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Modern Education and the System of Deception

Another Brick in the Wall By Paul Philips


IKE MANY THINGS — the food industry, the medical-pharmaceutical establishment, the mainstream media – the hidden corporate/bankers who control our governments have also standardized the education system through funding. Many years ago in the USA, for example, much money was poured into education by the Rockefeller-created National Education Association, with the help of the Carnegie Foundation and later on the Ford Foundation. The result of the efforts of such organizations can be seen worldwide today in the real purpose of the education system which is to teach children and young people: 1) Reward comes from accurate memory recall from heavy repetition. 2) Non-compliance will be punished. 3) Acceptance that ‘truth’ and what is ‘real’ comes from authority. Thus, the real purpose of the education system is to cultivate conformity and prohibit critical thinking about anything of real importance. Starting at 4 years old (and what could be a better age to start a mass indoctrination?) and finishing by the time an individual comes out of the education system, some 12 years plus on, children have had more than their fair share of programming and brainwashing, and as a result are unable to really think for themselves. Moreover, any genuine outsideof-the-box thinking with significant potential humanitarian or Mother Earth-friendly benefit is ignored, quashed, ridiculed or suppressed by the influence of those hidden controllers if it is perceived as a threat to any of their businesses. But, as Einstein said, ‘real thinking is to think the unthinkable…’

Introducing the ‘Unsung Heroes’

The following is a list of just some of history’s truly great humanitarian outside-ofthe-box thinkers, with their innovative ideas/ products that have never been able to see the light of day (due to the above reasons.)

Raymond Rife

Raymond Rife (18881971) and his Universal Microscope for curing cancer. brief_history.html After successfully curing a number of cancer patients the Rockefeller owned American Medical Association (AMA) later had this work laid down to rest by closing down Rife’s set ups and seizing his equipment: Essentially Rife refused to hand over the rights of his work to the AMA because he saw moneyed interests as hidden ulterior motives

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– that his the cancer curing machine would not be allowed to the world at large because the AMA and the medical/pharmaceutical establishment did not want patients’ cured. That would mean customers lost and no more revenue for the cancer industry, so instead they push out real cures, and keep coming up with toxic treatments that never cure, instead create further symptoms (side effects) guaranteeing the cancer returns and thus repeat business until the patient eventually dies an unnecessarily harsh death. After years of ensuing court cases with the ‘big boys’ of the cancer establishment, with little money to exist on, Rife exiled in Mexico to avoid imprisonment in the USA. He later died of alcoholism, a brilliant, but defeated man. The pressures of harassment related to the legal battles and constant threat of imprisonment had been too much for him.

Linus Pauling

Pauling had worked with Matthias Rath and they came up with a unified approach to curing heart disease. (1901-1994) – ‘Unified Theory’ cure for heart disease. http://www. natural-health/ did-linus-paulingreally-get-it-right-regarding-vitamin-cs-healing-powers/ Essentially, they found that heart disease is the result of a long-term vitamin C deficiency. The solution is to treat patients with frequent high doses (e.g. 6g/day) of vitamin C while using the amino acids lysine and proline to remove the atherosclerotic plaque lining the inner walls of the blood vessels that cause a narrowing or blocking of the lumen (space) of the blood vessels which is responsible for restricting blood flow and cardiovascular disease. However, due to greater interests in corporate profitability and perceived financial threat, this highly successful cheap alternative therapy has not been allowed that much attention.

Nikola Tesla

Multi-talented Tesla cut across many disciplinary boundaries. His genius gave rise to a number of world-changing inventions. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) – Wardenclyffe Tower Project free energy. One of his most famous experiments /

Please see DECEPTION, page 20


By Sonia Barrett

N MEETING THE DEMANDS of this reality matrix there are common demands which become common distractions. These are conditions faced by many and for some these distractions become dilemmas. It is the manner in which we are driven to meet the demands of this reality game. Our belief system becomes heightened and attached to the idea that failure is not an option. We are continuously faced with a series of protocols that requires compliance. These are generally not viewed as protocols but rather as normal activity. These protocols are in accordance with the demands of the overseeing systems in place, for e.g. government, corporations, education, religious organizations and society etc.; these all ascertain survival programs in the game. We are continuously reminded that noncompliance may result in uncomfortable consequences. Working and paying bills are at the top of the list. Doing neither moves the individual into a version of the game that is believed to threaten their survival. We are surrounded by evidence of these feared consequences. What is not understood is that to a great extent we are programmed to expect these calculated outcomes. In other words we are programmed to expect a specific outcome associated with specific actions. This is similar to our mathematical programming of 2+2 =4 with no other possible conclusion (in our minds). This kind of programming suggests that without a job one cannot pay bills, which then subjects the individual to handouts, starving and being on the street (this is

Stop Being Afraid of Yourself Meeting the demands of this reality matrix

the root fear). This is a calculated outcome that makes absolute sense to us based on the world reflected to us. Working jobs and paying bills are a topical experience written into the game. These are survival protocols. However there is nothing right or wrong (based on our definition of right or wrong) about either choice, as we are indeed here to have the human experience in whatever that may be. It is however more commonplace to have our needs met by working in jobs

that we have no passion for. Having a livelihood based on passion for some may be deemed a luxury. Survival dictates that it is important that we do what we believe to be necessary in meeting those survival needs. These are programmed beliefs to which we seldom give second thought. They are “reality construct” programs based on a formula, a calculation yielding a specific outcome. This happens when certain streams of data (information/ behavior) are paired (information married together; in other words the expected results when specific streams of data/information come together. We have been taught/wired to calculate outcomes based on specific rules in the game that have been fused into the human experience. These are reinforced by conditions in our environment which continue to reaffirm these standard outcomes. This seems to be the standard in much of the human experience and of these running programs in this particular model of reality. This creates much

difficulty in returning to our natural ability to produce sustenance as needed from “thin air”. Such an idea (a science) becomes a ridiculous concept for some. It becomes nonsense. However a version of this idea is approved and integrated back into our lives through religion or some other form of spiritual belief that then hands over this responsibility to an external power, God, saints, angels, ascended master, guides etc. This has also resulted in our need to seek security, our need to ensure that our actions comply with what is deemed as responsible in securing and insuring our lives. Again this is an observation of the nature of the game and of the kind of sustainability that has normalized much of the way we think, function and respond to these protocols. Order is essential in maintaining the flow of limitation in this reality matrix. It is necessary that people are kept in-formation (informed) of certain beliefs. We are then reminded of this in-formation in-order to maintain compliance with the protocols set forth by those appointed to keep score, keep order and to set consequences for those who fall out-of-line. This is not to suggest that anyone should stop paying their bills or to stop working but rather to encourage each of us to continue to penetrate these beliefs. Being aware and in observance can begin to affect the general field. This is absolutely essential for those stepping away from new – age

Please see YOURSELF, page 22

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Another Brick in the Wall — Education Deception Stop Being Afraid of Yourself

Gift of Truth – Gift of Friendship A Way Out of the Matrix


Upon the Anvil of My Heart


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Blind Risks, Vaccinations and Autism Cannabis Patch for Pain

Recover from Diabetes: Hidden Truths

Health Boosting Ingredients of Japanese Food


It’s Only Natural-Hemp and Co. Interview Signs Matrix of Control is Evolving I Woke Up Today

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World Made with Our Thoughts

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Cannabis Ceremonies by Stephen Gray Are we Living in a Virtual Simulation?

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Bloom through the Gloom

By Lorenzo, Publisher


HROUGH THE PRESENT gloom of this so far rainy-cool spring, I’ve noticed some brave flowers blooming through the mud. From this inspiration of life growing through challenging circumstances, my energy turns towards my appreciation for all the ’cutting edge’ information our evolving New Agora has the honour of sharing with you, now and in the very near future. Truth be told, from the many events we’ve attended over the years and the plethora of health products we’ve come across, I’ve become a little tired of the ’easy answer’ fixes that many have promoted for changing the deep ailments of these challenging times. Sure there are nourishing foods and super helpful herbs and supplements on the market; many of them are offered honestly and ’do the job’ they are intended to do, I’m presently enjoying plenty of them myself, (, and to name but a few) …but the core of this dream, the ‘mechanics’ of life, love and evolution, can’t change without a drastic shift of ideas, actions and the accompanying perspectives of living in new ways. While local and helpful actions are a great and necessary step, events for healing such as the upcoming 6th Annual Sustainability Showcase by Creatively United for the Planet, happening in Victoria on ‘Earth Day’, April 22nd; The Cannabis Hemp Conference May 8th & 9th in Vancouver and The Vancouver Island Herb Gathering, July 9th & 10th, real change never seems to happen without an authentic birth of new ideas, whose inspiration leads towards new day to day actions for those who are brave enough to ’make that leap’ of paradigms. This is why we are so happy to be sharing these printed pages and our booming website with folks like those at David Whitehead and Michael Tsarion, who have to date presented 20 podcasts (and counting!) all well worth the listening, offer tools and perspectives that nourish the seeker’s soul. With their own experience and research added to the many intelligent visionaries/guests they host there, really does bring to the forefront authentically evolutionary ideas, from people both past and present, that can if ‘put into play’, alter for the better the many challenges this world, and most of us, now face. From new technologies currently being developed to a vastly different ‘take’ on what our Sun is and how it ‘brings life’, to delving to the depths of the soul, and reaching to the heights of what it means to be conscious, alive and above all responsible for one’s own life, they have broken ground perhaps never shared with so many before, and have done so in a way that has been for me, understandable, practical and eminently freeing. As well, please keep an eye on our upcoming issues for more consciousness expanding information and ideas from our new friends Sharon, Shcloss, Daphna of, Zy Marquiez ( and Mear One with his powerful art (, and future contacts such as Nassim Haramein (, with many, many more to come. Finally, a big thanks again, for our beautiful current cover image by Alex Grey (, after all it was art which first helped change my heart, and that was definitely a bloom through the gloom. With much love, Lorenzo-Publisher The New Agora

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By Fredalupe!

Upon the Anvil of my Heart


ITH EACH THUNDEROUS strike that cracks me open, the hammering out of torturously bent and twisted parts, ever accompanied by a pitiless beating, as remorseless and endless as the waves of the sea itself, I cannot help but ask: what is being forged here from the raw materials of my experience, my feelings, my life, in this furnace called existence. Creation and destruction and creation again. Am I being refined? Remade? Reshaped into what? By whom? And for what? Amidst the smoke and terrible heat I must ask, what is being born, and borne again? An agony of birth, it has been and is still. Perhaps that would have made a better title, or epitaph for that which I am presently leaving behind in my wake, perhaps not. Long ago, although by no means was it the first strike, I met the savage truth of which Vernon Howard speaks, quoted here in the midst of my piece. For I was that man, though a child still at the time, lost at sea, barely able to stay afloat, my raft now only wreckage, my spirit cut to the quick by the ignominy of those shouting out at me as they maddeningly sailed away on their ship of selfish sickness. Watching them in their abandonment a cold horror swept through me as the fathomless depth of final surrender pulled achingly at my root; yet too did a fire begin to rage at my core, as both do still to this day. And so having little choice, my life very quickly became about that very discovery of the meaning of self-rescue. It is no accident that my life’s works reflects this ruthlessly sobering truth. Stroke by stroke I swam, stroke-bystroke the hammer falls. The mocking presence of that ship of empty promise would at times get the better of me as it stayed on the periphery of my perceptions, and I would flounder, half drowning in anger, while hungry creatures of the dark deep, attracted by the scent of my fears would come to sup upon my weakness, at times only nibbling, at other times great big bites would they take from me. Out of deathly necessity I tempered my humors as best I could, and, though I raged still, it came to me that guiding myself towards that ever distant ship was a folly I could no longer afford, better to strike out in another direction entirely. I would make my strength this way. I had and have no desire to go where they were and are yet headed. I swore to never follow ignorance or evil, though at times I’ve faltered not recognizing one or the other through the gloom that surrounded me, of the gloom that at times entered me. Time flowed, carrying me further along on my journey, offering me the occasion to study the strange and distorted creatures occupying the human ship that haunted me still, as it would sail by attempting to pirate my energies, working to board my sovereignty, to capsize my serenity, to sink my every effort towards my own freedom. Their anguished efforts became less and less effective as I grew stronger in my discipline and wiser to their ways and hollow words. To my eye they seemed possessed, lost to themselves, become phantoms enslaved by a predatorial darkness, chained to the deck of their false theatre, lost in an endless folly, all the while feeding their very captors with what little substance remained to them. The more I grew aware of the true captains of this distorted vessel so too did they of my perceptions of them, so too did their efforts to destroy me utterly. “We’re all going to die, all of us; what a circus! That alone should make us love each other, but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities. We are eaten up by

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nothing.” Charles Bukowski Perhaps I am being uncharitable here, but the monstrous truth of it stands to this day. It has been one of my life’s harshest teachers, and one that has kept me on course to developing my own unique humanity. The taunting, mocking familiarity of that ghost ship was a gentle memory in comparison to this evil galleon of despair that presently hunted me. My growth in awareness revealed their appetite for exactly that. Crewed by incarnations of fear, they would revel in catching me upon wicked hooks baited with torn shreds of still living humanity, sweetened with the ichor of its lost passengers, for hearts call to hearts, and their suffering is a terrible thing to feel. And so chased, I sailed on, through the pain of their barbed points, past the tearing release from harpoons fashioned of human sorrow, illogic and cruelty. Ever tortured by the cries I hear to this day of love skewered on a predator’s hook, I sailed on through my fears. Yet the beating continued. Long I wondered and worked at comprehending the mad spectacle that would visit me in my solitude, in my efforts to reach a shore. Sometimes, in my loneliness, I would even welcome the company of that terrible ship. Sometimes, I would even meet another lost at sea, and for a moment the heavens would open and sunlight would come and shine upon us. Learning that clinging to one another would sink us both was a painful but necessary lesson, better to

encourage by example, to offer a moment’s respite, a mutual acknowledgement of one another’s journey, along with the tangible realization that though alone we are alone together. Eventually through the accumulation of the flotsam and jetsam of experience and metaphor I built something more than a raft, instead a small ship made of my own awareness and imagination, solitude and hard fought self-knowledge. This offered the rare opportunity to offer the same to others, if only for a moment, for they too were on their own journey, and eventually their own ship, going their own way. Islands of possibility, of purchase came by, rarely giving more than a short respite and small provisions. Their names differ for each visitor that stops by though some are famed for the success of their offered intellectual ecologies, philosophies, systems and schools of thought and belief. None suited me for more than a moment’s time. And though momentarily refreshed I found neither home nor haven in another’s land. And always the predator shadowed my journey. Storms came often while sailing through the dark sea of awareness; tempests that seemed to take pleasure in shipwrecking me and my vaunted certainties, dashing to pieces my illusory sense of security upon fortune’s pitiless shores. Thunderous power seethed through the heavens mirroring my rage unto exhaustion. ‘Where was justice?’

I demanded, raining tears of ultimate frustration. ‘Why was all this so?’ I begged. ‘Where was peace?’ I wept. ‘Where was freedom?’ Out of my darkness the Galleon always returned, hungrily rowing towards me, to the beat of my suffering heart. Then lightning struck me. Power spoke in a blinding flash that granted me a mirador upon my existence, a vista that extended both inwardly and outwardly, a complete seeing of my life, recapitulated in an unbearable honesty that destroyed me utterly, as embodying the truth of life created me anew. Power answered me thusly: I was justice and injustice both. This was all so - to help me grow. Peace was everywhere and nowhere. Here was freedom. Make of this what you will. Thou Art God. Awakening from my death, I stumbled upon newborn legs as, making myself with every step, awe filled me to overflowing with the perfection of design, of presence I saw everywhere my eyes walked. A’tremble with truths, made fragile with shiningly sharp realizations, I came again to myself, to the Earth of my being, so long, so long lost at Sea. The music of industry brought me to where others had built their lives, cultivating their dreams of family and community. And though they labored under a strange dark sun that took light rather than giving it, I recognized the strength they exemplified in the songs and laughter they expressed regardless of the yoke that curtailed their freedoms, in the love they would briefly shine upon one another in stolen moments regardless of the chains keeping them in place, feeding that black-hole sun with the toil of their lives. Even as they ignorantly offered their offspring as sustenance to the continuance of their enslavement, mouthing mad prayers to a mad god, I recognized myself in them, in their suffering humanity, in the beating of their humanity. It was no longer enough for me to be adrift or a’sail. I could no longer countenance this backwards upside down reverse bizzarro reality. Others were possible, were reachable, achievable. We could create them. We could create ourselves. I understood then why the Storm would always bring me back. And so I built me a forge, and into that forge I go; its fire I tend with careful respect, as I do the cool waters waiting alongside. A fire enraged can only destroy, as with water in its frigid extreme. Sacred is my play, as I tenderly yet vigorously temper the elements of my making, dancing between intensities, earthily rooted, airily free, seeking balance, always balancing. Upon the anvil of my heart I lay, as I take myself in hand, grasping Truth’s own hammer I strike down with all my might, my passions released, expressed, yet measured and without cease. Breathing inspiration itself and with honesty and beauty as my guides, I make myself anew. Whether a sword or a key or a luminous being or an entirely different dream, through patience and will, with love and humour we will be free. An example of possibility is itself a map, an encouragement, an enticement, a dare, a chance of a chance. Splendor surrounds us. And even the horror is itself a wonder. Here is discipline. Here is rescue. In each of us exists that same furnace, that very forge. We are each one of us creators, authors, smiths, divine and demonic, and much else besides and beyond. We are made of the same mysterious unknown as the Great Mysterious Unknown itself, and are as worthy of awe and respect. Our responsibility is clarity itself: Love Life. Live Free.

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind. ~Buddha

By Walter Mason


HOSE OF US who grew up in the 1980s were, quite unknowingly, absorbing a healthy dose of Eastern mysticism when we watched the wonderful Japanese television series “Monkey” every weekday evening at 6.30pm. For all of the colour and movement and occasionally risqué language that appealed to my childish mind, I was also, perhaps, taking to heart the wonderful précis of Buddhist philosophy that made up the introduction to each episode: “With our thoughts, we make the world.” This is a quote from “The Dhammapada,” that exquisitely brief text that provides the reader with all of the main ideas to be found across all of the schools of Buddhism. In fact, it is the very first verse of that most fundamental book. It is the construct that informs the Buddhist world-view – all of this, that we so keenly call “reality,” is a product of thought, and so it can be influenced by the shape of our thoughts, and we can begin to craft a new reality through disciplining our process of thought and directing it towards wiser outcomes. Volition and free-will were the points of divergence between Buddhism and the other religious systems of the ancient world, which tended to favour notions of fate and pre-destination. The Buddha taught that karma provided us with conditions only. In every single moment we are free to choose a wise thought and do a wise action. Buddhism is brutal in its advocacy of personal responsibility. Such a point of view seems

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With Our Thoughts, We Make the World strikingly modern and rational, though perhaps slightly politically incorrect in this more feeling age. It is the rigorous control of thought, its careful disciplining, that grew to become the central practice of Buddhist practitioners. Samantabhadra, the Universal Worthy Bodhisattva, is the patron saint of meticulous religious training in the world of Mahayana Buddhism. He imposed upon himself the almost-impossible task of honouring the

Buddha in each and every thought. If his thoughts were filled with the Buddha, so must his actions and words be inhabited by the goodness of the Awakened One. Look after the thoughts, and the actions will take care of themselves. In the Western tradition there emerged, as well, the notion that one’s actions reflected one’s spiritual wellbeing. The way a person looked and spoke was seen by Emanuel Swedenborg as evidence of habitual reflection:

either on the beauties of heaven or the torments of the natural world. Much later, the great teachers of New Thought in the twentieth century saw the spiritual importance of thought control, teaching that the thoughts were our channels to God, and so should be as perfect, loving and happy as possible. We perhaps fool ourselves that our thoughts can be allowed to stray and our lives will not be affected. Gossip, habitual negativity, judgment and constant criticism can seem fun when we are engaged in them. We can justify them, or elevate them, priding ourselves on our cynicism and critical capacities. But the Buddha was aware that all that we thought was, in fact, the sum total of our life’s experience – we cannot know goodness and happiness if we do not allow our thoughts to cultivate those qualities. He recognized that it requires discipline and the conscious application of energy to direct our minds into positive directions. Without such care we can slide into destructive patterns. To watch over the mind, he said, is conducive to happiness. All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him. – Buddha If you appreciate this article, please consider a digital subscription to New Dawn Magazine. WALTER MASON is an academic and writer with a long-standing interest in meditation, prayer and other contemplative practices. His first book Destination Saigon was named one of the ten best travel books of 2010 by the Sydney Morning Herald. His website is The above article appeared in New Dawn No. 131 (March-April 2012).

By Eldhon Dahl, DNM


HE RATES OF AUTISM in Canada have skyrocketed(1) over the last 10 years, as the prevalence of autism has increased 100%. It is the fastest-growing, most commonly diagnosed neurological disorder in Canada. The latest official research on autism has narrowed down the cause to both environmental and genetic mutation factors. The core question is, what is causing the influx of autism in our children? Is it the vaccinations, the glyphosate in GMO’s, or the processed goods and adulterated foods? If it is one of these things, why are they being allowed to continue? The BC Centre for Disease Control recently found(2) that the more flu vaccinations one has received over a lifetime, the less protection one has for subsequent flu seasons. In the study, researchers found that those who received flu vaccinations in 2012, 2013, and 2014 were more susceptible to new strains of flu. Some doctors and scientists have expressed skepticism about vaccines, as well. Dr. Suzanne Humphries, who is board certified in Nephrology and also trained in Internal Medicine, came to the following conclusion(3): “My position is that vaccines are not guaranteed to be safe, that ongoing production problems do exist, that foreign animal DNA, and chemicals are in the vaccines, which don’t reliably protect. The public is given a false sense of security over the safety and efficacy of vaccination. There is no literature on the safety of vaccinating the kinds of sick people I tried to protect.” Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at MIT, discussed the correlation(4) she

Blind Risks Taken When Considering


and the Possible Connection of


has found: “I’ve identified three or four different toxic chemicals that I think are crucial to the autism epidemic, and these are specifically the aluminum and mercury in the vaccines, but also glutamate in the vaccines, which people don’t realize. And in conjunction with glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in Roundup, the pervasive herbicide that is being used in huge amounts on the GMO Roundup Ready crops today. [There] has been a continually escalating usage of this chemical on the food crops--the core crops of the processed food industry, with almost zero regulation on how much residue is allowed. There’s regulation, but it’s hardly ever tested as far as how much is in the food. And so we don’t know how much we’re getting exposed to, but we can be sure we’re getting exposed to more today than we were previously because of the usage of Roundup on Roundup Ready crops has gone up exactly in step with the increase in autism. It’s a perfect match.”

Even some politicians question arbitrary vaccinations. According to YourNewswire, Vladimir Putin has issued orders(5) that Russia should be guarded against GMO food and Western pharmaceuticals at all costs. The report states: «We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug. We must fight this. A physically and intellectually disabled population is not in our interests.» Closer to home, current US Presidentelect Donald Trump has also expressed concern with the current methodology of vaccine dosing--most notably in the Republican presidential debate that aired on CNN(6). Dr. Gary Kompothecras met(7) Trump in 2012 at the Statesman of the Year dinner in Sarasota, FL. A chiropractor and father of

two vaccine-injured children, Kompothrecas was placed at the head table with Donald and Melania Trump, and he relayed his story and his personal findings on vaccines to the Trumps. According to Kompothrecas, they listened intently, and Donald even tweeted out a chart Kompothrecas had shared about vaccines. The tide of awareness is turning, and we should pursue the truth for our best possible health. Canadian physician Dr. Andrew Moulden recognized(8) that every dose of vaccine given to a person produced microvascular damage, whether or not the person was aware of the damage or had debilitating symptoms at the time the vaccines were given. He courageously stepped out of the conventional box of medical diagnosis and treatment, and gave us a new way to look at modern neurodevelopmental illnesses and syndromes. Dr. Moulden essentially provided clear scientific evidence to prove that every dose(9) of vaccine given to a child or an adult produces harm. The truth that he uncovered was rejected by the conventional medical system and the pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, his warning and his message to America remains as a solid legacy of the man who stood up against big pharma and their program to vaccinate every person on the Earth. Dr Andrew J. Moulden mysteriously died on November 4, 2013 at the age of 49. His death is shrouded in mystery. It is nearly impossible to find out any details of his death on the internet. After watching his videos, it›s not hard to see that he made powerful enemies with the pharmaceutical industry and organized medicine in order to warn humanity of what

Please see AUTISM, page 19

The core question is, what is causing the influx of autism in our children?

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is one of the key ingredients in the construction of solar panels.

n 65 percent of doctors are getting cash ‘kickbacks’ from big pharma


n The Banking Secret That Makes the Fatcats Richer While Destroying the Real Economy


ho creates money? Most people assume that money is created by governments … or perhaps central banks. In reality – as noted by the Bank of England, Britain’s central bank – 97% of all money in circulation is created by private banks. Bank Loans = Creating Money Out of Thin Air. But how do private banks create money? We’ve all been taught that banks first take in deposits, and then they loan out those deposits to folks who want to borrow. But this is a myth .

n Greece to Surrender Gold, Utilities

and Real Estate in Exchange For Pieces of Paper Printed in Brussels


t’s official: The Germans will not allow debt relief for Greece. Instead, Berlin wants to send in the repo man. The untold story of the Greek “bailouts” is that it wasn’t a “bailout” — it was an auction of Greek assets. Real, tangible things with real, tangible value were seized in exchange for pieces of paper that guarantee Athens will be chained to Berlin and Brussels for the foreseeable future. It’s your basic extortion racket..

An Informative Journey Exploring an Alternative Medicine. Toronto May 13-14 Vancouver July 7-8


n Burger King buys animal feed from soybean plantations that burn rainforests to the ground Tropical rain forests are being deliberately burned to the ground and cleared away by hundreds of thousands of acres to make way for soybean plantations. Brazil and Bolivia have been hit the hardest. Animals such as the sloth, mighty jaguar, and giant anteater are disappearing in record numbers.According to a new investigative report by Mighty Earth, fast food chain Burger King sources their animal feed from these soy plantations, which are responsible for the disappearance of approximately 1,729,738 acres of beautiful Bolivian and Brazilian rain forest land.

n Boom in solar panels consruction causes explosion in greenhouse gas that’s 17,000 times worse than CO2

F C a n n a b i s L i f e C o n f e r e n c e.c o m

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or people who are constantly pointing towards “science” to make the case that carbon dioxide is destroying the planet, liberal environmentalists sure don’t know much about science. While the only emissions we ever really hear about is CO2, new federal data shows that another much more potent greenhouse gas is on the rise – and it

wo-thirds of Americans are currently in the care of a physician that is being paid by a drug company, and they may not even realize it. A study conducted by Genevieve Pham-Kanter, Ph.D., surveyed more than 3,500 adults and linked their doctors to data from Open Payments, a government website that reports pharmaceutical and device industry payments to physicians. The results of the study revealed that about 65% of the people surveyed had visited a doctor within the past year that had received payments or gifts from pharmaceutical or medical device companies. Even more shocking is that only 5% knew that their doctors had been given these incentives.

n Harvard’s Fake Guide to Fake News Sites: America’s 21st Century “Index Librorum Prohibitorum”


s this what parents pay $63,000 annually for tuition, room, board and fees – so their children can be ill-served and ill-taught? Following the 2014 Obama administration Kiev coup, replacing democracy with a “democratic dictatorship” integrated by two neo-nazi parties, Harvard expressed concern about alleged “Russian aggression.” Some faculty members called for US military intervention. Not a word about US-supported putschists seizing power. Nothing about the most brazen European coup since Mussolini’s 1922 march on Rome. No explanation about a scheme orchestrated in Washington. Silence about a major crisis in Europe’s heartland still ongoing. Trump inherited Obama’s mess, so far not indicating clearly where he stands on Ukraine. Harvard is at it again. It’s University Library published a fake guide to “fake news, misinformation, and propaganda.”

n Monsanto Isn’t Feeding the World — It’s Killing Our Children


wo new reports published in recent weeks add to the already large and convincing body of evidence, accumulated over more than half a century, that agricultural pesticides and other toxic chemicals are poisoning us. Both reports issue scathing indictments of U.S. and global regulatory systems that collude with chemical companies to hide the truth from the public, while they fill their coffers with ill-gotten profits. According to the World Health Organization, whose report focused on a range of environmental risks, the cost of a polluted environment adds up to the deaths of 1.7 million children every year.

n Japan: HPV vaccine on trial for its horrifying side effects


ince last July, a total of 119 young girls and women in Japan have filed lawsuits against both the Japanese government and the two manufacturers of vaccines for human papillomavirus (HPV), GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) and Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. According to the suits, the companies’ respective HPV vaccines, Cervarix and Gardasil, caused the women to suffer serious side effects, for which they are now seeking damages. Some of the latest suits include 28 cases in which women ranging in age from 15 to 22 developed major health conditions like chronic pain all over their bodies, impaired mobility, severe menstrual pain, and other problems following the series of vaccines.

n How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain


ong considered impossible to accomplish, new research reveals how a simple spice might contribute to the regeneration of the damaged brain. Turmeric is hands down one of the, if not the, most versatile healing spice in the world with over 600 experimentally confirmed health benefits, and an ancient history filled with deep reverence for its seemingly compassionate power to alleviate human suffering. But, most of the focus over the past decade has been centered on only one of its many hundreds of phytocompounds: namely, the primary polyphenol in turmeric known as curcumin which gives the spice its richly golden hue. But, curcumin isolates are only capable of conferring a part of turmeric’s therapeutic power – and therein lies the limitation and hubris of the dominant ‘isolate the active ingredient’ model.


tablet all emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which may be silently harming your health.

n 5G Not Health-Safety-Tested BUT Still Being Rolled Out Everywhere

O n Mercury in Compact Fluorescent Lights is Contaminating Homes and Environment


ompact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s) are contaminating homes and the environment with mercury. They contain much higher amounts of mercury than other typical factors in the poisoning of people, often with many milligrams of mercury, whereas other factors in mercury poisoning are usually measured in micrograms. Thousands of times more than other typical mercury contaminants. The damage done to people and the environment by mercury is well documented in papers found at sites like PubMed.

kay! Are consumers ready for this one, which ought to be categorized as ‘crazy science gone off the rails and into a ditch’? 5G Wi-Fi everywhere! Including Google’s “Project SkyBender” to beam Internet and Wi-Fi from the sky! But to that super-saturated microwave game plan, add 5G Wi-Fi transmitters mounted about every 50 or so feet on light or telephone poles, homes, structures, etc. along every street and byway—everywhere. They’re rolling out that Wi-Fi service soon, What would you think if I told you that 5G Wi-Fi technology upgrade has NOT been tested for human health safety, let alone its probable impacts upon birds, bees, butterflies, and other forms of Nature’s wildlife.

Science, Tech & Beyond

n Mental health related deaths have skyrocketed over 50% in last 3 years — what’s behind the surge?


shocking figure out of England shows that unexpected deaths among mental health patients have soared by nearly 50 percent in just three years. The term “unexpected deaths” can refer to suicide, misadventure, or neglect. Luciana Berger, the country’s former shadow health minister, said she was “ashamed” to live in a country that allowed this to happen. From 2012-2013, 2,067 unexpected deaths were reported by the 33 mental health trusts that provided data; that figure had climbed to 3,160 by 2015-2016.

n Three Disruptive Technologies That Will Transform The World Into Technocracy Within 10 Years


he latest technological revolution will make existing technology look like the Stone Age, yet few people outside of academia and industry are even aware of it. Many, if not most, of the people who are driving these technologies are Technocrats who intend to connect the world into a single global entity. Think, ‘hive mind’, ‘global city’ and 2030 Agenda.Three particular technologies were prominently featured at the prestigious 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from February 27 through March 2.The first disruptive technology is 5G, or Fifth Generation, cell phone communication protocol.

n Off-the-grid couple creates a life without bills, builds home for $30K

n REVEALED: Cellphone radiation is warping the brains of children and adults


or seven years, California’s Department of Public Health (CDPH) kept information and a set of guidelines, meant to inform the public about the health risks associated with cell phone radiation, well-hidden from the public. While invisible to the naked eye, high-tech devices including your mobile phone, laptop, and

Page 9


hat if you could build an inexpensive, energy efficient, selfsufficient home for as little as $30,000 and kiss monthly bills and mortgage payments goodbye? A couple from Bisbee, Arizona, made this little fantasy come true, building their 600-square-foot house in 2010 and moving in 18 months later. While Karen said that it was a lot of hard work, they enjoy their house and lifestyle every day. Except for Internet service costs and property taxes, this off-the-grid couple doesn’t pay a single dollar for water, heat, trash pick-up, or electricity.

By Kalee Brown


VER THE PAST 100 years, cannabis has gone from being legal, to illegal, to entering a strange legal grey area in our society. The stigma surrounding cannabis has pushed people to believe that it’s a “drug” that’s poor for your health, when in reality, it’s a plant that has incredible healing properties. Cannabis can significantly help people suffering from anxiety or chronic pain, and can even kill cancer cells. Some of the more recent innovations using cannabis were two painrelieving patches created by Cannabis Science, designed for patients with fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain.

New Cannabis Patch

Treats Fibromyalgia & Diabetic Nerve Pain anxiety and mitigate symptoms from PTSD, as the high from THC is associated with temporary memory impairment. Recent studies confirm that oral doses of THC can help relieve a variety of PTSD-related symptoms including flashbacks, agitation, and nightmares.

Cannabis Science’s Innovative “Pain Patch”

Medical Uses for Cannabis

Cannabis can and has been used for many years to treat a wide variety of illnesses including cancer. Cannabinoids refer to any of a group of related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis. Consuming cannabis activates cannabinoid receptors in the body, and the body itself creates compounds called endocannabinoids, which help to produce a healthy environment. Cannabinoids play a significant role in immune system generation and re-generation, which is why cannabinoids reduce cancer cells. A study published in the British Journal of Cancer, conducted by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Complutense University in Madrid, determined that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids inhibit tumour growth. Numerous organizations and universities, including Harvard Medical School, have also been studying the effects cannabis has on cancer cells, proving its success and recommending it to be used as cancer treatment for specific types of cancer. Numerous cancer patients will smoke marijuana or take cannabis oil orally in order


Page 10

to mitigate the pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy. THC has been available in pill form for treating nausea and vomiting in cancer patients since the 1980s. Even the U.S. government has unwittingly confirmed that cannabis kills cancer cells. A group of federal researchers commissioned by the government were selected to prove that cannabis has no accepted medical value, but their findings showed otherwise (read our article here). Studies show that THC, the compound found in cannabis that gives it its “euphoric” effect, activates pathways in the central nervous system that work to prevent pain signals from being sent to the brain. Likewise, cannabis has been shown to be especially effective against neuropathic pain, or nerve-related pain. Cannabis is essentially an all-natural form of Advil! Cannabis can also be used to decrease

$5 GRAM!

Two of the latest cannabis medical innovations were created by Cannabis Science, a U.S. company specialized in the development of cannabis-based medicine, particularly those meant for cancer treatment. Cannabis Science already has some products on the market in California, such as its “When Nature Meets Science” product line, which includes healing balms, drops, and tinctures, all made with cannabis. The company recently designed two new pain-relieving medications for self-medicating patients with diabetic neuropathy nerve pain and fibromyalgia. Diabetic neuropathy is a form of peripheral neuropathy, which is damage to or disease affecting the nerves. Side effects include impaired sensations, movement, and gland and organ function. Neuropathy can result in painful cramps, fasciculation (fine muscle twitching), muscle loss, bone degeneration, and changes in the skin, hair, and nails. Fibromyalgia is a condition whereby patients have chronic, widespread pain and experience a greater pain response to pressure. Symptoms include fatigue, problems with sleep, memory, and bowel function, restless

legs syndrome, numbness and tingling, and sensitivity to noise, lights, or temperature. Fibromyalgia can also have psychological effects including depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder. The medications for both of these ailments will be offered in the form of an adhesive transdermal patch, allowing users to absorb a specific dose of medication through the skin, which then travels into the bloodstream. This method is favourable because it provides users with a controlled release of medication, which in this case is a large amount of cannabinoid (CBD) extract. As the CBD enters into the bloodstream, it then penetrates the central nervous system, allowing their pain to subside. “As more states nationwide legislate for the legalization of Cannabis and Cannabis derived medications, we here at Cannabis Science are focused on developing pharmaceutical formulations and applications to supply the huge growing demand expected over the coming few years,” explains the company’s CEO, Raymond C. Dabney. Even though the medical uses of cannabis have been proven time and time again through numerous accredited science institutions and universities, the stigma surrounding cannabis remains significant and contentious. Since it’s an illegal substance, numerous people shy away from it, including those who are suffering from illnesses cannabis could cure or seriously help treat. It’s inevitable that once it becomes legalized in more places, it will become common practice for the medical industry to recommend its usage. I’m not a doctor, but I can envision people using cannabisbased pain patches for a variety of issues outside of fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain. Pharmaceutical pain patches have been designed in the past to treat localized pain in many areas of the body, so why couldn’t we do the same with cannabis?

New Hybrid

Cannabis Ceremonies

for the Generations to Come by Stephen Gray


ANNABIS HAS AN ANCIENT and widespread history of spiritual use on this planet. We have solid archaeological evidence extending back to the Neolithic Era, roughly 7,500 years ago. Ample written records exist of such use in the Orient going well back prior to the beginnings of the Christian Era. And over the course of the past two thousand years or so, shamanic and ceremonial uses of cannabis have been reported and documented throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, parts of Europe, and, with the arrival of the Europeans some 500 years ago, in various regions of the Americas. But despite this extensive history, in modern times cannabis’s spiritual potential has become an almost lost knowledge. The twentieth century in particular has not been kind to cannabis and its reputation has been dragged into the mud by people in positions of influence and authority with self-serving and dishonest agendas. The result is that we have arrived in the second decade of the twenty-first century with little to go on as we begin wiping away the wildly unjust stain of stigma on cannabis and work to reclaim our ancient friend and ally for spiritual use. That is the driving force behind the recently published book Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally (Inner Traditions • Park Street Press, Dec. 2016.) Eighteen international contributors have shared their experience and insight on the benefits and challenges of working with cannabis as a spiritual ally with the express intention to support this urgently needed renaissance. One of those ways of benefitting from the spiritual potential of skillful use of cannabis is with group ceremonies. Before proceeding I want to say a little about how the sacred herb can aid in spiritual awakening. Cannabis has a bio-chemical effect—too detailed to describe properly in this short essay—that opens up the body-mind system. Put most simply, cannabis amplifies and energizes. With directed intention it can invite us into a deeper bodymind experience of the now. It’s by no means just about having a short visit to an altered state of consciousness though. Effective spiritual use of cannabis is a long-term practice of learning to trust in the direct felt experience of this present moment on all levels. Buddhist teachings call it the unconditioned reality that at the core is our naturally awakened state. Cannabis can deepen and sharpen our recognition of and confidence in that state. Group spiritual practice—such as with meditation and with entheogens like ayahuasca and others—can be an excellent way to direct energy and enhance experience. At its best, a group situation creates an effective and safe container. Working with others helps keep us focused and often more able to ride through obstacles and distractions like doubt and restlessness. An experienced ceremony leader can also have a potent empowering influence on individual and collective experience in a group ceremony. But again, since we have little to go on, we’re charged with the task of gathering bits and pieces from shards of the past and from our own experience with other ritual environments as we develop and refine effective ceremonial work with cannabis. Legendary advocate for the spiritual use of

Page 11

plant sacraments Ralph Metzner used the term “hybrid rituals” to describe this approach. As a spiritual medicine, cannabis is in general gentler and more forgiving than the so-called major entheogens like ayahuasca, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, huachuma, and others. Whereas, for example, it’s important for ayahuasca apprentices to undergo a lengthy and rigorous training, many people of sincere intention can work toward the development of effective hybrid ritual practice with cannabis. So ... we can borrow practices from just about anywhere and work on synthesizing and refining them. For our cannabis ceremonies we can bring in silent meditation, guided meditations and visualization, chant and song, shamanic drumming, sound healing, yoga, tai-chi, and more. We can include traditional indigenous ways to connect with spirit energy and create powerful and safe containers, such as through prayer; the use of smudging; purifying herbs and plants like sage, cedar, and tobacco; sweat-lodge practices; and the sacred fireplace like that used in peyote ceremonies. If we’re careful and know what we’re doing, we can even use cannabis to combine with and support the spiritual and healing effects of other entheogens. I’m emphasizing this word “careful” because cannabis can potentiate the effects of other sacred medicines, which are already themselves powerful, and sometimes even dangerous in the wrong hands. Skill and experience are required. For anyone inspired by that idea, I recommend reading the chapters in Cannabis and Spirituality by Mariano da Silva (Ch. 12) and by Francisco (Ch. 14.) Both have extensive experience with this kind of skillful co-mingling of medicines. When Mariano includes cannabis in the ayahuasca ceremonies he leads with his closest, most experienced students and associates, he says it’s essential that when the cannabis is introduced, it be in conditions of both external and internal silence. That’s my segue to stress a core principle for this kind of spiritual work. Awakened people throughout history have understood that inner stillness—the ability to quiet the busy thinking mind—is the gateway to unconditioned reality, the gateway to wisdom. That’s the wellspring we aspire to connect and reconnect with and in some fashion should be the anchor or cornerstone of our practices with this remarkable spiritual medicine. The 13th century mystic poet Rumi wrote often about the necessity of this inner silence for spiritual realization. Here’s one of my favourites: Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the pure nectar of This Moment. Stephen Gray is an author, teacher, event organizer, and workshop leader. To hear more inspiring information like this, join Stephen and other experts on the Sacred/Historical/Ceremonial Use of Cannabis Panel at the 2017 Cannabis Hemp Conference & Expo. May 6 and 7 at UBC in Vancouver. Keynote Presentations will be by Graham Hancock titled: End of the Inquisition? Cognitive liberty, adult sovereignty, and the legalization of cannabis. And negotiations with the Green Goddess ­— the highs and lows, the gifts and debits, of this author’s 30-year relationship with cannabis.

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“The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.” ~ Socrates

The Gift Of Truth, The Gift Of Friendship By Zy Marquiez


T CERTAINLY SEEMS these days that not a moment goes by without someone having some sort of disagreement. Not that people should always agree about everything, that’s not the point. Disagreements come in all shapes and forms, just like people do. With that said, it seems like a lot of the disagreements that abound nowadays regard a certain section of the populace’s ceaseless push to inculcate their beliefs on others, regardless of the consequences. There seems to be two prevailing schools of thought out there regarding how to handle these situations. When aiding others in their search for truth, the initial school of thought [non-conformists] doesn’t mind when other individuals ask them questions about beliefs and ideas discussed. The second group [conformists] takes downright offense to anyone questioning them on anything. The former seeks to help the individual arrive at their own truth; the latter seeks to be the high priest, just like those of ancient times, who controlled the free flow of certain information.

This particular trend of individuals not wanting to be questioned seems to be growing in quite a few circles. Individuals who do wish to carry out further inquiry to seek firmer ground have nigh no options when speaking to closed-minded conformists because ultimately with a conformist, it’s their way or the highway. Ironically, what is happening to those who seek firmer ground is not unlike what happened to the “Father of Philosophy,” Socrates, over two millennia ago. Socrates was feared because he wasn’t afraid of questioning an individual’s beliefs about any given subject, similar to individuals today who question others on myriad issues. In parallel fashion to modern conformists, in Socrates’ time the ultimate conformists of the time — as with much of history — was the state. This seesaw bout of ideals that took place back then still takes place now as we can see. For all intents and purposes, because of his very ideals, Socrates is the Godfather of Non-conformity. Socrates is the living definition of a question mark. With the Socratic Method — of querying deeply into the subject — Socrates would begin to dissect an individual’s

paradigm and those inherent flaws if any, usually in the realms of justice and goodness. Because of Socrates’ method, many times the paradigms individuals had — inculcated by the state and by religion — would drastically shift or disintegrate altogether, and begin something anew. This lead the state to lash out against Socrates for questioning the system, particularly the “might makes right” the state was notoriously known for, and that eventually got him executed. The state feared that the changes Socrates’ was bringing about in the populace would continue to spread, and from their tyrannical point of view they could not allow that. Thankfully though, most of what he was able to accomplish still echoes to this day — even to this very article, thousands of years later. In similar fashion, nowadays, people who push conformity are doing themselves and the other individuals a great disservice. This is because individuals pushing conformity are: [1] not being open minded, thus [2] not allowing themselves to grow by being able to see another individual’s point of view, whether it is true or not. Further, by attempting to force conformity on others they are [3] taking away a terrific learning opportunity from individuals truly seeking answers to poignant questions, and [4] in the worst case, these conformists are even losing relationships because of fear of the ego being overridden, as well as their beliefs possibly being shown to be made of hot air. All of which stands against the very nature of free-flowing inquiry. Keen conversations of proactive mental discernment should have a certain flow, like a seesaw, a back and forth between [like or unlike] minds. However, what is taking place is far from such a common sense and proactive approach. The talks that are taking place currently between conformists and non-conformists echo a societal instability brought about by the conformist that will only exacerbate with time. Intricately, this particular issue is touched upon in the thought-provoking book Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, by Shunryu Suzuki, who cautions individuals on this very subject:

u “Try not to force your idea on someone but rather think about it with him. If you feel you have won the discussion, that is also the wrong attitude. Try not to win in the argument; just listen to it; but it is also wrong to behave as if you had lost. Usually when we say something, we are apt to try to sell our teaching or force our idea.”[1]

In other words, allow others the freedom to make choices, to find their own path — to make mistakes. That is one of the best ways individuals grow, by learning from their choices. However, forcing opinions

and/or beliefs on others is diametrically opposed to all that is good and sensible. Moreover, not only is overriding someone’s freedoms rather inhuman, or conformist to say the least, but it goes directly against the very idea of Freedom and it is downright tyrannical. In contrast, if conformists would opt to listen to others, as happens in freeflowing conversations of open-minded individuals, those pushing their beliefs and agendas would come to an understanding as to why the other individual feels reticent to the particular issue. That simple step can help magnitudes in understanding where another person is coming from and why the other person feels as they feel. A conformist’s conversations never even get that far. Ironically, that would also be the place where arguably most progress could be made. If inquiring individuals who wish to engage in mental discernment are not allowed their own personal moment of clarity — of piercing through the veil — they will not own the moment — know the truth — but merely borrow another person’s footsteps as their own. Such an instance robs the individuals of making great progress in their strides for the truth and thus leaves them at square one. When someone is forced to intellectually conform they are not allowed the freedom to philosophize — to seek wisdom. Philosophy is crucial, for it literally means the love of wisdom. How is an individual ever going to gain insights, journey to wisdom, unless they are allowed or even urged to ask questions? As modern philosopher Peter Kreeft Ph.D. warned in his Philosophy 101 By Socrates:

u “If we do not philosophize, if we do not question appearances, if we are satisfied with whatever makes us feel happy, we will never know whether we are being deceived about who we are and what level of our being is being satisfied.”[2]

How is an individual ever going t unless they are allowed or

Page 12

“People have to be allowed to make their own mistakes or to try again, or they will never master themselves.” ~ John Taylor Gatto

Observing the words of Kreeft once more:

u “Wisdom is more than knowledge. Knowing all facts in a library does not make you wise. Wisdom is a knowledge not just of facts but of values, of what is humanly important; and it is a knowledge that is a lived, that is learned by experience and lived out in experience.”[3]

An individual that is not allowed to hone their senses and polish their intuition will not have the opportunity to learn to see the forest for the trees. If said individual merely accepts the authoritarian conformist’s attitudes they will suffer in many ways. These inquiring individuals will have a harder time — or nigh impossible time — figuring out deception [as we are seeing nowadays]; these individuals won’t be able to figure out a well argued argument based on facts and logic from outright speculation or downright lies; these genuinely curious individuals will also not be able to become as robust and self sufficient as possible as they could be in this age of [dis]information. Such an individual will be just like a boat in the ocean with a busted sail that is drifting aimlessly and yet directly into an eternal storm. That is why it’s imperative as individuals to help others realize their full potential as they seek truth and growth within our world. As other individuals grow, they will share what made them change in positive fashion. And as we learn from them, we can learn as well, and it begins a selfreinforcing process in which the rising tide lifts all ships. Ruminating a bit deeper into this entire conundrum, maybe this issue is about more than truth though. Perhaps there’s more on the line than meets the eye. What seems to be missing to some extent, in some individuals at least, is simply the ability for them to be caring human beings, regardless of beliefs. A truly caring, wholesome individual will not simply railroad someone else because they believe something different or refuse to believe them. It seems that following a personal philosophy of seeking personal growth through an attempted mastery of your mental and spiritual wellbeing seems like a prudent choice to say the least. And personal growth involves more than just attaining truth or strengthening beliefs.

When conformists push their ideals and beliefs onto inquiring individuals, they take away the opportunity for those individuals to have meaningful experiences for growth and selfdevelopment, which includes more than simple truths or beliefs. Those instances may never take place again. Individuals that are not allowed to live to their fullest extent will only realize a fraction of the capability they would otherwise be able to achieve if they were allowed to venture upon their personal road less traveled — their individual journey. Those who are allowed to gain personal insights on their road to self mastery will not only grow profoundly but will also develop a more robust Socratic Philosophy, just like the Greeks did in ancient times. In ancient times:

u “The Greeks became the world’s greatest philosophers partly because… they learned to question appearances to find something more, some hidden reality behind the appearances.”[4] Such is the reason why appearances, beliefs and supposed facts must always be questioned. For if they are not, what might be hidden will never rise to the surface and will not be able to be seen in pure darkness. Truth is the only light-beam that disintegrates the shadows. And the only way to attain truth is for individuals to hone their inner fire, their inner light. Touching upon this very concern, award winning teacher, advocate of self-directed learning and of individual freedom, John Taylor Gatto urged in his landmark book Dumbing Us Down:

u “People have to be allowed to make their own mistakes or to try again, or they will never master themselves, although they may well seem to be competent when they have in fact only memorized or imitated someone else’s performance. Success in my practice involves challenging many comfortable assumptions about what is worth learning and out of what material a good life is fashioned.”[5] Questioning our conformable assumptions — our beliefs — about what is worth learning — for each individual — and that brings about most growth is what this entire conundrum is about. That is why it is crucial that:

u “One should not present others with ready-made answers, preach to them, or only make them memorize things. One needs to activate them. They should figure things out. The ambition can even be to liberate them.”[6]

to gain insights, journey to wisdom, even urged to ask questions? Page 13

To help individuals achieve total freedom — physically, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and mentally — they need to be encouraged to walk their own path, learn their own lessons — find their own wisdom. If individuals aren’t allowed to grow, or choose not to, their mental faculties will atrophy, like someone who uses crutches constantly has their muscles atrophy from disuse. As friends, colleagues, or simply caring human beings, perhaps it is imperative not to worry only about our subjective ideas, beliefs, or even outright facts. What’s important is helping the other individual wherever they may need help, along their road, so they can then better understand whatever it is that they seek knowledge in. What got them to their current point in life is vastly different to what got you to yours. In like fashion, what gets them to the truth will most likely be vastly different than what got you to it. Allowing other individuals the opportunity for growth is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another human being in their journey. Along this journey, other individuals may at times need help. Walk along side them, as long as they need, and help them when possible. But remember, their life is their journey. While your paths may cross time and again, ultimately an individual’s journey will be a rather unique and authentic experience. Along this path, the side of the road will surely be rife with random rocks lacking meaning. But now and again, among/amidst

the ruble, an individual’s curiosities will be sparked by sparkles of truth, and they will find gratifying gems. These are the very gems of wisdom that will push individuals further down their path to intellectual treasure, further towards their adventure for truth — towards individual growth. Ultimately, what another individual does is up to them, for it’s their life, their freedom, their choice. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t help them along that journey. Just help them in any way you can, especially if they implore you for help. That’s what friendship is all about. That’s what being a caring human being is all about. And maybe, just maybe, one day these individuals will realize that it was you whose left some of those gems along their road, and that they’ve been given a gift, and that it’s been there all along, just waiting for the right moment. And the right moment is now. Give them that gift. Footnotes:

[1] Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, p. 108. [2] Peter Kreeft Ph.D., Philosophy 101 by Socrates — An Introductory To Philosophy Via Plato’s Apology, p. 74. [3] Ibid., p. 10. [4] Ibid., p. 19. [5] John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down — The Hidden Curriculum Of Compulsory Schooling, p. xxxv. [6] Tommi Juhani Hanhijarvi Ph.D., Dialectical Thinking — Zeno, Socrates, Kant, Marx, p. 32.

The Launch of

Interview by Denby Royal


AN YOU GIVE me a brief history of Hemp & Company? Hemp & Company was started in 1999 by two young men, one of them being my son, here in Victoria, BC. Hemp was becoming popular then and they realized that there wasn’t really a retail outlet. I was living in the Kootenays at the time and loved the idea and actually opened a store in my little town before they had their first store open. The first Hemp & Company store was in New Denver, BC and within the week they had opened their first store. Neither of the other partners are part of the company anymore and my wife Lorna and I are now the prime partners in Hemp & Co. What were your initial goals and foundational values? I have been an environmentalist —I guess all my life— and have always been attracted to nature. I saw this business as an opportunity to do a proactive project by having people change their clothing habits to natural items as opposed to oil-based nylons, etc. I strongly feel that it’s an environmental reason. I wasn’t particularly, at first, interested in the clothing —I was relatively young and had retired early. I had money and time on my hands and thought this is quite exciting and a great chance to work with my son in an environmental field. So that’s why I got involved and why I am still here this many years later. What was the natural clothing world like when H&C began? In the early 2000’s, I would say it was still a pretty niche market. There weren’t a lot of natural fibres that companies were working with. Nowadays there is a lot more organic cotton being grown. Probably the

It’s Only Natural and The Story of

Hemp & Company

biggest factor [in the shift to natural fibres] was when the rayon fabric from bamboo was developed. Then all of a sudden you had a really textural fabric that young designers, who wanted to be more environmental, were starting to focus on. Hemp is utilized by many but is still less utilized for possibly two reasons: one, it is slightly more expensive and two, the word ‘hemp’ for some people is off-putting. Yet so much has changed within the last few years in such a positive way. How has the hemp industry

aligned with nature




evolved and what is it like now? Well, I would say it has remained relatively constant but the difference between every fabric on the planet and hemp is that there are still restrictions with hemp. Especially in the United States of America where farmers are not allowed to grow hemp because the original banning of hemp in the 1930’s came under the Marijuana Tax Law. Unlike bamboo, cotton, silk, or wool there are restrictions right at the farming stage. That being said, Canada —which also had the same law as the US until 1994— is allowed to grow industrial hemp. However, Canada is not a country that focuses on textiles as we don’t have textile mills that make fabric from raw product. But in the US, which has that technology — they don’t have access to that raw product because their government won’t let them grow hemp. In that mix, the US had the growing of hemp banned within “the free world” —i.e. no communist countries. But the communist countries continued to grow hemp. In particular China, which for at least 8,000 years, has grown and utilized the hemp plant for textiles and paper. They never stopped doing it and were never under the influence of the US. So they are, by far, the largest and best producers of hemp textile in the world.

some lovely designers on Vancouver Island creating the new designs that we have now. And we were realizing that it’s a different business than being a retail store. So then we set up a second corporation called It’s Only Natural —the acronym i.O.N. And we can wholesale the Hemp & Company brand [through It’s Only Natural] and make clothing for other brands and put their branding on them. So let’s talk about the big changes happening to the brand! So the exciting change is that for everything I have talked about here is that Hemp & Company has morphed into a clothing store that not only sells hemp fibres but we also have many non hemp natural fibres. We decided that in the next few months we are going to rebrand the store as It’s Only Natural featuring the Hemp & Company brand. We won’t lose the Hemp & Company good name so the customers who love Hemp & Company will still be able to find the same selection of hemp articles. After all, we already are a natural fibre clothing store and not just a hemp clothing store. It has been a natural evolution for us over last ten years. What does It’s Only Natural and Hemp & Company mean to you today? My personal focus —a large part of the corporation’s values— is that non-natural clothing can do a lot of environmental damage. And we don’t like damaging our Earth. I have always tried to do whatever I can in whichever form I can to minimize my personal damage. And one way that I can help is to present products to others to wear and feel good about knowing that they are sourced from natural fibres. The problem with the other textiles in that they are primarily made from oil. After food, clothes are the next most purchased item. Everyone has to eat and everyone has to wear clothing. And of course up until the invention of these oil-based products in the last century all clothing was natural. Now [oil-based textiles] are the main thing. So my hope is that every clothing store will be carrying natural clothing. It is not the clothing; it is the environmental aspect. And clothing is a huge part of what people utilize. So if we can change what they are wearing I think it is good for the health of [the individual] and for the health of the planet.

I always like to liken it to organic food. We all have to eat and organic food is healthier because it is not laden with chemicals. The same is true with clothing.

How have the changes of laws within the US impacted the evolution of the hemp industry? There is a big movement in the US from the farmers, industrialist, and entrepreneurs who want to do something with hemp —not just the drug side of it. My guess is that as soon as the US fully allows [hemp] into their country things are going to change dramatically. More product will be made much closer to the North American customer and we won’t have to import from China —which is full of transportation costs. I am very upset that no-one in Canada created a textile mill. I have gone on record many times and I will say it again, that I want to buy the first bolt of Canadian hemp textile.

How has Hemp & Company evolved over the years? We had to start manufacturing our own clothing from the beginning. So we became not only retailers but manufactures. That has been our model for the whole 17 years and now Lorna has taken on the manufacturing duties. And I have to say Lorna is brilliant at colours! It’s a huge skill that she has. We met

What would you tell the average consumer looking to switch to natural fibres? I always like to liken it to organic food. We all have to eat and organic food is healthier because it is not laden with chemicals. The same is true with clothing. Education is the first thing. I would say that once that determination is made that you want to switch your wardrobe over, do it slowly. One of the beauties of our modern times —compared to 1999— is that there is way more variety of beautiful clothing that is natural. When can we expect to see the changes unfold with It’s Only Natural and Hemp & Company? We always say “every day is Earth Day”, but our culture does celebrate that concept more in April. So April will be our transition with the Grand Opening set for Earth Day which is April 22. You can see a fuller version of this interview on our website!

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By Christina Sarich


HE MATRIX WE live in is designed to rip all hope, power, and special talent from your conscious awareness. If you realized, no, remembered your true Self, this unfavorable reality would dissipate in a heartbeat. You’d either find yourself living in another timeline, in a different Universe, or you’d be living here and now, but under drastically different circumstances. If we really are living in a simulation, as even people like Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson attest, then that means we can change the computer program — our consciousness, and discover our latent gifts to truly topple the ‘ruling’ regime. Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson are not alone. In fact, many of the world’s richest and most powerful people are so convinced that we live in a simulation of the real world, that they are funding scientists to help“break us out of it.” Is life a video game? Elon Musk, Code Conference 2016 Whether you believe that we are living in a simulated reality or not, or what the ancients called maya, Tyson asserts that there is a 50-50 chance that our entire existence is a program on someone else’s hard drive. He argues that the gap between chimpanzee and human DNA is only 2 percent, but somehow we aren’t chimps. He states it is a surprise that we aren’t “drooling, blithering idiots,” (check again. Ed.) and that “it is easy for me to imagine that everything in our lives is just a creation of some other entity for their entertainment.” The theory of maya has been

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How to Find Your Way Out of the

Simulated Matrix (Maya)

manipulated just as often as modern theories of universal reality. The word maya was first found in the Vedanta, then later again in the Upanishads, and then used once more by the Buddhists and Hindus. Some think maya means magic or illusion, others believe it means an ignorance of reality, as if a cloud was formed over our eyes, preventing us from seeing the Universe as it truly exists. Maya is not idealism or realism, but a simple statement of fact in its earliest form — that we are not what we see around us.

If we were to take Tyson’s advice, we could conveniently blame some other thing for what we’ve created here in this world. But what if the ability to change this computer simulation rests entirely in our own hands? What if we can change this holographic Universe to display another reality? What if we hold the keys to do that? The Vedantists didn’t say it was impossible, only that the mind is limited because it has great difficultly seeing beyond time, space, and causation. Since no one can jump out of his own self, the

limits that have been put upon him by the laws of time and space are practically a jail ­— a matrix — we could say. Every attempt to solve the laws of causation, time, and space seem to be futile, because the very attempt would have to be made by taking for granted the existence of these three. But here is what is happening people are starting to see beyond time, space and causation. This has actually been happening for eons, but the tools that free us from the matrix are currently often hidden, or used for manipulation instead of the furtherance of freedom. As Danny Hawley, PhD writes, “Sri Aurobindo speaks of “a subtle change which makes the sight see in a sort of fourth dimension.” Lama Govinda writes, “If we speak of the space experience in meditation we are dealing with an entirely different dimension.” He continues, “Vision is bound up with a space of higher dimension, and therefore timeless.” He further explains, “An experience of higher dimensionality is achieved by integration of experiences of different centers and levels of consciousness. Hence the indescribability of certain experiences of meditation on the plane of three dimensional consciousness.” Essentially, we have to move beyond 3-D consciousness — time, space and causality. Sahaj Ramachandran puts it this way, “The concept of hyperspace is Amazing! Even “supernatural” phenomenon could possibly be explained with Higher Dimensional physics. For example, GOD, if he

Please see MATRIX, page 19

By Phillip Schneider


IABETES IS CONSIDERED to be one of the most common illnesses in western society. Nearly one in ten Americans have it, making it one of the most serious health epidemics of the 21st century. The pancreas of a type 1 diabetic produces little to no insulin, which the body needs to carry glucose from the bloodstream to the cells of the body. This form is only found in about 5% of the population, and is usually diagnosed in children and teenagers. Typically, a type 1 diabetic will take frequent injections in order to maintain proper insulin levels in the body. A type 2 diabetic has a similar problem. The most common form by far, type 2 diabetes is where the body does not know how to properly process insulin resulting in hyperglycemia, a rising of blood sugar levels beyond what is considered healthy. “At first, your pancreas makes extra insulin to make up for it. But, over time it isn’t able to keep up and can’t make enough insulin to keep your blood glucose at normal levels.” ~American Diabetes Association Some symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, extreme hunger, sudden vision changes, dry skin and more.

Dietary Choices Found To Aid In Reversing Diabetes

In 2010, Diabetes was the 7th leading cause of death in America, but it doesn’t have to be, and scientists in the fields of natural medicine and nutrition have been working to find a cure. In the documentary “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days,” several patients with diabetes were given the challenge of dropping their regular diets and living a purely raw vegan lifestyle for thirty days.

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The participants came from all different backgrounds, heritages, and weights.

Simply Raw These participants included Michelle, age 36 and obese; Bill, age 58 and had experienced total numbness in his feet due to the diabetes; Austin, age 25 with type 1 diabetes and a drinking problem; Kirt, age 25, who had a blood sugar level of 1200 (normal is about 80100); Henry, age 58, who took 9 pills a day in addition to insulin; and Pam, age 62, who had diabetes throughout her family. “You can chase them around with medicines and try to get it down, but you’re just chasing your tail. The fundamental thing in treating diabetes is what you put in your mouth.”~Dr. John Picken, Pam’s doctor After only three days, the participants were seeing results. Austin was able to cut his insulin intake in half, while Pam was able to cut hers by one-third. Simultaneously, Kurt, Bill, and Henry’s blood sugar levels had all fallen into the normal range even after dropping all of their medications. On day twelve, Henry had successfully dropped his blood sugar levels by 256 points

and relieved himself entirely of his need for medication. However, on day 17 he felt that such a sudden change to his lifestyle was too much and his family took him home. On day thirty, the results were in and the changes were astounding. Not only were each of them taking less medication with healthier blood sugar levels, but their energy levels and moods were improved as well. Michelle, Bill, and Pam were all freed from their medication (and 81 pounds collectively) and their blood sugar levels all dropped into the normal range. Austin had lost 20 pounds and reduced his daily insulin intake from 70 units to just 5. Kirt, who had blood sugar levels so high his doctor told him he “should be dead” dropped over eleven hundred points to as low as 73. “No matter what anybody else says to me I know what I’m feeling and I know what I felt before…and I don’t need medication to not have to feel that way. That’s amazing.” ~Kirt New Study Shows Fasting Can ‘Regenerate Diabetic Pancreas’ Additionally, new research has come out which shows that the pancreas of a diabetic person can be regenerated through fasting. Although this method shows some promise, no short-term or long-term human trials have been

done, suggesting a raw food approach may be more sound. In fact, the diet fed to these mice was similar to the diet that the participants in the documentary had, but with 25 days of eating what they want, creating intermittent periods of feast and famine. “Our conclusion is that by pushing the mice into an extreme state and then bringing them back – by starving them and then feeding them again – the cells in the pancreas are triggered to use some kind of developmental reprogramming that rebuilds the part of the organ that’s no longer functioning.” – Dr Valter Longo, University of Southern California Although in certain individuals fasting has been found to produce benefits such as weight loss, speeding up of the metabolism, and a regeneration of the immune system, it can also lead to negative effects such as possible malnourishment, loss of muscle, loss of energy and more. People are advised not to try this without consulting a doctor. There is Hope for Diabetics For many, reclaiming your health could mean reclaiming your freedom. Remember that diabetes is a lifestyle disease. It was Hippocrates who said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” An increasing amount of research is proving that by following this advice, it is possible to prevent or even reverse ‘incurable’ diseases like diabetes.

About the Author

Phillip Schneider is a student and a staff writer for Waking Times. This article (What Your Not Supposed to Know About Recovering from Diabetes) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Phillip Schneider and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

By L.J. Devon


S LETHARGIC AMERICANS chow down on oily fries and greasy slabs of antibiotic-pumped meat, the Japanese culture thrives on flavorful dishes that contain top-notch healthboosting ingredients. The Japanese live longer and have more jive in their step, because they traditionally eat more fermented vegetables, mineral dense seaweed and antioxidant-rich plants.

Fish, omega-3s and selenium

The first thing to note, is that the Japanese diet is richer in fish, which contain a vital mineral called selenium. In America, essential minerals such as selenium are disappearing from the soils, because chemically intense, over-farming agricultural practices are concerned with yields and profit and not wholesome crops

Live longer with these

5 health-boosting ingredients used in Japanese dishes

that nourish people’s bodies. Organic farming practices, soil amending, composting, crop rotation and ending the use of heavy metal, prescription drug-rich biosolids could all help solve the problem, but it may be too late. As Americans starve for the very components that build their immune systems, the Japanese have an advantage built right into their own lifestyle. Fish are also a good source of B vitamins, which maintain brain chemistry to help with one’s temperament, mood and peaceful, stable, cognitive processing. Generally the Japanese are smarter because their fish-friendly diet also provides them with plentiful omega-3 fatty acids, which protect the brain and heart, while reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammation is very often an underlying factor initiating disease processes in the body. Anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids are key in the prevention of all chronic diseases,

The Japanese culture is keener on eating seaweeds, superfoods which are mineral dense superfoods.

particularly heart disease and Alzheimer’s, since these are directly linked to inflammatory markers.

Isoflavones for healthy menopause and osteoporosis prevention

The Western diet is hostile to women’s health, because food chemicals disturb female hormones during their menstrual cycles and during menopause, a crucial time of their lives. In Japan, many dishes contain fermented miso and umami paste, tempeh and natto. These fermented soy foods are full of isoflavones, which have a subtle, supplemental estrogen-like effect in the body. These plant-based estrogens help women during menopause, and help lower the risk of breast and endometrial cancer thereafter. Isoflavones also help with bone density, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Since they are fermented, these traditional Japanese foods are much easier to assimilate in the body, making essentials like vitamin K2 more bio-available.

Mineral dense seaweeds

The Japanese culture is keener on eating seaweeds, which are mineral dense superfoods that provide an array of trace and other minerals including zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine. Again, the trace minerals that

the Japanese obtain in seaweed are the minerals that are now missing in the soils, the fruits and the vegetables grown in the Western world. Minerals are the spark plugs of life, and activate the body’s ability to use vitamins. The immune system relies largely on mineral bio-availability. Many of the “vaccine-preventable” illnesses that send people to the emergency room are really “mineral-preventable” illnesses.

Green tea and antioxidants

As the Western diet moves further away from the very components that sustain life, cancer becomes a problem. In Japanese culture, antioxidant rich plants are consumed more commonly. One of Japan’s favorites is green tea, which contains a specific type of plant medicine called catechins. These catechins are a specific type of flavanol that boost the antioxidant defenses in the body. This is how the Japanese defeat cancer on a regular basis; they consume green tea, flooding the cells with preventative antioxidants. Additionally, matcha green tea contains theanine, which relaxes the mind and reduces stress.

Fermented vegetables for probiotics and digestive support One of the key components of the

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“As the Matrix in the movie was used to facilitate the exploitation of humans, so the current ideological Matrix was created for, and serves to exploit us, turning us into unthinking workers and consumers — slaves of the ruling elite who themselves a re trapped in the Matrix… few of us are able to escape the Matrix. We do not even know it exists.” ~ Henry H. Lindner

consciousness, and now so very few even bother to address the possibility of a world at peace. War is paramount to our economy, and without it, the economy would crash. There is no debate when it comes to military expenditures, and no forum to redress or renounce grievances related to putting so many of our resources into the destruction of others. There is no body count of our soldiers, of our enemies, or even of the innocents caught in the crossfire. It just doesn’t matter anymore.

By Sigmund Fraud


HE MATRIX is a metaphor for a society bound to increasingly direct and indirect controls, limitations, and penalties. It is a web of influence that forces individuals to act and react in accordance with stated and unstated rules of which individuals do not create. An awakening has undoubtedly been unfolding in recent years, and many more people are becoming aware of just how deeply controlled our lives are; however, at the same time, the matrix itself is evolving, and the programs and plots in place to clamp down on our conscious development are growing more restrictive with each passing year. Consider the following examples of how the matrix is evolving around us:

n 1. The Great Leap Forward of the Technocracy We are being pushed headlong into a technocratic future, where humanity will be trumped by a scientific dictatorship which invades every aspect of our private lives. Our cashless future is almost here. AI

n 4. Government Does What it Wants with No Redress

is in control of the financial markets. Robots are taking over jobs, taking over the task of state murder, and becoming sex partners. Smart phones track our every move and record our conversations. Our homes are infested with smart devices, the Internet of Things, which now provide direct surveillance for the government. Our brains are scanned in public and our identities stolen with biometrics.

n 2. A Cultural Revolution is Underway

The circus and actual reality are now indistinguishable from one another, and even ‘our’ president is a reality TV star. Biological identity is being trumped by a confusing morass of socially preferred pronouns. Public discourse is impossible, as rational thought and

polite debate aren’t dramatic enough to hold our attention. Violence and intolerance are cheered on as people videotape fights rather than break them up. Porn culture has broken out into the mainstream, and debauchery is praised. People are more polarized than ever, preferring echo chambers and group-think to individual ideas and genuine self-expression.

n 3. Permanent Warfare is the Health of the State – No Questions Asked No matter how hard he digs at his memory, Winston is uncertain whether a time existed when Oceania was not at war with someone. ~George Orwell, 1984 Since 9/11, the Orwellian permanent war has firmly entrenched itself in public

Members of the government and the elite are clearly above the law, and the law is now apparently in place for the plebs, the slaves, to obey. The elite are free to financially plunder and conquer any nation. The government aids and abets real terrorism by covertly funding and arming our manufactured enemies. Pedophilia and sex-trafficking by the elite are coming into the light; however, mainstream media gives these types of criminals a pass, refusing to seriously investigate any allegations of such terrible crimes. An unconstitutional police state now does whatever it wants, and every day we see more police brutality and more usurpations of individual rights by the alphabet agencies created by the state to harass and plunder the people. There is no recourse for those who’ve been victimized by

Please see CONTROL, page 19

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From page 15 would ever exist, would do so in the 4rth Dimension. Even “Ghosts”, if real, would have the ability to walk through walls just because they would have access to a higher dimension. We humans live in the third dimension. However, there is a way to visualize objects in 4D.” Ordinary consciousness is 3-dimensional. All we really see is the surface of things, as if we were watching a film in a theatre. We think we are seeing all dimensions of something in real life, just like when we watch a film — only when we watch the film, we know that what we are looking at is only representative of reality. It’s a flat screen with actors playing their parts up there, yet it seems so real, we even laugh and cry with them. We also create ‘time,’ which is really the 4th dimension of reality. There is no past, present or future, but our minds slow things down so that we can experience Allness in one ‘frame’ at a time. Time, just like space, and causality are limits of our mundane consciousness. From a higher-dimensional space

Autism From page 7

he had discovered and try to save future generations from being damaged by vaccines. I strongly urge parents to carefully study(10) this information and to stop exposing their children to the lifelong damaging effects of vaccines. In closing and as a tribute to my friend Dr. Andrew Moulden, BA, MA, MD, PhD. Andrew stayed with us on several occasions when visiting Calgary. I really enjoyed talking with Andrew, as we shared so much

Control From page 18

industrial crimes which destroy and pollute our environment. Government does what it wants.

n 5. The Pharmacological Annihilation of the Individual Moves into Overdrive

In light of a growing epidemic of opioid addiction and overdoses, it is being revealed that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are making a killing by turning people into dependents of the pharma state. Anxiety and depression are more rampant than ever, and one in six Americans is on psychiatric drugs. Stress is being amped up in every way possible, and the individual is lost at sea in the medical industrial complex that prohibits natural cures and medicines while pushing pills on the public.

Final Thoughts

Some liken the matrix system to a fish tank, where outsiders create the stage on which we play out our lives, and we never fully realize that our world is created and governed by a hidden hand. Others relate better to the metaphor presented in the movie, The Matrix, where humans are used as batteries, to fuel the livelihoods of overlords, and are kept acquiescent by a detailed and indulgent false reality. Either metaphor does well in conceptualizing contemporary life, but without recognition of the hidden chains that confine

Page 19

(beyond even 4-D or 5-D), we don’t see the screen of our lives in the same way we do while living in a low-consciousness reality. All things become clearly part of a larger reality — a Oneness. Though ‘things’ come in diverse shapes, and colors, they are all working toward and from a unified field. Like space pioneers ripping through ‘time’ via a wormhole, we can exit the matrix into a whole new phenomenon. Hawley continues, “From the vantage of pure consciousness, all lower dimensions are reduced to one, folded to a single point. To understand how the world of separated things could fold into a point, imagine again the analogy of the sheet of paper having printed on it characters to represent the objects of the world. With the aid of another dimension beyond the plane of the paper, it could be crumpled or folded into a tiny ball. Even though along the surface of the paper the characters are separated from each other, when the paper is crushed these characters are brought close together. Analogously, the Supreme Consciousness enfolds everything within Itself. Bragdon quotes from the sacred books of

Hermes Trismegistus: “Comprehend clearly”, says Hermes to Asclepios, “that this sensible world is enfolded, as in a garment, by the supernal world.” “Swami Satyananda says that consciousness is bindu, the point. Since everything is enfolded within God to a point, to reach the highest consciousness we must penetrate the point. The message of the Upanishads is “That thou art”; the Atman point is equal to the Brahman point. If we can shrink our minds within the point of our own consciousness, suddenly all of space-time will open up for the view, and ours will be the God-consciousness.” Musk and Tyson are still bound by 3-d consciousness, and so they can’t see how they can become the architects of their own reality — free themselves from the matrix, or become imbued with and swallowed up by God consciousness, so that they can run whatever program they like. We too, are held prisoner here, in this simulated matrix until we can lift our consciousness to see that we are not only the program, but the computer, the programmer, and the actor on the

stage — all at once. When we elevate our consciousness, we can create, at will, whatever reality we like.

in common. We had several deep discussions about the risks of vaccinations; this man dedicated his life’s work to uncovering the dangers of vaccinations. I recall the time he went on a Canadian speaking tour and I attended his Calgary lecture. When I walked through the door, he was on stage setting up for his talk; the room was packed and in attendance were various news reporters. When Andrew recognized me, he immediately headed my way. I had never seen him with such a concerned look on his face. When I extended my hand, he immediately

embraced me with his head on my shoulders and crying profusely. He said to me, “Eldon, they are killing our children with these vaccinations.” I will never forget that experience, for I felt his pain and deep concern. Andrew was a brilliant man and he had the science to back his claims, and I want to go on record in stating that he was no quack. Instead, he was one of the most advanced medical pioneers of our age, and for me, he will be deeply missed. Rest in peace, for your truth has set you free.


our progress and steers our development, we have no hope of ever realizing true freedom on this glorious earth. As in Plato’s cave, if we only focus on the manufactured shadow reality, we miss the big picture, and along with it, the opportunity to live a joyous, meaningful and unrestricted life. The matrix has all of us, and it has just evolved. The plan to capture the conscious and subconscious minds of the masses, and mold them into robotic, obedient and impressionable commodities is nearly complete, and it is up to you to free your own mind and wake up before it is too late. [http://www.wakingtimes. com/2015/10/22/6-classic-books-thatundermine-the-matrix-of-control/] Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for humankind. Follow Sigmund on Facebook here. This article (5 Signs the Matrix of Control is Rapidly Evolving) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Sigmund Fraud and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement. For article links, and there are many, please go to: http://www.activistpost. com/2017/03/5-signs-matrix-controlrapidly-evolving.html

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a staff writer for Waking Times. She is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, Nexus, Atlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She has been invited to appear on numerous radio shows, including Health Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Show, and dozens more. The second edition of her book, Pharma Sutra, will be released soon. This article (How to Find Your Way Out of the Simulated Matrix (Maya)) was originally created and published by The Mind Unleashed and is re-posted here with permission.

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By Jon Rappoport


2012 STUDY OUT of Bonn University led to a new round of speculation about the nature of the universe. The study proposes that cosmic rays undergo a strange energy shift. The energies are “re-fitted” to align with an underlying pattern or lattice. There is only one proper fit; no exceptions are permitted. If the lattice is, indeed, a basic pixellike Reality we are interacting with every day of our lives, then we could be living inside a created artifice. A simulation. Put this description alongside the hypothesis that the universe is a hologram: lines of code inscribed on a two-dimensional surface deliver instructions on how the lattice is built, and what its properties are. In other words, the software which holographically projects the universe includes the exact structure of the lattice. Then, by the rules of the game, energies which don’t automatically plug into the lattice-framework precisely, as they’re supposed to, are “snapped to” a correct fit, as Mike Adams (Natural News) has suggested. Mike has made the analogy to a television picture, which consists of pixels that have their own dimensions and structure. So if we imagine an allencompassing “television picture,” this would be the lattice-controlled reality we live in. In the long-term project of putting together my collections The Matrix Revealed and Exit From The Matrix, I did a great deal of research on other notions of creation or “reality-building.” It is clear that at deep levels, propaganda turns into self-propaganda. In order to live inside a Matrix or universe, we would have to produce, in ourselves, an

Deception From page 2

inventions was the Wardenclyffe Tower Project. It was Tesla’s attempt to provide everyone on the globe with free energy through harnessing electricity from the Earth’s ionosphere by means of the towers. Without wires the towers could transmit the harnessed electricity to ground-level areas requiring it… However, Tesla’s funding was stopped. His equipment and lab was burned down together with the related intellectual property because it posed a threat to undercutting the cost of the conventional electricity grid system. If Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower Project had been allowed to flourish and not be destroyed then today we could well be living in a utopia. Tesla died a poverty-stricken lonely and forgotten man in New York City.

Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) – Droughtbreaking weather control. Wilhelm Reich built an instrument he called the cloudbuster which successfully induced weather change. It has been used to break many droughts by producing clouds that make rain. This workable mechanism for making rainclouds for crop irrigation in drought areas was stopped by those ever watchful lackeys for the ruling elite. Allowing something like this could lead to food abundance and greatly contribute to ending world hunger. However, the controllers don’t want world hunger to end. If this happened it would make it more difficult to control people in what would no longer be third world countries. .. Don’t forget, their hidden enslavement agenda… Consequentially Reich was hounded

Page 20

Are We Living Inside a

Virtual Simulation? extraordinary level of amnesia about what we can create. The ancient Tibetans knew a great deal about this conundrum. Before they became a theocratic society of rites and rituals and a rigorous elitism, they were daring adventurers on the edge of experiments in consciousness. Relying on the teachings of itinerant outcast adepts from India, they developed a practice called, by a few later scholars, “deity visualization.” (See John Blofeld, The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet) Perhaps based on an already existing mandala painting, a teacher would give his student a very detailed and specific “personage” to create in his imagination. This effort, if it was successful at all, might take months or even years. The goal was to mentally hold the complex image intact, in every detail, not just for a few seconds or minutes, but continuously. If the student was successful at this arduous task, he would soon find that the personage he created seemed to take on a life of its own. The personage or deity would become the student’s friend and guide and give

him valuable advice and counsel. When the teacher sensed this relationship had progressed to a very close point, he would order the student to get rid of the personage altogether. This, it was said, was more difficult than the original act of creating it. But if the student was able to perform both aspects (creative and destructive) of the exercise, he would then realize, see, and know, with full consciousness, that THE UNIVERSE WAS A PRODUCT OF MIND. At that crossroad, he would be able to spontaneously take apart pieces of “the hologram” or “the lattice,” and even create (out of nothing) new objects that hadn’t existed before. Perhaps those Tibetan adepts, in their practice, actually saw the lattice or even the two-dimensional surface on which the holographic code of the cosmos is inscribed. Another clue concerning the origin or underlying force that made the universe is revealed through a study of the famous alchemical diagram: two crossed staves. The four endpoints were said to represent the basic aspects or

by the likes of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) having accused him of fraud and deception with his cloud-buster instrument. His equipment was seized and destroyed. His last days were spent in prison where it was claimed that he died of a heart attack. I bet you never studied these ‘taboo subjects’ in your formal education training! Why? Essentially, the corporate based education system with its carefully selected curricula covertly serves to impede or stultify real human growth. Educating you to be just another brick in the wall The corporate funded education establishment just wants you to fit into the system. This is totally consistent with the Pink Floyd song ‘All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.’ Those individuals most programmed and brainwashed by the education system are likely to be more successful than others. Take for example, at job interviews. Having a greater ‘corporate mindset’ is more likely to get a person a job than others: This ‘mindset’ resonates with interviewers of similar disposition.

more than a billion people having to live on the equivalent of a dollar or less per day. Roughly every 5 to 7 seconds a child dies of hunger. We are living in a corporatocracy; a corporate run and controlled world. Given that the Presidents, Prime Ministers, and senior politicians are not in power to serve the people, but they are ultimately placed in positions of power to do the deeds of the corporate agenda, then it fully stands to reason that the education authorities serve to follow corporate directives for this very same purpose.

You are just a resource

On the subject of corporations, toobig-for-their-boots-corporations are soulless greed machines with all the hallmarks of psychopathy. Don’t be deceived by the effrontery, they care very little about the planet and the people on it. Coldly, to the corporations an employee is just a resource, no more than a piece of office equipment, equally expendable, hence the department human ‘resources’. To the corporations, making ‘enough’ money doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. There is no enough. So how can it possibly exist when it’s not in their thoughts?

Corporate Greed vs. Poverty

There is so much poverty in the world, with

Walking the White Line

Carefully monitored by the controllers over the years, academic institutions have taught science with some major assumptions. These assumptions are now, more than ever, the subject of challenges that question their validity. However anyone in academia who dares to seriously challenge the official indoctrination walks too far away from the white line laid down by the authorities, poses a major threat to the establishment’s iron-clad beliefs, and is likely to find themselves getting shown the door. Indeed, this has happened before. Here are the assumptions in science that have received some serious challenges: n Darwin’s Theory of evolution as an explanation for the origin of life. n Human civilization is around 5000 years old. n Louis Pasteur and the Disease Theory. n In classical physics it is said that consciousness is separate from our physical world. n The space between things is just emptiness. All false! Click on the above list online to see more info. But you must not challenge! All creditable challenges to the above 5 false understandings receive little attention in academia or mainstream media. This kind of filtering, whether it’s in science; not giving

elements of Nature: earth, air, fire, and water. According to some alchemical interpretations, these elements were in eternal conflict with one another. The resolution of the conflict was represented by the center-place where the two staves met. This mysterious intersection was called Quintessence, and its meaning was long debated. Paracelsus, one of the most famous of the European alchemists, seems to have thought that Quintessence was, in fact, imagination. In other words, our creative power could change the inherent design of reality. The history of millions of artists on this planet directly points to the fact that, when freed from restraints, human beings become enormously creative. Every painting, play, poem, novel is a world of its own, a universe. This suggests that the physical universe is but one work of art, out of a possible infinity of universes. William Blake made several remarkable statements about the power of imagination: “Some see nature all ridicule and deformity…and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” “Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow.” Of course, the notion of multiple universes is reflected in contemporary science. Physicist Brian Greene, author of The Hidden Reality, explains that Relativity and Quantum Theory, each highly useful in its own way, come into high mathematical conflict when set side by side. One resolution of that conflict can be achieved through String Theory, in which tiny vibrating strings (in 10 or 11 dimensions) explain the makeup of this universe. But String Theory also suggests many surfaces or membranes or islands on which matter, energy, and time can exist: multiple universes. the whole picture, or with any other subject, is done deliberately as part of a plan by the controllers to keep us in ignorance, misinformed and in a ‘no growth’ situation. The higher up in academia, the more specialized and therefore more blinkered a person becomes. These individuals may be unaware of the full picture and ignorant of the facts that contradict the official established line. Unfortunately, these people such as the old fart professors, instead of having an open mind and willingness to see beyond their limited beliefs – their indoctrination – tend to arrogantly defend themselves and ride roughshod on those who dare to challenge. But challenge we must! There are solutions, so never stop questioning! Don’t ever blindly accept what the authorities tell you, or anybody else. Instead of acting like blind slaves, or fools who believe you are free and ‘oh so educated’, as Einstein said, do not stop questioning. When you are satisfied with what you have found, and if it is different to the official line, have the courage and integrity to speak up, spread the word. As more people become aware of the suppressed knowledge in academia and the benefits it could bring to society if such suppressed knowledge was widely known, there will be greater chances of these findings being acted on There are such things as free energy and successful cures for all sorts of diseases. They have been about for many, many years. Now the ball is in your court. Don’t take my word on anything I’ve written above, instead, apply critical thinking and start questioning everything!

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Paul A. Philips is an author and the editor of http://www.wakingtimes. com/2017/02/16/another-brick-wallmodern-education-system-deception

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protocols that continue to create a different version of the same thing. It feels “good” but doesn’t take us any further. People are then left with a sense of moving forward and making headway only to return to feeling deficient. That “feel good” feeling wears off shortly after the hype. This is however all part of the experience, so again there is nothing right or wrong about swinging either way. It’s all just an experience. Ultimately we are gathering data from our experiences of what it is to be human. People become lost in ideas of ascension or in the next shiny trend not realizing that they are ascending in every moment of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-reliance. Instead many become lost in their focus of what dimension they are told that they/the collective are heading for (this can


From page 17 Japanese diet is fermented, pickled vegetables. These foods help establish the good terrain of probiotics in the gut. The Japanese people have a more diverse, stable

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also be seen as limiting). In awakening to more expansive levels of who you are, this automatically opens the door of the mind to other reality potentials; other versions of reality or realms beyond that which our/ your consciousness has been affixed to. There is nothing mysterious about this. These are natural occurrences but perhaps stated in this manner it doesn’t have quite the same excitement, mysticism and fantasy filled feeling most have become accustomed to. Instead many become lost in that “fantastic (fantasy)” feeling which then becomes a distraction rather than deeply transformative. Profound change requires that we redefine ourselves and our interpretation of reality. One must determine to what extent they are willing to commit to all that may be required in creating essential changes. It is not enough to dream of the ideal life. We must invest in truthful observation of our lives and our beliefs our knowing in order to approve the manifestation of the dream. Is your evolution contingent on the group? If you believe that it

is then it is. As a way to subdue individual power this idea continues to be reinforced that the capacity of individual power is not enough to move mountains. However it is quite the opposite instead it is precisely because of the magnitude of individual power why we have been reduced to group mind power/thinking. We are unaware of our capabilities; however this new paradigm has established an environment ripe for moving individuals out of their comfort zone. Perhaps it’s time to stop being afraid of yourself. You are the only one standing in your way. How we choose to meet the demands of this reality matrix is up to the individual according to the filters through which one may choose to view reality. You are literally and figuratively all potentials! Sonia Barrett is the Author of The Holographic Canvas; The Fusing of Mind and Matter, published in 2008. Her insights are cutting edge with much of it supported by quantum physics. Sonia Barrett’s work bridges the gap between science and

spirituality in a simplified format. She addresses the programming, beliefs and concepts by which we have lived our lives both individually and collectively. These insights provide clarity in understanding the paradox of both the real and the unreal; the visible and the invisible components of reality; the holographic experience. Known for her mind bending concepts she stretches the mind even further by going beyond the common view of time . In her own words: “Recognizing our spiritual and perceptual boundaries and comfort zones is a major factor in our quest for answers. In general we are unaware of what we don’t know and the distance widens even further when we are affixed behind a barrier of limiting beliefs. Reality is a great science that has no boundaries only those that we create for our comfort. There is no right or wrong way to grow but it can be of tremendous assistance in recognizing the limitations which hold us bound. ”

terrain of good bacteria in their digestive systems, which allows their bodies to use nutrients more effectively. These probioticrich foods are the reason why autoimmune diseases are few and far between in their culture. Fermented vegetables also help the body digest and eliminate wastes more effectively so that it isn’t systematically

poisoned by toxic byproducts. Most Japanese dishes available at U.S. grocery stores have been pasteurized; this kills off the good bacteria that are essential in these foods. Nutritionists suggest making fermented dishes at home, the way the Japanese do. The health issues that plague people living on the Western diet are directly

linked to the nasty foods they eat. Japanese foods are superior to those in the Western diet, because their dishes are more probiotic rich, with greater quantities of trace minerals, antioxidants, isoflavones and medicinal phytochemicals. Sources include:,

By Barbara H. Peterson


ID YOU EVER GET THE FEELING that you were going to wake up at any moment and life as you know it would no longer exist? That what you have been living is a lie and that the “truth” as you have perceived it isn’t really the truth at all? What if you came to the stark realization that your “reality” has been and is an illusion consisting of a manufactured web of lies and deceit created to keep you in line and working for a system that has been designed to enslave you just so others can live like kings off the sweat of your brow? And what if, one day, you decide that you are disgusted by that system and demand the truth?

The Long Slumber

I have lived in this system for many years. I embraced it. Thought that it was the best system on earth. That is what I was taught. And then the reality of what I was living became so ugly that I could not accept it, so I created a space to live in that made it bearable. And I carried on. When the truth peaked through occasionally, I could not accept it. It frightened me. Made me angry. So I lashed out at those who exposed this truth. It could not be real, and I suppressed it until it could be suppressed no longer and I found myself face to face with it. And it stared back at me with cold, hard eyes. Those around me stepped out of my path, reluctant to get in the way as I unwittingly stumbled towards it, all the while subtly guiding me back towards the illusion. It’s easier, they said. Just believe the lies. You will be happier. But something was gnawing

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I woke up today away at me. There must be more to this puzzle than I knew. So I kept questioning. Kept trying to uncover the reality. To escape from what I was beginning to realize was a deep, dark pit disguised as a comforting refuge.

The Awakening

And then it hit me. I wasn’t free. Not really. Not like I had been told. The reality is, I am enslaved. Tied to a world that requires giving my all just to stay above water and help foster the illusion of freedom to lure others in as well. But my mind would not accept this realization in the beginning. Now I know it for a fact. And it is deplorable. The feeling of entrapment in a system designed for rodents.

Rats in a trap created for the amusement of a few. Expendable toys in a game none of us can win. So I keep searching for a way out of the maze, with each door leading back to the center. Each facilitator ushering me back to the comfortable game. The more I question my plight the more intense the effort becomes to convince me that the truth is an illusion. But the truth cannot be forever suppressed. And when it appears for a brief instant, it then becomes a daunting task of accepting the revelations a little at a time because the enormity of it might just be too much to handle if uncovered all at once. Baby steps. One bite at a time. But once the center is reached, will the illusion be preferred? Will the whole truth about all of the lies be so

ugly that I recoil in total revulsion and grab onto any fantasy that I can to avoid it at all costs? That is the chance I must take, because living a lie is not acceptable. Not by any means. So, the question must be asked… Can you handle the truth? Well, maybe I can’t, Jack. But I need it. Why? Because the exposed lies sicken me. There are those whose livelihood depends on us saying no to this question and slipping back into the comfortable illusion. They depend on our ignorance. They thrive on it. And they count on us pulling into our shells, afraid of stepping out of bounds. They count on complacency and a willingness to lie to oneself and delude others. They create entertainment to distract and appease, luring us into going easily into that good night without a struggle. Yes, there will always be those who are content within the maze. Happily feeding on table scraps until those scraps stop falling and they are forced to eat their own children. And still, they cannot and will not see that what they do is controlled. But will their fate be any better than those who question the status quo? Who choose to see beyond the next round of bread and circuses meted out to keep us in line? Is it better to be a willing participant in our own destruction, or to take that chance and go for the brass ring of truth? I say, take the chance. Because when all is said and done, the truth will be the only thing left standing no matter how many lies are wrapped around it to disguise its true nature. And when all the lies are exposed and the truth stands tall, all that we can do is hope that it will recognize each of us as a friend. ©2016 Barbara H. Peterson

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