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Moral Fallibilism Interpreting a Language Older than Words

By Gary Z Mcgee

“Man will become better when you show him what he’s like.” –Anton Chekhov HAT IS IT LIKE to be human? What does it mean to be a seemingly finite human being in an otherwise infinite reality? Let’s be honest with ourselves: we are fallible and confused. We are prone to make mistakes and are usually wrong about the conclusions we make. We are in all ways uncertain, and we’re even uncertain about our uncertainty. We make gross errors, and we do it quite often. Because of this, we are hypocrites par excellence. But the question isn’t whether or not we are hypocrites, the question is: what are we going to do about our inherent hypocrisy. Are we going to embrace it and discover healthier ways of being aware of it, or are we going to avoid it and continue our rampant suppression and dissociation? One answer is to use a basic scientific approach known as fallibilism, and then to further capitalize upon the precept by practicing it under a moral light. Fallibilism is Latin for “liable to err.” It is the understanding that we can never know anything for sure and is implied within the sciences. The basic claim is that all human knowledge could, in the end, due to our fallibility as a species and our inherent hypocrisy, be completely and utterly mistaken. In the most commonly used sense of the term, fallibilism implies an openness to new evidence that may refute a previously held opinion or belief while recognizing that any claim, scientific or otherwise, validated today may need to be revised or even withdrawn in light of new evidence, new disputes, and new encounters in the future. It is the logical conclusion of the secret of open-mindedness. It embraces human fallibility and is therefore a benchmark toward understanding the human condition in relation to an ever-changing reality.


It stands to reason that any and all socalled answers will be discovered within the reality that we find ourselves questioning. Governing this precept, it further stands to reason that we can use this reality as a benchmark for whether or not our “answers” should be accepted. That is, whether or not it should be accepted as right or wrong. Keep in mind, we will still misinterpret the information, but at least we’ll be looking in the right spot. At least the horse of our reasoning will be in front of the cart of our questioning. Reality holds the “answers,” whether or not we can ever grasp them. Trying to achieve answers should be like trying to achieve enlightenment, both may be unachievable, but the journey is the thing in both cases. When we turn the focus of our learning upon the natural interconnected order of things, instead of on disconnected human opinion, we discover that the answers we come up with will be closer to being

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“right.” Like Aldo Leopold said, “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” Or Louis Agassiz: “Go to nature; take the facts into your own hands; look, and see for yourself.” The first thing we need to do is base the concept of right/wrong in the realm of objective truth, instead of in the realm of subjective opinion. We do that by allowing the concept of “right” to mean “healthy” and the concept of “wrong” to mean “unhealthy,” thereby grounding the concept of right and wrong within the dictated, natural truth of cosmic law. We do this so that healthy/unhealthy can be as close to “objectively determined” as possible. Otherwise the concept of right/wrong is weighed down by the subjective opinion of good/evil. By shedding the subjective concepts of good/evil from the determining concepts of right/wrong we allow for the objective concepts of healthy/unhealthy to emerge as a guide toward a “somewhat” objective moral principle. I say “somewhat” because there can never be a completely objective moral philosophy. Morality is a briar patch. So is philosophy, for that matter. And they always will be. We just have to get better at not getting unnecessarily pricked by avoidable thorns. And the best way to do that is living in healthy balance with nature. Like Zeno said, “The goal of life is living in agreement with Nature.”

The difficult part is figuring out what is healthy and what is unhealthy, and then what to do about it. We do this by observing, listening to, and cooperating with nature and what it is dictating to us as being the healthier way to live in accordance with it. The simplest

Please see FALLIBILISM, page 23

By Johanna Bassols


OR FAR TOO LONG, but particularly in the modern Western world we have thought of the heart as simply a pumping mechanism responsible for bringing blood to our organs. The heart’s physical importance not to be underestimated, it supports life, sending the blood of life to the tree-like limbs of our vascular system – but this is an overly simplistic view of what the heart is capable of. Gregg Braden’s latest research elaborates on the ancient technique of using the heart as an intelligent organ. The heart’s intelligence has been ignored for far too long. What we’ve learned about the heart’s wisdom, however, in the past several years through the Heart Math Institute and through the research of psychologists, neurobiologists, and ressurfaced wisdom teachings from our ancient past – should inspire everyone to look at the heart in a completely new way. For those who are not used to using their innate intelligence – that is their intuition — tuning into the heart for answers to the most profound and difficult questions they could possibly drum up might seem ridiculous. Why ask the heart whether to stay in a relationship that is challenging, or even if you should go through with a medical procedure? It might seem ignorant or even haphazard to ask the heart questions like these, but it has wisdom that the intellect cannot match. Here’s why:

The heart does not send information through an egoic filter The heart knows your past, your present, and your future. Its intelligence does not care

The word comes from the Sanskrit language, and the closest meaning to English would be something like this: Hrid = center Ayam = this Thus, the spiritual heart always brings you to your center. It will not veer away from your highest self, always taking in a 360-degree (and beyond) view of any situation you could possibly face. The yogi Bhagavan wrote once to explain this spiritual heart in more detail: “Just as there is a cosmic center from which the whole universe arises and has its being and functions with the power or the directing energy emanating therefrom, so also is there a center within the frame of the physical body wherein we have our being. This center in the human body is in no way different from the cosmic center. It is this center in us that is called the Hridaya, the seat of Pure Consciousness, realized as Existence, Knowledge and Bliss. This is really what we call the seat of God in us.” Conversely the mind-brain thinks of our past experiences, our past erroneous beliefs assigned to those experiences, and takes all sorts of twists and turns through a conceptual

How to Start “Thinking” With the Heart

about your egoic constructs. The heart simply speaks from a completely neutral place. You can think of it like a close friend who has your best interest at heart, and who does not care about making themselves look good in your eyes.

Hridaya There is an ancient term that does not have a direct English translation that describes this intelligence of the heart. Hridaya, is the energy which is contained within the heart chakra. This is not just the physical heart, but the spiritual heart. It contains the intelligence of God, or the transcendental mind.

landscape that we’ve created to give us a “right” answer to life’s deep questions. A Zen Buddhist can also describe what happens when we think with the head (brain) instead of the heart. We place a fog – a type of perceptual overlay on top of a situation and then add an emotional investment. We call this “real,” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yet, we think we have to obtain a siddhi (great accomplishment or miracle) in order to obtain supernormal wisdom or intelligence. So, we go on trusting the false perceptions of the mind-brain.

The Neuro-Biology of the Heart Moreover, if we were to look at the simple neuro-biology of the heart – there are many more fibers leading from the heart to the brain than from the brain to the heart. This means – as Gregg Braden recently pointed out in a Gaia talk – that there is much more communication being sent to the brain then being received from it. As the HeartMath Institute explains, the heart also begins beating in the unborn fetus before the brain has even been formed, a process scientists call autorhythmic. We humans also form an emotional brain long before a rational one, and the heart has its own independent complex nervous system known as “the brain in the heart.” The heart can also create a level of coherence in the body just through its rhythm, which regulates all its systems, and corrects even diseased cells. And finally, the electromagnetic field of the heart is about 60 times greater in

Please see HEART, page 23

Upfront & Personal With l

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r e v u o c van

c i s u m folk tival

fes Jericho Beach Park

July 13-15, 2 0 1 8u at the beach! m e e t yo


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By Fredalupe!

NSPIRATION, for all its universality, is a particular affair. Long have I wondered

at its presence, almost as long as I have at its absence, be it on a white page, a blank regard, or a heart empty of recognition to the love calling out its true name. Though a fool yet I am, still I question, still I wonder, still I see how it might be otherwise would we but choose to imagine what dreams might come… Purposely surrounded by a symmetry of steel and glass, concrete and cubistry, elements that attempt to cage the world from its own wild nature, from this place of juxtaposition I spell out my magic, I call out our true name. Amazing what a little lipstick and lace can do to transform what is essentially a savage beast. And no, I haven’t taken a leap off any transgendered ledge, only comically describing humanity’s plight, the ridiculous reality sold to us at every turn, in every nook and cranny, in every word and deed. I admit to using more than one meaning with my language, it’s a fractal kind of reality, holistic really, kinda holographic too, and if spelled out properly can elicit illicit change and transformation, aware of it or not. After all, how did we get into this pickle of a jar anyways? And what was that about the lipstick again? Was it some lonely star-god with a razor and low standards shaving monkeys and playing dress up with the locals? Or was it a stranded suffering consciousness, madly proclaiming its angst-y and edgy rebellion against The All That Is, that, in a fit of pique, fuelled by cosmic separation anxiety, decided to rule over a hell rather than just give it a minute, try a little forgiveness, a laugh and maybe pass the salt already? Celestial Big Babies abound in our mythologies. What’s the Devil anyways but a fearful folly fornicating the fun out of everything? An angry fist to the heavens has little to say of beauty. What harmony there is left is mostly found away from our presence, at least in mass. Sometimes though a punch in the nose, so to speak, is the only way to get the message through all that denial, past the lunatic stubbornness and right into ignorance’s big red honker. Maybe that describes all our troubles. We’ve all had shitty days, been hurt by unfairness, crucified by the uncaring, the unloving, the unkind. At some point we’ve all wanted to lash out at anyone and everyone, cursing our Creator, our parents, our selves. All of humanity can certainly relate by now to the gamut of possibilities merely hinted at here but expounded ad nauseam by our very own culture in every media and medium. What is History but more of the same? Or Religion for that matter? Or Politics? Even the present form of our science is based on separation, combustion, violence and pollution. Assuredly other ‘sciences’ exist, not just the stuff ‘they’ like to keep from us or use against us. Other civilizations have come and gone, some willingly, others by other means. We’ve but to listen to the various blaring narratives deafening our collective consciousnesses or glance at the multitude of speculative works articulating our dystopic destination to imagine the what and the why and the rest of what might be or has been or is still to come. But let’s remember to see the forest and the trees. Sure there are crazies out there doing crazy things, some trying to get in here to do the same, but can we fault them for wanting to share? Facetious statement? Maybe a little, but it is telling: misery loves company, and so do the rest of us. What I’m saying is that even at its worst - a change in perspective, an aggrandizement if you prefer, will out the truth, will free the soul. So that even at its most heinous, at its most cruel, at its most evil, an act, its perpetrator, is illustrating, even manifesting the truth of its opposite, in a sense empowering that which it fights against. Villain meet Hero. Psychopath meet…? The nihilists, champions of separation, are actually demonstrating the lie of their philosophy. If this was all accident then why worry? If this is all really so meaningless how could a tree be? Or a flower? Or our enjoyment of either? And if it all really rests on our shoulders, the giving of meaning I mean, then bully for us, well done, and aren’t we magnificent, and what a responsibility! If God really doesn’t exist what’s with all the hooplah and tacky desecration; the masturbatory devil worshiping; the mad cult of vapid personality; the cyclopean monoliths of inverted truth? As Shakespeare put it “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” And come on already, look at all our works, our achievements, our expressions of transcendent splendor. There they are, there we are: Amor’s own weeds cracking the hardened stone pavements of Roma herself. Have we but the faith of a mustard seed. Consider if you will that it (all the horror and pain in the world) is actually there to inspire us to manifest our own greatness, our own Humanity expressed in Love, challenged to grow beyond the limits set and created by its opposite. Without our light what is their darkness but blindness? Without beauty… well, look around, it ain’t pretty. We can do better. We can be better. Let’s not allow the terrible and awesome sacrifice evil makes on our account go to waste. Anything they can ‘make’ us do surely we can do better without the stick in the eye, the kick in the pants, the punch in the nose, regardless of how necessary it may yet seem to receive. Why not just wake up and smell the roses? So once again: be of good cheer. Our happy destiny is unavoidable. Imagine it with me. Participate! Free yourself. And though it looks grim and grey when the sunshine goes, our hearts blaze eternal, lighting the way through any and all darkness. This we have in common. This is our adventure. This is our universal truth. This is our magic. Page 4

How to Start ‘’Thinking’’ With the Heart Native Wisdom From Now to Eternity

Attention is a Tension Altered States of Entrapment

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Universal Magi

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OBSERVATIONS AND OPINIONS Should We Cherish Plants As We Do Animals? Helpful Buddhist Brutal Truths How to Empower Children Wireless: Nicotine Addiction of the Modern Day Perfect Storm: The Ezekiel Stephan Story

CONSCISOUSNESS Moral Fallibilism DNA Affected by Quantum Intelligence Stages of Conscious Evolution

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Native American Wisdom That Will Make You Question The Current Human Experience By Arjun Walia


CROSS THE GLOBE we are seeing indigenous elders from various locations on the planet coming forward to share wisdom that is so desperately needed. All of us who live on the planet are feeling the heat as we recognize that the time for change is now, and that this window of opportunity won’t be open forever. Not long ago, Indigenous Elders and Medicine People of North and South America came together in South Dakota to deliver a fundamental message to humanity and the Earth: We are part of Creation, thus, if we break the laws of Creation we destroy ourselves. We, the Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, have no choice but to follow and uphold the Original Instructions, which sustains the continuity of Life. We recognize our umbilical connection to Mother Earth and understand that she is the source of life, not a resource to be exploited. We speak on behalf of all Creation today, to communicate an urgent message that man has gone too far, placing us in the state of survival. We warned that one day you would not be able to control what you have created. That day is here. Not heeding warnings from both Nature and the People of the Earth keeps us on the path of self-destruction. This self destructive path has led to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, Gulf oil spill, tar sands devastation, pipeline failures, impacts of carbon dioxide emissions and the destruction of ground water through hydraulic fracking, just to name a few. In addition, these activities and development continue to cause the deterioration and destruction of sacred places and sacred waters that are vital for Life. – Chief Looking Horse ( Rtch8)

Lakota come to their feathered and furred friends that in true brotherhood they spoke a common tongue. n The old Lakota was wise. He knew that man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard; he knew that lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to a lack of respect for humans, too. So he kept his children close to nature’s softening influence. n We did not think of the great open plains, the beautiful rolling hills, and winding streams with tangles growth, as ‘wild.’ Only to the white man was nature a ‘wilderness’ and only to him was the land ‘infested’ with ‘wild animals’ and ‘savage’ people. To us it was tame. Earth was bountiful and we were surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery. Not until the hairy man from the east

n Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky, and water was a real and active principle. For the animal and bird world there existed a brotherly feeling that kept the Lakota safe among them. And so close did some of the

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n The concept of life and its relations was humanizing and gave to the Lakota an abiding love. It filled his being with the joy and mystery of living; it gave him reverence for all life; it made a place for all things in the scheme of existence with equal importance to all.

n In talking to children, the old Lakota would place a hand on the ground and explain: ‘We sit in the lap of our Mother. From her we, and all other living things, come. We shall soon pass, but the place where we now rest will last forever.’ So we, too, learned to sit or lie on the ground and become conscious of life about us in its multitude of forms. Sometimes we boys would sit motionless and watch the swallow, the tiny ants, or perhaps some small animal at its work and ponder on its industry and ingenuity; or we lay on our backs and looked long at the sky and when the stars came out made shapes from the various groups. n The contemplative and spiritual side of Lakota life was calm and dignified, undisrupted by religious quarrels and wars that turned man against man and even man against animal. Not until a European faith came was it taught that not life on earth but only life after death was to be glorified; and not until the native man forsook the faith of his forefathers did he learn of Satan and Hell. Furthermore, until that time he had no reason to think otherwise than that the directing and protecting guidance of the Great Mystery was as potent on this side of the world as on the other.

Luther Standing Bear

n Praise, flattery, exaggerated manners, and fine, high-sounding words were no part of Lakota politeness. Excessive manners were put down as insincere and the constant talker was considered rude and thoughtless. Conversation was never begun at once, nor in a hurried manner. No one was quick with a question, no matter how important, and no one was pressed for an answer. A pause of giving time for thought was the truly courteous way of beginning and conducting a conversation.

n Children were taught the rules of woyuonihan and that true politeness was to be defined in actions rather than in words. They were never allowed to pass between the fire and an older person or a visitor, to speak while others were speaking, or to make fun of a crippled or disfigured one. If a child thoughtlessly tried to do so, a parent, in a quiet voice, immediately set him right.

n The Lakota could despise no creature, for all were of one blood, made by the same hand, and filled with the essence of the Great Mystery. In spirit, the Lakota was humble and meek. ‘Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth,’ was true for the Lakota, and from the earth he inherited secrets long since forgotten.

The world is in great need of this kind of wisdom. Our knowledge of and respect for the natural world have been greatly diminished over time, but the pendulum seems to be, slowly, shifting in the other direction now. Many people are starting to wake up, to pay attention to what is really happening on our planet, and to express their desire for change. Luther Standing bear was an Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief who lived before and during the arrival of European pioneers, at a time when, arguably, the greatest genocide in human history was taking place. You can read more about that here (http://www. He was born as ‘Ota Kte’ in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, and was one of the first students to attend the Carlisle Indian School of Pennsylvania. After that, he toured with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, entered into the world of acting in California, and spent his life fighting to improve conditions for Indians on American reservations. He wrote several books about Indian life and governmental policy.

emotions of depth and sincerity were tempered with control. Silence meant to the Lakota what it meant to Disraeli when he said, ‘Silence is the mother of truth,’ for the silent man was ever to be trusted, while the man ever ready with speech was never taken seriously.

n The Lakota . . . loved the earth and all things of the earth, the attachment growing with age. The old people came literally to love the soil and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of being close to a mothering power. It was good for the skin to touch the earth and the old people liked to remove their moccasins and walk with bare feet on the sacred earth. came and with brutal frenzy heaped injustices upon us and the families we loved was it ‘wild’ for us. When the very animals of the forest began fleeing from his approach, then it was for us that the ‘Wild West’ began. n Silence was meaningful with the Lakota, and his granting a space of silence to the speech-maker and his own moment of silence before talking was done in the practice of true politeness and regardful of the rule that ‘thought comes before speech.’ Also in the midst of sorrow, sickness, death, or misfortune of any kind, and in the presence of the notable and great, silence was the mark of respect. More powerful than the words was silence with the Lakota and his strict observance of this tenet of good behavior was the reason, no doubt, for his being given another fallacious characterization by the white man – that of being a stoic. He has been adjudged dumb, stupid, indifferent, and unfeeling. As a matter of truth, he was the most sympathetic of men, but his

n Everything was possessed of personality, only differing with us in form. Knowledge was inherent in all things. The world was a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks, and the birds and animals that shared, alike with us, the storms and blessings of earth. We learned to do what only the student of nature ever learns, and that was to feel beauty. We never railed at the storms, the furious winds, and the biting frosts and snows. To do so intensified human futility, so whatever came we adjusted ourselves, by more effort and energy if necessary, but without complaint. Even the lightening did us no harm, for whenever it came too close, mothers and grandmothers in every tipi put cedar leaves on the coals and their magic kept danger away. Bright days and dark days were both expressions of the Great Mystery. links to sources found at:


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@ Sunset Beach

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By Iam Saums

“Energy flows where attention goes.” – Anonymous

Social Psychosis


VERY DAY, THE GRAVITY of reality intensifies. The aftershocks of society’s contrived trauma and tragedy imposes its energetic influence upon us. Our experience of life is one of anxiety, threat and fear. We are so anesthetized to our terror that it has become the foundation of human nature. It governs us with the mere possibility of peril. Our unconscious fear is the silent, invisible assassin of our destiny, purpose and transformation. We adopt a filter of oblivion as a defense mechanism to escape the harsh realisms of contemporary life. Even the force of our resistance to reality is used against us to ensure our captivity.

Broken by Reality Before we even choose a path that empowers, inspires or fulfills us, we are socially discouraged, indoctrinated and restricted. Social reality is a rigid structure of rules and regulations designed to prohibit everything diverse from ordinary existence. We are all housebroken by the boundaries of an imposed, linear practicality. It suppresses our individual desire, innovation and purpose. Creativity and imagination are the enemy of authority, industry and ‘reality’. Originality is the best impression we can share with the world that makes the greatest difference. In an enslaved society, self-expression is the only thing that offers true freedom.

Lords of Illusion We all become masters of deception and deflection. Our personal accountability and integrity is wagered in our narrow pursuit to gain advantage in an ultra-competitive



viridesco.oil4life -



匀吀刀唀䜀䜀䰀䤀一䜀 圀䤀吀䠀 䄀䐀䐀䤀䌀吀䤀伀一 伀刀 倀䄀䤀一㼀 䰀伀圀 䔀一䔀刀䜀夀㼀 䰀伀圀 䴀伀伀䐀㼀 圀圀圀⸀䬀刀䄀吀伀䴀䄀䌀吀䤀嘀䔀⸀䌀伀䴀  䔀䴀䄀䤀䰀 唀匀 䄀吀 䤀一䘀伀䀀䬀刀䄀吀伀䴀䄀䌀吀䤀嘀䔀⸀䌀伀䴀 䘀伀刀 䴀伀刀䔀 䐀䔀吀䄀䤀䰀匀⸀

meaning and security. The distinct measure of our personal truth often slips through the cracks of our broken consciousness. Our personal power is the greatest price we pay for the artificial comfort of a common, predictable fantasy.

Enabled in Numbers

Imaginary Life What we perceive as reality is an illusion. There are over six billion different perceptions of life unique to each human being. It is impossible for one commonly accepted reality to be considered “real” to all. We may believe, hope or even want it to be genuine, yet it is not. Social reality is a delusion invented to impose an elementary standard of existence. It provides a simulated experience of fulfillment,

唀匀䔀 䌀伀䐀䔀㨀  一䄀㈀

䌀伀一吀䄀䌀吀 唀匀 䘀伀刀 䴀伀刀䔀 䐀䔀吀䄀䤀䰀匀 䄀吀 ㄀⸀㠀 ⸀㘀㈀㔀⸀㔀 㜀㈀


society driven by accumulation, power and status. We grow accustomed to distorting and manipulating our and other’s perception of reality to maintain our image and influence as a lifestyle of self-defense. When given the choice between preserving a lie and living our truth, we often succumb to the former. The subjective nature of reality is such that it can be altered suitably to the agendas of all whom seek to deceive for the sake of authority and dominion. “Living an illusion for this fantasy.”

伀䘀䘀 伀一 夀伀唀刀 一䔀堀吀 倀唀刀䌀䠀䄀匀䔀

Social reality exists predominantly as it does because it is empowered en masse by the oblivion of its captives. We are all enslaved by and dependent upon our compliance, denial, indifference and resignation. We find a shallow sense of solace in the notion that our struggle is collective. When we observe the deficiencies of others, it somehow eases the sting of our own. Inauthentic empathy is the illusion of unity. Society is built upon a foundation of mutual failure. Humanity’s momentum is a regressive force of retroactive existence. Our lives are doomed to repeat themselves when we enable vicious cycles of self-centered survival. “Our vision is our compass…”

An Insight of Vision Living an extraordinary life is possible when we release our personal and social conditioning and embrace the mystery of who we may become. If we are the same person we were yesterday, we are forfeiting our potential. Who, how and why we are is

vital to clarifying and creating our vision. It is what defines our mission and purpose in life. Whatever it is that both inspires and terrifies us is the very role we were destined to personify. When we are being someone who is dedicated, empowered and intentional, we naturally make a difference every day in every way. Our vision is the origin and expression of our being.

The Pulse of Empowerment We are the sole creators and sustainers of our inspiration. It is our responsibility to generate the energy necessary to discover, engender and embody our lives. Our individual empowerment is as vital as our breath. The quality of our experience is caused by our commitment to proactively progress. Our intentionality is the manifestation of our personal power. It is what stimulates our ambition, confidence and desire. It encourages, enlightens and transforms us. When we exercise our inherent ability to shift into new paradigms of being, we become our personal power. Empowerment is the pulse of our existence.

Creativity of Being In a virtual society driven by thought, words and action, creativity is an expression of rebellion. It flies in the face of relativity, transcending and transforming the linear construct of reality. Our imagination is the gateway to our freedom from the ordinary boundaries of what is socially accepted and adopted. Creativity is the only aspect of life that can revolutionize our experience, destiny and vision. Before we can shift anything in our lives, we must first begin with ourselves. Who we are in our everyday life is a manifestation of what we envision, feel, think, say and do. The truest expression of

Please see ETERNITY, page 21

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n Harvard Investigation Shows Doctors Are Paid Huge Sums To Prescribe Addictive Opioids


n 2010, it was found that roughly 100,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs alone. When it comes to opioids, the number of deaths is in the tens of thousands while a quarter of patients who were given a short-term prescription transitioned to long-term use. Now, according to a recent Harvard University analysis, doctors who prescribe these pain-killers are being paid huge sums of money from their manufacturers.

n ADHD is a FAKE Disease Invented by

n Quebec Village Residents Celebrate Victory Over Oil And Gas Giant In Legal Battle Against Drilling


esidents of a Quebec village have defeated an oil-and-gas giant in a fight to protect their water, in a David-and-Goliath-style battle. After a four-year legal wrangle over a $1m lawsuit, a judge has finally ruled in favour of the town of Ristigouche-Sud-Est and its population of just 157. Half of the residents’ legal fees could be reimbursed by the Montreal-based exploration giant. Mayor François Boulay said: “I can’t hide this is a sweet moment.”

Big Pharma to Drug Children for Profit


DHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is ubiquitous in the American classroom, there’s little debate about that. According to CDC statistics from 2012, 11 percent of children between the ages of four and 17 had been diagnosed with ADHD at some point. With over six million kids diagnosed, it’s hard not to wonder: Is this condition even a real problem? Sure, some kids struggle to pay attention during school — but does that signify an actual problem with the child? Perhaps it’s more indicative of a society that simply doesn’t allow children to be children anymore. If you’ve ever found that the notion that children who’d rather play outside than sit at a desk are “broken” and need medication was a bit hard to digest, you may be right.

n Canadians Question Trudeau’s Eco-Leadership As Thousands March Against Pipeline


housands of demonstrators marched through a Vancouver suburb as part of an indigenous-led protest against a pipeline expansion project approved by ‘eco-friendly’ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Saturday demonstration was held at a site near a Kinder Morgan facility in Burnaby, British Columbia. Protesters held signs that read “Water is life,” while other placards questioned Trudeau’s commitment to preserving Canada’s environment. “Justin: That’s not ‘environmental leadership’ – that’s reckless!” one sign read. Another accused Trudeau of being “in bed” with Kinder Morgan.

n The Ultimate Scam: How Al Gore

Became the World’s First “Carbon Billionaire” by Profiting off Irrational Climate Fears


t the turn of the century, Al Gore’s assets totaled between $780,000 and $1.9 million. After years of scaring the public with “threat of global warming” and convincing legislators to invest taxpayer money into climate change initiatives, Gore’s wealth multiplied. By 2007, Gore’s net worth was “well in excess” of $100 million. Gore had successfully used a climate panic to sway the government to invest in the economic sectors he was poised and ready to profit from. .

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n The World’s First Plastic-free Supermarket


he world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle debuted in Amsterdam on Wednesday. Shoppers at the Jan Pieter Heijestraat branch of Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza will have roughly 700 plastic-free products to choose from, including meat, rice, sauces, dairy, chocolate, cereals, yogurt, snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables. Instead of plastic, items are packed in compostable materials or glass, metal and cardboard. “Plastic-free aisles are an important stepping stone to a brighter future for food and drink,” Ekoplaza chief executive, Erik Does, said in a statement. “We know that our customers are sick to death of products laden in layer after layer of thick plastic packaging.”

n Delingpole: Polar Bears Doing Just Fine Shock


usan Crockford, arguably the world’s greatest polar bear expert, has some really bad news for environmentalists. Their favorite ursine poster child of climate doom is doing great. Polar bear populations are stable, if not growing. That stuff you read in the liberal media about bears starving to death because thin summer sea ice is pure nonsense. The only evidence we have that polar bears are in any kind of trouble is the fake evidence of activists’ computer models. Short version – pretty much everything that Greenpeace, the WWF, the IPCC, the IUCN, the Guardian, CNN and the New York Times have ever told you about polar bears is a lie.


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n 10 Common Ingredients You Didn’t Know About Found in Most Vaccines


oxins surround us in many forms, but those found in vaccines are of increasing concern among parents, and rightfully so. As the World Mercury Project continues to advocate for transparency and sound science in our nation’s vaccine program, it’s important to note that mercury, still found in some flu shots and other vaccines, isn’t the only substance standing in the way of a safer vaccination schedule.

n Many Cases Of ‘Dementia’ Are Actually Side Effects Of Prescription Drugs or Vaccines, According to Research


anola oil is one of the most popular vegetable oils in the world. However, many integrative healthcare providers are sounding the alarm about this seemingly harmless oil. And, as you already know, “popular” doesn’t always mean it’s healthy for us. For example, a new study out of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University and published in the journal Scientific Reports has linked canola oil with a decrease in memory and learning indicative of Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of dementia.

n New ‘NanoParticle’ Eye Drops Could Eliminate Need For Eyeglasses


hose of us who have experienced true magic in our lives have been wondering when modern science will somehow bridge the gap between science and spirit, and wondering what will happen to the world when these forces finally unite. It’s coming. Is magic real? Sure it is, which is why there’s such a long and storied history of it in every human civilization, and why so many people practice it everyday, whether they realize it or not.

n Are Practical Quantum Computers Coming in 2018?


uantum computing takes advantage of the strange ability of subatomic particles to exist in more than one state at any time. Due to the way the tiniest particles behave, quantum computing operations can be done much more quickly, and use less energy, than classical computers. Current science suggests that the availability of quantum computers to the general public is decades in the future. The technology required for building and operating a quantum computer is so expensive, only large global corporations, governments, or large organizations with extensive financial reserves could possibly afford one at the present time. So where does that leave us?

The legendary Yucatan Hall of Records found at Yaxchilan? Strange Labyrinths and Edgar Cayce

n Too Much Screen Time Too Early Damages Children for Life


recent Canadian study proved the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) right about the bad effects of watching excessive television. Toddlers who watch TV for extended periods starting from the age of two turned out to be far more likely to suffer from bad grades and unhealthy diets when they became adolescents. Page 9


he ancient Maya city of Yaxchilan rises on the Mexican shore of the mighty Usumacinta river, across from its rival city of Piedras Negras, some 35 kilometers (21 miles) downstream on the Guatemala side. Even to this day, the only access to Yaxchilan is by boat, along the river. Far from the crowds of Palenque and other Maya sites, the ruins of Yaxchilan are found today still very much in the same conditions as they were first described by Maudslay and Maler in the early 20th century, at the peak of the “Golden Age” of exploration.

Science-Backed Health Benefits of Cannabis That are Ignored by the Mainstream Media a 4. Cannabis can help those with cancer, tumors

By Isabelle Z.


E ALL KNOW the mainstream media doesn’t like to talk about cannabis too much. After all, they have to keep the peace with their advertisers, like alcohol brands and pharmaceutical companies. Their silence on the issue is particularly deafening given how much airtime they do devote to some serious problems cannabis can help with. Inspired by the Waking Times, here is a look at four science-backed cannabis health benefits that should have made mainstream news headlines. a 1. Cannabis can protect people who drink alcohol from liver disease

Alcohol’s effects on the liver are welldocumented, and now researchers have found something that reduces a drinker’s odds of developing common liver problems like fatty liver, cirrhosis, and liver cancer: Cannabis. According to researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, those alcohol users who use cannabis as well have a significantly lower chance of developing any of the aforementioned problems. Moreover, dependent users had much lower odds than non-dependent users of developing liver disease. a 2. Cannabis can serve as an alternative to opioids For as much as the mainstream

media likes to talk about the opioid crisis, they are clearly not that concerned with helping to turn the situation around. They are doing a great disservice by ignoring the fact that cannabis could be used as a safer means of pain relief that does not carry the risk of opioids. For example, an Israeli study of cannabis use in the elderly revealed that 93.7 percent of participants noted improvements in pain, with a fifth of them able to quit or reduce their use of opioid analgesics after six months. The researchers concluded that cannabis is a safe and effective pain remedy in the elderly. With the National Institute on Drug Abuse reporting that more than 115

Americans are dying every day of opioid overdoses, a lot of lives could potentially be saved. a 3. Cannabis can help in the fight against dementia You’ll hear stories about the prevalence of dementia on the big news networks from time to time, with nearly 50 million people around the world believed to be living with the disease, but you won’t hear any mention of how THC has been shown in studies to reverse the aging process of the brain and improve mental processes, making it a great candidate for dementia treatment.

We’ve heard lots of anecdotal evidence of people slowing or reversing cancer with the help of cannabis, and this has prompted researchers to study the matter. Not surprisingly, many of these studies have confirmed that cannabis can indeed kill cancer cells. In one study out of Complutense University of Madrid, brain cancer cells essentially committed suicide after being treated with THC, while healthy cells were unaffected, making it a far superior approach to chemotherapy. Because cannabis has been so widely stigmatized, thanks in large part to federal drug laws, it has only recently started gaining more acceptance. More research is needed to find out what else it is capable of doing for our health, but it’s safe to say that helping alleviate the opioid crisis, preventing dementia, and fighting against cancer are a pretty good start. That is not to say that using cannabis doesn’t have its potential downsides, such as causing effects like dizziness in some people, but there are quite a lot of benefits that are being completely ignored by the mainstream media, and people who rely solely on these outlets for their information could be missing out on a valuable tool for good health and well-being as a result. See more coverage at HempScience. news. Sources for this article include:;; DrugAbuse. gov;

NOW OPEN 920 DAVIE ST VANCOUVER BC (604) 428-5310 Page 10

Should We Look at Plants

The Same Way That Many of Us Look at & Cherish Animals? By Ankit Jha


NE PARTICULAR QUESTION has been on my mind for quite some time. We see a lot of activism over the treatment of animals in Factory Farms. A systematic, controlled, breeding of animals for the sole purpose of being used either as food or for producing food products. This definition gives me the shivers. In my opinion it is slavery and torture, without any consideration for the rights of animals. Like us humans, they too are individuals, with a fully functional body, and they are never asked if they want to be treated in the way they are. I know that I would most definitely not want to be treated like this. Now, does this not apply to plants as well?

Questioning Agriculture This makes me question the whole idea of Agriculture. As I understand, as factory farming is to animals, agriculture is to plants. Nobody asks them if they like to be treated the way that they are. Yes, seeds are used to grow the crops, but these seeds contain a life, which will grow into an individual, whose life is in the hands of a human who will harvest it for food when it has become ripe or healthy. Agriculture, like factory farms, is a very easy -although taxing on the environment

Seeing Plants As An Individual A plant is a fully functional living organism. It grows in size from a small sapling to a huge tree. It eats, mostly by creating its own food through photosynthesis, sometimes hunting insects for nutrients and sometimes by being a parasite to other plants. It has feelings and responds to changes. You can view examples of this here and here. The Indian scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose was one of the pioneers in understanding the neural mechanism of plants. Breeding is done with the help of various factors, mostly through nectar sucking animals like bees & butterflies. Distribution of progeny is done in various ways, e.g. through fruit eating animals and birds.

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-method of gaining food. It also removes the free will of a plant. Like we cannot choose where we will be born, a plant cannot choose where it will grow. Beyond that though, does it have to grow in the cage-less confines of a farm? Its life becomes in control of its human masters, its time of death already declared. It is the offspring of another plant. How would parent trees feel about the conditions of their children?

Also, wherever agriculture is performed, that area loses its diversity, however small it may be. Instead of a random occurrence of plants and animals, there is an artificially grown patch of plants. This lies good for forests, marshes, deserts or grasslands, anywhere. Just because a place looks empty, does not mean it actually is. It may be home to a variety of small plants & animals, who have their own role to play in nature.

A Potential Ideal Way Of Life If somebody asks me personally, my opinion on the best way of living was the hunting and gathering methods of old. It is not possible in the current situation, because we have come a long way, but it is the potential ideal form of living. There is this idea, that with the start of agriculture, the imbalance of the planet started. By growing food, the human species removed the idea of being able to find food randomly in nature. Evolution occurs when a species is able to survive in the changing circumstances, being able to adapt itself to the resources available. With agriculture, we did two things. First, we stopped our evolution by ensuring the availability of resources at all times. Secondly, because of the above availability, we disrupted the population balance in our favour. As a species, we have proliferated, but in the natural community of plants and animals, we have been spreading like cancer. This, over the years, has led to the earth being what it is now. There is an article that looks at the

potential mistake of agriculture, which you can read here.

Conclusions There is a strong argument that as Humans, we were provided with a powerful brain. The idea of agriculture would have arrived as a by-product of scarcity of food somewhere in the past. However many also see agriculture as wrong if you consider Nature as a whole, with all animals and plants as brothers and sisters of a huge family. In a sense this is understandable because it leaves less for the others, because agriculture leads to the cutting of forests, leaving birds and animals homeless. Agriculture also quite clearly reduces diversity and randomness. Agriculture is right, if you are concerned about the development of our species only. It is not wrong to be thinking in this manner, as it is important for survival. The sole purpose of this article is to ask more questions, in a free-minded manner, to free minded people, about a topic which may have been neglected. Is this a diplomatic conclusion? No. Is it a sarcastic one? Again no. I truly believe one thing, that nothing ever is wrong or right, because every thought comes from Mother Nature, as we are a part of her, and if she creates anyone, there would be a valid reason behind it. Every step anyone takes, or action anyone performs, takes us towards our ultimate destiny. Please see Article Sources. http://www.

Seventy-year-old grandmother threw out all her pills, says smoking cannabis manages her ailments By Russel Davis


ANCOUVER RESIDENT Carol Francey, 70, attributed cannabis use of more than five decades to her excellent health today. According to Francey, she smoked cannabis to alleviate various conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, and insomnia. Francey added that her previous medications used to affect her balance and slurred her speech. However, the use of various forms of cannabis proved helpful in relieving her conditions without the unwanted side effects from her medications. “I threw away all my pills. They had slurred my speech and affected my balance. Now [I have] a little concentrated oil which relaxes, soothes, repairs, and prevents illnesses. A hot coffee with a toasty cannabis tincture works well for arthritis, pain, and sleep. [I’ll inhale] a dab for sciatica and I’m after that I can walk…We need to help older people have a better quality of life. Cannabis helps you to overcome anxiety about day-to-day life and stop sweating the small stuff,” Francey said in a Daily Mail article. Francey first started using cannabis at the age of 17, but did not disclose it publicly for fears of social stigma, and how the activity would affect her reputation as a former drugs and alcohol counselor. The grandmother campaigned for cannabis legislation in the country with the group Grannies for Grass International, and is encouraging other cannabis users to come out in the open. Francey’s and the group’s efforts did not

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land on deaf ears as Canada plans to legalize recreational cannabis use in July this year. So far, 29 U.S. states have legalized marijuana for medical use. Seven of these states also allowed recreational cannabis use.

Another study proves cannabis helps alleviate chronic pain

Analysis demonstrates that cannabis relieves anxiety, depression A vast number of studies have demonstrated the many beneficial effects of cannabis use. For instance, a comprehensive meta-analysis published in the journal Clinical Psychology Review revealed that taking medical cannabis is beneficial for the treatment of symptoms linked to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety, and depression. (Related: Medical cannabis use found to dramatically decrease reliance on addictive prescription medications) A team of researchers examined 31 studies as part of the review and found that the cannabidiol compound in cannabis

and anxiety in PTSD patients. Moreover, cannabidiol was found to outperform opiates in keeping alcohol- and opioid-dependent patients off their addictions. “We are really excited about the potential substitution effect. If people use cannabis as a replacement for opioid medications, or to get off of opioids or cut back, we could see some pretty dramatic public health benefits. The level of opioid overdoses is so high right now. I think people will derive more benefits if they can speak more openly with providers about whether they are using cannabis and why,” lead researcher Zach Walsh told Medical Marijuana, Inc. News online.

contained potent antidepressant and antianxiety effects. Likewise, the compound helped inhibit continuous retrieval of a traumatic event in patients with PTSD. The compound was also known to relieve stress

A study published last year revealed that medical cannabis use effectively eases inflammation, swelling, tension, and sore muscles. A team of Canadian health experts have examined 215 adult chronic pain patients as part of the study. The patients were given flowers, concentrates, or edible cannabis during the study’s duration. The results were then compared with a control cohort of 216 healthy patients. Patients who took medicinal cannabis exhibited significant declines in pain and increased quality of life, the researchers reported. Likewise, patients in the cannabis group attained mark reductions in anxiety, depression, and fatigue. The research team concluded that cannabis not only alleviates physical pain, but also relieves pain of psychological nature.

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Attention is a Tension ~ amrita nadi and the asana of conscious creation ~ by Kit Walker


HERE IS SO MUCH going on now in the world that is all competing for our attention. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to grab your attention. Whether in advertising, the “news”, or just in relationships with friends and family. Artists, musicians, writers, teachers, all trying to get our attention to hear or see their latest offering. Attention Deficit Disorder is a big thing now. It’s safe to say we are in a crisis of attention. Attention has become a real issue, and a very precious commodity. We seem to have the sense that if we can’t get people’s attention we won’t survive. I guess presumably we have the idea that if we can get people to “pay attention”, then maybe we will get them to pay money for whatever it is we are trying to sell. And the very idea of “paying” attention, in itself, is worth investigating. As

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is the whole notion of “working for a living”, paying to exist, so to speak. The dance goes on and on. And finally it begins to feel like an all-out assault. Everywhere you go, there’s someone trying to sell you something, whether it is a product, or just their personality (ego). But we never stop and try to understand what attention is. Why do we perceive it to be such an important commodity? Where does it originate? How does it work? Why are we so much more focused on “getting” the attention of others, rather than taking responsibility for our own? It’s almost as if the only way we know we really exist is through the attention of others. It is like checking in the mirror, to make sure you are still there, rather than knowing directly. Let’s begin to take responsibility for our attention. Let’s sit quietly and inquire into the phenomenon of attention. I found some very important instruction in the process called Atma Nadi Yoga, which was taught and transmitted by the American

master Adi Da Samraj. I had the good fortune to spend some time in person with him, and through that relationship i found the instruction awakening in my being by demonstration. That is, the process started happening naturally, just as a result of being in his company for a while. This is how transmission of instruction works. The Amrita Nadi was originally mentioned in a few places in texts from Indian sages as well, the most notable of those being Sri Ramana Maharshi. Please bear in mind that these great masters have elaborated much more detailed descriptions of the process, and that i am writing about it to the best of my ability from my own understanding, as it has been manifesting in my life. If we trace attention back to its source, we will see that it arises in the heart, not the head. And specifically, it arises in the right side of the heart, just a little to the right of the breastbone. The teachings refer to this as Hridayam, the spiritual heart. The corresponding point in the physical heart is the sino-atrial node, where the electrical impulse for the heartbeat originates. But don’t take my word for it, experiment for yourself, see if this is true for you. My experience, if you could call it an experience, is that the five senses all originate in this place in the heart, which by the way, is NOT the heart chakra. from Ramana Maharshi: “1. “That the physical heart is on the left it cannot be denied. But the heart of which I speak is not physical and is only on the right side. It is my experience, no authority is required by me. Still you can find confirmation of it in a Malayali Ayurvedic book and in Sita Upanishad.” Note: This is an authoritative statement on Bhagavan’s own experience, which in its practical aspect is of no help to the meditator. The locus of the Heart, whether to the right or to the left, need not worry us, because when one is in it, that is, in samadhi, not only the chest but the body and the whole world disappear. When dhyana matures, the Heart automatically reveals itself without any special effort to seek its corresponding place in the physical body. Many people don’t notice it right away, in fact most don’t notice it at all. Perhaps this is because it is not something that can be the focus of attention, so it cannot be “perceived” as such, in the way we are accustomed to knowing something. It cannot be known in that way. So if you are still in the seeking game, it will elude you completely. You have to have arrived at the understanding that seeking is suffering, and is not the Way. Bliss and eternity cannot be the goal of a search. Because eternity is what we are already. The process of Atma Nadi Yoga involves, quite simply, allowing attention to fall back

into its source at the right side of the heart, and then transcending attention altogether. Then you will see, that indeed, attention is A TENSION. It is the root sense of selfcontraction that arises at the heart, and like a knot, it turns pure infinite directionless consciousness into having a quality of being more like a searchlight, a focused beam. Like taking the water of a lake and forcing it through a hose. Then it has direction and distance, i.e. time and space. The more you explore the mechanism of attention, the more you will see that it is really by this process that we are bound into the 3D time space “reality”. In fact, each of us creates the 3D reality in precisely this way. We are bound into “the matrix” by attention…by a tension, unless and until we become masters of attention. It is not that we cannot use it, but we mustn’t be fixated or bound by it. The process of relinquishing attention into source consciousness IS the process of surrender. It IS the process of the drop dissolving into the ocean. It is the process of the dissolution of the sense of separation, and until this process is complete within us, we will continue feeling a sense of alienation on some level, however subtle and subliminal, which brings all its baggage in, loneliness, fear, craving, seeking. Attention is always “outer” directed, but what we don’t notice, is that the sense of “outer vs. inner” is actually created moment to moment, by attention itself. That is why seeking is suffering. The search in the seeming outer world (or the seeming inner world as well) always reinforces the sense of separation and contraction, even when the desired goal is attained. The process is so engrained that a new object to desire or fear will immediately be created, and the process will begin all over again. This is the psychology behind the terrorist theater that we are constantly being subjected to. Always have the elusive

The process of attention into sou IS the process It IS the proce dissolving into th process of the d sense of se

boogeyman out there to be afraid of, and our attention will be fascinated by and fastened into the 3D matrix, and we remain divorced from our true power as real-time here-now Divinity itself. So we are prisoners, and the chains are our attention. We are the jailer ourselves. And our friends and the people we associate with also help reinforce our imprisonment. This is why choosing friends carefully becomes more and more important in the process of liberation. The good news is that, we have the key to the jail cell. And it is hidden in our attention. We have to learn the knack of retrieving our attention from where it is fixated, taking responsibility for it, and relinquishing it back to Source. Then we are instantly free again, here now, wherever we are. Then there is no more tension, no more sense of separation. We ARE the Source consciousness itself, and it is in this “asana” where true creativity begins. BE Consciousness, and all creation arises spontaneously. So, when sitting quietly, just become aware of the movement of attention, whether inside or outside, and gently bring it back to its root at the eternal heart. Allow it to fall back, No need to DO anything. Simply let it go. As you relax into the present, and become more and more present and aware, you will find that attention slowly relaxes and falls back into the heart. The point at the right side of the heart is like a well into Infinity. Simply rest and release attention there. Do not invert it, however, don’t start “paying” attention to that point in the heart. That would be like trying to see your eyeballs. It’s impossible. That strategy from the 3D time-space paradigm will not work in this process. In fact, it is the exact opposite of what is needed. Simply witness the entire body mind and the experience it is having, and allow the root contraction of attention to dissolve

f relinquishing urce consciousness s of surrender. ess of the drop he ocean. It is the dissolution of the eparation.

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there, at the heart-root. This is doorway to Self. You will find that as you get the knack of it, a current of bliss starts to arise there, or perhaps better said, you begin to become aware of the bliss that is always arising there. This is the Amrita Nadi, or Atma Nadi (the Nerve of Bliss/Immortality). Bliss has a natural grace to it, like a kind of gravity that pulls upwards. But it will only happen when you have released all seeking for it. It arises in the complete cessation of activity, when the “doer” ceases to exist. The bliss then rises up through and beyond the head and beyond the crown to Infinity. When it happens, it is obvious, undeniable. It is as obvious as the sun, rising in the morning and moving to high overhead at noon. The mind is simply outshone. No more need to try and stop the mind, it simply becomes irrelevant. This gives a completely new meaning to the rising of kundalini. There is no effort in it whatsoever. In fact it only happens when all effort stops. The bliss current naturally activates the crown, but it is a different crown than the crown chakra. It is above the top of the head, and in fact, is not in the realm of time and space at all. This current becomes almost like the filament in a lightbulb. As it heats up, it glows, more and more, until it becomes spherical, centerless and boundless, like a transcendental Sun, illuminating and dissolving heart, head, and eventually the whole body, from the eternal beyond, which is even more here and now than the present moment. So Amrita Nadi lifts us out of the wheel of karma, time, death and birth. All these things are embodied in the chakra system, the wheel of time, which goes down the front of the body and up the spine. Efforts in this system are all involved with some movement of attention, some kind of seeking, trying to get somewhere, high or low. The transcendental kundalini of Amrita Nadi is of a completely different flavor. It can produce many effects and processes in the traditional chakra system, but only as a side effect, a kind of purification that naturally happens when the body is suffused by the transcendental Organic Light (to use a term coined by the Gnostic scholar John Lash). This is the “unbroken” Light, which does not have any opposite darkness, because it exists only in the non-dual domain of the acausal Divine. All the light we see in this world is set over against shadows, and depends on being reflected on a surface to be seen. The Organic Light is self-existing, without opposite, and remains uncreated, and so, indestructible. The Divine is not the “creator” God. Consider this for a moment. The God that ‘creates’ something would have to live in the world of cause and effect, or duality. How could it be otherwise? And if that is the case, then this creator God would not be the Ultimate, would it? All that we see is not created, it arises spontaneously in our perception, as a result of our attention, which really is just a tension. Release this tension, and the illusion of this world will fall away.

Not that it will cease to exist, but it will regain its luminosity (not that it ever lost it), and cease to have any binding power. The “creator” God that we have been conditioned to pray to, and give our energy/attention to, is an impostor, whose purpose is to keep us bound through our attention, in the time/space prison, and enslaved to his purposes. I believe we should be questioning very carefully what and who we mean when we use the word “God”. People presume that we’re all talking about the same thing, but do we know that for sure? We have become so used to this process of attention, though, that it has become like a cramped muscle, very difficult to release on our own. This cramped muscle is ego. It will take some very precise inquiry into how attention functions, before it will begin to release. But it is also such a simple process, that if you are ready, (the big “if”) simply having it demonstrated, in silence, by someone who is embodying it will be enough for the process to begin. Remember, it is effortless, so nothing can be “done” about it. All that is needed is merely witnessing, without any judgment or wishing it to change. Just sense your totality, reflect on it as if in a mirror. This is the key to transformation.

Please bear in mind that this is my humble attempt to describe something that is really indescribable. Words exist in a context of duality. At some point we are reduced to simply sharing silence. But i write this, just in case it may spark something for you. My description pales in comparison with the instruction of the sages on the matter. Also, the process has a beginning, but no ending. At some point you cross the threshold, the point of no return, but from then on, the journey is an infinite unfolding. Kit Walker ©2014 The following link contains a collection of quotes from Ramana Maharshi on the subject of Amrita Nadi. maharshi/books/rf/rf010.html This link contains some quotes from Adi Da about Amrita Nadi: KneeofListening/study_amrita_nadi. html I have created an album of music for deep meditation, made specifically for the contemplation of amrita nadi. It can be found at the following link: amrita-nadi

(According to Buddhism) By Alanna Ketler


O YOU WANT to be a better person? Do you believe you aren’t reaching your full potential, and know you can do better? What’s stopping you? Is it anxiety? A lack of drive or ambition? Or are you a procrastinator? Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: You can always do better. Perhaps all you really need is some tough love. I mean, someone has to tell you the truth if you aren’t getting it, so allow me. Here are five brutally honest truths you need to hear in order to get your shit together. (1) Worrying Does Nothing “Worrying does not accomplish anything. Even if you worry twenty times more, it will not change the situation of the world. In fact, your anxiety will only make things worse. Even though things are not as we would like, we can still be content, knowing we are trying our best and will continue to do so.” – Thich Nhat Hanh Another good quote that really puts things into perspective says, “worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace.” The fact is worrying does not change anything, no matter how much you do it. If

you are caught up in your mind worrying about what might or might not happen, you are missing out on what’s happening right now, right in front of you. By making an effort to be more mindful and enjoy the present moment, you can break this habitual practice of worrying. This is just your mind/ computer trying to keep you safe, so thank the mind, move on, and tune in to the heart.

(2) We Need to Actively Accept Change “Buddhism holds that everything is in constant flux. Thus the question is whether we are to accept change passively and be swept away by it or whether we are to take the lead and create positive change on our own initiative. While conservatism and selfprotection might be linked to winter, night, and death, the spirit of pioneering and attempting to realize ideals evokes images of spring, morning, and birth.” — Daisaku Ikeda Change is a fact of life. Everything in our lives is constantly changing, and there is nothing we can do to stop it, no matter how much we might try. You’re born and then you die, spring turns into summer, into fall, into winter. You can’t escape change, so the real question here is, how well do you adapt to it when it comes? When you try to

keep things the same by resisting change, you are drastically limiting yourself, your experiences, and your potential. Learning to embrace change and to accept it is an extremely powerful tool to assist you on your journey.

(3) In Order to Truly Be Happy, You Have to Look at Reality as It Is People tend to pick and choose what they like about the world and ignore the rest — ignorance is bliss, after all. The main problem here is, without having awareness, how can we effectively create change on this planet? We have to take a deep, hard look at what’s going on around us, not so we live in fear, but so we can understand what is playing out here and why. So many are trying to stay positive at all costs, to avoid looking at the darkness or feeling negative emotions. But we have to accept these dualities and embrace them if we ever want to be truly free. Buddhist master Pema Chödrön says, “We have two alternatives: either we question our beliefs — or we don’t. Either we accept our fixed versions of our reality — or we begin to challenge them. In Buddha’s opinion to train in staying open and curious — to train in dissolving assumptions and beliefs is the

Please see BRUTAL TRUTHS, page 17

“Even if you worry twenty times more, it will not change the situation of the world.”

Page 16

Brutal Truths From page 16

best use of our human lives.” He also says: “Feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear, instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we’re holding back. They teach us to perk up and lean in when we feel we’d rather collapse and back away. They’re like messengers that show us, with terrifying clarity, exactly where we’re stuck. This very moment is the perfect teacher, and, lucky for us, it’s with us wherever we are.” Once you embrace and overcome the challenges and darkness, you come out better equipped to handle the next thing life throws your way.

(4) The Root Of Suffering Is in the Constant Pursuit of Temporary Feelings “The real root of suffering is this never-ending and pointless pursuit of ephemeral feelings, which causes us to be in a constant state of tension, restlessness and dissatisfaction.” This is something that I am FINALLY starting to understand, after years on the spiritual path and doing the inner work. In the past I would compare myself and my situation to others who appeared to be happy. Why can’t I have that? I would often think. But I’ve since learned that striving for happiness can do more harm than good, because once it’s gone, you feel even lower

than before. Yet all around us, we are being encouraged to be happy, to live a life full of excitement and adventure, to live our passion every second. On the other hand, when someone expresses emotions or sheds some tears, people are quick to tell them they must be stronger than these emotions, and if they feel sad they must simply not be trying hard enough to be happy. Why do we strive for certain emotions and deny the others? This is not to say that you can’t experience joy or bliss, because, just like pain, sadness, and suffering, they are a part of life and arise whether you will them or not. What you can control is whether you attach to your emotions or let them pass. It’s important to realize that finding inner peace brings true happiness; this peace comes from within, and no external thing can change it. When you’ve found this, you are able to accept things as they come — both the good and the bad.

(5) Meditation WILL Help Reduce Suffering This is another that is finally starting to make sense to me. For many years, despite

being told over and over again Meditation will help, just try meditation, I would become beyond frustrated because I never really felt that I could do it, had extremely high expectations, and could not stop my thoughts from arising. Nowadays, my perspective toward meditation has shifted, as I’ve learned to drop all the expectations altogether, to accept my thoughts and let them be as they are. I wish someone had told me the following years ago: “Meditation is not an effort against the mind. It is a way of understanding the mind. It is a very loving way of witnessing the mind.” Meditation teaches us how impermanent everything is, especially our feelings. If nothing else, it gives us a chance to stop, connect with our breath, and relax, if only for 5-10 minutes a day. By connecting to your breath, you connect to the present moment; it can be as simple as that. All we ever have is now, so don’t miss it. According to Yuval Noah Harari: “This is the aim of Buddhist meditation practices. In meditation, you are supposed to closely observe your mind and body, witness the ceaseless arising and passing of all your feelings, and realize how pointless it is to pursue them. When the pursuit stops, the mind becomes very relaxed, clear and satisfied. All kinds of feelings go on arising and passing joy, anger, boredom, lust — but once you stop craving particular feelings you can just accept them for what they are. You live in the present moment instead of fantasizing about what might have been. The resulting serenity is so profound that those who spend their lives in the frenzied pursuit of pleasant feelings can hardly imagine it.” Much Love

“This very moment is the perfect teacher, and, lucky for us, it’s with us wherever we are.”

Page 17


ITH SO MUCH controversy over the topic of fats these days, it is confusing territory for many of us wishing to nourish our bodies in the most optimum way. From the fat-rich keto diet to the lower-fat vegan diet, and all the regimes in between, there remains yet much positive evidence for the often-publicized Mediterranean Diet as being quite healthy and balanced overall, as well as being simply delectable. I had a lively conversation with Sandy Deboer of Vancouver’s Spain Gourmet Canada Company about her story and experience with some of the finest grade olive oils from Spain. Without a doubt olive trees are the backbone of life in Mediterranean countries; for centuries, olives By Glennis Taylor and olive oil have graced the tables in these sun-drenched lands and are a key part of the success of the Mediterranean Diet. It was surprising to learn that Spain is the largest olive oil producing country in Europe, and that much of the olive oil coming out of Italy is actually imported from Spain. Sandy and her Spanish born husband Jose traveled through that wonderful country with the intention of finding high grade organic oil to bring to Canada, giving us the option to choose olive oils that not only delight the palate but that also have potent healing properties. We are so accustomed to purchasing olive oils that have little colour and flavour; some of us virtually unaware of the gourmet world of olive oils that can transform our meals and enhance our wellbeing in delicious ways. There have been a few articles surfacing recently referring to “fake” olive oils in the marketplace that are

Spain Gourmet Canada blended with other oils. This is a concerning situation for the unschooled consumer. Obviously a connoisseur herself with an experienced palate, Sandy explained that good, fresh, pure olive oil can vary in colour and taste depending on the variety of olives used. Each type of olive has a distinct colour and taste, varying from smooth, light and buttery to more robust and spicy or bitter. Olive trees begin to bear fruit after about 5 years, but don’t reach maturity until 35 to 50 years old when the harvest is much more plentiful. The olives are usually picked over a few months period with the green olives picked at the beginning of harvest and as the season progresses, the olives mature: going from green to yellow to black and purple. The prime and best part of the harvest are the green olives, full of taste and healthy chlorophyll. Fresh green olive oil has an aroma that is more like freshly cut green grass or green tomatoes. If the olive oil is very light in colour and with little aroma, Sandy clarified, it will be less stable and with a lower smoke point and may not be pure healthy olive oil. When olive oil goes rancid, it may have a smell that resembles wax or crayons. Sandy and Jose knocked on doors all across southern Spain looking for the best oils. They decided on partnering with a large co-op of farmers in Southern Spain called

Olivar de Segura in the province of Jaen, Andalucia. There are more than 4500 family farmers and 12 mills involved in this co-op that provides high-grade olive oils. The main variety of olive that grows in this region is the robust green olive called Picual. They make up about 25% of the world’s olive oil production. These olives are slightly bitter with a strong flavour. High in polyphenols, one being oleocanthal, this olive oil may cause a tickling sensation in the back of the throat when eaten raw. It has a higher oleic acid (a monounsaturate) and lower polyunsaturated fatty acids which gives it a very long shelf life: lasting up to two years after opening. This is a taste that Canadians are generally not familiar with, but the green oil is so rich with flavour that it is highly valued by olive oil enthusiasts. In areas where olive oil is a true staple, they have different olive oils for different applications in the kitchen. Some are better for cooking with and others for finishing. Dependant on one’s taste, stronger olive oils such as Picual may not be the best choice for making pesto or hummus or subtler dishes. A milder type of olive oil, Sandy adds, is possibly more suitable for using in these dishes; up to each one’s tongue to decide. There is a tantalizing blend of

Loved and used by the staff at the New Agora!

210-150 Esplanade West, North Vancouver

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Hojiblanca and Arbequina olives that Sandy describes as having a medium spiciness balanced with a rich buttery taste that is quite popular. When we think of olive oil, we associate it with culinary applications, but it has been used for generations in Europe for a variety of health situations as well. It is traditionally used to treat bruises and sprains. It moisturizes the skin and is used cosmetically for the face and as a treatment to keep hair soft and shiny. It has been noted to help reduce blood pressure by taking a tablespoon of good olive oil daily first thing in the morning. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are being studied for other health concerns such as cancer and cardiac function. Some seem to lose weight by adding olive oil to their healthy diet. No wonder it has been an important dietary factor in the health of Mediterraneans for centuries. I personally find it encouraging that here in Canada, the food industry is expanding with wholesome options growing in the marketplace alongside of our understanding and appreciation of them. As many consumers are so much more savvy and aware of making healthy choices for themselves and their families, there is a growing demand for products such as those offered by Spain Gourmet Canada. As Sandy says, we must take responsibility for our health and ask questions of our food suppliers. Find out where the products come from and how they are processed. Be a conscious and aware buyer & consumer. The choices are there to make wise and deliciously healthy selections. Spain Gourmet Canada offers a variety of tasty olive oils and also vinegars to compliment them, as well as other classic food products from Spain. I really appreciate people like Sandy and Jose that have both gone to such efforts to make these products available for all of us to enjoy and to really help keep ourselves healthy, and deliciously so!

Oro de Genave Seleccon is a fresh,

high-quality premium extra virgin olive oil that contains nutrients such as polyphenols and annoxidant, and provides all of the famous health benefits this liquid gold is known for.

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CALL 604-283-7216. Min one box.

By Will Stanton


HE PURPOSE OF modern schooling has never been to empower children. I would argue that school has quite the opposite effect and is geared more towards keeping children obedient to authority. I mean think about it. In most schools children have to wear uniforms that stifle their selfexpression. They have to call their teachers by ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ as if to say that adults are somehow superior to children. They learn to memorize information, which is largely inapplicable in daily life, in order to regurgitate it later, without ever learning how to The truth is, think for themselves children are or become selfsustainable human far more beings. Creativity capable and and artisanship aren’t competent valued in the same way that academic than we intelligence is, and right-brain learners give them tragically left high credit for… are and dry. we just But what if we flipped the treat them system on its head? like they What if, instead of disempowering aren’t. children and treating them as somewhat inferior to the rest of us, we empowered them in every way imaginable? To start with, schools could focus less on theoretical studies, and more on learning real life skills. Children could learn how to grow their own food and cultivate a garden. They could learn how to build their own home using sustainable materials. They could learn how to collect their own

in the design and construction of their own school, and are in charge of cleaning and maintaining the school grounds themselves. At the Green School in Bali, the children are tasked with solving real-world problems regarding the sustainability of their school, their wider community, and the planet. My point is, we need to stop assuming children aren’t capable of bigger things. We need to let them take risks. We need to let them fail on their own. We need to make an effort to give them autonomy over every aspect of their lives. Children are powerful beings. It’s time we started treating them that way… Will Stanton is an activist, writer and teacher, devoted to changing the education system worldwide. He has created a new education model called the Six Dimension Model that aims to empower children and help them become who they are ( Will is the author of Education Revolution, which dissects the problems in our current education paradigm and outlines steps to reach a new paradigm. You can grab a copy of the book in Kindle and paperback here. Join Will’s Facebook author page: thesixdimensionmodel/

How to Empower the Children of Tomorrow rainwater, how to produce their own energy, and how to pull things apart, repair them and make them new again. When we teach children practical life skills, we show them that they are capable of thriving without the need for any system – we empower their independence and their right to be selfgoverning and self-sustainable. We need to do away with uniforms, with titles, and with strict policies on acceptable appearance. Children should be allowed to be as they are, and that includes how they choose to express themselves by the way they look and dress. Teachers and students should be treated as equals and should both be addressed on a first-name basis. Children should learn critical thinking skills, philosophy, and media literacy, so they can learn to be independent thinkers and not

subservient to a system that continually and invasively tries to mold their opinions. Schools should allow space for creative play and artistic expression in order to meet the needs and innate desires of those of us who are otherwise struggling to be heard. If we truly want our children to be empowered, we need to bestow upon them the responsibilities that we normally reserve for adults. The truth is, children are far more capable and competent than we give them credit for… we just treat them like they aren’t. At Fitzroy Community School in my hometown of Melbourne, even the youngest children are trusted with sharp knives to chop the vegetables in the morning for the communal school lunch. At the Kin School in Tekos, Russia, children get involved


Try our NEW KOMBUCHA BAR – 6 Locally Brewed Flavours on Tap

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By Bernhard Guenther


VER THE PAST two years, I’ve hosted a total of four Time of Transition retreats in the Peruvian high jungle alongside my good friend Fred Clarke Alvarez. Our retreat program takes a very different approach in comparison to many other retreats that people organize and participate in. We provide an eclectic program that’s comprised of talks, workshops, and practices that take place within a small group setting. It is largely based on elements of my work, going deeper into topics I’ve been writing about – but most importantly, it delves into the embodiment process on an experiential level while simultaneously being immersed in nature, surrounded by the powerful frequencies of the Amazon high jungle (go HERE to see the program.) Up until this point in time, we have also included a Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus) medicine journey as part of the program. I have been personally working with Huachuma on and off since 2007, and Fred has facilitated Huachuma ceremonies for over 10 years. When we both had the vision to combine our talents four years ago (Fred is also an incredibly gifted sound healer, working with ancient Peruvian instruments), we were called to facilitate a Huachuma ceremony as part of the attendee experience. We have individually walked the “medicine path” for 20 years, both of us in our own way, working with different plants (mostly ayahuasca, huachuma, and psilocybin mushrooms) as part of our individual healing/ awakening process. Personally-speaking,

Page 20

The Plant Medicine Manipulation, Part 1 however, working with medicine plants has never been my focus, since I don’t just follow “one” path/teaching modality, even though they have helped in my own healing/ awakening process at certain life stages (most predominantly in my late 20s and early 30s). As I have written in “Reflections on Ayahuasca, Psychedelics, Marijuana, and a critical look at the Psychedelic Movement” (Note: This article should be read in full for total context): My personal experience with psychedelics/medicine plants in general is

two-fold. On one hand they have provided incredible insight into myself and reality, but on the other hand it has also been very confusing and disturbing at times. My introduction to psychedelics happened with psilocybin mushrooms in 1996, which I used for a number of years in my mid twenties on the path of self-exploration and healing. These experiences have also led me to bodywork, yoga, and qi gong, which I’ve been practicing ever since. These were also emotional heavy times of confronting the shadow with periods of

depression, despair, suicidal tendencies, and anger as my shadow was coming to light. Most of it was suppressed emotional states from past experiences, mostly childhood, confronting my shame, guilt and sadness from childhood wounding. However, looking back, I also didn’t have the context and knowledge to integrate these medicine plant/ psychedelic induced experiences, especially from a psychological perspective. I stopped doing any psychedelics/medicine plants for many years and focused more on integrating what had come up through deeper self-work, learning about psychology, integrating psychotherapy and using bodywork, yoga, dance, breath work and qi gong to get in touch with my emotional body through these body-mind modalities. I’ve also realized that using these substances can become another buffer and avoidance. Looking back at my experiences, I had to acknowledge that I was overestimating myself and lying to myself about my healing process on some level. Just like many other people I got hooked on the “peak experience” and avoided deeper psychotherapeutic and sincere self-work without the use of these substances. In addition, given the issues with medicine plants that can be seen in light of the hyperdimensional matrix agenda (and the occult forces acting on and working through humans), Fred and I always took a lot of care and preparation before holding any ceremony. We both still saw – and experienced – the positive benefits of working with Huachuma within the right

Please see ALTERED STATES, page 21

By Christina Sarich


Altered States From page 20

framework and setting. As a result, many people at our retreats had amazing healing moments and breakthroughs during these ceremonies. However, over the past year, we felt a shift occurring with regards to this entire paradigm. Both of us had already stopped working with ayahuasca in 2013 – out of all the medicine plants, this power plant is the most intense “journey” to traverse (in my experience). More and more abuse of ‘aya’ by “shamans” has surfaced over the years – scam artists (and worse) who have taken advantage of the ayahuasca hype/popularity and tourism boom in order to manipulate vulnerable individuals (my aforementioned article – “Reflections on Ayahuasca, Psychedelics, Marijuana, and a critical look at the Psychedelic Movement” – describes an experience in Peru that revealed a lot to me about this disturbing trend). However, while I had stopped working with ayahuasca, I still saw and experienced the positive potential of other medicine plants, despite the growing distortions and abuse within various cultural and spiritual ‘scenes’. Fred and I have also felt (and seen) that many people tend to focus too much on medicine plants as an “end in itself”, without engaging in the sincere self-work (psychologically,

From page 6

our creativity is who we choose to be. “…our purpose is our life.”

In the Moment Our lives are governed by the shadows of our past and a predictable future. We exist Page 21

with the Quantum Field at all times – to transmit its healing energy. This healing energy is nothing more than a blueprint for the highest level of organization – the opposite of entropy, which causes death, disease, and depression. Unconditional love – derived from learned or programmed heart consciousness, allows things which are seemingly disparate and destructive, to come together in harmony. This process happens when we meditate. We go inside ourselves and learn how to confront the disharmonious ordering our own thoughts and perceptions. As we re-organize those perceptions into a more cohesive, less chaotic state, we experience a greater ability to empathize with others, forgive, live in harmony with nature, experience spiritual bliss, become free from bodily sickness, etc. There is evidence of this incredible phenomenon in a 1993 study of the Maharishi Effect. 4000 practitioners of transcendental meditation meditated on peace, and lowered the crime rate in their area by 23 percent. Just imagine that amount of change you can affect in your own DNA with consistent quantum-level healing from coherent heartbrain functioning – all facilitated through your own choices, but altered at the level of Quantum Intelligence! The Soul Reprogramming Method is a metaphysics healing technique based on the premise that anything material (as we perceive it) was originated from a non physical form. This form is directly communicating with the heart. As we purify our heart’s electromagnetic resonance, we can change not only ourselves but the World we live in. DNA is just the beginning.

Quantum IIntelligence

ES, YOU CAN change your DNA, but Quantum Intelligence alters it from a more profound (subtle yet powerful) energetic level that is measurable and real. Once we understand how Quantum Intelligence works, we can more easily help the process of altering our DNA along – to achieve greater health, happiness, and remarkable spiritual transformation. Like a potter creating a masterwork, we can also change our bodies and minds with the help of a few simple tools. With all the talk of altering our DNA, sometimes it is good to understand exactly how this process might work, from both a physical and a non-physical perspective. The ability to influence our DNA is now undeniable, both cellular biologists, and geneticists alike are beginning to understand epi-genetic interplay, a Greek term meaning “beyond genetics.” Bruce Lipton, and others have made it clear that we can alter heritable traits in our gene expression that do not involve the underlying DNA sequence. We change the phenotype without changing the genotype. But this single change causes a host of natural and phenomenal changes in the human body and mind. At least three systems are involved in altering our DNA from a purely physical standpoint: DNA methylation, histone modification and non-coding RNA (ncRNA)associated gene silencing, but these are not the only methods of gene alteration. However, the founder of the Heart Math Institute, Doc Childre offers his own theory of how DNA is altered. It encapsulates the same understanding of DNA programming


How Your DNA is Affected by

that Johanna Bassols received in a spiritual transmission—that the heart must become involved. Childre postulated that “an energetic connection or coupling of information” occurs between the DNA in cells and higher dimensional structures – the higher self or spirit. Childre further explained, “The heart serves as a key access point through which information originating in the higher dimensional structures is coupled into the physical human system (including DNA), and that states of heart coherence generated through experiencing heartfelt positive emotions increase this coupling.” The heart, which generates a much stronger electromagnetic field than the brain’s, provides the energetic field that binds together the higher dimensional structures and the body’s many physical (and etheric) systems as well as its DNA. Childre’s theory of heart intelligence proposes that “individuals who are able to maintain states of heart coherence have increased coupling to the higher dimensional esoterically and spiritually) and embodiment practices that have always been the primary focus of our retreat. People tend to give these plants too much power, be it through “worshipping” them (“the plant spirit told me”) and getting very attached to the “experience”/trip, or through accusing the “plant guides” of being misleading/ manipulative if things didn’t go as they had envisioned beforehand, which ties into the victim/blame trap. After a period of deeper reflection and contemplation, Fred Clarke Alvarez and I have decided not to work with Huachuma anymore at our retreat. As mentioned, this is a decision and realization that has crystalized very clearly over the past year. The work we do in the jungle is already powerful enough without any medicine plant involvement, and we want to focus more on deep embodiment programs and other practices we have developed, including some new techniques we will implement (our next Time of Transition retreat is June 17th -24th, 2018). I’ve also come to the realization recently (via inner experience) that medicine plants can actually interfere with the embodiment process, becoming an obstacle on the path towards truly anchoring higher consciousness frequencies, even though they can be helpful for some people at a certain stage of awakening.

The Times…They Are Changing However, these are very different somewhere between memory, fantasy and reality. Our destiny becomes an arduous and wayward journey. The only moment that truly matters is the present. There is an eternity of possibility in every instant. Our experience in the moment is how we embody our soul. Our purpose is not what we think we should do or say, it is who we choose to be. Who we are is an expression of our vision, intention and mission. Our destiny is

structures and would thus be more able to produce changes in the DNA.” This is further evidenced in the heart’s own electrical activity. It is estimated that the heart’s endogenous electromagnetic field is as much as 100 times greater than that of the human brain. Every mammal reacts to the influence of EMFs. On the cellular level, cell membranes, mitochondria and nuclei are the most sensitive. Effects of EMFs depend on many factors, such as age – children and older people are more reactive, for example, but everyone is affected. Your DNA is affected directly by this electromagnetic communication field created by an interaction between yourself and the Quantum Field, or Infinite Intelligence – and is transmuted through the heart! This is one reason why clearing your thoughts of negativity, eating less processed food, animal products, and finding a quiet place to meditate all help to alter your DNA – these practices allow the energetics of the heart, which are in direct communication times we find ourselves in comparison to the recent past. Much has changed – the whole “medicine”world” is “tainted”, with lots of abuse and interferences taking place, especially since it all has become so popular and hyped. I’ve received many messages from people having had similar experiences and concerns lately, which confirm the decision we made regarding the retreat program. There are too many issues with these power plants during this time and age of upheaval, especially in regards to the energies we are currently infused with. It’s imperative to embody the higher frequencies and activate our original blueprint/DNA – our inner organic body-technology – without any external agent/substance. Personally, I don’t feel drawn to work with any medicine plants anymore at all. It’s an embodied decision based on experience, not an intellectual one, nor a reactive choice based on fear. I’ve realized that the more one uses power plants (especially to an excessive extent), the less one is able to anchor higher conscious frequencies and reconnect dormant DNA circuits naturally and permanently. Moreover, these chemical compounds can also induce counterfeit/fake experiences of “bliss” and “enlightenment”, where we can even fool ourselves into believing that we have “healed” a particular issue. I’ve had an interesting discussion about this particular topic with a friend who has worked intensely

with ayahuasca for many years. During the height of her usage, she thought she had healed many core issues (childhood wounding/ trauma), since “the medicine” revealed this healing to her so clearly, and she had felt so much better after each ceremony. However, now that a few years have passed, the same stuff keeps coming up again, as if it has never been truly processed in the first place. I have experienced the same ‘false dawn syndrome’ when I was deeply immersed in working with medicine plants 15 years ago. It relates to what I mentioned above (from the article): I had to acknowledge that I was over-estimating myself and lying to myself about my healing process on some level. I also “thought” and even initially “felt” that these plants helped me to heal childhood wounding/ trauma, but it all came back around again with a vengeance many years later. It was only through sober, difficult internal work (on all levels: psychologically, emotionally, spiritually) that I was empowered enough to fully let go and heal these “issues”, thereby genuinely reconnecting to my “true” self in the process of soul integration (embodiment). To be continued… For links and sources please go to: altered-states-entrapment-plantmedicine-manipulation/

obtained when we release our obsession with the past and create our future by who we are being in the present.

willingness and transformation. Our destiny is a manifestation of the vision of our soul, the passion of our heart and the insight of our mind. It is not the destination we are living towards that defines our fulfillment. Our personal revelations are the stepping-stones that create the course of our existence. Who we choose to be in the present transforms our everyday reality into a lifetime of eternity. “Eternity is our soul’s expression.”

Manifest Destiny Destiny is not a linear path. It is a multidimensional experience that ebbs and flows with the energy of our empowerment, intention and purpose. Our ordained path is a personal endeavor. It is carved by our discovery,

Page 22

Falliblism From page 2

thing nature dictates to us is that we need air to survive. If we go just a few minutes without air, our system shuts down and we die. The next simplest thing nature dictates to us is that we need water to survive. If we go more than three days without it, our system shuts down and we die. Simple. And if anybody is “of the opinion” that it’s healthy to go without air, or to go without water, then his or her opinion is most definitely wrong and invalid (Nietzsche’s Perspectivism). Such opinions simply do not matter and are completely irrelevant to healthy progress. Nature dictates what is healthy and what is unhealthy. We only have to develop ears keen enough to hear it, eyes wide open enough to see it, and minds wise enough to interpret it correctly. Like Dr. Daniel Wildcat said, “I believe that if I can sit out there long enough, those crows, the trees and the wind, can teach me something about how to be a better human being. I don’t call that romanticism, I call that Indigenous Realism.” As it stands in today’s modern world, the nexus between human nature and the biotic community has been split. The symbiotic interaction between people and place has been hidden by the smoke and mirrors of the modern collective ego, which projects a shiny veneer of hyper-reality that blinds us to the fact that our roots are in the earth. Derrick Jensen said it best, “Like the layers of an onion, under the first lie is another, and under that another, and they all make you cry.” Through the tears of our bamboozlement we may begin to see the unwavering thickness of the deception that has been laid upon us for the entirety of our lives, and we may even begin to peel back that thick-like-molasses deception to reveal the throbbing vulnerability of our naked ignorance that lies beneath. The truth hurts, it cuts deep, but if we can intuit its lesson we can become healthier people, even within an otherwise unhealthy society. Einstein pinpointed it when he said,

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” It’s time to remember the gift. It’s time to peel the layers of deception back. And the most effective tool at our disposal is the Occam-like razor of moral fallibilism. We’ve hitherto been insulated by institutionalized ignorance. This institutionalization has crippled us into unreasonable, unhealthy animals that overthink the wrong things. Our relationship with the biotic community is practically non-existent. There ceases to be any organic intimacy between the human animal and the natural world. We’ve forgotten that culture is a product of nature, and we seem intent upon turning nature into a product. But as Aldo Leopold said: “The land is not a commodity that belongs to us; it’s a community to which we belong.” We cannot see this because we’ve been homogenized by a system that is hellbent on transforming the diversity of life into a bureaucracy. But bureaucracy is antithetical to life. Living systems cease to be healthy when

Heart From page 3

How to Think with the Heart’s Wisdom

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yin-yang-of-world-hunger_final-net Like Mary Oliver said, “You only have to let the soft animal part of your body love what it loves.” You have to be in a state of no-mind to hear it. You have to be silent and tranquil to realize how loud it really is. It can be as simple as the body telling us when we’ve consumed too little water (or too much), or as complex as the cosmos pinpointing for us what is the healthy way for an interdependent human being to live in an interconnected world (or what is an unhealthy way). In many ways we can tap into the natural order of things through common sense alone, like the feeling we get in our gut when faced with a decision between truth and deception (red pill/blue pill), or how we intuitively know that rape and murder is wrong. Don’t be afraid to use Nature as a guide. Don’t be afraid to use Pain as a guide. Both are superior teachers to almost everything else except maybe a good sense of humor. At the end of the day, we are, as Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote, “personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society we grew up in.” Moral fallibilism is a superior tactic for achieving a more ethical society. Through the trial and error of human limitation through science and by relying more upon perfecting questions rather than answers, we will, like the Fibonacci sequence seeking to attain the perfection of Phi, get ever so closer to perfecting the fallible human condition in relation with the infallible cosmos. We will get ever so much closer to achieving a more mature and moral society. Like Stefan Molyneux said, “It only looks impossible because a truly free and peaceful society has yet to be achieved. But once we get there, and we will, people will look back at governments as ridiculous, bloody, and evil hangovers from the primitive and drunken adolescence of our species.” We can only hope (and act! Ed.), and through such hope (and action! Ed.) remain circumspect with our implementation of the superior method of moral fallibilism. (and Act upon it already! Ed.)

The heart knows your past, your present, and your future. Its intelligence does not care about your egoic constructs.

amplitude than the brain, and permeates every cell in the body. The magnetic component is approximately 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers.

Here’s what Braden suggests to help us learn to tap into the heart’s massive wisdom: 1.Focus on the heart (and heart chakra). This sends a signal to the heart that you seek its intelligence. 2.Slow your breathing. This sends another signal to your body that you seek higher intelligence, and not that of the

they become bureaucratic. Thus are we unhealthy. Like Derrick Jensen said, “It’s unavoidable: so long as we value money more highly than living beings and more highly than relationships, we will continue to see living beings as resources, and convert them to cash; objectifying, killing, extirpating. This is true whether we’re talking about fish, fur-bearing mammals, Indians, day laborers, and so on. If monetary value is attached to something it will be exploited until it’s gone.” And here we are, exploiting resources until they’re gone. Ask yourself: How has this culture taught me to be a better human being? And then ask yourself this: how might nature be better at teaching me how to be a better human being? Moral fallibilism is the method we can use to become better students to the awesome teacher that is Mother Nature. A language older than words can only be understood and translated through the filter of moral fallibilism; otherwise we become overburdened by individual opinion and the expense of interdependent truth. Otherwise truth becomes entangled in the unhealthy guts of an unhealthy culture. Like Derrick Jensen said, “I had broken the most basic commandment of our culture: Thou shalt pretend there is nothing wrong.” There is something wrong. Our culture is fundamentally unhealthy and unsustainable. Moral fallibilism is an ethical method of cutting through the screw-tape of an unethical society. There comes a point at which the universe dictates to us the nature of right & wrong: healthy & unhealthy. And there comes a point where we must choose to accept this dictation and become healthy, or continue to ignore it and remain unhealthy. This point is at the center of every moment. It speaks a language older than words. It’s in the air we breathe. It’s in the trees that create that air. It’s in the water that moves us. It’s in the moon that moves the tides. It’s in the body, resonating within an ancient muscle memory.

normally stressed, and freaked out ego. Deep breathing calms the nervous system and quiets the brain. 3.Conjure a sense of gratitude, compassion, or love. These are the feelings that trigger an activation of the heart’s energy. 4.Ask your heart a question. The question should be brief and to the point.

5.Everyone will experience the heart’s intelligence a bit differently. You may feel butterflies in your gut, a warm sensation growing around your body, or tingling in your fingertips. You may not feel any bodily sensations, but have a clear, short answer that comes through your mind. Know that it likely won’t need a long-drawn out story to “justify” its wisdom. The heart speaks

directly and clearly. If it isn’t try this process again to let your body know that you seek the intelligence of the heart and not the ego. 6.Practice makes perfect. The more often you do this, the easier it will be to tap into the seat of pure consciousness – the Hridaya. Johanna Bassols is the creator of the Soul Reprogramming Method and founder of the Healers of the Light Academy.







Stages of Conscious Evolution By Awakened Vibrations


AVE YOU EVER wondered … what level of consciousness you’re truly at? Not in terms of it being a contest, or to say you’re better/worse than other people, but as a kind of inner GPS that simply tells you where you are. As humans, we tend to have very distorted and biased perspectives, especially when it comes to ourselves. It’s really easy to go on a yoga retreat and think you’ve transcended stress forever, or think you’re enlightened after reading a few spiritual books. This is why it’s crucial to have references that “tell it like it is” and objectively reflect where you’re at.

The 8 Stages of Conscious Evolution Note: The first 2 stages are considered lower consciousness, while stages 3-8 are considered higher consciousness. This is not a judgment of being better or worse, but simply a means of classification.

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Stage 1: Life Happens to Me (Externalization) Stage 1 is categorized by patterns of externalization and an overall victim mentality. The dominant emotions are fear, disdain and hopelessness. There is also a belief that life cannot be trusted. In this stage, blame is placed on other individuals, society, government, nature, disease, etc. and other elements believed to be outside of one’s conscious control and influence. The motivating forces of stage 1 are safety and security. Stage 2: Life Happens by Me (Control) In this second stage, individuals realize that they have some degree of control. Yet this control is often motivated by fear and survival. For example, war is an extension of this stage of consciousness. The enemy is perceived as a threat, and because of this, people believe they are morally justified to kill, eliminate or repress that enemy. This level of awareness is cut off from the following deeper understanding: Life is not a random series of events over which control must be exerted, but a deeper reflection of the internal psychodynamics of a person’s own mind and consciousness. Stage 3: Life Happens in Me (Creator) In this stage, the individual begins to understand the direct connection between their own perceptions, beliefs and emotional state and the conditions of their life, relationships, experiences and reality as a whole. This level of consciousness is represented by a fundamental shift, from disempowerment to empowerment. In order to fully complete this stage, an individual must undergo a deep transformational process that includes the purging of all perceptual distortions (limiting beliefs) and the healing/release of all emotional wounds and traumas. Stage 4: Life Happens For Me (Receiver) In this stage, we see the evolution of the self into the beginnings of deep joy and peace. As the resistance to perceived undesirable circumstances in life falls away and one begins to understand that there is an intelligent ‘flow’ operating in every moment guiding the evolution of consciousness on both an individual and collective level through what could be dualistically

termed positive and negative experiences. The individual realizes here that even in great suffering, there is great wisdom and potential for expansion and evolution and that nothing is out of place, ever has been or ever will be. Stage 5: Life Happens Through Me (Philosopher) At this stage of consciousness, the individual begins to understand and observe that the Universe is evolving itself through them. The individual begins to realize that all perceived suffering or negative events are either: a) Created or called into their reality by aspects of their own consciousness in an effort to be resolved and transcended as part of their individual evolution and as part of the larger collective evolution or … b) Exist due to their conscious or unconscious resistance to what is unfolding, which is essentially a resistance of oneself. Individuals in stage 5 live more through their intuition, as intuition becomes clearer and clearer as one moves up the stages. Stage 6: Life is Me (Sage) At this stage of awareness, the individual begins to understand that reality does not exist independent of consciousness, and therefore consciousness, or awareness if you prefer, is the causative factor of the universe and all that exists—that consciousness is creating all reality. Individuals in this stage experience a profound sense of unity and oneness with everything. When an individual fully enters and embodies this stage of awareness, their simple presence itself becomes a transformative experience for others. Individuals in this stage often become teachers or leaders, dedicate their lives to service of others or seek solitude to spend time in introspection, although they may also choose to live very normal and inconspicuous lives. Stage 7: I Am Infinite (Avatar) Individuals at this stage of growth begin to transcend the physicality within which we are proverbially ‘trapped’ until we reach this point. Here individuals begin to harness conscious control over this process by directing their awareness in such a way (through belief, emotion, thought, visualization, the manipulation of energy, intent, accessing transpersonal aspects of the self and likely other mechanisms not yet discovered) as to be able to make use of these ‘higher order’ quantum-transpersonal abilities of the self. Stage 8: I Am Energy (Mystic-Shamanic) Individuals at this stage tap into phenomena like: n The ability to project consciousness across space and time, which encompasses the ability to see, experience and remember aspects of the self existing in other dimensions of time (past, present and future). n The ability to interact with and communicate with other forms of consciousness such as plants, animals, objects and consciousness’s not currently existing in physical form. n The ability to intuitively pick up sensory data beyond the limits of the physical senses. As an individual becomes more grounded in the later phases of stage eight—which encompass this dimensional awareness—and simultaneously completes their evolution through lower stages, one would theoretically achieve complete enlightenment or non-dual self-realization. This framework is beautiful because it allows you to effectively calibrate where you are. It naturally creates self-awareness. Awareness is the first step toward any change, and transformative in and of itself.

By Sharon Daphna


OTHER NATURE always straightens things out. They used attacks during the fall and winter to deplete our human resources (orgone energy), but we’re getting healthier and stronger all the time, and are seeing 7-10 feet of snow in California’s mountains this week, and rain throughout the state! Since they work with the frequency of fear, we will always win because we work with the frequency of love. Everything in our world can be broken down into dualism, since we are currently “trapped” in the third dimension. Orgone energy, the life force, equates to love, and DOR, the immobilized life force, the energy of death, equates to fear. You have life and you have death and the projection from your mind is what creates your world. We easily create a polluted and deadly world, full of fear and anxiety. Our jobs, the stresses of life, and our inability to be silent with our thoughts make us agitated. We live unconsciously, and slowly discover small truths that make life better. But we still think of some faceless force as a ruler or authority figure and we manifest what they tell us to. Our eyes, the window into our minds, glued to small screens, absorb the image

of the world they create through us. Then they begin to feed. It doesn’t end there. A frequency emitted by the small device alters mental pathways as we absorb the imagery. The images are etched deeply into the circuitry of the mind. Then we become the tools of the parasites and they act through us in the 3D, as they are extra-dimensional and do not “appear” to us in our dimension. They work within the gateway created by the frequency of death emitted by the device to program negative thoughts and emotions into our

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Wireless: The Nicotine Addiction of the Modern Day

We happily accept the poison they offer because we actually become addicted to the deadly energy, not just the images and ability to send illiterate messages containing sideways faces to our friends.

minds. When it’s time to sleep, we set the timer on the same small device to wake us for work and set it next to the bed. In the nighttime hours, while we lay defenseless in slumber, they amplify the signal. We dream for them and the program runs deeper. Our sleep is disturbed by haunting imagery and they feed. Between 3-4 am, we awaken, unable to sleep anymore. So we go back to the screen. Exhausted, we begin our next day, and the feeding continues. We are a renewable source of food for them because we are so easily programmed to create what they eat, our negative emotions. We happily accept the poison they offer because we actually become addicted to the deadly energy, not just the images and ability to send illiterate messages containing sideways faces to our friends. Smart phone addiction is the nicotine addiction of the modern day. It’s accepted everywhere like smoking used to be. It creates second hand radiation, which the non-user must be exposed to unwillingly, and the companies that peddle the poison lie about the effects and take no responsibility for the injury and death their product causes. Children are permitted to use smart phones, when they would never have been permitted to smoke, and this causes developmental problems. The same goes for wireless Internet. Even older people

(maybe especially older people) can’t even remember a day without Wi-Fi. I use an actual computer with hardwired Internet, not a smart phone, and I remember the 56K modem, and a day when all cable Internet was hardwired. We just take it as a given that we must constantly be exposed to radiation for our convenience, and because we live unconsciously and would rather be parasite food than take an hour or two to learn how to get our own non Wi-Fi modem from Amazon and set it up with our cable company. It’s laziness, and the radiation and tiny illegible screen

exacerbate it. See the vicious cycle! So the choice is yours. Come along on the exciting journey into the fourth dimension or stay in the misery and density of the third, loving your entertaining and convenient tracking device. The fourth is nothing. It goes much higher. But why not begin? If you know that McDonald’s food hurts your health and consciousness, do you still eat it? If you know that you are being programmed like a robot by a device you’re addicted to, do you think you’re above it? If you don’t think you’re being told what to do and say by the deadly human tracker you’re carrying around like a beloved pet, it’s because it’s telling you that you are above it and need it. It is designed that way and escaping that electronic matrix of transhumanism is going to be the biggest challenge of your life. Are you up for it, or do you wish to stay behind in a manufactured world with occasional delights of food, drink, or sex? There is a world beyond, but you must step through the fence. First you have to cut the cord which binds you in the lower dimensions before you can ascend. Don’t let any New Cage Skype healers or con artists selling you apps for meditation and “clearing” tell you otherwise.

By Laurette Anderson


HE TRAGIC STORY of the death of Ezekiel Stephan and the resulting traumatic assault on his parents, which is ongoing even today, is a cautionary tale for all Canadian parents. This new status quo, a result of the outcome of our justice system, sets the scene of every parent’s nightmare. Ezekiel’s parents are being held to a much higher standard than any average parent. In fact, they are being held to a higher standard than medical professionals. There are several standing court decisions holding medical doctors blameless in situations where the symptoms were more obvious than in Ezekiel’s case; and these cases were actually bacterial meningitis – whereas Ezekiel’s illness was clearly, not, bacterial meningitis. And although he did not die of bacterial meningitis, as recently as this past February, the media continues to still peddle that false narrative. No one actually knows what killed Ezekiel Stephan. But why aren’t the authorities, both medical and judicial, interested in finding out what really caused his death? Why have they accepted the false narrative? Why have the Stephans themselves never been contacted by any of the reporters who have perpetuated the falsehoods against them? Since they were truly the only witnesses to the tragic events, ones the media claimed led to his death, you would think they would want to interview them as primary sources before writing such highly prejudiced and prejudicial stories in virtually every mainstream news outlet in Canada. Common sense would seem to demand it, unless, of course, there is a presumed and preferred narrative that such an interview might call into question. This leads this reporter to believe, and possibly conclude, that since every news agency in Canada has made the same claims against these parents, that they conspired against the Stephan family. It appears that the media are either recklessly reporting unsubstantiated and libellous drivel, or that they are being used to perpetuate a false narrative to distract the public from the serious lack of justice toward the family in this case’s outcome. Conspiracy, according to Oxford, is “a secret plan to commit a crime or do harm, often for political ends”. All news agencies spreading the same lie is proof in itself of conspiring, isn’t it? Political ends? How about creating propaganda and crisis in order to manipulate and slant public opinion in a predetermined direction. Yet, no outcry is to be heard at this dangerous precedent in the court. If the Stephans are innocent, then what happened? The court says guilty, the media says guilty, and so we all believe they are guilty. Case dismissed. Remember, this couple is being held to a higher standard than any medical professional in a similar predicament with a patient. Even without an iota of

At the Eye of a Perfect Storm: The Ezekiel Stephan Story training in diagnosing meningitis or any other forty minutes after the child’s arrival. Why are deadly disease, they are being held responsible our medical professionals put in the position for not being able to read the subtle symptoms where they cannot do their jobs? Is this the of what has been assumed, was a deathly result of excessive budget cuts to an essential illness. The charge of which they were service? The very public that pays most of convicted, “failing to provide the necessaries what it earns in taxation to the government of life” is nebulous and easily abused for services gets the least out of it. Perhaps terminology with a new precedent setting case being emergency equipment it isn’t noticed for all future cases where parents can easily as much, since the people affected are so be deemed not meeting this vague standard of traumatized anyway in these circumstances care. Whose standards? Stated as it is, it could that the likelihood of them finding out and refer to anything. creating backlash “Necessaries” is by a public actually vague to the point of being informed of meaningless. the scandal, is so There are very unlikely, that discrepancies in the they go ahead and court and medical strip our medical documents which system of funding scream injustice. without fearing any Pertinent documents consequence. Will from the Crown, were the emergency team either missing or were cry out? Not likely, purposely out of order certainly not publicly, and hidden amongst because there is other documents in a good chance if disclosure, so as to be they did that they left unrecognizable. would be used as And though this is scapegoats to protect considered being the system itself. There’s also a good ‘clever at law’, chance they’d lose some of these The Stephan Family: their jobs for speaking documents reflect Collet, David, Ezra, out and be written up poorly, at very least, Ephraim, Enoch & Ella as incompetent in their and it’s even possible work. There is such criminally, at worst, on a push ‘to go along to get along’ nowadays the investigators. Yet it can’t be considered that we’ve all but forgotten what integrity is, in follow up appeals because, hidden or not, and how important and essential it is to good it’s old evidence now and non-admissible. In governance. Top down integrity seems to be the end, the prosecuting team, investigators included, don’t come out of this matter squeaky missing here. So far, we have the media fabricating clean but rather, it appears, they may have and perpetuating both rumours about worked to slant the trial in a particular direction. bacterial meningitis and slanderous, Who knew? There was such a cacophony of persistent innuendo against natural medicine. misinformation created by the media that this We have an emergency crew ill equipped reporter contends justice and truth were lost. to save a child’s life both in the ambulance Then there are the people caught and at the local hospital. We have the justice unwittingly in the maelstrom, those who system, according to recent discoveries, both genuinely attempted to save Ezekiel’s life in burying censorious documents and possibly the first ambulances that arrived. Strangely excluding what would have been exculpatory though, they did not allow the parents to evidence for the parents. And we could, ride with Ezekiel in the ambulance. Is it if this is all true, also have professionals possible neither of the two ambulances had perjuring themselves in a court of law. If so the essential equipment that would have saved Ezekiel’s life? Obtained information indicates what was their agenda? Is it fair-game to say that he went eight minutes without any oxygen there was one? This reporter believes so. And why were the Stephans the ones chosen as a result of the missing equipment. Even as scapegoats in all of this? It is here that the hospital didn’t log the use of the necessary we come to the critical reason that this story, and appropriately sized intubator tube until

and all of its insidious tentacles, be explored more thoroughly in the series to follow. Unless we, as Canadians, wake up out of our stupor and call out the foul play here, we are going to lose our precious rights, to be replaced by privileges that can, in a heartbeat, be taken away. Is there an agenda here that is bigger than the Stephans? You bet there is. And of course what is a good conspiracy without the pharmaceutical industry, the final tentacle in this debacle of justice. Does it benefit them if the Stephans are made an example of? You bet it does. As it stands today, the outcome of the court strikes fear into the hearts of parents – or at least it should – because if you don’t use the allopathic, or mainstream pharmaceutical drug system ‘of medicine’ when illness strikes your child, heaven help you: your next stop might be prison. And if you try natural medicines such as tinctures of garlic, onion, horseradish and hot peppers for colds, (not the disgusting smoothie that the media are claiming was force fed to Ezekiel) you might be smeared with not only believing in quackery but of “failing to provide the necessaries of life”. It means that Ritalin wins over a non-gmo, organic diet supplemented with vitamins and minerals, because that couldn’t possibly cure a mental issue like attention deficit disorder, to give just one example. Did parties conspire to direct a certain preordained outcome? After much review of the facts, and after much thought, as well as actually interviewing both parents, it is my belief that Ezekiel’s mother & father did everything they could have done for Ezekiel, from the onset of illness to the moment they entrusted his care to the emergency team in the ambulance. According to the logs and documents obtained (others of which were mysteriously missing), it seems that Ezekiel’s safety and his life were put in jeopardy, not once, but several times. In a forthcoming series we’ll explore each insidious aspect of this perfect storm, as they are all equally pertinent to discovering what actually happened to Ezekiel, and why this journalist believes his parents are innocents made into scapegoats for the medical system, the government, the justice system and big pharma, all of whom have a common agenda, an agenda of manipulating public opinion, to obtain a particular outcome far from justice or truth. Since none of the other media, the investigators, the medical or justice system wants the public to know what really happened, this reporter is going to undertake to fill you in, with recently gathered evidence, as well as re-examined evidence used in the original trial. We all need to understand the importance of finding justice in what appears to be a conspiratorial assault on the sanctity of the Canadian family. Stay with me for this series on Ezekiel Stephan, at the eye of a perfect storm.

Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano

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