly, or even come dressed as truth, and we need to remain aware of that. We need to process information, but without getting attached to it and thereby dragged down by it to lower levels of consciousness. We also have to draw practical conclusions. Life is a series of decisions. The purpose of life is to find and release the inner Source of true information, and express it through personal realization – ideas, words and resultant deeds. But it takes time to arrive at conscious conclusions which is why the internet is such

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Help Yourself Headlines Finance 18 Similarities Between The Last Financial Crisis And Today


f our leaders could have recognized the signs ahead of time, do you think that they could have prevented the financial crisis of 2008? That is a very timely question, because so many of the warning signs that we saw just before and during the last financial crisis are popping up again. Many of the things that are happening right now in the stock market, the bond market, the real estate market and in the overall economic data are eerily similar to what we witnessed back in 2008 and 2009. It is almost as if we are being forced to watch some kind of a perverse replay of previous events, only this time our economy and our financial system are much weaker than they were the last time around.

Re-Default: Up To 46% Of Bailed Out Homeowners Can’t Pay Their Mortgage (Again)

China’s Yuan Set To Become Global Reserve Currency With Gold Backing?

he Treasury Department and managers of the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) are scrambling to figure out why homeowners who used the government’s bailout mechanism to save their homes are re-defaulting on their payments. It didn’t take a Nobel Prize winning Keynesian economist like Paul Krugmann to see this one coming. It only takes a working knowledge of basic arithmetic.

lthough not confirmed officially, if China backed the yuan with gold, it may lead to huge volatility in foreign exchange markets, a depreciating dollar and ultimately an international monetary crisis. The Chinese authorities have been pushing for a more international role for their currency and as an alternate reserve currency to the embattled dollar and euro. Indeed the Bundesbank recently admitted that the yuan was becoming a global reserve currency. This decision, if taken, may lead to huge volatility in foreign exchange markets, a depreciating dollar and ultimately an international monetary crisis. According to media reports, the People’s Bank of China is considering phasing out the dollar as the reference currency or peg for the yuan, and to start using gold as the reference point.



Geo-Politics Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act Repealed




ast week, the Senate of Canada passed Bill C-304, which repealed Section 13 and 54 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Section 13 was Canada’s shameful censorship legislation, which made it an offence to “likely” “expose” privileged groups to “hatred and/ or contempt.” There are NO defences under Section 13! Even truth and intent are considered irrelevant to a finding of discrimination. The law was enacted in 1977 and in the intervening years, not a single person who has been hauled up on Section 13 charges has ever been acquitted – a 100% conviction rate. Section 13 has been used and abused since its inception.

Washington Is Driving The World To The Final War


he temptation of Washington’s money easily overwhelms weak characters such as Tony Blair and David Cameron. But the governments of NATO countries and other accommodating states are not only selling out their own peoples by supporting Washington’s wars of aggression, they are selling out humanity. Washington’s hubris and arrogance grow as Washington bumps off country after country. Sooner or later Russia and China, will realize that they themselves are targets and will draw firmer lines. Arrogance will prevent Washington from acknowledging the lines, and the final war will be launched. Washington’s hegemonic impulse is driving the world to destruction. The peoples of the world should realize this and force their governments to stop enabling Washington’s aggression.


hough the controlled corporate media apparatus is suppressing the story, 40 tons of GMO crops were torched, prompting an FBI investigation. There has been a COMPLETE MEDIA BLACKOUT, outside of local circles has dared to mention it, perhaps because government fears that if the public learns that other people are getting fighting mad (literally), they might join in, and become an actual revolution. It was only reported locally live on KXL Radio and echoed by the Oregonian. FORTY TONS — the entire acreage of two full fields of crops IN THE GROUND were set ablaze over a THREE NIGHT PERIOD OF TIME. That means ORGANIZED ARSON.

Mainstream Media Losing All Credibility

Unapproved GM Rice Trials in U.S. Have Contaminated the World’s Rice Supply ew evidence has emerged suggesting that the entire global supply of rice may have already been contaminated by unapproved, genetically-modified (GM) rice varieties manufactured by the American multinational corporation Bayer CropScience. A recent entry in the GM Contamination Register explains that between the years of 2006 and 2007, three different varieties of illegal GM rice, none of which have ever been approved for cultivation or consumption anywhere in the world, were identified in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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n case readers missed it with all the coverage of the Trayvon Martin murder trial and the Supreme Court’s rulings on gay marriage and the Voting Rights Act, the US Supreme Court also made a ruling on lawsuits against drug companies for fraud, mislabeling, side effects and accidental death. From now on, 80 percent of all drugs are exempt from legal liability. In a 5-4 vote, the US Supreme Court struck down a lower court’s ruling and award for the victim of a pharmaceutical drug’s adverse reaction. According to the victim and the state courts, the drug caused a flesh-eating side effect that left the patient permanently disfigured over most of her body. The adverse reaction was hidden by the drug maker and later forced to be included on all warning labels. But the highest court in the land ruled that the victim had no legal grounds to sue the corporation because its drugs are exempt from lawsuits.


U.S. Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits


n another sign of the weakening “influence” of the mainstream media, not one of the major scandals currently swirling around the Obama Administration were broken by what you could fairly call the establishment press. Fact: Over the past few months, three major scandals have broken over the Obama Administration, and it is a very sad (and frightening) truth that our pathetic, American, lapdog mainstream media are not responsible for breaking even a single one,” writes John Nolte in Breitbart News’ Big Journalism section.

Health Products that Contain “HEK CELL” (Human Embryonic Kidney Cells)


Extremely Low Doses of Marijuana’s Psychoactive Components Prevent Brain Damage From Other Toxic Drugs

hildren of God for Life is calling on the public to boycott products of major food companies that are partnering with Senomyx, a biotech company that produces artificial flavor enhancers, unless the company stops using aborted fetal cell lines to test their products. Food giants Pepsico, Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup, Solae and Nestlé are the primary targets of the boycott, though Senomyx boasts other international partners on their website.

‘Train Wreck’ Obamacare Begins to Unravel; Set to Self-Destruct by 2015


ven before it is fully implemented, Obamacare is already starting to self-destruct. The White House announced last week it will simply invent its own interpretation of the law and “delay the enforcement” of the employer Obamacare mandate for another year, to 2015. This, we are told, is to allow businesses more time to “smooth” compliance with the law, but that’s only the cover story. In reality, the entire private sector economy was preparing to fire tens of millions of workers, cut their hours and radically downsize companies in order to avoid going bankrupt under Obamacare mandates that no one can afford. Called a “fiasco for the ages” by the Wall Street Journal, Obamacare is a massive government boondoggle that’s headed for complete disaster.


n another blow and contradiction to mainstream scientific claims which consistently report that Cannabis causes brain damage, a recent study shows the opposite. Research published in the journals Behavioural Brain Research and Experimental Brain Research demonstrated that even extremely low doses of THC (Marijuana’s psychoactive component) -- around 1,000 to 10,000 times less than that in a conventional marijuana cigarette -- can jumpstart biochemical processes which protect brain cells and preserve cognitive function.

Gruesome, Brain-Frying Psychosurgery Declared ‘Safe and Effective’


magine that you are severely depressed or suffer with chronic, disruptive obsessions or compulsions. No one knows what to do with you. You’ve seen ineffective counselors. You’ve been on medication. Nothing seems to work to pull you out of your grinding misery. To your mainstream psychiatrist, this means there may be only one option for you - psychosurgery. Your psychiatrist may suggest that you qualify for a bilateral capsulotomy. A doctor will take a drill and bore two holes in your skull. Then, he will attach electrodes to your brain, heat them up and fry the tissue, effectively killing brain matter with the goal of disconnecting certain areas of the brain so that they can no longer talk to each other. You are told that this surgery has been around for a while, so it is not experimental. It has even been declared safe and effective this year, in 2013.

EPA to American People: ‘Let Them Eat Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Cake’


r. Hooker, PhD, PE says that the recent U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study on vaccines and autism is “perhaps the most flawed and disingenuous study” he has ever encountered. The truth is, there have been several court cases where families have been granted damage payouts due to what vaccines and their ingredients have done to their children. The cases are directly linked to autism and brain damage, and each injury has been deemed “caused by vaccines.” I have supplied three links to court cases.

he EPA, w h o s e mission is to “to protect human health and the environment,” has approved Monsanto’s request to allow levels of glyphosate ( R o u n d u p ) contamination in your food up to a million times higher than have been found carcinogenic.

Courts Rule Vaccines Containing MMR and Thimerosal Caused Autism and Brain Damage


Science & Tech Skynet Rising: Google Acquires Quantum Computer - NSA Surveillance to be Turned Over to AI Machines

Graphene, An Advanced Strategic High Tech Material


ccording to an article published in Scientific American, Google and NASA have now teamed up to purchase a 512-qubit quantum computer from D-Wave. The computer is called “D-Wave Two” because it’s the second generation of the system. The first system was a 128-qubit computer. Gen two is now a 512-qubit computer. Thanks to the nature of qubits, it’s actually 2384 times more powerful than the gen one system. According to Google and NASA, this computer will be tasked with research in the realm of “machine learning” -- i.e. machines learning how to think for themselves.

ou might’ve seen graphene in the news lately because of the incredible advances it’s bringing about in the medical field, the energy sector, defense, and so on. And here’s why: It’s 200 times stronger than steel, thinner than a sheet of paper, and more conductive than copper. Researchers at the UK’s University of Manchester note it’s “almost one million times thinner than a human hair.” “It is not only the thinnest material in the world,” says the New York Times, “but also the strongest: a sheet of it stretched over a coffee cup could support the weight of a truck bearing down on a pencil point.”.


An Aluminium Fuel Cell - Why Is Government Blocking It?


revor Jackson, owner of Metalectrique, has developed an aluminium fuel cell which has many applications from cars to homes, and also with many applications in the third world. Despite ticking all the boxes of the government’s environmental policy, Metalectrique is apparently receiving no support.

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New Science Confirms Raw Milk is Remarkably Safe by Ethan A. Huff


ll of those antiquated government talking points about the alleged dangers of drinking raw milk have once again been debunked, this time by a series of scientific risk assessments recently published in the Journal of Food Protection. A press release published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) explains that, based on the results of three new quantitative microbial risk assessments (QMRAs), as well as the review of dozens of other scholarly papers on the subject, raw milk is very clearly a low-risk food that is generally safe for everyone, including pregnant women and young children. Presented at a recent meeting of the Centre for Disease Control in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, the groundbreaking results of these QMRAs were offered up as some of the latest scientific evidence proving the safety of fresh milk during a presentation entitled Unpasteurized milk: myths and evidence. The main reviewer, Nadine Ijaz, M.S.c, divulged during this presentation how raw milk has been unfairly and wrongly categorized as a high-risk food since the 1930s when filthy, urban distillery dairies were churning out toxic “swill” milk that had to be pasteurized because it was causing people to become ill.

Distillery dairies were eventually decommissioned and replaced by real farm dairies, which eliminated virtually all the risks associated with raw milk, but the “science” behind milk pasteurization became crystallized into the American psyche thanks to tremendous pressures by many state departments of agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA, as many NaturalNews readers are well aware, still clings to the outmoded theory that all milk has to be pasteurized in order to be considered safe.

Leafy Green Vegetables More Dangerous than Raw Milk, Data Shows But when it is produced safely in accordance with accepted sanitary standards, raw milk is not at all the villain that the government continually claims it is. In fact, raw milk is among the safest foods a person can eat, ranking higher than other common foods like processed lunch meat, factoryproduced chicken eggs, and even conventional vegetables. It may come as a shock, but the latest research shows that leafy green vegetables actually carry with them a higher food safety risk than raw milk.

w a r got milk?

“While it is clear that there remains some appreciable risk of food-borne illness from raw milk consumption, public health bodies should now update their policies and informational materials to reflect the most high-quality evidence, which characterizes this risk as low,” said Ijaz during the presentation. “Raw milk producers should continue to use rigorous management practices to minimize possible remaining risk.”


Naturally-Occurring Probiotic Bacteria in Raw Milk Protects it from Deadly Pathogens Included within the peer-reviewed data sets that were used for the analyses was evidence showing that the pathogenic risk of raw milk is also particularly low. Contrary to popular belief, pathogens like Campylobacter, Shigatoxin inducing E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus are not very common in raw milk, and this is due to the fact that raw milk contains its own beneficial, probiotic pathogens that generally prevent them from forming.

“The scientific papers cited at the BC Centre for Disease Control presentation demonstrated a low risk of illness from unpasteurized milk consumption for each of the pathogens,” explains a press release about the finding. “This low risk profile applied to healthy adults as well as members of immunologically-susceptible groups: Pregnant women, children and the elderly.” To learn more about the health benefits of raw milk, and where to find some in your area, visit: Also, be sure to check out the comprehensive blog The Complete Patient, which contains all sorts of pertinent information about raw milk, health freedom, and the political structures that interfere with humanity’s access to clean food:

Mother Brings Baby Back to Life With Two Hours Of Loving Cuddles After Doctors Pronounce Him Dead


t was a final chance to say goodbye for grieving mother Kate Ogg after doctors gave up hope of saving her premature baby. She tearfully told her lifeless son - born at 27 weeks weighing 2lb - how much she loved him and cuddled him tightly, not wanting to let him go. Although little Jamie’s twin sister Emily had been delivered successfully, doctors had given Mrs Ogg the news all mothers dread - that after 20 minutes of battling to get her son to breathe, they had declared him dead. Having given up on a miracle, Mrs Ogg unwrapped the baby from his blanket and held him against her skin. And then an extraordinary thing happened. After two hours of being hugged, touched and spoken to by his mother, the little boy began showing signs of life. At first, it was just a gasp for air that was dismissed by doctors as a reflex action. But then the startled mother fed him a little breast milk on her finger and he started breathing normally. ‘I thought, “Oh my God, what’s going on”,’

Page 10

said Mrs Ogg. ‘A short time later he opened his eyes. It was a miracle. Then he held out his hand and grabbed my finger. ‘He opened his eyes and moved his head from side to side. The doctor kept shaking his head saying, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it”.’ The Australian mother spoke publicly for the first time yesterday to highlight the importance of skin-on-skin care for sick babies, which is being used at an increasing number of British hospitals. In most cases, babies are rushed off to intensive care if there is a serious problem during the birth. But the ‘kangaroo care’ technique, named after the way kangaroos hold their young in a pouch next to their bodies, allows the mother to act as a human incubator to keep babies warm, stimulated and fed. Pre-term and low birth-weight babies treated with the skin-to-skin method have also been shown to have lower infection rates, less severe illness, improved sleep patterns and are

at reduced risk of hypothermia. Mrs Ogg and her husband David told how doctors gave up on saving their son after a three-hour labour in a Sydney hospital in March. The doctor asked me if had we chosen a name for our son,’ said Mrs Ogg. ‘I said, “Jamie”, and he turned around with my son already wrapped up and said, “We’ve lost Jamie, he didn’t make it, sorry”. ‘It was the worse feeling I’ve ever felt. I unwrapped Jamie from his blanket. He was very limp. ‘I took my gown off and arranged him on my chest with his head over my arm and just held him. He wasn’t moving at all and we just started talking to him. ‘We told him what his name was and that he had a sister. We told him the things we wanted to do with him throughout his life.’ Jamie occasionally gasped for air, which doctors said was a reflex action. But then I felt him move as if he were startled, then he started gasping more and more regularly. ‘I

gave Jamie some breast milk on my finger, he took it and started regular breathing.’ Mrs Ogg held her son, now five months old and fully recovered, as she spoke on the Australian TV show Today Tonight. Her husband added: ‘Luckily I’ve got a very strong, very smart wife. ‘She instinctively did what she did. If she hadn’t done that, Jamie probably wouldn’t be here.’

Extreme Toxicity Roundup Carcinogenic In the Parts Per Trillion Range


by Sayer Ji

n alarming new study, accepted for publication in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology last month, finds that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup weedkiller, is estrogenic and drives breast cancer cell proliferation in the partsper-trillion range. Does this help explain the massive mammary tumours that the only long term animal feeding study on Roundup and GM corn ever performed recently found? The study, titled, “Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors,” compared the effect of glyphosate on hormone-dependent and hormone-independent breast cancer cell lines, finding that glyphosate stimulates hormone-dependent cancer cell lines in what the study authors describe as “low and environmentally relevant concentrations.” The results were broken down by the researchers as follows: • • • •

Glyphosate induces T47D, hormone dependent breast cancer cell growth. The proliferative effect of glyphosate is mediated via estrogen receptors. Glyphosate induces ERE [Estrogen Response Element]-transcription activity via estrogen receptors. Glyphosate modulates the expression of E[strogen] R[eceptor] α and E[estrogen] R[eceptor]β in human breast cancer cells.

These effects indicate that glyphosate is a ‘xenoestrogen,’ capable of inducing Estrogen Response Elements (EREs) in a manner, slightly weaker but functionally similar to the most potent human estrogen Estradiol (E2). More concerning is the discovery that infinitesimal glyphosate concentrations in the parts-per-trillion rage (10 to the minus 12) had proliferative (carcinogenic) effects on the studied T47D breast cancer cells line: “In this study, we found that glyphosate at a log interval concentration ranging from 10-12 to 10-6 M increased the cell proliferation of a hormone dependent breast cancer T47D cell...” The researchers also discovered that the naturally occurring phytoestrogen in soybean known as genistein, produced “an additive estrogenic effect” when combined with glyphosate, raising the serious question as to whether GMO soybeans are contributing to the epidemic levels of breast cancer within countries like the US where they are consumed in relatively high quantities. It should be noted that the concentrations used to determine the interactive effects of glyphosate and phytoestrogen genistein in

this study were modelled “as in a real world situation” by using information obtained from studies that assayed the respective levels of genistein and glyphosate in GM soybeans, as well as human plasma and urine concentrations following their consumption and/or exposure. For instance, glyphosate concentrations have been detected within human urine within the 0.1 - 233 parts per billion range on the lowest end, and an estimated systemic dose of 0.004 mg/kg on the high end. The authors stated: “This finding should raise concern about the existence of more than one xenoestrogen such as phytoestrogen and contaminants in plant derived food which may be beneficial or harmful depending on the hormonal and pathological status of consumers. This study implied that the additive effect of glyphosate and genistein in postmenopausal woman may induce cancer cell growth. In this present in vitro study, we showed an estrogenicity of pure glyphosate. In summary, we found that glyphosate exhibited a weaker estrogenic activity than estradiol. Furthermore, this study demonstrated the additive estrogenic effects of glyphosate and genistein which implied that the use of glyphosate-contaminated soybean products as dietary supplements may pose a risk of breast cancer because of their potential additive estrogenicity.” This finding is relevant to virtually anyone who consumes genetically modified food today. GM crops, which are designed to survive glyphosate poisoning by being genetically engineered with ‘glyphosateresistance” (i.e. RoundUp Ready), are universally contaminated with glyphosate and its toxic metabolite AMPA. Furthermore, glyphosate pollution and exposure is now omnipresent, with one 2011 study finding glyphosate in 60-100% of all US air and rain samples tested, and another 2012 study finding that glyphosate widely contaminates groundwater, which is the water located beneath the ground surface, that supplies aquifers, wells and springs. It is therefore virtually impossible to hermetically seal yourself off from the growing global environmental threat by only consuming “certified organic” food. The time has come to face the fact that unless there is a systemic change in the way our GM, petrochemicallydriven monocultured food production system operates, we will all experience a great deal of harm. 

GM F o o d/Ro u n du p Br e as t Ca ncer L ink Alr e ady F ir mly Es tablished This latest study is not the only compelling evidence that there is a Roundup-Breast Cancer link. In a previous article titled, “Will the GMOBreast Cancer Link Be Pinkwashed Away?”, we addressed the disturbing implications of the first long-term GM and Roundup animal feeding study produced by Gilles-Éric Séralini’s research team last November, and which found that after 90 days (the temporal threshold beneath which all previous biotech industry funded GM food safety studies end) the animals began to show disturbing signs of systemic organ damage, failure and cancer. More pointedly, Séralini’s team observed that the animals developed massive, estrogendependent mammary tumours: “Suffering inducing euthanasia and deaths corresponded mostly in females to the development of large mammary tumours. These appeared to be clearly related to the various treatments when compared to the control groups. These tumours are generally known to be mostly estrogen-dependent. We observed a strikingly marked induction of mammary tumours by R[roundup] alone, a major formulated pesticide, even at the very lowest dose administered. R[oundup] has been shown to disrupt aromatase which synthesizes estrogens.” Could the results of this latest study help explain the molecular mechanism behind this finding? If Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide were actually ‘safer than table salt’ as they once advertised, the consumption of GM food wouldn’t be nearly as controversial. The truth, however, is that virtually all GM food today contains residues of this toxic chemical, which disproves that GM and non-GM foods are ‘substantially equivalent,” which is the primary

doctrinal justification behind why GM foods are not properly safety tested and millions in this country eating them are living and breathing guinea pigs. There was a time when Monsanto claimed their patented herbicide Roundup was “safer than table salt” and “practically nontoxic,” and aggressively marketed this message until 1996, when they were ordered by Dennis C. Vacco, the Attorney General of New York, to pull the ads. Fast forward 15 years, after millions of farmers around the world bought into the false advertising and who, as a result, are now driving the production and use of several hundred million pounds of the chemical annually, Roundup herbicide is beginning to look eerily like Monsanto’s Agent Orange 2.0. Indeed, within the scientific community and educated public alike, there is a growing awareness that Roundup herbicide, and its primary ingredient glyphosate, is actually a broad spectrum biocide, in the etymological sense of the word: “bio” (life) and “cide” (kill) – that is, it broadly, without discrimination kills living things, not just plants. Moreover, it does not rapidly biodegrade as widely claimed, and exceedingly small amounts of this chemical – in concentration ranges found in recently sampled rain, air, groundwater, and human urine samples – have DNA-damaging and cancer cell proliferation stimulating effects. You don’t have to look very far to find research documenting its extreme and wideranging toxicity. Anyone with a smart phone can now access the accumulating body of experimental and epidemiological research freely available on the National Library of Medicine’s citation database MEDLINE, proving that glyphosate-based agrichemicals have been linked to over 40 health conditions, from Parkinson’s to Leukemia, and over two dozen modes of toxicity, from causing damage

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by Paul Fassa


The Polio Vaccine Hoax

erhaps you’ve seen those fierce trolling vaccine shills pop into comment sections of articles that report truthfully on vaccines. They often talk about vaccine merits that heavily outweigh any risks from adverse effects that they don’t even believe actually exist. Though by now everyone should at least know there are risks to vaccinations. A common argument used to throw people off is that polio was eradicated by vaccinating entire populations with polio vaccines. You may think for a moment that it’s a valid argument, one which you cannot counter. But that’s simply not true. You may want to strengthen your own antivaccination resolve or fortify your arguments by printing and using several quotes from real physicians, scientists, and other medical professionals commenting on vaccine failure in the Vaccines Uncensored site. Most of these kinds of sites are attacked in various ways, but offer some insightful information. The Change the Name Game The disappearance of iron lungs, those huge devices resembling miniature, individually customized decompression chambers in

which polio victims were placed to help them breathe, has led most to believe the problem of polio is over. But the iron lung has merely been replaced with another, much smaller portable medical device known as the ventilator. Ventilators are used now to help those stricken with any form of breathing restrictions, whether from completely congested lungs, polio, or other paralysis that makes it impossible to breathe normally. According to Dr. Suzanne Humphries M.D., shortly after 1955, a cover-up was created to hide the fact that the polio vaccine was even spreading polio. Dr. Humphries went on to explain how a deadly live polio virus strain had infected the Salk vaccines and created an epidemic of polio-type diseases labeled aseptic meningitis or Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP). The term AFP includes Guillain-Barre’s syndrome, aka “French Polio”, traumatic neuritis, Reye’s syndrome, enteroviral encephalitis, transverse myelitis, and poliomyelitis. Dr. Humphries displayed a graph in her article showing how reports of polio levelled out while AFP cases continually soared since the mid-1990s, demonstrating that polio has not disappeared. Dr. Lorraine Day, after being “sent home

to die” healed herself from cancer naturally away from mainstream medicine’s harsh interventions, also explained that vaccines don’t work in a video interview you can view here: http://healthmaven.blogspot. ca/2011/12/vaccines-do-not-work.html After polio vaccinations had begun, polio was assigned different names to hide the vaccines’ ineffectiveness. Dr. Day asserts that 80 to 100 percent of polio cases were created by the vaccine itself. But few knew this because the name was changed to aseptic meningitis. Polio peaked in the early 1950s and was on its way out prior to the introduction of the Salk polio vaccine. Then came the oral polio vaccine (OPV) invented by Albert Sabin using attenuated live viruses. This was designed to create “viral shedding” from those vaccinated to those not vaccinated, thus immunizing them also. Nice theory, but the reality was live viruses contained in OPVs tended to recombine and mutate into a fourth, more virulent wild virus polio strain. There have even been cases in the United States where parents were stricken with polio from OPV viruses while changing their vaccinated babies’ diapers.

The dangerous oral polio vaccines were eventually banned in America and other industrialized nations, but the vaccine manufacturers managed to push them off to third world countries that not only paid for them, but agreed to enforce the OPVs on their populations. A Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program in India was promoted as “The Last Mile: Eradicating Polio in India.” The promotional video displayed numbers showing thousands of cases of polio in India decades ago, with the number of cases dropping to 42 by 2010. But those wild polio virus stats have been traded for vaccine induced polio cases with a different name, non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP). Again, simply change the name of a disease and it disappears while another one appears with the same symptoms! Great for the vaccine industry’s PR campaigns to sell their junk to third world and developing nations. In case you’re wondering why the mainstream media helps the pharmaceutical industry hide this dirt, realize the media protects the status-quo as well as its large source of advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry.

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by Dave Mihalovic


he CDC has quickly removed a page from their website, which is now cached here, admitting that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span from 1955-1963 when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer

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5/21/13 9:02 AM

CDC Admits 30 Million People May Have Received Polio Vaccine Contaminated with Cancer Virus causing polyomavirus called SV40. It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine. SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating virus 40 or Simian virus 40, a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys

and humans. Like other polyomaviruses, SV40 is a DNA virus that has been found to cause tumors and cancer. SV40 is believed to suppress the transcriptional properties of the tumorsuppressing genes in humans through the SV40 Large T-antigen and SV40 Small T-antigen. Mutated genes may contribute to uncontrolled cellular proliferation, leading to cancer. Michele Carbone, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone cancers and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. He found SV-40 in 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in 40% of other bone cancers, and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers, writes Geraldo Fuentes. Dr. Michele Carbone openly acknowledged

HIV/AIDS was spread by the hepatitis B vaccine produced by Merck & Co. during the early 1970s. It was the first time since the initial transmissions took place in 1972-74, that a leading expert in the field of vaccine manufacturing and testing has openly admitted the Merck & Co. liability for AIDS. The matter-of-fact disclosure came during discussions of polio vaccines contaminated with SV40 virus which caused cancer in nearly every species infected by injection. Many authorities now admit much, possibly most, of the world’s cancers came from the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, and hepatitis B vaccines, produced in monkeys and chimps. It is said mesothelioma is a result of asbestos exposure, but research reveals that 50% of the current mesotheliomas being treated no longer

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Continued from previous page occurs due to asbestos but rather the SV-40 virus contained in the polio vaccination. In addition, according to researchers from the Institute of Histology and General Embryology of the University of Ferrara, SV-40 has turned up in a variety other tumors. By the end of 1996, dozens of scientists reported finding SV40 in a variety of bone cancers and a wide range of brain cancers, which had risen 30 percent over the previous 20 years. The SV-40 virus is now being detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated vaccine, leading some to conclude that those infected by the vaccine might be spreading SV40. Soon after its discovery, SV40 was identified in the oral form of the polio vaccine produced between 1955 and 1961 produced by American Home Products. Both the oral, live virus and injectable inactive virus were affected. It was found later that the technique used to inactivate the polio virus in the injectable vaccine, by means of formaldehyde, did not reliably kill SV40. Just two years ago, the U.S. government finally added formaldehyde to a list of known carcinogens and admitted that the chemical styrene might cause cancer. Yet, the substance is still found in almost every vaccine. According to the Australian National Research Council, fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to formaldehyde and may react acutely at any exposure level. More hazardous than most chemicals in 5 out of 12 ranking systems, on at least 8 federal regulatory lists, it is ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to ecosystems and human health (Environmental Defense Fund). In the body, formaldehyde can cause proteins to irreversibly bind to DNA. Laboratory animals exposed to doses of inhaled formaldehyde over their lifetimes have developed more cancers of the nose and throat than are usual. Facts Listed on The CDC Website about SV40: • • • •

SV40 is a virus found in some species of monkey. SV40 was discovered in 1960. Soon afterward, the virus was found in polio vaccine. SV40 virus has been found in certain types of cancer in humans. In the 1950s, rhesus monkey kidney cells, which contain SV40 if the animal is infected, were used in preparing polio vaccines. Not all doses of IPV were contaminated. It has been estimated that 10-30 million people actually received a vaccine that contained SV40. Some evidence suggests that receipt of SV40-contaminated polio vaccine may increase risk of cancer.

A Greater Perspective on Aerial Spraying and SV40 The Defense Sciences Office of the Pathogen Countermeasures Program, in September 23, 1998 funded the University of Michigan’s principal investigator, Dr. James Baker, Jr. Dr. Baker, Director of Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences under several DARPA grants. Dr. Baker developed and focused on preventing pathogens from entering the human body, which is a major goal in the development of counter measures to Biological Warfare. This research project sought to develop a composite material that will serve as a pathogen avoidance barrier and post-exposure therapeutic agent to be applied in a topical manner to the skin and mucous membranes. The composite is modeled after the immune system in that it involves redundant, nonspecific and specific forms of pathogen defense and inactivation. This composite material is now utilized in many nasal vaccines and vector control through the use of hydro-gel, nanosilicon gels and actuator materials in vaccines.

Through Dr. Baker’s research at the University of Michigan; he developed dendritic polymers and their application to medical and biological science. He co-developed a new vector system for gene transfer using synthetic polymers. These studies have produced striking results and have the potential to change the basis of gene transfer therapy. Dendrimers are nanometer-sized water soluble polymers that can conjugate to peptides or arbohydrates to act as decoy molecules to inhibit the binding of toxins and viruses to cells. They can act also as a complex and stabilize genetic material for prolonged periods of time, as in a “time released or delayed gene transfer”. Through Dr. Baker’s ground breaking research many pharmaceutical and biological pesticide manufacturers can use these principles in DNA vaccines specific applications that incorporate the Simian Monkey Virus SV40.

West Nile Virus Spraying In 2006 Michael Greenwood wrote an article for the Yale School of Public Health entitled, “Aerial Spraying Effectively Reduces Incidence of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Humans.” The article stated that the incidence of human West Nile virus cases can be significantly reduced through large scale aerial spraying that targets adult mosquitoes, according to research by the Yale School of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health. Under the mandate for aerial spraying for specific vectors that pose a threat to human health, aerial vaccines known as DNA Vaccine Enhancements and Recombinant Vaccine against WNV may be tested or used to “protect” the people from vector infection exposures. DNA vaccine enhancements specifically use Epstein-Barr viral capside’s with multi human complement class II activators to neutralize antibodies. The recombinant vaccines against WNV use Rabbit Beta-globulin or the poly (A) signal of the SV40 virus. In early studies of DNA vaccines it was found that the negative result studies would go into the category of future developmental research projects in gene therapy. During the studies of poly (A) signaling of the SV40 for WNV vaccines, it was observed that WNV will lie dormant in individuals who were exposed to chicken pox, thus upon exposure to WNV aerial vaccines the potential for the release of chicken pox virus would cause a greater risk to having adult onset Shingles.

California Spraying for WNV and SV40 In February 2009 to present date, aerial spraying for the WNV occurred in major cities within the State of California. During spraying of Anaheim, CA, a Caucasian female (age 50) was exposed to heavy spraying, while doing her daily exercise of walking several miles. Heavy helicopter activity occurred for several days in this area. After spraying, she experienced light headedness, nausea, muscle aches and increased low back pain. She was evaluated for toxicological mechanisms that were associated with pesticide exposure due to aerial spraying utilizing advanced biological monitoring testing. The test results which included protein band testing utilizing Protein Coupled Response (PCR) methods were positive for KD-45. KD-45 is the protein band for SV-40 Simian Green Monkey virus. Additional tests were performed for EpsteinBarr virus capside and Cytomeglia virus which are used in bioengineering for gene delivery systems through viral protein envelope and adenoviral protein envelope technology. The individual was positive for both; indicating a highly probable exposure to a DNA vaccination delivery system through nasal inhalation. The question of the century is how many other viruses and toxins are within current day vaccines that we’ll only find out about in a few decades?

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Killing Cancer Cells with heat by Dr. Sircus


here are many anti-cancer agents and therapies that contribute to changing the entire physiological profile of the tissue in which cancer cells exist (paying attention to what’s going on with the healthy and semi-healthy cells). Change the level of oxygen in the tissues and you change the outcome of cancer and other diseases. One way of course is to heat the body. The principle of hyperthermia is that cancer cells are much more sensitive to and intolerant of the effects of excessive heat than normal cells. Tumours have an impaired ability to adapt their blood circulation to the effects of high temperatures and thus hyperthermia can cause a reduction of blood flow to a tumour. This treatment can be implemented safely and effectively at home for a tiny fraction of the cost with the use of a Bio-Mat, costing approximately $1,650 for a full body professional far-infrared mat, and $650 for their Mini Mat. The Bio-Mat is a high-end far-infrared pad available in various sizes, even king and queen size, for larger areas and can be used on the top of a mattress. Bio-Mat heat mats combine far-infrared, amethyst crystals and negative ion therapy. You experience a deep, penetrating heat energy that can provide a heightened sense of wellbeing and healing. You are basically getting a massage on the molecular level while experiencing better lymph and blood circulation, increased enzyme activity, decreased acidity, improved pH balance in your body and easy detoxification. The vascular disorganization of a solid tumour results in an unfavourable microenvironment inside tumours. Consequently, the tumour cells are already stressed by low oxygen, higher than normal acid concentrations, and insufficient nutrients, and are thus significantly less able to tolerate the added stress of heat than a healthy cell in normal tissue.

Serious Medicine When the body (immune system) loses control we get sick from one of a host of viruses, bacteria and fungi that already live within our body but are dormant. Change pH, oxygen levels, CO2 levels, cell voltage and hydration levels for the worse and these pathogens are ready to jump all over our bloodstream and tissues. They love the conditions that healthy cells abhor so we have

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to overwhelm them with healthy conditions to win the war on cancer. And don’t forget, as cancer patients’ CO2 levels drop, and as they breathe faster and faster, their body temperature drops. Where a fever can be viewed as an active developmental and corrective process of the healthy body, a low body temperature can never be viewed as a normal or healthy condition, nor is it a mechanism for a learning or developmental process in the body. A low body temperature creates a happy home for viruses and chronic infections, and is a sign of degeneration and gradual cellular death. Low body temperature is the plague of the 21st century. People with low body temperature have a weak reaction to even the most ideal medicines and therapies. As the body’s core temperature decreases all cellular energy also decreases. The cooperative and collective intelligence of the human organism is shortcircuited as the body temperature cools. As a result, all cellular functions decrease. There is a decrease in the production of all hormones, neurotransmitters, and other body chemicals necessary for normal healthy regulation. In this mild hypothermia condition, there is an increased susceptibility to infectious disease; as temperature drops, the acidity of the body increases and the normally predominantly negative polarity of the cells become more positively charged. When it gets colder what happens? If you jump into a cold pool you will inhale deeply and at a quick pace. The inverse can be said about warmer temperatures. If you were in a jacuzzi, you might notice your breathing slowing down. This is why warm water is a traditional use for relaxation. When temperature increases, breathing rate decreases and vice versa. All chemical reactions in the body are facilitated by enzymes. Every chemical reaction usually requires some type of input energy to get things going, and that initial energy can sometimes be quite intense. An enzyme is an intermediate in chemical reactions that helps lower the energy needed to get a reaction started, and that is itself unchanged in the reaction. Enzymes only work correctly when conditions are within a narrow range. The enzymes depend on pH, which in part depends on CO2 levels and cell voltage and cell temperature. Body temperature below 98.2° F, (36.8° C) may cause various maladies due to a slowing of enzymatic processes.

A low body temperature is more than enough to explain many health problems, such as: fatigue, headaches, migraines, PMS, easy weight gain, depression, irritability, fluid retention, anxiety and panic attacks, hair loss, poor memory, poor concentration, low sex drive, unhealthy nails, dry skin and hair, cold intolerance, heat intolerance, low motivation, low ambition, insomnia, allergies, acne, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, odd swallowing sensations, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, muscle and joint aches, slow healing, sweating abnormalities, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, itchiness, irregular periods, easy bruising, ringing of the ears, flushing, bad breath, dry eyes/ blurred vision, and more. A body temperature that is lower than normal can indicate a life-threatening condition, such as hypothermia, sepsis or anemia. Hypothermia, which is body temperature below 95° F, is life-threatening. The body normally generates heat, but when more heat is lost than can be produced, hypothermia results. “The colder a body becomes, the slower the electrical oscillatory rate and therefore the thicker, more viscous, or syrupy the body fluids become. The more viscous the fluids become the more difficult it is for the body to push the fluids through the body.”-Dr. David Jernigan When your body temperature drops, it naturally starts shutting down the extremities to preserve body heat for the vital organs. In severe cases, this is where one gets frostbite. Cold extremities usually have lower blood flow, which translates to less oxygen-rich blood being delivered to the distal extremity. This in turn leads to tissues producing lactic acid and more oxygen being dumped in these cold areas. When the body becomes cold, the blood vessels tend to contract. This causes the flow of blood to the skin to reduce in an effort to conserve body heat. As a result, the individual starts shivering, which is actually a rapid involuntary contraction of the muscles. This additional muscle activity helps produce heat that helps the body to maintain a safe range of body temperature. Low body temperature is medically termed as hypothermia. Normal body temperature has been identified as 98.6° F (37° C). However, the body temperature usually varies between 97.5-98.8° F (36.4-37.1° C), and hypothermia occurs when the temperature falls below 95° F (35° C). A subnormal body temperature, if left untreated, can lead to complete failure of

the respiratory system and the heart, anemia, etc. This eventually leads to death. There can be many underlying medical conditions that can cause the temperature of one’s body to fall. This condition is generally overlooked by most people who attribute the reason of feeling cold to the surroundings. However, if someone living in the same house as you does not feel abnormally cold like you, then you must visit the doctor for a proper diagnosis. Some of the most common medical causes of low body temperature are: • • • • • • • • •

Diabetes Liver failure Kidney failure Drug or alcohol abuse Side effects of certain medications Sepsis or widespread infection Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) Addison’s disease (adrenal gland insufficiency) Hypopituitarism (dysfunction of the hypothalamus)

If the hands and feet are cold while body parts close to the heart are warm, you may suspect hypothermia. Hypothermia is a symptom that can be felt by your body. It is caused by poor blood circulation within the body. Low temperatures will cause the capillaries in the hands and feet to contract. When they contract, warm blood from the heart cannot transfer heat to the entire body and this causes the body temperature to cool down. What causes the capillaries to contract in the first place, besides external cold, is low CO2 and oxygen levels, low cell voltage and more acid cellular conditions. During hypothermia, the sympathetic nervous system will dominate the body and cause the blood circulation to slow down. Increasing the body temperature by one degree is not the important issue. The important issue has to do with increasing our body temperature up to post-36° C so that our body can improve our immune system to fight off the cancer. According to Professor Abo Touru of Nagata University, our immune functions are improved by 40% when we increase our body temperature by one degree. We will be able to fight off a large portion of cancer with this effect alone. Natural forces like immune functions are very important in the course of cancer treatment and will have a significant effect on the treatment outcomes.


Udo by Glennis Taylor BSc


ny good story is a weaving of many threads that come together in an interesting way. My delightful conversation with renowned scientist, author, speaker and humanist, Udo Erasmus, provided me with many colourful threads to work with. Udo has become a household name in the health and nutrition field for his leading role in the development and public promotion of healthy fats and oils. Udo’s story starts as a young person with a heart-ache that never seemed to go away. His quest was to fill the void and quench that aching heart, one which continued well into adulthood. Living in a cabin in the Colorado mountains, away from the interplay of people and cities, Udo heard a radio broadcast that mentioned a “master”. Hitchhiking 210 miles led him to a young man that changed the course of Udo’s life. Hearing that the peace he was seeking was there within himself, he began a lifelong practice that did indeed turn his focus inward and bring him peace. He spends time encouraging others, particularly the young to explore the inner self and to shift awareness from the external world to one’s inner presence. “It is a solitary journey for every human being” he says, but one that leads to a richness of the soul that can’t be found in the outer world around us. He sees the ache of the heart as a gift, as a chance to reconnect with the self. The loss of self is universal: it crosses all cultural, racial, national and gender boundaries. External accomplishments only distract us or mask that ‘ache’ that so many of us are familiar with. We look to consumerism or other addictions to soothe the ache. We reach further into the external abyss for answers. He refers to science as being externally driven. Often fear based to keep us safe, science seeks to find answers, to predict, control and manage our lives and the environment. It has given us amazing information on how our universe works, but in doing so it emphasizes the development of our senses to be trained outwardly. We seem lost in that approach and perspective. Udo has learned to balance his strong interest in science with his deep connection to his inner world. He teaches that we can find harmony in a union of both. We can use the same tools for both. The power of observation, paying attention to intuition and insight are instrumental

in inner and outer explorations. Science did provide answers for Udo after being exposed to large amounts of poisonous chemicals in a pesticide spraying job he did for three years. With little help from the medical community, Udo set out to discover a remedy for his poisoned body. Determining that omega 3 fatty acids could dislodge and eliminate the toxins, he soon discovered that all edible oils on the market were so processed that they were not . healthy: even toxic. As his detoxing continued, he realized the importance of balancing omega 3’s and 6’s. As a result of his personal experiences, he began the healthy oil movement in the 1980’s with the introduction of organic oils that were not bleached or compromised in any way. As the importance of omega fats in our diets has become well studied, we are thankful to Udo for his vision in this area. He spends much of his time these days educating the people about living healthy and balanced lives. He stresses the importance of attending to all aspects of health from organic food for the body to healthy thoughts and feelings that enhance our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. His passionate interest in a “teachable field of health” has inspired him to write and once again pioneer a movement that will promote a broader understanding and practice of healthy living. For Udo health is not the absence of disease but so much more: it is about defining health in a new way, so we know what health is and how far we have departed from its ranks. In his studies in medical school, he was surprised and dismayed that medicine basically only teaches about disease, not health. Delving into disease was not his answer for determining health. He turned to the biological sciences to further understand the workings of the human body. Armed with this scientific background and his continuing fascination with the human state of being, he has melded and shaped his knowledge to weave in to his understanding of the equation of life and all the facets of energetics, from the molecular to the larger energy of community. The marrying of human nature with all of Nature is what will bring harmony to our planet. To be whole is our destiny and to reach that, our connection to our core is paramount. Udo is playing a public role to facilitate a better way of living and being. Udo Erasmus will be one of eight pioneering speakers at The Brain Solutions Conference to . be held in Vancouver on August 24th and 25th. The range of speakers lined up is dynamic and cutting edge. They will be sure to get you thinking in a new and exciting way about our amazing brain power and so much more.

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production alone. The journal Energy Policy estimated that indoor production of a single cannabis joint was equivalent to leaving a light bulb on for 24 hours. Furthermore, growing indoors is more prone to mould and yeast which is not desirable in a medicine. So what alternatives exist? Cannabis is a plant material and we do not choose to grow our tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers inside sealed, dry-wall buildings. However, the use of greenhouses allows the benefits of environmental control, it is up to 75% more cost efficient over growing inside buildings, it produces higher crop yields and the utilizes natural light. After all, the sun has an impressive track-record of encouraging plant photosynthesis for billions of years now without an outage! There is no man-made light bulb that replicates the full spectrum of light from the sun; and the cannabis plants production of medicinal cannabinoids within the bud is the plants defensive mechanism to UV light. In a 2010 paper titled ‘Estimated Cost of Production for Legalized Cannabis’ Professor Jonathan Caulkins of the RAND Drug Policy Research




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Where to grow cannabis?

hen Health Canada’s new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) come into effect in April 2014 one of the major changes will be to allow commercial producer’s to grow this medicine. In order to keep the cost to patients as low as possible it is essential to review the environment where this crop should be grown. Broadly speaking there are two options: outdoor and indoor. The MMPR does not allow for outdoor growing, and even if they did the Canadian winters would limit that method to one crop per year. However, indoor growing allows all-year production. Undoubtedly the reason the large, BC-led, industry has evolved inside drywall buildings has been due to its illicit nature. Unfortunately, while growing indoors has allowed control of environmental conditions that has been at a significant financial cost. The use of hospitalintensity lamps, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, fans and carbon-dioxide generators to stimulate plants and boost their potency all consume large amounts of hydro. Indeed, in the year 2000 it was estimated that in the state of California between 3 and 4% of hydro usage was for indoor cannabis



Center proposed that greenhouse hydro costs were one-third of that for indoor growing. The State of Washington having legalized cannabis in 2012 has recently allowed for the use of greenhouses to grow cannabis, and the Canadian MMPR also allows their usage albeit with air-exchangers to eliminate the escape of odour. Modern, state-of-art greenhouses have been developed as structures to meet various US state and Canadian Federal requirements, including security, and this evolving market will no doubt want to grow in the most costefficient manner. Canadian latitudes allow for 365-day greenhouse growing and supplemental lighting can be added to augment sunlight on some darker days during the few weeks either side of the winter solstice. Cannabis grown within a greenhouse practically eliminates both mould and yeast while using minimal chemicals. This important factor is key to producing cannabis in a healthy manner which is, most importantly, for the benefit of the patient. Author, publisher and infamous cannabis horticulturist, Ed Rosenthal,

Giving & Receiving. Life Depends on it.

by David Hutchinson

in The Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, gives extensive recognition to the benefits of greenhouse growing. Furthermore, and amusingly, in his application to be a consultant for the Washington State Liquor Control Board, BC’s own ‘Prince of Pot’, Marc Emery, suggested that ‘sophisticated outdoor greenhouses are also a cost-efficient consideration’. These gentlemen seem to know what they are talking about. _______________ David Hutchinson is the General Manager of Advanced Greenhouse Technologies Ltd SEE PAGE 3 FOR AD

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e have been told, long enough, that you cannot change Human Nature, but I say to you, Human Nature can be changed, and, what’s more, Human Nature must be changed if we are to reach our full potential. Which I, for one, am determined to reach. Please understand that your thoughts, which you are responsible for, are as real as your deeds. You will soon realize that every word and every deed affects your life and has also touched thousands of lives. You have heard people say, “You must love yourself first, before you can love others”. Well, we have observed many selfish jerks doing just that, who do nothing to help anyone but themselves, and they’re still miserable themselves. But if you love others first, you become a good person. If you help others, how can you not feel good about yourself also? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO LOVE YOURSELF ALSO when you love others first. That being so….. What we would call true Love, is simply Unselfish Love. Unselfish Love radiates to all without exception, so powerfully that it transcends your separate self and IS The Creator’s Love flowing through you, to others. You become the vessel that is ‘channeling’ the Universal Spirit (while also being the Universal Spirit). It gives to all who would receive. It is like a Sun that gives warmth, light, and life to all, in all directions, simultaneously. If your love is not one that gives to all and loves all, then it is a selfishly based love. If you experience jealousy or possessiveness, then it is selfishly based love, not true Love, not pure Love, not unselfish Love. That fact that virtually no one truly loves, or experiences receiving true Love, is unfortunately true. Being Giving and Unselfishly Loving warms the heart and is beneficial to the giver and the receiver. Unselfish Love is its own reward. The Universal Spirit is Love. We are like faucets and the Universal Spirit is like water. When you open up, by using your free will, and let the water flow from you to everybody, you are constantly being filled with the water as it passes through you. But if you close the faucet off because you mainly desire to keep the water for yourself, it doesn’t flow through you, and you are left empty. Which, sadly, is what many people do. And the people, who are thus empty because they don’t outflow their Love, then start looking in a different direction for something to ‘fill them up’. If a relationship diversion won’t do it for them, if they are not loving and getting love from their relationships, which always eventually happens, they will do other things. Even if they stay together with someone, they must look for diversions to fill the emptiness of the lack of love and God in their hearts and lives. Desperately, they start thinking ‘intellectually’, constantly keeping the brain busy so they won’t be aware of their emptiness. They may pursue selfish pleasures and amusements of all kinds. They go from diversion to diversion – food, games, clothing, movies, TV, sports, parties, social clubs, hobbies, lovers, shopping, cars, candy, you name it. But there is never any peace, and never any real or lasting satisfaction – only a temporary fix. And like the drug addict who needs a fix, the more it gets, the more it needs/wants. But the pleasure never lasts, and the feeling is never the same as the joy you get from giving, and, ultimately, the connection to the Universal Spirit that is made through giving. They are left with that hollowness again and with the need to find some other distraction. Most are looking for love, looking to replace love, and doing everything but what they really need to do to find it – give it. Relationships can involve a mixture of selfish love and pure love, but many start with (and are actually based on) primarily or totally selfish love. And many relationships break up because of that. When a relationship is based on the self-gratifying pleasure you get from your partner, it results in a sort of addiction to some extent or other. You can then end up with addictive behaviour – jealousy, possessiveness, rejection, and all the other selfishly spawned causes of pain and turmoil that come with such addiction. Pure love, being the opposite of selfishness, creates no addiction. It craves nothing for itself. It thus heals rather than hurts. It cares rather than blocks out and ignores. It can improve your life, the lives of those around you and, ultimately, the whole world. Totally pure love is not contaminated at all with selfishness or selfish love. This is important, because like any contaminant, selfishness can taint and ruin everything. Love and compassion are the highest vibrations we can manifest in our physical, conscious lives. When we do so, we are in harmony with the Universe and the will of the Creator and our co-creators. It is best explained in THE GOLDEN RULE: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” if you were

Page 16

in their situation. Just do it, and see what happens. “As ye do it unto the least of these my children, my creation, ye do it unto me.” This is the law of the Universe and nature. “As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so onto them.” It is simple in words, yet so deep in meaning, so far reaching in its application in every phase of human experience. The golden rule is to love unselfishly, to focus on and give pure love. Pure love encompasses all the spiritual virtues involved with simply being a good person. For example, caring, kindness, compassion, tolerance, sharing, giving, harmlessness, respecting the free will of others (if harmless) etc. are all results of loving unselfishly. As I see it, pure love isn’t unconditional love – you can be unselfishly loving and still put your foot down. In other words, one who applies the golden rule in life is reasonably kind, reasonably giving, but not unconditionally kind, unconditionally giving, etc. This teaching gives examples of the benefits of living by the golden rule, and how to apply it more in your life, in many different circumstances. But you can take it even further if you want to. In my opinion, working on applying the golden rule with others of a like mind can provide you the greatest opportunity for personal, spiritual development. I strongly believe that if even a few people committed their lives to developing the virtues of being a good person, and then secretly recruited friends and family, with time it would spread from one person to the next, and eventually create a new and better society. This is a striking allegorical fantasy to clearly illustrate a fundamental difference between a world of people who are looking out for themselves first and a world of people who make caring for others their first priority. That’s what the golden rule is all about. In a nutshell, this exemplifies living by the golden rule, or not living by it. But it’s more than that. It truly represents the real difference that living by the golden rule could make in our world. It shows us how loving others unselfishly is not only pure love, but pure and real spirituality. And even if you cannot change the world so profoundly, it still represents what kind of a spiritual world we can eventually live in if we live by this rule, thereby making ourselves deserving citizens of the Universe. One of the beauties of the golden rule is its total universality. It goes beyond being just nondenominational and Omni-denominational. As you will note, the issue of religious persuasion or faith is irrelevant. Assuming that people were of various persuasions, it was their pure love or selfishness that ultimately made the difference in their circumstances. The division between the happy place and the miserable place wasn’t between Christians or Buddhists, Jews or agnostics. The thing that separated those people (as it does in reality as well) was whether or not they’d learned that living by having pure love was more important than the variations in their belief systems. And that’s what this is all about. The concept of the golden rule applies to all good, caring, giving people, regardless of religion, faith or lack of it. It is a universal law and principle that anyone anywhere can use to improve their life, the lives of those around them and, ultimately, the whole world. Isn’t that incredible, exciting, amazing and wonderful? The golden rule has a variety of typical definitions, which essentially all have the same meaning. Sometimes it’s interpreted as “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, or “love thy neighbour as thyself”. We would add “do no harm to others” and “think of others first” to that list. They are all good definitions in our opinion, and you can see how they are reflected in the above. But those definitions and sayings are really by-products of pure love or unselfishly loving others. Pure love covers them all, and is the mother of them all. So to clarify the definition used, when we say living by the golden rule, we basically mean living by unselfishly loving others. But the concept itself (pure love or living by unselfishly loving others) is not exclusive to any religion. The same principle is also a belief of all basically good people, religious or not. It can include those of any faith as well as those who have no faith. In any case, following the golden rule means being a caring, spiritual person regardless of label or affiliation. In that sense, as we said earlier, the golden rule is

The Gold Beyond Our Fail by Rene Descartes

den Rule led Democracy

strikingly (and wonderfully) Universal. If you really think about it, there are few things that are so crosscultural and Universal. Perhaps the most Universal is a smile. Raising your hand as a sign of friendly greeting might be considered an insult or hostile gesture in some cultures, but a smile means the same thing to all people everywhere, and no language is necessary to communicate its meaning. Music can often cross cultures too. But when it comes to a crosscultural spiritual or moral concept, the golden rule has no rival. While people often disagree on religion and politics, almost everyone can agree on the goodness and rightness of living by the golden rule, regardless of culture or religious belief. Thus it’s an ideal in which all kind-hearted people can join together towards the common goal of manifesting pure love and its virtues (kindness, compassion, tolerance, peace, sharing, giving etc.) in tangible ways, for the mutual betterment of themselves and all creation. The great need for the golden rule is as simple as the rule itself. All over the world people are suffering. Even those who seem to be happy often actually have a painful, empty pit inside them that they attempt to ignore by constantly chasing after diversions, distractions and fun. Alcohol and drugs are used to try and cope with it sometimes too, even in the best of families and amongst the wealthy who have everything they want (materially). Then, of course, there are the various wars and oppressions. So, what’s the problem? Why can’t people be happy and live in peace and cooperation? If you look at the world objectively, and at people’s lives, you can trace all problems to one thing – selfishness. That’s right, just that one thing. If you thought greed or hate were the big problems, you’re right, but think further. Greed is just one aspect of selfishness, one branch. So are hate, lust, theft, starting wars, killing, jealousy, envy, arrogance etc., etc. All of those branches of selfishness have sub-branches too. For instance, the reasons some people lose their jobs, the destruction of a rainforest or over-fishing to extinction, are all branches of greed. But again, greed is just a branch of that one thing. You name the problem – its real source is selfishness. Unlike the common phrase “fight fire with fire”, you usually get better results fighting fire with water. So what better way to fight selfishness with than it’s opposite – unselfishness. Enter the golden rule, the answer and the cure to all of life’s problems. Once that is clearly understood, the only trick is implementing it in your life and helping others do the same. Which brings us to the next prerequisite – understanding the source of selfishness. Selfishness is a result of separation, an outgrowth, and outcome, of being separate. Separate from what? From everyone and everything else. Separate from others, separate from nature and the universe. If you totally feel and believe that you are a separate being from everyone else and everything else in the universe, it’s naturally you against the world. Me first. Look out for number one. From that separate perspective it all makes total sense. However, the truth is that we are all one creation – scientifically and spiritually speaking. Looking at it scientifically, without a religious or spiritual view, scientists know we are all made of the same essential stuff. They also know that the universe is one thing, one energy, forming unimaginable numbers of parts of creation. Even if you take the stance that humans have simply developed selfawareness through evolution, nevertheless it is this self-awareness that is behind humans seeing themselves as separate, and getting out of harmony with everything else in the universe and nature. With that self-consciousness, you have the separate self contemplating it’s me- against-the-world (or against the Universe) scenario. Rebelling against the Oneness creates the same scenario. So, anyway you look at it, the result is the same. The I, me, mine thinking and behaving begins and with that, greed, jealousy, fear, intolerance, hate, arrogance etc., and all the problems that it creates. But we all have both a selfish side (that contributes to those problems) and a soul, spirit or good side. Other than the humans who let their selfish side control them, everything else in the universe functions as one harmonious system. Disjointed, separate thinking and behaviour interferes with that harmony, and creates disruptive ripples in the pond that can cause pain and suffering. And when those ripples we create hit the edge of the pond, they bounce back in even more complex patterns.

Again, selfishness and its endless cycle of desire and fear causes all the problems in our personal lives, as well as the world. For those who don’t deliberately make themselves blind, because of their selfishness and fear, it’s easy to see. Once you have identified the problem, you can find a solution. In this case, since the real problem behind everything is selfishness and separation from the universe, the solution is unselfishness, transcending the illusion of separation, and returning to oneness and harmony with the universal force. Anything that can help that process (as long as it’s harmless) is a good thing, as far as we are concerned. The golden rule and its resulting virtues are thus a big key, and the perfect way to achieve the above goal. Even if living by the golden rule doesn’t achieve that lofty goal, it’s still a win-win situation, because you become a better person and feel better for helping others. It just makes common sense. Ironically, while the golden rule is intellectually well-known by almost everyone, it seems to be stuck in some intellectual filing cabinet within the dusty archives of people’s foggy memory and brains. It’s amazing when you think about it. The golden rule is probably the most vital, positive, constructive principle in the world (in both a spiritual and practical sense), and it’s always been just sitting there right before us, waiting for us to notice it, take it and use it. It’s likely we even heard about it from our mother or family when we were children. There in the recesses of our mind is this incredible, powerful, yet simple, universal, commonsensical means of developing true spirituality, improving our lives and the lives of others. It’s so simple, so basic yet profound (in a real sense) but it’s often not even thought of by most of us as we search for spiritual knowledge, truths and beliefs. And even if it is thought of, it’s often not thought of as being as significant as it really is. Or it’s just misunderstood, ignored, or given up on. But all that is now changing. The golden rule seems to have been lying dormant within the hearts and minds of many good people, like some kind of spiritual time capsule waiting to be opened. Well, the useful truth of the golden rule has been around a very long time, yet it seems that only now is it really beginning to be generally received and practiced by many people. Its time has finally come. The response I have been getting to the idea of people implementing the golden rule in their lives is remarkable. People everywhere are experiencing an awakening of the rule within them. And as they start living by this rule, and discussing its simple beauty with acquaintances, friends, family and neighbours, some of them respond to it too. In this time of so much change and turmoil in the world, the common sense embodied by the golden rule is creating a common spirituality, and is spreading at a grass roots level. Many can see that it is a movement that will eventually spread among like-minded individuals throughout the world. The time you spend developing your own unselfish love, and on spreading it to others, is invaluable. It is simple in words, yet so deep in meaning, so far reaching in its application in every phase of the human experience. “The greatest service we can do for the Universal Spirit is to serve others. The greatest services to others is awakening them to the Universal Consciousness that lies within them, and helping them free themselves from their selfishness and their separate self”. Identifying the highest love in this often quoted passage: “No greater love has a person, than to give up his or her life for another” — not literal death, but giving up self’s or egos desires for another. It is thinking more of what another may need than what self may want. Selfless loving is the ideal — giving, caring without expectation of getting something in return. Yet, this must not be self-destructive. No one should accuse you of being a doormat of self-deprecating love. You must often radiate a tough love. Those around you often need truth, justice and a clear position on the ways of the Universe, not pampering. From the other side with Love I am Rene’ Descartes _________________ Rene’ Descartes is a frustrated desert veggie farmer in South Africa who ponders and wonders much about truth. Having sailed around the world on a small yacht over a 4 year period, Rene’ is now interested in healing the terminally ill and in being of assistance to the all the souls entering earth right now. Email Rene’ at

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“Long Emergency” Permaculture by Andrew Willner

e live in dangerous times, when economic collapse, climate chaos, and peak oil threaten the foundations of society, abundance, and all we hold dear. “Business as usual” will no longer suffice, because that way leads to certain pain, peril and impoverishment. Unspeakable acts of violence like the slaughter at the Sandy Hook school or at the Boston Marathon bombing; natural (or not so natural. Ed.) disasters like Katrina and Sandy; economic uncertainty; technical failure; “peak everything;” and climate change (chemtrail and /or cosmically induced, take your pick, but Al Gore’s is B.S. ed) can offer opportunities for either despair and disengagement or innovative collaboration. In the aftermath of such disasters communities often experience a surge of purposefulness to deal with the crisis. As a result, there is a need for better understanding of the specific and general resilience of communities, ecosystems, organizations, and institutions to cope with change. This article examines the use of Permaculture principles to harness purposefulness for collaborative planning for resilience and regeneration by examining two communities that are surviving and in some cases thriving by building on the “sense of purpose” that occurs after a disaster or downturn. This collaboration can take many forms including but not limited to defining “place” and by building consensus. In order to work there needs to be agreed upon definitions of place, resilience, regeneration, and Permaculture. “Spirit of place symbolizes the living ecological relationship between a particular location and the persons who have derived from it and added to it the various aspects of their humanness. The reason we are now desecrating nature is not because we use it to our ends, but because we commonly manipulate it without respect for the spirit of place.” – Rene Dubos “Where sustainability is abstract, Place is intimate, personal, filled with meaning and potential. Place arises from the rich connections among the earth, local nature and spirit. Regenerative development captures the unique rhythm and spirit of a place, partnering people and their place to create enduring value for all life. It helps people truly experience place, growing the caring required to make sustainability real.” Resilience may be defined as: “The capability

to anticipate risk, limit impact, and bounce back rapidly through survival, adaptability, evolution, and growth in the face of turbulent change. Regeneration is the process of “building local capacity for sustainability that endures.” The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twentyfirst Century, is a book by James Howard Kuntsler written in 2005 that explores the consequences of a world of oil production peak, coinciding with the forces of climate change, resurgent diseases, water scarcity, global economic instability and warfare that causes chaos for future generations. Kunstler argues that the economic upheavals caused by peak oil will force Americans to live in more localized, self-sufficient communities. Permaculture is a method of building on the “sense of purpose” that can be born from crisis resulting in a “new localism”. Permaculture is “Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy for provision of local needs. People, their buildings and the ways in which they organize themselves are central to Permaculture. Thus the Permaculture vision of permanent or sustainable agriculture has evolved to one of permanent or sustainable culture.” The core tenets of Permaculture are:


• •

Take Care of the Earth: Provision for all life systems to continue and multiply. Without a healthy earth, humans cannot flourish. Take Care of the People: Provision for people to access those resources necessary for their existence. Share the Surplus: Healthy natural systems use outputs from each element to nourish others. We humans can do the same. By governing our own needs, we can set resources aside to further the above principles.

Consciousness of place and helping to shift belief systems can be encouraged by applying the common sense Permaculture ethics of care for the earth, care for people, and fair share – and by application of P.A. Yeomans’ functional relationship analysis to map, examine, and analyze the community or bioregion’s climate, landform, water, access and circulation, micro-

An Example of Urban Farming in Detroit climates, vegetation and wildlife, buildings and infrastructure, zones of use, soil fertility and management, and aesthetics and culture to give us the basic information we need to plan for more resilient communities and bioregions. The following are the basic tenets for community and bioregional sustainability. Communities can take advantage of the sense of purpose that results from crisis by exploring, and if there is consensus, implementing some or all of the following: • • •

• • • • •

• • •

Operate as a self-contained economy with resources found locally. Become a centre for renewable energy production. Achieve a well-planned regional and local transportation system that prioritizes movement of goods and people as follows: walking first, then cycling, public transportation, and finally private and commercial vehicles. Maximize water conservation and efficiency of energy resources through conservation. Design and construct a zero-waste system. Restore environmentally damaged urban areas by converting brownfields to greenfields. Ensure decent and affordable housing for all. Improve job opportunities for disadvantaged groups, and allow seniors and young people to play useful and meaningful civic roles. Support local agriculture and produce distribution. Support cooperatives and workerowned commercial and manufacturing enterprises. Promote voluntary simplicity in lifestyle choices, decreasing material consumption, and increasing awareness of the environment and sustainability

Detroit, MI, Hardwick, VT, and Facing The “Long Emergency” Detroit was once one of the wealthiest cities in the world and now is the face of an almost dystopian failure while the small town of Hardwick, VT grappled with a changing economy and the loss of a once thriving regional industry. Both of these communities are examples of “towns that food saved.” Hardwick, VT population of 3000, is the commercial centre for the region’s farming population. Granite quarrying was the predominant business after the civil war and railroads were built to get the granite to the cities in which it was used for city halls and post offices. Hardwick is almost the antithesis of Detroit, it is almost exclusively white and rural, but two factors connect the two – agriculture and median family income. Hardwick came to national attention as a result of a 2008 New York Times article ,

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Uniting Around Food to Save an Ailing Town, that said in part, “This town’s granite companies shut down years ago and even the rowdy bars and porno theatre that once inspired the nickname “Little Chicago” have gone.” “Facing a Main Street dotted with vacant stores, residents of this hardscrabble community of 3,000 are reaching into its past to secure its future, betting on farming to make Hardwick the town that was saved by food. With the fervour of Internet pioneers, young artisans and agricultural entrepreneurs are expanding aggressively, reaching out to investors and working together to create a collective strength never before seen in this seedbed of Yankee individualism.” In 2010, Ben Hewitt, a native Vermonter and Cabot VT farmer, wrote a book about Hardwick called, “The Town That Food Saved”. In The Town That Food Saved, Ben explores the contradictions inherent in producing highend “artisanal” food products in a working class community. To better understand how a local food system might work, he spends time not only with the agripreneurs, but also with the region’s numerous small-scale food producers, many of which have been quietly operating in the area for decades. The result is a delightfully inquisitive peek behind the curtain of the town that has been dubbed the “Silicon Valley of local food.” Not without tension between some of the “newcomers” and ”old-timers,” Hardwick is home to a range of for profit and non-profit food enterprises including the Center for an Agricultural Economy, Claire’s Restaurant, the nearby Bees Knees, Butterworks Farm, Pete’s Greens CSA, High Mowing Seeds, The Buffalo Mountain Coop, Vermont Soy, Bonnieview Farms, Jasper Hill Farms, and Heartbeet Life Sharing a nonprofit licensed Therapeutic Community Residence based on the Steiner approach called Anthroposophy, among many others. The Hardwick experiment is ongoing, but agri-tourism, a vibrant downtown, and new jobs and economic opportunity appear to be the result. Permaculture, consciousness of place, bioregional identity, and Yeomans’ functional relationship analysis (whether planned or by default) probably played a role in Hardwick’s evolution to a more resilient community. Detroit may be one of the best examples of what “a long emergency,” “white flight,” suburban sprawl, loss of manufacturing jobs, and “loss of a sense of place” can do to a city. Detroit, once the beneficiary of the industrial revolution and “Motor City” the centre of automobile manufacturing in the US has become one of the most visible symbols of urban decay. Between 2000 and 2010 the population fell by 25%. Its 713,000 population is down 60% since 1950. The flight of the automobile manufacturers in the 1980’s exacerbated the situation, as did the “Twelfth Street Riot” of July 1970 during which

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Continued from previous page more than 2000 buildings were destroyed, and thousands of small businesses closed. Despite some efforts to “brand” downtown as a “Renaissance” city within the city there continues to be severe urban decay. More than half of the owners of Detroit’s properties failed to pay their 2011 tax bills. There are thousands of empty homes, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings around the city. Some parts of Detroit are so sparsely populated the city is having difficulty providing police, fire protection, schools, trash removal, snow removal, lighting, and other municipal services. In March 2013, the Governor appointed an emergency manager to deal with the city’s $327 million budget deficit and more than $14 billion in long-term debt. Detroit remains one of the most racially segregated cities in the United States, and in February 2013 as many as 42,000 of Detroit’s estimated 380,000 homes could face foreclosure. The city now owns almost a third of the land in Detroit. For those who stay in the city, it is nearly impossible to find fresh vegetables and fruits as all supermarket chains in the area closed, making Detroit a food desert. A study from Yale’s Rudd Center recently found that Detroit residents are “statistically more likely to suffer or die prematurely from a diet-related disease, holding other key factors constant,” due to the severely limited access to healthy food. Taking a huge gamble, Detroit has been engaged in a series of efforts to deal with the near collapse of its economy and neighbourhoods, and the city appears to be embracing agriculture as one remedy. The “greening” of Detroit will have other consequences as well, providing greenways to manage storm water; growing hardwood forests that will improve air quality and eventually provide both lumber and firewood. New jobs in both the demolition of vacant buildings and in the development of facilities creates economic opportunities, provides an

improved food distribution systems, addresses nutritional and health issues in vulnerable and under served communities. This innovative solution will combat food inequities in under served communities and help to eliminate “food deserts.” Urban farming has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to deal with vacant property, revitalize neighbourhoods and provide job skills and nutrition to remaining local residents struggling with poverty and a lack of access to fresh produce. Detroit is no stranger to urban agriculture. The community garden movement in the United States was born in Detroit during the depression of the 1890’s, when Detroit mayor Hazen Pingree initiated a program to donate vacant land for gardens to supplement the diets and incomes of the unemployed. These gardens became known as “Pingree’s Potato Patches;” the program was subsequently copied by several other large cities. In February 2013 Detroit adopted the City of Detroit Urban Agriculture Ordinance that allows among other things aquaculture and aquaponics, composting, farmers markets, greenhouses, orchards, and urban farms and gardens in certain locations and under certain circumstances. Like Hardwick, non-profits, entrepreneurs, universities, and development companies are beginning to lay the groundwork for an agricultural based environmental, economic, and social equity based recovery. LEAP, the Lower Eastside Action Plan , is playing a substantive role by “engag(ing) people in a community-driven project to transform vacant land and property into uses that improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.”  Urban Farming, a national organization has maps of community gardens and farms in Detroit on its website. Grassroots organizations like the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network whose farm is depicted in the You Tube video online, is a coalition

of organizations and individuals working together to build food security in Detroit’s Black community. Keep Growing Detroit, The Greening of Detroit, The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, Warrior Demonstration Garden, and St. Andrew’s Allotment Garden. Other enterprises are featured in a film, Urban Roots, When Everything Collapses, Plant Your Field of Dreams, like Earthworks Urban Farm, Field of Our Dreams, a mobile market bringing fresh produce at the best possible prices to the neighbourhood. Others are Georgia Street Community Collective, The Detroit Food Policy Council and the controversial Hantz Farms that some in the city think of as a “land grab” are all pieces of the quilt of urban agriculture that is transforming Detroit. Food businesses, universities, and institutions like Eli Tea, Avalon International Breads (a place Mark Bittman of the New York Times calls the unofficial meeting place for the Detroit food movement), Motor City Brewing Works, Detroit Eastern Market, Seed Wayne at Wayne State University that works in partnership with community-based organizations promoting access to healthy foods, urban agriculture, farm-to-institution, and food planning and policy development, Earthworks Urban Farm , a program of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, and the Catherine Ferguson Academy (CFA) is a charteroperated high school in Detrot for pregnant girls and teen mothers. The school has an urban farm in its backyard, and provides day care and pre-school education for the students’ children, The school was almost shut down as a result of cut backs by the emergency manager but has reemerged as a charter school. These institutions and businesses support the burgeoning urban farm enterprises. There are also a few farm-totable restaurants that are springing up in Detroit and the surrounding area. Regardless of the conditions, including the fact that corporations have abandoned it, a city like Detroit, creates a tremendous amount

of opportunity for those who want to plant their own food and build their own homes. Is there opportunity in the face of the constraints and does Permaculture have answers to the issue of food deserts and crumbling infrastructure? Permaculture as a method for dealing with Detroit’s “Long Emergency” seems like an oxymoron. But much like Hardwick, food is the glue that may hold the city’s true renaissance together. In the worst scenario, America is becoming Detroit. In the most optimistic sense, both Detroit and Hardwick are examples of the impulse to engage in the development of a sustainable, resilient, self-reliant community whether urban or rural. Bringing the ethics and principles of Permaculture design and regenerative systems into the classroom, the council chambers, and the boardroom can accelerate the recovery. Permaculture can empower the people of Detroit to determine and create a future of their choosing, independent of, or perhaps in partnership with institutions that recognize that a sustainable community is a collaboration of people of all backgrounds, skills, beliefs, ideologies and styles that can facilitate and support the development of Detroit as a postcarbon*, post-industrial, regenerative “Place”, and potentially a replicable model for other cities to follow. ______________________ *(There was a bit of reference to the whole ‘carbon is bad’ b.s here and there in this otherwise interesting article. I edited most of them but left the last one for show. Suffice it to say we are carbon based, and Al Gore is an evil asshole. The rest is propaganda and a bit of a psyop (psychological operation) for getting folks to cry out for their own enslavement through more new taxation and severe curtailments of their ‘rights’, as well as going along nicely with the depopulation agenda presently in full swing. Folks made of carbon on a carbon based world crying out that carbon is bad....well, cheers, ed.)

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itamin P – Pleasure – is a vital element that makes our meals nutritionally complete and makes life worth living. Like all organisms on the planet, we humans are genetically programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. A cat chasing a mouse is seeking pleasure, while the unfortunate rodent is doing its best to avoid pain. Indeed, any behaviour we can imagine can be seen as either of these, or a swirl of both. This is particularly apparent in light of our eating. When we eat, we’re seeking the pleasure of food and avoiding the pain of hunger. Indeed, destiny has fashioned for us a body that’s wired for joy. The simple scientific equation for the profound biochemical effects of pleasure is this: When You’re Turned on by Food, You Turn on Metabolism In a study at the University of Texas, participants with very high cholesterol levels were placed on a low-fat diet, however, they were allowed to splurge every other day on a milkshake and a ham and cheese sandwich. According to conventional wisdom, they should have experienced a significant rise in blood cholesterol, but there was none. The only elevation they showed was that of enjoyment. Despite the high-fat content of the splurge foods, their cholesterol-raising effect was somehow mitigated by the chemistry of pleasure. It isn’t hard to imagine that the splurges were the only relaxed and

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by Marc David

celebrated moments in an otherwise bland and stressful diet. And that decrease in fightor-flight chemistry could have been, by itself, enough to lower cholesterol… In another unusual study, researchers from Sweden and Thailand joined forces to determine how cultural preferences for food affects the absorption of iron from a meal. A group of women from each country was fed a typical Thai meal – rice, veggies, coconut, fish sauce and hot chili paste. As fate would have it, Thai women enjoy Thai food but Swedish women don’t. This proved to be a crucial metabolic fact, because, even though all the meals contained the exact same amount of iron, the Swedish women absorbed only half as much as the Thai women. To complete this phase of the study, both groups received a typical Swedish meal – hamburger, mashed potatoes, and string beans with the exact same iron content. Not surprisingly, the Thai Women absorbed significantly less iron from their Swedish meal. Next, the Thai women were separated into two groups. One group received the aforementioned Thai meal and the other was given the same exact meal as well, but that meal was first placed in a blender and turned to mush. Just imagine your favourite evening meal all whipped together into baby food. Once again, the same results were seen for their Swedish counterparts who had their Swedish meal turned into a frappé. The inescapable conclusion is that the nutritional value of a food is not merely given in the nutrients it contains, but is dependent upon the synergistic factors that helps us absorb those nutrients. Remove Vitamin P: Pleasure, and the nutritional value of our food plummets. Add Vitamin P and your meal is metabolically optimized. So if you’re the kind of person who eats foods that are “good for you,” even though you don’t like them, or if you think you can have a lousy diet and make up for it by eating a strange-tasting vitaminfortified protein bar, or if you’ve simply banished pleasure because you don’t have enough time to cook or find a sumptuous meal – then you likely aren’t doing yourself any nutritional favours. You’re slamming shut the door on a key metabolic pathway. In a fascinating animal study, scientists surgically destroyed the nerve centres of rats’ brains that enable the rats to taste. One group of rats was thus left with no ability to taste their food; a second group of normal, healthier,

and luckier creatures that could still enjoy their meals was used as a control. Both groups were fed the exact same food, ate the same amounts, and were treated by researchers with the same manner of respect. In due time, every rat that couldn’t taste died. The surprised scientists needed to find a cause of death, so they autopsied the animals. They found that even though these rats ate the same healthy amount of food, they nevertheless died of clinical rat malnutrition. Their organs had wasted as if they’d been starved. The moral of the story is that taste and pleasure are essential to life, more so perhaps than we could have ever imagined. Chemical Clues to Pleasure Consider the chemical cholecystokinin, CCK. This substance is produced by the body in response to protein or fat in a meal and performs a number of versatile functions. First, it directly aids digestion by stimulating the small intestines, pancreas, gallbladder, and stomach. Second, when it’s released in the hypothalamus, part of the limbic area of the brain, it shuts down appetite. And last, CCK stimulates the sensation of pleasure in the cerebral cortex, the highest portion of the brain. So, in putting all this together, we find that the same chemical that functions to metabolize our meal also tells us when it’s time to finish that meal, and makes us feel good about the entire experience. It shows us how pleasure, metabolism, and a naturally controlled appetite are interwoven to the core. Most people think that pleasure is completely separate from the nutritional process and serves no metabolic function. We often believe that if a food makes us feel good, the body is automatically stimulated to eat more and might never want to stop. The actions produced by CCK in the brain tell us a whole new story. In the absence of pleasurable satiation, one of the chemicals that increases our appetite is neuropeptide Y. It tells us to search for food. It is naturally elevated in the morning, which makes sense because that’s when the body is readying itself for action. Neuropeptide Y is also elevated whenever we are deprived of food. Its presence is particularly enhanced after dieting. Whenever we sink into a low blood sugar state – which usually means we are also in a low mood – neuropeptide Y is increased and signals us to consume carbohydrates. So if you deny yourself the pleasure of food through low-calorie eating or if you restrict yourself to a fun-free diet, the body responds by chemically demanding pleasure and satisfaction. The lesson that neuropeptide Y teaches us is that we cannot escape the biological imperative to party and enjoy. No matter how stingy we are with eating, the body will not be denied. The class of chemicals most people associate with pleasure are the endorphins. These substances are naturally produced throughout the body – most notably in the brain and the digestive system – and they exist, in part, to make us happy. The simple act of eating raises our levels of endorphins. This tells us that eating is an inherently pleasurable experience because biochemistry makes it so. What’s most unusual about the endorphins is that not only are they molecules of pleasure, but they also stimulate fat mobilization. In other words, the same chemical that makes you feel good burns body fat. Furthermore, the greater the endorphin release in your digestive tract, the more blood and oxygen will be delivered there. This means increased digestion, assimilation, and ultimately greater efficiency in calorie burning. Of course, I’m not telling you that you

can eat a ton of dessert or junk food and that you’ll burn it all as long as you feel pleasured. The point is that the chemistry of pleasure is intrinsically designed to fuel metabolism. When we make intelligent use of this biologic fact, our health can prosper. But if we don’t receive the pleasure that body and soul call for each day and at every meal, we suffer. In the ancient and epic poem from India, the Mahabharata, we are told “better to alight in flames, if only for a moment, than to smoulder forever in unfulfilled desire.” Many of us claim to love food, but when we eat too fast or without awareness or with a helping of guilt, the central nervous system and the enteric nervous system both register only a minimum of pleasurable sensations. The result is that we are physiologically driven to eat more. We’re compelled to hunt down pleasure we never fully receive, even though it’s continually in our grasp. So if you’re the kind of person who believes you can control your appetite and therefore lose weight by denying yourself pleasure, I suggest you reevaluate immediately. I have yet to meet one person who has successfully lost weight and kept it off by overcoming their natural, inborn drive to enjoy and celebrate food. Losing Weight by Limiting Pleasure is Like Trying to Stop Smoking by Not Breathing We can never increase the body’s metabolic capacity by limiting what is essential to life. The key to pleasure’s powerful effect in balancing your appetite is that it promotes a physiologic relaxation response. The times we overeat most are when we’re anxious, stressed, or unaware. A relaxed, pleasured eater has natural control. A stressed eater produces more circulating cortisol – our main stress hormone. What’s amazing is that cortisol desensitizes us to pleasure. When you’re in fight or flight response and trying to escape the hungry wolf, you don’t want your brain to be in a “feel good” mode and get sidetracked looking for chocolate. All of you needs to be focused on survival. So when cortisol desensitizes us to pleasure in our day-to-day stresses, we need to eat more food to feel the same amount of pleasure as when we’re relaxed. This means that if you’re afraid of pleasure or anxious about gaining weight or frightened to eat a dessert, you’ll generate more cortisol. This chemical will swim through your bloodstream, numb you to pleasure, and ironically create the very self-fulfilling prophecy you feared from the beginning: “if I eat something fun, I won’t be able to stop…” Can you see how our nutritional fears help create our metabolic reality? Pleasure loves slow. It thrives in a warm, intimate, cozy space. It reveals its deepest secrets when we drop all pretensions of speed and allow timelessness and sensuality to breathe us back into each moment. It’s time to welcome a healthy sense of pleasure back to the table. What’s been your experience with Vitamin P? ________________ Marc David is the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology, and the author of the classic and best-selling works Nourishing Wisdom, The Slow Down Diet, and Mind Body Nutrition. His work has been featured on CNN, NBC and numerous media outlets. His books have been translated into over 10 languages, and his approach appeals to a wide audience of eaters who are looking for fresh, inspiring and innovative messages about food, body and soul.

Wi-Fi, Chemtrails And You Image by Val-Melkor

by William Thomas


ext time you’re on a cellphone looking up at those long lingering plumes spreading across the sky, you might decide to end that call. If you spot any cell towers, roof-mounted transmitters or high-voltage power lines within a mile of your location, you may wish to evacuate the area immediately. And once home, you will want to permanently disconnect all wireless devices, including computer routers and “always-on” portable phone cradles. Because what you see in the sky is what you breathe. And chances are you’ve been breathing barium for more than a decade. Barium Conducts Electromagnetic Energy Ever since Captain Kirk teleported to the surface of an alien planet and whipped out his portable communicator, everyone Earthside wanted one. And the telecos gave us flip-phones. Along with compulsive texting, streaming video, online gaming and banking, the worldwide web and more. It took more than 20 years to connect the first billion subscribers. But only another 40 months to connect the second billion. The three billionth “user” placed a cell phone call just 24 months after that. Never before in human history have so many embraced such risky technology so fast. In Toronto alone, there are 7,500 cell towers. In the USA: over 190,000. BioElectric Beings Everyone fixated on Captain Kirk’s handphaser. But his wireless communicator was the real ray gun that could not be dialled down. Cell phones and “cellular networks” are aptly named. Every transmission disrupts your cells directly. “Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body,” states the landmark BioInitiative metastudy. As former microwave warfare expert Barry Trower points out, an invisible ocean of electromagnetic waves from radio, radar and TV transmissions, cell towers, smart grids and overhead power cables traveling at the speed of light “can all be reflected and refracted” by metal appliances, rain, snow, glass and conductive materials deliberately sprayed into the air. You Are an Antenna A water-filled upright human is a sizeable antenna. And since all moving electrons generate electrical current, all those electromagnetic waves inundating our everyday lives pass into

our bodies, where they each generate an electric current. These induced electric currents change the charge on which our complex bioelectrical body/brain/heart network operates to maintain our health and vitality. Microwaves at 1/10th British safety guidelines emit frequencies causing the biggest changes in cell calcium levels… as reported in the UK Daily Mail. Wireless Headaches Headaches can stem from microwaveinduced leakage of harmful molecules through the blood-brain barrier. At one-ten-thousanth of a watt, the bloodbrain barrier opens, allowing blood proteins inside to disrupt brain signals and start killing brain cells. A cell phone typically transmits at 2 watts. Just two minutes on a cell phone, or sitting near a wireless computer router or portable phone cradle, shorts-circuits the electrical ion activity powering the blood-brain barrier. This allows proteins and other blood toxins to enter the brain and resume damaging neurons in thinking and memory centres. Dr. Leif Salford is finding “astonishing number of dead neuron cells, actually suffering holes in their brains from the damage” caused by a single cell phone call. No wonder wireless-altered brains lead to lack of concentration, memory loss, aggressive behaviour, accelerated aging, impaired learning ability and dementia. Fibrils of proteins clumping in electromagneticallyaltered brains are an identifying characteristic of Alzheimer’s, Early Onset Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and cancer patients. “There is strong evidence that… microwaves are associated with accelerated aging (enhanced cell death and cancer) and moods, depression, suicide, anger, rage and violence, primarily through alteration of cellular calcium ions and the melatonin/ serotonin balance,” writes veteran EMF researcher Dr. Neil Cherry in New Zealand.

from Shanghai’s high-rise windows if it were visible. Just add micro-particulate fallout from undisclosed aerosol spray programs and one in three people can expect to be diagnosed with asthma. Low frequencies are directly linked with epidemic rates of dementia that threaten to bankrupt Canada, the USA and much of the world within a few decades – just as the challenges and costs of crop-killing climateshifts, sea-level rises and increasingly costly oil will require all the smarts and cash we can muster. “The scope of the looming medical-care disaster is beyond comparison with anything that has been faced during the entire history of humanity,” declares dementia expert Dr. Barry Greenberg in Toronto.

“The medical-care system is going to be bankrupt by 2050 if we don’t figure out a way to delay or treat Alzheimer’s disease,” echoes U.S. health and human services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius. Brain cell membranes made leaky by electromagnetic radiation exposure create enough energy to excite neurons into hairtrigger mode, overloading hyperactive brains. More than 1 in 10 children in the United States are currently diagnosed with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder. A 6,000% increase in autism diagnosis in recent years has kept pace with the proliferation of wireless grids and gadgets.

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So Far, So Bad While hundreds of millions of wireless addicts insist that nothing negative is happening, the effects of this invisible plague are worsening. In the United States, one in six children currently suffers neurological disability. With the much heralded new 4G LTE networks and devices “producing a waveform that maximizes radiation absorption for 3-6 year olds,” writes Simon Best, the accelerating trend is straight up. The electro-smog blanketing cities worldwide would resemble the murky view

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The Energy of Feelings by Susan Harper Todd


e are moving into a new era. One in which we are remembering who we really are. That we are unlimited Beings. That we are magnetic Beings. And it’s time to start realizing this and living from this point of awareness. We are not simply bodies, we are energy… energy through and through. The same energy as everything we see around us… and I mean Everything. Hard as though that concept may be to grasp. So if you do find it hard to grasp, don’t try to analyze it, just take it as read. And know that it’s time to stop living in your head, in your mind – and that it’s time instead to start living from the heart… being guided by your feelings, your intuition, your inner knowing. That is where your power resides. That is where You reside. The allknowing You. Your heart space is your control centre. Let the focus of your awareness be there, rather than in your mind. This is where the true You resides – the truth of who you really are. Sometimes… no… often… there are things that your mind cannot understand, but your heart ‘gets’ them, and these things flow into and are assimilated by your heart. These are things that you have an intuitive understanding of, that you cannot put into words. Words are limiting. We often cannot express what we feel because there are no words. And I know you know that feeling. That intense feeling of emotion, when you are overwhelmed with love, joy, amazement or gratitude at something that has occurred. That is often when we cry, or laugh, or jump up and down to express ourselves, because words are not sufficient.

Your Heart Space Holds Your Inner Wisdom When you have that overwhelming feeling of joy, love, gratitude or happiness (and happiness is probably all of those things combined), the feeling is so intense that it infuses your whole body doesn’t it? You can feel it infusing every cell and every molecule and it lights you up like a lighthouse. You are overflowing with this incredible feeling which translates into light energy. As you are filled with this light you are beaming it out like a lighthouse. And as these waves of light energy beam out from you they are magnetically drawing in more of the same, in unlimited amounts. It’s a flow of energy, a circular flow. The more light you emit the more you draw in and the more you draw in the more you emit… This is the flow of life. It’s energy. It’s us. The energy of our feelings is emitted from us on a particular frequency or vibration, like a radio frequency, with each ‘type’ of feeling (happy, sad, angry etc.) being a difference frequency. Because we are magnetic, we draw to us things that are on the same frequency or vibration as the one we are emitting. Which is why feeling GOOD is so important. When you feel good then you are emitting the ‘feel good’ vibration and will magnetically attract to you things that are on that same frequency (i.e. more things to make you feel good). And of course the same thing happens when you don’t feel good… Those feelings magnetically attract more things on the ‘not feeling good’ lower frequency… Which is why you can get stuck in a rut. And why just changing your thoughts can change your life.

Be in Your Heart, Not Your Mind We are brought up and educated to believe that the mind is everything, that our mind controls us, when in fact the mind knows nothing about what is good for us emotionally or physically. The mind is a tool for us to use, but it has no idea what makes us happy – we can only know that by noticing the way we feel in response to people, things, experiences. It is our feelings that tell us what makes us happy and what is good for us. And those things that make us feel good are telling us about who we really are. Which is what we are here to experience… except many have forgotten this. So let’s now start remembering that we are energy and start paying attention to our feelings, living from our heart and being who we were born to be. For that is where our true freedom resides.

5 Ways to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed by Amy B. Scher

ou know exactly how it feels, but do you know how to fix it? Being overwhelmed is part habit, part addiction and the rest simply not knowing how to do things differently. The good news is there are 5 things you can do to overcome overwhelm starting right now. Are you ready to add some Zen back into your life?

we try to force ourselves to get things done when we want to do them, not when we’ll be most effective. While not every task can be flexible, there are many things you can flip the clock on. For instance, as an author, I have many article deadlines. I used to try to do them in the morning, but soon realized I spent more time checking Facebook and answering emails than actually writing. I examined my patterns and discovered 5 p.m. is when my energy is most aligned with that particular task. It takes me half the time it used to write an article now thanks to my ability to determine when I was in the best frame of mind for that specific task. Evaluate your schedule and determine if juggling some of your work activities from morning to afternoon makes a difference. You may find your prime time for everything from making the kids’ lunches, paying bills and more can add magical hours to your day.


1. Stay Present The reason life is overwhelming sometimes is because you are thinking about the million things that have to get done by tonight and not focusing on the one important thing you are doing right now. You can deliberately slow down that “ohmygod it’s all barreling at me” feeling by staying completely present. I have a trick that will change the way you go through your day. Fill in the blank of the following sentence out loud as you perform your daily tasks: “The only thing I have to do right now is _______.” Adopt this practice for everything, including eating lunch and your bathroom breaks, until you train yourself into a new pattern of focusing only on the present moment. You will see your productivity soar by concentrating all of your energy in one place. 2. Find the ‘Yes’ In Your ‘No’ A friend of mine taught me one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned: “For every no you say, you are actually saying yes to countless other things.” For example, when you say “no” to another late night at work, what are you actually saying yes to? Time with your family? Time for healthier food or exercise? More sleep? Your new assignment is to find the yes’s and not focus on the no’s. It will be almost impossible to see them as a negative once you do this. 3. Find Your Prime Time Part of why we stumble and stall is because

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4. Tap the Fear Out! Much of the feeling of being overwhelmed is actually fear. Fear we won’t get it all done. Fear we won’t be perfect. The list goes on and on. Tapping on acupressure points on the body can offer a similar effect to needles in acupuncture. Tapping opens up the energy flow where it might be blocked causing fear or other negative symptoms. Take the fingers of one hand and find the following place on the top of the other hand: slide your fingers between your pinky and ring finger about halfway down the hand. Simply tap! This area is specifically linked to fear. 5. Take a Break While this seems counterintuitive when you are overwhelmed, a distraction from chaos will allow you to recenter yourself enough to handle things better than you could before. Even a 45 second break of focusing on something relaxing will often do the trick. Take a breather, get out of your head space, take a walk or stretch, then try again. You might be surprised about the positive effect this can have on your ability to focus on the task at hand!


Ways We Are Isolated From Each Other And Cut Off From Our Roots

by Amir Alwani


redators must have knowledge about their prey if they are going to be successful hunters. It is clear that we have been studied and our weaknesses have been exploited in an effort to exhaust us economically, physically and spiritually. Renowned researcher, Alan Watt, goes so far as to state that the perpetrators responsible for this ultimately want to destroy any sense of individuality in us whatsoever. Regardless of who’s doing the aggression, we can see that there is a war on the individual as we are assaulted on many fronts and are losing our individuality to such an alarming degree, with such intensity and in such a rapid time, that it drastically reduces the likelihood that this is happening by accident. It seems there are predators who are coercing us and creating an atmosphere ripe for the rotting of minds. The identity of the predators, while crucial, is controversial, however their actions leave scars that are less debatable and if we can agree on what those are, we can perhaps have an easier time building a consensus about what is happening in general and what we can do about it. That said, it’s not very difficult to agree on what those scars are. They’re in front of our faces all the time. For instance, many people today are drugged up on pharmaceutical medication and lost in their smart-phones/i-pads with very little intuition or common sense remaining, not to mention extremely diminished critical thinking skills. People simply can’t think. People in the US seem to be having an even harder time thinking. A recent article titled “America #1: In Fear, Stress, Anger, Divorce, Obesity, AntiDepressants, Etc.” illustrates the effects of Americans’ actions and/or non-actions and is not surprising given the lack of ability to “think”. This stuff is not limited to America, of course, as those that seek a world government and the destruction of every country’s sovereignty have long had their tentacles reach far across the entire globe. Anyway, as individuals, the majority of us probably would never choose these paths if we knew the actual consequences, but we have been targeted, our empathy is being uprooted, our autonomy is being taken away from us, and we are being influenced on a mass scale in a variety of different ways. Furthermore, we have been subject to these influences for a long time. Interestingly, we have reached a point where our energies (and our own tax dollars) have been fuelling our own propaganda machine and keeping the momentum of this monstrous system going for quite a while now, leaving us consistently in the dark. The antagonists in this epic journey have taken advantage of the fact that we have taken our eyes off the ball, and now the ball seems to be in their court because so many people are so brainwashed. Total domination of everything everywhere seems to be what’s on the predators’ agenda. On the way to getting to the hellish world that these people envision, each one of us who contributes to moving in that nightmarish direction only knows what he/she “needs” to know. Hence, it is wise to investigate areas we are discouraged to investigate. That includes — but is not limited to — learning about our actual history, whether it be the history of our own lives or the “larger” kind of history. What follows here – for purposes of zooming out and simply knowing where we stand – are descriptions of 5 methods elites have so far successfully implemented in order to divide us and bring us down the path of self-destruction

and servitude that characterizes much of our environment today. The following information is not meant to discourage but simply meant to clarify so that we know what we’re dealing with and also so that we can be on the same page. Without being on the same page, it is difficult to implement teamwork - and we clearly need some level of teamwork if we’re going to one day be free of this slavery.


Separation From Our Mothers Destruction of the Family Unit When mothers go into a hospital so that a guy in a white coat can “deliver” their baby, the pharmaceutical industry and these doctors give the mothers drugs to speed up the birth. Why speed up the birth? What’s the rush? There are, perhaps, times when this is called for but this strange occurrence happens a lot more than many people imagine. In addition to that, particularly disturbing is the genital mutilation that many parents call “circumcision”. It seems as though there is a double standard whereby the general public views circumcision to be hygienic when done to men, yet cruel when done to women. This is clearly a cruel practice when done to anyone. Incidentally, an article citing a Danish study has shown that a male’s circumcision indeed affects his sex-life in negative ways: “Circumcised men are three times as likely to experience a frequent inability to reach an orgasm,” says one of the researchers, Associate Professor Morten Frisch from Danish research enterprise SSI. Research into the effects on women is unique. This is one of only a few studies of the sexual consequences of male circumcision, and in one area in particular it is groundbreaking: “Previous studies into male circumcision have looked at the effects it has on the men. But scientists have never really studied the effects this has on the women’s sex lives,” says Frisch. “It appears that women with circumcised men are twice as likely to be sexually frustrated. They experience a three-fold risk of frequent difficulties in achieving orgasm, and an eightfold risk of feeling pain during intercourse – also known as dyspareunia.” This Red Ice Radio interview with Jeanice Barcelo ( discusses the mutilation of babies in more detail and also sheds light on other unnecessary and insane procedures that are now commonly accepted among standard baby delivery protocols in hospitals, however, watch the following shorter clip from her interview on The Vinny Eastwood Show if you have less time: bit. ly/143TUgq These types of interferences during the most delicate times of our lives serve to separate us from our mothers, and it is not difficult to see how these events would bring about a sense of accomplishment for ‘elites’ who seek to replace the family with the state. Interestingly, Disney propaganda largely features main characters who either have a mother absent, dead, or being represented as an “evil stepmother”. Fast-forward to approximately 24 minutes into this Wash Your Brain interview ( to hear Freeman Fly and Jamie Hanshaw elaborate on this. In fact, in the very instructive novel 1984, Orwell’s Big Brother is called “Big Brother” for a reason. Similarly, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World novel is set in a fictional world where children are not even born in a mother’s womb, but rather in factories (whereby the

fetuses grown are separated into 5 different classes via oxygen deprivation and things of that nature). This short video ( begins with an interesting and relevant quote: “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” - Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization (1945) Furthermore, when we examine exactly what is being dumped into our environment we can see that these chemicals also further the agenda of blurring the lines between the feminine and masculine, hence further destroying the family. Petrochemicals in our environment are drastically affecting our hormones and are causing women to undergo puberty at a younger and younger age. Females are getting masculinized and men are getting feminized. Even animals are being affected in strange ways. Our environment is soaked in these poisons and this Radio 3Fourteen interview ( with Dr. Curtis Duncan sheds a lot of light on these issues. At this point it is very difficult to deny the perturbation of one of the most fundamental, intimate, and self-sustaining aspects of our personal lives, the family unit. We have the nefarious hospital birth procedures, the children’s propaganda demonizing mothers, the UN blatantly saying their goal is to destroy the family, and we have these chemicals that are screwing us up, etc. All this paints a grim picture of a heartless multi-pronged assault on the family. That said, let’s be honest. A state can’t love you like an actual person can (and a state can’t know you like a person who’s lived with you knows you). You can’t “hug” Canada… no matter how much you may love this land. Somebody out there may try to hug the ground to prove me wrong, but I’d say that person would be hugging the Earth more than Canada. I suppose that person could be “earthing“ (and gaining anti-oxidants). Sure, I’ll even entertain the possibility that Canadian “vibes” are in the air, if you like, but you see what I’m trying to say. Canada is not your family and it can never replace your family… no matter how patriotic you might be. Nevertheless, the future of the traditional family is in jeopardy.


Separation from our Elders Who better to reveal the long scope of the aggressors’ agenda(s) than those close to us who have been alive the longest? They’ve

been around longer, so we can assume the smart ones would have an insight or two about our dilemma and why we keep falling for the war propaganda, the various means of divide and conquer, etc. Sadly, elders today are not looked up to, but rather seen as an impediment to society. People in the “advanced states” don’t have mentors as much as they used to and don’t really respect their elders as much either. People in western societies stick their parents in “old folks’ homes” when they are older so they don’t have to deal with them anymore. My exgirlfriend’s mother once worked as a nurse at one of these places and her role was simply handing out pharmaceutical drugs to these people for hours at a time. Similarly, during my 40 hours of orwellian “manditory volunteer work” in high-school I chose to help out at one of these places and my role there included – believe it or not – serving these people beers and grabbing the sandbags out from the holes and handing them back the sandbags. They were treated like children, talked to like they were children, in many ways many of them were children, and yet I’ve witnessed many other people throughout my life who were just as old and their mind’s were still sharp, alert, focused, coherent, functional, etc. Those people usually were never in old folks homes. I was vexed. I thought to myself, “did these people in this home simply give up on reading a long time ago or something? What is going on here? Why do they all look so sedated and half-dead?” To be clear, I had seen this sort of thing on television and films before but actually witnessing it in person had a significant impact on me. Now I imagine that this level of neglect would never happen in many other countries around the world where people honour the past and their roots. Doing so has many benefits, but it seems people around here treat their pets better than they treat their parents. To add insult to injury, falling for the New World Order scarcity-propaganda which claims that humans are the scum of the earth (Agenda 21), people lose empathy and end up advocating killing their elders just so the spoiled young brats can extend their materialistic lifestyles a few more years and have a bigger piece of the pie (…the constantly shrinking pie). There is no honour in this. We lack foresight, crave immediate satisfaction and constantly yearn for easy solutions. Some say the issue is about whether it’s wrong to keep people alive when they are barely living and don’t want to live. I think the deeper and more pressing issue is that most people fall for the “appeal to authority” fallacy and don’t want to take responsibility for their own health , and hence this allows people to “freely” choose

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by Daisy Luther


onsanto seems intent on taking over the food supply of the entire world. Their sterile, toxic seeds are in every corner of the globe. Hungary recently made headlines for burning 1000 acres of fields of GMO crops to the ground. Dozens of nations have banned, or at the very least, regulated, GMO crops and products. The heat is on the monolithic seed corporation, and it’s time to turn the temperature up even more in North America. The federal government has made no secret of their support of Monsanto, so it’s up to us, the consumers, to starve them out. The best way to do that, according to the founder of Eat Local Grown, Rick Davis, is to “Starve Monsanto, feed a farmer.” Every dollar we put into the pockets of small farmers is a dollar that Monsanto doesn’t receive. By cutting off the funding for Monsanto through consumer choices, we can starve this beast out. Davis is passionate about the place of farmer’s markets in this checkout counter revolution: Money is all that matters. So let’s use our money more wisely to get the changes we want. First step- stop buying GMO and conventionally grown food. Move those dollars to supporting local sustainable farmers! I realize that’s difficult and impossible for many. But if we had a shift of just 10% of peoples shopping income going to Farmers Markets it would make a HUGE difference. The sad reality is that most small family farms are required to have at least one family member work outside of the farm just to make ends meet. It’s not because they don’t do a good job growing healthy food, it’s because there’s just not enough awareness of the benefits (nutrition, helping the environment, building community, etc). Every bite of food that you feed your family is a vote, either for Monsanto and their GMOs, or against them. This means that every single one of us can effect the necessary change by voting with our forks and wallets. We can all take steps to grow at least some of

the food that we consume, through traditional gardens, containers on the patio or balcony, or even a sunny window. But for city dwellers or those who live in an area otherwise not conducive to farming, it isn’t feasible to think that they can grow every single bite that they eat. Not to worry, though, because activism is as easy as heading to your local farmer’s market instead of the grocery store. Here are 10 ways to starve a multi-national GMO conglomerate even when you don’t have room to farm – and the best news of all is that ANYONE can get started as soon as lunch time! 1. Stop shopping at grocery stores. With farmer’s markets, roadside stands in the country, vegetable gardens, privately owned butcher shops, and mail order sources for bulk purchases of organic grains, there is no reason you need to ever set foot in another chilly, fluorescent-lit, chemical warfare zone again! 2.

Eat seasonally. Seasonal eating has a host of benefits. It’s healthier, it’s cheaper, and it’s far easier to find in-season foods locally grown.


Join a CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically when you join a CSA, you are buying shares in the harvest. This is a great way to support local farmers. You pay in advance and then as the harvest comes in, it is divided among shareholders. Each CSA is different – some divvy up only produce, while others share eggs and dairy products as well.


Make the farmer’s market a weekly destination. Grab the kids and some reusable bags and head out to your local farmer’s market. Not only can you shop for vibrant, fresh-picked fruits and veggies, but many markets also offer home-baked goods, jams and jellies, and local meats. Be sure that you are buying directly from farmers, though. Some vendors buy from the same markets that the grocery stores do, which defeats the whole purpose. Talk to the vendor and learn about the origin of the offerings

– you just may strike up a wonderful friendship! 5.

Buy directly from the farm. If you live in a more rural area, shopping locally can be as easy as visiting a neighboring farm. Some set up roadside stands, others rely on the honor system, and others have small shops with their freshly harvested offerings.


Visit a pick-your-own farm. A great outing for the whole family is a pick-yourown farm. Even better, the price for fresh berries or apples is often lower when you provide your own labor. A morning spent in the field picking strawberries is both educational and a fun way to bond with your children.


Learn to preserve food. Many of us live in a climate doesn’t allow for fresh harvests year-round. The good news is, you can acquire fresh produce in large quantities (like bushel baskets) for a far better price than a weekly supply. Canning, freezing, and dehydrating are three great ways to preserve that fresh picked goodness to enjoy in the middle of winter, while still avoiding the grocery store and it’s Monsanto-filled shelves.


Join a food co-op. According to, “Food cooperatives are worker or customer owned businesses that provide grocery items of the highest quality and best value to their members. Coops can take the shape of retail stores or buying clubs. All food coops are committed to consumer education, product quality, and member control, and usually support their local communities by selling produce grown locally by family farms.”


Support restaurants that buy locally. The locavore movement is catching on. If you choose to go out to dinner, opt for restaurants that have seasonal menus based on local harvests.

10. Educate friends, family, and the local community. Extend the activism beyond

your own kitchen by helping to promote the local options. Lots of people have no idea what to do with swiss chard or rutabagas. Volunteer to teach a cooking class that focuses on seasonal foods. Write up flyers to be inserted with co-op or CSA baskets with instructions on how to prepare that months’ harvest. Submit seasonal recipes to your local paper. Educate, educate, educate, on the benefits and importance of locally grown, non-GMO food. Grass roots activism like Occupy Monsanto and the March Against Monsanto have built a tidal wave of momentum against the genetically modified ingredients contaminating our supplies. We, everyday, ordinary people, can keep the movement going by remembering that the real votes are counted at the cash register.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at

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The Story of Your Enslavement

What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts.

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9/11 TRUTH Graffiti Building Seven?

NATO War Crimes The harrowing tale of James and Joanne Moriarty, an American couple who witnessed the NATO attack on Tripoli and barely escaped beheading at the hands of Israeli supported Al Qaeda rebels. A Note from Dan Merchant I hope the people supporting these operations by keeping silent and PAYING TAXES will wake up to the fact that they are funding the killing of men, women, and children. That they are giving their tacit approval to invasions and destruction of peaceful countries. Please do what you can by sharing this article with people, and support Joanne and James Moriarty by visiting their website and sharing it on social media.


e were business people doing business in Libya since 2007 January. We made a unique enzyme that rejuvenates oil wells and cleans up sludge pits, cleans out pipelines and tanks and does a whole lot of neat things to oil. We booked a huge amount of business in Libya from 2007 to 2011: 5 billion dollars worth of our product. We signed a JV with the Social Security Investment Fund of Janzour near Tripoli, Libya. We actively began to build a production facility to fulfill these contracts for our enzyme when the so called Libyan revolution began in Feb. of 2011. I would like to note that the Libyan people were not in any way extremist Muslims. The part of the Koran that was added by the Iatolla Komeni talking about killing infidels was thrown out of Libya by Ghadafi because he said it was not part of the Koran. For this there was a fatwa or death order put on Ghadafi for over 20 years by the radical extremist Muslims. Other religions were allowed in Libya. Women were emancipated in the 1970’s by Ghadafi. No special clothing were required and all women were highly educated if they choose to be. They were doctors, lawyers, ministers, business owners, or house wives, whatever they decided. Libya shared half of all its oil revenue with its 5.5 million population. All medical care was free and if you could not get the care you needed in Libya then you could travel wherever you needed with a family member and all costs and expenses were fully paid. Education was free and if you wanted to go abroad to another University tuition was paid in full with a stipend. When a Libyan couple got married they received a $46,000 gift from the government to start their lives. Their first home, a 2500 sq foot condominium cost 10% of their salary for 20 years and then it was theirs. Gasoline was 44 cents a gallon, and all utilities were free. If you were hungry and had no money they had huge stores of food where you could get rice, milk, cheese, flour and money to buy meat. The average salary in Libya was the highest in Africa, higher than China or India at $15,800 a year. If you had a college education and could not find a job you received that money until you found a job. The Libyan people were happy, there was no tax, only businesses had some tax but it was minimal. The government shared the wealth of Libya with its people, there was no taxing of the people to support the state. There was no reason for a revolution, there were some disgruntled radical Islamists who had tried to enforce Sharia law and radical Islam upon Libya to no avail because they only made up 3-5% of the population. These are the people NATO and the US joined hands with to take over Libya. In April of 2011 we were invited to travel to Tripoli on an NGO Fact Finding Commission. We agreed and in May of 2011 we traveled to

by Joanne and James Moriarty

Tripoli, Libya to take part in this Fact Finding Commission. We spent a whole lot of time with the Tribes of Libya learning about the truths of Libya and their government. We also were witness to huge war crimes committed by NATO upon the innocent people of Libya. Because there was no popular support for this so called revolution in Libya, it was necessary for NATO, the US, UK, France, UN, Qatar, and Israel to funnel in thousands of Al Qaeda mercenaries into Libya. We were witnesses to the hordes of terrorists, that were armed, funded and trained by the aforementioned group. We have in our hands the private document, written in Hebrew, that is an agreement between the would-be rebels and the Mossad. The agreement states that Israel will provide arms and training to the rebels until they take over the country and in return for that Israel will get to put a military base in the green mountain area of Libya. The war against Libya had been planned for a long time. Dennis Kucinich held the documents that showed that there were war games in the Mediterranean with the French, UK and US against a mythical North Africa oil rich dictator nation. This was supposed to start on the 21st of February. The war actually started on the 17th of February. The main reason for the destruction of Libya was the gold backed currency for the continent of Africa called the Dinarin. ( Ghadafi had planned the African bank, and with its formation Libya was leading Africa to freedom: Freedom from the paper-bankers, the imperialists that controlled the poor countries and their assets. This gold backed currency would have destroyed the paper bankers whose money is backed by nothing. Those paper bankers, the FED and the EURO owned by the Rothschild group would have been destroyed. For this reason Ghadafi had to not only fall from power but he had to die. If he had gone into exile, his mouth would still work. The second reason for the Libyan war was AFRICOM, the US military control of Africa. Libya was the strongest country in Africa and Libya refused to ever let the US take military control over them. The third reason was the lawsuit that had been filed by Ghadafi (Libya) against all the Western European nations for all the broken treaties and all the atrocities committed in Africa over hundreds of years by the Western Europeans and the loss of revenue caused by the embargo against Libya for 30+ years. It should be noted that Libya was not guilty of the Lockerbie bombing as proven by a CIA whistleblower: ( This law suit was for $7 + trillion dollars and it had legs. Western Europe could ill afford this kind of debt so they happily joined in the destruction of the sovereign nation of Libya . On the 21st of August NATO decided that they had waited long enough for the Libyan people

to get behind their coup d’état so they forcibly took Tripoli. We were at a big hotel near the seaport. We saw NATO bring in their Apache helicopters and mow down the innocent people in the streets. In the first hour of NATO’s takeover of Tripoli 1300 people were killed in the streets and 5000 wounded. NATO also ran bombing raids, and used big guns mounted on small pickup trucks. The bombing and killing went on all night and for the next three nights. Then shiploads of Al Qaeda rebels flowed into the Tripoli port from Benghazi and unloaded on the roads around Tripoli. All of the people were bearded and carried AK-47’s. As they rode around Tripoli in their caravans they began to set up check points every 500 yards or so. They looted every store and every home they could

get into, they broke into every vehicle and stole everything that they wanted. They took over hotels and set up torture centers. The Russian Ambassador had called and offered to put our names on a list on a rescue ship that was being sent from the Prime Minister of Malta. We were approached by a couple of other Westerners and asked how we planned to get out of Libya. We said we were trying to get on the rescue ship sent by Malta, they asked if they could join us and we said we would ask that their names be put on the list. The FIFA soccer coach for Libya from Germany joined us, the sister of the President of Mauritania, a Baharani Prince, a man from Texas that we did not know before, and a Filipino lady who had been working at the hotel.

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NATO War Crimes in Libya

Implications of Oneness

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We arranged ourselves to be on the van from the hotel and left in the late afternoon to meet the ship that was supposed to be arriving in one of the ports along the Tripoli coast. We were stopped at every checkpoint by bearded Al Qaeda firing their AK-47’s into the air and yelling Allah Akbar. Our driver told them in Arabic that we were journalists, because the media had been lying about the rebels, calling them freedom fighters, they were happy to let us through. We could not find the ship and after some hours of driving up and down the coast it was now dark. Guns were being fired everywhere, Al Qaeda bearded types roamed the streets. We did not know it, but the rebels had fired on our rescue ship and it was 3 miles out in the Mediterranean. Our last trip to the pier was our downfall. We were suddenly surrounded by a group of small pickup trucks and out climbed a bunch of Al Qaeda with their guns pointed at us and they said, “your game is up”. They took us at gunpoint to their torture center which was the Radisson Hotel. They took all of our belongings and our passports. They interrogated us and filmed it using a British film crew. We could hear other men being tortured but we could do nothing. Finally after many hours it was now morning, and they said we were going to be allowed to go. Right before we left a big fat Sheik with a long beard came in and looked down his nose at us and said something in Arabic. We knew the man driving the van from our hotel, and we told him we wanted to go to the rescue ship. He refused and said the van is going back to the hotel. An argument ensued so he pulled us aside and said “You did not understand what the Sheik said before we left, he told me: ‘When they go to the rescue ship, kill them, chop them up and burn the bodies and blame it on Ghadafi’.” Needless to say we decided to go back to the hotel. We had to pay all of our last money to the mercenaries so they would let us go, they were paid $2500 for each person they killed and $1000 to burn the bodies. That took all of our money. We knew that we were on their list and we knew why, the Texan from our hotel was a double spy working for Hezbollah and had put all of our names on a list. Then a miracle happened. A friend of the sister of the President of Mauritania had a friend that was in charge of the IOM (Immigration) ship. They were able to sneak us on that ship to Benghazi the next day. That saved our lives, because we knew that the Al Qaeda mercenaries were looking for us so that they could get paid again. The ship ride was the ride from hell. It took 2 days in massive heat, no a/c, windows all around the seated area, no food except hot water, moldy bread and outdated juice cartons that caused everyone to use the bathroom. There were probably 300 to 400 refugees on the ship and there was 2 bathrooms. Our friend from the IOM took charge of us in Benghazi and took us to a hotel. Then one of the heads of the Rebels came to the hotel because he heard we were there. He was impressed that we had a Baharani Prince with us and bought us dinner because we had not eaten for 4 days. He was able to put us on a plane out of Benghazi (even though the rest of Libya was under a no fly zone). We boarded a raggedy 727 that took off from pitch black tarmac. We flew low over to Tunis and landed about 4:30. The story is really just beginning but at least we were somewhat free of the Al Qaeda rebels. After we arrived back in Texas, Jimmy was taken by the FBI at the Houston Airport passport check center. I was allowed to pass through and I was the one with the 200 GB of proof, interviews, videos, photos, testimonies, of the crimes committed by the Rebels and NATO. He was interrogated for 3 hours. We were to learn at a later time that we had been targeted by our government at that time. Our crime was witnessing the war crimes and genocide that were committed in Libya by the NATO gang. As Targeted Individuals all attempts to obtain gainful employment or restart our business that was blown up in Libya have been thwarted. After NATO handed Libya over to Al Qaeda, many Libyans were imprisoned, tortured and killed. Many of them left so that they could survive. There are now 2 million in exile. We are very close to the Tribes of Libya, we speak with the tribal leaders in exile now almost every day. They have appointed us as their official spokespersons. We have been attempting to make it known to our congress that they were completely wrong footed in Libya and that we basically had handed Libya, a peaceful Muslim country, over to Al Qaeda. No one was interested. The tribal leaders began to pass intelligence regarding the internal movement of Al Qaeda inside Libya, we started passing this information to Dr. Jerome Corsi who was more than willing to report the truth. We were then contacted by 4 different divisions of

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“In reality there are no others, and by helping yourself you help everybody else.” - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj “What is in one is in the whole, and therefore, ultimately, each soul is responsible for the whole world.” - Gary Zukav “…all things are one thing and that one thing is all things—plankton, a shimmering phosphorescence on the sea and the spinning planets and an expanding universe, all bound together by the elastic string of time.” - John Steinbeck Here are some ways our everyday experience of life transforms when we know the reality of the oneness of all life: • • • • • •

Life smooths out. We experience a softening of the bumps and valleys of everyday living. We manifest our choices, needs and desires with ease, grace and velocity. We experience life with a deeper sense of inner peace and love. We become more open to giving and receiving love. We find there is no need to worship our self-created gods unless we find it meaningful and choose it of our own volition. We need not look outside ourselves for our code of ethics or morality. Our sense of right and wrong springs forth from within us. We see clearly that our thoughts, actions and words ultimately impact only ourselves. We then naturally look for ideas and behaviours that enhance the life experience of all humans, animals and plants. The concepts of karma and reincarnation are explained. If karma means that we continually experience the results of our past behaviours, this is so because we are the only possible recipients of our own actions. Karma is not inherited from past lives of our individual ego-based selves. Reincarnation occurs but not in the sense of our individual ego selves leaving old bodies and inhabiting new ones. There is no ego or individual self that continues through time past the death of the physical body. The singular, eternal consciousness is unborn and never dies. All human bodies are vitalized by this one consciousness. Many of the mysteries of quantum mechanics, including the well-known “skeleton in the closet,” are answered. For example, what Einstein called “spooky action” at a distance is explained by the oneness of all things. There is no information being transmitted between photon or electron pairs. Information, photons, electrons and everything else in creation are all the same stuff (thought) so what one entangled entity “knows,” its twin “knows” in the same instant.

Most importantly, there is no need to wait for a spiritual or mystical experience before adopting these ways of being and acting in the world. We can transform our actions and way of being right now. Now is all there is, and now is the only time that anything ever happens. Indeed, as we incorporate these ideas into our everyday lives, we are living an enlightened life, and it is in the living of it that we know enlightenment. _____________________ James C. Wilhelm is an international spiritual teacher, self-development mentor, author, lecturer, philosopher, Emmy award-winning television producer, and successful entrepreneur. He has shared his experiences of practical mysticism around the world for more than 40 years. Jim has translated his mystical understanding into practical knowledge that we all can apply in our lives. He has recently published his second book: I Am God and So Are You – Discovering the Power of Your True Self

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As reported in the UK Telegraph, 1980 to 2000 saw an increase of nearly 50% in the estimated number of new cases of Malignant Brain/Central Nervous System tumours in the United States. Anyone who starts using wireless devices at any age can expect a 500% risk of developing brain cancer within 10 years – even sooner for children. Using cell and cordless phones is even worse. “For such a risk to show up in cellphone users within 10 years, given what we know about brain tumours, which is that they can have a latency of 40 years, is deeply, deeply disturbing,” worries Dr. Devra Davis. Bye Bye Babies Up to 16% of North American couples are already experiencing infertility – a near doubling since 1992. In cell tower-festooned Delhi, one in four couples cannot conceive after trying for two years or longer. Surviving sperm are increasingly found to be too damaged to achieve fertilization. At current rates, plummeting global sperm counts will hit ‘zero’ by 2048. Barium Blues Almost from the beginning of chemtrails consciousness, Clifford Carnicom began documenting high levels of reactive barium salts falling from chemtrails grids over Santa Fe, New Mexico. Carnicom claimed these salts are making the Earth more conductive. He was right. In the fall of 2002, a longtime landscaper working for the City of Edmonton began noticing that carefully tended flowers and trees were showing signs of severe nutrient deficiencies. City specifications call for Electrical Conductivity readings no higher than “1” in local soils. But Dave Dickie’s soil samples tested for EC 4.6 to 7 -times higher than this maximum permissible level. Dickie wondered if elevated levels of electricity-conducting metals in the soils could be leading to the plants’ “chlorosis” condition. A $33 lab test of snow samples collected in a sterilized container confirmed elevated levels of aluminum and barium. Norwest Labs lab report #336566 found: • •

aluminum levels: 0.148 milligrams/litre barium levels: 0.006 milligrams/litre

Widespread tree and fish die-offs in California are also being blamed on abnormally high levels of barium and less conductive aluminum. At Lake Shasta, Francis Mangels, a retired soil conservationist and PhD wildlife biologist who worked for the U.S. Forest Service for over 35 years, told Dane Wigington that he blames pH over 10-times the alkalinity of normal soil on huge increases of aluminum oxide. Dane Wigington reports that normal background levels of aluminum oxide in the Mt. Shasta snow is 1/2 unit. (In this case, ug/l). Allowable aluminum in drinking water is 50 units. Government action is required at 1,000 units of detected aluminum. The EPA-tested snow on Mt. Shasta shows aluminum at 61,100 units. Barium clocked in at an elevated 83 units. By July 2001, California state officials still could not explain why barium levels had nearly doubled since 1991. They still can’t say why barium levels in soils and water are rising, when industrial barium pollution has all but vanished. In March 2002, two Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists at Wright Patterson Air Force Base told award-winning reporter Bob Fitrakis that they were involved in two aerial spray programs. One spreads aluminum oxide in the upper atmosphere to reflect incoming sunlight and slow global warming. The other lays down barium stearate aerosols for “over the horizon” military communications, 3-D mapping and radar. Soapy rainwater on highways is a signature of barium salts, one scientist said.

They also confirmed that HAARP transmissions from Alaska are being used to bend the jet stream. In 2008, a Louisiana newscast focused on barium, which the news station called a “hallmark of chemtrails.” When KSLA had chemtrail fallout analyzed, the 6.8 ppm barium levels was “more than six times the toxic level set by the EPA.” The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality confirmed that the high levels of Barium were “very unusual.” Two years later, Arizona air particulates of aluminum and barium surged. Lab tests indicate how many times they are over the allowable toxic limit: • •

Aluminum: 15.8x Barium: 5.3x

Clifford Carnicom now states that the amount of Barium in our atmosphere exceeds by eight-times the level deemed safe for humans to breathe. Smaller animals are simply out of luck. And, as Earth’s Sixth Great Extinction keeps rolling, maybe out of time. Microwave Sickness and Chemtrail Related Illness Embryos, fetuses, infants and children are especially vulnerable to pulsed wireless signals, which penetrate directly through their rapidly developing bodies and brains. “Children who were exposed to cell phones before and/or after birth tended to have higher prevalence of emotional symptoms, behavioural problems, inattention, hyperactivity and problems with peers,” says prominent EMF researcher Professor Kjell Mild in Sweden. Children and teenagers are five-times more likely to develop brain cancer if they use cell phones. Microwave Sickness is already of significant public concern in countries where wireless technologies were introduced some 10 years ahead of North America. “Hot spots” include Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Israel. Sweden leads the pack. Data collected by the Swedish government has found that the introduction of cellphone technology nationwide in 1997 coincided with an alarming increase in prostate cancer, brain tumours, melanomas and lung cancers. So did deaths from Alzheimer’s, traffic accident injuries, sick leave rates, and the numbers of infants born with heart problems. With a quarter-million residents now on permanent paid disability for microwave illness, Sweden changes everything. Widespread common complaints of Chemtrail Related Illness and Microwave Sickness include, but are not limited to: • • • • • • • • •

aching joints asthma attacks fierce headaches sudden dizziness rashes and sores gastro-intestinal discomfort persistent dry hacking cough inability to concentrate or remember simple things heart flutter, inflammation, stoppage

“Cell phones have enjoyed exceptional freedom from government oversight and control meant to protect against health and environmental hazards,” comments Dr. John Wargo, professor of Environmental Risk and Policy at Yale University. Just like chemtrails. After winning the German and European Solar prizes for his hometown solar energy projects, former Greenpeace activist Werner Altnickel warns that the stratosphere is being sprayed with chemicals and metals as a means to slow climate change, manipulate the weather and create inductive fields. Based on a complex conductivity equation known as the VTRPE, the USAF continues to spread barium into the upper atmosphere to “duct” electromagnetic energy over-

Photo by: Salt Spring Sky Watch the-horizon. Even if commercial wireless frequencies are not conducted as coherent signals by chemtrails specifically “tuned” to HAARP frequencies, all commercial RF/ Microwave energy is going to be randomly confabulated and conducted by the bariumstrontium chemtrail mix. If you think this is too much electromagnetic radiation for any body/brain to handle, you’re right. By 1971, a (recently declassified) U.S. Navy document summarized more than 2,300 studies describing health effects from microwave radiation. Today, more than 6,000 studies connect wireless and other EMR with more than 122 biological effects. Total number of scientific studies on the potential effects on humans, animals, plants and insects from electrically-conductive contrails: zero. There Is No Ducking Ducting With highly conductive barium chemtrails being spread to propagate HAARP and other military radio and radar transmissions over the horizon, chemical “antennas” spread over urban centres are also ducting, amplifying and altering already dangerously high levels of Radio Frequency and microwave pollution from ubiquitous cell phone towers, radio and TV transmitters, civilian radars and so-called “smart grids”. Pioneer researcher Dr. George Carlo headed the first extensive wireless radiation research for Motorola from 1993 to 1999 and lost his funding over his alarming findings. Dr. Carlo now worries: “EMR is most likely a synergen. The exposures such as pesticides, chemtrails, harvesting of forests and urban sprawl are not causes competing with EMR – they are additive and synergistic [or amplifying] causes. They are insults to the system that requires strong biological compensation to overcome. EMR depletes that ability to compensate, and thus the person or species succumbs to the effects of the environmental insult more severely and more rapidly.” What Now? Things are not getting better fast. As EU nations begin reducing wireless exposure across Europe in the wake of the landmark BioInitiative study, the global roll-out of wireless smart meters and their supporting microwave grids threatens to push exposure levels beyond human endurance. Exposure to microwave and radio-wave radiation from these meters is involuntary and continuous. Unlike cell phones and other wireless distractions operating at the same frequencies, you can’t switch smart meters off. Smart Meters emit these hazardous frequencies almost continuously, day and night, seven days a week. The 603 million smart meters slated to be installed worldwide over the next five years will begin emitting

electro-smog from billions of new transmitters just as geoengineering efforts shift into even more desperate and relentless conductivity! Exposure is additive, points out Santa Cruz County Health Officer Dr. Poki Namkung, adding: “No FFC safety standards exist for chronic, long-term exposure to EMF, or from multiple sources.” To handle all the wireless traffic from smart meters and constantly updated android apps, Fourth Generation 4GHz LTE may enhance the industry’s Long Term Evolution – while severely curtailing our own. Lower frequency 4G LTE boasts even higher “penetration rates” into buildings and bodies than higher frequency microwaves. And 5G is close behind. Just Say “NO!” To date, no agency or organization is examining the effects of electrically conductive chemtrails over towns and cities already saturated with electromagnetic transmissions. They should. For city dwellers, and increasingly in rural areas, daily exposure to EMF radiation is more than 100 million times higher than it was in your grandparents’ time. As author Simon Best wrote in his book “Electromagnetic Man: Health and Hazard in the Electrical Environment”: “Certainly if mobile phones had been a new drug they would never have got out of the laboratory.” Chemtrails and electromagnetic fields are synergistically linked. Since October 2002, the Freiburger Appeal has been signed by more than 6,000 doctors and health professionals asking the German Government to revise wireless safety standards and prohibit portable phones. Alarmed by the Freiburger Appeal, the BioInitiative Report and 165 million Europeans suffering from brain disorders, the European Council ruled that mobile phones and computers with wireless internet connections pose a risk to human health. In May 2011, the Council of Europe began removing all Wi-Fi devices from schools. Today, EMF experts with the international stature of Dr. George Carlo, Dr. Olle Johansson, Dr. Leif Salford, Dr. Neill Cherry, Dr. Robert Becker, Dr. David Carpenter and many others are publicly expressing alarm. They warn that continually blanketing our home planet with overlapping, pulsed wireless transmissions emissions never before encountered on Earth will result in mass brain-wiping, a worldwide inability to reproduce, and the extinction of the human race. Unless stopped, the convergence of electrically-conductive chemtrails with wireless frequencies will only ensure this outcome at an accelerated rate. What Can You Do?

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Continued from page 23 to die when they think they’ve exhausted all options available to them (because that’s what the doctor/authority-figure said), when in fact they are simply being coaxed into that hopeless frame of mind, more often than not, and usually there could be more options made available to these unfortunate souls. The doctors that do aid in the coaxing may not even realize what they’re doing, as they are typically bound to the parameters of their archaic training. Populations think “if the doctors can’t help me, there’s no hope”. Consistent with this attitude, people don’t pursue books about health, don’t care about their diet, continue doing things they know are bad for them and then when they’re on their deathbeds they feel that their only option is death because they’ve been willfully ignorant of the body’s ability to heal and what foods/activities it requires to do so. Globalists have slowly poisoned us and corrupted the culture enough to get us to be alienated from nature and from natural ways of healing. It is conceivable that this has helped pave the road for the “euthanasia” movement to flourish. Regardless, our general lack of empathy towards the elderly is painfully evident and needs to be taken into account. There is no value in completely abandoning our history and moving on. The true leaders of the future will be the youth who are able to appreciate the elders and are able to pass down their wisdom in a fresh way. We each have our place. Youth can be “ungrounded” or “spoiled”, while elders can “stagnate” or “live in the past”. If we wish to avoid becoming morally and intellectually bankrupt, we must restore efficient communication.

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War on Ancient Soil Darwinís License To Kill Another disgrace is that there is virtually no anti-war movement anymore. War is seen as peace because we add the word “humanitarian” and truth is turned upside down. Partly due to the religion of statism, truth becomes whatever our masters tell us it is at any given moment and perpetual global war continues unstopped. Sure there are alliances that pose a “threat” to “western hegemony”, and these alliances include entities such as BRICS, NAM, CSTO, etc., however their allegiance is questionable, especially given that some of the major players there, including both Russia and China, have sprayed their own populations with chemtrails against the will or consent of those populations. That is not something to be taken lightly. Geoengineering itself is an extremely reckless and arrogant thing to do, at best. China has been pretending to care about Syria’s sovereignty and welfare during the ongoing NATO-backed Syrian invasion but in this excellent Boiling Frogs Post video (bit. ly/164BVvi) researcher James Corbett does a great job of illustrating China’s true role in the New World Order. So why is Syria important? There are numerous reasons Syria is currently targeted and these include Syria’s lack of an IMF debt and its banning of GMOs. Syria is also one of Iran’s only allies in the region and Iran has been unfairly targeted as well. Moreover, that entire region is important. With regards to using war as a tool to destroy history and our connections to the past, Professor Michel Chossudovsky highlights some relevant observations in this

article ( “America’s wars in the Middle East and Central Asia have largely been conducive to the destabilization and decline of an entire region, considered by historians to be the cradle of civilization. The “doomsday” wars on Iraq and more recently Syria are instrumental in the destruction of Mesopotamia, the “Land of two Rivers”. More than 5000 years of history are erased. In Iraq, at the very outset of the occupation in April 2003, the cultural and archaeological heritage was looted by the invaders. America’s unmanned drone attacks against civilians in Pakistan under the mandate of the “Global War on Terrorism” occur in the upper Indus Valley, another cradle of ancient civilization going back to the Bronze Age (Third Millennium BC) , which is currently being destroyed. The Indus Valley Civilization also known as the Harappan civilization, started in the third millennium BC (3300– 1300 BC). Together with the Nile Valley and Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley was one of the first urban river civilizations.” Furthermore, it is not difficult to see how the relentless wars that we’ve been observing

are also largely a product of social darwinism. If there’s no consequences to our actions and no morality whatsoever then people will rape and pillage the world whenever they want. Darwin’s theory of evolution helped degrade morality. No longer did people believe in consequences for their actions via some kind of afterlife in hell. It became the complete opposite. It became “what you see is what you get”, so to speak, and a free-for-all ensued. I don’t necessarily believe in a hellish-type afterlife, but I do believe there are consequences to my actions. Charles Darwin and a whole gang of others indeed got us scrambling into a dog-eat-dog paradigm. One consequence of this meddling, in addition to the increased wars, is that we no longer see the abundance of nature. The spin Darwin gave us made it so that the glass became perceived of as half-empty, instead of half-full as we started to think of “survival of the fittest” instead of the more accurate “survival of the not-weakest”. Things then got tense and the situation became more ripe for the influence of the UN’s infamous Agenda 21. In tandem with Agenda 21 is the stealing of land under the guise of conservation. This allows for people to get herded into cities where they

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Continued from previous page are easier to control and surveil, but more importantly separates people from nature. It’s not very healthy to live in a skyscraper or tall building, for example. Our bodies are not biologically accustomed to that environment. It has been said that we are even lied to about the abundance of oil. While it is true that many of these wars involve the theft of oil, that may be simply a pretext to accomplishing goals which include the above-stated goals of erasing history, in addition to causing as many refugees as possible to go out there and intermix with everyone else in an effort to homogenize the world. Nobody is denying that oil barons laughed all the way to the bank when they stole Iraqi oil. The agenda is simply multifaceted and its different aspects are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Again, the oil people may know what they “need to know”. Robbing a country’s oil can indeed occur while the string-pullers from behind the scenes celebrate the destruction of that land and its history in an effort to build a new, more sinister world on the ashes of the old one. This is a clusterfuck of epic proportions.


Indigenous People Targeted All Over The World Aboriginal people all over the world are systematically targeted, further erasing history. Because of things like genocide, land-grabs, “residential schools”, propaganda and the many different kinds of pollution that now exist, this different way of life is probably less likely to persist or be sufficiently remembered unless we come to terms with how marginalized these people have become. There is a pattern of domination against these people that deserves to be highlighted. The Canadian residential schools alone were a travesty. Many aboriginal children were beaten, verbally abused, or sexually abused simply for things like not speaking English. When/if they returned to their parents they would seem like aliens, at the same time that the Canadian/European culture that assimilated these children shunned them too. Fast-foward to today and we see reports titled “Canada covers up aboriginal killings“, “Canadian aboriginals face health care discriminations“, and the cycle continues. According to a recent CBC report ( “Canada is not the only country with a history of residential schools for aboriginal children. From 1910 to 1970, the Australian government placed aboriginal children in foster homes and institutions. Those children are now known as the “stolen generation.” Each May 26 since 1998, Australians have observed National Sorry Day — a day acknowledging the impact of forcible family removal on aboriginal people.” These children didn’t deserve to be isolated from everyone, assimilated, and cut off from their past. This is how we destroy a people with impunity while at the same time forgetting a significant era of human history.


Education Ignorant of humanity’s accomplishments and history, children instead are trained to feel entitled to things which would have been provided for them by nature and/or their families (had the international criminal cabal and their minions not interjected so boldly). Think about how many people feel “entitled” to education, for example. Think about how it is viewed as a “public good” and something that should be free. It would be nice if the post-secondary education/indoctrination was free, actually, but there is no real reason that gathering large groups of people to be instructed by a single person on a given topic for months on end should be free. I’m not against learning. It is simply clear that despite the many “schools” that we have (and which profess to care about learning), we do not act more humanely or intelligently at all. On the contrary. You know a person by their deeds and if we look with open eyes, we can see that we’re generally sitting by and doing nothing while criminals destroy our world and our minds in a variety of disturbing ways. That’s the opposite of intelligence. We are basically lobotomized. That should indicate a weak education system at the very least. Either that, or it would indicate an education system that is working exactly as it was intended to work, to keep people in the dark. Interestingly, IQ tests don’t test for things like music or humour. Our present day education system involves children separated by different grades and hence the younger children can’t communicate as much with the older children. Interestingly, while the rigid architecture of the school system (and the scolding barks from the teachers) makes it clear they do not want us to communicate with each other, they really don’t want us being autodidacts either. “Be exactly the way we want you to be and we will guarantee you material safety in return.” That’s the message given to most children who are not home-schooled. Public schools teach a biased history, but this is to be expected because education (as we know it ) became linear, factory-like and a function of book-learning around the time the industrial revolution kicked in. Apparently, that’s when a public education system paid for by taxation occurred to make way for training people to run all these new fancy machines (and I have a feeling the real history may be more complex than that, but that’s what I know at this moment). Nowadays, technology is booming and rendering many of those blue collar jobs obsolete. Are you noticing the decrease in cashiers at grocery stores as they are partly replaced by machines? Similarly, today’s elites are even drooling at the possibility of one day having a robot army, but I “digress”. Education became even more “public” when the US and Soviet education systems merged under a UN banner, as revealed by Charlotte Iserbyt who served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during Ronald Reagan’s first administration. She went on to write a book called “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America“. Is it any surprise that we are increasingly seeing reports like this recent one ( XxR33g) titled, “80% of NYC high school graduates lack basic skills like reading“? Strangely enough, it seems that ‘elites’ dominate us and then look down at us for being dominated despite the fact that they

rig the game against us in the first place. These are a very twisted and sadistic people. If it’s not bad enough that our public education system now rampantly drugs our children, pushes vaccines on them, spies on them, and makes them feel like they’re in a jail, some teachers even have the audacity to no longer teach cursive writing. Why is that relevant? Lots of past writings have been written in the cursive form. The move to halt teaching this style of writing reeks of the kind of blatant disregard for history that is illustrated in novels like Fahrenheit 451 which is set in a fictional world where “firefighters” don’t actually fight fire but burn books instead.

Conclusion and Solutions While the game is not over, it is late in the game. The challenge now is to be able to prevail through the fear and programming, to see through the myth that lies to us and says “true change happens overnight, via one Hero, so sit back and do nothing, wait for that Hero, and don’t bother trying unless you’re taking on a gigantic exhausting project that most likely will be a buzzkill and encroach on your precious comfort zone”. When we see this myth for what it is – a lie – it ceases to have an ill effect on us instantly. This is probably one of the first steps in healing ourselves and living more honestly and panic-free. We can’t all do everything, but it’s obvious that each of us can do something. I’m not you, so I don’t know what you are best suited to do. Only you know that. Caring is not enough. We often act without thinking and think without acting. Times like these call for careful and thoughtful action. We must follow our instincts/guts/intuition and also realize that we are occasionally wrong. That’s where the sobering timetested Trivium Method ( comes in. It is old, yet new to many of us, and will aid in the identification of lies and fallacies. Thus, the body of knowledge we have (and share) will have a higher chance of being logically consistent and we can then be more confident in our ability to pass on truly valuable information. Confusion in communication will then be reduced and we can more easily move forward as we reach a more concrete consensus of what our challenges actually are. This is crucial when we live in a sea of propaganda and especially when we find ourselves fragmented to this tragic degree. Right now too many people are dithering around and wasting time. Fortunately, much valuable information is out there but we have to be brave if we want to find it and digest it properly. There is a good chance we are powerful enough to grasp the true scope of the manipulation that humanity has been subject to and to deal with the pressing problems we face, despite how overarching and massive our problems are. People are getting sicker, stupider, and more poverty stricken. Nevertheless, instead of feeling entitled to health care, or education, or money, we can be our own doctors (for the most part), we can learn from each other and our families instead of a factory-like school, and we can recognize our role in instilling a more honest and fruitful economy by being brave enough to hold criminals accountable for their crimes (and also by striving to be financially self-sufficient in a variety of important ways). There exists a vast amount of information detailing how many of

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Extreme Toxicity

Continued from page 11 to the DNA to disrupting hormone receptors, from suppressing the immune system to damaging neurons. To view all 26 adverse physiological actions visit our open access, MEDLINE-derived Glyphosate Formulation research page. Once the public begins to let the reality of Roundup’s partsper-trillion toxicity sink in, then another realization naturally follows. The vast majority of GM crops are designed to survive chemical poisoning with Roundup. So-called ‘Roundup ready’ or ‘glyphosate-resistant’ plants are sprayed with this chemical,

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ensuring they are contaminated with toxic residues. This means that the potentially endless, impossible to resolve debate over whether GM trans-genes inserted into food and feed crops produce ‘allergenic’ or ‘potentially toxic’ proteins only scratches the surface of the problem, acting like a smokescreen distracting from the more obvious problems associated with the clear and present threat of glyphosate/Roundup toxicity. Essentially, if you are eating anything that is not explicitly labeled non-GMO or USDA certified organic (and there are reasons to doubt the veracity of this logo), you are being exposed to Roundup and its toxic metabolites. And when we say ‘exposed’ we are using a euphemism for poisoned. This also

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means that the primary doctrinal justification for not labelling, adequately safety testing, and regulating GM foods, namely, the view that they are ‘substantially equivalent,’ no longer holds any water. Roundup poisoned food is never equivalent to Roundupfree food. In order to drive momentum towards mass awareness of Roundup and Roundup-Ready agriculture toxicity, we are offering a free PDF download of our accumulated research on the topic to be shared far and wide. It is a 100% peer-reviewed and published research document, with hyperlinks back to the original citation location on the National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE. Please download it here today:

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U.S. intelligence. We have had 3 different divisions of the U.S. intelligence in our home, getting intelligence from our tribal leaders. But we have discovered that they have no intention of doing anything with the information and the intel was being used to warn Al Qaeda, not stop it, so we stopped passing the information. One of the intelligence people called us after she left and told us that if we ever wanted a life we needed to shut up about Libya and that they (the government) had done a “soft” attack on us (ruined our life and finances) and that we were lucky because they could have chosen to do a “terminal” attack on us. We have been literally destroyed, but we have decided to open our mouths and not shut them. We realize the only way to protect ourselves is by getting our story out to as many people as possible. We will be homeless next month as we have no more assets to sell and cannot pay our expenses. We are hoping to start giving presentations and sharing our story with paid honorariums; in that process we hope to find good people who might like to hire two very productive, intelligent and talented people. But, we will never stop telling our story.

the products and services we purchase actually perpetuate wars. Luckily we have the ability to boycott that crap. Finally, this is only meant to be a brief overview of the situation. I am only one person and there are doubtlessly other important details I’m omitting and other ways we are isolated from each other and our roots. For a more detailed and expansive assessment of the power structure that dominates us and and for a broader view of the mind-control agenda involved see (or hear) this History Connected episode ( titled “Research Discussion on MKULTRA, Cybernetics, and Social Control”. Also read ( “Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering” by Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin. Then watch the subsequent Vinny Eastwood Show interview ( with these authors titled “CIA, MK Ultra & Origins Of Acid Counter Culture” _________________ Amir Alwani is a musician and the founding editor of

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Never expose pregnant mothers or children to wireless radiation. Turn off all portable phone cradles and wireless routers. Limit your cell phone use to a minute a month. Or talk for an hour a day and accept a 400% increased cancer risk over the coming decade. Demand that your city and state emulate the recommendation from the European Committee of Ministers for all member states to “ban all mobile phones, [portable] phones or WiFi or Wireless Local Area Network systems from classrooms and schools.” Don’t fall for “safer” wireless speakerphones and air-tube headsets. Regardless of the excuse behind their purchase, every additional wireless gadget jacks up the need for more relay towers transmitting at ever-higher frequencies. And the higher the frequency, the more transparent our bodies become to electromagnetic energy. Stop Chemtrails! Continue educating media and the public. Attend local government meetings. It is illegal to introduce stray



electrical fields that use human beings to complete the circuit. Alert lawyers to this new “Illegally Conductive Barium” approach to initiating class action lawsuits. Stop Smart Meters! Keep educating the media and the public. Attend local governance meetings. Alert lawyers to these “Illegally Conductive Barium” findings to initiating class action lawsuits against wireless smart meters. To dissipate electromagnetic fields and ensure proper rest, “power down” bedrooms and grounding your body to the planet’s natural electromagnetic field using grounding pad under your sheets. As Earthcalm points out, “Manmade electricity has severed the connection. Instead of resonating to the planet, the cells are resonating to the electricity in homes/and workplace.” ________________

William Thomas is an award-winning investigative reporter with over four decades’ experience. His feature writing and photography have appeared in more than 50 publications in eight countries, with translations into French, Dutch and Japanese. A life-long environmental campaigner, his video documentary “Eco War” won the 1991 US Environmental Festival award for “Best Documentary Short”. Recipient of four Canadian feature-writing awards, William has been writing about wireless hazards since the publication of “Scorched Earth” in 1991. His most recent book “Chemtrails Confirmed” records his ongoing chemtrails investigations. Visit his website: willthomasonline. net



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Hair Grow Technology’s Bio-Fen® product line is continually moving forward! We are introducing our two latest versions; Bio-Fen® Plus for Menand Bio-Fen® Plus for Women. These products have been assigned Natural Product Numbers (NPN’s) by Health Canada. We recognize that both men and women experience androgenic alopecia (AGA, or male / female pattern baldness) and have made some improvements to the original formulation based on the latest science to address their specific needs. You will notice that we now have additional complementary (Health Canada Approved) health claims on each product.

How does Bio-Fen® PLUS work?

We are bringing you two new products with doublethe number of capsules and triple the number of health claims for men and four timesthe number of health claims for women. As in the previous formulation, the fenugreek seed extract in both new formulas reduces excess blood lipid levels (hyperlipidemia). Fenugreek contains β-sitosterol, an active plant sterol, which has been shown to inhibit 5-alpha-reductase activity – the enzyme responsible for converting excess testosterone to DHT(which is the primary molecule that causes hair loss). The SDG (secoisolariciresinol diglucoside) from flax lignans in both formulas also decreases excess cholesterol - the building block of testosterone. Based on new research on the rate of metabolism of SDG in flax lignans (8-12 hours on average), the dosage in both products has been revised from once a day to twice a day for optimum results.

Twice the Strength! Twice the Power! Bio-Fen® Plus for Men:

As before, the saw palmetto extract inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, and this action slows down the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) – the overabundance of which causes the miniaturization of hair follicles. This activity of the saw palmetto also helps to relieve the urinary symptoms of mild to moderate BPH for men. The saw palmetto that originally was an extract standardized to 45% free fatty acids, esters, and sterols while the new formula is a 4:1 extract to support the BPH claim. The product still contains these molecules for hair loss, but they are now at proprietary amounts based on our research so that the competition cannot duplicate our formula.

Bio-Fen® Plus for Men will also help to: • Relieve the urologic symptoms associated with mild to moderate benign prostatic hyperplasia - BPH (e.g. weak urine flow, incomplete voiding, frequent daytime and night time urination).

• Reduce elevated blood lipid levels / hyperlipidemia.

Bio-Fen® Plus for Women

The women’s formula is almost the same as the men’s formula. The mechanisms and results for the women formula is the same. The only difference is it contains silicon and iron instead of saw palmetto. Silicon has been shown to contribute to hair shaft strength and thus healthy hair growth. It also contains iron which helps prevent iron deficiency. A number of studies have related sub-clinical iron deficiency in women to diffuse hair loss/alopecia. The increased amount of SDG and other revisions to the regulations allow us to make some additional health claims for Bio-Fen® Plus for Women.

Bio-Fen® Plus for Women will also help to: • Reduce elevated blood lipid levels/hyperlipidemia • Prevent iron deficiency. • Metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

How long must I use Bio-Fen® Plus?

Bio-Fen® Plus for Mencapsules are usually effective at stopping hair loss within the first two months. However, since healthy hair grows only about 1 cm each month, it may take up to three months before you notice that hair growth is increased or the rate of hair loss is decreased. Anyone experiencing new growth should see it within four months. In some people the original pigmentation may come back. Once you stop completely your hair growth pattern will slowly go back to the point where you started. However, some people may be able to go with a lower maintenance dose.

What is the quality of Bio-Fen® Plus for Men?

Bio-Fen® Plus for Men is manufactured in Canada according to quality assurance specifications called Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This ensures that the ingredients are tested for their level of quality, potency & purity, prior to production and the finished product prior to sale. Hair Grow Technology (Bio-Fen® Plus) is a progressive company - we continually seek out the latest research on bioactive ingredients, and on regulatory updates in the natural health products industry. See our website to locate your nearest store that carries Bio-Fen® Plus.

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