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But Tolle’s wholeness is a small particle in the vastness of the Infinite. It is not the Infinite, however much he believes it must be. Brahman is not Infinite, it is the collective consciousness of the material universe, which embraces good and evil, birth and death, as equal in value. The consciousness of the Infinite surely never intended suffering or death for its children. Tolle, like the enlightened guru-followers, has accepted all that happens in this world, horrendousness included, as the wonderful will of the divine. He regards what happened to him the night of his transformation as an awakening to the highest truth. I suggest what he awoke to was assimilation of his will, his personhood, all that made him uniquely human. He became a vessel for the voice that told him, ‘Resist nothing’ – words that eerily echo the voice of The Borg, telling its victims the moment before assimilation: “Resistance is futile.” Brahman, what Tolle calls ‘Presence’, does bring euphoric peace to the experiencer. The grave is peaceful, too, but I wouldn’t want Page 13

to spend time in one. There is peace when an individual surrenders their personal self. Gone is the responsibility of making choices, of finding motivation, of coming up with creative

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solutions. Gone is the need to think and the sting of emotional repercussions from former bad decisions. The enlightened need to do nothing, say nothing, become nothing. But to achieve that iced-over state of detachment, that cosmic disassociation, they must sacrifice the most precious thing they have ever been given: their personal divine spark. The enlightened willfully self-implode. And God’s very purpose for making them, as a unique, personal expression of Itself, gets subverted. Surely we were meant to be more than automatons, possessed zombies, walking around the earth while something else moves through us. Surely God’s plan was not for Its creatures to become mindless robots, with glassy grins and empty hearts, who regard suffering and happiness, death and life, as all the same in value. Surely there is something beyond what the gurus’ teach as the ultimate. Something that celebrates, supports and cherishes each being It ever created, that desires them to live forever and in harmony and joy, as Itself. The gods have not stopped living off human sacrifice. The rules of the game have only changed a little. Blood-on-demand is not as delicious as the willing offering of a human soul. Siphoning is evolving into assimilation.

This is the tyranny of One, the reason the New Age teaches that awakened consciousness means seeing ‘small self’ as illusion and ‘Cosmic Self’ or ‘the One’, as the true reality. The intent is to fuse all egos into the will of the One, the will of the Overmind. The gods are masquerading as Cosmic Self. We either open our minds and recognize our programming, and reason our way out of this snare, or we grin like foolish children and follow the Pied Piper right into the maw of the mountain. Will we choose to amalgamate or to shoulder the burden and joy of becoming conscious, empowered individuals? The fate of the universe rests on our decision. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site. https://brontebaxter.wordpress. com/7-enlightenment-from-siphoningto-assimilation/ This is Chapter 7 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic,’ by Bronte Baxter.

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