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Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds Raised garden beds or garden boxes are ideal for growing vegetables and flowers. Raised Garden beds also: Keep Pathway weeds away from your garden soil Prevent soil compaction Provide necessary drainage Act as a barrier for garden pests Provide a barrier to prevent erosion Keeps soil warmer and allows for earlier planting Plants can be placed closer together Soil conditions can be controlled more efficiently Raised garden beds are also better for Gardeners. Raised garden beds can reduce back strain when bending over to weed and tend to the bed. This can be a huge benefit for those who love gardening but have a bad back.

When the garden beds are build strong the Gardner can sit on the edge of the bed and take care of their garden. This is a huge benefit for most gardeners.

What is the difference between a Raised Garden and a Garden Planter? Raised garden beds differ from garden planters and I variety of ways. Planters are usually elevated containers like a raised garden bed, but they have bottoms which will prevent the soil from falling out, they also will have some type of permeable cloth barrier. Raised beds do not have these bottoms; they are open to the ground which will allow for plant roots to grow further into the ground below for more nutrients.

What Are Raised Garden Beds Made from? Most raised garden beds are made from wood that is rot resistant. In most cases this is a cedar. Most commonly used is the western red cedar, but some are made from the Vermont white cedar. The wood will last longer depending on the type of cedar used and your local weather. With a nice red cedar you can expect them to last about 10 to 15 years.

How Tall Should A Raised Garden Bed Be? Most raised garden beds will be between 11” and 48” tall. The most common height is 11” which is about the height of two 2” X 6” boards stacked together. It also depends on how good the soil is beneath the raised garden bed. If you want a taller Garden Bed you need to keep in mind that the taller you go the more weight and pressure will be added to the sides and possibly will cause them to bow outward. If you want to go taller make sure to add cross supports.

You should use cross supports for any raised garden bed that will be taller than 18” or longer than 6’.

How Wide Should A Raised Garden Bed Be A raised garden bed should not be more than 4’ across. With a 4’ raised garden bed it is easy to reach the center of the bed from any side. Part of the advantage of having a raised garden bed is to avoid soil compaction. By keeping the bed 4’ wide or less it eliminates the need for stepping in the bed and thus reduces soil compaction.

Why Choose a Raised Garden Bed From Frame It All Raised garden beds and raised flower beds from Frame It All are perfect for limited space. Frame It All’s raised gardens are simple to install – all you need is a screwdriver and hammer. Raised garden beds do not require grass or a yard. Simply remove the bottom stakes, fill with soil, and you can create a thriving garden on a cement surface or deck. Raised vegetable garden beds are made from green manufactured composite wood that won’t rot, splinter or become infested with unwelcome critters.

Benefits of Raised Garden Beds  

Find out the benefits of having a raised garden beds and how you can be a better Gardener.

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