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Electric Jesus

Canada Opens Border to GMOs

Smart Meter Update

Ritus Verum 144 Truths

Ritus Verum The 144 Truths by Frank ‘O Collins


ere we proudly present the first 73 truths by Frank ‘O Collins, futurist, author, inventor, working in the realm of global issues and solutions. Based on the ‘Restore the Law Project’ which aims at challenging the root of Roman Vatican law and its commercial allies that underpins our entire society and the ills therein. Find out more at - ED In memory of Martin Luther, the one man that dared to speak the truth 500 years ago Let those who have eyes see; Let those who have ears hear the truth of this most sacred writ before all men, women, children as witnessed by the Divine and all spirits: 1. ALL possess the right to be heard, whether or not we agree with the ideas expressed; and 2. By virtue of our absolute immutable right of free will, we may choose our own actions and what to believe or not to believe; and 3. ALL possess the right over their own thoughts and opinions, as no one can rightfully claim ownership of your own mind, except you; and 4. Your mind is the general executor and sovereign authority over your own body and so no force may rightfully claim possession over your flesh, unless your mind surrenders and allows it to be so; and 5. No person, corporation, or group may claim ownership of the cells of your body or the genetic code that forms life and who and what we are; and

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Children’s remains identified by Kevin Annett


o have come so far, and suffered so much, to finally hold the reason for it all in my hand. The truth has become as immediately hard and real as these brown bone shard themselves, from a hip, a leg, a spine: one from a small child, other bones being once part of a young boy or girl in their teens. Although I more than any of my people knew the truth of what those fragments represent, still, it was not quite real to me over the years that I wrote and spoke and protested about the missing and slaughtered children. Somewhere inside I still hoped that it was not true at all. But no longer. It is undeniable to me now, and from my firm knowing the whole world will come to know. And it all begins, always, like this: as a single collision of raw bones on flesh, like a light rippling outwards to burst open all the hidden places, and graves. On November 28, an archaeologist confirmed that it was the bones of children that we had unearthed during the previous week.

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I first stood over the mass graves of children at Canada’s oldest Christian internment camp – our people like to call them “Indian residential schools” – four years ago, during a lecture tour to Brantford, Ontario. This past month, I have been part of the team there that, for the first time in our history, has unearthed the bones of children killed in the name of Christ by churches that are still above the law. I am working with the Onkwehonwe people, called Mohawks, who have never signed a treaty with Canada or surrendered their nationhood – but whose children were carted off at gun point to die en masse at the Church of England’s “Mohawk Institute”, called the Mush Hole by survivors. On November 21, the dead began to come home. After offering words of prayer in Mohawk that morning, our team had just broken the soil in the woods fifty

Piece of humerus or tibia of a young child yards from the former “school” when the first bones appeared, not even two feet under the ground. We all stopped our digging, as what turned out to be part of the thigh bone of a small child was carefully brushed clean, photographed, and lifted gently from the earth. Alongside it rested other bone fragments, from a wrist, and a spine, small and fragile, along with a horde of small ivory buttons, bits of children’s shoes, and everywhere, mounds of charcoal. “Why all the charcoal?” someone asked. “They burned the bodies in the school furnace” replied a survivor who had gone there. Further examination of the bones showed that several

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Electric Jesus 9 144 Truths - Ritus Verum


Canada Opens Border to GMOs


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Storm Winds Blow, The Shore is Yet in Sight

woke up this morning with my editorial bubbling up like a dreamy froth up from the depths of unconsciousness. But as I settled in to write the ‘realities’ of the day came, bucket in hand, filled with ice cold truths aimed directly at me. Yesterday I nearly drowned in a virtual tsunami of ‘news’ from which I only just emerged still clinging to the little lifeboat I set out in a few weeks ago after having decided the time was right to visit my European family. It’s too easy (at first) to give in to depression or despair when literally facing a world at war, global suffering, suicidal capitalism, parasitical omnicide. And when you dig as deeply as we do we’re often surrounded by the very real corpses of those that have sacrificed so much to bring us to where we all are. Grave truths indeed. You can barely trust any ‘good news’ these days we’ve been so conditioned to expect snake oil to come pouring out of every available orifice. Brave new world my ass. Sell us another, love. And then there are the distractions! Heavens. Even the work at hand can twist before your very eyes and devour your attention leaving you only enough energy and will to reach for some kind of illusory panacea to numb what’s left of the senses back to sleep, troubled though it be. As I pen this we’re going to print in a day, so it’s a bit of a dramatic time for those involved. There’s still a proof to do, last minute articles to put together; sudden changes in our finances allowing for the possibility of more pages (24 barely scratches the surface) or paying the rent, always a difficult choice. Though we’ve done an admirably good job of keeping this paper going, all the while working to settle the debts accrued over the previous year that Dan and his uncle almost single handedly, and out of their own pocket, kept the agora alive, it’s a struggle every month to keep bringing what little awareness we can to those eager to participate in their own awakening. Lorenzo’s on the job 24/7 building us up as quickly and deftly as his strength allows. He’s got “The New Agora” to where it can actually pay for it’s own printing through our much beloved participators, but has himself needed to juggle with plastic funny money to keep in house and home. Dan’s got three beautiful children, a super loving and supportive wife dedicated to homeschooling and making a better world for their family, which luckily for us all, includes you and me, plus a full time job in construction building homes, and yet somehow, he manages his best to do the whole layout for this paper, get articles, financing, and then some. We’ve got journalist and columnists, delivery help (thanks Tony), all volunteer, and, of course, you dear reader. The warm reception we’ve received from our readers and supporters has been great. Some of you grab our paper by the arm load to distribute them personally to friends, foes, and family alike. The New Agora provides a vital and essential service that grows in relevance the more we develop our potential together. You’ve made it a point to make sure we know it, and we thank you for that, truly. And so I woke up this morning wanting to share with you how different it’s not over here. Sure France’s wine and cheese is delicious, the alps are beautiful, but the skies get covered most days in chemical clouds that people just don’t seem to notice. And I watch, horrified, as some members of my family smile blissfully on, all the while adding MSG to their food because it tastes good, following it up with Coca-Cola chasers. As you can imagine I don’t stay silent, but it’s trying and tiring crying wolf while watching their comfortably numb consciousness’ be devoured by ignorance itself. Their eyes and conversation have a tendency to slide off and away from me and mine, and really how much fun is it sharing all this toxic information. Who wants to hear bad news? We’re eating over here! It’s almost Christmas for Christ’s sake! Oy Vey. That’s not to say that they aren’t loving, of course they are, and some even know the score, know what time it is, know what’s going on, are taking care of themselves and theirs as best they can. A while ago, when Lorenzo and I were out sharing the first two books in our Mirificent Trilogy, we came to the understanding that some folks just ain’t interested, and, as hard as that was for me, that’s got to be okay. We still manned our post sharing our evolutionary tales for children of all ages with a smile and a laugh even for those that hissed at us or just walked by without ever seeing us at all. I didn’t want to print our books before the trilogy was complete, Lorenzo felt passionately otherwise, and though it was at times quite a painful experience for me (sensitive artist that I am) and distracting whereas finishing the third book was concerned, experiencing a gamut of human indifference and at times outright hostility prepared me for not only this job but just generally being here on earth, surrounded by family, in these interesting times. I’d be lying to you if I said it didn’t get to me. Yesterday, after pretty much overdosing on bad news myself I was ready to torch the whole shebang! I think I must have quit a dozen times. Luckily (for me) Lorenzo understands, having worked with me for quite some time, and can weather the storms of my temperament, salty sea-dog that he is. Not much fun for him I’ll wager, but he’s an awesome fellow in his own right, an awesome friend and great companion, and has my back even when it’s me attacking myself. The thing of it is, I feel deeply, very deeply, painfully so at times. I love. Simple as that. I’m sure you know what I mean, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this. I love my family. And here I include everyone: you, even the mad loons that so often seem to have the upper hand on the rest of us financially or otherwise, even those that are causing so much pain to so many. It’s not easy but I can’t afford the cost of hate. I’ve lived separate from that magnitude of love before, not having any for myself I had little to offer others. I too have lived that hell. I too have caused others pain only to have it turn back onto me a hundredfold. I’ve had to digest it all to really wake up and re-power my own connection to that most amazing Source. Through empathy, a language of the heart, I perceive and communicate with the world, inside and out. I figure it’s a superpower. One we share in common. I spent a long time shackling myself to kryptonites of various kind to deaden that sense, that power, that gift. But, despite the marketing, being a zombie or

vampire isn’t much of a life at all. I’ve discovered that we’re here to flower, to shine, to play, to create, to love, to be Love manifest, incarnate. Some are here to do so in a dark light, in an inverse fashion or direction, if you will. They are essential players and their petty selfish tyrannies fuel the game of duality, of opposition. They offer us the priceless opportunity, the chance of a chance, if you will, to hone our impeccable Spirit, to play the hero of our own story, to see ourselves as what we are no longer, to know ourselves more completely, more divinely, to become whole, beyond separation. Though, for balance and wisdom, we encompass them in our totality, in our contextual field of experience, it is but momentary shadow play on this tremendous journey we have embarked on together flying through the limitless skies of awareness. You and I, we are The New Agora, and much more besides. -Fredalupe!




Participation & Support. An Invitation to Grow with Us.

AGORA: a public open space used for assemblies and markets. Our intent for the New Agora is to set the stage for a new way of being together, for sharing information and doing business to the benefit of all. There are in this world of affairs already set and defined rules and regulations, some are helpful and necessary to guard against foul play, but many more are instituted to work against the majority’s empowerment enriching only a few. Our aim is to master our own personal and collective destinies, happily living our lives while doing no harm. We’re all in this together: this awareness is our strength and our guide. Through ‘The New Agora’ we are offering a straightforward way to participate in making this a reality for everyone. The best way to change a system is to propose a better one. We believe we have such an instrument in hand and invite you all to help us help ourselves to a better world and abundant future we can all share in together. We have the freedom of choice. We are free to participate in life as we see fit. It is up to each one of us to direct our energies, be they monetary or other, towards that which we’d like to see grow and flourish. This is an age of transparency where motive and intent are become self evident. The buck literally stops and starts here with you. The New Agora offers a forum where all interested eyes can clearly see who are supporting the people and businesses that uphold that which we hold dear and those who aren’t. Our readers, thereby empowered to reciprocate with their patronage and nourish the kinds of businesses that will help their lives and families. This is Truth Marketing, not the marketing of truth. Here awareness is the key to prosperity and there is always more than enough to go around. The New Agora, reaching approximately 70,000 readers each month, is a real newspaper that isn’t afraid to focus on real challenges and real solutions, so that our readers can make the loving and informed choices for their lives so necessary in these interesting and pivotal times. Without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money on advertising month after month our Participators can be in the Public’s Eye on a continual and steady basis. Let’s get together and discuss the possibilities of helping each other grow. Feel free to contact us anytime. We’d be happy to e-mail you our Participator’s Kit. H. Lorenzo Malowane Cell: 250 885 6249 Office: 604 656 0721


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Huge Japanese Anti-Nuclear Demonstration by William Milberry


ukuoka written with the same “fuku” character meaning “good fortune” as found in Fukushima’s name, is the largest city on Japan’s southwest island of Kyushu. It’s also home to corporate offices for Kyushu Electric Power Company who operates southwest of Japan’s six aging nuclear reactors in two plants located in Saga and Kagoshima Prefectures. This makes Fukuoka a prime location for the people of southwestern Japan to stand up and demand an end to nuclear power in earthquake prone Japan which is exactly what happened on November 13th when over 15,000 demonstrators marched through the heart of the city. This demonstration, huge by Japanese standards, is the result of a slow building of momentum which had to begin from a dead standstill at the onset of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The reason for the cold start is related to the fact that Japan can be described as a “consensus society.” Group harmony, no matter how superficial, is valued above almost all else. Someone who disrupts the harmony can often be viewed as as big of a problem as the reason for which they break the harmony. As a result of this and other cultural factors protests, demonstrations, and riots have been comparatively rare in Japan. Now that demonstrations are happening, this cultural tendency is seeking to obscure them through intentionally poor news coverage. Very little about this major event was mentioned in Japanese mainstream media and there was a distinct lack of news cameras and visible reporters present despite the size and scale of the event. Having so little domestic coverage, these large demonstrations almost certainly go under reported in foreign media as well. This was the third and by far the largest anti-nuclear demonstration to take place in Fukuoka City since May. The first one on May 8th had around 600 people and was heavily attended by younger people, many of whom were in contrast with generally conformist Japan through their flamboyant dress and costumes. This time, however, there was much more noticeable diversity amongst the people. There were children, grandparents, and organizations with all the members dressed alike alongside of those making statements in costumes. There was a strong feeling that the everyday people have had enough and are finally standing up and speaking out. The demonstration started with a several hour long gathering in a large park. It was clear from the moment I arrived that it had been planned out and funded. There were tents set up around the perimeter with various organizations distributing information, vendors selling food, and a stage with an audio system where speakers including a Fukushima evacuee and a South Korean anti-nuclear activist gave talks. One of the speakers very clearly and eloquently clarified the position of the demonstration in an effort to address potential criticism from industry heavy and export dependent Japan by saying “we are not against electricity, we are not against industry, we are against one particular style of electrical generation – nuclear power.” Despite Japan not generally having much disorder, there seemed to be a big concern for it which could be seen from the large numbers of police officers present. They directed traffic and the demonstrators who marched down the side of the street. The respectability and respectfulness of the demonstrators and police were both praiseworthy. When pedestriA man on a microphone leads the anti-nuclear ans approached, the demonstrators chants and fires up the demonstrators. opened up holes to let them pass unimpeded. When lights changed the police would stop the demonstrators who would patiently wait. The demonstrators repeated the chant, “Genpatsu iranai. Denki wa tariteiru. Kane yori inochi. Sekai o kaero!” which means “We don’t need nuclear. There is sufficient electricity. Life over money. Let’s change the world!” To my knowledge there were no accidents, fights, or arrests. There was one point where tensions ran high however. A group of pro-nuclear right-wing Japanese positioned themselves along the route to scream insults, point at, and jeer the demonstrators as they passed. They were so aggressive that a row of police officers positioned themselves between the pro-nuclear supporters and the peaceful demonstrators who took the high road by continuing by without returning the insults or names that were being yelled at them. As I write this, Genkai Nuclear Plant unit 1, not far from Fukuoka City, is being shut down for scheduled inspections leaving only 9 of Japan’s 54 reactors in operation. Also, as I write this the lights are on, as they were all through the hot summer, A demonstrator dressed as the character mild fall, and now the cold winter, as the nuclear “No-face” from the hit animated film “Spiritplants went off-line one at a time for inspections then sat idle, waiting for the nation to figure out ed Away”, carries a sign which reads “Goodit’s policy. This fact seems to strongly reflect what bye nuclear powered aircraft carriers.” the demonstrators were saying, “We don’t need nuDespite the official call being for an end to clear. Other sources of power are sufficient. Let’s choose life over money. It’s time to change our nuclear power in Japan, some demonstrators world.” promoted additional issues. -----------------------------------------After several years of living in Japan and traveling William Milberry is a photographer and educator with a love for the sciences and Asia. After study- around Asia, photographing it’s many wonders, William ing computer science he worked at several colleges and found himself living in a country which is home to one of universities including spending 6 years at the University the largest nuclear disasters to date - Fukushima. Having of Pittsburgh Department of Biomedical Informatics be- grown up just 46 km. from the Three Mile Island nuclear fore leaving to pursue a dream and an adventure by mov- meltdown that happened in Pennsylvania in the 1979 he ing to Japan in 2007. William now teaches English at a has felt compelled to research and report on issues surrounding Fukushima and nuclear energy in Japan. Japanese high school.

Right-wing pro-nuclear supporter points and screams at the antinuclear demonstrators (me specifically), as they pass. Page 6

Demonstrators march down the street carrying antinuclear signs while police officers stay alert.

Fukushima disaster contaminated ocean with 50 million times normal radiation by Mike Adams


hings are suddenly heating up again with Fukushima. As we reported yesterday, the southern wall of Fukushima reactor #4 apparently collapsed over the past few days, calling into question the structural integrity of the remainder of the containment building. The mainstream media has said absolutely nothing about this development, continuing its pattern of downplaying news involving Fukushima, radiation or the flawed structure of nuclear power plants. This is hardly surprising, given that many of the largest media outlets (such as NBC and MSNBC) are owned by corporations such as General Electric, the designer of many of the world’s nuclear power plants. Photos of the failed structure have emerged on, where a report explains that a once-intact wall is now essentially “missing” and that further degradation of the structure could lead to mass evacuations in Japan. As this report is still not confirmed by other sources, we continue to take this with a sense of caution here at NaturalNews. We will continue to monitor the situation and report any relevant developments.

50 million times higher radiation levels What has hit the mainstream media, however, is a report entitled Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants on Marine Radioactivity, authored by Ken Buesseler, Michio Aoyama, and Masao Fukasawa. This report, published in Environmental Science & Technology, reveals that levels of radioactive cesium reached 50 million times normal levels in the ocean water off the coast of the Fukushima Dai-ichi facility. Even more concerning, the abstract of this paper concludes, “... the concentrations through the end of July remain higher than expected implying continued releases from the reactors or other contaminated sources, such as groundwater or coastal sediments.” This, of course, contradicts mainstream media reports which for the most part stated that the radiation was “contained” and was not leaking directly into the environment. Only the alternative press has covered the real story on Fukushima, which has now become the worst radiological accident in the history of human civilization. This same study ultimately concludes that this level of radiation contamination of the ocean is essentially harmless, stating, “...dose calculations suggest minimal impact on marine biota or humans due to direct exposure in surrounding ocean waters, though considerations for biologi- cal uptake and consumption of seafood are discussed and further study is warranted.” That’s a conclusion to be viewed with skepticism and caution, of course, as it says on one hand that “it’s no problem” and yet on the other hand, maybe you shouldn’t eat the seafood because we really don’t know what quantity and concentration of radioactive elements may be ingested and concentrated by seafood sources.

Radioactive strontium admittedly leaked into the ocean Another important development now surfacing is that TEPCO has finally admitted that alarming quantities of radioactive strontium (which has roughly a 30-year half life) have leaked into the ocean -- and that the leaks are ongoing! According to TEPCO, which has repeatedly and deliberately lied to the public in order to downplay any “bad news” about radiological leaks, “26 billion becquerels of radioactive materials” have leaked into the ocean due to the Fukushima accident. “This suggests that the releases have not ended, so that is of concern,” said Ken Buesseler from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. “If the contaminants end up in the marine sediments / muds, then they will remain there for decades to come, and thus potentially be of concern for benthic biota and consumers of benthic fish/shell fish, i.e. any local filter feeders near the source waters at the coast.”

The worst may be yet to come What’s clear from all this is that: • The Fukushima facility remains highly unstable and could dramatically worsen, especially if another earthquake or tsunami strikes the area and causes further degradation of the structural integrity of containment buildings which still house nuclear fuel rods. • The Fukushima catastrophe is, without question, the most massive radiological disaster ever recorded in human history. • The mainstream media has consistently (intentionally?) downplayed the severity of the Fukushima disaster, perhaps to try to calm fears by denying the true extent of the problem. • TEPCO routinely and habitually lied about the status of Fukushima during the meltdown and in the days and

weeks following that meltdown. • We therefore cannot rely upon official sources to accurately inform us of the actual status of the Fukushima facility. The risk of being misled by those official sources is very high.

If you want the truth, don’t trust official sources Under such circumstances, the wise thing to do is stay informed and get prepared in case the Fukushima situation suddenly worsens. Hopefully everyone in North America knows by now that another release of radiation from Fukushima could widely contaminate the West Coast of the United States with radioactive fallout. Given that government agencies in both the United States and Japan have altered the definitions of allowable radiation exposure limits, it hardly seems reasonable to think that these government are erring on the side of caution. In fact, by all accounts these governments are proactively working to downplay the severity of any future radiological event by claiming that levels of contamination previously considered poisoning are now suddenly “within safe limits.” But within whose definition of safe limits? After all, the U.S. government also thinks it’s perfectly safe for you to drink fluoride, microwave your body at TSA checkpoints, eat genetically modified organisms, get yourself repeatedly injected with chemical adjuvants in vaccines and drink aspartame. Aw, c’mon. What’s a little radiation on top of all that?

An Open Message to Police & Military by Aaron Hawkins (Editor’s Note: Though written from an American point of view, We are One and this applies worldwide. We are proud to include it in the pages of The New Agora.)


his is a message to the Police, to the military, to the TSA, to Homeland Security and to members of every other enforcement arm of the government. I know that most of you chose the life in uniform because you love your country; because you believed in what that uniform stood for; because you wanted to serve and protect... but I also know that deep down inside you

sense that something has gone terribly wrong. You’ve watched with the rest of us as elected officials have incrementally legislated our constitutional rights away, you’ve watched as the state surveillance apparatus has expanded like a cancer through the heart of the nation, and you’ve watched as the corruption has become

Continued on page 16

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“The only way we will ever have free energy is if we give it away.”Dr Peter Lindemann.

Part 1 of 3. Watch for part 2 next month


he patent process of a FREE energy device involves different conditions in comparison to patenting other inventions. The inventor must be aware of these specifically - As these conditions can prevent the invention from reaching the public. The information on this page describes the elements which concern the patenting of FREE energy technology. Panacea is also providing this information to help inventors learn about the advantages of patenting a FREE energy device versus releasing it through a general purpose license, creative commons and open source. The aim here is to assist the inventor to get their technology known and out to the public. The inventor must understand ALL the realities of the situation where FREE energy patents are concerned. First one must be aware of the reports from past FREE energy inventors especially a particular patent office employee describing an ever growing hold over FREE energy technology via the corporate patenting process. Then you must understand that there are ways around this.

Patent suppression case of the Joseph Newman free energy device.

Tom Valone is a former patent examiner who was fired years ago from the patent office and recently won a lawsuit against the US Patent Office. Tom was awarded reinstatement and six years of back pay. Dr Thomas Valone estimated that patent applications for FREE ENERGY related technology have been “secretized” over 3,000 times over the years. In a 2001 email to Gary Vesperman, Valone wrote in part: “As a former Patent Examiner, I can tell you that the number of ‘securitized’ patents in the vault at the Patent Office (Park 5 Bldg.) is closer to 4000 or more. They never receive a patent number, and the inventor is rarely, if ever, compensated by the government for use of the invention.” The U.S. Patent Office has a nine-member committee that screens patents for national security implications. A hidden

Image from the documentary, “A Machine to Die For”. purpose of this committee is to also screen energy-related patents which could threaten the power and fossil fuel companies” The US Patent Office reports that these patents are “protected” for “National Security reasons”. Reference: SECRECY ORDER-(Title 35, United States Code (1952), sections 181-188) Reference: The US military reviews all patents before a examiner sees them. The Government could take a patent away from you and classify it as secret.(United States Patent Law: Title 35, Part II, Chapter 17, Sections 181-188 page 44 of 88)

Invention Secrecy is still Going Strong

The following document lists what technologies are to be Secretized by the panel at the Pentagon that looks at every Patent Application this was de-classified via the “Freedom of Information Act”. There were 5,135 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2010, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office told Secrecy News last week. It’s a 1% rise over the year before, and the highest total in more than a decade. Under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders restricting their publication if government agencies believe that disclosure would be “detrimental to the national security.”

United States Patent and Trademark Office Page 8

The current list of technology areas that is used to screen patent applications for possible restriction under the Invention Secrecy Act is not publicly available and has been denied under the Freedom of Information Act. (An appeal is pending.) But a previous list dated 1971 and obtained by researcher Michael Ravnitzky is available here(1). Most of the listed technology areas are closely related to military applications. But some of them range more widely. Thus, the 1971 list indicates that patents for solar photovoltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photovoltaics were more than 20% efficient. Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies “in excess of 70-80%.”One may fairly ask if disclosure of such technologies could really have been “detrimental to the national security,” or whether the opposite would be closer to the truth. One may further ask what comparable advances in technology may be subject to restriction and non-disclosure today. But no answers are forthcoming, and the invention secrecy system persists with no discernible external review(2). Note that in there listed is: “Fuel Conservation Technology” and “Alternative Fuels” as being subject to Suppression also “Pollution Reduction Technology” and “Apparatus for Increasing Efficiency” and “Hydrogen Enrichment Technologies”. Photo-voltaic panels “in excess of 20% efficient”!! It is interesting that this is the limit of what is AVAILABLE FOR SALE TODAY. A coincidence? This is a smoking gun that shows that the corruption in the Pentagon to keep us using primitive and polluting sources of energy to perpetuate their monopolies, is still going strong. These people who Review Patent Applications, HAVE NO CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT AT ALL. They are a law unto themselves. Of course most things listed there are weapons or tech that could be used for weapons. But are we really worried if “terrorists” can get “60 miles to a gallon of gas” Or if they have solar panels by their caves that are 30% efficient instead of 19% .This document is very damning. It shows that this is not about “weaponization” it is about perpetuating illegal Trusts and monopolies; and is inherently CORRUPT. When we consider these corporations have Public Stocks and actively manipulate the Energy Commodities Markets, it is clear that this is illegal stock manipulation and price fixing on a huge scale. This is only one example to show a Petition/Class action/Mandate is needed to be sent to our political leaders to get these illegal suppressors STOPPED. This link is provided on this page. The old Patent Applications need to be RE-EVALUATED and those not remotely “weaponizable” RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC. A new Panel of independent scientists and TRUSTEE’S are needed to do this work. The illegal suppression of SAFE energy tech-

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The following excerpt is from Jonathan Talat Phillips’ new memoir The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic courtesy of Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books.

Gnosis: The Not-So-Secret History of Jesus


n December 1945, during the tail end of the most devastating war in human history, a peasant named Mohammed Ali of the al-Samman clan stumbled upon an earthenware jar near limestone caves in the deserts of Upper Egypt. He feared an evil djin (genie) resided inside, but hoping for lost riches, he still opened the jar. To his disappointment, twelve ragged leather-bound codices fell onto the ground. He didn’t realize these 1,200 weathered pages contained dozens of lost Christian gospels that had been hidden away for 1,600 years. Mohammed carried them home to his mother, who kept warm throughout the night by feeding pages of the priceless Nag Hammadi Library to her fireplace. These fifty-two texts, with titles like The Gospel of Thomas, Secret James, The Gospel of Mary, and The Sophia of Jesus, showed that firstthrough-fourth century Christianity was much more varied than previously thought, comprised of diverse sects claiming “secret knowledge” of heavenly realms. Modern scholars now label these texts as “Gnostic,” since they lay out an initiatory process for candidates to overcome the “forgetfulness,” “drunkenness,” and “sleep” of the illusory world in order to access gnosis, direct experience of a divine reality. The Nag Hammadi Library supported the popular theory that Christianity stemmed from the ancient mystery school traditions of the Mediterranean, which featured “dying and resurrecting godmen.” In Egypt they worshipped Horus; in Greece, Dionysus; in Syria, Adonis; in Asia Minor, Attis; in Persia (and later Rome), Mithras; and in Israel, Jesus (historically the most recent). The similarities among these hierophants were uncanny. Several of them, according to the legends, were born around the winter solstice to a virgin in humble surroundings with a star in the Eastern sky. Some grew up to be spiritual masters with twelve disciples (Horus, Mithras, Jesus), performing miracles, giving baptisms and communions. They all died (Dionysus dismembered by Titans, Attis and Adonis eaten by wild boars, and Horus, Mithras, and Jesus crucified) before experiencing a miraculous resurrection. Rather than rejoicing in their similarities, “literalist” Christian leaders -- those who had not experienced the secret gnosis of the highest mysteries -- created dams between the diverse spiritual streams that originally flowed from the same mystical source. The parallels between Mithras and Jesus threatened the emerging “Literalist Church.” Roman bishops such as Justin Martyr, Tertullian, and Irenaeus made the ridiculous claim that the devil had engaged in “diabolical mimicry,” “plagiarizing by anticipation” the story of Jesus before it had actually happened

in order to mislead the weak-minded. The Golden Bough’s James Frazier noted a similar contention between Attis, the mystery god from Asia Minor, and Jesus. “In point of fact it appears from the testimony of an anonymous Christian, who wrote in the fourth century of our era, that Christians and pagans alike were struck by the remarkable coincidence between the death and resurrection of their respective deities, and that the coincidence formed a theme of bitter controversy between the adherents of the rival religions, the pagans contending that the resurrection of Christ was a spurious imitation of the resurrection of Attis, and the Christians asserting with equal warmth that the resurrection of Attis was a diabolical counterfeit of Christ.”(1) Literalist Christians refused to accept that the rites of the mystery schools form the central narrative of The

mation. Jesus baptizes with “fire and spirit,” heals with “power,” and transmits wisdom to his disciples through the “bubbling spring” drawn from a higher source. The purpose of these schools was to create Pneumatics, people full of spiritual energy. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus announces to his disciples, “Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him.” Even common Christian terms revealed clues to this ancient transformational process. The Greek word for “sin,” hamartia, was an archery term meaning “missing the mark.” It lacked guilt and simply indicated when seekers strayed from their path and needed to get back on course. Repent (metanoia) meant to “change one’s mind” or “have a shift in consciousness,” which can occur when absorbing higher frequencies from someone connected to sourceenergy, like Jesus. Most surprisingly, Christ was not our Lord and “savior” but rather our “soter,” meaning “healer,” “bestower of health,” or “one who makes whole.” I couldn’t help wonder what happened to the original meanings of these words, as well as the numerous Gnostic churches that had proliferated in the Middle East. When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and its Second Temple in 70 AD, after the Jewish revolt, they left one-third of the population dead, and the Christian mysteries fractured into pieces. Members joined the mass exodus out of the country. Those who hadn’t been exposed to the inner mysteries started up literalist churches. The remaining Gnostics called these rigid sects “imitation churches” as they did not teach the gnosis of “Christ within.” According to the Apocalypse of Peter, literalist church fathers were “waterless canals” bereft of consciousnessexpanding pneuma who arrogantly claimed to be the sole gatekeepers of heaven. “Some who do not understand mystery speak of things which they do not understand, but they will boast that the mystery of truth is theirs alone.” These “empty” churches sprouted up across the Roman Empire. In a sad touch of historical irony, their leaders, like the infamous Bishop Irenaeus, became heretic hunters attacking those who still carried the inner teachings of their religion. “We were hated and persecuted, not only by those who are ignorant, but also by those who think they are advancing the name of Christ, since they were unknowingly empty, not knowing who they are.” (The Second Treatise of the Great Seth). As the number of Christians multiplied in Roman lands, power-hungry Constantine switched the state religion to co-opt this growing movement, uniting Rome under “one God, one religion,” and incidentally, one emperor. In 325 he oversaw the Council of Nicaea, where church fathers reduced the vast library of Christian written knowledge to a few documents that we now call The New Testament.


Jesus New Testament. But the similarities are too plentiful to ignore. Jesus encounters a baptism, a eucharist, an anointing, and the death and resurrection ritual. These mystical rites provided a rare alchemical education, unifying spiritual energies (pneuma, as the early Christians called it). In the words of The Gospel of Philip, “The Lord did everything in a mystery, a baptism and a chrism, and a eucharist and a redemption and a bridal chamber. […] he said, ‘I came to make the things below like the things above, and the things outside like the things inside. I came to unite them in the place.” As an energy healer, I found myself drawn to how early Christians utilized pneuma for personal transfor-

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A Letter Sent to the Environment Minister Peter Kent, Concerning Chemtrails. by John St. John Dear Minister,


or quite a few years I have been witnessing heavy aerial spraying over the skies of my city and I am quite concerned about this. The trails left by the unmarked planes are not normal, and they collect and hang in the sky for an unusually long period of time. They often appear to be sprayed in grid patterns intended to cover portions of the sky. A growing number of alarmed citizens like myself are researching and discussing this matter. We are observing the skies very closely, and we are sharing our notes and photos, not only in my city, but in other cities throughout the country. I have recently discovered that people in 26 other nations around the world are also observing the same spraying overhead, and have been using the term “chemtrails” to describe this activity. Websites are showing up everywhere now on the internet displaying photos that look just mine, taken by people with the same concerns and questions that I and my friends have. The problem is, no one has been able to get a satisfactory answer to the questions of exactly what is being sprayed and why. Every serious inquiry so far has been brushed aside by the governments involved. There have been two types of responses: 1) People have been told these are all “Normal contrails”, or 2) No response at all. We are quite certain that chemicals are being sprayed overhead, and we have deep concerns and important questions about this obvious aerial aerosol program that is being conducted. They are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Are you aware that this spraying is being conducted? Who is doing the spraying? What is the spray composed of? What is the purpose? 5. What will the health impacts be on myself, my children, and the environment? 6. Am I funding this through my income tax? 7. Have our mayors and municipalities been informed? 8. What is the United Nations position on this activity? Who initiated this program, and how did they manage to implement it on an international scale? 9. Why has the public not been informed? I would very much appreciate your answer to these questions as they will be of great interest, as a growing number of us will be meeting soon to discuss what to do about this issue. The information you offer will be of critical importance in informing our decision on what action needs to be taken next, to address the systemic spraying of our skies. Yours truly. John St. John. Parksville. BC. -------------------------------------------------------------------The Reply: Dear Mr. St. John Thank you for your email message of September 29 concerning aircraft emission trails. As you may know, aircraft emission trails are long white trails left by high-altitude jets and are made up of ice crystals. At altitudes of 8 to 12 kilometers, the jet engine draws very cold dry air and expels hot water vapourfilled exhaust. The hot water vapour mixes with the colder surrounding air, rendering the mixture much colder than the exhaust. The rapid cooling causes the water vapour to sublimate (change from vapour to ice) almost immediately, forming a trait of ice crystal clouds. The increase in

air traffic over the last two decades has inevitably caused an increase in the number of visible contrails in the sky, especially in the vicinity of major international airports. Under certain atmospheric conditions, contrails can linger in the air for more than a day, and usually grow wider and more dissipated over time. If the wind at these altitudes is very strong, contrails will move away from the area where they were formed, often changing in appearance and opacity as they move. The paths of aircraft at various flight levels can also crisscross, leaving contrails in unusual patterns. Aircraft engines are required to meet very stringent emissions standards set by national and international organizations. To minimize the effect of aircraft emissions on the environment, those organizations constantly update their standards to ensure that aircraft engine manufacturers use the best available technology. There have not been any additional additives to jet fuel in recent years that could suggest that new foreign substances are being injected into the atmosphere by aircraft engines. I trust that this information is of assistance, and extend my best wishes. Sincerely, The (``Not So``-G.M`s note- ) Honourable Peter Kent, P. C., M,R --------------------------------------------------------------------My Answers Hi there, 1. What are you smoking...? 2. Why are there none of these lingering trails over China, Russia, South America, Africa and Quebec? 3. I suggest you get a computer and Google Chemtrails - especially the one from the Chief of the FBI Ted Gunderson... 4. Why is the Sky full of trails one day and none the next? 5. How come the sky is full of trails when there are no scheduled flights? And what scheduled flight does U-turns over and over again? 6. Why are there no markings on the Jets? 7. Why is it that other passenger jets are seen in the sky at the same height and they only leave a small contrail? 8. Why do the jets making these trails turn back after they get 100 miles past our border? 9. How come we have video proof that these jets are full of chemical tanks? 10. How come these long trials only started after 2001? 11. Wright-Patterson, Air Traffic Controllers Vindicate Chemtrail Conspiracy Theorists. 12. How do you sleep at night? Love and Best Wishes John St. John References ______________________________ If you have information you`d like to pass along to John St. John, write us here at The New Agora and we will see it gets to him. Author of the book; Working Class Hero

Heavy Chemtrails Over France Page 10

Group Aims to Pursue Lawsuit Over Geo-Engineering Related Illnesses


n the wake of a number of Mohave County residents testing positive for heavy metal toxicity, a group has formed on Facebook to pursue a classaction lawsuit. Called “Chemtrail Geo-Engineering Lawsuit,” the approximately 300-member group is seeking more members who have tested positive for heavy metals in their blood and hair follicles, and those who have had tests conducted on rainwater and soil samples. At the time of this release, the group posted that a Bullhead City, Ariz., woman had just received test results showing the levels of barium in her blood were 28 times normal levels. “It has become painfully apparent that our federal government, state government and environmental agencies remain unwilling to properly investigate what is going on with the health of people,” said Al DiCicco, of Golden Valley, who has been among those spearheading efforts to get answers as to why he and at least a couple dozen others have tested positive for high levels of the

Mush Hole

Continued from page 2 of them had been cut long ways with a sharp device. The chopped up little bodies, along with the ashes and charcoal that had incinerated them, were obviously dumped in the woods from somewhere else, for they all lay close to the surface. I didn’t sleep that night, or very much during that first week of our excavations, as the complete indifference of Canadian media and the public to our horrible discovery was weighing on me. This matter of fact attitude to genocide in our midst was summed up for me by a letter from 1948, written by the Mush Hole Principal and Anglican clergyman Zimmerman to his predecessor, in which he blithely commented, “Due to austerity measures, we are burying children two to a grave.” Zimmerman never had to explain why so many children were dying in his prison, any more than he was ever tried for his serial raping of the kids who did survive – and for the same reason that the Anglican church will never be asked in Parliament, or in Canadian editorial pages, why its employees were cutting up the remains of dead Mohawk children and scattering the bits in mass graves. The other side’s casualties in war are never worth

By Bridget Lewison elements barium, aluminum, strontium and uranium. The group discusses geo-engineering, which is a process used to manipulate the climate to counteract the effects of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions. DiCicco also has been in contact with documentary filmmaker Michael J. Murphy, whose film “What in the World are They Spraying?” explores the phenomenon of chemtrails. The film proposes that chemtrails are part of a geoengineering program that uses jet planes to spray a solution into the atmosphere. The solution is said to contain barium, aluminum strontium and other elements, which are supposed to reflect sunlight and cool the planet. “I’m in contact with people all over the world who are well aware of the reality of geo-engineering, and the harm that is being done to humans, plants, food production and animals,” DiCicco said. Although it is admitted that geo-engineering is occurring, “there are still many who do not believe, re-

fused to investigate, and failed to take any action whatsoever,” he said. “We are now at the point where we have exhausted all avenues for seeking assistance. We are now prepared to file a lawsuit against all those who are involved, and all those who have responsibility and a duty, and are being paid with our tax money to investigate and stop such crimes against humanity.” The group is seeking a law firm to represent it in a class-action lawsuit. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, the Mohave County Department of Health, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and President Obama could be among the defendants. DiCicco said he encourages all to thoroughly investigate geo-engineering, and that anyone who is ill should insist their doctor conduct tests for heavy metal toxicity. The Facebook group can be found at

mentioning, because they don’t matter. Auschwitz was a relocation center, not a death camp; its inmates were sanitized, not gassed; and the millions of brown skinned people on this continent were civilized and assimilated by us, not murdered. That’s the way the Master Race fable goes, and Canada is the stuff of Imperial myth that endures on the bones and ashes I handled this week, even after the body parts are finally brought to light. Not just the innocent, but we ourselves were buried in mounds like those surrounding the Mush Hole, for our capacity to understand ourselves is still as interred as the remaining hordes of children who will never be known, or given a proper burial. We don’t understand, for instance, that the

children whose remains I held today were victims of the longest war in history – Christianity and its offshoot societies versus the indigenous nations – and the latter’s extermination rate of roughly 90% across this continent was the worst massacre in human history.

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Probable piece of spine of an adolescent Page 11


We've all heard that annoying saying "Well, at least you have your health! The thing is they're right. Take all the stuff a person can accumulate in a life, in fact put anything next to it and still doesn't compare with simply being healthy. It's not too far a stretch to say that if there was one wish a person could make for the whole world, one wish that could cover all the bases, it would be to wish the all of everything good health.

The BPA How to Naturally Solution Reverse the Effects by Anthony Gucciardi


isphenol A (BPA) has made mainstream headlines as an estrogen-mimicking health destroyer. With 130 studies tying it to breast cancer, BPA has become an especially popular topic this October — National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Of course the negative effects of BPA do not end with cancer, with studies tying BPA to obesity, hormonal imbalance, and a massive reduction in male fertility rates. What makes BPA especially concerning to public health is the fact that it affects virtually everyone, is present in 95% of paper money and is in 18 out of 20 of the most popular canned foods. While there can be steps taken to avoid exposure, BPA is most likely present in your bloodstream way beyond ‘safe’ limits. All of these facts have been well-documented, but what is not often discussed is the fact that solutions exist to reverse BPA damage using 100% natural substances.

disrupt proper biological function, natural substances have actually been found to reverse this damage on a number of levels. With recent major studies finding that probiotic supplementation can degrade the presence of BPA, a whole new door is open into solving the BPA crisis, not just simply highlighting BPA dangers. For starters, here is a list of 3 common natural substances (out of 13 total) that studies have shown are effective in combating the effects of BPA, or even the presence of BPA in one way or another: • Black Tea • Probiotics • Melatonin Each of these have at least one study demonstrating its combative effects on BPA toxicity, presence, and damage. What’s even better is the fact that at least one of these items is most likely already a part of your daily routine. It is also important to remember these are only 3 Reversing the effects of BPA While BPA damages the body in such a way that can of the 13 substances that have been shown to effectively combat the effects of BPA. One such example is a study involving a probiotic bacteria present in kimchi, fermented Korean dish made For support with: touch stillness with of vegetables with varied eva chrostowski seasonings. The study, out - chronic health conditions of the Japanese Departphone: (778) 875-2344 - anxiety & depression ment of Environmental email: - eating disorders Technology, found that the - surgery recovery probiotic bacteria – Bacillus pumilus, is capable of - injuries degrading BPA. - diabetes In a similar vein, - inflammation & arthritis royal jelly has been found - increasing energy levels to halt the estrogenic effects of BPA, the primary cause of its hormonal damage. This is great news for women concerned with increased breast cancer risk over BPA exposure, as in

creased estrogen is the pri-

Help us help West African villagers project. Proceeds from these products helps us toward Helping children attend schoolEnabling woman to start businesses in West Africa , Senegal & Guinea

Use our products on Dry Skin - Dry Hair - Itchy Scalp Eczema - Wrinkles - Stretch Marks - Arthritis - And Much More. Keep skin young and supple.

Available at: Alive Health Centres, Choices Market, Donald's Market, Genesis Nutrition, Finlandia, Gaia Garden, Nature's Prime, Edible Island Whole Foods

Page 12 mary factor in upping the risk. The use of royal in women with exposure to BPA (the vast majority) will drastically decrease breast cancer risk as a result of BPA exposure and subsequent estrogen increase. The list goes up to 13 substances that are effective at combating BPA on multiple levels, from the initial biological response to diminishing its presence in your system. The complete 13 substances and nutrients are: Bifidobacterium 3 Bifidobacterium Breve Lactobacillus casei Probiotics Melatonin Bacillus pumilus Black Tea Fermented Foods and Beverages Kimchi Quercetin Royal Jelly Folic Acid Genistein

Counteract BPA dangers naturally

Utilizing these 13 key substances in fighting BPA exposure is essential to achieving optimum health and ridding this extremely toxic chemical from your body. It is also a good idea to practice BPA avoidance, as it is possible to distance yourself from major sources of exposure and thus the effects of BPA using simple techniques. Instead of using plastic water bottles, filter your water into glass or stainless steel containers. Avoid usage of plastic containers and cooking ware, choose ceramic kitchen tools for longer life and 100% reduced exposure. If you are working in a position that requires constant handling of currency, plastic items, or even ink-based items, wear gloves. BPA enters the bloodstream through the skin, if it is not in contact, then you will not absorb it. Following these tips and utilizing the 13 key BPA solution substances in your daily life will result in better overall biological function and mental clarity.

Antibiotics Could be to Blame for Skyrocketing Mental Illness Rates

by Anthony Gucciardi


new report published in the popular journal Nature has revealed that antibiotics are permanently destroying beneficial bacteria within the gut, a condition scientists link to mental illness(1). While it has been known for some time that antibiotics contribute to the development of drug-resistant super bugs and certain gut problems, the link between antibiotic use and mental illness through the permanent destruction of beneficial bacteria only further tops the pharmaceutical paradigm. In fact, the pharmaceutical paradigm set in place by drug makers is so vast that it actually offers drug-based ‘solutions’ to the very problems that drugs originally created! After kids are given excessive amounts of antibiotics that lead to the destruction of their gut health and the subsequent onset of mental illness, they are then given deadly antipsychotics and other psychiatric drugs to ‘treat’ the condition that originated from pharmaceutical drug use (2). It is a system that, whether purposeful or not, generates large profits for many prescription-happy doctors and drug manufacturers alike. Perhaps the most troubling part of this system is the massive fraud committed by financiallyinvested corporations to stop the truth about these drugs and other mainstream medical ‘treatments’ from getting to the general public (3).

The pharmaceutical paradigm The general public has the right to know that dangerous antipsychotics are not going to ‘cure’ anything, and researchers have found that simply improving gut health and bacteria through probiotic supplementation or consumption will make a profound difference in your mental health and clarity: “It may be that those changes in gut bacteria not only contribute to the generation of gut symptoms, like diarrhea or pain, but may also contribute to this altered behavior that we see in those patients,” said researcher Stephen Collins (4). It seems that many large corporations act as gatekeep-

Unlocking the Treasure Chest of Healthy Living For the Flu and Cold Season


e have all imagined finding a treasure chest; the very thought has our imaginations running wild. Unlocking the mystery of our immune system is much like seeking buried treasure: X may mark the spot, but knowing how to support our immune system may seem like navigating a maze. We need a strong immune system to protect our health, and yet it is under constant attack—just knowing this fact is a source of stress, which impacts our immune system. Environmental toxins damage our immune system; even

storing gut health and eliminating mental illness. Not only will you be improving your digestion and mental performance, you will be drastically slashing your risk of cancer (7), inflammation, and countless other diseases.

ers, doctoring study results and attempting to discredit any research that endangers profits. Unfortunately, there will always be greedy individuals willing to go along with the scam. Such is the case with Dr. Scott Reuben, a well-respected anesthesiologist who was the former chief of acute pain of the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield Massachusetts. Dr. Reuben altered the results of 21 studies (5) to deceive customers into thinking that Vioxx and Celebrex were safe. Of course this is not an isolated incident, simply one that received mainstream attention.

Rejuvenating gut health While the damage to beneficial bacteria may be permanent, you can still utilize natural strategies to put that good bacteria back into the gut. Through the consumption of probiotics, you can restore beneficial bacteria that has been damaged through use of antibiotics. It is possible to do this through either supplementation or probioticrich foods, though you may find consuming such foods to be a challenge. Fermented food items such as sauerkraut, tempeh, miso or kefir are all rich sources of probiotic bacteria. In addition to restoring beneficial bacteria into the gut through the use of probiotics, eliminating or severely reducing sugar intake (6) will also be instrumental in re-

cleaning our clothes can be a source of toxins: Fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and laundry detergents contain hazardous chemicals, including two known carcinogens—acetaldehyde and benzene. Maintaining a healthy immune system first requires a healthy diet and exercise. However, we must also support our endocrine system because it works with the immune system. If the endocrine system, especially the thyroid and adrenal glands, and the liver are not working in harmony, it would be as if we had lost the compass in our search for immune support. During the cold and flu season, when our endocrine and immune systems have to work overtime, the very moment my family feels under attack, we hit the bottles— and not the type you’re thinking of. I am a true believer in homeopathic remedies. My family travels everywhere with homeopathic colloidal silver, an FDA-approved disinfectant, using it as a nasal spray and in the mouth for sore throats. Whether travelling in a crowded plane, breathing recycled air, or attending a sporting event with Sneezy and the other toxic dwarfs, my family has a favourite immune-boosting recipe that we have been using for years. 1. 50 drops echinacea (nature’s antibiotic) 2. 20 drops goldenseal (anti-inflammatory and astringent) 3. 20 drops bee propolis (antiseptic, antifungal, antivi-

References: 1. killing-beneficial-bacteria/ 2. 3. 4. 5. h t t p : / / o n l i n e . w s j . c o m / a r t i c l e / SB123672510903888207.html 6. 7. Explore More: • Antibiotics Promotes Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome antibiotics-promote-obesity-diabetes-metabolicsyndrome/ • 4 Ways to Improve Mental Health and Clarity • Groups Sue FDA Over Use of Antibiotics in Animal Feed • Report: Half of Americans to be Diagnosed with Mental Health Problems http://naturalsociety. com/report-half-of-all-americans-to-be-diagnosed-with-mental-health-problems/ • More than 1 in 10 Americans on Suicide-Linked Antidepressants antidepressants-causing-suicide/

ral) 4. 3 drops oil of oregano (antiviral and antiparasitic) 5. 1 teaspoon (5 mL) calcium ascorbate (buffered vitamin C) 6. 1 capsule P5P Complex (active forms of vitamin B6 and B12, an immune stimulant)

Mix the first five ingredients in a glass of purified water and drink twice a day for one day. Repeat above mixture, reducing the first three ingredients by half, in a glass of purified water and drink three times a day for five days. In addition to the above formulation, I recommend reseeding your gut with a probiotic complex. Yogurt can serve this purpose; however, when I want to strengthen my immune system, I prefer knowing the potency, so I take a 10 billion human-strain probiotic capsule. The shelf-stable form works best with my family because once refrigerated, it’s easy to forget all about it. To support the thyroid gland, my family takes a homeopathic solution called Thyroid Support, which also supports the liver. Human growth hormone (HGH) also supports the immune system, but unlike injectable HGH, which can have negative side effects, my family uses a homeopathic version called HGH+, in which minute amounts of the active ingredient is potentized for a safe and effective remedy. A treasure chest of health awaits those willing to seek the adventure. Happy discovery!

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Soul-Full Food

Oh, how we all love to eat and drink! Fruit, fish, meat and vegetables, bread, rice, soup and stews; fresh food, hot food and cold food too, all to nourish body and soul. If there is one kind of sustenance a conscious person seeks out it’s the healthy stuff. Wholesome food to feed inspiration and to nourish the energy for fun and creativity. Children delight in desserts, adults adore long dinners over well prepared dishes often complimented with various drinks from around the world. In our new section, Soul-Full Food, The New Agora invites you to adventure with us as we explore a world of healthy food and drink. Whether grown or harvested in the wild, made quickly, or with the long loving care that made most of our mothers forever famous, come share in the cuisine of love.

Drink Me - In the Raw!

Christina Paganelli Photo by: Jennifer Strang


ave you ever sat down over a cup of coffee and decided you wanted to live to be a hundred? Many people are passing that hundred year mark, many with their faculties sharp and bodies still ‘dancing’. ‘How do they do it?’, we ask as we fall into bed exhausted at the end of a frenzied day. Genetics? In part, certainly, but maybe less than we think. According to some researchers, the impact of genetics is pegged at around 15% on the probability of enjoying long graceful sunset years. Lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, attitude, and even where we live, factors into our longevity. Perhaps there is something else, something microscopic and mysterious that is a key: such as the little units of stored energy often called the ‘energy of life’. What are they? Enzymes!

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by Glennis Taylor BSc

What do enzymes do that is so crucial to life? Enzymes are energized proteins that speed up the rate of chemical reactions. Without their help chemical reactions in our bodies would take so long to complete that the metabolism of life could not be sustained. Acting like a lock and key mechanism, enzymes fit specifically into the shape of a substance, configuring it so that it binds closely to an adjacent substance, locking the two together and initiating a chemical reaction between them. The speed of the reaction may be increased a million-fold with an enzyme present, reducing the energy required for the reaction. Though they facilitate a chemical reaction, enzymes themselves are not changed during the process. They are free to carry out this function over and over until the enzyme wears out or is denatured by changes in its environment. Changes in pH or temperature can inactivate enzymes: hypothermia and even very low thyroid may interfere with enzyme activity. Responsible for building up, breaking down, and rearranging molecules, life as we know it could not exist without these little energized proteins. There are estimated to be at least 75,000 known enzymes in the human body. The disruption of even one type of enzyme can have a domino effect on the body disabling the natural flow of health. When you hear the word ‘enzyme’, you may think of digestive enzymes. Perhaps like me, you have a bottle of digestive enzymes rolling around in the bottom of your purse. Everything we eat is broken down by enzymes into basic units the body can use. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are met in the digestive system by appropriate enzymes produced by our bodies. Protein for example is digested in the stomach with the help of stomach acid, and enzymes called protease. These protease enzymes break the links of the long protein chain into amino acids. Each enzyme is responsible for a specific link in the chain. Complex? Yes! How can we help the body with this critical process? (Especially if you are aiming for that one hundred year mark!) It seems we are not only what we eat, but what we digest! Think RAW FOODS! Yes, raw foods come packed with their own store of enzymes. I know someone who stands tall in this field while enthusiastically waving the ‘raw foods’ flag. Christina

Paganelli calls enzymes “the breathing force of life”. “Enzymes saved my life” she declares. Her story is impressive. Diagnosed at 26 with multiple sclerosis, Christina was struggling with this devastating condition only to be diagnosed a few months later, while pregnant, with thyroid cancer. The challenges were enormous, and Christina, after dealing with traditional Western medicine, knew there had to be another way. Determined after attending a health seminar and hearing the story of Bernard Jensen, she changed her world. Consuming only raw foods for 6 months and enduring the tremendous healing crisis that this precipitated: she began to heal. Christina’s strong belief is that enzymes are essential, and most importantly must be consumed every day! As her health improved, she wanted to let others experience the life giving benefits of enzymes. With much time and effort, Christina and her supporters became the first to safely bring to the marketplace unpasteurized raw food products. Pioneers in this field, they founded “drinkme”, producing a raw food drink that is processed and frozen in a state of the art, government approval facility. This proprietary process is a revolutionary one that carefully controls the temperature so none of the precious enzymes are denatured. At 90 degrees Celsius denaturing begins, and at 115 degrees the enzymes are completely denatured. Even home processors can reach temperatures that may endanger enzyme activity. The organic fruits and vegetables used in the drinks are sourced as locally as possible. Much of the kale used comes from BC. Kale, the star of these green drinks, is frozen and shipped across the country. As much as a head of kale is in one of these 450 ml nutrient packed drinks! Not just the juice but all the pulp and fiber are included in the drinkme products. And why kale? John Hopkins University has done much testing on kale and has given it the super food stamp. This means it is rich in fiber, many nutrients, and has a wealth of colourful phytonutrients that act as antioxidants. Christina informs me that new flavours are on the horizon adding to the existing three currently on the market. These enzyme rich frozen drinks are worth seeking out to increase your enzyme intake on your way to that one hundred year mark. Cheers! And here’s to greens and an enzyme infusion! Make it a green Christmas, and a have a merry one!


We know it when we see it and yet it’s different for everyone. Style is individuality’s signature. One of the spices of life. Beauty surround us and is our natural state nourishing us through and through. Well worth the cultivation, the appreciation, the celebration.

Cleaning Out My Closet I

A metaphor for liberating one’s life’s style by Tierre Taylor

absolutely love the feeling of letting go, especially when it comes to de-cluttering my home environment. One of my favourite places to start is the closet. Deciding what articles of clothing need to be rooted out from the pack is rarely the easiest thing to do as they can fall into so many categories of imagined usefulness. There are the pieces we wear over and over again that become like a second skin, which are, of course, often the most difficult to say goodbye to. We all have those special clothes that we thought we would wear on just the right occasion, and, having spent money on them, we hold onto them with the little bit of hope that we might actually wear them one day. I always have some items that I love but that don’t actually fit me as well as they should, or could, or would, if only...or pieces that don’t match the rest of ‘The Wardrobe’; some that are perfect, but still never get worn. Sigh. As we head into the New Year it’s obviously the perfect, and traditional, time to simplify and thereby reenergize one’s life by creating the space for something new, giving ourselves the wonderful gift of creating an opening for a change of elegant proportions. After much trial and error, as the saying goes, I’ve

taught myself to follow a few simple and effective homegrown rules that have served me well over the changing years. First: Be sharp and decisive. Know what you want to say to the world through what you show the world. Present yourself in not only the best most flattering light, but the one suited to your personal style and character. Second: Become aware of what complements what, what matches up and goes together, then make a list of items that will fill your wardrobe in more completely, so when you do go shopping you know what to look for. This inventory check-in with ‘reality’ inevitably cuts down on bringing clothing home that simply do not work with what you already have. Creating space for ourselves not only gives us more room to breathe and expand but helps us feel refreshed so that we can thoroughly enjoy what we already have, and who we already are. Being bogged down by clutter can be a draining and confusing experience. Instead, making an honest appraisal of where we are at, and of what we no longer require can literally be the ultimate make-over! As we move into a New Year let’s welcome in new possibilities with a clarity and excitement born of innocence and experience!

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U.S. - Canada Border Deal to Streamline GMO Approval

and the United States

by Aaron Dykes

ur report sounding the alarm that Obama and Harper’s secretive border deal, due to be signed next week, would be used to fast track GMO acceptance has been confirmed. The details have been kept under wraps, but recent reports revealed that the ‘Beyond Borders’ security and law enforcement deal would also seek to ‘harmonize’ U.S. and Canadian regulatory standards for food, auto and other trade sectors. The Globe and Mail confirms that the North American Union security perimeter initiative, sold to the public as new security measures at the border, has a second major component– the Canada-U.S. Regulatory Co-operation Council. Mr. Harper… said there are two issues on the joint security and economic agenda of the two countries. One, he said, is the border and perimeter initiative, and the other is Canada-U.S. Regulatory Co-operation Council. “We are seeking ways of ensuring security in North America while at the same time making sure that we continue strong Canadian access to the American market,” Mr. Harper told reporters. This will encompass far more than just the terms under which food can cross the border– it will put approval for biotechnology on a fast track in both countries and impose FDA and other regulations on both countries. The agenda of the Canada-U.S. Regulatory Co-operation Council was quietly announced in February 2011, putting explicit focus on the implementation of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act requirements under the larger Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness agenda. That nightmarish legislation was heavily criticized for the new authority it grants the U.S. government over the right to grow, trade and transport foods of any kind. In other words, it is poised to boost the reach of Big Agra. and biotech firms at the expense of small farmers and ordinary people. Now, under the new Obama-Harper deal, Canada, too,

would accept this tyranny over food. Specifically, the Canada-U.S. Regulatory Cooperative Council (under “free” trade) would establish a joint review process for pre-market GMO approval, establish a policy for the acceptance and export of LLPs (Low-Level Presence contamination of genetically modified foods bans in country of export) and recommends eliminating mandatory country of origin labeling, and more.


Open Letter To Police Continued from page 7

more and more blatant. I can understand why you haven’t wanted to acknowledge the implications of what you are witnessing. To face the reality of what is happening would mean admitting that you’ve been betrayed, and it would mean coming to terms with the fact that you... are working... for criminals. I don’t envy your position. I know your job depends on you following orders. I know you have families to support and bills to pay, and I know that if you stand up you could lose everything... but what you need to understand is that continuing to submit to unconstitutional, and immoral orders will not protect you from what is coming. You may tell yourself that you will draw your line in the sand later, that there is a certain point where you will say no, but in reality, you crossed the line a long time ago. You are standing on the wrong side of history right now. You are already participating in the destruction of this

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From the report:

Biotechnology Establish a joint review process or a Mutual Recognition Agreement for biotechnology product approvals to facilitate synchronized approvals. Establish a common policy for dealing with low level presence (LLP) of unapproved biotechnology products (e.g., harmonized risk assessments and acceptance of LLP already commercially available in the other country). A 2004 symposium on Canada-U.S. Regulatory Cooperation even recommends outright acceptance of U.S. food standards: The Health Products and Food Branch is now considering a risk-based approach to regulatory cooperation, which might entail accepting or referencing decisions made by the US Food and Drug Administration and other regulators for low-risk products. With U.S. regulatory agencies filled with revolving door stooges like FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods Michael R. Taylor, formerly a Vice President at Monsanto and long a go-between for biotech and government regulations, there is little doubt what direction such a “harmonization” of food regulations, including FDA recommendations, would mean under the ‘Beyond Borders’ deal. Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness: Regulatory Cooperation – A Report on the Consultations on Regulatory Cooperation Between Canada

country, in the trampling of our rights, of your children’s rights, and grandchildren’s rights. You are the enforcement arm of a criminal enterprise, you are a servant of a rapidly expanding police state, and you DO have a choice. I’m not telling you this to condemn you. I’m telling you this because We the People desperately need you to take a stand. We desperately need you to have the courage to face your commanding officers, and tell them no, I didn’t sign up for this. No this isn’t right. No, I will not obey these unlawful orders. You took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Time to start taking that oath seriously.

Excerpt from pg. 25: Agriculture and Food Develop common approaches to food safety requirements and policies, aligning new regulations and guidance—specifically, implementation of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act requirements. Mutually recognize food safety systems. Improve the effectiveness of meat-safety-system equivalency agreements (i.e., eliminate or minimize reinspections of product and microbial testing at the border). Accept industry-led standards and programs that are based on international standards (e.g., the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, or HACCP). Harmonize approvals for food-safety-enhancing products and technology used in processing (e.g., packaging materials, anti-microbial interventions, testing methodologies and processes, sanitation, and maintenance chemicals and equipment). Biotechnology Establish a joint review process or a Mutual Recognition Agreement for biotechnology product approvals to facilitate synchronized approvals. Establish a common policy for dealing with low level presence (LLP) of unapproved biotechnology products (e.g., harmonized risk assessments and acceptance of LLP already commercially available in the other country). Agricultural Inputs Building on significant collaboration to date, align pre-market approval processes and data requirements for crop protection products (i.e., pesticides, seed treatments) to facilitate joint reviews and assessments and improve reevaluation and re-registration processes. Resolve discrepancies in maximum residue limits for crop protection products. Modify the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notice-of-arrival process to remove the advance notification requirement for products that are already EPAregistered. Harmonize the approval process for veterinary drugs, including the establishment of maximum residue limits. Labelling, Packaging and Product Content Align nutritional labelling formats and content (e.g., nutrient definitions, required values, daily recommended intakes). Harmonize approaches to allowed health claims. Align standards for discretionary fortification of foods. Develop uniform labelling requirements (e.g., quality specifications, method of production claims, glycemic index labelling). Adopt a common approach to the nomenclature of meat cuts. Eliminate or amend U.S. mandatory country-of-origin labelling requirements. Align container size requirements (infant food, bottled and canned goods).

Retired Police Captain Ray Lewis being arrested Photo by: Johnny Milano

Patent Denied Continued from page 8

nologies is helping DESTROY this planet will go on indefinitely otherwise. These people have NO INTENTION of ever giving up their unprecedented power over us all willingly. Here is another modern reminder shown in the Wang Shum Ho generator. “Mr. Wang sent me the following photos. Mr. Lee Cheung Kin and I helped to promote him in 2006 at Tsinghua University, Beijing. He got funding from the Chinese Government and State Electricity Companies. He asked us not to promote him any more as all information became classified. He recently sent me the photos and stated that those interested should contact him directly. His email address is: I believe that the principle behind his device has not changed. The special feature of his device is that no starting battery is required. A slight twist from the hand is used to start the device. The device uses coupling of ferro-liquid and permanent magnets” (3) There are also “academic” elements which can interfere with the inventor attempting to patent a FREE energy device. Inventors cannot get a US patent based on “Cold fusion” or “free energy”. “Arie held several patents. The ones on alternative energy were mostly held at WIPO and filed in the Netherlands because the US patent office are biased that he did not waste time or money on them if the invention was at all close to cold fusion or free energy.”(4) Joseph Newman’s case is another example of a FREE energy inventor getting refused a patent on his FREE energy device (due to his new discovery not yet being known in academia). There are countless more reports of this going on in the patent office. Frank Boring Fitzgerald made contact with Pancea and reports: “My sonofusion US patent application was rejected and I duly filed via postal service a reply #1 and reply #2, in a timely manner. Canada has also rejected my PA. But China, Ukraine, and Costa Rica are still working on the same PA. However, the USPTO personnel sent me a letter of abandonment saying they never received my reply #1 and they treated reply #2 as a petition which was denied. I am going to let stand their abandonment because it is a ruse to keep me from properly addressing their rejection. It appears to me, USPTO has a number of internal problems which need to be addressed and corrected else the US Congress must pass legislation to abolish the USPTO and start from scratch. I propose a new PO to branch into divisions depending upon subject matter”(5) These are modern examples. The academic problem in the patent office or misunderstanding of the FREE energy principle/new discovery has been going on for a while.

Thomas Henry Moray’s Radiant Energy Device

During the 1920’s, Thomas Henry Moray was one of the most talented electronic circuit designers in the emerging field of radio. After hundreds of experiments designed to improve radio reception, Moray discovered a source of energy transmission apparently available everywhere. Using advanced ideas in solid state detectors, he developed a power source that produced 50,000 watts of a cold form of electricity. By the early 1930’s, dozens of people had witnessed demonstrations of this astonishing technology(6). Even more of a concern - In Moray’s book “The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats,” On Page 190 “In fact, we have recently been informed that none of the original patent applications that Henry made are any longer available at the US Patent Office. Although their file jackets are there, the contents and applications themselves are

gone...”(7). Take the time to think, if only for a minute, what either Tesla’s FREE wireless electricity or Moray’s device would have meant for mankind. How much better the ecology would be now and how much further we could have gone if this decentralized FREE energy power was available. Even since the time of Plato new discoveries have encountered interference and need a specific research facility that is independent, non aligned and evidence based for real time momentum. Howard Johnson talks about his new energy invention going through the patent office. “After a big fight in the patent office and going through the court of appeal we finally got accepted.” Despite Howard Johnson’s working prototypes he could never get them into applications. Could this be due to the establishments not understanding what his new discoveries were or that they didn’t agree with them? Adam Trombly had his N-machine confiscated by the FBI under the Inventions Secrecy Act. The only thing

they didn’t take were some documents he stashed above the false ceiling of the lab. Trombly said over 200 patents on the N-machine have been classified under this Act. Under the Act the inventor isn’t even allowed to say he has been served with an order and the gov’t is under no obligation to compensate the inventor(8). However despite earlier incidents and modern examples, there has never been any security or any institute in place policing this or providing needed assistance for the inventors. Panacea is the only institute known in existence attempting to provide this education and help. The evidence that FREE energy device patents have been withheld or interfered with is there, and this continues as the conditions remain. The question must now be posed: What security from this corruption is in place? NONE. Given the report of the sheer amount of devices now hidden which can create FREE energy there is a clear reason for a policing PROCESS or intervention and reform for security against any spurious influence. Without regulation and public intervention into this free energy patent issue the corporations will continue their attempt to own life and subjugate the public. There are other elements present in the patent process which allow for technology to be withheld. Other examples are important to illustrate the need for reforms into the patent office process. One example can be seen in the EV1 electric car case. Texaco sold the NiMH battery technology to Amoco. GM had a 60% controlling interest in the technology, and announced their sellout of world wide patent rights to Texaco on October 10, 2000. Six days later, Chevron bought out Texaco in a 100 billion dollar merger.

Cobasys is Chevron’s subsidiary, which effectively killed further development of the NiMH batteries for allelectric cars. Panasonic had developed a “E-95” NiMH battery that was powerful enough to energize an all-electric car at speeds to 80 mph, and with a range of 120 miles. The expected battery life was longer than the life expectancy of the vehicle, and in fact more than 1,000 of Toyota’s RAV4 EV units have already surpassed the 100,000 mile mark. Cobasys successfully sued Panasonic for the sum of 30 million dollars, thus killing any further sales of EV-95 batteries. The batteries cannot be sold, or imported, into the US. Cobasys refuses to grant any other company the license to manufacture the EV-95 batteries, and will not even think of producing the EV-95 themselves, unless guaranteed a massive order by an OEM. The only currently available alternative to a EV-95 NiMH battery is a lithium-ion battery pack, but these typically cost around $14,000, which is about 6 times as expensive as an EV-95, and haven’t been around long enough to establish a proven track record. The EV technology is a story of two crimes against humanity. The first occurred when GM failed to develop the RV and sold the worldwide patent rights to an oil company, which GM obviously realized would have no interest in the technology other than to suppress it. The second crime against humanity is how Chevron very effectively stifled any efforts to utilize or advance the NiMH technology. What we really need is a reform of patent laws to allow for criminal prosecution and penalties against any patent holder who participates in any activity that results in suppression of a technology which would otherwise hold great promise for the benefit of mankind. The reform laws should include all past, present, and future patents. This is the only way to free up the thousands of existing patents on FREE energy that are currently being suppressed. Current patent laws left undone without security can serve and protect the criminal actions and behavior of corporations and special interest groups who wish to advance their own agenda at the expense of all other peoples and groups. These empirical accounts justify the need for safeguards to be put in place to prevent any possible corruption. With a public gesture of this nature, Panacea rationalizes that it will have the capacity to attract (based on the evidence in the energy suppression section) additional “whistle blowers” out there. FREE energy patents are only the tip of the iceberg, Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher has exposed the absurd result that has arisen from the decision to extend the law of patents to living organisms. The person who discovers a gene is, in effect, conferred ownership of it via a patent! In short, ‘Patenting life is owning life’. And more recently Will US Patent Office end gene patent enslavement of the human race? References: 1. pdf 2. 3. Shum_Ho_Generator#December_10.2C_2010 4. Scientific_Corp 5. physics/fitzgerald3.pdf 6. 7. htm 8.

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144 Truths

Continued from page 2

6. ALL possess the right and ability of reason, through the existence of their conscience, sometimes attributed to the existence of a “soul” enabling choices between what is considered “right and wrong”; and 7. Even if we have on occasions surrendered our sovereignty, no force, nor person, nor being can truly own our soul, mind or flesh, just as no corporation, society or person may claim ownership of the land, water or air; and 8. We are all merely tenants on this beautiful planet that sustains life. No-one possesses a blood right, birth right, prior right nor divine right of ownership or rule over any other; and 9. No one may claim to be superior or others to be inferior based on the color of their skin, or nature of their birth or religion; and 10. While there may be times that we are forced or tricked to say or do things against our nature, unless we be under duress, you are responsible for your own actions and choices; and 11. Indeed, there are some who seek to trick us into false belief and false hope, only to find such trust is wrenched from us when faced with the truth; and 12. There are many more who seek to control us through ideas created by others, encouraging us to believe and sometimes to fear; and 13. Whatever your beliefs, whatever your fears, let them not cloud the right for these words to be heard completely first, before they be judged; and 14. Therefore, let these truths be posted, noticed, recorded and published. So all may read and so all who choose to read may know; and 15. Let no man or woman deface, defile, remove or destroy this sacred writ, lest they be judged by all those including their parents, kin and ancestors, past leaders, teachers and heroes in whose name this instrument be promulgated; and 16. To begin then, let us consider then that no matter how complex or challenging our life or our world that much of what we see, is nothing more than a complex mosaic of ideas; and 17. Some ideas are considered essential by most for our survival, such as money, technology and the concept (idea) of belief itself; and 18. Other ideas such as why we choose only a handful of food crops from the thousands of edible plants in the world are less well considered ideas; and 19. While we are free to form our choices and opinions, it is an absolute fact that most of the ideas we choose to believe are created by someone else and then adopted by us, with little change or investigation into the idea; and 20. Words are symbolic ideas to which certain ideas of meaning have been attached by others, sometimes many hundreds or thousands of years ago. Yet we trust meanings to be true and we choose to believe; and 21. Stories such as history are ideas written by others we choose to believe about ideas of certain events that are supposed to have occurred sometimes many thousands of years before we were born. Yet we trust the story ideas to be true and we choose to believe; and 22. Religion itself is an accumulation of ideas, some of which are claimed to have come directly from Divine source and claimed divine events, written in stories called “scripture” often written from hearsay and not firsthand. Yet we trust the religious ideas to be true and choose to believe; and 23. Indeed, so many of us trust and believe the religious and historical stories sold to us by certain families and owners claiming most property of the world as theirs, that we believe certain people to be the “rulers of the world” as the one percent, while the rest of us live like slaves as the ninety nine percent; and 24. Yet, far from some adopted ideas being neutral, harmless, some ideas such as “Divine right of rule” are extremely dangerous and have the power to alter our perception of not just the world around us, but our family

Page 18

and who we think we are; and 25. The most dangerous ideas are those ideas that promote and convince us to believe we are less, that we are weak, that we are unworthy, that we must somehow accept we will never be more than a slave; and 26. This is in effect what keeps the world the way it is- because there are certain families of people who make claims to others for their absolute loyalty on the basis that they possess unique blood rights of rule, hold unique rights of history or powers and therefore must be obeyed without question; and 27. So what in essence is an idea and how might we distinguish between sound ideas that help us and false ideas such as “Divine right of rule” that have imprisoned us, inhibited us or tricked us; and 28. In essence, an idea need not be complex to be worthwhile, to come to life and existence; and 29. The mere existence of an idea is sufficient to validate itself. Whether it is true or false is relative to other ideas; and 30. One of the simplest and most powerful ideas is that the meaning of idea is equivalent to the Unique Collective Awareness and vice versa; and 31. By Unique Collective Awareness (“UCA”) we mean an idea that is both unique and part of the wider universe of “ideas” or “awareness” in which we exist; and 32. Therefore, the name of an idea is sufficient proof of its existence in some form. The claimed completion and comprehensiveness of an idea is relative to other standards; and 33. Even the repudiation of the validity of an idea requires its name and therefore existence. Therefore, only ideas that cannot be named, nor described may be said to have no existence; and 34. For example, whether one believes or does not believe in the existence of the Divine Creator is immaterial to the fact that the idea of the existence of the Divine Creator exists; and 35. Existence in essence is an observer and an object observed and therefore named. Without the observer and the observed, there can be no existence; and 36. Existence of the Universe depends upon both rules and matter. Matter without rules cannot exist in Universal reality. Therefore, rules without matter cannot exist in reality; and 37. Rules without matter may exist only as an idea. Therefore, we can say that Rules are equivalent to Unique Collective Awareness (UCA) without Form; and 38. Matter is equivalent to the idea of form in dimension. Therefore we can say that Matter is equivalent to Unique Collective Awareness (UCA) within Form; and 39. The only example of dimension being created in the Universe is a Dream; and 40. The only example of a system whereby Rules exist in theory and then Rules and Matter exist in reality is a Dream; and 41. Therefore, Existence is equivalent to the dream of Unique Collective Awareness (UCA) in form (Matter) according to some Rules (“DIA”). Hence we may call the Universe “UCADIA”; and 42. Therefore, the Divine Creator is equivalent to the idea of Unique Collective Awareness and UCADIA. As we have just proven, Existence itself dependents on the existence of the Divine Creator; and 43. Therefore, We refute any ecclesiastical claim that existence of the Divine is dependent on faith and faith alone. We reject the false and convoluted arguments by science which protest the Divine does not exist, in support of the needs of their religious patrons; and 44. Instead, we rely upon the wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness and the proof that every living thing is proof of the existence of the Divine, every man and woman and child are proof of the existence of the Divine and no longer shall false faith nor fear determine our collective fate. 45. Thus when we speak of the Divine Creator we mean the total collection of meaning and definition of all objects, matter, rules, life, mind, universe and

spirit also known as the Absolute, the ALL, the IS, the Unique Collective Awareness, UCADIA and other historic names when used to described the greatest of all possibilities; and 46. As the Divine means the set of all sets, there is nothing greater. Therefore, everything else is lesser, including but not limited to the idea of “Law”; and 47. A law is a rule, derived from divine instruction, scientific discovery, agreement, custom or practices over time enjoining or prohibiting certain action; and 48. A canon means “rule, bar, norm, maxim, measure or standard”. Therefore, when canon law is in agreement with Divine Law, it may be regarded as the highest standard law and the “Rule of Law” and 49. The highest law of all law is therefore Divine Law, then Natural Law, then Cognitive Law, then Positive Law; and 50. Divine Law is the law that defines the Divine and clearly demonstrates the spirit, mind, purpose and instruction of the Divine including the operation of the will of the Divine through existence. Therefore all valid law may be said to be derived from Divine Law; and 51. The highest and most accepted Golden Rule of all Divine Law is that “all are equal under the law and subject to the law”. Any law that attempts to abrogate this fact is null and void ab initio and is not a valid law; and 52. Natural Law is the law that defines the operation of the will of the Divine through its existence in the form of matter and physical rules. Natural Laws define the operation and existence of the physical universe, all valid Positive Law may be said to be derived from Natural Law; and 53. Cognitive Law is the set of laws that define the special attributes possessed by certain higher order life such as mind, ideas, knowledge, recognition and selfawareness created through the simultaneous application of both Divine Law and Natural Law; and 54. Positive Law is the laws enacted by men and women through proper authority for the governance of a society. Positive Law ultimately refers to physical objects and living beings; All valid Positive Law may be said to be derived from Natural Law and Cognitive Law; and 55. A Positive Law cannot abrogate, suspend, usurp, nor change a Cognitive Law or Natural Law. Nor is it possible for a Cognitive Law or Natural Law to abrogate, suspend, usurp or change a Divine Law. 56. Therefore, it is not by the will of men to decide when God speaks. It is not to the authority of the church that the Lord submits, but the church that submits to God; and 57. No matter how great the claimed authority of a person, it cannot be greater than the Divine Creator; and 58. No matter how ancient a scripture or belief, it cannot be older than the Creator of the Universe; and 59. No matter how firm a doctrine of faith, it cannot stand should it be against the laws of the Divine; and 60. All the words ever written and spoken in defense of doctrine and law cannot stand if against these truths; and 61. Indeed, the foundation of all civilized rule of law, including all Western Roman Law, begins with the acknowledgment that the highest law comes from the Divine Creator of all things in the Universe expressed through the laws of the Universe and then through the reason and spirit of man to make Positive Laws; and 62. The very meaning and essence of the idea of “office” is derived from ecclesiastical and ceremonial duty (officium) and service when in possession of some circumscribed space such as a chapel, temple, altar or sanctuary; and 63. In recognition of the fact that the legitimacy of office is through the recognition of the supremacy of Divine Law over Positive Law, the investiture of people into office is normally created upon a sacred and ecclesiastical oath to some higher spiritual power; and 64. Therefore all valid official positions of all legitimate governments of all societies on planet Earth depend on the acknowledgment and recognition that the highest law comes from the Divine Creator of all things in the Universe; and

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The Illuminati Hoodwink Extravaganza

by Zen Gardner


he rich and powerful can lie, cheat and steal.... but we can’t. The elites can carry out multibillion dollar covert programs directed toward their own devious ends....but we can’t even pay our bills. The rich can take private jets and bypass the insane invasive security grid.....but we get mugged and irradiated. You think people really notice these things? When will the world realize how hoodwinked it is? The police can be openly armed and in confrontational battle gear and beat people bloody.....but the unarmed civilian public gets assaulted and arrested for peacefully demonstrating for simple freedoms. The military can bomb, strafe and murder without even political never mind public consensus..... yet you can’t sport a Ron Paul sticker without being suspected as a domestic terrorist. How about those ‘richies’ flying about in their jets and having heavy duty energy consuming homes and lifestyles while complaining about global warming? Notice a trend here? But get back in line. After all, we have strict rules to follow. Not for them. For us. 

America follows the same narrative, supposedly defending liberty and freedom. And they use the same ploy. Virtually create enemies to prove and validate their point to the on-looking media-controlled “cattle” of the world. And it’s all literally bullshit. Hence: “Nazis! Communists! Extremists! Terrorists!” (Muslim, and their varied sympathizers...btw, tomorrow it’s aliens so be on your toes...) 

Israel: The Perfect Example

This is how in-your-face this all-pervading double standard can get. And it’s done through elite controlled media manipulation. By creating a decades old super-embellished and repeated sob story that pales in comparison to most of history’s monstrous pogroms, a small but very vocal Zionist minority is allowed to run amok worldwide in the name of “self defense”. Offensive to the conscious human psyche - to the max.

Electric Jesus Continued from page 9

In 391, Emperor Theodosius passed an edict to close all “pagan” temples and burn their books. Christian hordes set out on murderous rampages across the empire smashing all traces of the mystery traditions from which their own religion had blossomed. They killed off the last of the Gnostic circles, including their libraries, churches, scrolls, and most importantly, the flame of gnosis that had been passed down throughout the ages. By 410 AD, the Roman Empire had nearly torn itself apart and the Visigoths strolled in to finish the job. Only 85 years after the Council of Nicaea, the Dark Ages had begun. In our world today, millions of people have been wounded or mislead by literalist Christianity, robbed of their own divine spark. For more than a millennia, the Judeo-Christian tradition has supplied the underlying operating platform for our whole society -- our languages, laws, mores, work ethic, sexuality, even our way of perceiving time (with the Gregorian calendar) -- shaping our worldview, whether we realize it or not. Integrating this tradition could help us come to terms with ourselves, and our history. But we’ll need an upgrade of the Protestant Revolution, one that incorporates Christconsciousness. Imagine already established churches, the ones on your block, enhancing their services with meditation, breathwork, energy healing, and among the more

Selection of the Fittest So how is this pulled off, this “hoodwinking” of the vast populace?

A little background info to fill in the blanks for you initiates: These ruling elites are selected. First, they prefer them to come from certain bloodlines. Then they’re put through tests to see if they can submit to the rigors of dehumanizing disciplines such as mind control, sexual abuse, humiliation and ‘hazing’ via private clubs and eventually the sacrificial rites of secret societies. Then they have to pass tests to see if they are subject to empathy. If so, they are disqualified. You cannot respond to any of the human traits of compassion or empathy, except to their own families primarily, but that will be shut down eventually as they become more and more subjected to and controlled by the dark side. Sound strange? Ever wonder how the world got to be the way it is, so defiantly selfish, materialistic, wicked and violent? Sorry, but people aren’t naturally that way. Sure, some are, but not near to the extent we’re having shoved in our faces. The media, including the news, movies, TV, computer games and even music pushes this crap on purpose to keep their “cattle” from communicating and uniting and having a civil, loving discourse and a natural, constructive and conscious society. It is that simple. We live in a world controlled, temporarily mind you, by very sick, manipulated sellouts to an ugly agenda. Have YOU been hoodwinked to some degree? Just trying to expose and empower here. Most think I’m nuts. Great for the squirrels. It’s winter in the north. Be happy. They’re thoroughly exposed and know it and are awaiting their downfall. Till then, keep happily “Occupying Life”!

radicalized churches, the ingesting of entheogenic sacraments in a safe and protected space. Why build entirely new systems for connecting us to pneuma when the institutions have already been created, whether Methodist, Lutheran, or Baptist? But these “waterless” religions would have to give up their addiction to dominating their worshippers, address the evolution of the spirit, and infuse the essence of the mysteries into their hollow edifices. Many of the popular Eastern disciplines of today have us turning away from the world around us, meditating on our navel. But Christ wasn’t only a yogi; he was a mystical activist, carrying his message to those who most needed it. In this time of great transition, our ailing planet needs spiritual warriors to oppose the Western materialist machine, creating sustainable societies that care for their citizens, harmonize with the cycles of nature, and receive and honor the vast healing light that quietly connects us all. References: 1. Sir James George Frazier, The Golden Bough (New York: Macmillan, 1992), chapter 37. Phillips is the author of “The Electric Jesus,” co-founder of the web-magazine Reality Sandwich and, coordinating 40 regional Evolver groups. He is a Reiki Master and Bioenergetic Practitioner.

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144 Truths

Continued from page 18 65. The very meaning and purpose of the word “authority” is derived from the creation of instruments and pronouncements of law (auctor) in accordance with ecclesiastical ritual, ceremony or property (ritus); and 66. Therefore all legitimate authority of all officials of all valid governments of all societies on planet Earth depend on the acknowledgment and recognition that all authority is ultimately derived from the highest authority being the Divine Creator of all things in the Universe; and 67. Even the very financial system of the present world is based on the existence of the Treasury of One Heaven and the continued existence of Indulgences as created by the Roman Cult, also known as the VenetianMagyar controlled Vatican at the end of the 13th Cen-

tury; and 68. Thus, the very existence of all societies and the idea of Rule of Law across Planet Earth is dependent on the idea of the existence of the Divine Creator also known as the Unique Collective Awareness (UCA); and 69. As the authority and legitimacy of an office is derived from ecclesiastical authority, then the obeying of the Rule of Law is not merely duty, but necessary for the lawful effect of any action. This is because no spiritual force may flow through natural law and positive law of this world, if the sacred rules that establish such law are willingly broken; and 70. It is why through the original laws of trust between the entrustor and the trustee known as Fiduciary Laws require such diligence. It is also why the laws between the trustee and beneficiary originally known as the Laws of Equity are equally as stringent; and 71. While contract and administrative law over the

past two hundred years has deliberately corrupted the certainty of obligations of Executors and Trustees appointed to Office, it remains an immutable truth that to hold Office remains both the highest honor and duty of service; and 72. When a man or woman seeks to cling to Office and yet deny their obligations and duties, they automatically excommunicate themselves from any spiritual authority, thereby rendering such acts merely enforceable through ignorance, force or fear; and 73. When a man or woman seeks to cling to Office through the use of ignorance, force and fear, denying their dependency on legitimacy from the Divine Creator and Divine Law, then no action or decree can be regarded as lawful and their tenure can only hold, so long as their power holds; and to be continued...

GMO Crops Continually Banned Around the World in Display of Health Freedom by Anthony Gucciardi


olorado’s Boulder County was the latest health freedom hotspot to stand up against Monsanto and genetically modified produce, with Boulder County advisory committees announcing plans to phase out GMO crops on open space in pursuit of sustainable and ethical farming practices. The county joins a long list of other political bodies that have banned, condemned, and even uprooted GMO crops across the globe. Both the Food and Agriculture Policy Council and the Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee of Boulder Country voted 5-4 to phase out GMOs in an economically viable way. The transition proves that it is possible to be environmentally conscious, preserve the health of citizens, and still maintain economic stability. Genetically modified corn has been growing on around 16,000 acres of cropland owned by the county for around a decade. In 2009, public concern over the consequences of GMO crops sparked public debate within the county. Citizens demanded that GMO crops be banned after 6 local farmers asked permission to plant sugar beets that were engineered to resist the herbicide Roundup.

Page 20 Nations Starting to Ban and Uproot GMO Crops Hungary has gained international recognition for their bold stand against biotech giant Monsanto, destroying all Monsanto corn fields littered with GMO crops. The nation destroyed 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds, which are banned in the country. Many of the farmers were actually shocked to find they were using GMO seeds, which are resulting in extreme environmental consequence. Peru has also taken a stand for health freedom, passing a monumental 10 year ban on genetically modified foods. Amazingly, Peru’s Plenary Session of the Con-

gress made the decision despite previous governmental pushes for GM legalization. The known and unknown dangers of GMO crops seem to supersede even executive-level governmental directives. Anibal Huerta, President of Peru’s Agrarian Commission, said the ban was needed to prevent the ”danger that can arise from the use of biotechnology.” When the people demand anti-GMO action from the government, they are oftentimes forced to listen. There is an increasing consensus among consumers that they want safe, local, organic fresh food and that they want the environment and wildlife to be protected,” wrote Walter Pengue from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, in a recent statement concerning GMOs in South America. “South American countries must proceed with a broader evaluation of their original agricultural policies and practices using the precautionary principle. Political displays of defiance against Monsanto and genetically modified foods is the best method of combating their existence. As more political bodies worldwide begin to take a stand against GMOs, Monsanto will be forced to retreat from the food supply. Please visit Natural Society for more great health news and vaccine information.

Oasis Of Play by Lorenzo Malowane


ike Martins, one of The New Agora’s first supporters, a world traveler born in the Azores, game player and founder of OneStop-Shop-Games, is a man who grew up never forgetting his own playful roots. He greets everyone who walks into his ever-growing game community with the warmth of a long lost friend. Moving here from Miami (hence his sometimes used nickname Miami-Mike) he found a city that was not always warm in its welcoming of strangers. Seeing that there were not many places for people to gather and socialize beyond

the countless bars in town, Mike felt there was a real demand for some kind of Zocalo (Spanish for a public gathering center where community can come together) in this ever growing city of Vancouver. And with that intent Mike’s idea became a reality. From 300 to 1200, and now 2700 sq ft, and always in the International Center at Tinseltown Mall in Chinatown on Pender St, Miami Mike’s spacious and inviting card and game store has steadily grown over the past 5 years reflecting the popularity and largess of his community vision and spirit. It costs nothing to become a member at One Stop Shop; ‘admission’ is based on loyalty and friendship. And it’s not judged by your wallet either, because you don’t have to buy the games there to play there, rather it’s all about your commitment to playing and to becoming a contributing part of this community, and the best part of all of this is that to be a contributing member...all you have to do is play! Of course there are places, especially on-line where you might be able to buy games for a few pennies less. But I encourage all of our readers, for Mike’s sake and for the sake of our community in general, to take a moment and consider what exactly they are supporting in this world, and to listen with their hearts on how they share their energy and money. When I suggested to Mike that he charges for his membership he wouldn’t hear of it. “It would be nice to be supported by those I support,” Mike says. Although he may have to do something along those lines in the future to keep his game store going, he would rather his ‘customers’ made the loving conscious choice of helping those who are helping them have such a great time. Understanding that we’re all in it together, and that by supporting your local community you are in turn supported, is more than just

slogans with Mike. He is a man who, quite literally, puts his money where his mouth is by buying all of his games from local wholesalers. He says he could find them cheaper, but realizes that if he doesn’t support the local community soon there will be nobody there to support him either. Mike provides games, games and more games. One Stop Shop Games is actually one of the only places in Canada to get Magic the Gathering Fat Packs. And whether it’s to play on-line at his many, super-reasonably priced computer stations, or if you prefer the live action of boardgames, War Machine games, or a host of role-playing games, One Stop Shop has a night reserved just for you. Each night of the week is dedicated to a different game with specials and tournaments played on the weekends. Mike’s Zocalo of Fun is open until midnight seven days a week! Now that’s dedication. He has really succeeded in creating a community within the city. No wonder his spacious oasis can now boast a membership eight-hundred strong, and it’s growing all the time. So, if you like to play you’ll always be welcome at Mike’s. In his own words, “Come on over to One Stop Shop Cards and Games, where everyone is a winner!” Thanks Mike for enriching our community. 778-373-0365. Feel free to call them for more information. Great games for the holidays, too.

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Smart Meter Update

science - momentum - call to action by Josh del Sol


reetings free men and women in BC. A lot is going on with the smart meters issue, THANK YOU! to everyone speaking up in the media, with friends and family, to your MLA’s, etc... Keep it up, it’s working, we need EVERYONE in BC aware of the issue. There is much to be encouraged about, as together we step into our being and speak from our heart. BC Hydro is now being shown as flat-out LYING about the radiation levels that each smart meter emits. They claim each emits 2 to 2.3 microwatts/cm2 of radiation.... however independent testing has now confirmed smart meters emit more than 70 microwatts/cm2. For entire electrical rooms FULL of smart meters, like those in apartment buildings, they’ve tested at more than 200 microwatts/cm2. And contrary to the BC Hydro propaganda, they are shown to be constantly millisecond-bursting... thousands of times per day. According to this huge summary list of scientific studies, this is far more than enough radiation to change brainwave patterns, reduce REM sleep, decrease sperm cell counts, and cause childhood leukemia.

SCIENCE Summary list of 100+ published studies: density_effects.pdf Actual smart meters radiation vs. international radio frequency exposure limits: 2YTktYWNjNDkzYjNhYTA1>&srcid=0B-QqwTHjR6LjYzVkNzM5MWItYjg5My00NWMwLWE2YTktYWNjNDkzYjNhYTA1 Health complaints, list of dozens upon dozens of shortterm smart meter health complaints: God forbid, what would the long-term effects be of this... even recognized by the WHO as a “Class 2B potential carcinogen” ? The kicker is that there of course is no reason, AT ALL, why meters be wireless. (Italy, Idaho, and other places have wired smart meters.) No reason EXCEPT that the mega corporations want an Orwellian smart grid -- and a giant wireless mesh is the backbone of their PRIVACYINVASION network. Check this: Campbell flying back and forth to “world elite” Bilderberg meetings: story/2010/12/15/bc-campbell-bilderberg-conflict-ruling. html Of course, it was Campbell who passed legislation to

Page 22

remove our watchdog, the BC Utilities Commission. This is important - the 99% need to connect the dots on this one... it has nothing to do with saving energy. The smart meter program is TOTALLY antidemocratic, is a $1B+ TAX on BC citizens, our rates are increasing 50% to 300% with smart meters, and the “smart grid” would literally be a “big brother” eradication of human rights and in-home privacy. ALL OF THESE REASONS are why now Hawaii, Connecticut, and much of Europe have now BANNED smart meters entirely. BC, it’s time to step up and DEMAND the same. This Electromagnetic Radiation is also killing bees, birds, plant life...We’re finally starting to WAKE UP and realize that all this electro smog is what’s literally killing the bees, birds, and plant life... This report by a team of Professors, Medical Doctors and Researchers from Germany: and%20Mankind.pdf

MOMENTUM Georgia Straight - Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan calls B.C. Hydro smart meters “waste of money” Georgia Straight (90% of readers want referendum) - Activists want referendum on B.C. Hydro smart meters article-546641/vancouver/ activists-set-sights-smartmeters The Sovereign Independent - Transmitting Smart Meters Pose a Serious Threat To Public Health CBC News (see if you can observe the subtle spin) - Couple pressures BC Hydro to remove smart meter canada/british-columbia/ story/2011/11/30/bc-smartmeter-win.html?cmp=rss Earth Island Journal (Winter edition) - Warning: High Frequency http://www.earthisland. org/journal/index.php/eij/ article/warning_high_frequency

TAKE ACTION BC, it’s up to us. Campbell quietly removed the watchdog - the BCUC. The province is in cahoots with multinational corporations run by the same cartel who controls Banks, Pharmaceuticals, and big Me- dia. They want to make us tired, sick and broke. Are we going to let that happen, or are we going to wake up and TAKE BACK OUR POWER ? Spread the info (flyer): Neighbourhood Alert - The FACTS About Smart Meters [pdf] Become a member of the Stop Smart Meters Coalition (now 10,000+ members) Pre-register on the Referendum Petition Pre-register to watch our upcoming Smart Meters Film for free (we’re now in editing) Take action: get informed... and protect your home from a smart meter Citizens For Safe Technology - Stop Smart Meters - EMR Health Alliance of BC - Understand the context... put the big picture together (and be inspired) - watch THRIVE online please pass the wake-up call forward... thank you!

caused it. Not a single reporter came to our press conference that announced our findings, or quoted our historic discovery. And no Anglican official will go to jail for what happened to the Mohawk children. And, perhaps more to the point, you, the reader, will soon turn to another item in this newspaper, and move on. It’s said that we owe respect to the living, but to the dead, we owe only the truth. But I say something more. To the future generations, we owe justice, and a world free of child killers hiding behind religion – a world, in truth, which can only manifest from somewhere other than ourselves.

Kevin Annett (right) and Frank Miller of the Mohawk Nation announcing the findings.

Mush Hole

Continued from page 11 They didn’t die from what Minister of Aboriginal Affairs John Duncan absurdly calls “an education policy gone wrong”, for children at the Mush Hole never received much formal education. They were targeted for eradication, one way or another, in the ‘Just War of Civilization against Savagery’: and their death was therefore not a crime, or a moral wrong, which is why so few Canadians, regardless of their politics, contacted us after we broadcast the truth about those little human bones at the Mush Hole. Why should we care, after all? The gradual extinction of “lesser” peoples by our system is an imperative, even a religious commandment, in our culture. Genocide has not only been an accepted and lawful tool of state, and religion, but it is even seen as a law of nature by our people. Take Charles Darwin, for instance, who like all educated European Christians, looked to the extermination of other races as the precursor to any progress. In ‘The Descent of Man’, published a year before Canada’s Indian Act was created in 1872, he wrote, “At some future period not very distant as measured in centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races.” Last year, Prime Minister Harper made reference to the “inevitable adaptation” of native people in Canada to the status quo. Pick your euphemism. The message is the same: Adapt, or die. It’s been a nearly twenty year journey for me to come to the Mush Hole grounds and its scattered bones of our victims - and to the point where I have shed any illusion that uncovering this crime will change the Thing that

Post script: After the Opening, the Dead Remain

Over the long years, there was a single hope that made each new defeat and betrayal possible for me to bear – a single refrain, echoed by me and those few who chose to care, and that was: “Once we open those children’s graves, the world will have to notice, and finally care”. And now, we have opened the graves, and proved they hold the remains of children. We broadcasted it to the world yesterday. And today, no-one called. I misunderstood something about my people, by thinking the dead matter to them. I knew already that the fate of children is of no concern to us, drenched as we are in the fear and loathing of our own innocence. But even more basic, the dead are nothing to us because they represent the past. For what possible connection can there be, asks the proud, momentary leaf, between me and the root that spawned the tree? My ancestors came to this continent to escape history, which meant to try to flee from ourselves. And in so doing, we ended up a people without memory.

I stood yesterday in front of a crowd of very young “radicals” at the Occupy Toronto camp on the grounds of the city hall where exactly twenty years ago, I spent my late nights as a street chaplain bringing coffee and my own illusions to the heaps of dying men and women who slept in their dozens on the hot air grates there. Ironically, the Occupiers spoke that day of exhibiting “solidarity” towards those now dead Indians who once slept where they now rallied with the proud assurance of those who know they have the answer to it all. So I took the Occupiers at their word, and I held up to them a piece of a child’s leg bone. I explained where it had come from, and how Anglican Christians had raped and slaughtered this child, then chopped her or him up into bloody bits and tossed their bones in a ditch. I asked them to help us bring this crime to light, and stop those responsible. The radicals stared at me, unmoved. A few of them blinked uncomprehendingly. Nobody applauded, or came up to me afterwards … no, actually, one of them did, to remark gloomily, “That really messed with my head …” I don’t blame them. They’re the fruit of amnesia. They don’t know what to do with their past, or its present outcome, because, quite simply, it’s all too horrible. After this non-response in Toronto, I returned to the Mohawks, who are in no better shape, basically, except that they are not total strangers to their roots, and so are not yet entirely crazy. But they seemed to avoid the dead just as much that night, in their own way, and turned to their own laughter and busyness rather than gaze out the Kanata Centre window, as I did, at the single mass grave that is this land. “Lighten up, Kev” one of them offered to me, and perhaps I should have, if I could somehow forget the unendurable weight of that tiny piece of bone in my hand. I’m sure I will, someday, once my efforts have slammed enough times against the fact of what the Greeks called nihilio, the great Nothing. To quote a battle-wizened soldier in The Thin Red Line, “They want you either dead, or in their lie.” Which one will it be for you, now that you know?

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helping you find balance “Good to pull so many resources for healthy living under one roof. Like the variety of the show, it caters to everyone needs. Lots of new stuff, can’t wait until next year”


exhibits, seminars, cooking demos, prizes, plus lots more...

20 years

Cutting-edge presentations on today’s most pressing health and wellness issues. Some of Canada’s top chefs and cookbook authors will host healthy cooking demonstrations. Fitness gurus will show us the latest trends on getting fit, staying well and more than 250 exhibitors will be displaying products and information related to traditional, complementary, alternative and spiritual health, fitness, nutrition, and recreation.

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Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba - VCSC