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Danna Roldán 10th “C” CCLL #23

Burger Supreme.


Burgers Supreme Catering specializes in taking all of the responsibility of the food off of your plate (pun intended) and allowing you to actually enjoy the event you are in charge of. We have extensive experience in catering wedding dinners, wedding receptions, corporate events (lunches, dinners), church activities, family reunions and any other event that you want amazing food at. For 20 years Burgers Supreme has served the residents of Utah County with their award winning charbroiled hamburgers, fantastic French fries and world renowned fry sauce and now you can enjoy this world class food without going to the restaurant! They have 13 items in their menu Quoted Prices Include Heavy paper goods, buffet setup, and one and one-half hours of buffet service. Events requiring longer buffet service will be charged accordingly. Included buffet service begins at the customer’s chosen start time for the event; additional charges may apply when an event’s planned start time is delayed. Entrees:All prices are per person.

            

Hamburger/Cheeseburger: (Includes bun, lettuce, tomato, fry sauce, and/or ketchup and mustard) - $3.99 Chicken Sandwich: (Includes bun, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise) - $3.79 Chicken & Pineapple Kabobs: (2 Skewers)- $5.89 Hot Dog: (Includes bun, ketchup and mustard) - $2.79 Side Orders: All prices are per person. French Fries: (Includes fry sauce) - $2.59 Garden Salad: - $1.99 Caesar Salad: - $1.99 Cole Slaw: - $1.99 Assorted Fruit: - $2.39 Baked Beans: - $1.99 Beverages: (Bottled Water, Assorted Soda's, Crystal Light) - $.89 Desserts: All prices are per person. Cookies: (Variety) - $0.99 Brownies: (Frosted) - $0.99 . I would like to go to Burger Supreme because it looks a very interesting restaurant and is not common, so I would like to try their food. Who are the owners of BS? Steve and Debbie K. are the owners. Are the actors active in the business? Yes. Because for more than 6 years they built up a loyal clientele. For example, Debbi was always there for the employees. She taught as her people greeted customers by name, smiled, cheerfully fixed any mistakes and kept hustling to make sure the restaurant was clean, even during the busiest lunch hour. Mention examples from the extract that help us understand that customers are loyal? It is driven by an overall satisfaction. It involves a commitment on the part of customer to make a sustained investment in an ongoing relationship with the company. It I reflected by a combination of attitudes like: repeat buying, willingness to recommend the company and a commitment to the company demonstrated by a resistance to switch to a competitor.


Benchmarki ng


Click path


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Knowledge basis

Live chat

Meaning A measurement of the quality of an organization's policies , products, programs, str ategies, etc.

Sentence Businesses that do benchmarking improve their chances to succeed or improve. I have a science blog, where I post my new experiments.

Website containing a wri ter's or group of writers' o wn experiences, observa tions, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. Sequence Sites that have of hyperlinks one or more click path on it are website visitors follows on easier to use. a given site, presented in the order viewed.

Represents one prominent application of utilizing the use of information and communication technologies in different areas. Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. The part of an expert system that contains the facts and rules needed to solve problems

Businesses that have and e service found a way to help their customers.

To converse in an easy, familiar manner; talk lightly and casually online.

I prefer live chats because it is like talking face to face.

Whenever is see the frequently asked questions on a web site I learn how to solve my problem. Everything on a knowledge basis are there to help us.


Online forum

Social Networking Sites (SNSs)


Web chat

Online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Any Web site that enables users to create public profiles within that Web site and form relationships with other users of the same Web site who access their profile. Some people define spam even more generally as any unsolicited email.

If I participate in an online forum I am able to communicate what I think about a topic. Several social networking sites are used to announce sales or promotions.

All the unsolicited emails are in the carpet of spamming.

Any kind of communication over the Internet that offers a real-time transmission of text messages

It is easier to communicate using the web chats.

To perceive (sound) by the ear.

I can hear all the noise in this place.

To make an effort to hear something.

Listen what she is saying.

Sound or a sound that is loud, unpleasant, unexpected, or undesired

The noise can be an obstacle in the communication.

Manager who controls the flow of information or controls the actions of some persons.

The gatekeeper is telling to the people if it is necessary to talk to the boss.





Homework Action Tips

Action tip 15 When calling others, ask: ‘’is this a convenient time to talk?’’ - If there is any possibility that the person may be busy, ask: if is a good time before you start talking. Or if it isn’t a good time other day would be more convenient.

Action tip 16 Take the messages cheerfully and accurately. - Be kind to take messages and be sure to pass the message to the correct person. To avoid communication problems be sure to complete the filling messages slips. (Full name

and correct spelling). Action tip 17 Make your greeting message efficient. - Use an answering way to capture messages when you’re not available. Your message can be brief. Not too long or too clever. When you leave a message be sure to state the following: Your name, time and day of your call, a brief explanation, and your phone number.

Action tip 18 Learn to use your phone’s features. - Many people have no idea how to use the things of their phone. Customer dissatisfaction with a firm’s phone call handling stems from two classes: Inability of employees to use the features of telephone and shortcomings in treating customers with the correct degree or courtesy. And if people are uncertain about the use of their telephone system’s features, they should take time to read the user’s guide or call the service provider.

Action tip 19 Plan your outgoing calls for efficiency - When placing a business call, plan what your will say, take notes that include the purpose or your call and the main information you need to get or give.

Action tip 20 Don’t let the telephone interrupt important live conversation. - Be careful not to be too interrupt, ask if it is okay and say a specific amount of time. When you transfer a call explain why you are doing it. And if a person is talking to you the correct thing to do is to excuse yourself and tell the caller that you have someone there, and then you will call back.

Action tip 21- Persistently Work to Improve You Telephone Communications Listen carefully to the spoken and unspoken messages that you may be sent to the callers. When you use the telephone, your communication channel is limited, there are no visual cues and your callers can’t see you. So help them “see” you in the possible light by your use of winning telephone techniques.


Danna Roldรกn #23

1. What is the difference between hearing and listening? Hearing is the physical activity by which sound waves are sent to the brain for understanding, and Listening refers to the processes that allows us to attach meaning to the patterns of energy we hear. 2. Mention the 3 types of factors that complicate the listening process and pose potential barriers.

Individual Listening Capacity:

it can be overloaded with too much

information, or it can be underutilized with too little. Thousands of messages call for our attention every day. We chose which ones to listen to. Noise: Noise refers to those sounds that are irrelevant to the conversation. 3. What 2 things can generate communication problems? The speakers are not clear in what they mean, which almost assures that what they're saying will not be clear as well, and people often fail to listen carefully. Interrupting people, faking attention, and talking more than listening. 4.

What does CAA stand for and what does it mean?

Counter-attitudinal advocacy (CAA) Express a point of view that you put yourself in the other persons shoes, forces you to listen until you truly understand. 5. Mention, describe, and explain the 3 action tips that you consider most important. Action tip 4: be patient, be sure they had enough opportunity to express themselves before you offer more information. Action tip 3: when you agreed to listen, commit yourself to spending the effort to listen. Action tip 6: Interrupting people in the middle of the messages can damage the conversation.

6. Define the following: Faking attention: Is just having a false or misleading appearance, to show the courtesy of appearing to listen but not paying full attention. Listening capacity: Ability to listen, pay attention to the customer and not be distracted by any noise around the place. Noise: Sounds that are irrelevant to the conversation. Can be environmental or internal. Gatekeepers: One who previews incoming information to determine if communication is appropriate. Wide asleep listener: When you look at the person, as if you are paying attention, but your mind is thinking about other things, Habit: Behavior of a person regularly repeated.

Homework Read the story of Garth´s call to the car dealership presented on page 56. Then, describe four telephone use problems that probably led to Garth´s irritation and his decision not do business with that dealer. Problem 1: The receptionist didn’t answer the phone and attend customer with professionalism. Problem 2: During the conversation the man put the call on hold many times. Problem 3: The receptionist had no idea of the information Garth was asking for. Problem 4: When the dealer hung up the phone he didn’t care that Garth was still talking. Mention six telephone tips in this chapter that could avoid these issues from happening. Action tip 4 (Answer with professionalism) Answer professionally, say where they are calling, say the name of the company and yourself, this tells the callers whom they are speaking to and that you are ready to talk with them. Action Tip 6- (Thanks People for Calling) “Thank you” is the most powerful phrase in human relations. Express appreciation regularly. Some companies use it as a greeting. “Thanks you for calling Avis”, a “thanks for calling” at the end of a conversation, It reassures the customer that you were interested in serving and that the call was not an intrusion. Action Tip 8 (Be sure the Conversation is Finished before You Hang Up) Hanging up before the conversation is over is rude and could upset the customer. Action Tip 10 (keep your conversation tactful and businesslike) Keep your comments positive and oriented to solving the customer’s problem. Action Tip 11 Use good telephone techniques Some of the most important details that you should know are: *The caller should know your name *You should have expressions, even do you are not seen your voice transmits your feelings. *Make key questions *Maintained the caller informed *Explain everything that is not clear enough. *Use a friendly vocabulary, and NEVER accuse the customers. Action Tip 16- (Take Messages cheerfully and Accurately) Be willing to take messages for others. Take list of key words and phrases, read the message back to the caller to be sure if the things you write are correct. To avoid possible communication problems, it is important to: 1. Get the full name and correct spelling. 2. Ask for the name of the organization if appropriate. 3. Get the full telephone number, including the area code if it’s long distance. 4. If the caller doesn’t volunteer any specific message, you have to ask if he/she want to leave a message. 5. Say “Thank you” 6. Note the time and date the message was taken, and add your initials in case there are any questions.

Homework Instructions: Read pg. 74 mentioning points to keep in mind about using blogs. Then, copy each, illustrate it and explain in your own words.  Use blogs as a real-time online conversation. If there’s a conversation going on about your issue or organization, you need to be involved in the dialogue. Conversations in blogs have to be as a real-time, is a conversation where you have to be involved in the dialogue.

 Remember the 80/20 rule; 20 percent of the people in the world have great influence on how the other 80 percent think. The 20 percent are actively reading blogs. 20% of people are actively reading blogs, and this 20% have an influence on how the other 80% of people think.

 Understand that almost one-third of all U.S. Internet users read online forums (according to respected source Forrester Research), so the potential for communicating about customer service (for good or ill) is high. Many percent of internet users of U.S read online forums, so there’s a high potential for communication about customer service.

 Reach out to bloggers who follow your issues. If possible, have conference calls with them. Engage them. Is important to engage bloggers. Have a good relationship with bloggers who follow your issues, and have conference calls with them.

 Submit post/comments from your organization’s leaders on blogs. It establishes that you willing and able to be part of the conversation. If you want to establish to bloggers that you are willing and you’re able to be part of any conversation, you’ll have to submit post/comments from your organization’s leader on blogs.

HOMEWORK Page 82 If, in fact, the internet can provide many more ways that devices can communicate with each other, what are some implications for customer service? Now a day, internet is very important because allow business to give a response to their customer in a faster way and also to reach a lot of type of customers. What kinds of new expectations might customers hold regarding online repairs, adjustments, and new features? Solve any type of problem in an easier and faster way, a quickly and efficient service, useful pages and easy to use. Describe how such ‘’futuristic’’ online services might possibly affect an organization you work in or familiar with. In the future everything will depend of any kind of energy or anything using technology. There´s not going to be necessary to go to an office to do any hard work or going to someplace looking for something to buy. All the businesses will be different because you’ll see their products in screens.  Advantage and disadvantage of Web-based service

Web-based customer service can allow customers to communicate with a company on a fast way and also at any time of the day from different locations. A disadvantage of Web-based service is that it can be less efficient than phonebased service or face-to-face service. It can take hours or days for a company to respond to an email or other Web-based customer service communications and a back-and-forth conversation carried out over email can be inefficient. For customers who need issues resolved quickly, online customer service may not be satisfactory.

INVESTMENT SUPPORT The two companies I chose were E&E Nail Polish and Sweet Box. I like this two because in the way of beauty, the nails are very important for us women who have no time to fixed up our nails and this product is awesome because change color depending on the clothes you´re using and lasts 5 to 6 months, so in market opportunities this nail polish is a success for women and doesn´t matter the age you are, you can use it. With Sweet Box I get excited because I really love cupcakes and the decoration that this company make is amazing, is really cool how they can do all kind of designs in this Little cupcakes and how delicious they are. In my opinión it is a good investment this company because many people like sweet and cheap things, so I think it will be a successful bussiness taking into account any market leader.


Electronic Communication Internet has provided a new avenue for delivering customer assistance. Online knowledge bases make it possible for customers to answer their own questions. They should be dynamic constantly adapting. Email provides delayed answers to customer inquiries. Customers emails should be acknowledged and responded within 24 hours. Web chat is an adaptation of Internet chat room technology that allows customers and service representatives to carry on two-way communication. Blogs and SNSs serve similar functions. Web analytics and benchmarking (comparing to others) provide data for constant improvement of your Web site´s effectiveness. E-services are not only cost-effective, but they can provide additional benefits such as improved customer relationships. However, poorly managed e-services can negatively affect the business image.

Summary Internet can satisfied the necessities of customers, also is important because it allow companies to have a better customer service and using new methods like benchmarking and having blogs, or sites online to help a customer or being a better business in market.

Use Friendly Web Sites and Electronic Communication Customer Service in an Online Environment If you´re not in the Web, you´re not in business The Internet has become the place for searching and shopping. Every day millions of people access it worldwide. We have come to assume that ALL companies have a Web presence. The cost of creating and maintaining a Web site continues to come down. Web-based Customer Service The Internet is A perfect sales channel An excellent channel for pre-sale Effective post-sale customer support Although the telephone is still an important way for people to contact businesses – web sites, emails, and instant messaging are becoming much more commonplaces. Self-serve Common Answers Low interaction communication (also known as self-service) is when customers take care of themselves using knowledge bases. Knowledge bases are databases of answers to frequently asked questions FAQs. Knowledge Bases Online knowledge bases make it possible for customers to answer their own questions. Self-learning knowledge bases constantly update themselves based on customer questions. Structured or Unstructured Structured knolwedge bases are organized into a question-and-answer format. Unstructured knolwedge bases are repositories of customer interaction (email correspondence with customer service or postings on electronic bulletin board.) Types of Answers Available Hyperlinks are those words or phrases that you can click on to get to another place. Multiword searches of the FAQs are the collective wisdom regarding the product or service (dynamic, ever-changing, and self-learning).

Delayed Answers Email usually increases when customers are having trouble finding answers on their own. The problem with Email is that it is one-way communication, the possibility of misunderstanding is high, and it takes time to respond to each customer (at least 24 hours.) Web Chat or Live Chat Live chat requires lie people available to the customer and this is expensive. A variation of chat rooms is the use of BLOGS. A blog is a journal maintained by a company or individual. A blog becomes an online forum for discussions. Self-serve Personalized Answers This is the ideal technology-assisted service a company can offer. If a gift is bought and will be sent by UPS or FedEx the company offers a tracking system. The customer enters the tracking number and seconds later knwoes the package`s location. Social Networking Skyrockets Blogs and chat rooms have changed into social networking sites (SNSs) such as Facebook, Myspace, LinedIn, etc. These link friends and associates of all ages in easy-to-use contact networks. Companies cannot afford to overlook the customer service potential of these networks. Customer Service Expectation Customization: Companies need to provide personalized products or services. Scrutiny: Customers check out products online or with friends (often via their SNSs) before they go to the store, 83% people know what they want before they get to the store. Shopping now involves picking up the product.


Internet has become the perfect place for buying and selling things, every day millions of people access to a worldwide communications system. Customers use knowledge bases like the frequently asked questions FAQs to solve their problems by themselves. Also business created other kind of web pages like structures and unstructured knowledge basis, forums and live chats to help their customers using the internet. When we use internet, as customers we expect to have a faster answer and a personalized service.


Understanding our own attitudes toward telephone use and courtesy can help us become more effective in dealing with customers via electronic media.

Ineffective telephone mannerisms can lead to poor first impressions and customer dissatisfaction.

Considering your phone use attitudes, contacting a company to see how they do, and avoiding unnecessary call screening are three ways to better understand and determine how customers may see you and your company.

Apply action tips on what to do and say, including such things as prompt answering, using courtesy titles, thanking, smiling, and using tact and skill, especially with upset callers.

Apply tips for efficient use of the phone such as asking if this is a good time to talk, taking messages, using efficient greetings, using all phone features, planning outgoing calls, and constantly improving skills.

Summary Our attitudes toward telephone use and courtesy can help us become more effective in dealing with customers via electronic media; not using the proper mannerisms can lead to poor first impressions and customer dissatisfactions. Apply action tips on what you do and say to improve your skills. Call centers are departments within a company or a third-party organization that handles telephone sales and services by phone.

Second Unit Portfolio Danna Roldan  


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