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Dania Liu product design + logo design

EDUCATION 2011- 2015 Tian Jin University of Technology and Education ( China ) BA Industrial Design 2015- 2016 Coventry University ( UK ) MSc Industrial Product Design


I am a master product design student in Coventry University, UK. I am looking for an internship in UK, and i have full of passion of design, not only in field of Product Design, but also Graphic Design. I’m hoping to improve myself as well. If you are interented in my work, Please contact me~ email: phone: +(44) 7856536777




You are to identify a role or task that could be undertaken by a robot. You should interpret this as widely and imaginatively as you can. Once you have identified a role or task you are to design a robot that could carry out that task USING EXISTING TECHNOLOGIES. Given the relatively short timeframe for this project, it is probably a good idea not to be too ambitious in the capability of your robot design.


6 weeks


RORO - sketch & concept development





A majority of children fear of the dark, they always scream hysterically whenever left in a pitch black room especially for the children who just learn to sleep in their own beds and rooms. Almost every child has a nightlight and I have had a little star nightlight for the most of my childhood. Roro is a nightlight as well, and the curve of warm light let robot looks lovelier, and it has child-friendly appearance.





Because of the inner chip, Roro could have more interactive behaviour with kids, and a huge database can help Roro gives feedbacks for almost any questions.



kids with ordinary learning skills

communicate & accompany

autistic kids

communicative disorders


learn something

communicte with robot repeat a lot

easy to communicte with people easy to work for robot



RORO - video presentation


( more details ) :





Over billions of years, nature has provided living organisms with sophisticated solutions to complex problems, some of which, only now, are becoming apparent to science. Designers, engineers, technologists, scientists and others are actively looking to nature for inspiration and examples of how complex problems have been solved in the natural world. Product designers too are increasingly looking to nature for insights into how it has solved complex functional problems.


6 weeks


baby stroller - sketch & concept development


RESEARCH RESULTS: The first stage of research started with asking questions each other and find out the problems from the ordinary life, for instance what problems we face and lots of people face nowadays. Then, we noticed that there are so many new born babies in Britain and all over the world. And the baby strollers are needed in such a big amount. We interviewed with a Chinese mum and a French mum. Talking to them about baby stroller, what they think about baby products and what are their suggestions. After the interview, some problems come into our minds: the service life of baby stroller is so short and this caused so much waste of baby products. Then, we did large amount of research about nature matters, tried to solve this problem and tried to find out a smarter form of folding. After the period of research, we started with searching some interesting structures and materials from nature.


baby stroller - features & material

MATERIAL & STRUCTURE Extremely thin silk threads are spun into fibres, that has silk’s recognisable shiny, soft grey-beige hue. woodlouse has an interesting structure that it can roll up into an almost perfect sphere as a defensive mechanism

STRUCTURE & MATERIAL Biodegradable plastic are plastic that decompose by the action of living organisms, usually bacteria, fungi or other biological means


STRUCTURE 1. shock abosorber 2. sliding rail for saving space

STRUCTURE & MATERIAL Aluminum alloys are alloys in which are widely used in engineering structures and components where light weight or corrosion resistance is required. the structure of frog’s leg is quite strong and easy to be folded, eachleg looks like a spring, frog can move easily and stably because of this structure.


baby stroller - fUNCTIONS


There are so many new born babies in Britain and all over the world. And the baby strollers are needed in such a big amount. However, the service life of baby stroller is so short and this caused so much waste of baby products. We try to solve this problem, this design of baby stroller has more than one function in addition to baby stroller, it can be a infanette when baby at home, it can be a child suit case when baby grow up, in another words, the baby stroller is growing with the baby.



baby stroller - colour match & DIMENSION


Based on the research, young parents prefer dark colour more than light colour.



kitchen design for the elderly


Nowadays, due to rising life expectancy and declining fertility rates, population aging becomes a more and more serious phenomenon. This phenomenon has already becomes a case for almost every country in the world. A majority of elderly live alone, and there is no doubt that they are facing numbers of problems in their daily home life, such as, cooking, cleaning and gardening. ‘HOW CAN KITCHEN DESIGN HELP THE ELDERLY MAINTAIN THEIR INDEPENDENCE?’


8 weeks


kitchen & elderly - research


AGEING POPULATION The world is ageing rapidly. People aged 65 and older make up 12.3 per cent of the global population, and by 2050, that number will rise to almost 22 per cent (ESCWA 2016). People are living longer because of better nutrition, sanitation, health care, education and economic well-being. Although an ageing world poses social and economic challenges, the right set of policies can equip individuals, families and societies to address these challenges and to reap its benefits.

Lonely Fear of injury Acceptance of aging Acceptance of abilities Independence as much as possible Fear of falling


PHYSICAL LIMITATION Lack of movement Slow movement and reaction Problem of balance Lack of energy & strength Joint paint Lack of body control Sensitivity to light

Slow reaction Memory loss Poor movement of the fingers Weak grip Poor tactility of fingers Lack of vision Sensitivity to colour

Name: Gina Bosio Age: 81 Sex: female Nationnality: Itanlian About: she is Napolita likes Itanlian food and doesn't like a lot of help she was cooking




an, she nd she p when

Observing the elderly when they were cooking to find out the physical limitations during the cooking process. They have difficulties during almost all of the preparation and cooking processes. However, cooking is not a new thing for them, they have cooked for many years, and they have lots of experiences with cooking processes and cooking implements. Therefore, the main focus point of this kitchen design for the elderly will be food storage, processing, and cooking.

EXISTING KITCHEN CONSIDERATIONS Name: Clara Cannucciari Age: 94 Sex: female Nationnality: British About: Cooker, and an author,

and she is a internet sensation, Her YouTubeÂŽ Great Depression Cooking videos have an army of devoted followers

Attentive kitchen design is the basis for the elderly achieving independent living at home. For the elderly who can take care of themselves, then, cooking, eating is one of the main daily activities; and they spend much time in the kitchen. Firstly, the design of kitchen and kitchen spaces should ensure that elderly people can do the operational activities more safely and independently. Secondly, a good design for the elderly can help them to be able to cook with less effort and more effectively, helping them to maintain their independence. The numbers of elderly people are growing, which increases the demand for appropriate kitchen design solutions.


kitchen & elderly - sketch & concept development


Based on the nutrition transfer system of the plants, the inspiration comes from Vine which belongs to climbing plants. For this proposal, the movements are convenient and the transfer directions are understandable and clear. However, the collect station is hard to set when the idea was thought deeply. And a huge shape of Cylinder is unsuitable with the normal house.


The inspiration of this idea comes from the basic way of transfer, and the main shape looks like a Ferris wheel which the passenger cars are store spaces for the food transfer system. However, considering about rotating movements and the collect station, the shortcomings of this proposal are obvious.


This proposal is an improved propos transfer. The food were stored in lots well as from bottom to top. In order to move independent. Otherwise, the common food can be fruit group, meat group, milk group an amid.

sal which on account of the first two proposals and the way of plant’s nutrition s of package boxes, and the package boxes can be moved from left to right as o achieve the movement, the package boxes are separated and every box can

e divided in to six main categories which contain grain group, vegetable group, nd other category. The six groups are the building blocks of the food guide pyr-


Final After the development of design concepts and combining the possible ideas, to conclude, the appearance design will serve to the function, the structure and the space allocation. The main shape of the kitchen is like a letter ‘n’, which is because the large store spaces are needed to store the food and to transport the food.


kitchen & elderly - features

SPECIFIC INTRODUCTION AND THE LOCATION OF EVERY PARTS OF KITCHEN: There are two stainless components which controlled by stepping motor between suction cup and control box, because of these components, the distance between package box and control box can be changed. Therefore, the package box can be carried more stable and accurate.


Suction cup suck the aimed box, at the same time, stepping motor control slider and stainless components to achieve the movement

Details about the slide way and the part of sliding. The sliding was composed of wheel and connecting equipment.

Four wheels sliding were designed, because the transport of food is not a single line motion, the sliding should move in four directions as stable and flexible as possible.

34 34

kitchen & elderly - FUNCTIONS



L-shaped worktop was designed, the work content of worktop focuses on three main areas; which start with the sink area to wash the food, and then, cut the food material on the operate top, finally, turn a little angle to cook the food with stove area.

This movement of picking up food can solve the problem of strength for elderly users, the package box change a little angle to help elderly see clearly where the food is and easy to get the food. What is more, air pressure supporting bar can accomplish this movement.


WORKTOP BIN During the whole cooking process, food waste can be thrown easily into worktop bin, and be changed into organic fertilizer for plants, once the transfer finished, the fertilizer will be filled in the bottles. And the bottle can be carried easily for elderly to apply fertilizer to plant in the garden.


kitchen & elderly - INTERACTION

Projecttion Display show the recommend menu and the food

the computer know where the tomato is

the slider carry the box of tomato

the slider come and get the tomato box


easy to get the tomato

sink: wash the tomato

worktop: cut the tomato

stove: cook the tomato

kitchen drawer kitchen drawer

throw the food waste into worktop bin

the worktop bin start to work to dispose the food waste


kitchen & elderly - video presentation


( more details ) :


sink- lotus


For the young consumers who have a certain spending power and have more needs of spirit and aesthetic. Based on the existing sink and add the form of inclusion design, in order to make the sink more natural harmony and intelligence.


8 weeks


lotus - sketch & concept development

sketches & ideas The inspirations come from the lotus and the form of pen store, sink can be re-assemble. The design of this sink focus on two points, one is the new way of interaction base on the touch control surface, another is the way of store.



lotus - features


Taking into account the Ergonomic Theory, the above receptacle is designed to be pulled out in two parts to avoid picking up ittems frequently bending and handing it to open the bow can be clearly See the required items and can easily take.



The logo is designed for ‘Modern Mold Talents Traning Alliance’, the alliance is earablished to train qualified teachers and build teachers training bases by integrating kinds of superior resources with development of morden technology in mold industry. Therefore, i decide to use doctorial hat as the logo to imply talents cultivation. The tassel lopping from the hat is made red to clearly indicate it is a mold talents training education organiazation.

THANKS FOR YOUR TIME please feel free to contact me under: e-mail: mobile: +(44) 7856536777

product design portfolio by Dania Liu  

it's my work from 2015-2016.

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