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Who would be the audience for your media product? In order to create my magazine I had to find out what my target audience were interested in. To do this I simply done some research. The website UK tribes was particularly helpful as it gave me an insight into what I would categorise my audience as. I found out that my main sub-culture group was casuals, and my secondary being towners. Below are some images of what my target audience may look like:

What type of music will they listen to? Anything from Jake Bugg to Oasis, Blur, The Verve, Kasabian. A little bit of rock, lots of gutair and good lyrics, electronic music is unlikely. They may also listen to modern chart music, however this would be for a different occasion. Where would they shop? This particular sub-culture group like to dress smartly. Designer brands such as Fred Perry, Stone Island and Originals are likely to be on the agenda. Some high street brands may be worn but nothing too shabby. What would they watch on T.V? A typical casual, or likewise towner, would definitely be into Match of the Day. Comedians would also be on the agenda, Mock the Week is likely and a bit of John Bishop as well. They may also watch programmes like Magaluf Weekender and SSSP depending on their age. My target audience may also have their own individual interests in television.

One way of classifying your audience for a magazine is through demographic profiling. The basics of demographic profiling come under: age, gender, regoinality, marital status and social status. These shape a rough idea of a person that would be most interested in buying the magazine. When referring to social status, there are 6 classifications. A - Upper Middle Class - Higher managerial or professional B - Middle Class - Intermediate managerial or professional C1 - Lower Middle Class - Supervisory and junior managerial or professional C2 - Skilled Working Class - Skilled manual workers D - Working Class - Semi and unskilled manual workers E - Lowest Level - State pensioners or widows, casual or lowest grade workers For my magazine, Kench, the demographic profile looks like this. Age - 15 - 28 Gender - Male Regionality - National Marital Status - Single Social Status - C2, C1 and B This basic demographic profile creates a young man, who is probably single with a good job and therefore has money to spend. In terms of psychographics, individuals or mainstreamers will be my main target. Mainstreamers because things included in my magazine are targeted towards a typical lad and individuals because casuals like to be themselves and stand out from the crowd. They tend to have a set of their own interests other than that which puts them in the sub-cultural group of casuals. Succeeders are unlikely to buy my magazine as they tend to be older people and my magazine is certainly based around what the younger generation of men are interested in.

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