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ince the 1900′s the vast majority of the American population has dreamed about saying “NO” to the Unconstitutional, corrupt, Rothschild/Rockefeller banking criminals, but no one has dared to do so. Why? If just half of our Nation, and the “1%”, who pay the majority of the taxes, just said NO MORE! Our Gov’t would literally change overnight. Why is it so hard for some people to understand that by simply NOT giving your money to large Corporations, who then send jobs, Intellectual Property, etc. offshore and promote anti-Constitutional rights, you will accomplish more than if you used violence. In other words… RESEARCH WHERE YOU ARE SENDING EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!! Is that so hard? The truth of the matter is… No other modern Nation on earth, except the Icelanders, have carried this out successfully. Not only have they been successful at overthrowing the corrupt Gov’t, they’ve drafted a Constitution that will stop this from happening ever again. That’s not the best part… The best part is that they have arrested ALL Rothschild/Rockefeller banking puppets responsible for the Country’s economic chaos and meltdown. What does all this have to do with? The answer… AGENDA 21. If you’re not educated, about Agenda 21, please watch these short videos now: Last week 9 people were arrested in London and Reykjavik for their possible responsibility for Iceland’s financial collapse in 2008, a deep crisis which developed into an unprecedented public reaction that is changing the country’s direction. It has been a revolution without weapons in Iceland, the country that hosts the world’s oldest democracy (since 930), and whose citizens have managed to effect change by going on demonstrations and banging pots and pans. Why have the rest of the Western countries not even heard about it?

Pressure from Icelandic citizens’ has managed not only to bring down a government, but also begin the drafting of a new constitution (in process) and is seeking to put in jail those bankers responsible for the financial crisis in the country. This quiet revolutionary process has its origins in 2008 when the Icelandic government decided to nationalize the three largest banks, Landsbanki, Kaupthing and Glitnir, whose clients were mainly British, and North and South American. After the State took over, the official currency (krona) plummeted and the stock market suspended its activity after a 76% collapse. Iceland was becoming bankrupt and to save the situation, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) injected U.S. $ 2,100 million and the Nordic countries helped with another 2,500 million. While banks and local and foreign authorities were desperately seeking economic solutions, the Icelandic people took to the streets and their persistent daily demonstrations outside parliament in Reykjavik prompted the resignation of the conservative Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde and his entire government. Great little victories of ordinary people. Citizens demanded, in addition, to convene early elections, and they succeeded. In April a coalition government was elected, formed by the Social Democratic Alliance and

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“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.” - George Orwell

The 5 Most Corrupt Industries in the World And What YOU Can Do About It by Noah Bonn


orruption is everywhere, but nowhere is it so blatant and so deep-seated as in the 5 following industries: Banking, Energy, Agriculture/ Biotech, Media, and Healthcare. Conspicuously missing from this list, of course, is politics. The reason that politics was not included is because political corruption is very rarely confined to the political arena. It is almost entirely the result of financial lobby and backing, so I decided to focus on the industries behind the issue, rather than the politicians themselves. Hopefully you will find this article eye-opening, as well as empowering in your effort to affect change today.

1) Banking - Did you know: All money comes into circulation through an interestbased loan from either the Federal Reserve or another private bank.

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As a result, there is more debt than money in our economy. This is not due to irresponsible lending, but is inherent to the mechanics of all fiat currency. Every time a loan is repaid, interest (wealth) is transferred from the working class to the ownership class. Structural class-ism is therefore built directly into the system. Again, it is not simply a result of greedy people within the system- it is a reality upon which the entire concept of banking is predicated. The Solution? Credit Unions At least in the short term. While still technically a fractional-reserve lending system, Credit Unions have one important difference from conventional banks: no shareholders. With conventional banks, a large amount of the revenue generated from the lending programs is paid to the super-ownership class of the bank-owners. They receive interest on money that they aren’t even necessarily lending themselves. They just take it because they can: “our bank, our rules- bitch.”

With credit unions, there are no shareholders. All revenue from loans is paid to members and employees. Again, not perfect, but far better. Personally, I would recommend only keeping as much money in a credit union as you need to meet your day-to-day expenses (a few thousand at most). The rest could be put to better use with more globally harmonious investments.

2) Energy - Did you know: 69.3% of US energy comes from burning fossil fuels. This process releases lead and arsenic into the air and water, and is the number one source of Mercury contamination in the United States. More than 99% of the world’s cars run on an internal combustion engine, burning either petroleum, or (occasionally) an oil derived from genetically modified soy. 14% of the world’s electricity comes from nuclear fission. We have no way to reintegrate the waste product from this process, ecologically, as it is one the most radio-

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Freedom’s Bloom


by Fredalupe!

hat a beautiful sunny day it is right now, the first one in far too long, and although the chemtrails are edging closer and closer, it’s still early enough in the morning to get some good sunlight into the eyes and onto the skin. Thanks to the abundant gifts of the Earth I’ve replenished my electrons and stabilized my internal electrical environment by simply walking barefoot on the grass and grounding myself. Peacefully warm for the first time in a long while I am struck by the contrast of this very real experience and the strange abstractions of life all around me. Traffic roars past, a busy and frantic noise of discordant mechanized labour. Up above, the foul chemical concoctions of madmen keeps creeping closer, lines of the stuff amalgamating together to become a spread of chemical clouds that do more than threaten to, yet again, whiteout a perfectly blue heaven, and robbing this warming day with an unnatural coolness, an artificiality that sheaths my view into something that has become the norm of the here and now. Suddenly I’m up again, nervously eyeing the sky as I make my way back to my cell and its black mirror of electric machine lights, my dark window onto the madness of this age, one lit by the archon-tic glow of distraction, there to finish my task of the day which happens to be this very article which I’ve left for last. Okay, enough with the purple prose, probably. I guess I’m still trying to create some kind of beauty out of a thing that possesses none intrinsically. The funereal shrouding of our heavens should be a dead giveaway of where this is all going. Maybe that last sentence answers the question of why so few have noticed the horror lurking above. Mindless, ever hungry zombies (the ultimate in consumers culture), and ‘sexy’ unchanging vampires (what’s sexy about a tape worm or any other parasite is beyond me) afraid of dying in the sun’s light, populate mass consciousness these days. Both schools of undead are going to feel right at home here once the genetic modification of the human race is complete, if they don’t already. Perhaps you’re just all about being wired and internetted, pinging away in robotic gayety as the simulacra you’ve accepted as your society drools on in imbecilic masturbation. How cut off are you from Life? From Love? From yourself? Be honest if you can. Are you one of them? Are you really alive? Or only virtually so? Have you joined the collective? Have you also given up on your humanity? It’s with a wary eye that I watch myself reluctantly use the tools of the virtually damned to send out this missive. I hear resistance is futile. I’ve also heard that what one resists persists. Star Trek’s Borg and their Queen remind me of the so-called United Kingdom, and now the empire of U.S.A Inc, assimilating and destroying species and cultures aplenty all for the ridiculous glory of a mechanized existence of mindless worship to some inhuman principle of consumption and imagined superiority. What preposterousness! The genetic modifications that have been going on for so long now are seemingly a success. The eugenicist program of social engineering that has been driving the societies of the world for god only knows how long amount to the same: humans just aren’t so humane or even human anymore. The perpetually inbred ‘elites’, much like the turds they truly are, float on the top of the cesspool they have made out of the paradise the Earth expressed for us all. Zombie nations keep feasting on themselves in a lunatic glee. Chic vampires strike sexy unchanging poses while leering suggestively with their painted eyebrows and painted faces at our children in an undisguised lust to desecrate and devour all innocence. Are you Lovin’ It? All it takes is a quick look around to see that it’s become a Ronald McDonald world out there, super-sized and especially prepared and form-fitted to fill our every orifice, forever. After all: You Can’t Beat the Feeling. It had to be good to get where it is. Makes good things taste better. Pure as Sunlight. Ice-cold sunshine. Catch the Wave. Can’t beat the real thing. Make It Real. Life tastes Good. It’s the real thing....Sweet. Am I alone in wondering what the heck Coca Crapola is talking about, because it sure ain’t their nasty evil little addictive disease making drink. Perfect for the zombie/vampire set, mind you, keeping their prey in sugar comas and fattened up for the slaughter. Big on thirst they are: Enjoy thirst. The best friend thirst ever had. The taste thirst goes for. Thirst knows no season. Thirst asks nothing more. Put into the proper context their slogans give me shivers. Welcome to the Magic, they boldly state. The Disney-fication of main-stream awareness also seems complete. If Disney is really ‘The happiest place on earth’ then I’m getting out of here. I drank and ate their shite for long enough to addict me as well. I watched those twisted and violent films too, filling myself up with horror until my soul bled for release. I dug them zombies and vamps for a while also. They spoke volumes of the true condition of this place. One of the numbed undead, I too was a disconnected and unhinged thing, feverishly seeking to share my pain because what else was there exactly? School was an insanity. Television my main companion and teacher. And on and on and on until, sick of life and willing to turn to any and all indulgence to distract my attention from the hell of existence, I accepted societies’ death wish as my own. A race of slaves forced to work to live a life not worth the living. What drama! What angst! What perfection! What a joke. You see it’s not enough to change the political system, or get better health care, or a better electric toaster/dildo to satisfy all your virtual needs. All that stuff is just a reflection of our aberrated natures. Of course there is a shroud occluding the heavens and poisoning our world. Of course the over-shmoes are continuing to wreak havoc through their endless rapine of our ever-giving Mother. Of course all the food and water is contaminated, the airways charged with terrible energies, the seas acid, while the masses cower away from consciousness, from truth, mortally afraid of freedom. And is it really so difficult to include the reality of mankind’s evil into our conscious awareness? Are psychopaths really that hard to imagine? Ever watch television? Ever heard of war? Or Politicians? Or Banksters? Or World Government? Or History? “Who could do such a thing?” We cry! You could! I could. We all could. We all have. We all do. Some by doing nothing. Most by simply continuing to financially participate in

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Help Yourself HEADLINES Ottawa Airport Wired with Microphones Sections of the Ottawa airport are now wired with microphones that can eavesdrop on travellers’ conversations. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is nearing completion of a $500,000 upgrade of old video cameras used to monitor its new “customs controlled areas,” including the primary inspection area for arriving international passengers. +wired+with+microphones+Border+Services+prepa res+record+travellers+conversations/6788759/story. html#ixzz1y9MDTLzF

Fukushima, Washington Hides ‘Black Swan’ of Economic Collapse The threat to U.S. national security as well as the implications to the global economy a nuclear contamination multiple-times more devastating than Chernobyl poses to America may have been the impetus for President Obama’s rapid-fire signing of the Executive Orders of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in January and the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act (NDRPA) in March, possibly suggesting that President Obama’s motives for these pair of politically catastrophic actions (during an election year) were, in a sense, mischaracterized as a executive branch power grab by media instead of an unpredictable dialogue that could trigger an immediate crisis of panic if the rational for an obvious abrogation (suspension) of the Constitution were made public.

Coke Bottles May Require Cancer Warning Label if Drink Ingredients Not Changed Back in January, the state of California added to its list of cancer-causing chemicals an ingredient commonly used in flavored soda beverages, which has sent major shockwaves throughout the processed food industry. And according to numerous reports, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and even Whole Foods are having to alter their soda beverage recipes in order to avoid being required by the state of California to label their products as causing cancer. The cancer-causing chemical in question is 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MI, a byproduct formed during the production of caramel color, an additive commonly used in processed cola beverages. warning_ingredients.html

The most far-reaching and detailed analysis to date of the drug economy in any country – in this case, Colombia – shows that 2.6% of the total street value of cocaine produced remains within the country, while a staggering 97.4% of profits are reaped by criminal syndicates, and laundered by banks, in first-world consuming countries.

As the so-called trilateral North American “integration” process marches onward toward an ever-closer union between the governments of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, national law enforcement agents are slowly creeping across borders through a variety of shadowy schemes. Going forward, that trend is set to accelerate, according to officials, who say government functionaries may soon be able to chase and arrest suspects outside of their own nations. But critics of the controversial plan are fighting back with increasing urgency.

Fluoride Lowers Your IQ A Debated Truth? item/11519-foreign-agents-creep-into-us-and-canadaunder-integration-scheme

There have been 24 studies conducted around humans indicating that fluoride lowers your IQ and an additional 100+ animal studies drawing similar conclusions. All of the studies collectively show how fluoride negatively impacts brain function, and yet many individuals continue to attest to the substances safety.

Foods and Supplements that Protect Against DNA Damage

Mexico’s Spring of Discontent Reaches Climax

• • • •

Gingko biloba at a dose of 250-350mg per day; it was found to protect DNA from radiation damage. Ginger was found to protect animal DNA from massive exposure to Gamma radiation, the most destructive kind. Garlic has also been found to protect against ionizing radiation. Curcumin (turmeric extract) was found to be enormously protective as well as, Quercitin, which is found in fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains and Punicalagins, extracted from pomegranates. Alpha Lipoid Acid was found to actually reverse some effects of radiation damage in Chernobyl. Resveratrol, a compound most commonly associated with red wine is also a very potent radio-protectant, in supplement doses of 200mg, twice a day. Hesperidin was found to be very protective of DNA and of bone marrow, the blood-forming organ that’s the most sensitive to radiation exposure, along with the brain and the gastrointestinal tract.

The #YoSoy132 movement emerged from an alreadylegendary student protest at the (conservative) University Iberoamericana on May 11. After spontaneously driving the visiting Peña Nieto off their campus with cries of “Coward!”, “Murderer!” and “Get out!” the students were labeled by the PRI and its media backers as “puppets”. Thus was born a movement that has thoroughly overshadowed the election race and held the country in thrall. T-Shirts, flags and Facebook avatars reading “#YoSoy132” are now part of the national iconography. Of course, all that these “puppets” and “thugs” actually want is a clean, democratic election. foods-and-supplements-that-protectagainst-dna-damage-dr-russell-blaylock.html

The Coup Of 2012 Back in 1992 the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff held a “Strategy Essay Competition.” The winner was a National War College student paper entitled, “The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012.” Authored by Colonel Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. the paper is a well documented, “darkly imagined excursion into the future.” The ostensibly fictional work is written from the perspective of an imprisoned senior military officer about to be executed for opposing the military takeover of America, a coup accomplished through “legal” means. The essay makes the point that the coup was “the outgrowth of trends visible as far back as 1992,” including “the massive diversion of military forces to civilian uses,” particularly law enforcement. President Obama’s signing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) whose Section 1021 sanctions the military detention of American citizens without charge, essentially aims to put the last nail in the coffin of our Constitution, our teetering Republic and our most basic democratic traditions.

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Foreign Agents Creep into U.S. & Canada Under Integration Scheme

Western Banks ‘Reaping Billions From Colombian Cocaine Trade’

• • • •

Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21

“The State of Alabama and all political subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in, or traceable to ‘Agenda 21,’ “ the law states, adding a brief background on the UN plan hatched at the 1992 “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro. item/11592-alabama-adopts-first-official-state-ban-onun-agenda-21

It’s Official: Presidency Now a Dictatorship

New World Order Blueprint Leaked On June 12, a leaked copy of the investment chapter for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was made public. This copy was analyzed by Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch and has been verified as authentic. This agreement has been negotiated IN SECRET for 2-1/2 years and no information has ever been released until this leak. So why have the details of this negotiation been so secret? This agreement has been framed as a “free trade” agreement and yet out of 26 chapters only two have anything to do with trade. The other 24 chapters grant new corporate privileges and rights, while limiting governments and protective regulations. If implemented, this agreement will hard code corporate dominance over sovereign governments into international law that will supercede any federal, state, or local laws of any member country.

Obama’s latest outrageous violation of the laws of the United States demonstrate that the nation has arrived at its destination: a dictatorship lorded over by an imperial ruler. Obama instructed the government to ignore an influx of illegal aliens streaming over the border. The move was implemented to sway Latino voters into the Obama camp in preparation for the upcoming election against fellow establishment candidate Mitt Romney. Obama’s violations of law and the Constitution make his predecessor look like a piker by way of comparison. Since he was voted into office by deluded citizens who believed he would pay for their rent and food, Obama has enacted by fiat or worked with Congress to pass a number of bills that have increased the power of the executive and the unconstitutional authority of the federal government. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA): This monstrous statute allows the government to circumvent the Fifth Amendment. The NDAA gives the government the authority to designate American citizens as terrorists and indefinitely detain them without recourse to courts or due process of law and without specific charge.

Rio+21 - UN Global Agenda, The Planet Under Global Government

Cell Phones: 50 Percent Increase in Frontal and Temporal Lobe Tumors in Children

Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks France’s Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize Just after France’s legislators and officials moved to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified strain of GMO maize over environmental and health concerns, the European Union has decided to step in and re-secure Monsanto’s presence in the country — against the very will of the nation itself. This should come as no surprise when considering the fact that the United States ambassador to France, a business partner to George W. Bush, stated back in 2007 that nations who did not accept Monsanto’s GMO crops will be ‘penalized’. In fact, ambassador Craig Stapleton went as far as to say that the nations should be threatened with military-styled trade wars.

The Office of National Statistics in the United Kingdom discovered a 50 percent increase in frontal and temporal lobe tumors in children during the ten year span covering 1999 to 2009. Was this a result of cell phone radiation? The Department of Health in the UK would appear to think so. One in three children under the age of ten currently has a cellphone in their possession.

‘Strawberry Flavor’ Consists of 50 Different Chemicals What goes into mimicking the flavor a strawberry? Well, instead of simply using real strawberry, food manufacturers have decided to opt for a much cheaper (and toxic) method of creating what has come to be known as ‘strawberry flavor‘. The chemical concoction consists of 50 different chemical ingredients, many of which could be threatening to your health. Processed foods, and even many foods pushed as ‘wholesome’ oftentimes contain this synthetic strawberry flavor (among many others).

Lord Christopher Monckton told The New American in an exclusive interview Saturday that the United Nations’ Rio+20 conference that concluded the day before was not about saving the planet from environmental devastation or about eradicating poverty. Instead, he said, it was about shackling the planet under a global government. He also optimistically stressed that the “pointy heads here in Rio” have failed despite their declaration of success and that “the game is up.” Monckton noted that climate-change alarmism no longer has the appeal it once did, and that the alarmists have therefore backed away from it. “This whole conference right from the start has had the stink of death upon it,” he observed. “The environment is no longer cool. It’s no longer green. It’s no longer fashionable. They realized they could no longer bring forward the climate as an excuse, and you barely heard climate change mentioned here..”,_Shackling_The_Plant_ Under_Global_Government_-_Video.html

Illinois Department of Agriculture Destroys 15 Years of Research Proving Monsanto’s Roundup Kills Bees

Using the TPP to Renegotiate and Expand NAFTA Both Canada and Mexico have been invited to join the U.S., along with other countries already engaged in negotiations which will deepen trade and economic ties within the Asia-Pacific region. Such a deal would surpass NAFTA in size and scope. The U.S. led talks which have been criticized for their secretive nature, could be used to update aspects of existing trade pacts among member nations. This would provide the perfect opportunity for a backdoor renegotiation of NAFTA without officially having to open it back up. In May, the TPP held its twelfth round of negotiations with the next set of talks scheduled to take place in San Diego, California from July 2-10. So far, there has been a real lack of transparency, but what is clear is that the TPP seeks to go beyond other trade agreements. According to a leaked text by Public Citizen, it would expand on the investor privileges found in NAFTA, granting corporations more power and further threatening the sovereign rights of member nations. Renegotiate_and_Expand_NAFTA/20227/0/0/0/Y/M. html

An Illinois beekeeper with more than a decade’s worth of expertise about how to successfully raise organic, chemical-free bees is the latest victim of flagrant government tyranny. According to the Prairie Advocate, Terrence “Terry” Ingram of Apple River, Ill., owner of Apple Creek Apiaries, recently had his bees and beehives stolen from him by the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDofA), as well as more than 15 years’ worth of research proving Monsanto’s Roundup to be the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) destroyed.

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Biotech Leader Busted Charged Over Covering Up Animal Deaths from GM Corn

by Anthony Gucciardi


n a riveting victory against genetically modified creations, a major biotech company known as Syngenta has been criminally charged for denying knowledge that its GM Bt corn actually kills livestock. What’s more is not only did the company deny this fact,

but they did so in a civil court case that ended back in 2007. The charges were finally issued after a long legal struggle against the mega corp initiated by a German farmer named Gottfried Gloeckner whose dairy cattle died after eating the Bt toxin and coming down with a ‘mysterious’ illness. Grown on his own farm from 1997 to 2002, the cows on the farm were all being fed exclusively on Syngenta’s Bt 176 corn by the year 2000. It was around this time that the mysterious illnesses began to emerge among the cattle population. Syngenta paid Gloeckner 40,000 euros in an effort to silence the farmer, however a civil lawsuit was brought upon the company. Amazingly, 2 cows ate genetically modified maize (now banned in Poland over serious concerns) and died. During the civil lawsuit, however, Syngenta refused to admit that its GM corn was responsible. In fact, they went as far as to claim having no knowledge whatsoever of harm. The case was dismissed and Gloeckner, the farmer who launched the suit, was left thousands of euros in debt. And that’s not all; Gloeckner continued to lose many cows as a result of Syngenta’s modified Bt corn.

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures by Naomi Woods


pple cider vinegar is one of the most popular home remedies for a number of conditions, and is often utilized as a powerful cure when common medical interventions offer no relief. It can even be used as a cleaning agent around the house. Health professionals have been utilizing apple cider vinegar to enhance lifestyle changes and target certain ailments for ages, and chances are one of these apple cider vinegar cures can help enhance your own life. There are still many other uses for apple cider vinegar besides these, and apple cider vinegar cures are many. Apple cider is truly a great home remedy since it is all natural and generally quite cheap. Make sure you buy high quality organic with the ‘mother’ when shopping for the right brand.

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After halting the use of GM feed in 2002, Gloeckner attempted a full investigation with the Robert Koch Institute and Syngenta involved. The data of this investigation is still unavailable to the public, and only examined one cow. In 2009, however, Gloeckner teamed up with a German action group known as Bündnis Aktion Gen-Klage and to ultimately bring Syngenta to the criminal court. Using the testimony of another farmer whose cows died after eating Syngenta product, Gloeckner and the team have charged the biotech giant for the death of over 65 cows, withholding knowledge of the death-link, and holding the corporation liable for not registering the cattle deaths. The team is even charging, Hans-Theo Jahmann, the German head of Syngenta, personally over the withholding of knowledge. The charges bring to light just how far large biotechnology companies will go to conceal evidence linking their genetically modified products to serious harm. Monsanto, for example, has even threatened to sue the entire state of Vermont if they attempt to label its genetically modified ingredients. Why are they so afraid of the consumer knowing what they are putting in their mouths?

Some Apple Cider Vinegar Cures

Open pores:

Foot problems

Common cold:

by Mike Barrett


lueberries, along with many other fruit, possess astounding benefits that can greatly improve anyone’s health. This magical fruit has one of the highest antioxidant levels out of any fruit and possesses a number of different nutrients that can power your brain and body. It is unfortunate that even with the great benefits of blueberries and other fruit alike, doctors will never prescribe them over pharmaceuticals despite the dangers behind drug use and the massive amount of other side-effects that could come with them.

Benefits of Blueberries Blueberries possess powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols which are attributed to helping virtually all illness and disease. What’s great news for everyone is that

Weight Loss With Blueberries the benefits of blueberries also go as far aiding in weight loss as well. One study done by Shiwani Moghe, a researcher from Texas Woman’s University, showed that polyphenols greatly inhibit the development of fat cells. She found that a high dose of polyphenols shed down fat cells by 73 percent in mice and a low dose reduced fat cell count by 27 percent in mice. With blueberries containing a high amount of these polyphenols, they prove to be one of the great foods for weight loss.

Benefits of Antioxidants go Beyond Weight Loss Blueberries, as well as other foods containing antioxidants, have been eaten for many generations without the health benefits even being known on a scientific level. The benefits of blueberries and antioxidants in general are abundant and are also a serious threat to the medical establishment. If people were to consume healthy foods rich in antioxidants regularly, prescription and non-prescription drug use would plunder, leading to a serious decline in pharmaceutical sales. While antioxidants help

almost every health condition, here are a few things they are helpful with: • Slow the aging process by reducing free radical damage • Fight cancer • Protect the heart and liver • Lower blood pressure • Prevent coronary artery disease Some antioxidants, specifically polyphenols and flavonoids, have only been studied for the past couple decades. So much useful information has come to light regarding the fantastic benefits antioxidants have on the body that it is a wonder why these benefits aren’t being harnessed by everyone. It quite possibly couldn’t be a better time for such nutrients and foods containing those nutrients to be studied due to the serious decline in eating habits Americans (and the rest of us ed.) face today. Having this information available now may be more crucial than ever, as decades ago natural foods were a very normal part of a diet. So start harnessing the powers and benefits of blueberries and other foods rich in antioxidants now. Such fantastic foods for weight loss are seldom found in the average North American diet - choose not to be average.

Avocados Naturally Conquer Aging and Disease


by Anthony Gucciardi

ontrary to many anti-aging pills and creams, avocados are extremely inexpensive and also quite a delicious addition to any seasonal meal. The best part, however, is that they are actually effective in fighting aging and disease and bolstering your immune system to fight off disease — no expensive medical interventions required. The powerful yet 100% natural effect has to do with how the oil from the fruit can combat free radicals, which have been linked to countless conditions including cancer and heart disease (as well as aging, and in many cases accelerated aging). What’s most amazing about the antioxidants found in avocados is their ability to ‘deeply’ penetrate inside the body and actually enter the mitochondria, a tiny ‘powerhouse’ which actually turns food into energy inside your body. Your mitochondria are actually teeming with free radicals, which are assaulting the tiny energy assimilators on a daily basis. While other fruits and vegetables — pow- erful in many ways as well — offer beneficial antioxidants, avocados possess the unique ability to actually make their way inside mitochondria. This is an effect that has scientists raving over the usage of avocados in the prevention of disease and aging. Researcher, Christian Cortes-Rojo, summarized the findings, explaining: “The problem is that the antioxidants in [other] substances are unable to enter mitochondria. So free radicals go on damaging mitochondria, causing energy production to stop and the cell to collapse and die.” It is these free radicals, brought upon by toxins that enter the body, which are causing serious damage to public health. Breeding disease through the destruction of DNA and cell membranes, free radicals are unwanted invaders of the body. Avocados present themselves as an

excellent way to fend off the issue, and researchers say that avocado oil can even allow certain cells to survive in the presence of high iron concentrations — an element that produces a particularly ‘huge’ amount of free radicals. It is also interesting to note that avocado oil is similar to olive oil in terms of composition. Not only has olive oil been found to benefit your overall health, but the consumption of olive oil has been linked to unusually low levels of serious disease in some Mediterranean countries.

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Keep Calm and Carry on With Kava Kava by Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND, founder of the nutraceutical company Life Choice.


he idea of having a drink to calm down after a particularly stressful day is not new, nor are the roots of this practice solely North American. Some people may not be aware of Kava Kava, but it is best-known as a ceremonial South Pacific beverage. The earliest European knowledge of Kava Kava dates back to the late 1700s, with the journeys of Captain Cook. Present day usage of Kava Kava beverages in tropical climates is similar to the use of alcoholic beverages in the West. However the plant from which the beverage is made was also found to have useful properties to reduce stress, fatigue, pain, perimenopausal symptoms and anxiety. For example, in 1996, Phytomedicine published a study on Kava Kava. The study was double-blind and placebo-controlled. Fifty-eight patients, all of whom had anxiety disorders that were not caused by mental disorders, were split equally into groups and either given Kava Kava or a placebo. Their progress was measured mostly on the Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAMA). After just one week of treatment, the HAMA scores of the Kava Kava group dropped significantly. The improvement of the Kava Kava group and the stagnation of the placebo group continued over the course of the four-week study. During the entire study no undesirable events were documented.

In 2009, another study treated 60 adults who had symptoms of elevated generalized anxiety that had lasted for a minimum of a month. This study was placebo-controlled, double-blind, and lasted three weeks. When the results were in, researchers found that aqueous Kava Kava not only helped the patients with anxiety, but also depression—all this without serious adverse effects. The study was published in Psychopharmacology. Encouraging studies like these have continued. In fact, there have been at least 13 clinical studies conducted on 619 participants demonstrating Kava Kava’s positive effects for conditions including anxiety, mental function, reaction time, sleep quality, and perimenopausal symptoms. As these things were discovered, supplements containing Kava Kava became quite popular. However, due to regulatory issues, Kava Kava was taken off of the Canadian market. That is until now. Life Choice supplements is currently pioneering the legal reintroduction of Kava Kava supplements (NHP # 80029817) into the North American market. After 10 years out of the market, this product’s return is highly-anticipated by the natural health community. It has been a two-year plus journey for the company, but in March 2012, Life Choice’s Kava Kava was fi-

Kava Kava root powder nally awarded with a Natural Product Number, making it the first legal Health Canada-approved formulation on the market. Because Life Choice has received the proper safety certification, consumers across North America can enjoy the natural health benefits of Kava Kava supplementation, with no worries over legality or safety. One happy customer commented, “Life Choice’s Kava Kava in capsule form could replace all stress/sleep aids on the market . . . when used prior to sleeping, I experienced a deeper sleep and my dreams were vibrant and clear. When used in a social setting, I was much more approachable and conversational, passing off love and positive energy to everyone.” Life Choice is spreading the word about Kava Kava as much as possible. It is the hope of Dr. Dahl that Life Choice’s Kava Kava licensing can serve as encouragement to the natural health industry. As he marvelled, “We are the only licensed manufacturer in North America and the EU who can legally sell Kava Kava. This is truly amazing—what they thought would never be licensed has been licensed. Perseverance does pay off.”

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The Invisible DNA Threat


by D. Holt

e are all exposed to electromagnetic radiation constantly on a daily basis from mobile phones, Wifi hot spots, power lines and electrical appliances. The sources of this pollution are many and varied, each having its own range of wavelength, frequency and intensity. How does the artificial electromagnetic soup that we bathe in every day affect our most precious gift, our DNA? Our DNA is a polar molecule which is affected by charged particles and electromagnetic fields, much in the same way as other polar molecules. Put simply, a polar molecule such as water has predominantly negative and positive regions. The charge on the molecule will align itself with the direction of an electromagnetic field. When the field oscillates then the molecule will switch from one direction to the other resulting in increased temperature, this is essentially the workings of the microwave oven. The issue with DNA, however, is not merely one of increasing temperature. Many studies into mobile phone frequency EM radiation have only studied the heating

Page 10 effects. Whilst heating of the brain does occur, this is not the only cause of concern. The internal components of the DNA structure are rotated at different frequencies and different rates and the external ribbons of deoxyribose and phosphate are rotated and pulled. Unzipping DNA With so many differing EM fields being transmitted by so many different sources, the DNA components attempt to turn to align with their respecting fields. This causes rotational and tensile stresses on the molecule. The base pairs of the molecule are held together down the middle by weak hydrogen bonds, much the same as a zipper. These weak hydrogen bonds are used in replication, but are weak enough to be broken by the physical stresses put on the structure of the molecule. The result is damaged DNA structures that are unable to function in the way they are designed to do. Damaged DNA results in many diseases such as genetic disorders, infertility and cancer.

The many studies into mobile phone use and overhead power-lines have come to different conclusions depending on who has carried out the studies; however some results are universally proven. DNA is damaged by EM radiation. Heating of the brain occurs when a mobile phone is used and cases of cancer have been observed in areas of the body consistently exposed to mobile phone frequency radiation. Despite evidence of the dangers, the use of EM devices is still rapidly on the increase, with smart meters, Wifi, and more powerful next generation mobile communications. This is in addition to the already numerous sources from electrical appliances, TV and radio signals, body scanners, overhead power lines and even the wiring in the walls of your home. There is no doubt that more research needs to be done. But whilst the dangers are ignored in the search for profit, no amount of research will change the daily onslaught of this silent and invisible danger.

The Caveman Diet grain free, disease free by Lana Lokteff


ost people freak out without their morning wheat toast. However, more and more people are beginning to turn to the wheat-free diet, experiencing liberation from chronic health ailments, weight and blood sugar spikes. In the book, Wheat Belly, preventative cardiologist William Davis explains how eliminating wheat from our diets is the key to achieving permanent weight loss and relief from a range of health issues. After witnessing over 2,000 patients regain their health after giving up wheat, Davis reached the disturbing conclusion that wheat is the single largest contributor to the nationwide obesity epidemic—and its elimination is key to dramatic weight loss and optimal health. Every day, over 200 million Americans (and millions more elsewhere in the world) consume food products made of wheat. As a result over a 100 million of them experience some form of adverse health effect, ranging from minor rashes and high blood sugar to the unattractive stomach bulges that preventive cardiologist, William Davis, calls “wheat bellies.” Davis says that excess fat is not related to inactivity or high fat diets but is due to our love of foods like bread, pastas, muffins and cakes. None of these foods were consumed by our Paleolithic ancestors. It doesn’t matter if you eat whole wheat, multi-grain, un-sprouted, germ, organic or gluten free because wheat is wheat. In Wheat Belly, Davis exposes the harmful effects of what is actually a product of genetic tinkering and agribusiness being sold to the public as “wheat”, informed by cutting-edge science and nutrition, along with case studies from men and women who have experienced life-changing transformations in their health after waving goodbye to wheat. Dr. Davis’s diet plan fits in line with Nora Gedgaudas’ book Primal Body, Primal Mind. Nora Gedgaudas is one of the world’s leading experts on Paleolithic (Paleo) nutrition, is certified in holistic nutrition and is a clinical neuro-feedback specialist. Like Dr. Davis, in her practice, she has seen incredible results by removing high carb foods from her patients’ diets, healing them of diseases modern medicine has deemed incurable. Her book, like William Davis’, detail the horrible effects wheat and high carb grains have on the human body and even on the mind. The Paleo diet is reversing chronic diseases, relieving stress and psychological issues. Also, since it is a pre-agriculture diet, it doesn’t negatively impact the environment as it doesn’t require ludicrous agricultural practices or GMOs like grain diets require. Dr. Davis points out that two slices of whole grain bread will increase blood sugar higher than two tablespoons of pure sugar cane, a candida favourite! Although many turn to wheat free grains, spelt, kamut, quinoa, amaranth, teff, millet, brown rice and buckwheat, these are all still high carb foods which turn to sugar and spike blood sugar levels causing Hyperglycemia or Hypoglycemia when levels fall again. This causes great stress on the body. People argue this is only the case for high glycemic indexed foods but others say this includes all high carb foods. Weston Price, was a dentist known primarily for his theories on the relationship between nutrition, dental health, and physical health. He founded the research institute of the National Dental Association, which later became the research section of the American Dental Association, and served as its chair from 1914–1928. By 1930, Price had shifted his interest to nutrition. In 1939, he published Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, detailing his global travels studying the diets and nutrition of various cultures. The book concludes that aspects of a modern Western diet (particularly flour, sugar, and modern processed vegetable fats) cause nutritional deficiencies that are a cause of many dental issues and health problems. The dental issues he observed include the proper development of the facial structure (to avoid overcrowding of the teeth) in addition to dental caries. Weston Price’s research discovered that cereal grain foods are the worst possible thing for our teeth! He discov- ered that foods high in dense nutrients, such as animal fats, were the best foods for our teeth. The reason for this is because animals were designed to collect all of the most valuable nutrients. These people had no degenerative diseases and perfect teeth. No traditional groups of humans throughout history were vegetarians as these foods were not available year round. However, Dr. Price found two eastern African tribes, the Kikuyu and the Bantu that ate a mostly vegetarian diet. They experienced tooth decay unlike their neighbouring meat eating tribes. The Icelandic explorer and anthropologist, Dr. Vilhjalmur Seffanson, also confirms the research of Weston Price. He spent many years in the 20th century living with the Eskimos in northern Canada and Alaska. None of them developed scurvy or any degenerative diseases. They ate a meat diet completely void of all fruits and vegetables. Dr. Carl Lumholtz, a Norwegian scientist and explorer reported that the same was true in the southern hemi-

sphere. He resided with the Aborigines in northern Australia who ate mostly animal foods and never plant foods if flesh was available. Our food pyramid today is completely opposite of what our ancestors ate. But they did eat nuts and seeds so if you crave bready foods, try almond flour. Coconut flour is also wonderful but almond flour is easier to use and has a rich, moist taste to it. You can buy almond flour in the grocery store or make it at home yourself, which is easy to do with a food processor. There are thousands of almond flour recipes online to bake breads, cakes, cookies, pies or whatever you crave. Use plants based erythritol instead of sugar. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, which have been associated with reduced risk of heart disease. Almonds also lower bad cholesterol, are high in fibre and contain vitamin E. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition eating almonds reduced the glycemic index (GI) of the meal and subjects’ rise in blood sugar in a dose-dependent manner - the more almonds consumed, the lower the meal’s GI and the less the rise in subjects’ blood sugar after eating. By the way, almond milk is also a better choice over hormone/antibiotic injected cow’s milk. Moral of the story, go grain free! Eat organic, hormone free meat, fish, eggs, seeds, nuts, berries, herbs and vegetables. It will change your life, your body and your mind. Use nut flours when you crave something bread-like. A note to vegetarians who eat soy burgers and other soy products, thousands of studies link soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, immune-system breakdown, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders, infertility, cancer, heart disease and more. Not a food our ancestors ate.

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Fukushima Radiation Cover - Up Continues Here’s How to Protect Yourself by PF Louis


t’s not just Fukushima, though that may be enough. The northern hemisphere especially had been inundated with radioactive fallout by atmospheric nuclear weapons testing from 1950 to 1963. The Nevada testing area alone produced 1200 nuclear explosions that emitted radioactive particles across the USA. The Chernobyl incident in 1986 affected hundreds of thousands throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia. The boom in nuclear reactor power plants had already started and was constantly increasing, along with considerable radiation leaking. A 1996 international court interpretation of international treaties opened the door for widespread use of depleted uranium (DU) that had been prohibited for use as ammunition projectiles that could pierce armour. Tons of DU ammunition has been used in Bosnia and the Mideast since, leaving a radioactive mess that will last for life times. Depleted uranium is a deceptive term. It is basically what’s left after enriched uranium is used for reactors. But DU cannot be used in reactors anymore. DU is still highly radioactive, so using it for ammunition creates a lucrative industry instead of an expensive toxic waste disposal issue. Part of DU’s effectiveness is the fact that DU projectiles ignite on impact and penetrate armour. But that process also functions to emit radioactive vapours and particles in the immediate area, which accumulates in the environment and contaminates locally for lifetimes, as well as getting carried by winds for miles to contaminate elsewhere. The point of this lengthy introduction is to make you aware that we have been and continue to be immersed in excess radioactivity from several sources. Fukushima has added more dangerous radioactivity, but corporate-government-media officials deny its dangers.

What must we do? Forget trying to influence governments, the nuclear power industry and military industrial complex, or the mainstream media. They have circled their vested interest wagons, denied the dangers, and ignored the solutions. We have to take radiation protection upon ourselves. Vitamin C: This antioxidant is effective against radiation. Radioactive atoms (radionuclides) have missing electrons that they replace by stealing electrons from other atoms causing cellular and DNA damage. That’s oxidation in a nutshell. An antioxidant gives those atoms the electrons they need, thus neutralizing oxidative stress.

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It’s not easy swallowing 10 grams of ascorbic acid at intervals daily. Injectable Vit C or IV C is hard to come by. Here’s a way to maximize cellular absorption of vitamin C without force feeding to the point of diarrhea or injection and IV intake check out the sources ( vitamin_C_megadose_healing.html). Vitamin D3: Make sure you supplement with vitamin D3, not just D or D2. Despite conventional dermatology’s advice, strong sunlight exposure to skin is the safest way to up your D3 blood levels. Despite conventional medicine’s standard, 25(OH)D tested D3 levels at 20 nanograms/milliliter are not enough; 50 to 70 ng/mg would be optimum. Whey: Pure whey provides all the precursors for the master oxidant glutathione, details here ( Other neutralizing supplements should include iodine or potassium iodide. Most of us are iodine deficient. Potassium itself works well at inhibiting radionuclides. The sleep supplement melatonin protects against radiation. Sulphur supplements are recommended, and bicarbonate of soda (aluminium free! ed.) is also effective at neutralizing radiation in our organs. Magnesium intake should be increased along

with calcium; both are effective at protecting against radiation poisoning. Super-foods, chlorella and spirulina, have actually been used effectively where radioactive leaks occurred. Kelp is another possibility. Bentonite clay or zeolite may help rid radionuclides from internal tissues. Herbs: Those helpful for preventing radioactive poisoning are milk thistle, ginkgo, and rosemary (http://www.

by Mike Barrett


veryone is deathly afraid of coming down with cancer, yet the very lifestyle that promotes cancer is the most popular. Cancer has been one of the leading causes of death in the United States, UK, and many other nations for years. Something is terribly wrong, as the war on cancer is failing miserably. The use of pharmaceutical drugs is not the answer, and the idea of prevention is seldom voiced. Luckily, making some dietary changes can reduce your cancer risk significantly. One example is showcased with research showing that a relationship between vitamin D and cancer exists; raising vitamin D levels can be more effective and much safer than dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and treatments. It costs a whole lot less as well.

Vitamin D and Cancer Angus Dalgleish, a consultant medical oncologist residing in a city known as Tooting in south-west London, tests all of his patients for vitamin D levels and prescribes supplements for when the levels are low. Dalgleish noticed that patients at his clinic at St Georges suffering from melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, almost all were vitamin D deficient. Not only does the medical oncologist prescribe vitamin D for his melanoma patients, but he also prescribes the vitamin for other patients who are stricken with other types of cancer.

“If we supplement people who are low they may do better than expected. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if vitamin D turns out to be more useful in improving outcomes in cases of early relapse than drugs costing £10,000 a year,” said Professor Dalgleish. “I spent a decade studying interferon for which the NHS paid £10,000 annually per patient for years for very little benefit. Vitamin D is much more likely to give a benefit in my view.” Other research from the University of Leeds showed similar connections between vitamin D and cancer, specifically melanoma. Patients with the lowest vitamin D levels had the gloomiest outlook and were also 30 percent more likely to suffer from the disease in the future than those with higher vitamin D levels. At Creighton University in Nebraska, Joan Lappe, a professor of medicine, also noticed a strong link between vitamin D and cancer. He took note of the vitamin D and cancer relationship when cancer patients who received vitamin D and calcium supplementation increased their survival rates significantly. Although the trial was originally meant to evaluate the effects of supplements on osteoporosis, this accidental finding led Lappe to examine the effects of supplements on cancer.

You May Not Be Getting the Vitamin D You Think You Are Of course, none of this matters if you aren’t giving your body the necessary amount of vitamin D to work with. Foods fortified with vitamin D contain a synthetic, potentially harmful type of vitamin D called vitamin D2. Vitamin D2 is both inferior and could be harmful, so you may not want to search for fortified foods like milk and cereal just yet. Instead of chomping down on fortified foods, consume foods that naturally possess vitamin D such as cod liver oil, eggs, and seafood such as salmon, oysters, catfish, sardines, or shrimp. However, be careful when consuming fish, as most fish is toxic due to contaminates and chemicals residing in the water. The best source of vitamin D is the sun, but the amount of vitamin D produced from sun exposure can vary greatly. Getting sun exposure in the summer when the rays are very strong can produce a lot of vitamin D – as much as 10,000 IU’s in just 20-30 minutes (a bit longer for dark skin). But soaking up the rays in winter months will not produce the same amount as the sun is less powerful. One last thing to remember is to avoid using sunscreen if possible. Not only does research show that sunscreen causes cancer, but lathering on sunscreen also compromises your body’s ability to produce vitamin D from UV rays.

Natural Homemade Sunscreen Recipe Ingredients: • • • • • • • •

1/4 cup oil (coconut, olive, almond or grapeseed are good) 5 tsp Zinc Oxide (available online or in many stores on the diaper aisle, just make sure it is pure zinc oxide- For those concerned about contaminants or nano-particles, this version has larger particles) 1 TBSP Beeswax or emulsifying wax 3 TBSP natural aloe vera gel (not the kind with alcohol or propylene glycol- I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs and my husband also uses it for hair gel) 1/2 cup distilled water or brewed green tea (strained) 2-3 capsules of Vitamin E oil (optional) 10 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract (optional) Essential Oils or Coconut Extract for scent (optional) [Note: do not use citrus essential oils since they can actually cause burning]

Directions: 1. Heat Oil and beeswax on double boiler until just melted. 2. Remove from heat, and add vitamin E and essential oils. 3. Put into bowl that will not be used for food, and add zinc oxide powder, set aside. 4. In small pan, heat water or tea and aloe vera until just warm. 5. Add the water/aloe mixture slowly while whisking vigorously or use an immersion blender. 6. Add any additional essential oils or fragrances (except citrus)

Additional Notes: • • • • • • • •

This sunscreen is not completely waterproof and will need to be reapplied after sweating or swimming. Make sure not to inhale the Zinc Oxide- use a mask if necessary. This recipe has an SPF of about 20, though adding more Zinc Oxide will increase the SPF. Add more beeswax to make thicker sunscreen, less to make smooth sunscreenadding about 3x the amount of beeswax and removing the water/tea will make a “sunscreen bar” that rubs on like stick deodorant. I recommend coconut or vanilla extract or lavender essential oils for fragrance Store in a cool, dry place or in the fridge. I prefer to store in a small canning jar and apply like a body butter. It will be thicker, especially if you use coconut oil in the recipe. Remove the Zinc Oxide and this makes an excellent lotion recipe!

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You hate when your alarm clock buzzes: If you don’t wake up everyday with fantastic anticipation to be alive, you might be living under someone else’s command. In fact, if you have to wake up at the same time every day, you’re probably someone’s slave.

You’re forced to pay for causes you vehemently oppose: If you’re a peaceful person but are forced to pay for wars done in your name, you might be a slave. Likewise, if you’re forced to pay for corporate welfare of failed institutions while you struggle to stay healthy, you’re surely a slave.



he definition of slavery is not nearly as clear as it used to be when we could see the physical chains and whips that shackled human labourers. Therefore, it’s more vital than ever to identify the abstract ways in which humanity is confined. Here are ten signs you might be a modern-day slave...

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You expect someone else to take care of you: If someone other than yourself takes care of you, then you’re likely beholden to them in countless ways. Be careful, you might be a slave if you demand that the government give you something other than freedom.

You condemn beliefs of others: If you’re taught to hate the beliefs of others who have never harmed you, then your mind has been thoroughly confined by your Master’s implanted beliefs.

You believe people should be caged for consuming a product: If you believe that it’s okay to cage humans for consuming a product in private, then you probably love your enslavement.


You sit in traffic for more than one hour a day: If you waste over 360 hours a year (10,800 hours over a 30-year career, that’s 450 days) commuting to a job you despise, your time and life belongs to someone else.


You’re forced to wear a uniform or follow the new trends: If you’re forced into a dress code of any kind, including a suit and tie, you’re a show clown with someone to impress in order to recieve your daily bread.


You must follow laws that your Master may break: If the rule of law only applies to you and your lowly peers, while the Masters get away with murder, you’re clearly a slave in an unjust system.


You think mob rule is better than personal freedom: If you believe that majority rule is always better for you than free will, then you’re most certainly a slave. “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” -- Mahatma Gandhi.


You watch over 20 hours of TV per week: If you occupy your amazing mind in front of a glowing box in the room for 1,040 hours a year (43 days), then your unlimited creativity is impossibly chained to a lifetime of mindlessness.

10 Ways To Stop Being A Slave T

here are very real conspiracies in the world, and those conspiracies are always conducted by people “in the know” against those who are ignorant or naive of back room machinations. Past slavery was largely based on force (thus was much more obvious), but modern-day slavery is actually more widespread because global slave masters use all of the scientific tools at their disposal to win hearts and control minds, convincing us that our hands and feet are free, so we must be living self-directed lives. There are signs that the mind-pyramids that technocrats have built to enforce their 21st-century global plantation slave system are crumbling as they press harder upon our cognitive ability to make sense of words and actions. The owners of the shoulders on which the structure of tyranny is supported are beginning to leave in droves. The pyramids are falling as slaves begin to recognize their unconscious effort, and consciously encourage others to find a different line of work. Significantly, these are all things you can do on your own. You don’t need to influence politicians, or ignite a mass protest, or wait for an uprising. There is no cavalry coming. You are the change you seek. Get out there and become more self-reliant and the system will lose its grip on you. If enough of us do this, the system will fall apart by its own unsustainable making. Refuse to be a slave today and unchain others by sharing this article and implementing the tips on this list. Here are 10 ways that you can help collapse all of the pyramids of control.


Refuse to Pay Unjust Debt - This is a moral decision based on the information that much of what was created to be a “loan” was based on a predatory system. As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse, and that is duly noted, but when confronted with an enemy that has deliberately contrived devious ways to steal productivity and the fruits of honest labor, then the principle of justifiable self-defence is invoked. Forget about your credit score; it is the invisible chain that keeps you in prison. Refuse to pay debts that you know were fraudulently imposed. Remember, the banks never had the money they “lent” to you in the first place; they created it out of nothing to buy your servitude. If you are hesitant to simply quit paying the criminal banks, then learn how to reduce your exposure to all debts.


Prepare for the Worst - Along the same lines as being mobile and flexible, make sure that you store enough supplies to get through a few months or more of tough times. The current system relies on your dependence and they can easily control those who live just-in-time lifestyles. Most people don’t realize how much they “need” the system until something like a blizzard knocks out their power and wipes out the grocery store shelves. It’s wise to store back-up food, have the ability to produce food, gather tools and other items needed during power outages or other disasters, and actively pursue any and all other survival prepping and self-sufficiency techniques.


Boycott - Activists have enjoyed many recent victories through boycott, most notably the rapid removal of “pink slime” meat from major supermarket chains following public outcry once they became aware of the product. It goes to show that the public still holds the power over corporations, but the masses must be educated before they’re moved to action. Not you though. Readers of this post ( know exactly what companies to boycott and why. Start living your principles and follow through on your knowledge. Voting with your dollars DOES work, but not if the aware crowd refuses to do it.


Taxes - Taxes are the most controversial of all -- the one that catches the most flak, so the one that must be most directly over the target. How do you feel knowing that money is extracted from you by force to be injected into systems around the world that create violence, rip apart cultures, and put us on a path of complete annihilation and self-destruction? This is slave-like thinking in its highest form of denial. No Constitution of any country anywhere in the world openly recognizes that it is lawful to forcefully extract money you have earned, enslaving you for life, to kill others with it, upon penalty of imprisonment. It’s the final chain to be broken, and is admittedly the thickest. But how can a machine be built without the funding to build it? The entire prison system we see around us has been built with our own money. Did you authorize it? Did you authorize the preemptive wars, bank bailouts, corporate subsidies, the high-tech surveillance grid that enslaves you?


Health and Agriculture - Why do tyrannical systems always move to declare methods of independence such as farming, vitamins, raw milk, and natural medication like cannabis as underground contraband systems that threaten the health of society? Clearly because this is a cornerstone of freedom. Learn to make your own medicines, trade on the underground, support other states (and countries) who have embraced food freedom, and stand your ground by forming local community resistance against food and health tyranny. Moreover, simply making your mind and body stronger by pursuing what is natural and healthy will give you more power to challenge the system in every other way.


Mobility and Flexibility - Always be willing to adapt and move. The structure of tyranny might be global, but there are always pockets of freedom that tyranny ignores -- normally based on economic interest. Become adaptable, don’t buy into the “American Dream” of having possessions to define your self-worth. Once you discard the unimportant things, look for specific towns, states, or countries to escape economic decline and those which promote freedom. It’s a difficult decision to pick up and move, especially when extended family comes into play, but discuss your ideas and the evidence for your concerns openly and honestly, and be the first to pioneer the building of a new future -- if things begin to collapse in earnest, you will soon be sought after by those who once doubted your “crazy” reasoning.


Media and Intelligence - Information is knowledge and knowledge is power -- this is where it all starts. Turn off the TV, stop passively receiving information that turns you into an idiot at the teat of the “idiot box.” Get creative: start a blog, a neighbourhood newsletter, radio show, public access TV or YouTube channel, write encouraging letters to companies you appreciate and nasty ones to those you boycott; DO something; anything to increase awareness. Homeschooling is another great way to help short circuit the negative influences of systematic programming. Even if you don’t agree with homeschooling, or are not able, there are concepts that you can help introduce into your public school to enhance education. Intelligence - there are technologies to thwart constant surveillance, as well as low-tech solutions to hightech tyranny. The Internet is being used to surveil the public, but it also provides an opportunity for the public to surveil and report on the real criminals. Use the system against itself.


Energy and Technology - Support true economic development and pursue open source solutions to all technological problems that can affect humanity on the widest scale. These are the technologies that have been suppressed in the past, their creators destroyed; but now there are too many people pursuing goals to free humanity. Embrace innovation and technology, but only as it leads to self-empowerment, self-determination, and genuinely helps the human and environmental condition. There are reportedly many free-energy patents being kept from the public. These technologies can’t be kept secret forever as long as the Internet remains free and open. Support all efforts to maintain Internet freedom and the right to pursue innovation.


Create New Banking Systems - We have seen economic collapse taking down countries like dominoes across the third world, and now the first. These money junkies cannot and will not stop. It is up to us to develop systems which permit us to completely withdraw our support for the current system and shield us from manipulated collapses. This may be the most productive way to break free from modern slavery; whether it’s switching to local credit unions, storing precious metals instead of cash, engaging in barter systems or using alternative currencies, or supporting fullblown monetary reform.


Learn a Skill - Learn as many skills outside of your day job as possible. This can be as simple as giving more attention to your hobbies like fishing, hunting, gardening, painting, blogging, tinkering on cars, building things, sewing, cooking, etc. Whatever useful skill you’re most passionate about, learn more about it, become an expert at it, and acquire the necessary tools to start a side business with it. By doing this, you’ll reduce the dependence on your job and find much more fulfillment in life. Remember, skills are the only form of wealth that can’t be taken from you. Additionally, form clubs or partnerships with your neighbours and share your skills and tools to form a stronger community that will be resistant to whatever the systems of control throw your way.

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Laws Restricting Nonviolent Activity are Acts of Aggression by JG Vibes


here is this idea in our society that has been bred into us through the media, government schools and culture, where law must line up perfectly with traditions and social convention. If something is frowned upon or taboo, you can rest assured that there is someone out there who thinks that it should be illegal. When a particular activity or behaviour starts to bother people in the kinds of societies that we have today, all too often those people are very quick to suggest that the proper solution to this problem is to throw that person in a cage. That may sound kind of harsh, but that is exactly what you are advocating when you claim that something should be illegal. In a world as delicate and complex as ours, does this really seem like a proper one size fits all solution for our social problems, especially those where there was no violence, theft or fraud involved? There is no dispute that violence, theft or fraud should be illegal because no one wants to get hurt, or robbed or ripped off. However, when you start getting into nonviolent crimes where there has been no theft, is bringing aggression upon that person in the form of kidnapping and imprisonment really going to make anyone safer? Furthermore, is this an ethical, humane or civilized way of treating nonviolent people? There is no doubt that our society has problems that need to be dealt with, but using imprisonment as a blanket solution for anything that may come along is a totally irresponsible and lazy way to do things. In all honesty, this approach ensures that the problem will never be solved, because it prevents any real solutions from being developed and only works to make a complicated social issue even

Page 16

more complicated. There are also many side effects of these policies which actually pose a serious threat to the health and safety of the entire population. Many times these side effects are referred to as “unintended� consequences, but all of the outcomes of these actions are totally planned and expected. In regards to the drug war there is a long list of unspoken dangers, all of which were also experienced during alcohol prohibition. Prohibition of any kind creates black markets, crime, corrupts police and puts the general public at risk by creating an atmosphere of violence. Prohibition has also proven to be com-

pletely ineffective, many times actually causing an increase in consumption of the banned item. This can be seen with both alcohol prohibition and the drug war. Prohibition has always been a failed policy in every circumstance. During prohibition, alcohol consumption rose and a dangerous black market developed which bred notorious gangsters like Al Capone. When prohibition ended the alcohol trade was no longer dangerous and consumption actually declined. The drug war is no different. If drugs were legal there would not be a vast black market that fosters gang violence, and people who had a problem with drugs would have more viable options for treatment instead of just getting thrown in a cage, something that typically exacerbates criminality and does very little to help anyone. There was once a time when things such as adultery were illegal, and even punishable by death in some places. In most places in the west adultery is now legal, but that doesn’t mean that it is socially acceptable or encouraged. People have just developed non coercive methods of dealing with this problem amongst themselves, just as they would in dealing with the problem of drug addiction in the absence of prohibition. When those in power create laws that ban nonviolent actions and inanimate objects (plants, etc. ed.) they understand the implications of what they are doing, but they put those policies into effect anyway because they have a great deal to gain in this process. This is why they are so reluctant to change these policies even in the face of obvious failure and massive public outcry. The social problems that are created by prohibition give the establishment a lot of busy work and a constant excuse to violate the rights and privacy of those within its grasp. This situation is just one of many preventable disasters that the state foments and allows to continue as a means of justifying its own existence.


by Glennis Taylor BSc


pices have flavoured the development of mankind from the beginning, and along with their culinary cousins “herbs” claim a rich, colourful and dramatic history. Throughout the rise and fall of civilizations and empires, spices were sought after and highly valued – wars were even fought over them....nutmeg was at the centre of a war that resulted in England attaining Long Island. Nutmeg was considered a cure for the plague at that time. Currency for trade was based at times on the value of spices. Over 5000 years ago, in distant Egypt, foods were also flavoured with spices and the dead were embalmed with them. Papyri from those ancient times noted as medicinal several herbs and spices such as garlic, cumin, thyme, juniper and fennel. The Chinese used cassia (cinnamon) medicinally as well as ginger to prevent scurvy on long sea voyages. Spices indigenous to India, such as turmeric and cardamon, could be found in the Gardens of Babylon. Mohammed (570-632) was co-owner of a spice shop! From the exotic countries of the Far East, the story of spices headed westward, through the Middle East where the Arabians took up the spice trade and carried it further west into the lands of the Mediterranean. As these western countries discovered the varied uses of spices and the demand grew, explorers were dispatched to the Far East to tap into the richness of these aromatic plants. Magellan and Vasco da Gama endured long, trying voyages in their determination to return with cargos of aromatic booty. Da Gama rounded the tip of Africa to return triumphantly with a hold full of ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Imagine the sailors bunked above the hold, what spicy dreams they must have had! The cache of spices arriving in the Mediterranean area increased in value, rivalling gold and greatly influencing the economic tide. European companies sprung up, such as The British East India Company, to carve out a place in the lucrative marketplace and establish trade routes to the east.

Why have spices commanded so much attention over the ages? The most obvious reason is their amazing capacity to flavour food. Back in the pre-refrigeration days, food spoiled quickly and spices helped preserve food with their potent anti-microbial properties. They also cover up the taste of deteriorating food. The traditional medicinal use of herbs and spices continues to the present day. There is a recent trend to re-embrace the use of whole herbs and spices for their healing attributes. Much information has come forward in recent studies on the use of turmeric for its ability to help with inflammation and perhaps protect us from cancer and the deterioration of brain functions. Spices are the aromatic parts of plants, often tropical, including seeds, berries, fruits and some roots and bark. We associate spices with their heady aroma and strong taste. Some spices are more potent at influencing the taste of dishes while others have a more aromatic influence. It is the essential oils that give spices their intensity. Sometimes spices share common chemical blends and have similar tastes or smells such as cinnamon and cloves. The aroma and taste of spices is released during their processing such as grinding, pounding and cooking. The aromatic oils evaporate when exposed to the air and gradually lose pungency over time. It is important to buy spices that are as fresh as possible to maximize their desirable properties. Did you know that the more delicate fragrance of vanilla comes from the pods of an orchid, or that the nutmeg tree give us both nutmeg and mace? Someone who knows well the intricacies of the spice world is Trusha of Spice Sanctuary. Her passion for fresh organic spices and herbs has blossomed into the business of importing the freshest and highest quality organic spices. After moving to Canada just over two years ago from London England, Trusha went to buy spices to stock her Canadian cupboard. An avid cook, Trusha was unable to find the high quality of spices available to her in London. She found she needed more of a spice to get the flavour

results she wanted in her cooking. Frustrated, she took off her lawyer’s cap and put on a detective cap in search of fresh organic spices that met her high standards. After much research on growing and harvesting practices, and after attaining an organic status, she began to directly import spices from reputable and sustainable organic farms. She began by selling her spices and the spice blends she prepared in the summer markets. People loved the fragrance of the fresh spices and wanted more. When you open one of Trusha’s bags of spices it is as if you have been transported to some exotic market place where colourful spices are sold right out from the field: a true delight for the senses. Trusha emphasizes that quality and freshness are essential and of absolute importance. She imports directly so the spices are not routed through the US, and are not irradiated or fumigated. She brings in small batches and orders frequently enough to be sure to get the freshest harvested product. Because she distributes directly there is little warehousing time, the product is passed on to the consumer quickly to maintain its potency. This also keeps the prices more reasonable for the organic label. There are different grades of spices even for those that are organic. Trusha chooses only those of premium grade. She blends a variety of spices to make it easy to create outstanding gourmet meals. Her blends include a Moroccan Harmony Spice Blend and an Indian Super Spice Blend. Both delicious! Her customers are made aware of the sources and origins of the products that they buy. They can also attend cooking classes that Trusha facilitates and learn recipes and techniques that have a real WOW factor with mouth watering results. As the demand for these fresh spices has increased, Trusha now markets her Spice Sanctuary products online and in a growing number of health food outlets (petition your local one if you don’t see them there!) and even to discriminating restaurants that seek out quality ingredients for their fare. Time to really spice up your life! All in good taste of course.

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Now Available Online Across Canada & Select Retail Stores Iceland Arrests

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the Left Green Movement, headed by a new Prime Minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. Throughout 2009 the Icelandic economy continued to be in a precarious situation (at the end of the year the GDP had dropped by 7%) but, despite this, the Parliament proposed to repay the debt to Britain and the Netherlands with a payment of 3,500 million Euros, a sum to be paid every month by Icelandic families for 15 years at 5.5% interest. The move sparked anger again in the Icelanders, who returned to the streets demanding that, at least, that decision was put to a referendum. Another big small victory for the street protests: in March 2010 that vote was held and an overwhelming 93% of the population refused to repay the debt, at least with those conditions. This forced the creditors to rethink the deal and improve it, offering 3% interest and payment over 37 years. Not even that was enough. The current president, on seeing that Parliament approved the agreement by a narrow mar-

1.403 389 3743

gin, decided last month not to approve it and to call on the Icelandic people to vote in a referendum so that they would have the last word. The bankers are fleeing in fear Returning to the tense situation in 2010, while the Icelanders were refusing to pay a debt incurred by financial sharks without consultation, the coalition government had launched an investigation to determine legal responsibilities for the fatal economic crisis and had already arrested several bankers and top executives closely linked to high risk operations. Interpol, meanwhile, had issued an international arrest warrant against Sigurdur Einarsson, former president of one of the banks. This situation led scared bankers and executives to leave the country en masse. In this context of crisis an assembly was elected to draft a new constitution that would reflect the lessons learned and replace the current one, inspired by the Danish constitution.

To do this, instead of calling experts and politicians, Iceland decided to appeal directly to the people, after all they have sovereign power over the law. More than 500 Icelanders presented themselves as candidates to participate in this exercise in direct democracy and write a new constitution. Twenty-five of them without party affiliations, including lawyers, students, journalists, farmers and trade union representatives, were elected. Among other developments this constitution will call for the protection, like no other, of freedom of information and expression in the so-called Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, in a bill that aims to make the country a safe haven for investigative journalism and freedom of information, where sources, journalists and Internet providers that host news reporting are protected. The people, for once, will decide the future of the country while bankers and politicians witness the transformation of a nation from the sidelines.

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The Way of Social Action

inate people, you are already defeated. We study how to resolve conflict, not how to start it.’ I listened to his words. I tried hard. I even went so far as to cross the street to avoid the chimpira, the pinball punks who lounged around the train stations. My forbearance exalted me. I felt both tough and holy. In my heart, however, I wanted an absolutely legitimate opportunity whereby I might save the innocent by destroying the guilty. ‘This is it!’ I said to myself as I got to my feet. ‘People are in danger. If I don’t do something fast, somebody will probably get hurt.’ by Terry Dobson, the first American Seeing me stand up, the drunk recognized a chance Aikido Master trained in Japan to focus his rage. ‘Aha!’ he roared. ‘A foreigner! You need a lesson in Japanese manners!’ he train clanked and rattled through the suburbs I held on lightly to the commuter strap overhead and of Tokyo on a drowsy spring afternoon. Our car gave him a slow look of disgust and dismissal. I planned was comparatively empty - a few housewives to take this turkey apart, but he had to make the first with their kids in tow, some old folks going shopping. I move. I wanted him mad, so I pursed my lips and blew gazed absently at the drab houses and dusty hedgerows. him an insolent kiss. At one station the doors opened, and suddenly the af‘All right!’ he hollered. ‘You’re gonna get a lesson.’ ternoon quiet was shattered by a man bellowing violent, He gathered himself for a rush at me. incomprehensible curses. The man staggered into our car. A fraction of second before he could move, someHe wore labourer’s clothing, and he was big, drunk, and one shouted ‘Hey!’ It was earsplitting. I remember the dirty. Screaming, he swung at a woman holding a baby. strangely joyous, lilting quality of it - as though you and The blow sent her spinning into the laps of an elderly cou- a friend had been searching diligently for something, and ple. It was a miracle that the baby was unharmed. he had suddenly stumbled upon it. ‘Hey!’ Terrified, the couple jumped up and scrambled toward I wheeled to my left; the drunk spun to his right. We the other end of the car. The labourer aimed a kick at the both stared down at a little old Japanese man. He must retreating back of the old woman but missed as she scuttled have been well into his seventies, this tiny gentleman, sitto safety. This so enraged the drunk that he grabbed the ting there immaculate in his kimono. He took no notice metal pole in the centre of the car and tried to wrench it of me, but beamed delightedly at the labourer, as though out of its stanchion. I could see that one of his hands was he had a most important, most welcome secret to share. cut and bleeding. The train lurched ahead, the passengers ‘C’mere,’ the old man said in an easy vernacular, frozen with fear. I stood up. beckoning to the drunk. ‘C’mere and talk with me.’ He I was young then, some twenty years ago, and in pretty waved his hand lightly. good shape. I’d been putting in solid eight hours of Aikido The big man followed, as if on a string. He planted training nearly every day for the past three years. I liked his feel belligerently in front of the old gentleman, and to throw and grapple. I thought I was tough. The trouble roared above the clacking wheels, ‘Why the hell should was, my martial skill was untested in actual combat. As I talk to you?’ The drunk now had his back to me. If his students of Aikido, we were not allowed to fight. elbow moved so much as a millimetre, I’d drop him in ‘Aikido,’ my teacher had said again and again, ‘is the his socks. art of reconciliation. Whoever has the mind to fight has The old man continued to beam at the labourer. broken his connection with the universe. If you try to dom- ‘What’cha been drinkin’?’ he asked, his eyes sparkling


with interest. ‘I been drinkin’ sake,’ the labourer bellowed back, ‘and it’s none of your business!’ Flecks of spittle spattered the old man. ‘Oh, that’s wonderful,’ the old man said, ‘absolutely wonderful! You see, I love sake too. Every night, me and my wife (she’s seventy-six, you know), we warm up a little bottle of sake and take it out into the garden, and we sit on an old wooden bench. We watch the sun go down, and we look to see how our persimmon tree is doing. My greatgrandfather planted that tree, and we worry about whether it will recover from those ice storms we had last winter. Our tree has done better than I expected, though, especially when you consider the poor quality of the soil. It is gratifying to watch when we take our sake and go out to enjoy the evening - even when it rains!’ He looked up at the labourer, eyes twinkling. As he struggled to follow the old man’s conversation, the drunk’s face began to soften. His fists slowly unclenched. ‘Yea,’ he said. ‘I love persimmons, too ...’ His voice trailed off. ‘Yes,’ said the old man, smiling, ‘and I’m sure you have a wonderful wife.’ ‘No,’ replied the labourer. ‘My wife died.’ Very gently, swaying with the motion of the train, the big man began to sob. ‘I don’t got no wife, I don’t got no home, I don’t got no job. I am so ashamed of myself.’ Tears rolled down his cheeks; a spasm of despair rippled through his body. Now it was my turn. Standing there in my wellscrubbed youthful innocence, my make-this-world-safefor democracy righteousness, I suddenly felt dirtier than he was. Then the train arrived at my stop. As the doors opened, I heard the old man cluck sympathetically. ‘My, my,’ he said, ‘that is a difficult predicament, indeed. Sit down here and tell me about it.’ I turned my head for one last look. The labourer was sprawled on the seat, his head in the old man’s lap. The old man was softly stroking the filthy, matted hair. As the train pulled away, I sat down on a bench. What I had wanted to do with muscle had been accomplished with kind words. I had just seen Aikido tried in combat, and the essence of it was love. I would have to practice the art with an entirely different spirit. It would be a long time before I could speak about the resolution of conflict.

CIA Arming Terrorists in Syria

by Tony Cartalucci


he New York Times in their article, “C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition,” confirms what many have already long known - that the West, led by the US and its Gulf State proxies, have been arming terrorists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, while berating the Syrian government for “violating” a UN mandated ceasefire and for “failing to protect” its population. The Muslim Brotherhood has been combated by nations across the Arab World to stem the tide of their sectarian extremism, violence, and their targeted erosion of secular nation-states. Ironically, the US which has claimed to have been fighting the forces of sectarian extremism and

Page 18

“terrorism” for over a decade now, have been revealed as the primary enabler of the most violent and extreme terrorist organizations in the world. These include, in addition to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Libya, Baluch terrorists in Pakistan, and the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) currently based in Iraq and being used as proxies against Iran. The New York Times claims that, “the C.I.A. officers have been in southern Turkey for several weeks, in part to help keep weapons out of the hands of fighters allied with Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups, one senior American official said,” an unsubstantiated claim that was similarly made in Libya before Al Qaeda flags were run up poles in Benghazi by rebels flush with NATO cash and arms used to collapse the government of Muammar Qaddafi. In fact, it is confirmed that Libyan LIFG rebels, led by Al Qaeda commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj, have now made their way by the hundreds to Syria. Despite months of the US claiming the “international community” sought to end the violence and protect the population of Syria, the New York Times now admits that the US is engaged in supporting a “military campaign” against the Syrian government aimed at increasing “pressure” on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Efforts to impose an arms embargo on Syria is now revealed to be one-sided, aimed at giving rebels an advantage in the prolonged bloodbath with the intent on tipping the balance in favor of Western proxy-forces - not end the violence as soon as possible as claimed by the UN, and in particular, Kofi Annan. The Times also reported that Turkey has been di-

rectly delivering weapons to terrorists operating in Syria - Turkey being a NATO member and implicating NATO as now being directly involved in perpetuating bloodshed in the Middle Eastern nation. For months, Turkey has been allowing terrorists to use its border region as a refuge from which to stage attacks against Syria. Despite this, however, the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” according to the New York Times, consists of only 100 or so small formations made up of “a handful of fighters to a couple of hundred combatants,” betraying the narrative that the Syrian government faces a large popular uprising, and revealing that the “Free Syrian Army” is in fact a small collection of mercenaries, foreign fighters, and sectarian extremists, armed, funded, and directed by foreign interests solely to wreak havoc within Syria. It should be noted that these terrorist proxies were organized as early as 2007 by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, specifically to enact regime change and transform Syria into a Western client regime. As the West’s propaganda campaign imploded after a torrent of unsubstantiated claims of “massacres” and “atrocities,” all unverified, some in fact being revealed as the work of the West’s sectarian proxies themselves, it appears that sidelining Syria in headlines while pursuing a clandestine proxy war is now the tactic of choice for the time being. For the United States to claim Syria has “failed” to protect it population while simultaneously fueling the very armed conflict it claims it is seeking to end is not only hypocrisy of the highest order, but a crime against world peace - punishable under the Nuremberg precedent.

Quebec’s Student Mobilization

The Most Significant Act of Civil Disobedience in Canadian History by Prof. Peter Hallward


he extraordinary student mobilization in Quebec has already sustained the longest and largest student strike in the history of North America, and it has already organized the single biggest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. It is now rapidly growing into one of the most powerful and inventive antiausterity campaigns anywhere in the world. Every situation is different, of course, and Quebec’s students draw on a distinctive history of social and political struggle, one rooted in the 1960s ‘Quiet Revolution’ and several subsequent and eye-opening campaigns for free or low-cost higher education. Support for the provincial government that opposes them, moreover, has been undermined in recent years by allegations of corruption and bribery. Nevertheless, those of us fighting against cuts and fees in other parts of the world have much to learn from the way the campaign has been organized and sustained. It’s high time that education activists in the UK, in particular, started to pay the Quebecois the highest compliment: when in doubt, imitate! The first reason for the students’ success lies in the clarity of both their immediate aim and its links to a broad range of closely associated aims. Students of all political persuasions support the current ‘minimal programme,’ to block the Liberal government’s plan to increase tuition fees by 82 per cent over several years. Most students and their families also oppose the many similar measures introduced by federal and provincial governments in Canada in recent years, which collectively represent an unprecedented neoliberal attack on social welfare (new user fees for healthcare, elimination of public sector services and jobs, factory closures, wanton exploitation of natural resources, an increase in the retirement age, restrictions on trade unions and so on). And apart from bankers and some employers, most people across Canada already regret the fact that the average debt for university graduates is around $27,000.

The Growth of CLASSE A growing number of students now also support the fundamental principle of free universal education, long defended by the more militant student groups (loosely co-

ordinated in the remarkable new coalition CLASSE), and back their calls for the unconditional abolition of tuition fees, to be phased out over several years and compensated by a modest and perfectly feasible bank tax, at a time of record bank profits. “This hardline stance,” the Guardian’s reporter observed, “has catapulted CLASSE from being a relatively unknown organization with 40,000 members to a sprawling phenomenon that now numbers 100,000 and claims to represent 70 per cent of striking students.” Growing numbers, too, can see how

such a demand might help to compensate for the most obvious socioeconomic development in Canada over the last 30 years: the dramatic growth in income inequality, reinforced by a whole series of measures (tax cuts, trade agreements, marketization plans...) that have profited the rich and very rich at the expense of everyone else. In Quebec, student resistance to these measures hasn’t simply generated a contingent ‘chain of equivalences’ across otherwise disparate demands: it has helped to create a practical, militant community of interest in the face of systematic neoliberal assault. “It’s more than a student strike,” a CLASSE spokesman said in April, “We want it to become a struggle of the people.” At first scornfully dismissed in the corporate media, this general effort to make the student movement into a social movement has borne fruit in recent weeks, and it would be hard to describe the general tone of reports from the nightly protest marches that are now taking over much of Montreal

in terms other than collective euphoria. Nothing similar has yet happened in the UK, of course, even though the British variant of the same neoliberal assault – elimination of the EMA, immediate trebling of fees, systematic marketization of provision – has been far more brutal. But the main reasons for this lie less in some uniquely francophone propensity to defend a particular social heritage than in the three basic (and eminently transposable) elements of any successful popular campaign: strategy, organization and empowerment. As many students knew well before they launched their anti-fees campaign last summer, the best way to win this kind of fight is to implement a strategy that no amount of state coercion can overcome – a general, inclusive and ‘unlimited’ boycott of classes. One-day actions and symbolic protest marches may help build momentum, but only “an openended general strike gives students maximum leverage to make their demands heard,” the CLASSE’s newspaper Ultimatum explains. So far, it has been well over a 100 days and counting, and “on ne lâche pas” (we’re not backing down) has become a familiar slogan across the province. So long as enough students are prepared to sustain it, their strike puts them in an almost invincible bargaining position. Ensuring such preparation is the key to CLASSE as an organization. It has provided new ways for students, previously represented by more cautious and conventional student associations, to align themselves with the more militant ASSÉ, with its tradition of direct action and participatory democracy. Activists spent months preparing the ground for the strike, talking to students one at a time, organizing department by department and then faculty by faculty, starting with the more receptive programmes and radiating slowly out to the more sceptical. At every pertinent level they have created general assemblies, which have invested themselves with the power to deliberate and then make, quickly and collectively, important decisions. Actions are decided by a public show of hands, rather than by an atomizing expression of private opinion. The more powerful and effective these assemblies have become, the more active and enthusiastic the level of participation. Delegates from the assemblies then participate in wider congresses and, in the absence of any formal leadership or bureaucracy, the “general will” that has emerged from these congresses is so clear that CLASSE is now the main organizing force in the campaign and able to put firm pressure on the other more compromise-prone student unions. Continued on Page 20

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by Tierre Joline Taylor

t’s a lovely day. The sun is shining, there are no clouds in the sky and the air is warm and delightful. A perfect day to enjoy out and around town. There are a few things on my errand list that need to be done, but mainly the day can be dedicated to pleasure and relaxation. I leave the house with a spring in my step because it’s days like today that light me up. I jump onto a bus. There is a seat in the back. I head straight for it, settle myself in and watch as people pour through the doors. Then I begin to wonder... “should I give this seat up for someone who needs it more than me?” “Do I see someone who is requiring it?” I have just doubted my decision to take the seat. I look around but the bus pulls away from the curb, so I let these thoughts go. My stop comes up, I dust off those tiny fragments of doubt and carry on my way. My first stop is to meet a friend for lunch. It’s a busy restaurant, and my friend hasn’t shown up yet, so I am watching people walking by on the street. I can’t help but notice various fashions and styles as they strut on by. I look down at what I chose to wear. I notice my shoes need some polishing and maybe I should have worn something a little more summery. As I am examining my choice of clothing I see my friend turn the corner. Once again I brush off the film of doubt that settled on my clothing. After we are seated, my friend and I laugh in our enjoyment of each other’s company. We order some drinks while considering the items on the menu. Admittedly I al-

Student Movement

Continued from page 19 Assemblies and Collective Empowerment Week after week, assemblies have decided to continue the strike. In most places, this has also meant a decision to keep taking the steps necessary to ensure its successful continuation, by preventing the minority of dissenting students from breaking it. Drawing on his experience at McGill University, strike veteran Jamie Burnett has some useful advice for the many student activists now considering how best to extend the campaign to other parts of Canada: don’t indulge in ‘soft pickets’ that allow classes to take place in spite of a strike mandate, and that thus allow staff to isolate and fail striking students. “Enforcing strikes is difficult to do, at least at first,” he says, “but it’s a lot less difficult than failing a semester. And people eventually

Page 20 ways have a hard time choosing. I hum and haw and then finally order. My friend and I carry on chatting. The food arrives. It wasn’t exactly what I expected and I begin to feel doubt hungrily swarm around the decision I made. Some self-talk begins... “why did I choose this?” “What were you thinking?” A familiar refrain. Now having confronted these pesky doubts a few times already today, this round of the doubt has increased in intensity. My energy is feeling a little less sparkly. I am starting to notice that I am a little drained and have stopped enjoying the experience of the day as much as I was just a moment earlier. My day moves on, and as I continue to make choices I repeatedly fall prey over and over again to little doubts that, in an accumulated state, have now somehow become a big bad doubt monster. I arrive home, my mood sunken, there is no swing in my step. I feel introverted and quiet. I dive into the couch and shrink into it’s cushion. The doubt monster has swallowed me whole. The doubt monster is a tricky beast. It starts off small but each doubt that pops up adds to it’s size and before you know it, it has grown into quite the tormentor. I know this because I have been gobbled up by this creature many times. It lays waiting in the dark to attack my thoughts and actions throughout my days and nights. It’s job is to perpetuate a self limiting reality. My job is to slay the doubt monster when it first rears it’s ugly head. The first step is to acknowledge that, yes there is a doubt monster living inside you, apparently. It might

come around, building a culture of solidarity and confrontational politics in the process.” The main result of this process so far has been one of farreaching collective empowerment. Resolved from the beginning to win over rather than follow the more sceptical sectors of the media and ‘public opinion,’ the students have made themselves more powerful than their opponents. “[We] have learned collectively,” CLASSE spokesperson Gabriel NadeauDubois said last week, “that if we mobilize and try to block something, it’s possible to do it.” From rallies and class boycotts, in April the strike expanded to include more confrontational demonstrations and disruptive nightly marches through the centre of town. Soon afterwards, solidarity protests by groups like Mères en colère et solidaires started up in working-class districts of Montreal. In a desperate effort to regain the initiative by representing the conflict as a criminal rather than political issue, the panicked provincial government rushed through its draconian Bill 78 to restrict the marches, discourage strike enforcement and consolidate its credentials (in advance of imminent elections) as a law-and-order administration. In the resulting escalation, however, it’s the government that has been forced to blink. On the 23rd of May, the day after an historic 300,000 people marched through Montreal in support of the students, police kettled and then arrested more than 700 people – a jaw-dropping number by historical standards. But the mobilization

look differently or dress differently from person to person but it is still a doubt monster. Learn to recognize it when it shows itself. Does it have a particular voice, or way of dragging you into it’s clutches. Get to know it’s tricks. Make sure you state your intent clearly. “No I will not let the doubt monster get me anymore! Not for one moment! I choose to live happy and free of it’s harmful influence.” Remember you are stronger than you think. And you will be challenged! But if you catch the first one or two doubts… then grab onto them, recognize them for what they are - then free yourself quickly and easily. It’s when they combine to swell to a larger size, fed by our own attention, that it becomes harder to shake off and out of the mind. Sometime I need a friend to actually pull me out of the monster’s belly, or a book, or a flower, or a hat. A big ‘Thank You’ to all my friends for helping me save myself! I wish you luck in your own battle with the doubt monster. I believe in you!

has become too strong to contain, and after near-universal condemnation of the new law it is already unenforceable. Since the 22nd of May, pro-student demonstrations have multiplied in ways and numbers the police can’t control, and drawing on Latin-American (and older charivari) traditions, pot-clanging marches have mushroomed throughout the province of Quebec. On Thursday night tense negotiations with the government again broke off without resolution, and business and tourist sectors are already alarmed by the prospect of a new wave of street protests continuing into Montreal’s popular summer festival season. There is now a very real chance that similar mobilizations may spread further afield. Recent polls suggest that most students across Canada would support a strike against tuition increases, and momentum for more forceful action may be building in Ottawa and across Ontario; in Quebec itself they also show that an initially hesitant public is beginning to swing behind the student demands and against government repression. On the 30th of May, at the ritual hour of 8pm, there were scores of solidarity rallies all over Canada and the world. In London around 150 casserolistas clanged their way from Canada House to the Canadian embassy at Grosvenor Square. If enough of us are willing to learn a few things from our friends in places like Quebec and Chile, then in the coming years such numbers may change beyond all recognition. After much hesitation the NUS recently resolved that education should be “free at all and any level,” and activists are gearing up for a massive TUC demonstration on the 20th of October. After a couple of memorable springs, it’s time to prepare for a momentous autumn. _________________________________ Peter Hallward teaches at the centre for research in modern European philosophy at Kingston University London, and is a member of the Education Activist Network. His book on The Will of the People is forthcoming from Verso in 2012. He is the author of the 2008 Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment.

Psychotropic Industry Making a Killing

by Luis Miranda


he largest medical conspiracy is not the one that causes physical disease in hundreds, thousands or millions of people, but the one that is set in motion to control the minds of people. Today, the psychotropic industry not only makes billions of dollars a year through the sale of pharmaceutical products, used by psychiatrists and psychologists to “treat” their patients, but also to knowingly and purposely deplete the minds of those who use such products. The way in which Psychiatry as a pseudo-science became relevant in modern society is one story in itself. Large medical organizations, academia and powerful foundations are responsible for the adoption of “curing” techniques that originated back in the early 20th century which sought to treat patients with archaic, torturous procedures that were nothing more than live human experiments whose effectiveness were based on nothing but hunches. With the advancement of science, psychiatrists saw an opportunity to achieve the goal they had not been able to achieve despite multiple trials with their insane physical treatments. In 1967, psychiatrists met in the island of Puerto Rico to conspire and create what they thought was the best way to make people mental servants of the medical-scientificpharmaceutical industry. Their plan was to create, provide and even mandate people to take a whole new range of psychotropic products that they’d recommend as the only solution for a list of nonexistent mental diseases that people would be made to believe they actually had. During their meeting, these so-called medical experts and men of science, such as Heinz Lehmann, Joseph Zubin, Nathan Kline, Charles Savage and others, expressed their desire to control people’s minds. They produced a document or report called “Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000″ where they outlined their plan for the future. The purpose of these psychiatrists was clear, as it was expressed by Wayne O. Evans. “We see a developing potential for nearly a total control of human emotional status, mental functioning, and will to act.” What Evans described was the medical establishment’s complete plan to bring people under control with the use of pharmaceutical products that would be pushed through trusted scientists, medical journals and ultimately with the help of medical doctors who were to a great extent indoctrinated into believing that drugging someone for life was the best way to cure

their mental and physical illnesses. Psychotropic drugs used to treat problems like dementia, stress, depression and other supposed mental conditions aren’t safe at all. In fact, they are responsible for a wide range of side effects including violence, desire to commit suicide and homicide, in addition to addicting patients. At best, psychotropic drugs have managed to kill more people (not help them) than cure them of their physical ailments. Their side effects are almost never studied before they are put out, and the addiction they cause is simply referred to as dependence. Psychotropic drugs, which are legally sold and recommended by health practitioners are responsible for more deaths than illegal street drugs. According to research, over half of the people who commit suicide in the United States are patients or users of psychotropic drugs prescribed to them. A short list of these drugs include: Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Seroquil and Ultram, among others. In the past few weeks, multiple reports in the media have pointed to the abuse of psychotropic drugs by soldiers who are sent to the battle field even though they are mentally unprepared to face the reality brought to them when in combat situations. Psychotropic drugs are even given to soldiers as a way to mentally flush their brains and eliminate any fear, phobia or intolerance to the crude reality of a combat zone, so they can be deployed 3, 4 or more times. Even reported by mainstream media, psychotropic drugs are responsible for military suicides, and warnings about the consequences of their use and abuse have been issued by psychiatrists themselves (the ones

not committed to the use of prescription drugs to cure anything and everything.). They’ve said that “the risk from side effects is too great.” The calls to stop using prescription drugs to make soldiers tolerant to the stress of the battlefield have become louder and louder. “There’s no way on earth that these boys and girls are getting monitored on the field,” said Dr. Peter Breggin, a New York-based psychiatrist. “The drugs simply shouldn’t be given to soldiers.” But the use and abuse of psychotropic drugs doesn’t only happen in the army. It also occurs in mental institutions, which in most cases are places filled with people who were forced by their doctors to be imprisoned in such places “for their own good”, and who are then submitted to long and painful medical treatments that include the intake of prescription drugs for the rest of their lives. Many of these patients are children who are labelled by their doctors as troubled, which qualifies them to become lab rats in a mental institution where they are loaded with psychotropic drugs (often in their experimental phase) in order to calm down, or in theory somehow eliminate the origin of the trouble pointed out by the medical expert. Children as young as seven suffering from neglect, abuse or who simply were not raised by two parents, are prescribed antipsychotic drugs for the rest of their lives, and are taught that only the continuous use of pharmaceutical drugs will take them out of their supposed mental illness. Drugs like Lexapro and Vyvanse are responsible for children’s suicide. Others are prescribed Symbyax, a drug that supposedly works as an anti-depressant, even though its label clearly states that it may lead to suicide. Today, a hundred million people around the world are on psychiatric drugs. How did we come to this? Their doctors convinced them that they were mentally sick. They talked them into believing that every mental or emotional experience was an example of a mental or emotional disease. They told them that stress, anxiety, depression and every other reaction to their live’s experiences were treatable diseases, and that they had the solutions and the cures for them. Although more and more psychiatrists confess that their profession lacks the science they often claim to have, and that their analysis and treatment of patients is a trial and error process, when they are in front of their

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Scientific Suicide by Mike Adams

Death by Science

his is, without question, the most important article I’ve ever penned, because it discusses the idea that the human race is being destroyed in the name of science. Stopping these “scientists” from destroying our world and our civilization must become our top priority if we hope to survive. The entire Northern hemisphere is now imminently threatened by a massive, “global killer” radiation release from the failing Fukushima reactor No. 4. Our world is right now just one earthquake away from a radiological apocalypse, and we were put into this position by scientists who promised us that nuclear power would be safe and inexpensive. Even as we live under the immediate threat of Cesium-137- induced radiological extinction, another group of genetic scientists threatens the future of our world with self-replicating genetic pollution. These scientists work for Monsanto, Dupont and other biotech firms that have compromised the future of life on Earth in order to seek their own selfish profits. Bill Gates and all the others who have promoted GMOs and allowed them to be unleashed into our world are guilty of nothing less than crimes against both the human race and nature itself. They are a threat to the continuation of life on Earth and must be stopped. In the realm of human biology, our very existence is now being widely threatened by toxic vaccines. Always promoted in the name of “science”, these vaccines actually cause severe neurological damage and widespread infertility, compromising the ability of members of the human race to reproduce. And in terms of our global food supply, the accelerating collapse of the honey bees is now solidly linked to the widespread use of chemical pesticides manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. These pesticides, of course, are always promoted in the name of “science!” It’s better living through chemistry, remember? In fact, if you take an honest look at what threatens our civilization and our planet today, it’s always something done in the name of science!


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• • • • •

Toxic pesticides that kill the soils and rivers? “Science!” Toxic chemical medications that kill humans and pollute downstream waters? “Scientific!” The mass poisoning of the population with a toxic combination of industrial waste products called “fluoride?” It’s all done for “science!” Nuclear bombs that have already decimated civilian populations? “Science!” Mammograms and other medical imaging devices that actually cause cancer? “Scientific!” Chemotherapy poisons, “preventive” mastectomies, cancer radiation treatments? It’s all “scientific” of course. The mass mercury poisoning of children through dental amalgams? They call it “science-based dentistry!”

What’s clear from all this is that the human race is being murdered in the name of science. But underneath that realization is an even more profound one: Much of the so-called “science” is really just fraudulent science that’s twisted, distorted and quacked up by greed-driven corporations.

Real Science is the Quest for Understanding, Not the Quest for Profit Real science is a good thing, as it is based on the quest for knowledge. But today, there’s not much real science being conducted anymore. Most of what takes place is corporate-driven science for the purpose of gaining power and profits. In medicine, for example, the search for new drugs is not about helping humanity; it’s about helping quarterly profits. But you already knew that. Only the most naive individuals today still believe Big Pharma cares about human beings. In the world of GMOs, it’s not about actually “feeding the world” as is ridiculously claimed by its corrupt, criminal pushers; it’s actually about “owning the world” and using food as a weapon against the People of the World. He who controls the food supply eventually con-

trols everything. Monsanto is hell bent on world domination, not world nourishment. Vaccines, for their part, aren’t about actually preventing disease and enhancing the health of the public. Infectious disease prevention could be easily accomplished through sanitation improvements and low-cost vitamin D supplementation. Vaccines are really about two things: 1) Population control, 2) Repeat business for the drug industry due to all the vaccine damage caused by their inoculations. (Vaccines damage the liver, kidneys, brain and intestines, among other organs.) The “science” practiced today is a science of domination and control. It is almost never carried out for humanitarian purposes or to benefit humanity. Even the entire intellectual property “ownership” system of patents and trademarks is set up to grant corporate monopolies over innovation, thereby denying the People access to such innovations. Intellectual property laws have been twisted and exploited by corporate giants to hijack the innovation process and use it to crush competition. All corporations ultimately want a global monopoly over their particular industry sectors. Universities, which once conducted research to benefit humankind, now use taxpayer money to develop patentable chemicals that are then licensed to drug companies (or pesticide companies) in exchange for royalties that enrich the university. As a result of such trends, “science” has come to mean corruption, dishonesty, greed and death. “Scientists” -- the people who practice such science -- are death engineers whose innovations may deliver hyped-up short-term benefits, but they often ultimately lead to long-term death and destruction. Roundup herbicide, for example, kills crop soils and encourages the development of pesticide-resistant “superweeds.” In the terrain of human biology, much the same ramification of death and destruction is happening with the widespread abuse of antibiotics and the alarming rise of MRSA and other “superbugs.” Such “scientific” innovations were, of course, developed by well-meaning people who didn’t mean to cause widespread crop failures and antibiotic-resistant staph infections, but in doing so they only became experts in paving the road to Hell with good intentions. Science is killing us. As a race, we are committing suicide by allowing science to dominate our medicine, agriculture and military industries. To the degree that we allow scientists to unleash their dangerous experiments onto the world without legitimate testing -- and no, flu shot vaccines are never scientifically tested for long-term safety -- we only accelerate the digging of our own graves. If we don’t learn to restrain the blind ambitions of arrogant scientists who are all too easily enticed by the opportunity to roll the dice in their “let’s play God” games, the blind pursuit of science without wisdom will only lead to our total destruction. Because next we can count on the rise of the robot drones in the name of science -- a new race of Terminator machines (unmanned AI drones) with the capability to mindlessly unleash bombs and bullets on civilian populations. Such drones are developed in the name of “science,” of course, with all the predictable ego-driven fantasies of their geek-headed inventors who, with all their superior intellect, have still failed to study human history. Even if the drones don’t get us, nanotechnology may yet spell our demise. Scientists are already running dangerous experiments with nanotechnology, and if just one such experiment results in a self-replicating nanotech “grey goo,” our entire world could be inescapably devoured by self-replicating microscopic machines that make GMOs seem tame by comparison.

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5 Corrupt Industries Continued from page 2

actively toxic substances ever designed. Our current model is to bury it under Yucca Mountain in Nevada and, well, hope that no one ever goes near that god-forsaken place… Biofuels are made almost entirely from subsidized GMO crops, and still emit carcinogens during combustion. The Solution: Renewable Electricity This is the only (presently ed.) known ecologically harmonious option for energy. Options to create this include Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal, and especially Geothermal energy. Using these techniques at our current technological capacity, we could power the entire planet many times over without one calorie coming from fossil fuels or nuclear reactors. In addition, Nikola Tesla developed a method to generate literally infinite energy anywhere - directly from the electric field of the universe. His discoveries and all replications since have been systematically de-funded, and either confiscated by military intelligence or destroyed through arson. As for practical applications today, simply do your best to cut your footprint (not of carbon emissions, but of the non-harmonious energy empire), and fund alternatives as you can personally afford to. Good options are walking, riding your bike, fitting up your house with solar panels (if you own a home), and buying into local, independent, sustainable energy co-ops (if you don’t). This is also one of the good investments I was referring to above.

3) Agriculture/Bioteh - Did you know: US subsidized crops range from 65 to 94% in their use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) - in case there was any doubt that out government was in bed with Monsanto. GMO’s are organisms whose genes have been spliced with genes from other species to better benefit the business model of the company selling them (most notably, Monsanto). One highly prevalent example is the “Terminator Gene,” which causes the organism to be sterile. This forces the grower to buy new seeds from Monsanto every year, rather than simply replanting the seeds of their harvest as nature intended. I wonder how eating 90% sterilized food might affect the reproductive health of humans. Don’t a lot people have issues with that these days? Oh well - it’s cheaper. 99% of US agriculture is grown with petroleum-based fertilizer. Thought we only used that stuff for cars and plastics, huh? Think again. By buying “conventionally” grown food, you are, in fact, supporting the American War Machine. 99% of Agriculture in the US is grown with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or a cocktail of the three. These are toxic chemicals designed to kill organisms outside the intended monoculture. The only reason the crop itself can survive these sprayings is because they have been genetically modified to withstand them. Monsanto’s “Roundup-Ready Gene,” for example, allows crops to tolerate ordinarily toxic levels of the patented poison (and it is a poison). The problem with this process is that it delivers food which may appear healthy, yet within it is likely to be carrying significant levels of toxins. The Solution: Follow this formula Whenever possible, grow at your own home with organic (non GMO) seeds. When you can’t grow it yourself, buy local or regional organic. If you can’t buy local or regional organic, you probably don’t need (or want) to be eating it.

maceuticals do is mask symptoms (anesthetics), destroy cells indiscriminately (Chemo and other cancer treatment drugs), or introduce small amounts of disease (vaccinations). There is not a single one that actually harmonizes the human body. Say what you want about “having these options in your back pocket,” but recognize that none of them are good for you, and none of them cure disease. Only the human immune system can do that.

4) Media - Did you know: Almost 100% of the mainstream media is owned by seven companies: Disney, NewsCorp, TimeWarner, CBS, Viacom, NBCUniversal, and Sony. They control everything from movies and television, to all the major newspapers, and even music record labels. When one company dominates an industry, it is called a monopoly. When a handful of companies cooperatively dominate an industry, it is called a “Cartel.” This is what we have with our mainstream media - an elite group that is cooperatively and covertly controlling everything that comes through our television, radio, newspaper, and theatre. When people say that the mainstream media is “biased toward special interest groups,” it means that the super-elite own all of it, and don’t allow exposure to people who expose their globalist agenda. Consider, for example, why filmmakers such as Peter Joseph and Dylan Avery have never been interviewed on mainstream TV. Their films (Zeitgeist and Loose Change, respectively) are the two most viewed documentaries in the history of the Internet. Their work is systematically blacklisted, however, due to its accurate exposure of the forces at work behind the media empire, as well as every other industry outlined in this article.

The Solution: Don’t expect an industry run by pharmaceutical conglomerates to keep you healthy. Become an expert on your own health. Learn and implement harmonious nutrition, exercise, and hobbies. If you don’t get those three figured out for yourself, your health will deteriorate, and the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry, will not save you. It’s time to empower ourselves with understanding. For more complex health issues, explore alternative approaches that are harmonious with the functioning of the human system. Some awesome options are acupuncture, reiki, and chiropractics. For health consultations and checkups, you are better off with a naturopath or homeopath than a conventional MD. And, finally, if you have a chronic pain condition and feel that you just need some relief in the interim period while you heal, toss the semi-synthetic opiates out the window, and roll yourself a joint. That’s just my two cents. Conclusion - My hope is that this information will empower you to realize that you can affect change today. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed and paralyzed; recognize the change that you can make in your life, and begin with one small step. Transfer your money, buy a bike, invest in a solar co-op, cancel your cable, and eat some organic vegetables. Do not underestimate the power behind these actions. To change the world and free ourselves from these systems is going to take a lot of change from everyone on the individual level. But that long road starts with one person taking responsibility for their actions, and just putting one foot in front of the other. Be that person. Change the world.

The Solution: Independent Media Cancel your subscription to cable (aka the cabal). It’ll save you money and disconnect you from the Propaganda Machine. Get your news and world affairs from Independent sources who are not in the pocket of the financial super-elite. There are some big names in alternative media who are uncovering much more than what can be found among the so-called “mainstream,” as well as hundreds of others you can find on BlogTalkRadio and various blogs. What’s more, don’t get all your information from any one place - diversify and see what truly resonates with you. For those who want to go the extra mile, start blogging yourself and sharing important information through social media. Do your part to help get the important headlines out there and visible. Your ability to do this is phenomenal. Even if all you do is post a video on your Facebook, you are likely to generate AT LEAST 20 views for an issue that otherwise would not have been there. As more people are waking up to the system and starting to do this every day, I believe very strongly that the Media Empire’s days are numbered.




July 13 14 15 2012

Jericho Beach Park

5) Healthcare - Did you know: Pharmaceutical companies provide corporate sponsorship (money) for scientific journals, medical school textbooks, and political lobbies. A pro-pharmaceutical bias has been scientifically documented in the British Medical Journal. Med students study drugs in almost every quarter of their degree, and take, on average, only one class on nutrition. There is not a single pharmaceutical drug that actually makes people healthier (pause for cries of indignation). What phar-


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and many more!

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Scientific Suicide

Continued from page 22 If We Are to Survive, We Must Force Science to be Bound by the Precautionary Principle If we are to survive the endless greed, arrogance and ambition of today’s scientists -- whose actions more closely resemble little children with flamethrowers than mature, adult individuals -- we must force science to abide by the Precautionary Principle. The Precautionary Principle means that when we experiment with nature, we force ourselves to err on the side of caution, not profits. In practical terms, that means we should never unleash self-replicating genetic programs (GMOs) into the open world and let experimental seeds get blown across the continents by the wind. We should never build highly radioactive nuclear power facilities that require power to run pumps in order to avoid a nuclear meltdown. Such facilities must be designed to run in a grid-down, self-shutdown format that defaults to an unmanned state of non-criticality. We should never unleash synthetic chemicals across the world’s crops and soils to kill insects, not knowing the long-term ramifications of such neurotoxins being introduced into the ecosystem. The Precautionary Principle recognizes that human civilization is fragile, and science-sounding experiments can run amok in ways that simply cannot be anticipated by even the most brilliant and well-intentioned human minds.

Technology Without Wisdom is Suicide In the name of science, humanity has developed remarkable technologies. But as a species, humankind operates as infants in terms of wisdom and maturity. We are worse than children with flamethrowers -- we are children with nukes! A typical top-level scientist working for a corporation or a government body is ethically under-developed, lacking wisdom and perspective. They may be geniuses in their absurdly narrow realms of technical expertise,

but they have no understanding of the importance of restraining the application of scientific pursuits in the real world. Even now, scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva are playing God with the universe, attempting to discover what they ridiculously call new “particles” even though such particles are not even particles in the first place. In their quest for what they claim to be scientific knowledge, they are playing a dangerous game with our world, risking the very small but catastrophically fatal chance that their experiment might create a planet-consuming black hole that devours our world. Sound like science fiction? Most conventional scientists dismiss such ideas as pure nonsense. But their colleagues also told us that nuclear power was safe; that GMOs are safe; that pesticides are safe; that fluoride is safe; that vaccines are safe; and on and on. If there’s one thing we can scientifically establish as truth in our world today, it’s that scientists vastly and naively overestimate the safety of their own experiments, often in ways that cause widespread harm, death or destruction to innocent people around them. Scientists are a danger to our world, in other words. And they need to be immediately restrained before they utterly destroy the very conditions on our planet that make human life possible. History has taught us that scientists have very little ability to anticipate the long-term effects of their presentday actions. The nature of the universe is more complex than even the most brilliant scientist can imagine, it turns out, and when they start to play God with the natural world, unexpected things can and do occur. Murphy was an optimist, as the saying goes. Not only will things go wrong if they can go wrong; they will go wrong in catastrophic ways that simply cannot be anticipated.

The sixth such event may be caused by science itself, either with a global radiological release, a runaway genetic pollution event, a nanotechnology disaster, an AI rise to power, or something far more sinister that we can’t even anticipate. We already stand on the verge of being inundated with radiation from Fukushima -- a precarious situation upon which “the fate of the world” now rests. What other great threats to our survival have been committed in the name of science? Until the Wild West, “anything goes” approach to science as practiced today is held in check by a sense of self preservation, the human race will remain at grave risk of becoming an inadvertent casualty of well-intentioned science gone terribly wrong. Let us take steps now to halt the life-threatening science that has put us all at risk and pull ourselves back from the brink of scientific suicide.

The Sixth Mass Extinction on Our Planet May be Caused by Science Itself

8. Pollinator disruption chemicals (synthetic pesticides that destroy honey bee colonies)

There have been five mass extinction events on our planet, the most recent being the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event.

The Top Ten “Scientific” Projects Threatening the Survival of the Human Race Right Now 1. Nuclear power (Fukushima in particular) 2. GMOs (self-replicating genetic pollution) 3. Nanotechnology (self-replicating microscopic machines) 4. Bioweapons (self-replicating microscopic weapons) 5. Atmospheric experiments (HAARP and high-altitude spraying) 6. Artificial Intelligence (AI, when coupled with killer drone hardware) 7. Particle accelerator physics experiments (Large Hadron Collider)

9. Nuclear weapons 10. Weaponized vaccines (live cross-species viral material being injected into human targets)

“Being forced to work in order to collect private bank notes just to survive is called slavery.” Making a Killing

Continued from page 21 patients, many of these professionals do not hesitate to recommend drugs that will only worsen any mental or physical medical problem. “We don’t have any blood tests, or any other medical tests that are definitive for any mental disorder,” said a psychiatrist from New Jersey, outside a medical convention venue. This statement was similar to what another psychiatrist from Mexico City said: “If you come to my office and tell me you are depressed, there is no medical test or blood test…” Testimonies about the medical uncertainties of psychiatry and their so-called medical

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cures continue: “There aren’t currently any available tests to verify your diagnosis,” said a psychiatrist from Greece. Even when psychiatrist and drug makers know that their products have dangerous side effects and that the scientific base for the manufacturing of these products is faulty to say the least, they have no problem whatsoever waking up every morning to go to their offices and recommend the pharmaceuticals to their unsuspecting patients. Many of these patients simply become added to the list of at least 3000 people a month who die directly because of the use of psychotropic drugs recommended by their doctors. Many people were shocked on September 11, 2001, when around 3000 people were murdered during the terrorist attacks in New York and Pennsylvania. Most people fail to realize that as bad as 9/11 was, the kind of crime committed that day is actually replicated monthly, or perhaps more often, by doctors prescribing pharmaceutical drugs to their patients. According to publicly available data, 70% of the psychotropic drugs used by people with supposed mental diseases are prescribed by their trusted medical doctors. “They use what I call statistical contortionism. They manipulate the numbers to make them look fantastic and hide the bad numbers,”

says Shane Ellison, an organic chemist who used to work as a drug researcher for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly. According to the film Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging, the number of psychotropic drugs has grown exponentially since 1966. Back then there were a total of 44 different products. Today, the number reaches 176 different pharmaceutical drugs available for doctors to sell to their patients. It is through this direct relationship between doctors and patients together with clever marketing directed to medical professionals — in seminars and conferences — that the pharmaceutical industry managed to do exactly what elite psychiatrists had planned 40 years ago. The top five pharmaceutical drugs sold around the world bring in about $18 billion dollars for Big Pharma every year. This is about the same amount obtained when we add up the GDP of half of the nations of the world. As a whole, the psychiatric industry, says the film, makes a grand total of $330 billion dollars a year off the health and well-being of millions of people around the world. This article is just a quick summary about how the pharmaceutical industry’s unholy alliance with the medical industry helped drive the goals planned for many decades ago. We recommend you watch the film Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, in order to obtain a strong background about the origins, workings and goals that the pseudoscience of Psychiatry has for all of us. Then, for a more contemporary view on what the Psychiatry Industry is doing right now, and of how the unholy alliance works, please watch the film Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging. Furthermore, pass the information contained in this article and the films cited above to as many people as possible.

Codex Alimentarius:

An Introduction to Soft Kill Eugenics by Daisy Luther


he world according to Codex Alimentarius looks grim indeed. Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “food code”) is a global set of standards created by the CA Commission, a body established by a branch of the United Nations back in 1963. The CA Commission’s purported mission, like all Agenda 21 missions, sounds so wonderful that it might have been created by a committee from heaven above. The main purposes of this Programme are protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade Don’t you wonder what could possibly be wrong with that? The UN wants us to be healthy and wants everyone to be paid fairly. Codex Alimentarius sounds great! Let’s institute these standards right away! As with all globally stated agendas, however, CA’s darker purpose is shielded by their feel-good words. Global committees have been established to regulate the following topics, to name a few:

ganization are legally bound under global guidelines, including CA standards. CA standards override all national laws. Lack of compliance to these standards may result in fines and/or crippling trade sanctions. If a country wants to play the global trading game, that country has no option whatsoever but to comply with CA. Those who do not comply automatically forfeit the judgment in any global trade dispute regarding food or nutrients. It’s Already Here

In 2010, during the distraction of the BP Oil Spill, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order (#13544) to implement CA in the US over the course of the next few years. More akin to a royal decree than a constitutionally acceptable legislation, Obama proved his arrogance once again: he does NOT require the approval of Congress to make sweeping legislations. In the United States, the FDA is in charge of implementing the standards. Over the next two years, with the Food Safety Modernization Act, they will be doing just that. According to a Natural News article by Dr. Gregory D’Amato, these irrevocable standards are on their way of being implemented to allow the US to “harmonize” with • fruits and vegetables Codex. • fruit and vegetable juices • All nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are to be con• fats and oils sidered toxins/poisons and are to be removed from all • meat, poultry and fish food because Codex prohibits the use of nutrients to • cereals, pulses, and legumes “prevent, treat or cure any condition or disease” • milk and milk products • All food (including organic) is to be irradiated, re• natural mineral waters moving all toxic nutrients from food (unless eaten lo• sugars cally and raw). • cocoa products and chocolate • Nutrients allowed will be limited to a Positive List • food hygiene developed by Codex which will include such benefi• food labelling cial nutrients like Fluoride (3.8 mg daily) developed • pesticide residues; from environmental waste. All other nutrients will be • residues of veterinary drugs found in foods prohibited nationally and internationally to all Codex• food additives compliant countries. • All nutrients (e.g., CoQ10, Vitamins A, B, C, D, Zinc The unfortunate thing is that the regulations ensure and Magnesium) that have any positive health impact money not safety. They guarantee profit, not health benefits. on the body will be deemed illegal under Codex and “Codex Alimentarius is a dark marriage between pharare to be reduced to amounts negligible to humans’ maceutical and chemical industries and the WTO, conhealth. ceived to exact complete and regimented control over all • All advice on nutrition (including written online or food products and nutrients worldwide.” ~ writes Chantal journal articles or oral advice to a friend, family memBoccaccio of The People’s Voice. ber or anyone) will be illegal. • All dairy cows are to be treated with Monsanto’s reFollow the Money combinant bovine growth hormone. • All animals used for food are to be treated with potent So if all of these regulations don’t benefit the consumantibiotics and exogenous growth hormones. ers, who do they benefit? Dr. Rima Laibow, of Health Free• The reintroduction of deadly and carcinogenic ordom USA estimated that for every dollar spent on natural ganic pesticides that in 1991, 176 countries (including health solutions and supplements, Big Pharma loses $40. the U.S.) have banned worldwide, including 7 of the Therefore, if people have the option to chose vitamins over 12 worst at the Stockholm Convention on Persistent valium, Big Pharma loses billions per year. Organic Pesticides (e.g., Hexachlorobenzene, ToxaThe medical establishment benefits. When people phene, and Aldrin) will be allowed back into food at are able to manage chronic conditions and avoid surgery elevated levels. through carefully choosing what they eat or what supple• Dangerous and toxic ments they take, the medical establishment loses out on levels (0.5 ppb) of aflothose costly visits that people must undertake in order to toxin in milk produced “manage” their conditions. from mouldy storage Pesticide manufacturers benefit. GMO foods require conditions of animal greater pesticide use, thus manufacturers of pesticides like feed will be allowed. Round-up (Monsanto) reap the financial rewards while beAflotoxin is the secing allowed to poison the environment. ond most potent (nonFood processors benefit. CA requires food to be irradiradiation) carcinogenic ated, a low cost (and nutrient-destroying) practice, allowing compound known to lower standards of hygiene and sanitation. man. Big Pharma benefits. CA mandates that nutrients be • Mandatory use of classified as drugs; therefore the purchase of vitamins will growth hormones and eventually require a prescription. Prescription drugs, of antibiotics on all food course, are monitored by the FDA, which means that only herds, fish and flocks the Big Pharma companies will be able to manufacture and • Worldwide implemensupply them. tation of unlabelled Maybe, then, the United States (and the rest of us! ed.) GMOs into crops, anishould just refuse to take part in CA. That’s not going to mals, fish and trees. happen, because all the members of the World Trade Or-

We’ve already seen incidences of health food stores being raided as though they were selling crystal meth instead of Vitamin C and organic vegetables. Family farms are being driven out of business because they can’t afford to keep up with the ever-increasing regulations. Natural healers have been criminalized throughout Europe, and that criminalization is on its way to North American shores. Death by Codex If it was only about the almighty dollar and the building of monopolies, one could almost comprehend the corporate greed behind Codex Alimentarius. The plot is more sinister than even greed could create. Codex Alimentarius, quite simply, is an instrument of depopulation and control. Many prominent eugenicists, such as Bill Gates and David Rockefeller have openly promoted depopulation as a positive goal for the future. Sickly people die off at a faster rate, dropping health care costs. Dwindling populations consume fewer resources leaving more for the Elite. Morally, this soft kill approach is more palatable than outright attacks, like the release of viruses. There is the risk that biological attacks could also affect the Elite. Military attacks, like nuclear war, could have a devastating effect on the environment, which would also negatively affect the elite. Subtly starving the masses, without them even realizing it, is the simplest method, and also the least likely to harm the NWO puppet masters that are in control of the United Nations. As the attack on the world’s people becomes more obvious, the decision makers also risk being the victims of violent revolution. Codex also helps to cover that aspect. If people are malnourished, they are unable to resist tyranny with the same enthusiasm as a healthy population. They are also far more susceptible to disease, should biological warfare be one day in the best interests of the Elite. It’s win-win, if you happen to be a member of the Elite. This outcome doesn’t look so great for the rest of us. Henry Kissinger, the eugenicist poster child for the NWO, said it best, “If you control food, you control the population.”

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Malka Walters - Intuitive Guide, Artist and Healer whose chosen tool for divination is the I-Ching Sonia Haynes - Shaman, Healer, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Author of The Power of Money book.

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their nation’s insane agendas which makes them absolutely complicit in their tax funded crimes against all Life. Justifications and rationalizations are the bread and butter of the mad apes we’ve become. We can, and have performed, every abomination possible under the Sun. Don’t kid yourself. What we’ve done to Love, to Life, beggars the imagination. No wonder most of us are hiding up our own asses. Is the separate selfish self really that difficult to grasp, to identify, to discipline, to master, when you’ve been listening to it blather on between your very own ears ceaselessly all the while ‘giving’ you the worst possible advice for the majority of your life? C’mon already! I know you think that voice is you since that’s what it tells you and it seems to happen inside your head, and we’ve been taught that that’s where we ‘live’; but it’s not the whole picture, no more so then us being only our big toes, or butt fluff or whatever. It is no mistake that we first incarnate here in our mother’s wombs as our hearts. It is no mistake that the heart generates an astronomical amount of energy in comparison to our brains. It is no mistake that this dominator culture that has enslaved us so very well works so feverishly hard to keep us locked away up there in our heads instead of feeling and thereby perceiving from our centres, from our truest Source. And that’s the crux of the trick, the cross we’ve been nailed to, the trap of the predator’s mind we’ve adopted as our belief structure, the one we call reality. Pretty clever really. Dastardly. Downright scary even, but it’s nothing a little quiet time and loving feeling can’t cure so chin up already, fear ain’t the boss of you unless you give it up. The real thing my ass. And though I’ve said it before I’m gonna say it again: the petty tyrants of the world, be they human or otherwise, be they imagined truths or lies, be they memes, abstractions, ideologies, religious beliefs, or nihilistic attitudes, be they virus’s, virtual or meaty, regardless, they are here for our fun and enjoyment, and by that I mean they are manifest in our reality for our growth, for our evolution. Make no mistake we asked for it all. Our lives are our responsibility. Period. But have no fear, the cure is simple: grow up, and I do mean up. Enough with all the bottom feeding. Enough with ‘living’ on our knees. Enough with selling The Creators gifts for cheap indulgences and an early grave. Enough of taking advantage of one another and screwing everything that moves and everything that doesn’t. Little does Evil realize that for all its plots and machinatioxns, for all its ridiculous and futile shenanigans, all it is managing to do is to help fertilize Freedom’s Bloom. The Sun is still shining up above, as we are shining down below.

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