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Acceptance for others Accepting others is a very important part of life, specially for society. For the human, the necessity to accept others as they are is a yet an issue. We need to accept others as they are to live in peace under the same equivalent standards, traits such as attitude, beliefs, personality, physical appearance and religion play an important role in the way that we interact with people. Tolerance is the most necessary quality of man, intolerance leads to the worst disaster; many people have problems to integrate into society because they have a life that is difficult, many of our enemies are the outcome of our intolerance. We cannot make justice, because we are intolerant to listening the views which are different for ours. So intolerance is a very bad feature. Tolerance developed a society in which people fells valued and respected, every person has room for living with his or her own ideas, wishes and thoughts. Practicing tolerance is essential in all walks of life. In all the countries the flag is like a symbol and all the people who live there must respect the flag and their authorities. Remember the way to preserve the flag´s special role is not punish those who feel differently about these matters. It is to persuade them that they are wrong. Some countries have problems with each other because they think in a different way, or they have another way of living or because they are jealous or ambitious to be best in all the world. War is the result of intolerance which prevents us to communicate to reach the same objective. In conclusion I think the most important thing that we have to do is be tolerance and accept the freedom of speech that all the people have, we can avoid the problems if we want to improve the world respecting the different religious, attitude, physical appearance, the personality and the economic level and trying to be a better person in the world. 3

The nature lives inside you

How I admire your beauty Nature immense Land of abundant water Grow up the tree of the life I think about you I feel the good that you makes me Like a flower that born Inside me Your eyes light up my way In the stars you search your destiny Our Earth is a living being Tender mother with her daughters The spring arrived And a new age begins In which I want you to be in it


A Valentine Edgar Allan Poe For her this rhyme is penned, whose luminous eyes, Brightly expressive as the twins of Lœda, Shall find her own sweet name, that, nestling lies Upon the page, enwrapped from every reader. Search narrowly the lines! -- They hold a treasure Divine -- a talisman -- an amulet That must be worn at heart. Search well the measure -The words -- the syllables! Do not forget The trivia lest point, or you may lose your labor! And yet there is in this no Gordian knot Which one might not undo without a sabre, If one could merely comprehend the plot. Unwritten upon the leaf where now are peering Eyes scintillating soul, there lie perdus Three eloquent words of uttered in the hearing Of poets, by poets -- as the name is a poet’s, too. Its letters, although naturally lying Like the knight Pinto -- Mendez Ferdinando -Still form a synonym for Truth. -- Cease trying! You will not read the riddle, though you do the best you can do.


I only want to dance My name is Natalia, I’m 15 years old. I’m passionate about ballet, I want to be a professional dancer in The Royal Ballet, my family think that is not a good idea but they support in my decisions, I practice ballet since 2007 so I think I’m a good dancer. I love to dance ballet but also I know dace others types like hip-hop, jazz, contemporary and tango. I practice six hours every day my teacher calls Eva Linda de Keijzer is the most famous teacher in the world of ballet, so is the best.

I really love take classes with her

but sometimes I cry because she is very strict and I think I can´t dance. Now I going to tell you more about my life. I began to dance ballet when I was 6 years old, my first academy was dancing kinds, in that academy I learned ballet and I was there until 2011, my next academy was Arts Ballet Theater and this is the beginning of the interesting part of my life. I start in the Arts Ballet Theater when I was 10 years old in this school or academy I learned more about dance ballet and the history of this art and I think is very interesting, most of the people think that ballet is boring but is not true; ballet is an art a way that I can express my feelings without talk I think that is my way to escape from many problems. One day Eva that was my ballet teacher invited me to a national contest so I was nervous; a practice my choreography like 5 months I love to dance and in that time I was not complaining about anything, but the problem started when I forget a little part of my choreography in one of the trails and my teacher is very strict and she want the best for me but sometimes she makes me feel bad, in one time on December a ballet company call me to engage with them in The Nutcracker 6

and at the end of the presentation I was wrong in one step and she tall me: “You broke the magic of Christmas” and off course I cry a lot but that words makes me more strong I proposed to improve and be the best.

I told that to my mother and my father and they told me that if I want to be a ballet dancer I had to endure that because that is the life of dancer, I told the same to my friends and they have different opinions Jimena said the same as my fathers but Isabela think that Eva was rude and Fernanda, Tania Clara and Joanna only said that they think that Eva was rude but my fathers said the true. After the national contest I practice more and more to be the best because I didn´t pass to the final of that contest. This year I practice more to apply for an admission to the Royal Ballet and for the Bolshoi Ballet. One of my dreams is to be recognized in the world, so if I want that I need to prepare for all the challenges that let overcome. I know that I can do all the things that I propose but my ballet teacher Eva always makes us feel bad and tells us that school is not important and she doesn´t care how we feel of if we have a problem. Eva think that the only important thing is ballet and not family, health, school or other thing only ballet is important for her. I participated in different companies to increase my level now I think I the best






satisfactory for me, I think that a dancer is not a people who only go to contest an win the first place, for me a dancer is the person that makes you happy by means of dances the one that make you dance and feel the feeling of that dance and maybe a dancer is someone who has very good techniqu e and musicality.


My mother tell me every day that if I want different results, I do not always make the same, so this is a part of me something that makes me do everything with a purpose. Today is the most important day for me because is the day that tell me if I make a good job with my life and if I have the possibility to be the best dancer in the world. Today is my audition for the Bolshoi Ballet. After I finished my audition I feel very good but I feel nervous with the results and tomorrow I have another audition for the Royal Ballet School this academy or school is my dream for me is one of the best and I want to be the first dancer in the Royal ballet. Something makes feel unsafe but I don’t know what makes me feel like this I try to forgot that and be focus on my next audition, when I get to my audition I saw girls that make six pirouettes, girls with an incredible suppleness and others w ith a lot of balance. When the judges say my name I entered and they ask me some questions like: What age did you start dancing ballet? , What is your strength? Why do you want to belong to this academy? And others questions; then the judges asked me to do some exercises at the bar and others in the center. Ultimately they asked me to dance my favorite variation and say why I like the variation and the composer of the music. When I finished my audition they told me that the results will tell us the next day. I know that I make a good job but I not sure if the judges like my audition and what they think about me, I did the best and the only thing that I want is to dance. Along the way to home, I was thinking of all the corrections and tips of Eva and I didn´t notice all the good thing that Eva make for me, now she is different; people can


change if they want to change and Eva is one of that people that want to change today she is a new person a new teacher. Arriving at home, my mother ask me about my audition and again she tell me that is not a good idea but if I want that for my life is good. Later my father ask me the same and he told me something interesting he said: “You choose your way and what you want for life, but please don´t make something that you don´t like”

A new day, a new life; I wake up and I remember that today the Royal Ballet gives the results and I so nervous, I look the hour and be on time so I prepare for everything. In the Royal Ballet the judges pasted a list with all the candidates and I surprise because I saw my name in that list. So now my new life begins next week I excited I can´t wait more. Is Monday and is the first day in the Royal Ballet, sometimes I imagine this day and I know is my opportunity to be the best in the world. One of the judges is my teacher so I think she reminds me, her name is Reyna Perez, the class begins, she makes the first exercises with us and then… she saw me and asked me to do one exercise at the end of the class Reyna congratulated me on my performance. To be a dancer you need to







and others thing that are a necessity to be an artist. A life of a dancer is very difficult because you have to endure shouting and







I´ve spent four years here and now I know how the thing are here, this is like a torture you can´t escape because you lake to dance but at the same time you hate the way that people treat you.

Yesterday I called one of my friends Isabela and she told me that she would have preferred to be more devoted because she doesn´t like the way she currently lives.

Sometimes I miss my life before but I get to think it would have happened with my life if I wasn´t here and I thank all of the people who supported me and encouraged me in difficult moments. Now I have 24 years old and me the best dancer in the world, this winter I going to dance the Sleeping Beauty with the Royal Ballet and i going to interpret Aurora that is the main character in this story, this is the best day of my life and I very lucky because I do the things that I want. I only want for others the best for life and please



surrender. Find your identity.


Friends Fun times Returning hopefully again Important to one another Enjoying each other New friends for ever Doing fun things together Stay in touch



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