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Dear Friends of the Media, If you find yourself in possession of this kit for the first time I welcome you. We often try to extend ourselves to different media outlets and are grateful when members of that circle take notice. Alphae Toys was created five years ago when my son was diagnosed with a complicated form of congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) or more commonly known as club foot. I wanted to create a line of special needs toys that were not only eco-friendly, but also within my budget. After many years of therapy and a finalizing surgery I began research into special needs toys. Many parents I have spoken to and have worked with feel cornered by the special needs toy market. It seems as if the companies do not undrestand what parents are looking for, or understand the fact that parents are already under the intense financial burdern of medical bills. They do not need another expense. By creating toys the parents need, but can not afford, companies are creating an endless cycle of need. Alphae Toys changes this by creating toys that are useful, beautiful, eco-friendly, and also budget friendly. Alphae toys is also committed to advocating for the special needs community, and provides information for families in rural areas. The mission is to advocate in order to educate, and to create a sense of empowerment for families who may feel at a loss due to a lack of resources. For any further questions, information, or original content feel free to contact me at Thank you for the support.

Sincerely, Danielle

Due to a transition in Alphae’s server provider, will be down till further notice. Information can be found through our facebook fan page and product can be bought through their temporary store

Alphae Toys

Alphae Toys is a handmade toy company ready to excell above expectations. Alphae Toy’s collection of ecofriendly and natural toys are focused on cognitive development for all stages and ages of special needs children. Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf themes, simplicity is combined with therapy research and the idea that play is important. Alphae toys are great for children of every developmental need. Each toy is handmade with incredible focus to detail. Alphae offers a streamlined, easy to understand shopping experience through their website, their catalog, and plans to expand to boutiques and schools throughout the country in 2013. We are determined to change the perspective of special needs and the perspecitive of the education system.

Alphae toys is the perfect combination of modern design and educational simplicity. All of Alphae’s products are made from natural, ecofriendly, or recycled materials. Wood pieces are unprocessed and finished with organic sealers. All dolls are made from cotton material and an eco-friendly felt made from recycled plastic bottles. The stuffing comes from bamboo, a renwable source. Each toy is designed with an achievment in mind. Play is a great source of development and we let you know right on our website what you’ll be helping your child learn and how.

“I love all of Alphae Toy’s products. They are modern and fun, and best of all I don’t have to worry about chemicals or junk. It seems like toys now a days are so uninspired and keep kids from doing the one thing they should be doing, playing. Alphae Toys is changing all of that. “ -Dannielle, repeat customer and “The favorite Aunt”


For a complete list of items please visit @alphaetoys 517.605.6405

Media Kit  

Alphae Toys media kit is available for use in all appropriate media outlets. For further information, original content, or quotes please con...

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