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Alison Lowe A Person with Captivating and Persuasive Energy

Many people today contribute to society with community service, from helping elderly people and serving the needy. Among those generous people is Alison M.C. Lowe who is pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in the United States of America. Receiving her undergraduate education in Canada, she graduated from the University of British Columbia with First Class Honours. She also attended Trinity Western University where she was on the Dean’s onour List and received academic scholarships. A kind-hearted person, she has heart to serve those in need both psychologically, physically and spiritually.

Research Activities: Alison M.C. Lowe served as a research assistant in Applied Developmental Psychology in 2012 and as a project coordinator and research assistant in Psychophysics and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. As she loves children, she worked in Clinical Child psychology as a research assistant in the year 2013.

Healthcare Experience: Apart from psychology, she also has broad experience in many healthcare fields. She worked as a Medical Office Assistant in a Family Medicine clinic Vancouver and also as a clinical assistant in a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic. Sponsored by Vancouver Coastal Health, she organized weight loss seminars in 2010 served as medical and dental assistant in 20042006,helping hundreds of needy individuals belonging to rural and improved areas of Vietnam and Mexico. In North America, she volunteered in Emergency room and Geriatrics ward of the Mount Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Vancouver and a medical assistant in Oregon.

Community Service Finding a need in her home city of Vancouver, Alison Lowe helped open a community kitchen and was the facilitator and co-founder of Sharing Hands Community Kitchen. This young lady has given a wide ray of hope for improving the psychological well being of women with chronic diseases.

Alison Lowe as a Musician: Apart from serving to mankind, Alison loves music and plays several instruments including piano, drums and guitar. She has a special talent for playing drums and can be found playing for church services, public gatherings and special occasions. With her versatile, well rounded and dynamic positive attitude, she leaves a positive impact on almost everyone she meets. She is loved by many for her caring heart, enthusiasm for life and infectious energy.

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Alison Lowe A Person with Captivating and Persuasive Energy