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International Competition

Re-imagining the UPS uniform Lookbook

ABOUT UPS UPS is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including the transportation of packages and freight; the facilitation of international trade, and the deployment of advanced technology to more efficiently manage the world of business. Headquartered in Atlanta, UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

COMPETITION CRITERIA The task is to create/design new concepts for the iconic brown uniform of the UPS drivers. The concepts should be creative, contemporary and innovative and at the same time reflect a group of employees as well as the UPS brand, culture and heritage.

KEY WORDS • • • • •

Original visualization of UPS core values Originality and power Creativity, artistic interpretation of contemporary trends innovative choice of design and material Potential for more functional and commercial interpretation

The design should include the UPS brown colour and the UPS logo.

1 Sofie Rosenkrands 2 Louise Gronemann & Aleksandra Rakić 3 Sandra Møller Svendsen 4 Maja Sabine Fiona Pack & Yvonne Laufer 5 Lene Nymark 6 Mika Ishii & Sofie Schou Madsen


WHAT CAN A PACKAGE DO FOR YOU? by Sofie Rosenkrands +45 60 64 12 87

The aim of my project has been to develop a design with foundation in the existing UPS identity. I have chosen a box/package as an object to get my inspiration from, a package as it represents an important part in the UPS. Furthermore the Italian designer Thayaht’s monosuit - The Tuta has been a fulcrum for my proposal for a working suit. I have chosen to create a ‘special edition’ of the UPS uniform, in which quality and honesty is radiated - with a new cool look.


NOW AND WHEN by Louise Groenemann +45 29 85 98 84 &

Aleksandra Rakić +386 40 324 602

UPS has become an expert in transformation, growing from a small messenger company to a leading provider of air, ocean, ground and electronic services. Technology at UPS spans an incredible range, from small handheld devices, to specially designed package delivery vehicles, to global computer and communication systems. Our aim has been to match, synchronize and reflect a coherence between the UPS package delivery driver and the UPS technology. We believe the uniform distinguishes from past UPS uniforms by matching the UPS of today.


A GUEST OF HONOUR by Sandra Møller Svendsen +45 31 78 97 15

UPS is one of the largest logistic companies within the fashion industry. When a fashion company awaits an important package its content can have a major impact. The excitement increases as time passes and when the delivery arrives the Package Delivery Driver and the package is a “guest of honour”. I choose to see the truck, the package and the Package Delivery Driver as a gathered image of UPS. The three elements are together UPS’ visual identity. When distributing fashion it would be suitable to have a strong fashion appeal. I have worked with a concept where UPS has a fashion unit specialized in delivering for the fashion industry, because of the many elements different for exactly this industry and its products.


STREET WARRIOR by Yvonne Laufer +45 50 20 40 78 &

Maja Sabine Fiona Pack +45 50 37 72 30 Always on time, against all traffic and weather conditions the “STREET WARRIOR” is a playful concept for UPS’ bicycle unit. It is supposed to make the customers and those who see him bicycling around town happy. Our deliverer is a modern version of a traditional mailman whose outfit is inspired by the nostalgic past and the promising future of the company. This concept represents UPS’ core values and visualizes their CSR projects.


THE MAN IN THE UNIFORM by Lene Nymark +45 27 59 57 53

The project is focusing on creating a uniform to the individual man, with inspiration in the in the sports world and the tv-show Mad Men. The goal is to retain the functionality in the uniform, but now through materials and gimmicks seen in sports uniforms. The vision is also to incorporate elements from the Mad Men universe, so this appeals to the “American company”. The individual is highlighted through the changes of elements that the uniforms contains. Now the individual has the ability to style his uniform depending on the work situation and his mood.


by Mika Ishii +45 20 89 45 48 &

Sofie Schou Madsen +45 23 80 23 07 Why doesn’t the UPS uniform assist the driver and thereby ease the transport of the parcels? This is our suggestion for how the individual parts, including parcels and the driver’s personal belongings, can be integrated into the uniform. A fusion of the UPS driver and his parcels. The general idea is therefore to inspire and challenge a future UPS uniform.

UPS Challenege - Fashion Competition - Look Book  

UPS Challenege - Fashion Competition. Lookbook form UPS Fashion Award Competition - by Designstudents from The Royal Danish Academy, Schools...

UPS Challenege - Fashion Competition - Look Book  

UPS Challenege - Fashion Competition. Lookbook form UPS Fashion Award Competition - by Designstudents from The Royal Danish Academy, Schools...