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Knowledge is Power

By Sarah Elkhaldy


HY IS KNOWLEDGE POWER? How does awareness give you more free will? When a person chooses willful ignorance over obtaining knowledge and becoming more aware of themselves and the world, they do not gain any immunity by this free will choice. Instead, they leave themselves under the rule of the “General Law” otherwise known as The Matrix. In that level of being, you are bound by all the mechanical laws of this reality. You have no higher consciousness, therefore no higher connection, and you function from a somnambulistic, sleep-like/trance state of mind, which makes you easily manipulated and gives you no individual fate (since fate is tied to persons with a connection to something “higher”). Therefore, you share the collective “fate” of the sleepers reality, because you have made no choice with your own freewill to become consciously aware. But, when one utilizes their free will to choose awareness, they are protected on 3 fronts: 1) Application: A person who chooses to actively apply their gained knowledge to make better choices, ultimately leads to protecting themselves. A simple illustration of this would be if someone begins to research GMOs. The understanding of this information has led them to seek out healthier quality food sources and now opened up a door to changing their entire outlook on the body and on health. This is applying your knowledge, and is the most basic form of aligning your free will with better choices, based on your knowledge. 2) Discernment: A person who chooses to become more conscious, is better able to both utilize and exercise their discernment. Discernment is the ultimate facilitator of free will and conscious choice. It allows you the foresight to take preventive measures

The Benef its of Conscious Awareness

before even encountering troubles, and the ability to accelerate learning by contemplating and deciphering the deeper meanings in our daily events. Discernment is our compass in navigating our way through reality. The more you exercise discernment, the more free will you’re accessing because within the use of your discernment is the key to unlocking more options/pathways that once were not available. Why were those options not available? Many reasons: we didn’t see them, the options were not present because we did not take actions that would have aligned us with those options, we did not have enough awareness at the time to choose them… many reasons. A common reason is those options were not available because we did not understand enough about the topic/the person/the world-whatever it be-to perceive all of our choices more clearly. Options present themselves when we are conscious enough to recognize them. This requires discernment. A person who has the awareness to perceive a broader spectrum of options, or rather the quality of their options, can align themselves – through choice – with actions geared toward the desired aims, bringing about the desired results. But none of these options exist to someone who does not use their free will to seek understanding of themselves and their world. When consciousness is not present, suffering usually takes its place, and we are given the choice to become conscious by examining the relevance of our experiences and the events that acted as catalysts to our new understandings, or to cycle in our suffering. Hence the ancient wisdom “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

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3) Frequency: Your level of Being is measured in vibrational frequency. The higher your level of awareness rises, the higher your vibrational frequency rises. Then your frequency begins to guard you. With the choice to gain knowledge and awareness comes the activation of the higher spiritual realms, which we have now connected to through our vibrational frequency “synching up with” them. This resonance, or harmony between our vibrations and these higher realms, establishes a psychic connection that offers protection from negative entities and their harmful intent. The more one wields their free will toward consciousness, the harder it becomes for negative entities to breach your realm because you are aligning vibrationally with the higher realms that provide more protection and are available to those who use their free will to evolve themselves — no longer making one simply a food source to the synthetic reality. The negative higher entities can only manipulate our ends to the extent that we are not aware. Therefore it is within our non-action – our free will choice to not choose – that our consent for enslavement is given. This is the cosmic fine print. The universe deals in contracts and clauses and in this free will universe, if one does not choose to observe their free will and act on it toward their sovereignty, then neither does the cosmos observe it. That is how the usurpation of our reality is allowed: Default settings (“don’t blame me, blame the selfreflecting universe”). Thus knowledge is power. In all of this the very best news there is to take

away is: Nature favours the brave. Have heart on your quest for knowledge. Don’t lose faith in the journey if it appears purely negative. You will not be left stranded in stardust. The higher realms call out to those who wish to align with them. Trust that this reality can serve you, if you allow it to.

About the author: Sarah Elkhaldy is the administrator of “A Talking Lion”, where she uses both her love for words and her film background – in conjunction with esoteric knowledge – to help humanity gracefully tap into our evolutionary potential. She considers it her work to connect the higher with the lower; the outer world with the inner world. Sarah is also a quantum sphere healer and photographer. She refers to herself simply as an ‘existential detective’. Connect with Sarah at: ATalkingLion • ATalkingLion.wordpress. com •

The Active Side of


Shamanism and Intuition with Carlos Castaneda Part I of a commentary on the writings of Carlos Castaneda. Read part II, next month.

By Julian Rose


VERY ONE OF US human beings has two minds. One is totally ours, it is like a faint voice that always brings us order, directness, purpose. The other is a foreign installation. It brings us conflict, self-assertion, doubts, hopelessness: it’s ourselves as the ‘me-me’ centre of the world.” Thus spoke Carlos Castaneda in ‘The Active Side of infinity‘ which is part of the ‘Teachings of Don Juan‘ series. And I’m going to give you more excerpts from The Active Side of Infinity. Because I believe that these writings present Shamanic teachings to us in a direct, powerful way – and at a time when we most need them. The deft fusing of spirit and earth which rises up out of these writings, is a powerful native tradition in South America – as it is also amongst the native North American Indian tribes. Jumping into Castaneda’s writings is special, maybe particularly because they go straight to the gut, whereas many more contemplative esoteric traditions (of East and West) tend to home-in on the intellectual and heart chakra levels. I believe we need a good dose of gut centred experience at this particular time, so as to get anchored and earthed – while all around mind oriented activities are throwing-up a thousand refractions of information – that in the end clog the neurons of the neo-cortex and render us permanently on the brink of overload. At times like these one needs to reconnect with an older, native kind of intuition that has its nest in the solar plexus; the place where the umbilical cord once bought essential nourishment to our tiny forming bodies. “Infinity is everything that surrounds us: the spirit, the dark sea of awareness. It is something that exists out there and rules our lives. My steps and yours are ruled by infinity. The circumstances that seem to be ruled by chance are in essence ruled by the active side of infinity: intent. What put you and me together was the intent of infinity. It is impossible to determine what this intent of infinity is, yet it is there, as palpable as you and I are.” “Sorcerers say there is a tremor in the air. The advantage of sorcerers is to know that the tremor in the air exists, and to acquiesce to it without further ado. For sorcerers there is no pondering, wandering or speculating. They know all they have is the possibility of merging with the intent of infinity, and they just do it.” To know the tremor in the air – and to acquiesce to it. That is a great call. It is that ‘tremor’ which guides our inner and outer ‘intent’, as Castaneda names it. I experience it as a subtle type of tension which keeps one on one’s toes and open to any eventuality. “You are not alert. You never learned to be alert, anyway. To be alert doesn’t

mean to be watchful. For sorcerers, to be alert means to be aware of the fabric of the everyday world that seems extraneous to the interaction of the moment. Don’t hide yourself behind banalities. Stand up, assume responsibility for what you know. Don’t get lost in the extraneous fabric of the world around you, extraneous to what’s going on. Don’t be so concerned with yourself and your problems.” Wow – that’s a strong call to drop our ‘lesser self”s’ deadening baggage. Hiding behind banalities is indeed a classic defensive position in this day and age. Why be on the defensive? Why not go on the offensive! So much to achieve in such a short time.. “Sorcerers never say things idly. I am most careful what I say to you or to anybody else. The difference between you and me is that I don’t have any time at all, and I act accordingly. You, on the other hand, believe you have all the time in the world, and act accordingly. The end result of our individual behaviours is that I measure everything I do and say, and you don’t. You’re looking for a sorcerer’s medication to remove everything annoying from you, with no effort at all on your part. You want ‘results potion’ – and you’re cured. Sorcerers face things in a different way. Since they don’t have any time to spare they give themselves fully to what’s in front of them. Your turmoil is the result of your lack of sobriety.” ‘Sorcerers don’t have any time to spare’. Powerful insight into the commitment which comes with full engagement. We are bamboozled with anything and everything designed to take our eyes off the ball. But every time we do, a sense of loss accompanies our ‘inaction’. We want heaven – but can only manage half an hour a day to bring it about. Turmoil is bound to ensue – and it does! “The nagual Elias and the nagual Julian were astoundingly alike in that there was nothing inside them. They were empty. The nagual Elias was a collection of astounding, haunting stories of regions unknown. The nagual Julian was a collection of stories that would have anybody in stitches, sprawled on the ground laughing. ..Each of the two men had his flair, but the end result was just the same:emptiness, an emptiness that reflected not the world, but infinity.” Had to put that one in! Must admit – I was most curious to find the name Julian in this shamanic context. “Sadness, for sorcerers, is not personal. It is not quite sadness. It’s a wave of energy that comes from the depths of the cosmos, and hits sorcerers when they are receptive, when they act like radios, catching radio waves. The sorcerers of olden times, who gave us the entire format of sorcery, believed that there is sadness in the universe, as a force, a condition, like light, like intent, and that this perennial force acts especially on sorcerers because they no longer have any defensive shields.

See “INFINITY” on page 25

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The New Now The Great Adventure!

by Fredalupe!

on generating a visibly cancerous reality, one so turned away from any semblance of natural intelligence and love that it’s become terribly painful to be next to that much ugliness. Yet I’ve been that and been there too.


HAT A BUSY MONTH it’s been! Everyone at the New Agora sends a big thank you to all the folks that came up to us at the many and various shows we attended these last weeks. Thank you for sharing your encouragements, well wishes, and yes, even financial contributions. You would be surprised at how any little bit helps us tremendously, and by helping us I mean helping you with important information and services, and the knowledge based in fact and deed that we are actually standing up for ourselves and each other with our beloved Earth, in the face of tyranny, in the name and action of liberty, truth and abundance, regardless of the possible dangers of seemingly opposing the madness of this era. I say seemingly opposing because it’s not an actual stance of opposition that we are taking as in a fight but rather a natural positioning of energies, as water and oil find their own gravity when put together, so too with a boxed, limited awareness based on fallacy and fear and one open to the mirificent reality in which we are all starring! “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” — Malcom X So sure there’s a bit of mixing and shaking going on in this tasty vinaigrette we call life. I see it as more of a dance, quite a humorous one to watch and even participate in once seen from a holistic perspective. As we stood our posts at the health shows many people instinctively picked up the possible ‘threat’ we represented to their states of unconsciousness and either just visibly glazed over as they lumbered past us, or at times even made involuntary gestures and noises, strange cat-calls, outright beastial grunts, mewlings, barkings and heavens only knows, as whatever was driving them kept them corralled yet moving, after a fashion, away

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” — LaoTzu Then the perception, the feeling if you will, perhaps through a glint in the eye, a hidden smile, a realization, a sudden and deeply sensed familiarity, of family, of love really, when hearts meet, then judgments go and forgiveness enters. Hard not to weep. Easy to be kind. Best to be loving and to follow that inspiration.

from the laughing light of truth. Some actually came up to us and tried to fight, even claiming their righteous right to do so! “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” — Dresden James Well, suffice it to say it was entertaining, although at times a little shocking and eventually quite wearing too. Still, what a wild bunch of coconuts people are! Being awash in such wide and wild cross sections of human life offers proof aplenty of something funny and funny-strange occurring with the species. No wonder I’m torn between respecting people regardless of their lunatic choices and the strong desire to wake them up to the feeling those same choices inspire in me. The results were mixed, when we did try to share. Some reacted poorly in my estimation, attacking us in return; some

just drooled on by; some seemed genuinely hurt by our hilarity and the attention; some were just indescribable and doubtfully human. Mostly it was that water and oil thing, densities keeping us in a very real sense apart, except when shaken or stirred by either yours truly or their own rabid sense of self. “Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.” — Standing Bear Is feeding darkness and fear, ignorance and evil with your very life’s juice really preferable to being free and joyfully creating one’s own happy destiny? I know the deck is stacked and that the game is rigged, but I also know how magnificent we can be and are. “We tend to disempower ourselves. We tend to believe that we don’t matter. And in the act of taking that idea to ourselves we give everything away to somebody else, to something else.” — Terence McKenna I can grok the whole “my freedoms end where yours begin” libertarian view, but jeez, some folks are really stinking up the joint, what with that alien insistence

“I have decided to stick with Love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” — Martin Luther King Perhaps I’m a fool. I wouldn’t be surprised really. Without question I’ve done foolish things in my life. Who hasn’t? Some of them turned out to be loads of fun. Some quite the opposite. My main claim to fame is that I’ve been honest with myself throughout the years and because of that I’ve evolved. Simple as that really. To be perfectly honest right here and right now. I really don’t like just watching the lost, ignorant, shambling masses, so bloody placid and well adjusted to evil and their own enslavement that they don’t even realize that they are basically walking dead: passionless yet obedient, subservient to fear, servile as a rule, denatured, driven insane by selfishness, still unconscious, eyes closed, wrong end open… hurtling backwards to the edge of certain destruction and consumption, miserable and pain filled, yet somehow hoping for the ‘best’. “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to accept what is true.” — S. Kierkegaard. Frankly the human race’s

domestication, its docility and lack of imagination coupled with its towering and ridiculous sense of self importance and entitlement disgusts me. Knowing from which it springs and to what end it runs does little to alleviate my distaste and revulsion for this feast of folly presented before us all. And so, in a very real sense of the word, our very being opposes that which is not for us. Truth opposes that which it isn’t by the very nature of its being. “He who does not oppose evil...... commands it to be done.” — Leonardo da Vinci We could be gods enjoying our rightful place in the heavens, in the paradise that is this Earth, instead of belly crawling - bottom feeding, instead of being the inverse of the word: dogs, owned and beaten, begging for scraps, ready to do our masters bidding, regardless how heinous, regardless of the cost, and now regardless of knowing better. “Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.” — Bruce Lee. It is time to stand together, or to continue to be divided, separated and then consumed. It is time to stand in support of truth, truths that free us, and to do so vividly, with alacrity, with style, with sobriety. It is in our power, together, to take charge of our destinies, to allow for the organic release of natural growth so long held back and suppressed, deviated and abused, distracted and experimented on, cruelly manipulated and tortured. It is time to embody Love and to truly set sail on the seas of self determination and inspiration with imagination filling our Beings with possibility and the endless vistas of Creation. Onwards with the Great Adventure! “Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” — Albert Einstein

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“The ‘Reality Manufacturing Company’ not only turns out the past, present, and future for mass consumption. It explains why things are the way they are. It appoints itself the master of attributing causes, the king of cause and effect.”

— The Underground, Jon Rappoport

By Jon Rappoport


EVOTEES OF SCIENCE often assume that what is called science is real and true. It must be. Otherwise, their faith is broken. Their superficial understanding is shattered. Their “superior view” of the world is torpedoed. Such people choose unofficial “antiscience” targets to attack. They never think of inspecting their own house for enormous fraud. For example: psychiatry. An open secret has been slowly bleeding out into public consciousness for the past ten years. THERE ARE NO DEFINITIVE LABORATORY TESTS FOR ANY SOCALLED MENTAL DISORDER. And along with that: ALL SO-CALLED MENTAL DISORDERS ARE CONCOCTED, NAMED, LABELED, DESCRIBED, AND CATEGORIZED by a committee of psychiatrists, from menus of human behaviours. Their findings are published in periodically updated editions of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), printed by the American Psychiatric Association. For years, even psychiatrists have been blowing the whistle on this hazy crazy process of “research.”

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A Whole Branch Of Science Turns Out To Be Fake

Of course, pharmaceutical companies, who manufacture highly toxic drugs to treat every one of these “disorders,” are leading the charge to invent more and more mental-health categories, so they can sell more drugs and make more money. But we have a mind-boggling twist. Under the radar, one of the great psychiatric stars, who has been out in front in inventing mental disorders, went public. He blew the whistle on himself and his colleagues. And for several years, almost no one noticed. His name is Dr. Allen Frances, and he made VERY interesting statements to Gary Greenberg, author of a Wired article: “Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness.” (Dec.27, 2010).

Major media never picked up on the interview in any serious way. It never became a scandal. Dr. Allen Frances is the man who, in 1994, headed up the project to write the latest edition of the psychiatric bible, the DSM-IV. This tome defines and labels and describes every official mental disorder. The DSM-IV eventually listed 297 of them. In an April 19, 1994, New York Times piece, “Scientist At Work,” Daniel Goleman called Frances “Perhaps the most powerful psychiatrist in America at the moment…” Well, sure. If you’re sculpting the entire canon of diagnosable mental disorders for your colleagues, for insurers, for the government, for Pharma (who will sell the drugs matched up to the 297 DSM-IV diagnoses), you’re right up there in the pantheon. Long after the DSM-IV had been put into print, Dr. Frances talked to Wired’s Greenberg and said the following: “There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bullshit. I mean, you just can’t define it.” BANG. That’s on the order of the designer of the Hindenburg, looking at the burned rubble on the ground, remarking, “Well, I knew there would be a problem.”

After a suitable pause, Dr. Frances remarked to Greenberg, “These concepts [of distinct mental disorders] are virtually impossible to define precisely with bright lines at the borders.” Frances should have mentioned the fact that his baby, the DSM-IV, had unscientifically rearranged earlier definitions of ADHD and Bipolar to permit many MORE diagnoses, leading to a vast acceleration of drug-dosing with highly powerful and toxic compounds. Finally, at the end of the Wired interview, Frances flew off into a bizarre fantasy: “Diagnosis [as spelled out in the DSM-IV] is part of the magic…you know those medieval maps? In the places where they didn’t know what was going on, they wrote ‘Dragons live here’…we have a dragon’s world here. But you wouldn’t want to be without the map.” Translation: Patients need hope for the healing of their troubles; so even if we psychiatrists are shooting blanks and pretending to know one kind of mental disorder from another, even if we’re inventing these mental-disorder definitions based on no biological or chemical diagnostic tests—it’s a good thing, because patients will then believe and have hope; they’ll have hope because psychiatrists place a label on their problems… Needless to say, this has nothing to do with science. Here is a smoking-gun statement made by another prominent mental-health expert, on an episode of PBS’ Frontline series. The episode was: “Does ADHD Exist?” PBS FRONTLINE INTERVIEWER:

See “SCIENCE” on page 26

Symbolic Literacy PART 2 By Michael Tsarion


HE RETURN TO sanity, personally and socially, has been a major theme of innumerable psychologists, activists and philosophers for decades. The men and women of reason have concluded that something is very existentially wrong with Post-Industrial humanity. Experts have gone to great lengths to describe what is wrong with the way urban man lives. However (despite some rare exceptions), modern-day intellectuals and academics rarely offer substantial solutions to mankind’s vexatious problems. We are now in the twenty-first century and the time for “problem-think” is, in the mind of this writer, over. It is now time for “solution-think.” This means that it is time for mankind to proactively face reality in order to change it, and to have zero-tolerance for the factors which enslave and befuddle. This paradigm shift involves the acceptance and confrontation of the “dark sides” of the human ego-personality, and a desire to see ourselves for who we are morally and psychologically. It is our habitual avoidance and denial of what we falsely regard as the “darker” side of ourselves, that has brought humanity to the brink of ecocide and psychosis. It is this avoidance that plays right into the hands of the architects of world control who have preyed over humanity for so many ages. The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and

opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind - Edward Bernays (Propaganda) The confrontation of the dark aspects of the personality liberates us from the control of the ego. The ego, as a few thinkers discovered,

is not unique to one person. It is really a “social ego.” Man’s persona or pseudo-self is simply a bi-product of his society. The face we show to the world is ultimately a creation of that world. If we wish to be truly unique, we must transcend the ego and social persona. However, this process of individuation cannot occur until we develop the capacity of seeing ourselves rightly. We must have the courage to look into the mirror of the self, rather than that of the ego. …the prevalent sensation of oneself as a separate ego enclosed in a bag of skin is a hallucination which accords neither with Western science nor with the experimental philosophy-religions of the East…This hallucination underlies the misuse of technology for the violent subjugation of man’s natural environment and, consequently, its eventual destruction - Alan Watts (The Book: On the Taboo of Knowing Who You Are) Over two thousand years ago, the Athenian philosopher Plato emphatically warned his society of the consequences to evolution and truth if the “artists” were unrestricted in their influence of the consciousness of mankind. I believe he was aware of the existence of the

subversive elements in his society that sought to manipulate thought by way of that which appears innocent and harmless. In 1835, French historian Alexis de Tocqueville wrote of his concern for the future of thought and reason: I fear that the productions of democratic poets may often be surcharged with immense and incoherent imagery, with exaggerated descriptions and strange creations; and that the fantastic beings of their brain may sometimes make us regret the world of reality Of course, in ancient times man was much more Symbolically Literate than we are today. He held symbols in great regard and was in touch with his higher intelligence or Living Oracle. It is this intelligence that gave man the ability to raise the Great Pyramid and chart the heavens. This ancient knowledge was preserved in the Divination Arts. In the Tarot, for example, we find the rich palate of symbols that, with correct usage, open the portals to the ancestral reservoir of gnosis that was available to the initiates and elders of the past. Among the ancients, who dealt largely with psychical sciences, there seems to have been a common language which could be used to explain the invisible world and its inhabitants; but we of this age have not yet developed such a language. Consequently, men who deny human immortality, as well as men with religious faith who have not…transformed that faith into a fact, nowadays…in attempting to explain psychic fact, call it mysticism - W. Y. Evans Wentz (Fairy Folklore in Celtic Countries)

See “SYMBOLS” on page 27

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Help Yourself Headlines Finance “Too Big To Fails” Have Stopped Being Banks


ait … what? Banks don’t need deposits? They’re not giving many loans? Isn’t that what banks do?

If they’re not collecting deposits and making loans, what are they doing? In reality, big banks aren’t really acting like banks anymore. Big banks do very little traditional banking, since most of their business is from financial speculation.

Spanish Judge Makes Bank President & Former IMF Chief Pay for Financial Crimes


ankers never go to jail. This is one of the unwritten new laws to which most of us have grown wearily accustomed in this new post-crisis reality. Also begrudgingly taken for granted is the fact that a banker’s fortune will never be seized or confiscated by the authorities; in today’s new Gilded Age a banker’s gains, whether ill-gotten or not, are his or hers until death do them part.

Geo-Politics 900 Examples of Obama’s Lawbreaking, Lying, Corruption, Cronyism & Waste


very President, every politician, and every human being tells lies and engages in acts of hypocrisy. But Barack Obama does these things to a far greater degree than anyone else that I have ever known of. Some of the things on this list are major events that should scare the daylights out of any true liberal who cares about civil liberties.

Global Warming: So Dishonest It Makes Enron Look Like a Paragon of Integrity

WiFi banned at pre-schools in France


his week the French Parliament passed a law addressing the serious issues of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. While the new law does not go far enough, it is a bold move and the first of its kind in the world. Among its provision: Anyone who intends to build one or more radio installations regulated by the ANFR (France’s equivalent of the FCC) must submit to the local government, if requested by the mayor, calculations of electromagnetic fields that will be generated. This information must be made available to the public.

The Newest Country to Defy the Banksters


s we’ve discussed before, the bankers have need of keeping the dream of Eurasia from becoming a reality. It is the thing which they pull out all the stops to prevent. Many countries in the recent past, especially those in the Middle East, or in Europe’e periphery, who’ve dared to assert their own interests, have been put down in the most gruesome ways. Yet the tide seems to be turning against the controllers!

If You Care About The Environment In Canada, You May Be Targeted As An ‘Anti-Petroleum Extremist’


iddling temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever,” says Christopher Booker, not pulling his punches. And I think he’s right not to do so. If – as Booker, myself, and few others suspect – the guardians of the world’s land-based temperature records have been adjusting the raw data in order to exaggerate “global warming” then this is indeed a crime against the scientific method unparalleled in history.

Page 8


s Techdirt has been warning for some time, one of the dangers with the flood of “anti-terrorist” laws and powers is that they are easily redirected against other groups for very different purposes. A story in the Globe and Mail provides another chilling reminder of how that works: The RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] has labelled the “anti-petroleum” movement as a growing and violent threat to Canada’s security, raising fears among environmentalists that they face increased surveillance, and possibly worse, under the Harper government’s new terrorism legislation.

Health This Edible Park Feeds 200,000 Hungry People Every Month!

GM technology viewed as “biological weapons of mass destruction” in Pakistan



n Irvine, California, a 7.5 acre plot of land was turned into “The Incredible Edible Park”, a community garden that feeds 200,000 people each month. Every year, over 15,000 volunteers come through to help plant and harvest the food. The once unused plot of land was donated and is now run by an organization called the Second Harvest Food Bank.

n July last year, Monsanto, Pioneer and Syngenta, multinational companies and a number of national firms approached Pakistan’s Ministry of Food Security seeking licences to raise genetically-modified (GM) food products in Pakistan. Imran Ali Teepu reported for Dawn that a senior federal government official, who did not wish to be named, told Dawn that “a request in this regard has been received by the Ministry of Food Security a few weeks back and is being reviewed.”

FDA Attacks Dr Bronner’s, Prohibits Them From Sharing Information


r. Bronner’s Magic Soaps is a family owned soap company popular for its all organic ingredients and the health benefits they have to offer. They began manufacturing and selling soap under their current name in 1948, though the legacy and development of the company can be traced all the way back to 1858. But not only does this company sell organics, they actively fight for them. They actively support and help fund several movements including re-commercializing industrial hemp, integrity in organic labeling, animal rights, and GMO labeling.

Study: Chemotherapy-Treated Cancer Patients Die Sooner than No Treatment at All


or those living in the early 1900’s, the chances of getting cancer was 1 out of every 100 people, about fifty years ago the chances increased to 1 in 50. Today, it is said that a little less than 1 out of every 3 people will get cancer, soon to be 1 in 2. If you get cancer, where will you turn for treatment? Your options are Chemotherapy, which is refused by 75% of doctors, works only 2-3% of the time, and has been shown in a study to cause more cancer, or, you can utilize natural substances found in nature that science has shown are powerful Cancer Cures, with virtually no side effects.

Could Common Herbicide Be Behind Autism Rise?


he mainstream media has its talking heads on full attack regarding the prospect that unvaccinated children may transmit measles to infants too young to be vaccinated or others who are immune compromised, such as children with cancer.


ach year less light reaches the surface of the Earth. No one is sure what’s causing ‘global dimming’ - or what it means for the future. In fact most scientists have never heard of it.

Geo-engineering: Climate fixes ‘could harm billions’


chemes to tackle climate change could prove disastrous for billions of people, but might be required for the good of the planet, scientists say. That is the conclusion of a new set of studies into what’s become known as geo-engineering. This is the so far unproven science of intervening in the climate to bring down temperatures. These projects work by, for example, shading the Earth from the Sun or soaking up carbon dioxide.

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Science, Tech & Beyond Goodbye Sunshine

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How the CIA made Google


nsurge intelligence, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by US intelligence to retain ‘information superiority.’ In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, western governments are moving fast to legitimize expanded powers of mass surveillance and controls on the internet, all in the name of fighting terrorism.

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F YOU ARE READING this then chances are you are on your way to making up a small but rapidly growing part of the population coming into total realization of our true super-human potential. This term has generally been relegated to the mythical comic-book like characteristics exhibited by humans who have gained special powers through methods ranging from genetic anomalies to radioactive hazards. However the truth is that such abilities did not merely make up the fictional past of our ancestors but were in fact shown to be real through the live demonstrations of learned Shamans, Masters and Spiritual Adepts that assumed their intermediate roles in various cultures. While this may seem like a far cry from the norms of today we cannot forget the endless barrage on human self-esteem and capability that has plagued us for now thousands of years by the so-called ruling factions. It has become only more so in the recent times with gigabytes of information flooding the internet in regards to the consciousness explosion and all that it entails from Sovereignty to the Strawman. We can now clearly see that there has been some serious tampering with all of our faculties of perception, be it mental or physical; however, I find our spiritual state to be the most impaired since it serves as the Achilles heel used to short circuit our advanced reasoning. Many still believe that the greatest threats we face are of a political or agricultural nature, such as problems with our legal status as free men and women moving about the land, or agricultural issues such as GMO intake etc. The truth here is that the source of all of this resides in how we delegate our beliefs in a higher power and who we set at the forefront of our consciousness as ruler. Traditionally the gradual belief in a god has stemmed from facing circumstances that one cannot solve or overcome by one’s self, thus a higher power is delegated as a failsafe. This is embedded so deeply in our consciousness that the moment something occurs of an alarming or overwhelming nature the first thing a person will say is “Oh God”! or “God please help me!”. But I come to tell you we come from times where nobody saw god as separate from themselves and in fact most knew themselves as being gods also. Scriptures such as Psalms 82:6 which states “Ye are Gods” is only scratching the surface, and goes just about unnoticed since the rest of the manuscript exists with numerous contradictions to that statement such as Isaiah 45:5 which basically states there is no other God. All of this does not seem odd for the Adept since it’s clear the power used to divide Man and Woman was in fact confusion through language. The same being that boomed “I am not the author of confusion” also made the statement “let us go down and confuse them”. Obviously there was great success in that endeavour as most people still find themselves confused. So let’s deprogram that confusion by stating the obvious: you can never reach maximum potential, if there is such a state, with something looming over the top of you, be it deity, spirit, or eidolon. The quest for expansion is an internal journey and all external energies, be they a Santa Claus look-alike in the sky, on a throne, or a bug eyed entity in a spaceship, only serve to hamper and prolong your journey to innerspace. With that being said let’s take a look at

By Sevan Bonar some abilities that are deemed as Godlike and see how the one can go about obtaining them in real life via methods that start on the physical plane. Omniscience: To know everything there is to know appears to be a tough one but we must examine the facts. Is it really about knowing everything or knowing the right things? In years of study I have come to see some core underlining principles running throughout everything in physicality and the known universe, I call it the Blueprint. The human body is actually a Map of this universal Blueprint. Once you truly “know thyself” you gain an all purveying wisdom that can analyze and troubleshoot life’s most complex questions, such as where does nothing come from? More on this in future works. Immortality: This vessel we call the Universe was actually created to be perpetual, with a little inertia that we call the big bang, an immortal swing is in play whether we perceive it, recognize it or not. In this you are either a Prime Mover, Space-dust, or something in between. Life has shown me that the concept of living forever is far more difficult to deal with than just doing the seemingly impossible which is to accept that one can die, reset, forget everything, rid themselves of the major mistakes, and then start again. Conscious re-incarnation, or immortality, is truly what is sought here when you get into the framework of actuality, and is something far more different than reality which has a tendency to be an illusion. Death is yet another paradoxical illusion of this reality, it shows this entire construct is in the realm of the impossible, a place where 0 and 1 both exist. When you think of that with a clear mind you will see the truth about Earth and why something that is so precious doesn’t even have its own day of the week. Regeneration: On a surface that is divided it all seems so complex and questions like how do we wind back the old clock and become young again go without worthwhile answer beyond injecting lots of hormones. More correctly it’s first about feeling young again for most. When we begin life we are open, but by midway and even earlier those beautiful gem-like Chakras Stations begin to shut down through abuse, be it external or self inflicted. What this spells is that at a certain point the person becomes lead-like which is least effected by light, astrologically a Saturnalian grumpy crone. The sacred fire being left unattended loses its spark and must be rekindled. See tips below to learn how to prevent, avoid, or cure this in 5 ways to begin activating your hidden potential.


We come from times where nobody saw god as separate from themselves and in fact most knew themselves as being gods also.

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5 ways to begin activating your potential. Never believe that common sense is common. If you are 70% water what should you be most concerned about? Distill your water and then re-mineralize it (this is very important, do not drink just distilled water). Try to swap out as much water as possible meaning try to cook in distilled water also in addition to drinking. You can buy a water distiller that distills approx. 1 gallon every 2 hours. Invest in

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“I rebel; therefore we exist.” — Albert Camus

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee


ERE’S THE THING: the earth is not fucked. The earth will go on evolving with or without us. In fact, in many ways it is better off without us. No, it’s the human world that’s fucked. Either we adapt and overcome by making cooperation primary and competition secondary, or we’re fucked. It really is that simple. Unfucking the world will not be a walk in the park. It will be a complete upheaval of what we think we know about how human beings are “supposed” to live on this planet. We’ll have to turn the tables on our egos, our so called leaders, and even our loved ones. We’ll have to outgrow being indifferent and get used to being different. We’ll have to awaken and clear outdated, multigenerational patterns that need interrogation and then integration at a higher vibration. Here are five ways to attempt unfucking an otherwise fucked up world. Without further ado, let the unfucking begin.

example. Start by questioning everything, especially yourself. Meditate on everything, and then let it go so you are free to create something new. Do it to the nth degree. Question yourself so hard and so ruthlessly that your bones ache with doubt and your soul trembles with uncertainty. And then let that doubt and uncertainty go. Question your devotion to an unhealthy, unsustainable lifestyle. Then brainstorm on ways to live healthier and more sustainably. Question why you tolerate and defend unjust, inept, and corrupt systems of human governance. Then free-associate ways to make it more just, more competent, and more honest. A mindfuck a day keeps the brainwash away. Question why you’re not doing what it takes too become healthier in mind, body, and soul. Interrogate your ego. Cross-examine your soul. Then take the answers and apply them to the natural world. Get out into nature and have a deep,

The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie.

1. Unfuck Yourself “To be human is necessarily to be a vulnerable risk-taker; to be a courageous human is to be good at it.” — Jonathan Lear Before you can unfuck the world, you have to unfuck yourself and then lead by

interdependent conversation with Mother Nature using a language older than words, and then discard what insults her soul. Her soul is your soul, after all. Like Walt Whitman said, “Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book; dismiss whatever insults your own soul.” Unfucking the world begins at home. If you unfuck yourself again and again, you might earn the right to unfuck the rest of us.

2. Learn the Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck “Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.” —Tom Robbins Here’s the thing: we live in a grossly misbalanced, rigid, stuck-in-the-muck, headup-its-ass Apollonian society. In order to balance it out, indeed in order to tonalize an otherwise atonal world, we need to dig down deep into our wild, playful, laugh-outloud, humorous, drunken Dionysian energy. A primordial energy that could give two blue shits whether or not the powers-that-be

approve of our actions. A primal energy that isn’t worried about pissing off authority or rustling the feathers of militant idiots caughtup in their robotic puppetry while gripping rifle butts and splitting the air with their tyrannical heil-fuckery. An ancient energy that gives zero fucks about cultural norms and outdated laws and parochial finger-pointers. We learn to accept what we can’t change, but change what we can’t accept. It’s the kind of laugh-out-loud energy that caused the beautiful Betty White (who just so happens to not give a fuck) to say, “Why do people say ‘grow some balls’? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”

3. Become a Well-Armed Lamb (Lion) “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding on what to eat for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” — Benjamin Franklin A well-armed lamb is a lion in sheep’s clothing that has the potential to trump the wolf. A black sheep who has unfucked themselves out of the illusion of being shepherded and into the reality that the world is what we make of it. “The price of being a sheep is boredom,” wrote Hugh Macleod. “The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with care.” Or we can choose to be the wise lion and really become a force to be reckoned with. Part of unfucking the world is understanding how the world is put together, and that requires knowledge. A well-armed lamb is a wise lion that cannot be ignored. This type of person knows all the rules, but the rules don’t know them. They are artists par excellence. Their medium is human flourishing. Their canvas is

See “UNF*CK” on page 25

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Black Seed

The Remedy for Everything But Death By Sayer Ji


HIS HUMBLE, but immensely powerful seed, kills MRSA, heals the chemical weapon poisoned body, stimulates regeneration of the dying beta cells within the diabetic’s pancreas, and yet too few even know it exists. The seeds of the annual flowering plant, Nigella Sativa, have been prized for their healing properties since time immemorial. While frequently referred to among English-speaking cultures as Roman coriander, black sesame, black cumin, black caraway and onion seed, it is known today primarily as black seed, which is at the very least an accurate description of its physical

appearance. The earliest record of its cultivation and use come from ancient Egypt. Black seed oil, in fact, was found in Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb, dating back to approximately 3,300 years ago.[i] In Arabic cultures, black cumin is known as Habbatul barakah, meaning the “seed of blessing.” It is also believed that the Islamic prophet Mohammed said of it that it is “a remedy for all diseases except death.” Many of black cumin’s traditionally ascribed health benefits have been thoroughly confirmed in the biomedical literature. In fact, since 1964, there have been 656 published, peer-reviewed studies referencing it. We have indexed salient research, available to view on GreenMedInfo.

com on our Black Seed(Nigella Sativa) page, on well over 40 health conditions that may be benefited from the use of the herb, including over 20 distinct pharmacological actions it expresses, such as: n Analgesic (Pain-Killing) n Anti-Bacterial n Anti-Inflammatory n Anti-Ulcer n Anti-Cholinergic n Anti-Fungal n Ant-Hypertensive n Antioxidant n Antispasmodic n Antiviral n Bronchodilator n Gluconeogenesis Inhibitor (AntiDiabetic) n Hepatoprotective (Liver Protecting) n Hypotensive n Insulin Sensitizing n Interferon Inducer n Leukotriene Antagonist n Renoprotective (Kidney Protecting) n Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Inhibitor These 30 pharmacological actions are only a subset of a far wider number of beneficial properties intrinsic to the black seed. While it is remarkable that this seed has the ability to positively modulate so many different biological pathways, this is actually a rather common occurrence among traditional plant medicines. Our project has identified over 1600 natural compounds with a wide range of health benefits, and we are only in our first 5 years of casual indexing. There are tens of thousands of other substances that have already been researched, with hundreds of thousands of studies supporting their medicinal value (MEDLINE, whence our study abstracts come, has over 600,000 studies classified as related to Complementary and Alternative Medicine). Take turmeric, for example. We have identified research indicating its value in over 600 health conditions, while also expressing over 160 different potentially beneficial pharmacological actions. You can view the quick summary of over 1500 studies we have summarized on our Turmeric Research page, which includes an explorative video on turmeric. Professional database members are further empowered to manipulate the results according to their search criteria, i.e. pull up and print to PDF the 61 studies on turmeric and breast cancer. This, of course, should help folks realize how voluminous the supportive literature indicating the medicinal value of natural substances, such as turmeric and black seed, really is. Black seed has been researched for very specific health conditions. Some of the most compelling applications include: n Type 2 Diabetes: Two grams of black seed a day resulted in reduced fasting glucose, decreased insulin resistance, increased beta-cell function, and reduced glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in human subjects.[ii] n Helicobacter Pylori Infection: Black seeds possess clinically useful anti-H. pylori activity, comparable to

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triple eradication therapy.[iii] n Epilepsy: Black seeds were traditionally known to have anticonvulsive properties. A 2007 study with epileptic children, whose condition was refractory to conventional drug treatment, found that a water extract significantly reduced seizure activity.[iv] n High Blood pressure: The daily use of 100 and 200 mg of black seed extract, twice daily, for 2 months, was found to have a blood pressure-lowering effect in patients with mild hypertension.[v] n Asthma: Thymoquinone, one of the main active constituents within Nigella sativa (black cumin), is superior to the drug fluticasone in an animal model of asthma.[vi] Another study, this time in human subjects, found that boiled water extracts of black seed have relatively potent anti-asthmatic effect on asthmatic airways.[vii] n Acute tonsillopharyngitis: characterized by tonsil or pharyngeal inflammation (i.e. sore throat), mostly viral in origin, black seed capsules (in combination with Phyllanthus niruri) have been found to significantly alleviate throat pain, and reduce the need for pain-killers, in human subjects.[viii] n Chemical Weapons Injury: A randomized, placebo-controlled human study of chemical weapons injured patients found that boiled water extracts of black seed reduced respiratory symptoms, chest wheezing, and pulmonary function test values, as well as reduced the need for drug treatment. [ix] n Colon Cancer: Cell studies have found that black seed extract compares favourably to the chemoagent 5-fluoruracil in the suppression of colon cancer growth, but with a far higher safety profile.[x] Animal research has found that black seed oil has significant inhibitory effects against colon cancer in rats, without observable side effects.[xi] n MRSA: Black seed has antibacterial activity against clinical isolates of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus.[xii] n Opiate Addiction/Withdrawal: A study on 35 opiate addicts found black seed as an effective therapy in long-term treatment of opioid dependence.[xiii] Sometimes the biblical reference to ‘faith the size of a mustard seed moving mountains’ comes to mind in connection with natural substances like black seeds. After all, do seeds not contain within them the very hope for continuance of the entire species that bore it? This super-saturated state of the seed, where life condenses itself down into an intensely miniaturized holographic fragment of itself, promising the formation of future worlds within itself, is the very emblem of life’s immense and immortal power. If we understand the true nature of the seed, how much life (past, present and future) is contained within it, it will not seem so far-fetched that it is capable of conquering antibiotic resistant bacteria, healing the body from chemical weapons poisoning, or stimulate the regeneration of dying insulin-producing

See “BLACK SEED” on page 30

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All LIFE Depends on SOIL Dr. Vandana Shiva


015 IS THE YEAR of soil. Bringing the soil to the centre of our consciousness and our planning is vital for the life of the soil, but also for the future of our society. History provides ample evidence that civilizations which ignored the health and well-being of the soil, and exploited it without renewing its fertility, disappeared along with the soil. Indian civilization has sustained itself over thousands of years because it revered the soil as sacred and inviolable. It treated it as Mother Earth. The Atharva Veda invokes the prayer to prithvi, the Earth: “Let what I dig from thee, O Earth, rapidly spring and grow again.
O Purifier, let me not pierce through thy vitals or thy heart” Today’s dominant policies and laws seem to be saying the opposite to the Earth—“We will dig so deep and so violently, we will bulldoze so brutally, on such a large scale and at such a high speed, that we will tear through your vitals and your heart, ensuring that nothing can grow from you again.” Both ecological science and our ancient wisdom teaches us that all life depends on soil. But we are now unthinkingly adopting the illusion that human progress is based on how fast we can destroy, bury and consume the soil. Uncontrolled urbanization, mega mines, superhighways and gigantic infrastructure

projects are the burial grounds of fertile soil. We are forgetting that life grows from soil, not concrete and tarmac. It is only our farmers who are practicing ecological agriculture, returning organic matter to the soil and growing soil fertility, and, through it, the foundation of our food and our future. In practicing organic farming, they also conserve

undemocratically appropriate land from the farmers and hand it over to builders and speculators. A war against land and people has been declared through the land acquisition ordinance which, by reversing the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013, takes us back to the colonial law of 1894. There is a clash between two views of history on the land question. There is a false, linear view of history that projects human progress as moving from agriculture to industry to service economies. A more realistic view recognizes that history moves in cycles. At the national level, history of land is not a linear history of dispossession, but a cyclical history of land grab and land reform. The British created the zamindari system, which led to violence, injustice and famines. Peasants started movements like Tebhaga after the great Bengal famine, and movements for land reform and land rights based on “land to the tiller” philosophy. West Bengal had its Operation Barga, India introduced “land ceiling,” a limit on the ownership of land, and land reform along with land distribution made Independent India a land of hard working, sovereign and proud small farmers. The land grab ordinance is, in fact, a new zamindari, aimed at reversing all that

“Let what I dig from thee, O Earth, rapidly spring and grow again.
O Purifier, let me not pierce through thy vitals or thy heart” water and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus addressing climate change (induced by geoengineering. ed.). Money might grow from speculative real estate development, but not life. Multiple “clashes of civilization” are taking place in India today around soil and land. There is a clash between what Aristotle called “chrematistics,” the art of moneymaking, and “oikonomia,” the art of living. The clash is between the soil and Earth centred agrarian economies of peasant societies and the money-centered speculative economies which are obsessed with the art of money making, with no respect for the democratic rights of people whose land is being grabbed, or for the soil that has sustained our civilization over millennia. This intense clash is because the government wants to forcefully and

Independent India put in place to protect— land, food security, the sovereignty of small farmers and the country. But it is more than a reversal because the context is different. In today’s context, unjust laws passed undemocratically for land acquisition have far more impact because the activities are more destructive ecologically and socially. Removal of the clauses for consent in the land ordinance is an assault on democracy. Removal of the food security clauses is a reckless and irresponsible action forfeiting the future. Has the government been so blinded by corporate “chrematistics” that it cannot see the damage this will do to life of the soil, the “oikonomia,” the vital food economy of the peasants? Has it been so deafened by the voice of those whose only objective is profits and money-making, that it cannot hear the screams of a dying soil and the people of the soil—the tribals and peasants? A new Singapore-style capital is proposed for Andhra Pradesh at the cost of Rs 100,000 crore. About 100,000 acre of prime farmland on the banks of the Krishna river is being grabbed from small farmers who, with one acre land, earn more than Rs 30,000 per month. Former Indian Administrative Service

See “SOIL” on page 30

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Time To Support Local Farming By Jefferey Jaxen.



HORTLY AFTER MIKE ADAMS (The Health Ranger) appeared on the scene with his website Natural News, it quickly became a leader in virtual alternative health news for a growing number of people who were hungry for knowledge about their food, health and well-being. Those who no longer trusted big corporations and understood that profit margins historically trumped individual health, now had a trusted source, community and a home. Decades ago, your great grandparents had no need or use for the words ‘organic’ or ‘raw’ attached to their food, simply because most of it came directly from their own backyard or local community. People knew where their food came from and in most cases, had a personal relationship with the grower, farmer or producer. Big corporations were not in the forefront of food production as they are today, spraying chemicals, pushing genetically modified seeds, and marketing their aspartame spiked, high fructose corn syrup-laced addictive concoctions masquerading as edible meals. However, their time is quickly coming to an end.

Corporate Food Now Checkmated The people are now regularly voting with the loudest voice they have; their pocketbook. This is instantly affecting bottom lines, profit margins and stock prices almost overnight. In a dog eat dog business

world, damage like that begins to add up quick. Companies and corporations with questionable business practices have to make rapid decisions or risk being cast aside into history’s dust bin as irrelevant at best and public relations nightmares at worst. It is clear that people who are interested, concerned, passionate and educated are outside the gates of such companies with virtual torches and pitchforks. Their collective on-line voice is stronger than any clever ad campaign, public relations apology, or celebrity endorsement. However, it appears that the checkmate has already happened without much fanfare. The game is over yet the pieces still remain on the board. Establishments like Whole Foods, Subway, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and others are stuck in what amounts to a checkmate, having procured food that has been discovered to

contain genetically modified organisms (GMO), heavy metals, pesticides, etc. As a note, such discoveries were made by passionate individuals that refused to take companies at their word when it came the health of their family and community. The problem for such companies stocking, sourcing, and manufacturing food is that their very supply chain is corrupted. Due to centralization of the food industry, changes will now take years to correct. Do you have time to sit around and eat food that devastates your health, on record, while big food industries fix these problems? I don’t, and I’m noticing many others around me who feel the same. The solution lies in decentralization back to supporting local trusted farmers, communities and your own backyard. Let this article be a parting pat on the back to big agribusiness and corporate food/ farming. Your supply chained, prepackaged “food stuffs” and health damaging, low cost ingredients were a good experiment, but they have failed many times over on many fronts.

True Power Realized The Natural News food lab is essentially the death blow to the centralized food industry. Many more will soon join this revolution that has been kicked off by Mike Adams, The Food Babe (Army), and many others at the local level. It has been proven time and time again that the food industry’s internal standards and safety measures have failed. The FDA and EPA are asleep at the wheel and have neglected their positions of trust we have bestowed upon them. For quick proof, follow @FDARecalls on twitter or visit their website dedicated to the growing number of recalls. The people, along with the help of The Natural News Forensic Food Lab, are running and have always run the show. It is our energy, attention and funding that allows companies to gain popularity and simply exist. Any industry and/or individual companies are simply there to conform to our collective will. Before the Internet, television and print advertisements were enough to steer our opinion. Now we have become educated and are putting our collective power, comprised of each individual’s decision to be healthy and empowered, behind those that meet our needs. Summer is upon us and I encourage those reading this to be part of the solution and take back your power by planting a Victory Garden, visit your local farmer/food co-op, or simply start relearning about your food and your health.

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From The Manhattan Project to Artifical Intelligence

By Jay


T IS NOT BY ACCIDENT or organic, “grassroots” trend that numerous films are coming focused on artificial intelligence and the transhumanist takeover. From H.G. Wells’ tales of genetic chimaeras in The Island of Dr. Moreau, to Sixth Day with Schwarzenegger, to coming A.I. films like Chappie, the predictive programming preparations are rolling out. My recent research has focused on the Manhattan, and like the MK ULTRA programs, Manhattan had a much wider application than is commonly known. In fact, MK ULTRA and Manhattan are related through the connect of biometrics and bio-warfare. As MK ULTRA faded away, the program was renamed MK SEARCH and transferred to Fort Detrick, one of the U.S. Military’s biological weaponsfocused bases. And with both MK SEARCH and Manhattan, we find an overarching ideology of transhumanism that has its origins much earlier in the alchemists of the ancient world. The Manhattan Project was publicly known as the secret operation spanning several years devoted to developing the atomic bomb, yet the truth is much deeper and darker. The Manhattan Project was actually a vast program concerned with radiation, human exposure and the grand telos (goal. ed) – engineering resistant, synthetic humanoids. The inklings that we can gather about this overall, long-term project appear to be geared towards biologically engineering humans to withstand the coming onslaught of various alterations in the entire biosphere. In order to transition to the synthetic overlay that will integrate SmartCities, the “Internet of Things,” human bioengineering, cloning, biometrics, genetic programming and environmental engineering is now an open plan in numerous transhumanist lectures and publications. Yet in order to reach this phase, experimentation is necessary, and what

better means to that end than experimenting on populations en masse. We have already seen in my discussions and analysis the technocratic establishment has no qualms about testing on unwitting subjects, so covert experimentation on mass populations is not without precedent. From MK ULTRA to covert spraying, the U.S. government sprayed St. Louis, for example, in a radiation experiment under the guise of prepping for a Russian attack. That this particular experiment (among numerous) involved radiation was no coincidence. The 20th Century appears to have been the “radiation century,” suggesting the hypothesis by researchers like Sofia Smallstorm to be correct (see lecture at the bottom of this article). Smallstorm argues the goal of the 20th century’s experiments were precisely to overwrite the existing biosphere with a new, synthetic overlay, or humanity 2.0. Humanity Plus, the new homo evolutis, would be an androgynous being capable of technocratic control beneath the all-seeing Eye of panoptic surveillance. Children will be grown in test tubes, according to the Brave New World plans of Huxley, and sex would become meaningless. Offspring allowed to subsist will be genderless automatons, made for slave-like subjugation and toil. Wells described this in his Time Machine, with the Morlocks and Eloi. From Bertrand Russell to Dr. Edward Teller, the plan that is blossoming in our day is showing itself to be a unified one – a plan that spans the last century in particular as the century of the “final revolution” (in Russell’s words), where scientific process would reveal the secrets to technological imperialism. Teller himself, as I have written, was not only a key figure in the development of the hydrogen bomb and the Manhattan Project, but also the father of aerosol spraying and atmospheric geoengineering. This period is thus concurrent with the alchemical atomic and nuclear tests done igniting bombs in the atmosphere, beginning at the Trinity Site in New Mexico. The history site ABomb1 explains: “From 1945 to 1963 the U.S.A. conducted an extensive campaign of atmospheric nuclear tests, grouped into roughly 20 test “series.” After 1963 when the Limited Test Ban Treaty was signed testing for the U.S., Soviet Union, and Great Britain moved underground. France continued atmospheric testing until 1974 and China did so until 1980. This page focuses mainly on U.S. testing because those documents are most readily available.” Researcher Michael A. Hoffman opines on the alchemical significance of these tests at the “Trinity” site and its scientistic underpinnings: “The reason science is a bad master and a dangerous servant and ought not to be worshipped, is that science is

not objective. Science is fundamentally about the uses of measurement. What does not fit the yardstick of the scientist is discarded. Scientific determinism has repeatedly excluded some data from its measurement and fudged other data, such as Piltdown Man, in order to support the self-fulfilling nature of its own agenda be it Darwinism, or “cut, burn and poison” methods of cancer “treatment…. This process is observed in the Renaissance, which was informed by a secret gnosis whose core dogma was momentous change in man’s attitude toward nature: the alleged “perfection’ of a “flawed” Creation by the invention of the “omnipotent” human brain. Thus it was the Renaissance magical tradition

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From the Malthusians of the Victorian era to the White House Science Czar John P. Holdren, whose Ecoscience dictates a picture more frightening than mere population control, the endgame is the alchemical transformation of man into the new aeon of techno-man. that gave birth to the monstrous world of machines, industrial pollution, ugliness and the modern way of death we have come to term the “rat race.” (Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, pg. 49) And in regard to the esoteric significance of the site itself as a “rite” to mock the Trinity: Parsons openly combined his occult views with scientism to pioneer rocket technology. “The creation and destruction of primordial matter [prima materia in Aristotelianism -Jay] at the White Head (Ancient of Days) at White Sands, New Mexico, at the Trinity Site. The Trinity Site itself is located at the beginning of an ancient western road known in Old Mexico as the jornada del muerto (The Journey of Death)….Fabled alchemy had at least three goals to accomplish before the complete decay of matter, the total breakdown we are witnessing today, was fulfilled. These are: 1. Creation and Destruction of Primordial Matter 2. The Killing of the Divine King 3. The Bringing of Prima Materia to Prima Terra” The connection here to the overall stratagems of the technocratic transhumanists and the Manhattan Project can now be elucidated, and for those skeptical of the connection of ritual magicians and occultists to modern science, consider the person of Jack Parsons, the father of the jet propulsion engine, who was an avid follower of Resistance is futile. Crowley’s OTO. The ouroboros signified here is the cycle of temporal and material existence being transcended to achieve apotheosis through techne. For this great work to be achieved, much experimentation was needed – from the human psyche, to the depths of subatomic particles. I wrote about the splitting of the atom as a kind of ritual sacrifice in my “Knowledge Without Wisdom” essay as follows: The false faith in man’s reason and scientific methodology must also be accompanied by a false faith in man and his own progress. This is not to say that man cannot use his reason to probe the atom or control the electromagnetic spectrum: He can

and does. But why does he do this? In a universe desacralized and emptied of any divine telos, the only logical conclusion is the destruction of what is, and thus man’s quest to dethrone God erupts into an orgiastic fanaticism to annihilate prima materia. The universe is mirrored in the atom, and so the atom must be divided, because the universe must be destroyed, and this is because man follows Satan, who is the adversary that divides. Satan is the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). To divide is to conquer, and man’s quest to ritually sacrifice the atom like Abraham divided the carcasses (Gen. 15:10) is also much like Phaethon. Phaethon is the mortal son of Apollo who tried to drive his chariot into the sun. It is a myth modern man should consider. In Plato’s esoteric masterpiece The Timaeus, Solon speaks of Phaethon:

Salk’s Technocratic Man Unfolding. “There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes. There is a story that even you [Greeks] have preserved, that once upon a time, Phaethon, the son of Helios, having yoked the steeds in his father’s chariot, because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth, and was himself destroyed by a thunderbolt. Now this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals.” Fast forward to the scandal of the SV 40 vaccine and Dr. Jonas Salk and Dr. Maurice Hilleman, and we have an “accident” in which the simian virus in the inoculations resulted in cancer. According to Edward T. Haslam in his Dr. Mary’s Monkey, the totality of the Manhattan project was largely concerned with radiation, with the technology of inoculation having intimate connections to the military industrial establishment. When we consider the central place of planetary bioengineering and biometrics (replacing the older “eugenics”), the new plan has morphed into dysgenics operations through covert soft kill methodologies. The SV 40 vaccine is believed by some to be, not a cure, but a covert experiment into the results of inoculation technology for population control. While this may seem far-fetched to many, Dr. Jonas Salk himself wrote of the need for vast population reduction in his 1972 book Man Unfolding and the ability of the establishment to accomplish these goals through technocratic means. See the video at, where in the CBC documentary, Dr. Hilleman openly admits the SV 40 infected the populace. The PolioForever Blog has done extensive research on the SV 40 and cancer, citing numerous establishment sources and papers linking the Manhattan Project to vaccinations, radiation and cancer experimentation and particle accelerators. Concerning the SV 40, the citations are as follows: [T]his period, 1951-1953, is awfully convenient for the AEC and the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission’s

hundred-year-surveillance recommendation, and just in time for experimental inclusion in polio vaccine. Along with the cancerous HeLa cells harvested in February of 1951 at Johns Hopkins (funnelled to Univ. Minnesota lab of Scherer and Syverton, under direction of Leo Szilard) which became viral seed-stock for the Salk IPV, the polyoma SV40 combination may have been the “right formula” for the vaccine, announced by Jonas Salk to his supervisors in 1952…. Dr. Henry Seymour Kaplan “Together with Edward Ginzton, he invented the first medical linear accelerator in the Western hemisphere while he worked at the Stanford University Medical Center of Stanford University, San Francisco. The six million volt machine was first used in 1955, six months after another model was first used in England.” The particle accelerators were used to microwave the various cells, while results were catalogued to determine their biological warfare utility. Haslam writes: “My conclusion is that this medical Manhattan project that was on the grounds of the U.S. Public Health Service hospital in New Orleans was using a linear particle accelerator for the purpose of mutation of…cancer-causing viruses, and the danger and ethical issues why they kept it so secret. ….There was another [covert] laboratory which was the investigative team working for [Jim] Garrison’s investigation on the Kennedy assassination. This was an underground laboratory which was reportedly using cancer-causing viruses to create cancer and what is particularly disturbing about this laboratory is the location..[which] was in the hands of people who can easily be described as right-wing

See “RE-WRITE” on page 24

The Trinity monument marks the site of the first detonation of a nuclear weapon.

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Chemtrails – How Do We Stop The Spraying? By Dane Wigington


LL WHO KNOW ABOUT the “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG) or “solar radiation management” (SRM) want an answer to the question – How do we stop it?

The Concerted, Coordinated Government Agency Cover-Up Governments lie about everything. Regarding the issue of geoengineering, the doors to all government representatives and all government agencies have been locked and shackled shut. Those behind the spraying operations have made vast preparations to protect these programs and keep them hidden in plain sight over the course of decades. Governmental agencies like “Water Quality” and “Air Quality” have been structured in a manner to mask the mountain of toxic fallout from the weather/climate modification programs. They have left no stone unturned and no door unlocked. In California for example, State Water Quality stopped testing for aluminum in 2002. CARB (California Air Resources Board) also does not even look for such contaminants. I personally attended a high level CARB closed door meeting in Sacramento, California, which was arranged by a congressional representative. There were 5 high level CARB officials in attendance. I was told to my face

that they are mandated to test for “combustion particulates only”. The rest of the air samples apparently go out the window. Certainly it would be hard to find what you are told not to look for. The testing of regional air quality agencies is never going to show the fallout from the aerosol spraying as the geoengineering particles are far too small to be picked up by all, but the most sophisticated and expensive and specialized air testing equipment. Politicians, federal agencies, and government representatives are also a dead-end brick wall. Most simply produce the public propaganda sheet from NASA which states “Chemtrails are a hoax”. “Chemtrails”? Did I even mention this term to these people? No. I supplied data only on SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SRM (solar radiation management). Does NASA’s disinformation sheet mention anything about geoengineering being a hoax? No chance. Their disinformation sheet does not even mention the “geoengineering” term (note: always use the scientific terms to gain credibility).

They’ve Sold Us Down a Toxic River For virtually all “bought and paid for” government officials, the NASA “chemtrails hoax” sheet is an easy out. This includes supposedly environmentally-minded congress woman Barbara Boxer. I have been in her office also, to absolutely no avail. A complete dead end. I have spoken in front of the entire CARB board, supplying them and their scientists with

hard science data and videos. Nothing. I have done the same in front of the California Energy Commission (who admitted on the record the State of California was losing 20% or more of its rainfall from “particulates of unknown origin”). No response whatsoever from them. Such “dead ends” should be expected for a number of reasons. Any and all government scientists have no first amendment rights. None seem to have the courage to risk their jobs in spite of the fact that the ongoing atmospheric geoengineering is putting all life on Earth in the balance. Agencies answer to State officials whose existence is now dependent on backdoor funding from the Federal Reserve to the tune of tens of billions. In the case of California, about 30 billion a year or more from the FED appears to be the only thing keeping the State going. Spineless State officials are not about to risk their positions by allowing state agencies to raise a red flag on the horrific contamination from the spraying. If they did sound the alarm, the fiat money from the Federal Government, which keeps the state afloat, would certainly be shut down.

We Must Expose the Spraying The bottom line is this: it’s up to all of us and each of us to expose the spraying. For any that engage in hard, objective research on the subject of geoengineering, and its already known consequences, it is inevitable to conclude that our lives quite literally depend on stopping these programs. The atmospheric spraying is poisoning every breath we take, shredding the ozone, decimating the Earth’s hydrological cycle causing drought and deluge,

sterilizing soils and waters with toxic metals and chemicals, blocking natural sunlight and causing massive fungal proliferation and contamination. There is more, but the point should be clear. How do we do this? By making it our mission – each and every one of us – to put credible and compelling data into the hands of people, groups, and organizations, that would care, if they only knew. Such a list of target recipients is almost endless. Alzheimer’s groups, autism, ADD, environmental, farm, organic foods, ranchers, forestry, journalists, etc. We need to be thorough. Information can be given in a number of ways. From one’s own home computer appropriate people and groups can be located. Credible e-mails can be sent with a few solid articles on the subject attached (check the homepage for “activist suggestions” and “flaming arrows”, and Wake Up World’s geoengineering page). Postal addresses can be found to mail DVD’s on the subject of geoengineering, such as the film “Look Up – a Social Action Documentary” by film maker George Barnes. Start spot fires of awareness that will grow into blazes that cannot be put out.

Awareness Reaching Critical Mass Though there are no easy answers, the most straight forward solution is the most likely to succeed. We must all continue to focus on effectively and credibly raising public awareness until we reach critical mass. We are getting closer to this with each passing day.

See “CHEMTRAILS” on page 23

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20 Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Cancer & How Woman Replaced 40 Medications With Raw Cannabis Juice By Mark David


LTHOUGH THE RESULTS may not be shocking to everyone, many people on the planet are just starting to wake up to the tremendous medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer. A recent study conducted by the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany just discovered that the activation of the brain’s cannabinoid system triggers the release of antioxidants that act as a cleansing mechanism. This process is known to remove damaged cells and improve the efficiency of mitochondria. Mitochondria is the energy sources that powers cells. The study was published in the Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, B. There is also a large amount of evidence supporting the fact that cannabis can also be an effective treatment, and even a potential cure for cancer. We provided a list of 20 medical studies that prove cannabis can cure cancer. We already know that prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people each year and that a plantbased diet can prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths. It’s time to lose our stigmatism about cannabis, the only reason we’ve been made to look at it in a negative manner is because it would threaten multiple industries (including the pharmaceutical industry). Cannabis along with hemp has over 50,000 uses and could help transform our world. Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system(2). While not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis. Contrary to popular thought and belief, smoking the cannabis does not assist a great deal in treating disease within the body as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through smoking. Creating oil from the plant or eating the plant is the best way to go about getting the necessary ingredients which are the cannabinoids. Another aspect of smoking the cannabis that must be looked at is the fact that when the cannabis is heated and burnt it changes the chemical structure and acidity of the THC which changes its ability to be therapeutic. Furthermore, anytime you burn something and inhale it, you create oxidation within the body. That oxidation is not healthy for the body and can lead to health issues itself. This is why anti-oxidants are an important part of any healthy diet. Cannabis has been making a lot of noise lately. Multiple states across the United States

and countries around the world have successfully legalized medical Marijuana, and the Uruguay parliament recently voted to create the world’s first legal marijuana market. This is good news as the health benefits of Cannabis are vast, with multiple medical and scientific studies that confirm them. On the other hand, arguments against the use of marijuana is usually published in Psychiatric journals, which show no scientific evidence that Cannabis is harmful to human health. All psychological evaluations from the intake of cannabis are largely based on assumptions, suggestions and observations. When we look at the actual science behind Cannabis, the health benefits can be overwhelming. So what does one who opposes the use of cannabis base their belief on? Nothing, not scientific evidence anyways. The negative stigma attached to marijuana is due to it’s supposed psychotropic effects, yet again, there is no scientific evidence to show that marijuana has any psychotropic effects. Nonetheless, cannabis has recently been the focus of medical research and considered as a potential therapeutic treatment and cure for cancer. Cannabis is a great example of how the human mind is programmed and conditioned to believe something. Growing up, we are told drugs are bad, which is very true, however not all substances that have been labelled as “drugs” by the government are harmful. Multiple substances are labelled as a “drug” in order to protect corporate interests. One example is the automobile and energy industry, a car made from hemp is stronger than steel, and can be fuelled from hemp alone. Henry Ford demonstrated this many years ago. Hemp actually has over 50,000 uses! Let’s take a look at the science behind Cannabis and Cancer. Although Cannabis has been proven to be effective for a large range of ailments, this article will focus mainly on it’s effectiveness in the treatment of cancer. Cannabinoids may very well be one of the best disease and cancer fighting treatments out there. Cannabinoids refer to any of a group of related compounds that include cannabinol and the

active constituents of cannabis. They activate cannabinoid receptors in the body. The body itself produces compounds called endocannabinoids and they play a role in many processes within the body that help to create a healthy environment. Cannabinoids also play a role in immune system generation and re-generation. The body regenerates best when it’s saturated with Phyto-Cannabinoids. Cannabinoids can also be found in Cannabis. It is important to note that the cannabinoids are plentiful in both hemp and cannabis. One of the main differentiations between hemp and cannabis is simply that hemp only contains 0.3% THC while cannabis is 0.4% THC or higher. (Technically they are both strains of Cannabis Sativa.) Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system. While not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis. While taking a look at these studies, keep in mind that cannabis can be much more effective for medicinal purposes when we eat it rather than smoking it. Below are 20 medical studies that prove cannabis can be an effective treatment and possible cure for cancer. Please keep in mind that this is a very short list of studies that support the use of medicinal marijuana. Please feel free to further your research, hopefully this is a good starting point.

Brain Cancer 1. A study published in the British Journal of Cancer, conducted by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Complutense University in Madrid, this study determined that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids inhibit tumour growth. They were responsible for the first clinical study aimed at assessing cannabinoid antitumoral action. Cannabinoid delivery was safe and was achieved with zero psychoactive effects. THC was found to decrease tumour cells in two out of the nine patients. 2. A study published in The Journal of Neuroscience examined the biochemical events in both acute neuronal damage and in slowly progressive, neurodegenerative diseases. They conducted a magnetic resonance imaging study that looked at THC (the main active compound in marijuana) and found that it reduced neuronal injury in rats. The results of this study provide evidence that the cannabinoid system can serve to protect the brain against neurodegeneration. 3. A study published in The Journal

of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics already acknowledged the fact that cannabinoids have been shown to possess antitumor properties. This study examined the effect of cannabidiol (CBD, non psychoactive cannabinoid compound) on human glioma cell lines. The addition of cannabidiol led to a dramatic drop in the viability of glioma cells. Glioma is the word used to describe brain tumour. The study concluded that cannabidiol was able to produce a significant antitumor activity. 4. A study published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics outlines how brain tumours are highly resistant to current anticancer treatments, which makes it crucial to find new therapeutic strategies aimed at improving the poor prognosis of patients suffering from this disease. This study also demonstrated the reversal of tumour activity in Glioblastoma multiforme.

Breast Cancer 5. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine, conducted by the California Pacific Medical Centre determined that cannabidiol (CBD) inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation and invasion. They also demonstrated that CBD significantly reduces tumour mass. 6. A study published in The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics determined that THC as well as cannabidiol dramatically reduced breast cancer cell growth. They confirmed the potency and effectiveness of these compounds. 7. A study published in the Journal Molecular Cancer showed that THC reduced tumour growth and tumour numbers. They determined that cannabinoids inhibit cancer cell proliferation, induce cancer cell apoptosis and impair tumour angiogenesis (all good things). This study provides strong evidence for the use of cannabinoid based therapies for the management of breast cancer. 8. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) determined that cannabinoids inhibit human breast cancer cell proliferation.

Lung Cancer 9. A study published in the journal Oncogene, by Harvard Medical Schools Experimental Medicine Department

See “CANNABIS” on page 30

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Your Aura And How It Affects Others Gregg Prescott, M.S.


AVE YOU EVER noticed people who simply make you feel good by just looking at them? Have you ever observed someone for the first time and knew that there was something off with this person, even though that particular person never said a word to you? As more experiments are conducted within this field, we are finding more and more astonishing results. For example, Russian professor Konstantin Korotkov found that upon death, the human aura will continue to change for approximately 72 hours after the person is pronounced clinically dead. Korotkov stated, “We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world.”

the woman who was taking publicity photos. Her aura was a dark red. I asked the woman whom I was with if she could see this photographer’s aura as well, and she confirmed the same color. I then said to the photographer, “Hi, how are you doing?” to which she responded how she was out late the previous night and was really tired today. Her aura, however, said that she really didn’t want to be there that particular day. Even without seeing her aura, one

Your aura is a body of energy generated around you. It is basically the world’s best detector of human emotion and can show the “real you” no matter how hard you try to hide it. could sense her energy, which may be more apparent to empaths than to others. Perhaps empaths are more sensitive to the auric field?

You can’t hide your aura

Empaths and the auric field

Everything you know and see can boil down to energy. Plants, trees and even inanimate objects such as gemstones, can exhibit an aura. Your aura is a body of energy generated around you. It is basically the world’s best detector of human emotion and can show the “real you” no matter how hard you try to hide it. For example, I was at a conference a few years ago and noticed the aura of

Your aura reflects the energy that you are currently experiencing, as well as your overall psyche and emotional state of being. Empaths are affected by other people’s energies and have the innate ability to intuitively perceive and feel other people. While we all have this ability, some people are more in tune to it than others. This, in turn, may help to explain how

auras and energies can affect other people for what seems to be no apparent reason. For example, an empath will take on the energies of everyone, including the good, the bad and the ugly energies. A skilled empath will acknowledge them and will know how to discharge or deflect these energies while most people unknowingly absorb them.

Kirlian photography of the aura Through Kirlian photography, the human aura can be photographed. The colors of your aura reflect the colors in the chakra system. The lower three chakras are red (base chakra), orange (sacral chakra) and yellow (solar plexus chakra) while the higher four are green (heart chakra), blue (throat chakra), indigo (third eye chakra) and violet (crown chakra). Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who, in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a highvoltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate. The technique has been variously known as “electrography”, “electrophotography”, “corona discharge photography”(CDP), “bioelectrography”, “gas discharge visualization (GDV)”, “electrophotonic imaging (EPI)”, and, in Russian literature, “Kirlianography”.

See “AURA” on page 22

Japanese Scientists Prove Auras Exist Anna LeMind


GROUP OF JAPANESE scientists from the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Mio Watanabe, conducted a series of experiments by which they managed to visually capture the aura of a person, thus proving its existence! With the assistance of highly sensitive cameras the scientists were able to photograph a person’s special glow. Notably, the glow appears brightest in the morning and seems to “fade” in the evening. It is most visible around the face, mouth, cheeks and neck. Experts believe that this technique could become a new tool for use in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. A faint glow around certain body parts may indicate the presence

See “AURA PROOF” on page 22

Research Exposes How Our Water Is Making Us Depressed, Sick By Mike Barrett


DDING TO THE EVIDENCE that backs many U.S. communities’ decisions to end water fluoridation, a recent study has found that fluoride within our water supply may be fuelling thyroid issues experienced by millions of Americans, leading to depression and more. After analyzing 98% of GP practices in England, the study found specifically that rates of hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid) were 30% more likely in areas that fluoridated their water. In the study, it equated to approximately 15,000 needlessly suffering from the ailment. As mentioned, hypothyroidism is an issue that affects millions— often without anyone knowing it. It’s an issue that can lead to depression, weight gain, fatigue, aching muscles, weakness, and much more. While there are a number of causes of hypothyroidism, as well as numerous hypothyroidism natural treatments, this recent study suggests that limiting fluoride ingestion is one many should consider. The study abstract’s findings concluded: “Findings We found that higher levels of fluoride in drinking water provide a useful contribution for predicting prevalence of hypothyroidism. We found that practices located in the West Midlands (a wholly fluoridated area) are nearly twice as likely to report high hypothyroidism prevalence in comparison to Greater Manchester (non-

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Fluoridated water is much to blame While there are a number of causes of hypothyroidism, as well as numerous hypothyroidism natural treatments, this recent study suggests that limiting fluoride ingestion is one many should consider. fluoridated area)” Professor Stephen Peckham, of the University’s Centre for Health Service Studies (CHSS), said that research was ‘observational,’ and thus no definitive conclusions should be drawn about cause and effect. He also notes how other sources of fluoride were not taken into account, such as toothpaste, food, or other drinks. In the end, professor Peckham does say that a switch to other approaches to protecting tooth health should be considered.

You Can Prevent Fluoridate Ingestion, And Prevent Any Potential Damage In the guise of protecting and strengthening our teeth, the U.S. government has been adding fluoride to public water supplies for decades. But due to health toxicity and health concerns, many communities have voted to end fluoridation locally. However, if your city hasn’t made the shift yet, don’t worry; you can still avoid ingesting this substance.

While helping to end water fluoridation is the most official way to end fluoride consumption, there are numerous measures you can take to not only avoid fluoride, but reverse the damage it might have done. Start by investing in a high quality water filtration system that removes fluoride. The filter will note if it filters our fluoride or not, but if you don’t want to look, you can’t go wrong with a reverse osmosis system. Just be sure to add in some apple cider vinegar or Himalayan sea salt to re-mineralize the water. Additionally, you can utilize selenium, tamarind, and especially iodine to combat fluoride exposure, A compound in the spice turmeric has even been found to attenuate neurotoxicity induced by fluoride, meaning that the spice turmeric can prevent and even reverse damage from exposure to toxic fluoride. Tell us what you think about water fluoridation — have you fought for your right to drink clean water? n Additional Source:

About Mike Barrett: Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural

Fluoride, Aluminum, And A Global Society That Seems Unable To Wake Up W E ALL FACE a world that has become horribly toxic. There is no place to escape the toxic fallout, there is nowhere to hide. The all out climate engineering assault on planet Earth has assured that every living organism is forced to absorb an array of contaminants. All heavy metals are a danger to our health, but when combined, synergistic toxicity makes them much more lethal. In the case of aluminum and mercury, studies exist that suggest overall toxicity can increase as much as 10,000% when these two metals are combined. Ingestion or absorption of fluoride allows aluminum in the the human body to much more effectively cross the blood brain barrier. The power structure has made sure that all global populations were and are exposed to many lethal combinations of metals and chemicals. We are all in a literal fight for life. People around the world must awaken and stand together against the insanity or we will have no chance of survival. On the current trajectory, this is a mathematical fact. Get up, get educated, get involved with the fight for the common good, tomorrow will be too late. 
— Dane Wigington

How Fluoride Affects Consciousness and the Will to Act Waking Times New evidence has linked fluoride and other chemicals to brain disorders. What other unknown effects might this industrial by-product added to our water supply have? An examination of water fluoridation’s shadowy history reveals potentially disturbing ramifications for human consciousness. Recent research has brought the controversial practice of water fluoridation back into the spotlight, revealing links between water fluoridation and brain disorders, particularly in regard to its effect on children. Troublingly, the report found that sideeffects do not only come from direct ingestion by children, but also from higher levels of chemicals such as fluoride in expectant mothers’ blood and urine, which was linked to brain disorders and lower IQs in their children. In many cases, the changes triggered can be permanent. This evidence flies right in the face

of spurious claims by skeptics that ingestion of fluoride in low concentrations has no harmful effects on our health. Is it any wonder then that only seven countries in the world actually fluoridate more than 50 percent of their water supply? Although it is often portrayed in America as if every country does it, this is very far from the truth. In fact, the United States accounts for more than 50 percent of all the fluoridated water drinkers in the world, while the vast majority of European countries for example avoid this practice altogether. So what is fluoride and why do a few countries continue to infuse their public drinking water with this controversial chemical? What ramifications might its side effects have for human development?

How Water Fluoridation Came to Be Although there is widespread acceptance that fluoride is toxic in high doses, a trend emerged in the twentieth century to add this chemical to drinking water at dosages deemed to be “safe.” Where did this trend originate? It may surprise you to hear that apparently the first occurrence of purposefully putting sodium fluoride into drinking water took place in the German ghettos of the 30s and 40s, and shortly thereafter in Nazi concentration camps.* Clearly, the Nazis would not be concerned with the strength and resilience of their prisoners’ teeth; so, what could be the real reason to fluoridate the water? What effects does it really have upon us? And why are countries such as the United States still doing it? Let’s now look at how water fluoridation

started in America. An industry researcher from the Mellon Institute financed by the Alcoa Company first recommended water fluoridation in America in 1939. Seeing as Alcoa had toxic waste, a bi-product from aluminum otherwise known as fluoride and stood to benefit from finding a way to sell and dispose of it, could this really be a coincidence? The report convinced dentists and the public at large that water fluoridation is good for our teeth. With this, whether intended or not, the industry gained a way to get toxic waste off their hands, and moreover, even be paid to get rid of it—by selling it off to be dumped into the public water supply. In 1946, an attorney and former counsel to Alcoa was appointed to head the U.S. Public Health Service. Shortly thereafter, he ensured that the water fluoridation “experiment” passed essentially unchallenged and unchecked by any real public study or research and was soon given a $750K private bonus from Alcoa. In today’s dollars, that’s worth anywhere from $6.89 million to $55.3 million, depending on how you account for inflation. But some people have identified a more sinister agenda behind water fluoridation that goes beyond apparent greed and convenience. At the end of World War II, Charles Elliot Perkins, a researcher in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, and pathology, was sent to Germany to take charge of their chemical plants. He later wrote in response to what he had seen and heard while there: “The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty … Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluorine will in time gradually reduce the individual’s power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narco-tizing this area of the brain tissue, and make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.”

How Fluoride Suppresses Consciousness Pineal gland parenchyma with calcifications. Attribution: Wiki User Difu Wu.

But how does a chemical bi-product dumped into the water supply actually work upon those who ingest it over time? There are many ways sodium fluoride consumption affects our bodies, but one aspect we’ll focus on in this article is that sodium fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. British scientist Jennifer Luke published a study which found that fluoride deposits tended to accumulate in the pineal gland and calcify it. In addition, a 450 page review on fluoride toxicity published by the National Research Council in 2006 reported that fluoride produced a range of negative side effects including “decreased melatonin production” and “other effects on normal pineal function, which in turn could contribute to a variety of effects in humans.” Not just scientists, but mystics too have explored the effects of the pineal gland within us (from different angles): physically, it plays an important role in regulating sleep patterns and sexual development; spiritually, it is said to be a connection between the body and the soul, and is referred to by some as our “third eye.” Either way, when the pineal gland is calcified by sodium fluoride, it obviously cannot function properly. This could have grave effects both physically and spiritually upon humanity. There is more to the human body than its physical apparatus. This is widely evident in phenomenon such as near-death experiences, whereby people have had accounts of experiencing existence while their brain and body has been clinically dead. However, while we are here physically, the spiritual components depend upon the physical apparatus in order to function properly and thereby communicate and actively participate in the physical world. When an important seat of consciousness such as the pineal gland cannot function properly, by logical extension, consciousness itself cannot function properly within us, since the physical means with which it functions in the world has been damaged. Thus, it is not only that fluoride consumption has adverse health effects and reputedly makes people easier to control (as the Nazi’s believed), but the very spiritual essence of who we are, our consciousness, can be hindered from manifesting in our lives. Within our consciousness are all the spiritual feelings such as love, peace, happiness, and freedom, as well as mystical experiences and psychic faculties. The consciousness gives

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yourself. The benefits are endless as you will notice when you take a look at the bottom of the distiller after distilling your tap water. Clean those filters! You can’t drive your car without changing the oil, filters, and gaskets so what makes you think you can do your body that way? The great thing is that there are products that specialize in this allowing you to clean every major organ in the proper order. We have compiled these products over at or you can search the web for products related to Internal Cleansing. (Use the coupon code “agora” for an addition discount during checkout). To become the Heir/Air you must learn to breathe. Meditation is truly devoid without proper breathing especially for beginners. Remember you can get high on air once you learn to use it properly. The best things in life are still free and it’s important to know that you are never without allies when you have good air and water. Research “whole body breathing” for more pointers. You are what you eat and that has not changed. If you feel like your current

is low, and you have too much weight and are waiting in life’s long line, it’s highly possible that it’s time to consider a diet change. The less Karma you accumulate (which is the root to Carnivore) the easier it is to get above the speed of light with your consciousness. Don’t let anyone throw that “we need to eat meat” bag on you since a Gorilla can rip your arms off their sockets and is a vegetarian and so is a horse. Everything in moderation though, you may not be able to quit cold turkey. Become symbiotic. The entire planet is alive and responds to the frequencies you emit. The more you push out what you want to get back the more it attracts itself to you. If you are looking for knowledge try teaching what you know. There is an old saying, “if you are looking for a rare book, work at a library”, meaning do your best to make sure your environment is conducive to your projection and be sure not to exclude your internal habitat. Environment not outvironment. Until we share space again may you remain jubilant on the ever-quest with un-sluggish strength. My next article will discuss Free Energy, for the Body not for machines. Wholeness and Balance Vibrations.

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How the color of your aura can help you As mentioned, the aura follows the colors of your chakras and will give you an idea of where you are at and what you can do. Keep in mind that there are no “bad” aura colors because we can learn something from each color. If your aura is in the lower three chakras (red, orange or yellow), then chances are that you are undergoing physical plane experiences that relate to survival, sexual or emotional issues. If you would like to learn how to see your aura, then watch the following video (learning how to see your aura starts at the 1:22 marker):

How fear affects your aura Your auric energy field has been challenged and conditioned to view society from a fear perspective because, when we live in fear, we are easily controlled by those in power. When we are constantly

Aura Proof from page 20

of a disease or disorder. It is astounding that the existence of an aura remains in doubt if techniques for photographing it have existed for decades? The pioneers in this field, in fact, are the Kirlians, to this day any halos around photographed objects are referred to as the “Kirlian effect”. In their time the couple patented many inventions to photograph the glow and captured many images of it. Over time, they noticed that the images varied from person to person. From the intensity of the glow, the Kirlians learned to determine the total activity of the body, the efficiency of different drugs and treatments, as well as the state of organs and systems. Today the GDV method is fairly well developed and can be used to conduct a general analysis of the whole body. The pictures are qualitatively and objectively interpreted reducing the risk of medical errors. The effectiveness of different treatments can be detected individually. GDV is based on light emissions which appear in high voltage

thinking about bills, societal expectations, ego, materialism or sexual issues, then our auras will reflect either red, orange or yellow. If there was no such thing as money, then chances are, most of us would have green, blue, indigo or violet auras, with the exception of those who have bad intentions whether there is money or not. By removing the fear and addressing any lower physical plane issues, you will see a change in your aura’s colors to those on the astral plane (green, heart chakra) and spiritual plane (blue, throat chakra; indigo, 3rd eye chakra and violet, crown chakra). You may notice that your aura varies from one color to another. For example, my aura is either green or blue. Chances are, your aura may fluctuate from one chakra to the next, but it will be an adjacent chakra. In other words, if your aura is orange one day, it might be either red or yellow on another day. It takes a lot of inner work to reach the higher auric planes, but it’s something that anyone can accomplish. It all begins within.

electromagnetic fields. If it were to become widely used in traditional diagnosis then, with its help, doctors could not only easily carry out common diagnosis at a given moment but also identify diseases which may occur in the future. This could greatly improve the quality of preventive care. Needless to say, that in the traditional ancient oriental medicine the concept of the aura is well understood and commonly accepted. Eastern practices, both medical and spiritual, are initially directed at correcting the aura i.e. the spiritual body rather than the physical. Recovery on a physical level, therefore, is only a consequence of balancing the aura. These ancient texts also offer a very detailed analysis of the spiritual body – the energy centers, meridians, channels, etc.

Latest Posts Anna LeMind Hi, I like learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others! I post science, psychology, self improvement and other related topics. Add me to your circles on Google+ or follow me on Twitter to stay updated on my new articles. Read more at:

By Darlene Hawke,


HAT IF YOUR INSTINCTS about your health were true, that what you are being told doesn’t add up? That nature is indeed governed by a divine intelligence that you are a part of. That your body hasn’t gone out of control and started attacking itself with an autoimmune disorder – that cancer isn’t some unstoppable disease trying to take over your healthy cells and kill you. And that as you age you don’t have to become diseased, immobile, weak, blind, and loose your memory. What if you could wake up from this ‘propaganda nightmare’, return to your common sense and learn the magnificent truth of what happens to your body in times of sudden unexpected stress. Would you be surprised to discover a science of over 35 years, which disproves with 100% accuracy the conventional theory of disease, including cancer, metastasis, and degenerative conditions? After the sudden unexpected shock of his son’s accidental death in 1978, Dr. Hamer, a German oncologist in perfect health developed testicular cancer. Suspecting the cancer was precipitated by this tragedy, he discovered that all his patients, without exception, had suffered significant unexpected distress prior to their cancer diagnoses. Examining their brain scans, Dr. Hammer determined the correlation between control centres in the brain, specific emotional shocks, and the organs in the body which they impacted. His findings revealed that during

Reclaiming Your Health

Debunking the Disease Paradigm our evolution, brain control centres were programmed to respond instantly to conflicts that threatened our survival and have been doing so for millions of years. Unexpected shock initiated an ‘emergency program’ consisting of temporary changes in the body and brain (cell growth, cell loss, or functional change) to assist the individual (human or animal) in coping with a specific distress. During the process of recovery these natural physiological changes can cause uncomfortable symptoms which are interpreted by ‘conventional medicine’ as so-called disease. When the healing process completes, the body returns to balance. These discoveries empowered patients to resolve their distress and allow the natural healing process to complete without fear, panic or unnecessary intervention. Stripped of his license, suppressed and imprisoned, Dr. Hamer continued his research. Now 79, living in Norway, his research continues and is studied in small groups worldwide. The science of German New Medicine is

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This battle plan sounds so very generic, but in fact it is the most solid path forward. If all pulled together, the fight to expose the globally destructive aerosol spraying programs could very soon reach the tipping point. If critical mass of awareness can be reached, then people in the military who are not currently aware of what they are participating in, would likely begin to refuse to participate. They would be aware of the dangers posed to themselves and their families from this lethal spraying. They would understand that by participating in these programs, they are literally killing themselves and their families, slowly and surely, along with the rest of us. As the army of the aware grows, the foundation of this insanity will crumble. Every day the spraying continues, the nails are being pounded into our collective coffins. This is not alarmism or exaggeration, it is fact. There is again an ever growing mountain of data to back up this conclusion for any that bother to do honest, objective investigation. One can search “negative effects of geoengineering” on any search engine. Numerous articles on the subject can also be found on Wake Up World, on, and other geoengineering sites.

People Will Listen If you connect with people in a manner they can relate to, they will listen. I recently connected with the head of the Northern California Cattleman’s Association. What was he most interested in knowing? How geoengineering programs are negatively affecting him and his fellow ranchers, reducing rainfall, stunting the growth of native grasses and feed crops due to the toxic contamination and the shredding of the ozone layer (which also harms feed crops). These aspects of the global spraying are very clearly causing very negative impacts to him, so he wanted to know more. If you learn enough about this issue

to inform people how they personally are being affected, given what you specifically know about their interests, they will listen. Stopping the spraying is up to all of us. Don’t run around randomly ranting to people about this dire issue, this can do far more harm than good. Give them credible data to examine with sources for more information. Ask them to help spread the word after they have investigated themselves. If one person tells two on the first day, and those two tell two more each on the second day, and so on, at the end of thirty days, over 5 million would know. Don’t sit the bench, help those of us that are working on this issue 24/7. Our collective fate is in the balance. It’s up to all of us, and it’s now or never.

the true’ ‘Natural Medicine’ as it follows the laws of nature, the most profound of which is: ‘Nothing in nature is meaningless or malignant; Every so called ‘dis-ease’ is part of a Significant Biological Special Program designed by nature during our evolution to assist us to resolve conflicts, emotional distresses and dangers that threaten our survival or the survival of the pack.’ A beautiful example of this medicine can be seen in the Significant Biological Special Program (SBS) of lung cancer. In the science of German New Medicine lung cancer is triggered by a ‘death-fright shock’. An individual suffers an unexpected shock related to a deathfright. For example, an animal is chased by a predator, or a human gets a shocking cancer diagnosis. This initiates an SBS triggering the control centre in the brain to signal the lung to start producing additional, irregularly shaped lung cells. Simultaneous to this, bacteria start multiplying alongside the extra lung tissue. The biological purpose of additional lung cells is to increase breathing capacity to assist in the and Arizona. He currently owns a 1,600-acre ‘wildlife preserve’ next to Lake Shasta in Northern California, and his personal off-grid residence was featured in a cover article on the renewable energy magazine, Home Power. Dane initially focused his efforts and energy on the geo-engineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying in his area. He also noted significant decline in forest health and began testing and researching into geo-engineering

individual’s escape from danger, (death-fright) literal or figurative. At this point the individual is symptom free, except perhaps, breathing better. When the danger is over and the individual is no longer afraid, the conflict active phase has ended. The brain immediately signals the lung to stop producing extra lung cells. The now prolific bacteria start to decompose the irregular lung tissue (identified as a ‘tumour’ by conventional medicine). This process, called the ‘Healing Phase’, is usually accompanied by swelling, mucus, coughing, discharge (possibly with blood) and fatigue as the tumour decomposes. Every so-called disease has a specific distress shock which initiates it, as well as specific symptoms in the conflict and healing phases. The length and intensity of the shock and conflict phase determine the length and intensity of the healing phase. Chronic symptoms develop when the healing phase is interrupted due to particular interventions, or when a specific distress/conflict is triggered repeatedly. The skilled application of German New Medicine helps individuals understand, identify and heal the specific distress/conflicts and triggers causing their ‘dis-ease’ and chronic symptoms, and reclaim their healthy life. Darlene Hawke, a Health Practitioner in private practice for 25 years, embraces the teachings of German New Medicine and incorporates them into her private consultations. She can be contacted at 604-731-7537.

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about a decade ago. Today Dane is the lead researcher for geoengineeringwatch. org, investigating all levels of geoengineering from chemtrails to HAARP. He assisted Michael Murphy with his acclaimed production of “What in the World Are They Spraying?” and has spoken extensively in a wide range of forums to explain the environmental dangers we face on a global level. For more information, visit and geoengineeringwatch on Facebook. Chemtrail Event in Vancouver-May 2nd, 7pm. Hungarian Cultural Society. Please see Ad on pg 19 for more details.

Music to Drive the Message Home “Goodbye Blue Skies (Demo)” by ClownPrince, courtesy of ClownPrinceRecordings. “Tell me what they’re spraying, ‘coz they’re not saying…” Previous article by Dane Wigington: Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

About Dane Wigington: Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California

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Embracing Change: The One Thing That Remains Consistent By Max Igan


ANY PEOPLE IN the world today seem to be going through an intense period of change and this often creates feelings of insecurity; about yourself; about your place in society; about the global situation. It’s important to understand that all these insecurities, without exception, are based in fear. By facing fear and embracing change we can move freely towards empowerment and the realization of our true potential. If you have old habits and emotional trauma that you’ve buried in your psyche and haven’t dealt with, you’re going to find these things are resurfacing and manifesting. You are being given an opportunity to rid yourself of all this old baggage; things need to be cleared and to be in balance during this transitionary period. Dealing with these things will help you stand in your power, because this is essentially how humanity is waking up. We are waking up to the fact that all of this has been fiction, all of this has been a dream. We are starting to realize who and what we truly are. Our societies have been structured in such a way as to prevent you from ever finding your true Self. This society has been created to keep people wading through an ocean of perpetual self-generating debt. And a lot of the fear that we see comes from the perception of having to pay to be alive. That’s why this debt system has been put in place, because it is great for generating the energy of fear. And it’s great for keeping people in line, because people are always so caught up chasing paper that they never have time to discover themselves. The truth of the matter is that these systems are kept in place by our failure to confront the fear within ourselves. It is this fear, the shadow within, that keeps society so divided, and it is this division that allows the systems of control to remain in place. The principle challenge now is to face the shadow within you, to break down that fear, and realize that you are free. If you truly stand free, and with respect allow others to do the same, the whole world will change.

One of the things that is most difficult for the human mind to grasp is the concept of freedom. Within everything we have created in the name of civilization, there has never been any true freedom. True freedom is knowing that you are a sentient being only answerable to the creator, whatever you perceive the creator to be. There’s nothing that can ever interfere with you being you. There’s nothing that can take away the experience that is you. No one can be

The question we need to be asking ourselves is: Why would I perceive myself to be anything but free?

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you better than you. That’s freedom. Once you find what the answer is, it seems pointless to be sidetracked and to go off down other rabbit holes. Ultimately, all we are doing is pointing out the symptoms of one problem – the problem of the social system itself, perpetuated by our individual failure to do the inner work required. The question we need to be asking ourselves is: Why would I perceive myself to be anything but free? And why would I perceive myself to be anything but beautiful? I am alive and life itself is beautiful. Life is a wonderful thing, especially when one considers the alternatives. The place for change to begin is grass roots. The place for change to begin is community. The place for change to begin is with you! Come Full Circle back to your true Self. Start building strong connections with people around you, to the people in your community. Explain that many people have a misconception of what reality is about, because of what they have been subjected to by our societies. Say you wish to help facilitate some sort of beneficial change and create a culture of giving with the people around you. Be a beacon of light by simply being who and what you are. By knowing the power you have, by living in a state of giving to others, and leading by example, you can inspire others to emulate the light you are projecting. If you really embody these understandings you can literally change your personal reality; then you can also help change the reality of those around you and more importantly you can inspire others to do the same. The Full Circle Project will support you in doing this by providing a platform where we can remind each other of how to put into practice ways of effecting positive change within ourselves and within our communities. Ways of encouraging people to reflect upon the social memes and understand the issues that need to be addressed. And ways to act together in unified strength and mutual respect. Humanity is responding to the bond that it holds with itself. Connect with people in your locality and create resilient bonds of friendship and respect within which to find solutions to the areas of concern you share. Simultaneously you will find yourself changing and growing into the individual expression of consciousness that you truly are. Life is constant change and without this dynamic there can be no growth. So, it’s not the change that is the problem; it’s our failure to recognize that we can let go of fear and embrace change. Embrace wise change and come Full Circle to our commonly held human qualities of considerate living in natural abundance. In Lak’ech.

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political extremists.” It is important to recall that the majority of the doctors involved in these programs are committed eugenicists, or more properly, dysgenicists, intent on the “scientific fact” that the masses must be destroyed, stunted, retarded, and re-engineered to either not exist or become an androgynous morlock serf to the technocrats of the future. From the Malthusians of the Victorian era to the White House Science Czar John P. Holdren, whose Ecoscience dictates a picture more frightening than mere population control, the endgame is the alchemical transformation of man into the new aeon of techno-man. The belief of this cult is not science, but esoteric philosophy that man can, by technology, transcend his bodily limitations and death, but only through the mass sacrifice of billions on the altar of “progress” and worship of death. The true plan is a complete rewrite of the entire genetic makeup of the planet, and the eventual integration of all inanimate life into the “web.” This is why I have constantly written about the Internet as A.I. reconnaissance, with the singularity eventually giving rise to the transcending of the limitations of our dimensions. Geneticist David Suziki has recently commented on this ultimate goal, noting that the entire planet appears to be part of the great “experiment.” States WeAreOne and Suzuki: By slipping it into our food without our knowledge, without any indication that there are genetically modified organisms in our food, we are now unwittingly part of a massive experiment. The FDA has said that genetically modified organisms are not much different from regular food, so they’ll be treated in the same way. The problem is this, geneticists follow the inheritance of genes, what biotechnology allows us to do is to take this organism, and move it horizontally into a totally unrelated species. Now David Suzuki doesn’t normally mate with a carrot and exchange genes, what biotechnology allows us to do is to switch genes from one to the other without regard to the biological constraints. It’s very, very bad science, we assume that the principals governing the inheritance of genes vertically, applies when you move genes laterally or horizontally. There’s absolutely no reason to make that conclusion…. And Suzuki: “In gearing up for the 2010 release of its super-genetically modified corn called ‘SmartStax’, agricultural-biotechnology giant Monsanto is using an advertising slogan that asks, ‘Wouldn’t it be better?’ But can we do better than nature, which has taken millennia to develop the plants we use for food? We don’t really know. And that in itself is a problem. The corn, developed by Monsanto with Dow AgroSciences, “stacks” eight genetically engineered traits, six that allow it to ward off insects and two to make it resistant to weed-killing chemicals, many of which are also trademarked by Monsanto. It’s the first time a genetically engineered (GE) product has been marketed with more than three traits. One problem is that we don’t know the unintended consequences of genetically engineered or genetically modified (GM) foods. Scientists may share consensus about issues like human-caused global warming, but they don’t have the same level of certainty about the effects of genetically modified organisms on environmental and human health!”

The Manhattan Project involved several thousand participants all compartmentalized in their knowledge of the grand plan, all of which was kept secret from the public for several years. Likewise, it is my thesis the present grand experiment involves all the experimentation with the biosphere we are witnessing today with the goal of eradicating man as he presently exists. This is why we are now seeing mainstream articles about intelligence officials concerned over weaponized warfare, and recalling Dr. Edward Teller, we can see the connection of geoengineering and Manhattan. 21st Century Wire details this in a recent report as follows, citing the Independent: These claims definitely provide cause for concern. How can an agency with such a shady history be let loose with such dangerous and destructive technology? Professor Alan Robock, a senior American climate scientist, has said he was contacted three years ago by two men claiming to be from the CIA. They asked if it would be possible to know if another country was manipulating American weather patterns, which Robuck deduced as them actually wished to know if it would be possible for another country to figure out it was being done to them…. A senior American climate scientist has spoken of the fear he experienced when US intelligence services apparently asked him about the possibility of weaponizing the weather as a major report on geo-engineering is to be published this week. Professor Alan Robock stated that three years ago, two men claiming to be from the CIA had called him to ask whether experts would be able to tell if hostile forces had begun manipulating the US’s weather, though he suspected the purpose of the call was to find out if American forces could meddle with other countries’ climates instead. During a debate on the use of geoengineering to combat climate change, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Jose, California, Prof Robock said: “I got a phone call from two men who said we work as consultants for the CIA and we’d like to know if some other country was controlling our climate, would we know about it…? In the last few years, the rollout of the tech/A.I. takeover also provides evidence of my hypothesis, as robots will begin to replace workers across the manufacturing and service sectors. As Ray Kurzweil has glowingly predicted, we will begin to see the A.I./nanotech invasion in the next 1-20 years, with nanotech reengineering mankind into just the synthetic android existence I have been discussing. Intelligence officials, for example, project a “very transhumanist future” in the next few decades, and DARPA is presently perfecting the Matrix-style modem, where Internet access will link directly with the brain. In this trailer for the Kurzweil documentary, Transcendent Man (http://, all the alchemical goals mentioned above, as well as the recent report of DNA laser printers also associated with Kurzweil, demonstrate the various broad spectrum programs of the technocracy were not accidental, but clearly covert fronts for the deeper plan of bringing about the “Great Work” of the end of man, and the rise of the New Man of intergalactic synthetic Borg dystopia. “No man is an island,” but the new world will be one in which every man is an island of Dr. Moreau. For more information and research related to this article, see Sofia Smallstorm’s documentary lecture, “From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life:”

Unf*ck from page 11

the human condition. Their stage is the world. And nothing can stop them from performing. Paraphrasing Picasso, they’ve learned the rules like a pro, so they can break them like an artist.

4. Count Coup on Tyranny “Government is actually the worst failure of civilized man. There has never been a really good one, and even those that are most tolerable are arbitrary, cruel, grasping and unintelligent.” — H.L. Mencken Democracy’s failure as a form of government is surpassed only by all other forms of government, but that doesn’t get it off the hook as an utter failure. Besides, we don’t even live in a democracy anymore. We live in an especially greedy form of oligarchy known as plutocracy. If orange is the new black, then plutocracy is the new tyranny. And it’s fucking up more shit than any other form of tyranny has in the whole of human history. If there’s ever been a reason to count coup on the enemy, it’s this. You want to unfuck the world? Then get out there and fuck up the unhealthy, unsustainable system that is systematically fucking everything else up. Practice ruthless non-violence and cold-blooded civil disobedience. But be prepared. Cops will hate you. All the spoon-fed comfort-junkies will hate you. All the blood-sucking bipartisan fuckers from fuck town will hate you. Your right-wing, head-up-its-elephants-ass conservative family will hate you. Even your left-wing, head-upits-ass’s-ass liberal family will hate you. All the haters will hate you. But you know what?

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They cannot hide behind their friends or studies. They cannot hide behind love, or hatred, or happiness, or misery. They can’t hide behind anything. The condition of sorcerers is that sadness, for them, is abstract. It doesn’t come from coveting or lacking something, or from self importance. It doesn’t come from me. It comes from infinity.” Have you ever had that feeling – when an almost overwhelming sense of sadness sweeps over you – that you can’t place where it is coming from? Castaneda links this experience directly to an actual ‘state of being’ – a universal one – which is a rather remarkable conclusion. Yet it is at one with our recognition that we are intertwined with the living universe – and it enables us to share with this living universe a special kind of compassionate resonance. The sense that ‘sadness’ is a condition built into the fabric of creation – is deeply moving and gives us the motivation to reflect on the profundity of this often tragic-beautiful thing called life. “Inner silence is a peculiar state of being in which thoughts are cancelled out and one can function from a level other than that of daily awareness. Inner silence means suspension of the inner dialogue.. What is at work during inner silence is another faculty that man has, the faculty that makes him a magical being, the very faculty that has been curtailed, not by man himself, but by some extraneous influence.” Here, once again, is this key issue for all of us: that we have had our magical powers ‘curtailed’ by an extraneous influence. So, armed with this knowledge, we must work to free ourselves from this vampiric force by whatever means

The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie. Speak the truth anyway, even if it pisses off everyone you know. Like Gloria Steinem said, “The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” A huge part of unfucking the world is living by example and showing others how to unfuck themselves. And the only way to do that is to be brutally honest with the truth. Never underestimate the power of planting a seed of truth in a fertile mind. A young wannabe activist once asked me, “What if I get caught?” I said, “Motherfucker, you’re already caught. What you should be asking is: what if I get free… And what you should be saying is: The fat-faced tyrants of fuckery may win in the end, but I’ll go down slinging my words in free-speech defiance while trumping them with swift circles of non-violence.” MLK Jr. would have been so proud. Okay, maybe not. But Malcom X would have had my back, for sure.

counting coup on tyranny, then you, my friend, have the world by the fucking balls. You have achieved the almost immortal status of getting power over power. You are a fuck-sight closer to achieving Ubermensch status than probably 99.999999% of the population. It’s time to fall in love: in love with the moment, with the universe, with your fellow man, even your enemy; a deep, carnal, agape love that shatters all love-moulds. It’s the kind of love that sheds the clunky armour of invulnerability and dons the spiritual flexibility of absolute vulnerability. The kind of love that screams: “carpe the fuck out of that diem!” The beauty of being in this kind of love is that it gives you insurmountable courage. The kind of courage that rises up, draws a line in the sand, and declares to all forms of corruption and tyranny, “You no longer have permission to imprison what I love. I am no longer a slave. Nor will I allow you to enslave others. I am the David your overreaching Goliath heart has been waiting for. Your fuckery stops here!” Like Simone De Beauvoir ingeniously opined, “A freedom that is interested only in denying freedom must be denied.”

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If you’ve learned how to unfuck yourself and you’ve learned the art of not giving a fuck and you’ve become a well-armed lamb and you’re daily

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world. ©2015 Waking Times, all rights reserved. For permission to re-print this article contact, or the respective author. ~~ Help Waking Times to raise the vibration by sharing this article with friends and family…

possible. Here, the method suggested is the achievement of a deep inner silence. The deep meditation state that can put one in touch with essence. “The desired result is what the old sorcerers called stopping the world, the moment when everything around us ceases to be what it’s always been. This is the moment when sorcerers return to the true nature of man. The old sorcerers also called it total freedom. It is the moment when the man slave becomes man the free being, capable of feats of perception that defy our linear imagination. Inner silence is the avenue that leads to a true suspension of judgement, to a moment when sensory data emanation from the universe at large ceases to be interpreted by the senses; a moment when cognition ceases to be the force which, through usage and repetition, decides the nature of the world.” Here it is possible to link-in all truly ‘seeking’ spiritual persuasions. Reaching the inner silence appears critical in overcoming our extraneous tormentors – and even our own laxness – lack of sobriety. We get beyond their radar when immersed in universal stillness. But the trick is, to then re-emerge into this present temporal existence still holding onto – embodying – this enriched depth of being. Only this way can we confront, directly, the false agenda in which we find ourselves each day. Face it with courage, and set about changing it. Thus we express – in action – this deepening conviction which is etched ever more generously into our universal souls. It is the widespread human failure to take action which is holding back the removal from the seats of power of our hidden and not so hidden oppressors, thus prolonging the age of destruction – in spite of much chatter about growing and awakening.

“Sorcerers need a breaking point for the workings of inner silence to set-in… It is very important that you yourself deliberately arrive at this breaking point, or that you create it artificially and intelligently. Your breaking point is to discontinue your life as you know it. You have done everything I’ve told you dutifully and accurately. If you are talented, you never show it. That seems to be your style. You’re not slow, but you act as if you were. You’re very sure of yourself, but you act as though you were insecure. You’re not timid, and yet you act as though you were afraid of people. Everything you do points to one single spot: you need to break all that, ruthlessly. I think everything boils down to one act: you must leave your friends. You must say goodbye to them, for good. It’s not possible to continue on the warrior’s path carrying your personal history with you, and unless you discontinue your way of life, I won’t be able to go ahead with my instruction. Your friends and family are your points of reference. Therefore they have to go. Sorcerers have only one point of reference: infinity.” This advice may appear daunting – yet it’s hard to refute. If our friends and family remain a significant point of reference, we are locked into a relationship that precludes following the path of truth. It is impossible to retain emotional attachment to family and friends and to simultaneously give one’s self over to the call of the universe. This is a stumbling block for many. By committing one hundred percent to the path of truth, we re-align our relationship with family and friends. It becomes a new relationship and a much more singular and defined one. When one does meet – the warmth is retained – but the taken for granted mutual acceptances have been superseded. The message may be harsh,

5. Fall in Love; Kick Ass; Repeat “Love does not imply pacifism.” — Derrick Jensen

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us the ability to be “here,” “awake,” and present psychologically. There are sinister agents in the world and beyond who wish to see consciousness suppressed. There appears to be an evil behind water fluoridation that runs deeper than mere convenience, and the implications go beyond fluoride’s reputed effects of making a people compliant who would otherwise question questionable things (such as water fluoridation – the irony notwithstanding). On the deepest level, it’s about a person’s individual ability to awaken consciousness and experience their full potential.

Concluding Remarks Over ten years ago already, in November 2003, the United States passed the Water Act, which made it impossible for water companies to undergo civil or criminal hearings as a result of adding fluoride to public water supplies. It becomes more and more difficult to affect change on a mass scale to practices such as water fluoridation when those who have political, military, and legal control enact these types of measures. Fortunately, it is still within people’s ability to take measures to avoid fluoride and speak out however, and to personally do what they can to preserve, exercise, and awaken their own consciousness.

but truth doesn’t come wrapped in pink paper sprinkled with sugar. “The end of an era means that the units of a foreign cognition are beginning to take hold. The units of our normal cognition, no matter how pleasant and rewarding they are for you, are beginning to fade. A grave moment in the life of a man! Don’t admire people from afar. That is the surest way to create mythological beings. Get close to them, talk to them, see what they are like as people. Test them. If their behaviour is the result of their conviction that they are a being who is going to die, then everything they do, no matter how strange, must be premeditated and final. If what they say turns out to be just words, they’re not worth a hoot. Human beings are beings that are going to die. Sorcerers firmly believe that the only way to have a grip on our world, and what we do in it, is by fully accepting that we are on the way to dying. Without this basic acceptance, our lives, our doings, and the world in which we live are unmanageable affairs. The acceptance of this is far-reaching. However, it’s not the mere acceptance that does the trick. We have to embody that acceptance and live it all the way through. Sorcerers throughout the ages have said that the view of our death is the most sobering view that exists.”

About the Author Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist and author. He is currently president of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. His latest book “In Defence of Life” can be purchased on or by visiting Julian’ web site at

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Skeptics say that there’s no biological marker—that it [ADHD] is the one condition out there where there is no blood test, and that no one knows what causes it. BARKLEY (Dr. Russell Barkley, clinical professor of psychiatry and paediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston): That’s tremendously naïve, and it shows a great deal of illiteracy about science and about the mental health professions. A disorder doesn’t have to have a blood test to be valid. If that were the case, all mental disorders would be invalid… There is no lab test for any mental disorder right now in our science. That doesn’t make them invalid. [Emphasis added]

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Without intending to, Dr. Barkley blows an ear-shattering whistle on his own profession. So let’s take Dr. Barkley to school. Medical science, and disease-research in particular, rests on the notion that you can make a diagnosis backed up by lab tests. If you can’t produce lab tests, you’re spinning fantasies. These fantasies might be hopeful, they might be “educated guesses,” they might be launched from traditional centres of learning, they might be backed up by billions of dollars of grant money…but they’re still fantasies. Dr. Barkley is essentially saying, “There is no lab test for any mental disorder. If a test were the standard of proof, we wouldn’t have science at all, and that would mean our whole profession rests on nothing—and that is unthinkable, so therefore a test doesn’t matter.” That logic is no logic at all. That

science is no science at all. Barkley is proving the case against himself. He just doesn’t want to admit it. Psychiatry is all fraud all the time. Without much of a stretch, you could say psychiatry has been the most widespread profiling operation in the history of the human race. Its goal has been to bring humans everywhere into its system. It hardly matters which label a person is painted with, as long as it adds up to a diagnosis and a prescription of drugs. 300 so-called mental disorders caused by…what? No lab evidence. No diagnostic tests. No blood tests, saliva tests, brain scans, genetic assays. No nothing. But psychiatrists continue to assert they are the masters of causation. They know what’s behind “mental disorders.” They’re in charge. What about the generalized “chemical imbalance” hypothesis stating that all mental disorders stem from such imbalances in the brain? Dr. Ronald Pies, the editor-in-chief emeritus of the Psychiatric Times, laid that hypothesis to rest in the July 11, 2011, issue of the Times (“Psychiatry’s New BrainMind and the Legend of the ‘Chemical Imbalance’”) with this staggering admission: “In truth, the ‘chemical imbalance’ notion was always a kind of urban legend — never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.” Boom. Dead. The point is, for decades the whole basis of psychiatric drug research, drug prescription, and drug sales has been: “we’re correcting a chemical imbalance in the brain.” The problem was, researchers had never established a normal baseline for chemical balance. So they were shooting in the dark. Worse, they were faking a theory. Pretending they knew something when they didn’t. In his 2011 piece in Psychiatric Times, Dr. Pies tries to protect his colleagues in the psychiatric profession with this fatuous remark: “In the past 30 years, I don’t believe I have ever heard a knowledgeable, well-trained psychiatrist make such a preposterous claim [about chemical imbalance in the brain], except perhaps to mock it…the ‘chemical imbalance’ image has been vigorously promoted by some pharmaceutical companies, often to the detriment of our patients’ understanding.” Absurd. First of all, many psychiatrists have explained and do explain to their patients that the drugs are there to correct a chemical imbalance. And second, if all well-trained psychiatrists have known, all along, that the chemical-imbalance theory is a fraud… …then why on earth have they been prescribing tons of drugs to their patients… …since those drugs are developed on the false premise that they correct an imbalance? The honchos of psychiatry are seeing the handwriting on the wall. Their game has been exposed. The chemical imbalance theory is a fake. There are no defining physical tests for any of the 300 so-called mental disorders. All diagnoses are based on arbitrary clusters or menus of human behaviour. The drugs are harmful, dangerous, toxic. Some of them induce violence. Suicide, homicide. Some of the drugs cause brain damage. So the shrinks have to move into another model of “mental illness,” another

con, another fraud. And they’re looking for one. For example, genes plus “psychosocial factors” cause mental disorders. A mish-mash of more unproven science. “New breakthrough research on the functioning of the brain is paying dividends and holds great promise…” Professional PR and gibberish. Meanwhile, the business model demands drugs for sale. So even though the chemicalimbalance nonsense has been discredited, it will continue on as a dead man walking, a zombie. Two questions always pop up when I write a critique of psychiatry. The first one is: psychiatric researchers are doing a massive amount of work studying brain function. They do have tests. Yes, experimental tests. But NONE of those tests are contained in the DSM, the psychiatric bible, as the basis of the definition of ANY mental disorder. If the tests were conclusive, they would be heralded in the DSM. They aren’t. The second question is: if all these mental disorders are fiction, why are so many people saddled with problems? Why are some people off the rails? Why are they crazy? The list of potential answers is very long. A real practitioner would focus on one patient at a time and try to discover what has affected him to such a marked degree. For example: Severe nutritional deficiency. Toxic dyes and colours in processed food. Ingestion of pesticides and herbicides. Profound sensitivities to certain foods. The ingestion of toxic pharmaceuticals. Lifealtering damage as a result of vaccines. Exposure to environmental chemicals. Heavy physical and emotional abuse in the home or at school. Battlefield stress and trauma (also present in certain neighbourhoods). Prior head injury. Chronic infection. Alcohol and street drugs. Debilitating poverty. Other items could be added. Psychiatry is: fake, fraud, pseudoscience from top to bottom. It’s complete fiction dressed up as fact. But the obsessed devotees of science tend to back away from this. They close their eyes. If a “branch of knowledge” as extensive as psychiatry is nothing more than an organized delusion, what other aspect of science might likewise be parading as truth, when it is actually mere paper blowing in the wind?

Jon Rappoport The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

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The Egyptians, either by exact science or spontaneously, had arrived at a method by means of which they could rite with distinct picture of material objects, instead of ordinary letters expressing sounds and phrases. These pictures were not ordinary images of the things they represented but were endowed with certain symbolic qualities (Sophia), by means of which they revealed to the initiated contemplator a profound insight into the very essence of substances of things, and an intuitive understanding of their transcendental origins, an insight which was not the result of reasoning or mental reflection, but was acquired spontaneously by means of divine inspiration and illumination. As artistic representations of this phenomenal world, they revealed, in fact, the ideal world of the soul - Plotinus (ancient philosopher) Signs and symbols control the world, not phases and laws — Confucius (551-479 BC) Cynics who doubt that symbols and images have a lasting negative affect on consciousness should study the example of mass control as favored by the Nazis. The Nazis openly employed ancient symbols and rites, rallying chants, occult emblems and regalia, and so on, to force men into a hive-think. We know that Hitler and his cronies were involved with occult societies and that they were fascinated by ancient mysticism. Hitler sent agents throughout the world, to visit tribes and sects, in order to procure occult works and learn how to employ magical arts. Although it might sound controversial, arcane subjects are made use of today, not only by advertisers in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue, but by leading Evangelists and other churchmen. It is used by the heads of top corporations. As financier J. P. Morgan once said, Millionaires don’t use astrology...billionaires do! Every news anchor and talk show host subtly emphasizes stereotypes that force men into consensus trance. Every movie-maker of significance uses subliminal and subtextual devices to embed ideas in the minds of his audience. Every high-end set designer knows what symbols and shapes to use so that his audiences are emotionally attracted and ingratiated. Most informed broadcasters and media executives know how to provide surrogates for what is missing within us, and how to help us hide from ourselves in the “light” of collective. They know what kind of power the super-lit, florescent, convenient, user-friendly, one-seasoned world of their manufacture has over human minds. They also know that what psychosis occurs if those under their control are not provided with illusions of freedom, diversity, plenty and choice. This is one of the reasons why we are given many pseudo-choices, particularly between products. It accounts for why there are so many dialectical divisions in the corporate world - for example, Levis versus Jordac, Coke versus Pepsi, ABC versus CNN, Stones versus Beatles, Rockers versus Mods. Letterman versus Leno, Russia versus USA, Republican versus Democrat, Conservative versus Liberal, Catholic versus Protestant, Atheist versus Believer, Gay versus Straight, Black versus White, Arab versus Jew, Rich versus Poor, and even Male versus Female, ad nauseaum. Under the guise of plenty and choice, man’s ability to choose well is eroded. His true intelligence is assaulted and he becomes incapable of deciding anything for himself. In the end, his good is whatever his masters say it is; his freedom is whatever they feel like bestowing; his thoughts are whatever make him safe and secure in the prison created by his overlords. “Advertising is designed to generate an inner sense of conflict with the self .” — Bernard McGrave PhD

Throughout the ages it has been considered normal and even exemplary to die for a flag. We assault others over a sport or political allegiance, feel superior due to the clothes, home or car we possess. Ours is a time obsessed with comparison and instant prestige, hyper-extroversion, overachievement and projection of fantasy into reality. It does not matter a jot whether nature, animals, children, the elderly, the invalid, or other nations and indigenous peoples suffer. I have traced many levels of psychosis and multiple personality dementia, as well as teen and adult dysfunction and sexual criminality, to the effects of advertising. Obviously, a man can never attain true and lasting happiness or independence if he does not own his mind and emotions. If he is colonized and branded, he inevitably loses charge of his own destiny. He becomes emotionally and spiritually naked and his children inherit a bleak but brightly-lit busy dystopia without meaning or depth. The man of today gives rise to the man of tomorrow. And tomorrow’s man will not be the inhabitant of a secure utopia where freedom, justice and truth are cherished. On the contrary, he will be an obsessed, addicted victim suffering psychic and emotional dysfunction, riddled with guilt and shame. His inner life will be a miasma of unfulfilled desires and misplaced allegiances. He will be under the “Hex.” Once the connection and rapport with the inner self is occluded, man becomes a slave of external approval. Consequently, those who command our adoration must be like ourselves or be those who appear to possess a greater abundance of those chimeras we think valuable. To fill his inner void, he repeatedly returns to the very oracles that caused his problems in the first place. He lives out his entire life unaware of the origin of his miasma. Indeed, he’ll rush to the defence of his destroyers should they come under attack, and become neurotic the moment the spell they’ve cast over his soul looks like dissipating. The twenty-first century will be the era of the World Controllers…The older dictators fell because they could never supply their subjects with enough bread, enough circuses, enough miracles, and mysteries. Under a scientific dictatorship, education will really work…most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution. There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown - Aldous Huxley (Brave New World Revisited) “When told that man lives in delusion everyone thinks of himself as the exception; hence his delusion.” — Vernon Howard Tragically, that which man consumes also consumes him. Sickened and desperate in his soul, knowing next to nothing about his essence, he charges back and forth vainly with a thousand and one ideas and plans, pathetically ministering to the existential maladies of his equally debilitated neighbors. His mind is plagued with “media viruses” and his libido rages within from a veritable inundation of inhuman programming. Mass television-watching would be seen as Huxley’s “brave new world” of anesthetized human consciousness, where people love servitude to invisible authority through greatly improved techniques of suggestion. Television would seem to have taken us into Orwell’s “1984” where a television screen in every room exists in perpetual vigilance of the individual, where human consciousness is engineered by technicians of “goodthink,” and where the worst horror is that no one realizes their condition of servitude because the oppressors remain invisible- Ronald Schenk (Spirit in the Tube) The subversive forces which deal so contemptuously with the underclasses they fear, can be sanctioned, penalized and even

Obviously, a man can never attain true and lasting happiness or independence if he does not own his mind and emotions. If he is colonized and branded, he inevitably loses charge of his own destiny. overthrown once we return to the “Symbolic Literacy” natural to our forebears. When the “inner eye” is opened and when Pattern Recognition becomes as natural as breathing, tables will be turned on the world’s shadowy Media Persuaders. After we develop a rudimentary critical intelligence, Truth will decide to return and dwell among us. Our indifference and neglect has banished both Truth and Virtue to the voids. To welcome them back, and be nourished again by their company, we must not only enhance discernment, but show zero-tolerance toward any entity whose agenda flies in the face of reason. We must have zero-tolerance for insidious forces whose artifice leads to the desecration of earth and the life-forms dwelling on it.

German sociologist George Simmel said that the educated person was someone who knew how to find out about what he did not already know. If he were alive today he would perhaps agree that the time has come for humanity to get smart, educated, and into “the know” about the psychic dictatorship that has claimed the sanity and souls of millions. As the Ad-Men are want to say - new hot slogans and memes are needed - emblazoned on the virtual billboard that looms over our troubled planet… REVOLUTION OR REVELATION? For years they have been studying you. The time has come for you to study them! Watch Age of Manipulation (Michael Tsarion Live in Europe)

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”The voice of conscience is so delicate that it is easy to stifle it; but it is also so clear that it is impossible to mistake it.” — Madame de Stael Page 28


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Black Seed from page 12

beta cells in the diabetic, to name but only a fraction of black seed’s experimentally-confirmed powers. Moving the mountain of inertia and falsity associated with the conventional concept of disease, is a task well-suited for seeds and not chemicals. The greatest difference, of course, between a seed and a patented synthetic chemical (i.e. pharmaceutical drug), is that Nature (God) made the former, and men with profit-motives and a deranged understanding of the nature of the body made the latter. The time, no doubt, has come for food, seeds, herbs, plants, sunlight, air, clean water, and yes, love, to assume once again their central place in medicine, which is to say, the art and science of facilitating self-healing within the human body. Failing this, the conventional medical system will crumble under the growing weight of its own corruption, ineptitude, and iatrogenic suffering (and subsequent

Cannabis from page 19

determined that THC inhibits epithelial growth factor induced lung cancer cell migration and more. They go on to state that THC should be explored as novel therapeutic molecules in controlling the growth and metastasis of certain lung cancers. 10. A study published by the US National Library of Medicine by the Institute of Toxicology and Pharmacology, from the Department of General Surgery in Germany determined that cannabinoids inhibit cancer cell invasion. Effects were confirmed in primary tumor cells from a lung cancer patient. Overall, data indicated that cannabinoids decrease cancer cell invasiveness. 11. A study published by the US National Library of Medicine, conducted by Harvard Medical School investigated the role of cannabinoid receptors in lung cancer cells. They determined its effectiveness and suggested that it should be used for treatment against lung cancer cells.

Prostate Cancer 12. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine illustrates a decrease in prostatic cancer cells by acting through cannabinoid receptors. 13. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine outlined multiple studies proving the effectiveness of cannabis on prostate cancer. 14. Another study published by the US National Library of Medicine determined that clinical testing of CBD against prostate carcinoma is a must. That cannabinoid receptor activation induces prostate carcinoma cell apoptosis. They determined that cannabidiol significantly inhibited cell viability.

Blood Cancer 15. A study published in the journal Molecular Pharmacology recently showed that cannabinoids induce growth inhibition and apoptosis in matle cell lymphoma. The study was supported by grants

Page 30

financial liability) it causes. To the degree that it reforms itself, utilizing non-patented and non-patentable natural compounds with actual healing properties, a brighter future awaits on the horizon. To the degree that it fails, folks will learn to take back control over their health themselves, which is why black seed, and other food-medicines, hold the key to self-empowerment.

About the Author Sayer Ji is the founder of, an author, educator, Steering Committee Member of the Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC), and an advisory board member of the National Health Federation. He founded in 2008 in order to provide the world an open access, evidence-based resource supporting natural and integrative modalities. It is widely recognized as the most widely referenced health resource of its kind.

from the Swedish Cancer Society, The Swedish Research Council and the Cancer Society in Stockholm. 16. A study published in the International Journal of Cancer also determined and illustrated that cannabinoids exert antiproliferative and proapoptotic effects in various types of cancer and in mantle cell lymphoma. 17. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine conducted by the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology by Virginia Commonwealth University determined that cannabinoids induce apoptosis in leukemia cells.

Oral Cancer 18. A study published by the US National Library of Medicine results show cannabinoids are potent inhibitors of cellular respiration and are toxic to highly malignant oral Tumours. Liver Cancer 19. A study published by the US National Library of Medicine determined that that THC reduces the viability of human HCC cell lines (Human hepatocellular liver carcinoma cell line) and reduced the growth.

Pancreatic Cancer 20. A study published in The American Journal of Cancer determined that cannabinoid receptors are expressed in human pancreatic tumor cell lines and tumour biopsies at much higher levels than in normal pancreatic tissue. Results showed that cannabinoid administration induced apoptosis. They also reduced the growth of tumour cells, and inhibited the spreading of pancreatic tumour cells.

Mark David When I was 12 years old, my mother died of Cancer. A shift in perspective over many years has turned my greatest tragedy into the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. My mother died so my life could have purpose and meaning. A relentless passion to create a world based on love and truth is the driving force behind the creation of this website. Subscribe to watch it all unfold.


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officer Devasahayam reports how the government is describing the concrete jungle it is planning as being “full of life and economic activity,” implying that farming that feeds people is a “lifeless activity!” Globally, young people are moving back to the land, driven both by crisis of unemployment and by frustration with the urban corporate life which might bring money, but no satisfaction. Young people from banks and software companies are coming to Navdanya to learn how to be organic farmers and make a living from the land. After the banks and information technology (IT), it is soil and land that holds the future. We already have a scarcity of land and fertile soil. To bury this scarce and precious resource on the basis of an outmoded view of history, progress and development is not enlightened

policy-making. There is not enough land in the country for the limitless appetite for mining, urbanization and industrialization. While profiteering from land in a globalized economic system based on the false idea of limitless growth might inspire current policies, land and fertile soils set their own ecological limits. There are also social and political limits to how much dispossession, injustice, violence and destruction of democracy a society can bear. Protests against land grab and the land law are growing across the country. If they are violently crushed, as in the tribal areas, violent conflicts will intensify. In the worst case scenario, if the fabric of the soil and society are ruptured beyond repair, we will disintegrate as a civilization, as is happening to so many societies around us. We can avert the collapse of our civilization if, in this year of soil, we collectively and democratically commit ourselves to protecting and rejuvenating the soil and, thus, our future.

Drop everything and watch these four urgent, must-see videos of raw, uncensored truth. NaturalNews — If you hope to have any real understanding of what’s actually happening in the world around you, consider the following four videos to be “mustsee material.” All of the topics covered in these videos are aggressively censored by the state-run media in America and around the world:

trolling what you can read or watch online. If they get this passed, independent journalism websites like Natural News will be permanently banned from the internet.

The Lie we Live. BOUGHT the Movie. BOUGHT is an explosive new film that expertly exposes the science fraud, corporate corruption and government collusion behind mass medications, toxic vaccines and deadly GMOs. This is arguably the most powerful film ever created that tells the truth about vaccines, medications and GMOs. Incredibly, BOUGHT is free to watch online for the next few days only. Watch it here: The Government wants to Regulate the Internet. The U.S. government is freaking out about all the truth being distributed on the internet, and they’ve decided to launch a “Department of the Internet” to start con-

Here’s a short video montage that many people find deeply moving. It explains why so many people feel stuck, trapped or depressed in today’s society. You’re not as free as you’ve been led to believe...

Rob Dew Eviscerates Vaccine Lies with Raw Truth. Rob Dew is a frontline reporter for, the same alternative information website where world-renowned writer Paul Joseph Watson works. In this incredibly well researched video report, Rob Dew utterly eviscerates the vaccine industry’s outrageous lies by revealing truths the lamestream media will never report:

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