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DEAR CHURCH, Each year we find ourselves believing God for a great future… This year is no different. What a journey we have begun in building a future that will define us for eternity. We have come so far and yet there is still more for us to do, with our best times ahead of us. You can do three things with your life. You can waste your life and there are many ways to do that. You can spend your life and the advertisers will give you many ways to do that. Or you can invest your life. And to invest your life means to use it in a way that outlasts it, to make a difference for eternity, to leave a legacy. We are not building to reach people for ten, twenty or thirty years; we are building to reach beyond our generation into the next, and not only in our city but beyond. We are building to reach people everywhere for eternity. The older develop the young and young people develop the even younger – where the wisdom and perspective of the older

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is combined with the vision, drive and energy of the young. We are building both an inheritance and a heritage for generations to come. “God is building a home. He’s using us all – irrespective of how we got here – in what He is building... He’s using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone, with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone that holds all the parts together. We see it taking shape day after day – a holy temple built by God... a temple in which God is quite at home.” (Ephesians 2:19-22 MSG). Together we are moving towards this heavenly vision to build The House of God on earth. Let’s continue, rising again in generosity and in faith, with the attitude of Christ – serving and transforming the world through our actions of love in giving for eternity. With Love,

Anthony & Melinda Shalala

27/05/13 9:36 AM

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Growing up in a family of alcoholics, Arthur Stace expected nothing incredible to come of his life. His mother, father, brother and sister all sunk into the bottle, affording their habits by running a brothel. Arthur himself landed in jail on numerous occasions, until one day whilst in search of free hand-outs of food he attended a church service. He ended up giving his life to Jesus, and experienced a complete transformation. However, Arthur felt called by the Lord to do greater things. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph in 1965, Stace recounts the moment he heard it whilst at the Burton Street church in Darlinghurst: “The preacher shouted, ‘I wish I could shout Eternity through the streets of Sydney. Eternity! Eternity!’ and his words were ringing through my brain as I left the church. Suddenly I began crying and I felt a powerful call from the Lord to write ‘Eternity’. I had a piece of chalk in my pocket, and I bent down right there and wrote it. I’ve been writing it at least 50 times a day ever since, and that’s 30 years ago ... I think Eternity gets the message across, makes people stop and think.” On New Year’s Eve of 2000, Arthur’s one-word message gave glory to God on the world stage. From the chalk scrawlings on humble pavements, it now blazed in flames across the face of the famous Harbour Bridge in our city, Sydney. In Arthur’s own handwriting it read ‘Eternity,’ and ushered in a brand new millenium for the generations to come.


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REV. RICHARD JOHNSON Richard Johnson was a man on a mission. He travelled by wind and sail from England as an ordained Minister, and on February 3rd 1788, he delivered the very first Christian sermon in Australia at the place we know today as the corner of Bligh and Hunter Streets, in Sydney’s CBD. A memorial stands there to this day, marking an eternal legacy. Richard Johnson carried a burning desire to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to see men and women experience transformation and unity with one another through a living relationship with God. But as anyone who has carried Christ’s glory for others would tell you, it was not without its challenges. Johnson met with fierce opposition from the leading political figures of NSW who set out to make building a church as hard as possible. Even after painstakingly funding the construction of Australia’s first church building himself, it was burnt to ashes. Yet Rev. Richard Johnson persevered, quoting Psalms 116:12, “What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits to me”. Johnson succeeded finally in establishing a church in Sydney. He then pioneered the establishment of an education system for the future generations of New South Wales. He fought to bring both the Gospel and education to both convicts and free men, and by March 1792, he had also set up the first schools in and for our city.


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FRANK JENNER “Young man, if you were to die tonight, where would you be, in heaven or in hell?” This was the question Frank Jenner had asked two generations of Navy men on George Street, in our city. What Jenner didn’t know was that long after the encounters, men all over the world were giving testimonies of how they were saved, and a pattern was emerging in their unity. “I was in the Navy,” they’d say, “walking down George Street, when out of nowhere a gentleman stepped up to me and asked me this question.” Himself an ex-Navy candidate, Jenner spent his early life heavily into gambling and drinking. But when he gave his life to Jesus he experienced transformation, and made a powerful commitment to speak to 10 people a day about their final destination in eternity. He would discover toward the end of his life, just how many souls he had steered into the glory of heaven. Frank was mentioned in the testimonies of Navy men in the UK, Jamaica, India and the USA, and it was reported that over 100,000 people had been given an eternity in heaven because of Frank’s simple question.


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JOHN FLYNN If you have ever looked closely at a $20 note, you may have noticed the face of a man next to an airplane close by. This man was John Flynn. Being raised in a Christian home and with God-fearing folks, John was a usual child with a predictable future. But when he was only 2 years old his mother passed away and his aunties went on to raise him. He gave his life to Christ in his teens and no one could have foreseen his transformation, which ultimately impacted the generations after him. It was a young medical student who sent a letter to John Flynn during the 1st World War that stated planes would be a better solution in assisting the sick in remote parts of the country. Flynn had been so moved with the idea that he started to activate his faith on this vision because it held eternal value. He moved and in his moving, God was able to move on his behalf. On May 17 1928 a Dr Vincent Welch and his pilot, answered the first call by the Aerial Medical Service. John Flynn had created the ‘Flying Doctors’ and would bring the glory of God to remote parts of the nation along with medical supplies. He brought the love of Jesus by ministering to physical and spiritual sickness. John Flynn had a vision for generations; a vision that would last for Eternity.


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December 2009 - Building purchased April 2010 - Demolition & renovations commenced March 2011 - Stage 1 renovation worth $1,000,000

August 2012 - Development Application (DA) approved 2013 - Application for Construction Certificate and Tender commenced WHERE WE ARE GOING

2014 - Construction of 500 seat multi-purpose auditorium commences Ministry College founded Business & Leaders College established Multiple church campuses built Churches in key cities around the world planted


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TOGETHER WE CAN BUILD OUR FUTURE Fulfilling the vision takes resources and money. God wants to work in and through us to do it because it gives us the opportunity to partner with Him in something eternal and receive the overflow of blessing into our lives. As we give we will receive, pressed down, shaken together and running over (see Luke 6:38) – touching the lives of those around us. Together we can do it. Let’s partner together. HOW TO BE INVOLVED During our building campaign we will all be invited to partner together and commit to Building Our Future. Everyone can be involved! It’s not about equal giving – it’s about equal sacrifice. Find creative ways to give, eg; maybe you’re not using your gym membership. Why not head outdoors with friends for exercise in the fresh air and pledge your gym membership to Building Our Future TO BE A PART OF BUILDING OUR FUTURE: •

Pray and seek the Lord’s direction on how much to commit to give.

Make your commitment by completing a commitment card during our building campaign on Sunday 30 June 2013. This is an annual commitment from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014.

Step out and start Building Our Future! Stay in faith and trust God to help you fulfil the commitment you have made.


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TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIVING Contributions of $2 or more to our building fund continue to be tax deductible until the completion of this project. If you wish to receive a tax deduction for your contributions, you should give to our Building Fund account. •

Cash and cheques should be placed in the ‘Building Our Future’ envelope, with the ‘Tax Receipt’ box ticked and your name and address on the envelope. Cheques should be made payable to ‘C3 Central City”.

For direct deposits (requiring a tax receipt), the account details are: Name of account: C3 Central City BSB: 062 000 Account: 1380 3247 Description: Your name (required) Tax receipts will be issued soon after the end of the financial year.

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NON - TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIVING If you do not require a tax receipt (you do not need or wish to claim your donation as a tax deduction), you can give to the following account. These funds will be used for expenditure beyond the purposes approved by the Australian Tax Office. •

Cash and cheques should be placed in the ‘Building Our Future’ envelope with the ‘Tax Receipt’ box left unticked. Your name and address are not required. Cheques should be made payable to ‘C3 Central City’.

• For direct deposits (not requiring a receipt), the account details are: Name of account: C3 Central City BSB: 062 000 Account: 1380 3239 Description: Building Fund


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