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==== ==== #1 Best Seller Google Video Sitemap Over 4,000 Sold ==== ====

If you think getting your html/text pages indexed in Google or buying pay per click ads pointing to text-based web pages are the only ways to get found on Google, your competitors could be eating your lunch - or more to the point, serving lunch to customers that could have been yours. What's up? Google Coupons: For starters, Google is now giving local merchants the chance to put coupons online. To do so, you need to first create a free business listing in Google Maps. Once that's completed, you can click on the Coupons tab to enter the text for your coupon. Coupons will show up when searchers search Google Maps for your products in your location. (ie, restaurant, Manhattan, NY. Google Video: Another way to get found: Google Video. That's taken the place of Froogle (Google's shopping comparison search) on the Google home page. (Froogle is now found under the "more" link off the home page.) Google Video gives businesses (entertainers, and others, too) a way to get their videos seen either free, or by selling video content on Google. For information on uploading and selling video content on Google, see the Google Video Help Center. Google Sitemap: The nice thing about this type of sitemap is that it can be read by humans AND search engines. Website owners simply use our program to generate an HTML sitemap, upload that file to their server's root directory (same location as the website's main page) and place a link to the file in their footer. Get your Free Google Sitemap and save the XML file. - Your Daily Dose of Marketing Articles

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==== ==== #1 Best Seller Google Video Sitemap Over 4,000 Sold ==== ====

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