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Sociology Meets A-G Elective Requirements – Ask Your Counselor Taught By Mr. Hoffman

What Is Sociology? • Why do people do what they do? • Sociology is the science that studies human society and social behavior. Introductory Sociology is a social science elective that focuses on issues that are relevant and affect your daily life. Who’s Mr. Hoffman? Go to /site/reubenhoffman/ sociology

Do you want to know why people do what they do? Then take Sociology!

What Will You Learn? Semester I – Introduction to Sociology • Why are you who you are? • What is culture? What cultures are you a part of? • How does your physical and social environment influence you? • What’s your social class? Does class matter? • Are males and females equal? Semester II – Introduction to Sociology • Race / Ethnicity - Myth or Reality? • Are you deviant? • How does our society handle deviant people? • What is family and how important is it? • How will future social and environmental changes impact the global population?

Who Can Take The Class? • Anybody! • Ask your friends and teachers if they would recommend the class. • Sign-up with your counselor for next year.

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