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5 Feb 2010 RTC Reports Officer<------Carisa Marion


KNOWLEDGE REPORT OUT TECH, HIDDEN DATA LINE, ARBITRATIES COMPULSIVE MASTURBATORS BEING CREATED Over the years I have heard reports from selectees and family members who were told by MAA's or CS's that masturbation is not allowed. I have told each of them if they are ever given this r-factor again to let me know as I know where LRH states it isn't even an overt! I have never written this up as I really couldn't believe it was wide spread and thought these were isolated incidents. It has come to my attention however that this is coming from high up, FLAG terminals or higher are perpetuating this. Any Class II auditor or above should know better and be stomping out of existence this bizarre arbitrary false datum which in fact violates actual LRH Tech and is very destructive. How can there be this many MAAs who are untrained in the Basics of Ethics Tech and even worse, CS's and auditors who are not putting a stop to this. They have not understood the difference between Ethics and Morals let alone the tech on overts and withholds and how compulsions get created.


Selectee #1: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx

When he was getting his grades at Chandler Wilson field group, nothing was reading on Xxxxx so he was sent to ethics. No one could find anything out-ethics going on other than masturbation. He was told this was not okay and the reason why the auditing wasn't working. Xxxxx's ruds were out, he had taken LSD 64 times, had few objectives and the grades were probably above his head at the time. NOWHERE does LRH say masturbation causes no reads nor does he say it is out ethics. This is absurd and to be told your auditing is not working because you masturbate is gross. His wife would only have sex with him once a month so he masturbated. He decided to become celibate as it was harder to have sex once a month then not at all because he would be thinking about it again and then masturbate. His wife protested not getting her once a month sex and got him ethics. If he had sex once a month, then he'd masturbate which was out ethics, if he had no sex it was easier. They eventually divorced. In 1996 he told me he had a horrible fear of “going around the pool at Flag”. He said he once a public at Flag having to do lowers on the 3d for masturbating who was going around the pool getting signatures. He said it was degrading and humiliating for this guy. Why would someone be doing 3D lowers for masturbating when masturbation is not an ethics offense in our ethics codes? The only ethics condition that would ever be done in this area would be if someone was masturbating to excess causing himself to be introverted and enturbulated and not putting discipline in on himself. The condition would be done to help the person, not as a punishment and that is not a 3D lower condition in any case but a 1d condition handling. Selectee #2: Xxxx Xxxxxx Masturbating because he didn't have a 2D was his ruin found when he walked in the door of Scientology in 1986. He was told, “It's no big deal everyone does it, but let's get you some auditing on it to handle the charge on the area.” Later when he was divorced he was in ethics for masturbating and told it was not allowed, he was also told it was not okay to have sex with someone if he wasn't intending from the onset having a long term 2D with the person, i.e. marriage. Both of these are invented false policies that exist nowhere in Scientology. This became such a huge PTP and conflict whereby he realized the only way he could continue up the Bridge was to be married again. He could not find a 2d so finally gave up and started going to Vegas and hiring hookers where he thought it was legal, which it is not. This he figured was not out ethics as he wasn't “leading anyone on.” After some time he was feeling so bad about himself he went to ASHO originating he wanted more FPRD, on the 2d. He got off all

this withholds but still had the problem of no wife and not being allowed to masturbate by Ethics via orders from his CS. From the time this had come up, ethics would check this every time he was doing services. He developed a policy where he knew he'd have to not masturbate for 3 months before going to Flag. This went on from the early 90's until as recent as last year when on the OT Debug done in LA by the Freewinds he was told by his consultant that if he doesn't stop masturbating he will never get on OT 8, that it is not allowed. He is off the bridge and has been for some time despite having it all paid for. Selectee #3: Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxx was sent to ethics in Seattle and told it's not okay to masturbate and it's aberrated. He was shown the PAIN AND SEX HCOB and made to read it many times as he was not agreeing or seeing in the reference what he was being told. He told the MAA he thinks it's different for men than women and she said no, no one is allowed on staff who masturbates. It came up more than once as an ethics sit. Nowhere in Pain and Sex does LRH say everyone should stop having sex as both pain and sex are necessary to the continuation of the human race! And for someone to say, “Oh we can have sex but not masturbate” per that reference is equally absurd. During his most recent trip to Flag it came up in his ruds but he was not sent to ethics on it. It would be an unactionable offense of course so how was anyone even being sent to ethics on this ever? I can't imagine people were writing KR's on other people for masturbating as it's not an ethics offense per LRH. Apparently someone high up has put in this arbitrary policy and no one has queried it though there is plenty of tech on why this would be a very damaging policy. And the policy on session withholds being unactionable is clearly being violated which is unbelievable. #4: Xxxxx. Xxxx had a roommate, a single guy in his 20's named Xxxxx who went on staff at Seattle Org. Last year he was sent to ITO for training and sent back a short time later. He was told his out qual was out 2D, for masturbating. He is currently back on staff at Seattle so must be withholding that he masturbates or has somehow quit or lies about it. Jason XXXXXXXX #5: Jason was in the SO for 3 ½ years. He routed in when he was 15. This was about 10 years ago. When he was on the EPF he was told masturbation was not allowed by Mr. Garrett. Axiom 13 was used apparently to push this, conditions were required for violations. At one point while he was an Exec, a guy from RTC (who was doing lowers for masturbating it turned out) came to handle the entire PAC BASE area male SO members on masturbating. All the men were called into Lebanon Hall for an assembly and given the once over that masturbation was aberrated and not allowed. PAIN AND SEX was referred to.

Around 2000 Jason was under ethics action and was shown a declare order written up on him. A High Crime/Suppressive Act listed was â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sexual or sexually perverted conduct contrary to the well-being or good state of mind of a Scientologist in good standing or under the charge of Scientology, such as student or a preclear.â&#x20AC;? He was told by Lisa Hamilton this was for masturbating. Masturbating is a Suppressive Act? Perverted conduct? Not per LRH it isn't! Jason routed out of the SO, is disaffected and no longer a Scientologist. #5. Friend Xxxxx, on OT VII: A friend of mine told me that on her last trip to Flag she was sec checked and the auditor was trying to push her for masturbation overts making it a very big deal. She told the auditor she is a Grad V, senior Sec checker, FPRD auditor and knows this could be a problem area for someone who is obsessive or perverted but that is not the case here and masturbation for her is not an overt. She called the auditor on their own out ethics of the out tech of the matter in pushing her on this. She was then sent to Ethics being told she had to do conditions for masturbating and refused again reiterating how stupid this was and absolutely refused to do it. She told me a male friend of hers spent many, many intensives on this masturbation issue alone being hammered that it was not okay. Did he stop masturbating due to all those wasted intensives? Nope. He is stuck at OT V unable to get onto VII. REVERSE SCIENTOLOGY There is much LRH I could quote here. I have listed these in date order. This first from Handbook for Preclears in 1951 along with HCOB PAIN AND SEX explains any bad effect from masturbating. It also states all men masturbate. Later in 3 May 1962 in the lecture: Craftsmanship Fundamentals from the Academy Level II lectures he states nose picking and masturbation are not overts, what he thinks of auditors who specialize in picking up these things that don't do anything to anyone and are just the seamier side of life. That's 11 years after the wrote the effects of too much masturbation. Most importantly from these references is NATURE OF WITHHOLDS where LRH describes what happens when you force someone to withhold themselves from doing something and how you create compulsions in people to do the thing they are being told not to do. We are not the Catholic Church. Lastly I list the ethics codes. Masturbation is not a High Crime, LRH says it isn't even an overt as it doesn't do anything to anybody else so how could it be a High Crime of perversion of greater damage than seducing a minor or seducing or stealing someone else's spouse, both of which are classed as lower offenses as crimes? Showing a teenage boy the Ethics book and telling him he is aberrated and perverted committing a high crime, a suppressive act in his church if he masturbates is GROSS.

To show ANYONE the PAIN and SEX HCOB in reference to masturbation as an offense and not just as information for them is GROSS as it is illogical that it would imply abstinence in masturbation anymore than it would imply abstinence in intercourse between spouses. You cannot say it applies to one and not the other. PAIN and SEX is data on PAIN and SEX, two things we as humans experience and which are both necessary to continue the human race. Without either the race will end. The fact the original source was not good intentioned and that these are artificial wavelengths is good data to know but we are still composite beings currently and need sex and pain to keep going. See HCOB THE NATURE OF A BEING.

CONFLICT CAUSES ABERRATION One of the men above were put in a position where they had no solution to the point one started hiring hookers. Another became obsessed with sex. And LRH explains exactly how that happens below. There is a lie on the line, OT's who are single masturbate occasionally. Masturbating will not keep you from going OT, nowhere does LRH state this. This problem of “can't go up the bridge if I masturbate and must stop myself vs. desire for sexual pleasure and release” creates compulsions and aberration. The danger in giving people this unsolveable problem is below:

MAN MASTURBATES Handbook for Preclears (1951), in the Thirteenth Act “Practically all the ape family and man masturbates. Masturbation is a prohibition result. It couldn't drive anyone crazy. But it can make the individual pull old sex fascimiles into present time for selfstimulation and opens the door for him to desire facsimiles to be in present time. After awhile he will be pulling pain facsimiles into present time.”

THE ABERRATION IS THE CUTTING OF THE COMM LINE The Second Dynamic tape lecture April 1955 Under the section The Two Crimes in This Universe: “Look at the Second Dynamic. Here we have had cults erected upon the fact there “must be no sex.” Do you know what a horrible crime sex is?” This is the dirtiest meanest, most rotten trick that anyone ever did. …..... If a person can cut enough lines on sex, if he can cut sex enough to pieces, if he can get people upset or worried enough, if he can get youth believing that by simple sexual acts they can go crazy, he had accomplished the purpose of severing the most basic communication line of all. He would have destroyed the whole human race.

Where sex is frowned upon, where it is knocked around, you generally find an impulse to destroy, wipe out or obliterate, not to construct or go forward. This doesn't mean promiscuous sex should be something entered upon. One usually likes to know whether or not his kids are his own. Makes a difference. The Second Dynamic cannot be considered the aberrative thing. The only aberrative thing can be considered to be a cut communication line.”

NOT AN OVERT Academy Level II lecture of 3 May 1962 CRAFTMANSHIP FUNDAMENTALS: “We don't want anti-social acts, particularly, like “I picked my nose,” you know, just because this is seamier—the seamier side of life, you see?” An auditor can actually start specializing in just the seamier side of life, don't you see, and specialize in picking up weird and peculiar practices on the part of the pc. He didn't do anything to anybody, you understand, he just had a weird and peculiar practice, you know? It doesn't mean shucks! Heh! Worthless. For instance, you could take some of the Book One subjects, like masturbation, something like that. Oh, this is embarrassing. Yes, it shows up as something of the sort; it's the human race, you see? And it's not really doing anything to anybody, unless it's doing something to somebody. You get the idea? A lot of auditors specialize in embarrassing things, see, as they very thing you must pick up. To hell with them! You know? Well, pick them up, but thathathabooh! No, we're interested in things people have done to people. See? We're interested in overts. We is not interested in a withhold because it is simply seamy. Do you get the difference here? There is considerable difference.” Also from that ACT: “In sex, again, one desires greatly to be an effect for the sake of pleasure. One wishes to experience the pleasure of sex. He does not want to experience the pain of childbirth, for himself or his partner. Nor does he wish the effect of disease. Nor does he wish to be the effect of public antagonism toward sexual practice. Thus, his desire to be effect comes in conflict with his desire not to be effect and the result is aberration, impotence, glandular interruption, marital breakdowns, divorces, suicide and sudden death.”


Here in this lecture LRH states we are different in Scientology, we say man should have some self determinism. From Lecture Nature of Withholds, Academy Level II tape, 16 January 1962 “Now, we are strange, as if we considered Scientology a philosophy, which it is not, we would find ourselves almost alone in this one idea: that man should have any selfdeterminism. Because others, falling short of this, have looked on this point—and it's an important point—they've fallen short of it. They have seen that a criminal has a compulsion to commit crimes or doing anything for the criminal, they say there is only one further answer, and that is to make the criminal withold his crimes harder. Now that is peculiar as a philosophy because it doesn't work and that philosophy hasn't worked on this planet since I don't know how long. You can compel a fellow to not go down to Times Square and take his clothes off to a point where he can't do anything else! Every time we see him, why, he's on his way to Times Square. “Well hello, Joe, Where are you going?” “Well I'm going down to Times Square—take my clothes off.” And you say, “Well, all right. I'll be down at four o'clock at the police station, bail you out.” And he'll say, “Well thank you very much.” Much relieved now, he goes down to Times Square and takes his clothes off. It's because he's withheld it so far that the withhold has failed. And it becomes a compulsion. So the action which is severely withheld very often reverses and becomes a compulsive action. A person knows he cannot withhold the action and therefore has to do it. And that is the danger of this philosophy that the more good, total withholds we have around, the better off we all are.” Also from that lecture: “We are remedying the compulsion or obsession to commit actions which have to be withheld. In other words, we're remedying unreasonable action. And that's all we're doing.” “There's just one thing that you can rehabilitate in the pc, and that is the ability to determine his own actions. And that's all you can rehabilitate. You can rehabilitate nothing else. Do you follow that? All you can do is make him governor of his own deeds. And if he can be made to be governor of his own deeds, we have then done the job for all societies in all places. And we have also rehabilitated totally, 100 percent, communication for this person.”

CLEAN HANDS CONGRESS “The way you create the condition of no havingness is the prevention of reach. All you have to do is prevent reach and you have brought about the condition of no havingness. Therefore, you have brought about a condition where an enforced withhold has been put in and the person will then get other withholds on their own, which are much more aberrative to them, you—the “must reach”--the “must be prevented from reaching,” you see. And you have run the other side of the withhold. And the other side of the withhold is prevention of reaching. You could almost run this on a pc. Whom have you prevented from reaching? You ever prevent anybody from reaching? Have you? Audience: Yes. Then you set yourself up to have withholds, that's all.” If a person gives up masturbation it will only happen by his own self determinism, a person being told he must not masturbate will only masturbate more in trying not to if it is not self determined. Whoever put in this policy in the Church that all masturbation must be stopped and ordered sec checking and conditions, punishment and restrictions on people who do not comply, is violating Scientology technology in the extreme and odds are is a compulsive masturbator. Additionally, all the staff taking part in cutting this reach of the pc is running a can't have on people against their will in addition to now setting themselves up to have withholds, per LRH.

ETHICS CODES In the Ethics Codes from Offenses and Penalties and Suppressive Acts there are three listed offenses connected to sex: Crime: Stealing or seducing another's wife or husband Crime: Seducing a minor. Suppressive Act: Sexual or sexually perverted conduct contrary to the well-being or good state of mind of a Scientologist in good standing or under the charge of Scientology, such as a student or a preclear. Nowhere does LRH talk about masturbation being an ethics offense nor that it is part of our group mores to not masturbate. Ethics offenses all have to do with overts, that is things that actually do damage to someone else or Scientology. There is another reference that I must paraphrase here as all my lectures are in storage but I hope someone reading this will know the one I refer to. LRH is talking about police officers who go home and smoke pot after work after failing to control or stop the drug pushers. That which you lose to you become, what you resist persists, etc. There is another example he gives about the dangers of creating laws about sex. He

states that the powers that be were now making a law against sodomy between consenting adults (defined as oral or anal sex). LRH's comment: â&#x20AC;&#x153;No cops better be coming through my bedroom window!â&#x20AC;? David Miscavige is the only person who could have ordered this policy implemented. David Miscavige needs to be crammed on all the above references. The tech and ethics terminals who went along with this out tech and did not write it up or followed the illegal order to enforce such a thing are all out KSW and need to do lowers as this is no small thing.

This is true.

Carisa Marion ASHO Day public