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To understand what the advantages are growing with hydroponics, first you must understand what hydroponics is. Hydroponics is simple. Hydroponics is growing with water instead of soil. Typically a user adds concentrated nutrients into the water, simulating the fertilizers found in soil. With hydroponics you have much more control over your grow then you do with soil, because simply adding the right amount of nutrients in the water guarantees that you will have the right amount of food for your plants. In soil it can be much more difficult to diagnose when you are short mineral trace elements, because you really don't know what was missing to begin with. However when using hydroponics nutrients are pre-mixed with exactly the right amount of trace elements. So by simply adding the proper amount of hydroponic nutrients to your water in the hydroponic system, you know that the nutrients have been mixed correctly and the plants have all the elements they need to survive. If your plants should never begin to get sick such as yellowing leaves due to some sort of nutrient deficiency all you have to do is dump your hydroponic systems water, and fill it with fresh water and fresh nutrients. In soil you would need to look up the nutrient deficiencies in a book or guide to figure out what type of nutrient is actually deficient or missing. In either case you can take a look at the website under the tutorial section for a nutrient deficiency calculator, which will show you what plants suffering deficiencies of certain types will look like. Based on this guide you can make corrections. Hydroponics is much easier because you can simply flush your hydroponics system and re-fill your hydroponics system with fresh water and fresh nutrients to fix the problem. This is much more difficult in soil. Another huge advantage to hydroponics over soil is that in hydroponics you can grow your plants up to 10 times faster than soil. In soil your plants have to develop a very long and very integrated root system to get all the water and nutrients it needs out of the earth. Your plants need to develop a massive root system in the soil in order to get everything that's essential for them to grow quickly. So a plant grown in soil you would see a very large root system under the ground, but a very small plant above ground. Hydroponics is exactly the opposite. Because it is so it easy for the plants to get the water and nutrients directly out of the water in your reservoir the plant can grow a much smaller root system and obtain the same amount of nutrients, if not more. In a hydroponic system you can expect to see a plant with a very small root system to get a very large plant above the ground. Essentially plants grow in hydroponics 10 times faster versus soil grow. This is a huge advantage. Plants grown in hydroponics versus soil is not only easier to grow, but they grow much faster as well. Hydroponics is also very useful for people that live in parts of the country with extreme

environment conditions. People living in a part of the country that is too hot, or too cold can make it very difficult to grow your plants. However because hydroponics can be used indoors you can regulate the temperature by using either a heater or an air conditioner. Plants like to be at a comfortable temperature just like people do. If you can keep your plants right around 75 to 85° they will grow like wildfire all year. It would be impossible to try to maintain these conditions outdoors but it becomes very easy when using hydroponics. It is important that your plants do not get too hot or too cold during any part of the year or you will stunt their growth. Hydroponics makes it quick and simple for anyone in the world to grow easily their own plants for food or for medicinal herbs. Hydroponics makes growing organics available to anybody with a source of fresh water and electricity. Hydroponics is even being developed by NASA by use of the space station. One day our astronauts will be eating food grown from a hydroponic system, just as you are about to embark on. Hydroponics essentially gives your plant everything they want but spoon-fed, easy fashion making them grow very fast. If you were to enhance your hydroponic system by using CO2, your plants can grow even double that speed. But that's another tutorial altogether.

Hydroponics is not complicated. Just take it step-by-step, and follow the instructions. If you are interested in more tutorials on hydroponics [] then take a look at the website on this link. Sonny Griffith []

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==== ==== For Great Hydroponics Tips Check This Out: ==== ====

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