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Elect to Govern Yourself

The Government Hoax of Public Safety

Fukushima: One Year Later

Problem, Reaction, Smart Meter.

Occupy Yourself

“If you are still fighting the system, you are still caught within it” - David Icke

Occupy Yourself - Not the Streets by Andrew Dawson


t the heart of each conflict are two predictable polar opposites – the aggressor and the defence. Pick any conflict in history and you will be amazed that this holds true for each one. Due to the predictability of this pattern, the aggressor knows that there will be an uprising to deal with. With this knowledge, a strategic plan, and some power within society, the ag-

gressor can not only sabotage any uprising but can also steer the uprising in the certain direction for its own benefit. Think about it? Who has a bigger voice in the political realm? You or a multinational corporation? With the explosion of the Occupy movements in 2011, we can see a defence starting to build in a huge wave. With a fistful of topics, these people are hoping to get the attention of many around the world – hoping to inspire change. The problem with the Occupy movement is that it’s the same old shit. People are protesting thousands of issues everyday around the world and yet the insanity continues on. A good example was the response

to the Iraq war – the millions of people that walked the streets – which poured into the minds of people all around the world. What was the response to these protests? War and the arrest of some of these protesters. The truth about protesting in the way of the Occupy groups, and others we have seen throughout history is that it’s exactly what the aggressor wants you to do. They want you to walk out into the streets. They want you to hold a sign. They want to know who opposes. They want you to identify yourself as a dissenter so the cameras can be pointed in your direction. Yes – it’s important to advertise that something is wrong in the world but we need to realize the limitations of this method. Look back at the history of protest and see that the traditional way of protesting is simply not effective and helps the aggressor deal with the predictable opposition. I’m just as angry as you are about the way things are in the world but I ask you this now. Why are you putting yourself under the microscope of the media when it comes to something you don’t agree with? Why are you putting all your energy into complaining about something at a political level when you have much more power at the personal level? I understand the logic of public group protest but please look back into the recent past and realize we

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Human Nature: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

by J.G. Vibes


f there is one thing that is holding this species back from a world of peace, freedom and abundance it is the idea that destructive behaviour is naturally present in human nature. Whenever someone suggests finding peaceful solutions to problems that are currently being “solved” with violence, they are typically told that peaceful interactions just don’t jive with human nature. It seems that a very negative picture of human nature is ingrained into the social consciousness, but in reality we have no way of truly determining what human nature is, due to the various environmental factors that influence our thoughts and actions.

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Many people get their impression of human nature from how others around them behave, and from what they were told about the history of the human species. At face value this approach seems logical, but still overlooks the mass manipulation of the human species that has taken place at the hands of various “authorities” throughout history. People who were living in the past were subject to extreme abuse from family, church and monarchy, as well as the harsh wilderness that they were forced to contend with. These factors, along with the terrible example that was set by those in power, have resulted in the abhorrent behaviour that we observe in history.

In our own time, gangs called governments, indoctrination camps called schools, and propaganda called media have moulded the minds of nearly everyone on the planet. With this being the case, does it make more sense for the negative behaviour we see in our fellow human beings to be a result of human nature, or does it make more sense that this behaviour is the intended result of the external manipulation that I have just mentioned? Did the brutal Crusades of the Middle Ages occur as a result of human nature? Was this a natural occurrence that could not have been prevented? Or were the Crusades

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Change the Morphic Field - Change the World


Psychopaths and the Multicultural Myth


Politics 15 Way Politics Steals Your Energy


The Government Hoax of Public Safety


Government is Not Civilization: It is Slavery


Democide: Killed by Your Government


Just Say No to Greed: The Iceland Case


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Evolutionary Overture


by Fredalupe!

s a little boy whenever I heard Mozart’s ‘William Tell Overture ‘ I would be passionately inspired with an unstoppable desire to run wild, to loose my energies, to whirl and spin this strange reality into releasing me. Round and round the dining room table I would go, faster ever faster, feeling certain that at any moment I might lift off carried by the pure joy of my dynamic participation in proving the tenuousness of this dream Kaleidoscopically swirling through my mind’s eye, as the rest of the world blurred encouragingly around me, I flew through the magic lantern of my awareness. The laughter of whatever adults happened to be around at the time would often ground me as I saw my comically tiny self through their amusement: little legs and arms pumping away; the thrill of sudden transformation filling me with a delight they misunderstood as mere childish exuberance. Never did they suspect that this was only one of my many and myriad attempts, in a long line of such experiments, to which I had dedicated myself to exploring and developing with the singular intent of escape. The good news was that I eventually succeeded. Surprisingly that was the bad news too, although not the whole story. At first it was through play that I had my greatest triumphs in temporarily suspending, and even at times entirely dispelling, this crushing imposition on the senses generally accepted as ‘the real world’. I watched with a shocked heart as the strangely loving people around me would be ground down by the daily duties working them mercilessly. To my eye these people were most assuredly not free, and were under an even more formidable weight then that which they imposed. I deduced early on that this was surely the original source of their unhappiness. Everyday they would go to Work. Everyday they would return diminished. As I understood it this was what they had in mind for me. Compounding this drama exponentially was the apparently divinely sanctioned presentation of The Judging God, watching our every act and privy even to our own most private thoughts, who would condemn to an Eternity of Hell those who didn’t follow His Rules, and He did this because He Loved us. Heavens! I suspected that this was part of the same insidious plot to keep me prisoner that I had guessed at earlier in my burgeoning career as an escapist extraordinaire. How could the world of these people surrounding me be so very different from the world which lived so powerfully within me? All one had to do was look up into a heaven of beauty, or listen to the songs of birds cascading from the trees in musical waterfalls, or simply feel the loving caress of the wind, to know that the Truth of Existence is Wonder, and that Life is Play - not Work! Out of loneliness and desperation I eventually joined the rank and file of thinkers displacing my true intelligence with a ceaseless internal dialogue. As I calcified throughout the years, becoming older and more jaded through the various manipulations and corrections of the institutionalized programming everyone everywhere seemed to ceaselessly parrot, I became lost. I was now mostly an unconscious player in my own life, one over which I felt I had never had true control. Yet a part of my awareness remained forever aloof from the various proceedings of what others called life, which I still saw as something else altogether. From there I watched as years of daily trauma accrued. From there I watched myself become another obedient performer playing along in this sordid game of make-believe, as my attention was captured and imprisoned, betrayed by my own collusion with indulgence. From there I witnessed myself eventually revel in the maniacal desperation permeating the square corners of my molded and molding mind. Although it haunted me ceaselessly, remembering my true nature had become far too painful. My, now well developed, self, separate and selfish, did its trained best to convince me that this frightful pressure, this terrible feeling welling up inside me was surely my own complicit guilt. Or, perhaps, as it told me ad nauseam, I was defective, retarded, mad. I could get away with murder then, it gleefully suggested, and wouldn’t ‘releasing’ all my toxic anger onto the world that deserved it be a kind of justice!?! Ha ha ha! Cue the lightning and scary music. Eventually I spent most of my time abusing my awareness in one way or another, trying to silence not only the mad voice in my head but also the other one located somewhere right in the heart of me. Everywhere I turned I found just the thing: temporary escape through traditional means such as books and games, television, movies, sugar, personality and sociality. Imagine: an entire world of distraction and indulgence stretching out further then the eye can see! Distractions to last a lifetime! How perfect! How dastardly! While coming to hate my self and my life, I had understandably developed a kind of death-wish, as I understood it then. Accident after accident, each one worse then the last, from motorcycles to dangerous chemicals, from teenage high-jinks to outright crimes, I pushed the envelope as far and as often as I could, defying everything and everyone, particularly myself. My capitulation was as complete as my despair. I had had enough and wanted out. I wanted to quit, to return Home. What was to come was the so-called cherry on the cake of what I considered at the time an entirely cursed life. So one day I got my wish, in a manner of speaking. And as I lay there on the road, my body torn open, my blood growing cold, entirely unable to catch a breath, barely able to remember what it even meant to breathe, I gazed upward into a starry heaven and was at peace for perhaps the first time in a long, long while. What a sky of sparkling beauty! Night birds sang quietly, accompanied by a gentle summer breeze. My earlier thought to somehow stop and punish the driver of the car that had just hit me evaporated along with my habitual need to fight the world around me. What a weight! All that only mattered to the world I was leaving. I was bound for elsewhere, and was content to lie there in my own perfect sense of peace waiting for paradise. Even the crazy voice in my head was

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Help Yourself HEADLINES Chemically Induced Infertility Threatens Human Race

The BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster: An Explosive Detonation?

Scientific reports have been revealing that men are rapidly on the path to infertility at an alarming pace. One in five men between the ‘healthy’ ages of 18 and 25 were reported to produce abnormal sperm counts, with only 5 to 15% of their sperm healthy enough to be classified as ‘normal’ by the World Health Organization.

Most of the oil that began to flow into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico did not come from Leaks 1 and 2, but from a third Well that BP hid from the public record. The 3rd Well, research shows, could have been blown out by an explosive detonation.

Why is This Artificial Sweetener in Your Drinking Water? Researchers have found that the artificial sweetener sucralose (Splenda) is a widespread contaminant in waste water, surface water, and ground water. aspx?e_cid=20110920_DNL_art_1

Vaccination Rights Attorney Patricia Finn Threatened With Criminal Charges Vaccine rights attorney Patricia Finn is being targeted by the Ninth Judicial District of New York State, which has threatened to strip her of her license to practice law and even file criminal charges against her. Finn is one of several “vaccine rights” attorneys across America who helps parents assert their rights to protect their children from potentially deadly vaccines.

The IMF is the Racketeer of the World There is an international conspiracy whose target is the complete destruction of my country. They began in 1975 aiming at Modern Greek civilization, continued with the distortion of our modern history and our national identity and they are now trying to eliminate us biologically as well through unemployment, hunger and impoverishment.

Ohio Government Confirms Earthquakes Caused by Fracking-Related Injection Wells

For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that an LED can emit more optical power than the electrical power it consumes. Although scientifically intriguing, the results won’t immediately result in ultra-efficient commercial LEDs since the demonstration works only for LEDs with very low input power that produce very small amounts of light.

The Endless Bummer Millions of Southern Californians and tourists seek the region’s famous beaches to cool off in the sea breeze and frolic in the surf. Those iconic breezes, however, may be delivering something hotter than the white sands along the Pacific – Buckyballs.

Obama signs anti-protest Trespass Bill Only days after clearing Congress, US President Barack Obama signed his name to H.R. 347 on Thursday, officially making it a federal offense to cause a disturbance at certain political events — essentially criminalizing protest in the States.

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LED’s Efficiency Exceeds 100%

Children as young as two who are violent and aggressive at nursery will be targeted for lessons in social skills and ‘how to contain themselves’, under plans unveiled yesterday. The most disruptive could be sent to special centres to learn how to control their anger and get on with classmates before starting formal school.

One out of every 10 Wall Street employees is likely a clinical psychopath, writes journalist Sherree DeCovny in an upcoming issue of the trade publication CFA Magazine. In the general population the rate is closer to one percent.

Children Age TWO to Get Lessons in Anger Management

A mention on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO) admits that there were suggestions by member or members of the Chemical Aspects Working Group meeting in Tokyo, held in 2002, to omit information on the “adverse health effects” of fluoride to “prevent controversy.”

One of America’s busiest airports, Orlando Sanford International, has announced it will opt out of using TSA workers to screen passengers, a move which threatens the highly unpopular federal agency’s role in other airports across the nation.

One Out Of Every Ten Wall Street Employee Is A Psychopath vaccinations_health_freedom.html

WHO Admits Omitting Fluoride’s Damaging Health Effects to “Prevent Controversy”

Major US Airport To Evict TSA Screeners

Redefining the U.S.-Canada Border: The End of Canada as a Sovereign Nation? In a recently released report, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) concluded that a rash of 12 earthquakes in the Youngstown, Ohio, area between March and December 2011 was likely due to nearby fracking operations. Those temblors began just three months after fracking began, ranged from 2.1 to 4.0 magnitude and led ODNR to shut down the wells on December 30. Confirms_Earthquakes_Caused_by_Fracking-Related_ Injection_Wells_/18423/0/0/0/Y/M.html

Through a series of bilateral meetings, U.S. and Canadian officials are busy working out the details of the perimeter security action plan. This includes a recent joint crime forum which dealt with border and law enforcement issues. These various discussions are part of the implementation process which when finished would bring about the complete transformation of the northern border and another step closer in the creation of a fully integrated North American security perimeter. php?context=va&aid=29728

WILL THE HARPER CONSERVATIVES FINALLY KILL A DYING INDUSTRY THE CANADIAN COMMERCIAL SEAL HUNT? The Canadian seal hunt, the largest massacre of marine mammals on the planet, is a dying industry. This yearly east coast blood bath is so internationally reviled that boycotts have brought the market for commercial seal hunt products to a complete standstill. The bottom has dropped out of the market for Canadian seal products, with Canada’s largest importer of seal products, the Russian Federation, which imported 90% of Canadian seal products, sounding the death knell for this industry when it joined the international boycott against commercial seal hunt products. 30 countries now boycott this barbaric and unsustainable massacre. Please Visit for the rest of the article.

Australian Bill Allows for Sterilizations Without Parental Consent at Any Age

That’s right, if a psychiatrist determines that a child under the age of 18 years is ‘sufficiently mature’, they will be sterilized without any say from the parents. Again, there is no age minimum, as long as they are ‘mature‘ enough.

Japanese Idol Star Pushing the Fukushima “Support by Eating” Propaganda Campaign on TV, Now Radioactive Whether he was doing it out of stark patriotism being a man willing to die for his country or the shear stupidity of believing that his government was telling him the truth the days of Japanese Idol star Yamaguchi Tatsuya, a member of the group TOKIO, are now numbered.

Court Says MF Global Executives Still GET Bonuses for 2011! I am at a loss of words of what is happening and how those who have defrauded the world and have outright stolen money from the people and they are not just not being prosecuted for the stealing and out right fraud but they are being given money for it!

‘Mind-Boggling’: Far More Cesium Released From Fukushima Than Previously Thought. A mind-boggling 40,000 trillion becquerels of radioactive cesium, or twice the amount previously thought, may have spewed from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant after the March 11 disaster, scientists say.

Photo by Bridget Curran Study: Roundup Diluted by 99.8 % Still Destroys Human DNA According to the new findings, Roundup, which is applied by the tens of thousands of tons a year all around the world, is still toxic to human DNA even when diluted to a mere 0.02 percent of the dilution amount at which it is currently applied to GM food crops.

Has Cancer Been Completely Misunderstood? Even after four decades of waging full-scale “conventional” (surgery and chemo) and “nuclear” (radiotherapy) war against cancer, one in every four Americans will be diagnosed with the disease within their lifetimes – and this number is projected to grow – unabated -- not unlike the process of cancer itself. Could this colossal failure reflect how profoundly misunderstood the condition is, and misguided are our attempts to prevent and treat it?

Un-Earthed: Is Monsanto’s Glyphosate Destroying The Soil? Glyphosate has been shown in a wide range of other ecotoxicological studies to negatively impact the complex interactions of microbial groups, their biochemical activity and root growth, and subsequently having detrimental effects on plant growth and productivity.

Is This Fruit Extract 10,000 Times Better Than Chemo? Over a quarter of a century ago a study was performed on the seeds of the Soursop fruit, also known as graviola, which at that time demonstrated such amazing cancerfighting potential, that those exposed to it within the conventional medical community looked upon it with complete incredulity.

Diabetes: An Entirely Preventable & Reversible Condition If we know that the two most commonly lauded “health foods,” cow’s milk products and wheat are implicated in the development of type 1 diabetes, wouldn’t it be a good idea to remove them from the diets of our young as a precaution?

War Criminals Bush and Cheney Can No Longer Travel Outside the U.S. Cheney, scheduled to speak in Toronto with his daughter next month, had to cancel the speaking appearance due to “security concerns stemming from their experiences in Vancouver in September 2011,” according to a press release about the event.

“I can’t take part in these crimes”: Israeli refusenik Earlier this week, 18-year-old Israeli Noam Gur publicly announced her intention to refuse mandatory service in the Israeli army. Set to be drafted next month on 16 April, Gur stated in an open letter: “I refuse to take part in the Israeli army because I refuse to join an army that has, since it was established, been engaged in dominating another nation, in plundering and terrorizing a civilian population that is under its control”

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pring is such a fresh and lovely season! All around me flower-shoots push their way up through the earth with a determination to show off their playful and brilliant blooms. The cherry blossoms on the trees are in full expression and just walking down the street is an inspiring experience. How can I not contemplate beauty when I am surrounded by such lovely new growth? What a perfect thing to be reminded of - especially in this time when there are challenges and strife readily found, both of which can be downright ugly. Thank goodness for Spring! Beauty is a critically essential component in our lives. We are naturally drawn to it, we seek to surround ourselves with it, and will go to extreme lengths to feel that we too are as beautiful and awe inspiring as a flower or sunset. I definitely want to bathe in the glow of beauty and have it be overflowing in all areas of my life. What a scrumptious thought! Skipping down the street under the cherry blossoms contemplating their heavenliness I am struck by the idea of true beauty. True beauty happens when you are in harmony with yourself. When the body and mind relax. When all conflict internally comes to a halt. The struggle ceases to exist. Then true beauty can shine through, lighting us up with delight and happiness. It’s the war inside that distorts our features and creates tension and stress in our expression and articulation of life.

by Tierre Joline Taylor

Beauty exists in our actions as well as our thoughts. We become more beautiful with every positive proactive thought we think, and carrying those through with action highlights this even more. In fact, it’s in the action that we make the thought and feeling real for ourselves. When we reach out, extending our arms to the world, the world reaches out and extends it’s arms towards us. With these thoughts I see more clearly how beauty is not how I paint my face or the way that I curl my hair. Although that can be fun too! It’s really about becoming as accepting and loving with ourselves as possible so that we can shine brightly and share the unique gifts that we all carry inside. I found this to be the most comforting thought because I realized beauty never needs to fade. In fact it can grow stronger with each step that we take. It has nothing to do with age, wealth, or power. It has everything to do with simply being you to the fullest extent possible. This spring why not celebrate in the flowering of our own inner beauty by dropping conflict and releasing tension? Figure out what disrupts your personal harmony and choose to change this state. It is within your power and perspective to accept and love yourself completely. Be determined because it is a task that can take practice. I am declaring this as the new trend in beauty! Enjoy the blossoms as you walk the streets of this wild city!

“Failure is blindness to the strategic element in events; success is readiness for instant action when the opportune moment arrives.” - Newell D. Hillis

Going Barefoot for Health by Sayer Ji


he civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Feeling “grounded” is an increasingly uncommon experience in this day and age, and it should be, considering we no longer regularly touch the ground with our bare feet, as nature intended. It is no great mystery that the human foot was designed, over countless millennia, to be in direct contact with the Earth, the literal and symbolic ground of our being. And the Earth is no inert substance, but rather a living and breathing entity (of which we are but a mere part) capable of infusing us with its life, ‘singing the body electric,’ as Walt Whitman once mused. Indeed, the Earth breathes life into us through a continual stream of free electrons...

Page 8 “It is well established, though not widely known, that the surface of the earth possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free or mobile electrons as a consequence of a global atmospheric electron circuit. Wearing shoes with insulating soles and/ or sleeping in beds that are isolated from the electrical ground plane of the earth have disconnected most people from the earth’s electrical rhythms and free electrons to flow from the earth to the body.” —James L Oschman, Can electrons act as antioxidants? A review and commentary. The effects of which James Oschman speaks are not simply theoretical. There are a wide range of measurable changes in the body associated with this “grounding” including changes in pulse rate, respiratory rate,

blood oxygenation, perfusion index, and skin conductance which have been clinically studied. Grounding has also been shown to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, lowers and synchronizes cortisol levels during sleep, reduce inflammation, modulates neurological function, and reduce oxidative stress. A new study published recently in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health covers this topic in greater depth, and is well worth the read.

All-organic Grocery & Vegan Cafe Raw & Cooked Entrees Juice & Smoothie Bar Desserts & Snacks Engaging the community with health-related films, speakers, workshops Promoting local organic growers to build a healthy food system and economy

1025 Commercial Drive • 604-707-0088

Taking Down Toxic Food by Anthony Gucciardi


he foundation of the international food industry, monopolized by large corporations that hold zero regard for your health, is cracking. As more and more individuals begin to realize that they are eating their way to disease through the consumption of these products, they become outraged at the companies peddling their latest toxic food product. The result? Companies are now being forced to either answer to the consumer demands (removing the toxic substances from the food supply and adapting legitimate environmental manufacturing practices) , or lose their customers. Increasingly, we see this happening on a larger scale. Major companies like Campbell’s have begun abandoning bisphenol A (BPA), the cancer-linked chemical found in can linings and plastic containers. The change comes after even the FDA was forced to re-evaluate the safety of BPA, potentially issuing a ban by the end of this month. Linked to cancer, diabetes, and much more, consumers have become fully aware of the dangers that BPA presents — and

they aren’t handing over their hard-earned dollars to companies that refuse to remove BPA from their products. On a larger scale, corporations are also being forced to remove high-fructose corn syrup. Well known for its health effects even throughout the general public, not only does high-fructose corn syrup breed obesity and cancer, but it is even known to contain mercury. Consumers are now refusing to eat anything that contains this ingredient, and for good reason. Even Michelle Obama has gone public in stating that she refuses to feed her own children products that contain high-fructose corn syrup. It is due to this that food titans like Sara Lee and Kraft have begun removing the ingredient from their products to avoid losing a large number of sales. Activism and education are making legitimate changes in the way that the world eats and thinks. While it is a major victory that these companies are phasing out these ingredients, it is only the beginning of the mass rejuvenation of the food supply that needs to take place in order for consumers to experience optimum health. BPA and high-fructose corn syrup alone are creating biological devastation, but what about aspartame, MSG, genetically modified ingredients, trans-fat, and other harmful additives? These harmful substances can be removed as well; it simply requires the same activism and education that is resulting in the removal of BPA and high-fructose corn syrup. Spread the word. It will not only change the health of your close friends and family, but the entire globe. Removing just a few toxic ingredients can prevent countless unnecessary deaths as a result of disease development.

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A Recent Requiem

by Kevin D. Annett


he Patricia Hotel on East Hastings street was swathed in neon lighting and the sounds of night life as Kevin Annett approached it. The time was just before Christmas. The elevator was dead, like the hall lighting, and Kevin trudged up the four flights of the familiar, century old building. He had been visiting people there for over twenty years in his work as a street minister. Several unconscious residents impeded his steps, and a young native girl, barely fifteen and covered in makeup, emerged from a room with an older, well-dressed, embarrassed looking white man whose haunted eyes darted swiftly away from Kevin's. Eddie’s door was open. Kevin gave it a brief rap. “Hey!” came a voice from within. “It’s Kevin …” A rumpled native man emerged, garbed in a tee shirt and shorts. “Hey Rev!” the man said happily, the pungency of cheap alcohol on his breath. “Come on in!” The room was hot, and a clutter of clothes and assorted mess covered the floor. The nose of a dirty mattress poked up from the pile like a drowning rat. “It ain’t much, but it’s mine!” Eddie said, clearing some books off a chair and motioning Kevin to sit. The white man nodded and looked around as he sat down. “Looks like my old place” he remarked. Eddie laughed, then handed one of the books he was holding to Kevin. “You gotta read that one” “Oh yeah?” Kevin replied, scanning the cover. “Dawn of the Gods, eh?” “You believe in UFO’s?” “I guess” said Kevin, placing the book down. Eddie squatted on the floor in front of him, on a pile of soiled laundry. He looked up at Kevin with quiet and determined eyes, and finally said, “I’m not a conspiracy nut or nothing, you gotta understand that” The white man nodded, as the Indian continued, “You heard a lot of stories from the residential school, I bet … about all the kids going missing and getting whacked” “Yeah, I sure have.” Eddie nodded and fingered a long, braided strand of hair. Then he said, “Nobody ever believes us, but that don’t matter. The whites don’t want to believe it. Neither do a lot of our own people. All of them, they don’t understand what it all came from.” Kevin leaned forward, intrigued. Eddie continued, “I was given the teachings of my people, the secret ones, by my grandfather. That was before the cops caught me and put me in the rez school. I never forget what he taught me, even when they tried beating it outta me every day.” Kevin was about to ask him something when Eddie stood quickly and stumbled through the clutter to the window, and looked up and pointed at the thin strip of night sky, exclaiming, “You can see all the signs if you look for ‘em, Rev! They been given to all of us, even to your people!” Eddie turned and stared at his visitor, intoning solemnly,“It’s about how everything ends.” His words chilled Kevin, but he said nothing. Eddie crouched down where he stood, and continued,“Long before you guys ever got here, one of our great medicine men warned us you’d be coming. He called you guys the Mu Multh Nees …” “Yeah, the ghost people” said Kevin. “No, no, that’s not the right translation. It really means 'The Nothing'.” "The what?” said Kevin. “Yeah … you’re part of Nothing. I read a lot from your Bible. The Hebrews call the place of the Dead 'Sheol', right?” “The land of nothing …” said Kevin, transfixed.

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“Right. People who've lost their One soul, they become Sheol, Nothing. So this Nothing comes to my land and tries making all of my people Nothing, too.” Kevin laughed nervously and said, “So what … you mean us Europeans, we’re like the Night of the Living Dead zombies, or something?” Eddie stared back at him. “Well, take a look at your own fucking history, Rev.” The man nodded. Outside, a police siren wailed. “Go on”, he said. “You almost killed our People all off. There’s not many of us left who aren’t like you now, people without life. There's only a few real People left, and they're in hiding. It didn't work, the big killing, 'cause ..." Eddie stared towards the window again, as if he heard something. Then he continued, “The Medicine Man said that after you Nothing People had been here for awhile, then… the End would start” “What end?” “The End of everything, Rev” he said matter of factly. The Indian stared at his guest and explained,"You brought your death here and everything's out of whack. Our world is so filled with your Nothing now, all the lies and murder and corruption that have become so normal, that the whole thing is about to shift back and find a balance. The Nothing gets wiped out and becomes Something again.” Kevin gestured towards the window, and the outside world, and said, “This all ends?” Eddie nodded. “When?” “Soon. Can’t you tell?” Kevin searched his heart, and knew it was true. Eddie seemed to read his despair, and said to him softly, “It’s not your fault, Kev, any of you. It’s just your nature. Whatever stole your life from you guys has to keep robbing it from everyone and everything around you. Through you." The Indian opened his hands. "Those little kids who got killed in the residential school, the ones who keep getting grabbed and killed every day here without nothing being done about it, all those trees you cut down and all the land and the animals and the innocence you keep wrecking: they're all just

feeding the Nothing, everything, into its big empty mouth." Kevin nodded and murmured, “I’ve always felt I was part of some Thing that was trying to swallow me ..." “Everybody feels it, sometime,” replied Eddie. “But they can’t see anything else to be. They're trapped in it. Their minds are controlled by it.” Kevin looked at the Indian as if for the first time, and the man appeared suddenly different: his very face seemed to alter and become much older. 'Am I seeing things?' he wondered. Eddie smiled at him, almost reading his thoughts. “You were sent here to learn all this, Kev, so you can help the few of your people who will make the shift.” “What shift?” The Indian said nothing, but reached into his pocket and removed the tooth of some animal, and a small packet. He handed it to Kevin. “That’s bear grease, and a bear tooth. It’s medicine you’ll be needing” Eddie turned towards the window again and listened for awhile. Then he said sharply, “You got to go now, Rev.” Kevin hesitated, needing to know more. “You're one of the only white men I trust," said Eddie, his voice lower and calm. “But you gotta go now, for your own safety. Please, Kev." Kevin stood on the street for awhile after he left the Patricia Hotel. A heavy rain was falling and a hundred pieces of garbage floated by in the street, as buses and cabs splashed the sidewalks. He felt the bear tooth in his hand, and he watched as the stumbling men and women on the sidewalk gazed at nothing. Morning seemed very far away.

Problem, Reaction, Smart Meter by Josh del Sol Producer, Take Back Your Power


overnments and power corporations around the globe, through an incessant drive to make the power grid “more reliable and efficient”, have directly created a situation where our entire civilization's energy source is now in danger of being taken down. With hundreds of smart grid projects all being installed simultaneously around the world, we're seeing a globallyorchestrated move to quietly merge the entire power grid with the vulnerabilities of the internet. This deliberate action puts everyone at risk by totally opening the door to hacking. Already, in both simulated and actual hacking attacks, smart meters, power generators and entire utilities on the smart grid have been demonstrated as defenceless to hackers. Why and how has this happened? Why have governments and their corporate string-pullers put our entire civilization at risk in this way, in the name of “reliability and efficiency”, even though there has been no demonstrated net energy savings? Keen observers note this as a Hegelian tactic of creating a perception that we need to pass even more legislation in the name of fighting terrorism. Recent laws such as the NDAA legally allow the US Government to fully remove anyone's civil liberties – and indefinitely detain or even kill citizens - without due process, no questions asked. And in this case, new legislation would be for the specific purposes of “fighting cyber terrorism” - cue the Anonymous image. We're seeing a new global problem (power grid vulnerability) being artificially created, and a new enemy being propped up (terrorist hackers) before our very eyes. In the bigger picture, it's now clear that the uppermost purpose of the 'smart grid' is to function as a technocratic spy grid, purposed to assert total surveillance and induce mind-altering radio-waves. This was dreamed up and written about in detail in the 20's and 30's, by M. King Hubbert and Howard Scott. In the 60's and 70's, fascist controlmonger and Trilateral Commission co-founder, Zbigniew Brzinsky, made public these plans, and wrote about it in his various works, relabelling “technocratic” as “technotronic”. These long-held 'smart grid' plans are also the root reason that new and alternative energy systems have been long-suppressed: because the dark cabal needs a centralized power grid on which to piggy back their end-goal program of total control of human consciousness. Those who doubt are encouraged to research, for they will see documentation obtained via the US Freedom of Information Act which shows a transaction of more than $137 Million dollars from the US Armed Forces Research & Development Projects to Nevada Energy for the purpose of deploying these devices. For decades, the US military has been actively and openly studying the effects on radio-frequency radiation (rF) weaponry on human health and mental functioning. As an example, in 1972 the US Navy released a study outlining dozens and dozens of observed physical and mental effects from RF radiation. (These documents are all on our website.) It is critical that we get this - everyone, from the Occu-

py Movement to Zeitgeist Movement to the “new agers” - so we can respond appropriately and consciously. This starts by individually refusing to have a smart meter installed in our home, apartment building, or work place. And if we already have these devices installed – as the BC smart metering program is half-installed we need to act and demand they be removed, and outline consequences for non-compliance with the demand. This is done by simply mailing BC Hydro a letter of NON-CONSENT (letter templates on our site or at HYPERLINK "http://" Here in BC, tens of thousands have already become aware and have chosen not to participate in this scheme, and it is very simple and easy. Our future freedoms, and even our ability to retain our vitality and our own consciousness, literally depend on our choosing to stand up for life at this time. As if we needed more reasons, here is a cursory overview of the costs of the “smart meter” program, all paid for by the people: Power Grid Vulnerability: The entire power grid could be taken down by hackers and/or as an inside job. Financial Cost: Following a smart meter installation, we've seen many reports of bills going up 2, 3, 4 sometimes up to 10 times the original amount, even though usage patterns have not changed. And under the guise of increasing efficiency, power companies will also be implementing time-of-use electricity rates. Further, in the future everyone would be required to purchase all new “smart” appliances, with each transmitting wirelessly, creating an in-home electro-smog soup. Ironically in regions where smart meters have already been installed, including California and the province of Ontario, there has been zero reduction in energy usage. Privacy Cost: Individuals and families are also paying for the smart grid in terms of privacy in their own homes. With the planned RFID-chipping of all consumable products, corporations would wirelessly track usage habits, appliance use and product consumption – down to the microsecond. Private data then gets sold to other corporations for their benefit, so they can better market products to you, which they feel you need. The market value of this data, your private data, is estimated to exceed all advertising dollars currently spent on Google and Facebook combined. Health Cost: A bulwark of hundreds of independent studies now clearly demonstrate that there are negative health effects from this type of wireless radiation, despite assurances from most governments and power companies. Thousands of people worldwide have already reported serious health problems since the installation of smart meters in their homes, and in 2011 the World Health Organization classified this type of radiation as a Class 2B possible carcinogen. Fires: Also, there have been over 900 reports of fires caused by smart meter

installations, in the US and Canada alone. Since these devices are not UL or CSA approved, neither insurance companies nor power companies are taking any responsibility whatsoever for damages. Democracy Cost: Finally we turn to our democratic rights. Laws have been outrightly re-written to suit smart grid implementation, to keep the public unsuspecting, and to silence the voices of scrutiny. The effect many have observed is a complete removal of democratic process. An example is how the 2010 “Clean Energy Act” was passed in BC, designed to pave the way for the smart grid by completely removing the BC Utilities Commission - the public's voice - from having any input. Laws have been quietly changed in this way in regions throughout North America and Europe. SOLUTIONS: HERE AND NOW A leading solar power expert who will be featured in our upcoming film, Take Back Your Power ( has stated: with only the current level of solar technology, the entire planet's energy resources can be powered by solar photo-voltaic panels... using a land area only the size of Utah. Imagine everyone enjoying a firstworld lifestyle, while totally removing fuel emissions, and powering the technology to recycle all waste to its elemental components. With technology such as solar-powered hydrogen cells, no metered grid would be required at all. A better world truly awaits if we can release the engrained idea of scarcity, and understand that the exploitation of resources is no longer necessary. Today it is the year 2012, and the world is in crisis. It's becoming clearly evident that a change in course is required. We no longer have the luxury to allow things to proceed unchecked. The safety and freedom of human life demands that we become aware and active in shaping our future. This is the issue, and now is the time to come together, and to spread encouragement that collectively... we can take back our power. To mail BC Hydro your letter of Non-Consent for a “smart meter”, templates are at: www.ThePowerFilm. org or Please get involved in this issue and spread the word. We can all be a part of this turning tide. ______________________________________ Josh del Sol of Vancouver is producing the upcoming film, Take Back Your Power, set to be released this spring. The trailer and other key information about this subject can be viewed at

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5 Principles for Money and Banking in a New World System by Eric Blair


ncreasing numbers of global citizens are becoming aware that the monetary system and international cartel of banks are rotten to the core and represent the root cause of all economic disparity to mankind. They can literally print all the wealth they need for their cabal, while at the same time transferring the interest attached to each monetary unit created to the general public. It’s a scheme that has given them ownership of nearly every material object on earth, while placing the chains of debt servitude on the whole of humanity. Knowledge of this scheme is reaching a critical mass who are now becoming hungry for solutions. A great many scholars have put forward models of monetary creation and banking that have tremendous merit for a new world system that better serves all of mankind. These scholars look to what has had some success in the past for presenting a better model for today. Some propose returning to a gold or commodity standard to help control the supply of money, while others seek to remove interest (debt) attached to money creation. There are also out-of-the-box proposals like using electricity as currency, or the already successful digital currency Bitcoin. Each display the desire for something new and show elements of promise in their own right. However, there is much infighting over the best approach to replace the current system. Therefore, I propose that all of these factions who share solidarity that something must be done to end the banking cabal’s bondage at least unite behind principles first, and then design the new system to fit those principles. Here are the principles I would suggest are a good starting point: Fiat money may not be created by a private group: Many learned scholars have condemned the entire idea of fiat (paper) money as unrealistic. Indeed, they have history on their side in that it has never succeeded for very long. However, paper money is simply a much more practical physical currency than anything else for a swelling population. Therefore, it will likely have to be part of the mix in the future of money. The problem with fiat money is twofold: who and what controls the issuance and supply of the money? Given that a private cabal has taken over planet earth because of having no restrictions on their printing press, it seems the temptation for abuse is too large for an unaccountable private agency to be responsible for money creation. Thus, I propose it should only be the function of the government (federal, state, or local), with strict guidelines for supply controls. Perhaps these controls can come in the form of a

Page 12 commodity standard as some suggest, or a Constitutional Amendment clearly defining how the monetary supply should be governed and, more importantly, to detail exactly what the government is allowed to spend money on. There shall be no monopoly on currency: Even if the government is the only entity capable of creating fiat currency, no law shall be passed to outlaw any other form of currency. Currently, in America, legal tender laws force everyone to use private Federal Reserve Notes as money, and they enforce it with the guns of the State to prevent any competition from the likes of gold and silver or anything else. This is a form of mafia control in order to extract taxes on every single voluntary transaction in the economy (I’ll get to taxes in my final suggestion). All forms of commodity and barter exchange should be legalized no matter what type of universal “federal” currency is agreed upon. This will prevent tyrannical central control from dominating the economy. Money shall not be created with debt attached to it: Currently, money is created out of thin air by the Fed, given to the cartel of private banks at nearly zero interest who then buy Treasury bonds to fund government spending. The bonds pay a much higher interest rate than the money that was created, and the payments for the right to use the nation’s currency is paid for by taxes to the private bankers who create and provide no value to the actual economy. All of the middlemen leeching off this system must be cut out of the money creation process. The only way to do that is to eliminate the debt attached to each unit when it is created. And, philosophically, we must agree that money is a unit of exchange, not an instrument of debt that inherently enslaves all who use it -- including governments. Many gold advocates say money should also be a store of wealth, but money is just a vehicle to buy something of value like gold, land, businesses, labor, or tools. Yes, money as a store of value encourages savings, but then it discourages active investment and economic development. By itself, it seems that currency should simply be a debt-free unit of exchange. Loans shall be made by full reserves only: Under the current fractional reserve system, new money is created every time a loan is made because the banks are allowed to lend what they don’t have, at interest. What a scheme! In a new system, loans can be made by anyone at interest rates they determine (or the market determines) as long as they have “full reserves” to lend. In other words,

if a wealthy individual wants his money to work for him, he may lend it out at interest. Or, as the current banking structure permits, several depositors can buy CDs at their local credit union who will then lend the funds to qualified borrowers. The system won’t change much in this regard, except that banks must have full reserves to make loans -not a fraction of what they lend, which creates new money with debt attached to it. Taxes must be voluntary: I fully understand that this concept is so foreign to modern society that many will denounce it as impossible. However, it is absolutely essential for any of the above to work. In fact, mandatory taxes are only a necessary evil because of the current monetary system which rewards and encourages government growth and spending. Ultimately, it becomes a question about the role of government -- which creates nothing and provides no actual services, but rather acts as the ultimate gun-toting middleman who’s gotten fat in the process. Know this; no one will starve in the streets if the government stops taking money from some and subsidizing others. Roads got built, hospitals helped sick people, and defence was provided long before mandatory taxes (remember war bonds when people actually believed in funding wars). Significantly, if money is created by the government without debt attached, and government spending was strictly defined under the Constitution, then no federal taxes would even be necessary. To handle local social services, local governments could set up an online exchange that allows people to make donations directly to any public/private services they deem valuable. If people were not burdened by mandatory taxes and the pressures of manufactured inflation, they would gladly give to schools, roads, clinics, police and fire services, etc., because it is in their local interest to keep those services healthy. It is an investment in their own health and wealth if their community is strong, as their property values will be enhanced and they’ll naturally want the best for their children. When the dust settles, it can and will work if we commit to it. In conclusion, I’m under no illusions that the current banking cabal that runs the planet will release their grip willingly or go quietly into the dustbin of history. I’m also fully aware that these proposals, even if agreed upon tomorrow, will not likely happen in the foreseeable future. Indeed, most would call me a dreamer just for writing this. Yet, I think it is vital to open this discussion to help get the ball rolling for practical solutions. Incidentally, everything that has ever manifested into reality once started off merely as ideas.

Geoengineering Too Dangerous By Luis R. Miranda Article continued from last month


hemtrails are not the only weather modification technique used by government and government-sponsored experiments. “The existence and application of technology to modify the weather, the ionosphere and to cause plate tectonics activity is documented and not only a conspiracy theory.” Scientists involved in the testing and use of these technologies admit to running experiments around the planet,” says Andrei Areshev, deputy director of the Strategic Culture Foundation. According to Areshev, “climate weapons may be reaching their target capacity and may be used to provoke droughts, erase crops, and induce various anomalous phenomena in certain countries.” Perhaps Mr. Areshev is talking about the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), another of those weapons that main stream media and main stream scientists call a conspiracy theory, while refusing to talk about it. But weather modification was also considered a conspiracy theory, was it not? And the use of Chemtrails were also considered a conspiracy theory, was it not? In his 1995 book ‘Angels Don’t Play this HAARP’, Dr. Nick Begich explains how HAARP zaps the upper atmosphere with an electromagnetic beam. “It is an advanced model of an ionospheric heater.” According to Begich, HAARP is a super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that affects areas of the ionosphere by directing a beam to those areas. As a consequence, electromagnetic waves bounce onto earth and penetrate anything and everything. A third form of weaponized weather modification techniques is laser beam weapons in space. In 1998, USAF Lt Col. William H. Possel submitted a research report to the faculty of the Air War College, where he explains the current status of space-based laser beam weapons. In his report titled Laser Weapons In Space: A Critical Assessment, Possel cites how attractive laser beam weapons are for attacking and destroying ballistic missiles. He even goes into the type of laser beams that can be used for warfare purposes. Among them, Hydrogen Fluoride Laser, Deuterium Fluoride Laser and Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser. Additionally, Possel goes into detail about how advantageous Space-based Laser Weapon are. “It has the distinct advantage over ground systems of being able to cover a large theatre of operations that is limited only by the platform’s orbital altitude. As the platform’s altitude increases, the size of the area it “sees” increases. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but what would happen if anyone has managed to perfect the use of Electromagnetic Wave beams (HAARP) and Space-based weapons. And, weren’t weather modification technologies intended to prevent catastrophe as supposed to create catastrophic events? In case you haven’t understood, we are talking about the use of enhanced weather modification technologies for the purpose of waging warfare anywhere on the planet.

pt2 2025 related existent evidence of government sponsored spraying schedules, chemical orders, nomenclature used in airline operating manuals, and calls for geoengineering by economists. “Owning the Weather in 2025 provides a specific timeline for the use of EnMod technologies in cooperation with the Weather Modification Association (WMA), a business-government group promoting the beneficial uses of environmental modification.” Well, they are not as beneficial as the Government Accountability Office has now found. Some of the steps to be taken as part of the project to “own the weather” are: introduce ionic mirrors, with a sharp increase by 2008; the use of chemicals for atmospheric seeding by civilian (as well as military) aviation; the creation of smart clouds thru nanotechnology, with exponential increase after 2010 and the introduction of ‘carbon black dust’. The Case Orange report concludes with a revealing yet familiar practice by government, military and government contractors: Our investigation team comes to the conclusion that climate control programs, controlled by the military but approved by governments, are silently implemented in order to avoid the worst case scenarios they obviously do not want. The two basic instruments are temperature control through generation of artificial clouds and manipulation of the ionosphere through ionosphere heaters. Both remain basically military combat systems with the option to go into the offensive if deemed necessary. However since several ionosphere heaters are installed on various places around the globe one can assume that there is wide cooperation between governments in order to reach the climate targets by 2025: controlling the weather and thus the planet. So let’s see what we have. A clearly stated purpose to modify the climate of planet Earth as presented by government organizations, corporations and a section of the scientific community. A plan to own the weather by 2025. A report written by the military that explains how ionospheric manipulation through the use of electromagnetic

beams (HAARP), whose infrastructure is spread all over the planet, is used to perform climate control programs. A report written by United States Air Force Lt Col. William H. Possel, where he explains the reality of space-based weapons derived from weather manipulation technology. A historical presentation by Dr. Nick Begich on his book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, where he explains how electromagnetic wave technology is used to negatively affect the weather by heating up the ionosphere. A warning from Andrei Areshev, the deputy director of the Strategic Culture Foundation in Russia, who independently confirms the existence and application of technology to modify the weather, the ionosphere and to cause plate tectonics activity. Documented proof of the historical use of weather modification technology to artificially pollute planet Earth in an insane attempt to “avoid a fictitious global warming doom scenario.” Suggestions by main stream media that took it upon themselves to advertise the use of weather modification technologies to affect weather, no matter how dangerous it may be. Documented medical statements that prove beyond any reasonable doubt how weather modification negatively impacts the health of us humans, who weather modification supporters ironically claim to be protecting. Lastly, but not less important, a study by the United States Accountability Office that once and for all eliminates any doubt about the dangers that artificial weather modification technologies and techniques pose to humanity and planet Earth. Do you need further proof that weather modification in order to save us from an nonexistent impending global catastrophe is a bad idea? And if global warming is real and climate change is real, either anthropogenic or otherwise, is it wise to risk our very own existence and the health of our planet to please a group of scientists and control freaks who want to militarize it all for warfare purposes? Aren’t there enough weapons, enough wars and enough death? How many more of us need to die in order for the controllers to be satisfied? 6.5 billion, it seems.

Weather Modification is no Conspiracy Theory In an article titled ‘Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails’, writer Rady Ananda presents a review of the “Case Orange” report. According to Ananda, in May 2010, scientists confirmed that weather manipulation is neither a hoax nor a conspiracy theory. “It is fully operational with a solid sixty-year history.” According to the World Meteorological Organization recent history has seen a decline in support for weather modification investigation and an accelerated trend to turn existent research into what is called operational projects. As Ananda cites in his article, the Case Orange is tied to a 1996 report prepared by military personnel. The report titled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in

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“ Planetary Genocide”

Fukushima One Year Later : The Poisoning of Planet Earth by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri “The most difficult thing of all is to see is what is right in front of your eyes.” Goethe.


s we approach the tragic one-year anniversary of Fukushima’s multiple nuclear reactors’ accident on March 11, that initially affected the entire Japanese population, we now know that this nightmare has engulfed all of us. Let us also not forget that this is the third nuclear attack on the Japanese (the first two were Hiroshima and Nagasaki). Given what has not been done to ensure public safety, we cannot think of it any other way. From the very first day, there were lies and a massive coverup of the extent of the destruction and the inherent radioactive dangers –not just from Japanese officials and TEPCO corporate reports, but also from the US. The Mark 1 reactors, built by General Electric, have design flaws. There are many of these same-designed reactors in the US. A year later, much of the corruption, deceit, and careless practices have been documented extensively here at Global Research –while mainstream news continues Orwellian doublespeak. Last month, in a rare but very belated mainstream account, CBS News reported that after the tsunami and nuclear accident: “The normal lines of [government] authority completely collapsed in Japan.” See: Early on, even essential radioactive monitoring was shut down. In May 2011, the prestigious Norsk Institute’s online site was blocked from the US. They had been monitoring on a daily basis the worldwide radioactive contamination to which we were all –and continue to be– exposed. Conveniently, any early radiation monitoring in the US was inconsistent, with numerous sites supposedly not working for one or another reason. Then the so-called “acceptable” radiation levels in food were raised in the US and EU: As Dr. Helen Caldicott and Dr. Chris Busby have repeatedly reported: “There is no safe level of radionuclide exposure, whether from food, water, or other sources. Period.” See: w w w. g l o b a l re s e a rc h . c a / P r i n t A r t i c l e . php?articleId=23902 So, what is not monitored, or where the radiation rates are manipulated, then no one –government officials and corporations– can ever be held accountable, nor can increased death rates, diabetes, stillbirths, birth defects ever be attrib-

Page 14 uted to this catastrophic planetary event. When have we ever been told the truth about our lifelong systemic radiation poisoning? For decades, we have been uninformed experimental laboratory rats since before the Manhattan Project. There never were any ethical or precautionary considerations. Greed and secret agendas trumped everything else. With various half-lives –some eons-long– of numerous radioactive components, the human race and every other living creature on our planet is on its way to extinction, due to the known sterilization effects of radiation. Here is a short list of the half-life of five of the radioactive isotopes that are and will continue to poison all of our children, and us, ad infinitum, in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink and in which we bathe: · Cesium 137: 30 years · Plutonium 239: 24,000 years · Strontium 90: 29 years [mimics calcium in the body] · Uranium 235: 700-million years · Iodine 131: 8 days [absorbed into the thyroid and gives heavy radiation dose. Also goes into the soil, passed onto us through cow’s milk.] In a report released just a few week’s ago, the milk tested in the San Francisco area still had radioactive levels of Cesium 134 and Cesium 137. According to even a compromised EPA, these are now at “150 percent of their maximum contaminant level.” Here’s the chart:

portions that are beyond any remediation currently known to science. This majestic body of water has become one of our planet’s toilets.(1) What about the entire web of ocean life? From the great and magnificent whales to the variety of microscopic life, this entire vast ecosystem has been poisoned. Yet, we will never know the immense extent of death and destruction that Fukushima caused to it. Even knowing that the ocean food chain is contaminated with radioactivity, this was not reported by mainstream media. So, the fishing industry is catching and selling various fish and crustaceans that are radioactive. How many tons of these have gone up through the entire food chain, and then sold to uninformed consumers who eat these HazMat foods? Profits always trump our safety and wellbeing. This is the massive global poisoning of our only home –Mother Earth. We are fortunate, however, that the alternative internet media has reported on these d a n gers. In addition, Fukushima’s Unit 3 reactor also used MOX [mixed oxide], a plutonium-uranium fuel mixture that is deadly. A single milligram of MOX is 2-million times more deadly than enriched uranium. Current radiation levels reported on Feb. 25 in Tokyo, 100 miles from Fukushima and an international hub, are “25 times the Fukushima mandatory evacuation zone.” The eminent physicist Dr. Paolo Scampa has reported in detail his latest calculations on deadly radiation exposure here (see page 2): For 30-million Japanese this is an epic tragedy. Any reasonable safety precautions or realistic evacuations never took place at Fukushima or elsewhere. In addition, a collection of 40-years worth of 600,000 spent fuel rods posed an immediate HazMat threat that never went away. The water poured over them evaporated into radioactive steam to go directly into our planet’s atmosphere and the tons of sea water sprayed on the entire nuclear conflagration were criminally dumped into the Pacific Ocean. Again, because it was not monitored, we will never know how many millions of tons of radioactive water were dumped into the Pacific Ocean. The entire web of ocean life then was irreversibly contaminated with radioactive nuclear waste and detritus, as the ocean currents carried this nightmare to the west coast shores of North America (California, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver). As with other major planetary bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean has become an enormous radioactive garbage dump of incalculable pro-

While hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions?) will develop various radiation-related illnesses (cancers and diabetes, as well as radiation-induced miscarriages, stillbirths and birth deformities) over the next decades, the coffers of the medical profession, pharmaceutical companies, and nuclear industry will be bursting with profits. The 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl continues its deathly impact –and that was only one reactor.(2) Fukushima had six reactors. Medical reports are already showing a significant rise in deaths due to Fukushima’s radioactive fallout. Noted toxicologist and internist Dr. Janet Sherman recently said: “Based on our continuing research, the actual death count here [in the US] may be as high as 18,000…but we continue to find that infants are hardest hit because their tissues are rapidly multiplying, they have undeveloped immune systems, and the doses of radioisotopes are proportionally greater than for adults.” See: This massive and frightening crisis is the result of no precaution, no prevention, and no care or concern for human or any other kind of life on our planet. None of this is mainstream news. E.O. Wilson (“The Future of Life” and “Biodiversity”) and Bill McKibben (“The End of Nature”)

were writing about these issues decades ago. The dangers of the nuclear age continue to mount with off-the-scale disastrous results to all of us. How much longer can we be deceived about the extreme dangers of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons? Everything that encompasses nuclear energy is unsafe. It is hazardous in the extreme. Further, nuclear waste has been accumulating for six decades. There is NO LONGTERM SAFE WAY TO STORE ANY NUCLEAR WASTE. For example, countless drums of nuclear waste have been dumped into the ocean, and have been found to be leaking radioactive poisons. Everything on our planet has been contaminated with life-long and long-term radiation. I continue to write: “Invisible does not mean safe.” With many nuclear facilities in the US old and having numerous problems, the core issue of it as a hazardous endeavor remains. Two nuclear plants with serious troubles are Vermont Yankee, and just last month San Onofre (built right on a fault line). They are just the tips of the proverbial radioactive iceberg. So, as long as profits trump safety, and as long as the entire nuclear industry has ties to the military, we will never be safe. Valid citizens’ and medical concerns continue to be ignored. We are all expendable. This is not a one-issue health and/ or environmental crisis. We MUST think of the bigger picture, across many disciplines. We are in the midst of a long-planned and multi-pronged assault on our health and our planet’s. The destruction of real and longt e r m g o o d health h a s been r e placed b y multiple and chronic diseases (often caused by enormous toxic pollution that envelops all of us). Our entire biology has been battered for a century. The bloodbrain barrier has been breached. Nano-technology and invisible stealth-created micro-organisms –both unregulated– are our modern-day plagues. Many were created in some bio-hazard lab. To add to this is the poisoning of our water, air and food supply. In 1998, the printedition of London’s “The Ecologist” (perhaps the earliest environmental magazine, first published in the 1970s), devoted their entire issue to “The Monsanto Files. Can we survive genetic engineering?”(3) For many years, F. William Engdahl (“Seed of Destruction”) and Dr. Mae Wan-Ho both have written about the abundant and well-documented dangers of genetic engineering and the GM poisoned foods. Add to that:, we have an illegal but on-going geo-engineered aerosol 24/7/365 stealth assault overhead that has completely changed our air and poisoned our health. In numerous lectures and research papers, Clifford Carnicom has documented that our air has been transformed to a plasma state; and with it is the associated tragedy of Morgellons syndrome that was created from some synthetic self-replicating nano-organism. There is no “off switch” for this; but the media ridicules sufferers. Time magazine recently published an article noting that these very real and documented symptoms were “delusional.” Into this synergistic nightmare are also 100,000 chemicals –90 percent of which

are untested– that surround our every move. Last, but by no means the least, of these hazards is the hidden dangers of the EMF/RF spectrum [Electromagnetic Frequency/Radiation Frequency]. The proliferation of this deadly technology encompasses: cell phones and WiFi and their towers that poison our landscapes. With more than 5-billion cell phones sold, consumers were never told how dangerous they were. Outdated data and reports do not include the now constant barrage of these higher frequencies that wreck our health. There is also newly reported research demonstrating that this also includes impairment of cognitive function and brain damage.(4) The latest release of this hazardous technology is the so-called “Smart” Meters that are being installed all over North America and Europe without any mandate and without any preliminary research that the utility [electric, gas, and water] companies did on the numerous biological threats they are already causing people who have had a meter installed.(5) With 8,000 complaints, California leads the US in the most vocal concerns about these meters. Several cities, including Santa Cruz, CA, have banned them with year-long moratoria. There was never any mandate to force these meters on anyone; the utility companies did not warn customers of the extreme risks of constantly pulsing EMF, nor did they warn customers about breakage to our DNA or brain damage. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (founded in 1965) has called for a moratorium on these dangerous meters.(6) It is conceivable that the unfolding EMF crisis will be far worse than the asbestos and tobacco hazards combined. Scientist Prof. Olle Johansson of Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska Institute, has been warning about these invisible biological dangers for decades. See: 1. 2. Corporations have personhood and have the same legal standing as any real humans. They have the financial means to block any real justice for the environmental and health damage their products continue to cause. They are rarely held accountable. Add to that the destruction of 30-years of environmental laws meant to protect us, this is another part of the disaster recipe in which we live out our days. The nuclear industry has never told us the truth about the permanent level of radiation dangers to which we are all exposed. The plunder of our planet and the destruction of vast ecosystems have been documented for decades. These poisons, mostly invisible, envelop our every move, contaminate our DNA, and wreck our health and ability to reproduce safely. The past 10 years this destruction has been accelerated at a phenomenal rate, while mainstream media continues to report lies. Nevertheless, more and more millions of people are waking up and connecting many of the dots of these epidemics of serious illnesses, loss of millions of jobs, theft of

millions of homes, stealing of trillions of dollars of wealth to pay off banksters, CEOs and insiders, while the middle class around the globe is in extremis. Evidence continues to mount of what insider trading and printing of fiat money has done to destroy people’s lives and economies around the globe. We cannot minimize or discount a situation that is totally out of control; and we cannot think of each of these HazMats as separate problems. They are all inter-related and they are destroying out health. Connecting the dots of this multi-pronged assault on all of us as well as our entire biosphere is ESSENTIAL. It is not sustainable. It is up to all of us to become well-informed and educated about what is happening, join together, and to paraphrase Dr. Rosalie Bertell “refuse to co-operate in our own destruction.” We still have that choice. Remember: What we don’t look for, we can’t find. If those in charge decide NOT to monitor or report the dangers, then no one is ever held accountable –that includes those in charge. We all suffer the consequences. NOTES: 1. Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri. “The Pacific Ocean: A Radioactive Garbage Dump.” May 14, 2011: 2. Mittica, Pierpaolo, et al. “Chernobyl. The Hidden Legacy.” London: Trolley, Ltd., 2007; and Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri. “Chernobyl: The Horrific Legacy. 25 Years and Counting.” April 25, 2009: php?context=va&aid=13349 3. “The Monsanto Files. Can we survive genetic engineering?” London. The Ecologist. Vol. 28, No. 5: Sept./ Oct. 1998. 4. Adamantia Fragopoulou et al. “Brain proteome response following whole body exposure of mice to mobile phone or wireless DECT base radiation.” Jan. 25, 2012. There is an abstract at: 5. See: “The Invisible Hazards of ‘Smart’ Meters.” August 19, 2011: php?context=va&aid=26082; and ‘”Smart’ Meter Dangers Update: Scientific Proof of These Hazards.” Feb. 10, 2012: 6. “American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for a halt to wireless smart meters.” Jan. 23, 2012: _______________________________________ Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.” London’s “The Ecologist” calls this book “an inspiration.”

Page 15

Human Nature

New biological studies reconfirm that “human nature” is no excuse for violence

Continued from page 2 simply an example of a time when people in power took it upon themselves to convince other people to kill each other. Sure it makes us feel a lot better to say that these kinds of things are unavoidable and will always be a part of our culture, but that won’t help to prevent similar atrocities from happening in the future. If anything, it would make more sense to observe children who were uncorrupted by these factors if you actually wanted to get an accurate idea of what human nature might be. Children are kind and curious beings who don’t exhibit signs of violence or greed until they learn these traits from their family and society. It isn’t until children are abused into submission by their culture and by those in authority that they start taking on the traits of their abusers and acting out against others. This situation presents itself on many levels. It is fairly common psychological knowledge that a vast majority of serial killers and extremely violent criminals were severely abused as children, and their current aggressions are directly related to the pain that they felt when they themselves where hurt and defenceless. So it would make sense for the macrocosm of our civilization to work the same way; a species that has been abused for centuries is going to think that abuse is a natural part of life, thus ensuring that abuse will continue. This is how our perception of human nature becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we think that human beings are dangerous and violent creatures, then some of us will be able to rationalize and justify malevolent behaviour by writing it off as human nature, instead of condemning it as we should. If we actually condemn this behaviour instead of making empty excuses for it, we will without a doubt drastically lower the level of violence on this planet. Individually, and as a species, we can only go as far as our imagination will take us. We are only capable of what we can imagine, and if all we can imagine is violence, submission, and domination, then that’s all were ever going to get.

In a world filled with mostly well intentioned people and tons of senseless violence it is completely natural for those people to develop an assortment of justifications and rationalizations for the horror that is taking place around them. One of the most popular of these rationalizations is what I like to call “the human nature cop-out”. This is basically the notion that violence taking place around the world is justified because humans are naturally prone to violence, and that’s just “the way it is”. As I discussed in an article last month, this idea is extremely dangerous because it allows people to accept behaviour that is detrimental to the well being of our species. This is really common sense, but there has actually been a scientific consensus that humans are not innately violent for well over twenty years. In 1986 scientists from around the world got together and shared psychological and biological evidence until they came to the conclusion that human nature is no excuse for violent behaviour. The findings that were released came to be known as “The Seville Statement”. This statement made 5 propositions, which are: 1. “It is scientifically incorrect to say that we have inherited a tendency to make war from our animal ancestors.” 2. “It is scientifically incorrect to say that war or any other violent behaviour is genetically programmed into our human nature.” 3. “It is scientifically incorrect to say that in the course of human evolution there has been a selection for aggressive behaviour more than for other kinds of behaviour.” 4. “It is scientifically incorrect to say that humans have a ‘violent brain’.” 5. “It is scientifically incorrect to say that war is caused by ‘instinct’ or any single motivation.” This profound statement has been ignored by the mainstream media for decades and maligned by many state sponsored foundations. According to psychologist

and researcher Aflie Kohn, the media actually told the scientists “call us back when you find a gene for war,” after they released the Seville statement. However, despite this lack of attention new studies continue to reconfirm that human nature is no excuse for violence. This past Monday in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a biologist named Frans de Waal put forward the idea that adopting a more cooperative culture is possible, necessary and natural for our species. According to his studies, animals are naturally prone to co-operation when in the right circumstances, which reconfirms the Seville statements consensus. Hopefully this new study can tear down some of the barriers that are created by our culture’s defeatist perception of “human nature”. By accepting the view that humans are naturally violent, our culture is basically saying that we are wild beasts that need to be controlled, and since violence is accepted, violence is ultimately used in this process of “controlling”. This very idea is the root of genocide, oppression and exploitation. The violence that we see in our society today, and the violence that we see throughout history is actually only acted out by a very small percentage of the population. This tiny percentage of our population is obviously a “bad sample” in terms of measuring what our species is actually capable of. ______________________________________ J.G. Vibes is an author, and artist -- with an established record label. In addition to featuring a wide variety of activist information, his company Good Vibes Promotions hosts electronic dance music events. You can keep up with him and his forthcoming book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, at his website. AOTMR will be released in March 2012, thanks to Leilah Publications. This project features nearly 100 different essays, just like this one, that cover a wide variety of topics. These essays give historical and philosophical insight into the many important issues that our generation faces. From banking cartels and alternative currency to eugenics and the drug war, AOTMR offers a complete and comprehensive breakdown of the counter culture’s struggle.

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The Republic of Kanata

How to Join, and What is Emerging

by Kevin D. Annett


any of our Agora readers have responded to our vision and program for a new Republic of Kanata with the same two questions: How can I join? And: What is happening to make the vision of a free Republic of Equals a reality? An answer to both of these queries will be provided in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto during the last half of April, when public information and organizing meetings will be convened by the three main councils of the Republican Party of Kanata (RPK). Everyone is welcome. In Vancouver, the gathering will be at Eternal Abundance, 1025 Commercial street, on Thursday, April 19 at 6:30 pm. In Winnipeg and Toronto, events will be held the following week. Write to the email above for more information. The RPK was formed on July 1, 2009 in Winnipeg, when it issued its founding Proclamation of Sovereignty at a public ceremony on the banks of the Assiniboine and Red rivers. “That was purposeful, and powerfully symbolic” describes Caoimhin Ui Niall, one of the founding elders of the RPK.

“Our different peoples, European and aboriginal, lived in peace and shared the land at The Forks, until the English Crown and the Vatican invaded our territory and robbed us of the land and our liberties, after destroying Louis Riel and the Metis Nation. So now we’re reclaiming both the land and our lives, starting by getting rid of the unnatural authorities of church and state.” The RPK is the spear point of a deep, blossoming movement to reclaim Kanata for all its people, and invent a new meaning for all of us. For more information contact . And come to the April gatherings! Stay tuned to this newspaper for more of the substance of the Kanata Republic’s Program, vision and work. Kanata is all of us!

Occupy Yourself

you for this service – yes, they look at you suspiciously – yes, they will try and get you to open an account – yes, you will need to store your cash at your house – yes, you will need to make sure you have enough money on your person when you go out. I know its sounds like a hassle but how much are you going to give up in the name of convenience? Take your power back. Boycott all you can. It’s where your power is. With this boycott attitude, the media can’t point its finger at you, they can’t arrest you for it and most importantly, you avoid the aggressor/defence pattern that I spoke of at the beginning of this post. If everyone in the world did this – the aggressor would have a real hard time identifying who opposes and would have a hard time using its resources (i.e. The media) to direct and sabotage the uprising. Yes, you are angry about what’s happening in the world, but leave the group-think protest attitude at home and work at the level you have the most power: at a personal level.

Continued from page 2 need to greatly change the way we protest. I have thought about this situation a lot – and have pondered about other ways of protesting. What we need to do is change our approach. Get out of the world of protest and enter the world of boycott. Boycott everything you don’t like to see in the world. Put your energy towards being the solution instead of holding a sign while complaining about the problem. For example, if you are protesting the banks – put down your sign and think about ways of eliminating banks in your life. Get rid of your accounts, pay off loans and don’t get anymore, cut up credit cards, and only use cash. I have done this myself in Canada for a while. Yes, its a pain in the ass to go into a bank and cash a cheque from a bank you are not a member of – and yes, they charge

Evolutionary Overture Continued from page 5

gone! Escape! Finally! And not a minute too soon: I was starting to hurt real bad over here… Sparing you the gory details an ambulance came and took me to a place I had too often visited in the past. Months later I was hobbling about on a cane saying goodbye to the once-beautiful now-ruined motorcycle, my first new one, bought only a short while before my ‘accident’. Though it did take me years after this point to fully digest my experience and contextualize it within the story of my life, I was forever changed by the silence that had brought me such peace. That silence spoke volumes and echoes to this day. With Silence comes Knowledge. And with self knowledge came the beginning of the end of my self-pity. I eventually stopped feeling sorry for myself, and no longer had any desire to continue acting out pity’s voice, its commands, its pain, its drama. I earned the certainty that I had become not only my own worst enemy - but that that very villainy, for which I was without a doubt responsible, was in truth a powerful expression of my intent to be free. I could no longer look at my life as a series of accidents, or myself as a victim of circumstance. I knew without a shadow of a doubt, or of any other kind, that I was finally and absolutely responsible for myself and my life, regardless of what anyone else said or did, whether I was having

Follow the work of Kevin Annett - Eagle Strong Voice and his movement at: (includes documentary film Unrepentant) And see this Introductory video on Genocide in Canada: h t t p : / / w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = h q P I h 267fg&feature=related

Think about it.

a good time or not, whether I liked it or not, whether I was free or not, period. Appreciating that sobering truth brings me here to offer you this overture performed to the music of evolution. From head to toe I’ve literally given myself the scars to prove a whole host of things, but mostly they mark the lengths I’ll go to be free simply because that’s my truest nature. As a wolf will gnaw through its own flesh and bone to free itself from the predator’s trap, preferring even death to captivity or slavery, so too the Spirit of Freedom Unconquerable. Cue Mozart please, and thank you for your patience.

Page 17

Agenda 21 Full Spectrum Domination


he peace-loving tree huggers at the UN have devised a plan for the world. The friendly folks a the UN’s Department for Sustainable Development have a master plan for us all. Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which humans impact on the environment. So let’s see if we understand this correctly. A plan of action. Got it. To be taken globally...okay - everyone must participate. In every area in which humans impact on the environment....yep, that covers everyone and everything in the entire world. It’s a warm fuzzy way to take over the world! Group hug, anyone? Agenda 21 is an action plan that was developed at a summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The general idea is that the group of “leaders” intends to have a collective finger in every pie on the planet.

I. SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DIMENSIONS The first section of the pact...ahem....plan, deals with the people of the world. Particularly, the DSD wants to “help” those in Third World countries live better....they should be told how to make more money by putting everyone to work in perfect accordance with the goals of the

Page 18

Agenda, how to maintain their health through vaccinations and modern medicine, how to govern themselves, how to control their populations and how to make decisions that will concur with the ideals of the Agenda.

II. CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES FOR DEVELOPMENT This section includes protection of the atmosphere, land, mountains, ocean and fresh waters. So basically everything in the environment of a given country. This means that historical ways of using these resources could be outlawed, changing the basic ways of life for the indigenous people to make way for “progress” and “sustainability”. This gives control of all natural resources to the good folks of the DSD. Section 2 (specifically Chapter 9, subsection #8) also uses the disproven science of global warming to further the controls placed on the acquisition and use of resources. This section of the articles of Agenda 21 confers vast taxation on resources, while allowing huge companies to use the green ideology to receive carbon credits, reallocating money and power to the rich under a cloak of green hypocrisy. “....the United Nations is demanding $76 trillion from the first world over the next 40 years to encourage the development of “green” technologies in the third world. The defence of such a reckless agenda has rested on the unwarranted claim that the globe was hovering on the precipice of environmental devastation. “Green” ideology has become the bulwark of older agendas: The nations of the West must end their own prosperity, because that is only “fair” — and necessary to save the world from Capitalist greed.“ (from The New American) By specifically outlining the management of all natural resources, it disallows the use of them for any but the 1% in power, effectively keeping people from farming, fishing, mining or otherwise harvesting the innate sup-

plies provided by their environments.

III. STRENGTHENING THE ROLE OF MAJOR GROUPS The language in this section implies empowerment of women, children, unions, farmers, and indigenous peoples. However, if you dig deeper you’ll discover that all of this equality actually means the abolition of personal property, the demise of rural living, mandatory birth (population) control, and the “redevelopment” of cities. This is Communism 101. They intend to warehouse people in small areas for a multi-fold goal. It will make them easier to control, easier to poison and/or chemically sterilize through managed food and water supplies, removing personal ownership and leaving behind natural resources. The slightof-hand empowerment will actually take away the rights of families by disallowing ownership of personal property, curtailing their physical liberty by making all transportation public, and providing a pro-Agenda education/brainwashing for all.

IV. MEANS OF IMPLEMENTATION This section describes how to get the whole world on board the happy train to Agenda 21-land. Redistribution of financial resources (i.e., taking it away from some and sharing it among others), technology (public transit, “equal” distribution of energy usage, monitoring of behaviours through big brother technologies) science and environmentalism (removing people from rural areas to “save” the natural resources from pollution and mismanagement), re-education (brainwashing with propaganda) and restructuring of local governments (installing puppet leaders).

Agenda 21: Not Just for 3rd World Countries All of this peace and love isn’t just for developing countries. The principles of Agenda 21 are insinuating themselves into the lives of North Americans and Europeans at warp speed. With the decline of the American farm, people are being funnelled into the cities in search of work. With the decline of the economy, fewer people can afford private transportation and are therefore limited to the places that public transit will take them. Support of the local down-trodden is geared to further incite class warfare. Separation of families through child protection agencies, big brother parenting, and the dumbing down of our education system is planned to break down our society even further. Publicly funded health care will dictate toxic vaccinations, secretive sterilization, eugenics of the elderly and less-productive members of society, and mandated birth control.

AGENDA 21 IS FULL-SPECTRUM DOMINATION BY THE 1%. Nothing has been left out. It guarantees both birth control and death control. It promises the basic essentials of life in return for submission. It exchanges critical thinking for re-education and brainwashing. It destroys the epicentre of the family, society and culture, allowing only one way to live. It groups the population into small contained areas to be more easily controlled. It takes away from some to give to others who will be more easily managed by the promise of a full belly and a warm shelter. It’s a parasitical representation of the 1%, feeding on the 99.

Agenda 21. Divide. Dumb down. Conquer.

Change the Morphic Field Change the World by Zen Gardener


here was an interesting article recently about researchers who found within the computer informational field what appears to be proof of foreknowledge of 9/11. The huge spike in chatter regarding the events immediately prior to the strikes is completely anomalous. In other words, it goes on to say, for it to be just a coincidence is next to impossible. No big surprise. But what about this informational field? They call this computer information world a type of “morphic field” or “information field” and it seems to be a virtual manifestation of the global mind. Not all of it of course, but the informational global mind, which at this point in history is a massive amount of generated information that’s accelerating by the hour. Research in this field is also being investigated by other visionaries. By tracing trends in language using webbots that crawl the internet reading data with assigned values to various words, they’ve been able to often predict not only major events, trends and changes, but the specific nature and sometimes locations of future phenomena. It’s not an exact science by any means, but this whole field starts to show the power of the literal electromagnetic informational mind as evidence of, or a reflection of, human consciousness, and we should pay close attention. 

profound. It is much like Carl Jung’s collective unconscious understanding, but even broader while on a somewhat more so-called “scientific” footing. It essentially is touching on the effect of Universal Consciousness coming into our experiential realm and our interaction with it. But again, morphic field study is the attempt to pursue this intuitive knowledge scientifically, so called, in a quantifiable way. All part of the continued awakening of mankind, despite the manipulations, masking and withholding of knowledge by the controllers. Now you can see why so much is hidden from us – it’s fuel for our flux capacitors! No worries, we’ll get our own.

Language as a Manifestation of Consciousness

The “Hypothesis” of Morphic Fields

Language shared is clearly consciousness at work. This is our current fundamental method of communication. Perhaps general telepathy is on the horizon, but for now words backed by intention and no doubt other influences is how we understand communication. Whichever, it only stands to reason that the greater the body of consciousness manifested, the greater the effect on the present, and hence the future. In the words of Roger Nelson, founder of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) from his book Quantum Mind p. 57; “My own ‘model’ is that consciousness or mind is the source or seat of a non-local, active information field (this is not a standard, well defined physical construct). Such fields interact, usually with random phase relationship and no detectable product. When some or many consciousness (information) fields are driven in common, or for whatever reason become coherent and resonant, they interact in phase, and create a new, highly structured information field… that becomes the source of the effects we measure.” Pretty profound. When the accumulated consciousness fields are driven in common or show coherency or resonance, they create a new information field. Sound interactive? That’s the whole point…we need to get busy manifesting Truth and Love within this field. 

All self-organizing systems are wholes made up of parts, which are themselves wholes at a lower level, such as atoms in molecules and molecules in crystals. The same is true of organelles in cells, cells in tissues, tissues in organs, organs in organisms, organisms in social groups. At each level, the morphic field gives each whole its characteristic properties and interconnects and coordinates the constituent parts. The fields responsible for the development and maintenance of bodily form in plants and animals are called morphogenetic fields. In animals, the organization of behavior and mental activity depends on behavioral and mental fields. The organization of societies and cultures depends on social and cultural fields. All these kinds of organizing fields are morphic fields. Morphic fields are located within and around the systems they organize. Like quantum fields, they work probabilistically. They restrict, or impose order upon, the inherent indeterminism of the systems under their influence. Thus, for example, a protein field organizes the way in which the chain of amino acids (the “primary structure” determined by the genes) coils and folds up to give the characteristic three-dimensional form of the protein, “choosing” from among many possible structures, all equally possible from an energetic point of view. Social fields coordinate the behavior of individuals within social groups, for example, the behavior of fish in schools or birds in flocks.

Morphic Resonance and Quantum Physics

Taking this field changing empowerment even further, morphic field theory is the “discovery” (coming into consciousness) that there’s a dynamic at work akin to the concept of non-separability and total connectivity that quantum physics has discovered. Reminiscent of Plato’s Theory of Forms, these interactive force fields give form to not just plants, animals, crystals, planets and the like, but to behavioral and social patterns. This is similar to the evolving informational field concept described above but even more

Pretty Amazing... The most controversial feature of this hypothesis is that the structure of morphic fields depends on what has happened before. They contain a kind of memory. Through repetition, the patterns they organize become increasingly probable, increasingly habitual. The force

that these fields exert is the force of habit. Whatever the explanation of its origin, once a new morphic field – a new pattern of organization – has come into being, its field becomes stronger through repetition. The same pattern becomes more likely to happen again. The more often patterns are repeated, the more probable they become. The fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and become increasingly habitual. Fields evolve in time and form the basis of habits. From this point of view, nature is essentially habitual. Even the so-called laws of nature may be more like habits. 

This Is How The Lying Matrix Thrives

Social engineers for eons have known this underlying dynamic in their own terms. The latest rash of modern psychopathic societal designers identified these causal and potentially liberating or captivating trends at whatever level of understanding, and set in place educational and societymodifying mechanisms to keep humanity from spontaneous, self-supporting growth centuries ago. Left to our own we would naturally be drawing from consciousness new and beneficial “memes” or morphic fields to develop and help humanity, and not extinguish and control it like our current overlords of darkness. Never forget that. In other words: we’ve been sterilized, castrated, kneecapped, lobotomized and asphyxiated from the Truth and Knowledge of who we truly are and our incredible power to manifest and shape a loving, conscious world around us. As long as we let them fill the airwaves, ground waves and mind waves with their limiting, manipulative, oppressive and distracting propaganda and electromagnetic crap and don’t retaliate in kind to reverse the trend, society is literally being pushed off the map of human awareness into the maw of a mental and social meat grinder. 

It’s Up to Us

It’s entirely up to each of us what we do with this amazing energetic system. We can harm or we can heal. We can go along with the status quo or we change it. It will simply reflect whatever is put into it in its own fascinating way, and is doing its job at all times whether we acknowledge it or not. And it’s there for conscious use if you choose. We’re eternal consciousness connected to everything, yet we’re free agents to choose good and Truth and Love, or darkness, evil and hate. The beauty of this knowledge is the realization that every letter you write, every item you blog, every word you speak, every thought you think, every prayer or intention you utter, every loving or non-loving deed, every decision to do the right thing or not…EVERYTHING….is forming the world in which we live..societal, informational and the underlying morphic world which we all share. Every time someone watches mindless TV, gets spellbound by things like Hollywood or war programming, or entertains the Matrix meme in any way, they are supporting and perpetrating the death-dealing, humanity perverting lie. Period. While on the contrary…

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Morphic Field

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The Internet Highway of Information and Transformation

…Every time you blog with good and helpful information, forward an inspiring or Truth-revealing article, post an idea or heart-warming picture or uplifting message, encourage a fellow activist in their efforts, do a kind or loving deed or reach out and shake someone up…EVERY TIME…you are changing the morphic field…for the better! All while subtracting from a negative imprint by everyone involved. Which will it be? Will we contribute to the wake up, or be part of the problem? It’s a continual choice. There’s no standing still. Either way we all affect it. It’s that simple. That serious. That real. And that liberating! Put Your Shoulder to the Shift. Hopefully this awareness of how pervasive the dynamics of intention, attraction, information, communication and consciousness are will spur you on. It has me. I’ve known this dynamic was at work but to see it in this light was empowering. And participating and really making a difference that matters couldn’t be any easier than it is today. You can do

gobs of damage to the oppressors’ constructs and help establish the righteous rule of Truth, Love and Consciousness by just putting it out there. Manifest it in the morphic field any and every way you can and it goes to work immediately and affects everything! Even according to nerdy quantum physics, intelligent life on this planet now knows everything you do affects everywhere in mind-blowing, non-linear or spatially limited ways. We are all interconnected with everything! What more empowering information could there be? As we change these informational morphic fields we’ll also immediately set a better precedent for future change as these fields replicate themselves in whatever state they’re in. This is why we have to keep the fields morphing towards more and more Truth and a loving reality continually. And as we resonate together with the Truth Vibes being amplified around us anything false will crack and crumble into ruins.

Now you see why they try to keep us drugged, distracted and asleep? It’s time to take spaceship earth back. Take action, in word, deed and spirit. Be a resonant voice however you can. Just do it, and if you’re already doing it, turn it up! It’s working even if you can’t see the full extent of it yet. And as you do you’ll get such a rush of confirmation and satisfaction you’ll do even more, as well as get others on board! Power to the people? It’s been there all along! But you gotta throw the switch.

Psychopaths and The Multicultural Myth


ndigenous population and immigrants, we are all victims of a huge con. The perpetrators are a consortium of social manipulators and political elites that are on the payroll of the higher echelons of the banking cartel. These people can carry out treason and create mass misery and suffering on a global scale without a hint of conscience as they are psychopaths. A psychopath has no empathy and no concern for fellow humans. It is a clinical condition in which part of the frontal lobe in their brain is missing. Families, such as the royals, deliberately want psychopaths hence the reason for their interest in bloodlines. They strive to keep that condition within their family as it has served them well throughout their bloodthirsty history. When looking through the royals’ family tree it is awash with blood curdling antics of their ancestors. Their huge wealth was achieved by their ruthlessness throughout the ages. The same can be said for the banking families such as the Rothschild’s, whose monetary scam holds the world to ransom. Regardless of race, it is estimated psychopaths amount to about 4% of the population. They are brilliant at what they do; they are evil master

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illusionists and manipulators. The current mass influx of immigrants into Britain today is similar to what happened in the former USSR. Stalin deliberately uprooted populations, moving them into areas where they would swamp the indigenous population thus destroying their culture. Such a wicked policy can only result in misery for the indigenous population and immigrants alike. Whereas Stalin’s immigration policy was at the point of a gun, the European policy is much more subtle, it’s done by economics. The objective is very simple. Once the populations’ culture has been destroyed and they have no hope, they are then easily controlled. Create an economic slump and degradation whilst promulgating the notion that the indigenous population are lazy and don’t want to work. That creates resentment and ultimately civil unrest. It divides society and creates race hate. In addition to this, all totalitarian governments endeavour to break up the family unit, thus creating disharmony and a population of inner city feral youths. This can be clearly seen today along with deliberate dismantling of the countries industry, thus creating high unemployment. Degradation leads to riots, race hate and a break down of law and order. Eventually the government creates a police state in order to, in their words, maintain law and order. The entire con comes from the mindset of the Tavistock Centre and Frankfurt School and the public has fallen for it hook line and sinker! The evidence is clear to see, but due to the mindset the masses have been brainwashed with, they choose not to see it. That is how the criminals in government and their overseers get away with it; the general public are extremely ignorant and gullible! In reality we currently live in a single party corporotocracy. We are supposed to vote for a left wing or right wing political party but in reality all major political parties have the same hidden agenda. Even lower rank political party members appear to be too gullible to notice it. They believe the hype and the illusion that’s constantly pumped out on the mass controlled media, that’s mainly owned by the

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Continued from previous page same banking families that operate the world wide banking scam. The collusion of state and industry, ultimately controlled by banks, where an elite bunch of super rich industrialists and government ministers rule over a population of tax slaves is pure totalitarianism.  That is what we have today. Living under the constant threat of unknown bogy men, such as state sponsored terrorists, enables the rulers to tighten the dictatorship screw even further. Simply look at the evidence for 9/11 and 7/7 and the official story can be shown to be a pack of lies. The masses prefer to accept what they are told from an official source as that is what they are conditioned to do. Even, so called, educated people go along with the official story whilst evidence for the opposite is obvious and staring them in the face! I have nothing against anyone from any race, religion, country or culture providing they respect (in this case. ed) British culture and they have chosen to settle in this country for the right reasons. Getting the best from other countries, such as cuisine, natural medicines and technological know-how can only enrich, providing respect is given to the indigenous culture and such respect is reciprocal. Many immigrants in the past came to these shores because there was something about Britain they liked and they wanted to be part of it. Some fled persecution in their own countries. Their offspring are now very British and many have no connections with the country their parents or grandparents came from. Mass immigration has, in many cases, upset the social cohesion they once had. Sometimes second and third generation offspring’s from immigrants are incorrectly labelled as economic migrants or bogus asylum seekers when they are not! Again, I believe this is all part of the master plan to divide and rule people, eventually leading to a police state. Mass media debates about the huge influx of economic migrants are deliberately skewed in order to miss the obvious. Anyone that speaks out is instantly branded a conspiracy nutter or racist. The psychopaths divide and rule agenda under the guise of “Multiculturalism” is like rat poison – 90% sweetener, 10% lethal and their hidden agenda appears to be running like clockwork! The planners of the forthcoming Orwellian nightmare know full well that economic migrants attract criminal psychopaths from their countries of origin, like bees around a honey pot. Criminal psychopaths’ predatory behaviour instinctively capitalizes on any new opportunity We wouldn’t allow a village idiot to captain a ship, neither would we allow a mental retard to fly a fighter aircraft, so why then do we allow psychopaths to rule us? The answer is simple; it’s because we don’t know how to recognize them! As said in previous articles, if a system were set up to root them out before they reached high office, it would probably be run by psychopaths who would start a witch hunt that would victimize innocent people! It’s not easy. I have had around forty years experience of an in-law that’s allegedly a psychopath who caused an emotional tsunami in my family. I know their mannerisms and thought process but armed with that knowledge and experience, it’s still very difficult to recognize a psychopath before it’s too late! The reason is

because they are brilliant at what they do. Even so, there are some chinks in their armour that can reveal their real motives, if you know what to look for. Psychopaths lack the ability to dream and they are usually as shallow as a puddle on a billiard table! Contrary to popular belief, very few actually kill or maim people; they get others to do their dirty work! Because they don’t have a conscience they can create mayhem without feeling the slightest tinge of guilt. Psychopath politicians can promise the earth. When they achieve high office they can go back on

Stalin created an atmosphere of fear in which ordinary individuals carried out the most horrendous acts of violence. Many of the state killers were NOT psychopaths. Psychopaths, such as Stalin, have the unique ability to manipulate susceptible individuals to the point where they mimic the psychopath’s mindset. all they said without any conscience about it whatsoever. Their acting skills are second to none. When creating a war and sending young men to their deaths, psychopath politicians can give breathtaking performances of consideration and grief, when in fact they couldn’t give a damn! Strangely, they all seem to work to the same agenda, as if they were given a script when young. They also recognize fellow psychopaths and form alliances with them. From an early age they know they have the condition and are fully aware they are different from the rest of the population. They create havoc around them so that they can be

the pillar of strength and reason amongst the ongoing pandemonium. Their objective is to create an atmosphere of distrust amongst honest individuals. When people distrust each other, it creates stress. This is clear to see around us today. Psychopaths seem to thrive on that form of tension. They are never in the firing line as their skill of manipulation enables them to work on people that are susceptible to their domination. Such people unwittingly create the mayhem whilst the psychopath distances himself from it, as if it’s nothing to do with them, whilst in reality they are the instigators and controllers. Psychopaths have an uncanny ability to overpower and control susceptible people; their targets are usually shy polite articulate individuals that don’t answer back. Stalin was responsible for the deaths of millions but it would have been impossible for him to do it himself, he got others to do it! Many of those that carried out executions were probably not psychopaths, but they had been brainwashed by them. Those in high office seem to have an obsession with clubs. They like to get people into clubs and organizations so they can categorize them and ultimately control them. Clubs and organizations can be infiltrated. Any opposition can therefore be controlled. To peacefully and lawfully fight against psychopath dictators it is essential to be individualists. They can’t infiltrate an individual, although they can arrange a suicide or fatal accident for them if they get too dangerous. It is therefore essential for the criminals in government to be overwhelmed with individuals in the general population, so much so it would be impossible for them to destroy them all. There are many aspects of the psychopath psyche, too numerous to list here, that gives their game away. Unfortunately anyone that has not had first hand experience would probably not notice such clues. Science though may have the answer. A brain scan would reveal dark spaces in the frontal lobe area of their brain, indicating psychopathic tendencies. Perhaps if everyone seeking high office were compelled to have a brain scan, it could prove to be a step in the right direction. Again though, how could we be sure the test would not be run and corrupted by psychopaths? In that sense, brain scans are probably not a good idea. My personal belief is education is the answer. If the population is educated and taught to seek out the facts and not accept propaganda as fact, psychopaths would find it increasingly difficult to promote their hidden agenda. People are waking up to the fact they are being continuously conned but within that process, the psychopaths are busy putting out red herrings and promoting false awakenings. As said at the beginning of this article, indigenous population and Immigrants, we are all victims of a huge con. Unless honest, decent folk of all cultures and faiths stick together and peacefully and lawfully root out the real enemy of the people, we face a very bleak future. I am currently writing a book about psychopaths, based upon my experiences and research. The book was started about three years ago and is currently about two thirds finished. It will hopefully be available later this year. For further details, please see:


15 Ways Politics Steals Your Energy

by Dylan Charles


rom grade school on we are taught to appreciate the American government and its civic processes as the cornerstone of freedom in the world, the ‘shining beacon on the hill.’ We are taught how to pledge allegiance to and revere a flag. We are told that goodness will prevail if we all just participate heartily and enthusiastically, playing by the rules. We grow up believing that a basic responsibility of being born a human on planet earth is to participate in all of this political activity, and likewise, we are taught that nonparticipation is irresponsible, lazy, deplorable even. And so as good citizens do, many of us participate. So, perhaps you’ve donated money to a political campaign or ran for public office. Maybe you’ve staffed for a political party or organized at the grass roots level. Maybe you’ve even joined the electoral process as a delegate, gone to your County or State convention, or just showed up with signs at the polls. Perhaps you’ve written your Congressman once or twice. But is all this frenzy of well-intentioned activity doing our society any good or providing hope for a better future for our posterity? Is it possible that our electoral system is cleverly designed to exhaust our positive, community-minded energies and to pacify our violent human will to live the prosperous and peaceful lives we deserve? Could it be that the resources and energy we have applied to this social mechanism have been squandered in one of the greatest opportunity costs of all time?






Actually, when looking at politics as a drain on society, it becomes rather easy to conclude that we may be indeed wasting our greatest potential for societal progress in this endless game of ego satiation and public parade. Furthermore, it appears that the hidden costs of our political efforts have been quite vast, and have had many detrimental effects to our collective psyche and identity. Consider this: 1. Politics devours time, energy and resources that could be spent elsewhere. 2. Politics creates widespread division amongst the populace by providing us with few choices and then positioning those choices as mutually exclusive enemies. Politics nullifies the value of society’s potentially most effective members by forcing passionate, community-oriented individuals into a rigid arena that demands conformity and ultimately defers to entrenched power cliques. Politics falsely empowers the thoughtless by providing an arena for people to believe they are positively impacting the world by simply pressing a button or checking a box when told to do so. Politics erodes our natural idealism by fragmenting our grandest ideas for our future into single-issue chunks that make little sense when taken out of context. Then by ranking and marginalizing them in accordance with various political agendas, then, again, by prioritizing them against conflicting entrenched interests. Politics gives us false impressions about what it means to be civilized. For example, it is not civilized to allow yourself to be raped by even the most polite of rapists, yet the success of politics relies on violated people being kind and patient with those who would selfishly saddle our futures with unbearable debts, endless wars and unacceptable restrictions to our personal liberty. Politics prohibits us from ever reaching our highest societal potential. Because politics never concludes it is always dramatic and we learn to adjust our lives according to its highs and lows, thus our psychological development is trapped

by the imposition of these never-ending patterns. 8. Politics protects society’s most heinous criminals by providing them the infrastructure, security apparatus, public platform, time and resources to obfuscate truth and protect themselves from meaningful prosecution. Election cycles, hearings, recalls, investigative committees and impeachments are an insult to justice when the accused are part of the government. 9. Politics demands that we become dishonest in order to gain advantage. 10. Politics consumes an absurd amount of financial and material resources. 11. Politics creates and exacerbates massive public cognitive dissonance between the prosperous and peaceful world we know we should have and the world that a corrupt political class can actually create for us. By repeatedly failing to deliver on its promises, the political system becomes so unbelievable that we have no choice but to believe it. 12. Politics severely limits society’s possibilities for meaningful and timely solutions to our most pressing problems by subjecting every opportunity for progress to the scrutiny, whim, and interests of largely corrupted and under-informed political bodies. 13. Politics insults our intelligence with its embarrassing pomp, flashiness, hubris, blatant rigging, hokey formatting, omissions, dumbing down and oversimplification of important complex issues. 14. Politics selfishly frames issues in terms of their impact upon people and fiat economics, largely disregarding our unmistakable dependence on the natural world for the gift we call life. 15. Politics exhausts our spiritual energy by claiming the authoritative role in our lives and diminishing our intuitive capacities and will to search for spiritual truth. In the pursuit of a brighter future for ourselves, families, communities, and this Earth, we must be conscious of how we expend our personal energies, so as not to misallocate it or feed them to something that does us harm. Politics is presently the status quo forum for setting the course for society’s future, but, as humankind evolves we must be ready, willing and able to leave behind designs of the past that have ceased being of any value to our future. Our continued participation in this circus performance we call politics continues to feed the illusion of its legitimacy. By withdrawing our consent and participation in politics we may be freeing up considerable resources to apply toward the creation of a better world, while simultaneously helping to snuff out this energetic vampire that feeds heartily on our collective good will and positive energy.

The Government Hoax of Public Safety by Mike Adams


s the tyranny of destructive government envelops our once-free society, have you noticed how oppression, censorship and government aggression against the people is always defended as somehow protecting public safety? Consider these astonishing contradictions: • The government claims that every single air traveler must be intimately searched and confirmed harmless in

Page 22 order to protect the safety of a few hundred passengers on the plane, but that very same government conducts no safety testing whatsoever on each batch of toxic fluoride chemicals dumped into municipal water supplies that threaten the health of tens of millions! • The government aggressively attacks raw milk farmers and food cooperatives who sell fresh milk to a few hundred people, claiming raw milk is extremely

dangerous to the public, yet that same government does absolutely nothing to protect the public from MSG (obesity), aspartame (seizures and blindness), high fructose corn syrup (diabetes), sodium nitrite (cancer) and artificial food colours (behavioural disorders) that impact virtually the entire population! (At least a million times as many people eat MSG than drink raw dairy…) • The government claims that it has the right to force

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abandons any thought of safety and quietly pays off the parents of the autistic children through a secret vaccine injury compensation court whose cash payouts require total silence on the part of parents.

all children to be vaccinated because it “protects society,” yet this is by definition an open admission that vaccines don’t work because otherwise all the vaccinated children would be 100% protected against unvaccinated children in Other government experiments conducted unthe first place (and having unvaccinated children running der the banner of public safety around wouldn’t matter). No matter what the government is trying to pull — • The FDA is now proposing that long-time nutritional banning public protests, stealing an election, starting a supplement ingredients like vitamin C, ginger root and war, disarming the nation or pushing a crazy new mediEchinacea must undergo a lengthy new safety review and cal agenda — it’s always framed in the context of “pubapproval process, yet the USDA openly approves the widelic safety.” Because the government never does anything spread experimental planting of genetically modified crops wrong or abusive to people, does it? (GMOs) with absolutely no safety testing whatsoever– all Then what about these true facts of history? under the absurd presumption that GMOs are essentially • 1932 – The U.S. Public Health Service in Tuskegee, “identical” to non-GMO crops. Except they aren’t identiAla. diagnoses 400 poor, black sharecroppers with syphical, otherwise they couldn’t be patented, could they? What lis but never tells them of their illness nor treats them; part of the word “modified” does the USDA not grasp? instead researchers use the men as human guinea pigs • In many cities, the government says all children must to follow the symptoms and progression of the disease. wear helmets when riding their bicycles while adults are They all eventually die from syphilis and their families required to wear helmets when they ride motorcycles. But are never told that they could have been treated. all those same people are openly allowed to go break their • 1945 – The U.S. State Department, Army intellegs and crack their skulls wide open on a ski slope without ligence and the CIA begin Operation Paperclip, offereven signing a waiver! Why is bicycling down the sidewalk ing Nazi scientists immunity and secret identities in so dangerous while barreling down a 3,000-foot mountain exchange for work on top-secret government projects on a snowboard is acceptably safe? (Hint: because it’s not on aerodynamics and chemical warfare medicine in the about safety, it’s about tourism money.) • The federal government says that private citizens United States (“Project Paperclip”). should only prepare for a maximum of a 3-day event such as a hurricane or storm. But the federal government itself has spent tens of billions of dollars building massive underground cave networks where decades of supplies are stockpiled: Food, water, guns, ammunition, medical supplies, communications equipment, non-hybrid seeds and much more. The message? YOU don’t need to be safe, but WE do! • City police departments claim they can roll their video cameras 24/7, filming you and your actions that happen in public spaces because it’s all part of “public safety.” But what happens when YOU try to film the police in those same public spaces? You get threatened, intimidated and arrested! So who is keeping the People safe from crooked cops, then? • The government says its War on Drugs protects the public from all the danger and criminality of the underground drug marImage by Chuck LaChance ket. But it’s the government that forced the drug market to go underground by criminalizing it! By choosing to decriminal• 1946 – The U.S. government knowingly funded ize all recreational drug use, the government could end the and deliberately engaged in criminal medical expericriminality, suck all the profits out of street dealing, end the ments against Guatemalan prisoners, and the scientists drug gang violence, collapse the Mexican drug cartels and engaged in these crimes were then promoted to high levhalt the DEA’s drug war violence which frequently results els of influence in the medical community. At least 5,500 in rogue agents breaking down the wrong guy’s door in the people were drafted into the experiments, including chilmiddle of the night and then shooting the family dog. dren, women and the mentally ill. The number deliberIf the government really cared about public safety, ately infected with sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) they would protect the citizens from the DEA! exceeded 1,300. Many died. • You’re supposed to be scared of using nasal irriga• 1947 – Col. E.E. Kirkpatrick of the U.S. Atomic tion devices which the CDC now warns may cause you to Energy Commission (AEC) issues a top-secret document die from “brain-eating amoeba!” (707075) dated Jan. 8. In it, he writes that “certain raBut at the same time, when the Fukushima nuclear dioactive substances are being prepared for intravenous facility went into a total meltdown and unleashed radioacadministration to human subjects as a part of the work of tive fallout across North America, Americans were all told the contract” (Goliszek). there was nothing to worry about (while the EPA quietly A secret AEC document dated April 17 reads, “It is raised the “allowable limits” of radiation exposure by literdesired that no document be released which refers to exally 50,000 times or more for some isotopes). periments with humans that might have an adverse reac• The CDC and WHO declared a “stage 6 pandemic” tion on public opinion or result in legal suits,” revealing over the H5N1 flu scare, setting off a worldwide fear camthat the U.S. government was aware of the health risks its paign focused on public safety. Yet when evidence continnuclear tests posed to military personnel conducting the ues to surface about all the tens of thousands of children tests or nearby civilians (Goliszek). who are stricken with autism each year — mere hours • 1978 – The CDC begins experimental hepatitis B after receiving multiple vaccine shots — the government

vaccine trials in New York. Its ads for research subjects specifically ask for promiscuous homosexual men. Professor Wolf Szmuness of the Columbia University School of Public Health had made the vaccine’s infective serum from the pooled blood serum of hepatitis-infected homosexuals and then developed it in chimpanzees, the only animal susceptible to hepatitis B, leading to the theory that HIV originated in chimpanzees before being transferred over to humans via this vaccine. A few months after 1,083 homosexual men receive the vaccine, New York physicians begin noticing cases of Kaposi’s sarcoma, Mycoplasma penetrans and a new strain of herpes virus among New York’s homosexual community — diseases not usually seen among young, American men, but that would later be known as common opportunistic diseases associated with AIDS (Goliszek). • 1996 – Professor Adil E. Shamoo of the University of Maryland and the organization Citizens for Responsible Care and Research sends a written testimony on the unethical use of veterans in medical research to the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Governmental Affairs, stating: “This type of research is on-going nationwide in medical centres and VA hospitals supported by tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money. These experiments are high risk and are abusive, causing not only physical and psychic harm to the most vulnerable groups but also degrading our society’s system of basic human values. Probably tens of thousands of patients are being subjected to such experiments” (“Testimony of Adil E. Shamoo, Ph.D.”). • 1997 – In an experiment sponsored by the U.S. government, researchers withhold medical treatment from HIV-positive African-American pregnant women, giving them a placebo rather than AIDS medication. Want to learn more true facts about history? Stuff that will boggle your mind? Read “The Rise of the Fourth Reich” by Jim Marrs. He’s the author of The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy which I gave a Book of the Year award in 2011.

Far from protecting public safety, Big Government is the greatest threat to your safety Question: Which institution is responsible for the most human suffering, genocide and murder across human history? Is it some terrorist group? Some band of evil rebels? Nope, it’s government. Government is the single most dangerous entity across human history, responsible for the mass murder of hundreds of millions of people (and growing daily). Think about it: Government is what puts fluoride poison in your water. Government allows mad scientists to plant GM crops containing death poisons. Government secretly injects schoolchildren without parental consent. Government spies on your phone calls, confiscates your wages, contaminates your food and poisons your water. And then, from time to time, government just murders millions of people. “Democide” is the term that describes death by government, and democide turns out to be far more dangerous than war itself! “In the 20th century, democide surpassed war as the leading cause of non-natural death,” says Wikipedia. So if you really want to protect public safety, there’s only one logical way to do it: Sharply shrink the size of government! The real risk to your health and safety, it turns out, is not raw milk or dietary supplements but your own government and its unbridled madness. The smaller the government, it turns out, the safer we all are.

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Government Is Not Civilization It Is Slavery O

ne of the most pervasive misconceptions in our culture is the idea that “government” has anything to do with the structure or organization that we see in our society. This is one of the primary reasons why people have such a difficult time considering the very real possibility of a world without the organization known as “government.” When someone suggests that we simply do away with this unjust and unnecessary organization, they are typically met with some very negative knee-jerk reactions from whoever they may be talking to. This kind of conversation typically ends very quickly because both sides have completely different ideas of what the word “government” actually means, making it very difficult to find common ground. If we attempt to examine government from an outsider’s perspective, we would see a world where people are grouped into two different categories, those in government and those not. At face value, we can see that these two groups of people have completely different standards and expectations, even though they are the same species and have the same basic needs. Looking closer, we can see that these different standards and laws are not neutral, they are very much benefiting those in government at the expense of those who are not. The most important discrepancy to mention here is the fact that those in government have a license to kill anyone who happens to disobey them. Pointing out this fact is vital in understanding the true relationship between those inside of government and those outside of government, and that is the relationship between slave and master. If someone has the right to initiate the use of force on you if you disobey them, you are essentially their property. If you don’t believe me, go on over to Google and type in “slave definition,” and the first definition you will find is the following: “A person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.” Now, doesn’t that sound a whole lot like the relationship between people inside government and people outside government? If you can force people to do things against their will, then you are treating them as if they were your property. However, if you ask any random person on the street to define “government” for you, they would probably give you the story that they were taught in government school. You know, the one about how government is the backbone of civilization, and the means by which people in the community come together for mutually beneficial projects. Well this may sound good, but it isn’t at all true, because the government is comprised by a miniscule fraction of the population, and they would not be able to provide anything at all if it wasn’t for the resources that they forcibly extracted from the rest of society. Therefore, it is safe to say that all functions that are currently being carried out by the organization known as “government” could actually be better served by individuals in the community working together for common goals. Voluntary trade, charity and other peaceful methods of interacting would create a far better society than the one that we see today, which is filled with violence and forced associations. It is not a new thing for people to confuse government

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“Government is actually the worst failure of civilized man. There has never been a really good one, and even those that are most tolerable are arbitrary, cruel, grasping, and unintelligent.” ~ H.L. Mencken by JGVibes

ment is as true today as it was during the first American Revolution. Culture, society and security are absolutely capable of continuing in the absence of a central control system. The most common argument against having an organized civilization without government is the notion that we are all somehow stupid, worthless savages who would not be able to figure out how to build a damn road if there wasn’t someone with a gun in our face every step of the way, telling us how, when and where to do it. But if people are stupid savages, and politicians are people, then isn’t the government made up of a bunch of stupid savages who can’t be trusted with a license to kill? Aren’t they just the same as us and even in many cases far worse than us? There is nothing that the government can do that you and a large group of like minded people can’t do better. The government doesn’t provide services, they simply take money from everyone (except their buddies, of course!) and use a very small portion of that money to pay people in the community to do things for their neighbours that they probably would have done anyway in the natural course of human interaction. Looked at in these terms, it becomes apparent that the government is nothing more than a violent middleman, who forces his way into nearly every interaction that takes place between each of its so-called “citizens.” Everything that the government does is an attack on people who don’t belong to that organization. If you think about it, every single action that the government takes is some kind of punitive measure taken against people who don’t belong to that organization. Even when the government claims to be doing something nice, they are doing so with resources that they obtained by using threats and violence, which really doesn’t make much of a case for the virtuousness of government. This organization is not here to protect our rights as it claims to. In fact, when the government steps in and gives itself the responsibility to “protect” your rights, it is simultaneously stripping you of your ability to actually defend your own rights. When you are dependent upon the whims and capabilities of another human being to protect your rights, you are literally marks on the English Constitution.” In this piece, Paine handing your rights over to them and essentially submitdiscusses the difference between government and society. ting to slavery Paine writes, “Some writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher. Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without a government, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.” His statewith culture and have the misconception that without a central planning structure, everything that makes a society great would vanish. This fact was recognized by some of the more radical “founding fathers” of America, including Thomas Paine. In his most famous literary effort “Common Sense,” there is a section called “Of the Origin and Design of Government in General, with Concise Re-

Democide: When Your Government Kills You byLuis R. Miranda When the books of history are written and those books cite the greatest threats ever faced by humankind, they usually mention, war, famine, natural disasters, and so on, but those who write history books always forget the largest threat that has endangered humans in the last 100 years or so. This threat is Democide. Democide is the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder. Democide is not necessarily the elimination of entire cultural groups but rather groups within the country that the government feels need to be eradicated for political reasons and due to claimed future threats. This term seems to have been coined by political scientist R. J. Rummel, although it was apparently used 40 years earlier by Theodore Abel.  Rummel coined the term and this helped to account for the explicit murder of people through methods that weren’t necessarily inherent to genocide as it was understood. This meant that people who were killed in democidal actions weren’t really counted as having been killed by government. What a useful creation has this been. The fact that society has a term to measure the brutality of the State throughout the past century or more, makes it even clearer to review why the writers of history did not set up a proper way to measure their own crimes. Apparently, the “scholarly classes”, who have almost always been riding along with governments — in all shapes and forms — weren’t able to properly identify murder in the hands of the State. It took a political scientist — the term is credited to Rummel — , or a writer if you attributed it to Abel’s book The Sociology of Concentration Camps, Social Forces Vol. 30, No. 2 (Dec., 1951), pp. 150-155, to help us quantify mass murder by the State. As it turns out, neither disease not hunger nor war are the main causes of mass murder, although in many cases these situations are also caused by out of control States — more on this later — Democide is. So let’s take a look at history to see how powerful, out-of-control States have killed not millions, but hundreds of millions of their citizens just because they could and how this turns them into the number one threat to human society. No other threat, natural or man-made has ever killed more people in the last century. No matter how carefully I think about my college years and the courses I took in two different countries, I can’t remember ever hearing about Democide. I never even heard about the main cause of human death in the history of society. Although the following accounting only shows human death by government in the last 100 years, ancient history shows that Democide, despite its lack of identification, has been present throughout human existence. I don’t know of any record that kept tabs on how many people were killed by their own kings or pharaohs back then. The term Democide is so new, that it isn’t even recognized by my spell check tool. Conservatively, Democide is responsible for the death of at least 262 million people. This figure accounts for people killed mostly during the 20th century, but also includes some from the 21st century. I’ll leave it to each reader to find a way to put this number in perspective, context or to measure it in their own terms in order to make sense of it. Right now, let’s go case by case in order to add up the millions of people killed by their own governments. China alone killed 76,702,000 of its people between the years of 1949-1987. The country has been for many decades under the rule of the Communist Party, which is directly responsible for the oppression and murder of all of these people. Some say the Chinese rulers even show pride for their crimes and admit to them. Before Mao arrived to power, the Chinese rulers had already killed around 3,468,000 people. The USSR, in power over a region that includes what we know today as Russia is responsible for murdering 61,911,000 of its citizens between the years of 19171987. Western colonialists in recent history did not escape the murder of people by the millions. The powers that control most of the world today, which launched conquest campaigns all over the planet killing locals and later their own citizens, are responsible for a total of 50,000,000 murders. Most of these happened in the 20th century, although the way things are going, there is no reason to think that these powerful forces wont outdo themselves in the 21st century. In the case of Germany, while the country was under the rule of Adolf Hitler between the years of 1933-1945, the government murdered a total of 20,946,000 people, most of whom were not Jews. Depending on what book or encyclopedia is consulted, the number of Jews murdered by Nazi mandate was about 6.000,000. So as abhorrent as the Jewish genocide seems, an even greater genocide happened to non-Jewish people under Hitler. In the case of Japan, the country saw most of its Democide during the years of the monarchy, which was responsible for the murder of 5,964,000 people between the years of 1935-1945. Meanwhile in Cambodia, infamous Pol Pot and his accomplices from the Khmer Rouge, who were put in place and funded by the US government, were responsible for killing 2,035,000 people between 1975-1979. This number was back then about a third of the Cambodian population. Maybe this number should be put under the American tab. Murder by the Turkish government now comes into view. Between 1909-1918, Turkey murdered 1,883,000 of its own as well as Armenian people. Vietnam came just short, murdering 1,670,000 people between 1945-1987. In Europe, Poland also has its own massacre record. The government in there killed 1,585,000 people between 1945-1948. Pakistan does not escape murder by the millions ei-

ther. The repressive regimes that have ruled the country killed 1,503,000 people between 1958-1987. The nation of Yugoslavia mostly under dictator Josip Broz Tito killed at least 1,072,000 people as accounted between 1944-1987. In the lower but not less murderous places of history appear countries like North Korea, with 1,663,000 murdered people, Mexico with 1,417,000 killed and Russia with 1,072,000 murders. As someone rightfully put it, Government is winning the war against humanity. It is important to explain that the conservative total of 262,000,000 murders by government does not include the deaths of people who were direct victims of military actions — military casualties. Those would amount to some 88,000,000, taking the total to about 350 million deaths by Government action. It is also extremely important to say that all of these murders by government happened under the premise that such action — Democide — was illegal. No government had ever claimed that Democide, under any circumstance was correct, moral or legal. Except that now the United States government has done such a thing. Under the National Defence Authorization Act of 2012, the US government has given itself the legal prerogative to murder any and however many of its citizens under the excuse of National Security. If illegal Democide was able to end the lives of between 262,000,000 and 350,000,000 people in just a century or so, can you imagine what legalized Democide will be able to accomplish in the next 100 years? If you are not shocked by now, please let me try one more time. The previous accounting of murder by government does not include secret government operations such as false-flag terror, sterilization campaigns, poisoning with chemicals in the food and water, laboratory-created disease and so on. That we’ll leave for another time. By the way, the source for this article is called history.

Just Say No to Corporate Greed: The Case of Iceland

by Ellen Russell


apitalism is looking pretty mean these days. No amount of profit is enough, and no level of collateral damage to get that profit is unreasonable. And when capitalism on steroids runs amok, any extremes of public pain are justified to save the butts of those who made the mess in the first place. Corporations understand that they have a green light to punish people ruthlessly for even a modest improvement to their bottom line (ask Caterpillar workers if you want

details). Whole nations may be bled dry to shield financial institutions from the consequences of their own bad behaviour. The Greek government is deliberately creating a national great depression to appease international financial interests. Happily there are some instances of people saying no to this madness. Iceland is a great example of people who stood up and fought for civility. Iceland used to have a sound but not too adventurous

government-owned-and-operated banking system. It more or less did what it was supposed to do to serve local needs. An orgy of neo-liberalism in the 1990s culminated in the privatization of the banks in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The mavericks who took control of the newly privatized banks took corporate greed to extreme levels. They caught the worldwide disease of speculative euphoria, and made

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immense profits as the country’s banks started doing some pretty crazy stuff. Financial journalist and former investment banker Michael Lewis offered one financier’s apt depiction of the hocus-pocus that was going on in Icelandic banks: “’you have a dog, and I have a cat. We agree that they are each worth a billion dollars. You sell me the dog for a billion, and I sell you the cat for a billion. Now we are no longer pet owners, but Icelandic banks, with a billion dollars in new assets.’” This lunacy was largely fuelled by borrowed money. Iceland’s top three banks went on such a pathological borrowing spree that their assets were 10 times Iceland’s GDP. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this loony behaviour will end badly. When the speculative bubble burst, all three of the country’s major banks suddenly collapsed. Since Icelandic banks had borrowed so heavily, there were a lot of angry creditors looking to get money back from the government of Iceland. Intense pressure was exerted to force Iceland to compensate anyone that lost money when Iceland’s banks hit the wall -- regardless of whether those out-of-pocket were local depositors or international financial high-flyers who should have done their due diligence before getting involved with dodgy hijinks. Governments around the world were issuing blank cheques to pay for the sins of their bankers, and Iceland should be made to pay too. But the people said no. Weekly assemblies outside parliament made it clear to politicians that the people were not going to be forced to pay for the craziness of the bankers. Politicians responsible for the crisis were given the boot. Out went the prestigious David Oddson, who as Prime Minister (and later as chair of the central bank) had championed the neo-liberal agenda. Geir Haarde, Prime Minster at the time of the crash, has been brought up on charges concerning his handling of the crisis. A left-green alliance elected Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir, who is herself a trailblazer as an openly lesbian head of state. Iceland’s government faced intense pressure to compensate those financial interests hurt by the wreckage of Iceland’s bank failures. The shoot-out at the OK Corral came over the misadventures of one defunct Icelandic bank that had expanded willy-nilly in Europe. When it collapsed, Britain and the Netherlands rushed to bail out its creditors in an attempt to buttress confidence in their own financial sector firms. Now the British and Dutch governments demanded that Iceland reimburse them. Naturally Britain and the Netherlands figured they bore no responsibility for their lax oversight in allowing dodgy upstart Icelandic bankers to jeopardize British and Dutch financial stability. The total bill was US$5.8 billion, but the sale of the failed bank’s assets covers a big chunk of that bill. The estimated final cost to the people of Iceland to compensate these foreign governments would have been over $2 billion. That is a lot of money for a country with a population comparable to that of Windsor, Ontario. A deal was proposed that Iceland pay back this debt -- with interest -- until 2046. OK, dear reader, are you sitting down? Because this just might knock your socks off: Iceland figured that this matter should be democratically decided. Those radical Icelanders actually demanded that they vote on the decision to compensate foreign governments. The people decided not to pay up. In fact, they held two referendums and it was voted down both times. In the words of a spokesperson for the anti-bailout coalition, “It is totally insane that taxpayers foot the bill for failed private companies. It was odious. We had to say no.” Very ominous threats were made that Iceland would become an international pariah. The U.K. even used anti-terrorism legislation to freeze the Icelandic bank’s assets in Britain. Litigation is still ongoing as Britain and the Netherlands seek ways to force Iceland to pay. Of course, Iceland went through some tough times in the aftermath of the financial meltdown. Ordinary Icelanders suffered plenty because of the economic fallout from the recklessness of their banks. But Iceland is emerging from this mess in much better shape than it would have been forced into the equivalent of a country-wide debtor’s prison. Even the IMF is holding up Iceland as an example of how to overcome deep economic dislocation without undoing the social fabric. All of us owe a debt of gratitude to the people of Iceland. They took a stand and held their ground when all of the forces of international capital were allied against them. Whether it is at Caterpillar or in the streets of Athens, we all benefit when people say no to paying the price for corporate greed. Every time we just say no, we have a better shot at demanding sanity in the face of barbarism. ________________________________________________________ Economist Ellen Russell is a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her column comes out every two months in

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